29 October 2018 – Statement from Simon Parkes – Kerry Cassidy – Kevin Moore & Mark Richards –

Kerry Cassidy – Kevin Moore & Mark Richards
Monday, October 29, 2018
Statement regarding Kerry Cassidy, Kevin More, & Mark Richards from Simon Parkes

Simon comments on finding himself sandwiched in between the “toings and froings” from Kerry Cassidy and Kevin Moore regarding Mark Richards.

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Simon Parkes: Hello I wanted to do a statement or a quick update on the situation that’s developing between Kerry Cassidy and Kevin Moore regarding Mark Richards. I see my name has been brought in to it. I noticed a few weeks back and I’d actually emailed Kevin Moore and said to Kevin I notice that my name’s coming into this and I’d be quite happy to, you know, have an interview with you and talk about Mark Richards and the situation. He did actually reply and said he was over in the States and he was doing some work and he would like to interview me thinking of, you know, he may need to do an interview anyway, but he wouldn’t be until November and I was quite happy to wait on that, but over the last sort of four or five days there have been so many, you know, “toings and froings” from Kevin Moore on his side of it and Kerry on her side of it. I’m not going to wait any longer, so I’m just gonna do this sort of quick 10 minute update to explain my position regarding Mark Richards so that people can hear where I’m coming from and I think that that’s important for me to do that.

I go back about four or five years. I’ve never met Mark Richards but I met his wife, and it was at a conference that she was speaking at and I was a speaker as well, and I was coming in out of the auditorium out of the room because I was being called away all the time, and I heard her talking about this guy Mark Richards, and I thought well that’s odd, because she’s talking about someone who’s not here, and then I learned that he’d authorized that what she was saying, that was fine.

So I’d certainly heard talk about the United States Navy and the off planet entities that the United States Navy were working with and that certainly struck a chord with me. I certainly heard that already. I don’t remember much else because I was coming in and out of that, but I do remember that the audience generally were disappointed with the talk simply because the evidence or the news she was giving was old. It was from the 1960s and 1970s, and whilst audiences are very interested in historical material, they do like to get up-to-date stuff whenever possible, so I think there was just a feeling I felt in the audience, well that’s a shame because we didn’t hear what was happening now. But I was really interested because that stuff from the ’60s and ’70s was definitely matching what I’d heard.

And then a while later I spoke to Winston Keech. You know those of you who follow my mine update and news know obviously who Winston Keech is. For those of you who don’t, Winston Keech is a genius engineer, no question of that, an absolutely brilliant engineer, and anybody who says otherwise just doesn’t know the man. And he created the chip-and-pin reading device, so every time, you know, you put your debit card or your credit card into a reader in a shop it encrypts that with a code, sends that to a central location and that goes to the bank. It’s decoded of course, and you know, your funds are drawn out to pay for whatever it is in the shop. Well he created the codes on that and after he had created it, oh and if anyone’s in any doubt that he created it, if you go on YouTube there’s a very young Win Keech being interviewed by BBC Television in England, and he demonstrates it being used, so there’s absolute proof for anyone who doesn’t think he did create it, because he did.

So basically I’d mentioned to him that, you know, I had been in this talk and Mark Richards had been overheard, and the reason I mentioned it to him was because when he created chip-and-pin he was living in a town called Harrogate at the time, which is in North Yorkshire, and the National Security Agency just turned up on his doorstep unannounced, introduced themselves, and they said that there wasn’t a code on the planet they couldn’t break. There wasn’t any sort of communications they couldn’t hack into, but they couldn’t break his code, and as a result of that they were going to fly him all-expenses-paid to Fort Meade. I think it’s [in] Maryland to NSA headquarters and they’d do a deal with him. You know, if he gave them the codes, they’d give him something else, and now I did actually ask him, you know, what did they give you, and he was pretty cagey on that and I didn’t push it, but he obviously got something out of it because he gave them the codes. But anyway as part of his time—he was there for a few good few days—he wasn’t just flown out there and back again. He was… this was several days, and the sort of man he was, he actually was having a meal with Condoleezza Rice and those of you who are too young to remember, I think Condoleezza Rice was the first national security minister [adviser] or secretary [of state], whatever under younger George [W.] Bush presidency, so he was actually sitting next to her at the dinner table, and that’s the level that he was operating at.

And I mentioned about Mark Richards, and he said oh yeah he said I’ve heard about him and I think that he’s genuine. A couple of days later he turned up on the doorstep and gave me a document and said you can’t keep it. I want it back. You can keep it for three days or so, and it seemed to be one intelligence agency doing a critique on another, and it was really looking at the United States Navy and certainly mentioned Mark Richards. So here again for me was confirmation that at a high level this man’s name was coming up. Okay and that’s as far as it went, you know, I hadn’t formed an opinion whether he was guilty of murder or not. It really wasn’t my interest. My interest in the information I’d heard relating to the U.S. Navy in the 1960s and ’70s seemed to be very accurate to what I’d heard.

Well let’s fast forward, excuse me, let’s fast forward to early part of this year. I’d been quite accepting of the fact that there were 20,000 sealed indictments sitting in the White House, and then earlier this year was being told and others were being told that there was probably upwards of 40,000, and I was very skeptical. I really thought that just cannot be. You’d need an army of people to literally put together 40,000 indictments. It seems impossible, but I knew a man who would know. I mentioned, I’ve not mentioned him before, but I’ve met him once before. I’m obviously not going to give any names, but I can say that he worked at the United States Embassy in London.

So I went to visit and I met him at Battersea Railway Station, and oh that’s another thing I would say. I sometimes read and hear about people who have these regular meetings with… not whistleblowers, but people who are in the know, and they always sit at the same table in the same diner or the same cafe or restaurant, and that’s just… you just don’t do that. Well some people do. That’s just sloppy and you should never meet or be collected from the same location twice. You should never do that. It should always be different, always different.

So this time it was the Battersea Railway Station and he met me and he knew his way quite well. I don’t know that part of London at all. We sat and had a coffee, well he had a coffee and I had a hot chocolate. Coffees in those places are too strong for me, and he seemed convinced that there’s 40,000 indictments, absolutely. He was very very clear but of an aside here, an aside to the story we’re talking about, he was not sure that the 40,000 would be opened. His opinion was that the indictments were an insurance stake. In other words, if you don’t try and push the nuclear button in terms of the Satanic forces trying to get rid of Trump, then I won’t open the indictments.

So the concern always has been for me that this wardship indictments was literally a nest egg. It was an insurance device to prevent the other side going ballistic, so the threat that they could be opened was like a doomsday device really. That’s why I’ve been saying on my radio shows that October, November, December is really important. If you’re gonna get these indictments they need to be opened and now. Anyway that’s an aside.

So the guy basically was confirming that there were 40,000. As far as he was concerned there were, and towards the end of our drink, he said to me you know Kerry Cassidy don’t you? And I said well you know I do, and he said well yeah he said… he said that the name Mark Richards has come up. And what he told me was that President Trump had taken an advisor. He didn’t call him President Trump. He just called him Trump, but there are many many advisers, presidents, prime ministers have a score of advisers, but he said there was one advisor who was pushing to get Mark Richards released, and I wasn’t that interested at that point because I was asking about the indictments. That was my my great interest and I said well, you know, what’s that all about then? And he said well according to the information he’d heard one of the indictments contained a name of somebody who had been involved in the case of Mark Richards, and that if this indictment was opened, then it would bring this other name out and anything that this guy had been involved with would then be suspect, and that could lead to the president giving a pardon to Richards. So I said well what’s the likelihood of that then, and he said well if the advisor still is with Trump in a year’s time, there’s a 75 percent chance that he’s going to be released, but if he’s not with Trump then that won’t happen.

So he said there were moves afoot either to pardon Richards through a presidential pardon or to use, the exact words I can’t remember, but to use the mechanism within the prison service to get him a release, and this was slated for early 2019. So I heard this six, seven, eight, nine months ago. So he was saying that either there would be a presidential pardon if this advisor got his way with President Trump and also if he got his way with Trump. If they didn’t do that they would go down this mechanism route, and I don’t understand that, but basically they would attempt to get him released from prison without a pardon, just some form of device they use in prison, and I don’t know. But they said it was slated for early 2019, and then he said to me, he said the family won’t like it, and I’m presuming this is the family of the murdered people, murdered man, and he said the cops on the ground won’t like it, and then he shrugged his shoulders like this, and said but when has that ever bothered us before?

So what I clearly took from that was that at some high level this name is being talked about, and if they did make a decision, they don’t really give a damn what the effect is because they make a decision on high. So that’s the information that I had and that’s where I’m coming from.

Now whether he is a murderer or not I genuinely don’t know. I mean if he is a murderer it doesn’t mean that the information he has is inaccurate. The question, you know, that Kevin is putting out there is whether Kerry has, you know, Kerry’s been taken in by a guy who’s spinning lots of stories, and whether there’s some great psyops operation or whether she’s just, you know, infatuated, and that’s what the other possibility he’s putting forward I think.

And Kerry’s sort of saying, you know, look I’m a very seasoned investigator. I worked at Project Camelot and Avalon and know Bill Ryan from Avalon. You know I’m not going to make those sort of mistakes. And you know, I would say the authorities must know that Kerry’s going into that prison. She’s gone in—I don’t know—is it five, six, seven, eight, nine times. I haven’t seen any of those update things. I don’t know, but they all know what’s going on. So either they’re deliberately allowing this information to come out via Richards to Kerry for whatever reason, or they’re just totally unaware that she’s just making visits and they’re not even monitoring it. But you know, that’s my standpoint and that’s really the information that I have.

I’ve never met him. I’ve never met any of the family and it’s not that I don’t care or I’m not interested. That’s not the point. The point is that my interest was on the intel, on the information and the first information I heard was the ’60s and ’70s regarding the United States Navy, and that absolutely shone a light with me. I haven’t heard any of his other regular stuff.

The only bit I’ve heard, which again I agree with, through Kerry of course. I’d heard that he’d talked about that the fires in California were not what they were being sold as, and I certainly am aware that some of those fires—not all of them—but some of those fires have been caused by what I call exotic weaponry. So you know, that matches, but I haven’t looked into anything else, and I haven’t looked into, you know, who shot who, or killed who, or did any of that.

What I do know is that that name Mark Richards is being talked about at a very high level and there must be a reason for that, and I don’t know. So I just wanted to point that out because I was gonna talk to Kevin. Kevin was, you know, good enough to reply back to me and say yes sure you know I was going to interview you anyway, but because it’s you know, it’s gone on now and I think well I do want to put this out, and it’s such a shame when this sort of thing happens because Kerry is a damn good investigator, she really is, and I do consider her a friend, you know, she’s got some fantastic work under her belt.

And you know, Kevin in his own way has done some really good stuff and you know, and it’s for me it’s a shame these two are arguing over something that I’ve been drawn into because both guys have mentioned my name and that’s [what] they want you to do, to say this is where I’m coming from. This is the information that I know and I genuinely don’t know any more than that. So that’s it.

Thank you very much for listening and it’s just a short update, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the regular show which was recorded yesterday, and thank you for your questions. Some of those questions I thought were fantastic. They’re getting better and better. Okay thanks ever so much. Take care. Goodbye.

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Out Of This World

[SIMON INTERVIEW STARTS at 05:20 Hour 1] Ted Mahr: Simon, and I’m so happy Simon is on today. Simon How are you doing?

Simon Parkes: I’m very well Ted. Now Eric says you’re in Bulgaria. What are you doing in Bulgaria Ted?

TM: Well I was invited to a water conference, and I’m here. This is an extension of my work in the water issues and of course Michiko Hayashi with the Emoto Peace Project and Dr. Emoto did a lot of work in water, have done a tremendous amount of work in water, and it’s an area that I’ve always been interested in so they invited me here and I’ve been doing press publicity for them and met a lot of really fascinating scientists. I did interview about six–seven scientists here at the conference today and their interviews will be during my second hour. Several of them are working on a new quantum-based, water-based computer in which case they would be using additional oxygen molecules. Of course water is H2O. There is also EZ Water which is H2O2 , which actually, which is considered a fourth phase of water in addition to being solid, liquid, and gaseous. And I have been told by my spirit friends and there was a gentleman also named Matias de Stefano, who was on my show about two years ago Simon and he had lived in Atlantis. He has memories of living in Atlantis 15,000 years ago and using water-based quantum computers. He said that the reason why we don’t find any written records of Atlantis today is because their computers were water-based and when the civilization imploded 15, or 12,500 years ago, they lost their technology, but it’s still there somewhere, somehow in the Atlantic, there is still the memory of all that information from that very advanced civilization. The problem with Atlantis is like today. They started playing with weapons and things that they shouldn’t be playing with and they ended up destroying themselves. But that’s, you know, from your work Simon and many light workers around the planet that’s something we certainly don’t want to happen today, but anyway that’s how I ended up here and the conference goes through Monday, so I’m so happy to be here and meeting lots of interesting people.

SP:  Well okay that explains why you’re in Bulgaria. Thank you Ted. That’s really great. Listen I wanted just to give an update. I did put it up on the website, but I think it was after we did the last show, the last time we checked in with each other, and I’m not sure whether this is being widely reported in the U.S., but you know how you guys don’t seem to get the truth through your major news.

TM: Right.

SP:  But can you tell me Ted, I know you’ve been traveling, but have you picked up regarding Hillary Clinton having her security clearance removed. Have you heard that?

TM: I believe that was on the, that I, we heard, I think I heard that from you Simon and on my last show you mentioned it, but I haven’t heard it in our major news. We… they really don’t give us much information to be honest, so…

SP:  Okay I was just curious because you know, it’s been covered in this country since then in one major newspaper covered it and I was just wondering whether there had been any developments in the U.S., but what I’ve heard further to that is that in order to totally isolate the Clintons, they’ve had their security clearance removed so they can no longer access any past records. They’re not entitled to pick the phone up and speak to anyone to find out what’s going on. So there’s a real move now to isolate them to prevent them from having upstate information. So I was just curious as to whether that had been talked about in the U.S. but you are saying no it’s not.

TM: Not really. If it has been it’s been kind of mentioned in passing, not really. Now if my listeners out these, especially in the United States, if you have heard of a major media, please let me know, just send me an email to outofthisworld1150 @gmail .com, but I haven’t heard it. I have been traveling and I, but I haven’t heard it no. No.

SP:  Thanks Ted. Okay, it’s just an idea from me, you know. I don’t want to be posting things on my website if, you know, you guys already know about it, that’s all.

TM: Not really, no. No, well that’s why, I think that’s why people really enjoy what you have to say Simon because you do come out with the truth. You tell people in an honest way what’s going on and people appreciate that, you know, I guess that’s… maybe that’s one of the reasons why CNN’s ratings have dropped below the cartoon channel and they’re looking at financial problems now because who wants to listen to a so-called news source that doesn’t really tell you the truth about what’s going on, you know. So people are busy, but they don’t have time for nonsense and they don’t have time for the media outlets that don’t tell them the truth I think.

SP:  I think Ted that for too long these media outlets have literally treated people as children, and whatever’s changed, something’s changed. Either the skill level of hiding stuff has got worse…

TM: Right.

SP:  …or people are evolving now to a point that they are seeing through all of these lies. But basically what’s happening is that more and more people are looking at this so-called news and saying actually this is just boring me. This is actually frivolous and foolish and I haven’t got time for it. I really haven’t got time for it. I’ve got a busy life. I’ve got kids or I’ve got to pay bills or I’ve got to get to work and I just don’t want to read about this particular person’s bought fifty pairs of pink shoes, or such and such a dog, you know, did this. And the media still think I believe that they can subdue people with these fake stories, and I think that’s what President Trump means when he talks about fake news. He doesn’t just mean news aimed at people to hurt them. He’s talking about just rubbish made up just to fill up the news time. And so I think yes, I think things are changing for the better.

TM: Um-hum. Yeah, you know I have to share this story with you Simon and all my listeners. It was back in April of 2014 and you know how sometimes someone will tell you something Simon, just a few words or a sentence, a couple of sentences and it’ll stick in your mind as something you don’t forget. Well I had an astrologer, a very good one named Susan Miller back in April of 2014, and she said from her perspective as an astrologer that this was the time of truth and this truth, this time of truth would easily last for the rest of this decade into the 2020s and 2030s, and I asked her about that and she said that one thing that was very memorable. She said that things that are true become more self-evident. Those things that are false will become show themselves to be false and fall by the wayside. So I remembered that, and that coupled with the rising vibrations of this planet getting higher and higher, what’s called the Schumann resonance has been going, it’s the highest in certainly our recorded history for tens of thousands of years. Scientists say the Schumann resonance was something like 7.8 hertz, which is pretty healthy. Well now it’s something right around [13:14][2??] easily, I’m betting about [13:19][2??] hertz, that our earth scientists had to create a new logarithmic scale to measure it, and my psychic friend, my psychic sources, spirits on the side say that by the end of 2020 it’ll go to 800 hertz because we’re on the way to the higher dimensions. And as this goes anyone, anytime these people try to not, you know, hide the truth or conceal the truth it won’t work. And people don’t have time for it, won’t have time for it, and so media outlets which thrive on fake news keeping people preoccupied with garbage are going to have even less toleration in the future. So they will either have to learn to change with the changing times or they’ll go out of business, one of the two.

SP:  Yes I agree and it’s interesting that a little while back, a few days back President Trump came out and said, and I’m going to try to quote as best as I can that scientists were talking about global warming and that they had a political agenda. So for the first time somebody in authority is saying that there’s an agenda behind global warming. It’s not just scientists reading the data and saying we extrapolate from this that we believe this will happen. What Trump is saying is actually you guys are just sitting and making all this up. You have an agenda. Now that’s really powerful stuff. But again I bet that didn’t really hit the major news did it?

TM: No it did not. No. No.

SP:  [15:03][crosstalk] That was a public statement. He said it as a public statement and he tweeted it out.

TM: Right.

SP:  You know if you lived in a place where the news was free, that would have been up for debate, but it’s not up for debate.

TM: Well I don’t know if I told you this Simon but the cartoon channel in the United States has more viewers than CNN right now. So it just shows you how people are paying less and less attention to media outlets which really don’t, you know, explain… get the people information that they need.

SP:  Well it can’t go on. It definitely can’t go on. Something’s got to give. Ultimately we’re on a 3D planet, and it’s about money.

TM: Right.

SP:  And if more and more subscribers or viewers turn away they’ve either got to seriously rethink the way they deal with people or they’ve just got to go the wall and foreclose.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely, absolutely. Well I’ve gotten questions of course in, wonderful questions from my listeners Simon, but I wanted to ask you a couple things as a followup, things that I brought up before a couple weeks ago. First off was about chemtrails. When I flew to Bulgaria here I flew kind of, it was a long route, lots of different planes, different flights and when I took the segment from London to Frankfurt, Germany last week, we took off over the English countryside and I could see all these chemtrails, actually several planes flying… spraying chemtrails. How is that, is that kind of a last gasp effort to spray the planet before they’re stopped totally or what? I would love your information on that.

SP:  One of the problems I think is that Great Britain next to America is sprayed the heaviest.

TM: Okay.

SP:  There isn’t another country outside of the U.S. that gets hammered in the same way, and there’s a reason for this, and I’ve been saying this for eight years that if the United States of America is the country of physical action, then Great Britain is the country of the magic. It is the country of the energy movement. So these are the two countries that the bad guys would try to hold down because the citizenry of both those countries are liable to break free. So you’re right to an extent. Yes it’s the last gasp, but it does have an effect. That’s the problem. These chemtrails do have an effect, and the reason they are continually doing it is because it’s probably from their perspective the best tool they’ve got in their arsenal. It’s probably the only weapon they’ve got that is deliberately slowing down the development of humanity. Remember Ted, we don’t want to go too much on it but remember we’ve talked before, and I’ve said that some chemtrails, in my opinion, do contain bacteria and viruses and in others they contain pieces of aluminum, and in others they contain different, so it’s not just one thing going on here. They will spray different parts of the planet with different materials depending on what they’re trying to do in that location.

TM: Ah, interesting, okay.

SP:  Oh and another thing I would say, and the other thing I would say is that in most cases the pilots of these aircraft have no idea.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum, or they may have even been brainwashed to think that they are doing their patriotic duty. You never know. It’s hard to tell.

SP:  Well I think from what I’ve heard, I’ve been told… one pilot had been told that this was something to make the fuel last longer.

TM: Interesting.

SP:  He’d been told by whatever, because they know when they can see the trails coming out that’s not normal, but he’d been told that gives a 25 percent increase in fuel. It’s more cost-effective, so they do lie to their pilots. I mean yes I’m sure there’s a sizeable proportion of pilots who know what’s going on, but hey, they’re on a really good wage, good salary, why would they fight it, from that perspective, but I think a lot of pilots are just spun a lie.

TM: Sure, sure, sure. This is something that I want to share something that William Tompkins told me. About a year-and-a-half ago, this was before he passed away…

SP:  Uh-huh.

TM: …and he mentioned to me on the phone, I actually had invited him on my show but he cancelled abruptly about ten minutes before coming on my show last year, but I think he was probably ordered not to come on, but he did tell me that some of the chemtrail planes are not human planes. They’re actually Reptilian aircraft, spacecraft which are spraying the planet to terraform it, terraform the planet Earth to make it more hospitable to their species and less hospital to ours. One of the things that, and he also said that they were able to shapeshift from a Reptilian aircraft, a Reptilian UFO into a plane that maybe looks like a U.S. military plane. I know that sounds like sci-fi and science fiction, but he told me he firmly believed that and he’d seen planes actually transform themselves with shapeshifting technology that the Reptilians do use from their own spacecraft into a U.S. military plane, so people would think that our government is spraying them, and he said that wasn’t the case at all, so…

SP:  This is the problem we have Ted. It’s not too difficult to convince somebody that the government is corrupt. It’s not too difficult to convince people that buildings collapse for different reasons, but when we start talking about a regular airplane perhaps not being a regular airplane, being something else, for many people that’s just a concept too far. But I actually want to confirm what you said. And I’m going to give an example of this. A good four years ago now I was contacted by somebody who claimed to be ex-American Intelligence but I was led to believe that he was very much on the payroll, and he phoned me at home all the way from the U.S. I didn’t approach him. He approached me and got my phone number goodness knows how.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  But anyway he was telling me how that he was aware that there was some regular motorcars, regular auto cars, which in fact weren’t cars but was something completely different, but they looked for all intents and purposes to the ordinary person as a motorcar, but sometimes when you looked at them they might shimmer or there might be a glitch, but generally speaking they could get away with it. Now he said this was common knowledge in the very high echelons of the American Intelligence. And of course he said, you know, when somebody has got technology at that level it’s no wonder that we—that’s the American military—we have to leave them alone, because he said we can’t match that and we have to keep them friendly. If we were to become hostile we would all be shot down within a matter of minutes.

TM: Sure.

SP:  So he was confirming that there is a technology out there that masks or camouflages something into a regular object.

TM: Sure, sure. I wanted to update one thing. We did talk about earlier about the Hillary Clinton story and the loss of her security clearance. I just received an email from a gentleman named Wes. He says hello Ted, the story about Hillary Clinton was her security clearance, where he says, he writes was well covered. The story line was that Hillary had made the request to have it cancelled. It was reported in Google News and some major news sources, so I apologize to my listeners out there. I’ve been traveling, but again, if the story went that Hillary had made the request to have it cancelled, maybe they were just spinning it to make it appear less damaging to her. I don’t know, but…

SP:  Absolutely, absolutely Ted. The information I’ve got is that she was told you are having it. It’s a bit like do you want to be sacked or do you want to put your resignation in?

TM: Sure.

SP:  Do you want to be fired or do you want to go publicly, and I think that, well I know that they told her that President Trump had demanded that she no longer have access to certain items, but because she is still connected to a very powerful group, they allowed her to say that it had come from her.

TM: I see. I see. Well Wes I want to thank you so much for pointing it out to me and thanks so much Simon for your comments on that so wonderful, wonderful. And thanks for explaining about chemtrails too because I saw the chemtrails there and I thought oh my goodness, they were just everywhere. It was an early morning flight so if you were in London you couldn’t see the planes but you could see them above the clouds. We flew above the clouds of course in flying from London out to Frankfurt, but we could see them, I could see the planes all over the place, actually it’s amazing. And I told people on the plane too and they just looked at me like I said I had just told them a bird had flown past the window. They didn’t seem concerned. I guess that’s part of the problem too.

SP:  Uh-huh. You, Ted, the mistake you made was you didn’t have your JFK badge on.

TM: That’s true. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. Well I have to tell you there’s something else too and I want to follow this up. I think I mentioned this before on the other, a couple of weeks ago, that Welsh government was dumping radioactive mud off the coast of England, and I’ve gotten several people quite concerned about it but I don’t know how a government can continue to exist when they have no moral or legal authority to damage the planet like that. I don’t understand it. And actually the same thing is happening now in Japan too. There was another news story where Tepco, Tokyo Electric Power Company is planning on dumping more radioactive water into the Pacific next to Fukushima. I don’t know, it just doesn’t… I don’t see, I don’t see how they can do it, but that’s just me so…

SP:  Well Ted the thing is that it’s a concept that the vast majority of your listeners will never have come across, and I’m going to spell it out to them. There are these people who think they’re better than us. They believe that everything on the planet belongs to them. So let’s… I’ll give you an example. It’ll be different in your country, but in this country we’ve got a lot of history, and if you find say a gold coin that goes back a thousand years, which is reasonably common, you can do that actually. You find a gold coin that is a thousand years old or two thousand, you have to by law hand in to the government and the government will pay you what its real worth is, but you can’t keep it. And that’s called treasure trove in Britain, but this is part of this attitude that everything that you have or everything that you find is ours anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you do in your life. It’s considered to be the property of somewhere else. In my country we have a queen, a monarchy, and some people in Great Britain don’t realize that even if you have a mortgage on your house and you pay the mortgage off, that house doesn’t belong to you. That house still belongs to the queen.

TM: Really, oh.

SP:  Now that’s a… yes. The land and the house belong to the monarch, the queen, and so when you have an attitude that says everything is mine, then you can then go into this crazy world and start treating people as if they are animals or worse. That’s why they use the [28:03][unintelligible]. That’s why they do everything because they don’t value people. They are devoid of emotion and for your listeners that’s a shocking and terrible thing. You know, look, you talked about Japan. Japan tried to dump all of the radioactive waste onto recreation parks in Japan. Can you imagine that, recreation parks, that’s the God’s own truth. I swear to you. Children play in recreation parks and they wanted to dump and the government agreed, radioactive material because they have so much of this material they don’t know what to do with it and they wanted to put it into landscaping.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  This is totally insane. It is totally, it’s a madman, and that’s the point. We’ve got madmen in many positions, not in all, but in many positions. But you know what? If you take a group of people and you put them up on the 58th floor of a big block…

TM: Right.

SP:  …and you never let them out. They never see the light of day. Eventually they create a subculture and they believe themselves to be the rulers of the planet, or the rulers of the world, or in this case the ruler of the tower block, and that every other floor underneath them is not as important as them. And that’s the problem. That’s what’s happened on this planet.

TM: Huh, interesting. There’s something else too I wanted to share with you. There’s a, people have recommended that people, some people have recommended that many people as much as you can do earthing which is basically walking on the ground with either like your bare feet for example or in a forest or if you can possibly or in a city park if you’re in the city and that’ll… Mother Earth or Gaia will help ground you. Conversely those who don’t earth or for example they live in a high skyscraper or they’re locked hypothetically maybe in a large corporation office up on the 45th floor of a skyscraper or a government office, and they don’t spend much time on the ground. Sometimes the rates of mental illness can actually increase because they become totally separated from the planet, and they do get a kind of madness, and where it’s okay to dump radioactive mud on the coast of England. It’s fine for Tepco in Tokyo to dump radioactive water into the Pacific or to put it on children’s playgrounds in Japan. To me that’s insanity but if you are isolated, you have lost touch with reality you know anything can be, I guess anything can be the normal in that situation.

SP:  Well Ted let’s look at greed and money. We can go back a hundred years. We can go back more than a hundred years, but we can go back a hundred years and in your country and my country there have been manufacturers of flour. They take the grain, the corn, they grind it, and they get the flour and then they send it off for bread. Well during what we call the Victorian Era in my time, these people would add plaster to the flour to bulk it out to increase the weight, and time and time again right through history manufacturers add bulking materials. In most cases they’re not harmful but in other occasions they have been extremely harmful, just to make the product bigger, weigh more, and so they get more profit and more money.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  When you have a culture that thinks it’s okay to add stuff like this into food or other products, you’ve got to ask yourself, the people who have okayed that, what is wrong with them? Why are they so separated from humanity? Don’t they have wives or girlfriends, have brothers or sisters. Don’t they have children? Don’t they think like us? What is going on in their mindset to be so separated. Maybe they had a great trauma when they were a child. Maybe they don’t feel part of the human race. I’ve met many people like that. But something, as we say in Great Britain, something ain’t right here. Something is very wrong and this, to come back to your point about the Schumann resonance increasing, with the increase in the frequency, these people are finding it harder and harder to hide, and decent ordinary people in most countries are now beginning to see the truth, and it’s frightening and it’s shocking…

TM: Sure.

SP:  …because you think I thought this world was okay. And now, I realize it’s not, so that’s the transformation that we’re going through at the moment.

TM: Wow, wow, amazing. I just received a very interesting email from a medical student in Germany and so I’ll paraphrase it. He says he has had dreams in the past where they often come true in his life and he recently had a dream of a spaceship approaching me. He couldn’t tell exactly what kind of ET it was. It looked like the Greys and they said nothing but we’re here to take your DNA and then they disappeared. Anyway I just got that now. I know that the Greys and Reptilians have been harvesting our DNA for quite some time at least since the 1950s, but I have been told by my Galactic Alliance friends that practice has been stopped by them in a policing action so they can’t do that anymore, at least not like they did in the past.

SP:  I agree. They’re still doing it but they’re doing it undercover.

TM: Okay.

SP:  Previously they were doing it and they were just very open about it. In fact they were trading it. It was, they didn’t use money. They used DNA. That’s the currency that they use. It’s very very valuable in other places.

TM: Really.

SP:  You know if you come to Earth and you just outside of the DNA line you take some flowers and you take some bees, you take some flowers and you take some bees and then you find another planet that doesn’t have that but, you know, has an environment. Well then you can terraform that planet. It may take millions of years, but you can actually introduce self-sustaining material. Now I get very very cross actually with people who say that this Earth is just a big chance. And I say how can it be a chance that the Sun is just the right distance from Earth so that the majority of earth is warm enough for life. The Moon is just the right distance to control the oceans. That our plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, and we breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, so, humans and plants sustain each other. Now to my knowledge there aren’t very many engines on our world that are self-sustaining. I know that when my tank in my car runs out I’ve got to stick gas into it, but look what’s happening on the planet. That the plant breathes in one gas and breathes out another and that’s exactly right for us. That’s not chance. So when you look at what can be harvested and traded for millions of years, life forms have been coming to this world, taking samples, taking them somewhere else and trading them, and that’s a big big market and the DNA is the most sacred and these guys don’t have permission for it, so you’ve got to fight them and you’ve got to refuse to play that game.

TM: What’s interesting about what you said, it resonates with me because I was told a long time ago by my galactic friends that the Reptilians who came here and the Greys were actually trading species and they considered DNA very valuable. And you said it again now and it kind of hit home. I didn’t understand it completely but now I do. Thank you for explaining that. I have a followup question actually from Jan from California. I’ll paraphrase it. It’s a long email.

SP:  Okay.

TM: It’s… I’ll paraphrase it. Back in the ’70s, ’70s, ’80s here in the United States when you bought [a] milk carton, I bought milk in a milk carton Simon you’d often find a picture of a young child that’s missing, and from what my galactic friends told me is that many of these children were abducted by the Reptilians, but that process again has largely stopped now, and do you remember that happening by the way? I don’t know if you were familiar with that, what that was going on.

SP:  I’m very familiar with it. We didn’t have it in this country, but I know exactly what you mean.

TM: Okay, all right, okay, and she writes why aren’t there any remains, and how come I can’t find my lost child, kind of a sad email but I hope that explains it.

SP:  Yes it does need addressing.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  We can’t be sure when a child goes missing. We really don’t know…

TM: Sure.

SP:  …unless we have the evidence, we can’t say one way or the other.

TM: Yes that’s true.

SP:  And all we can say is that there is a remarkable similarity, the number of children that go missing from each country if you work it out as a percentage of the countries’ population, it’s roughly about that same. Now that is not coincidence. Up to about 25 years ago you could get official freedom of information act. You could get official figures. Now the governments refuse point-blank to give you the information, or they say we don’t collect that information, so you try and get information… you might get it from one state, but you won’t get it from all states so it’s very difficult now to say how many missing children are there in the U.S. because you are told that they don’t collate that information. Now that is surprising to me because with the advanced technology we have I bet you that every American state could tell you when a library book is overdue from the library and they’ll know who has it and they will be able to collect a fine [from] that person.

TM: Yes that’s right.

SP:  Yet they say they can’t collate or work out the number of missing children. So immediately the alarm bells go off. You say what, this should be a priority for you. This is human life. It’s the most sacred, so maybe someone is leaning on them and saying hey listen, you know, just pretend it doesn’t happen, and that’s where we’re at with it I’m afraid.

TM: Sure, sure. Well I remember it back in the ’70s, ’80s drinking milk and seeing that milk carton and all these kids people, you know, young children missing. Most of the cases from what I understand just weren’t solved, and well I, hopefully the truth will come out someday and I hope it does regarding this. On your website Simon there was a blurb about October 17th about the comet I believe it’s called 46P/Wirtanen will be visible between the 12th of December and the 18th when it passes by the Pleiades. I was just curious. Is that, I would love your comments, any further comments on that and the spiritual significance of the comet passing through.

SP:  Okay, I think there is. December is an interesting month. It’s the close of one year and the beginning of another year, and in British history there has always been a great emphasis placed on comets that arrive and later on in the year and indeed in 1066, which was the last time Great Britain was successfully invaded, that’s one thousand and sixty-six. There was a comet, Halley’s Comet that came over and people foretold that the king was going to die and indeed he did three months later. So I believe that this comet is an interesting—it is not a sign in the magic sense of the word—but it’s part of the process of what in the Bible we are told is a sign in the sky. There will be signs. If you are clever, if you are clever you can predict thousands of years ahead and you can look at the confluence of the planets and you can look at the confluence of stars and you can say I know that in 700 years this will be the positioning of the stars.

TM: Sure.

SP:  So it’s an interesting comet because it’s going to be incredibly bright. Comets are two a penny, but this is going to be visible with the naked eye. That’s what makes it special. You’re not gonna need glasses, field glasses, binoculars. You are going to see it with the naked eye, and I think it will be a very interesting happening. That’s why I put it on the website.

TM: Well thank you, yeah thanks for sharing that. Thanks for sharing that so much. I just received another, I’ve got several questions about journalist Jamal Khashoggi, I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly…

SP:  Okay.

TM: …who was apparently let’s see [crosstalk] he was apparently murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Several people are interested in your comments on that.

SP:  Right, a difficult one. Let’s start off from this angle first of all. When some ex-Russian double agents were poisoned in Britain, there was a huge outcry and I think we in Great Britain, we spent something like fifteen million pounds. That’s about nearly twenty million dollars investigating it, and yet when somebody dies in the Saudi Embassy people shuffle around and pretend it’s not happened. What I think we can be certain of is that people like President Trump, key government leaders, know the truth. That is why people are pulling out of their business deals with Saudi Arabia. In Great Britain we have an entrepreneur businessman called Richard Branson and he has just put a stop on Saudi Arabia putting money into his rocket program. The British government has cancelled its meeting it had with the Saudis. Now they don’t do that unless they know something. If there’s rumors flying about you don’t cancel a government meeting. You don’t cancel a multimillion pound contract. You only do that when somebody privately says to you, actually it’s true. So what do we know? What we know is the guy went in officially to the consulate, the Saudi Embassy because he wanted to marry a woman and he had to get the papers to go through that.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP:  It is alleged and we can only say that at the moment because we don’t know in terms of proving it to the public. It is alleged that he was beaten to death but it’s going to be a bit shocking for your audience, but I’m not going to hide what’s being said, and his body was cut up into about fifteen different parts…

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  …put into bags, taken to somebody’s car and driven out. Now the Turkish authorities believe this to be true because they have all of that street covered in cameras because it’s an embassy section and they have to.

TM: Sure.

SP:  It’s their responsibility, and they saw a large team of people, maybe ten or twelve people come in and they saw bags going out, so their opinion is that.

TM: Right.

SP:  How do they know? It looks like the guy had some form of recording device and something was recorded. Now what I’m going to tell you now is also semi-official. It’s semi-official, so it’s not official coming out of the Saudi government, but some Saudi officials who are not allowed to speak but they are speaking anyway, and what they appear to be saying is that there was an error, he was, this guy was being interrogated in the embassy and died during the interrogation and it wasn’t meant to happen. Now that’s the story that they are giving so this is incredibly serious. Now from a political point of view this happened not on Turkish soil. It happened on Saudi Arabian soil so the Turkish government can’t do a police investigation because the alleged murder didn’t take place in Turkey.

TM: Oh, wow.

SP:  It took place on Saudi Arabian soil. So legally there’s nothing they can do because if it’s true the murder took place out of their jurisdiction. So the only thing they can do is start to put sanctions or withdraw their support. Now the difficulty for President Trump is he’s in the process of signing a multibillion dollar with Saudi Arabia, which is gonna bring a ton of jobs to the U.S. So I think, and I’m second guessing him, I think what he’ll do is he won’t cancel the contract because he needs jobs for Americans, but I think what he’ll do is he’ll put pressure and start to take away stuff on the other side. So in terms of jobs to the U.S. he’s gonna keep that, keep the deal going, but I think he’s going to restrict some of these peoples’ travel. So it’s a very very interesting case, so yes I do believe the guy was, is no more. I don’t think he is around.

TM: Yeah, yeah, okay.

SP:  I hope that’s helpful. I hope for your questioner that’s helpful.

TM: Yeah, I think that’s explained it, yes. Several people asked about him. I had another question from a gentleman named [47:07][Tino]. Hi, what is preventing the aliens from helping humankind, and what color are they so…

SP:  Okay.

TM: So that’s an interesting question he said to ask.

SP:  Yeah, that’s a good one.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  What’s preventing them?

TM: Right.

SP:  There’s a few reasons. I can’t say one’s more important than another. I’ll just reel them off to you. If you’re a good faction so the beneficials, what’s preventing is the negative forces who would create an all-out war. That’s one aspect. The second aspect is not all of the governments of the planet actually want to have the help. They don’t want their help. They don’t want the truth because they will lose control of their people. These government’s treat people as children, and if an alien spaceship lands and the truth comes out, then those children want to grow up very quickly and they don’t need, you know, the government. There’s other reasons, which are simply the government is genuinely concerned that there’ll be panic, but here’s the real reason as far as I’m concerned. There’s that if aliens, good aliens landed and changed everything, why would anybody here on Earth have to get out of their armchair? Why would we ever have to strive? Why would we ever have to work for self development or self change? If someone is always going to come in and save the day, then why do I need to worry, so there’s a great strong faction that say, “Listen you guys down on Earth, you’ve got to come some way across the bridge. You come across the bridge far enough and then we’ll come and help you.” And that’s what the human race is doing painfully and slowly is taking these steps forward and at some point the critical point will be reached and we will get the help.

TM: Good answers, thank you so much Simon for sharing that.

SP:  Thank you.

TM: We’ve got about, yeah my pleasure, great. We’ve got about three–four minutes left and I want to give you the rest of the time Simon to please talk about, feel free to talk about anything you like, about what’s… maybe what’s happening here or maybe see, what things you see in the future for the world and humanity.

SP:  Oh sure, okay, well I did a, I was really pleased today. I think it was today. I lose track of time on this planet. I think I did a little radio show with a Spanish radio show today and I’ve got a Russian one wanting some interest and I think what’s good is that for me non-English speaking countries are now showing an interest and that’s really important. It’s very difficult to break into a country that English is not the first language, and I take that as a sign that right across the planet people with different cultures, different colored skin, different way of life are all coming to the same conclusion.

TM: Right.

SP:  That they haven’t got the world or the life that they think they should have. Now it’s not about, you know, wanting something for nothing.

TM: Right.

SP:  I think it’s about saying this isn’t fair. This isn’t right. So I think that just that little simple thing of these countries wanting to do a little radio show, which in itself isn’t very important.

TM: Sure.

SP:  But I think it’s a sign that other people are beginning to catch up and question and if that is the truth then that’s fantastic, because there are probably something like a hundred thousand to a half a million very bad people on the planet. There are billions of good people.

TM: Oh yes, I agree.

SP:  So how can, how can, this is the other question, the answer to the other question that why we don’t get lots of battleships landing on our lawns to help us because there is this very powerful argument, you know, how come five billion of you are ruled by this hundred thousand super elite? And the answer is because you let them.

TM: Okay good point.

SP:  Because if you didn’t, you’d wipe them out. You’d remove them, like they did in Iceland, and you’ve just come back from Iceland I understand Ted, so…

TM: Yeah, we’ve just come back and we’ll be stopping there again where I hope to interview the prime minister.

SP:  Right.

TM: On how they got rid of the banking business, the bankers, so yeah.

SP:  So basically I’m still positive. I think I will always be positive.

TM: Sure.

SP:  And I think that we’ve got these next three months or two-and-a-half months where I’m hoping for some real exciting news. I really want that exciting news.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful. Well Simon thank you so much for coming on today. As always it’s a pleasure to talk to you. You always have some fascinating comments and one quick question. Are you okay now. You haven’t been attacked anymore? Are you feeling better?

SP:  No Ted so far, so good.

TM: Sure.

SP:  I think the bad guys have run out of juice. Their batteries are a bit flat now.

TM: That’s good. That’s good. Well Simon thank you so much again for coming on my show, and please stay tuned friends for my next hour. I’ll be playing interviews from some famous scientists from the International Water Conference. Simon have a great day and thank you again so much for coming on tonight.

SP:  God bless to you and God bless to the audience.

TM: Okay, thank you so much Simon. Take care. [End of Simon Interview 52:48, 1st Hour]

[transcribed October 21, 2018 gsc]


7 October 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home

Questions & Answers

Reports of another assassination attempt on President Trump; much buzz about consequences of Judge Kavanaugh being added to the Supreme Court but opening of the sealed indictments wasn’t mentioned; many many sealed indictments waiting to be opened against Americans both here and abroad; Fulford, among others, talks about Americans already living under martial law but are not aware because it hasn’t been announced; elite of the land are seeking protection; Major General Stubblebine says airplanes didn’t bring down the Twin Towers or hit the Pentagon; woman testifying against Kavanaugh has had trauma as a child but not sure if she is mind controlled; White House/FEMA might take control of telecommunications to broadcast to American citizens the truth; Simon thanks the people playing a role in establishing a worldwide CC; Questions: are there female jinn and/or good jinn; hidden war between Satanic factions of Reptilians and Annunaki; is Trump Annunaki; what dimension does our soul reside in; Reptilians, their physical appearance, lineage in humans, soul content; Simon gets flash confirming Kavanaugh is now Supreme Court Judge; how does soul lineage and body lineage interact; did women once have the right to decide whether or not a child would be conceived without the use of pills or other birth control paraphernalia; a case of episodic mania: is it a mental health issue or demonic possession; why is evil intertwined and tolerated in the benevolent universe.
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5 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

The last three months of 2018 are a crucial time for changes to be made, as time allotted for military and civil courts to run in tandem will expire in December; the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh probably experienced trauma at some point in her life which possibly compromised her testimony; chemtrails so heavy over parts of England they formed clouds, reason unclear; nuclear mud being dumped in Penarth supposedly in unused underground tunnels; Kavanaugh has lower 5th dimensional soul and is deep state but not evil; Nibiru is in our solar system in a holding position because the timeline it’s to arrive on is not yet; reason for importance of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination; how do we realize the shift to the higher dimension; observation is made that good people are getting better, bad people are getting worse, and the gray area inbetween is disappearing; ways of getting rid of curses; who’s sending ricin to politicians and President Trump; rumored Kavanaugh helped write the Patriot Act, but it was probably written 6 months–1 year before 9/11; Major General Stubblebine says no airplanes involved in 9/11 demolition; Elon Musk has Tesla share price problems and court action problems over pedophile accusations he made against organizer of a child rescue effort; scientist says CERN is one of the greatest dangers to humanity; Democratic senator opposes FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, politics at its dirtiest.

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5 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring my good friend Simon, Simon Parkes live from England on the show. Simon how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well thank you.

TM: Oh it’s good to talk to you. First off, I’m getting, I got a lot of emails, people asking me Simon how you’re feeling. Are you feeling better now?

SP: It’s really kind, I know you asked me before we started and to the audience, I’m feeling better. I probably get one of these attacks maybe once or twice a year, generally when I’ve been doing a lot of conferences, or I don’t know, if something a bit tricky is happening on the planet and I’m starting to speak out about it, and it usually knocks me down for about two weeks. So it’s been happening now. It started in about 2015, and I had one of the worst attacks was when I was meeting a guy from SETI…

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: …and we were having a discussion around his work, and that’s really sort of when it started. So, yeah I think the bad guys, what they can do is they can slow me down. They can’t stop me but they can slow me down so thank you to everybody who has sent me some sort of love and light and good wishes. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

TM: Well I’d like to ask all my listeners around the world to please send lots of love and light to Simon now. He’s a wonderful fellow. He’s doing great work to raise the consciousness and make this planet a much better and happier place, and if everyone listening just take a minute or a few seconds to send lots of love and light and a column of white light protection around Simon, I know it’ll really help. Wonderful thank you so much everyone for doing that. Simon we have, I have a lot of questions for you, but first off one thing that many people have asked about is the critical time that we are in right now from October, November, and December of this year that’ll determine a future course of events for the next several years. Could you, would you, I’ve got several questions that are kind of looped into, grouped into one main question.

SP: Sure.

TM: Could you explain maybe how important this is for the world?

SP: Well I’ve always seen for the last maybe five years, I’ve always thought that 2017 and 2018 were crucial periods. I did not foresee President Trump, but then I didn’t foresee Hillary Clinton throwing her hat into the ring, but I always foresaw ’17 and ’18 as important, and as the presidency of Trump developed and we saw what was going on, it became clear to me that the element of time where changes could be brought about was becoming tighter and tighter, and one of the major drivers of time here is that the bill that went through the law-making apparatus in America ended last year, beginning of this year. In fact it was December, allowed military courts and civilian courts to run in tandem, but that was only like for one year. So that runs out in about December of this year, which means that it would not be possible to go down the military court, military tribunal route in January, because traditionally the United States of America at midterm elections always a vote against the incumbent president or nearly do so. So if as is expected the Democrats win the house but just fail to take the Senate, it would mean that it would probably be impossible to put the tribunals through for next year. So that meant that October, November, and December of this year were crucial because it is the last remaining three months that anything of a large nature can occur, and I’m sure we’ll get on to it, but if we look at the game—I’m going to use that word—the game that is played out around the Supreme Judge, we begin to understand how important these three months are to both sides. The amount of—I’m going to use an English word but it is actually an Irish word—the shenanigans, the games that are being played are only being played at this high level of stake because the next three months are important. So yes, if I get or as soon as I get any information as to anything untoward or worrying that might be occurring in the next three months, then obviously I’ll let people know.

TM: The accuser… okay thanks so much Simon. The accuser of Judge Kavanaugh is a lady, I don’t know too much about her, but I have had several psychic friends who are familiar with the mind control techniques of MKUltra. They say… they said from her testimony it seems like she is an MKUltra victim, who was with the vague memories that can’t come out with specific details about what happened to her. You know I’m not condoning what may or may not have happened of course, but because she is so vague on the details they thought she might have been implanted with false memories to come forward now.

SP: I deliberately didn’t listen to her statement, [10:34] and that might shock people. I’m very visual. I pick up the energies from my visual work, and I had a good look at her, and I came to the conclusion that at some point in her life she had been through trauma.

TM: Okay.

SP: Now when an individual, a victim is the correct word here, when a victim goes through an MKUltra-type program, they certainly go through trauma. But you could be in an auto crash. You could fall off a ladder. You could get trauma.

TM: Sure.

SP: So I don’t know what’s caused that trauma, but when I look at her, I’m absolutely convinced that there’s been trauma. I know both sides are playing hardball. You know, both sides are absolutely determined either to get Kavanaugh into position or to stop him. And the only reason that both sides are so determined is because the next three months are not just crucial for humanity but are very crucial for the elite, because if it does not go the way the elite want, they’re in a real difficult situation. That’s why they are throwing everything into this. So I would agree that the, I think she’s a doctor (PhD) or a professor I believe.

TM: Right.

SP: I believe that she has suffered trauma at some point in her life.

TM: Right, right. Well I hope for the sake of the country that this process is wrapped up quickly before the end of the year, and I agree with you. I think this is a very pivotal time. There was a post on Facebook and I wanted to run it by you too before we get to our questions Simon, that the skies over the UK were just inundated with many many chemtrails about three weeks ago. And, even people who were kind of asleep and didn’t realize there were chemtrails looked up and couldn’t help but see them everywhere. Did you notice that as well, Simon, in your part of the country, or was it over London or other parts of the UK?

SP: Nearly every part of Great Britain was subject to the most horrendous chemtrailing, and I’m not clear as to what was important, whether it was something to do with planetary alignments, whether it was something to do with a weather pattern that was clearing previous sprays over Britain, but for a reason that I don’t understand, it has never been that bad and I’ve been aware of it what, for ten or fifteen years, and the people I’ve spoken to have never seen it like this. I mean I’ve got some pictures. I haven’t had a chance to put them up on… because it wasn’t just in Britain, but parts of America were also being hit at the same time, and somebody sent me some pictures which I’ve not yet put up. It was so bad in this particular location, so bad that no longer could you see chemtrails. They actually formed clouds. They actually formed clouds. So the question for me is why?

TM: Right.

SP: What was critical at that point, and I haven’t got an answer for that yet, but yes it’s been horrendous, terrible.

TM: Yeah. Yeah. We’ve had a lot of chemtrails of course around here, and especially in eastern Washington. They have been spraying like every other day back there. It’s so bad that the point where there were a lot of newborn babies dying as the result. They were born stillbirth because of the barium and strontium in the mother’s system from all the chemtrail spraying. I know when I was living in eastern Washington years ago I got a… I ended up getting, like it was like a chemtrail-like pneumonia or bronchitis that went on for eight to ten months, and it only got better when I left the area, so it’s quite serious. I just… you know on that note I have to ask you… there’s another story too out of the UK people have asked me about. It’s in a place called Penarth, P-E-N-A-R-T-H. Forgive me if I’m not pronouncing it correctly, but on September 11th last month 200… 2,000 tons of nuclear mud was dumped off. It was outside Bristol. I saw it on the map and apparently they’re moving radioactive mud or waste from one part of Wales to this part near Bristol. Have you hear about that happening Simon? Just curious if you’ve heard, what background is that?

SP: Yes. That part of the world, the southwest of England has a very interesting history. Right back over a hundred, two hundred years, because of the type of rock under some parts of that location, it is relatively easy to bore tunnels and create tunnels. And starting from the major wars that we had, these bases or these tunnels were built. About twenty odd years ago, twenty-five years ago the most incredible excavation was being undertaken there and many, many, many tons of concrete were being poured down. Now as an aside to this I had gone down to a place which is called Aust or [Orst], right off the coast by the bridge, and it’s a good place for fossils and I actually went down there for fossils. And the place is crawling, all of that southwest England, that location is crawling with private security firms. In Great Britain it’s not like America where you have that group called Blackwater. I don’t know what their name is now.

TM: Right.

SP: But in America there are large numbers of private security firms. In Britain it’s not like that but in this location there was a great number, and I remember walking back and there were two guys, well just walking along the road with walkie-talkies, and as I passed one guy turned to the other and said, “That’s Simon Parkes.”

TM: Oh, really.

SP: Yes, two private security guards and they both stopped and stared at me. I went to the car and then a van pulled up and they jumped into the van and off they went. But that location, all that area is very high, high, high number of private security firms. Now what I understand is that there’s miles and miles and miles of tunnels here and what I’m hearing is that a section of that which is no longer needed is going to be used to take this waste because it’s not near water-bearing rocks, and it’s very, I don’t know how many feet thick of concrete, but basically the section that they’re not using for whatever, they are gonna use to dump and hold the stuff. So that’s exactly what’s going on.

TM: Oh amazing. I have to tell you briefly Simon of an experiment that Dr. Masaru Emoto did back in 2010. He took a bottle of radioactive water from a nuclear reactor in Japan. I believe it was in 1999 and he wrote the words “love and gratitude” on the bottle itself. And he also put a crystal that was formed by the words “love and gratitude” that he does research in his laboratory, and so as an experiment Simon, he photographed the radioactive water using his electron microscope before doing prayers and after he did these prayers. Before the prayers it looked like a bunch of worms. The water looked disjointed and all the molecules were all broken apart, and so he wrote “love and gratitude” on this bottle of radioactive water and forty-eight hours, guess what happened?

SP: I’m just trying to think.

TM: Okay.

SP: Forty-eight hours is not a very long time.

TM: No.

SP: Maybe he began to see some improvement.

TM: Well what happened is that because water has memory, and water always gravitates to the higher vibration, all the radiation disappeared, completely disappeared within forty-eight hours. It was gone. So if you would extend that one step further, if the people who are dumping all this radioactive mud off of Bristol, if they just wrote the words “love and gratitude” on their ship or on the containers holding this mud, the radiation should theoretically dissolve, gone in forty-eight hours, and… in theory.

SP: Well I think it would only work if the intention was behind the words.

TM: Sure. Sure.

SP: And the other thing, I’m sorry to interrupt you, Ted. I didn’t mean to be rude and interrupt you, but what I was going to say is that there aren’t many races that are capable of doing this. To my knowledge most of the 4th dimensional races have to use a technology to clean up poison spills. They can’t do it in connecting to Source or God. They have to do it by technology. But because humans are divinely created and have the potential connection to the twelfth and higher dimensions, it is possible as you quite rightly said to alter physical state by the will of your intention and the peace and love, but most alien beings have to use their advanced technology to clear stuff up, and that’s one of the reasons that off planet entities are so interested in humans, because of the connection to Source, which humans have, but many of these aliens just don’t have it.

TM: Interesting, interesting. Well I’m bringing on a fellow during the first of my next hour actually who has a daily meditation of nearly 500,000 people worldwide for world peace and I [21:16][crosstalk]… Yeah he’s a wonderful fellow. If you would like to stay on and listen to him you are welcome, Simon.

SP: Thank you.

TM: His name is Jared Rand, and he’s a wonderful fellow and anyway I want to do a meditation with him to clean up the radiation around the UK in that area, but we will do that at the beginning of the next hour, so, but I know it worked, and with Dr. Emoto he had the scientific results to prove it as well. And, well I’ve gotten a lot of questions in for you Simon and I…

SP: Okay let’s… and I promise not to spend too long answering them. Then we can get through them quickly.

TM: Okay. All righty. Really love your show. Hello Ted, I have two questions for Simon. Did you say that Judge Kavanaugh is a 5th dimensional being, that he is a “good guy,” but is he part of the deep state? I hope he is of benevolent nature. That’s the first one.

SP: Okay, so let me quickly answer that one Ted.

TM: Okay.

SP: Otherwise I’ll forget.

TM: Right.

SP: So first of all the soul in his body is 5th dimensional. I would actually put him at the lower 5th and I’d put him as having a soul from Andromeda. Is he part of the deep state? He is in the sense that he is involved in politics, but he’s not a Satanist. He’s not a pedophile. He’s not a child trafficker, so he’ll get my vote simply because he’s stayed away from all that other horrible stuff.

TM: Sure, okay that’s good. Thank you for explaining that. She writes, this is Bonnie from Philadelphia, she writes I’m hearing more about Nibiru, the dwarf star. Has it entered our solar system? And when it decides to leave our solar system, she writes, are great storms on the horizon for us? Do you have a timeline for this? And then she gets in, she says we need to stock up on food and supplies for three or four months. Anyway, that’s what she asks.

SP: Okay, I believe it has entered the solar system, but it’s a controlled, it’s a controlled object, so it can go faster, slower, or it can stop. And my understanding is that it’s holding its position. The reason it’s holding its position is because the timeline which it is supposed to arrive on is not yet. It is not just going to turn up by chance. Its arrival will coincide with a number of other happenings on the planet and so we should understand that any arrival of Nibiru or Planet X is just to be seen as another element of things unfolding for the Earth. I do not foresee any serious cataclysm or any serious disaster to the Earth because of its arrival. I think it’s always advisable to have a few weeks’ worth of food and water. I think that just absolutely makes sense, not just because of Nibiru, but you know, you could have a power station go down. You could have anything happening. So I always say to people regardless of whatever the situation, it pays to have a few weeks’ worth of food. We can’t all be preppers. We can’t all be stocked up for a six months or a year or two years, but it’s worthwhile just keeping a few weeks supply, just in case. Yeah, I agree.

TM: Sure, absolutely. Absolutely. Here’s a related question, a short question, a statement and then a question following it. This is Fred in Arizona. He writes, he says that he has heard that there are 55,000 sealed indictments currently in the judicial system in the United States. Many of these indictments are for pedophilia, a lot of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the elite of the United… the dark elite of the United States, and he writes that is this why Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is so important, because we need a, Mr. Trump needs a Supreme Court that will validate these indictments. Is that the reason for the battle for his seat at the moment?

SP: And it’s the reason why the very nasty people have done everything they can to prevent him. Never before in the history as far as I, and I’m not an American but I am a student of American history. I can’t ever find any case where there’s been such a take against a judge. I can’t find anywhere in the United States history where it’s been like this. And there has to be a reason. And the reason is that I was originally told of 20,000 indictments, and then I was told it was up to 40,000, and I did struggle to accept that because of the personnel hours required to draft a legally watertight, 40,000, I know you’ve got the figure 55,000 but this is a few months back. It was a few months back when it was I was told at 40,000, so I had a meeting with an employee of the American Embassy based in Britain, and that person seemed to confirm that at that stage there were forty-odd thousand indictments, which I was surprised at because you need a small army to create that. Now were told it’s fifty, fifty-odd thousand. Now I’ve got no secondary evidence on that. What I have accepted, it was at 40,000. So if it was at 40,000 six months ago, which it was, it could well be at 55,000. I just want to add a point to this, that this is not just about Americans living in America. These documents and the law behind them has been very cleverly or very carefully written and does apply to American citizens living in other countries. That’s a very important point to make because there are a number of very bad people who have fled the United States. Oh sure, they didn’t disappear and run off, they moved house, or they decided to retire so they’ve gone to Switzerland or New Zealand, or a number of other countries. Well these indictments will take effect because these people are American nationals and they cannot be protected by the government of the country they’re currently living in. Now when people understand that, then you would begin to understand why there is a huge determination to prevent Judge Kavanaugh taking his position because it’s got nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats. It’s got nothing to do with Liberals and Conservatives. It’s got everything to do with President Trump and this other group. So Kavanaugh will give President Trump a majority of one, literally a majority of one. So can you imagine indictments being opened and there are some household names. Trump was… no way Trump was gonna do this unless he had the majority of one. That’s why the other side [are]—I’m going to use the word hell bent—hell bent on Kavanaugh taking the position because the game’s up.

TM: Sure.

SP: It is as you said Ted, an incredibly exciting time. It’s also a very dangerous time. Thank you.

TM: Well I hope the people listening today, especially those Americans listening here in the United States, which is still a great country, to see through the mass media and determine the truth for yourself, and about what’s going on. Here’s a woman, Dr. Ford, who suddenly after thirty-six, forty years, suddenly comes forward with allegations of assault from this gentleman, and she can’t remember most of the details. Her memory is hazy. Actually there was a clip played on our radio station here just during, just before we came on from her about how horrible Judge Kavanaugh was, so I hope people will look through the, read through the lines as to what’s really going on. Anyway we have some other questions, Simon. This is [Ulrich] from Germany, and he says hello to you. He said that he had a session with you back in May of this year, the man with the gong.

SP: Ah okay.

TM: You probably remember the man with the gong, and he’d like to ask how do we realize the shift to the higher dimension? What are the qualities in the physical senses—taste, feelings—and will the world look the same around us? With best regards, [Ulrich] from Germany.

SP: Well we will still have a physical body. We will still have a heart, and a liver, and kidneys, et cetera, et cetera. And we will still need to eat food, and this is something that people perhaps forget. They believe when they move up to a higher realm they can live off light. No you can’t, not in the 5th dimension. We need to consume food. So that aspect is not going to change, but the real question is how do I recognize it? And the point is that you will recognize it because the world will change around you and the people around you will change. What I’m expecting to see is a reduction of 4th dimensional energy. For those people who are advancing, evolving, the 4th dimensional control will drop away, and those individuals will find themselves with more and more freedom, more freedom in action and less controls around them, and it will be very obvious to you, very obvious. So yes, you will see a difference but please don’t think that you can just give up your normal routine in terms of drinking water and eating food. That has to stay. In fact, that stays up to the 6th dimension. It only begins to drop off after the 6th dimension, and you go into the 7th dimension then the type of physical body that we understand begins to change.

TM: Oh fascinating. Thank you so much for, I’ve actually been asked that question before, Simon…

SP: Okay.

TM: …so thank you so much for explaining that. I don’t know if this has happened to you but people who are negative have been dropping out of, have dropped out of my life during the past year or two. And sometimes I think people are evolving spiritually and they’re leaving people that they’ve known. We’re all developing at different rates here on this planet. Have you had the same thing happen to you as well? Simon do you…

SP: I tell you what I have noticed and what I am noticing is that, and I’ve said it now for about two-and-a-half years. This is very arbitrary but the good people are getting better and the bad people are getting worse. What we had was a gray area in the middle. That is going, and those people who are choosing to stay in the negative, they’re choosing to remain. They’re becoming more obvious. They’re becoming more outspoken. They’re becoming more in your face, and they’re becoming more unpleasant. There is a real divide and people who are on a spiritual path are, we’re shocked by the downright nastiness of people, which we haven’t seen before. This is quite a new thing. Basically as we evolve, as the planet’s vibration rises, there are a substantial group of people who choose not to rise with it, so they get left behind so those people who are evolving, metaphorically speaking, you look over your shoulder, these people are miles behind you, and that they’re right down the corridor, and you don’t recognize them anymore because they’re just, their intent, their energy is just not, is just not what you want, so bad people are becoming more obvious. They’re more out in the open, and they are basically being corralled. Now those people who are spiritual and evolving, you are moving upward. You’re not being corralled. You’ve got freedom. So, it’s still difficult because we’re rubbing shoulders with these people, but how can I put it? You might spend five years going to work, getting in the elevator and there’s a person next to you that, you know, you don’t really like and he’s not that good, and now that person is so horrible that everyone is ostracizing him. Everyone is keeping away from him. He’s got his own work station. No one goes near him. Nobody offers to make him a cup of coffee. Nobody offers to get him a donut when they go. That’s what’s happening, and this negative group is becoming more obvious, but as a result of that they are becoming more dangerous. So that’s my answer.

TM: Interesting. Thank you for sharing that Simon. As always, it’s always interesting to hear your viewpoint on that. That’s happened actually in several instances to me this year. I’ve also had a group of questions that come in about how do you get rid of a curse, a family curse, from a previous life or that was done by what I guess you would call them a witch doctor or an evil spirit, so…

SP: Okay, right. [36:08] That’s a heck of a difficult question to answer, not because I can’t but because I’ve got to explain a bit. In the 4th dimension there are a whole range of energies. They’re not the same energy with different names. For instance voodooism is not the same as black magic.

TM: Okay.

SP: Now remember that black magic isn’t evil. Black magic just means occult, which means hidden magic. A good person makes good magic. A bad person makes bad magic. Now curses can be from a whole range of objects. The guy who broke into Tutankhamen’s tomb…

TM: Right.

SP: …the curse on the stones, and he got a curse from that. You could have a witch doctor stick pins in a doll. You get a curse from that. You could get a whole range of stuff, so to answer the question, it depends not who has put the curse on you, but what their energy background is, what their discipline is, where they’re coming from. So to counter that negative curse, one has to understand what the curse is and [37:30][where/what] its history is. There are a whole range of tools that we can use to counter it. I would say of the clients I speak to a good three-quarters of them are dealing with not a curse, but something from the interdimensional space between the 3rd and 4th dimension, and some of them are curses because somebody has been paid to send one of these rather nasty little spirits to make a life difficult, so I can’t really give you a specific answer because every different type of curse requires a different kind of antidote, but they are possible. Remember what one man or one thing can do, another man or woman can undo.

TM: Thank you. Okay, thank you so much for sharing that Simon.

SP: Pleasure.

TM: We’ve had in the news here recently reports of envelopes of ricin or poison being sent to various government officials here in America. You know who might be behind that? Is that part of the desperate push to stop this, the ascension process?

SP: Well President Trump got some to the White House. I mean senators and didn’t the governor as well? A state governor got one. What I, I did look into this. I do follow your happenings very closely. I couldn’t see the pattern. Yes I expect Trump to get it and senators, but there was one person there, I won’t say who it was, that was out of the pattern. There was one chap there who I didn’t understand why he received it and so I couldn’t be sure who was behind it. They, I believe the FBI has arrested a guy, but the question really is what’s behind him, who’s behind him and what it’s all about, and I don’t have anymore information on it because this is a very primitive attempt to do something, so I’m not sure whether it’s a deep state or whether it’s just somebody who is just off his head.

TM: We had just after 9/11, this just reminds me of what happened back on September 11th, 2001, Simon. Within this country I think within 24 hours of the 9/11 event, President Bush and Vice President Cheney already had what they called the U.S. Patriot Act, which was probably three, four, five thousand pages long ready to submit to Congress, and there was one man Tom Daschle in the Senate I believe who stood up against them and started asking questions, and he received an envelope of poison anthrax send to his office. I think that was meant to silence him, but this recent attempt to poison President Trump and other government officials reminds me of that of what happened back then as well.

SP: I think it was Judge Kavanaugh in his statement was saying that he was, obviously as a judge, he was called in to give some help, and just after 9/11 he was saying it was very very busy in the White House in the Oval Office, it was really busy. He said there were probably five judges and this is the five, and I believe him, you know. My point is not to say this, but my point is I’m sure there were five judges, but there’s no way five judges in the space of a few days could have brought out the Patriot Act. And the truth is that that document had been written six months to a year prior to that. That document was already written. Now I want to just bring on this point because it’s really, for me it’s very important.

TM: Sure.

SP: I pasted on my website, simonparkes dot org. (simonparkes.org) a short interview with Major General Stubblebine.

TM: I was just going to ask you about that. I have it opened in my computer. That was my next question. So you’re… you must be psychic. You’re one step ahead of me, Simon. Go ahead.

SP: I don’t know that I’m one step ahead of you, probably we walk together down the sidewalk.

TM: Right.

SP: Major General Stubblebine, retired major general. To my knowledge he is the highest ranking member of the elite. Of course he’s an elite. He’s a major general. The highest ranking member of the elite to actually say that airplanes did not strike the towers. An airplane did not crash into the Pentagon. Now why in the name of the good Lord isn’t every newspaper in America publishing this and saying here is a major general saying that the two towers were not brought down by an airplane. He categorically says airplanes did not crash into the two towers, and he categorically says it was not an airplane that crashed into the Pentagon. Now here is absolute proof, and what’s happening is that these people now who have been silenced for so long are now coming out. It’s not the first time Major General Stubblebine has said things like this but he does it in… it’s an interview with a Japanese or Chinese gentleman, and, you know, it should be all over the world. It should be the front pages but the nasty evil elite who still, still threaten, cajole, frighten, blackmail, and control the machinery of government and the private sector are stopping this.

TM: And who attack you too.

SP: What more do the American people need?

TM: Right.

SP: One of the greatest patriot chaps, a major general is telling you guys in the U.S. that the Twin Towers were not brought down by an airplane. And that’s a genuine video and please watch it on my website. Thank you.

TM: And that story is not on any of the front page news of any paper in the United States. I’d be surprised. I don’t think it is. [44:09][inaudible]

SP: But this is the worry. This is the worry Ted that the system is still sewn up by the bad guys.

TM: Right.

SP: That control system, I mean I keep hearing, oh, you know, we’re nearly free and it’s not true yet. If we were nearly free, we’d have a real free press, and in actual fact in the interview that is posted on my website simonparkes.org, he actually says we don’t have a free press. So this major general actually says in the interview we don’t have a free press. And what he says is free press costs money, and he’s really talking about blackmail here. He’s saying how people are being blackmailed. It’s very important detail. It’s only five minutes. Please find five minutes of your time. It’s one of your great military leaders. He was the guy who, when he was in charge, his job was to detect enemy movements. His job was to look at intelligence, so he was up and in the White House with the Bush administration. So, you know, what more, what more has to be done before ordinary people get the truth, and this is what’s so frustrating Ted.

TM: Right. Right. Well I, that’s why I started my radio program five years ago Simon because the truth wasn’t getting out there.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And people want the truth and that’s why so many people are listening to my show today, and it’s growing. It’s the fastest growing metaphysical spiritual radio program in the world, but it’s because people want the truth. They’re sick and tired of getting garbage.

SP: Yes.

TM: And this is a time of truth, so I appreciate you so much for sharing that. I will try to play a little bit of that, of his interview through the next hour or perhaps a week from today. But… and along those lines we talked about the 55 or the 50,000, 40,000 sealed indictments. Was it you who told me that a lot of the names of the people in those indictments will be household names, because I saw also on your website simonparkes .org, Simon a story about Elon Musk and being, let me look it up here, about being, him being, oh arrested or charged with pedophilia.

SP: No, no. No, no. No, he’s been charged, he was charged with corruption…

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: …because he tried to swing the share price on Tesla. He made a statement that he had done some deal with some sheikh in an oil country, some Saudi Arabian oil deal, which then proved to be not real. But what he’s done is he’s, there were some children who were trapped under water in a cave, and the guy who was the expert was organizing a rescue, and Elon Musk wrote to this guy and said I’ve got a little mini submarine. Would you like to use my submarine to rescue these children? Now the organizer said I think you’re just doing this as a publicity stunt. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. This is to Elon Musk. And, I don’t want your submarine, at which point Elon Musk then accused this guy of being a pedophile. This guy then started a legal court action against Elon Musk. Now that’s the one to follow. What I also said on my website is that Elon Musk, it looks to me like he’s had a nervous breakdown a few weeks ago. The trouble is, Tesla cars, nobody else wants his job. He’s the chief executive. He’s the CEO. Nobody else wants to step into his shoes, so I can’t see the man lasting much longer. I really can’t.

TM: Okay, okay, interesting, interesting Simon. Well thanks for sharing that. You also had another post on your website, a fascinating website at simonparkes .org about how artificial intelligence in the CERN collider were threats to this planet, that they could leave the planet in a smoldering mass. I’d love your followup on that. That’s on your website.

SP: It’s a bit like Major General Stubblebine. We had a really learned professor, a guy of science who had just broken ranks, and just come out and said look one of the greatest threats facing the Earth is some of the reactions that could occur when CERN is activated. It could create one of these sort of super black holes, which could basically burn the Earth to a cinder. Now you would laugh at this if it appeared in the “Marvel” magazine, but this is a regular scientist who has gone through a regular university and, you know, established his credentials, and what we’re seeing is we are seeing people breaking ranks and warning about the technology, which up till now science has said it’s perfectly safe and perfectly okay, but we are getting warnings. I mean, you know, there have been other people in the past who have warned that the activities of CERN are not really fully understood, even by the scientists who operate them, and as a result of that, it could have a very bad negative effect. So it’s important because this isn’t some 16-year-old kid writing something attacking CERN or me, right? This is a scientist, a guy highly respected is coming out and saying I think CERN is one of the greatest dangers to humanity.

TM: Amazing. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Simon we’ve got about five minutes left and I wanted to tell you that because I wanted you to feel free to talk about anything you like or expound on anything you mentioned during this hour to wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Oh thank you Ted. That’s always very kind of you. I just go back to the politics because that’s interesting. I’m sure that most people just fall asleep when they were watching what was going on, but maybe not because it’s so exciting, but I thought there was one interesting point that’s not really been understood, and that is that… and the media didn’t understand it and some people didn’t understand it and even the commentators didn’t understand it. When Judge Kavanaugh was being questioned and when this other lady was being questioned, because of the nature of what she was alleging, it was quite likely that the Senate wouldn’t appoint Kavanaugh, because there were people who could, you know, there was one Democrat I think who voted the other way and one Republican who voted the other way.

TM: Right.

SP: But at that point before the vote was taken it wasn’t clear. So what the media is saying is that this Republican senator broke ranks and decided that, you know, he would only vote for Kavanaugh if the FBI were brought in. And you know, that’s the way it’s been sold, as the Republican senator who cracked under pressure, et cetera, et cetera. It’s all nonsense, total nonsense. As the debate was going along, it was becoming obvious that the Republican senators needed a stick to sit on. They needed a prop. They needed something to lean on, so that the machinery was brought in. Tell you what, we’ll give the FBI one week to do due diligence, find out what’s going on, and the understanding of that, then the FBI as report will say one way or the other so at this stage we feel more confident in voting for Kavanaugh because we’re also saying we’re authorizing the FBI. That had nothing to do with one senator breaking ranks. This came right from Trump. This was all organized. Now that’s exciting in itself, but here’s what’s more exciting. You’ll find it on the records if you look on that day. One Democratic senator, it was a woman, said along the lines that well what’s the point of bringing the FBI in? We won’t know anymore than we know now. Now that’s dynamite because how dare she prejudge a police investigation. So basically this Democratic senator was saying, well there’s no point in bringing the FBI in because it won’t change anything. How does she know that? How could she possibly know that the FBI couldn’t find it, which tells me that there was something very nasty going on.

TM: Sure.

SP: And the point is that they didn’t want the FBI investigation because it wouldn’t give them what they wanted. They wanted to stop Kavanaugh there and then. So this is politics at its dirtiest, but we’ve got to hang on in there because October, November and December are the three most important months. And if Kavanaugh is in post, there’s every chance that we will move humanity to the next stage.

TM: Um-hum, Um-hum.

SP: Thank you Ted. Thank you for hearing me.

TM: Oh wonderful. I just downloaded the audio of Major [General] Stubblebine about no plane hit the Pentagon and I’ll play a clip of that during my next hour, but yeah.

SP: Great.

TM: But anyway Simon you’re welcome to stay on if you like. We have Zorra from the Hollow Earth coming on next hour along with Jared Rand doing a meditation for world peace. I know it’s late there in England. I don’t want to keep you up real late, but…

SP: Ted, Ted I love your show. It is late here. Remember there’s lots of hours difference between you guys and me here.

TM: That’s true.

SP: I’m delighted always because you have a fantastic audience. It’s probably the most spiritual radio show on the planet, so I’ll say good night to you and God bless.

TM: All right Simon, thanks so much for coming on. Please stay tuned everyone for our next hour. [end of Simon Interview, 54:48, 1st hour]

[transcribed October 07, 2018 gsc]