6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Ted interviews Simon from Mount Shasta where UFOs possibly hide in lenticular clouds; chemtrail ramp up is to stop ascension by preventing increasing frequency of sun from reaching Earth; this wavelength of the sun’s light is raising core temperature of all planets in solar system and is natural global warming, nothing to do with humans; new Supreme Court Judge will hopefully free up Trump so he can take legal action against the bad guys; good government structural changes predicted to be coming in next couple of years; are chemtrails hiding the approaching Nibiru, no but government has technology that can hide it; possibility that some chemtrails are being sprayed by Reptilians cloaking their spacecraft to look like ours and in essence are terraforming Earth to make it more Reptilian friendly and less human friendly; Simon comments that this plan was on the drawing board as early as 1895 as witnessed by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds; showing positive emotions to negative entities could give them another option; is there a California earthquake coming; extreme weather caused by high frequency technology fired into atmosphere will prevent earthquakes as long the activity continues; ways to create harmony on Earth; is ascension progress on target; deliberate immigration invasion of U.S. and child trafficking; President Trump is a figurehead, doesn’t have authority he needs to clean up America; as it stands now planet scheduled to arrive in 5th dimension by 2025; Brexit transition out of EU, easy or not; Merkel almost lost her job because of her immigration policy.

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Part 1 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes [Part 1 – Interview starts at 11:43]
Part 2 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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1 July 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home

Questions & Answers
Fulford and others are saying a nuclear explosion might be set off in the U.S., and Simon acknowledges it’s possible but has no solid information on this event; U.S. and Russia meet to discuss joint ventures economically and militarily; Trump/Putin meeting receiving very little press; Dunford/Gerasimov meeting to discuss possible civil unrest globally; Angela Merkel’s removal might possibly prevent deadly riots in Germany; Trump Supreme Court nomination necessary to ensure there is anti-Cabal Supreme Court before opening indictments; G7 is now G6 as President Trump withdrew because he doesn’t like to deal with nondemocratic organizations; Chinese trade war political; European trade war is attack on Cabal; Simon’s beloved Ingimar has left the planet; Stone of Scone, a sacred object; do Akashic Records record life events after we have left the physical body; cause of trumpeting sounds heard from the sky; planet frequency accelerating but not responsible for activating DNA; soul/body relationship and DNA retrieval; the moon, control systems, transcendental meditation, negative forces; Brett Stuart, remote viewing Mantids/Insectoids; QAnon not always spot-on; has any entity attempted to dispose of Draco King Anu; why not big filmed alien interview or spacecraft footage for public; human/animal connections and symbolism; interbreeding races and disabled children; ways we can support humanity at this time.
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with Simon Parkes”