30 July 2011 – AMMACH – Part 1 of 4

Simon Parkes at AMMACH – Part 1 of 4

interviewed by Joanne Summerscales & Miles Johnston
in Whitby, North East Yorkshire
July 30th, 2011
Simon Parkes at AMMACH – Part 1
Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings.

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Simon Parkes at AMMACH – Part 1

Joanne: Okay.
Miles: So, Joanne, what have we got here and what’s going on?
Joanne: So, we’re here on the…I think it is the 30th of July isn’t it? The 30th of July, Saturday, and we’re talking to Simon Parkes.
Simon: Hello, hello there.
Joanne: Hello Simon, and thanks for talking to us. Now we would really love to hear your fascinating story, and maybe we could start at the beginning of your earliest memory.

Simon: Alright Joanne, my earliest memory would be prior to being born, probably a 6 month old or an 8th month old baby, and all I have on that is a face that’s projected into my mind. It doesn’t actually come into the womb, it’s projected into my mind and I become aware. I realize that there is a lot to the world, that there’s…I’ve been sleeping, I had no form and this face appears. I don’t know any dialogue, I can’t remember instances of a conversation or anything like that, but I am just extremely happy to know that there is a lot more to the world than I was aware of and then the face just goes and then I have no more memories from that point.
Joanne: And can you describe the face for us?
Simon: Um, like a kite shape, like a traditional kite shape, that’s how I would…like a triangle inverted.
Joanne: Right.
Simon: Imagine it like that.
Joanne: And with sort of human features on that face?
Simon:  Oh, very much so, yeah, very much so, yes, yeah and it wasn’t unhappy. It was a very pleasant experience, but that would be the earliest one.
From being born, probably about 6 months old, the first memories I have of being in the cot and then I’m on my back looking to the right and I can see the slats of the cot and then these two green, I just describe them as stick things, just like bean poles coming in, but because I’m quite young I can’t actually sit up, but the next thing I’m aware is some movement above my head, and then I look, and then there are two hands coming down to get me and they’re green, only four fingers and they’re not like mummies hands because mummies hands are pink and mummies got thumbs at five. These are green, pointed, there’s four of them and then they disappear, I’m picked up around the middle. It doesn’t hurt, just very firmly gripped, and then as I lift, my head goes backwards so I don’t have any view of the creature at that point at all. I was lifted straight out of the cot and then turned upwards and my head then falls forward like that, but it doesn’t hurt me, and then, I’m old enough to be able to lift my head up and I’m looking straight into its face. Researchers refer to them as Mantids.
Joanne: Oh, okay.
Simon: So its green, its got very huge eyes, two tiny little holes for a nose, a very thin slit mouth and it actually enters my mind through my eyes. It sends a message, which I feel going down my optic nerve into my brain and it says, “I’m your real mother, I am your real mother, I am your more important mother”.
Joanne: And did you have a sense of peacefulness or how was that?
Simon: No, I was just extremely happy. I had a feeling of falling. If you imagine falling down a well.
Joanne: Oh, yes.
Simon: So you’re falling down a well, but your not scared, it’s just that you’ve lost, um, you’ve lost control if you like, and you’re just falling, falling, but at no point was it a threatening feeling and the message was, “I am your real mother, I am your mother”. And that’s all that memory will go to; I’ve nothing else of that, so that would be about 6 months old or 8 months old.
From that, really it started when I was about 3 ½ years of age and I had chicken pox. I know it’s quite hard to say it, but my mother actually said, “Well, I’m going to work now”. I’m 3 ½ years old and she actually said, “They will look after you”. And she just went to work. She said, “I will be back at lunch time to feed you, but they will look after you”.  So she went and she just left me a little jug of water and a little glass of water and I thought…
Joanne: Sorry, is this actual fact as a little 3 ½ year old…
Simon: Yes, yes, yes.
Joanne: Your mum, your human mum went off to work…
Simon: Yes, it’s confusing, isn’t it! Yes, my human mother.
Joanne: And left you where? In a chair or…
Simon: No, in bed because I had chicken pox.
Joanne: Oh, yes, okay.
Simon: I’m in bed, I’ve got chicken pox, she’s put the – dabbed the stuff on the little bits, the pox. She’s done all that with the yellow dropper thing and then she said to me, “Right, I’m off to work now and I’ll be back at lunch time to feed you, and they will look after you”.
Joanne: And uh, what did she mean by “they”?
Simon: Well, at that point I had no idea what she meant, but mum was quite happy for me to be left there and at 3 ½ I don’t think you really realize what’s going on, do you?
Joanne: And did they turn up or…
Simon: Well, they…. well, I had a sleep and then I was woken up, my name was called, and there was a guy who looked to me like a waiter, in the room. He had a tray in his right hand…
Joanne: Excellent.
Simon: …with a glass what looked liked water, and over his left arm he had a…like a tea towel, so he struck me as a waiter and I said, “Who are you?” and he said, “I’m your doctor” Which is odd because he didn’t look like a doctor, he looked like a waiter, but he said, “I’m a doctor” I said, “Oh, I’m alone” He said, “No you’re not, I’m here to look after you” Drink this, this will cure”… it doesn’t say your chicken pox, it says, “your viral infection”. So, I drink that and then I go to sleep and then I’m woken up again and there are two green beings, which look like my other mum, but they don’t have a purple cloak on. I should have mentioned that the other one had a purple robe on.
Joanne: Have you a sort of sense of how large or the size of these beings?
Simon: Um, well not at the time. I have since then because I’ve had so many experiences with them, though, what I call the doctors are about 8 feet tall. The one I call my real mother or my other mother or my more important mother is about 9 foot tall, but the doctors are about 8 foot tall. But, they vary just like humans vary, they vary in height. They are naked; they don’t have any robing on or any cloths at all. And the two of them are there and I say to them, “Who are you?” and they say, “We have come to make you better”. So I say, “Oh, are you going to take my chicken pox away?” and they say, “No, that’s already been done, we’ve come to make you better”. So I say, “Well, does mummy know you’re here?” No, I don’t mean my mother who’s walked out the door, I mean the other mother. And they say, “Yes, your mother has sent us. Your mother has given – your mother has us given this message for you, which is, “My little Adam with his back against the tree”. So I know that that is that mother because no other mother would know that message for me. Because what had happened in between that time is I have had this message come through my mind about Adam with his back against the tree, and I remember as a little boy, I put my back against the pillow and pretended it was the tree, and what happens is that they want to put something into my hand and they show me – it’s like a marble. It’s not made of glass and inside is a tiny speck, and they show it to me and say, “We want to put this into your hand, do you give us permission?” And my fear, because it’s so huge…
Joanne:  And at 3 ½?
Simon:  Yes, it’s like a marble, and they must pick up on that because they say straight away, “No, no, no, that’s the incasing, what’s inside?” And there is a tiny little black speck inside, and they say, “That’s what we want to put into your hand” and I said, “Does mummy want that into my hand?” and they say, “Yes, mummy has asked us to come here, mummy has asked us to do this” to which I then say, “What will it do?” and they say, “Mummy will know where you are all the time if you have this, if you get ill, we will know and we will help you, and it is a good thing”. I then said, “Is it a good thing?” and that throws them because that’s a real question, isn’t it? And his answer is, “It’s a good thing if you accept it. If you want mummy to know where you are, it is good, if you want us to come and help you it’s good, but if you don’t want those things, it is bad, and they say to me, “You must make your choice”. So I say, “Oh, I want mummy to know where I am all the time” so they say, “Give us your left hand” It’s under the blanket, so I bring it out and then the doorbell goes to the flat, and they both stand stock still and they don’t move, and they both put their hands…they don’t hurt me, but they both put their hands on my chest like this (Simon demonstrates) and I know that one of them is communicating with somebody outside of the room, and then the wardrobe doors open, double doors, and two guys come straight out one after the other, and they’ve got black sunglasses, white shirts, black tie, black suits, and as soon as they come out, the first thing they do is say to me, “Hello, hello!” They’re making it very clear that I’m not to be scared, and as soon as they come through, they draw hand guns from…they’re both right handed…the side, and I remember that they didn’t look like cowboy guns, because I’ve seen cowboy films, and these were short guns and they were black so, I suppose were automatics. They both draw guns and they go through past me, and I say to one of the doctors, “Who is that?” and he says to me, “Human enforcement”
Joanne: Oh!
Simon: Human enforcement, that’s what he tells me. And both…one of the guys goes like this, (Simon demonstrates) and walks towards the front door where the doorbell is rung, and the other one goes like that (Simon demonstrates) no, in fact he goes like that (Simon demonstrates) towards where the kitchen…because we’ve two doors into that flat, the front and the back, and then the next thing is what I call the little helpers. These are little grey creatures that I’ve always called when I was little – the little helpers, because they always help the big ones. And they come through and they start drawing the curtains and they can reach because they’ve got long bloody arms and they start drawing all the curtains and the curtains are all drawn. So I’ve got these two with their hands on me here (Simon demonstrates) and I say, “Well, who’s at the door?” and they say, “Them” and I say, “Who’s them?” and they say, “Your government”. Then the doorbell goes again and then I’m told, “Don’t telepathically communicate”…let me explain this. When you telepathically communicate in their world, you send out a wide frequency, which anyone can pick up on, but you can actually make it into a pencil beam so you can direct your communication to one being without others… and they say to me, “Use that because we don’t want the others to hear that”, so I’m told that and then what one says is, “If danger threatens, mummy will come with many soldier guards and we will take you to a place of safety. The doorbell goes the third time and they will be quite stressed… I’ve never seen them quite that tense. Anyway, what happens is that one of these guys, these human enforcement, has gone to the back door and we had like a curtain that covered it and he’s moving it and he’s looking, and then he starts making hand signals to somebody outside and I remember thinking, why doesn’t he just use his mind? Why is he doing physical hand signals, then I think well, he’s a human so he can’t. Then he’s moving the curtain more and more and I get to see what’s out there, and it’s a person that is dressed like him, but his face, is all…his skin is all sucked in so I’ll do it (Simon demonstrates) all his skin is all drawn in and his body it’s like someone stuffed him full of straw. It’s just like, he’s like all lumpy and he’s not walking properly, he doesn’t walk quickly, he’s walking really slowly like this (Simon demonstrates) but clearly he’s an ally of this guy behind him because they are making signals. And then this strange looking person who’s got a white shirt and black tie, but he’s got a hat on this one, and he’s got the sunglasses and he’s walking very slowly, like that (Simon demonstrates) and then what he does is he puts his hands above his head and spins in the middle of our little garden, spins around and that’s it, when it’s clear then. So the other guys put their guns away. They don’t have holsters, they just put them in their suite pockets, but they both stand by the doors and it’s okay to go on. So what happens is, he takes my hand and then he starts doing…and I’m watching, and it’s really weird; there’s no blood, when it goes into the hand, this thing, there’s no blood, but the skin, how can I describe it? It’s like…
Joanne: You see it moving from the inside?
Simon: Yeah, yeah it’s like the skin all goes up like that (Simon demonstrates) God only knows. And I start sobbing because…It doesn’t hurt at all, there’s no pain, but it looks so weird, and what he says to me is, the doctor says to me, “Look at all the lovely animals that have come from the zoo to visit you!” And when I look like that (Simon turns his head to the side) There’s a giraffe and a cheetah, in the bedroom frolicking and playing. I know now that it was in my mind, they were never there, but they were so real and obviously my attention is taken away while I’m watching that, and then they disappear, and it’s all been done, and I look, and there’s not a sign, there’s nothing. My hand is absolutely fine. There’s no blood, nothing. And they say to me, “The job is done now”, then we will go”. And I can’t remember the exact conversations and I don’t even remember how they go, but then the two guys come in and they say to me, “Danger will not threaten today, there will be no more danger, but now you have that in your left hand, we will know if there is any danger and we will come and help you”. And they both walk into the hall, but the front door never opens. So they just go, they just walk into the front hall, there’s no front door, but I’m not alone, because when I look, there’s another little grey creature, here, one of the little helpers. I say, “Oh, you’re here” He says, “I’m going to wait until they call…” they called my human mother, your adult. That’s what they referred to her as, your adult.
Joanne: Oh.
Simon: “So we will wait for your adult. I’m here so you don’t get lonely”
Joanne: And can I just ask, the two guys, were they human looking as far as you can tell?
Simon: Very much so, they had American accents, slight American accents, not heavy. Because I was very much into cowboy films, and I noticed that the guns didn’t look like the wild west guns, but the accents were certainly American, and I identify those. Very human, yeah, and when they came through, when the wardrobe doors opened, they were really, really, friendly. It was, “Hello, hello!” because they immediately wanted me not to feel worried by them. The doctor Mantid referred to them as, Human Enforcement. So they were humans, there was no question about it. But how they got through the wardrobe, I don’t know, I don’t know. But when you’re 3 ½ years old, you accept it, I just thought, well that’s fine.
Joanne: You’ve taken on and awful lot of information for a 3 ½ year old, that’s amazing!
Simon: Well, I think what I would say is that, when something’s that in you life, you know, if you spend your life and you 3 ½ and you just go to the shops with mummy and you play with your toys, when something like that happens, it does tend to indelibly imprint on there. And also I think that what ever had been happening to me, I mean, I can only remember, as I’ve described to you the memory before being born, but I don’t what’s happened between being born and 3 1/2. I’m clearly not scared by these creatures; I’m quite happy with them and I’m actually asking them, “Who has sent you?” So that doesn’t sound to me like my first visit with them.
Joanne: No, no.
Simon: And then the little grey creature – and I say, “I know who you are” I don’t mean individually, I realize who the grey creature is, and I say to it, “You should just do!” and he says to me, “I should”. So then I push my half glass of water towards him and I say, “Fill it up!”. And he says, “But, it already has” I can’t remember what he says… “Half full of fluid, why not drink that first and then I will fill it up” and I say to him, “Fill it up, just fill it up!” and he won’t. So I say to him, “I will end your existence if you do not” So he fills it up, and I leave it there, and then he says to me, “But you don’t drink” and I say, “It is not your place to tell me what to do, you should just do” and he says, “I should”. So we’ve come right full circle. They’re very, very, very difficult, these grey creatures, very difficult. And then he says to me, “Your adult returns”. I can’t hear anything, but then I hear the key going in the lock. And what happens, he changes before my eyes, he’s got a very much an egg shaped head, it changes and it goes round. His eyes, which are wrap-around, go into circles, and then it starts blinking, and then a beak appears here, his head is round, and he has wings, then he turns into a huge owl on the end of my bed, turns, flies away, but as he flies away he gets smaller and smaller and smaller until its the size of a dot on a book, the full stop on a book, and the window’s open about that much, but he doesn’t… the dot doesn’t fly out through the gap in the window, it just disappears before that. And then my mother comes in and says, “Hello, how are you?” and I say, “I’m fine” and I show her my magic coloring books that I’ve been painting. But she doesn’t look at them and she never looks at them and she’s never interested, I always remember that, but I show her anyway. But then she sits and eats with me, and she says, “ I don’t have to go back to work this afternoon, I’ve been given the afternoon off to look after you” …basically. So, and that was that memory, and I would have been 3 ½ because that’s when I had…
Joanne: And did she say anything about had they been or…
Simon: No, no, and I’ve got no more memory, that’s it, so, I don’t believe we talked about it. I don’t know if I remembered very much, or for how long I would remember from that. So that was 3 ½, um, the next one again, before I would have been 4, I’m… again I’m on my own in the house, I don’t know why. And then a strange, what I call a star shaped creature, its silver colored, I’ll have to let you have the drawing, and you can have a look at it, but it just literally, it just comes straight through the wall, and I’m really scared; really, really frightened of this because its just walked through the wall and I scream and it turns into a clown. So the whole thing turns into a circus clown. But that makes me even worse and I can tell my mind is already feeling its mind and it can’t understand why I’m upset because it’s showing me the image of a clown and it’s confused. And then what it does is it changes into a policeman. So, but its… the face is wrong, the face is the face of a lion, of a cat and I go to run towards the door and it moves to cut me off, but its legs don’t move. The legs just stay still and it glides, it glides and…
Miles: Okay girls and boys, I think we can hear the pussycats. Do we want to bring the pussycat in?
Simon: Are you going to cut it, Miles?
Miles: No, well we’re hearing them so, do you want to let them in?
Simon: No, I think not because that’s the one that will chew through your little cables.
Miles: Right, Okay…
Joanne: Will he go on your lap perhaps?
Simon: No, it’s Tarny. Ah, well we can let the cat in, but you’ll be worried about the cable. All right we’ll give it a go, you obviously want me to.
-Pause in video-
Joanne: So, what we’ve got here, Simon’s created a memory book which is really interesting because it’s quite extensive so, and this is from the very beginning, this is from the first memories and this is what we’ve got (Joanne holds up picture) So, this is the kite face.
Simon: Yes, that’s it.
Joanne: Coming through there, I don’t know whether we can see that alright (Joanne holds up picture)
Miles: Can you point it at this one (camera)
Joanne: Okay, so that’s the very first memory with the kite face. And these are the…
Simon: That’s the legs
Joanne: The legs that are seen…
Simon: Through the cot.
Joanne: Through the cot, which I think – is that the right way? That way? (Joanne holds up picture) So, this is a little baby of 6 months old remembering, recalling this and these, then…
Miles: Sorry, what exactly are those?
Simon: Legs.
Joanne: These are the legs that are seen by Simon, the legs of the creature that he can see through the cot. Through the railings of the cot.
Miles: Right, okay.
Joanne: And… and then the creature leans over from behind and puts his hands on Simon to pick him up, and this is a sort of a…
Miles: What kind of beings are these? Do they have a name?
Simon: Mantid or Mantis
Miles: Right.
Simon: Yeah, Mantid.
Joanne: So…
Simon: It is – It is a male, it definitely is a male creature.
Joanne: So, it’s interesting that it calls you…
Mies: And this is from your…
Joanne: 6 months.
Miles: …abduction or your contact from the age of 3?
Simon: No. Six months old.
Joanne: This is 6 months, this one’s Six months old.
Simon: literally out of the cot. Six months old.
Joanne: Hmm, and this is… can I show? This one is, um, because as a little baby, he, he…the head went back in the nursery so he did see the face, but he didn’t manage to see the body. But those are the legs again that we see.
Miles: So the baby…this is you in this picture?
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: Six months old.
Miles: Okay, so this is you at 6 months?
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: Yes, and it’s…he’s being picked up.
Miles: You are the person…you are representing yourself?
Simon: Yes, because if I show it through my eyes, you won’t get the overall view, so it’s just as if you are standing back as an observer.
Joanne: So it does give you a size, a sense of perspective. You said this creature is about 9 foot, so…
Simon: At the time, I wouldn’t know how tall it was, but yes.
Joanne: No, but in fact this drawing does give it a sense of, you know, the height, or the size of the creature; of you mother.
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: Hello mum. Lovely.
Simon: It is very confusing because, um, you know, when you refer to you mother or your mum, they’re interchangeable.
Joann: Yes.
Simon: Because you know, it’s very hard because when you are very young, I was confused as to, well, who is my mother?
Joanne: Yes, I…
Simon: Who is my mother? And then later on, if I was in company, I would refer to her as mummy or mum, because I’m in company, I’m expected to do that. But, if I was on my own with her I just refer to her as my adult and she seemed quite happy with that.
Joanne: I mean, it sounds to me like the adult mum had, um, must have had some knowledge and experience herself to…
Simon: She never admitted it, but the more I look at it (Joanne hands he picture back to Simon) Thank you. The more I look at it, the more I think about it, I figure there must have been because anybody else would just have gone out of their wits.
Joann: It’s not sort of normal behavior is it?
Simon: Not really.
Joanne: I mean, not that there is anything wrong, except it’s very unusual.
Simon: Anybody else would have questioned and asked and why are you doing this and why are you doing that and she just let me get away with murder, really.
I’ll go onto the next one. (Simon is looking for another picture) Before we do, I’ll just finish that off. So, I was really frightened of this policeman…
Joanne: Right, yes.
Simon: …and I’ve always – this memory I’d had right through from 3 ½ years old right through till last year, and you know, you rationalize things away and what I’d rationalized it away is, mum must have gone out for some cigarettes, left me alone in the flat, I start screaming for mum, the neighbors call the policeman, the policeman comes in, and that’s what I’d remembered. But it never explained why the policeman had a face like a cat, how something walked through the wall, But we have busy lives, you don’t want to be worried about these things, and so you get on with it. Well what came back on this memory was basically, I always remember… oh, this one here (Simon points to a picture) I always remember running and hiding behind the sofa and I’d draw myself up into the fetal position and I was so scared and I’d put my hands over my head and I’m screaming and crying because I don’t understand any of this cause the thing that’s walked through the wall… there’s something that’s changed into lots of iconic figures that I recognize, but it didn’t speak to me. There wasn’t any communication at all. And the next thing I have is a voice saying to me, “Look at me. Don’t be scared, don’t be frightened. You won’t be hurt, look at me” and I recognize that voice. I know that’s my mummy, that’s the mummy that picked me out of the cot. So I look up over the edge of the sofa and I see that familiar green hand holding a rod, which I would say was about a foot and half or eighteen inches long, and on the end of the rod there’s like a nubbin and it’s aimed straight at me and there’s a crystal inside it and each facet is activated and it’s blue. So one facet goes blue, the next facets clockwise, next facet, next facet, and it’s – but not slow, it’s quite quick (Simon demonstrates) and then I’m hit with a blue light, and the next thing I’m floating out of the room. That’s going to be in this one here (Simon looks for picture) There we are. I’m floating out of the room and the room becomes – all the room becomes see through in the sense that I can see through the walls.
Joanne: Yes, so it’s transparent there.
Simon: and I go through… and I don’t remember going through the ceiling. Then next thing I remember…
Joanne: So this is where your…
Simon: That’s where I’m floated out of the ceiling, yes.
Joanne: Floating…
Simon: Yes, yep. We haven’t got to this bit yet.
Joanne: No…(inaudible)
Simon: Well, this is the bit that’s coming up. Then I’m in a room that’s bright blue metal and there’s only one piece of furniture in it, which looks like the same sofa that I was a minute ago. And I’m sitting behind the sofa, at exactly the same position in the sense that I’m behind it, but my legs are out and there’s a dear old lady sitting next to me stroking my face and it’s a very important…it turns out to be a very important pattern. It’s one, two, gap, one, two, gap. And it’s this same routine. But, when I look at this dear old lady, her face changes and it becomes the face of a cat or a lion, and then it will change back to being a human; it’s happening all the time. And she gives me some toys and I get a train and some soldiers I think to play with. And then I get a bit worried because where’s my mother? My human mother. So I say, “Where’s mummy?” and as soon as I say where’s mummy, she points her arm and says, “Look, there’s your mummy” and sure enough, there is my human mother walking towards me, but as I look at her, her face changes. And it changes back to my other mummy, my green mummy. Here, there’s the face change here (Simon points to the picture) and this is the change between here…
Joanne: Sorry, just let me show that there.
Simon: (Pointing at the picture) So, on this one here, this is the face changing between the dear old lady and then the lion face, and then when I say, “ Where’s mummy?” There’s my mummy coming in, but her face changes back to the other mummy. And what the message that comes to my mind is, I’m told, as I see that face, “That’s your mummy, your human mummy, but I am your more important mummy” or “I am your real mummy” So each time I’m seeing a face, I’m getting a message, but my human mother’s face stays up for shorter and shorter periods, so that the green Mantid face stays longer. And then I run up…
Joanne: They’re programming you.
Simon: Yeah, I suppose so, I’m getting used to it. And then I run up when he’s in his full Mantid guise and I accept him, and I say, “Mummy, mummy, mummy, look at my toys!” and he’s so pleased that I have accepted him, he reaches down, picks me up, lifts me up and as I put there, (Simon points to the picture) “You are truly loved, you are special” And then he hands me a gem, a beautiful jewel and he says, “Simon, look at this” and it’s a beautiful jewel. It’s about the size of grapefruit. I have to use two hands because I’m only little. And he says – there’s a first time and only the second time in all my encounters where they’ve used the word Simon. So he says to me, “Simon, look at this” and he asks me, “What do you see?” and as I take this beautiful jewel, it’s like a diamond, it elongates as I’m holding it, into the shape of an hour glass. And inside is a – what I would describe – it’s not a nuclear explosion, I don’t mean that, but think of a mushroom cloud. It’s like a mushroom cloud, and I look at it and I say, “Mummy, mummy, mummy, that’s the earth, time and me” and I can’t remember if he’s very happy with that or he asks me for something else. Uh, yes, time, that’s the earth, and that’s me. So he’s quite pleased with that and then we go on a journey.
Joanne: (Joanne holds up the picture) So that’s that bit, which is right at the bottom. Okay.
Simon: Yeah, so I’ve obviously passed whatever test that was.
Miles: Can we see that again?
Joanne: So this is the last bit to do with the jewel, which is depicted here, which goes into an hour glass, and then the meaning (Joanne points to the picture)
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: Which is you, the earth and time.
Simon: And time, ya. And then I’m clearly not in my home because I’ve – this is the first time I’ve encountered these, I’ve encountered them several times. They are transportation discs. They are about 6 foot in diameter, thin metal, maybe about 3 inches in thickness and you stand on them in the center, um, and then I can’t make them fly, but they can make them fly with their mind. There’s no engines, they just literally levitate and go along. And so, we’re traveling on that and I’m scared and I hide myself into his cloak and he puts his arms around me because I don’t like that (Simon points to the picture and quotes what he has written) “I hide in mums cloak and above the ceiling is metal with ribs and it reminds me of a mind shaft”. So as we’re going along there appear to be these metal ribs in the roof.
Joanne: Yes. So, this is on the craft?
Simon: No, it’s a flying… it’s a small transportation disc.
Joanne: Oh, right, so you’re not… are you inside something, you’re just on it?
Simon: No, no, no, no, imagine a Frisbee.
Joanne: Yes, so you’re… okay, okay.
Simon: Stand on a Frisbee and it just goes. But they fly it with their minds. And the next thing… thanks (Joanne hands Simon the picture) There was lots of gaps here, but I’m put on a table, I don’t mean I’m put on it, I sit at a big like a kitchen table and I’m given a paintbrush, a little jam jar with water in it, and a set of paints, and around the table there are lots of other creatures, but whenever I look at their face, all I see is a blob and two beady eyes. I can’t take in… their faces must be so horrible. So they are just blobs. But his face is fine, I can see his face (Simon points to the picture) and he asks me, “Paint a picture” So, I paint a picture and I use just two colors, blue and green, and I paint two rolling hills, and a tree, and I don’t color in the bark of the tree, the tree trunk, and I just do the green tree. And then mummy says, “What’s missing?” and I say, “Me” so, he says, “Do you want to put yourself in?” I said, “No, I haven’t arrived yet” so that’s fine, I’ve done that. And then he offers me some food and there’s a fruit – a plate of fruit, and there’s banana, apple, and…what was the other one? Banana, apple and orange, I think, or something. And I say, “I like apple”, and I reach the apple, but I don’t know the words for crisp and crunchy, but he’s in my mind and he says the words for me. He says, “Yes, I know you like apple because it’s crunchy”
Joanne: So, this is the table? (Joanne points to the drawings)
Simon: It’s a bit small drawings there. These are the blobby faces, which I couldn’t process.
Joanne: How old are you?
Simon: Three and a half.
Joanne: Okay, so you’re still three and a half.
Simon: Yes, a lot happened around the three and a half mark, quite a lot. And then he offers me what we call the ceremonial drinking vessel. This is a metal, like an hourglass shape again, but it’s burnished metal and because Mantids can’t open their mouths to eat like we would, so it must all be fluid ingestion, and there’s a metal straw that come out of it. But because I’m very little, they – as a thoughtful addition, they put two little handles on it for me to hold. But I must make him very proud, because I don’t use the handles, I hold it as an adult would hold it, so I don’t go for the handles, I hold it as it should be held. And he said, “Here, this is for you” That’s there (Simon points to the picture) That’s the special… it’s a ceremonial drinking vessel, you only have that during ceremonies. So, I have that, and then I am taken to see something rather unusual. It’s – it appears to be a very large cat, but it doesn’t have a tail (Simon points to the picture) He projects a tail into my mind, but I can see that it’s not a real tail so he drops that and he refers to it as a pussycat, but it’s not a pussycat, it’s a person pretending to be a pussycat. So, they are on all fours and what he says to me is, “You may stroke the pussycat” So, I go up and It’s a female, this cat, and I go up and I say, “Nice pussycat” and touch the pussycat. And then here (Simon points to the picture) the cat starts talking to me and says, “You’re a cute boy” and starts tickling me, and I’m going he, he, he, laughing. And then I’m told, now it’s your turn to tickle the pussycat. So, when I tickle the pussycat, she rolls over on her back, but she growls, she doesn’t laugh, she goes, grrrrr; that’s a happy growl. And then I am told, “You can ride on the pussycat” So Mantid mum picks me up, puts me on the back of this thing, and then, you know, like my granddad might put a grandchild on the back and lead him around the room, except what here in this drawing is I’m showing Mantid mum follows around with the two hands and every time I slip to one side, gently pushes me back into the center. And the cat says to me, “Now hold on tight, now there’s a good boy, don’t fall off” I now know that this was bonding with this animal.
Joanne: Right.
Simon: This is a female animal that’s – although I projected it as a pussycat, because they’ve said to me it’s a pussycat, it’s not. It’s an extraterrestrial…
Miles: Is it like a Chewaka, a Chewbaka like in Star Wars?
Simon: No, no. I would say…
Miles: Is it a type of ET described by other witnesses? A bit like that?
Simon: No, not as hairy as that at all. There are creatures I’ve found out since called lion, lion beings. Mary Rodwell has written in one of her books about it and I’ve got the book, very kindly of her. But I’m drawing – I’m not an artist. I’m depicting that on a caricature basis. That’s not exactly how it would look. It would look much more human than that, but in my mind, as a three and a half year old, I’ve been told this is a cat. So, I see it as a cat, but it’s talking to me. So, when that’s over, the next thing I remember is what I call one of the little helpers, what we call a little grey, comes up and I’m really shy of it and I hide again behind mum and I lift his robe up and I hide my face behind it and I won’t come out. So what mum does, is suddenly a great big pile of toys appear in the front of the room and a big bar of chocolate, she holds up a really big bar of chocolate. So, I come out, there’s no chocolate and there’s no toys, they’ve all gone. But what the little helper does, is he holds out his hand, and there’s a teddy bear on his hand, and he says, “It’s a present for you” so, as I go to take the teddy bear it starts to spin into a whirling vortex. And mum says to me, “Hold out your hand palm upwards” well, I’m three and a half and I don’t know, so I hold it the wrong way up. He says, “No, not like that” turns my hand around, then the vortex jumps from this little grey onto my hand. And mum says to me, “What can you see?” and this time it’s clearer, there’s definitely a tree, and there is me…
Joanne: (Joanne points to the picture) So, there’s the vortex.
Simon: Yeah, and there’s the tree and me. And I say, “Look mummy, the earth and me” So I’m calling the tree the earth, but that’s definitely me, (Simon points to the picture) this little man here is me with his back against the tree, I’ve always got my back against the tree. This is the tree of knowledge…
Joanne: Oh, okay.
Simon: So, my back against knowledge, I’ve turned my back on knowledge. So, I’m sitting with my back against the tree of knowledge. And once I say that, It’s time to go. I have obviously bits missing. I’m back on the flying disc, I’m scared to hell, I really don’t like it, it goes far too fast, so I hide again… I hide behind mums cloak. Now what’s interesting is my human mother told me, up to the age of about five, when we were to go out to Brighton to do the shopping or she’d stop and meet a friend, I would run behind my mother, lift her skirt up, because she would always have a dress or a skirt on, and hide my face behind it. I now know why I did that. So, the routines I was getting into here at a very early stage, I was carrying across time and time again in this world, so I would do things, which I had learned or seen in that world. And, you know, at the time, I don’t think it meant very much to me, I just had this wonderful experience. But what I always remembered was the first part of it, and I’ve seen a talking cat. And that, in later life when I was in primary school, was a problem. I had to see a psychologist because they… well, I’ll talk about it later, but how can you have a talking cat? But I was absolutely adamant in my mind that I had spent time with an animal that looked like a cat that could talk to me. So, that was again around three and a half.
Joanne: And did you, again ever communicate to your mother?
Simon: No, I’ve no recollection of that at all. No, not at all. I mean, you know, you’d think that if mum had gone out for cigarettes and a policeman had been called, there would be some sort of investigation or something, and I have no memory of any of that at all.
Joanne: And as a kiddiewink you – you know, are you being scared about flying on the disc the speed of it, you wouldn’t have said anything to your adult mum in any way or?
Simon: I really don’t know how much of that I would have remembered, I really don’t know how much, but today I can’t go on an airplane I’m absolutely terrified of heights. I can’t fly, I can’t even go high up. Can’t go on a ladder. I’m terrified of heights, I’m sure that’s got a lot to do with it. So, that would be three and a half, then I think there was a bit of a gap and the next would be about five years old. And this is where I started primary school, but my education took a dip because this is my first experience of a shadow… what’s called a shadow being. This creature… the memory I’ve got clearly is not the first memory, because I’m not at all frightened of it.           I’m in the bedroom and it appears through the window; it’s just outside of the window. But I’ve been taught to signal to it. So, when it’s okay to come in, I hold my arms out like this (Simon demonstrates) and it then replicates that. We are bonded to work together; it will only work with me. That’s what I knew. So we had to make sure that I was the right one to work with.
Joanne: So, it’s humanoid in shape, is it? I mean arms, legs, and a head kind of look?
Simon: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Most of them are. (Simon shuffles through the pictures) Oh, we seemed to have pushed that back. Never mind, doesn’t matter. That’s you, too strong, too strong. There.
Joanne: (Laughing) Oh, is it. I broked it.
Simon: You broked it. That’s me.
Joanne: So, and you haven’t mentioned the shadow being before, so, this is your first sort of memory of it?
Simon: This is my first… to be sure this is a shadow being. It might be that the star creature earlier might have been a shadow being, but this one, I’ve always called it my smoke man. I’ve only called it a shadow being over the last year when Win… Winston Keech…
Miles: Yeah, we were talking about the Montauk Project shadow beings and the shadow beings being seen at the crop circles (inaudible) …Winston Keech who took a video of that.
Simon: Right, that’s the one. That’s it. Simon points to the picture: So, here it’s got… this is like smoke; that’s why I called it my smoke man. But it doesn’t… the smoke doesn’t rise up, it just sort of goes here and then just vanishes, but it’s continually being fed. And there are just two little marks for eyes, and once I’ve given this signal here, with the arms out by my side, it comes through the window and then the second part of this is a recognition protocol. I must put my hands like this (Simon demonstrates) it does the same, and we are now bonded to work, so, we’ve agreed who we are, we’re going to work together.
Joanne: And do you know if this being – do you know anything about it’s…
Simon: No…no.
Joanne: Where it came from?
Simon: No…no…no.
Joanne: To do with mum?
Simon: No…no.
Joanne: Extraterrestrial?
Simon: No. No. These are totally different, these creatures. They, they don’t have any… totally devoid of emotions. But they… they’re very psychically powered. So…
Miles: What sort of communication have you had with these shadow beings? Have you… is it…is there…do they recognize you? See you? In what way do you communicate apart from the arm signals?
Simon: Well, how do you mean?
Miles: Do you have any empathic communication with them? …..(inaudible) What are they?
Simon: Oh, yeah, you’ve got to, you’ve got to communicate…
Miles: What are they?
Simon: telepathically. You can’t, you can’t speak with your mouth.
Miles: But what are they?
Simon: God knows. God knows. All I know is that they are energy beings that don’t… they’re not like, they’re not like a living creature, that’s all I can tell you. They’re not like a living creature. They could, they could be something that is created by a, by a, an even more powerful creature.
Joanne: Mmmmm, like a projection.
Simon: Yes, it could well be, because they’re not, they’re not, they’re not like us, they don’t have a cardiovascular system or anything like that.
Joanne: No, possibly…
Miles: What makes you say that? What, what…how do you…
Simon: Oh, cause I put my arms through it.
Miles: Right.
Simon: You can just put your arm through them.
Joanne: They may be also a stepped down version through the dimensions, you know, of a more substantial being, and this is how they can project through..
Simon: It could be…
Joanne: I mean, who knows, I suppose we could…
Simon: I mean I really don’t know. I mean, when you’re that age, five years of age, you’ve got to remember, that when you’re either in their world, or when their with you, they’ll, they… we might have time to do it, but they, they can… they go into your mind, and progressively, depending on what they need to do, they can actually take control of your mind. What I mean by that is, where I’ve been with the Mantids, they’ll just dumb me down to the point where I’m not frightened. But that it’s is a very gentle control. Other creatures will try and take all of it, and I’ve one instance where I really got really peed off because this creature was too much in my head and I had to turn my back on it. But back to this one (Simon points to the picture) So he said to me, “I’ve come to make you better. I’ve come to make your mind better” and I say, “Am I sick?” he says, “No, not make you better in terms of being sick, make you better in terms of making you better” Well, that doesn’t mean anything, but that’s what he said. And what happens is, he says, “Copy me” and he’ll put his arm up to a position…imagine you’re looking into the face of a clock, three o’clock, four o’clock, and I had same. And when I’d done that, he then put his arm down and put his other arm out to another position and then I had to copy that. And he got faster and faster and faster. So, his arms are going all these different positions, like this (Simon demonstrates) and then, I’m having to match him.
And then, over several visits, because this isn’t just over, several visits what was happening was that I was catching him up to the point that I was at the same time of him. So, when he’s moving his arms, I’m (inaudible) him. And then what he did is put his arms down, but I had to still move my hands to the positions in his mind he was sending his hands to, so, following that. But, that wasn’t it. Then after a couple more visits of that… this is very difficult to get your head around, he would, do the… what we called the arm game, that’s what he called it, the arm game, we’re going to play the arm game. So, we do the arm game, and then he would put his arms down, think where his arms were, and then he stopped thinking where his arms were. I had to put my arms to the positions that he would have put his arms if he was still moving his arms.
Joanne: It reminds me of martial arts training.
Simon: I don’t know.
Simon: But, he wasn’t thinking anymore where his arms would be. I had to just put my arms where they would have been had he been moving them or had he even thought of it.
Miles: This seems very familiar to John Erwin and his training in British Military Intelligence in the 1950’s, learning how to react super fast, and he called it the Machine…
Simon: No. I don’t know about that.
Miles: …that his reactions were so fast.
Simon: Right.
Miles: So, it seems there’s a connection there.
Simon: Well, that’s it, that’s…
Joanne: It does sound like martial arts training to me as well, a very high level of martial arts training.
Simon: Well, I thought it was about trying to learn the future; trying to predict where things would be.
Joanne: It may be, and even the higher levels of martial arts training, which I’m not, not, I’ve… you know I’m aware of it to some degree, but don’t know the whole, you know…
Simon: But that was it. Once I’d mastered that, I’ve done my job; you know, he’d done his job, rather. That was it, finished.
Joanne: So, maybe it was like some programming had already been implemented for, use at whatever time?
Simon: God knows. I’ve no idea, but all I do know is, while that was going on, my academics studies were going down the pan. And at the age of five or six, they were so worried at school, that I was accessed. And I was given a reading age of three, a math age of two, but a spoken vocabulary of thirteen. And they said they didn’t understand, so they got a psychologist in, and I had several psychologists at my time at school, and what I got was a one to one teaching for English every day for an hour. My grandfather paid for a private teacher to come to the house every Sunday to teach me. I even went to private school for a year. But once this stopped, it all just came back again. So, I guess is, whatever was going on here was taking me so much away from what I call the physical world…
Joanne: It’s development of certain parts of your brain.
Simon: Yeah, but within – when that started it probably lasted for 6 months, I would say. And then after that, then I just sort of all caught back up again. But I’m not at all frightened of it, not at all scared of it. It didn’t bother me at all. I mean, obviously in the last year or so I’ve read about shadow beings and I have had an experience with a shadow being a while back now.
(Simon flips through the binder showing Joanne his pictures) That’s the arm game, it doesn’t have to be put back. There’s just a drawing of me doing the arms and following him through. That’s just a tweety play owl; fairly commonplace. That’s Father Christmas came to visit me; that’s fairly commonplace. That’s another shadow being.
This one is worth talking about. In my front room, then, the shadow being arrives, and there’s a big globe probably about like a beach ball, a big, big beach ball and it levitates off the ground and I have to put my hands on it, like I’ve done there (Simon points to the picture) and there’s the tree again; it’s smoke and the smoke flows inside but forms a tree. (Simon points to the picture and explains) that’s the roots and that’s the branch and that’s the head of the tree. And I just stand there and, you know, I’m doing that. I don’t know any more than that, but there is a bigger drawing there of the tree. And then he wants to educate me, cause I say to him when he arrives, “Who are you?” and he says, “I’m your teacher, I have been sent to you” so, he’s my teacher and I just accept him as my teacher.
Joanne: He looks a little bit more substantial in this drawing.
Simon: He most definitely has got a hood on, he’s definitely got a cloak, but he’s – but the face again is exactly the same; it’s just nothingness with just two eyes. But this time he’s got a black cloak, but again, I don’t believe there is anybody behind that.
Miles: But there is defined form there now.
Simon: Oh, most definitely, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Miles: But if he’s wearing a cloak, that makes him physical.
Simon: Well, I never even thought about it, it’s just how he appeared to me; with his cloak up. Um, and again, he’s not threatening, he’s quite open with me – and I will relate cause this is one of the first times I get any insight into what the hell it’s all about.
Joanne: Holding up one of Simon’s pictures… That’s just a more detailed…
Simon: That’s the inside of the globe.
Joanne: It looks like some intestines actually; with a brain.
Simon: (Laughing) Oh, thank you. Simon points to the picture…No, this is the tree, this is the foliage, that’s the trunk, and that’s the roots. And It’s very much like the crystal that I was given when I was three and a half.
Miles: So, you’re generating this using your thoughts?
Simon: No, no, I don’t think so. I think he’s putting that into that sphere.
Joanne: Well, do you have a sense of what it means? What you are doing?
Simon: At that age, no I don’t. All I know is that’s the earth, but I’m not in that, that’s just the earth. Now I know what it means, but back then I didn’t know what it meant, yeah. Because this is all a crumb trail they’ve been dropping me for years to – why the hell they couldn’t just say to me, “Here you are, here’s the story” in one go, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to cope with it, but this is the crumb trail and this is the first substantial crumb. The next bit will be much more interesting in the sense of understanding. So, just the eyes appear, then I say, “Who are you?” “I’m your teacher, I’m sent to you” But this time, when he holds his hands up, he has like an electric arch running from one hand to the other like an electric charge. And I put my hands up and he passes this charge across to me, and I take the charge in my hands. Simon points to the picture… He passes it across, I don’t know what that’s about. And then a book…
Joanne: Holding power.
Simon: Ah, God knows.
Simon: and then a book appears.
Joanne: (Joanne holds up the picture and points) The arch…
Simon: Yeah.
Joanne:  and holding the arch, holding the power.
Simon: Yes, he’s passed it across.
Joanne: And there again.
Simon: Yeah. And then a book… a book appears, and then you’re going to find out why I have so many cats now. And it’s not a real book, but it’s like a holographic book. It’s about three foot in size, and it just hovers,
Joanne: (Joanne points to the picture) Is this the right one?
Simon: Um, yeah it starts there actually.
Joanne: Oh, okey-dokey.
Simon: (Simon hands Joanne a picture) Yeah, so the end of that one there. And on the book, on one side of it there is a snake and on the other side is a cat, and he says to me, “both the cat and the snake share the same eyes” then the book picture changes and the snake is going, Hisssssss, and the cats got it’s claws up, and hissing, and he says, “Both the cat and the snake share the same hiss” Then the picture changes and it shows the snake with it’s mouth open sensing the air, and the cat with it’s mouth open… I haven’t done all the drawings… sensing the air, and he says to me, “Both the cat and the reptile can sense with their mouth. Then there’s a reptile and what we call the third eye in a cat… the extra skin layer, and he says, “Both the cat and the reptile share the same eye” and he says to me, “There is much reptile in you and there is much reptile in those around you” And what I’m lead to believe is that these animals, cats, have been genetically altered. Not just as we have, but they have, of all the mammals on the earth, they have got the most reptilian in them. And when you ask a vet, why has a cat got an eye with a slit, you know…
Joanne: Uh huh, yes.
Simon: And there’s no other mammal that has an eye like that; there is no other animal. But people will say, well a cat has an eye like that to help hunt, well, no, because cats are crepuscular, they’ll hunt at dawn and dusk, and an owl hunts at dawn – it doesn’t have…it has an eye like, a pupil like we have. So, it says to me…it uses the word, them, and when we use the word them in this context, it’s the reptiles. He says… He says lots of dialog here. Can I just read this bit? (Simon reads the dialog from the picture) “You should look after such animals, these lower life forms, it pleases them to see you with your cat. Reptiles on the face of earth are kept in cages”, that’s now, “just as you were once kept prisoner; it has come full circle, that cats have freedom, this pleases them to see you so just” And the he bows to me and says, “You are exulted, oh high one” and I’ve drawn this over the question mark – What’s that about? And he bows down to me and then he says, “You should never be scared of us, never be frightened of us. We are all equal, but you command the high position”
So, what he is saying to me is there’s lots of reptile in you and there’s lots of reptile in the cats and reptiles are kept in cages now, and they don’t like that. “But you don’t keep your cats in cages and that pleases them, and we like to see you with your cat, and you should look after these lower life forms” That’s why I’ve got so many cats. Because I’m acting on a suggestion from them. And then he shows me another picture, which is a tree and a little man. And I say, “I know what that is! that’s me and the tree”  And then…
Joanne: Let’s have a look at that one. (Joanne holds up the picture of what Simon is talking about)
Simon: Yeah, and then Eve appears. I don’t know it’s Eve at the moment, it’s just a female that walks up. And Eve says to me, “Eat and take in the knowledge, open your eyes, then you will know what I know and see what I see” So, I take it and I say… I eat the apple and I say, “We are not what we are told” and then the Lord appears, and I know this isn’t going to… some of it is like the Bible, but some of it is not. He’s a reptile, there’s absolutely no question about that. He’s got a hood on and I say to him, “Your not like us, you’re horrible! You’re not our father” Because he’s told us that he’s our father. “You’re not our father, you wish to enslave us and keep us prisoner” and he says, “Who has shown you such wisdom? Leave the safety of this land and take all your kind with you. I wish you’d never been made!” And Eve says, “We reject you!”
What I will say is that there are, at this time in earths history, there are a number of safe havens dotted around the earth. The earths not, it’s not, you can’t…it’s not uninhabitable, but it’s barren and it’s not safe. So there are a number of safe havens and in one safe haven is the Garden of Eden. And in this particular safe haven the most senior of what I refer to as the Lords, lives there and is our Lord in haven; our Lord in heaven. So, in this particular safe haven the Lord lives, he is our Lord in haven.
Joanne: So, just to recap then. So, we’ve got a book, and we’re seeing a tree, we’re seeing Eve. So, Eve gives you the apple…
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: …to eat, which you do. And then, is it after you’ve said… after you’ve eaten the apple, you said, we are not what we were told?
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: And is that because you have some instant realization?
Simon: Yes. Knowledge.
Joanne: And so the instant knowledge is what?
Simon: The instant knowledge is that we are not… we’ve been lied to.
Joanne: And what is the lie?
Simon: The lie is that we’ve not been made… we are not natural animals of that creature. He’s not our Lord God.
Joanne: Oh, the reptile?
Simon: Yes, he’s our father, but he’s not our father because we were made.
Joanne: Right, so…
Simon: We don’t look anything like him!
Joanne: No.
Simon: And I’m suddenly aware that we, Adam and Eve, don’t look anything like that creature, so how can he be our father, and I reject him as a father. He’s not our father figure. And he wants to know, who the hell has told you this. And the Bible says there was only two humans on the earth. No, he says, “Take all your kind with you” There are lots of us! And we’re chucked out.
Joanne: So, that…
Simon: It was a very emotional time, this.
Joanne: So, your still…
Miles: Excuse me, when are we at here exactly and who’s… who are the characters we’re dealing with here?
Simon: I don’t know what year. This is the Garden of Eden…
Joanne: So, we still think you are around about five years old, or have we progressed on from when your having this?
Simon: Do you mean…right, no,no,no,no,no, right. When I’m standing there, looking at the book, I am five years old, but the book is showing me images which they say is me a long time ago.
Joanne: Ah, okay.
Simon: This is supposed to be me. That’s probably me because it’s …when you… it’s so difficult to explain; it’s hard to do it in a structured way. (Simon points to the picture and explains) But that is me, I’m being shown a previous life …
Joanne: Right. As Adam.
Simon: As Adam, yes.
Joanne: As Adam. Right. Adam (inaudible)
Simon: So, this is a book, and I’m being shown that.
Joanne: So, your realization, then, is really key to human development? In a way.
Simon: It’s not development, how we came about; how we came about. Because this creature here claimed to be our father. That’s what we had to refer to him as, our father. But when I had of the apple, I realized that he’s not our father because he doesn’t look like us. Up until that point, everybody accepted him because of…(inaudible)
Joanne: It’s like some veil of ignorance had dropped.
Simon: Yes, and ignorance is the key word because, you take your people out of ignorance, you actually give them knowledge. And he could have had us all killed, but for some reason doesn’t and says, “Go, leave the land” perhaps assuming that we will die anyway without support.
Joanne: And maybe if he was part of some genetic…you are part of his genetic testing, programming, or whatever…
Simon: Yes.
Joanne: …then he doesn’t want to see his work destroyed.
Simon: I don’t know, but there’s definitely a thread of reason why he won’t. So, in that drawing there, both Adam and Eve lead the humans out of Eden and we go into two separate tribes, we lead two groups out.
Joanne: Okay, so there are quite a lot of Bible correlations in a way, not that I’m Bible schooled, but…
Simon: Neither am I, but…
Joanne: That I’m aware.
Simon: But there are, I would say, I don’t know, two hundred humans, maybe more, but we divide into two groups and Eve takes one group and what we’ve missed out here…
Miles: As we come to a close, can we summarize, really on this, on this first part?
Joanne: Well, it sounds to me very much like, and tell me if I’m wrong, Simon, but, that you’ve really established your other life in a very real way and that this has an a lot of value and then impact on the next phase of your life and your learning and understanding.
Simon: What I’ve learned is that the soul inside my body has been around a very long time. And the reason the extraterrestrials are interested in me is not because of my physical body, but because of what is inside me.
Joanne: Your soul?
Simon: Yes, because if, if – I’m only telling you what I’ve seen. I mean, they could be lying to me, this could all be a complete lie and a trick, and it’s also my interpretation on it. But if it is true, then it would go a huge way to explaining why I’m having so much intense contact, because they are saying, “We created the human race” you… what they’ve sais to me is, I’m not the first human. There were a number of humans, but they didn’t survive.
Joanne: Right.
Simon: They just weren’t right; they would die.
Joanne: So, maybe you were part of the first successful strain.
Simon: Exactly, that’s exactly right. The very first human that was viable. So the soul went into that body and because of that – you see they are as guilty as hell. These reptiles actually now have apologized several times to me. “We are sorry for what we have done to your people” They’ve actually said that, “We are actually sorry for what we have done”
Joanne: And, and that…
Miles: Well, maybe in the next part we can describe that in greater detail.
Joanne: Simon Parkes, on behalf of Ammach, which is the anomalous mind management and abductee, contactee helpline resource, which is relatively new in 2011 in the UK, and we are here to give people a voice. We’re her to allow people to speak in an empathetic environment and to hear their stories and to put them out there. So, we think it’s important and we think that these people who have all these contacts are certainly adding to the picture as a whole. See you next session.
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