3 May 2018 – Simon Parkes Interview – Mantid Agenda

3 May 2018 – Simon Parkes Interview – Mantid Agenda

with Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Kerry and Simon discuss the Mantid Agenda, not to be confused with the Insectoids, and Simon feels Mantids want positive outcome for humanity; Urantia Book seems to lean toward dark forces; Trump and Putin coordinated events leading up to three military strikes by US in Syria in order to prevent Russian causalities; so-called nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal most probably came from the lab of Porton Down, not Russia; Kim Jong-un doing business with West is in the North’s best interests; Korea/China has population problem, needs to eliminate ten million in Korea and one-hundred million in China; the destabilizing effect of forced immigration on Europe, most evident in Germany; eavesdroppers on MIG-15s flown in Korean War heard pilots speaking German; modern enclave of Nazis in Antarctica with ancient technology but superior to US present day technology from Greys; Questions: eliminating people will clear way for off planet entities to move in and other projects; Mantids can’t blend in with humans because too tall; planetary grid still has us in lockdown mode but there are holes in it now; an upcoming event with sharp short positive energy wave from sun might disrupt communications and knock out AI; Pope, Argentina, Nazi connection; G5 form of WiFi will allow 4D entities to exist within it and brain control humans; FBI working against Trump; not always necessary to remove etheric implants; Reptilian/human hybrids can sometimes be captured on camera but rare to spot with naked eye; Macron in meetings in US that will affect future decades; can we get rid of the moon; who’s UFOs overflew D.C. in 1952; possible scenarios around sudden death of William Tompkins.

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Kerry Cassidy: Hi everyone this is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. Okay so I’m having a very strange day. Apparently, YouTube with my PCTV Channel is now interfering or we are being hacked. There is this monkey that comes up and I am trying to connect with going live and they are not allowing me to go live. They are now saying the videos on that channel have disappeared and yet they seem to still be on YouTube so there is some kind of weird hacking going on. We have an audience sitting on YouTube that is coming back over here to Facebook and we are going to try to connect with Simon right now. The trouble is actually, Simon can you say something?

Simon Parkes: Yeah I can say hello to you and hello to the audience.

KC: Excellent, okay and what I’m going to hope is this is sort of a completely different platform so I don’t know if I can show you on this screen because this may not have the facility to show your desktop. I’ve never gone live on Facebook before so I just realized that that’s kind of a problem.

SP: Hey Kerry do we still have visual though. Does the audience have video or is it just audio?

KC: Well they’ve got video of me and I’m trying to figure out how to bring you on it, so we’re on a conversation but we’re on Skype. Okay so this is just working kind of by the seat of our pants trying to figure out how to do all of this correctly.

SP: Hi Kerry, Simon here.

KC: Hi, okay now you are on a different computer all together and I am going to try to…

SP: What I’m saying is, is it going to go on YouTube and be recorded or is it just a live broadcast?

KC: It’s a live broadcast being recorded on Facebook which I will then download and put on YouTube.

SP: Fantastic, fantastic, great.

KC: Okay, so when YouTube is working again and who knows why YouTube suddenly thinks it’s not working or has decided not to work for me, so it’s kind of an odd situation going on. So I’ve got you here and kind of awkward (holds up computer with pic of Simon) but anyway, okay, Simon it’s lovely to have you on my show. This is completely bizarre but YouTube seems to have stopped working at least for the moment and we’re going to check back in on that during this conversation but we figured we would bring you on live here just because we shouldn’t let anything stop us, right?

SP: Well done.

KC: So why don’t you go ahead and… we were going to talk about the Mantid Agenda. That was one of the big subjects here and that was because Brett Stuart had done a remote viewing and he, the reason his remote viewing even matters is that Brett Stuart and his team got excellent results when they viewed the NaZca Aliens and so that’s why we really want to be able to talk about that because they were dead on before Gaia TV and their investigative team came up with answers, Brett Stuart and his team which is a very small team, just him and one other person on that particular story got bull’s-eye. Everything checked out in terms of the real world so that’s kind of a unique situation in which a remote viewer has gotten, you know, real evidence that their remote viewing is accurate. So when he remote viewed recently what in essence was the Urantia Book, the author of the Urantia Book was the target as well. He ended up with the Mantids and then he ended up with information about the Mantid Agenda, so that is a really interesting story. I don’t know if you saw his YouTube. It’s about twenty minutes long. Did you have time to see that?

SP: Yes I did. You very kindly sent that to me and I watched it. I watched it today.

KC: Excellent and so I just wanted to get your feedback on it really. What were your thoughts?

SP: Well I think one of the reasons we are being so heavily hacked today is because maybe what I’m going to say. Right, let’s talk about the Urantia Book. By the way Kerry if we lose communication if the other person can let the other person know.

KC: Okay.

SP: Okay, right the Urantia Book, I don’t normally make notes, the people who know me well, go to my conferences or watch me on the podcast will know that I generally don’t make notes but I had to make notes simply because somebody in the last half hour sent me a YouTube video which I wanted to look at and made notes for this. I want to talk about the Urantia Book. I have grave concerns regarding this remote viewing and I want to tell you what those grave concerns are. The Urantia Book was actually published in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation and it was called the Urantia Book and in it in one of the sections, it talks about I’m going to do it word for word. It says, “Your world is called Urantia and you are in the planetary system of Satania, that’s S A T A N, Satan, I A, Satania.” Then on another section it says “the grand universe number of your world is five trillion, three-hundred forty-two billion, four-hundred eighty-two million, three-hundred thirty-seven thousand, six hundred and sixty-six, 666.” Now any book that gives a number of 666 and the word Satania, S A T A N I A, is a book that I wouldn’t want to use and I fully understand what that book is about. This is all documented. People can go and look this up and they will see that what I’m saying is truthful so I have grave concerns about the Urantia Book, that’s my first point.

My second point is that half an hour before we went on one of our listeners sent me a video which is readily available on YouTube and it’s called the Mantis Extraterrestrial, Everything You Need to Know. I’m going to repeat that. Mantis Extraterrestrial, Everything You Need to Know. Now I have grave concerns because there appears to be in the presentation of Brett Stuart there would appear to be lifting directly from this YouTube video and I’m going to give evidence of that. At the one point five six minute mark (1:56) on the video there is a drawing extremely similar to the drawing that Brett Stuart uses in his presentation. And at the nine point three zero mark (9:30) he uses word for word the presentation which is along the words that they “wish to conquer rather than seek human ascension,” so I have grave concerns because there appears to be lifting directly from this video. Also it talks about Mantis having oily skin. He said that, extra joints on their necks and their arms, he said that and I’m shocked actually. I shocked, so let’s…

KC: Now Simon can I just break in here asking you which came first, Brett’s viewing or this so-called website?

SP: The website [8:41][pic/page] is 2017.

KC: Okay so it was a year before. That’s very, very interesting. And you know just let me also say for the viewers that Brett is very well aware that we’re doing this discussion today and he is going to come on to my show to discuss his viewing. He’s traveling at the moment but in probably the next few weeks and he is an admirer of yours by the way.

SP: Right, let me make it clear. I’ve actually gone on public record saying that his work is good. I’ve said that. I’ve said that he is very accurate and this is not a criticism of him. Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t do that. That is not what I’m doing. What I am saying is that I have issues with this particular piece of work. I have issues with this particular remote viewing. I don’t have issues with Brett Stuart. I have issues with this and I’m giving evidence as to where those issues are.

KC: Okay Simon, sorry about this, can I ask you to lift your head up a bit because you’re sort of…

SP: Sure, I’m just, I tell you what I’m doing, I’m looking at my notes because I had to make all my notes tonight. That’s why my head is down.

KC: We are in a weird situation here because I’m having to put you visually on the camera and you are kind of low down, so if you look down it actually makes it even worse.

SP: Oh, okay, can you see me now?

KC: It’s kind of difficult. Go ahead.

SP: Okay, in the drawing that Brett showed, he showed this creature (holds up pic of Insectoid). Can you see that? I just drawn that from the drawing.

KC: Yes.

SP: It’s not the drawing. It is my representation of what I saw. Now Brett does use the word Mantis-like and occasionally he uses the word Mantis. This is what the Mantis actually look like (holds up drawing of Mantis), okay, that’s the Mantis. This is not a Mantis. This is called by the United States military an Insectoid.

KC: Ah, okay.

SP: They’re very different, very different. The big thing here is in the drawing that Brett’s done it’s got antennae; it’s got strange tentacle-like things coming out of its mouth, and its eyes are very different from this which is a Mantis (shows drawing of Mantis again), so that’s the first thing I want to say. This second thing is interesting because Brett’a Team seemed to remote view a craft, a spacecraft this shape (holds up drawing of triangle shape craft), triangles or pyramid shapes which we associate with the Greys or with the Secret Space Program. Mantis use a craft that is teardrop shaped (drawing of large teardrop shape), like that, so that was an issue for me, so what I think is that Brett has remote viewed a being which is not a Mantis, it is an Insectoid, and James Forrestal, the very first United States Secretary of Defense, who was Secretary for the United States Navy prior to that and died in very mysterious circumstances, and he was actually taken in about 1947–1948 to a crashed craft that contained Insectoid creatures almost exactly like the ones that Brett has drawn, and in that craft he saw for the first time very nonhuman-looking aliens and his, not his nervous breakdown, but his desire to tell the truth to the public in the US as against President Truman’s wish to keep quiet began to give him some very serious issues, and your audience will know the story. He went to hospital. He was put on the 16th floor and they say that he committed suicide and there are grave, grave issues here because broken glass was found on the bed. There were some reports of a dressing gown cord that had been put round his neck but that was later dropped. But one think I wanted to talk about that was not widely known, when James Forrestal was taken into hospital supposedly suffering with over exhaustion, Dr. Raines who was the psychiatric doctor who saw him, and I’m going to quote exactly, said and this is a quote. Dr. Raines said, “We considered electric shock treatment but thought it better to postpone it for three months as there is a grave danger of suicide. So strangely enough we left that out.” Strange, because that’s actually what happened. So they wanted to give the guy who was in charge of defense electric shock treatment knowing full well that it could produce suicide, and then they said well we didn’t give him the electric shock, but what caused all this was the alien spacecraft, which was either brought down or crashed which contained Insectoid beings, not Mantis, Insectoids which is exactly like the creatures that Brett has drawn. So I do believe that there are lots and lots of different races, lots of Insectoids, but the US military is quite clear. A Mantid is a Mantid or as you guys say a Mantis and in the UK, in Britain we say Mantid, but they make a division between Mantis and Insectoid, and the US military is very, very wary of Insectoids and is more used to dealing with the Mantids, so I think that what happened is that Brett has identified these Insectoids and has perhaps seen a few videos, therefore used the term Mantid when it is actually incorrect, so I’m not at all criticizing the remote view, what I’m saying is those ain’t Mantids. Those are Insectoids.

KC: Okay, very interesting. Well, you know, we’ll have to pursue this further in the future, but thank you for that, very, very interesting.

SP: Sure.

KC: I myself have doubts about the Urantia Book, actually and that doesn’t mean the whole thing is bogus. It just means that there may be some issues there, so I appreciate your point of view on that as well. So at this point and kind of, I guess I can come into the frame here, it’s…I don’t know if you can see what we are doing here, but it’s quite…

SP: No I’ve just got your ordinary picture up.

KC: All right, so we’re kind of I’m trying to broadcast at the same time have you on the screen, so it’s quite a strange and I’ve got you on a different computer and my computer is… anyway it doesn’t matter so in a few minutes I’ll try the YouTube and see if indeed they’re honestly trying to give me back my channel or not and then we will just deal with that because the logistics here are not perfect but at any rate it’s great to you know there were a number of people sitting by to hear the live show and Neil, my partner, has put the link directly to come over here so I think they did come over. I’m assuming they did, and then we will put this live, this recording on my main YouTube channel.

SP: What I would say is that the establishment, the elite, have no right to prevent information going to the public, but that’s what they do time and time again. They wish to stop the truth reaching the public and this is how they do it and to me it’s ridiculous because it is just confirming the truth. You know if they left it alone then people would say well you know it was a fair run but when we’re hacked or we’re stopped or we’re interfered with you have to ask the question, why so, what is the point of that. Why are they trying to prevent information going to the public, and you know, I’ll leave it at that.

KC: Exactly so in terms of what else is going on here I do want to get an update on many subjects that, you know, as we do and have had you on the show a number of times and you do a great job…

SP: Thank you.

KC: … so if we can rundown sort of a laundry list and there is a lot going on out there in the world so in terms of let’s wrap up this Mantid Agenda, could you in your understanding tell me what you think the Mantid Agenda is at this time, and then we will move on to these other subjects.

SP: Sure, the Mantid in the true sense, not the Insectoids, the Mantids actually want humanity to ascend, unlike the Greys and the Reptilians and AI, which actually want humanity to be bottled up and held in the position of slavery. The reason that the Mantis want humanity to survive is that real true Mantids come from this Earth. They were not brought here and they didn’t travel here. They actually are indigenous something like 144,000,000 years ago when they first evolved. Now they are connected to humanity and there is a lot in Brett’s presentation which I believe is accurate. If humanity evolves and goes to the 5th dimension so will the Mantid, unlike the Reptilians which will be trapped in the 4th and the Greys which will be stuck in the 4th. The Mantids have every reason to see humanity evolve. They do not win if we are stuck in the 3rd dimension. They don’t get anything out of it. So again I can only speak for the creatures that have associated with me. I can’t make a generalized sweeping statement and I wouldn’t ever dream to do that, so all I can say is that the beings that have associated with me, I’m what over fifty years old now so it’s more than fifty years in my lifetime have been consistent and have been reasonably open. I don’t expect them to be 100 percent open, but they have answered every question I’ve ever asked them, and I have never seen anything that’s has worried me. Unlike Reptilian encounters, I have seen plenty of things with the Reptilians that have concerned me, as with the Greys, and so I can only speak from my own personal experience, which is that the true Mantids, not the Insectoids, have a much more positive agenda as far as humanity is than almost, almost any other nonhuman group.

KC: Okay I can say that I interviewed Mark Richards for the eighth time recently and just released that interview online and he said that the Mantids are working in a positive way, as are the Raptors with the US military, so that’s what he had to say about the matter. So now to move on to other subjects, Syria, the chemical attack, which was not a chemical attack and it has been proven by Robert Fisk, an affluent journalist, as well as others who went to the site. Anything that you would like to say about that attack, whether there is actually a coup going on, if there was dissension within the military of the Trump administration, whether he is really in control, what’s going on there, any thoughts?

SP: Trump, yeah he is in control and he didn’t have a wobble. Take you back in history, the United States, not as an individual, not as a president, but as a country, as a superpower set itself up as the policeman of the world. The United States is known and seen by every nation on Earth as the policeman of the world, so when the cabal managed to put across a supposed gas attack or chemical attack it put the American government in a position that it had to be seen to either deny it outright or to act. Because of the recent poisoning of the guy called Skripal in Great Britain tempers were very high right across the diplomatic world and a number of advisers went to President Trump and said we’ve got to be seen to do something. If we don’t then the United States will lose its ability to project its authority in any country in the world. Right so what happened was Trump said okay we will strike three targets and these targets better be military bases, so that was arranged. The Russians through President Putin then made it clear through the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations that if any Russian personnel were killed by American missiles, Russia would consider itself at war with the United States of America. Now during the Cuban missile crisis we never even had that. So that’s what was said. Now everybody went scurrying away and what happened was that President Trump phoned President Putin and said you’ve got twenty-four hours to move all of your assets out of these locations. This is where we are going to strike. Putin said that’s fine you give me time to move my men and equipment out. not one single Russian soldier will be killed, therefore we don’t have an issue. So both Putin and Trump had an understanding and arrangement. They organized it. They both realized that President Trump was in a very difficult position. He had to be seen to act. Now the fly in the ointment here is that an element of the Israeli cabalistic government then used that as a cover to attack other places in Syria and to try to cover it up as all a part of that one attack. In terms of the Americans, they used cruise missiles, but the Israeli used missiles from, oh I beg your pardon three–four bombs from an F15-fighter, so that’s what’s been going on there so Trump has not caved in. He was maneuvered, out maneuvered by diplomatic positions so he had to act.

KC: Very interesting, okay so in terms of the Salisbury attack I’d also like you to address that if you don’t mind and my understanding is that there is a nerve a biological warfare organization company in that area of Salisbury, and that that is where the so-called nerve agent came from, and that this person and his daughter were attacked, that they are okay at this time and that there was a coverup and they tried to pin it on the Russians. What is your understanding?

SP: The mistake that the British government made was that it came out and categorically said that the Russians were behind it. Now you don’t make statements like that unless you can prove it in a court of law. Basically what President Putin did was turn around and said you prove it, and then there was a lot of backtracking from the British government because they realized that they actually couldn’t prove it. The Russians have stock piles of this chemical agent. So does every other major country in the world. The laboratory you are referring to is called Porton Down and I think it is just a very few miles from where this attack occurred. The Russians then said well you want to be looking closer to home, that that material has come out of your own laboratory and used by certain agents to make it look like a Russian attack. Now the reason the Russians were vulnerable was back in the late 1970s a guy was murdered because he was stabbed in the leg by a brolly, an umbrella we say and it was a ricin chemical so the Russians or the Russian groups have been known to use chemical agents in attacks so therefore they were vulnerable to the suggestion or the labeling of you know you’ve done it once before, you’d do it again but that doesn’t stand up in a court of law and why it all fell apart was ultimately no British agent or government could prove that the Russians were behind it. It was just as possible that a single operator, an independent, paid for by an individual or an organization to take out the attack because it would cause a diplomatic incident. That’s really what we are looking at.

KC: Okay, if I can back up a little bit you are saying an agent was used right?

SP: I’m saying an agent was definitely used, yes.

KC: Okay because there are still articles coming out saying they are still working on cleaning it up whatever that means but there was also this issue of in essence of collateral damage, which meant that there were several other people and we don’t probably even know for sure how many that were affected by this agent, and that this is very sloppy work even by someone who is attempting to take somebody out I suppose, because what came back to me from my secret sources was that Putin is very accurate that he doesn’t have collateral damage. If he goes after somebody he goes [after] that somebody and so on. That is at least what I was told, so how can you explain that collateral damage issue?

SP: Because the agent that was used had no experience in that particular material. It was also expected that it would kill the agent. Therefore the agent wouldn’t be able to speak. The agent was told to use this material in a set way, which was unsafe, but the agent had no experience of it and followed the letter of the book.

KC: Okay, so did the agent die?

SP: That I don’t know.

KC: Oh.

SP: I honestly truly don’t know.

KC: Okay, all right, very, very interesting, all right so let’s move over to North Korea and South Korea and why all of a sudden there is an about face by Kim Jong-un to suddenly be doing business with the West and I believe it has to do with rare earth minerals that have been found in Korea that can be used for space travel, but there may be some other extenuating circumstances. Any thoughts on that?

SP: Yes we need to go back a couple of years. The North saw that its days were numbered and started to experiment with long range missiles in a hope to provoke not a war but a diplomatic incident that would put back the peace process. That failed. Now the reason we are at this stage now was just before Christmas, the United States of America under President Trump had a very interesting conversation with both the Russians and the Chinese and President, you won’t find this in the newspaper; this is not in the press. Trump said to both Russia and China we’ve had enough of the North. I’ve authorized an attack. Russia and China for the first time, instead of blocking this, agreed and China said we’ll agree to you attacking providing there is no boots on the ground and you don’t go above the demarcation parallel line. So for the first time both Russia and China agree to a rocket bomb attack on the North. As soon as that message was given to the leader of the North he realized his position was untenable. You’ll also know that Chinese troops, a hundred and fifty thousand Chinese troops were deployed to the border and that the West when they got hold of this said oh you know the Chinese are going to protect the North. If there is a war the Chinese soldiers will fight with the North. That just shows the nonsense. The Chinese soldiers were there to prevent the elite from the North escaping. They actually bottled up North Korea and that was the final warning to the North. They had to play ball. So it’s been agreed that, I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here, but it has been agreed that the leader of the North will not be prosecuted. He will be given an honorific title in Great Britain; you might use the words in the US of a ceremonial role but he won’t actually play a part in running the country, so we’re looking at unification. The first stage is to remove the nuclear weapons and then after some paperwork there will be unification between the North and the South. The only reason this unification has come about is because President Trump, (bless you), President Trump actually stood up to the North and said, I’ve had it with you. I’m going to blow you to pieces and China and Russia actually said to America go ahead and do it, and the reason [32:00][they] did this change of face was because North Korea had developed nuclear weapons and a missile that could reach not North American real estate but anything to do with China and Russia. So what we had was for the first time in many, many years an agreement that North Korea had gone too far. Now there’s also the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds who both financially control the North and the South and they then came to an arrangement that they would withdraw their interests from the North or the South. You talk about the rare metals, you are absolutely right, but there’s also a ton of gold there as well hidden in the caves. That’s one of the reasons that there was the war in Korea to start with and in Vietnam, so we’re looking, let’s just call it precious metals. That covers the whole organics. There are precious metals in the North and the question is how is that going to be divided up between the major powers, so yeah, that’s my take on it.

KC: Okay.

SP: Bless you Kerry.

KC: Sorry, it’s actually…

SP: It’s probably an energy attack against you.

KC: Right so anyway I wanted to know if you, I don’t know, you know, how much you pay attention or hear anything about my work but recently Mark Richards actually leaked something that was very, very interesting and it is about North Korea. Maybe this is why I am, this was happening to me and attacking my throat chakra is being…

SP: Yeah, that is a satanic attack on you, okay. I want you to really just protect yourself now. You’ve got a lot of love from all of your audience and me and this attack has just got to stop. It has just got to stop.

KC: Okay thank you, so what happens is he said that North Korea and China have a problem. They need to get rid of population, and he gave numbers. He gave very specific numbers. I’m not great with numbers but I think he said something on the order of ten million in North Korea and something like a hundred million in China, and that they are looking for a way to do that where they won’t be obviously found out and Mark is trying to prevent this obviously by outing this information and it’s interesting timing that he told me this in it was late March. I went to Egypt and so I wasn’t able to release the transcript and the video until April but, so that is a very interesting piece of information. I don’t know if you have heard it. This new sort of move does seem to interfere again with their plans, maybe, I’m not sure what you would want to say about that but I just wanted to throw that out.

SP: Now I know that you, I’ve met Mark Richard’s wife, and as far as I’m concerned they are incredibly genuine. I never met the man but I met his wife and I follow the work.

KC: Thank you.

SP: I’m absolutely convinced that he should not be in jail. He should be released immediately. So I didn’t know that he had released that. It broadly matches information that was available some years ago, although the numbers are new to me. Certainly I was aware that they were looking for a reduction of people in that location but no numbers had been given, so that in itself is interesting that that’s something I had a few years ago and you have just said something that clicks on to that.

KC: Okay and I will say that he does state to me that he is still under orders so to speak so if he released that information he has been allowed to release it by the people who he reports to, just for the record.

SP: I would, to link this back I would go back to what I said that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have withdrawn their interests from Korea.

KC: That’s an interesting statement. He also has said in my interviews that North Korea was sort of feeling very strong for awhile because of their, a certain ET race that had aligned themselves with North Korea purposely, so I don’t know that status on that relationship at this time but it certainly is very interesting in the circumstances that we are discussing here, so he has neglected to, or he will not tell me the name of the particular race they’re associated with.

SP: I would suggest it’s quite scaly personally.

KC: So, okay, and now what I would like to discuss is the rest of the world situation. There seems to be, I just had a person write to me, so I’m going to highlight their particular email. We were just talking about this influx of immigration in Germany, which is really destabilizing the country and the person was perplexed. I cited Agenda 21 as being the likely reason in part for that, you know, in other words Agenda behind allowing this to happen. The other thing that I noticed is if you want, if you want Agenda 21 to pass you know with countries and for the people to get on board, then if you create a situation that’s a lot like what happened before Hitler came to power, so you destabilize, you have chaos and out of chaos you bring order and then the people will welcome the order, this being the thoughts so I wonder, I know that this is also happening in the UK. I don’t think it’s as much problems are happening as described to me as in Germany, but certainly there are problems and I imagine France is experiencing some of it as well. So any thoughts on the movement of populations, forced movement of populations?

SP: Yes I like the word destabilization. Whenever we talk about refugees or migrants it’s an incredibly emotive subject and you can have the finger of racism pointed at you straight away so you know, we’re going to talk about this in a very factual way, and the factual way of this in Germany over one million refugees, immigrants, whatever you want to call it, one million people who don’t necessarily speak German, you have a different religion, you have a different culture, who dress differently were in a very short space of time brought into that country. Those pictures of those people, great lines of seas of people making their way from war torn areas being settled in Germany because the German Chancellor had agreed to it, Angela Merkel, was flashed all over the world and had a huge effect here in Great Britain and was one of the primary reasons that Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, because night after night after night premier television showed hundreds of thousands of people streaming across borders and that made Great Britain’s majority of people vote to leave Europe so that’s one very important, it mustn’t be underestimated, effect of that. If you take a country and you try to change its value base system by introducing people who are not of your country, you will cause riots and revolution and I believe it meant the case that is exactly what they intended. You spoke about France. It’s quieted down now, but for the last 12–15 months there have been some very substantial riots and in fact just over a year ago the French were on the point of losing control of a number of their cities because the riots were so bad. So it’s a program created by a small cabalistic elite to destabilize the most powerful countries, and if we look at Germany today, at my website simonparkes.org, I actually put a note out saying that Deutsche Bank is officially now near to collapse. There’s an article which I have copied onto my website from the local newspaper, I should say the major newspaper, the Daily Express, they had interviewed a number of Deutsche Bank employees and the Deutsche Bank employees said they didn’t think the bank could survive. That’s the situation, their own bank employees telling the press they don’t think the bank will survive. So Germany is a key place; it is the central place. More wars have been orchestrated from the central area than almost anywhere else and it’s going to be a place that politically can be manipulated and used and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

KC: Okay now I want to segue over to Antarctica now that we are focusing on Germany because through my investigations and I have to say my recent interview again with Mark Richards he does highlight a lot about Antarctica and the relationship between a lot of trips happening, for example, between the US and, our US government that is, and Antarctica and whoever is running the show down there, which appears to be centered at New Berlin, and so on, so in other words we know about Michael Shrimpton and by the way both Simon and Michael Shrimpton will be speaking at my Aware and Aware Conference this summer, so if you want to see them in person at a great venue at the High Elms in Watford I encourage you to buy your tickets now because they will be sold out but at any rate Michael Shrimpton as you know has highlighted what is called the [43:25][ab ware], the DVD (Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst) is the more modern name for it. That’s short for words I can’t pronounce necessarily, but basically that harks back to Hitler’s Germany and the fascist sort of situation. I’m told the fascists are alive and well down in Antarctica and they are very instrumental in the New Berlin base so my question to you is what have you got to say or what are your sources telling you et cetera about what’s going on with Antarctica and of course the finds in which the ice is melting and Atlantis is being revealed?

SP: Right Shrimpy, as he is known to his friends was the first, that’s Michael Shrimpton, sorry the audience probably think I’m eating some Shrimps, I’m not. Michael Shrimpton is known to his friends as Shrimpy, a very genuine guy, worked for British Intelligence and he’s the only person that I’ve heard who knows something that I know and that is that during the Korean War when the United States, I think it was the United States Airforce, they changed, they were the airfield or airforce, they were different and then they became United States Airforce in the mid to late ’40s. The US were flying their new F-86 Sabre jets and they were combatting the Russian MIG-15s, which was supposed to be flown by North Koreans but probably were flown by Chinese. Now Shrimpy said that he was aware that when the two sides were engaging with their very early jet fighters the ground control for the American Airforce was able to eavesdrop on the North Korean or Chinese radio, and they heard German being spoken and in fact what it would be when the pilots said the MIG-15s would detect an F-86 Sabre they would say [45:45][achten, achten] Sabre, which is German, certainly not North Korean and it is certainly not Chinese. There is a reason for this because the MIG-15 was a copy of the latest German jet aircraft that were coming in 1945. The design bureau was a guy called Mikoyan I believe, and there were a number of these scientists that made their way to Russia, to China, and through, so the Germans lost the war but the Nazis did not. So questions that I’m often asked by people as well, if Hitler had flying saucers why did he not win the war? That’s a really good question. If you have got flying saucers that can fly to Antarctica, why on earth didn’t you win the war? And the reason is this, that whilst the Nazis had flying disc technology, they did not have energy beam weapons, and what they tried to do was to mount a traditional cannon or artillery gun on these craft and found that every time they fired it, it completely destabilized the magnetic field and the disc fell out of the sky. It wasn’t until the early days just after Roswell crash, in fact it was an F-86 Sabre yet again that the German Paperclip scientists had devised an energy, very primitive microwave, remember microwaves were rediscovered by a Scottish scientist in 1938 and the British prime minister gave the microwave technology to the present United States in 1939 hoping as part of the [47:36][sweet net] to bring US on the side of Britain during the war. Anyway that’s by the by, so this F-86 Sabre was equipped with a microwave device in an attempt to destabilize any craft that flew on a magnetic bearing. So while Hitler had flying technology he couldn’t weaponize these craft so what he had to do was get them to a hiding place. There was already connections in Antarctica so that’s where they went. That’s why there is a sizeable German technology there. Now you talked about Atlantis, what we’re looking at in Antarctica is a modern enclave of Nazis but based on an incredibly ancient technology. This ancient technology is more superior than the technology that the Greys have given to the United States anytime from the 1950s to now. This technology and Atlantean technology is incredibly old, but it is revolutionary and what I expect is that the deal has been done and President Trump will begin to get some of these advanced technologies. They will release the older technologies to the world and it will be this new technology that makes America great again. President Trump has often talked about making America great. He needs this technology to do that., so it is an exciting time and a very important point.

KC: Yes, well that coincides with something recently a secret witness of mine mentioned. He didn’t say that but he alluded to wasn’t there an interesting relationship between the grandfather’s technology that he, you know, suppressed from Tesla in helping, you know, the New World Order in their job back in those days, and then Trump getting into power and wouldn’t it be interesting if Trump was going to suddenly try to right the scales that had been wronged in the sense and use his position to then bring those technologies back. I know that the dark magicians love to sort of rebalance the scales when it suits their purposes so this is a very interesting dynamic going on and when he said that to me that’s exactly kind of where my mind went so I did put that out. I forget where I put it out. I might have put it in an article but at any rate it is very interesting that you are saying this now. Obviously it’s a, you know, it can’t be a coincidence that Trump is related to the very man who was instrumental in suppressing the Tesla technology and then here we are at this time, we’re at a very critical juncture in terms of energy.

SP: I fully agree. Let’s not forget why President Trump decided to run for President. I don’t know how many of your audience actually know the real truth rather than what’s been put out, but the real reason that President Trump decided that he would run for office was because one of his children was badly affected by a normal vaccination, and when he, because he is a billionaire, when he paid for the finest medical science that he could get to look at this he was horrified at what he found, and as a result of that he decided that he would run for president because he wanted to put right the wrongs. That’s why the man was driven to it and that’s why he was a wild card and nobody expected it and that’s why he took them all by surprise because this wasn’t something that he had been serious about until very recently.

KC: Very interesting, thank you for that. So I don’t want to keep you too long. I know we have even been delayed but…

SP: I’ll do a few questions Kerry. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

KC: All right, very good. So if you can just bear with me one second I have to plug this other computer in but it would be terrible to lose you.

SP: That’s okay I’ll wait Kerry, no problem.

KC: It’s a miracle that YouTube is actually, I mean not YouTube but Facebook is hanging in here for this so that’s kind of amazing. I have no idea what, I mean I hope the picture I’m seeing is the picture that we are ultimately going to be seeing on YouTube, so…

SP: If it’s not we’ll do it again.

KC: All right, thank you for that, so here we go. I’m going to look and see if people who are chatting and I do see a chat going by here. If you want to put questions, please put them on ALL CAPS in part so I can read them because I’m at a very awkward angle on this screen so that I can have both of us or at least get Simon here and I need to be able to see what is going on. I have to be a distance away from the computer so I don’t cover the screen with my body so to speak. It’s a, you know, a very awkward situation here. If you want to ask him a question please put it in all caps. Okay, and…

SP: While we are waiting can I just thank you Kerry for not giving in and for making sure that the dark side didn’t win tonight. You went ahead and you were determined to get this out somehow and no, no listen to me that’s why the audience really respects you because you don’t just throw your hands up and have what we say in Great Britain a “hissy fit” and run off. You actually think no I’m going to work my way around this. And you know that’s one of the reasons you have so much respect amongst the industry.

KC: Thank you, thank you for that. Well the force was with me in one sense for sure because, you know at the last minute this sort of not such a brilliant idea to come on Facebook live occurred to me. I had gone over to livestream as a place I used to go to broadcast and found out that they are now astronomically expensive, so that wasn’t an out. I actually tried to start another YouTube channel. These are all the things I did behind the scenes in those five or ten minutes when we were down and then this was just a lucky guess and then it did work so this is excellent.

SP: What I would say Kerry is when we make decisions quickly like that it does not give the enemy time to recalibrate. You probably calculated, they had calculated that you would go to YouTube and try and do that but when you went through Facebook they did not have enough time to contact their friends and do what they would have liked to have done.

KC: Absolutely, very good, yeah I have noticed that we are purposely rerouted all the time when we are headed to a destination and I’m sure that it is the positive side that are rerouting us so the negative side can’t get to us and this happens to us constantly so I know that you are right about that. Now the chat is going through very quickly so if people, again you have to put your question in all caps. This is a great opportunity for you to ask a question of Simon. One question that did go by awhile ago was a person who had obviously been listening and said why do they need to eliminate so many people?

SP: This is to do with China, is that correct? That’s in relation to China.

KC: They didn’t specify but I imagine since we discussed the agenda of North Korea and China that was outed by Mark that’s possible.

SP: Well let’s talk about Africa. There was a plan some time ago to do exactly the same because another group of off planet people, it was mooted could be moved in to these derelict locations. That’s not quite what we are looking at here with the China. This is more to do with China wishing to become a, not just a superpower but a universally built superpower and wishes to restructure some part of its country. To put it bluntly China wishes to take over the position of America, but doesn’t want to do it in a war, wants to do it in a nonviolent fashion.

[Simon Parkes Interview Part One Ended by Facebook…Restarted the Recording…]

SP: And it needs to rebuild or restructure…

KC: So we are going live again.

[Simon Parkes Interview Part Two Recorded Live on Facebook…]

KC: And it looks like we are live again, so as I said as they did shut us down on Facebook suddenly. It looks like the video was saved. I believe it’s still going to be there but this is sort of a wrap up and we were hoping to get questions from our audience. Obviously that’s been interfered with. The audience will make it over but I don’t know that we can sit here and wait for that to happen. It’s quite, you know, I see people trying to log in quickly so for those who are in the chat if you have a question very quickly for Simon rather than have him sit around and wait please do ask your questions now. I’m trying to imagine if there is anything that we haven’t touched on that they might be wanting to ask you Simon. Is there anything that you can think of, hold on…

SP: No I always prefer to let the audience come up with their questions, those questions are personal so…

KC: Someone’s asking something about the Mantids blending in with humans so I guess they’re kind of trying to figure out, you know, are they manifesting in this dimension maybe that’s a corollary to that same question.

SP: Well I have one very useful memory that’s being in a military facility with both British military, not American military but that’s because I’m a Brit so I wouldn’t associate with the US military as a kid and Mantids actually in the same place working together quite happily and without any bad feelings between them, so there is a very strong and Mark Richards is absolutely right, there’s a very strong positive bond between the US military and the British military and the true Mantis or Mantids, the true Mantis or Mantids. In terms of blending in with the humans, nope can’t do it because Mantids are between eight foot and twelve foot tall, and you just couldn’t do it. There is just no way, so they have to be involved either off planet or under human military bases deep underground bases. They do not… they’re not like Reptilians. They don’t really like to be seen above ground. Very rarely would you see a Mantis above ground.

KC: Okay, someone’s asking about the planetary grid, what’s happening with it?

SP: The grid is still in place. There are still holes in it but the grid is still in place. It’s part of the what we call a lockdown or part of the control system to prevent anybody really escaping or potentially anybody coming in. That sort of contamination field will remain until we have disclosure and the dark forces have been completely eradicated not just from our planet but from this whole quadrant, this whole section, so we still have a containment area both energetically and physically around the Earth. All the portals, the major portals are guarded. I don’t mean portals or portal technology in terms of within the earth, you know you go to Romania and then you can come out the Great Pyramid. That’s open but what’s not open is those portals that take you off into another dimension. They will be sealed up by the good guys.

KC: Okay that’s interesting. I would like to get more into depth on that but I think that we have so many questions here that…

SP: Let’s do a few questions and the audience can get… [crosstalk]

KC: Yeah it would be better. So somebody is saying something, or actually a few people, something about an event. Is there some event that you have been referring to?

SP: Yes.

KC: Can you elaborate?

SP: No this has been talked about in very divine feminine spiritual circles and I was asked this on my last radio show I think with Ted Mahr and asking me if I was aware of this event. It’s not the same energy wave from the sun that we are used to. How the establishment would look on it is more of a sort of a flair. This event is a short sharp positive shock that I am expecting which is designed to break some of the bonds energetically that trap humans in this paradigm. What you might see is a disruption to communications, landline, cellphone, internet that might be affected, and I did make a point here in my country, here in Great Britain, for the last five years the power companies have been running around like crazy double-earthing as many electrical installations as they can. I would guess they have done that in the States they must have [thrusted] a huge amount of money and the only reason they have done that is they are expecting one heck of a blast of energy at some point which from their establishment point of view will damage the communications and therefore their money, but from the ascension point of view will knock out AI, artificial intelligence, we will have a gap, a window of opportunity when AI is disinfected and then we will probably have to do something within that window of opportunity before AI can regenerate itself, so that is what the event is.

KC: Fascinating, okay and again I know this might sound like a broken record but Mark Richards is a very high-level interviewee in our view and I have just done an interview with him. He mentioned quite a bit more about AI. He’s been very slow coming with information pertaining to AI because his orders are that for some reason he, I don’t know, his point of view of that state or whatever you want to say the deep state is that humanity is not ready to know the dangers involved with AI. But he did allude to some, a few AI that are dangerous. Many are not, and so it’s interesting you are saying this because there is some information in his recent interview that probably might give some hints as to how this might come about. Now someone here is asking about the pope and being from Argentina the Nazi connection et cetera. Do you want to say anything about that?

SP: Well you know my own grandfather, my paternal grandfather and my own mother never believed that Adolf Hitler died as he was supposed to do. They all said he escaped by an airplane, two airplanes, one light airplane and one bigger airplane, and then a submarine and went to Argentina. In fact many of the streets and roads have German names and some places look like mini Austria with the beer colors, typical German-Austrian architecture, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the Fourth Reich has been able to project itself into major positions of power, and therefore it is absolutely no surprise that certain individuals in high places can, you know, trace back to Argentina. One thing that might make our audience or your audience smile Kerry is that when Hitler arrived in Argentina he did a deal with Eva Perón’s husband and you know that’s how the deal went, then when he died, she reneged on that deal and took maybe 75 percent of all the stolen gold and loot that he had actually managed to get to Argentina and he did it in the submarine. They took all the torpedoes out of the submarine and stuffed all the torpedoes with gold. That’s what they did. And Eva Perón said if you basically don’t give me the majority of your gold I’m going to tell the world where you are, and a friend of mind through a friend of mine was around some years ago in one of Eva Perón’s many buildings, palaces that she had and they were doing redevelopment and the wall was being knocked down to extend and when they knocked the wall down, it was made of gold bars, literally gold bars for bricks and plasterboard on top of it. So the gold was actually in the walls of these houses. The public generally hasn’t a clue as to the lies and deception and when Mark Richards talks about the AI, the problem we’ve got is that there is one faction attempting 5G or as they say in other countries, G5 which is a very high frequency form of WiFi which will allow a 4th dimensional entity to exist in that and will infect humans and will try to mass brain wipe or brain control large numbers of the population. The reason that Mark Richards is probably not allowed to go public because there is as we speak a battle being fought between the cabal group and the good guys as to what is the outcome of that.

KC: Very, very good. Okay so I’m sorry Simon there are so many questions coming along here.

SP: Let’s just do a few more. If you’ve got your voice I’ll sit up a bit longer so let’s do a few more.

KC: Yes, yeah, I’m fine now, thank you for your help with that. Okay someone wants to know, you know, it’s up to you whether you want to get personal here but someone is asking about Jeff Sessions, whether I guess in essence who he is really working for.

SP: More interesting to me is the Edgar Hoover building. The issue that Trump had was never the NSA or the CIA. It was always the FBI. Let’s not forget that JFK, the people who have a great deal to answer for that situation are the FBI, not the CIA so much or the NSA, so the interesting thing for me is the FBI. There are two individuals; I’m not going to name them. There are two individuals at the FBI who need to be removed. When I mean removed I do not mean assassination; I mean pushed upstairs, retired, given a pension, whatever. There are two that need to go and then when that happens we can hope to see some of these indictments naming pedophiles in high positions of the system start to be enacted on. There are a number of people in positions who have a great opportunity now to repent their sins and to join the common cause of humanity and let’s hope that many of them decide to do that.

KC: Okay from your mouth to their ears. So let’s see someone is asking about the etheric implants, wonders if you can tell them a technique for removing them.

SP: Right we have to be incredibly careful. All implants, this is what I’m going to tell you is about all implants. You cannot assume all implants are evil. You cannot assume that if you have an implant it is evil. You’ve got to get rid of it. I know of many cases where people are being kept alive because some force has recognized that an individual has a heart problem or this problem or that problem and they have foreseen in the next five, six, seven years that person is going to prematurely die and some of those implants actually keep those individuals alive. So I always say this to my clients if you are going to have an implant out you better make jolly sure that it is just a tracker or its designed to control your emotions, in other words it’s a negative implant. Do not take out an implant that is designed to help you. Now etheric implants are relatively new. They were the product of Atlantean technology interestingly enough. The divine feminine of Atlantis learned to use them, though for what purposes I’m not so sure. But the etheric implants can be traced back many of them to Atlantis. It’s an off planet technology. It was given to the Atlanteans from off world. The old-fashioned physical implants are not really used by military anymore. They have begun to convert over to etheric or energy implants, although they still use the old-fashioned physical implants for low grade work or individuals that they are not looking as top priority. How do we get rid of them? Well it depends who put them there. It depends what their job is and it depends where they are on the body or the field because each one has to be dealt with differently. It depends on the soul of the person because some peoples’ vibrational force is higher because of their soul vibrations so you have to look at that, a whole heap of reasons, you can’t just go in and say right there it is let’s get rid of it. You could cause more harm than good.

KC: Okay, someone is asking about Reptilians. I think what they are trying to say is Reptilian/human hybrids, how to recognize them in our society.

SP: Right they are specifically asking for Reptilian/human hybrids. Actually it is quite difficult to say whether you are looking at a Reptilian/human hybrid or something else because I don’t want the audience to imagine that I made the joke earlier about having scales. That isn’t the case. I mean if you look at pictures of skin under a microscope we do indeed have scales of some sort. There’s the answer sort of really hidden there isn’t it. Many people on the planet are hybridized anyway and I think what the questioner is asking for is something that is really grotesque. What you are looking for is people whose hair is dropping out. They can also be a mixture of human and Grey so someone who is in their twenties and everytime they put a comb through their hair, their hair comes out, if they have no eyebrows and sometimes we see the pattern is incorrect. There will be a finger missing or a toe missing. Some of their teeth might not be there. The whole shape of the head will be very different but generally human/Reptilian hybrids are not allowed out to the public. They are maintained on the bases. I’ve personally seen hybrids in bases. Now I couldn’t tell you whether they were a Reptilian or a Grey replica or hybridized, and these groups that I were watching were learning how to use a coffee grinder, so you know, there are everyday lessons being given to these hybrids so they can survive in society but if you don’t look possible, if your human nature is so weak you can’t go out on the sidewalk because it just wouldn’t work, so all you’ll see are either two types: one is a human/alien hybrid which can get away with, you know, being passed off as human and the other group are those that are so totally alien they use an electronic device with their own superior mind, psychic mind to project a screen so that when people see them they actually see an ordinary human and what I call an overlay. So you, a normal person wouldn’t notice it anyway. They would just see a person. Where you can catch them now is on camera because a camera works differently to the naked eye. It’s an electro device and it can often catch the real image. It will phase in and out on a video camera but on a still picture you might just get that. That’s why on the camera you can see orbs but most people can’t see orbs with the naked eye, so your best bet is to go away on a vacation, do lots of filming, come back and sit and watch and you will perhaps from time to time in a shopping mall or somewhere like that see one or two of these creatures that clearly aren’t really human.

KC: Okay, let’s see, I’m sorry this chat is going by really quickly, so one second while I try to…

SP: Sure.

KC: …grab this. Somebody wants to know about Macron and the meaning of his visit to the US.

SP: I have to be quite careful with that. At the moment there are decisions that are being taken this year will have ramifications for the next twenty years. There are things that are hopefully going to come to fruition this year which will make this president’s presidency stand out, you know. There are a number of meetings which the public haven’t been told about. There are a number of meetings which they have but the reason for that meeting has been hidden and when these meetings come to some sort of fruition you’ll find that people like President Trump have a lot more maneuver space, so perhaps ask me that in a month or two months’ time.

KC: Okay someone wants to know why can’t we just get rid of the moon?

SP: Okay, first of all, no it’s a fair question.

KC: Absolutely.

SP: I understand why they are asking that. I’ll give you the physical first of all. How much tonnage of explosives would you need and where would we go to? We would just be putting our trash somewhere else. The real reason of course is that until we have control of the far side of the moon, it’s not the dark side, it’s the far side of the moon and the bases that are both on the surface and more importantly underground. Before the moon’s geographical estate is placed into the control of Earth and the Earth humans, then we can’t do anything with the moon. At the moment the moon is what it always was, a staging point, an observation platform to maintain communications between Mars and Earth, but once humanity breaks through the boundary then the moon as an artificial satellite of course because it’s not organically grown, the moon then will come under human jurisdiction and I guess it will be very interesting to go on a tour of the underground bases on the moon one day.

KC: Okay, yeah the moon really turns my stomach. So let’s see. Someone wants to know, kind of a fun question, who was in control of the UFOs over Washington [D.C.] in 1952.

SP: Very interesting. The immediate answer might be shocking to some. What had occurred prior to that, Roswell, the weeks leading up to it, there had been a number of obvious radar connections with a very fast-moving craft that regularly came back. This was not Fourth Reich. This was the Grey aliens but what’s been going on is that the Grey aliens or a particular group of the Grey aliens in communication with a Reptilian group who were then in connection with the splintered faction of Nazis in Antarctica were trying to work a good cop/bad cop routine on the US. And I know that people like Truman, Eisenhower, et cetera, et cetera they get a bad press. The reality is if you have a pea shooter and somebody comes to you with a nuclear bomb, you have to buy time so that you can convert your pea shooter into a nuclear bomb and what those US presidents did was effectively stall for time to give their scientists the chance to back engineer et cetera, et cetera. The group that flew over Washington were from Antarctica. It was to prevent the US at that time attempting to do anymore exploration or have it as part of a US agenda to, like, you know, JFK said, we’re going to go to the moon, so there were many years of work toward it. Had the US administration said we’re going to go and colonize Antarctica or we’re going to set up many more bases that would have been very uncomfortable for those people living there so we have a combination of Fourth Reich and Grey alien craft over the White House at that time. It amazes me that you never see any of the artillery shells on eBay. So many rounds of antiaircraft were fired and didn’t really hit anything. They must have fallen somewhere. I don’t know why we don’t see them from time to time on show.

KC: Well actually the same thing with the battle over LA. There’s questions have been asked about that. What happened to like the shells, et cetera from that battle.

SP: Very interesting isn’t it. When a solid piece of metal strikes a shield of that nature it can be quite squashed or vaporized and you know it is impossible to take any of the true Apollo spacecraft out of this Earth simply because any small meteorite would puncture it, I mean small about the size of your fingernail would have punctured the spacecraft, and those spacecraft had in the front a device that protected, an electromagnetic beam, a little bit like the Van Allen Belt but differently which deflected anything solid coming toward it, and I would suggest that there is a lack of artillery shells for that reason.

KC: Very interesting, yes. Okay, Well, I have a question about William Tompkins since we’re on this subject of well you brought up the battle of LA or I brought it up, but he died rather suddenly. He was also told not to talk to me at a certain point when he was very, we had quite a good relationship. So I’m wondering whether he served his time and he was then given a way out and went to Mars or whatever or whether he actually did die and they killed him.

SP: Right. I don’t have any knowledge on the guy. What little I can tell you is that there is a history on this planet of men, not exclusively so but predominantly so, who are on what is called a death bed, and think to heck with this I’m going to tell the truth. It doesn’t matter anyway because I’m going to die in a month’s time and what does it matter, and I’ve got a conscience and I’m going to talk, and time and time again we’ve seen ex-military or intelligence on their death bed give a story. The cabal and the Secret Space Program were very unwilling for that to happen with you because you are such an incisive interviewer because you have the knowledge, you would have asked questions that many people would not have asked and he would have probably given you the answers and so he was told that he was not to speak to you and I do not believe he went to Mars. I don’t believe he did.

KC: Fair enough. Okay I think we have gone long enough here and I really do appreciate your extra time here Simon. I know that was quite laborious at the beginning and I’m very hopeful that both of these videos can be downloaded off of Facebook and put onto YouTube to widen the audience so that’s our plan and I will edit them together so they’re all in one video and thank you for being here and thanks so much for your, you know, dedication to serving humanity.

SP: Well listen thank you and you know never let the evil force win. Never give in. Never surrender. Never, ever allow the evil people to win, so we did this together Kerry. We were determined we were going to see it through. You came up with a solution. Let’s get it done, get those videos out, work through the night if you have to.

KC: Thank you.

SP: Get your foot on the gas pedal. Get these things out there. Let’s get the truth out to the public. Then to go back to what happened to Mark Richards. Somebody said to Mark Richards the public aren’t ready to hear the truth about AI. You know what, they are ready for it but people need the truth. I would never make a judgment that says you’re ready for the news but you’re not ready. I believe in humanity and I think people will make the right decisions. Let’s give them the choice, so well-done Kerry. Well done for doing it, God bless you.

KC: All right, you too and take care and thank you for all the behind the scenes help, also for our apartment et cetera, okay.

SP: See you later, God Bless, bye-bye.

KC: Bye-bye.

[transcribed 5/7/18 gsc]

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