28 April 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

with Rebecca Bannister
at home


Questions & Answers
Simon’s 1st hour-long podcast begins by discussing satanic attacks across the planet to both individuals and organizations, especially healing centers; Barbara Bush may or may not have died; France-Israeli connection and weapons; President Trump has 20,000 plus secured sealed indictments against pedophiles, not sure how or if they will be used; FBI created big problems for President Trump but most FBI problems have been removed; President Trump was not planning to meet the Queen, only the Prime Minister, but he may have to reconsider meeting the Queen to avoid diplomatic problems; US will give Turkey their gold back but with strings attached; Benjamin Fulford comments that tin foil hats prevent electronic mind control at a distance; Questions: No I’m not a member of Free Masons; brief description of the 12 dimensions; current state of Draco Empire; is solar flash coming; is QAnon real; what happens when deprived of loosh; are Tall Whites real; will angels help Earthlings; Reptilians trade in genetics/body parts, circuitry or anything that is tradable; is global reset like Nesara or Gesara coming; artist captures true likeness in painting of hybridized human/amphibian black aliens; Octopus aliens are probably AI creations; what is meaning of light coming from one’s body in geometrical shapes; meaning of orange orbs; are dark forces unable to leave Earth; removing implants with intent; Trump, Putin and Syria.
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with Simon Parkes”

13 April 2012 – Jeff Rense Interview with Simon Parkes

Jeff Rense Interview with Simon Parkes

With Jeff Rense


Simon gives a brief history of his childhood with his earth mom and ET mom, his political life as City Councillor in the UK, being taken aboard a ship, various methods of contact, and a description of the ship’s technology. He discusses the importance of the Bible and God. He touches briefly on the subject of death. In the last section Simon talks about the future. He says there will be a time in the next five years when portals open to the fifth dimension and humans will have the option, if evolved, to leave Earth, and if a large number of humans leave that will depopulate the Earth naturally and then ETs will bring on their hybrids. However, there are a few rich elites who would like total control of the planet and might create a faux ET invasion to achieve their end. It is important to be able to discern between a real and a faux ET invasion, and he thinks the real ET invasion will be between two ET groups, not ETs and humans, and he says this has been going on for the last year resulting in many underground bases being destroyed by ultrasonic waves and made uninhabitable for cloning and other nefarious activities.

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