30 July 2011 – AMMACH – Part 3 of 4

Simon Parkes and Win Keech at AMMACH – Part 3 of 4

interviewed by Joanne Summerscales & Miles Johnston
in Whitby, North East Yorkshire
July 30th, 2011
Simon Parkes at AMMACH – Part 3
Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. Featuring a major co interview with Specialist videographer and researcher into advanced UFO and Crop Circles concepts, Winston Keech. Win fights off Simon’s “Playful Mind”.

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Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales Part 3

Joanne: So, we’ve just been speaking to Simon Parkes and we’re just going to finish off with Simon talking to us about the birthday card incident where he actually saw a birthday card in his local shop with pictures of him on it. So, Simon if we can finish off with that story and then perhaps we will also perhaps wrap up with the most salient points of this experience so far, thank you.
Simon: Okay. Just to finish up with the birthday card, a good friend of mine, I won’t mention his name, just call him John. He’s an ex Ministry of Defense policeman, he was a dog handler and he had a conversation on the telephone regarding my birthday card. We refer to the MI5 as, The Firm, and we had maybe a twenty-minute conversation. Two weeks after he was stopped in county Durham by a police officer, who said, “I’m arresting you for driving without a driving license” So, John said, “Well how can that be? I’ve got a driving license” he (the policeman) said, “Well, not according to the DVLA. It was revoked twenty-one years ago”
Joanne: Oh!
Simon: So, he said, “Well, how can that be because five years ago I renewed my passport and I had to use my photo card license?” So, the police officer obviously wasn’t stupid and said to him, “I can see something’s not right here, but I have to go by what the DVLA tell me. I should by rights arrest you, but I’m not going to. If you can get another named driver insured to take the vehicle away, I’ll let you sort it out with the DVLA” So, he phoned the DVLA several times and got no reply. Two months later, eight weeks later, he hadn’t been able to drive, because he had no driving license apparently. He got a phone call from a young lady from the DVLA who said, “Just phoning to let you know that your driving license has been reinstated” so, he said, “Oh, that’s really good! Why has it been reinstated?” and she said, “I don’t know, the computer screen doesn’t tell me that”
Joanne: And why was it revoked?
Simon: Well, that’s what he asked and the reply was, “I’m sorry the computer screen doesn’t tell me that” So anyway, he then didn’t phone me. We had a meeting for something else, and he came out of the house first off and took me aside and he said, “Look” he said, “Simon” he said, “I piss them off and I get my driving license taken away for two months. You piss them off and you get a birthday card” and I said, “Well, you’ve either got it or you haven’t” But the sad thing is from that now, that he no longer wants to telephone me because he’s obviously aware that the line’s being listened into; he won’t phone me. He doesn’t want to come to the house anymore, but we have meetings on other issues where there are other people. And it’s just very sad that what was a good friendship, has now been forced because of outside influences. But it just shows how things are manipulated.
Joanne: Hmmm, and it does impact…(inaudible)
Simon: Oh, of course it does, and he’s now very frightened because he’s business. He relies totally on the care, and If they take it away once, they’ll take it away again. So, it was a warning.
Joanne: Yes, he took it as a serious warning.
Simon: Hmmm, definitely.
Joanne: And how would you…so you’ve had a good few years of experience now of all this interaction, how would you say its impacted on your general domestic daily living?
Simon: Academically it’s had a terrible effect on me. My…I don’t have a university degree and I’m sure if I hadn’t been interacted with, I probably would have had a reasonably good academic background. However, the positive side…my ability to interact with people. That’s why I got into politics, and all the jobs I’ve had with local authorities. I’ve managed large teams of people, motivated people, achieved things that others haven’t. So, from that perspective it’s been enhanced.
Joanne: So, do you also feel you had any particular accenting of any abilities or giftings in a higher intuitive perspective or manner?
Simon: Oh, very long words.
Joanne: Yes, I don’t know quite how to put it succinctly, really.
Simon: Well, I mean I can bend knives and forks with my mind, but unfortunately, if you’re not going to a circus, it doesn’t really do you any good.
Joanne: It doesn’t pay the bills.
Simon: No. I think what I would say is, that the advantage has been to a wider learning, a lighter understanding, that the crap that is told to the mass population just isn’t true.
Joanne: Hmmm, yeah.
Simon: I have seen beings from another dimension and I know that what we’ve been taught in school is wrong. The problem is, that you have to try and cope with this. You have to…you know, when you try and find someone to talk to, there isn’t anybody. It’s something that people will run and shy from, and so you tend to think, well, I’ll hide it, I’ll internalize it and I’ll hide it. And I said during the early interview, how I rationalized things away to try to cope with them when I was much, much younger. But the only reason that I’m am competent to sit here and talk to you is because those experiences have been positive, in as much as to my knowledge, I haven’t been physically abused. When I’ve asked them a question, I’ve had an answer. They’ve actually asked me before they’ve done something, so if they want to do something, they’ll say, “Can we do that? Do we have your permission?” So, I’ve never felt a victim.
Joanne: And also, you mentioned earlier on as well, some relation to your wellness, your wellbeing that they said they would always…
Simon: Well, I…there’s one, if you’ve got two or three minutes, I’d just like to say, In 1969 I was ten years old, and my best friend had come to the house, and my mum, my human mum was at work and we were playing at the back of the house and it was an old Victorian house and a concrete drop. And I always remembered I lost my balance on this, I’ve no recollection of falling, no recollection of hitting the ground at all, but all I ever remembered, until recently was, next minute standing by my bed, pulling my bed covers back and saying, “Oh, I don’t feel very well” and getting into the bed. And my friend, who’d gone running in to get help. Because nobody was in the house, came running out and saw me, and was running at full pelt and stopped. And what he said was, that when I was on the ground, he was calling me and I wasn’t speaking, and he said, “I thought you were unconscious” and he said, “How did you get yourself up?” The memory I’ve had back, I remembered the moment that I lost my footing, I’ve no recollection of falling or hitting the ground, but the next thing I see is a crow, a big black crow, huge crow flying towards me. And I’m thinking, don’t land on my cause you’ll crush me, your such a big bird, and it flies down and then it’s wing tips come around and it like picks me up, it tucks it’s wing tips under me, under …yeah, under my back and then lifts me up. You know like you would hold something like that (Simon gestures to demonstrate) and it flies off with me, but it doesn’t flap it’s wings because it’s holding me like that (Simon gestures to demonstrate) and the next thing I remember are two Mantid doctors over me working, and normally when the doctors are doing something, they are quite like this (Simon gestures slowly) they’re quite…taking their instruments, but these ones were going like this (Simon gestures very quickly) They never panic, but it was really…
Joanne: Hmmm, intense.
Simon: and I said to them, “What’s happened to me!” and very matter of fact said, “You died” and I said, “I died!” They said, “Yes, but don’t worry, we will return you” and the next memory, I’m back at the bed pulling the bed covers back saying I don’t feel very well. Now then, in 2009, when I was teaching a pupil, a stupid woman went into the back of us and I hurt my hands and a bit of whiplash, so off to hospital, and x-ray, and the doctor says, “Oh, you’re alright, it’s just soft tissue damage” but I’d like to talk to you about the damage to your spine. How did that happen?” so, I said, “What damage to my spine?” and she’s quite nonplussed and says, “You don’t know about that?” and I said, “No, what damage?” and she says, “You didn’t go to a hospital then?” I said, “No, what damage!” She said, “Well, we usually see severe damage to the spine with heavy contact sports. Have you played Rugby?” “No” I said, “I’ve never played Rugby” By this time, I’m more worried about…I said, “No, I haven’t” I said, “Well, what sort of damage?” and she said, “Well, It’s alright, it’s old damage. It’s healed now” I said, “Yes, but what is it?” She said, “Your spine was broken” it just snapped in half, but it’s healed. She said, “There is nothing we can do for you” and she said, “Are you sure that you don’t remember this?” and I said, “No!” She said, “Well, not to worry then”
Joanne: And do you get any back problems or is…?
Simon: No, not at all. What I should do under freedom of information is write to James Cook Hospital and ask for that x-ray.
Joanne: You should, that would be very interesting as evidence.
Simon: Yeah, it would be, and I now think that that was caused because of that.
Joanne: Yes, that time.
Simon: But my friend, Malcolm, who said to me, you know, “You weren’t moving and you weren’t shouting my name, and you weren’t speaking” and he said, “How did you get to the bed, how did you get up and…it’s about 40 or 50 feet (inaudible) And so, you said how it’s changed me…It doesn’t make me grateful of them because they only do what they want to do and it suited them. You know, I’m not a fool. They call the shots from that perspective, but whatever it is about me that interests them, it’s enough for them to do that.
Joanne: Yes, yeah.
Simon: It’s enough for them to do that. So, there’s a definite relationship between us. You could say they are very, very clever because I’ve never been pushed away once, never been pushed away, never been hurt, never raised a voice, never been angry, always asked me…in fact, they’ve been nicer to me than people; isn’t that a horrible thing to say, but that’s the reality of it.
Joanne: Yes. You did mention that.
Simon: More genuine in that sense of the word. If they’ve lied to me, I haven’t caught them out yet. But then they don’t show me things that they know I won’t like, so it’s very selective. They’ll only show me stuff that they know I’m going to be okay with, so I do realize that. It seems to me that I’ve been around them for thousands of years, I know I haven’t, it’s fifty-one years, but it seems that its thousands of years. So, therefore, my relationship with them…I know them better than most people on the Earth. So, that’s really I think what I would just sum up to answer the question that, what have I got out of it? I’ve got out of it a wider understanding and a wider knowledge. Go on then (Simon is talking to one of his cats who wants to drink from his cup) A wider understanding and a wider knowledge, but I haven’t got anything material out of it.
Joanne: And the book that you’re writing, just like to wrap up because I would like to bring in a friend that we’ve got visiting who’s Win Keech, and I hope that he’ll stay for some chat and discussion, which will be great.
Simon: Oh, I hope so, yes.
Joanne: But, is…are you doing that on the…from their suggestion or is this some impulse within you since, you know, you’ve come to a sort of certain path in your life or…?
Simon: I have no knowledge of them saying I need to do it, but I really feel driven to do it. You know, I just feel I have to do it.
Joanne: I look forward to reading it.
Simon: Yes, well hopefully it will be out early next year, so fingers crossed.
Joanne: Fantastic! Let’s hope you’ll be able to speak about it at an AMMACH conference too, yeah.
Simon: Oh yes, that would be fun, wouldn’t it.
Joanne: Well, let’s invite Win to come and join us.
Simon: Yes, let’s do that.
(Video fades out)
Joanne: So, we have a guest with us who’s joined us, Win Keech, and we’re going to have a chat with him about some of his experiences and information. Not necessarily as a contactee, but certainly someone who has been in the field of research for many years. Hello Win and welcome.
Win: Yes, in the field is definitely a good pun. I spend most of my time up to my knees in rainy, wet cornfields, filming things in the pitch darkness. That’s probably about the best thing I’m known for, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that 20 years previously, I’d also been a very active UFO researcher and photographer and investigator with quite a degree of success, which has helped me make a better understanding of crop circle phenomenon, which obviously is something that is peripheral to it, initially, but actually turns out to be driven by the same kind of relationships with non-corporeal entities that you tend to find in the UFO environment.
Joanne: And do you feel that it’s all entity creation, the crop…I mean, I don’t know…
Win: The crop circle phenomenon is very complex. It ranges from human activity, making artwork and designs for whatever reason, right up to the ones I’ve been tracking particularly, which is some discarnate consciousness which was interacting with local energy to produce complex formations that communicated directly to people.
Joanne: Again, the communication that the….or…well, what was the communication about would…can you say what it represented?
Win: It’s all connected through activation of DNA within people.
Joanne: Yes, I’ve been hearing about this a lot.
Win: It’s very much…It’s actually a multifactor authentication process that I identified. It’s one of these things where you start to engage in the process, it provides you with the credential which you are then challenged to understand, it then produces something else, and all the time your connecting to the energy signature of the formation that you’ve been into. And from that point on, which your DNA is linked to it, and as you go through this process, your led from one understanding to another, to another, until the communication is converged to a certain point and I think for many people, including myself, that’s effectively reached the conclusion last July.
Joanne: Right.
Miles: What was your work with the Rendlesham Forest UFO branch of the DNA, specifically with the 1980… participants of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest, Brentwaters incident?
Win: That’s very interesting in itself. Because of the work I’ve carried out for the previous fifteen years studying the crop circles phenomenon and the connection to DNA activation. When I was presented with the opportunity to assist Linda Moulton Howe to film the thirty-year reunion, activity actually in the fields, in the dark, so there was potential for things to happen there. I was asked as a night filming expert to go down and cover the fields, which I did, but in doing so, I obviously met John Burrows, Jim Penniston and found them to be very interesting, very descent people, and talking to them, they were quite surprised how much I knew about the DNA communication site that they were personally aware of, but obviously hadn’t made very public.
Joanne: Right.
Win: And because of that, I was able to show that I’d encountered exactly the same thing in the crop fields with the crop formations, and as a result the same process was going on here in a different form. So, although on the surface it would look as if they are two completely disconnected things, actually, the process that is going on is identical, but for different reasons.
Joanne: Do you think that’s happening planetary wide? or…
Win: Yes, and I think there are many external influences now that are using this window of opportunity to access human DNA as it is now before there are any significant changes internally to it. So, that they…they all have their own agendas for rejuvenating their own gene pool, because we share common genetic material from our long history on this planet, and also for hybridization, so that they may be able to enter this reality in a corporeal form. So, there isn’t just one or two or three separate off world interdimensional entities doing this, there are dozens, and they all have slightly different agendas.
Joanne: And also on another sort of maybe slant or level, do you think there is also the element that our…the DNA as it becomes more activated or light encoded or whatever that process is, that there is then what is becoming known as the ascension process going on, now whether ascension means we just are able to access higher frequency…realization of whom we are?
Win: It’s part of that. I don’t buy into the full ascension concept.
Joanne: I know, it’s a difficult word. I was looking for another word.
Win: In that I don’t see that you are going to wake up one morning and suddenly the whole world has changed to a different frequency vibration. What’s actually happening is, that there’s…we’ve gone through cross roads in these last couple years and people that are moving down an evolutionary path where they become able to access higher and higher frequency components are doing so, and that is definitely happening and this is why entities which are at lower frequency perspectives are trying to access us now because we’re actually starting to recede from their reach.
Joanne: Right, right.
Win: But I say that humanity is probably going to split into two fundamental groups of the people who won’t actually move from the position they are in now, and they will probably start to eventually breed out generation by generation on this planet.
Joanne: Yes, yeah.
Win: And the other components of the population, the component that’s now positively evolving, are the ones that are going to have access to a wider reality range than we have now.
Joanne: Hmmm, but maybe that feeds in also nicely, Simon, with a lot of what you’ve been saying and your experiences. Would you say that’s correct?
Simon: I think Win knows what he’s talking about. I think he’s hit it right on the head.
Joanne: Yes, absolutely.
Simon: In terms of my experiences, they’ve made it very clear that…they say to me, “You exist on two worlds” so they want my genetic material particularly for the hybridization. And I do agree that we’re not going to wake up one morning, Hallelujah!
Joanne: No, no.
Simon: It’s a period of time, but it’s already started.
Joanne Yes, yeah.
Win: Yes, that’s also the way I see it. I see it that, for instance, the species that Simon’s had dealings with are one of the type that are looking to our near future where they’ll see that the percentage of our population is going to effectively, devolve out of existence, and so there is going to be some capacity within this reality range for people who can exist in both states to provide genetic material that can be used in hybridization, so that they can take up some of the capacity that is made available.
Joanne: Right, yeah, well that really is interesting.
Simon: Yes, and I think it goes to the question you asked, you know, “Why is there that capacity?” Where will all the humans go? I mean, that’s where it becomes a very difficult…a very difficult debate.
Joanne: Yeah, yes, well there’s lots of different thoughts on that aren’t there? Parallel dimensions, universes, planets, bodies, and what have you, but uh…
Miles: Specifically in what way are you talking about? Are you talking about a toxic take over of souls, soul casting?
Simon: I’m saying that, you know, if the extraterrestrials wanted to take over, they would have done so. They haven’t done so, so they’re waiting, what I would call, in a natural way for when the time is right; when there becomes a vacancy, let’s put it like that. That there becomes a vacancy on this Earth where they can move in without having to come by it in force.
Miles: In other words, you’re talking about termination of the existing human species for the new world order activity?
Simon: Yes. Well, yeah, what I’m saying is that they won’t come here until there is plenty of land for them. Now what makes…
Joanne: So, until we’ve done the job ourselves.
Simon: Well, yes. What makes that available for them, well, you know, they’re not going to do it themselves.
Miles: You’re hedging on this!
Simon: Of course I am, of course I am, because…
Miles: Tell us…tell us directly what you mean.
Simon: Well, I can only tell you what I’ve been learnt from them, and I don’t have all the answers, I’ve never pretended to. All they’ve said to me, and I’ll repeat what I said earlier, is that there is going to be a very difficult time on the Earth. But you, and that’s me, you will always be provided with food and you will always be provided with water. And then when I said, “What will I do for company?” they said, “Well, you already know you are compatible with any female here” So, what they’re saying to me is, there is going to be a time of either natural problems or governmental enforced problems and that there will be a time when there are fewer people on this Earth, and that’s when were going to come in. So, it won’t be that there’ll be a necessarily a landing and a great big battle, I think, you know, you said it yourself, we’ll do it for them. Our governments will do it for them, if we let them, if we let them.
Miles: What would you say of Chris Thomas’s work about the Annunaki and the Velon threat, who have seen it, before (inaudible) agenda. Have you heard of his work?
Simon: Yes. I mean…they don’t use the word, Annunaki. I mean…well, I won’t talk about names that we use, they have their own names for them. But what they’ve said is that the time is coming and it’ll be a time for them. They’ve also said that the door is closing and that relates to what Win is saying. They’ve said to me, the door is closing. That their opportunity to do what they wanted to do is diminishing, but they, until very recently, they haven’t had the technology to make a stable hybrid. What they’ve said is hybrids have only lived for a few years and then they go, we would call it, insane. They can’t…they just don’t survive and so that’s pointless because you put a soul into something that’s only going to last a few years. So, they’ve been working like crazy to create that. They’ve said to me they have contact with governments. They have intermediaries. I’ve seen, you know, you look on the net and they have what they call super soldiers. Super soldiers are only humans copied on an extraterrestrial form. Hitler did it. I mean, you know, we got to wake up to this. Hitler called them the SS, the SchutzStaffel, the security staff. The ones that the extraterrestrials have are called, Super Special Human Soldiers, SSHS, and in reptilian it’s sshuss, sshuss. That’s how a reptilian will say it, sshuss. Super Special Human Soldiers. I’ve seen them and they are humans and they don’t sort of go in a tank and see how long they can stay in a vat of cold water, you know, not that sort of…that’s what the American government is trying to create. It’s trying to do a very poor copy of what the extraterrestrials have had and have had a long time. The extraterrestrials have always used humans to fight their wars for them, but now they are more advanced, the super soldiers, I mean extraterrestrial will have a very strong power suit, there are rifles; when they put the helmet on there’s something that goes into the mouth and it…I don’t know if it’s a DNA contact or what it does. I’ve never worn one, I’m not a soldier, thank god. I’ve reviewed them and when I’ve been in an extraterrestrial body, I have reviewed these soldiers. I wave my rod anticlockwise and go along and they salute, they salute while holding their weapons like that (Simon gestures to demonstrate) But they’re humans, and there are groups of humans who will be used at key points, and my understanding is that it will be when a government goes down a certain route and they will have just a small group, you don’t have to have thousands and thousands. They are numbered in the hundreds, but they will use them at key points because they will expect human soldiers to the jobs for them.
Win: That’s something I’ve actually found with, for instance, with the shadow entities in the crop circles. They have little to no physical impact upon our reality. They appear in our reality frame. You can see them, well you can really see them with the naked eye, but you can see them with certain infrared cameras and you can see their activity. But they haven’t the ability to physically bend one stem of corn, but they seem to specialize in persuading people to do their work for them. And all the…for instance…
Joanne: So, setting up a psychological imprinting of some kind.
Win: Well, yes. They seem to have control over certain networks of people and certainly the harassments I suffered was all from people that they’d sent. And yet I’m there alone in the field looking at these things looking at me and they can just come over on the van door and knock and pass on the message, but they can’t even do that, they have to send somebody to do it. Which to me, tells me they have really no physical direct influence in this reality at this moment in time.
Simon: And that’s when I put my hand through one. Exactly, I actually put my hand right through one. There’s no substance to them. So, they…if they want their jobs doing, they’ve got to have to use humans to do it.
Joanne: You have encountered a positive one, sort of teaching you at some point haven’t you?
Simon: Oh, I don’t say positive! I think that my relationship with it was positive. In other words, I didn’t see it as…it came to me as a teacher to teach me something. I just accepted it as a teacher, I didn’t have negative or positive feelings.
Joanne: No, you were okay.
Simon: Yeah, yeah. I actually…I have had a recent experience of a shadow. It didn’t do anything to threaten me, but it attempted to overrule me by being something like twenty feet high. So, it appeared while I was in the allotment, and I saw a shadow of a tree, and I’m, “Oh what’s that?” and then up twenty feet high, and I said, “I don’t want to see you, go!” and every time I said, “I don’t want to see you” it shrank and shrank and shrank until it was about four or five feet high and then it offered me a female. So, there was a naked woman on the floor, and I said, “That’s not a real woman. That’s not real. You can’t bribe me with something that’s not real. So, that vanished, but it didn’t say anything while I just went up to it and I actually put my hands on the sides of its head, and I said…I don’t know why I said this, I said, “I will burn you out from the inside and make you a hollow creature unless you go” and on the word, go, it vanished, but there was just a black…imagine a silk handkerchief, a black silk handkerchief, and if you just let that go and it just gently wafted down that’s all that was left and it just vanished before it hit the ground. But at no point was it violent or nasty or threatening, it just was it’s shear size. And what that was about, I don’t know, but I wasn’t going to have any of it.
Joanne: No, absolutely.
Miles: So, how did the two of you get together, then?
Win: Well, yes, I was giving a talk for a friend at a conference locally, and Simon came to the talk. I was giving some…showing some film footage of the shadow entities entering the fields in Wiltshire, and Simon immediately recognized these because he had encountered these face to face in person. And so Simon came to talk to me at the end of the lecture and said, “Look these things, I’ve seen these. I’d like to know, are they real? Is what I’ve experienced relevant? Anything you can sort of help me with to help understand what I’ve experienced will be useful” So, I arranged to meet Simon. I came over to just offer my perspective on my personal observations of these things and my understanding of them. And what Simon was then able to show me was that he had very extensive and very life changing contact with these and other entities. But at that time he was starting to have recollection of the experiences, but he didn’t understand almost, the sort of, the narrative of it, as to how all the pieces fitted together. There was no sort of coherence to it. There was just, you know, a recollection of this, a recollection of that. He didn’t understand what the details meant and was looking for some kind of pattern or understanding to the details he was recalling. And I was able to quickly recognize what was going on there, but obviously offering some….just enough for him to understand on his own terms what was going on. I didn’t want to lead Simon into thinking things were one way or the other, I just provided the information that Simon requested as he went through this stage so that he could make a better understanding. I concluded from that that what had actually happened was, Simon had been approached and identified at a very young age and was put through a series of tests. (Win turns to Simon and says…) And this was your initial contact point with these shadow type entities and others. And they were testing him for, first of all, telepathic ability and then secondly for pre-cognizance. And once they’d established that he had the capability for both these things, they went on to further tests, and Simon then escalated through further tests and revision and then some teaching from them and then out he came at the top of the class and was then thrown into the big league of meeting further entities, some of which I’ve had experience of and some I really haven’t had direct experience of. So, it really was quite a fascinating personal story that unfolded because of this.
Miles: What specifics are you talking about in terms of entities, other beings? Do you want to talk about that?
Win: Okay, how…
Simon: Crystal being. That was one, wasn’t it?
Win: Crystal being is one.
Simon: That was an incredible one.
Joanne: Yes, I don’t think you mentioned that one, Simon.
Simon: No, it’s um…into the kitchen, five, what I call robot greys, came in and then just literally, through the window, on the wall was a beautiful, beautiful like a…think of a chandelier, but this had a face and there were shards of crystal rotating around it, and one of the greys gets me by the hand and pulls me, because I’m not sure I like greys, so I don’t really like them, to bring me right underneath this; and it’s obviously some sort of communication and unfortunately, I’ve got no knowledge of any communication. But that was something Win helped me with, to help me to understand and Win is a great researcher, he can go away and do some research and then let me know. But Win’s right, sometimes he infuriates me because he doesn’t tell me. I’ll ask him something and, he’s doing it to help me…
Joanne: Yes, I understood that, I absolutely…
Simon: But I…just bloody tell me Win! But he won’t. I mean…Win, do you remember the very first time we met and you said to me, “You’ve been around these creatures so long, you’ve taken on their personality”
Win: Yes.
Simon: And what amazed me was that within two minutes, no not even that, within twenty seconds, this man could identify that that was the case. Because when he looked at the drawings, he was saying, “Oh, I know what that is, oh, I know what that is” and could then back it up, whereas when you speak to…I’ve spoken to most people, they say, “Well, I haven’t got a clue about that” you know, and that’s why Win is so special to me because my experience is pretty detailed.
Joanne: Yes, definitely.
Simon: And a lot of researchers I’ve spoken to get lost
Joanne: Yes.
Simon: Because they think, Ugh, I can’t keep up with it. They’re not being rude, they just say, “I just can’t manage it” This man copes with it (Simon points to Win) So, he’s been a real godsend because he’s been supporting me, but he’s not leading me and that’s what he’s saying, he’s not leading me.
Win: I’ve been very careful not to lead you or cross contaminate you with things that I know because yours, I think, is a very important story and is something that shouldn’t be sullied or in any way tainted by any external influences, including myself; so, I’ve been very careful not to do that.
Simon: Yes, yes, it makes me angry sometimes though.
Win: Well, I know it’s frustrating, but that’s the way it goes.
Joanne: What did you…what came of the crystal, the entity or the being that held the energy?
Simon: It was that Win had done some research and found that this crystal was known and had been working with American military as a sort of an intermediary.
Joanne: Oh, okay. No, I haven’t heard about this one.
Simon: No, it’s quite new, and a lot of researchers don’t like the idea because they’re comfortable with, you know, your usual run of baddies. So here was the new one that was brought on the scene and well, where’d this one come from? New kid on the block. So, a lot of researchers are very much from a human perspective won’t accept it, they have a problem with it, but this creature, when…I can’t remember any communication at all, but what I remember is, if you were to take a glass jar, a jam jar, and fill it with marbles and shake it, that’s what it sounded like when it was communicating with me.  And then, after a while, that changed and I could then understand it, but I can’t tell you what it said. But to start with, it was like marbles in a jar.
Joanne: Like familiarizing you with it, with it’s language or its communication process.
Simon: I don’t know, I think it was just chatting to me, and I’m thinking, “Oh he’s not understanding me” and maybe then having to change the frequencies or something and then…but, all I can tell you is, I know it came to ask me something. It came to ask me something and I said, yes. But I don’t know any more than that.
But reptiles…I want to bring Win in on this one. We won’t go into too much detail of subject because there’s a lot to it. Perhaps it’s best not for tonight. But my memories for the last year have all been about Mantids and greys and Nordics, but very recently reptiles. And these…these memories are not very good. I haven’t even told it tonight…I’ve told you one and I haven’t mentioned it to Win.
(Video fades out)
Simon: I’d be interested in Win’s take on this if you’ve got two minutes.
Win: No, that’s fine.
Miles: Can you (inaudible) before the sun shines, guys?
Simon: Okay, can you hear all right, because…?
Miles: For instance, if you want to say something that you don’t want to have released later, say it now and then we don’t release it later.
Simon: All it is, is it’s an agenda with the reptilians that is very near the knuckle and, you know, we have to be careful with it because I know how intermixed with politics and the military they are, and sometimes you ….AMMACH does not want the system closing it down now, and if we go too far down the road, that’s what will happen. Okay, so are you ready?
Miles: (inaudible)
Simon: No, I’ll talk about the reptiles because I’ll talk about my experience because I haven’t told Win this and It’ll be useful. Okay, I sent you a few drawings, Win, regarding the reptiles and you said, “Because your mind is just beginning to cope with it now, your coming back with them” But I did want to run this one past you. The reptile that threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, I went to see that one and when I saw it, I referred to it as Daddy.
Win:  Ah, that’s interesting.
Simon: Okay, and he took me and put me in a chair, well you know, he asked me, “Would you like to go in the chair?” and he said, “What would you like?” and I said, “What can I have?” and he said, “How about a nice young female” So, I was able to think of a female that I wanted.
Joanne: And this is when you were about six and a half.
Simon: Six and a half years old, and I said, “I like that lady on the Fry’s Turkish Delight advert, I’ll have her” So, he said, “Think of her” I think of her, there she is. He said, “Do you know what to do with her?” “No” he said, “If you like, I’ll enter your mind and show you what a human female is for” So, we have sex with her. She’s just a holographic thing, but he shows me, and he’s very graphic and he shows me all what to do, and then he says, “We have shared a female together, now would you like to eat her?” You see; this is horrendous. Okay, unless you’ve under….this is horrendous. This is holographic, and I say, “No, because if she’s going to be pregnant, I want the baby to be like me” and he said, “No, it’s only in our minds. She’s not manifest” that’s the word he used. He said “But you have to do this otherwise we won’t be father and son” and I say, “Well, I thought we were father and son” He said, “No, but in our law, a father must share the feast of a vanquished foe for us to be father and son” so, I do have a go at it and this…it’s holographic, it’s not real, but she screams like hell. And he says, “Enough feasting” and then he says to me, “Would you like to command armies?” he said, with your tactical mind, with your ability to lead, you could go from star system to star system bringing order where there is disorder, rule of law where there is chaos, he has it all laid out and I all the time say, “No, no, no, no, no. But the worrying thing for me is that, although we agree to disagree, he said, “The offer is still open and will always be open to you”
Win: Yeah, this seems to me an analog of the hunting tradition of blooding. It’s trying to form an agreement or a bonding in blood. So, I think that entity was trying to trick you into forming an agreement with it so that it can pursue it’s own purposes under that agreement, even if you didn’t know the extent of it at that time. So, I think you did exactly the right thing to reject it. Certainly reptilians do display sort of cunning and deceit at every twist and turn and you can see from your experiences peripheral with them and your earlier experiences how they will use projections in your mind to try and change your mood or change your approach or attitude towards something. So, that if they want to try and control you, they want to project an image of something that will calm you down or convey authority to try to shepherd you in one direction. So, yes, they certainly seem to be deceptive creatures.
Simon: This one had wings, not great huge wings, small little wings. But a most horrible face. When I draw the mantid face…
Win: He probably thinks that of you.
Simon: Right. When I draw the mantid face, it’s fairly accurate, but with this one, it’s more… horror is in the true sense of the word. Horror in the true sense of the word. But at least it’s showing me what it look like. That’s the one good thing; that’s its reality.
Joanne: I wonder if these also relate to…and you probably know, Win, the Schneider, Phil Schneider experience as well…
Win: Ah yes, fortunately, yes.
Joanne: because, I don’t know if you know that story and I…
Simon: I don’t know.
Joanne: I don’t know all the details now because it’s that long time since I looked at the story, but basically, he’s a geologist, is that correct Win? And he goes…
Win: Allegedly yes, he allegedly had a firefight with them.
Joanne: Yeah, they’ve got something that they need to research so he goes…he’s sent down this hole that they created and because there’s something amiss or awry or something, I can’t remember the exact details, as I said, but anyway, he comes across a huge reptilian, and as Win said, a firefighter and he was horribly injured, I mean he was very, very badly injured. Whether it was through a firefight with aliens and ET, you know, the reptilian, I don’t know, but he lost some fingers, he had his internal organs burnt out and I think it was only two years, wasn’t it? that he was speaking before he was…
Win: He died quite suddenly.
Joanne: … suicided. Suicided with his own catheter was it? It was disabled through his injuries and stuff.
Simon: You see, the thing is that what…when I went to see this one, it was under the Earth and it was very hot, very hot and I couldn’t stand it. And they actually have tanks for humans to go in and they do something to cool you down. He said to me, “The effects of this will last many hours, so you will be able to survive here without being in discomfort” But what the Mantids have told me about the reptilians, because it could be a double bluff, but I do believe the Mantids are playing a double game. Very dangerous against the reptilians. But what they’ve said is, “A reptilian will know what your thinking before you think it. But the Mantids are still very, very perceptive. They’re very clever. But what they’re warning me, when I’m with them I have to block, because if I don’t, they’ll access. And when I told you when I was on the mother ship, the mantid mother ship, and they were basically saying to me, “We don’t share all the information with all of them” and I’m saying, “Well, you don’t share it with the reptilians” and they say, “Oh, you’re family, you know” So, although they’re one group working towards a supposedly overall goal, they are working against each other.
Joanne: But surely with this kind of disclosure as well or sharing, let’s say, that the reptilians will easily plug into this awareness now, do you think? or…
Simon: Well, no, because what they’ll do is, they can put…there’ll be blocks in my mind, so when I’m with a reptilian they won’t go to access that. Because to do so would probably kill me.
Joanne: But generally, I mean that the reptilians will then pick up that the Mantids are doing this double bluff game.
Win: I think they already know.
Joanne: Well, that’s what I was thinking, how can they not!
Win: The reptilians have been here a long time. The reason that mostly they’re under the ground is that they were wiped off the surface of the planet a long time ago and only the branch that survived is the one that survived beneath the planet. But, no, they definitely have their own agenda and it’s not a good one for humanity because they look on humanity in a rather negative fashion. They see Homo Saipan, Sapian on this planet as a latecomer that has taken over their heritage and that their technology tends to be biologically based and they see humanity as a biological source more than anything else, rather than an equal playmate in the playfield.
Joanne: No, I understand that.
Win: Whereas the…my understanding of the Mantids is different in that they’re not especially emotional creatures, but quite logical, as you would expect somewhat insect like in terms of having a defined hierarchy. But they are also an ancient race and they seem to have evolved a highly sophisticated culture. And they have their own agenda and they don’t seem to make any bones about it. They want to have at least a portion of themselves have access to the same space that we’re in now. And they see the ability to hybridize through people as being something crucial to their future development.
Joanne: And what about folks like the tall whites that we hear about from Charles Hall?
Win: That’s very interesting. Ah, yes, I saw Charles Hall in Blackpool when he gave a talk this year. Rich army gentleman, very interesting. The tall whites do seem to be a distant relative of ours really; that’s the best way I can describe it, but one that is actually significantly further down the evolutionary path than ourselves. They’re almost on the balance between physical and the ethereal.
Joanne: Yes. That’s the feeling I get, and also I haven’t heard of them anywhere else except through the Charles Hall experience. I mean their specifics. I mean, you hear of Nordics, I know you’ve mentioned Nordics (Joanne points to Simon in reference) not that we’ve spoken about it much tonight, but you know, the tall whites, I thought, you know, that’s very intriguing because they’re very private and independent.
Win: They’re very private, but they’re also…
Joanne: Using our resources.
Win: Physically real within our reality.
Joanne: Yes, absolutely!
Win: and they’re actually very…
Jaonne: And aggressive, to a degree.
Win: Well, well, they are…
Joanne: Protective, perhaps is the better word.
Win: Well, I think they are assertive, I would say. I wouldn’t say they’re aggressive. I mean if you look at the dealings they had with Charles Hall. They considered him to be a pest, they considered him a threat to them because of his physical size and strength compared to them. So, they established quite rigid bounds. They consider themselves to be intellectual superiors and from an evolutionary line that was ahead of ours, but nonetheless, they respected Charles for who he was and his abilities and were continually surprised by him. And as a result of that, Charles effectively became a fantastic ambassador for humanity because they then saw through him the potential in humanity that other species just haven’t.
Joanne: Yes, hmmm, yeah.
Joanne: Now that was a real intriguing one. You were saying about the Nordics, Simon, but we didn’t mention it in our previous discussions with Chas. How have they interfaced with you and perhaps Win as well, if you have something to say about those.
Simon: I haven’t seen very many of them. I mean, everyone seems to, when they talk to me, want to know which ET is on top, who gives the orders, and it seems to be…people seem to be really wound up about that. All I can tell you is that the few Nordics I’ve seen, have worked with, but I’ve never had an instruction or…Nordics, I’ve seen them in the background, but they’ve never actually come up and…the ones I’ve seen have been in the school in space, where one was a teacher and he is obviously very human looking, so I reckon that’s why he was in that roll because the children there from age five to about eleven or twelve could relate to him. And I would say, yes, I would say he was fairly spiritual, I would say, compared to the others on the ship, I’d say he had more spirituality about him. But this was a spaceship there weren’t any reptilians on, so it was just Mantids and greys and Nordics. I’ve never seen a Nordic in the same area as a reptilian.
Win: I don’t think you will.
Simon: Never, never, never, but I’ve seen Mantids and Nordics quite close together.
Win: And also, the Mantids are sort of…they’re sort of a Switzerland of species in that they’re relatively neutral, but have their own objectives, and so they don’t really annoy anybody officially for anybody to become aggressive towards them, and yet, they have behind their seemingly small exterior, you know, formidable fortifications that they can bring into action. So, yes, they are quite interesting. It’s also, I think, an interesting observation that even if you see a Nordic, it can be very complex as to exactly what kind of Nordic that is and what the situation is there and why they’re there. In the same way that if you saw a full human, in which you have experienced humans on these ships.
Simon: Yes, I have.
Win: And knowing where there from and what there objective is, is equally as complex. I mean, I understand a lot of things from my research over the last twenty-five years, but I still don’t understand humans on this planet. So, there are good and bad in humanity. Wherever you go there are some of the greatest spirits in the Universe are human, in terms of, you know, their emotional and loving components.
Joanne: Capacity.
Win: And yet, some of the most evil and despicable people in the whole galaxy are human.
Simon: If I can pick up on what Win said on the experience where I saw the five human scientists. The lead scientist wasn’t telepathic. He was British, he had a very upper-class accent, but the female was American, she was telepathic, and so she was communicating with the extraterrestrials and then verbalizing what had been discussed back to her boss, as the boss of the scientists. And it was very interesting that these two were more comfortable around the extraterrestrials than the other three who were obviously top scientists, and I’ll say, they just wanted to get the hell out of there, but they were not part of it, but you could see…I could see that this senior guy, he was in his fifties, and the young woman, say in her thirties, they clearly had, you know, it’s like Laurel and Hardy; she’ll do the conversation and report back to him. And he’s got to trust that woman that what she’s telling him is truth. Very interesting, but when I felt those scientist’s minds, I felt that they were being tricked, that they were easily led, and that the people above them just give them the orders, they do what they’re told and some of these scientists were scared of their lives, they were frightened for their lives and they were thinking of their families and that. So, I do think that a lot who are wrapped up in this are up against their will. I really do, and so, I don’t think everyone’s bad.
Joanne: No, no no.
Simon: That’s what Win’s saying. I think there are a lot of people who are trapped, and they would get out if they could.
Joanne: Yes. No, absolutely, yeah. I mean it’s like, really, that sort of leads to your mum, in a way, because she was…
Simon: Right. She was trapped.
Joanne: Trapped, exactly. And maybe…
Simon: She really was.
Joanne: …we haven’t spoken about your mum…
Simon: No. We should do it really, we’ve got five minutes.
Joanne: … in this discussion, maybe, yeah. Are we alright for that?
Miles: You’ve got ten minutes, that’s enough.
Simon: Okay, I’ll do it in five minutes, okay.
Miles: (inaudible) at 50:15 point
Simon: I always refer to her as, my human mum because I got very confused. I’ve got a Mantid telling me that it’s my mother and I’ve got society telling me that the woman I live with is my mother, so sometimes I get confused and I move in and out But mum was very gifted. She was a tremendously brilliant speller. Her spelling was phenomenal. Her dad, who was…
Joanne: Did that come down to you as well?
Simon: No, no. Well, it might have done, but by the time the shadow being had done what it did to me, my education ability went right down. But mother came from a blueblood background because my grandfather was a British Consul, high-ranking diplomat, OBE, CBE. He uncovered corruption in one of the conservative Prime Ministers and they offered him a knighthood, but he refused. He was a Mason, but bought himself out of the Masonic circle. He was…I always get confused with the kings. Which was the king that was going to marry a Mrs. Simpson?
Win: That was Edward the VIII.
Simon: Right, but what my grandfather told me was that the Prime Minister said, “We’ve got a problem here, we can’t have this man, but we’ll form a jury of twelve men, who will decide whether the king stays or goes” and my grandfather was one of them, and my grandfather was in India, and he said it was a telex in those days or a telegraph coming. And the question was, should the king go or stay, and my grandfather told me, he said, “The kings got to go” and the votes were ten for him to go, two for him to stay, and my grandfather was one of those men that decided whether this guy was to be king of England. That’s how powerful he was. And then when he left his role, they bought him, (Simon points to Win and says) You’ll be interested in this, they bought him lots of stocks and shares in Rolls Royce engines. Lot’s of stuff to buy him off. And then they said to him, “Would you like to be in the United Nations? Would you like to be an ambassador? He went and he was in the United Nations. He’s actually the youngest Sargent Major the British army’s ever had. I think he was seventeen in the first war. So, my mother had come from a background that was steeped in that anyway. And one day, a guy that she knew from work turned up with somebody else and, you know, went into the sitting room and this guy, who was the archetypal white shirt, black tie, dressed in black, sunglasses, says to my mum, “Get rid of the kid” or “Get rid of the boy” I can’t remember which now, but just get rid of him. So, I go out, but I shut the door – (Simon nudges the cats with his foot) Don’t fight, you two – I’m looking through the key hole and this guy just puts papers down on the table. There’s a big toing and froing; I want you to sign these papers and mum says, “No, I won’t” big argument, in the end she does, and the bloke says to her, “Right, you’ve now signed the official secrets act, you are cleared to a very high level. If you tell anybody about this or the work you do, you will be found on the railway line and then who’s going to look after your son” so, with that he walks out and, you know, mum is sort of talking to this guy she knows. And basically, he then starts turning up with documents, he’s a translator, and they’re all in German and they have either, secret, top secret, very top secret stamped on the top in red ink, or in purple ink, extremely top secret. And we have a…
Joanne: Who was she working for?
Simon: Oh, MI5. I presume MI5 at the time, at the time MI5, but it wasn’t. They managed the situation, but what this guy…I’ll give you his name cause he said is what was his real name, It’s Paul Dunlop. He said it’s the NSA. You’re working for the NSA, but via MI5. And a group of German scientists who weren’t spirited away to America, who elected to stay in what was then West Germany, and elected to stay with their government, but it was all managed by MI5. So, the German government was allowed to stamp the eagle on it and put Berlin on it, but that’s to save face, but that wasn’t for them, it came away and it was shared in Britain and America. And this group of scientists were specialists in a particular field where…most of the scientists were in America, but there were some fields they were lacking, but here was this group and so they would have staff. And these documents, what would happen is mum would work at home and she officially sort of gave up her job that she already had with a company, but she still got paid for that job. So, she used to go in every Friday at half past three or half past four and pick up wages that she never went into the office for, and this other guy gave her wages as well.
Joanne: So to keep the front going.
Simon: So she had two jobs. Well, no, it’s a bribery! So, we’ll give you two wages. She was a single parent, and, you know, I’ll give you two wages and when your work with us is finished, you can go back to your other job. Well, you know, back in the seventies, if you’re a single parent…she jumped at it, that’s why she did it, I think. She would go and have a cup of tea or make her lunch, and on her work desk would be this document in German, and then she would have a had a, what I call a Dictaphone, an old tape and then Paul Dunlop would have translated it from German to English, and she’d be typing up documents and I would just read it, and I would sit there and read the documents, and I’d hear her footsteps coming back and I would run back into (inaudible)
Joanne: Yes, I take it you read it in secret so she didn’t know.
Simon: Oh, god yeah, yeah, yeah. Well maybe, I don’t know.
Joanne: While she was having a ciggy break or something.
Simon: Well, maybe she did know, I don’t know, but she left them out. And then the thing was, I was never asked to fulfill this official secret acts thing, but this guy, Paul Dunlop would start having conversations with my mother, and I’m in the room, you know, and…
Joanne: And you’d be what age, more or less?
Simon: I’d be about…
Joanne: Ten or eleven?
Simon: About eleven, yeah, about eleven, so…
Joanne: And so, what subject matters were…
Simon: Well, you see, the first one would be when she started saying, “Well this is the first day, is this true?” and he’s saying, “Well, I knew you’d be like this” you know, because he’s obviously…he’d  done it before, you knew you’d be like this. And she saying, “Yes, it is all true” When she’s asking questions about extraterrestrials, he’s being very, very…won’t go down that road. But when he’s bringing the papers work and he’s discussing it with her, then he’s talking about, well, this is a downed craft, this is what’s come out of it, this is how far they’ve got with it. For instance, the bit that makes me laugh is they were trying to get a nuclear reactor really small, and in German, it was we’ve got to get this nuclear reactor the size of a VW car, and he says, “Well, they won’t know what that is in America” so he puts a pencil line through VW Beatle and writes Mini. He says, “They’ll know what a Mini is”
So, he would have these discussions in front of her, saying, “Well, this, technical bit, can you understand this?” and he was saying, “Well, when you’re going towards the speed of light, you can’t send information down cables because it will never reach the computer. So you have to send it in pulsed light down fiber optics so the computer can get it” and he’s saying to mum, “Did you understand that?” because when your typing this out, unless you understand this concept, this won’t make sense” So, and he’s chatting away like this to her and, you know, and he was an RAF pilot, he used to fly lightenings.
Joanne: Is he British?
Simon: I can’t answer that, I don’t know. He had an English accent, but he had, you’re going to laugh, blue eyes, blond hair, and about six foot three, and he used to teach Karate and he was really, really quite an amazing character and he was above the law, above the law, because he would do things which he would be arrested for, and within twenty minutes, he was always released from prison. He had his own private airplane, he had his formula two sports car, he had his own MG4, and this was a really interesting character. And whenever mum was working on, what he would call the purple group, these are the purple documents, the most secret documents you can get, extremely top secret in purple, there would be a GPO van parked 24 hours a day right outside the house. And on one occasion, they uh….this traveling salesman knocked on the door to try and sell mum some, you know, cleaning cloths and that, and they were whumph, straight there. And they said to mum, “Did you remember if the telephone lines come into this building?” she said, “No, I don’t know” and they just stood there and watched him. When they’d gone, mum turned to me and said, “I never want another man in this house” Because she never had a boyfriend, she never remarried, she said, “But it’s nice to know we’re being watched” So, she knew that and, I don’t swear, but she used to call them the purple f-u-c-k-e-r. “Oh, not another purple f-u-c-k-e-r, oh god” because she just became manic. She knew the content of these about alien spacecraft that had been brought down. He never said how they came down, what was being taken out of them…
Joanne: Were these in England as well?
Simon: Oh, all over the world. The Americans…all Americas going to get them. The Americans get them and they go to America and then America decides, all right, well, what can we do with this? What can we do with that? And what Paul said of the human race is that the human race is absolutely brilliant at taking something apart; brilliant, and they know what it should do, they just can’t quite make it do it. And he said, “If you think of 100%, he said what we’ve got here is only giving us 10% of what they’re capable of, but that 10% puts us hundreds of years…and, you know, he was just chatting away in front of me and it was just incredible that I was involved in these conversations and he would turn to me sometimes and just smile. And now, looking back on it, I’m thinking, that’s not right, that’s really odd!
Joanne: He was priming you
Simon: I don’t know what he was doing, but it just doesn’t seem right to have that, I mean, you know? Very odd, very odd, so…
Win: Didn’t this disturb your mother after a while?
Simon: Yeah, poor mum, she became an alcoholic. She couldn’t cope with it. She went and asked to get out, they released her and then within two weeks, she was dead. She met a man who convinced her to take herbal medicine to make her asthma better, so she did and then two weeks later she had a heart attack and died. But what is interesting is that her wages still came through for the next two years.
Joanne: Oh, really?
Simon: Yeah, I still got her wages for the next two years, and then when I decided to leave, and you don’t even know this, Win, when I decided that I was going to leave Brighton and come to London, I’d gotten an offer for another job, I was going to do it, the day before hand, I got an envelope through the door with two-thousand pounds in used notes and a little typed…and it’s been typed on a golf ball, do you ever remember a golf ball? and it said, “Don’t look back Dick Whittington” That’s what it said, “Don’t look back Dick Whittington”
Joanne: And how old were you when your mum went or she passed?
Simon: I was eighteen and a half when she died, something like that.
Joanne: Ah, that’s quite a young start.
Simon: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and no brothers and sisters, no, I’m on my own. So, I call that blood money, and so they’re guilty! That’s why I’ve not hadn’t has a slap around the wrist, I don’t think, cause they’re guilty for what they did.
Joanne: Well, Simon and Win, thank you very much.
Win: My pleasure.
Joanne: I think we’ve got to wrap that up and that’s another really interesting AMMACH discussion. I think we’re going to have a few more of these. Thanks guys, thank you.
Simon: Thank you, thank you so much.
Joanne: Thanks, Miles.
Simon: Well done, Miles. I’m sorry about the cat, but you got some lovely cat pictures there!