16 November 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Simon feels the various shootings are all part of a well-planned great drama unfolding, but whether false flags or not people do get hurt; election fiasco appears to leave Republicans in control of Senate but not the House, so President Trump can’t be gotten rid of easily; CNN reporter Jim Acosta accosts White House intern, gets press pass revoked; 60,000 indictments and counting waiting to be opened; some money fraud indictments are being opened; disrespect of authority and the law creating violence throughout America; when corrupt local police force refuse to do their job federal agents have been, in the past and probably will be in the future, sent in to do the job; pipe bombs possibly false flags to help Democrats win in the election; future role of Japan on world stage; fate of the soul when one commits suicide; is Soros behind the migrant caravans invading America; true purpose of flooding a country with uncontrolled immigration is to destabilize the nation and destroy the family unit; success of Olympics will depend on who is president in 2020; TEPCO decides to dump radioactive water into the Pacific ocean; Japan’s fixed attitude concerning honor creates problems for them.

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16 November 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted I’m really great. That’s so wonderful, thanks ever so much.

TM: Oh good, so happy to have you on today. I was going to ask you, you know there’s, you said before off air a few minutes ago that there’s been so much going on in the world. Please tell us from your perspective all the interesting things happening.

SP: Right.

TM: In twenty-five words or less.

SP: I do think that all of these terrible things that have taken place with the shooting at the Jewish building, we’ve had the other shootings at school, and just recently of course in Australia there has been a another attack, which seems to have been prevented or partially prevented, and it all started with the so-called pipe bombs. And literally we’ve seen one thing after another and I do not believe that these are in isolation. I think we have to look at them as part of a program, part of a group, and I said on my website that in my opinion it was a very negative force that was becoming deeply frustrated and was lashing out, and right across the planet we’re seeing this outpouring of uncontrolled rather heavy dense demonic energy which, you know, is bringing about these terrible things. And I know we talk about false flags, but you know, I do want to remind people that in many cases whether they’re false flags or not people do get hurt. You know not everyone is an actor. Not every, you know, it’s not everyone covered in red paint. There are genuinely people who do get hurt, so I just wanted to say that this is part of the great drama that is unfolding, and it’s always going to be in the United States by and large.

The elections are quite interesting because it was obvious about four to five days before the poll that the Republicans would lose the House but actually had a reasonable chance of holding on or just slightly increasing in the Senate, and of course what we saw was quite a big swing to the Republicans in the Senate. Now what that means is that President Trump is safe for the next two years, two-and-a-bit years. He will not be impeached. He cannot be got rid of. For what it also means is that he can now launch into the 2020, I think it’ll be, the next presidential election, so he will put his name forward and I believe Mike Pence will also put his name forward as the running mate, so defied expectations, and we saw President Trump remove the CNN press man’s pass, and that was very interesting. I watched very carefully the video and the CNN press man does indeed not just resist giving the microphone to the White House aide, but he uses his arm to slightly push the woman, the woman aide’s arm out of the way, so that was a step too far. If the President of the United States says to you sit down, then you sit down, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, he is your president. He is the President of the United States, and if he says pass the microphone on and you refuse to, well you’ve stepped out of line, because there has to be some form of respect here, because if the world stage sees American people disrespecting their president, then the world will say why should we respect America? So I think that these media people have got too big. They believe that they are more powerful. They’ve lost touch, and the reality is that by taking away his pass, CNN top executives will now have to consider whether they are quite happy being pushed out in the cold and not getting all the news stories or whether they very quietly remove their man and put someone else in.

So just a roundup then, the terrible things that are happening at the moment, please see that as part of an ongoing campaign. The election result was far better for the Republicans than was expected, and it means that the indictments are safe. One of the problems that we had was if the House was lost and the Senate was lost, there was a real possibility these indictments could be held up. I’ve now got proper confirmation that there’s over 60,000 indictments and I’m going to be putting something on my website in the next few days with giving proof that there are 60,000 indictments. I haven’t got the names and addresses of all the indicted people and I wouldn’t do that, but I do have a breakdown of every state in America and how many indictments have been drawn up by that legislature within that state and then forwarded to the White House. So there’s real concrete proof that there are thousands of indictments. What we don’t know is if and when they’ll be opened, so that’s really my sort of update there Ted.

TM: One of the things that I’ve heard about is that Hillary Clinton is actually wearing, it looks like a kind of a cast on one of her legs Simon that’s used for healing like a broken bone or whatever, but people have told me that that’s actually a home detention device. Apparently that she’s already been served with an indictment. Do you have any any information on that Simon, or any developments [on it]?

SP: There was talk of this during the election period about two years ago plus, that there was a temporary period where they were worried that she might try and disappear. What I can say is that some of the… all I can genuinely truthfully say is that some of the indictments have indeed been opened. Now in terms of the Senators and Congressmen from women, prior to this election, you will have noticed that a large number, the largest number in your American history refused to run for office again. The number retiring was the largest it’s ever been. My understanding is that a lot of those were shown the indictments and told that if they did not stand for office the indictments would not be processed. Now I’m also led to believe that these indictments that have been opened are to do with fraud. So that’s to do with corruption and fraud, so the information I’m getting is the first indictments now being opened are to do with money laundering, taking a kickback when a civic building is being built, all money corruption, so that’s the ones that are being opened, so I can confirm that they are being opened, but the ones to do with money laundering, fraud, and corruption, now I can’t confirm whether anyone of that high office has actually been served an indictment at the moment.

TM: There’s been persistent rumors here in this country about pedophilia and sexual crimes, you know. Have you had any information about that coming through, about the indictments?

SP: A great deal. A very great deal.

TM: Okay.

SP: My understanding is that the lesser crimes are being dealt with first. These are the ones that are being opened because the sort of deal that’s being done under the table is that look if you were governor of a state and you took a half a million kickback and you allowed developments to go on that you pushed through within two years but should have taken five years, well you know, that’s America. So basically we will deal with it quietly and in-house.

If we’re talking about child trafficking or satanic ritual abuse, well these are the ones that are being held back till last. So that’s why some of these indictments are being dealt with quietly, because Trump is saying look, you know, this is what America does, but he’s drawn a line I understand between the usual money deals that people do under the table in the U.S. as opposed to bringing Mexican children in for sexual purposes, which he’s not tolerating. So I can confirm that.

TM: That’s good that he’s not tolerating that, yeah.

SP: No I definitely… you look, look…

TM: Absolutely.

SP: The one thing I want to say is that everyone, everyone to a certain extent, well nearly everyone to a certain extent, has some pressure point, some control, and we must remember that President Trump’s got children, and some of those children are Jewish, and that’s a fact and they’re very strongly Jewish, but one thing President Trump is not; he’s not a Satanist. One thing President Trump has never done is indulge with sexual activity with underage. He hasn’t done that. Now that puts him in a completely different ballgame…

TM: Right.

SP: …as opposed to many others. So whatever he may have done, he’s not satanic and that means that he’s not controllable by the same forces that have controlled nearly every other senior politician or lawmaker in the U.S. over the last 50–60 years. That is why Hollywood, not totally, but large numbers of people in Hollywood hate President Trump because child trafficking and pedophilia I think is going to, in the future, be shown to have some very interesting backers. There are other organizations in the media that don’t like Trump. When, and fingers crossed, as we say in Great Britain, when these indictments are opened some of these household names, pillars of the establishment, organizations that have sold themselves as more American than “American pie,” when these organizations are shown for what they are, it’s going to be the remaking of the United States of America. That’s the opportunity that exists. That’s what we hope happens.

TM: Good because I think everyone listening to this program today certainly would not condone any kind of sexual crimes against children especially or any sexual crimes whatsoever. That’s not the norm of this country. That’s the abnormal norm. We have laws in this country of both in the federal and state books against that sort of thing, and those people who engage in that should be thoroughly prosecuted and arrested, and I think most people, nearly everyone listening to today’s broadcast would certainly agree with that.

SP: The problem is of course there’s one rule for everyone and then one rule for just a little group. So yes there may be these rules at federal law and state law, all well and good, but if these people have the ability to get off those charges, or if the charges are never filed because X knows Z and Z knows A, it means… it’s a mockery.

TM: Sure.

SP: It is a mockery and this is the problem that average ordinary people will be charged and hammered for whatever, some of the smallest crimes, and then these very very well-connected powerful people who [do] much more serious crimes you know, they’re not prosecuted. So yes Ted, you’re right there are laws and rules, but they are only any good if the system is willing to utilize the rules and laws that were placed originally, and at the moment we do have an environment, particularly in the United States, where there is a culture that it doesn’t matter, because you won’t be prosecuted. It doesn’t matter as long as these people stay true to whichever oath or bond they made, they will be protected, and that’s what Trump… this is the difference because now that President Trump is president, people just don’t know anymore. They don’t know whether they will be protected from all this wrongdoing. They can get away with it. You see President Trump is saying I’m not part of that group, therefore don’t come to me to protect you because I’m not going to, and that’s why we’ve got this huge split in the United States, and the media portrays Trump as anti-women and anti-immigrant and anti-black and anti-this and anti-that. I have never known in the history of the Western world a media so anti its president.

TM: Sure.

SP: And when you look at it you think well what’s orchestrating this? Who’s pushing this forward and what have they got to gain by it, and when you ask those questions you realize it’s nothing to do with the Republican and Democratic Party. It’s to do with the fundamental core rule of law.

TM: Right.

SP: Who rules America? Is it this corrupt, evil, and I will say it, satanic group…

TM: Right.

SP: …that has ruled for many many years, or is it the law-abiding decent person? Who actually runs America, and that is what is going to be played out in the next few months.

TM: I want to go back a little bit to the CNN reporter. His name was Jim Acosta and I’ve looked at the video and it is showing him pushing back and fighting back against President Trump, and I think you’re right, that that kind of act actually engenders disrespect for not only the president but also all authority here in the United States, and it brings me, it brings to mind a situation where we had a couple of weeks ago where the Portland Police, the mayor of Portland is a guy named Ted Wheeler and Mr. Wheeler, actually this was about two or three weeks ago Simon, I don’t know if you heard about it there where you are, but here there were riots in downtown Portland. There was one elderly lady in a wheelchair who was beaten up by protesters, another man who was hauled out of his car. A lot of violence occurred and the mayor, Ted Wheeler, refused to call the police in to help anybody at all, so everybody was, it was like a jungle. At another instance in Portland Mayor Wheeler refused to provide any city of Portland police aid to federal agents who were trying to issue arrest warrants within the city, and the city itself must be like a kind of a jungle down there right now, but this kind of disrespect for authority and the president’s office exercised by Jim Acosta of CNN that you mentioned here that’s on the news. It’s in other spots of the United States too, and I don’t know if you’d heard about that what happened in Portland Oregon but it’s pretty uh pretty upsetting.

SP: No I didn’t hear Ted, but I’m gonna tell you something I’m not at all surprised. Cast your mind back to when JFK was president, and the rights movement was in full swing. The governor’s in many of these states refused to authorize the Highway Patrol or the State Police or the local police to protect black people exercising their rights, and so JFK actually had to send federal agents in to do the job of the police. So there’s a precedent for this, that this occurs when you have corrupt local officials exercising the authority they have at local level, and then the President of the United States having to override that.

Now what happened was that instead of America turning against JFK and saying look at that man he’s helping black people. What the white people in large numbers of the United States said yeah it’s time for change and they supported JFK because they felt that it was time for change. So when federal agents go in now the same principle is going to happen that it shows up corrupt local officials. We’ve got to remember there are some United States that are still run on a mafia type connection. I don’t mean the Italian Mafia. I mean the American Mafia. They are still places where that is very strong and it’s not anything like it was in the ’60s,’70s, and early ’80’s, but nevertheless it’s still strong, so you’ve got a heck of a lot to get through in America, and I always said and I’m on record for saying it, that Great Britain was the power and country of the energy of the magic and America was the action. It was where physically it was going to play out, and that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s playing out now.

TM: Yeah, yeah. Interesting, interesting. If we can, let’s go back to the pipe bombs. I had heard that these bombs were sent to president, former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, other public figures, but none of them actually worked, and there are allegations that these were actually false flags to engender sympathy for the Democrats just before the election.

SP: Yeah I haven’t got any information on how viable they were. What I’ve been told quietly is that most of them couldn’t have activated, but there were two that were real bombs, but didn’t seem to be primed. In other words they were working devices. They really could work, but the final bit needed to make them work hadn’t been done. Now whether that was an oversight by those responsible, for whatever reason, or whether it was deliberately designed that it would never go off, there is a strong, you can’t say rumor because I don’t work on rumors, there is a strong argument circulating that this was designed to put pressure on Trump. I haven’t any information either way on that. But what is interesting is that the guy that they have charged with making these bombs did seem to be in a rather clean van with excellent nicely cleaned stickers all over it being very pro-Trump, and I would have thought that a guy who was a bit down and out and lived and slept in his van, but he did declare he didn’t even own any furniture, would have had a much more beat-up old truck. So there are inconsistencies here and I just see this as part of the great game playing out Ted.

TM: Well that term Machiavellian term has a surfaced from time to time in American politics and certainly we’ve been given lots of false flags over the years including 9/11 which I think was a false flag as well. None of the official explanation is correct. It’s just like the official, the so-called government official explanation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All that was basically a lot of… we were fed a lot of incorrect information about that as well, so I think the American people are very jaded when information about things like this come out. We’re to the point where we like to investigate further and we don’t take the official explanation. Often we have to look beyond the surface to find out the truth often, so but anyway Simon I wanted to ask you, we’ve had a lot of questions come in for you.

SP: Good.

TM: Yeah this one actually is related to the elections and it’s from Bonnie in Philadelphia, and it says hello dear Simon, we love you for your calming and enlightening presence during these chaotic times. She writes now that the midterms are over will we see, this about the indictments, will the sealed indictments be open soon? We can only hope for the best. Many thanks, Bonnie.

SP: Hi Bonnie. Thank you for writing in. I hold your view. There was always this concern that I’ve voiced. I voiced the concern that there’s a great worry that if you have 60-odd thousand indictments, you don’t actually open the real serious ones because you use it as a bargaining chip against the other side and the negative side is incredibly powerful. We mustn’t forget that. They’ve run your country for decades.

TM: Right.

SP: And you now have somebody in who’s a loose cannon. He’s a maverick. I will say that, and that’s the point because Trump can’t be controlled in the same way that nearly every other president can. Now there is a worry that he can say look providing you don’t proverbially hit the nuclear button, I won’t open these sealed indictments. Now that’s a very real worry, but against that I know for a fact there have been some very credible attempts to murder, assassinate President Trump. So if a side is going to try and kill its own president, I think the president’s got nothing to lose, so I do expect those indictments to be opened and now that the Republicans control the Senate, he’s not under so much pressure to open them straight away because I said, and I did it on my radio shows, I’ve done it at conferences, I’ve said that it was a November, an October, November, December were three crucial months, because if President Trump had lost both houses, he would have been in real difficulty, and he would had to have opened the indictments quickly before the Democrats took control of the machinery of government. But now he holds the Senate he could conceivably hold on until January, February, or March before he opens the indictments. The other important point to answer here is that the number, this is an interesting fact for those of you who like facts and figures, there is approximately 5,000 new indictments being added every month. That’s an incredible number.

TM: My goodness.

SP: That’s an incredible number. Now when those numbers start to drop, five, four, three, two, one, we know that they’ve reached the point where they’ve got the target they’re looking for. That’s when they’ll start opening them. They won’t really be opening them now because you need an army of people to draw up these documents and I don’t believe that they’ve got the resources to keep on adding to these indictments and then start opening them up in larger numbers. They just don’t have the resources, so at some point they’ve got to stop the indictment process of building and start opening them. Now when we see that happening we’ll have a very clear idea that they’re moving towards the prosecution phase, so I hope that’s a good answer for you.

TM: Yeah it’s a very good answer and I figured out in my head quickly and 5,000 indictments a month Simon goes down to about a hundred seventy-five, a hundred eighty indictments per day and…

SP: Right, but Ted the important thing is here that it’s possibly not well known, but I think by people in Europe won’t really understand this. I think you guys get it that people are making a mistake. They’re thinking one indictment means one person. I’m being told there are as many as five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten names on each indictment.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: Because an indictment could just be against individual, but it could be against a group of individuals who are working as a corporation, or working as a whatever it might be, so don’t just assume that one indictment is one person. In a number of cases there are more than that.

TM: Right. Amazing, amazing. We have a lot of other questions but I have with me…

SP: Yeah let’s do it.

TM: Okay Michiko is here, Hayashi, from the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo and she wants, she’s got a question if that’s okay…

SP: Of course.

TM: Yeah Michiko go ahead and ask Simon a question.

Michiko Hayashi: Thank you. Hi Simon.

SP: Hello, hi.

MH: Well I am so happy I could ask you some questions about Japan. Do you have any information related to Japan or Prime Minister Abe and how Japan, what kind of role Japan will be playing in relation to the world affairs in the future? [32:02]

SP: I think it really does depend on if President Trump obtains a second term of office. You see under the previous president’s recent history Japan was not protected as a supposed ally of the United States. You know, over the last 40 years, through its economic building campaign, Japan became quite a close friend of the U.S. on one hand, but became an enemy on the other because Japan was seen as a country that was technologically advancing and was a threat to the U.S. There was also some very difficult and, we call it dodgy in this country; shady’s a word that you guys will understand, some shady deals that were being done, and as a result Japan fell out of favor with the people who controlled America. Now that President Trump’s in Japan is not a target in the same way as it was, and so if President Trump is reelected and if those indictments are opened, I can totally assure you he will be elected because people will just be so shocked.

But Japan will… this is the bit that’s being missed. Japan is an useful tool against China, but that’s not widely understood. China is on a world course to dominate everything. It wants to dominate everything. Technologically speaking Japan still has, even after Fukushima, Japan still has great capabilities and so what I’d like to see is Japan playing more of a role as a bulwark, as a defense against the massive expansion of the technology of China. I’m not talking about mass-produced. You can’t beat China for mass production, but in terms of can’t just rely on Silicon Valley, so I always thought that Japan had a bigger role to play providing somebody would front it, so that Japan could then be some form of boundary against the Chinese expansion, because people don’t really understand. China is a threat economically.

TM: Well thank you.

MH: Thank you so much Simon.

SP: Okay thank you.

TM: This concerns a metaphysical spiritual question and it says Dear Mr. Mahr could you please ask this question to Simon? Thank you so much for your wonderful work and wisdom you provide. My question concerns the fate of a soul after death due to suicide. I recently had two loved ones commit suicide, both whom I considered very bright loving souls. One was 85 and the other just 16 years old. When we enter the afterworld having taken our own lives is there a price to pay for not staying and accomplishing our mission or a sort of handicap reaching our Source? If so how can we help our loved ones who’ve regrettably made this wrong choice? I’m so grateful for any advice you can give me. With great love to you, Blue from Turkey.

SP: First of all please don’t worry. It doesn’t matter how you pass on. You are not penalized because it is the brain that makes the decision, not the soul.

TM: I see.

SP: So there is no penalty for someone who takes their own life. There is no penalty like that. There is only the difficulty. I’ll spell the difficulty out. Let us say somebody is born on this planet and they have twenty, thirty lifetimes. Usually it’s a lot more but we’ll just go for twenty or thirty lifetimes, and they do something not very good and they decide over these lifetimes that they’re going to try and be a better person, and they try and work it through, and then through whatever reason they end their physical life early and they go and then they maybe they come back. The amount of work they’ve got to do has to start off again from the lifetime where they ended their life prematurely. So in other words when a person does that they do not incur any extra penalty, but in the very tragic case of the 16-year-old, that person didn’t have a longer life to try to work through what he or she, you know, would have to face. So when that person comes back they’re gonna have to pick up again from when they were 16, so the penalty is that we have a little bit of extra work to do, but there is no, there’s nothing that is placed [on them] for killing themselves, and you know, I’m not going to get into the rights and wrongs of it. I’m just going to say no, absolutely not. Do not ever think that somebody who reincarnates back, who kill themselves has got some shackle or chain around their neck, or a big post around them. No absolutely not and so please please don’t have any concern for your family or friends.

TM: Well thank you. Thank you so much for… I get questions like that sometimes too. It’s nice to get a little perspective, good perspective on that. We have another question. This is about the migrant caravan. I bet we received several questions. This is Julie from North Carolina. She writes what does Simon think about the migrant caravan? Alternative news has shown migrants being bused deep into the United States and Texans are forming citizen militias. Could this be an extension of the riots that George Soros has tried to get started amongst Americans but never pulled off much violence? Thank you so much for your answer.

SP: Right well I don’t know how much American citizens are actually finding out through regular media or indeed through through truthful alternative news, but what I can tell you is that 8,000 American troops are now stationed on sections of the border, 8,000 and they’re not just National Guard. Many of these are regular troops. Now this was more of a political move than a physical move. This was to put pressure on the Mexican government. Now that Trump ordered 8,000 troops, because I think his general said about 8,000 would do the job, so what the Mexican government has started doing is issuing work permits, so what the Mexican government’s trying to do is to get people not now to go into America, but to offer them jobs in Mexico. Now I think there’s precious few jobs in Mexico anyway, so I think it was purely a political move, but the Mexican government are rather worried that the United States is putting military on its borders. We have seen in the past individual people paying for a drama to take place. We’ve seen organizations paying for it. Think about South America, the CIA and in the 1980s it was very much about funding one government or one part of a government or an opposition party. It’s what you would do, so try to destabilize, try to create a riot, try to bring a factional fighting, that’s one way to take the spotlight off the real issue, which is Satanic forces are controlling America. So yes I do accept that in a number of cases there are paid agents trying to bring up trouble. The thing is what a stupid thing to do because Texans have a very strong history of sticking together. Texans have a very very strong time of defending themselves, so it’s not going to play out for the bad guys. It’s just going to end. That’s what’s going to happen. You see by putting military on the border the Mexican government cannot afford any sort of standoff. It can’t afford to get into any difficulty with powerful United States of America, so I think what we’ll do, what we’ll see is all of the doors being closed, not on the American side but on the Mexican side.

TM: Oh that’s interesting. That’s very interesting. Michiko actually has a follow-up question about immigrants in other countries. Michiko why don’t you go ahead and ask Simon your question.

MH: Simon I see there are so many immigrants coming into many countries like such as Germany or Europe through France. Also we do in Japan also have many people from different countries coming into Japan. Also we see of course in the U.S., Canada and I just wonder if that is purposefully being done by these [42:03][organizers]?

SP: Well let’s first of all say that there are genuine immigrants. There are genuine migrants.

MH: Oh yes.

SP: Think about Jewish people who… think about Irish people. Think about all the people who are a hundred years, a hundred and fifty years ago came to the United States and worked very very hard and made or helped to make America the great country it is. So we have to look at what is a genuine movement of people and what is a drama orchestrated, controlled, and planned. Now when I look at the history of the United States of America I see many families coming in to the U.S. from Ireland, some from Britain, all over the place, but what happened in Germany, what happened in some of these countries is these are all men. They seem to be armies of men between the ages of 20 and 30.

TM: That’s true.

SP: These are the very people who will riot. These are the very people who will fight. These are the very people who will cause a problem. I don’t see families: man, woman, children coming in. I see women and children and men separately. I don’t see groups. If a country is so desperate, my children are grown up, I wouldn’t you know, I mean different with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis because that was completely different, but under a normal situation you wouldn’t leave your wife and children behind necessarily. You’d want to take all of your family with you, and you know when we think of all the boats that left different countries to go to the United States a hundred and fifty years ago generally it was families that would go, so I’m very very concerned at seeing large numbers.

Your audience may not be aware that over one million refugees or migrants have been settled in Germany in the space of one-and-a-half years. Can you imagine one million people being moved into a country that’s far smaller than the United States. Where are these people going to go to school? Where are they gonna find jobs? What about the health care? How are the police gonna cope? Where are they going to live? How can you move one million people into a regular sized country and expect it all to work. They don’t speak German. They don’t dress the same. They have different cultures. They eat different foods. They’re very obviously different.

So again to finish up this question, if you want to destabilize a country you can either set off a bomb, or you can fill it full of people that don’t speak the language, don’t eat the same food, don’t dress the same, and you break up the strength or the bond or the community glue that holds a town or a city together, and I can talk with authority here because in Great Britain we had the most strongest community almost anywhere in the world. That’s why Adolf Hitler couldn’t beat Germany[England?][45:15] but what happened was that the major principal city of London was bombed to bits by the Germans. As a result of that all the new houses were built and families were broken up. Before that mum and dad and their children would live in one street. Great-grandparents would be another one, grandparents around the corner, your sister was just round the other block, and that was destroyed, where a brother was sent twenty miles away, a sister was sent fifty miles away. Mum and dad were… and we saw in Great Britain the damage you can do to an indigenous community when you forcibly push people out geographically to a place they have no roots. This is a well tried project. Now you can’t drop bombs on people without starting a world war, but what you can do is bring in migrants and refugees and suddenly you look out your window and you think I don’t recognize this place anymore.

This is not racism. This is about saying how many schools have we got? How many hospitals have we got? How many police officers have we got? We’ve just doubled the population in the space of three months. How can the infrastructure cope? This is the issue so yes absolutely it’s in many cases it’s a plan to try to break up the family, and I just call it that.

TM: I’ve seen firsthand what you’re talking about Simon. Recently we were in Germany, and we saw little towns that maybe 2,000 people, with people from Africa, nothing against them, but they were there, no jobs, hanging around the streets, homeless, from Middle East, homeless, hanging around, nothing to do and these are people that Angela Merkel has brought into Germany and they don’t fit in. I’m sorry they don’t. They don’t even speak German, don’t even speak English and they’re there. We see it here in the United States. We have tons of immigrants here in the United States, nothing against them because immigrants are what made this country great.

However when you have uncontrolled migration over a southern border with no jobs for people here, you see the effects and they’re here too. My relatives in Germany said that crime, that Germany used to be a very very safe country, but nowadays the crime rate has gone up substantially because many people there, if you bring people in without the language skills and without any kind of job skills, their only alternative is to commit crime and that’s what’s happened there, and it’s happening in Germany from what we saw firsthand just last week, two weeks ago when we were there.

SP: Yeah so you’ve seen it with your own eyes Ted.

TM: Um-hum, oh yeah, oh yeah and I’ve seen it happen here in the United States too. It’s hidden, but it’s there and it’s a real problem and especially… mind you I’m not against legal immigration, but when you’ve got borders which are uncontrolled, people pouring over the border, no skills, no language skills, you’re gonna have problems, definitely have problems, so I guess that leads me to my next question. Michiko had one more question.

MH: I have so many questions today.

TM: Yeah that’s that’s okay. Why don’t you ask about the Olympics in Tokyo.

MH: I feel that something will be changing after 2020, the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Do you see any change afterward? If so how would the world change do you think?

SP: Well that’s no coincidence that that’s when the next election for president is, is around that time, so the two are linked. Basically as I’ve said earlier if Trump is reelected then such great spectacles as Olympics will get back to what they should be, which is a celebration of human endeavor and skill and resolve, rather than just a money-making project. It’s also a very great chance for Japan to overcome some of the problems of the past and to project what it can do and to win that support, so I think it all depends on who’s president. It really does. That’s… if you’ve got another Obama or Clinton in, then I think it’s going to be a very very very difficult games in Tokyo because of that particular ethos do not like Japan.

TM: Right. Exactly, exactly and of course this goes into Fukushima and I wasn’t going to ask this, but we have a couple of minutes left TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company, I’ve read news articles recently Simon where now they’re dumping, starting to dump highly radioactive water from the Fukushima reactors right in the Pacific. I don’t think that’s right, but and then of course Japan has a draconian law now on the press, that if they even discuss Fukushima or criticize the government they can be put in jail for up to ten years in Japan.

SP: The problem with China and Japan is that both countries, but Japan actually more, has an absolutely fixed attitude towards honor, and that can actually be taken the wrong way because if you’re in a corporation, you believe that you have honor to your corporation. You have honor towards the product that you make and you have honor towards those who head that corporation, and this is very different. We hardly see this outside of Japan, so it’s quite difficult to get the truth out simply because employees are confused between the honor for the planet or the honor of humanity versus the honor that they are obliged to have for the organization that employs them. Japan is relatively small place. It’s not a big place and they have run out of facilities to dump all of this toxic soil. They’ve got a lot of toxic soil and the toxic water, and it is incredibly expensive and there are very few countries in the world that have the facility to cleanse these materials, and I don’t think there’s any country in the world that could deal with the vast quantities of toxicity that they’re dealing with, and I suppose out of, I’m not condoning it, but out of desperation they’re just dumping this because they’ve got to get it off their land, and you were not getting the freedom of debate simply because the Japanese people have a very strong tradition to honor, and I believe personally they’re getting mixed up and they’re confused because the honor should be towards your children and the children’s future and not some executive that sits in a big office block.

TM: Right. Right I couldn’t agree with you more. Real quick we’ve got 30 seconds left. I know Dr. Emoto did experiments with love and gratitude where he was able to clean up radiation from nuclear power plants by just putting love and gratitude on a bottle of radioactive water and within 48 hours Simon the water was cleaned up, but we’ve got about 15 seconds left and Simon I want to thank you so much for coming on today. It’s always wonderful to talk to you and thank you again for sharing your words of wisdom with all of my listeners today.

TM: God bless the both of you and God bless to the audience. Thank you.

MH: Thank you so much Simon.

TM: Thank you Simon. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye my friend.

MH: Bye-bye, thank you.

SP: Bye-bye.

TM: Cheers. Bye-bye. That was Simon Parkes coming to us on a prerecorded recording I did a few days ago live from England. He’s a wonderful fellow. He comes on Out of This World Radio on the first and third Friday’s of every month. [End of Simon Interview 53:28, 1st Hour]           [transcribed November 19, 2018 gsc]



2 November 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Solar flare hitting Earth November 3rd–4th will possibly affect satellites and Schumann resonance; pole shift doesn’t mean land masses are going to move, just a magnetic shift, i.e., north is south and south is north; chem trails galore pretty much everywhere but especially in Great Britain and U.S.; field generated by 5G will allow something not of Earth to survive temporarily and possibly inflict AI infection on humanity; using drugs, especially psychedelic drugs, for spiritual advancement often leads one into lower 4th dimension and interaction with negative entities; outside hand organizes paid migrant caravan to crash U.S. border; Mexico offers work visas to caravan; AIDS virus created in U.S. government lab; Ted thanks all those involved in making arsenic-free drinking water a reality for the Hopi Tribe; Simon considers cats 4D and dogs 5D; advice: vote for the American Constitution on election day.

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2 November 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

[SIMON INTERVIEW STARTS at 02:32 Hour 2] Ted Mahr: And with that I can’t think of a better person to have on to raise consciousness than my good friend Simon Parkes coming to us now live from England. Simon, hi, how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, lovely to speak to you and of course to the wonderful audience. I’m fine, thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. Well for those of you who don’t know Simon he’s a fascinating gentleman. His parents were both in, who worked for both the American and United Kingdom Secret Service, and he’s had a lifelong contact, extraterrestrial contact, and he has lent a very unique perspective on world events. I have a lot of questions from my listeners and I wanted to tell people too as you’re listening today, if you have any questions for Simon the easiest thing to do is just to send me an email to outofthisworld1150 @gmail. com. I switched things around during the hour. We couldn’t get a, normally Simon’s on my first hour, but because of confusion with the time he’s now on for the second hour, so there are, there may be some people calling in to wish me happy birthday and congratulations on my show, and if that happens Eric, just give me a sign. We can have them on for a split second. But Simon thanks so much for coming on today. I really appreciate it.

SP: Thanks Ted, of course we’ve moved to, we’ve left British Summertime and here in Great Britain we’re on what we call GMT, which is the traditional Greenwich Mean Time, so because we’ve changed our time zone here, and of course that would throw everybody out.

TM: Yeah, but it’s okay. It’s okay. We’re easily able to handle it. I just realized this morning, it’s funny you know I realized, I said oh no, Simon’s gonna think that we’ll be calling him at 10:00 o’clock his time and we’re actually calling him at 9:00, so, oh well, I think we catch up next week or something like that, or I don’t remember now.

SP: Yes, it’s not too far Ted. Anyway, just quickly the only point I wanted to bring out of interest is the large, what the scientists call the solar flare.

TM: Okay.

SP: That was one of the largest eruptions we had a couple of days ago and the particles from that were due to strike the Earth either tomorrow, which is the 3rd my time, or some places it’s the 4th. So there have been a number of psychics on the planet who are reporting that they think there might be some issues coming from that. Certainly the mainstream scientists on… in Britain anyway are saying that some of the satellites could be knocked out and some of the communication systems on Earth could be knocked out. Now that’s coming from mainstream scientists.

I’ve had some psychics say to me that they are a bit concerned that there might be a false flag tagged on to this. In other words there might be some attempts to use this natural phenomenon and to blame it on to something else like an earthquake or something. So I had a few people contact me saying that they had premonitions of some form of earthquake at around the same time. I can’t comment on that because I haven’t had any information on that at all.

But what I can say here in Great Britain over the last three, four, possibly five years the utility companies have been going crazy and double earthing just about every electric pole or telephone pole that they get their hands on, and even in some of the most ruralist parts of Great Britain where you probably just see a man and a sheep once a year, they’ve have double earthed them. And I did get the chance to talk to someone who was in the know about a year-and-a-half back, and he said to me they had been warned there would be increased emissions from the sun and that they, all of these utility companies in Great Britain, were told to try and make the infrastructure as safe as possible. So it looks like that the companies or the corporations have been alerted to this and have for some time been trying to protect it, so that’s the only thing I wanted to say. Just keep your eyes open for that and see where we go with it.

TM: That’s an interesting comment. Thanks so much for sharing that and actually helps with another question I had from Louise here in the Seattle area. She had mentioned that she had heard that the date of November 27th was very significant and had to do with some Earth changes. Now that kind of makes clear that that may be a factor. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell. I hate to make any kind of predictions based upon date, but she had heard from several sources that the date of November 22nd might be significant. (background voice speaking) I’m sorry… right oh November 22nd, sorry, 27th all right.

The other thing too is that I watch Simon is what is called the Schumann resonance, which is the vibration of the planet. For tens of thousands of years the resonance was at 7.8 Hz. Then in September of 2016, it doubled to almost 13.8 Hz. Since that time it’s gone, well as recently as October 22 the Schumann resonance went up to… let me look at this graph here… 472 Hz, which is a tremendous run. It’s gone down since that time to just below 200 Hz, and I was wondering if this solar flare may have another effect on this as well.

SP: I’m sure it will. I’ve always maintained that the sun is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of not just our planet, but the planets that make up our group. The other thing to talk about is there has been some confusion when people talk about pole shifts.

TM: Sure.

SP: And it’s very confusing because a number of people who have been commentating perhaps haven’t quite understood what’s going on here. They talk about pole shifts, and the north pole will go to the south and the south to the north and they seem to be thinking about the geographical move, like the Earth tilting on its axis or continents shifting. I can absolutely tell you that’s not going to happen, because if that actually happened it would be the end of life on Earth. What we could very well have in our lifetimes Ted is a magnetic shift of the poles, so if you have a magnetic compass, what is north now would show as south maybe in twenty-five years’ time, vice versa. And the last time this happened was about 700,000 years ago. They know that because when a volcano erupts, it erupts a very mildly radioactive dust and they have been able to check that just over 700,000 years ago what is our north was south and what was south was north. So we are expecting that in possibly our lifetimes. So that’s not… if that gets talked up as I expect the scientists are I think they’re just on the verge of talking that up again. It’s not the Earth turning on its… shifting on its axis. It’s not continents moving. It’s just a magnetic reversal. What it will disturb are birds, bats, and bees, anything that requires a magnetic compass for itself, but in terms of life on Earth, it won’t be the end of Earth, so I just wanted to make that clear as well.

TM: You know I have to ask you this Simon. I was flying from London to Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago and in the skies above Britain there was just… it was, there were low clouds around England so you couldn’t really see upward, but on the aircraft you could clearly see all these chemtrails everywhere. You think this might be an attempt in a benevolent way to try to stop any kind of pole shift or a magnetic shift. Most of time with the chemtrails I view them as unnatural and harmful to health. I don’t know. I just don’t know. There’s no word…[10:40][inaudible]

SP: I don’t see them as positive because I think that if something was positive I would have hoped that they would have been shared with us. If you’ve got a very good reason for doing something then you would share it publicly. I do see… I totally agree with you and we have touched on this before and it’s a good subject to touch on again, that both United States of America, Great Britain, and increasingly other countries are now being hammered with chemtrails in a way that we have not seen maybe for many years, especially because, you know, I know the game of crap where you throw dice. The dice have nearly stop rolling, and so imagine your game of crap where you have thrown the dice. It’s hit the board. It’s about to stop and it’s got a couple more rolls of the dice and so everything is being piled on. That’s why certain countries are… I’ve never seen so many chemtrails. And you’re right. I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen so many.

TM: Sure. Right, right. I know. I used to live in eastern Washington years ago and there the chemtrail planes would come literally within 70 or 80 yards to the ground and people were getting sick. The aluminium, the amount of aluminium particles in the air was like 10,000 times what they should have been. People were having stillbirths. They were losing children from the excessive amounts of barium and strontium and titanium being… and sulfur being sprayed into the air. And I know that none of those chemtrails seemed to be doing anybody any good, and the media wouldn’t report on it because they were controlled. It was only through alternative media sources. That’s one of the reasons why I started my show so that this information could get out.

SP: Right there’s one other thing that most people assume that the spraying is coming out through the engine somehow this material is being sprayed out with the engines. The truth is that there are some materials that would be killed or destroyed in the hot gases that come out of the engine, and you know there are reports of a pod that sits on the back of a passenger airplane towards the tail end. I presume it has to be aerodynamic. Otherwise it would make the airplane unairworthy, but I’ve had enough witness accounts now which say that this pod actually releases something as well, so that presumably is something that would be heat sensitive, so there is an awful lot of spraying going on of different types.

TM: I have to tell you too, I heard this from William Tompkins about a year-and-a-half ago before passed on Simon. He wrote a book called “Selected by Extraterrestrials,” and he was with the Secret Space Program for many years. He said something very interesting to me off the air. He said that many of the planes actually were not human planes. They were actually Reptilian or Draco planes that had shapeshifted into looking like U.S. military planes, and they were the ones spraying a lot of these chemtrails.

The second thing that he said was that the Reptilians were terraforming planet Earth to make it more friendly to their species and less friendly to ours because many Reptilians, our atmosphere is too oxygen rich, so what they were spraying was aluminum, barium, strontium and sulfur in an attempt to make our Earth atmosphere more like their home planet of Draco, which has an average Fahrenheit temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the reason for the sulfur, and the other things they were spraying were to make it more like the home planet of Draco.

SP: I certainly think that part of the global warming is exactly the chemtrail spraying, part of it, simply that the chemtrails actually retain and control the sun’s energy to a certain extent and that’s [14:43][?sue beats], but I know as a small boy, I have no idea of my age, it’s so difficult, probably between the ages of six and eight, meeting a white Reptilian and under the Earth, but having to go into a chamber to be adjusted to the temperature. In other words the artificial, the artificial environment they live in is incredibly hot compared to what a Western European person would consider, and I remember having to go into this sort of a like a tank to have something done so that I could then go into this environment with them and not be overcome by the heat. So it’s got a long way to go yet. I mean let’s put it this way. You’re more likely to see a Reptilian in New York City or New York State than you are in the Sahara desert, so it’s not just about the temperature.

TM: Sure.

SP: There are other factors to it, but yes I’ve had other current American Intelligence people confirm to me that not just airplanes, this is where we get really into the whacky world where things like motorcars and trucks and rigs actually are not what they appear. They are something else, and if we accept that somebody has that level of technology then no wonder, no wonder our governments are cautious and scared and frightened because no matter how clever the U.S. government is, it doesn’t have technology at that level yet.

TM: That’s true. Absolutely, but one of the things that the Pleiadians told me about thirty years ago when I first got interested in… thirty–forty years ago Simon. They said if we all work together we can beat any negative entity or any negative force, but we have… that’s one of our soul lessons, spirit lessons is to work together as a planet for humanity because we all have the spark of the Supreme Being in us regardless of our race, creed, or color, and if people realize that, the more people that realize that the better off we’ll all be here on the planet.

SP: I agree, and I’ve said on countless talk shows or conferences that the human race in relation to many of these other peoples may be technologically, not technologically stupid, but we may be technologically backward, but spiritually actually we either do outstrip most of these other groups or we have the potential to outstrip them, so yes technologically we may not be at their level but we have this potential connecting to divine source which many of these other groups have lost, and which does give us this opportunity if only we’ll just take it.

TM: Right, exactly, exactly. Along those lines, here’s an interesting website that was sent to me just yesterday. The website is https://Patriots4Truth. org., and they dedicated this month, November 2018, as shoot down chemtrail planes awareness month advocating U.S. military action only, because I know there’s good people in the U.S. military of course, and they’re asking them, the good people in our military, to shoot down the chemtrail planes, which is interesting… [crosstalk]

SP: Well, I don’t know… Ted we can’t do that.

TM: Right.

SP: Because of course these planes contain passengers.

TM: Okay, sure, of course.

SP: Innocent people. So I think that’s a very… it may be a joke but actually that’s something that we really shouldn’t be doing because these aren’t empty airplanes.

TM: Sure.

SP: These are chartered craft with real people in. What they’d be better off doing is saying to the military to take out the people who are organizing all of this.

TM: That’s better. Yeah, I agree. I agree. This leads me to a series of questions from Aldridge in Germany, sending me many questions for you today Simon and one of them was regarding the 5G network. Now there’s another gentleman named Bradley in London who also sent me a YouTube video on the 5G system, on its hazards. What was interesting when he sent it to me Simon, he could watch it there in London. He sent it to me here across the pond. I tried to open it up and it was disabled on YouTube. I couldn’t open it up at all, so I wrote him back and he said oh, don’t worry. We’ve still got it here. I’ll download it and send it to you, so I’m still waiting for it now but the 5G system, what’s your perspective on the 5G system?

SP: Well let me just quickly backtrack a little bit because that’s worth saying. When I work with some of my clients who need deprogramming I use some regular videos, but regular videos created by people who have a story to tell, people who have been in a perhaps an MKUltra environment, broke free, and then did a song or what have you, and, you know, put their life history into it, and I use those for part of my deprogramming.

Now under the time of President Obama, there’s one particular video that I use and nearly in half of the states of America during President Obama’s time in office this video was banned. Although the guy who was the lead singer still has a band in Europe and is mainstream on YouTube, so in Great Britain, European countries, you could just go on YouTube and you could get this, these important videos, but half of the states in America banned them. Now within three months of President Trump becoming the president, this video is obtainable in any American state. Now what does that tell you? So that’s the first thing there.

TM: Interesting.

SP: And the second thing is, well I never… there’s a particular video I use. I never had the privilege of talking to the lead singer but obviously in fairly high up circles, elite circles, it got out that I was using this video because this star’s manager Skyped me and then within two weeks of that his lead drummer Skyped me. And that’s just not coincidence, and they just sort of basically gave me the nod and said yeah go on, you know, use it for good purposes. That’s what’s it’s there for.

TM: Um-hum.

SP: Okay let’s talk about the 5G, oh my cat is calling. Hello darling.

TM: That’s okay. You take care of you cat. That’s important.

SP: Yes, okay. The 5G is an issue simply because it’s not been, (cat meowing) Yes, darling. Yes I know.

TM: Obviously your kitty cat has something important to say. Kitty would you like to come on the program. We’ve got time. That’s no problem.

SP: The 5G is an issue because I don’t care what any professional doctor or radiologist or anybody else says to me, I don’t believe it’s been fully tested on humans. I don’t think holding a rat up by its tail and frying it for twenty minutes and saying oh look, the animal is still alive. That wouldn’t satisfy me.

TM: Right.

SP: There are too many whistleblowers now who have worked or work in the industry who are now coming forward and saying look, there are some serious issues here. The problem that we have is that mobile phone masts, cellphone masts, or satellites aren’t an issue for the general public. They’re so used to seeing the cell tower that it’s no big deal anymore.

TM: Right.

SP: You know if you talk about fracking, well heck that could knock the house price. Your house price could come tumbling down or it could obviously turn the water red or brown, and so that’s very easy to campaign around, but an innocuous cell mast somewhere or a satellite in space that you can’t see is very hard and if you say to somebody hey look, you know what, at the moment with 4G you can download this file in five seconds, but with 5G you’ll download it in one second.

TM: Right.

SP: Now I’m old fashioned and I don’t care whether it takes me five seconds or fifteen seconds to download something. I just… really great, I’ve got it.

TM: Yeah.

SP: There are lots of people who want one second shaved off the download time.

TM: Sure, right.

SP: And that’s what they’re playing to. They’re playing to people who want toys.

TM: Sure, well one thing, you said something interesting too a couple of shows ago Simon. You said that if they are able to get this 5G network in, the current phones that use the older systems won’t be functional so everybody will have to buy new phones to hear.

SP: That’s right.

TM: It’s a new market for them.

SP: Absolutely. Ted, we should be stock and bond holders. It means at a stroke, you’re saying to people if you want this you can’t just get an upgrade.

TM: Right.

SP: You’ve got to get a new phone, so hey isn’t that a brilliant way to sell new products?

TM: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Well I always enjoy your take on it. The other thing too that I’d heard some time ago was that the 5G system itself will blanket the planet in this new EMF wave, electromagnetic wave of dirty electricity that will allow some negative entities to come in too. I don’t know anything about that but I wanted to run that by you. That’s something else I heard.

SP: Well that to me is the whole reason for it.

TM: Sure.

SP: The side issue is corporations making trillions of dollars…

TM: Sure.

SP: …when they wouldn’t have otherwise done it. Now that’s… you always see these things go hand in hand and often the making of large amounts of bucks is the excuse or the reason that gets cellphone companies to put masts up or you know what’s not widely known is it’s not just cell masts. There’ll be satellites doing this and there’s a Russian billionaire who has a space program and he’s been renting out his own rocket for these satellites to be launched and they’ve been doing that for some time.

That’s not widely known. It’s nothing to do with the Russian government. It’s a private venture. And the difficulty that we have, as far as I’m concerned, is that 5G isn’t just one up on 4G. It’s a whole new ballgame. It allows 4th dimensional entities to survive or partially survive in an artificial environment. So as far as I’m concerned the electrostatic or electromagnetic, however I’m not the scientist, but the field that is generated by this 5G will allow something that is not of this Earth to survive temporarily, and I do believe that one of the options this plan of artificial intelligence is to try to infect humanity. It hasn’t worked up to now because we’re divine creatures and I don’t believe it will work in the future, but nevertheless, it is my job to warn people even though I don’t think humanity is going to die, I do think it’s my job to warn people that there’s an attempt by a negative force to try and trick us, and that’s the life on this planet isn’t it? We get tricked…

TM: Right.

SP: …and we either see it and respond or if we don’t but we still learn from it and we go forward. So I’m not doom and gloom about it but I certainly am warning people that 5G is not the advantage for 5G is terribly outweighed by the negativity that I believe is going to come with it.

TM: I want to thank you so much for that profound comment Simon because I know a lot of people wanted to hear your opinion and also get kind of a background. From my own background as a psychic, there are twelve different dimensions, but the 12th dimension being the home of the Supreme Being or God if you will who created all of this. The 3rd dimension is where we exist. This planet and humanity choosing the higher, the right path will ascend into the 5th dimension, and the 4th dimension is sort of an interesting area. It’s the 4th dimension of time but there’s an also part of the 4th dimension. There’s a lower plane of the 4th dimension which inhabits, which is a home, a haven if you will for negative entities, and for them and for what you said about negative or negative entities living in the lower part of the 4th dimension that this 5th, this 5G network provides, if you will, a home for them on this planet and a natural home, because they wouldn’t exist otherwise and it makes sense.

SP: Spot on Ted as always. The fact of the matter is you’re quite right. We refer to the lower 4th. Now these entities, whatever we may think of them, they are very very clever. And they have mapped the future, their own future and they can see they’re on a dead-end street.

TM: Sure.

SP: So if you’re in a dead-end street what do you do? You need a lifeboat. So their team have got together over thousands of years. They’ve waited for humanity to reach a level of technological advancement where they can then intervene, and that’s what Roswell was all about. We’ve reached a level, industrialized, but what we didn’t have in 1947 was microcircuitry, computer chips, microtechnology, so what happened in ’47 was we were given microtechnology which we could then marry to the industrialization that we already had.

TM: Sure.

SP: So from that moment onward we went into a digital age. Now if you are a negative entity and you are in the 4th dimension what do you do? You think I’m trapped. I’m going to be sealed in a box within a box. I need to get out. What we’ll do is we’ll try and jump across into the 3rd. If we can survive in the 3rd, when these humans move up to the 5th, maybe they’ll take us with them.

TM: I see.

SP: That is the plan.

TM: Interesting.

SP: It’s hanging on to our shirttails. That is exactly what their plan is.

TM: And for the corporate executives of companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, remote cell companies here in the United States, they’re looking as a carrot, as the dessert for them, as an incentive is all the money they would make from it. They don’t probably care too much about the rest of it but as long as they’re making money they’re happy.

SP: They probably don’t even know about it Ted. They probably don’t even know. I would say that ninety-nine percent of the employees of these companies haven’t got a clue. It’s only the ones in the scientific level that are, have a knowledge of science, and are saying this high frequency isn’t very good.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely. Would 5G affect children more than adults?

SP: It will do, depending on the age, I would imagine if the cells in your body are growing quicker and you are more responsive, then yes the effect could be greater.

TM: Okay.

SP: That’s why we see in radiation cases it’s the unborn child that often shows the deformities because they are growing at a much faster rate than an adult.

TM: Sure. Sure. Well before we leave this subject you touched on the lower part of the 4th dimension as a haven for negative entities.

SP: Yes.

TM: And from my own experience as a psychic, I’ve had people approach me in the past and said Ted you really need to use drugs if you really want to get to the spiritual. And I said nothing could be further from the truth and I’m not gonna smoke pot or take any drugs to gain spiritual advancement but then on the other hand the push, I mean hemp, marijuana, for example, some of it has very good uses. CBD oil I’ve heard has a lot of good health benefits, but you don’t smoke it to gain spiritual advancement and what happens when people smoke marijuana it leads them often into the lower parts of the 4th dimension where they run into negative entities and they don’t even realize it, so anyway…

SP: Right, I’d say it was psychedelic drugs that take a person into the 4th dimension. When a shaman uses something to send him or her on a journey I don’t think they are looking themselves for spiritual development necessarily, but they are on a quest for knowledge and which is perhaps slightly different form their own development. They’re actually looking for understanding or to sort out a problem. So when a person uses a narcotic, they should be very clear with themselves whether that’s to spiritually develop or whether that’s to sort out an issue or a problem or to see over the hill, to see what’s going on in the future, and my own advice to people is that psychedelic drugs take the human spirit into another realm. And if you go knocking on someone else’s door, then you’ve got to be prepared for who opens that door. It’s harder for these negative entities to come into our world. This is our world. So the energies are based here for us. If you take yourself off and you go into another realm, well you’re in their home turf and you have to deal with what you get. So I have a real problem with psychedelic drugs.

TM: I’ve had the same conversation with other psychics of mine and I’ll probably be bringing them on my show here soon, but thank you so much for that wisdom Simon. I’ve had a couple…

SP: Any more questions Ted?

TM: I do. I do. Here’s one, Julie from North Carolina. She writes, just came in, what does Simon think about the migrant caravan? Alternative news has shown that migrants are being bused deep in the United States and Texans are forming citizen militias. Could this be an extension of the riots that George Soros has tried to get started amongst Americans that never pulled off such violence?

SP: Well we can look at precedent here. Two, two-and-a-half years, three years ago in Great Britain there was a huge caravan of migrant workers. We didn’t call them that. We called them immigrants or refugees in Great Britain. The term now is migrant workers because that sounds more appealing. Hello cat.

TM: Your kitty cat has something important to say.

SP: Oh, he’s a new kitten and he just loves to talk.

TM: Okay.

SP: And so what we have is a situation where large numbers of people are paid or are sold a vision and they just form numbers and they go. Now let’s look at the United States of America. People in the early days came from all over the world. Lots of Irish people.

TM: Right.

SP: But they came mostly individually so individual men, women, families, said I’m going to make my future. I’m going to go to America. I’m gonna do it, and they would turn up with very little. Nothing. But that’s because they all made a vision to go themselves. What’s happening is that large villages, numbers of people are being rounded up…

TM: Right.

SP: …put into a truck and told, hey we can bus you over the border and it’s all gonna be fantastic. So there’s an external hand here and they did it in Europe. They tried to move, look they moved a million people, a million people into Germany.

TM: Yeah.

SP: Can you imagine that? A million migrant workers into one country, and remember Germany is not the size of America. So of course any decent politician regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat, should be saying hold on a moment. If these people come across the border what sort of jobs are they gonna do? Are they gonna be able to afford healthcare? What’s the crime gonna be like? What is the schooling? How can we provide schools for these kids, and if they don’t get a job, are they going to turn to crime? Now that’s not being racist. That’s actually saying that a country raises tax. It uses its tax hopefully to provide for the citizenry. If you bring in hundreds and hundreds or thousands and thousands of people who don’t work, who don’t pay tax, and you have to provide in some basic sense for welfare for them, no wonder people are ticking off and of course President Trump doesn’t want lots of children coming across the border with no parents and then child trafficking gangs turning up, claiming these kids and then shipping them off. So no, I think President Trump’s exactly right. I don’t believe in the wall. I really don’t believe in a wall, but what I do believe is that countries should not participate in pushing their problems across the border. And I know privately that President Trump had a very strong conversation, I think it’s with the president of Mexico. You have a… is it the president of Mexico?

TM: The president of Mexico, um-hum.

SP: He had a private conversation with him and he basically threatened that the national guard in the border area would be mobilized and moved down and immediately what the Mexican government did was say they would offer employment visas to many of the migrant workers for jobs in Mexico because what the president of Mexico did not want was a military confrontation with the U.S., and Trump said if you don’t do something I’ll have one thousand national guard and they will shoot. And that’s what he said privately. That’s why Mexico is now issuing work visas and work permits to try to stop these people coming to the U.S., but I bet you that’s not in your news in America.

TM: No. No it’s not. We get the traffic reports, sports, which is okay. We get sports, traffic reports, weather and the cartoon channel. That’s about it. Sorry. Not much else. Not much else. Not much else my friend. And you know it’s funny, as you were speaking Simon there’s a beautiful angelic light came into the studio with lots of sunshine. It’s a beautiful day here in Seattle. I can just feel the good energy coming in. As you know we talked about this earlier. I talked about the 5G YouTube video which my friend Bradley in London can watch. I can’t because I’m on the wrong side of the pond. Here’s another example. Another gentleman has written me from Germany a couple days ago. He said that this is a YouTube video on the real reasons behind Hurricane Michael hitting the East Coast. I can’t watch it. It’s unstable. He can though so I’ve asked him as well to please send it to me, so I hope it gets through the censures and makes it across the pond.

SP: Sorry to interrupt you Ted. I very rarely interrupt you but I just have to say this and of course America is the land of the free.

TM: Uh-huh. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate…

SP: Because you’re not. You’re not free. This is the joke.

TM: Oh okay. Yeah now I got it. It took me awhile, sorry.

SP: But you’re not free.

TM: The media is, well that’s why I started my show to get the news out there and to get the information out there. Did I ever tell you in 1979 I lived in London for the summer and I was going to school there and I picked up “The Times” newspaper on like the flight just before flying from London back to Seattle, and I picked up the paper and I read it on the plane. It was all about how AIDS was created in the U.S. government laboratory and that was responsible for all these deaths. Well I get to the states and nothing in our media is about that. Nothing. It was all silence, but it was fairly common in Britain. That story was the front page news in “The Times.”

SP: Yes it ran from 1979–1980 up to 1983, and it was very commonly held at that time that it was a warfare virus created in the U.S. to wipe out either gay people or black people and it was introduced into the monkeys in Africa and other areas, and the whole plan was to wipe out the black population, and if it took a lot of gay men with it then they were happy about that.

TM: Yeah.

SP: So we knew in Britain late ’70s, early ’80s that we accepted that as an American warfare drug.

TM: Wow.

SP: And then of course it clamped down and then by about 1985 it was no longer being discussed.

TM: Oh wow. Wow. Simon would you mind holding on just for a second. This is someone who I scheduled, who you know I said…

SP: Sure.

TM: …she could call in to wish me happy birthday.

SP: No worries at all.

TM: Yeah, just hold on. We’ll bring her on quickly and then we’ll come right back to you, so anyway go ahead and put Lori on. Lori.

Lori Spagna: Hey Ted happy birthday.

TM: Well thank you.

LS: Happy birthday Ted.

TM: Thank you Lori, you’re so sweet.

LS: If I really thought I had a nice voice, I mean a singing voice, I would sing you happy birthday.

TM: Well that’s kind of you.

LS: How is your day going?

TM: Oh it’s fantastic, it’s fantastic. We had to switch things around because I was going to have Simon, my friend Simon Parkes from England on the first hour but there was a time change. Anyway, so I’m having him on now, so but I’d glad you…

LS: Hello Simon Parkes, Lori Spagna calling.

SP: Hello there, lovely to hear you.

LS: …[crosstalk] AIDS virus being developed in a government laboratory and you want to know something really interesting? About ten years ago I was in Los Angeles and I was in the dog park walking my dog at like 11:00 o’clock at night and, or maybe not that late, but there was someone in there and somehow it just came out of my mouth. I don’t even know how it came out and it just came, I never knew it intellectually until we were talking about viruses and diseases and it just came out of my mouth that AIDS and other viruses, most, almost all of our viruses were created by the government in a lab north of like Plum Island, Plum Island, Nantucket [actually Long Island] which by the way is where I am right now. I’m in Amagansett, the Hamptons, and when that came out of my mouth I was like where did that come from and this was ten years ago. I had no idea. It wasn’t anything I learned. It was just channeled through me just came out of my mouth and so when I hear him say that I know it is true. I know it is true but it’s not anything I read anywhere, but I know he’s right.

TM: Yeah. Yeah.

LS: So fascinating subject.

TM: Well, yeah it’s absolutely fascinating and Lori do you have any questions for Simon since you’re on the air?

LS: Oh my God, Simon. Well I wasn’t prepared to ask questions and I didn’t really hear anything else other than that but I want to hear everything Simon has to say. (Simon says) What is Simon saying. He says, what does Simon say?

TM: Now listen he also takes pet questions too because he has a lot of cats there and he’s very fond of cats and dogs so if you have a question from your cat or dog he can maybe answer it.

LS: Well Simon are you a pet psychic too?

SP: I didn’t quite hear that. What did you say?

TM: She asked you if you are a pet psychic, whether you answer questions from pets?

SP: Only with cats, not with dogs.

LS: Only with cats, not with dogs. Why is that?

SP: Because I consider dogs to be 5th dimensional and I consider cats to be 4th dimensional.

LS: Hum, that’s an interesting perspective.

SP: That’s because of the connection with ancient Egypt. Cats have a very strong connection with ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid, the last pharaoh of course was Queen Cleopatra and she used to keep a black panther as well as domestic cats, so the cat through that culture has always represented alien intervention, although by the time of the last pharaohs they had forgotten their history. They just knew that the cat was sacred. So cats have a strong connection with 4th dimension. That’s why, if you… the cat makes a fantastic guard animal. If you have some negative force that comes in from the 4th dimension into your home, the cat will pick that up. A dog very rarely will. A dog will pick up something coming in from the higher realms, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, but a cat will always spot something from the 4th dimension.

Very, very briefly I had a cat that lost its leg in a fight with something. Something came in, this is about a year-and-a-half ago into not this house, another house. I didn’t even see it. It was obviously a demonic entity and the cat attacked it and then we had to have the cat’s leg amputated because this was a cat that was indoors, not an outdoor cat, and it had its leg broken and shattered, but I believe that it attacked this entity and fought it, so yeah cats are more 4th dimensional than dogs.

TM: Well, amazing, amazing.

LS: Wow, interesting perspective.

TM: Yeah.

LS: Well yeah you know, I’m wondering did you try clearing the entity?

SP: Pardon I didn’t hear you.

LS: Or was it not an option? Was it not an option to clear the entity or the demonic and get it to go?

SP: Ted can you just repeat because I’m not getting it so good here this side?

TM: Oh sure, Lori you were saying about, could you repeat…

LS: I said was it not an option to…

TM: Oh I know what you’re saying, sure…

LS: Clear the demonic before the leg had to be amputated? That might have been my first thing to think to clear the demonic but if the leg was already wounded. I don’t know the series of events, but…

TM: Simon she was wondering whether it would be possible, would it have been possible to clear the area of demonic influence before the cat’s leg was amputated?

SP: Well what happened was that the entity must have entered the house. The cat saw it, attacked it and the attack by the cat drove the entity away, but the repulsion force was so great that I think it slammed the cat against the wall and that’s where its leg shattered, so the entity had gone so what we had to do was have a veterinary surgeon just amputate the leg.

LS: I see, wow.

TM: Okay.

LS: Yeah, too bad. All right. Well thank you for sharing that and yeah it sounds like you guys are having quite a conversation.

TM: We’re having a wonderful time and I thank you so much for calling in Lori and wishing me happy birthday for my show. I really appreciate it.

LS: Happy Birthday Ted and so nice to connect with Simon, and I’ll be listening in and I just wish you guys the highest and best, the highest and best. Okay lots of love.

TM: Okay, thank you so much.

SP: Bye.

LS: Bye-bye.

TM: Bye-bye. Bye. Simon we also have someone else special in the studio a wonderful lady named Martha, Martha Childress. She has her radio show here too in Seattle, and Martha do you have a question for Simon?

Martha Childress: Oh, it’s great to hear you Simon. Thanks for joining in even at the odd hour for all of us [46:19][unintelligible]

SP: Yes, no it’s fine I’m very happy to be here.

MC: Yeah well we just wanted to thank Ted for all this work and wish him a very happy fifth anniversary and it made me realize it’s five years for me too. We both joined the station the same year.

TM: Wow, wow, well that’s amazing. That’s great. That’s great. That’s great, thank you so much.

MC: Coincidence? Coincidence, Simon?

SP: No never.

MC: And I know Leon wanted to chime in if we have him.

TM: Yeah, yeah, but… yeah.

MC: So we wanted to thank him for all the work with the Hopi because that was really, talk about moving some great energy, and with the music and dance and everyone coming together for the fundraising. It reminded me of in the ’60s. Remember the happening Simon?

SP: Yes just about.

MC: Yeah it was all about people getting together with dance and artwork and everything…

TM: Yeah we talked about that earlier.

MC: Yeah creating [47:13][crosstalk] yeah.

TM: We talked about that just real briefly we had for years, for decades, maybe hundreds of years the Hopi Indians in Arizona Simon had been drinking arsenic flavored water, which is of course is carcinogenic.

SP: Right.

TM: And so Leon McLaughlin, Martha, myself and Michiko Hayashi here in the studio with us today, we all put out a private fundraiser to raise money to buy water filters so that the Indians could drink clean water. It sounds like a simple thing, but the U.S. government has refused to help provide any help so we are doing it privately and the money has been coming in. And real brief, I just want to talk to Leon real brief then I want to go back to Simon. Leon are you there?

Leon McLaughlin: Yes I am Ted.

TM: Leon has a private water foundation, The Clean Water Foundation that has been providing these water filters for the Hopi Indians, and I just want to thank you so much Leon for all your wonderful help with that. That’s great.

LM: Yeah we’re doing some unbelievable things and we developed water units to get the arsenic out of the water, and schools there, the clinics and we’re putting them in homes. And by the way, happy anniversary Ted.

TM: Well thank you Leon. You’re so sweet. You’re so sweet. Thank you so much.

LM: Yes.

TM: Well it’s been, this has been a definitely labor of love for me. I’ve worked on it now for five years and I’m so happy that I’ve have so many beautiful supporters around the world to help me in it so, and one of the people who also raised consciousness on this program of course is Simon Parkes. He’s on the line now. Leon do you have any questions for Simon?

LM: No I don’t. We’re happy to be on this mission to bring clean fresh drinking water to children around the world and also to the Hopi Tribe, and we’ll be down there next year doing our ceremonies with the Hopi Tribe and the inauguration celebration of clean fresh drinking water to the Hopi Tribe and the whole reservation.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful.

MC: Yeah and Simon when we were talking to the Hopi they said that part of the problems with the water was threatening what they called the umbilical cord to the entire planet, so to have this effort be with the Hopi and now is really pretty cool.

SP: Yeah well what many people don’t grasp is that the planet communicates with itself via water, and there is more water running under the planet than there is on the planet and communicational information as you well know is encoded into water and that’s how the planet actually talks to itself, and that’s why there’s been such an effort to frack and to kill whales because whales actually play a part of this in the oceans but that’s another by the by, but I want to quickly just say this because I think it’s important.

A good friend of mine, a brilliant friend of mine, an engineer by the name Win Keech a number of years ago entered a competition. It was the United Nations or UNESCO, who wanted to put out a bid for anybody who could find a cheap way to provide cheap clean drinking water for people in Africa or a part of Africa.

TM: Wonderful.

SP: And there was a large… well no, don’t get excited Ted. There was a large pot of money you could win this if you came up with the right invention and you could do it and not only would you be able to do that but you would get this cash sum because it was like a competition. Anyway he put something forward and I know the man and he is a genius and he put something forward which is pretty damn good and what did they do? They pulled the competition. They pulled it because maybe they were looking at having to give out a certain amount of money.

Now what I’m going to say now may sound really quite horrible but I believe there’s some truth in this. If a person or a company or a corporation or a government, it’s usually a government sets up a topic. Let’s… we’re gonna call it something. Let’s save the flower, just gonna call it that Ted. Let’s save the flower, and I have a load of advertising saying the flower is in danger and we need you to give us money so we can save the flower. The chief executive gets an assistant chief executive, and they get a board of management, and then they get junior managers and they get accountants and then they get photocopying girls and they get boys to do the messages and they build an empire and they raise millions of donations to save the flower and then someone comes along and says, “Hey I can save the flower.” Do they want that flower saved, because it’s the end of their empire. It’s the end of their work, the whole reason for being will just go. So often, you know, when people turn up with an answer, they don’t want to hear it because it would be the end of what they do. I know for a fact that there’s a cure for cancer on this planet. I know for a fact that there’s plenty of cures but to find a cure officially, then there’s no more fundraising. So this is again one of the huge issues on this planet, on… hey Ted we’re nearly out of time aren’t we?

TM: No my friend we’ve got about three minutes left, go right ahead. There’s always extra time for you Simon.

SP: Bless you.

TM: Well I was going to ask you in twenty-five words or less, what do you see things coming up on the horizon for the United States, the world and the rest of the galaxy?

Voice: That’s next week.

SP: Right. You’ve got midterm elections.

TM: True.

SP: I’m not gonna say how you should vote because that’s politics and I don’t want to go down that road but I would say to you vote for America, whatever is your version of America. Whatever fits your version of America, vote for America because at the end of the day America still has the greatest Constitution. It really does. Here people don’t get this, but in Great Britain we do not have a Constitution. We don’t have one. People make it up as they go along. I’m not joking with you. We call it precedent, so hey this happened fifty years ago, so that must be right. You guys have got something written down so that technically you can’t go against what’s been written down. That’s worth fighting for. Listen you guys, fight for it because you went through some bloody times. I don’t mean bloody as in loosing blood. You went through bloody times, some of that in fighting my country, some of it fighting others, but you fought hard to have something. Hang on to it, so whatever you vote, vote for the preservation of your constitution.

TM: And do vote. Don’t… and vote your conviction whatever that is. I urge everyone to vote.

SP: Absolutely.

TM: Not just stand by and let others decide for you, and you should do that. I want to thank everyone so much again for helping make Out of This World Radio one of the most popular talk shows in the Seattle area and the fastest growing metaphysical and spiritual radio program in the world with over 250,000 listeners in over 90 countries. And Simon, I appreciate your work so much. You are raising consciousness around the world with your work as well, and thank you again so much for coming on the show today Simon. I really appreciate it.

SP: A pleasure. I’m delighted to be on your show because it’s so spiritual and it goes in places that other radio shows are too frightened to go.

TM: Um-hum, yeah, yeah, and we’re also supported through private donations and if you would like to send a donation please visit our website at triple W dot out of this world 1150 (www .outofthisworld1150 .com) and with that my friends I hope you all have a beautiful and happy weekend and thank you so much for making this planet a much better and happier place. Bye-bye everyone. Thank you Simon. Bye-bye, Simon. [End of Simon Interview 54:59, 2nd Hour]

[transcribed November 04, 2018 gsc]



19 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Hillary’s security clearance is removed; Trump comments that global warming has a political agenda but it’s not reported by major news media; the spraying of chemtrails, some pilots know, some don’t, and some pilots aren’t human, think terraforming; greed, money, and detachment from humanity make it okay to dump radioactive mud and water into the environment; ET’s currency is our DNA, abductions continue undercover; missing children never found, almost same percentage in every country, probably not coincidence; Comet 46P/Wirtanen coming soon; thoughts on alleged murder of Jamal Khashoggi; why don’t aliens help us?

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19 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

[SIMON INTERVIEW STARTS at 05:20 Hour 1] Ted Mahr: Simon, and I’m so happy Simon is on today. Simon How are you doing?

Simon Parkes: I’m very well Ted. Now Eric says you’re in Bulgaria. What are you doing in Bulgaria Ted?

TM: Well I was invited to a water conference, and I’m here. This is an extension of my work in the water issues and of course Michiko Hayashi with the Emoto Peace Project and Dr. Emoto did a lot of work in water, have done a tremendous amount of work in water, and it’s an area that I’ve always been interested in so they invited me here and I’ve been doing press publicity for them and met a lot of really fascinating scientists. I did interview about six–seven scientists here at the conference today and their interviews will be during my second hour. Several of them are working on a new quantum-based, water-based computer in which case they would be using additional oxygen molecules. Of course water is H2O. There is also EZ Water which is H2O2 , which actually, which is considered a fourth phase of water in addition to being solid, liquid, and gaseous. And I have been told by my spirit friends and there was a gentleman also named Matias de Stefano, who was on my show about two years ago Simon and he had lived in Atlantis. He has memories of living in Atlantis 15,000 years ago and using water-based quantum computers. He said that the reason why we don’t find any written records of Atlantis today is because their computers were water-based and when the civilization imploded 15, or 12,500 years ago, they lost their technology, but it’s still there somewhere, somehow in the Atlantic, there is still the memory of all that information from that very advanced civilization. The problem with Atlantis is like today. They started playing with weapons and things that they shouldn’t be playing with and they ended up destroying themselves. But that’s, you know, from your work Simon and many light workers around the planet that’s something we certainly don’t want to happen today, but anyway that’s how I ended up here and the conference goes through Monday, so I’m so happy to be here and meeting lots of interesting people.

SP:  Well okay that explains why you’re in Bulgaria. Thank you Ted. That’s really great. Listen I wanted just to give an update. I did put it up on the website, but I think it was after we did the last show, the last time we checked in with each other, and I’m not sure whether this is being widely reported in the U.S., but you know how you guys don’t seem to get the truth through your major news.

TM: Right.

SP:  But can you tell me Ted, I know you’ve been traveling, but have you picked up regarding Hillary Clinton having her security clearance removed. Have you heard that?

TM: I believe that was on the, that I, we heard, I think I heard that from you Simon and on my last show you mentioned it, but I haven’t heard it in our major news. We… they really don’t give us much information to be honest, so…

SP:  Okay I was just curious because you know, it’s been covered in this country since then in one major newspaper covered it and I was just wondering whether there had been any developments in the U.S., but what I’ve heard further to that is that in order to totally isolate the Clintons, they’ve had their security clearance removed so they can no longer access any past records. They’re not entitled to pick the phone up and speak to anyone to find out what’s going on. So there’s a real move now to isolate them to prevent them from having upstate information. So I was just curious as to whether that had been talked about in the U.S. but you are saying no it’s not.

TM: Not really. If it has been it’s been kind of mentioned in passing, not really. Now if my listeners out these, especially in the United States, if you have heard of a major media, please let me know, just send me an email to outofthisworld1150 @gmail .com, but I haven’t heard it. I have been traveling and I, but I haven’t heard it no. No.

SP:  Thanks Ted. Okay, it’s just an idea from me, you know. I don’t want to be posting things on my website if, you know, you guys already know about it, that’s all.

TM: Not really, no. No, well that’s why, I think that’s why people really enjoy what you have to say Simon because you do come out with the truth. You tell people in an honest way what’s going on and people appreciate that, you know, I guess that’s… maybe that’s one of the reasons why CNN’s ratings have dropped below the cartoon channel and they’re looking at financial problems now because who wants to listen to a so-called news source that doesn’t really tell you the truth about what’s going on, you know. So people are busy, but they don’t have time for nonsense and they don’t have time for the media outlets that don’t tell them the truth I think.

SP:  I think Ted that for too long these media outlets have literally treated people as children, and whatever’s changed, something’s changed. Either the skill level of hiding stuff has got worse…

TM: Right.

SP:  …or people are evolving now to a point that they are seeing through all of these lies. But basically what’s happening is that more and more people are looking at this so-called news and saying actually this is just boring me. This is actually frivolous and foolish and I haven’t got time for it. I really haven’t got time for it. I’ve got a busy life. I’ve got kids or I’ve got to pay bills or I’ve got to get to work and I just don’t want to read about this particular person’s bought fifty pairs of pink shoes, or such and such a dog, you know, did this. And the media still think I believe that they can subdue people with these fake stories, and I think that’s what President Trump means when he talks about fake news. He doesn’t just mean news aimed at people to hurt them. He’s talking about just rubbish made up just to fill up the news time. And so I think yes, I think things are changing for the better.

TM: Um-hum. Yeah, you know I have to share this story with you Simon and all my listeners. It was back in April of 2014 and you know how sometimes someone will tell you something Simon, just a few words or a sentence, a couple of sentences and it’ll stick in your mind as something you don’t forget. Well I had an astrologer, a very good one named Susan Miller back in April of 2014, and she said from her perspective as an astrologer that this was the time of truth and this truth, this time of truth would easily last for the rest of this decade into the 2020s and 2030s, and I asked her about that and she said that one thing that was very memorable. She said that things that are true become more self-evident. Those things that are false will become show themselves to be false and fall by the wayside. So I remembered that, and that coupled with the rising vibrations of this planet getting higher and higher, what’s called the Schumann resonance has been going, it’s the highest in certainly our recorded history for tens of thousands of years. Scientists say the Schumann resonance was something like 7.8 hertz, which is pretty healthy. Well now it’s something right around [13:14][2??] easily, I’m betting about [13:19][2??] hertz, that our earth scientists had to create a new logarithmic scale to measure it, and my psychic friend, my psychic sources, spirits on the side say that by the end of 2020 it’ll go to 800 hertz because we’re on the way to the higher dimensions. And as this goes anyone, anytime these people try to not, you know, hide the truth or conceal the truth it won’t work. And people don’t have time for it, won’t have time for it, and so media outlets which thrive on fake news keeping people preoccupied with garbage are going to have even less toleration in the future. So they will either have to learn to change with the changing times or they’ll go out of business, one of the two.

SP:  Yes I agree and it’s interesting that a little while back, a few days back President Trump came out and said, and I’m going to try to quote as best as I can that scientists were talking about global warming and that they had a political agenda. So for the first time somebody in authority is saying that there’s an agenda behind global warming. It’s not just scientists reading the data and saying we extrapolate from this that we believe this will happen. What Trump is saying is actually you guys are just sitting and making all this up. You have an agenda. Now that’s really powerful stuff. But again I bet that didn’t really hit the major news did it?

TM: No it did not. No. No.

SP:  [15:03][crosstalk] That was a public statement. He said it as a public statement and he tweeted it out.

TM: Right.

SP:  You know if you lived in a place where the news was free, that would have been up for debate, but it’s not up for debate.

TM: Well I don’t know if I told you this Simon but the cartoon channel in the United States has more viewers than CNN right now. So it just shows you how people are paying less and less attention to media outlets which really don’t, you know, explain… get the people information that they need.

SP:  Well it can’t go on. It definitely can’t go on. Something’s got to give. Ultimately we’re on a 3D planet, and it’s about money.

TM: Right.

SP:  And if more and more subscribers or viewers turn away they’ve either got to seriously rethink the way they deal with people or they’ve just got to go the wall and foreclose.

TM: Sure, sure, absolutely, absolutely. Well I’ve gotten questions of course in, wonderful questions from my listeners Simon, but I wanted to ask you a couple things as a followup, things that I brought up before a couple weeks ago. First off was about chemtrails. When I flew to Bulgaria here I flew kind of, it was a long route, lots of different planes, different flights and when I took the segment from London to Frankfurt, Germany last week, we took off over the English countryside and I could see all these chemtrails, actually several planes flying… spraying chemtrails. How is that, is that kind of a last gasp effort to spray the planet before they’re stopped totally or what? I would love your information on that.

SP:  One of the problems I think is that Great Britain next to America is sprayed the heaviest.

TM: Okay.

SP:  There isn’t another country outside of the U.S. that gets hammered in the same way, and there’s a reason for this, and I’ve been saying this for eight years that if the United States of America is the country of physical action, then Great Britain is the country of the magic. It is the country of the energy movement. So these are the two countries that the bad guys would try to hold down because the citizenry of both those countries are liable to break free. So you’re right to an extent. Yes it’s the last gasp, but it does have an effect. That’s the problem. These chemtrails do have an effect, and the reason they are continually doing it is because it’s probably from their perspective the best tool they’ve got in their arsenal. It’s probably the only weapon they’ve got that is deliberately slowing down the development of humanity. Remember Ted, we don’t want to go too much on it but remember we’ve talked before, and I’ve said that some chemtrails, in my opinion, do contain bacteria and viruses and in others they contain pieces of aluminum, and in others they contain different, so it’s not just one thing going on here. They will spray different parts of the planet with different materials depending on what they’re trying to do in that location.

TM: Ah, interesting, okay.

SP:  Oh and another thing I would say, and the other thing I would say is that in most cases the pilots of these aircraft have no idea.

TM: Um-hum, um-hum, or they may have even been brainwashed to think that they are doing their patriotic duty. You never know. It’s hard to tell.

SP:  Well I think from what I’ve heard, I’ve been told… one pilot had been told that this was something to make the fuel last longer.

TM: Interesting.

SP:  He’d been told by whatever, because they know when they can see the trails coming out that’s not normal, but he’d been told that gives a 25 percent increase in fuel. It’s more cost-effective, so they do lie to their pilots. I mean yes I’m sure there’s a sizeable proportion of pilots who know what’s going on, but hey, they’re on a really good wage, good salary, why would they fight it, from that perspective, but I think a lot of pilots are just spun a lie.

TM: Sure, sure, sure. This is something that I want to share something that William Tompkins told me. About a year-and-a-half ago, this was before he passed away…

SP:  Uh-huh.

TM: …and he mentioned to me on the phone, I actually had invited him on my show but he cancelled abruptly about ten minutes before coming on my show last year, but I think he was probably ordered not to come on, but he did tell me that some of the chemtrail planes are not human planes. They’re actually Reptilian aircraft, spacecraft which are spraying the planet to terraform it, terraform the planet Earth to make it more hospitable to their species and less hospital to ours. One of the things that, and he also said that they were able to shapeshift from a Reptilian aircraft, a Reptilian UFO into a plane that maybe looks like a U.S. military plane. I know that sounds like sci-fi and science fiction, but he told me he firmly believed that and he’d seen planes actually transform themselves with shapeshifting technology that the Reptilians do use from their own spacecraft into a U.S. military plane, so people would think that our government is spraying them, and he said that wasn’t the case at all, so…

SP:  This is the problem we have Ted. It’s not too difficult to convince somebody that the government is corrupt. It’s not too difficult to convince people that buildings collapse for different reasons, but when we start talking about a regular airplane perhaps not being a regular airplane, being something else, for many people that’s just a concept too far. But I actually want to confirm what you said. And I’m going to give an example of this. A good four years ago now I was contacted by somebody who claimed to be ex-American Intelligence but I was led to believe that he was very much on the payroll, and he phoned me at home all the way from the U.S. I didn’t approach him. He approached me and got my phone number goodness knows how.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  But anyway he was telling me how that he was aware that there was some regular motorcars, regular auto cars, which in fact weren’t cars but was something completely different, but they looked for all intents and purposes to the ordinary person as a motorcar, but sometimes when you looked at them they might shimmer or there might be a glitch, but generally speaking they could get away with it. Now he said this was common knowledge in the very high echelons of the American Intelligence. And of course he said, you know, when somebody has got technology at that level it’s no wonder that we—that’s the American military—we have to leave them alone, because he said we can’t match that and we have to keep them friendly. If we were to become hostile we would all be shot down within a matter of minutes.

TM: Sure.

SP:  So he was confirming that there is a technology out there that masks or camouflages something into a regular object.

TM: Sure, sure. I wanted to update one thing. We did talk about earlier about the Hillary Clinton story and the loss of her security clearance. I just received an email from a gentleman named Wes. He says hello Ted, the story about Hillary Clinton was her security clearance, where he says, he writes was well covered. The story line was that Hillary had made the request to have it cancelled. It was reported in Google News and some major news sources, so I apologize to my listeners out there. I’ve been traveling, but again, if the story went that Hillary had made the request to have it cancelled, maybe they were just spinning it to make it appear less damaging to her. I don’t know, but…

SP:  Absolutely, absolutely Ted. The information I’ve got is that she was told you are having it. It’s a bit like do you want to be sacked or do you want to put your resignation in?

TM: Sure.

SP:  Do you want to be fired or do you want to go publicly, and I think that, well I know that they told her that President Trump had demanded that she no longer have access to certain items, but because she is still connected to a very powerful group, they allowed her to say that it had come from her.

TM: I see. I see. Well Wes I want to thank you so much for pointing it out to me and thanks so much Simon for your comments on that so wonderful, wonderful. And thanks for explaining about chemtrails too because I saw the chemtrails there and I thought oh my goodness, they were just everywhere. It was an early morning flight so if you were in London you couldn’t see the planes but you could see them above the clouds. We flew above the clouds of course in flying from London out to Frankfurt, but we could see them, I could see the planes all over the place, actually it’s amazing. And I told people on the plane too and they just looked at me like I said I had just told them a bird had flown past the window. They didn’t seem concerned. I guess that’s part of the problem too.

SP:  Uh-huh. You, Ted, the mistake you made was you didn’t have your JFK badge on.

TM: That’s true. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. Well I have to tell you there’s something else too and I want to follow this up. I think I mentioned this before on the other, a couple of weeks ago, that Welsh government was dumping radioactive mud off the coast of England, and I’ve gotten several people quite concerned about it but I don’t know how a government can continue to exist when they have no moral or legal authority to damage the planet like that. I don’t understand it. And actually the same thing is happening now in Japan too. There was another news story where Tepco, Tokyo Electric Power Company is planning on dumping more radioactive water into the Pacific next to Fukushima. I don’t know, it just doesn’t… I don’t see, I don’t see how they can do it, but that’s just me so…

SP:  Well Ted the thing is that it’s a concept that the vast majority of your listeners will never have come across, and I’m going to spell it out to them. There are these people who think they’re better than us. They believe that everything on the planet belongs to them. So let’s… I’ll give you an example. It’ll be different in your country, but in this country we’ve got a lot of history, and if you find say a gold coin that goes back a thousand years, which is reasonably common, you can do that actually. You find a gold coin that is a thousand years old or two thousand, you have to by law hand in to the government and the government will pay you what its real worth is, but you can’t keep it. And that’s called treasure trove in Britain, but this is part of this attitude that everything that you have or everything that you find is ours anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you do in your life. It’s considered to be the property of somewhere else. In my country we have a queen, a monarchy, and some people in Great Britain don’t realize that even if you have a mortgage on your house and you pay the mortgage off, that house doesn’t belong to you. That house still belongs to the queen.

TM: Really, oh.

SP:  Now that’s a… yes. The land and the house belong to the monarch, the queen, and so when you have an attitude that says everything is mine, then you can then go into this crazy world and start treating people as if they are animals or worse. That’s why they use the [28:03][unintelligible]. That’s why they do everything because they don’t value people. They are devoid of emotion and for your listeners that’s a shocking and terrible thing. You know, look, you talked about Japan. Japan tried to dump all of the radioactive waste onto recreation parks in Japan. Can you imagine that, recreation parks, that’s the God’s own truth. I swear to you. Children play in recreation parks and they wanted to dump and the government agreed, radioactive material because they have so much of this material they don’t know what to do with it and they wanted to put it into landscaping.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  This is totally insane. It is totally, it’s a madman, and that’s the point. We’ve got madmen in many positions, not in all, but in many positions. But you know what? If you take a group of people and you put them up on the 58th floor of a big block…

TM: Right.

SP:  …and you never let them out. They never see the light of day. Eventually they create a subculture and they believe themselves to be the rulers of the planet, or the rulers of the world, or in this case the ruler of the tower block, and that every other floor underneath them is not as important as them. And that’s the problem. That’s what’s happened on this planet.

TM: Huh, interesting. There’s something else too I wanted to share with you. There’s a, people have recommended that people, some people have recommended that many people as much as you can do earthing which is basically walking on the ground with either like your bare feet for example or in a forest or if you can possibly or in a city park if you’re in the city and that’ll… Mother Earth or Gaia will help ground you. Conversely those who don’t earth or for example they live in a high skyscraper or they’re locked hypothetically maybe in a large corporation office up on the 45th floor of a skyscraper or a government office, and they don’t spend much time on the ground. Sometimes the rates of mental illness can actually increase because they become totally separated from the planet, and they do get a kind of madness, and where it’s okay to dump radioactive mud on the coast of England. It’s fine for Tepco in Tokyo to dump radioactive water into the Pacific or to put it on children’s playgrounds in Japan. To me that’s insanity but if you are isolated, you have lost touch with reality you know anything can be, I guess anything can be the normal in that situation.

SP:  Well Ted let’s look at greed and money. We can go back a hundred years. We can go back more than a hundred years, but we can go back a hundred years and in your country and my country there have been manufacturers of flour. They take the grain, the corn, they grind it, and they get the flour and then they send it off for bread. Well during what we call the Victorian Era in my time, these people would add plaster to the flour to bulk it out to increase the weight, and time and time again right through history manufacturers add bulking materials. In most cases they’re not harmful but in other occasions they have been extremely harmful, just to make the product bigger, weigh more, and so they get more profit and more money.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  When you have a culture that thinks it’s okay to add stuff like this into food or other products, you’ve got to ask yourself, the people who have okayed that, what is wrong with them? Why are they so separated from humanity? Don’t they have wives or girlfriends, have brothers or sisters. Don’t they have children? Don’t they think like us? What is going on in their mindset to be so separated. Maybe they had a great trauma when they were a child. Maybe they don’t feel part of the human race. I’ve met many people like that. But something, as we say in Great Britain, something ain’t right here. Something is very wrong and this, to come back to your point about the Schumann resonance increasing, with the increase in the frequency, these people are finding it harder and harder to hide, and decent ordinary people in most countries are now beginning to see the truth, and it’s frightening and it’s shocking…

TM: Sure.

SP:  …because you think I thought this world was okay. And now, I realize it’s not, so that’s the transformation that we’re going through at the moment.

TM: Wow, wow, amazing. I just received a very interesting email from a medical student in Germany and so I’ll paraphrase it. He says he has had dreams in the past where they often come true in his life and he recently had a dream of a spaceship approaching me. He couldn’t tell exactly what kind of ET it was. It looked like the Greys and they said nothing but we’re here to take your DNA and then they disappeared. Anyway I just got that now. I know that the Greys and Reptilians have been harvesting our DNA for quite some time at least since the 1950s, but I have been told by my Galactic Alliance friends that practice has been stopped by them in a policing action so they can’t do that anymore, at least not like they did in the past.

SP:  I agree. They’re still doing it but they’re doing it undercover.

TM: Okay.

SP:  Previously they were doing it and they were just very open about it. In fact they were trading it. It was, they didn’t use money. They used DNA. That’s the currency that they use. It’s very very valuable in other places.

TM: Really.

SP:  You know if you come to Earth and you just outside of the DNA line you take some flowers and you take some bees, you take some flowers and you take some bees and then you find another planet that doesn’t have that but, you know, has an environment. Well then you can terraform that planet. It may take millions of years, but you can actually introduce self-sustaining material. Now I get very very cross actually with people who say that this Earth is just a big chance. And I say how can it be a chance that the Sun is just the right distance from Earth so that the majority of earth is warm enough for life. The Moon is just the right distance to control the oceans. That our plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, and we breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, so, humans and plants sustain each other. Now to my knowledge there aren’t very many engines on our world that are self-sustaining. I know that when my tank in my car runs out I’ve got to stick gas into it, but look what’s happening on the planet. That the plant breathes in one gas and breathes out another and that’s exactly right for us. That’s not chance. So when you look at what can be harvested and traded for millions of years, life forms have been coming to this world, taking samples, taking them somewhere else and trading them, and that’s a big big market and the DNA is the most sacred and these guys don’t have permission for it, so you’ve got to fight them and you’ve got to refuse to play that game.

TM: What’s interesting about what you said, it resonates with me because I was told a long time ago by my galactic friends that the Reptilians who came here and the Greys were actually trading species and they considered DNA very valuable. And you said it again now and it kind of hit home. I didn’t understand it completely but now I do. Thank you for explaining that. I have a followup question actually from Jan from California. I’ll paraphrase it. It’s a long email.

SP:  Okay.

TM: It’s… I’ll paraphrase it. Back in the ’70s, ’70s, ’80s here in the United States when you bought [a] milk carton, I bought milk in a milk carton Simon you’d often find a picture of a young child that’s missing, and from what my galactic friends told me is that many of these children were abducted by the Reptilians, but that process again has largely stopped now, and do you remember that happening by the way? I don’t know if you were familiar with that, what that was going on.

SP:  I’m very familiar with it. We didn’t have it in this country, but I know exactly what you mean.

TM: Okay, all right, okay, and she writes why aren’t there any remains, and how come I can’t find my lost child, kind of a sad email but I hope that explains it.

SP:  Yes it does need addressing.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  We can’t be sure when a child goes missing. We really don’t know…

TM: Sure.

SP:  …unless we have the evidence, we can’t say one way or the other.

TM: Yes that’s true.

SP:  And all we can say is that there is a remarkable similarity, the number of children that go missing from each country if you work it out as a percentage of the countries’ population, it’s roughly about that same. Now that is not coincidence. Up to about 25 years ago you could get official freedom of information act. You could get official figures. Now the governments refuse point-blank to give you the information, or they say we don’t collect that information, so you try and get information… you might get it from one state, but you won’t get it from all states so it’s very difficult now to say how many missing children are there in the U.S. because you are told that they don’t collate that information. Now that is surprising to me because with the advanced technology we have I bet you that every American state could tell you when a library book is overdue from the library and they’ll know who has it and they will be able to collect a fine [from] that person.

TM: Yes that’s right.

SP:  Yet they say they can’t collate or work out the number of missing children. So immediately the alarm bells go off. You say what, this should be a priority for you. This is human life. It’s the most sacred, so maybe someone is leaning on them and saying hey listen, you know, just pretend it doesn’t happen, and that’s where we’re at with it I’m afraid.

TM: Sure, sure. Well I remember it back in the ’70s, ’80s drinking milk and seeing that milk carton and all these kids people, you know, young children missing. Most of the cases from what I understand just weren’t solved, and well I, hopefully the truth will come out someday and I hope it does regarding this. On your website Simon there was a blurb about October 17th about the comet I believe it’s called 46P/Wirtanen will be visible between the 12th of December and the 18th when it passes by the Pleiades. I was just curious. Is that, I would love your comments, any further comments on that and the spiritual significance of the comet passing through.

SP:  Okay, I think there is. December is an interesting month. It’s the close of one year and the beginning of another year, and in British history there has always been a great emphasis placed on comets that arrive and later on in the year and indeed in 1066, which was the last time Great Britain was successfully invaded, that’s one thousand and sixty-six. There was a comet, Halley’s Comet that came over and people foretold that the king was going to die and indeed he did three months later. So I believe that this comet is an interesting—it is not a sign in the magic sense of the word—but it’s part of the process of what in the Bible we are told is a sign in the sky. There will be signs. If you are clever, if you are clever you can predict thousands of years ahead and you can look at the confluence of the planets and you can look at the confluence of stars and you can say I know that in 700 years this will be the positioning of the stars.

TM: Sure.

SP:  So it’s an interesting comet because it’s going to be incredibly bright. Comets are two a penny, but this is going to be visible with the naked eye. That’s what makes it special. You’re not gonna need glasses, field glasses, binoculars. You are going to see it with the naked eye, and I think it will be a very interesting happening. That’s why I put it on the website.

TM: Well thank you, yeah thanks for sharing that. Thanks for sharing that so much. I just received another, I’ve got several questions about journalist Jamal Khashoggi, I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly…

SP:  Okay.

TM: …who was apparently let’s see [crosstalk] he was apparently murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Several people are interested in your comments on that.

SP:  Right, a difficult one. Let’s start off from this angle first of all. When some ex-Russian double agents were poisoned in Britain, there was a huge outcry and I think we in Great Britain, we spent something like fifteen million pounds. That’s about nearly twenty million dollars investigating it, and yet when somebody dies in the Saudi Embassy people shuffle around and pretend it’s not happened. What I think we can be certain of is that people like President Trump, key government leaders, know the truth. That is why people are pulling out of their business deals with Saudi Arabia. In Great Britain we have an entrepreneur businessman called Richard Branson and he has just put a stop on Saudi Arabia putting money into his rocket program. The British government has cancelled its meeting it had with the Saudis. Now they don’t do that unless they know something. If there’s rumors flying about you don’t cancel a government meeting. You don’t cancel a multimillion pound contract. You only do that when somebody privately says to you, actually it’s true. So what do we know? What we know is the guy went in officially to the consulate, the Saudi Embassy because he wanted to marry a woman and he had to get the papers to go through that.

TM: Oh, okay.

SP:  It is alleged and we can only say that at the moment because we don’t know in terms of proving it to the public. It is alleged that he was beaten to death but it’s going to be a bit shocking for your audience, but I’m not going to hide what’s being said, and his body was cut up into about fifteen different parts…

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP:  …put into bags, taken to somebody’s car and driven out. Now the Turkish authorities believe this to be true because they have all of that street covered in cameras because it’s an embassy section and they have to.

TM: Sure.

SP:  It’s their responsibility, and they saw a large team of people, maybe ten or twelve people come in and they saw bags going out, so their opinion is that.

TM: Right.

SP:  How do they know? It looks like the guy had some form of recording device and something was recorded. Now what I’m going to tell you now is also semi-official. It’s semi-official, so it’s not official coming out of the Saudi government, but some Saudi officials who are not allowed to speak but they are speaking anyway, and what they appear to be saying is that there was an error, he was, this guy was being interrogated in the embassy and died during the interrogation and it wasn’t meant to happen. Now that’s the story that they are giving so this is incredibly serious. Now from a political point of view this happened not on Turkish soil. It happened on Saudi Arabian soil so the Turkish government can’t do a police investigation because the alleged murder didn’t take place in Turkey.

TM: Oh, wow.

SP:  It took place on Saudi Arabian soil. So legally there’s nothing they can do because if it’s true the murder took place out of their jurisdiction. So the only thing they can do is start to put sanctions or withdraw their support. Now the difficulty for President Trump is he’s in the process of signing a multibillion dollar with Saudi Arabia, which is gonna bring a ton of jobs to the U.S. So I think, and I’m second guessing him, I think what he’ll do is he won’t cancel the contract because he needs jobs for Americans, but I think what he’ll do is he’ll put pressure and start to take away stuff on the other side. So in terms of jobs to the U.S. he’s gonna keep that, keep the deal going, but I think he’s going to restrict some of these peoples’ travel. So it’s a very very interesting case, so yes I do believe the guy was, is no more. I don’t think he is around.

TM: Yeah, yeah, okay.

SP:  I hope that’s helpful. I hope for your questioner that’s helpful.

TM: Yeah, I think that’s explained it, yes. Several people asked about him. I had another question from a gentleman named [47:07][Tino]. Hi, what is preventing the aliens from helping humankind, and what color are they so…

SP:  Okay.

TM: So that’s an interesting question he said to ask.

SP:  Yeah, that’s a good one.

TM: Yeah.

SP:  What’s preventing them?

TM: Right.

SP:  There’s a few reasons. I can’t say one’s more important than another. I’ll just reel them off to you. If you’re a good faction so the beneficials, what’s preventing is the negative forces who would create an all-out war. That’s one aspect. The second aspect is not all of the governments of the planet actually want to have the help. They don’t want their help. They don’t want the truth because they will lose control of their people. These government’s treat people as children, and if an alien spaceship lands and the truth comes out, then those children want to grow up very quickly and they don’t need, you know, the government. There’s other reasons, which are simply the government is genuinely concerned that there’ll be panic, but here’s the real reason as far as I’m concerned. There’s that if aliens, good aliens landed and changed everything, why would anybody here on Earth have to get out of their armchair? Why would we ever have to strive? Why would we ever have to work for self development or self change? If someone is always going to come in and save the day, then why do I need to worry, so there’s a great strong faction that say, “Listen you guys down on Earth, you’ve got to come some way across the bridge. You come across the bridge far enough and then we’ll come and help you.” And that’s what the human race is doing painfully and slowly is taking these steps forward and at some point the critical point will be reached and we will get the help.

TM: Good answers, thank you so much Simon for sharing that.

SP:  Thank you.

TM: We’ve got about, yeah my pleasure, great. We’ve got about three–four minutes left and I want to give you the rest of the time Simon to please talk about, feel free to talk about anything you like, about what’s… maybe what’s happening here or maybe see, what things you see in the future for the world and humanity.

SP:  Oh sure, okay, well I did a, I was really pleased today. I think it was today. I lose track of time on this planet. I think I did a little radio show with a Spanish radio show today and I’ve got a Russian one wanting some interest and I think what’s good is that for me non-English speaking countries are now showing an interest and that’s really important. It’s very difficult to break into a country that English is not the first language, and I take that as a sign that right across the planet people with different cultures, different colored skin, different way of life are all coming to the same conclusion.

TM: Right.

SP:  That they haven’t got the world or the life that they think they should have. Now it’s not about, you know, wanting something for nothing.

TM: Right.

SP:  I think it’s about saying this isn’t fair. This isn’t right. So I think that just that little simple thing of these countries wanting to do a little radio show, which in itself isn’t very important.

TM: Sure.

SP:  But I think it’s a sign that other people are beginning to catch up and question and if that is the truth then that’s fantastic, because there are probably something like a hundred thousand to a half a million very bad people on the planet. There are billions of good people.

TM: Oh yes, I agree.

SP:  So how can, how can, this is the other question, the answer to the other question that why we don’t get lots of battleships landing on our lawns to help us because there is this very powerful argument, you know, how come five billion of you are ruled by this hundred thousand super elite? And the answer is because you let them.

TM: Okay good point.

SP:  Because if you didn’t, you’d wipe them out. You’d remove them, like they did in Iceland, and you’ve just come back from Iceland I understand Ted, so…

TM: Yeah, we’ve just come back and we’ll be stopping there again where I hope to interview the prime minister.

SP:  Right.

TM: On how they got rid of the banking business, the bankers, so yeah.

SP:  So basically I’m still positive. I think I will always be positive.

TM: Sure.

SP:  And I think that we’ve got these next three months or two-and-a-half months where I’m hoping for some real exciting news. I really want that exciting news.

TM: Wonderful, wonderful. Well Simon thank you so much for coming on today. As always it’s a pleasure to talk to you. You always have some fascinating comments and one quick question. Are you okay now. You haven’t been attacked anymore? Are you feeling better?

SP:  No Ted so far, so good.

TM: Sure.

SP:  I think the bad guys have run out of juice. Their batteries are a bit flat now.

TM: That’s good. That’s good. Well Simon thank you so much again for coming on my show, and please stay tuned friends for my next hour. I’ll be playing interviews from some famous scientists from the International Water Conference. Simon have a great day and thank you again so much for coming on tonight.

SP:  God bless to you and God bless to the audience.

TM: Okay, thank you so much Simon. Take care. [End of Simon Interview 52:48, 1st Hour]

[transcribed October 21, 2018 gsc]


5 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

The last three months of 2018 are a crucial time for changes to be made, as time allotted for military and civil courts to run in tandem will expire in December; the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh probably experienced trauma at some point in her life which possibly compromised her testimony; chemtrails so heavy over parts of England they formed clouds, reason unclear; nuclear mud being dumped in Penarth supposedly in unused underground tunnels; Kavanaugh has lower 5th dimensional soul and is deep state but not evil; Nibiru is in our solar system in a holding position because the timeline it’s to arrive on is not yet; reason for importance of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination; how do we realize the shift to the higher dimension; observation is made that good people are getting better, bad people are getting worse, and the gray area inbetween is disappearing; ways of getting rid of curses; who’s sending ricin to politicians and President Trump; rumored Kavanaugh helped write the Patriot Act, but it was probably written 6 months–1 year before 9/11; Major General Stubblebine says no airplanes involved in 9/11 demolition; Elon Musk has Tesla share price problems and court action problems over pedophile accusations he made against organizer of a child rescue effort; scientist says CERN is one of the greatest dangers to humanity; Democratic senator opposes FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, politics at its dirtiest.

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5 October 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

Ted Mahr: And with that I’d like to bring my good friend Simon, Simon Parkes live from England on the show. Simon how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very well thank you.

TM: Oh it’s good to talk to you. First off, I’m getting, I got a lot of emails, people asking me Simon how you’re feeling. Are you feeling better now?

SP: It’s really kind, I know you asked me before we started and to the audience, I’m feeling better. I probably get one of these attacks maybe once or twice a year, generally when I’ve been doing a lot of conferences, or I don’t know, if something a bit tricky is happening on the planet and I’m starting to speak out about it, and it usually knocks me down for about two weeks. So it’s been happening now. It started in about 2015, and I had one of the worst attacks was when I was meeting a guy from SETI…

TM: Oh yeah.

SP: …and we were having a discussion around his work, and that’s really sort of when it started. So, yeah I think the bad guys, what they can do is they can slow me down. They can’t stop me but they can slow me down so thank you to everybody who has sent me some sort of love and light and good wishes. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

TM: Well I’d like to ask all my listeners around the world to please send lots of love and light to Simon now. He’s a wonderful fellow. He’s doing great work to raise the consciousness and make this planet a much better and happier place, and if everyone listening just take a minute or a few seconds to send lots of love and light and a column of white light protection around Simon, I know it’ll really help. Wonderful thank you so much everyone for doing that. Simon we have, I have a lot of questions for you, but first off one thing that many people have asked about is the critical time that we are in right now from October, November, and December of this year that’ll determine a future course of events for the next several years. Could you, would you, I’ve got several questions that are kind of looped into, grouped into one main question.

SP: Sure.

TM: Could you explain maybe how important this is for the world?

SP: Well I’ve always seen for the last maybe five years, I’ve always thought that 2017 and 2018 were crucial periods. I did not foresee President Trump, but then I didn’t foresee Hillary Clinton throwing her hat into the ring, but I always foresaw ’17 and ’18 as important, and as the presidency of Trump developed and we saw what was going on, it became clear to me that the element of time where changes could be brought about was becoming tighter and tighter, and one of the major drivers of time here is that the bill that went through the law-making apparatus in America ended last year, beginning of this year. In fact it was December, allowed military courts and civilian courts to run in tandem, but that was only like for one year. So that runs out in about December of this year, which means that it would not be possible to go down the military court, military tribunal route in January, because traditionally the United States of America at midterm elections always a vote against the incumbent president or nearly do so. So if as is expected the Democrats win the house but just fail to take the Senate, it would mean that it would probably be impossible to put the tribunals through for next year. So that meant that October, November, and December of this year were crucial because it is the last remaining three months that anything of a large nature can occur, and I’m sure we’ll get on to it, but if we look at the game—I’m going to use that word—the game that is played out around the Supreme Judge, we begin to understand how important these three months are to both sides. The amount of—I’m going to use an English word but it is actually an Irish word—the shenanigans, the games that are being played are only being played at this high level of stake because the next three months are important. So yes, if I get or as soon as I get any information as to anything untoward or worrying that might be occurring in the next three months, then obviously I’ll let people know.

TM: The accuser… okay thanks so much Simon. The accuser of Judge Kavanaugh is a lady, I don’t know too much about her, but I have had several psychic friends who are familiar with the mind control techniques of MKUltra. They say… they said from her testimony it seems like she is an MKUltra victim, who was with the vague memories that can’t come out with specific details about what happened to her. You know I’m not condoning what may or may not have happened of course, but because she is so vague on the details they thought she might have been implanted with false memories to come forward now.

SP: I deliberately didn’t listen to her statement, [10:34] and that might shock people. I’m very visual. I pick up the energies from my visual work, and I had a good look at her, and I came to the conclusion that at some point in her life she had been through trauma.

TM: Okay.

SP: Now when an individual, a victim is the correct word here, when a victim goes through an MKUltra-type program, they certainly go through trauma. But you could be in an auto crash. You could fall off a ladder. You could get trauma.

TM: Sure.

SP: So I don’t know what’s caused that trauma, but when I look at her, I’m absolutely convinced that there’s been trauma. I know both sides are playing hardball. You know, both sides are absolutely determined either to get Kavanaugh into position or to stop him. And the only reason that both sides are so determined is because the next three months are not just crucial for humanity but are very crucial for the elite, because if it does not go the way the elite want, they’re in a real difficult situation. That’s why they are throwing everything into this. So I would agree that the, I think she’s a doctor (PhD) or a professor I believe.

TM: Right.

SP: I believe that she has suffered trauma at some point in her life.

TM: Right, right. Well I hope for the sake of the country that this process is wrapped up quickly before the end of the year, and I agree with you. I think this is a very pivotal time. There was a post on Facebook and I wanted to run it by you too before we get to our questions Simon, that the skies over the UK were just inundated with many many chemtrails about three weeks ago. And, even people who were kind of asleep and didn’t realize there were chemtrails looked up and couldn’t help but see them everywhere. Did you notice that as well, Simon, in your part of the country, or was it over London or other parts of the UK?

SP: Nearly every part of Great Britain was subject to the most horrendous chemtrailing, and I’m not clear as to what was important, whether it was something to do with planetary alignments, whether it was something to do with a weather pattern that was clearing previous sprays over Britain, but for a reason that I don’t understand, it has never been that bad and I’ve been aware of it what, for ten or fifteen years, and the people I’ve spoken to have never seen it like this. I mean I’ve got some pictures. I haven’t had a chance to put them up on… because it wasn’t just in Britain, but parts of America were also being hit at the same time, and somebody sent me some pictures which I’ve not yet put up. It was so bad in this particular location, so bad that no longer could you see chemtrails. They actually formed clouds. They actually formed clouds. So the question for me is why?

TM: Right.

SP: What was critical at that point, and I haven’t got an answer for that yet, but yes it’s been horrendous, terrible.

TM: Yeah. Yeah. We’ve had a lot of chemtrails of course around here, and especially in eastern Washington. They have been spraying like every other day back there. It’s so bad that the point where there were a lot of newborn babies dying as the result. They were born stillbirth because of the barium and strontium in the mother’s system from all the chemtrail spraying. I know when I was living in eastern Washington years ago I got a… I ended up getting, like it was like a chemtrail-like pneumonia or bronchitis that went on for eight to ten months, and it only got better when I left the area, so it’s quite serious. I just… you know on that note I have to ask you… there’s another story too out of the UK people have asked me about. It’s in a place called Penarth, P-E-N-A-R-T-H. Forgive me if I’m not pronouncing it correctly, but on September 11th last month 200… 2,000 tons of nuclear mud was dumped off. It was outside Bristol. I saw it on the map and apparently they’re moving radioactive mud or waste from one part of Wales to this part near Bristol. Have you hear about that happening Simon? Just curious if you’ve heard, what background is that?

SP: Yes. That part of the world, the southwest of England has a very interesting history. Right back over a hundred, two hundred years, because of the type of rock under some parts of that location, it is relatively easy to bore tunnels and create tunnels. And starting from the major wars that we had, these bases or these tunnels were built. About twenty odd years ago, twenty-five years ago the most incredible excavation was being undertaken there and many, many, many tons of concrete were being poured down. Now as an aside to this I had gone down to a place which is called Aust or [Orst], right off the coast by the bridge, and it’s a good place for fossils and I actually went down there for fossils. And the place is crawling, all of that southwest England, that location is crawling with private security firms. In Great Britain it’s not like America where you have that group called Blackwater. I don’t know what their name is now.

TM: Right.

SP: But in America there are large numbers of private security firms. In Britain it’s not like that but in this location there was a great number, and I remember walking back and there were two guys, well just walking along the road with walkie-talkies, and as I passed one guy turned to the other and said, “That’s Simon Parkes.”

TM: Oh, really.

SP: Yes, two private security guards and they both stopped and stared at me. I went to the car and then a van pulled up and they jumped into the van and off they went. But that location, all that area is very high, high, high number of private security firms. Now what I understand is that there’s miles and miles and miles of tunnels here and what I’m hearing is that a section of that which is no longer needed is going to be used to take this waste because it’s not near water-bearing rocks, and it’s very, I don’t know how many feet thick of concrete, but basically the section that they’re not using for whatever, they are gonna use to dump and hold the stuff. So that’s exactly what’s going on.

TM: Oh amazing. I have to tell you briefly Simon of an experiment that Dr. Masaru Emoto did back in 2010. He took a bottle of radioactive water from a nuclear reactor in Japan. I believe it was in 1999 and he wrote the words “love and gratitude” on the bottle itself. And he also put a crystal that was formed by the words “love and gratitude” that he does research in his laboratory, and so as an experiment Simon, he photographed the radioactive water using his electron microscope before doing prayers and after he did these prayers. Before the prayers it looked like a bunch of worms. The water looked disjointed and all the molecules were all broken apart, and so he wrote “love and gratitude” on this bottle of radioactive water and forty-eight hours, guess what happened?

SP: I’m just trying to think.

TM: Okay.

SP: Forty-eight hours is not a very long time.

TM: No.

SP: Maybe he began to see some improvement.

TM: Well what happened is that because water has memory, and water always gravitates to the higher vibration, all the radiation disappeared, completely disappeared within forty-eight hours. It was gone. So if you would extend that one step further, if the people who are dumping all this radioactive mud off of Bristol, if they just wrote the words “love and gratitude” on their ship or on the containers holding this mud, the radiation should theoretically dissolve, gone in forty-eight hours, and… in theory.

SP: Well I think it would only work if the intention was behind the words.

TM: Sure. Sure.

SP: And the other thing, I’m sorry to interrupt you, Ted. I didn’t mean to be rude and interrupt you, but what I was going to say is that there aren’t many races that are capable of doing this. To my knowledge most of the 4th dimensional races have to use a technology to clean up poison spills. They can’t do it in connecting to Source or God. They have to do it by technology. But because humans are divinely created and have the potential connection to the twelfth and higher dimensions, it is possible as you quite rightly said to alter physical state by the will of your intention and the peace and love, but most alien beings have to use their advanced technology to clear stuff up, and that’s one of the reasons that off planet entities are so interested in humans, because of the connection to Source, which humans have, but many of these aliens just don’t have it.

TM: Interesting, interesting. Well I’m bringing on a fellow during the first of my next hour actually who has a daily meditation of nearly 500,000 people worldwide for world peace and I [21:16][crosstalk]… Yeah he’s a wonderful fellow. If you would like to stay on and listen to him you are welcome, Simon.

SP: Thank you.

TM: His name is Jared Rand, and he’s a wonderful fellow and anyway I want to do a meditation with him to clean up the radiation around the UK in that area, but we will do that at the beginning of the next hour, so, but I know it worked, and with Dr. Emoto he had the scientific results to prove it as well. And, well I’ve gotten a lot of questions in for you Simon and I…

SP: Okay let’s… and I promise not to spend too long answering them. Then we can get through them quickly.

TM: Okay. All righty. Really love your show. Hello Ted, I have two questions for Simon. Did you say that Judge Kavanaugh is a 5th dimensional being, that he is a “good guy,” but is he part of the deep state? I hope he is of benevolent nature. That’s the first one.

SP: Okay, so let me quickly answer that one Ted.

TM: Okay.

SP: Otherwise I’ll forget.

TM: Right.

SP: So first of all the soul in his body is 5th dimensional. I would actually put him at the lower 5th and I’d put him as having a soul from Andromeda. Is he part of the deep state? He is in the sense that he is involved in politics, but he’s not a Satanist. He’s not a pedophile. He’s not a child trafficker, so he’ll get my vote simply because he’s stayed away from all that other horrible stuff.

TM: Sure, okay that’s good. Thank you for explaining that. She writes, this is Bonnie from Philadelphia, she writes I’m hearing more about Nibiru, the dwarf star. Has it entered our solar system? And when it decides to leave our solar system, she writes, are great storms on the horizon for us? Do you have a timeline for this? And then she gets in, she says we need to stock up on food and supplies for three or four months. Anyway, that’s what she asks.

SP: Okay, I believe it has entered the solar system, but it’s a controlled, it’s a controlled object, so it can go faster, slower, or it can stop. And my understanding is that it’s holding its position. The reason it’s holding its position is because the timeline which it is supposed to arrive on is not yet. It is not just going to turn up by chance. Its arrival will coincide with a number of other happenings on the planet and so we should understand that any arrival of Nibiru or Planet X is just to be seen as another element of things unfolding for the Earth. I do not foresee any serious cataclysm or any serious disaster to the Earth because of its arrival. I think it’s always advisable to have a few weeks’ worth of food and water. I think that just absolutely makes sense, not just because of Nibiru, but you know, you could have a power station go down. You could have anything happening. So I always say to people regardless of whatever the situation, it pays to have a few weeks’ worth of food. We can’t all be preppers. We can’t all be stocked up for a six months or a year or two years, but it’s worthwhile just keeping a few weeks supply, just in case. Yeah, I agree.

TM: Sure, absolutely. Absolutely. Here’s a related question, a short question, a statement and then a question following it. This is Fred in Arizona. He writes, he says that he has heard that there are 55,000 sealed indictments currently in the judicial system in the United States. Many of these indictments are for pedophilia, a lot of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the elite of the United… the dark elite of the United States, and he writes that is this why Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination is so important, because we need a, Mr. Trump needs a Supreme Court that will validate these indictments. Is that the reason for the battle for his seat at the moment?

SP: And it’s the reason why the very nasty people have done everything they can to prevent him. Never before in the history as far as I, and I’m not an American but I am a student of American history. I can’t ever find any case where there’s been such a take against a judge. I can’t find anywhere in the United States history where it’s been like this. And there has to be a reason. And the reason is that I was originally told of 20,000 indictments, and then I was told it was up to 40,000, and I did struggle to accept that because of the personnel hours required to draft a legally watertight, 40,000, I know you’ve got the figure 55,000 but this is a few months back. It was a few months back when it was I was told at 40,000, so I had a meeting with an employee of the American Embassy based in Britain, and that person seemed to confirm that at that stage there were forty-odd thousand indictments, which I was surprised at because you need a small army to create that. Now were told it’s fifty, fifty-odd thousand. Now I’ve got no secondary evidence on that. What I have accepted, it was at 40,000. So if it was at 40,000 six months ago, which it was, it could well be at 55,000. I just want to add a point to this, that this is not just about Americans living in America. These documents and the law behind them has been very cleverly or very carefully written and does apply to American citizens living in other countries. That’s a very important point to make because there are a number of very bad people who have fled the United States. Oh sure, they didn’t disappear and run off, they moved house, or they decided to retire so they’ve gone to Switzerland or New Zealand, or a number of other countries. Well these indictments will take effect because these people are American nationals and they cannot be protected by the government of the country they’re currently living in. Now when people understand that, then you would begin to understand why there is a huge determination to prevent Judge Kavanaugh taking his position because it’s got nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats. It’s got nothing to do with Liberals and Conservatives. It’s got everything to do with President Trump and this other group. So Kavanaugh will give President Trump a majority of one, literally a majority of one. So can you imagine indictments being opened and there are some household names. Trump was… no way Trump was gonna do this unless he had the majority of one. That’s why the other side [are]—I’m going to use the word hell bent—hell bent on Kavanaugh taking the position because the game’s up.

TM: Sure.

SP: It is as you said Ted, an incredibly exciting time. It’s also a very dangerous time. Thank you.

TM: Well I hope the people listening today, especially those Americans listening here in the United States, which is still a great country, to see through the mass media and determine the truth for yourself, and about what’s going on. Here’s a woman, Dr. Ford, who suddenly after thirty-six, forty years, suddenly comes forward with allegations of assault from this gentleman, and she can’t remember most of the details. Her memory is hazy. Actually there was a clip played on our radio station here just during, just before we came on from her about how horrible Judge Kavanaugh was, so I hope people will look through the, read through the lines as to what’s really going on. Anyway we have some other questions, Simon. This is [Ulrich] from Germany, and he says hello to you. He said that he had a session with you back in May of this year, the man with the gong.

SP: Ah okay.

TM: You probably remember the man with the gong, and he’d like to ask how do we realize the shift to the higher dimension? What are the qualities in the physical senses—taste, feelings—and will the world look the same around us? With best regards, [Ulrich] from Germany.

SP: Well we will still have a physical body. We will still have a heart, and a liver, and kidneys, et cetera, et cetera. And we will still need to eat food, and this is something that people perhaps forget. They believe when they move up to a higher realm they can live off light. No you can’t, not in the 5th dimension. We need to consume food. So that aspect is not going to change, but the real question is how do I recognize it? And the point is that you will recognize it because the world will change around you and the people around you will change. What I’m expecting to see is a reduction of 4th dimensional energy. For those people who are advancing, evolving, the 4th dimensional control will drop away, and those individuals will find themselves with more and more freedom, more freedom in action and less controls around them, and it will be very obvious to you, very obvious. So yes, you will see a difference but please don’t think that you can just give up your normal routine in terms of drinking water and eating food. That has to stay. In fact, that stays up to the 6th dimension. It only begins to drop off after the 6th dimension, and you go into the 7th dimension then the type of physical body that we understand begins to change.

TM: Oh fascinating. Thank you so much for, I’ve actually been asked that question before, Simon…

SP: Okay.

TM: …so thank you so much for explaining that. I don’t know if this has happened to you but people who are negative have been dropping out of, have dropped out of my life during the past year or two. And sometimes I think people are evolving spiritually and they’re leaving people that they’ve known. We’re all developing at different rates here on this planet. Have you had the same thing happen to you as well? Simon do you…

SP: I tell you what I have noticed and what I am noticing is that, and I’ve said it now for about two-and-a-half years. This is very arbitrary but the good people are getting better and the bad people are getting worse. What we had was a gray area in the middle. That is going, and those people who are choosing to stay in the negative, they’re choosing to remain. They’re becoming more obvious. They’re becoming more outspoken. They’re becoming more in your face, and they’re becoming more unpleasant. There is a real divide and people who are on a spiritual path are, we’re shocked by the downright nastiness of people, which we haven’t seen before. This is quite a new thing. Basically as we evolve, as the planet’s vibration rises, there are a substantial group of people who choose not to rise with it, so they get left behind so those people who are evolving, metaphorically speaking, you look over your shoulder, these people are miles behind you, and that they’re right down the corridor, and you don’t recognize them anymore because they’re just, their intent, their energy is just not, is just not what you want, so bad people are becoming more obvious. They’re more out in the open, and they are basically being corralled. Now those people who are spiritual and evolving, you are moving upward. You’re not being corralled. You’ve got freedom. So, it’s still difficult because we’re rubbing shoulders with these people, but how can I put it? You might spend five years going to work, getting in the elevator and there’s a person next to you that, you know, you don’t really like and he’s not that good, and now that person is so horrible that everyone is ostracizing him. Everyone is keeping away from him. He’s got his own work station. No one goes near him. Nobody offers to make him a cup of coffee. Nobody offers to get him a donut when they go. That’s what’s happening, and this negative group is becoming more obvious, but as a result of that they are becoming more dangerous. So that’s my answer.

TM: Interesting. Thank you for sharing that Simon. As always, it’s always interesting to hear your viewpoint on that. That’s happened actually in several instances to me this year. I’ve also had a group of questions that come in about how do you get rid of a curse, a family curse, from a previous life or that was done by what I guess you would call them a witch doctor or an evil spirit, so…

SP: Okay, right. [36:08] That’s a heck of a difficult question to answer, not because I can’t but because I’ve got to explain a bit. In the 4th dimension there are a whole range of energies. They’re not the same energy with different names. For instance voodooism is not the same as black magic.

TM: Okay.

SP: Now remember that black magic isn’t evil. Black magic just means occult, which means hidden magic. A good person makes good magic. A bad person makes bad magic. Now curses can be from a whole range of objects. The guy who broke into Tutankhamen’s tomb…

TM: Right.

SP: …the curse on the stones, and he got a curse from that. You could have a witch doctor stick pins in a doll. You get a curse from that. You could get a whole range of stuff, so to answer the question, it depends not who has put the curse on you, but what their energy background is, what their discipline is, where they’re coming from. So to counter that negative curse, one has to understand what the curse is and [37:30][where/what] its history is. There are a whole range of tools that we can use to counter it. I would say of the clients I speak to a good three-quarters of them are dealing with not a curse, but something from the interdimensional space between the 3rd and 4th dimension, and some of them are curses because somebody has been paid to send one of these rather nasty little spirits to make a life difficult, so I can’t really give you a specific answer because every different type of curse requires a different kind of antidote, but they are possible. Remember what one man or one thing can do, another man or woman can undo.

TM: Thank you. Okay, thank you so much for sharing that Simon.

SP: Pleasure.

TM: We’ve had in the news here recently reports of envelopes of ricin or poison being sent to various government officials here in America. You know who might be behind that? Is that part of the desperate push to stop this, the ascension process?

SP: Well President Trump got some to the White House. I mean senators and didn’t the governor as well? A state governor got one. What I, I did look into this. I do follow your happenings very closely. I couldn’t see the pattern. Yes I expect Trump to get it and senators, but there was one person there, I won’t say who it was, that was out of the pattern. There was one chap there who I didn’t understand why he received it and so I couldn’t be sure who was behind it. They, I believe the FBI has arrested a guy, but the question really is what’s behind him, who’s behind him and what it’s all about, and I don’t have anymore information on it because this is a very primitive attempt to do something, so I’m not sure whether it’s a deep state or whether it’s just somebody who is just off his head.

TM: We had just after 9/11, this just reminds me of what happened back on September 11th, 2001, Simon. Within this country I think within 24 hours of the 9/11 event, President Bush and Vice President Cheney already had what they called the U.S. Patriot Act, which was probably three, four, five thousand pages long ready to submit to Congress, and there was one man Tom Daschle in the Senate I believe who stood up against them and started asking questions, and he received an envelope of poison anthrax send to his office. I think that was meant to silence him, but this recent attempt to poison President Trump and other government officials reminds me of that of what happened back then as well.

SP: I think it was Judge Kavanaugh in his statement was saying that he was, obviously as a judge, he was called in to give some help, and just after 9/11 he was saying it was very very busy in the White House in the Oval Office, it was really busy. He said there were probably five judges and this is the five, and I believe him, you know. My point is not to say this, but my point is I’m sure there were five judges, but there’s no way five judges in the space of a few days could have brought out the Patriot Act. And the truth is that that document had been written six months to a year prior to that. That document was already written. Now I want to just bring on this point because it’s really, for me it’s very important.

TM: Sure.

SP: I pasted on my website, simonparkes dot org. (simonparkes.org) a short interview with Major General Stubblebine.

TM: I was just going to ask you about that. I have it opened in my computer. That was my next question. So you’re… you must be psychic. You’re one step ahead of me, Simon. Go ahead.

SP: I don’t know that I’m one step ahead of you, probably we walk together down the sidewalk.

TM: Right.

SP: Major General Stubblebine, retired major general. To my knowledge he is the highest ranking member of the elite. Of course he’s an elite. He’s a major general. The highest ranking member of the elite to actually say that airplanes did not strike the towers. An airplane did not crash into the Pentagon. Now why in the name of the good Lord isn’t every newspaper in America publishing this and saying here is a major general saying that the two towers were not brought down by an airplane. He categorically says airplanes did not crash into the two towers, and he categorically says it was not an airplane that crashed into the Pentagon. Now here is absolute proof, and what’s happening is that these people now who have been silenced for so long are now coming out. It’s not the first time Major General Stubblebine has said things like this but he does it in… it’s an interview with a Japanese or Chinese gentleman, and, you know, it should be all over the world. It should be the front pages but the nasty evil elite who still, still threaten, cajole, frighten, blackmail, and control the machinery of government and the private sector are stopping this.

TM: And who attack you too.

SP: What more do the American people need?

TM: Right.

SP: One of the greatest patriot chaps, a major general is telling you guys in the U.S. that the Twin Towers were not brought down by an airplane. And that’s a genuine video and please watch it on my website. Thank you.

TM: And that story is not on any of the front page news of any paper in the United States. I’d be surprised. I don’t think it is. [44:09][inaudible]

SP: But this is the worry. This is the worry Ted that the system is still sewn up by the bad guys.

TM: Right.

SP: That control system, I mean I keep hearing, oh, you know, we’re nearly free and it’s not true yet. If we were nearly free, we’d have a real free press, and in actual fact in the interview that is posted on my website simonparkes.org, he actually says we don’t have a free press. So this major general actually says in the interview we don’t have a free press. And what he says is free press costs money, and he’s really talking about blackmail here. He’s saying how people are being blackmailed. It’s very important detail. It’s only five minutes. Please find five minutes of your time. It’s one of your great military leaders. He was the guy who, when he was in charge, his job was to detect enemy movements. His job was to look at intelligence, so he was up and in the White House with the Bush administration. So, you know, what more, what more has to be done before ordinary people get the truth, and this is what’s so frustrating Ted.

TM: Right. Right. Well I, that’s why I started my radio program five years ago Simon because the truth wasn’t getting out there.

SP: Yeah.

TM: And people want the truth and that’s why so many people are listening to my show today, and it’s growing. It’s the fastest growing metaphysical spiritual radio program in the world, but it’s because people want the truth. They’re sick and tired of getting garbage.

SP: Yes.

TM: And this is a time of truth, so I appreciate you so much for sharing that. I will try to play a little bit of that, of his interview through the next hour or perhaps a week from today. But… and along those lines we talked about the 55 or the 50,000, 40,000 sealed indictments. Was it you who told me that a lot of the names of the people in those indictments will be household names, because I saw also on your website simonparkes .org, Simon a story about Elon Musk and being, let me look it up here, about being, him being, oh arrested or charged with pedophilia.

SP: No, no. No, no. No, he’s been charged, he was charged with corruption…

TM: Oh, okay.

SP: …because he tried to swing the share price on Tesla. He made a statement that he had done some deal with some sheikh in an oil country, some Saudi Arabian oil deal, which then proved to be not real. But what he’s done is he’s, there were some children who were trapped under water in a cave, and the guy who was the expert was organizing a rescue, and Elon Musk wrote to this guy and said I’ve got a little mini submarine. Would you like to use my submarine to rescue these children? Now the organizer said I think you’re just doing this as a publicity stunt. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. This is to Elon Musk. And, I don’t want your submarine, at which point Elon Musk then accused this guy of being a pedophile. This guy then started a legal court action against Elon Musk. Now that’s the one to follow. What I also said on my website is that Elon Musk, it looks to me like he’s had a nervous breakdown a few weeks ago. The trouble is, Tesla cars, nobody else wants his job. He’s the chief executive. He’s the CEO. Nobody else wants to step into his shoes, so I can’t see the man lasting much longer. I really can’t.

TM: Okay, okay, interesting, interesting Simon. Well thanks for sharing that. You also had another post on your website, a fascinating website at simonparkes .org about how artificial intelligence in the CERN collider were threats to this planet, that they could leave the planet in a smoldering mass. I’d love your followup on that. That’s on your website.

SP: It’s a bit like Major General Stubblebine. We had a really learned professor, a guy of science who had just broken ranks, and just come out and said look one of the greatest threats facing the Earth is some of the reactions that could occur when CERN is activated. It could create one of these sort of super black holes, which could basically burn the Earth to a cinder. Now you would laugh at this if it appeared in the “Marvel” magazine, but this is a regular scientist who has gone through a regular university and, you know, established his credentials, and what we’re seeing is we are seeing people breaking ranks and warning about the technology, which up till now science has said it’s perfectly safe and perfectly okay, but we are getting warnings. I mean, you know, there have been other people in the past who have warned that the activities of CERN are not really fully understood, even by the scientists who operate them, and as a result of that, it could have a very bad negative effect. So it’s important because this isn’t some 16-year-old kid writing something attacking CERN or me, right? This is a scientist, a guy highly respected is coming out and saying I think CERN is one of the greatest dangers to humanity.

TM: Amazing. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Simon we’ve got about five minutes left and I wanted to tell you that because I wanted you to feel free to talk about anything you like or expound on anything you mentioned during this hour to wrap up your wonderful interview today.

SP: Oh thank you Ted. That’s always very kind of you. I just go back to the politics because that’s interesting. I’m sure that most people just fall asleep when they were watching what was going on, but maybe not because it’s so exciting, but I thought there was one interesting point that’s not really been understood, and that is that… and the media didn’t understand it and some people didn’t understand it and even the commentators didn’t understand it. When Judge Kavanaugh was being questioned and when this other lady was being questioned, because of the nature of what she was alleging, it was quite likely that the Senate wouldn’t appoint Kavanaugh, because there were people who could, you know, there was one Democrat I think who voted the other way and one Republican who voted the other way.

TM: Right.

SP: But at that point before the vote was taken it wasn’t clear. So what the media is saying is that this Republican senator broke ranks and decided that, you know, he would only vote for Kavanaugh if the FBI were brought in. And you know, that’s the way it’s been sold, as the Republican senator who cracked under pressure, et cetera, et cetera. It’s all nonsense, total nonsense. As the debate was going along, it was becoming obvious that the Republican senators needed a stick to sit on. They needed a prop. They needed something to lean on, so that the machinery was brought in. Tell you what, we’ll give the FBI one week to do due diligence, find out what’s going on, and the understanding of that, then the FBI as report will say one way or the other so at this stage we feel more confident in voting for Kavanaugh because we’re also saying we’re authorizing the FBI. That had nothing to do with one senator breaking ranks. This came right from Trump. This was all organized. Now that’s exciting in itself, but here’s what’s more exciting. You’ll find it on the records if you look on that day. One Democratic senator, it was a woman, said along the lines that well what’s the point of bringing the FBI in? We won’t know anymore than we know now. Now that’s dynamite because how dare she prejudge a police investigation. So basically this Democratic senator was saying, well there’s no point in bringing the FBI in because it won’t change anything. How does she know that? How could she possibly know that the FBI couldn’t find it, which tells me that there was something very nasty going on.

TM: Sure.

SP: And the point is that they didn’t want the FBI investigation because it wouldn’t give them what they wanted. They wanted to stop Kavanaugh there and then. So this is politics at its dirtiest, but we’ve got to hang on in there because October, November and December are the three most important months. And if Kavanaugh is in post, there’s every chance that we will move humanity to the next stage.

TM: Um-hum, Um-hum.

SP: Thank you Ted. Thank you for hearing me.

TM: Oh wonderful. I just downloaded the audio of Major [General] Stubblebine about no plane hit the Pentagon and I’ll play a clip of that during my next hour, but yeah.

SP: Great.

TM: But anyway Simon you’re welcome to stay on if you like. We have Zorra from the Hollow Earth coming on next hour along with Jared Rand doing a meditation for world peace. I know it’s late there in England. I don’t want to keep you up real late, but…

SP: Ted, Ted I love your show. It is late here. Remember there’s lots of hours difference between you guys and me here.

TM: That’s true.

SP: I’m delighted always because you have a fantastic audience. It’s probably the most spiritual radio show on the planet, so I’ll say good night to you and God bless.

TM: All right Simon, thanks so much for coming on. Please stay tuned everyone for our next hour. [end of Simon Interview, 54:48, 1st hour]

[transcribed October 07, 2018 gsc]





7 September 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Simon discusses his post about the questioning of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the mention of military tribunals as a way to try Americans who betray their country; ridiculous political games being played out for the public are a distraction tool to keep people from focusing on the real issues; America needs to understand they are in a fight for their life to maintain their sovereignty; how do we stop weather control and deliberately set fires by particle beam weapons; implants can be both positive and negative; is it true that all nuclear weapons on Earth have been deactivated; are the Annunaki gone from the surface of the Earth; when celebrities know too much they seem to mysteriously commit suicide according to the system, but the public thinks they were murdered; pedophilia in the UN; 5G and all the new gadgets that run it and damage health are all ways to make money; if the light tunnel traps souls then maybe we shouldn’t send trapped souls to the light, but instead to Source or their star family; how the future looks to be shaping up.

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7 September 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

[SIMON INTERVIEW STARTS at 05:00 Hour 1]Ted Mahr: And with that what I’d love to do is talk to my good friend, Simon. Simon how are you doing today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m doing very well, thank you. And you seem to be spending half your life up Mount Shasta.

TM: Well, you’re funny.

SP: Well I think, I’m just saying that it’s, you know, there are very few people who are dedicated to taking groups to spiritual locations, and, you know, it’s one of perhaps, it’s one of the most sacred places on the Earth and you know, it’s great that you’re actually able to do it. And you do it as such a reasonable price as well.

TM: Well, you know thank you so much for saying that Simon. It’s only two hundred dollars per person and the purpose of the program, is the trip to raise consciousness. And as I look around the people here today, we must have, what, at least a thousand, would you say two thousand people here. No actually we’ve probably got about twenty-five or so, thirty, but they have such all beautiful hearts and spirits and they’re all here to make this planet a better place and their heart is in the right spot, you know. But as my friend Anthony from Los Angeles just told me a minute ago, today’s your birthday Simon, so we have to sing you a happy birthday song. Simon are you there?

SP: Yes I’m waiting for my song.

TM: Okay, let’s sing, okay everyone… on the count of one, two, three… “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Simon, Happy Birthday to You.” And many more.

SP: Thank you.

TM: We have people… right our pleasure, and we have people from, well Ukraine, Los Angeles, Mexico City, let’s see… I’m sorry, yeah Los Angeles, Seattle, New Zealand. Let’s see, what planet are you from Jason, what again?

Jason: Far away.

TM: Far Houston, far away, he won’t tell us the planet he comes from, Canada, but we’ve got a wonderful group of people here and we wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Simon, so…

SP: Well I just want to thank everyone for that. That’s so very kind of you, thank you. And it’s great Ted because over the course of, you know, the work I do through Skype, I often meet people who have been on your trips, and everyone I’ve spoken to has had something specific or unusual happen to them. So you know nobody that I have spoken to [7:40][has] said oh well that was boring or that was a waste of time. Everyone that I have spoken to has said well that was well worth it. I got something out of that. So that’s excellent that, you know, throughout the spiritual community there are people there who are doing a wide range of things, whether it’s going up Mount Shasta with you or listening to me or doing anything else, and that means that people are widely experiencing and that’s very important. The noise behind me if you can hear it is one of my new kittens who’s not very well and is in a little pen at the moment and desperately wants to come out and I might have to get him out in a minute.

TM: Oh well, poor animal. Well listen we want to wish our best to your beautiful kitten there and I wanted to tell you that we’ve had a lot, I’ve had a lot of people writing me asking all kinds of questions of course Simon for me to ask you on the air, and also too I saw your post a couple days ago, where one of the posts you mentioned the new Supreme Court nominee for the United States and about military court tribunals, and you had a very interesting comment about that if you wouldn’t mind caring to clarify.

SP: Right, if the audience [09:01][has] got a little bit of spare time they might go visit my website, Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes .org), and if you have a look at that I’ve put up the second day of Judge Kavanaugh’s, it’s not an interview as such, but it’s his work with the Senate. The Senate asked him lots of questions so then they decide on the voting whether they want him or not. Kavanaugh is President Trump’s nominee for one of the supreme judges, and if people on the second day go to the official obviously post and you go to three hours, two minutes, and thirty seconds (03:02:30), and you watch and listen from that point right through to three hours and four minutes and fifty-three seconds (03:04:53), I’m only asking you to listen to two minutes worth, you’ll hear a very interesting statement from one of the Republican senators who is speaking to Judge Kavanaugh. Now within that timeframe, perhaps people can write it down, at three hours and four minutes (03:04:00) exactly to three hours and four minutes and fifteen seconds (03:04:15) exactly, the senator asks Judge Kavanaugh what is the understanding of the law is in regards to an American citizen in another country. And what they both agree on is that that American citizen in another country has the Constitution and Amendment rights that protect him or her against his own country, which is the United States, but doesn’t protect that person against the foreign government. But then between the three hours and four minutes (03:04:00) and three hours and four minutes and fifteen seconds (03:04:15), the senator says what about the situation where a person turns against their own government? Now this was a coded message saying basically that if you want to try to bring down the president, then there will be military tribunals. So I didn’t sit through twelve or fifteen hours of this simply because I didn’t have the time but I was told that the Republican senator was sending a message to what we call the deep state or the Cabal or who, whatever you want to use it. And I was given these times, that these were the times I needed to listen to, because it was the warning to the bad guys that if they wished to cause really serious issues this will happen, so I hope the audience [11:59][gets] a chance to go and listen to that. It was really really important. So that was what my posting was about.

TM: Okay, interesting, interesting. Also too, I say a posting about the British–Russian relationship has been the lowest since the late seventies and early eighties. I hope things improve, you know, because there’s a lot of good people in Russia, there’s a lot of good people of course in England, and there’s a lot of good people in America. There’s a lot of good people in Canada. Everywhere around the world there’s good people and basically there are more good people than there are people who want the conflict, so I hope things can improve between Britain and Russia.

SP: Yeah it’s all a ridiculous political game because, you know, while that’s going on, and Britain is a very big player in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and NATO and which obviously has America as the biggest supporter and amongst those countries, are France and Italy and Germany and Spain, many many others. You have the Chancellor of Germany doing a deal with President Putin to bring a very special gas pipeline directly from Russia straight through to Germany providing gas that doesn’t go through Saudi Arabia. So on one hand you have a NATO country basically attacking Russia and on the other hand you’ve got a NATO country doing a massive financial deal with Russia. This is the ridiculousness of the politics that is being played out for newspapers, television stations, other media outlets. It’s all part of a huge game and frankly, you know, I’m shocked that people who are supposed to be very busy in government have got so much time on their hands that they can invent all these stupid games. And there’s the rest of us who don’t get paid anything like this sort of wages running around half killing one another. So it’s obviously good to be a leader in government because you get all this free time to make things up. So I wanted to share that with people again simply because I wanted to say look, this is a drama that is being played out. It’s a television play. It’s just literally to take your attention off certain other topics. The real topic at the moment is the situation in the United States of America where two sides are squaring up to basically decide which side is going to be victorious. Will it be those who want to maintain the Constitution and go back to the good old Constitution or will it be those who want to rewrite the Constitution because they don’t want to be constrained by the laws of the Founding Fathers. And that is where it will go and that is why the military now is beginning to push President Trump to start being less covert and to be more overt and remember when Trump was interviewed, it was only a week ago or so and it seems much longer, where he basically said if anyone tries to impeach me, there will be a revolution in this country. And basically what he is saying is if anyone tries to impeach me, the military will declare martial law. Now it’s very interesting that after his statement the calls for impeachment almost stopped, because that message hit home. And what we’re seeing is a waste of government time. One side says something. The other side responds, and it’s actually not very helpful. But that’s where we’re at. It’s really important that the American people understand that their country is going through one of the most important changes that it’s ever had.

TM: Well that’s very profound Simon, and that’s why I love having you on my show. You always have the greatest insight on things. One of the things I remember that Benjamin Franklin said before he passed away. He said that we gave you a Republic, to the American people. We gave you a Republic if you can keep it, and so, and I hope that the people in this country, great country will keep the Constitution. It has served us well for over 200 years, and there’s no reason to change it. There’s good reasons why it was documented. I looked at the U.S. Constitution as an eternal document. Sure it can be interpreted in different ways but it has served the people well and it’s a sign of democracy that needs to continue. So, yeah, thanks so much for those insights. I appreciate it Simon.

SP: Sure.

TM: We have some questions here from my audience here and then I’ve got about a whole bunch of questions come in from around the world, so we’ll try to get to everyone as much as we can. Here’s a question from Maria in Mexico. Oh here’s one, okay, she says how can we stop the weather control and the West Coast fires here in the United States and I have to tell you I’m in Mount Shasta right now and this is a beautiful area. On a clear day like the beginning of my song from “The Who,” you can see for miles and miles. It’s so pretty. There’s a reason why I play The Who’s song by the way, because the purpose of my show is for enlightenment and to raise consciousness and so that’s a metaphor that you can see for miles and miles hopefully, see clearly about worlds, what’s going on in the world. That’s why I like the [17:48][work] so much Simon, but.… Anyway there’s fire south of here. They say the most recent fire was manmade from a, what was it, a mal-functioning car that caught a bale of hay on fire. I don’t know what the truth is. There also have been YouTube videos of particle beam weapons being used by the United States Air Force causing fires as well, which is quite disturbing because as taxpayers in this great country, we pay for that. And yet, they are attacking us, so you know it leaves you kind of wondering, but I don’t know if you have any information on that. I would sure love your opinion.

SP: Okay, well thanks Ted. The question was how do you stop it? The harsh reality is that unfortunately at the moment you can’t directly because it’s not accepted publicly that these things are under the control of any individuals. So, you know, if you want to campaign or demonstrate against the closure of a public library, it’s very obvious because you turn up to the public library building, and you walk around the block with all your other supporters, and you know you have a focal point and it’s very readily understood. But how do you campaign against something that nobody in the officialdom accepts as real. That’s the problem. That’s then difficulty. Now what you can do literally is get ahold of your senator, your congressman, and find out what their position is on this, and we had this on my other radio show earlier today, was that if you actually write to that senator or congressman and you say or congresswoman of course, and you say look, what is your stance on this? What is your position on this? Are you taking an interest, and if you don’t take an interest I won’t vote for you. Now somebody might say, look, they don’t care about one vote, but if large numbers of people wrote to their elected representatives, and said, this is a very serious issue, not just for the people of California, but for all of United States, because yes it’s happening in California, but hey tomorrow it could be in Oregon or the day after that it could be in Massachusetts. So it affects every state of the U.S. and either, you know, you guys are all separate states and you don’t care about each other or you are united, as in United States. So it doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. you should be writing in to your congressman and saying you may be five hundred miles away, but you all go to the same house, you all sit there, you all drink coffee together, and I’m telling you that I don’t like this and unless you do something about it I won’t vote for you. Now if enough people do that the pressure is there. And that is, as it stands at the moment in the 3D world that we have, that is the only influence the ordinary person has in a physical way, because the media won’t run with the story other than this is all an accident. That is your power because you do elect your representatives. So that’s my best advice at the moment. Now when, fingers crossed, things begin to change in the U.S. later on in this year, I’m hoping to goodness that we are going to see a complete change in the way that California is continually being beaten up on.

TM: Well I couldn’t agree with you more Simon, a very very astute profound comments. I know that, I’ve looked at the studies done around Mount Shasta area and I don’t know who within our government has been doing it, but they have been spraying chemtrails in this area and are putting tons of nano-size aluminium particulate matter and that’s gone into the eco system and what has happened from what my little knowledge of it is that the fires, especially with the aluminium spread throughout this area, burn hotter and brighter and catch fire quicker as well, and so you’ve got that as a factor. There is a fellow named Dane Wigington, a wonderful man, a scientist, who has been campaigning and trying to educate the public about that here in the area, so that when you get a fire for example, or it burns hotter and brighter and spreads quicker because of that. And, it’s really troubling to think that they are doing that. Now I’ve been told by the Galactic Alliance that they have been working hard behind the scenes to stop the chemtrailing, and it’s a slow process they said but there are some areas in the United States where the chemtrailing has either stopped or slowed down. I’m not sure what’s happening here in Mount Shasta. It’s hard to get good information but… we have another, I have a question from Diana here from Mexico. She’s from Mexico and she’s here in the audience she said question for you Simon. Last night she had an experience on the way to Mount Shasta where two beings approached her in her hotel room. She felt their touch. One of them lifted her foot and when asked what he was doing he said he was planting microchips in her feet. She got angry at him and then he disappeared. What do you think that might be about Simon?

SP: Could we have a description of the being please?

TM: Yes, Diana could you please describe the being please?

DIANA: Well they were humanoid. They were white skin, no hair, kinda large face. They were male. I have that impression. One of them approached me and he told me his name was Paul. I awoke, this happened around 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

TM: Yeah, Paul is a typical alien name.

DIANA: And they woke up my two friends who were with me in the hotel room to tell them like… so… but I got angry when they said, this other guy who was near my feet and was lifting and I said what are you doing? He said I’m putting microchips. I said whose permission do you have to put microchips in my foot?

TM: Big question.

DIANA: And they disappeared, and they immediately disappeared Simon.

TM: Okay.

SP: Thank you. Were they five foot tall, a little bit taller?

TM: Were they five foot tall, or a little bit taller?

DIANA: How much is that in meters?

TM: About one and a half meters, a little bit more than one and a half meters.

SP: One-seven, one-seven.

DIANA: No perhaps a little taller.

SP: One-seven meters, one-seven Ted.

DIANA: Perhaps he was about one seventy centimeters.

SP: See. There you go. One-seven.

TM: Okay, yeah, that’s what they were.

SP: Yeah fantastic, so about one-seven. Right okay, we call them tall whites, but we don’t call them tall whites in the true sense of the word. They were Greys. They contain a soul. Under universal law when asked what are you doing, they have to be truthful, so they had to tell you what they were doing. That’s the way it works. And when the subject questioned their authority, they didn’t have that authority so they disappeared. The technology they would be using would be energetics. So they would be what they would call etheric implants, so you’re not going to find something the size of a grain of rice in your foot. They’ll be energy implants. We don’t have the time but if you were my client what I would be doing now is asking you about your background, your family, experiences and then trying to understand what their connection to you is, and then from that we could work out what the job of the chips were. We do have to be a little bit careful.

DIANA: I had an interview in February with you so I am…

SP: Yes, okay.

DIANA: [crosstalk] …later then.

SP: Okay, that’s fine. What I would just say for the audience is that not every implant is evil. There have been a number of my clients who have been kept alive because certain implants have been placed in their body because these beings can project the future and they will know that somebody is going to have a heart attack or somebody is going to develop this disease, and so some of these implants are designed to prevent that happening, but other implants are of a negative type. I just wanted to add that Ted.

DIANA: Thank you.

TM: Well thank you do much Simon for explaining that. I’ll work with her after the show too. So… oh my goodness. Well we have a lot of questions here. This first question is Eddie from Hong Kong. Let’s see it’s a two-part question. I’ll try to boil it down. He wanted to ask you about it. I had Zorra of the Hollow Earth on here recently and Zorra had said that all nuclear warheads from nuclear nations on Earth had been disabled, and wanted to know if you could confirm that and also that there were allegedly no more Annunaki left on this surface of the planet. He was interested in… that was Eddie from Hong Kong asking those questions.

SP: I can’t agree with either of those two statements. What I can agree with is that all nuclear powered nations have been advised that if they launch a nuclear weapon in anger then the electronics of that missile will be deactivated and the missile will fall to Earth harmlessly. So yes, in a way they have been deactivated. But I don’t want people thinking that the arsenal of nuclear weapons are just nothing. They are still just very much alive, but if they were launched and they have to reach a certain height above the base where they are launched from. This is like a no man’s land, once it reaches this independent space then they would be activated. We had this occur in 1979–1980, both to Great Britain where the United States has its major nuclear stockpile. This was in the days when they thought the Russians were going to steamroll us through Germany and they had a lot of what we call tactical nuclear weapons stored in Britain ready to be airlifted to Central Europe to be fired against the Russians. And the Russians had an equal store in a base in the Ukraine and on the same night, and I think it was 1979 or 1980, I don’t remember now, but both of those two bases, one in Great Britain, one in Russia; it wasn’t the Russian Federation in those days. It was the Union of Socialist Republic, the USSR. Both were turned off and deactivated. So that’s the first one.

The second one about the Annunaki, the true Annunaki are not on this planet, but the descendants of the Annunaki are. And, you’d be very hard-pressed to actually define the difference. I’m talking about something that is literally part human and part Reptilian that physically can change, and I don’t just mean the eyes changing. That’s quite common. I’ve met people that can, like an arm will change, you know, to a scaly arm. I’m talking about people who can completely change, their whole physical body changes. Or they literally become seven–eight foot tall. Now I know that sounds crazy to most people but that’s the reality. Now those people are still here on the planet. I’ll just give an example of this. If they weren’t, the control system on this planet would be different. We would be breaking free. The reason we’re still held down is because the same bad guys are still at the top. So there’s the evidence. If all the bad guys had gone we would be actually doing what we should do. So we’re not, so therefore it stands to reason that the bad guys are still there. They’re weakening. They’re losing their control, but they’re still there. Thank you Ted.

TM: Well good answer, Simon. I actually know some prime examples. I won’t discuss them right at this moment, but everything you said hit home with me that made it a thousand percent. Let’s see we have another question, I have another question, I’m not sure where. Bonnie from Philadelphia wrote in and two questions. This is about Anthony Bourdain. A general question: Was Anthony Bourdain murdered because he was about to tell about human trafficking? And did Kate Spade have the same thing? Was it the same thing that happened to her? Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were found with red scarves around their neck. This is from Bonnie in Philadelphia.

SP: You mentioned two reasonably well publicized cases. There have been frighteningly a large number of newspapermen, women, investigators, or those who worked for child trafficking, and support groups or women support groups, people who have a reason to uncover the truth have been found in what the system would call suicide. There have never been so many people committing suicide investigating the government or an arm of the government. I don’t mean White House. I mean this hidden shadowy government. Never before have we had so many people or there have been people who were going to testify against the Clinton Foundation, and this is all documentary fact. It is in the public domain. A number of people over the last recent years who were subpoenaed to go to court to testify against the Clinton Foundation were found dead the very morning they were supposed to go to testify. And there’s an official investigation and it’s declared as suicide. The point is there are vested interests in many countries and some people are in so deep that they feel that they have, this is their feeling. They feel that they have no alternative but to keep doing these things because they don’t believe they’ll be forgiven. This is the key. If an individual thinks they have crossed the line and there isn’t a single court in the land that will forgive them, then why should they change? Why should they do that? And they will carry on doing this and this is why there is an argument that for some people forgiveness is possible, that there is a chance to reconcile and bring the country back together again, to break the division that exists. There are some people that perhaps that forgiveness cannot be given. It’s not in my gift to say either way, but I think as long as the perpetrators believe there’s no going back, then that’s when they’ll keep on doing this. And that’s a real big question that we have to think about as we begin to uncover more and more of this wrong doing, we perhaps have to decide how we deal with it. So yes the system says suicide, but many of us say that they were murdered.

TM: Sure, sure. That makes [sense]. Yeah, yeah, thanks so much for sharing that. I have another question from Ulrich, [Ultrich], Simon I’m sorry, Ulrich from Germany. It’s a long question but I’ll just paraphrase it to save time. He said that he had run across articles in a United Nations report detailing pedophilia among UN employees. I won’t go into all the details, but just any comments on that that would be interesting.

SP: Well it’s unlikely to be a public document. You wouldn’t come across a report talking about pedophilia that someone’s left on a desk. It just doesn’t happen. The only way it would happen is if you were involved in either protecting it or trying to uncover it. Somebody was leaking it. Now if you have come across a document like that then your life is in danger, bottom line. President Trump has been given a list from a secret coded database which was held at National Security Agency based at Maryland, Fort [Meade], Maryland, and that was decoded and passed to him and this was a secret database of high officials who were either being blackmailed because they had taken part in pedophilia things or they had been organizing them. And this was a list that was passed to President Trump and President Trump is holding it now as a sort of a bargaining chip in a way as part of the big game that is being played. Remember that the United Nations is largely funded by the U.S. and has been since it was created. If the United States of America stopped funding the United Nations, it would collapse. If the United States stopped funding NATO, NATO would collapse. The U.S. is the biggest paymaster, therefore it has the biggest say. And if you are a country that dominates structures, then if a bad person gets into a position of authority, that bad man can utilize the network that exists for legitimate purposes, but that bad man, that bad guy can use it to pass evil from one country to the next. And that’s what we’re seeing uncovered now is this network of evil is far more extensive than most people realize. It’s a really good question. Thank you.

TM: Well thank you so much for answering that and Ulrich from Germany for sending me that. Let’s see, I have a question from Jenny in Los Angeles. Let me see, it’s long but I want to get, okay here we go. This is about the new 5G systems that the telephone companies are trying to institute here in the United States. I think we may have talked about this before, but she had another question about it. It’s that the current standards here in the United States ignore people’s health, that if the system is instituted, it will have negative health effects on the American people and anywhere else that it is instituted. I’ve also, personally I’ve heard about stories about how the 5G system is actually a system to bring in negative entities, the Draconians, the Reptilians. Anyway any thoughts on that would be welcome.

SP: The United States is the greatest country in the world and it’s built on capitalism. And that capitalism originally started off as the guy selling horseshoes on the turnpike. And now it ends up as corporations controlling the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, whether they control their lives through the medicines, the pharmaceuticals, whether it’s because they control the television networks, whether it’s because they control the sports, or the news, or the finances. This is what we’ve got. Now when you get a country that’s built on that, then the creation of money and the power of money takes precedence over everything else. 5G offers a revolutionary way to make more money out of people. To those who are not aware, and of course everyone listening to this radio show and knows you Ted is aware, but there may be people who have just joined or tuned in and it’s their first time. Look, when a company makes something don’t think that they sit alone and they say I’ve made this. I’m going to go to market and I’m going to do something with it. What they say is okay I’m going to share with my friends and the corporations and they can make things on the back of this. So 5G is nothing unless you’ve got the latest cellphone that will run 5G, or the latest tablet, or the latest this or the latest that. So what they do is they present a package so everybody makes money out of the ordinary people. You don’t just go for 5G. You want all the gadgets that will work with it. So 5G is driven by money. That’s all it is. The difficulty is that the frequency of 5G is many many times greater than the frequencies that we have at the moment and I do not believe that it is safe for health. Now when somebody says to me, oh yes but these microwaves pass through your body and don’t cause you any problems, and I say I agree with that. But when you are walking next to something made of metal those waves are gonna bounce back and they are going to fry you. There are, and the audience can do their research, there are a number of people now, insiders, who are working for companies installing the aerials for 5G and they’re coming out and saying this is not safe. There are professional experts now beginning to raise doubts. So my kids are grown up, but if I had school age or college age kids, I would not be happy with this and I would certainly be knocking on the door of my representative saying I’m very very concerned, and I don’t, I wouldn’t accept some bland statement saying that medically it’s safe. I just don’t believe it. So what I’m saying to you is that 5G, we don’t, why the heck do we need 5G? I’ve got a cell phone. I can send pictures. I can receive data, I can make phone calls. You know, it’s about making money. It’s about corporations who for the last five or six years haven’t made any more money and I’ll just finish on this Ted, that the statistics, the cell phone companies of course have looked at the future and they have noted that the sales of cell phones are about to go down because saturation point has been reached. Nearly everybody who wants a cell phone has got one. So what they’re saying is how can we get all of these millions of people to throw their cell phone in the bin and buy a new one so we can make lots of money? I know, we’ll have 5G. It will be so revolutionary. It’s not just the new update cell phone. This is a revolution. You will throw your old cell phone in the trash, and you will go straight down and buy. It’s about making trillions of dollars. No other reason. Thank you.

TM: Wow, what a good answer. Thank you Simon so much for [answering] that. I have another question from Ambrosia, nice name, and she says she loves your shows and she also loves your new kitties. They’re beautiful and then she writes I am sincerely sorry about the loss of your dear friend. She asks a question about the light. She said that she’s heard you and others talk about the soul trap with the light tunnel. I wonder if it’s okay to send trapped souls to the light or are we actually doing them an injustice by doing so? And should we send them to source or the Supreme Being instead? Is there a proper way, and she would love your opinion.

SP: Thank you. Yes I was very sorry to lose Ingimar. Ingimar was only twelve years old and I had hoped he would last longer, but he decided quite clearly that his time here was gone and he had to go. Nevertheless, although we know that the soul is gone, it is the physical body that we miss. After all we are physical ourselves, and so we miss that physical interaction even though we truly know that the individual doesn’t die. All right let’s answer the question. Let’s be very very cautious of Hollywood. Since the 1950s, to my knowledge, Hollywood has shown images of people having near death experiences, and a tunnel opens up and the bright light… and they go to the bright light, and maybe there’s an angel there to meet them. Hollywood is just literally programming you. The white light is the trap. Remember all animals that live in the sunshine and that includes us, we have our daily life and then at nighttime when it gets dark, we go to sleep, so we are programmed by the planet, quiet rightly so, to sleep at nighttime and to be active in daytime, because the way our eyes work, we can’t see very well at nighttime, so therefore we are drawn to the light. So there’s the trap. We are already genetically programmed to respond to light. So you are drawn to the light. You go to the light. Perhaps somebody comes to collect you. Maybe it’s Napoleon Bonaparte. Maybe it’s Julius Caesar. Maybe it’s great auntie Edgar. Who knows what it is but someone comes to collect you, takes you up and before you know it, as we say in Great Britain, before you can say Jack Robinson, zap, you’re back here in another body, which actually is okay. What is not okay is we call it the mindwipe. Your whole memory from your previous lifetime is erased. That stops humans developing. If you could go on each time you are on this planet and you remembered what you did in your past life, you wouldn’t make the same mistakes. You would advance, and if you were a scientist or a doctor, after two or three incarnations here your processes, your practices would be unique. You’d be fantastic. If you were a historian, you’d be able to write the history in truthful fashion because you would remember over three or four hundred years exactly what happened, not what you read in a book. So the reason we have the mindwipe is to prevent humanity discovering who it is. If we discover who we are we throw off the shackles. We throw off the puppet masters and we become sovereign. And so please, if you are helping people, send them either to the source, to the creational force or to the star family. Many people incarnate here who are not Earth humans. Send them back to where they came from. Thank you.

TM: Wow! What a good answer. Thank you so much Simon. I’ve wondered about that myself actually, and it’s nice to get your opinion on that. Always interested in the future. What you see, what you see happening for the next five seconds, five minutes, five days, five years?

SP: I see many, I should put on my, I should get my crystal ball out and say I see many visits to Mount Shasta. I think what I would say to you is that on one hand this seems a very very difficult time, an uphill struggle for the Americans, but on another hand it is the most exciting time because boundaries are being pushed, new ideas are coming forward, and it’s forcing people to make a choice, and the way they make a choice is indicative of their own selves. So can they see beyond the partisan politics? Can they see beyond the simple control of dollars? What’s going to happen is more of the same at the moment because the human race is being tested, and it’s fighting to come through and be successful. So for the next three or four months there are going to be some very, very interesting happenings, all about America, and it sounds awful, because if you are in Canada or Australia you are thinking well when is that our turn? And what I would say to you is actually you guys you wouldn’t want be what’s happening in America because America is going through… it was very interesting when Judge Kavanaugh was being interviewed and a Republican senator was saying that he’d never known the country so divided, and you’ve got to go through this I’m afraid you guys. You’ve got to go through this to come out the other end. So what do I see for the future? I see more difficulty but ultimately I see job done, a success story, and finally the world the way it should be. But unfortunately, it’s the hard work at the moment.

TM: One of the things I’m curious about Simon, I know we talked about this before, about the completion of the ascension process into the 5th dimension by the year 2025, and then you said something very interesting. You said a few months ago that we had… our progress had slowed but we were still on track. Do you see that now as well? Are we making up for lost time now or are we still kind of muddling through everything?

SP: Between now, well it started about three or four weeks ago, until December, the 1st day in December, we are catching up. We are gonna go through a very difficult time in December of this year. We’ll slow down again, and then in January we will speed up again. So we were in my reckoning, we had fallen behind of schedule, but in these next three months we will regain, so we’ll be back up to where we should be. Then in December we will fall back a bit. Then we’ll… this is what is happening. It’s not a smooth gentle movement. It’s a move forward a little bit, and then stop, we’ll go back a bit, then move forward because it’s very stop-start. That is because energy waves are hitting us. We’re going through it and then the bad guys try to do something on the planet which conflicts with our own intentions, and it muddles us a little bit. We get very confused and then we’re knocked off balance a bit and then we come back again. So this is what we are seeing. It’s a general moving forward but it’s not as fast as it should be. I’m still going to go for 2025. It could actually be less than that, depending on what happens in the United States of America and the rest of this year.

TM: Okay, well thanks so much for sharing that. I just had another idea. Do you have a crystal ball Simon that you use?

SP: [laughs]

TM: No, no, no, no. We have about a thousand people here, well maybe thirty, our show, but what I was thinking of doing, there is a wonderful crystal shop here in town, and after the show I’m going to take my group with me and we are going to go over to a crystal shop, and we’re gonna, I think it would be fun to all contribute and buy you a nice crystal ball that you could use in your work. [crosstalk]

SP: That is really kind. That’s really, it’s really lovely, but I don’t, that’s really super and that’s really kind but no. I don’t use a crystal ball. That’s not how I communicate or connect.

TM: Sorry.

SP: I do love crystals. There are certain crystals that I’m drawn to. Remember that the really true aliens, the extradimensional aliens, not the ETs, not the extraterrestrials, but the extradimensionals, they use crystal technology, just as the women on Atlantis did all those thousands of years ago, and so crystals can be used and are used, but in my own particular way I don’t use crystals like that. I love chocolate and if anybody ever comes to visit me, then don’t bring me a crystal ball, just bring me some nice chocolate. Thank you.

TM: Okay, well if you could later, just go ahead and email me your postal address and we’ll find you some nice chocolate today. I can’t control the free will of the people who are in this room so that if we go to a crystal shop here this weekend, and if they see something they think you may like, if you can send me your postal address we may send it to you. This is a couple, you know, of things that I have to tell you so it may happen. I don’t know.

SP: All right. I’m very happy to do that. You know, any gift that is ever sent is always lovingly received in the way that it’s intended, thank you. So listen Ted, sorry Ted go on.

TM: Yeah, we’ll go to the post office here. We’ll hire a secret government agent in a blue uniform and have him or her deliver it to you.

SP: Okay, I think that they will have a problem probably delivering that, but thank you ever so much. Listen Ted, it’s lovely to speak to you. I’m really glad that you’ve got another group. You know, it’s a very special place, and God bless to you, and God bless to all your group, and God bless to all your listeners. Thank you.

TM: Well thank you so much. I want everyone to say Happy Birthday Simon. Now please say Happy Birthday Simon.

Group Response: Happy Birthday Simon.

SP: Oh how lovely. I’m sorry that I can’t be with you, but thank you.

TM: Well you’re here in spirit Simon and I hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday. Happy birthday my friend.

SP: Thank you. Bye-bye now. Bye.

TM: Bye-bye Simon. Take care. Take care. [End of Simon Interview 54:02, 1st Hour]

[transcribed September 14, 2018 gsc]

3 August 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

News from Hollow Earth: mermaids/mermen are showing themselves; Sasquatch create peace mandala using rose quartz crystals from Telos; more dangers involved with persons who dispense ayahuasca than ayahuasca itself; Ouija board created by interdimensionals as a way to attach to humans; the seemingly never ending but decreasing chemtrails; driverless cars, a plan to force humans to accept automation/robots as superior to humanity; 5G not necessary to control driverless cars; long history of Reptilian influence in China and they could use Chinese as puppets to dominate entire planet through economy; Eddie Page sees timeline where China invades U.S. by 2028; climate alteration, artificial green algae, red tide; is Agenda 21 behind energy weapon fires or possibly a computer connected to a person using consciousness that visualizes cars and houses and then combusts them, leaving vegetation intact because it wasn’t part of the visualization; to complete the Agenda 21 plan authorities then forbid owners back on their premises to rebuild, giving them ultimatum to move to large cities and live in cubicles; more cheating as usual by financial institutions; meaning of Buzz Aldrin’s statement, “We didn’t go there”; McDonald’s in North Korea?

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  3 August 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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17 August 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio


Unusual weather; particle beams shooting from planes/helicopters are starting abnormal fires on West Coast; Seattle-Tacoma Airport employee taking plane for a joy ride and crashing it onto Ketron Island is another demonstration, along with particle beam fires, of the elite’s destructive West Coast agenda, probably a warning to President Trump, i.e., look what we can do; Mantis, Reptilian, and Grey beings have a written language but prefer telepathy; Turkey won’t release Christian minister so Trump makes Turkey’s stocks take a tumble; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School named after woman who campaigned to drain Everglade swamp, Trump wants to drain D.C. swamp, metaphor too great for bad guys to pass up so school shoot up was a message to Trump; if powers that be legalize pedophilia, pedophile arrests will be cancelled; rumor of thousands of indictments against U.S. government criminals but news is quiet, hard to know if anything is being done; more attempts will be made to murder President Trump, at least two more before Thanksgiving; comments on Buzz Aldrin saying, “We didn’t go there”; word is dark side of Moon is already inhabited partly as a result of Adam and Eve of Eden leading an exodus from Earth of chosen people, i.e., elite/wealthy/professionals to a base on the Moon and a base on Mars named Adam and Eve.

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17 August 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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Out Of This World

Ted Mahr:
And with that I’d like to invite my good friend Simon Parkes on the show. Simon how are you today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I’m very very pleased to be back with you. Yes, I’m fine thank you.

TM: Oh good, oh good. We were talking a little bit about the weather there. Have you had a hot summer there Simon?

SP: It’s been incredibly hot Ted. I think the last time we had anything like this was probably 1976, ’76, ’77, that’s how rare it’s been. It’s been incredibly hot.

TM: I remember as I look out from our tall building here, skyscraper here in Bellevue Simon looking over the Seattle area, there’s just a fog. You can’t see the mountains at all and there’s just kind of a haze outside. I remember when I, I used to live in India before, many years ago and I’ll never forget the day in, I was in Calcutta or Kolkata and I looked across the street and I couldn’t see fifty yards ahead of me because of the air pollution. Now it’s not that bad here, but we are getting a tremendous amount of smoke Simon from forest fires, both in our Cascade Mountains here and from Northern California and Oregon too. I’ve gotten several questions from people here who have… it’s the craziest thing Simon, I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not but they’ve actually had videos of U.S. Air Force planes using particle beam weapons shooting down into the forests around Northern California. Other pictures are just these weap… these particle beams coming down from the sky. You can’t see the planes and they’re starting forest fires, and in some of the neighborhoods for example around Redding, California, the pictures are really strange because it’s not a normal fire. The houses themselves will be completely burned up. There’s cars there and the bumpers are melted, but yet people’s gardens, and the trees, and the grass are completely untouched. So, I don’t know… I have a lot of questions for you today Simon and I’m so happy you could come on today, but from your sources, do you have any information or perhaps comment on these fires?

SP: Yes certainly Ted. The first thing to say is that your president is not involved in this. That’s the first thing I’m going to tell you. The president is not authorizing this. This is some rogue element and that’s all I know. In terms of the weapons, it started under President Ronald Reagan, the particle beam weapons, energy beam weapons, the principle of it had already been worked out by the late 1970s, but from the mid-70s onward they have been working on it, so by the time of the early ’80s, they actually had the ability to deliver such a weapon, so what you’re seeing now is portable weapons. I remember when my mother was working for the Intelligence Services, and I think it would be probably about ’77, something around 1977–78, one of the documents she was working on was an energy weapon, and they had them on tanks because they needed the size of the tank to produce the energy to fire this weapon, and they were working out whether it was possible to miniaturize it, so what we’ve got now in 2018 is weapons that can be carried on a helicopter. It’s not just airplanes, helicopters can do it. Now I don’t have any information as to who’s behind it or why, but I can confirm that the technology is out there, and generally in your country these are warnings to the state legislature. So in other words if a state has got a congressman or a city governor who is very active in one way or another, one of the ways they warn against this person is by attacking their constituents, sending a threat. So I hope to get more information on it. What I can confirm is that there are energy weapons and I can’t be sure whether it’s from an airplane or helicopter, but they certainly have got that capability so that’s what I can add to your debate.

TM: Okay well thank you for confirming because I have looked at the YouTube videos and I’ve seen the photographs, and I’ve told my friends about it here in the Seattle area, and they look at me like I’m nuts, I’m Out of This World, and I said yes I’m from not from this planet, but it’s just truly amazing that this would go on. You know I’m a psychic of course Simon and I’ve talked to President George Washington about this too and he said that they had a revolution of course on the tax, on a tea tax back in the 1770s, 1760s, led to a revolution of course and the founding of the United States of America, and this is so beyond the pale in terms of what, if this is in fact true, my goodness, we’ve got to do something about it, but again I don’t know. Do you think we’re getting help from benevolent extraterrestrial help on this Simon to help stop this madness?

SP: I don’t think we are necessarily getting help on that one particular topic, I think it’s… oh I think I would ask your audience to see what’s happening as part of a larger picture. You know, and it’s only a stone’s throw away from you, the situation with the pilot and his small light aircraft who crashed it into the ground.

TM: Right that was my next question, yeah.

SP: Okay, well I see them working together here. The official media is a whole host of stories, you know, but the main one seems to be that he was going to kill himself, and that was what happened. The reality that I’m getting, the information that I’m getting is a bit different from that. Now your government is on the East Coast and not anywhere near the West Coast. However, on the flight path and associated with the route of this airplane was a pedophile rehabilitation center. When your pedophiles go to penitentiary or to prison, when they are released they go to a half-way house, where they are rehabilitated back into society. They’re not just let straight out generally. There’s this program they go through. There is no coincidence that this airplane was on the flight path to this, and the information that I’ve received was that this was a threat to President Trump from the very group that he is after, basically saying we have the capability to fly aircraft into buildings, so if you go back to 9/11, you can see that they are just carrying on the same sort of threat, so basically my understanding is that that situation with that poor pilot, because I don’t think he was aware of what was going on, my understanding is that it was a threat against President Trump to say ease off, stop coming after us, because we can put airplanes into buildings.

Now add on to that the information that I have is that there are twelve of the sealed indictments that are more important than any others, and those twelve are on the verge of being opened, and therefore I know that, others know it, and I think that’s why that aircraft crashed when it did because there’s a certain group of people now who are absolutely terrified once these indictments are opened that they could be arrested and it will become quite public knowledge. So it’s to be seen [as] part of that. I also see the energy weapons from the forest fires to be part of this threat, and very quickly I didn’t forget. I want to go back to the point that you made that when you strike an area with an energy weapon the immediate area depending on the material, so if it’s combustible material, a natural material like wood that will hit and burn if it’s struck by the weapon but just a few inches literally or half-a-foot away from the strike, it could be left absolutely normal and then another foot away it can catch again. Now I ask your listeners to think back to the many images of the motor cars at the bottom of the Twin Towers. We saw hundreds and hundreds of burnt out cars, but I ask your listeners to, if they can’t remember, to go on YouTube and look at all the many pictures. You will see motor cars that are completely gutted on the inside and yet their windows are not smashed or their plastic bumpers are undamaged, or the adverse that the front of the car completely burned away but the interior which is a plastic or a leather upholstery is undamaged. That is because it wasn’t just a straight forward situation with the Twin Towers. There was a number of energies being used, and that explains why in one patch you have total devastation but just a few inches or feet away it’s untouched.

TM: Oh my goodness you just cleared something up that I had wondered about for many years. I had seen those pictures and I wondered the same thing. I have people I know down around Redding, California. It’s something called the Carr fire, the C-A-R-R fire, and in that area they have sent me pictures of housing developments where it’s the strangest thing Simon. You have a car and the car is completely demolished even with the bumper melted, but barely three or four feet away you’ve got grass, you’ve got trees, even people’s gardens, which are untouched. The house itself is a bunch of rubble, but you ask yourself how would a normal, a normal fire, so-called normal fire burn would everything up, and depending upon the intensity of the fire I wouldn’t see how bumpers could be melted with aluminium or steel, but it’s the craziest thing and people are asking down in California, are asking all kinds of strange, or questions about that. Now the thing that happened too in the fires around Santa Barbara, which is further close to Los Angeles and also the ones in Santa Rosa, California north of San Francisco is that after the fires there happened earlier this year and the end of last year, the local governments there were very interesting because Simon they prohibited people from rebuilding in that same area. A lot of people had home insurance, they had fire insurance, so they had the money to rebuild easily their homes, but the local governments were prohibiting people from building, saying that that was now a fire hazard and they wanted them to buy a condo or get an apartment in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and they said that this was part of Agenda 21. Now we’re going into a whole new area here but I’m trying to understand what’s going on and I want to thank you so much for sharing that.

SP: In some cases these prefabricated houses were already built. These are houses that America, Britain and other developed countries have to airlift out to disaster areas, and they’re like steel or aluminium blocks and they’re just like a building block that you just lay one cubicle on top of another, and they are meant to be temporary houses. Well my understanding is they wanted to move people from the rural areas into the city areas and as a matter to move it quickly they have this temporary housing. Although Agenda 21 is over and a new agenda has come forward, it is still the same principle that if you are in a rural area you are more likely to be independent. You can possibly source your own water and food. You are off the radar of the system, and they can’t control you as easily. And if we live in a society that wants to control you then it is better from their prospective to bring everyone into one small area so they can watch everyone easily. So it’s not so much they want to poison people, it’s they want to control people. They want to have everyone in one place so they can look at that group and keep an eye on them. But it’s odd because you could go to one state where the legislature was fairly pro the citizens, and they won’t have anything to do with that. You just go down the road to the next state and they’re all into it, so it’s a lottery in the sense of where you live. So I have seen the photographs. I have seen exactly what you are describing, and it is because weapons are being used, tested, practiced with, that the general public have no understanding of.

TM: My goodness, well for those of you in California listening today on my show I’d appreciate your comments on what Simon had to say if you like and also pictures too of the burned areas. If you like please email them to me at outofthisworld1150@gmail. com. Ah boy I hope, and I want to thank you so much for your comments on the hijacking here because the local media here in Seattle painted this hijacker as somebody who went crazy. He was gainfully employed as a mechanic, 29 years old at the Seattle Airport, had a good job and suddenly he goes crazy and he hijacks this plane, flies around and they shoot him down, so that the facts didn’t really make sense and there’s been very little information since that time except from, except to paint this gentleman as a crazy guy who suddenly went nuts. Ah…

SP: Yeah, sorry Ted, I want to just say that this gentleman, the pilot may be totally innocent. In 2012 I was driving in my car on what you guys would call a freeway, and I had with me a young woman who was working with the Rothschilds, and she was controlled by a very dark magical satanic elite organization and I was what we call deprogramming her, I was taking her away from their control and she didn’t live in this country, had been to visit me and it was the third, I beg your pardon, it was the first visit and I had been working with her to break her free, and we were hit on the freeway by a car hitting us from the side. It completely wrote my car off. The car that hit me only had one wheel left. We weren’t hurt but why I’m bringing this subject up is that the vehicle that crashed into me, it was a company car, and the logo on the car was an eye, one eye, and underneath that were written the words of the company logo, which was I and then the letter C, so ICU.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: And I googled ICU to find it’s a security company, American of course, who specialize, and they make a big point that they specialize in recruiting ex-FBI and ex-CIA agents for their private security firm. So what happened, and I met the guy who crashed into me, and had no clue of what had happened. So if you work for one of these very high-end organizations, they potentially can put a switch into your mind, and then they can take control of your mind and then switch it back off again, so you have no clue of what you’ve done. Now I know because I spoke to the guy who crashed his car into me at 60 mph and he had no idea of what had happened.

TM: Oh my goodness.

SP: So I’m saying of the pilot we need to hold judgement. We need to say, because if it’s the same instance, then that man is totally innocent.

TM: Isn’t that amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that, but the facts don’t add up. The facts just don’t add up of a guy who is gainfully employed, has a good job as a mechanic, excellent pay at the Seattle Airport, and suddenly goes crazy, goes out to another plane and starts flying it around. It doesn’t make sense, personally, and yeah so it causes me to raise questions. Yeah well thank you so much Simon for sharing that. I guess you could say the same thing about Sirhan Sirhan too, who doesn’t remember anything about shooting, allegedly shooting Senator Robert F. Kennedy back in 1968. He’s still in prison for that but many people say that he is actually innocent and he was mind-controlled.

SP: Well let’s go back even further to the days of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. There was a guy called Rudolf Hess, and Rudolf Hess was the No. 2 in Nazi Germany. He was the Deputy Führer, Hitler’s No. 2 and for no apparent reason he jumped in an airplane, flew from Germany…

TM: Oh I remember that, yeah.

SP: Flew to Britain, jumped out of his airplane on a parachute, landed in Scotland, which is the north of England, and was captured. Now what’s interesting is that he was put in prison in Russia. He died in prison in Russia, and the point I think was had he been released he would have been able to name names and people would have seen that he had no clue and he was technically innocent, although he caused whatever, he actually had no conscious knowledge of it. So often when someone could name names or could win the media over these people are not released into the public, so I’m not surprised that guy is still in prison because he would just turn around and if he did a lie detector test, he’d probably pass it.

TM: We are getting some interference now. We heard a buzz on the line. The buzz is gone. Thank you Eric, such a good producer, anyway the buzz is gone now. Wow that’s amazing. We have lots of questions. I hope we can get it all in. I may hold you over, a few minutes over the top of the hour. I know it’s late there Simon, but this is another question about, from Jay, I don’t know where Jay is. He asks, “Do beings such as Mantis, Reptilians, and Greys use any form of written language?”

SP: Yes, but they don’t rely on it the same way we do because the physical mode of communication is outdated for them but they can still produce written, the best way to describe a Mantis a written format, people I think would be very familiar with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Perhaps people are less familiar with what I would call Sanskrit, so if people want to go and google Sanskrit you’ll find it’s an Indo-Asian, it’s like squiggles, and that sounds disrespectful but I don’t mean it to be disrespectful. It’s made of little squiggles. Now when the Mantis communicates, it is in squiggles but remember that most of the communication is telepathic, and so what they will do is use color as well as imagery because we have a saying on this planet don’t we that a picture paints a thousand words.

TM: That’s true.

SP: If I’m going to say to you Ted why don’t you join me and we will go down to Central Park, that took me what, a couple of seconds to say it, but if I was just to send you a mental picture of Central Park and you and me together, it’s done, and so they use that and they also use color to break up images, so we use full stops or commas to show that we are breaking our sentences up. They use a bar of color, which is telepathically sent, so their reliance on the physical is minimal, but they do have written language, and the craft at Roswell which was not a Mantis craft, it was a Grey alien craft; that had symbols and letters and numbers stamped on it, although it took them a long time to decode it, so there is always a written language but when you have telepathy, your written language plays second fiddle.

TM: Interesting, well my goodness, thanks Jay so much for sending us that question. That was an interesting answer and one that I had actually thought about before, but thank you so much Jay for sending that. You had some, there were other things, this is followups to your website about Turkey. The situation in Turkey has gone from bad to worse. The stock market [is] down quite a bit. I would love some elucidation on that Simon if you like.

SP: President Trump is a Republican and the Republicans have traditionally been stronger to the Church, the Christian Church in the U.S. than the Democrats, and in Turkey the Turkish authorities have been holding a pastor I think for about two years and Trump had a private and confidential phone call with the Prime Minister or the President of Turkey telling him to release this guy. The guy was innocent and that the pastor was a man of God and he shouldn’t be holding him. The president or prime minister refused and so President Trump launched an economic war on Turkey and as a result of that Turkey lost something like 17 percent of its stock market. It went down in one day. Inflation shot to 15 percent and investors are very spooked. So President Trump wants Turkey to release the pastor, who has been held. So far Turkey is refusing and so Turkey is in an economic crisis at the moment. So that’s what that’s all about.

TM: Okay, well thank you for explaining that. Thank you so much. This is another email from a question a very astute profound question I think. Let me summarize it. It is quite long. I’ll just have to summarize it given the time on the air. This involves the Florida shooting last, was it January, where there was this horrible high school shooting, where, a senior high shooting where this lone, so-called lone gunman comes in, I think fifteen-year-old student comes in and shoots up a bunch of people and the name of the school was named after a lady who campaigned in the Everglades in Florida against draining the swamp, and the man who is asking, Mike is asking this question, he said is that, was that a message to President Trump to not drain the swamp? I would love your comments on that. That’s kind of an old case but that was from January of this year.

SP: Yes the school was named after a woman who campaigned to drain the swamp because of malaria and other things with that and also to take back some of the land, and these people couldn’t resist the metaphor because President Trump had been talking about draining the swamp, so they launched an attack there. What’s interesting is that a number of the students actually reported gunfire from more than one location and since then we’ve had students in other of these terrible atrocities talking about people dressed, I’m using the word very carefully, dressed as cops, firing. And I do believe that some of these bad guys are dressed as cops in order to gain entrance. You have to ask yourself how are they obtaining legitimate uniforms? But anyway, let’s go back to the first point. The bad guys have consistently over the last two years sent coded messages to President Trump to back off them. They’ve given up the fight in terms of trying to change Trump. They’ve given up trying to threaten him. They haven’t given up trying to kill him, but they’ve given up the belief that they can stop him so what they are trying to do now is to try to alter his course, so they’ll say look he’s got twenty things on the go, let’s take three or four of them off him and one of the things they want off him is his insistence on finding pedophiles. Trump is absolutely determined to get pedophiles. He doesn’t like them, and a lot of these people have been blackmailed and have been caught in compromising positions and they don’t want their name coming out in the press. Even places like Fox and CNN will have to carry this information once it comes out in the press so they undertook a number of instances that were solely designed to send a message to the president. That’s what that was all about so the answer is yes.

TM: Hum, interesting. Wow, I don’t know a lot of times you see things posted on the internet Simon and you don’t know about their credibility, so I haven’t talked about this before but there has been, I can’t remember the name, there has been attributed to a Supreme Court, a U.S. Supreme Court justice and some other high officials saying that pedophilia should be legalized and have you seen the same thing? I don’t know, again I want to be respectful of the Supreme Court of course but is that, have you seen those kind of posts before and is that a way to try to legitimize a horrendous activity?

SP: Yes, you have to remember, you have to seem to remember that it was the CIA head office who said they saw Hillary Clinton as the antichrist, and there is no doubt in my mind that had Hillary Clinton won the election, she would have brought in legislation that would have legalized pedophilia. I ask your audience to go online and check. They’re trying to do it in France. They’re trying to change the law in France to make it legal. There are some very very nasty images now being shown of an older person and a little child and the word, “Love,” so this is part of a Satanic group. Now I think God for the Bible Belt. I mean that deliberately, thank God for that part of America that is very strong and has a very strong Christian point of view because they will fight that. There is no way that anybody could try and make that as a policy in the United States of America, but nevertheless these people are trying to do that and that’s an absolutely evil thing.

TM: Well I couldn’t agree with you more Simon. Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. I know we spoke about this during our last broadcast a couple weeks ago but I wanted to ask you about it again. I keep hearing things about preliminary arrests taking place here in the United States. We don’t hear much about it on the media. Again there is not really much on the media about anything, but what do you know that has been happening recently on that?

SP: Right the reason that you’re not hearing it is not actually because the major news are refusing to carry it. It’s that they are being asked not to carry it because I should say that the highest in the land, the good guys are not yet ready to press charges. They are not yet ready to run a court case. My understanding is that people have had their passports taken away from them. They’ve been told they can’t go out of state. So there aren’t arrests in the true sense of the word. Perhaps arrests or [34:35][stage] arrests, that’s actually what’s taking place. Of the thousands of names in the can I don’t believe for one minute that the United States of America has the ability to prosecute thousands of people. I think they are going to choose those who are the ring leaders and I did speak earlier that there are to my knowledge twelve sealed indictments, which are, if they are not being opened now, they very soon will be, so not preliminary arrests, but preliminary warnings to people. They are being watched and they cannot move or they can’t leave. That’s what we’re looking at. The big deal is the Clinton Foundation and we will wait and see what happens there.

TM: Hum, interesting, okay, all right. I always get this question from many, from several listeners about what do you see happening in the short-term medium, term for the rest of the year, for not only the United States but elsewhere in the world as well?

SP: More attempts to murder your president. That’s absolute without a doubt there’s going to be more attempts. I see two more attempts before Thanksgiving, which I see not coming off, and there are more attempts to kill this president than any other president of the United States. That’s a fact and some of those are documented, even if they try and show it off as a deranged person doing this, that, and the other. In the short term it is going to be quite dynamic if it goes ahead and there are some arrests they will be incredibly high names. They will be very high names. The question, I was just chatting to a good friend today and we were talking and I said I don’t think the public will have a problem in accepting individual people are involved in pedophilia, and I think it will upset them but it won’t shock them. What will shock them is the network and the coordination. Don’t worry Ted I’m not going to name any names.

TM: Oh, that’s fine.

SP: But the point I’m making is that there is a vision among people on this planet that pedophiles sneak kids into a little old rowboat and then they row across the lake at midnight with a lantern and a little flashlight, and you know, they go and stay in some log cabin and then they move them across. The shock for people will be to find there are household names, I don’t mean individuals, I mean organizations, household names who are willingly involved in that. That will be the shock, not that X, Y, or Z was a pedophile but the control the organization and the network across the planet. That is what will absolutely astound people.

TM: Well I think everyone has a moral compass that tells them the difference between right and wrong and I know that all of my listeners around the world cannot condone this kind of activity, so, and I’m looking forward to the truth coming out eventually, you know I’m looking forward, I know many people are. And regardless of what station they are in life, whether they’re high political office or a very successful business person, if they have engaged in that then they should be sanctioned, prisoned, jailed, whatever, but maybe get some psychological help as well because I don’t see, I can’t see anyone condoning that kind of activity, so… [38:44

SP: I do understand your stand point. What I think and let’s, we’re just talking as if, you know, this is going to all come to fruition but if it does what I would hope that any legal proceedings would make the distinction between people who were drugged, mind controlled or hypnotized to do something and to make the distinction between that person and someone who did it willingly, because my information is that a lot of people who did it against their will or they didn’t know what was going on, and if you look at what happened in South Africa with Nelson Mandela, they had what they called Truth and Reconciliation Courts.

TM: That’s right they did.

SP: What the court did was to say if you can stand here and apologize and go through, as you said Ted, a training program, remember in Adolf Hitler’s time they had a denazification program for heaven’s sake, and they actually denazified people through special training sessions. Now there may be quite a proportion of people that actually fall into the category, so all I’m hoping is that when this comes to the head, they will decide between those who really are guilty and those who got caught up in it.

TM: Sure, sure, I’ve always thought that the South African model of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions were really good because they didn’t necessarily punish people. All they wanted to do was have people come forward in South Africa and tell the truth what they did during apartheid and then they kind of let God choose the punishment for them and they didn’t necessarily end up in prison. That’s the kind of model I think would be very healing here for the United States.

SP: Yeah there’s a slight difference of course because what Nelson Mandela wanted to do was to heal Africa.

TM: I see.

SP: Which had been divided down the middle between white and black. That’s not quite the same in America but if what I’m predicting comes a 100 percent to fruition, your country will be split down the middle and it will need that healing if what I’m predicting comes to the fore and if certain absolutely household names, both individuals and organizations, not only are indicted but are tried and found guilty, the United States of America will say it doesn’t know itself. It will say it doesn’t recognize who it is. It doesn’t understand how this could have occurred, how it could have happened, people will need that healing, so I think there is a place for a more conciliatory court but where somebody is totally evil, has no compassion, yes absolutely they need to face the full court justice.

TM: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. I’ve got a question in on your post on July 27th. This is for Buzz Aldrin, and you write just seen an interview where Buzz Aldrin at a space convention was asked by an eight-year-old girl… the little girl says, “Why has nobody been to the Moon in such a long time?” Buzz replies, “We didn’t go there.” I would love your comment on that.

SP: Yes I put that up because it broached a subject that had gone off the boil. When I saw it I wasn’t convinced it was necessarily a 100 percent genuine. It could well have been altered and hacked by somebody but I put it up because I’ve got some association with astronauts. I’ve met a few of them. In fact I’ve got a signed photograph of one of the astronauts taken on the Moon and I’ve had Skype conversations privately with astronauts, and not so privately, some of them are on YouTube. You can go on YouTube and you’ll see that I’ve had a conversation with them, and so for me it was a very pertinent point because there’s so much misunderstanding and so much smoke around that moonshot that I thought that would be very good to bring that out and to debate. Now the reason that I think that that was out there was to try and get astronauts who are perhaps getting near the end of their life to come out and be more truthful, to try and give a bit more of a hint to the public as to what’s going on, so I put that out there because I wanted that debate. I found that was actually sent to me. I didn’t bother to check whether it was real or not because I was not putting it on my website saying this is real. What I put it on the website was this is what’s been said. This is worth a debate.

TM: Uh-hum. Interesting. I’ve heard that before. It’s been a rumor going around for years that, well if they didn’t go to the Moon, let’s carry this one step further, what did they do? Did they go to a Hollywood Studio and make some films, and then say if we didn’t go to the Moon, then where did we go, or did we go at all?

SP: When you talk to people in the know they will say no they didn’t go to the Moon, and then if you ask these people in the know well did they ever go to the Moon and the answer is yes. The next question is when did they go to the Moon? The reply is I can’t tell you that, and there’s a very very interesting reason for that. I’ll answer the questions Ted that you have put to me.

TM: Okay.

SP: The technology in 1969 was not capable of, in my opinion, of putting somebody on the Moon. Any of you guys who have been to any of these space museums, when you look at what they call the lander craft, and it’s just like kitchen, what do you call it, aluminium foil. It’s just, it’s like a tin can. It’s no way that could do anything. So even school boys and girls can look at it and say, “No that’s just not possible.” But, back in 1969 we didn’t have the internet. We weren’t as technically advanced and most people just accepted what they were told, so they were given a very very clever image and I talked a little bit about Jodrell Bank and how the NSA took over the only serviceable radio telescope, apart from the one you had in your country to see what happened. The answer is that this, that in my opinion, this spacecraft just orbited the Earth. It orbited the Earth. Then it returned for a splashdown. Have those astronauts been to the Moon? Yes they have but not on the Apollo program, not on the Apollo program, because the Apollo spacecraft first of all did not have the capability of reducing radiation once through the Van Allen belt. Secondly the thin skin of the spacecraft would be punctured by the smallest meteorite traveling through space, so the technology of the craft that we were shown was not capable, but those astronauts have been to the Moon but in a different sort of vehicle.

TM: Interesting, now I have a book. I purchased it back, way back in 1976. You have probably heard of it. It’s called UFO Contact from the Pleiades by a gentleman named Lieutenant Colonel Wendelle Stevens. Mr. Stevens has since passed away but in that book they say the same thing and one of the reasons why they faked the landing was because when they eventually went up there to the Moon we were not alone. There’s all kinds of other spacecraft surrounding our vehicles when we were landing and they didn’t want that information to get to the public here on planet Earth. I’d love your comment on that Simon.

SP: If… the best way is for the audience to listen to official communications from astronauts on the Moon to the Earth and there was one particular space flight where they were told if you see an alien or an alien spacecraft you refer to it as Santa Claus and there’s one famous section where the astronaut says that Santa Claus is early or something like that. The other factor to remember is that the National Security Agency on all genuine moonshots put a ten-second delay, so what the audience on Earth are hearing is ten seconds and you in the radio studio you will know and Eric will know all about that. So if an astronaut inadvertently shouted out, “Oh my goodness me, there’s a flying saucer,” they were able to get rid of that, and that was the National Security Agency, that was their job to do that. Now the only reason they were doing that was because these alien bases on the Moon and on Mars by the way are very genuine, are very real, and I think that the humans have known that since the 1950s, so I think they were dead sure from the 1950s onward that the Moon was occupied, yes.

TM: From what I’ve been told by my galactic friends some years ago, they said that the dark side of the Moon… this was fascinating, I have ever forgotten this Simon; I wanted to share it with you. The dark side of the Moon is like a little Switzerland where you have all these different bases from different civilizations and even if they are belligerent with one another, and they’ve been fighting in the past or present, they respect each other and they don’t get into an act of war there, and so when we sent up our craft up to the Moon, we were going in to like, it was like flying into Chicago or maybe New York City or Los Angeles, that there’s tons of structures there, all kinds of entities there, not necessarily human, but they’re all there and they didn’t want the public to know that the place was inhabited, which I think is a shame. I think most people on this planet, especially people who watch Star Trek are very open to extraterrestrial contact and I just wish they would tell us the truth, that’s all.

SP: The Bible is not quite accurate. We learned about the Garden of Eden and we learned that, which is absolutely true, I believe in the Garden of Eden. I have no problem with that at all. But we learn about Adam being expelled from the Garden of Eden because of the sins of Eve. What isn’t accurate, there’s a lot that’s not accurate, but what’s not accurate is that it was both Adam and Eve that lead the humans out of the Garden of Eden. The Bible says there was one man and one woman. Now my knowledge is that is not accurate. There were many many people but Adam and Eve were chosen to lead the humans out of Eden. That is why there is one base on Mars and one base on the Moon, and they are called Adam and Eve because the exodus from Earth, which at the moment is a controlled exodus, it is the elite, scientists, military, very wealthy people et cetera, et cetera and as in, not the Bible, but as in the history many thousands of years ago, a man and a woman formed two separate break out groups, for want of a better word to attempt to find a habitable plain, a lush plain that could support life so these two bases have taken the name Adam and Eve. Now one of those bases was a very very old base and was reactivated, and you’re right about the Swiss cheese. We call it the far side of the Moon and remember the Moon is the only object in space that doesn’t spin like every other object.

TM: That’s right.

SP: In other words all other objects in space turn to show over a period of time all of the aspects of that planet or that sphere, but the Moon circles but doesn’t change so it’s obvious that somebody wanted to hide something because that’s the side that is never shown to us. Now go back a hundred years, two, three, four, five, a thousand years, ten thousand years. It worked because humankind did not have the technology to get behind the Moon. As soon as we had the technology either through satellites or through spacecraft the whole game changed because now we were able to go into their world, their territory. Now they were allowed to do that and they could have been shot down but they weren’t, so they were allowed to there but the environment was made so hostile for them that they came straight back to the White House and said, “Whew, we don’t want to be doing that again.” Now they did do it again but in the future it was months and months and months of diplomacy to agree that that moonshot, that next moonshot or whatever it would be could go ahead and something could go and visit them. So the first time they just did it cold calling. After that they did it through diplomatic channels.

TM: Interesting. That’s fascinating. That’s fascinating. Simon we’ve got about a minute and a half left and I want to thank you so much for coming on today and to give you this time to wrap up your, as always wonderful interview today.

SP: Well first of all I’m always delighted that you invite me to the show. It’s great to predominantly talk to Americans but I know of course this goes throughout the world. People listen to it.

TM: Thank you Simon.

SP: And I’ve said… it’s a pleasure, that America is a very important country. There are some very good people in America. For every bad person there are ten good people and I just ask your listeners to just believe that actually we will come good. It will work out but unfortunately it’s going to be a bit dirty on the journey, but it will come good.

TM: Sure and I’m the eternal optimist myself. I’ve been shown the other side and my book Messages from the Masters, you know, I’ve spoken to Professor Albert Einstein, President Kennedy, Nostradamus on our future and they all say it is beautiful and bright. Now it’s not, we do have challenges which we will be facing, but I know that we have a much better and happier future ahead of us and you’re helping to make this world a better place, Simon, so anyway my friend thank you so much for coming on today and you are always amazing to talk to and I always learn so much whenever you come on so…

SP: Okay, well thank you and thank you to Eric as well.

TM: All right, all right Simon I hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend, and thank you again so much for coming on.

SP: Thanks, God bless, goodbye.

TM: Thank you Simon, bye-bye and goodnight. [end of Simon’s interview, end of 1st hour]

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Ted interviews Simon from Mount Shasta where UFOs possibly hide in lenticular clouds; chemtrail ramp up is to stop ascension by preventing increasing frequency of sun from reaching Earth; this wavelength of the sun’s light is raising core temperature of all planets in solar system and is natural global warming, nothing to do with humans; new Supreme Court Judge will hopefully free up Trump so he can take legal action against the bad guys; good government structural changes predicted to be coming in next couple of years; are chemtrails hiding the approaching Nibiru, no but government has technology that can hide it; possibility that some chemtrails are being sprayed by Reptilians cloaking their spacecraft to look like ours and in essence are terraforming Earth to make it more Reptilian friendly and less human friendly; Simon comments that this plan was on the drawing board as early as 1895 as witnessed by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds; showing positive emotions to negative entities could give them another option; is there a California earthquake coming; extreme weather caused by high frequency technology fired into atmosphere will prevent earthquakes as long the activity continues; ways to create harmony on Earth; is ascension progress on target; deliberate immigration invasion of U.S. and child trafficking; President Trump is a figurehead, doesn’t have authority he needs to clean up America; as it stands now planet scheduled to arrive in 5th dimension by 2025; Brexit transition out of EU, easy or not; Merkel almost lost her job because of her immigration policy.

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Part 1 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes [Part 1 – Interview starts at 11:43]
Part 2 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Ted interviews Simon from Mount Shasta where UFOs possibly hide in lenticular clouds; chemtrail ramp up is to stop ascension by preventing increasing frequency of sun from reaching Earth; this wavelength of the sun’s light is raising core temperature of all planets in solar system and is natural global warming, nothing to do with humans; new Supreme Court Judge will hopefully free up Trump so he can take legal action against the bad guys; good government structural changes predicted to be coming in next couple of years; are chemtrails hiding the approaching Nibiru, no but government has technology that can hide it; possibility that some chemtrails are being sprayed by Reptilians cloaking their spacecraft to look like ours and in essence are terraforming Earth to make it more Reptilian friendly and less human friendly; Simon comments that this plan was on the drawing board as early as 1895 as witnessed by H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds; showing positive emotions to negative entities could give them another option; is there a California earthquake coming; extreme weather caused by high frequency technology fired into atmosphere will prevent earthquakes as long the activity continues; ways to create harmony on Earth; is ascension progress on target; deliberate immigration invasion of U.S. and child trafficking; President Trump is a figurehead, doesn’t have authority he needs to clean up America; as it stands now planet scheduled to arrive in 5th dimension by 2025; Brexit transition out of EU, easy or not; Merkel almost lost her job because of her immigration policy.

Click to listen to AUDIO Recordings:
Part 1 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes [Part 1 – Interview starts at 11:43]
Part 2 – 6 July 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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15 June 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio


Meeting between U.S. and North Korea takes place with an agreement; Bilderbergers invite Vatican rep to discuss people control issues; unofficial news that some people are being told not to leave U.S. because of possible upcoming indictments; President Trump is not playing ball with European elite, trade war still on; if there are future natural disasters they will probably be localized; control system is breaking down partly due to increased frequency on Earth; mainstream media is beginning to report pedophile arrests; comments on Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon; was lack of rescue effort of capsized Sewol Ferry a deliberate student sacrifice by a religious cult; suicide or not of Anthony Bourdain; Kennedy family targeted because their goal was to color outside the establishment box; did Hillary Clinton want NY Senate seat badly enough to cause mysterious demise of J.F.K. Junior, many think so; might see a return to spiritual values of Christmas this year; some historical truths won’t come out until people involved have left office.

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