13 April 2012 Interview by Jeff Rense


Simon Parkes interviewed by Jeff Rense

Simon gives a brief history of his childhood with his earth mom and ET mom, his political life as City Councillor in the UK, being taken aboard a ship, various methods of contact, and a description of the ship’s technology. He discusses the importance of the Bible and God. He touches briefly on the subject of death. In the last section Simon talks about the future. He says there will be a time in the next five years when portals open to the fifth dimension and humans will have the option, if evolved, to leave Earth, and if a large number of humans leave that will depopulate the Earth naturally and then ETs will bring on their hybrids. However, there are a few rich elites who would like total control of the planet and might create a faux ET invasion to achieve their end. It is important to be able to discern between a real and a faux ET invasion, and he thinks the real ET invasion will be between two ET groups, not ETs and humans, and he says this has been going on for the last year resulting in many underground bases being destroyed by ultrasonic waves and made uninhabitable for cloning and other nefarious activities.

Jeff Rense: Now our guest tonight in our second conversation is a very unusual man. He is a politician in England; his name is Simon Parkes. But his upbringing and his life in general have been, shall we say, not normal. Simon are you there?

Simon Parkes: Yes, lovely to speak to you.

JR: Well thanks so much for getting up early. It’s really a pleasure to have you back. It’s 3:00 a.m. over there. I don’t know. I guess maybe getting up isn’t the right word. Maybe you just stayed up; I don’t know.

SP: I did get some sleep yes.

JR: Good, good. All right, well we had such a response from so many people when you were on last time, I asked you to come back a week later and here you are. People in one instance I remember of all the folks who wrote, one person was actually moved to a little teary eyed at the end. They were touched. What you had to say was something that many of them I think perhaps have experienced to some degree or have ancient memories of. We don’t know how deep this all goes, but you are an unusual man. Where were we last time in your recollection? Where would you like to start Simon?

SP: Well, I think Jeff we touched on lots of different subjects because we only had the hour. I think we were dipping in and out. I can’t really remember where we finished.

JR: We finished I think, one of the most interesting things I recall was when you were picked up in the crib at the age of I guess three months, and you noticed that the hands picking you up were green, and you were picked up and your head kind of lulled back, and then it kind of fell forward. You were just a little tike at three months and you saw the face of someone who was speaking telepathically to you, and it is quite remarkable for you to be able to recall something that happened to you at three months of age.

SP: Yes.

JR: In and of itself. Now this was a Mantis for you newcomers who did not hear Simon last time, a Mantis or a Mantoid. We have a number of groups of different kinds of intelligent life forms visiting here, ETs. We could call the taxonomy of ETs. We did talk about Reptilians last time; we talked about Greys; we talked a little bit about the shadow people; we talked about the Mantids; we talked about a number of them. Now your belief is and Simon had a mom who was his earth mom, so to speak, and he also had a mom which was of the Mantis race, and which one in your view Simon was the dominant parent?

SP: Hum, that is an interesting question Jeff. Clearly the ET is a dominant parent because having spent so many years with them, and I sort of I think took on their way of being. They are very quiet; they are very stern. They are not nasty or angry. They are just very quiet and very faint, and I think when you grow up with creatures like that you contrast the human side of your life with the ET side and you can see that one side is very advanced. One side is quite ahead. And I think you, well in my case I threw my lot in, perhaps is the best way to describe it, with what I saw was the dominant culture, so the ET side would have been the dominant side yes.

JR: So what role did your earth mom play? Did she, she must have had knowledge of this interaction. She must have known her bounds. Did she biological birth you? She must have.

SP: Yes, yes, there is no question of that, and she would never speak on the subject to me about it. The relationship I had with my mom-mom, my human mom was not a standard relationship in all of the time that we lived together, you have to understand that she was a single parent. My father had left the family when I was about one year old, and she never remarried and in fact she never had another boyfriend, so it was just her and me, and whenever we would eat as a school child, she would go and prepare the evening meal or the daytime meal if it was a weekend, and she would never eat with me. She would go into the kitchen and I would eat in the front room. I never once sat down in the same room with her and ate. Her job was to feed me and clothe me. That was basically what her role was.

JR: And she knew that at some level. How do you think she was… how did she become aware of her role in terms of raising you? Somebody had to talk to her somehow.

SP: I think yeah, Jeff, I think she had agreed to this a long time ago. I think she agreed to do this because she was, her relationship with me was not easy, and I remember one time when I was, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, I mean she did care for me very much; she didn’t love me. I remember one time she got quite angry. There were some guests or friends around and I remember she did actually strike me and she said that’s for what you are and that’s for what you will become, so I think she was very mixed in her emotions, but she did do her job very well. You know I never went hungry and I was never cold, so she certainly was challenged to do this correctly, but we would never discuss anything openly. The only time I think we did, apart from the secret documents that we talked about last time, was where I had my very big UFO experience where I saw my first very large spaceship and she was the only person who didn’t laugh at me. When I described what I had seen, she just went, “Uh huh, yep, okay that sounds about right,” but everybody else was incredulous or tried to explain it away, she would become very uncomfortable and just say yes, “That was probably what you had seen.” And she tried to drop me a crumb trail, as we say here in England. She tried to tick me off, so when a guy called von Däniken wrote these books on UFOs…

JR: Erich von Däniken, yes.

SP: Yeah a film was made in 1970 I think. She took me to see that film and it was serialized. His books were serialized in a newspaper, and she cut them all out for me, kept them, and I think now that I look back on it, she was trying to lead me on, trying to fix me without actually sitting down and talking to me about it, and she was doing what she saw was the right way to steer me, so it was a very unusual relationship, yeah.

JR: I’d say. So when your mom and you would be together, did you feel in your heart a bond with her, or was it kind of bifurcated? Did you have a certain set of feelings for her and another set of feelings for your Mantis mom? This is, cause little kids love their moms, and it’s a tough situation to sort out, yes, yes.

SP: When I was little I’m sure I did because you know I think as I said in my last chat with you that until I was about five or six, that I used to tell everybody that I had two mothers, and by the time I reached the age of awareness, probably about six or seven, I realized this wasn’t socially acceptable. It was causing aggravation, but in the ET world, when I was with my, what I call my Mantid parent, one example where a little Grey creature appeared and I get all embarrassed and I go behind my Mantid mother and I raised his purple cloak that he wears and I cover my face with it, because I’m embarrassed. And the family, the human family always said that up to the age of about five or six, when I would be out in the town with my mother and we would meet someone and chat, I would go and hide behind my mother, who never wore pants, in those days you wore a dress or a skirt, and I would again lift her skirt to try and hide my face, so I was somewhat confused between the two roles of our mother until I got to about six or seven and then I was able to split them into two separate groups.

JR: Okay, now this idea of seeing your Mantis mom, what will we call her; we need a name for her.

SP: Well, to be honest she is mom; he is mom.

JR: Is it a she, he, is it a…

SP: Oh, no it is very confusing. It is a he.

JR: Okay. Okay it’s a mommy, it’s a mom and a dad together.

SP: Well…

JR: Or is it more just of a mom?

SP: What tends to happen is that when ETs in particular a Mantis wants to make contact with a human, I think we talked about it last time, they want to get in when you are young.

JR: Yes.

SP: They need to get in when you are young, and because of the way humans are, the female is the mother that provides, generally provides the love and the support, and so what these creatures will do is that they will pass themselves off as a female member of your family. There isn’t a lot of research, but I did actually one of the few times I did go researching and there is was a little bit out there on this, where a guy had collated a number of Mantid reports on children and in five or six cases, the young kids had reported that they had seen this, and they were all in America, they had seen this bug-like creature who said he was their grandmother or their auntie or their mom. And most of the kids didn’t fall for it, and they would say, “You’re not my mom, you’re not my mom,” and it’s obviously what they will do. They’ll come to you as a young kid and try and pass themselves off. However, it is possible that a small genetic piece of material is transferred to the child, when that child is in its own mother’s womb, and this bit of genetic material, Jeff, is only been the size of a pinhead.

JR: Would it be, yes, excuse me Simon, but would this be done perhaps at inception, or would it be done by a later visit to a craft, and your mom would have been abducted. How would that genetic material?

SP: I would think that I would still be in my human mother’s womb.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: I would think so. The reason I say that is that my very, very earliest memory before the crib is actually in my mother’s womb. I know that is going to be really hard for your listeners to grasp. It’s something that you know, we just don’t have that sort of experience, but I definitely have an experience of seeing a face being projected into my mind, and suddenly realizing that I am not alone. There’s much more to the world. There’s a huge amount to the world that I just never even grasped, so I’m not even born and something has made contact, and I’m just extremely happy. I’m not scared and then it goes, and then I just sort of switch off again. I have no memory of being born at all. The next physical memory is one where I am in the crib, so I think contact was made when I was actually in my human mother’s womb.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: What I was going on to say that if a tiny, tiny piece of genetic material is added, just naturally it can be a pinhead, but in effect it makes no difference whatsoever, but it allows whoever donated that genetic material to legally claim to be a parent, and I think they will often do that because they claim the need to standup.

JR: Very good. Now as a young boy, okay, when was the first time you remember being taken onto a craft?

SP: 1963.

JR: Which would have been what age?

SP: Three-and-a-half.

JR: Okay, and how did that circumstance come about Simon?

SP: At the time we lived in a place in England called Hope, and it was a flat that mother had and I don’t know where my human mother was. I’m three-and-a-half and I’m just on my own. She’s gone; she is not there. And again, this is going to sound really crazy but a clown, I can only describe it as a clown walked through the wall, and stands in front of me

JR: Oh, yeah, I tell you. You have probably have heard the clown story before.

SP: Okay.

JR: They appear as clowns often; they think we think clowns are funny.

SP: Yes.

JR: Clowns have always creeped me out.

SP: Okay.

JR: I don’t like clowns. A lot of abductee’s don’t like clowns, because they realize it is a fake, it’s an ET.

SP: Yeah, okay well it comes then into the room, and it is beautifully dressed, in my head, you know it appears to be very, very clownish, and I just freaked out, and it’s [14:35][off?] because at this stage, three-and-a-half, I had some sort of link with the creature because I could tell it was confused. It doesn’t understand why I’m scared, and it sends an image to my mind, and I suppose an image of a big top with lots of kids all sitting around the ringside, and clowns all throwing custard pies and just fooling around, but what it doesn’t get is that in a big top with a hundred kids, that’s funny, but when somebody walks through your wall, it ain’t funny, so it doesn’t work and I’m screaming, and in my mind he changes, and he changes into a police officer, but the costume is not right.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: And again he tries to send me an image of reassuring me. It’s trying to say, you know, policemen are good. Why are you screaming? And I try to run toward the door, and it moves to cut me off. It doesn’t move its legs; it just glides, literally glides across the floor, cuts me off so now I’m really absolutely just hysterical, and I run behind the sofa, behind the settee and I get myself down in the fetal position, just hiding my head, and he pokes his head over the sofa, and I see it, and the thing is it doesn’t have a human face. It has a face, which looks for all intents and purposes like a cross between a human and a lion. And I obviously at this point, I just lost it. I was just absolutely hysterical, and then I hear mom’s voice.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: This is the voice I know, and it says to me, “Don’t be scared. Nobody will ever harm you; look at me,” and this is repeated. “Don’t be scared. No one will ever harm you; look at me.” And I put my look under the edge of the sofa, and I see [16:39][could at all], so I don’t see a whole body. I just see a green hand holding a rod, a silver rod, and then the rod goes blue, and it is quite odd because it is just like you switch a flashlight on. This is facets, like crystal facets all around the edge, and each facet activates, but not slowly, but quickly, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump bump, bump, bump, bump. Each facet activates a blue light. I get a blue light shown straight in the face, and the very next thing I can remember is that I am actually on my back floating with, floating out of the room.

JR: Yes, Uh huh.

SP: And all the walls are see-through and I look up and I see the ceiling and I think how am I going to get through the ceiling, but I have no memory of getting through the ceiling. The next think I know is I’m on the spaceship. So that was three-and-a-half, 1963.

JR: When you’re in there as a three-and-a-half year old in a spaceship, what do you see? What do you remember? I think as a youngster what you are suggesting is you have quite good recall and obviously intellectually you are well beyond your months.

SP: Yes very likely that’s because they have done things to my mind, Jeff. I tell you what I remember; it is going to make you laugh. No dust, no dust. We lived in a, human mom and I, lived in a Victorian flat, a big house divided into apartments, and these spaceships, no dust at all. No wooden furniture. Everything is beautiful shiny metal. No angles, no corners, everything is round. And the lighting, to describe the lighting to you, here on Earth in your home, you have hot spots of light wherever your light is, but where they are it is the same level of light throughout each room, and when you look up you don’t actually see any traditional lighting.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: So it’s a completely different concept of lighting and heating.

JR: Right. Is it pretty in there? What is it like?

SP: No, no, no, no, and bright. To me it reminds me of standing in a desert, barren or here where I live in North Yorkshire we have what we call the moors.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: Where you don’t see anybody for many, many miles.

JR: Yes.

SP: And the land is quite barren.

JR: The Hound of the Baskervilles.

SP: Yes, but that is down in the southwest of England.

JR: Right, still a moor though, uh huh. All right.

SP: Uh huh, yeah it is exactly right but the spaceships are not devoid of junk. They are devoid of clutter. They are smooth surfaces and in fact it would be wrong to have anything blocking the way or looking out of place, so it is very utilitarian.

JR: Got it, all right, but equipment? Lights?

SP: Yep, and. . .

JR: On the walls? Consoles?

SP: What?

JR: Consoles, control panels, lights?

SP: Yes, but only in the control section.

JR: Okay.

SP: Do you want me to describe them?

JR: Yes, please.

SP: Okey doke. No flashing lights. Think of Star Trek, nothing like that at all. Think of our own technology, no buttons, no switches, no rivets, no wires, and big screens, big, big, big, big flat screens.

JR: A bunch of them?

SP: Normally three, one ahead, one to the left and one to the right.

JR: All right.

SP: Sometimes there is what is called an installation, which, how can I describe it. In the middle of the floor, imagine, you know like a submarine periscope goes up and down, when you imagine instead of a periscope you’ve got like a capsule and you’ve got two entities that fit one on top of each other almost, and this thing rises and falls from the floor, and it’s to save space. So you’ve actually got the floor you walk on can actually rise up, and part of that can rise up as sort of like a tin can shape, and in the cylinder you can have entities in there operating machinery and the actual console, basically what you do is just put your hand on a plate. The plates I saw were arc shaped and not finger shaped with an indentation for fingers. It is just a plate delineated by an arc shape. You put your right hand on this one and your left hand on that one and then you have a device in the middle which you can look at, and it will make contact with your body and your mind and there is an intelligence on the craft which will then communicate with you and you can steer the ship with your thoughts, but you can’t do it individually. You have to do it as part of the collective.

JR: Fascinating, so when you say collective, it is almost as if the collective consciousness of the occupants of the ship or crew are in harmony with the machine itself.

SP: That’s exactly right. You can’t [21:46][understand] that Jeff unless you have talked to other people or you’ve read something but that’s exactly what it is because each pilot of a craft is biologically linked.

JR: Yes. To the craft?

SP: Pardon?

JR: To the craft?

SP: Yes. In fact the craft will know each individual.

JR: I understand.

SP: Each individual has a task, so if you get people taken out you can’t actually do certain tasks then it’s harder for the remaining crew to take over other tasks, and if you get to a critical number of three, if you go to those three, you can’t fly a craft, a big craft, you can’t do it because you just haven’t got the ability to fly it.

JR: How interesting, how interesting. Wow, so here we have the evolution of living intelligence lended to a specifically designed machine.

SP: Yes.

JR: That is actually melded to the consciousness of the people to whom it has been assigned and created for. This is a…

SP: Correct.

JR: This is amazing. It’s like a…

SP: In fact although it’s going to sound a bit of a cheat, I often think that these very brilliant guys in Hollywood do have access to information and for the highest security nature because in the that’s what I have seen to get direct access to a creature’s brain, the device actually plugs in to the back of film Matrix, the characters have a thing that they plug into the back of their head, and I can actually tell you that their head so that it can be linked directly to the computer.

JR: Yes, right, uh huh, very good, all right. Hold on just a second if you will Simon, we have to take a short break, and we will come right back.

SP: Sure. [Break 23:34–24:24]

JR: Thank you Simon. Now Simon Parkes is a politician and running for public office and he has been quite successful and he is very well respected and looked up to and admired, but he has a past that he has chosen not to hide, and he brings it forward. How, how, let’s take just a pause in the narrative and look at your professional human career.

SP: Okay.

JR: How has that gone for you?

SP: I left London in 1999. I think if I stayed in our capital city, I would have possibly risen quite high, because you know yourself in the big metropolis, that’s where the opportunities are, but I had to decide what was important to my life, and I had made some pledges to my electorates, and I promised that I wouldn’t leave office until I fulfilled those personal pledges, and in one term of office it wasn’t enough. I hadn’t finished, I hadn’t completed it so I stood for a second term of office and was reelected with an increased majority, and then midway through that second term of office as City Councillor, my pledges were to remove the drug dealers from a big housing complex that fell inside my political area, and my other pledge was to improve the social housing in Britain. We have quite a lot of what we call social housing where poor people live, and they can’t afford their own home, and it is run by the municipality, or the local council, and I wanted to transfer that to a, I actually transferred it to a Christian Housing Association. This was a company that had a Christian buyer, he thought, and would run special housing, and when I did that I completed all my pledges and so I left office, moved and I thought well I’ve done it now, you know, I’ve had quite high office and I won’t get back involved, but you know what? You see things going on in the newspapers.

JR: Right.

SP: And you say, oh, that can’t be right and maybe I do need to get back and involved and I stood again for reelection here in the new town where I live and I was elected, so I’m back doing what I do best.

JR: So you really do love to serve the interests of your constituents in your community. I mean that’s something you really have.

SP: Yes, people don’t scare me. People’s problems don’t scare me. There’s an awful lot of politicians who say all the right things and then when someone goes to help, they find every excuse not to help them. I’m not like that.

JR: Very interesting, very interesting. I’m wondering if anyone has ever mounted a serious challenge to you predicated on your background?

SP: No, no, I think what tends to happen is, people who haven’t met me form an opinion, “He’s a nut,” or “He’s a crank,” and then they meet me and then after they have met me they walk away shaking their head, thinking oh well, he seems a pretty decent down to earth guy. Perhaps there is a lot of truth in what he says, also because my record of service to the electorate was immaculate. You can’t be attacked from that and what I have found is if people attack you on a personal level, it generally backfires because other people say, “Well what’s that got to do with…

JR: His ability to serve our community, our town, our city.

SP: No, no I have not had that at all.

JR: Interesting, well your voice speaks very eloquently and you have a calmness in your voice that I have not heard very often. That’s a special kind of a voice, and I have been doing this for a long time.

SP: Okay.

JR: And I think when you speak, it must make, encourage, and imbue the people, the listener with a sense that they are in honorable honest secure hands, so to speak.

SP: Jeff it’s odd you say that because a number of times when the telephone has rung, I have answered it and somebody on the other end is saying is that an answer phone? Am I speaking to an answer phone or a person?

JR: How interesting.

SP: What they say is that the voice, my voice at the other end seems so calm they can’t believe it is a human, and what I would say is that probably is why I can cope with all this interaction from extraterrestrials, because I don’t run kicking, screaming out the room. And I think that calmness is what has saved me and kept me on the straight and narrow.

JR: Very interesting. All right let’s go back to the story.

SP: Okay.

JR: Now we have been up in the ship and three-and-a-half years of age. How often are you seeing, now this is a male Mantis, a male Mantid but it’s your mom.

SP: Yes.

JR: It’s for all intents and purposes it is your real mother.

SP: Yes, correct.

JR: How often do you see your Mantis mom?

SP: Probably monthly.

JR: For how many hours?

SP: Oh, it’s so hard to tell because…

JR: Do they take, does she, does he take you away? Do you go on trips? Do you spend time just at home? Where are these meetings? Are they perhaps just telepathic meetings sometimes?

SP: That’s very interesting. There are two types of meetings. One is a physical and you have just alluded to it there that the sort of effort the least effort, the type of meeting that isn’t on a physical body. And I’ve had contact in the homes, wherever I have lived. They will be in house or they will come and actually physically take me on to the ship or I’ve been taken and gone underground in the earth where there are caverns and. . .

JR: How would you transit from your home to these underground caverns?

SP: I beg your pardon, Jeff, I didn’t hear you.

JR: How would you transit, how would you travel to the underground caverns?

SP: Right, yeah, several ways. One would be what I would call interdimensional. If your listeners can just imagine just close their eyes for a moment, and imagine wherever they live, their room and imagine somebody just literally walking in to their room. I don’t mean walking in through the front door Jeff or the side door. In the middle of the room imagine you saw one leg just appear.

JR: I see.

SP: And another leg just appears and then an arm in the middle of the room and a body, they just almost step into your reality.

JR: I understand.

SP: That’s one way. The second way would be where I’m sort of [31:46][?shuttered?shattered]. It might be nighttime. I wake up suddenly and there is a face about three inches from my face staring at me intently.

JR: What face is it, Simon is it the face of your mom?

SP: Yes, oh yes.

JR: Okay.

SP: Yeah it’s a little Grey that does that, they can’t coordinate and I usually end up striking them or pushing them away.

JR: Yeah you said that last time. That is very interesting, and there are a few…

SP: Yeah I don’t get on with them at all.

JR: There are people over the years who I have interviewed who have physically not been subdued by them and have tried to beat the hell out of them, let me put it that way.

SP: Yes, I can understand that, yeah it, okay to my mindset when my mindset is that the Greys job is to serve. I feel desperately sorry for the Greys because they are trapped in an unending circle. They cannot get out of this servitude. They are in prison; they must do what they are told. They have been enslaved basically. Having said that they are not actually particularly nice and I don’t have any time for them. So yeah if I’m got out of bed, I was told as a very young boy don’t wear clothes; don’t wear pajamas; sleep naked because it makes it easier for us, and it makes it harder for you. So I never, since I was a very young boy ever gone to bed with pajamas. So I get out of bed and then a circle light will appear somewhere in the room and I have to stand inside that circle always facing a window, never a brick wall, and then my ET mom, he will put his hand out and hold my hand, and again your listeners are going to find this really, really, difficult because most stories about abductions are people carried, keeping then breathing, and this is just totally the opposite and I would turn to my ET mom and I will say, “Let’s go.” Are you ready, what are we going to do today?

JR: Now this is an eight or nine foot tall very thin ET mom?

SP: Yes.

JR: Who reaches down with a four-fingered hand I assume and takes your hand.

SP: Yes.

JR: Or do you just walk together?

SP: Oh no, always holds my hand always, always, in fact…

JR: Even now? Even now?

SP: As an older fellow…

JR: Yeah, okay.

SP: …and we don’t hold hands so much now because I’m a grown man. But you know what, there have been occasions where I said things to him like, “Do you remember when I was little and you used to hold my hand?” And he will stop and he will look at me and try to work out what I’m saying, and then the penny will drop and then he will reach out and take my hand, and we will relive when I was a small child and then he will walk along with me for a little bit, but generally no, we don’t hold hands anymore but we always embrace when we meet, and we are always very sad when we have to part.

JR: Well, there’s a fascinating story. The idea of going off and, are these kind of like mom and child outings to visit caverns or just to?

SP: Yes, very similar to that. I mean I always look forward to them because they are always exciting. There’s always something exciting for me to learn or do or see or have some information imparted to me, and as I grew up I looked forward to it because it was so much more interesting than my boring mundane life here. Compared to what I do with them, it’s so boring. Sometimes you know when I’m vacuuming the house, because I’m very good, I vacuum the house and I do do the washing, and while I’m doing that and I’m thinking, “Oh my God, why am I doing this when I could be up on a spaceship or I could be on a planet,” and you have to watch it because otherwise sometimes you can become depressed because you think, well why the heck am I involved in this drudgery when I could be doing all this other psychic stuff and I know that for a lot of people who experience it, it becomes a problem. I’ve been quite successful in [36:02][listing] the two, and say well this is what I do here. This is my role. This is what I need to do, and when they come and get me that is a different life.

JR: That’s right.

SP: Yeah I think it is very much the case of my parent taking me out to do something interesting, yes I agree with that.

JR: Well that’s remarkable. I wonder if that’s a trait that your mom picked up from observing human mothers and fathers and their children or if it is something that is intrinsic to their culture, the idea of being a good parent, having fun interacting with the child or is it something that they are learning about and trying to experience and feel by enacting what they see going on here?

SP: Hum, it’s very tricky. I think to be honest that they have interacted with humans for so many thousands of years that they probably know us better than we know ourselves, and in many cases they don’t have the same emotions that we have but they know it’s important, and I will give you an example Jeff. When I was learning to be telepathic I was told don’t obviously speak with your mouth and don’t make a hand gesture unless it’s that not with a telepathic communication. On Earth and different races on Earth use their hand to reinforce what they verbally say. The Italians are great at that. Their hands go all over the place, but an ET would be quite happy just to stand there with his arms or her arms down by their sides and just have a conversation with you, but they know that humans require visually to see the hands moving to reinforce a communication so they will actually limit that to make you more comfortable, but that’s only if they want to put themselves out for you. I mean if you are one of these poor people who takes in and buckled on an operating table and prodded about a little bit and then dumped back home, they are not going to be nice to you, you know that, and this is what causes so much harm where an individual says well they never spoke to me; they never told me what they were doing, and that individual becomes a victim and this is where you get the abduction cycle thought. For some reason that I don’t still fully understand, that’s never been my take on it. I have never been experience to that and they would always ask me. They would say to me, “Can we do this to you? Are we all right to do that to you? Do you allow this?” And so it has been difficult for me when meeting other experiencers, because I haven’t found a single person with an experience that comes anything like near mine and I have to be very careful that I don’t go telling them how great it is and how wonderful and what I saw when their life is all about a situation that they just don’t understand, so I have to be very circumspect and I have to be very careful when talking to people, and I try to understand their prospective because they don’t have the wider knowledge that I have.

JR: Interesting. Okay, three-and-a-half years old and your first trip on a ship. How many times do you think you have been on a craft in your life?

SP: Oh, good Lord.

JR: Hundreds?

SP: Yes oh it has to be. I mean I don’t think I remember them all anyway.

JR: No.

SP: I think I only remember a fraction of what I have done.

JR: Right and you did mention that you felt that you had been taken to or recalled having been taken to other planets.

SP: Yes I have.

JR: Where are these other planets? Do you have any idea? Are they in the Milky Way? Do they tell you?

SP: No. No. They may not even be in the same dimension, I mean I think we’ve got to get out of the idea of looking at a telescope and looking at planets and saying, “Well, I think they could come from there or they may come from there.” Undoubtedly on some of those planets deep deep in space there is life, but that’s also a separate dimension where there are planets or a different universe where beings have grown up at a different speed to us, and hence they are far more down the bump down the road. So you’ve got your traditional aspect of looking at the night sky and saying look at those stars; I wonder if there is any life on them. But you have got this harder aspect of trying to understand that literally if you stand in your front room and you stretch your right hand out and you imagine that somewhere there’s—they call it a parallel universe—I don’t know about parallel universes, but if you stick your hand out, there is another dimension because I have seen these creatures actually enter my reality, not by spaceships sometimes, but literally just appearing in the room. Now that is not a trick of magic. That’s science; that’s technology. And somehow these species can access our world, our reality not in a traditional way of a flying saucer landing on your front garden, but actually just breaking through into this reality. So there are a number of ways that different beings can enter and make contact with you.

JR: Fascinating. Now your mom took you on the craft. Do you remember as you are in the craft, sitting, standing as you are being wherever you are flown to, if flying is the right term. Do you remember looking at the three screens? Did they show space that you were traveling through? Did it appear to be stars and planets moving past you, you know, like the movies, real quick, or did it seem like you were looking at other things, were there technical instrument readings or something to do with the way the ship was operating? There are three screens up there and there are three pilots you said.

SP: Okay… no that’s the minimum number you need.

JR: Okay, that’s right. That’s the minimum number. It could be the whole crew for that matter, fifteen or twenty.

SP: That’s right.

JR: In fact one wonders if the more people on board, perhaps the more performance the craft will yield.

SP: Yes, the more tasks you can undertake.

JR: Yes.

SP: Some of these craft aren’t just spacecraft, they are, they are like political biospheres. They are craft that go out and interact with a whole range of races. They are not there to just shoot them up. They are actually there to open dialog. Okay, let me talk about this experience in 1971 because that’s when I was on the craft and that’s a teardrop-shaped craft. They are not a traditional disk, but a teardrop shape. And the Reptilians, they tend to be the guards, the soldiers, and Reptilians are incredibly deep in ritual and ceremony.

JR: Uh huh.

SP: And they have important jobs that they do and they call it room keepers or the keeper of the rooms, so when you have in a spaceship sensitive areas, these guys will guard those areas, and you have to get past them into their room and they are hugely proud of their job, so literally their job is to keep that room and they are acting as door keepers so this is the control room and mom took me and there was a Reptilian. He was dark green-black, naked and for your information for your listeners, Reptilians genitalia are hidden behind a flap of skin.

JR: All right.

SP: And what this one did was he walked toward me and lifted me up and sniffed me, actually sniffed me.

JR: Did it sound like a snake exhaling and inhaling or did it sound more human?

SP: No, no, no, it wasn’t. It was just a [makes sniff sound] sniff, because he was clearly wanting to remember my smell.

JR: I get it. How fascinating yeah.

SP: Very interesting. Yeah when he recognized me, he then rubbed his face against my face. You know when a domestic cat rubs its face against a table leg?

JR: Yes.

SP: It’s just like that, just like that. He rubbed his face against my face.

JR: And how old were you Simon, at that time approximately how old…

SP: How old was I?

JR: During that event?

SP: Eleven-and-a-half.

JR: Okay, now this Reptilian and again I think you said they wear no uniforms, nothing.

SP: Some, right, they wear some uniforms but that is more to do with ceremony.

JR: Okay.

SP: But generally they were naked.

JR: All right, and the color and their skin does it have scale-like lines on it?

SP: Yes. Yes.

JR: It does look Reptilian. What color would you describe the skin as?

SP: It depends which Reptilian. They are different.

JR: Okay.

SP: The Draconius, these are the warriors, the soldiers. If you take a paint pot, green and black, and mix it, make it more green than black.

JR: Yes.

SP: That’s the color; they are the soldiers.

JR: Very interesting. All right so you were sniffed by a Reptilian.

SP: Yeah, by a Reptilian soldier.

JR: Not many people can say that.

SP: And I passed the test and the door opened, the traditional steel door, slides along, and the first thing I’m greeted with is the most beautiful access. There is a big viewing screen. I will give you some… it’s thirty foot, thirty foot in length and maybe ten foot in height and its the Earth and at this stage I don’t know whether that is a genuine window and I am looking out the window at the Earth or whether that is a viewing screen that is projecting the Earth, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are over the Earth. So you have to be careful. You can’t jump to conclusions. So there’s a beautiful Earth, and Jeff the Earth is so beautiful. It’s blue and green and the clouds go round it and the aura around the Earth wrap around the planet so that it is white and then it goes yellow and red; it’s the most incredible beautiful picture that anyone could ever see. Anyway there’s a seven, six chairs, six chairs around a console, around this green semicircular, and at this stage of the game there is nobody there, just these empty chairs and the Reptilian says to me, “Do you want to sit?” So can I sit on the chair? And it’s not the most important chair because in the middle of the room there is a big, big chair and it reminds me of a dentist’s chair. It is really huge and overblown, a massive chair.

JR: Yeah.

SP: And then the Reptilian says, “Would you like to command?” And I look to mom, and mom said, “Yes you can do that.”

JR: Wow, wow.

SP: And I had to scramble on to it, it was so big. Are you going to a commercial break now?

JR: Yes we are, very good ears, thank you.

SP: That’s fine, that’s fine, go and do that.

JR: That’s fascinating. We will come back. You can reset that scene in just a few minutes with the remarkable gracious Simon Parkes from England [Break 47:46–48:07] Okay, welcome back. We are talking with a remarkable man, Simon Parkes, who again is a City Councillor in his town in England and he has served at various levels in larger markets than that, but he is telling us a story that very few people will honestly be able I think to accept easily, but you listen to the man and listen to his voice and ask yourself, I know you folks out there, our audience Simon is the best. They are open-minded; they are wise, and they are very interested in hearing unusual and interesting people like yourself. They do not pass judgment easily. They think, and I think in your voice they are hearing what I have always called “the ring of truth.” That’s a real, it’s an acid test in a way for those who are sensitive to the sounds that other people make when they are communicating, and it’s quite clear and quite evident that what you are relating to us is the kind of material that makes me personally wish I only could have been there to experience a little bit of it. It is amazing.

SP: Thank you Jeff. Yeah, I went public with it simply because I could no longer keep a lie; I couldn’t pretend to be something I wasn’t.

JR: When did, Simon, excuse me, please, for our listeners, when did you go public with this, the day of the context of everything.

SP: Last year when I agreed to be interviewed for four hours, an interview on YouTube, so last year.

JR: Very good, okay. Now, by the way you sound amazingly fresh; it is 4:00 a.m. in the UK.

SP: When you have interactions as I do, they can come through at any time, and I am very used to having very little sleep.

JR: When is the last time they came to you?

SP: I think, well I know that the last time that I can definitely remember was three weeks ago.

JR: And what happened? What kind of visit was it?

SP: I had a friend with me. We had just come back from the hypermarket, the supermarket, and we were driving and we got back where we were staying and my friend said to me, “That’s crazy.” She said to me, “We got back very quickly.” And I’m driving, and I said, “Well what do you mean we got back quickly?” And she said, “Well, we got back too quick.” And I said, “Oh, look the journey back always seems quicker than the journey going out.”

JR: You were covering up weren’t you Simon, uh huh.

SP: Pardon?

JR: You were covering up it sounds like.

SP: No, no, no, you see the problem is this stuff happens to me so regular, I no longer pick it up sometimes.

JR: Really.

SP: It is so normal that it doesn’t stand out anymore.

JR: Interesting.

SP: But the people who don’t have it as a regular thing, it stands out and the upshot of it was that she said this is wrong. We got back in ten minutes; the journey is half-an-hour, and we both looked at each other and there was a whole village, which we should have driven through and a whole section of road we both had no recollection of coming back. It is actually called the village of Clawton. Clawton is the name of the village where I live, and we did not come back through that village, and all I can remember, we came out of the supermarket; we drive for about five miles, and then we both have a blank in our memory, and then the next thing I remember I’m on the road and a big lorry, a big, big lorry coming toward me and it’s flashing its headlights at me, flash, flash, flash, and I remember turning to my passenger and saying, “Oh, I mustn’t have my headlights on, and I shouldn’t have them on so bright,” or something. And then after it is a normal drive and we both realized that we were taken in the motorcar and the crazy thing was that when we got back my passenger said to me, “I feel taller.” I said, “What do you mean you feel taller?” She said, “I feel taller,” so we measured her and she was about an inch-and-a-half taller than she should have been, and the next day she had shrunk a half inch, and the day after that she had gone back to her normal height. But if she hadn’t said to me something is wrong here, I wouldn’t have picked it up myself.

JR: How interesting. To what do we attribute the increase in height? Different gravity, different…

SP: Zero gravity, yeah, zero gravity. You know yourself I’m sure that in the morning humans are taller because their bones are not compressed.

JR: Right.

SP: So if you jump out of bed first thing and measure yourself, you will actually be taller than two or three hours later than when gravity has compressed you slightly.

JR: Right, right.

SP: I’m sure the astronauts, the Apollo Astronauts actually grew a little bit taller.

JR: Uh hum. There were a lot of physiological things that they discovered about being in Zero G.

SP: Okay.

JR: Through that program… of course bone density loss is one of them and other things.

SP: Right.

JR: I wonder, does your female passenger understand what may have happened to her?

SP: No, she has no memory of that. When we got back she was absolutely sweating. Her jacket was disgusting. She had to have that dry-cleaned. And so whatever happened scared her to death. I wasn’t sweating at all.

JR: No you are used to it.

SP: But that was just a sign of how used to it all I am. I only have a very small memory myself of the matter. A big, big, big hole is a ship, but it is like being inside an aircraft carrier, a massive, massive room, and down the middle what appeared to be huge machines, huge machines down, dividing this room in two, and I remember saying to her, “Okay, you go that way and I’ll go this way, and we will meet up at the bottom.” And she looked at me and said, “I’m not leaving your side,” and grabbed my arm. Again it just shows how at ease I am in these situations, because what I was saying to her was, “Look we should be met.” Somebody should be here to meet us. There is nobody here so I will tell you what we will do. We will split up and we will go and find who we are meeting. And of course she is absolutely freaking out. So I do have that memory but I don’t have anymore, but that will come back to me in the days to come I think.

JR: Fascinating indeed. At this point in your life and even before, when your were younger man, what was the meaning or significance of all the interactions, of all the visits, of all the abductions, if you will, the contacts, what were they doing with you, Simon? I’ll get to the punch line here. Did they give you information about what’s going to happen to this planet? Did you have visions or were you shown things about where we are going as a civilization and so forth?

SP: It’s not that sort of contact I’m afraid. A lot of people, Alex Collier is a guy…

JR: Ah yes.

SP: … who I’ve got a lot of respect for.

JR: You do, uh huh.

SP: It’s not the same sort of contact…

JR: Well Alex Collier was a man and the unfortunate part of contact for a lot of people is that they are told somehow that you are an ambassador; you are a delegate; you are to tell the planet the truth about us and to prepare people, and it doesn’t work. Now you are not doing that at all and that is what makes your story all the more compelling to me, you haven’t been appointed.

SP: Yeah they made it very clear. That is not what it is about at all.

JR: Right.

SP: And I only get information if I ask point blank. So nobody sort of sits me down and says we are going to tell you this, that and the other. The information I get is when I actually put a question to them and then they respond to that. But to go back, because your point is well made, what the Earth, what the heck is it all about? Well over my interaction from a very small boy, they explained it to me over a period of years. So it wasn’t a grand sit-down; we are going to tell you what it is all about.

JR: Right.

SP: It was a drip-drip effect, because it was such a, they know that as people we can’t take too much. We just can’t cope with it and I think a lot of people have nervous breakdowns.

JR: You mean a lot of contactees that have been abducted.

SP: Yeah, yeah they are very conscious of that, so what they did over probably a period of ten or fifteen years was slowly let me become aware of exactly what the whole principle of it was, and what they did originally, the creature that I call mom had a medallion, a metal around his chest. I don’t remember if it was a chain or what, but it was a circular medallion with a holographic image, and on this holographic image, there was a tree, back to Genesis, the tree of knowledge, not the tree of life, but the tree of knowledge, and on this medallion that he wore around his neck, a human male walks in holographically, and sits with his back against the tree, and he just repeats himself over and over and over again, the tree of knowledge, and then a human male sits with his back against the tree, and I was given that medallion.

JR: Wow, you still have it?

SP: You are going to a break?

JR: No, we will go right through the break; it’s all right.

SP: Okay.

JR: You have the medallion.

SP: Yes and almost on several different contacts, several different visits, I was given a little bit more knowledge. For instance, when I was three-and-a-half, and I was on board a spaceship I was given a paint, I don’t know what you call it in the states; we call it a paint box set. You have colored paints and a brush and I was told paint a picture, paint a picture.

JR: Who told you, who told you that?

SP: Mom, my ET mom.

JR: All right.

SP: Paint a picture, so I have a piece of paper, and I paint a green field and a tree. That’s all I did, blue sky, white clouds, green field and a tree, and then mom looks at it and says, “Something’s missing, what’s missing?” And I look at the picture and I say, “Me. I should be in the picture.” And mom says, “Yes, but not yet.” And so we went from a situation where I understood a tree, and then a tree with a person, and then after many years a female walks in to this image and imparted me an apple, and the female says to me, “Take of the apple, and you will see what I see.” And over a period of fifteen years I got this image, this reoccurring image, and the mom character refers to me as Adam. In fact he refers to me as “The Adam,” not just Adam but The Adam(atom), and then I had a number of very, very, what I would call disquieting memories; I don’t mean bad memories, just very challenging to my own understanding to Earth history.

JR: Yes.

SP: Which, actually very closely relates to Genesis and the Bible. Fascinating, fascinating way of looking at stuff, but yeah, very difficult for me to accept.

JR: Wow, wow. The Bible, you mentioned the Bible last time.

SP: Yes.

JR: That it’s very important, and its truths are immutable.

SP: Yes.

JR: And tell us more about that.

SP: Well I did say to your listeners last time that there is a God. There is absolutely no question that there is a God. There is a force that creates and doesn’t die and is good, and they accept that entirely. And I think what is heartening from a human perspective is here are these extraterrestrial creatures, which are light years ahead of us; but they still, they can’t understand God. They can’t reach the level of God and I think that is absolutely wonderful that even with all their technology, they are just as in the dark as we are, although perhaps they have a better understanding.

JR: How interesting yeah you made that point last time.

SP: Yeah, in terms of the Bible, the overall aspect to what I’ve been shown is actually correct. I don’t want to upset any of your listeners, because religion is a very, very important subject. I have been shown some things that are slightly different from the Bible, but by in large what the Bible teaches is accurate, and it is a shame that in modern science we don’t look on it as history now. We look on the Bible as the Bible, where actually it should be in the history section, because it is a very fair true representation of the early days on this planet.

JR: Well, that’s interesting to hear and I think will produce a lot of very profound reactions in people who are listening very carefully, who believe in the Bible.

SP: Yeah, well I do…

JR: Unfortunately

SP: …because now I have experienced it and…

JR: Yes.

SP: And my Bible now doesn’t set on the shelf with my other stuff; it actually sets in the history section. I have moved it to my history shelf.

JR: How much of the Bible was tweaked in the Council of Nicaea in 325 B.C.

SP: Yeah, I think what… yeah I’m not an expert: I wouldn’t pretend to be an expert but what happened is that when people became so far removed from the original events, they tried to fix it to the lifestyle and world that they understood at that point rather than saying, “Look, when it was written it was closer to the happening of the truth, therefore we should honor that. What they will do is they will say this doesn’t quite match the message we want to get across or it doesn’t quite match our times now so we had better leave this out. We will change that, and I think that what happened is that we lost or we had blurred edges of the truth; I think there were changes.

JR: Well they allegedly removed all reference to reincarnation among other things, at 325 to bring people more to bear on instant accountability in terms of the church and its power.

SP: Yes.

JR: So that was one.

SP: I am being very careful because I do not wish to upset your listeners.

JR: No, no you won’t, these are special people. You can say what you want.

SP: Okay. I mean the religions of the East in terms of reincarnation are closer to the truth. They have protected their knowledge and their understanding. In the West, we become so technologically obsessed, and that we will only believe what we can see and what we can touch. Sadly we are losing our knowledge. But reincarnation is an absolute vital part. Otherwise you’ve got to say to yourself, what the heck are we doing on this Earth? You know, if the sun is just the right distance from the earth, the moon is just the right distance. Everything you know just seems to be coincidental. As a human, we breathe in oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide. A plant breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen, and so we have a symbiotic relationship. If anybody could think that this has all come about of chance, well I’m sorry, it’s not like that. The whole thing was designed and created by an intelligence that’s far superior than we will ever grasp, and I think that when the Bible was originally written, it was written, almost dictated. I think it was a person or a group of people had access to records that were very close to the truth but over the thousands of years since the Bible was written, unfortunately it has been changed.

JR: Well, very good and very interesting to be sure. Have they spent much time talking about philosophy and philosophical issues with you over the years? Has that come up? Have you asked questions about that?

SP: No.

JR: Where do we go when we die? What happens? What is the purpose, like that?

SP: Oh, yeah I have seen images, very clear.

JR: Well tell us please.

SP: Okay. Well I have seen an image of an old man dying, and his spirit literally like smoke coming out of his body, and a small newborn baby and the smoke rising and going straight into the baby.

JR: Where did you see this image Simon?

SP: That would have been in 1971. Before you went to your break we were talking about that spaceship.

JR: Yes, yes.

SP: I was educated. That is the best way I can describe it. I saw in front of a big, big viewing screen, and a number of images were shown to me to teach me and this was one element of it where I was shown the undying circle of life, an old man dying, spirit rising up in the air, going into a baby, and showing that there really isn’t death. The physical body dies, but your insides don’t die.

JR: Very good, very good and this of course Sir William Crookes, Oliver Lodge, other great geniuses of the 18th century were absolutely fascinated with this, and Crookes would record people dying and they would weigh the body and there was a claim that there was a slight difference in weight and that kind of thing.

SP: Right. Well you know, I mean I’m not an expert on this side of it and I don’t pretend to be, but so many people claim to be collected by somebody just before they die. They… others in the room say that that person smiles and reaches out.

JR: Yes.

SP: And I think that is the case you know. I certainly do believe in God. I have no problem believing in it at all and I think that we have become such physical creatures here in 2012; we only see the physicalities. Sadly we don’t look to the spirituality. There are some people who break through the conditioning that exists in our world today and they ask themselves some very searching questions and they become more eschewed with themselves and they switch off from the television and they switch off some of the things they see on the cinema, and they look into themselves and they actually realize that they are very important creatures. We are as human beings fabulous creatures, and there is so much more to it than modern science actually understands.

JR: Well that’s for darn sure. We are in our own right absurdly and ridiculously arrogant about what we think we know.

SP: Yes.

JR: We know next to nothing. You talked about someone coming to collect people when they pass on.

SP: Yeah I think so.

JR: There is a very interesting film, if some of you folks get a chance to see it. It was called, is called On Borrowed Time, a 1939 film I believe. Lionel Barrymore was in it, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, very interesting film as the way it portrayed death and passing. Sir Cedric was death and he would come to people and reach out and touch them and they would die. He would say, “It’s time; it’s time to go now,” and they would reach over to him and he would take their hand and they would die. It was a fascinating film because the young boy tricked death up into an apple tree, and he couldn’t come down. I forget what, it was a curse or something, and no one could die, and all of a sudden no one was dying around the whole world. And anyway it is a very good movie worth watching if folks have a chance, called On Borrowed Time. All right we will be right back with more time, with Simon Parkes and me. [Break 1:10:03–1:10:48] All right we are back. It is a fascinating conversation with Simon Parkes, and we are very much indebted to him for staying up, from getting up early, real early. All right, my friend we have about twenty minutes left or so.

SP: Okay.

JR: What would you like to talk about that you would like our list touched upon yet?

SP: I think maybe the future. I think there is such a lot of speculation about the future.

JR: Speculation, fear, anxiety, stress, depression.

SP: Yeah there’s lots of worry. And I can just give you my take on it. And I think your listeners can just put that into the melting pot.

JR: Now this is your synthesis of life or is this information that you have been given.

SP: This is what I have been told. Yeah, I don’t talk to people about what I have read, because that is pointless. That is just rehashing other stuff.

JR: Okay.

SP: I only make it clear what I have had communicated to me.

JR: All right, very good. We are all ears, go ahead.

SP: Okay, all right. I think your listeners, I would like your listeners to understand that there are many forms of government that they have. They have an elected government; they have many splinter groups of government. Some of those governments are undoubtedly decent hard-working men and women who want the best for their country. There are other elements of your, that’s America, your government who are in a very difficult position. Having gotten themselves into quite a pickle, as we say in England, and can’t get themselves out of it and they are the ones who perhaps gone into an agreement with one branch of the ETs, and have built themselves quite an empire, and they see that empire as threatened, and they think that if I had to put some odd pickers on the future, I think the human race will be successful, and come through the next five years, and let’s put the odds at 60-40, which isn’t brilliant, but it is better than it was, so I think there is a 60 percent chance that the human race is going to not have a major war. It is not going to have its population thinned out, and will actually move on to the next stage of our evolution. However, there is still a chance that splinter fragments of government would like to drag the earth down into a very difficult and upsetting time period, but with each day that passes I’m more hopeful, yes.

JR: Very good. Well, a little optimism never hurt anything.

SP: Specific. There are a number of what you would call Greys, but they are not actually Greys. There’s a better word for them, which is programmed life forms. And you know what, your human scientists are a bit far more ever clever than they have let on. Their cloning has reached the most unprecedented level, and it would not surprise me if at some time in the very near future there is an announcement made. Aliens are going to land and they are dangerous. And suddenly there are going to be images shown on your television screen of your archetypal Hollywood Grey alien, and I think that there are elements of warped military, warped minds who could see some advantage in scaring the population into believing that there was a hostile attack because it would allow them to have their state of national emergency to take full control and to bend your Bill of Rights. You’ve got something that no other country has, my friend. You have the Founding Fathers that gave your country one of the most beautiful things that humans can create which is freedom and democracy, and it is a real problem to many people because you have a Bill of Rights that you can’t assault or take down without it being very obvious that you have done that. And the only way to obviously take down your Bill of Rights is to have such a monumental threat to the United States that everybody would agree that you need to suspend your Constitution. That I think is the end game for a number of people to suspend your Constitution, to suspend your Bill of Rights and to go into a military lockdown, hunkered down state. I’m not necessarily thinking that is going to be the way forward. I actually think that the people who for so many years have called the shots are actually on the back foot, and I think that the destruction of the banking industry, many people in the military and the intelligence services are rebelling against some of their orders, so just try and say to your listeners that it is not all doom and gloom. I actually think that there is a new sunrise for humanity.

JR: Right.

SP: And that is what I have been told.

JR: That’s extraordinary. Well, it won’t come soon enough.

SP: Yes.

JR: It won’t come soon enough. The idea of a staged faux ET invasion version or a real ET invasion has been pushed around for decades here. There is talk now that that is the ultimate trump card to bring world into a one-world government modality.

SP: Yes.

JR: I don’t know if ET will be involved with this or it will be our own technology passed off as ET technology. It’s hard to tell. What to you think? Will ET be involved with this or will it be us pretending?

SP: Okay, I don’t know how much your listeners can take of this. There is going to be a time when portals open on the Earth. Portal, this is a portal or portals that will take you to the fifth dimension, part of our natural evolution, not the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is full of bad guys. We are going to avoid the fourth dimension. And every individual on this earth will have to make a choice as to whether they want to advance to the next stage of development or whether they want to remain in the state they are in now, and that is an interesting choice for everybody. In terms of the technology, no we are not going to have an invasion. The Reptilian group would like to stage an invasion. You have heard the term Illuminati. There are factions that work together with some elements of ET, and yeah they would certainly like to have full control of the planet. But I don’t think it is going to happen.

JR: No but it could. Do you see war or conflict?

SP: Oh absolutely. That’s the whole point of it; the whole point of it is to route. You see you have something we don’t have. You have the right to carry on. We lost that right a long time ago.

JR: Oh, yeah.

SP: We don’t carry arms; you guys are a real problem to people who want to destroy democracy because you have the right to bear arms. That’s why America… if America falls the world falls. Let me put it to you like that. That’s why America is the key player. That’s why everything is played out in that state, and I think that basically twenty years ago, they would have got away with it. But now with the Internet, with so many people being aware, so many people asking questions, and people being brave and not being pushed around, I think they are going to have a very hard job. I just don’t think they can have the manpower basically to lock down all your cities. I just can’t see it happening. And the other important thing is, there is a group of extraterrestrials who are good guys who said enough is enough, and it is quite unprecedented that this group of extraterrestrials are now becoming involved. Generally speaking they have let the Earth get on with it, let humanity get on with it and we will just observe. Well now they’re not; they are becoming involved, a number of underground bases or bases under the sea have been destroyed by very powerful sonic weapons, and it’s about the balance is being restored. And the key basically is to say if humanity is no longer manipulated, what will humanity do. Are you humans evolved at this state now where you are ready to accept your place in the universe. Are you spiritually evolved enough and until all the manipulation is removed from it, they can’t judge that. So once that manipulation is removed, they will then watch to see how we develop, and if we make it, we will be accepted. If we don’t make it, well that’s another story.

JR: Well, all right so there’s ET invasion or whatever we want to call it: intervention, appearance, presentation might happen when?

SP: Within the next five years, at least that’s my guess.

JR: And will we as a species attempt to repel, will this be I come in peace human beings or will it be we are going to take half of your planet and get rid of half of you; we need the space. What do you think…

SP: Right. No let me get in here because this is where things can get upsetting and we don’t need to be upset here. No the ETs generally are waiting for the Earth to naturally evolve. A large, I’m hoping, a large proportion of the human race will naturally evolve to the next level. That will naturally depopulate the Earth, naturally depopulate it and it’s at that point that the ETs will bring on their hybrids onto the Earth, and those hybrids then will have a range of souls, they might be human souls; there might be Mantid souls, Reptilian souls, goodness knows what, and they are not going to steal the Earth. If they wanted to steal the Earth they would have done it when we were Stone Age, when we couldn’t have resisted at all. But it has always been known that the Earth will evolve and humanity will evolve also, will have the chance to evolve, and once it naturally evolves, the Earth will be naturally depopulated, and that’s when the hybrids come on. I don’t want people to confuse that with a false invasion, created by a small group of very rich elites.

JR: Yeah, yes, yes and that’s the biggest problem.

SP: Yes.

JR: How will we know which is which? It is going to be difficult because the media is all controlled.

SP: Yes.

JR: The news will be controlled. The military will respond in whatever fashion the scenario calls for them to respond.

SP: Yes.

JR: And then when the real ET shows up how will we know? We will in time find out but the initial phase of it is going to be very confusing.

SP: Yeah you are very true; you are very true. I think it’s the first twelve hours that will set the pattern. If you see images on your television screen of ET killing and attacking, I’m not saying don’t believe it, but what I would say to your listeners is that that is not what you would be witnessing, would not be the true image. What you would be seeing is a very small stage-managed most likely in a parking lot, something filmed and put out and told it is worldwide when it isn’t, but what you will see if that occurs is other ETs becoming involved and then this is the difficult part, a struggle between two sets of ETs, so it won’t be ET versus humanity.

JR: Got it.

SP: It will be one level of ET versus a malevolent ET, and that’s the battle that will be played out and in fact to be truthful with you this battle has been played out now for the last twelve months, but we don’t often…

JR: It is underway, interesting.

SP: Yes it is. It has been and rather successful at the moment. A lot of the bases that were built jointly between humanity and the Grey aliens are now not habitable anymore.

JR: Because they have been destroyed.

SP: Because they have been made uninhabitable.

JR: Destroyed and so they can’t be lived in and used. All right I got it.

SP: No because they had cloning facilities. There was an awful lot of very evil stuff going on there and they have just been destroyed, not with explosions but with ultrasonic waves. Let’s just… listen there was an earthquake. If you are out on the Earth you would think you had had an earthquake under your feet.

JR: So these underground noises, booms, and explosions…

SP: Yes.

JR: …are in fact in some cases representative of war between ETs.

SP: That’s absolutely correct. That’s nothing new. The Earth has been fought over for thousands of years.

JR: Uh hum. Well, let’s hope the good guys win.

SP: Absolutely, absolutely, I’ve got my money on them.

JR: All right and this is all going down, unfold, as you say in the next five years.

SP: It is, yes; it will be in our lifetime. It will be in our lifetime. It’s already happening. Look at the financial situation. It is unprecedented. The country is almost collapsing. People who have made their life about money suddenly finding that perhaps they have gone down the wrong path. This Earth is going through the most incredible changes and I don’t just mean physiological changes, I’m talking about people’s values and perceptions. It is a wonderful time to be alive, Jeff.

JR: Fascinating, well a lot of people would disagree with you, but needless to say your perspective and vantage point is much different than most, so we’ll take that for what its worth.

SP: Okay.

JR: That’s very good news indeed. Do you expect more contactees to begin to come forward now in these times or is it going to stay pretty much as it is until the charade begins? There will be ET invasions and these faux ET invasions and all that. The idea that these things are going on underneath us is certainly acceptable to many people. We have no idea what is underneath us; we don’t see any of it.

SP: Right.

JR: And there are people who talk about vast underground caverns and complexes and bases and all the rest of it. We do have humans tunnel boring equipment that can do just amazing things. We think that maybe this technology has been used in the US for example to set up underground maglev or some other propelled high-speed transit systems, perhaps from coast to coast, we don’t know. There is talk about Denver being a nexus, massive underground cities here and there. I think and I suspect that the subterranean portion of the planet is amazingly busy.

SP: Yes. Interestingly enough when my mother was doing her work on the German documents, one of those documents was to build a boring machine that was nuclear powered. So it was huge like a railroad train but it actually had its own nuclear powered generator, and they devised it and it could cut through rock. It would travel about two or three miles an hour, and it would absolutely sear rock.

JR: Right.

SP: You would have two types of rock, absolutely smooth or it could be lumpy depending on the speed the borer went through, and this was back in the early ’70s. So they have the machine to make some incredible tunnels even back then.

JR: Wow! Well, I know it heats up the rock and turns it into a molten magna and the machine passes through, it cools it and it leaves an almost obsidian glass-like wall all around.

SP: It sprays gets of water on it from the back, yes.

JR: Have you been down in these tunnels?

SP: Yes, I have. I could tell you something. I have and I have seen fossils projecting from the rock, and you can actually, if you go down in these bases, you can actually find dinosaur bones sitting on the floor that have been collected from as they tunneled the machines going through. It is quite striking.

JR: I bet.

SP: It is quite striking.

JR: What kind of transit do you find there rails, or something else?

SP: No, single rail running on a pulse magnetic positive/negative device with little cars that you sit in at a speed that is absolutely phenomenal but they don’t have many twists and turns. They are quite straight.

JR: You’ve been in these?

SP: I’ve seen them; I’ve not been in one. I’ve seen it but not been in it; I think I would be too scared to go in one.

JR: Who uses these, ETs, humans, both?

SP: Both, both, both. It is to get you from one facility to another very quickly when you might have a meeting or you need to get some equipment very quickly, and you don’t want the outside world to see. You don’t want to fly it; you don’t want to railroad it; you don’t want to put it on a big lorry, so you can get your stuff when you need it and nobody knows about it.

JR: Fascinating. It validates my friend Dr. Richard Sauder who has written books about underground bases and tunnels.

SP: Okay.

JR: He is very careful, only to publish factual data he has been able to glean from the public record database.

SP: I have never read his, read anything but do pass my email address or if you speak to him, yes, I have seen these installations. They are fascinating. They are built jointly by humans and ETs.

JR: Ah huh. Well it’s funny because the last picture of a large tunnel boring machine was taken I believe in the mid-seventies and the whole technology rather disappeared, which suggests to me what you are proposing is and what Richard Sauder has proposed is quite accurate, quite accurate.

SP: Right.

JR: We have of course many, many stories of underground hum experienced by residents in various cities and all the rest of it.

SP: You know what, Jeff, the thing that really hits me is the cost, the financial cost of all this work. I have no idea how many billions of dollars it has cost since the 1950s, but I guess if it didn’t do that, then you guys would have a much higher state of living than you have now.

JR: Well there’s an old joke; well it’s my joke. How much money do the black operations boys and girls have? And the answer is as much as they want.

SP: Yeah, that’s true.

JR: It’s true we don’t know. It has just been crazy.

SP: It’s true.

JR: One of the things that is very interesting is how quickly the powers that be have response teams should there be this absurd UFO-ET coverup continues, especially in the States.

SP: Yeah.

JR: And they have very well trained response teams ready to roll anytime, fly anywhere, cordon off, recover, retrieve, and all the rest of it crashed hardware.

SP: Yes.

JR: I’m not sure where this is going. We have seemingly been given technology or back-engineered technology from downed craft for years.

SP: Yeah.

JR: So but there is a vested interest in keeping this whole thing covered up, although most Americans, I think the vast majority of them, believe firmly in visitation by ET and possibly communication with and dealings with which is what you have already alluded to, so that’s pretty much. . .

SP: Yeah, well you have, you guys had Roswell.

JR: Oh, yeah, we had a lot of things like Roswell.

SP: Yeah.

JR: And you have had your Roswell.

SP: You mean Bentwaters or Rendlesham?

JR: Yes, Rendlesham Forest is your, that’s as good as it gets I think.

SP: It’s different; it’s different; it’s time travel with Rendlesham. That’s time.

JR: Really.

SP: Yeah.

JR: Very interesting.

SP: Well we are running out of time now, aren’t we?

JR: We are and it’s time for you to get some rest Simon. Thank you that was absolutely delightful and fascinating.

SP: Listen Jeff, keep in touch and if you get any of your listeners who have any questions please forward them on to me.

JR: Yes, would you hang on the phone here for just another minute or two. I want to get my producer to pass something over to you.

SP: Sure.

JR: So let me thank you again and we’ll talk.

SP: Okay. It’s been a pleasure.

JR: All right and thanks to all of you for being with us tonight. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

[transcribed GSC 2017-06-05]