3 August 2014 – THA Talks

THA Talks with Simon Parkes

interviewed by Paul Obertelli & David Parry
Theo Humanist Arts
October 3rd, 2014
ET encounters with an elected Labor councillor
Simon Parkes is an elected local Councillor for the Town he lives in and he claims to have had alien contact / experiences for all of his life, and that these experiences are still on going. While still very much active as a Councillor for the labor party Simon openly speaks of his experiences in the media and at various conferences around the country. As well as his personal alien experiences Simon also reveals how he grew up in a “somewhat unusual family”, his mother working for MI5 typing out documents that related to crashed ufo craft, which she did from around 1966 to 1979, and his Grandfather working for MI6 spending much of his time with operatives of the CIA. Since going public Simon also states that he has had many interesting “interactions” with the arms of state. He asserts he does not regret going public, and feels it was something that had to be done. We talk with Simon about his experiences his family and what we can expect for the future.

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ET encounters with an elected Labor councillor

Paul Obertelli & David Parry:  a long introduction
Paul Obertelli – Hello Simon welcome to the show!
Simon Parkes – Hello, it’s lovely to be asked, thank you.
PO – We appreciate you coming on, it must be a busy life with all the politics that you are involved in. You have been talking about a lot of fascinating stuff for quite a while now regarding ETs, British Intelligence and so on. Can we start by talking about these beings that you have been in touch with, who they are, where they have come from and what they want?
SP – Right, that’s fine. I didn’t get in touch with them, they got in touch with me from a very young age. I think researchers tend to have quite boxed names for these creatures and the general public tend to say “reptilians” as if that covers all groups. The particular reptilian group that I am familiar with are called Draconis Reptilian. I am aware of two other groups that are reptilians but I am sure there are many others. In terms of what the British call the mantid, the Americans refer to them as mantis – that’s another group, or a part of a group that I have experience with. I very rarely see the greys, you know your typical Hollywood style grey, very rarely see those. I am 54 years of age now, and all through my life these creatures have visited me and it is not just at night time, it can be at any time of the day and it does not matter if I am with people, other people have seen them as well, which is very shocking for them, they find it very hard to come to terms with. So basically it is a range of creatures from the fourth dimension. A lot of people refer to them as ETs. There is a guy called Charles Hall who unfortunately I have not had a chance to meet – he has come to Britain on two occasions –  and he refers to the Tall Whites. These are your absolute typical ETs because they take between fifteen and twenty years to travel here, so that is an extra terrestrial. The sort of creatures that I am referring to come through portals and so they are not actually travelling science fiction style in a spaceship, so there are many types of visitors. There are other creatures which you could call elementals such as the Jinn or the demonic entities. They are inter dimensional creatures, so I have quite a range of visitors.
PO – What are the ones you would say you had the most dealings with?
SP – The creatures that I have had the most interaction with would be the mantis. In 1971 when I was around about 12 years old I made what researchers refer to as a soul agreement. To me it was just a deal, I just made “the deal”, where I accepted an offer that they made. It was going to be that or the reptilians and frankly I am never at my ease with the draconis reptilians therefore I chose the lesser of the two evils which was the mantids. So it will be the mantids that will generally come and collect me.
PO – So the mantids and the reptilians do not get on together?
SP – Looking at it from a 3D perspective, if oil was discovered off some country’s coast and then I find that the Americans supplied the boats to go and get the oil, the British might supply the drilling bits, the Germans the cameras, so a range of countries would come together to exploit something and you will find with the human race that a range of alien creatures have come together to interact with humans, each particular alien race is looking for a particular outcome from its interactions, although they will all share the main group. The mantis have a very interesing role – if you can think of a soccer game – there is a referee, and the mantis creature is looked on by a number of other fourth dimensional entities as a referee. So the mantis will actually go in and defuse difficult situations that are occurring in other groups or other universes. And so I would not say they don’t get on, I would say that each individual group has its own agenda.
PO – Ok, so these beings that you are in contact with, are they 3D physical? Could you give them a high five or are they astral?
SP – When any creature comes from the fourth or other dimension there is a period of time where they are non-substantial. They will solidify into very real physical beings. However they can stay sort of inter phased between the third and the fourth dimension in which case you would see an outline, sometimes you would see bright colours, occasionally you would see them as smoke, although that might be a Jinn. It depends if they are intending to spend a period of time. If they are going to interact with you then generally they will come into the physical form, unless they are intending to take you out of your body – an astral or an etheric take, in which case they do not need to come into the physical form. They will arrive in an energetic form, take you in an energetic form and then off you go. So it is whatever their agenda is at the time, whatever amount of time they have, because they are always attempting to evade the earth government, sometimes attempting to evade other alien races, so it’s like project management, if you can imagine a group of humans building a bridge across a river, well this is many times more complex, you are going to come to another planet, you are going to interact with the creatures on that planet and you do not want to be detected, you do not want to be overheard, you have to get in, so what you need to do and get out. And these guys have been doing this for thousands of years and as human technology increases so their task gets harder and harder. There will come a point when they will always be detected. We have not reached that point just yet, but we are not far off it.
PO – So what is it they want, why are they here?
SP – Which group are you referring to?
PO – The mantis.
SP – They will always interact with humans on an individual level. The reptilians tend to interact on a group level, so it will be the reptilians that are working with the National Security Agency of America or the CIA. Every group has something different. With the mantis group it is more about blood lines. So the Illuminati on earth are following a number of humans because of their blood lines. If the reptilians are interested in that particular blood line – let’s say a blood line goes back to ancient Sumeria or back to the Jewish time, they will follow that. So mantis are particularly interested in the development of living creatures who have a soul link, it goes right back into history, and a physical blood line link that goes back into history and sometimes what will happen is the mantis will come in and they will say, hands off, we are managing this particular individual, and then they will have a sort of turf war with others to decide which of that family is going to be run by which particular group. So in my case that did not happen. I was actually given the choice – who did I want to associate with most? Who, basically did I want to have guarding me, and in 1971 I chose the mantis group. I don’t regret that, because the alternative perhaps would not have been so good.
PO – So there’s the good guys and the bad guys and you are with what you believe are the good guys?
SP – I don’t think any of them are good, in the human sense. I think it is very hard for earth humans to try and put their values, what is good, what is evil, on a completely different species, until earth humans fully understand what makes these creatures tick, it is very hard to know. I think it is about their agenda – if you can understand or have a good handle on what a particular faction of a grouping agenda is, if that is fairly benign to yourself as an individual and benign to the earth, then I think that is something to develop and go with. If you know clearly that it is a negative agenda, you want to keep well away from it. So with the mantids the agenda from my perspective was not too bad at all.
PO – Are these beings the same as the ones people in the past associated with demons?
SP – I think in those cases, that would have been Jinn, that would have been creatures that are inter dimensional, that live between the third and the fourth dimension. I would think that many cases where people refer to demons, then they are actually encountering Jinn. If you went back to the middle ages and a mantis creature or a reptilian creature walked into the market square, yes I am sure everybody would throw their hands up and shriek and think it was a demon. But I think in history, if you look back certainly from the Renaissance period onwards, people’s descriptions of demons are far more relevant to the bearing of the Jinn, than reptilian or anything else.
PO – Have you heard of an Egyptian depiction of the raising of a reptilian being?
SP – I think any culture that relies on sacrifice as its driving force will ultimately have a draconis reptilian background. It will be their teaching and their learning. The reptilians are totally driven by ritual and ceremony and if you look at Mayan Aztec religion, remember these are not old, they are seventeenth, sixteenth, fifteenth century, so we are not talking thousands of years ago. These civilisations relied on slavery, as did the ancient Roman empire, but these ones relied on slavery and sacrifice. Now as soon as you bring sacrifice into it you are talking about reptilians. A lot of these Mayan, Aztec pyramids, at one time were energy nodes, portals, where reptilians could come through from the fourth dimension and stay for a period of time. So it does not surprise me in the slightest.
PO – What are your views on the Disclosure Project run by Dr Steven Greer? Do you think it is genuine, or maybe a distraction?
SP – I haven’t got any time for Dr Steven Greer. The reason for that is – he raised a phenomenal amount of money from very honest, well meaning people and then he produced a film which really did not go anywhere or do anything and to me it was a tremendously wasted opportunity. So that is the first reason I say that. The second is that I know personally somebody who approached Dr Steven Greer with a very genuine offer to look into free energy and the first thing Dr Greer said to him was, well how much is in it for me? So my friend said it’s not about how much money is in it for anybody, it is about the benefit to the earth and the benefit to the people of the earth, in which case Dr Greer was not at all interested. So I base my answer to your question on those two facts. No, I would have more time for David Icke than I would for Dr Steven Greer.
PO – Yes, I was going to ask you – the reptilian beings that you speak of, are they the same as  the beings that David Icke talks about?
SP – David Icke is an absolutely amazing researcher. He does experience, but does not experience in the full range. I would probably agree with 90% of what David Icke says. I think it is very difficult to explain to people who have not seen these creatures just how a reptilian can take control of a human body, I think that has been very hard for a number of people who really like what David Icke says and then as soon as he starts talking about the reptilians he lost a lot of people because the concept was just too much for them to understand. I think people are changing now. People are understanding that the governments are lying to them, and they are looking for alternatives. So I think the message is good and I would support what David Icke says.
PO – We have had a guest on the show called Ed Grimsley with his colleague Richard Lennie. They film UFOs with night vision scopes and have got some good footage of UFOs fighting in the sky. What are your views on that?
SP – Firstly, you may well have human controlled spacecraft fighting alien spacecraft. You may be looking at one group of alien spacecraft fighting another group of alien spacecraft – it is not clear cut, everyone is after their own piece of the action, so unless one can actually identify the alien craft or the type of craft, it is incredibly difficult to know who is piloting these vehicles and who is the bad guy and who is the good guy, but yes there is a war going on, there is a war going on above the planet, there has been for quite some considerable time and people who are very dedicated, have the right equipment can film these things. The mainstream media could easily film it because they have millions of pounds, the best cameras in the world, but they won’t film it because they have been told not to film that, and it relies on these volunteers, these dedicated individuals who go out night after night in sometimes the most cold and atrocious conditions to try and bring evidence and proof to the people, so all power to them, they are doing a great job.
PO – Jung says of flying saucers, the modern myths of things seen in the sky, that if we ignore our religious obligations, spiritual forces beyond any sort of human understanding can sometimes take monstrous and very forceful forms so that we give them their due, so that we take our rightful place in the continuum. I am hearing about reptilians or dragons, I am hearing about Islamic Jinn, I wonder what you think about that Simon, are these masks for forces that none of us can ever really understand? Is it something of a total mystery that we are engaged in?
SP – I don’t thing it is a total mystery, I think that there are so many thousands of people all over the earth in different countries who speak different languages who report very similar spacecraft, very similar creatures and you have either got one or two groups who are play acting, going to people and trying to impress them with a vision so that they go out and say I’ve seen this, I’ve seen that,  or we genuinely do have a situation where the earth is being visited by a whole range of creatures and has been for many thousands of years, so I think it is about looking at the evidence, it’s talking to people who are not crack pots and people who have given some good, good descriptions of what they have seen. I am sure we could look at people like Jung, Freud – I wonder if Jung and Freud ever saw a flying saucer themselves?
PO – John Mack,  who was a very learned psychologist, and wrote Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens, talks about masks and identification and spiritual forces, religious forces trying to raise our sense of conciousness. Are any of these creatures doing us any good? Are they something else in disguise? Have we missed the point of what is going on?
SP – I think Dr Mack was a wonderful human being and I think that he was very brave. When you are in a 3D profession such as medicine or science of any sort and you hold the label of doctor or professor, as soon as you break ranks and give your views the whole of the system comes down to crush you. It was tragic, he was struck down by supposedly a drunk driver while he crossed the road. I think that in some cases Jinn will come to people as an angel if someone is a very religious person and you want to get this person to be on side, then you will come and pretend to be an angel. You could be a devil, you could be a demon. I would say that I am not an abductee or a contactee – I am an experiencer. The reason why I am very particular about that is that on some of the experiences I have had an alien will literally enter the room, we won’t go anywhere, it will just enter my mind and then it will give me an experience. Now I know from talking to other genuine experiencers that these creatures have entered their mind and they perceive a completely different being from the being that entered their room. So by going into that person’s mind, those creatures have the ability to make you think you have seen a tiger, or you have seen a beautiful woman, or you have seen Jesus, or something like that. So we are not talking simply about someone who is knocking on the door and saying, I have come to sell you double glazing, do you want it, yes or no? We are actually talking about creatures with a very, very complex agenda who have incredible abilities with their mind enhanced by electronic devices to really give the human race the run around. Your final point was, is it for good or ill? I certainly am of the opinion that the majority of the reptilian races are not positive for earth – not all of them but the majority are not positive for earth. There are a number of fifth, sixth, seventh, eight dimension beings who now have sat on the fence for long enough and are now actually becoming involved to redress the balance of the playing field. The mantis are playing their own game. So yes I would say that there are a number of alien beings in the fourth dimension who wish to keep earth and its human population at status quo, just to keep it the way it is, whereas I and many others want this human race to evolve and to get on and do what it needs to do.
PO – My source of concern is, you said you made an agreement, a deal with these entities. That sounds like something very traditional using modern clothes. I am not hearing anything strange or futuristic. These are the story lines of thousands of years ago being replayed in a modern form. I got very unsettled when you talked about the deal that you made and I wonder if you could explain that a bit more and would you say that you are at least sympathetic to the idea that these story lines are very old and just in modern dress at the moment?
SP – Well, I am sorry that I unsettled you, I really would not want to unsettle anybody but sometimes the truth is unsettling. The deal that I made, and I will give it to you word for word, was this: would you like to be like us, to have knowledge and understanding, to see the future, to know the past, to have power and authority? And I said yes and then the creature, who had had his hand on my shoulder, went down, took my hand and said, then come with me. So that was the deal I made.
PO – That sounds to me like a very traditional bargain with some evil force. What do you think of that?
SP – Well, I am not dead, and I have not been hurt or tortured and no other people that I  have been with have been hurt or tortured and I think that it is not an evil force, I think it is a force that is used to exerting a lot of authority. It is a very proud race, the mantid race, they have been around a very long time and I think that they offered me a deal to play a greater part in the time that is nearly on us. So no, I don’t think evil, that is why I did not go with the draconis reptilian group, because then I would have been into Satanic ritual, I would have been into murder, all the other things that the Satanists do, so no, I am not down that road.
PO – Regarding your position with Labour and your colleagues there, are they pressuring you to keep quiet about it?
SP – No, this is what surprises the main media and it surprises quite a few people but you have to understand that the people in power know the truth. Those who don’t know the truth are not in power. I have only ever had one phone call from head office, which was, quote, next time you are going to go on prime time television and attack a senior Tory government minister for God’s sake tell us beforehand so we can get the press boys ready. That is the only call I have had.  People in power know the truth. At the start the media was just like everybody else, quite doubtful of it, but what changed the media was when a member of MI5 invited me to tour the secret radar base last year. And as soon as the media heard that then they were absolutely in fits because here is the guy who has come out publicly and said that his grandfather worked for MI6, his mother worked for MI5, he sees aliens, yet he is being given a guided tour of one of the most secure and important sites, not just in Britain but in the world and this is the three phased array space radar at Fylingdales. And suddenly the media obviously thought well, this guy is obviously speaking the truth and that reflects, because when the new pope made a statement a few weeks back that he would baptise aliens at half past six in the morning, who do they phone for a comment? Me. So you have radio 4 phoning me up, asking me to make a comment on the pope. This is because the military have shown that they are quite interested in me. So my colleagues are incredibly supportive. I am the chair of the most influential committee on the town, I am chair of another committee and I did throw my hat into the ring to be mayor of the town and I came second. So this is a problem for the media, who are either controlled by vested interests or frankly, just have idiots on their staff, cannot understand how it is that somebody can say what I say and yet carry the confidence of other politicians. The fact of the matter is that what I am saying is the truth and if these people were to get off their backsides and actually go and do some research themselves they would find out that it was the truth, but the truth is very scary for some people.
PO – Has anyone ever tried to silence you?
SP – The only time I ever had something was when a breakaway group of Freemasons attempted to run me off the road and that is the only serious attempt that has ever been made.
PO – So you are in the “be careful of the Freemasons camp”, are you?
SP – What I would say is that the vast majority of Freemasons are fantastic, hard working, loyal, community minded people. I know many Freemasons who give their time up and their money up for no reward to do some wonderful things in the community so no, I am not knocking the Freemasons. I am knocking probably the top five percent who are in incredible positions of power and basically have just lost the plot and they are out for what they can get.
PO – Regarding the scandal at the moment within the government relating to the sex abuse scandal, the lost dossier – so you feel any of what you talk about, alien and ritual-wise could be related to that kind of scandal?
SP – We have not spoken about the Illuminati really. This is the angle that I would go down. You have to understand that people like Jimmy Savile, incredibly highly placed within the top ranking echelons, are full Satanists, and if you are a practising Satanist, you will abuse children, it is part of the ritual, it is what you do if you believe in that. It is on record that Jimmy Savile chanted in Latin while he abused children. Yes, absolutely, the problem is that so many of these people are in incredibly high positions of office that you won’t get the truth out until there is such a groundswell of public opinion that demands truth and the only country that has done that in a peaceful way is Iceland and that was never reported properly, where Icelandic people actually walked into their parliament, physically manhandled their members of parliament and threw them out on the street. That has never really been reported and of course it is not reported, because they don’t want that happening in Britain or America. So that is true democracy and what we have at the moment is a group of people who are so used to abusing themselves with power, so used to never being challenged, never being asked a question, they have just done what they jolly well liked. And they have joined several clubs, and one of those clubs is a Satanic club where people are tortured and abused. It runs through very high levels.
PO – The only thing that worries me is you may get a witch hunt. You said that the majority of Freemasons that you know are decent people but a lot of people like a witch hunt if they see this is happening in a certain group, then anyone who is involved in paganism or a religion they don’t trust, often there is a risk of people being burned at the stake who should not be?
SP – I think Wicca or Paganism are not the issue. Anything that brings us closer to mother earth, to the way we used to be a few thousand years ago, that is to be applauded. The enemy is the man in the expensive suit, the expensive tie, the expensive motor car who practises Satanic ritual and uses power to keep things under control, that is where the enemy is, not somebody who is humbly practising some white or grey witchcraft.
PO – You also have a lot of interesting stuff regarding your family you touched on earlier. Like MI5, MI6? You said your mother was involved in MI5, covering up some of the UFO and ET information.
SP – We would not really call it MI5 – it is the BSS, the British Security Service. She signed the official secrets act around about 1965/66 and her job was to (old fashioned typewriter in those days) type out documents that related to alien spacecraft that had either crashed or been brought down all over the world and recovered by American special teams. The documents were all in German, they came from West Germany, these are a group of German scientists from Operation Paperclip who did not want to go to America and escaped the Russians and wanted to stay in what became West Germany and my mother’s job was to receive these documents in German, her handler would turn up, and he would have translated them on a spool of tape into English, she types them out and then she had to take them, by a special car that would collect her to Brighton railway station, where she would meet a guy, pass code words and then she would hand the documents across. She did this until 1979. unfortunately what she was reading was just too much for her, she became an alcoholic. So she went to her handlers and said, I’ve had enough of this, I can’t stand it, it’s just too mind-boggling – you always promised me you would give me my old job back. And they did, she went back to her old job and then within two weeks of that, she was dead. And I know that they killed her. I know they felt they had to do it because the information in her mind was just too great. They saw my mother as a loose cannon and so they did what they had to do from their perspective. You can imagine, I was an only child, I did not have a father, so at the age of 18 when this happened I just wanted to run away. I got a job in London which was fifty miles away from where I lived. I prepared to move away and then a day or two before I was to move, an envelope got pushed through the letterbox with £2000 in used notes. And £2000 in 1979/80 was a hell of a lot of money. That was my blood money, that was the money they gave me for killing her. But ever since then the security services have watched me, they usually have a listening role and they have been quite helpful sometimes. I have occasionally had some very nasty interviews and then somebody from the intelligence services tipped me off or, with the Americans, has actually gone and contacted these people and told them to sling their hook. And that is why I got invited to the space radar station, it is why people in power do not come down on me like a ton of bricks, because they have been told to back off. And so it is an interesting life, I can assure you, it is a very interesting, unusual life.
PO – The word “experiencer” is curious. Did you ever read Carlos Castaneda, the trainee anthropologist and Yaqui sorcerer? You remind me of a sorcerer’s apprentice.
SP – I have never heard the name before. The sorcerer’s apprentice is an incredibly interesting comment that you have made. I, in my spare time, I assist people who have Jinn possession, people who have been tortured by Satanic forces or the Illuminati, who have multiple personalities and the Rothschilds even sent me one of their employees to put right and I did not know it was the Rothschilds who had sent her. Had I known I would have charged them a fortune. You are talking magic, you have to use magic sometimes to undo some of the evil magic that has been done. My blood line goes back quite a way – that is an interesting subject, maybe one day you need to pop by and we will have a cup of tea together and we’ll have a chat.
PO – And have you heard of Alex Collier?
SP – I have seen a couple of his videos, I have never met him, but I am aware of him, yes. I give him the thumbs up. I think his experiences are genuine and I also know that his life was threatened, that is why there is a huge gap between his 1980s videos and the more recent stuff, he was told not to talk about the reptilians or the missing children, and if he did, he would be found dead but the difference between Alex Collier and myself is that Alex interacted with fifth or sixth dimension beings who do not get involved in the politics on earth. The beings I interact with have always interfered with the politics on earth and so if anybody tried to do anything too serious to me, then these creatures would very soon make their presence known. That is why Alex did not have higher protection and that is why it was only in later life he came back on again and  you may know what happened. He has got his electricity cut off, his gas cut off, he was penniless, they brought a charge against him, saying he was corrupt, and they destroyed him, absolutely destroyed him. I am not going to go down that road because there are agencies, individuals, whatever you want to call them who would not let that occur. So I think I need to go out and make people aware, push the truth because I am not going to end up on a railway line, I am not going to end up in some ditch, I am going to try and do what I can to try and raise the awareness.
PO – When was the last time you had contact with them?
SP – The last time I remember having contact would be about six weeks ago. I get a lot of missing time but when I am incredibly busy – I did a live Skype link yesterday to Nexus, an Australian conference, I’ve got another conference coming up on Friday – when I am very busy like that, never mind the political work, I tend to not have any capacity left in my mind to remember when I get interacted with, I will just have all this missing time, as the researchers call it. If I’m on a quiet run, say in January or February, then I will tend to have more ability to remember and sometimes when I have an interaction I will say to these creatures, I want to remember this, I want to remember what is happening, because I suppose for my own protection, they will often not allow me to remember certain things. There are many agencies on earth who do not have good will towards the human population and they are always looking for new technologies or ideas or any plans. We cannot go into it, we don’t have the time, but the situation in the Ukraine is not what it appears at all, and stuff like that, you cannot have what I would call the enemy having access to very important information.
PO – Can you foresee a time in the future where we are all going to be a bit more familiar with these beings, or are they going to leave, or how do you see this panning out?
SP – I have no doubt it is going to be in my lifetime. 2016 is the last possible point for a portal opening so the Illuminati, the negative creatures, have got until 2016 to play their trump card, so it will be played in 2015.  They tried it on 21st December 2012 when they tried to activate the CERN hadron collider and if you have seen my presentation, we talk about how the hadron collider failed to operate. Next year will be the year of many things happening. I am expecting some form of financial crash, but not in the sense that we would understand, like a traditional financial crash. I am expecting something to take out the infrastructure of a major country and I think on the back of that certain things will happen. My only concern at the moment with the Ebola outbreak is that if that disease is spread to other countries you may find a mass immunisation programme on the cards, and I would just say to people, be very careful because I am sure there will be nano technology in those injections and I do not want people to be RFID’d – chipped. So there is an awful lot being played out at the moment. They are running out of time, the bad guys, they are up against a wall, they have got to try and control the human population, yes it is changing every day.
PO – I am sure our listeners are very interested in what you have said and many will have questions, and they would love you to come back on and cover some more ground. It would be nice to have more people in politics who are as open minded as you are.
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