15 December 2013 – Project Avalon

Project Avalon with Simon Parkes

interviewed by Karelia & Bill Ryan
December 15th, 2013
Simon Parkes at the Project Avalon Forum
Welcome to the Project Avalon Forum interview with contactee and experiencer Simon Parkes – who himself is a longstanding and highly respected Avalon member. The interview, which took place at Simon’s home on 15 December 2013 was facilitated by Avalon moderator Karelia.
Questions were prepared and supplied by Avalon Forum members, and were re-ordered for clarity in the final editing. Avalon founder Bill Ryan, on Skype, asked a few of his own questions at the end.

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The Project Avalon Interview

(Legend:  I – interviewer, Q – questions, S – Simon, B – Bill Ryan)
Simon Parkes: First of all, let me say hi to Bill, and hi to Yourself.
I’m very delighted to have the opportunity to respond to the questions of Avalonians. My name is Simon Parkes. I’m a politician. I’m a local elected councilor for the town where I’m living. And ever since I’ve been a very young boy, small boy, I had experiences with what I prefer to call inter-dimensional or extra-dimensional entities. I’ve also come from a family which people would refer to as an Illuminati background family. About three, three and half years ago, I decided to go public with my experiences and my family, and I’m very very delighted that I stood for an election after I’d gone public and I was elected. I’m delighted because the public were able to have access to that information. And yet they still chose to elect me. And I think that bodes very well for humanity and the future.
Q: Which groups of ETs or interdimensionals are the most significant assets to human advancement and well-being?
S: That’s very, very hard question. My answer will shock people.
It won’t be the answer they expected, and it’s the Mantids.
…or the Mantis. And that will really surprise and shock people.
I: Why?
S: Because they will expect Pleiadians or Andromedans or another humanoid group. They won’t expect the answer I’ve just given.
It’s difficult because Mantids take part in abductions and a number of people have reported that Mantids hurt them. So for me to seat here and say, “Actually, Mantids are one of human race’s best” I can’t use the word… get-out-of-jail card, but they are one of the most helpful, and will become one of the most helpful assets that humanity can get its hand on.
But most people will have great difficulty understanding them.
Q: Not the Pleiadians, or the Arcturians? Is it that many people are stuck on thinking that someone’s simply going to come and save them?
S: I think also they are humanoid. And so people can connect with the creature that has humanoid form. And, a creature that is not humanoid, people will have a problem with trust even people who are beginning to become awake. The reality is that beyond this, there is a, I use the word lightly, there is a game being played out, and there has been thousands of years. The Mantids are absolutely center to this game. And people don’t actually realize that although the Mantids are in agreement with the reptiles, and have been for many thousands years, the Mantids have their own plan at the end of it.
Q: Is our Solar System filled with intelligent life, and civilization?
S: Indigenously no, transplanted yes. For instance the Adam and Eve bases on the Moon – or is it the base on Mars – I forget now. But all the bases that are currently existing on the Moon and Mars, there is life there. But that isn’t life that was already there. That’s life that arrived there. Previous existence have long since gone, the other gaseous planets have life but not advanced life in this form.
Q: What about the “Hollow Earth”?
S: I don’t accept hollow Earth; what I do accept is caverns in the Earth where facilities can be placed, small cities can be built. But the concept of a hollow Earth in terms of a hollowed-out Earth? No… no. But certainly if we’re talking about considerable size facilities then I would accept that.
But not a hollow Earth. No.
I: So by considerable size cities, do you mean something like the size of London?
S: No, that’s too big.
I: Okay.
S: No, I would say population of a hundred thousand.
I: Okay. But the Earth isn’t hollow…
S: No. Because if you imagine, if you were to, as they often do, set explosions off on the Earth. If it was anything like the Moon, you will get hollow pinging back. That because the sound wave’s coming back from anything from geological to testing for oil, coming back generally… show in a solid, solid base. However there is one part we’ve been talking about in Antarctica which isn’t hollow in the true sense of the word “Hollow Earth.” But there are large cavernous areas there where cities have been in the past and some are active now. So you could call it “hollow” but I don’t want to get the… imagine like the Moon or anything like that, that’s hollowed out inside. I don’t want you to imagine sort of football, basically.
It’s not like that.
Q: How would you describe the mentality of the Mantids and the Reptilians?
S: Reptilian mentality is one of arrogance, power, self-assuredness, and absolute belief in the right to dominate others, and through any force its necessary, without love… absolutely addicted to ritual and ceremony.
A Mantid… is not a creature that exists to control in terms of physical force but exists to be a referee or an arbiter between different universes, different groups. So the Mantids’ role is one of… in a football match, being a referee. But it only works if both sides agree that that referee can have the power to decide who is right or who is wrong. To prevent massive wars, the Mantids have actually been given that role by number of races.
…in terms of love, no, Mantids don’t have love as humans understand it.
But Mantids have compassion. That’s the difference. Yes. So I much prefer to be in company of a Mantid than I do… If I’m in a company with Mantid, I can be much more relaxed, I don’t have to be careful what I’m going to communicate. And I don’t have to be on my guard. If I’m in the company of a Reptile, I have to be extremely careful what I communicate and I have to be on my guard all the time.
Q: If the Mantids support human advancement and the Reptilians support the human status quo – therefore having different goals – do they both work together for any common goal?
S: If you could imagine a new oil field found somewhere off the coast of America. And America has the boats to go and get the oil, but it doesn’t have drilling technology so it goes to the Germans and Germans provide the drilling rigs, but they don’t have… – actually it should be the optics –
the Germans should be providing the optics. And the British supply this, that and the other. In terms of humanity, for a very long time a number of alien races have poured their resources humanity, to interact with humanity. So to a certain extent the Mantid race, which is a 4th dimensional race and the Draco Reptilian race which is 4th dimensional race do share a number of goals and will participate together. However, they have their own individual goals themselves, which do not necessarily mutually support each other. I’m having to be careful because there is a lot to play out on that particular topic.
Q: What activities do the Mantids consider as leisure – such as sports, games, music, or art?
S: Those are not valued. Human aliens value things like that, music.
They don’t value that. They do value being at peace with themselves.
And they might be by playing a resonance of sound, which they then feel very comfortable with. They don’t pursuit sports. Their pursuit is… When I say knowledge, I don’t mean knowledge in the human sense. But knowledge of other races and how those races can interact with each other. That’s their pursuit.
Q: Do they have an education system, as we would know it on Earth?
S: Oh, No. Again… We use the term “Hive mind” and you are capable of being hooked in to a hive mind. And therefore you will have the knowledge that your grade gives you. So any living creature that has a hierarchical system, clearly has not evolved far enough, and the Mantids?
No, they haven’t evolved far enough. And they wish to evolve spiritually.
That’s very important. So if you are created, then you are either going… as a Mantid, you’re either going to be a doctor, a computer expert or a pilot, or you are going to be a decision maker. Sort of refer to The Master.
So, you are placed into stratified area and you will learn the knowledge that you are required to know to carry out the function of that task.
But you don’t have to go to an educational establishment to learn them.
Q: What is their home planet like? Features, atmosphere, trees, wildlife?
S: They don’t breathe oxygen.
Q: What is their sense of humor like?
S: Very interesting. I remember in the communication with one, and it started to… I don’t know if anybody has ever seen and can remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator film, Terminator II. By the end of the film Terminator II… Cameron by the way is very interesting director, but we’ll leave him aside. But in the end of it, the computer had learned to tell a joke. So the Terminator had begun to understand humor.
But whether it’s understood it or whether it just knew when to interact with it. So these creatures are the same. They don’t naturally have humor, but they understand humorous. And for instance, when interacting with a human, they will use hand gestures. Even though they are communicating from mind to mind. They will use hand gesture because they understand that humans use hand gestures. And therefore makes the human more at ease. So, they have learned to be appropriate around human whereas other creatures don’t give a damn. Why should they bother. Like the Reptilians.
But the Mantids do not have a sense of humor, but they will mirror or reflect back a person’s personality… in an attempt to gain some form of acceptance.
Q: How do the various races forecast their involvement with humans on this planet?
S: Well, I start with easy answer. First for the reptiles. The Reptiles want to remain the status quo. They want to… it doesn’t matter what the technology on the Earth is, no matter what your religion is as long as you are a subservient race, the Reptiles are fine with that. So, they don’t care if you can do this, do that. As long as they have ultimate control over you, they don’t care. You can be seen to be evolving or developing as long as you don’t throw them off, and so that is their goal. There are a key number of human groups who have decided that it is time to end that dominance. But they can’t do it by force on the planet. But they have used force from space. So physical force has been used… and will continue to be used. And the key outcome will be… people don’t understand this, I’m probably very pedantic, but I refer to Earth humans and humans. Because if you are an Earth human, that means you have an Earth human soul. You have a human body, but you have a human soul. That is the soul that’s been recycled on Earth for ages. And you can have a human body but have an alien human soul. So you could be Lyrian, you could be Pleiadian or you could be Syrian, which are the three purest human groups. But you are still not human in Earth human terms, but you are to the greater human. So we have three key players. Lyrian which is the purest of the human group, and then you got the group that split to: the Sirius and you got the Pleiadians. Pleiadians actually are rather humanoid, incredibly war like, and people don’t understand it. They think they are Pleiadians. They’re actually really war like. And remember when the Pleiadians came here there wasn’t a single creature that could contain their frequency except the dolphins. The dolphin was the only creature whose body is capable of maintaining the frequency of Pleiadians. That’s why Pleiadian people are absolutely connected to the water, and to dolphins. That is why lots of children will want to go to play with the dolphins. And did you know in America it is illegal for any American citizen to have a contact with a Dolphin unless it is through an organization. Because the elites know and it is illegal in America to… If you went down to the beach and you saw a Dolphin, and you touched it, you could be arrested. Because the elites know. That’s why there are groups in America, organizations, very profitable, and you send your kids, pay lots thousands dollars, you can go in and swim with the dolphins. It’s allowed to do that. But they are always infiltrated by CIA or NSA. Because they know what’s going on. That’s why there are so many oil spills. That’s why they wanna kill dolphins because of that. So, the Pleiadian group has a very big future on this planet.
So do the Lyrians. So have Syrians. And the Mantids have an important part to play. So those are the key players in the future. You notice there is one group is missed out there, which is the Reptilian group… That’s my answer.
Q: It’s been suggested that some of the Pleiadians may be in some way allied with the Reptilians. Can you comment on this?
S: With any group you will find splinter groups going off, allying, forming.
I certainly don’t… to use an Americanism, I certainly don’t buy the idea of large numbers of Pleiadians forming any sort of alliance with Reptilian groups. Simply because they’ve been at war with them for too long and they are totally opposed to the values, each of their own values are totally different. No, I don’t accept that. I do accept the fact that there maybe hybridization where there are Pleiadian type creatures who’ve been hybridized with Reptilians. And perhaps themselves they don’t know which side of the fence they are on. That is possible. That is much more likely. If people are reporting seeing these beings, I would suggest that that’s what they are seeing.
Q: Have the Draco-Reptilians limited their spiritual evolution due to a lack of respect for other life forms?
S: They think they have reached the pinnacle, that there is no further way to go. If you were to have a debate with a senior Reptilian, he’ll tell you that mammals smell, he’ll tell you that mammals have to evolve and change to survive and adapt. And he doesn’t have to change because he’s been enough form for absolutely millions and millions years. The reptiles don’t need to evolve. Therefore they reached the pinnacle. They have reached the top point. There is nothing better than them. Everyone else is inferior. So that is their mind set.
Q: Chris Thomas has said from his Akashic Record readings that the Reptilians were evicted from Earth. Can you comment on this?
S: That’s not true. They have been largely… largely contained. In other words a number of bases that they were existing on have been taken out.
There are still a number of bases where they are. There are just a few hundred left in the Earth now. Just a few hundreds. They are still there.
But they are not… they are putting their head up above the parapet, shall we say. They are not receiving any reinforcements. That’s very important.
Q: Chris Thomas also says that having been evicted from Earth, the Reptilians can no longer affect us directly
S: They can and they are. Because if they weren’t, we would have thrown off the bonds, and we would be charging headlong towards freedom.
They are still very much pulling the strings and influencing us directly.
Q: But he states that ‘Velon’ (which he says the Annunaki) still deceive us through channeled messages, all of which are false.
S: I would say ninety percent of them are. I would say ninety percent of it.
And the Velon, I would just change that as Djinn which is an inter dimensional species. So I disagree with him. To me the Velon is a name for an inter-dimensional species, which is the Djinn. If I just very quickly talk about the Djinn now, something that is very little on the Internet, very little read about. When humanity arrived here, its consciousness expanded. And the dominant life form on the planet in a non-physical form was the Djinn. When human expansion of its consciousness took place, the Djinn were forced out of the third dimension, but not quite into the fourth. They inhabited the space between the third and the fourth.
As result of that, they absolutely hated humanity. They are related to the Reptilians. The Reptilians are working with the humans and the Reptilians do not allow the Djinn to take reprisal action against humans. Because these Djinn or Velon exist between the third and the fourth dimension, they are accessible from the third. So the Reptilians trained certain members of what we call Illuminati to have the power to conjure or bring forth these creatures and then use them predominantly to attach to humans, humans that they are very interested in. And so this is part of the magic that they can pull through. In the Western world, we really think of elves, fairies, goblins, Djinns, we don’t understand it. But in the Eastern world, the Qur’an not only talks about them but how to get rid of them.
If we think about the stories we have of Aladdin and the Lamp, the word “genie” is just simply Djinn but unfortunately in the West we are forgetting our learning.
Q: So, are the Anunnaki Reptoids?
S: Yes, very much so… very much so.
Q: How is it that in Islamic and Arabic culture there’s great interest in djinns, but little or no interest in UFOs?
S: Interesting. Because… the Qur’an, unlike the Bible, is enmeshed into the law of many Muslim countries. And they understand the energetic… not just the physical and they believe that all evil is created by the Djinn, the demon race. So when they see a UFO, they will just say “That’s a Djinn.” So it’s the human perception of that is Djinn. Well, you see that sometimes now because with researchers have a heck of job to decide whether a person is reporting a shadow being or a Djinn. So that’s… You know, if your mind set is “everything is Djinn, everything is this”, then everything you see is that. The Iranian Air Force has intercepted countless UFOs. But the public who are very, very strong in their Islamic law wouldn’t begin to discuss a UFO. To them it’ll be a demon in the sky. But the Iranian military wouldn’t hoax a UFO. So it’s just the way it’s handled.
Q: Can the Reptilians really shape-shift here on Planet Earth? And are some of them masquerading as Greys to turn humans against them?
S: I know when David Icke started talking about this, he lost then an awful lot of people because that was the point that a lot of people lost it and couldn’t cope with it. And very, very difficult for someone to come to terms with. I personally have seen people change. It seems perfectly normal to me. I think when I did my television documentary, I did mention that I was in a car with a young woman and we were both taken. But what I didn’t mention because the documentary wasn’t to be trusted, people weren’t to be trusted, but I can talk to Avalonians. When we returned back in the car, it was great deal of missing time, and that moment I didn’t remember what had happened. It did take me few hours to get back. The young woman with me… didn’t remember. She had a complete reptilian soul and in height she was five foot… about five foot five, five foot five and half. And when we got back… and she was absolutely drenched in sweat and she came up to give me hug because she was scared and where her head should come up to here, her head was up here. And the first thing I did was look down and say, “Have you still got your shoes on?” And she’d taken the shoes off, and I had taken my shoes off. And so what we did from that point on, we put our chart against the wall and every sort of four or five hours, would stand her against it and mark it. I still got the chart, I kept it. And she increased about three inches. Now, modern science can’t accept that. Modern science could not and would not accept it. The reality is that she had genetics in there, in her body, and her body was attempting to return to its normal size which would have been, god knows, eight, nine or ten feet, something like that. But in a human body you’re restrained. You can’t do that, but it had enough genetics in it to allow that to change. I personally witnessed over one week period. Two spikes where she put her two and a half inches and then went back down to normal, and then again, which meant two abductions. Two takes in a one week period. She was the one that says to me quite clear, brothers… she see her brothers back completely morphing to scales, and I fully accept it. I have no problem with it. It is exactly what I would expect because how can you dominate a population unless you look like them. You have to look like them because they won’t accept you otherwise. Well, they would in the old days because they would be your gods. And that’s absolutely fine, but humanity has moved on now; it can’t accept that. But it can accept to be told what to do by people that look like them.
Q: Could you identify the off-worlders who are manipulating the scarcity of food and the potential for food riots?
S: Well… By far humans actually, they are not from off world, they’re on world. Many, many years ago when the Reptilian race reasserted itself and set to the, what would become the ruling elite. We’ll do a deal with you. This is the magic that we’ll give you, and this is the power will give you. But in return for that this is what we want… They sort of led the agenda. It’s the last ten to fifteen years. The human elites began to split from their so called overlords. And this is what led to a lot of infighting so I would put my hand on my heart and say Draco Reptilians. But its majority is now the satanic group of the Illuminati who are hell bent on holding the planet in any way that gives them absolute superior power.
Q: So to what degree are the Satanic Humans controlled by the Draco-Reptilians?
S: Two major groups: One group which still sees these creatures as their savior or their get out jail free card. Another group which feels reneged on their deals to present New World Order because we should have the New World Order by now. They should’ve been well on their way. It’s been held up. It’s been stopped, and so that group is saying they want to go on their own. So they are fighting within themselves. But the group that is beholden to their masters, very much enthralled to them. You must understand that when the deal is made with these individuals, they are given true magic. I don’t mean pulling a white rabbit hide that magician’s hat. I mean the ability to create, conjure forth a Djinn, the ability to be in a room of people and to manifest a butterfly, and for people to actually physically see a butterfly flying around in a room, attempt to catch the butterfly and take it outside. That is a form of magic, a form of mind control that these people have been given the art of, and they don’t wanna lose that. They don’t want to lose that skill whereas other groups of humans want the more physical control, which is physical control of humanity. And so they are not into that. They are into the military side of it. So you have very interesting, well, I think it’s interesting, division between the elite now.
Q: Did the Reptilians arrive here on ships – or did they travel here interdimensionally and then energetically create physical bodies?
S: Well, both because ships are all inter-dimensional. The ships will go from the fourth dimension and arrive in the third and solidify into the 3rd.
Although a lot of the energetic bodies… the majority of those creatures will remain in their own energetic form in a protected environment.
And only some will come through, but they require a huge amount of energy to maintain their physical form. And those creatures would have arrived by ship. And they created, then, their base here. They created a safe haven for themselves under the ground where it was like their own home that was built. It was on a very impoverished scale but it meant they didn’t have to go back for regular topping-up, for want of a better word.
So they had their own world. The reason they chose to be underground was because the humans had moved on and wouldn’t accept them in their true form. Therefore they had to remain underground but they had to create… connect with the lead governments of the world so that they controlled through proxies, basically, which is what several people in government are.
Q: This question is about ‘Sanni Ceto’, who claims to have been a short-lived survivor of the Roswell crash, reincarnated in a human body in 1958. Sanni said she disobeyed orders by bringing her expedition to Earth, but also said the ‘Zetas’ have a ‘hive mind’. If so, how could she have shown this self-determinism? Could she have been maninipulated without her knowledge to crash-land here?
S: Many of the Gray races… ah… I mean, I’ve made it public that I don’t like the Grays. I really don’t have time for them. However, there’s a lot of humanity in some of them. And many of them are victims; they’re trapped themselves, and they’ll consistently attempt to undermine what I would call the program. So that’s why abductees sometimes report not returning to their bed, or returning with their clothes on back to front, or returning into the front garden, or returning somewhere else. That’s not through mistake. People don’t understand… they think that’s a mistake. It’s not a mistake. It’s the Grays deliberately sabotaging the program because they are manipulated by the Reptilians and it’s their way of fighting back.
I personally witnessed that, and I made that clear in a video some four years ago, I think three years ago, where I saw a group of humans sitting in a facility underground and the Gray – a small Gray, one meter tall –
standing by the side of them, and the Gray not taking responsibility for the humans and attempting to argue. And so, often the case will be that somebody – I say somebody – a Gray can get away with something that appears to be against the instructions of their masters simply because they have been allowed to get away with it at a local level. It doesn’t stop a very grand plan. In fact… I’ve talked about the Roswell event, and I’ve made it clear, in my view the Roswell event was a planned event to seed technology onto the Earth. You see, the thing is that, technically, no alien race may give a present to an inferior race. When I say inferior I don’t mean spiritually, I mean technologically. So if you go back to Earth history, the white man would arrive on some foreign island, and he would give a load of glass beads to the native chief, and the native chief would give him half of his village. That’s not allowed. So in order to offer those presents, you have to create a situation where in law you can say, ‘Well, I didn’t give it to them; it crashed, and they took it and they did with it what they would.’ So, to me, for those who know their history, Roswell was a real event and it was a Trojan Horse. And I’ll just finish off and explain why it’s a Trojan Horse. Prior to Roswell, if I’m an off-worlder and I wanted to know what’s going on, I’ve got two possibilities: I can either get into your mind or I physically have to have an agent, break into the FBI or the CIA, go through old fashioned filing cabinets… just like you do in the old spy days, and get those hard copies. As soon as we became digitalized they can sit thousands of miles off the Earth and just access that information. So it has… yes, it’s advanced humanity, but it’s advanced their information-gathering ten-fold.
Q: You’ve said that you don’t like the Greys. What about the ‘Zetas’?
S: Any race that willingly or foolishly gives up its sovereignty… has a lot to answer for. Any race that sells itself because something is offered to it and doesn’t have the ability to connect with its higher self and ask, ‘Am I being offered something that is good for me?’ And to be offered eternal life, to be offered a body that never breaks down, and to be offered wonderful technology ‘if only you do this’… And so… anything that’s got that in its history, I would have a real problem with.
– And the Zetas do…?
– They do have that. Yes.
Q: On the Project Avalon Forum, you’ve made reference to the ‘Earthbound Adam and Eve’, and that the history planted in the Sumerian texts that Zecharia Sitchin translated was not accurate. Can you enlarge on that?
S: Well, first of all let me say that I have the highest regard… he’s passed on now, but… for Zecharia Sitchin. I think he was an excellent, excellent academic, and he did genuinely interpret the tablets correctly. What I’m suggesting is that the tablets were planted and the information on those tablets, or some of those tablets, was actually inaccurate.
The long-term plan for those who would rule us would be for us to accept any particular type of alien as our creators. And because if you look on an alien force as a God-force, you are then very, very, very beholden to that creature, and you feel that you are inferior to that creature. And so I was trying to alert people to the fact that this material, found… I don’t know which level of the mound that they were found in… is actually inaccurate and has been planted to make people think that the Anunnaki created humanity. What I’ve always said is that what they did was alter us.
Humanity was already existing upon the Earth but it was altered.
Q: You mentioned aliens – i.e. the Annunaki – as having ‘altered’ humanity, but that there was a subsequent agenda for them to be seen as ‘creators’. Where do the Pleiadians fit into this?
S: People generally think of the Pleiadians as the good guys and the Reptilians as the bad guys. What I would say is that the Pleiadians are particularly warlike and they are far more benevolent for humanity.
Pleiadians dislike the fact that humans have been manipulated, that humans don’t have the full information at their fingertips to make a choice. So the Pleiadians are a race of people who have off and on fought Reptilian groups and have aligned themselves with other alien forces who are against the Reptile forces. And the Pleiadians have for some considerable time played a beneficial effect upon humanity on Earth.
Q: Regarding hybridization and genetic mixing, is there a reason why some races are white and others are colored?
S: Taking out the evolutionary side of it, because obviously people in a hot country have pigmentation of the skin – black – in terms of genetics and alien mixing, the sad thing is that racism springs from the Reptilians.
That’s exactly like… so many things about them:
being territorial, wanting wars, being greedy, arrogant.
That all comes from values that the Reptilians have given humanity.
And white was always seen as the superior colour.
So, the Lord Reptile was white; all the ruling elite Reptilians… And that particular group, the Draco group, are white, almost albino because they have red eyes.
So, therefore white became the ruling colour, and in ceremonies, the nonwhite Reptiles will wear white sashes across their bodies –
sometimes they are just one sash, sometimes there’s a crossed sash.
Therefore they were always going to work with the white races because that was the way they had it.
And because they felt that way, when they were putting the control implants –
and I don’t mean physical implants –
into human’s minds, they did not work with the black races.
They worked with the white races with the result now that it is very hard for a Reptilian or what-have-you to take control or mind-control a black person because they do not have the access codes to a black person in the same way they have to a Caucasian simply because when they were doing their dumbing-down and their altering of the human mind, they left the black races alone.
However, they did make contact with a number of black races and one of them was the Zulu tribe.
They met with the Zulu tribe and imparted the warlike strength to them.
That is why the Zulus were absolutely unbeatable in their own time and that’s why they gave the whites such a hard battle because they had the values given to them from their chiefs who had been in contact.
But when they made contact with them, they didn’t do it in the same way they did with the white people.
They wanted them to be a powerful race.
And then you’ve got people who are mixtures, such as in South America.
Again, they would be seen as white race.
Q: What about the “Andromeda Council”? And are you familiar with “Tolec”?
S: I’m very concerned with any organizations that almost create a guru or a godlike stance… I would counsel people to totally ignore anything coming from that particular mouthpiece.
Q: The great wave of energy that’s been coming in for a while now… has it been changing our DNA? And has it been affecting all living beings?
S: You see, I never believed all this New Age rubbish.
I mean, there was a lot of New Age rubbish that was put out.
And… some of it was very well meant, and some of it was actually designed to skew the argument.
It definitely peaked two to three days either side of that critical date.
And… you know, I went on Avalon and I talked about the CERN, the Hadron Collider, and how that didn’t work.
So, it’s a long-drawn-out endgame, but the bad guys have the ability to hurt and cause an awful lot of pain.
The question is: How much will they be allowed to make?
Q: What major events do you expect between now and 2016?
S: An attempt by the Americans to form a One-World Government; an attempt by the Americans to have martial law; attempts to try to either chip people or massively kill people. It’s got to be played out very quickly.
I also, expect, if that doesn’t work directly, a false alien invasion or a false epidemic. So I think all the big things have got to be played because 2016 is the final chance they have; they get no more resources coming through and if they’re on this Earth, they’re trapped on this Earth, they have to create their life for themselves. So between now and 2016. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t done more.
Q: Have you been informed of probable major landmass changes?
S: No, because I don’t believe in them.
There was talk some time ago about the poles shifting and this happening.
I can honestly tell you, if the poles shifted, half the population of the world would be wiped out.
If the poles actually changed and the Earth flipped over or the ice moved one way, you’d have very little humanity left.
Magnetic North is changing.
That is definitely changing.
But that does change.
Seven-hundred-thousand years ago there was a complete polarity shift.
So, North Pole was South and South was North.
That was 700,000 years ago.
That’s different from a movement on your axis in terms of, flipping the whole Earth around.
Now, I think it’s highly likely that the north of Japan at some point will disappear.
Highly likely that the north of Japan will just disappear under the water.
So there will be some very, very severe consequences for the people of Japan and many of the islands around.
I don’t rule out local changes but I don’t envisage a massive collapse of humanity in terms of that.
No, simply because the aliens who have such an investment in humanity wouldn’t allow it to happen.
Q: Can the aliens ‘hear’ what we think from many light years away, or do they have to be right in front of us to read our minds?
S: Very good question, actually.
They have to be within a few thousand miles.
Q: Seeking change by using one’s mind seems like a great idea. Can you elaborate on that? Is it as simple as reaching for a thought that feels better than the current reality?
S: You really have got to believe that you can make change.
You also have to practice.
Some people go into deep breathing, some people do meditation, other people just don’t seem to need to do any of that.
They can just do it.
It depends on where you are in your developmental process.
If you know something is wrong, you have to wish and think and believe.
Not just, ‘I want something better, ’
but, ‘I will make it better.
This is going to happen.
I am going to make this happen.’
And you’re going to make it happen out of love and for the right reasons.
And if you believe in that strong enough and others across the planet are joining you in that, you can effect change.
– And Avalon would be an ideal place to start with that, wouldn’t it?
Yes, it would.
For instance, for me passive resistance is… If you know that the Americans have many, many, many hundreds of thousands or millions of rounds of dum-dum bullets for the sole intention of arming elite units of troops and then causing as much death as they can, passive resistance is actually attempting to get into the minds of those individual soldiers and showing them the consequences of their actions and showing them there is an alternative.
And then they will go on with that as they will.
Q: If the United States is of major influence in the determination of the planet’s freedom or slavery, what are our most significant assets, and what are our most significant weaknesses?
S: I’ve always made it clear everywhere that I don’t say that people need to create violence to prevent this.
And a lot of people cannot understand that because even people who are awake, they live in the physical world, and they don’t understand the full importance of the ability to change a physical situation by your own mental thought, your own mental processes linked into your soul.
What is happening and will continue to happen is the American military will thwart the attempts being made to basically detonate a nuclear bomb or to bring some form of agreement around.
So key elements… and that’s why we saw Obama get rid of three of his top Generals very recently because they refused to detonate a nuclear bomb or at least move a nuclear bomb.
But that’s not the first time that’s happened.
And then there’s over a year ago, the situation with Clinton, not Mr. Clinton but Hillary Clinton, which I spoke on Avalon about.
And I think that every individual person has to be aware of what is happening.
And people don’t understand that the consciousness level of an individual when matched with many, many, many thousands of individuals can actually change reality.
I keep saying to people, ‘You don’t have to get the gun and barricade yourself in’… because that’s what a lot of these questions are about:
‘What do I have to do?’
And they don’t want people to go out there and put themselves in danger because then you are fighting fire with fire and that’s not going to work.
Q: You’ve mentioned that “we don’t know we are creators”. But many of us do know. Yet here we all are in the mix. Why??
S: When humanity was first kicked off, very, very few people remembered who they were.
Now we are at 2013, and there are quite a lot of people over the planet who have woken up and remembered who they are, become aware of who they are.
And it’s that tipping point.
It’s about those people projecting their vision, their reality, and others who are not yet awake picking up on that.
So these people are… it’s like if you put a… you have a barrel for, let’s just say, red-coloured balls, and you put a blue one in, and one of the red ones turns blue and over a period of time the colour change is perceptible.
So the larger group begins to change its dynamic.
And that’s what’s happening with the people over the Earth who are imprinting… that’s a good word to use… values and ideals which force others to change.
When I say force, I don’t mean force as in force with a gun, but force… they’ll look in themselves, and they’ll look to see what is around them and say, ‘I choose not to do this, but I choose to do that.’
That is what’s happening.
So we are in the midst. That’s a very good word – we are in the midst, but people are doing a good job.
Q: Do “Spiritual Councils” exist at a “higher frequency level”?
S: There are a number of councils, and what’s happened in the last perhaps seven, eight years, would be a group of off-worlders who for many, many thousands of years had not taken any interest in humanity and then did.
And they formed a council, a group of humanoid beings… …who felt that it wasn’t fair to ask humans on Earth to make a decision when they weren’t free… and they didn’t have all the facts to their fingertips.
However, because they can’t physically intervene on Earth, they had to intervene in others ways.
A lot of the UFOs that are shot down are shot down in wars up there now between different groups.
That’s the physical side that the people sometimes film; you get genuine ones on YouTube from time to time.
But energetically the best way to raise the awareness is to get your agents down into the planet.
But if you’re truly, truly loving race, you don’t order people to do it… …you just say, ‘If you want to help, step forward.’
And so what’s been happening in increasing numbers are people who have decided that the love for the great… for the good, is the greater number.
In other words, they’re giving up their own individual life to take a body which doesn’t really suit them.
But the problem is, of course, that when they come in, most of them don’t remember why they’re here, what they’re supposed to do.
So the question is: Do they wake up?
Do they reactivate themselves?
Does that switch click on, and they suddenly realise who they are, what they’ve got to do.
It doesn’t happen as much as it should be, but many people do, particularly with the children.
The children now are becoming immune to the switch-off system.
So, in other words, many children now are awake immediately at two, three, and four years old.
That is prevalent.
That is why the elite target children and attempt to control them through mind control, through energetic beings, through sonic weapons, whatever it might be.
That is why children are all to be vaccinated.
That is why there is fluoride in the toothpaste because humanity is waking up and the system is just trying everything it can to stop that from happening.
Q: Do multidimensional beings originate from or normally inhabit material worlds?
S: Well, they originally did… because if everything goes to plan we will end up 5, 6, 7, 8 dimensions.
So these creatures that are on the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension originally did inhabit physical worlds.
It depends on their choice.
If you are an energetic being, you still have a body but your body is an energetic body.
But it’s somewhat denser than what’s inside –
it has to be for the inside to be retained in there.
But if you choose as a people that you no longer want to live in a house, you want to live in another environment, then you will do that.
So you could have a 6th or 7th dimension creature living in something that people would recognise as a house.
It may look very different, but they recognise it as a structure.
There would be other creatures that would just be invisible and would just exist in the air because that’s what they’ve chosen to do.
So it’s down to what they have chosen, which has actually lots to do with their history and where they’ve come from.
The more connected to nature you are, the less you need the physical.
The more rooted in the physical you are, the less you can let go of it.
Q: Would you agree that the more we grow spiritually, the more they can’t touch us? Is this really what freedom is about?
S: Yes. The reality to let go… …the humans to let go of what they’ve only known since they were children, to what they’ve only been told, to let go of putting their trust in others, putting their trust in the physical world and to trust themselves and to find others that they can actually trust as well and connect with those people, and just believe in good can change time lines, can change reality.
And that’s what it’s always been about.
It’s about enough people getting off their backsides as we say in Britain and evolving and changing and grasping the opportunities.
We’ve got enough.
We need three million people – only three million –
on the whole of the Earth to actually become awake.
And that happened.
We’ve got three-million-something, so that it’s not stoppable now.
The whole point is, it’s going to happen.
But the question is:
How rough will that ride be?
How rough is that ride going to be?
And that is the real issue.
If you want to be.
That’s all I can say:
If you want to be you will.
Q: What’s behind the push for transhumanism, from your perspective?
S: Here are some quotes from Ray Kurzwel about his concept of ‘Singularity’: “Rocks, trees, everything will become those intelligent computers… At that point we can expand out into the rest of the universe. We’ll be sending nanotechnology infused with Artificial Intelligence…”. “Swarms of those will go out into the universe, and find other matter and energy that we can harness, to expand the overall intelligence of the Human Machine  Civilization…”. “So, does God exist? I would say not yet.”
I don’t understand a word of that because the evolution of humanity, the next real evolution, isn’t a smaller transistor or a better motorcar.
The evolution is spiritually, in the mind.
It is true that every tree and every rock has an imprint of its history and it has the Earth’s imprint and you can access those codes.
You can do that.
But I don’t understand… I don’t want you to repeat the question, but I don’t understand the concept of machines.
That part to me sounds… no, to me the evolution that humanity must make is one that the technology is hand-in-glove with spiritual advancement.
– Absolutely. No, this… human/machine civilization does not resonate… – No. I just don’t understand it.
Q: You once said in an interview that “God was not your father” – when he had claimed to be so in Christian teaching – and therefore he had lied to you.
S: Ah, no, that’s not quite right.
Not in Christianity.
The Garden of Eden… the story is put about that… God pushed out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.
And, you know, what loving God would actually do that?
It goes back to the early question you asked about the Sumerian clay tablets.
The story is that we were created by the Reptile race, the Anunnaki, so we need to be very humble and very thankful.
What I was told, was that wasn’t the case at all… The creature, that is, the Reptilian king/lord is not our God whatsoever, and it was just made very clear to me that he was not our creator.
And therefore the fundamental point that I’ve always held true, that Adam and Eve split the groups into two groups, not just male and female, but all the humans went into two groups.
Eve led one group and Adam led another group, and that is why the bases on the Moon and Mars are referred to as Adam and Eve because of the exodus that took place from the Garden of Eden, which is linked to the exodus that took place when the Jews left Egypt.
And when the humans left the Earth, Adam and Eve were the bases.
So what happened was that Adam and Eve took the humans away because they found out that the creature they had called their Lord God was in fact not their Lord God.
And this is where you get the word… and you know, I do have to be careful because I respect people’s religion and I’m not about trying to hurt them or upset them… and, you know, ‘Our God in Heaven, ’
and in reality there were five or six places around Mesopotamia and possibly South America which were safe havens, and in the one in Eden was the god, so he was the god in haven, he was the god in the safe haven.
And that’s where they got ‘Our God in Heaven’ from.
And it’s a massive realization when the thing that you have thought made you, actually didn’t.
And that’s what caused the great schism, and that’s why the Reptile lord was saying:
‘Who’s told you? How did you find out?
Who has told you?’
And this is where you get the two Reptiles, the one working against the other – one maintaining the status quo and the other trying to break the status quo up.
And that’s where that comes from.
– It sounds a bit like Enki and Enlil… – I haven’t heard those names, but I know there was one father and two sons.
But I don’t ever recall the names.
We had that, that’s started… and it’s an incremental process.
But what will happen is there will be physical things happening that… that, you know, governments will attempt to do.
And this will force people to choose which side of the fence they’re on.
And so something will happen – which is not an alien event, it’s a human event –
and that will accelerate the process for those people who will say ‘Well I’m not having any part of that, that seems wrong.’
And then they’ll go and do their own research, and then they’ll start to change.
So that will be the… the energetic change, but it is not the true energetic change that started on the 21st of December.
– Have you also found that there are almost like energy surges… – Yeah, well if some of the star, the sun, is an important part in the regulation of the frequency, and you know you have to be careful because there’s a lot of New Age nonsense portrayed around this.
But… it can be altered to speed up the process.
Things can be done to speed up the process.
The problem with it is that a process is supposed to be natural and if you interfere with a natural process too far then it’s not free will.
But there will be certain peaks that are occurring – which are not totally natural –
which are designed to speed up… I call it level the playing field quicker.
It’s running out of time, you see.
We’ve got to level the playing field.
Humans have got to be in a position where they have all the information to make a choice.
Because if they don’t make that choice within a few years it will be too late anyway.
Q: Will there be those who refuse to grow, despite all the energetic changes – and who will simply be unable to cope with it all?
S: They will become sterile.
They won’t be able to give birth, they won’t be able to create children.
That’s what will happen.
Because they will be so out of tune with the planet… The planet will actually reject them and they will no longer be connected to the planet.
And the planet will therefore say, ‘You’re on my back, you’re not part of me, ’
and these people won’t be able to have children.
That’s what will happen.
So, before that, there will be what you’re describing, which is the psychological breakdown where they will just simply go mad because they cannot make those changes, because they’re just not designed to make those changes.
But in order to remove it, just like any good program, they will become sterile so that through a natural process – no-one’s going to be put against a wall and shot –
through a natural process of evolution they will just die out relieving a new species that can survive and adapt to change.
Q: We’ve heard a LOT about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. What are they up to? Are we right to be concerned? And do we have ‘friends’ helping us?
S: There are definitely friends helping, so that’s the first thing to say.
The CERN device would create a huge amount of energy, which… the design was to affect that wave of energy which you have already mentioned that was coming down, and to fracture it in such a way that it would hold up or slow down the process of ascension for humanity.
I’ve been on Avalon, and I can’t remember who it was now who had found a Mayan or an Aztec guy whose name I can’t pronounce correctly but it was something like Achtar who was banging on about the CERN generator.
And somebody on Avalon had said, ‘Simon, did you see this?
Because this guy is saying what you’ve said.’
And I thought, my goodness, this is amazing!
He was what we would call the backstop.
He was going out all around South America where the hidden pyramids are under the jungles or buried under the earth… …and planting sacred objects.
And what he said that he’d been told was that the CERN device was going to… …the CERN device was going to have very negative impact on South America in particular but would hold up human’s ascension.
Now, he didn’t know it, and I didn’t know it – and that’s why it’s very important that one’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing – but he was the backstop.
If the CERN device had worked, everything would have fallen on him.
But as it happened, the CERN device did not work; therefore, we didn’t have to face that issue.
We didn’t require what he did, but what he did was right.
What they’ll do, they’ll say they’re looking for Boson Higgs particles, they’re looking for dark energy.
They’ll blind people of science and give them references to something that NASA has put out on the internet at some point in the past.
But there are many, many institutes who are funded to look for these particles, and it sounds very convincing.
The question I say to people is, ‘Hang on a minute.
This is built by a consortium.
Right? There are no shareholders.
Who money-mad in this world would invest millions of pounds if there was nothing back for them?’
Business people don’t do that.
They don’t give money if there’s no return, so they’re not going to give millions of pounds for something, to find the Boson Higgs particle that some chap’s going to get a Nobel award for, but they’re not going to get any hard cash.
The reality was that the United States of America put pressure on all of its allies to raid their black budgets to pay for the CERN device.
So it’s run by America.
It didn’t work.
It didn’t work when they needed it to work,
which is good.
– But have they given up on it?
– No, they haven’t.
After the terrible, terrible earthquake hit Japan, which brought Japan to its knees… People don’t realize that Japan was a net exporter prior to the terrible disaster and it’s now a net importer.
That’s how they’ve been turned upside-down.
And they have accepted the fact that the next collider will be built in Japan.
It’s not going to be… The question was whether to build a linear collider or a circular collider because they are… they all do different things.
But the Japanese have agreed that the next collider will be built in Japan and the thinking there is, ‘Well look, if we build the collider, we won’t have another earthquake, will we?’
So that’s the next… and that is where they’re building.
The question is, the argument now is, how much Japan is going to be expected to pay for it.
I think the Americans expected the Japanese to pay for all of it.
And the Japanese have shown a bit of muscle and said they’re not going to pay for all of it.
So they’re debating now how much.
But the work will soon be started.
Q: You’ve said in the past that there are many who are benefiting from the help of higher dimensional beings, including a number of Avalon members. Yet there are still some dangerous situations in the world. Can you comment?
S: Yes. Oh, right, okay. We mentioned this a little earlier, or I did mention it a little earlier. The three Generals who were removed. People need to understand that when… in America, which is the “important” one, it doesn’t matter who wins, whether they’re Republican or Democrat; they are both controlled – except for Kennedy.
They are controlled.
Well, after Kennedy, that’s the rule.
In Britain it’s somewhat different.
Individuals can actually rise to power but not at the back of the… let’s talk about that later.
But Obama was placed in because he had certain things he promised.
One of them was the health care bill.
He promised to get that through.
He won the second election, and the sad thing was that `when he came to office everyone said, ‘He is going to be the one who will announce UFOs.’
Well they were partly right because what they picked up on was that he was so involved with that side of it that he was going to have the agenda but it wasn’t the agenda of disclosure, it was the agenda of forcing things through in a way that never happened since the days of Bush.
Can you just go back?
I don’t want to go off target too much.
What was the gist of it? Cause I could just go on for ages on that and I don’t want to.
I: – Many people are receiving direct assistance…
S: Yeah. So… Right.
In the last 30 years there’s probably been about five or six attempts to do something really, really horrendous.
If you go back a few years to Israel, the Israeli prime minister ordered an attack, without anyone ease’s knowledge, on Iran.
And he had a chief of staff, the air force general and the infantry general – all refused the direct order from a legally elected prime minister to attack Iran.
The three refused because they said it would cause a world war.
This is what I meant by things are happening.
And the thing with Hillary Clinton where… Clinton was being sent to… not talk to the president… I beg your pardon, let me get it right now… the spiritual leader of Iran.
The spiritual leader of Iran is not controlled by the Illuminati but the prime minister – or president, I think it’s the president, I get confused – he is, he is a member of the Illuminati.
And so Hillary Clinton was flown in specifically to have a meeting with him without the knowledge of the Imam, without the spiritual leader knowing.
When the airplane arrived at Tehran air field, the leader of the bodyguards – it’s always a Seal Team; the bodyguards are not CIA or NSA, the bodyguards are always Seal, Navy Seal Teams –
the lead bodyguard, the commander of the bodyguards, shot Clinton with a handgun.
Didn’t obviously kill her. Shot her.
He then attempted to shoot his way into the cabin and to try to shoot the two pilots of the airplane.
He was then shot and killed by the remaining bodyguards.
The plane landed at the airport but skewed off.
Another plane was sent immediately to recover and that is why the news said that Hillary Clinton had had a fall or had some form of accident that had happened.
And that is why she lost her job because that Seal guy knew that she was earmarked to be president of the United States after Obama and he had had a message from a much higher being to take her out.
Now, if you do a web search you will find that they admit to the fact that this guy is dead.
That the leader of the Seal Team, Clinton’s bodyguard, is dead.
What they say is that he died in the training base.
That’s not true.
He died as I’ve described it.
And this is what’s happening.
So the elite are actually fighting now amongst themselves but they’re also fighting humans who are in positions of responsibility but are making a choice to not accept the environment they’re in, and they’re making a free-will choice.
In this case, this guy decided to shoot and kill, but he didn’t kill her.
But this is what’s happening, and this obviously doesn’t make it to the news.
So I’m not saying that a 5th dimensional or 6th dimensional person said, ‘You will kill this person.’
But what they said is, ‘Do you realize that this person is earmarked for this, and if this goes ahead, this is the likely outcome?’
Then that human has to make a choice what he or she’s going to do about it.
So that’s what happens.
Q: What is the definition of “soul”? And can a soul be “owned” by another than the soul itself?
S: Definition of the soul. The definition is my definition, it doesn’t mean it’s the one and only definition. To me that is really what you are. I use the term soul because that seems to be the one in the Bible. It seems to be the one that’s closest to what I would think that people would understand.
It is really you who inhabits the physical body, and it is the soul that is you.
Souls can be… not owned, but they can be imprisoned and captured.
They can’t be owned, but they can be constrained.
Q: When a soul leaves the body at death… who might try to trap that soul?
S: Well, anybody who’s got the technology and the mind-power to do it.
But it would only be somebody who is negative because if you’re a free loving creature, you wouldn’t attempt to do that.
The soul only leaves the body when the body is incapable of maintaining that soul any longer.
The soul will know when the body is going to die, and it will leave before the body dies.
It doesn’t leave on the death of the body; it leaves just beforehand because it cannot be in a body that’s dead.
So it has to leave.
It then goes back to what we try to call Source but if intercepted before it gets to Source, it’s captured, the energetic memory banks for that soul are wiped clean.
It is then sent back to Earth to reincarnate in another baby.
That baby then grows up and nine times out of ten has no memory of its past life.
So what happens when this breaks down… we look at Edison, Thomas Edison.
People who invent electricity, they didn’t invent electricity.
They rediscovered electricity.
They reconnect with their past lives and they suddenly… through that reconnection they start to do experiments.
They don’t know why they’re doing their experiments.
They’re interested in science, and they suddenly find they’ve created electricity.
But that soul in that body probably, maybe 2000 years ago, was a scientist working for a pharaoh and electroplating stuff and worked with electricity.
So it doesn’t always work.
I’ll give a good example.
When I was 15 years old I used to baby-sit for John Lennon’s father, Freddy Lennon.
He was Alfred Lennon but to his friends he was Freddy Lennon.
Because of my Illuminati background, I was asked to baby-sit Freddy Lennon’s two children.
Freddy Lennon remarried; he was 54 and she was 19.
But that’s what happened in Illuminati groupings.
Although Freddy came from a very, very poor background but was brought into the system much later on because of his son, John.
The point I’m making is that John Lennon had a son.
John Lennon could play the piano at five.
John Lennon’s son could play the piano at five.
Freddy Lennon, through a different woman, – mother’s name was Pamela – had a boy, and that boy at the age of five could play the piano.
So how is it then that these individuals are all happening?
And what modern science says is, ‘Oh it’s genetics.
It isn’t genetics.
It’s that that line, that family, were clearly involved in music, and so when those spirits come through they’ve remembered.
You know, I don’t care, gifted children playing piano at three or four years old.
That doesn’t happen physically.
Something happens… And so if a soul is captured, it’s… This is a prison planet.
This is a prison planet, and… we’re here simply to supply the Reptiles with energy, and that’s what it’s all about.
That’s what we’ve got to break.
This is something that a lot of people were quite rightly spending a lot of time on.
We’ve talked about the white light and humans are conditioned through their life here to always look towards the light.
Hollywood will show films of people having near death experiences and suddenly there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… We say that, don’t we?
‘Light at the end of the tunnel’… They walk towards the light and hey ho.
And in fact I think one very good film might be… I can’t remember… Russell Crowe played in a Gladiator film I think, and he had a near death experience and it was very bright white light.
So DON’T!!
If you see bright white light, it’s a mousetrap.
That’s why it’s there.
What you must do is turn yourself away from it in exactly the opposite direction and travel in that.
And again you will find the white light coming towards you.
Again that trap will come there.
You must turn away from it and you must just say in your mind, ‘I seek to return to where I am from.
I seek the Source’.
And you keep doing it, and you’ll either be successful or you won’t.
It’s as simple as that.
But if you return to Source, the interesting thing is that you will reconnect and you will remember everything that has occurred.
And this is what needs to happen.
Everybody needs to reconnect because all the mistakes that mankind has made will be removed like that because we’ll say, ‘We don’t want to do that again.’
And you imagine, say, a cure for cancer.
You think… if you take a genuine, genuine scientist who really wants to find a cure for cancer, and she’s working on that.
And then she dies, her soul is wiped clean, she’s got to start all over again.
But if that didn’t happen, she goes back to Source, she comes back in another body, all the learning that she did she adds to, so over a period of 30, 40, 50 years, that can be re-put onto the next one.
That’s when you get massive advances in technology and massive advances in science because people’s memory’s not lost.
But we’re continually being wiped clean.
That’s why everything is stuck on the Earth.
Q: How can the “white light” be a trap, when hearing the feeling of incommensurate love many near-death experiencers and the profoundly positive effect these experiences seem to have had on people for the rest of their lives?
S: I’m not saying it’s the case with all near death experiences.
But if I want to keep a lie alive, then I have to have people near death, bring them back to life, and then they preach about the white light.
And they genuinely and honestly are telling you that they nearly died and they saw heaven or they saw angels and they saw the bright light and they came back.
And that is the way that the lie is perpetuated because that appears to be genuine because it’s an individual who nearly died, or a doctor said, ‘Well, you know, you were dead for two minutes,’
or what have you.
And I’m afraid that the experience they are getting is a fabricated experience… but they are genuine.
Let me make that clear.
They are recounting genuinely what they believe they experienced.
So, you know, it’s always difficult with these people because they are being honest about what they’ve experienced.
But they are there to unwittingly keep the story going.
There are, to my knowledge, known cases where someone has genuinely died but there’s been interference from a higher level, which has returned the soul back.
And in those instances, sometimes the person has seen the white light which is the trap but someone has interfered before they’ve gone to the trap and returned them.
But all that person will imagine is, ‘I saw the white light.’
Q: Do you have any message for the members of the Project Avalon Forum?
S: Bill Ryan set it up with a goodness of heart.
I think Bill Ryan has a full knowledge of what’s going on and realized that not only was it a place where people could find support together, but it could actually be a… when I use the word weapon – I don’t mean that nastily –
but it could be used as a method of change, to help direct the planet in a positive way to attempt to counter the negative force that Bill obviously is aware of.
And my view on Avalon is, I would say, people need to still let go of their attachment to physicality.
People are still making… doing things like judging people and trying to balance people against “known facts”.
And I’d just ask your soul.
Just ask yourself, you know, ‘What should I do?’ or ‘How should I do this?’
And that’s all you’ve got to do.
And you know, if someone is kind to you, then that’s great and, you know, Avalon is a wonderful place to be.
It’s the best site of its kind anywhere in the world.
And… but only because it has been supported and helped to be so.
I mean, I haven’t spoken to Bill but I know Bill gets help.
So that’s my message, is it’s great and you must maintain its greatness.
I: – Bill, are you around?
B: – Yeah, I’m here, thank you.
I: – I heard you had some questions?
B: – Well that’s an understatement. I could probably talk to Simon for another several hours.
I: – Go on.
B: Okay. All right.
So what I’d like to do is say hello to everyone here who’s listening and Avalon members… When we say Avalon, of course this is shorthand for the Project Avalon Forum.
And I’d like to say hello to any Project Avalon Forum members who are listening and also to anybody else out there because I’m quite sure this is going to be posted to a number of places on the internet.
And I’d also like to say that I’ve been listening to this with very great interest, and there’s certainly probably more good information in this interview / conversation that’s been taking place than you get in a very large number of interviews out there with a lot of prominence.
And so, I’d really like to thank Simon for that because this is important, complicated stuff.
And my entry point into all the jottings and notes and questions I’ve got in front of me here is to talk about something that Simon mentioned.
B: This is just a little quote of his which I wrote down:
‘New Age nonsense’.
In all the questions that Simon’s received from many people in this interview and other interviews and conversations that he’s had over a period of years, Simon, I would love to ask you, what is your view on the confusion, and the disinformation and the misunderstandings and the mistaken beliefs that you must find yourself surrounded by and reflected back on you in terms of the questions that you’re being asked?
How much of a problem is this?
And how do you deal with this yourself?
S: It is a problem, Bill, because so many of these people are true believers in what they’ve hooked onto.
And they’re not the ones who are spreading, necessarily, the disinformation; they are passionate believers and they believe it’s a salvation.
And it’s incredibly difficult.
You cannot perhaps immediately tell somebody and put them straight because of the effect it would have on that person.
They would go into denial and they would suffer some very serious issues.
And what I would do is to get them to think about where that information has come from, to look at the key points they’ve been given and to try and get them to tell me why they think it’s a realistic project or a realistic program or why it has any sort of resonance with them.
Now if they are genuinely searching for something then they need to search within themselves and not for some fabulous system that’s going to help them.
My own understanding is that it was something spread if not by the CIA, somebody very similar to the CIA, in terms of attempting again to deflect people from looking into themselves, thinking about their reality.
And with the advent of YouTube and the internet, it is an incredible problem.
And sometimes I have to walk away from it, Bill, because I can’t convince someone to reevaluate and I just have to walk away from it.
B: I think that’s a really good summary, actually.
It’s very hard indeed sometimes when you’ve been asked a question and the whole premises and background to the question are flawed.
Like, this is a sort of ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?’
question – you have to go right back to the premises which it’s being asked from, and help the asker of the question to realize that their whole basis of understanding is wrong.
And of course this is one of the problems, isn’t it, that you probably see yourself as a guide and a teacher as opposed to only an informer and a relayer of information.
Would you say that’s right?
S: Yes.
B: And how do you handle the responsibility of that?
Because sometimes I wake up in the morning, and I think this is an enormous responsibility I’ve got.
I’m asked so many questions and I can’t even answer some of them.
Sometimes I don’t even get around to answering any of them at all.
And there are so many people out there who are sincerely asking questions that it’s almost impossible to deal with it all.
How do you handle that yourself?
S: Because each person who is genuine is asking a question that is vital to themselves, and therefore it needs to be answered.
And it doesn’t matter whether it’s one question or a thousand questions, they have to be answered because they are vital to that individual.
And all I can do All I can do is honestly tell them what I have learned either from security sources here on Earth because my mother used to work for MI5 and my grandfather worked for MI6 and still have friends who pop in and visit, all talking about visits from off-worlders.
I’m not a researcher, so the answers I give are those answers that I truly believe to be the case.
And I’m very, very aware that… that’s why I always choose my words so carefully… that you can lead people down a wrong path.
You can lead people to make decisions which are not good for them.
And so it’s incredibly important that that individual makes their own decisions and that the information they get is something they add to everything else.
And I always say to people, ‘Ultimately, ask your soul. Ask yourself what you think is right.’
And that’s how I do it, Bill.
B: That’s a really wonderful answer.
Thank you for that.
One of the things which you said which I really want to underline, was you were talking about going into the light after you’ve left the body.
There are so many tricks and traps and layers of deceit and layers of deception all over the universe.
People say, ‘As above, so below,’ and I always say, ‘Well, as below, so above.’
We’ve got so many layers of deception and intrigues and agendas and different groups on this planet, why would we not think it’s exactly the same everywhere else as well?
S: Yes.
B: I’ve got a question which is of quite some interest to myself.
One of the things I’ve been watching for many years, as you have and many others have, is the multi-trillion-dollar program which you are aware of, of the construction of the deep underground bases, the deep underground cities.
Not only the Americans, they’ve got them in China, they’ve got them in Russia.
And some of them really are quite large.
They’ve got a lot of stuff down there.
And recently Alex Jones has been drawing a lot of attention to the work of Joel Skousen, who has written an important book called Strategic Relocation.
And his basic premise – and he feels absolutely sure of this – is that the grand strategic plan of whoever it is who’s controlling this planet is to deliberately provoke or set up or instigate world war three, a major nuclear war, so that this in itself…
S: I think someone’s just pulled the plug on Bill!
Hello Bill, can you hear?
I think the NSA must have got angry, Bill.
B: What was the last thing you heard me say?
And then I’ll continue.
S: You mentioned strategic relocation and different countries and third world war, and then you cut off after third world war.
B: Okay, right.
So what he strongly believes and has a handle on… This is a very intelligent, well-informed man.
What he suggests is that the planet’s for the major nuclear war, which would be deliberately provoked.
It will be engineered as a survival war.
With the justification that then you bring in martial law, then you bring the New World Order.
Then so called freedom fighters will all be arrested as terrorists, and that’s what the camps are for.
And that’s like the sort of major global traumatic event that will usher in everything that they wanted.
So I have two questions about that.
First of all… and it’s actually connected with a question of multiple alternative time lines, freedom of choice and that whole complexity – do you see this is being possible, inevitable or would this be prevented by extraterrestrial agencies who will say ‘No, that’s breaking the rules to them’?
S: No, it’s possible.
Most definitely is it possible.
The problem is that those people who are implementing the plan are themselves lied to.
Because their understanding is that after a limited nuclear war, they would then emerge to be the sole rulers of the remaining humans on the planet.
What they don’t know is they are even duped, because the whole project is to keep them underground so they remain underground, and then they evolve into something that’s not very human at all.
But they wouldn’t do that unless they thought there was carrot at the end of it.
And the carrot for them is well, ‘It’s okay, because we can emerge out of the ground and we will be rulers of all we survey.
If you told them the truth, they wouldn’t go down that road.
Now, that’s the elite group that is on its own.
There is a separate elite group that wants to retain the status quo, that doesn’t want the nuclear war, that wants to control humanity by other forms.
So these are the two groups.
I know what you’re saying and I absolutely agree with that, Bill, because, you know, even people who are very wealthy film stars, I know they have their bunkers already built.
And so it’s not just… people think about the Illuminati, it’s just not the top notch, it’s actually quite a size-able of group of people who have booked a ticket for want of a better word, but think they’re just going to emerge into the sunlight and everything is gonna be fine.
B: Right. But you are still saying that the outcome of this game, so to speak, is not yet certain, that there are possibilities that can go every which way eventually.
S: Yes because, Bill, if outside interference was to… so actively change that outcome, then really we’d have lost total freewill.
So I will grade it as a possible.
B: Yeah. Now, earlier on, you described the Mantids as arbiters which is a very interesting word.
And I’m now using it as an analogy of power or a referee of the game.
That implies that there are rules and agreements for the game.
I presume we are talking about the way that the game is played here on planet Earth.
What is it that would be such a violation of the rules of the game that interference would be required?
S: Humans making a decision… whatever that might be… and they have not be given the truth.
B: Right. Could you give us a theoretical example of that?
Is that as straight, or is not?
S: If you are to say, for argument sake, to a general… We’ve talked about this earlier.
“I want you to move this nuclear weapon from this facility and I want you to pass it across to this group of freedom fighters.
Don’t worry. They are not gonna blow it up.
Everything is fine.” And the general then does that.
Then there would be interference because the general had not given the full truth.
If the general is told “Take this weapon and we are going to blow it up”, then that is a full freedom of choice.
So when somebody is being asked to do something but they are not being given the full import of the real intention behind it, then outside forces would come in to balance it.
Even after the balance, if those people still wish to destroy themselves, they will destroy themselves, because there was a level playing field and they made that choice having had all the information.
And that’s on one time line.
At the moment we’re on a relatively good time line, and the interference, a positive interference, is maintaining us on that positive time line and negative influence is attempting to pull us off those tracks and put us back on to the time line we were on some fifteen years ago something like that… So that’s really where the energetic battle is.
B: Right, so the re balancing job, the arbiters, as it were, is to make sure that all the information is available to assist humanity to make balanced responsible optimum choices.
It’s not a question of them muscling in to physically interfere.
It’s an energetic re balancing…
S: Yes, yes. That’s what I believe.
B: And what that then implies is that you yourself are an asset in that re balancing process you’re in.
S: Correct.
B: And how many… I think it’s an impossible question to answer you get where it’s coming from.
How many others are there or what proportion of others are doing the same job?
S: We are deliberately not told because you would have a security breach, Bill.
One person cannot know and cannot be used as a connection to another.
Because if you had that connection, if one person was taken out or corrupted, it would give the enemy an access to everybody else on the planet.
So each individual operates in a bubble so that if they are compromised, they don’t break down the whole system.
B: It’s a wonderful answer.
Okay, I love it.
But it will reasonable for you to suspect that there are many people performing this function all independently… but in different cultures, different languages, using different media.
Would you say that’s reasonable to assume?
S: I would definitely say that that is a case although each individual or each individual groups who have joined together would each have formulated their own way of assisting… and will be doing it.
For instance there are groups of people on the planet who are attempting, as we speak, to reduce the radiation pollution coming out from Fukushima.
There are groups of people who are attempting to change many, many things that they see as negative.
So they are operating in a different way from me.
But it is for the same outcome, it is for the outcome for humanity to be in a position to make a choice… So yes. I would agree with you, Bill.
B: Okay. Here is a question that you may have been asked before:
“Such an arbiter occupying a human body, or are you a human who has agreed to assist?”
S: They made it very clear to me that my soul… is composed of three parts.
As a percentage, thirty three percent.
Thirty three percent Reptilian, thirty three percent Mantid, and thirty three percent Human.
People who are in the know say they’ve never seen such a complex creature that’s surviving.
In other words, technically it’s not possible, I should be falling to bits.
It had to be balanced because it has to be free will… No one part of me must be more dominant than another part.
Although certain situations require that particular part of me to become dominant… My choice as a small boy when I was asked to choose between my mentor being a Reptilian, Draconis Reptilian, or a Mantid, I chose the Mantid.
Therefore the Mantids are my mentors.
I let that clock go… I have a very, very strong memory of 1971 when I was away for two days and I had what people would describe a UFO experience.
And then gone public with the soul agreement or agreement that I made with the Mantids.
And I made that agreement because they are my family.
So the soul, the thirty-three percent that resides in my body at some point resided in Mantid’s body a very long time ago… and I’m merely fulfilling… a council-wide decision that was made a very long time ago ready for when humans reach the point they reach now.
As you said, Bill, there are many, many people doing their own thing… and doing it for the good.
B: Okay. Going back to the Reptilians then… Does this imply that not all the Reptilians are actually operating to the same agenda, that to just describe all Reptilians with one broad brush actually would be very unfair… to everything and everyone that all Reptilians are.
We’re just talking about the actions of the different factions.
Is that right or do I have that wrong?
S: It is right.
I mean my experience with, what I would refer to or researchers would refer to as Draco-Reptilians, these are the most negative Reptilians that interact on Earth.
But I’m also aware of, and have met, what I call ‘Native Reptilians’.
And there’s one other group of Reptilians from another star system.
They are all, on a sliding scale, negative to humanity… But just as in humans… some rebel, I suppose it’s the right word, against their teachings, or against their culture, and against their ritual and their ceremony and set themselves up.
It’s much harder for them because they have a connected mind.
And it tends to be small groups on outline positions, but they then will attempt to connect with humans because they are from a background that doesn’t see any harm in connecting with humans and interfering with humans.
They will physically come in, if I can use that word, for the good and do things that perhaps, you know, you might be surprised there, but… ultimately, their goal is not they care about the humans necessarily, but they are just at war with the larger group.
So it’s almost as if it’s a way of getting back at the larger group.
B: Oh, right. There was an experience which I had back in number of years ago when I met Barbara Lamb.
Do you know Barbara Lamb?
S: I don’t know her but I’ve seen her, I think some Youtube clips, I think, or book. I think she wrote a book?
B: She did I believe.She is a very wonderful woman.
She’s worked for many years as a counselor, a therapist for people who had experiences and contacts they find very hard to integrate.
And I happened to bump into her in a conference and I asked her whether she herself had had any interesting experiences or whether she was just a counselor.
And she told me a most extraordinary story of how she was in her bedroom.
Alone, and a Reptilian… materialized physically in front of her in her bedroom, held her hands for a minute, silently in front of her and communicated with her that he had been bred specifically for the purpose of making contact with certain humans and letting them know that not all Reptilians were hostile.
And once she really got that, and the creature had disappeared, and I was privileged to hear that information from her.
And so that’s been a reference point for me, basically that supports what you are saying.
There are at least small groups of Reptilians that are not, that are not hostile in the sense that we have been educated to believe that they all are.
S: Yes… I think what I would say is that… if the humans on planet Earth are freed or they free themselves, then it’s not very good for their Reptilian overlords because they will be thrown out.
I think that a number of creatures in the know are deciding if they want to be on a life boat or not.
Do they want to remain on the ship or do they want to try and get away and trying to change sides, if you like?
No. The major groups are not changing.
They cannot change.
They’re so stuck in their ways.
But other groups who perhaps observe what’s happening on Earth from afar… are making some very important choices as to where they want to be in terms of evolution.
Whether they want to remain in their position or whether they wish to use the opportunity that will exist when humans finally evolve.
Whether these other races want to get in on the back of that and to be carried forwards.
And as it stands at the moment, the Reptilian group is excluded from piggy backing with the humans.
B: Got it, okay.
But there are some signs of changing and awakening in certain groups out there.
S: Yes.
B: Let me switch to a different topic that I think you touched on when you were answering another question from Karelia.
And it’s about The Old Testament’s God, as it were.
About what The Old Testament God was really saying, representing, what he was trying to do, who he was… and somewhere in there, there’s a question about who Jesus was, where he came from, what is that real story, and why is that being so suppressed?
And of course we know that so much has been altered, mistranslated, and mythologized and so on and so forth, we’re left with this hodge podge of documents, that’s all been kind of shoed all together into the Bible.
S: The days on Earth when there were more than one ruler, alien ruler, and the planet was divided up into quadrons, or sections that were ruled.
Since that time humanity has developed and has become more… adult.
And therefore the control has had to advance to keep pace with the development of humanity and to try to second judge it and be ahead of it.
So the ruling God, the Reptile God with all the values that we still have as creatures on this planet was becoming outdated.
Because human spirit was advancing even back then, evolving and changing, and it was necessary to… bring forth a new icon which really capture humans for the next to 2000 years.
The difference was that when the creation of the idea or the value of Jesus, it was almost like a double bluff.
It was almost like an enemy within.
Because the code or the program for Jesus wasn’t quite the way that the ruling elite had required of it.
And therefore it began to work against the very system that had created it to control in a more, almost a New Age, in relation to the old God way.
So I see both as a construction to control but the second program was hijacked by exterior forces so that it wasn’t that effective.
And in fact it was more beneficial to humans.
Interestingly enough I was told very clearly that the Roman Empire was created purely and simply to insure that Christianity got throughout the whole globe.
And once Christianity was seeded in every country, then the Roman Empire could collapse and fall.
So that’s my take on it, Bill.
I don’t know if that’s of any help.
B: Very interesting what you say about the Roman Empire.
When you talk about the senior Christianity, presumably you are talking about the seeding of the… the altered, corrupted form?
S: Yes, yes absolutely.
B: […] to do with Jesus and his real message.
S: Correct, yes.
B: What do you know about the role of Mary Magdalene in relation to Jesus, sort of?
S: Mary Magdalene.
Well, I can only tell you what I’ve been told, Bill, and it may not match with what you hear or think.
Mary Magdalene was chosen to create a hybridized child… and that’s all I know about her.
B: This is a child that’s fathered by Jesus?
S: All I can tell you is what I’ve said, that’s all I know, that the whole object of that was to create a hybridized child.
B: Okay, do you know anything about the purpose or the function of that?
S: We’ll just let that clock chime… If you create a creature that is so in tune with the Earth, it can through its consciousness alter the Earth.
And I don’t mean the physical Earth.
If you create, I just call it a ‘mast’, call it like a ‘radio mast’, for want of a better word, and it can hold and disseminate the entire consciousness, or direct the consciousness of the human population.
If you can corrupt that, you can direct that energy to take the human race away from its pure, its proper course.
But in order to do that, you have to have something that is made of that material, that is made of that consciousness and is accepted by that consciousness.
And time and time again, what’s happened is that individuals have been used to attempt to take lock, stock and barrel, take the whole agenda off to something that’s rather negative.
But you have to have it, it has to be created of the material to be part of the material.
And so often the battles that are fought is on how that creature lives its life… what its teachings are, what its values are, and to maintain its integrity.
And in the many cases, these creatures have to have a tremendous amount of off-world genetic material, I don’t just use the word ‘DNA’, genetic material.
Because they have to be able to survive in a third reality, third dimension, and the fourth dimension for a period of time and their energetic soul, their energetic signature is vibrating, not necessarily at a faster rate but it is resonating at a different rate from the body.
So often these creatures, their parents… well always they never know who their parents are or there will always be some strange story about their parents.
And that is what I understand and that’s about all what I can really tell you, Bill.
B: Okay.
That so leads to what’s gonna be my last question.
The matter is that several times you’ve used the word ascension, and my own stance about that word is, it’s really a dangerous word to employ.
Because it means so many different things to different people and it’s been so muddied, and abused, and co-opted into a lot of what you called ‘New Age nonsense.’ But clearly when you use the word ascension, ascension of humanity or whatever, there is something very specific that you’re talking about.
And I’m wondering if you can define it and clarify it to remove any possible misunderstanding or mis-identification of the word.
S: Yeah, I tend to use words, I suppose that I expect people to understand and to grasp… It’s like I use the word ‘E.T.’ because I know people understand it, although it’s not actually technically correct for all the groups… In a way it’s ascension in the sense that it’s advancement.
I think that’s as far as I would use the term.
Humanity has got as far as it can get now.
It has to make a choice.
That choice should be its own choice.
And when we talk about, when I talk about humans, I don’t just talk about Earth humans.
I talk about the human races that are far more human than Earth humans are… and… the future to come, if it’s to work out properly, in my estimation will be – because it’s all about souls, it’s not about the bodies –
it’s about Earth human souls existing on a planet where other human-bodied creatures have a whole range of souls but predominantly humanoid.
So therefore I mentioned earlier a Lyrian group, a Pleiadian group, a Syrian group, which will be able to come in on the advancement of humans.
And the Mantid or Mantis group piggy backing because they are stuck in a cul-de-sac. They wish to evolve.
And so I’m not talking about people running into the street, waving their hands in the air shouting ‘Hallelujah! I’ve ascended.’ I’m referring to human’s values changing, humans becoming aware of how they’ve been lied to and tricked.
And the very people that they put their trust and their faith in have for centuries been corrupting them and lying to them.
And instead of falling apart these group of humans have got to basically rewrite their constitution, not just the constitution of government but the constitution of themselves:
who they are, how they got here, and what the hell they gonna do now, and where they’re going to go.
And my great worry is in that crucial vacuum that will occur when the old guard are thrown out, somebody else of a negative force may attempt to grab that opportunity and present themselves as a savior.
That’s why it’s very important that humanity looks to itself and not to an outside force.
And I honestly see a positive time ahead where… – and this is what people who are genuinely contactees or abductees talk about – sharing with other races.
In other words that is when we will come into contact with, and in an open way, other creatures when individual humans are in a position to appreciate their own role and their own position within the greater makeup.
So for me ascension is every individual human having the opportunity to make a choice and a majority of humans making that choice to throw off all the values that they’ve been saddled with.
B: Fabulous. Someone should transcribe them, put it on a wall or something.
Because it’s very beautiful answer.
Let me just thank you for all of your work.
Thank you for your commitment, thank you for your courage, and thank you for the clarity that […] to so many people.
Of course as you did first say, it’s up to them now, whether to take advantage of what is placed before them.
I’m gonna bow out.
S: Before you do, I just want to thank you for surviving all the energetic attacks and the attempts of the enemy to turn you away from what you’ve done.
And I’m aware of what they’ve done, and what they are doing and I just want to say thank you on behalf of all the people on this planet.
Because you have had the guts and the determination to create a website which has drawn people to it of alike mind, you know, offering a safe environment.
It couldn’t have been done by anybody else, Bill, because you have the expertise and the knowledge, and I don’t mean technology-wise.
You have that understanding of what it’s really about.
So on behalf of them, and half of them Bill, don’t actually know the truth.
And I just want to thank you for that.
B: Well thank you.
If I was physically present in the UK right now, I’d just give you a big hug.
And thank you for them.
S: Well, if you ever come over, I’m doing Probe.
I’m speaking at Probe in England in March.
So if you ever over in England, you know you are very welcome, whatever you can always pop and visit me, Bill.
B: Thank you… Thank you so much.
I’m gonna hand you back to Karelia to wrap everything up.
This is her interview, not mine… And let me just tell you, just saying thank you both, this is a very great, high-quality interview that we got here.
And I’m very delighted to be a small part of it.
S: Thank you, Bill.
– Simon Parkes was talking to Karelia from the Project Avalon Forum. Questions were supplied by Avalon Forum members. –
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