20 November 2016 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio

Questions & Answers
The Chinese now own 25 percent of Deutsche Bank saving it from collapse and an Italian bank offers stocks/bonds to prevent collapse at least until January; Donald Trump wins election regardless of all the fake/fraudulent votes for Hillary Clinton, thus avoiding or delaying World War III; Clintons moved 1.2–1.8 billion dollars either to Qatar or Switzerland ready for swift exit from US if need be; money is the control system of the world and curtails peoples’ independence, must change; rumors about Soros: (a) health crisis (b) dead (c) faking death; Soros funded demonstrations in US against Trump as he did those in Ukraine to cause destabilization; question about Lilith’s relationship to Anu and/or his sons; comment on the work of Alexandra Meadors; Illuminati’s obsession with blood ritual; Sovereign Seal of Éire represents our thirteen strands of DNA; not accurate to say Reptilians use holograms to appear human, rather think overlay, and Putin says 75 percent of world leaders are not of human origin; function of harmonic system of Giza Pyramid, among other things it was a beacon for those traveling through portals, suggesting navigational instrumentation doesn’t work inside a vortex; what can we do to rid planet of the evil empire; has humanity demonstrated enough reinstatement of love, the rule of our planet, to receive help from benevolent civilizations; Mandela Effect gives glimpse of holographic universe; method of communication between Aldebarans and Vril Society; the destiny of soul energy forcibly zapped, trapped or imprisoned by electronic AI devices will hopefully be able to return to Source which is everywhere; is there meaning behind drawing of white reptilian hands and Lenin’s hands being in same pose; Mu, high Brazil and their relationship to Atlantis/Lemuria; caution on visitations from dog people; vision of mazes under the pyramids where a certain frequency is created, like an energy accelerator that transfers unusable raw energy into a usable energy force; Intel on Nibiru passing by Earth, no biggie Simon says. Continue reading “20 November 2016 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes”