8 September 2014 – New Horizons

Simon Parkes at New Horizons club

interviewed by Rob Jones
in St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, UK
September 8th 2014
Jinn and Shadow Beings
Jinn are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology that inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Though the Jinn are made of a “smokeless and scorching fire”, they are also physical in nature, being able to interfere physically with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. A Shadow Being (also known as a Shadow Figure, Shadow Person or Black Mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure who, like the Jinn, may be either evil, helpful or neutral and may be an extra-dimensional inhabitant of another universe.

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Jinn and Shadow beings

Rob Jones – A massive welcome to Simon Parkes with “Jinn and Shadow beings”, called Jinn in Islam, other names in different cultures and religions just possibly might describe the same entities – maybe angels, demons, thought forms, archons, boggerts, spirits, aliens, many more. Tonight as darkness falls, night draws in. Simon speaks of the mysterious and ancient Jinn and shadow beings and gives us an update on his latest research on the UFO phenomenon. Please welcome Simon Parkes.
Simon Parkes – Thank you very much. Well, probably about fifty of you and I did say to the organisers that as it was the first one after the summer holidays, there would be fewer of you. Something like 310,000 hits on Youtube watching New Horizons video of my last talk and I believe that is the highest number of any alternative organisation in the country. So that is really brilliant.
I am going to talk about shadow beings and Jinn simply because A) they are not really discussed. There is not a lot of information here in the western world. We don’t really have a handle on this. I did this presentation in a Masonic Temple. I was asked to do it in a Masonic Temple. Therefore we are going to talk about Jinn, magic and shadows. It was reasonably well taken and therefore at Miles Johnson’s Bases Project which was in Marlborough and I was a speaker there, around this, and that went down well. So I promised to do it here because I thought that Miles would not get this up in time. It is up in time. Did anybody see the presentation I did at Marlborough? That’s actually quite good, because it means you won’t have to sit through it again. So what I would like to do is give you a little bit of an update, we’ll just talk about some general things and then I will do the Jinn and the shadows. The blurb that appeared on your New Horizons web site was taken from a pretty standard text and those in the west who do not read the Koran, who don’t have access to knowledge from the east really have very little handle on Jinn and the issue there of course is that we do not appreciate them, appreciate what they are, where they have come from and quite what is going on, whereas those people who are Islamic, who have studied the Koran, it is not a mythology. In fact in the blurb, and this is no criticism, in the blurb on the web site it actually says “mythology.”  That  would be like saying to an English person, 1066 is a mythology. It is not a mythology, it is history. 1066 was history but to say to an Islamic person that Jinn is mythology would be an incredibly rude thing to do because to them, they are taught that Jinn are real and in fact they have spells to get rid of them. So we need to understand from a western perspective that we as a part of the world have completely lost contact with that side of it.
OK, I am not staying at the organiser’s house tonight, I’m actually driving back to Whitby so we are going to finish quite promptly because I won’t get home til about two o’clock in the morning. So if I could be given a ten minute warning and then we’ll go into questions so that we finish ok.
This is the image that New Horizons used to portray the talk. All the images I am using tonight are either computer generated or drawn from eye witness accounts. Ok, in Whitby there are a number of villages and just as you have scarecrows – Rob, what was the name of the village we went through with the scarecrows? Steyning. Ok, so we  have scarecrows at Steyning and they have a village near Whitby that does scarecrows and this won first prize two years ago and I always ask people to come down the rabbit hole with me and so, there’s Alice and the white rabbit. I’ve never hidden the fact that I did have some programming. I had what was called the White Rabbit programming which is a sub set of the Alice in Wonderland programming. The White Rabbit programming allows a fourth dimensional entity to attach to you so that it can move between the third and the fourth reality. You think that in the Alice in Wonderland story the rabbit was the only consistent creature between wonderland and Alice’s world. It went up and down the rabbit hole, so that is why it is called White Rabbit programming and it has been used by the military, the Illuminati since about the 50s.
We’ll start with a nice picture, I want to get you in the mood. There is her Majesty, it’s an old picture, it’s well known but it’s just worth reminding ourselves that as the gold bullion decreases in the western world, except in Switzerland and China, the Queen now holds probably the largest amount of gold outside of those two countries, and you don’t get pictures like this any more. That is her private, personal gold. It’s nice, isn’t it?
OK,  we live in a world where we are being continually constrained, and walking near a play park in Whitby I saw a sign, not this one, but it said No ball games, no skateboarding, no frisbee, and I turned to the person with me and I said, no fun, no joy. We live in a world where we are being constrained in such a way as we are not necessarily realising it. I saw a taxi, and not just on a sticker, but painted on the car it said No smoking, no eating, no drinking and I thought to myself, it doesn’t say anything about vomiting. And I spoke to a taxi driver and he said oh yes there is, no smoking, no eating and a £60 soiling fee will be charged, so no you can’t vomit either.
OK I want to talk about controlling. The Americans are now on the verge of rolling out intelli streets. That is short for intelligent streets. In New York, to replace the entire street lighting columns, something like 230-250,000 street lights are going to be replaced – not with these, these are very Victorian looking things. They will be very modern, but intelli streets are street lamps that have a microphone, can listen to your conversations as you walk past them, a camera to film you, a loudspeaker to talk to you. It will also give you digital instructions. The way they are selling them to government is by saying – when the sun rises up one side of the street these lights will turn off automatically, that half of the road that is lit, so it is an electrical saving. The reality is, ladies and gentlemen, that you are going to be spied on every time you walk down a road. It’s called intelli street. Being rolled out in America but you know it will come everywhere. So just be aware of that.
Here is a nice way to tell people not to drop their fag butts. SP shows a sign which says “Please do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. The fish crawl out at night to smoke them and we are trying to get them to quit.”  That is somebody that hasn’t been imprinted with a matrix, somebody who can say, look we’ve got rules but let’s not be Colonel Blimp, let’s not threaten and shout and argue and let’s just do it in a clever way. You put the radio on, you put the television on and it’s fear, worry, concern. It doesn’t matter whether it’s The Archers on radio 4, whether it’s Eastenders, whether it’s a serious news item, there are key words being dropped in now which are there to engender fear and disquiet, and you know if I did not do what I do, I would just turn the news off completely and would just refuse to listen to it, because it is 90%  lies, but I have to listen to it because I need to know what they are saying.
(Simon shows some graffiti which says) “Try to love all the people, time to stop the hurt, be here now, forgive.”
Simon Parkes – This was chalked up, I did not do it, I am not artistic enough, this was chalked up in Whitby. What is happening is that the children are changing. This is a young woman, I guess. The kids of today are very different from the kids of yesterday. At the height of my teaching young people to drive I was never bothered by a young person who said to me “Why do I have to do that? Why do you want me to do that?” But to a person of my generation that is incredibly challenging and to the system that is really quite worrying, and that is why young people are actually rebelling, not as in the days of flower power but in a much more spiritual way. And these signs are appearing all over England. Not just in Glastonbury where you would expect it, but in some of the most Godforsaken places like underground subways, and this is the hope for the future, it really is.
OK. this is a well known photograph. It’s the international space station, it’s a posed picture. Every photograph coming from something that NASA is involved in will be posed but the key to why I am showing you this is that the guy is on a computer screen and he has a screen saver. This is a publicly released picture and this is his screen saver (shows picture of UFO flying over earth in space). This is what we call soft disclosure. It’s where we pick up images or words said by the establishment to get us ready for some form of alien contact, either genuine or fabricated. Now the picture is flashing off and on, the brighter picture is taken from a NASA document called Disclosure. So NASA has an electronic document called Disclosure and they’ve just literally used a screen shot onto the front. So this is trying to send a message in a quiet way. You can Google this if you have the time to try and find it.
OK. I went public, as you may know, three years ago and of course, the usual, the establishment turned on me and tried to make me out to be a Walter Mitty character or a crazy nut, or whatever it is was the flavour of the month and then of course I got invited to the top secret radar base and that was a game changer because when the military invited me for a three hour tour of one of the most sensitive facilities not just in Britain, but in the world all the media who had been  attempting to make a fool of me, the carpet was pulled from under their feet. And I had a number of people from BBC, ITV  who would telephone me and say, we don’t know what is going on because we had a brief to take the discussions down a certain way and now we find that the establishment are treating you very seriously. Is there anybody who didn’t see the commemorative coin that I was presented with? Have you all seen this? Good. What I didn’t show was the little pun that CND were doing, which was Star Wars. Because CND knew that this was not just a space radar station to detect ballistic missiles – there was the potential for wars with other civilisations and so they used to demonstrate at the height of the time, saying Don’t Start Wars, very clever. But most people did not understand what they were saying. Having been given this leg up by the military and suddenly taken very seriously I then had the interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. That was the time that they did not want any pictures of a reptilian shown to the public but they were quite happy with the mantid, very interesting. So we still cannot talk about reptilians.
And the new pope took his inaugural speech and he said, I will baptise any aliens. Now I was actually in Glastonbury and at half past six in the morning I got a phone call from the BBC, I was in the bath, saying “The pope has just said he will baptise aliens, can we have a comment?” That is how it has changed – from trying to make a fool of me, now, when something like this happens, the establishment come to me for a comment. So that radar base was a big game changer. And it really made it very difficult for people who are trying to debunk the whole alien agenda.
OK. I have to choose my words carefully now. I attended the Bases conference and after I had spoken an American guy came up and said, could he buy me lunch. That was quite good and I was with a few friends and he said that he represented a group of elite people who were multi millionaires, multi billionaires, who had asked him to come and have a chat with me. He was, not their messenger, because that sounds rather belittling and I don’t mean it that way, I think he was there as their interface, because he said, they will never meet you and he said that I had come across his radar because these people who he works for had told him that they had watched me and that I was genuine and that everything that I had said was for real, so they wanted to make me an offer. But before the offer there was one question and I cannot tell you what the question was. I was asked a question. It was an alien technology question which I partially answered at the table but later I went into the car park, and after getting shot of everybody else I gave him a follow up. Having answered his question, he said that the offer was that I body guards would be provided for me, armoured cars and that if I wanted an underground bunker for me and my loved ones it would be provided and normally there is a huge charge but in my case it was for free. I don’t know about the bunker, I am quite tickled about flying around Britain in blacked out armoured cars, that quite tickles me. But this is a very genuine offer and it’s just interesting for me because I am trying to be on a web site called Avalon, Bill Ryan, ex of Project Camelot has a new project called Avalon and sometimes people who join that don’t take the trouble to speak to me or check out any of my videos and they say, Simon Parkes, his grandfather never worked for MI6, or his mother never worked for MI5. And here is the great dichotomy, because you have people who have never seen anything, perhaps never seen a ghost, never had a granny who read tea leaves and have believed everything they have been taught through their life, and then there I am meeting somebody who is representing some very elite people who say, completely straight faced, we accept everything you say, we need to go and do this. And this is the battle between those that have the power and the money, who know the truth and those who make up the vast majority of people who have had the truth hidden from them. And this is where it is grossly unfair. Everybody should have the same information and everybody should be able to make the choice. If people don’t have the information, how can they make a choice?
OK, what are the shadows? Shadow people, shadow beings, shadow this, shadow that. What I want to do tonight is to talk about the shadows a little bit, try to see if we can come to some understanding of the difference between shadows and Jinn, try and work out where they come from. I am not a researcher, I am an experiencer and I have experienced shadow creatures and Jinn for a very long time, just lucky they don’t hurt me. The Andersons, who made Stingray and Thunderbirds made a very interesting TV show in 1968 or 69 called U.F.O. And the headquarters for this fictitious base was the Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation. And they use a shadow (on their logo). I don’t believe that is just chance. Here is a speaker, a very well known lady, and she is talking about the Hat Man. This is a well known shadow image that people have. I was just a little bit surprised at this, because why are the shadows watching YOU? And I think in my talks I really don’t want to inject any fear. It’s a balancing act between telling you my truth and what I know to be true and sometimes that is not very good news but I am certainly not in the business of trying to scare you or use language that would frighten you, so I would never do what this lady has done. Why are the shadows watching YOU? It’s much better to say, ok, let’s work out what they are about. Because you know we can’t afford to be scared of anything. These are real drawings from a child. Two separate children, they both depict what we call the Hat Man. I won’t ask you to put your hands up but I am sure people here have had experiences with shadows, whether they are hat men or not. Why would they turn up with a hat? It’s very interesting isn’t it? Because men in black also have hats, so there might be a link there. Here is another child’s drawing. These children are not related, they are from all over the western speaking world and this young girl is showing a drawing where she is frozen and she can’t move, she is absolutely frozen. She is not in a bed, she is actually standing up but she is locked solid, she can’t move and this creature appears to be a black being with a hat. Here is a painting of another one. That actually could be a man in black, so it is becoming very difficult. Another child’s drawing, where they would be in their bedroom and this creature would just peer round at them. Of course, parents who have no experience will just imagine it is a dream,  they can’t support the child properly. Another drawing, this time the shadow is walking through the wall. What I want you to be aware of is that I have put these into the shadow beings section, not the Jinn section because there is no smoke rising off these creatures. It’s a very important distinction, there is no smoke coming off them. This is a really old one, it comes from about 1900/01 – it is a photograph, an original photo. That actually is a very interesting either alien or a robotic alien or it could be a Jinn, but it is the black garb, looking like a nun, it’s one of the first, earliest UFO/alien photographs ever taken.
Do you see that? That is exactly what a shadow being would look like. You should see through them, they should be a humanoid shape and a male shape.
I don’t know who these guys are – this was brought to me not because it is a member of the family but because the shadow behind the old gentleman, that is not an accurate shadow, there is something going on there.
Shadows don’t necessarily appear as people, they can appear as angular, sharp objects. Sometimes they appear as spiders, either very small ones, drawn to very high electro magnetic pulses or electronic equipment, sometimes huge.
OK, so what are the Jinn then? In the east they are called “from the smokeless fire” which is odd because we would associate smoke with them. But this is the old texts, smokeless fire. Here is a very new, but reflecting a very old idea of a Jinn attempting to corrupt an imam or a holy man. The holy man is on a flying carpet, or he is actually down praying and the Jinn is attempting to turn him, and that is exactly how the Koran sees these creatures, as those creatures that come down to cause trouble. And they are seen as beings that generally aren’t very useful, but we will talk more about that in a minute. We are all familiar with Aladdin, this is how it is portrayed to children. Remember the word genie is just from the word Jinn. So this is how close the link is, but how it has been lost in the west. And you go to a theatre and because it is described as in blue, so the actor puts on a blue costume. Plenty of smoke, we always associate smoke with the creature coming out of the lamp. Here we have some very nice digital art work based on people’s experiences. You have a face coming out. Now it’s put next to the lamp because that is the pun. The reality is it would not necessarily come out of lamp but we’ll talk a bit more about that. Here is another one. This is really good because you’ve got two eyes, a face and a right elbow and arm coming out, so there is a head and a body and the rest of the body is just a trail of smoke. I’m not sure about the blue colour, I think that is because Aladdin’s genie was blue. In Hungary, which is a bit more towards the east than we are, they have stamps, and there is Aladdin. So in this country Aladdin is seen as something that you go and see at the pantomime, but in other countries it is seen as something very serious. This is the picture that New Horizons used to introduce the talk. It’s a very useful one, we can see that there are four digits on the hand and it has reptilian-like traits. Here is another one with very pointed, what looks like hair and it is coming out from somewhere, again trailing a body. Since the Renaissance classical artists have drawn the female who is being visited by a demonic entity and the creature depicted there is by a Jinn.
Hat man and the hooded figure – now these have smoke rising from them so I don’t consider them shadow beings, I consider these Jinn. So here we have a problem because we’ve seen pictures of the Hat Man being drawn by experiencers who show no smoke coming off them, yet here we have some. So do we have a situation where some Jinn are pretending to be shadow beings. This is my drawing, which you should perhaps be familiar with now. And I always called him my smoke man, I never said he was a shadow being. It was the researchers who said, oh that’s a shadow being, but I have clearly drawn him with smoke coming off his body. I think that is a Jinn, that is my own personal view. Here is someone else’s drawing of something they have seen. That is very similar to mine. And also this one has red eyes and smoke is coming off it. I think that is definitely a Jinn. Here is another drawing of a mother and two children. This is a very humanoid looking creature but there is smoke coming off it. I would say that was a Jinn. I would say this one is a Jinn because if you look down to its arm you can see smoke coming off it. This is not a real photo, this is a representation. Now this is a real photo. Two pictures, first one – this black mass which doesn’t appear to be anything at all and then when we look at this, you can most definitely detect, and the smoke coming up. So that would be a Jinn. Remember you can catch things on a camera that your eye does not record onto your brain. So your eye sees these things but the brain does not always imprint it, to remember it. And that is quite a nice picture.
Animals often appear in people’s rooms and if it is not an alien actually going into your mind and making you think that there is an animal in your room. I have had that, when I was actually having an implant put into my hand and I got very upset with the way the skin was opening out to take the implant. The alien went into my mind and I had a cheetah and a giraffe in the room. They weren’t in the room but in my mind I saw them and I then allowed them to do what they needed to do. This is a representation of somebody who, I think, has seen a Jinn and the Jinn is having a problem working out what to do with the tail, because they just don’t always get it.
This is quite an interesting character – I would say that is a Jinn pretending to be a wolf. Again, that is taken from someone’s descriptions.
And this drawing which you should be familiar with. This is the young woman who now works for the Rothschilds, who they sent to me because she had a Jinn possession. She also had six alternate personalities and I removed the Jinn from her and allowed her core being to reabsorb the alternate personalities. That is done through torture. One of the ways of controlling a very high souled person, particularly a female is to insert Jinn into them. A Jinn will not take control of that person but will dumb them down so they can’t be as spiritual and they will accept things and do things that they wouldn’t normally think about. So if you have a family with star children and the mother is aware of that and is trying to do the best that she can for them, then negative forces will try to infiltrate that family. If the female does not have a male in her life they will set up a situation where she will meet a male. He will be what we call a dark magician, he will be a satanic magician and he will conjure forth a Jinn and the Jinn will be placed into her and his access will be, from his point of view, to get to the children. And this goes on all the time. I have people who come from all over the world to have these Jinn taken out and you protect those that are vulnerable, and I don’t charge for it. I should really have charged these people. I didn’t know it was the Rothschilds who had sent this person to me. I honestly thought this person had come to me out of her own volition. Had I known then what I know now I would have charged them a quarter of a million pounds because they can afford it and they could then subsidise everybody who cannot afford it. And I think it is probably worth talking a little bit about how Jinn work within families. When you have a family that is identified to run in a very high, elite way then you will want the children, at a very early age and you will, from their perspective, need to torture those children, because only through torture can you make that child break their mind down into different compartments to place the pain in there. So the biggest exponent of this would have been Dr Mengele, who became an American citizen and he was known as either Dr Green or Dr Black. And he would quite happily, and I’m using the word deliberately, he would quite happily torture children but have a puppet show taking place in front of them and the child would place the pain in a character of the puppet. So we’ll just call a puppet George – I hope there is nobody here called  George – we’ll have a puppet called George. So where that child has reached a point where the pain is too great, then George becomes not just a puppet, but a character within that child’s mind, becomes a set personality, so whenever that person is tortured again it is George that takes the pain, so that child can then get on with their life. So when you create a butterfly, which is a female who is going to have sex with male Illuminati from high ranking families, you create an alter that that person will go into, not through torture, but through key words. And that female will then quite happily have sex with a whole range of men, because it is her alter that is doing that, and not her. And when a human female is to have sex with a reptilian- a white reptilian – the Illuminati word for such a female is dragonfly. So any human female who is a dragonfly will have sex with a non human entity. So Jinn of course are not aliens in the true sense of the word. Jinn are inter dimensional. They live between the third and the fourth dimension. That is why magicians can call them forth, because they have experience of third and fourth realities and are just always on the edge of our perception and can come forward. So we’ll talk more about them in a minute, you can see how this is going down with the Masons, can’t you?
This is quite good, because if you’ve just been looking at the drawing that the young woman did for me, here is another rendition from somebody else and look how the spikes are on that, they are very similar, look at the spikes, although this is much smaller, this is probably about 30cms long. Look at the tail, I call it a tail, look how this young woman drew it coming out to a point, look how this person has tried to draw the smoke out, that is not coincidence.
Many people see Jinn as cherubs, and I’m sorry, the church is not going to  like it, that’s why there are so many cherubs associated with churches. And gargoyles, I didn’t get a drawing of a gargoyle, I didn’t have time. So as not to scare the intended target a Jinn will do this, and become like a new born babe.
Oh dear, who is this? Tinkerbell, yes. A dark magician, when he puts a Jinn into a target female will have a pet nickname for the target female and that is Tink. So any female who is referred to as “Tink” is carrying a Tinkerbell, which means a Jinn. And again these people will exhibit it in different ways and one of the ways is their eyes going black. So not the white parts of their eyes, but the iris going absolutely black, that is when they have a demonic possession. Ted Heath had one of those. This is quite common and we will talk about how they are conjured in a minute. Here is a drawing where a Jinn can appear as a female to entice a man.
That is a real picture. Thank you to the Warminster UFO group for this. I am calling this a Jinn. I’m sure they probably wouldn’t call it a Jinn, they would call that something else, probably an entity from a spaceship or another dimension. This is a Jinn.
Let’s just go back here. Look at the tail coming out from the lamp.
Now look at that. That’s a Jinn, that is a real photograph,ok? That is a Jinn.
This is also a real photograph, although of course de bunkers will say no, that is a model. Even if this was a model, that is so good and you can see now where the cherub comes from, with the wings. I’ve got another one here, look at the similarity. And you know what, even if it is a model, that is so good,  you would have to have seen one to create it that cleverly. You would have to have had experience with them.
Not far from where I live is a city called Lincoln and hidden up in the cathedral is the famous Lincoln imp. It’s been carved there for many hundreds of years and it looks just like that. Think of all the gargoyles on the outside of churches.
Tony Zee sent me this picture. It’s now available on the internet. I have used it before and I will continue to use it. I’m sure those who don’t want the subject will say that is a very big fish. The story that goes with this is that this creature was killing the villagers and the only way they could kill it was putting thin wire, and it was literally decapitated. The Jinn will look like that. The best way to describe this is like a piranha fish. When a Jinn doesn’t like you, that is its real self. When it wants to connect with you it might be a cherub, it might be the drawing that I showed you by the young woman who now works for the Rothschilds, like a little fairy, depending on what its roles are with you.
Ok, why is there so much Jinn activity around me? When I have Skype sessions with people who are psychic they will often see things going on behind me. There are a couple of people now who are so used to it they don’t pass any comment. And last summer I was at the sea front with a member of the family, it was about eight o’clock and I was on the prom looking down maybe ten feet to the sea. The tide was coming in and you know a Jinn because the way your eyes are constructed you have cones in the front and rods at the side and because of the energy signature of a Jinn, you will see it in the corner of your eye. As it moves in front of you, you see nothing and then as it exits you see it come out. So  you know it is not a bat or a bird, because there will be nothing, and we’re all human, and we’ll look and think, what was that and of course, that is the worst thing you can do because if you look straight at these objects you won’t see them. And I had about seven or eight of these just in front of me and a member of the family came up and said “Have you seen all these strange birds?”  And I just laughed and said yes, they’re just looking for insects. And I often find that sometimes it is better not to go into an explanation because it might not be the right time.
Past life – (shows pic of ring with pentagram) you can buy these, they are sold as King Solomon’s ring. It has a pentagram on the front of it and they sell this for a lot of American dollars and it is sold as King Solomon’s ring. Well, if you have taken the trouble to actually read any of the scriptures you will know that is not the dimensions of King Solomon’s ring. Any Illuminati house will have a number of books, certainly it will have The Lord of the Rings. Rings are very important for conjuring Jinn. I could be really naughty and ask has anybody here ever conjured a Jinn? I wonder if anybody would admit to that?
OK, if you type in Solomon’s temple this is invariably the image you get. It is totally incorrect but you do have the two pillars and the two pillars are portals. Boaz and Joachim. These are the pillars and inside a portal opens and allows you to either bring things through or send them through.
The Hobbit – who saw the film, the Hobbit? A few of you. The two pillars. Do you remember in my other talks where I would say to you stuff is hidden in plain sight? Two pillars, Bilbo Baggins is walking through a portal. On either side of him are two little orbs, this is exactly what they are telling you. And where does he come through? Into another world. So he stepped through a portal and went through. Hollywood is absolutely rife with a mixture of disinformation and real information which is being deliberately pushed to put out to us. Now this is much more like the real temple, it’s a little bit too high. That is much more like King Solomon’s temple.
This is the Kabbala. Kabbala is from the west – it’s Jewish magic. Who does Tarot here? Just two? Heck, ok, this should mean something to you. The vast majority of magicians who command a Jinn, and that is the correct terminology, to command a Jinn, do so by wearing an iron ring. The iron ring must be solid, it must be hand forged by a man naked from the top up, it must have no impurities other than what you would expect in iron and the iron ring is used to entrap the Jinn. That is what is taught. You would then use some very, very long magical commands to make this happen. That is actually not quite really what is going on here. If we believe in reincarnation, if we believe that we have perhaps been on this planet before, we have different bloodlines and different souls. The Jinn will not serve somebody who does not have the right blood line and it’s really not much to do with a ring but the Jinn who don’t like humanity need an excuse to serve a magician and so what they say is, I am serving the ring. I am serving the master of the ring. And think about Lord of the Rings, the master of the ring. Because the Jinn cannot bring themselves to say that we are serving this individual human, so we will serve the ring master, or the ring lord, but we want a deal in return, so the Jinn will get something in return for it. …..lost portion ….huge business, if you go on the internet, and you can go through ebay, you can get people, you can pay them to get rid of Jinn for you and all of these magicians that I am aware of will use conjuring and very sacred texts and they will do a deal with that creature and in return that creature will obviously want something. Many people would be surprised just how many are possessed by what you would call a demonic spirit. It is a Jinn. Because everything from the far east, where say in Turkey, a businessman reneges on a deal, then the equivalent of the Mafioso won’t come round and shoot him up, they will actually have a Jinn set on him. They will go to a local magician, pay him in some form of money and he will send a Jinn against that individual and that is part and parcel of a culture of which we have no concept here.
Here we have two people – Charles Darwin and Wallace. Now I was an auxiliary lecturer at the Natural History Museum for a number of years and my job  was to meet school children coming from all over the country and to conduct them round the museums, take them round the dinosaur section – where else would I be? – and run workshops with them and I did that for a number of years and if you go to the Natural History Museum in London you will find a bigger than life size marble statue of Darwin sitting on a chair, very grand, very important, but if you look to the right of him, maybe two metres, there is a small oil painting and it says Alfred Wallace, co author of The Origin of Species. But how many of you, before you became aware, realised that Charles Darwin co authored the book Origin of Species with Wallace? The way it is taught is that there was only one man, and it was Darwin. The reality is, ladies and gentlemen, that Charles Darwin’s father was a 33rd degree Mason. He was the one that paid for the Beagle, he paid for it all, because – he was carrying out orders from very high up, because they wanted an ideology of the survival of the fittest, because that is an incredibly reptilian lifestyle. And providing humans continue to eat meat, the cycle cannot be broken. So for those of you who are not too squeamish, if we can accept that some forms of reptilians will consume human flesh, that’s ok, because you humans are consuming other animal flesh and so the circle does not get broken. So we have a situation where Wallace said, I can go along with evolution of species for everything but humans. This is impossible. And Wallace was completely frozen out.
Picture of evolution of man/woman from ape – you won’t find that will you? I had to go everywhere to find a female at the top. I had to make a statement. Why is it always men? Why? So we all understand evolution, we show a primitive half monkey type creature and it seems just quite rightly just to work its way up nice and steady til we get to the most highly evolved of the species, which is obviously a female, and we accept that, because we know that if we are imprinted with pictures that is much more powerful than lots of text. So here is a fossil record. HerHomo Rudolfensis, 1.8M years old. He’s not a particularly handsome looking beast, is he? This is from the Natural History Museum, this isn’t from some crazy art place so that is what they looked like 1.8M years ago. There is another one, Paranthropus, about 2.2M to 1.8M years ago so what in God’s name happened at 1.9M years ago? If you put this gentleman in a suit and a hat he could go into somewhere and buy a coffee and could get away with it. It is not possible for a creature to evolve from something very primitive to something much more advanced without outside intervention. I’m not trying to take anything away from human kind. My own view is that humans were here a long time ago in a very evolved form and were tricked, and were, for want of a better word, dumbed down. In other words, the 12+ strands of DNA were reduced to make human creatures incapable of evolving spiritually, to forget who they were, where they came from, what they were capable of, and were just there to do the bidding of somebody else. Now of course, things are very different. Humans are energetically creating or reconnecting their DNA strands, people are questioning, people are aware, people are not taking the BS any more. We know when we are being lied to and we don’t like it. The problem is that we are not the establishment. We are individuals and most of us do not believe in violence, whereas the establishment does believe in violence and appears to hold all the cards. I am often asked, how do we get out of this mess?
We went from a stone age culture with what is called pebble tools, and literally overnight, I am talking about 100,000 years, to what is called the hand axe culture. It may not look much to you, ladies and gentlemen, but this was an incredible evolutionary jump, to go from a roughly hewn pebble, to a beautifully created stone, what we call a hand axe and the brain will have had to have been changed dramatically. That does not occur naturally. If you think about a wolf. A natural wolf now is exactly as it was 12,000 years ago. That has not evolved or changed. But if you take a dog, like a German Shepherd and look back 100 years, after humans have been breeding it towards a set pattern, look how that dog has changed. Those of you who have dogs, look how they have changed, from what they really were, in a very short period of time. That is with external intervention and that is exactly what has occurred to the human race, external intervention. So, in other words, we think, oh, I am really superior, really clever, we are not like the monkeys. Yes, but are you as clever as when you were in Lemuria, or when you were in Atlantis? You’ve got a rough deal.
Those of you who do Tarot, we talked about Tarot. There is a very nice set called – well, let’s go round it this way first of all. There was a guy called Aleistar Crowley, who you may well know of, and he was a very interesting magician, dark magician. He actually tried to work for MI5 and he maintained that Winston Churchill’s V for Victory was actually created by him, there was some truth in that. I know of a number of tarot sets: he created one called the Toth Tarot which is perhaps one of the closest to real magic that you might get, and there are a number of other spin offs. This one actually shows a reptile at the tree of knowledge and Eve. So this is the downfall of mankind. These are called the lower arcana cards and these cards have generally just been devoid of pictures, but using cards held by a sect called the Golden Dawn, which was something set up by Mr Crowley, for the first time these cards have come up and it is called the Liber T deck. And so these are images that have been held sacred and now are being released to the public, so we have Eve, the tree of knowledge and a reptile. Here are four more cards, and the one on the right shows a reptilian creature with his hands outstretched. Why would you use reptilian-like creatures in a tarot set? Unless you knew something that the vast majority of the public did not know? You remember I was just saying to you that sometimes it amuses me that people question some of the things I say? I don’t mind people questioning me on subjects that they should do, but for instance, my grandfather – there are some people who say I never had a grandfather. My daughter worked for an organisation that worked very closely with the British army – she is not there at the moment – her boss was a brigadier – and she had access to information that we wouldn’t have and she found a photograph of my grandfather, I’m going to pass it around because it’s brilliant, it’s taken in 1941, he’s a British consul in India, getting into a car, it’s obviously a posed picture, but it shows what information is held on people and is not released but only certain people will have it, so I am just going to pass that around.
I was a driving instructor for a number of years and when you become a driving teacher you have to have a special driving licence and when I applied to the DVLA for my driving licence they had a real problem with me because they said, we have no record of you in any school in England, in fact you don’t exist. And it made it very difficult, I had to wait something like three months for my special licence to come through and it only came through because I was able to find a document to prove that I was here in those days and yet it appears that establishment have information regarding me which is not in the public domain. So I guess when this physical body dies I will be completely expunged from the records. I’ll exist on You tube or whatever there is but from the establishment’s point of view I will never have been to school here, I will have never had a doctor here, and that is what they do with people they don’t like – they just wash them away.
In 1965 I was visited by what I call the smoke man. You can call it a Jinn. The creature appeared to me, like the drawing that I showed  you, probably about six foot tall, two little eyes, just pointy hands, pointy legs like a star, black with ethereal smoke continually rising from it but not dissipating out. The creature came through the window, glided towards me, no movement of legs, just glided towards me and this creature was not dissimilar to something I had seen before so I was more comfortable with it. I was always as a child very scared by something the first time because I had no association with that particular creature but after they had visited me more than two or three times I became familiar with them and if the subject is not hurt then why would you be scared? If you take a cat or a dog to the vet they are only scared because things happen to them there that they don’t like but the very first time you take a dog or a cat, unless they are psychic they will be quite happy, so if a child is not harmed in any way then it won’t respond with the fear reaction. So this creature would communicate telepathically, I don’t even recall it having a mouth, or nose for that matter and I asked it what it was and it said, I am your teacher, I am here to make you better, to which, as a five year old child, I replied, I am not ill, or not sick, and the creature replied, to make your mind better. And for the next three months this creature would interact with me and I will give you a description of that interaction. But over that period of time my education in school – I had been in the first year of real school, five,six years old, – went right down the pan, so much so that the teachers were very concerned about me and I had special lessons in school. My grandfather, who had a bob or two, paid for an English teacher to come to the house on Saturdays and a maths teacher on Sundays and I developed what we would now call dyslexia although it wasn’t termed that during this period of time. After the end of the three months a very strange thing happened – my reading age, at the age of five, shot up to twelve, although my spelling has never been good and my handwriting has always been pretty awful, but this is the period that I would have what we would call dyslexia. The creature’s objective was to get me to predict the future, we would play what we would call the “arm game”. The creature would stand in front of me and ask me to copy it, so it would hold its arm out to nine o’clock, like that, and I would copy it, then its other arm might go up to two o’clock and I would copy it. And it would be doing it at this speed, and that is just copy. And then it would get faster and faster and faster and in the end I am having to mirror it really quickly. And that is what anybody can do, it’s just normal. Then it would put its arms down and think where its arms would be going. So it would send me a picture that its arm would be at two o’clock and I would be having to react to where it is sending me the picture. Towards the end of the “training programme” it said to me, I want you to put your arms where I would put my arms if I was going to. I’m going to help you out with that, because that is very tricky. It didn’t physically move its arms, it didn’t send me any telepathic messages as to where its arms were going to go, but what it said was, if I was to move my arms, where would I move them to? And I then went into this position of where the arms would go and I’m being taught to be precogniscent, to be able to look into the future. So my established education went right down because what was being developed was another part of me, which was absolutely a million miles away from what is stuffed down people’s throats in the education world. At the end of the interaction period something had changed, but it didn’t affect me at school although the dyslexia has always been with me from that point and it is never going to go away. That was the time frame when I would be in bed and I would look at the light hanging from a single flex and the french windows would be open and there would be a gentle breeze blowing through and the lamp would be spinning clockwise and I would lie in bed and I would think – I don’t want it going clockwise, I want to make it go anti clockwise. So this is not standard behaviour. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes I was not, but I would attempt to make it turn the other way. Now this is totally different from a Satanic magician, who will hold his hands up like this and the audience will see stars on the end of each of his fingers, because that is not really happening, he has gone into your mind. One real example would be in a hall in December when the subject of the attack and two friends were in a hall, and this is December, and this magician, and a butterfly appeared and flew round the hall. And one guy, who was much more psychically aware, much more spiritual realised that he just did not know why consciously but he had to get this thing and not let anyone else touch it and he quickly went and got it in his hand and took it outside and the magician was absolutely furious that the intended target hadn’t done that. There was no butterfly in that room. But in the minds of the people, they saw a butterfly. And here in the western world, it is almost inconceivable that another “human”, another person can enter, not just one mind, but a group of minds and make them all think they see the same thing. When I was part of the AMMACH group – I left that because I was being attacked left, right and centre, not because I was being attacked but because of the damage it was doing to people who were my very good friends and who were being turned against me, off and on like a switch, and I am never prepared to put other people in the firing line because I have become a target, so I will withdraw myself, but in this period of time when I was with AMMACH, it had been organised for a hypnotherapist to come over from Ireland and I became somewhat concerned at the remit of the hypnotherapist and I asked the hypnotherapist, what is your plan, and he said, well I’m going to break everybody’s contact with their alien connections whether they like it or not. And interestingly enough there was a three to four minute video of him on Youtube, he is incredibly successful, he doesn’t do the usual stop smoking, don’t be scared of heights – he works for an American corporation who hypno-therapise their top businessmen to be really good businessmen. People don’t realise that’s what big corporations do. And there is a two minute video of him and he is with a group of college kids and he stands up and he points and he gets one of the kids up, he’s about eighteen or nineteen and he says, copy me. And he says, turn around and point and say after me, I can point at the door because I am in control. So on Youtube, and afterwards I will tell you the name of the person, I am not doing it publicly – I can point at the door because I am in control. No swinging of a watch or circles turning, then the young man says, I can point at the door, because I am under control. It took fifteen seconds to get that young man under control. This is the power, and a lot of these stage magicians are actually really genuine. In the fifties, it was always ants in the pants, people would go up on stage and the magician would say, you’ve got ants in your pants and they would jump around and everybody thought, yeah, it’s a set up. Actually there are developed humans out there who can do that and it is often thought that when you are new age or you are spiritually aware, you are a good person, you give up meat and you are ethical and it is hard to understand that some of the most negative people on the planet also give up meat, because when you give up meat it actually increases your spiritual ability, but if you are a magician and you give up meat it increases your magical powers. So that is why any true Illuminati person does not eat meat. No true magician should ever eat meat. Hitler never ate meat. So it is not just the “good” people for want of a better word, it
is those who have a different agenda. We live in a world where we are faced with two choices – good or evil. The reality is – what the hell is good and what the hell is evil? We have a very contrived notion and we decide what side of the fence we are on. The reality is, and it is the real reality, that unless we engage with those that have a different view to us, we cannot actually change the balance. The project that I did this presentation for is actually a genuine project called The Vault. I am going to give them a bit of plug, whether they like it or not. It is a wonderful project based in a Masonic temple. Now contrary to public belief, 99.999% of the Masons are very good people, I am going to repeat that. The vast majority of Freemasons are very good people. Just like any other organisation it’s the very top echelons. Freemasons give up their time for nothing to do community jobs for community good. In my own town where I live, if it was not for the Freemasons there would not be what we call a charitable Boxing Day Dip. In Whitby people dress up in costumes which they create themselves and they run into the sea on Boxing Day and they raise money for charity. It only happens because the Freemasons provide everything free of charge. So we need to be very, very careful when we have a blanket description of Freemasons as being bad. There are more bad bankers, percentage wise, in the world, than there are Freemasons, let’s just get that straight. So Freemasonry in itself is not bad, it’s just like anything else, there are people at the very top who will change and alter and use it for their own ends, the problem is it is a secret organisation and therefore most people are excluded from it and we don’t understand what is going on and why it is going on and we feel separate and there is lore, magic, hidden in images and texts which we don’t have the “right”, in the way it works, to have that, but it does not mean it is wrong and if we go through life hating, if we go through life saying, I feel a bit of a victim, or I am angry, we cannot effect change. I went public, not because I wanted to write a book, I haven’t written one yet, it is not published, I didn’t do it for anything other than to actually begin to open the debate, something that the humans must talk about. Establishment must face it. I also went public because I wanted to give strength to others who were thinking that they might go public, or they were having experiences and they really did not know quite what to do, and I am heartened by the number of people who message me to say, thank you, I was going through a very difficult time, you have actually helped in some small way. And that is why, unlike some of the very big names that we associate with this, I do not make money out of this. It is very important for me, this. When I do a talk like this I expect to get some money, but I don’t make a living off it, I get my petrol money and a little bit extra. People come from all over the world to consult with me. I don’t charge them. It’s crazy. It’s crazy because we live in a system where, I go into a shop and I can’t have something unless I give you something, and that needs to be broken. I have an allotment and I say to somebody, I have got a couple of pounds of potatoes I don’t want, do you want them? The feeling is embarrassment, because – don’t they have to pay for it? And I give it to them and then ten minutes later – oh, do you want some apples, do you want this? Why do people feel they have to give back? If I give something, I give it out of love, not because I want something in return. But people generally are so conditioned by the matrix that we live in that they are absolutely playing out a set pattern time and time and time again, and we have to break that pattern. This young woman who has chalked on one of the promenade walls in Whitby has not just broken out, she is doing what I am doing – she is writing a message, she is trying to get something across to people and those of you who have had hard times with entities of any sort know that if you can project love the creature will just disappear because there is nothing for it to feed on. In ancient Rome people slaughtered each other in the arena. If we had had the right equipment we would have looked all around the top of the arena and you would have seen it absolutely thickly populated with entities absorbing death from the bloody spectacle taking place. And as long as humans can create that through violence and wars, why would these creatures go? Why would they leave you? You are giving them everything they want – I don’t mean you, because you are awake, that is why you are here, but until humanity realises what is happening on this planet – it is fighting a battle, and I am using language that we use in the 3D aren’t I? We are fighting a battle that we don’t understand. We come back to what I said earlier, people say to me, what should we do, and they want to take up arms, they want to demonstrate – no – you need to go inside yourself and you need to change. You need to actually project forgiveness, love. That is the hardest thing, it is very hard. But if you stop those elements that you were programmed to produce, the system will begin to fall down. We think we need to take up a gun – I will tell you, I spoke to a major of the American military who said that the objective to take away high powered rifles from the citizens of America was based on this premise – when the American people discover the lies that they have been given, they will rise up against us, and he said, imagine that you have a gun, as we allow you have in America, and you want to shoot me, you have to come to the window to shoot me. But we in the military, we have high powered rifles, we just shoot through the walls and kill you. That is why the Americans wanted the high powered rifles removed, so that it would be an unfair battle and if you think back to Sandy Hook and if you think back to times where bullet proof doors were smashed through with lots of bullets with a high powered rifle, well, let’s ban high powered rifles. I am afraid that things happen in our world that are orchestrated, planned and organised, ten, fifteen, twenty years in advance, and many of them have not come to fruition. The British are working on a new drone called Terranis, which is named after a Gaelic god, the Americans have a spy drone called Sentinel, and it was a sentinel drone that was supposedly shot down by the Iranians some three years ago but the reality was that it wasn’t shot down. The Sentinel drone contained some very, very, very advanced micro circuitry. That craft, which looks just like the Roswell spacecraft actually. If you go on Ebay and type in Roswell UFO you will see, for $15 or $20 whatever it is, a company called Testers,  which is a very good representation of the Roswell spacecraft. Both the British latest drone and the American’s latest drone are spitting images of that craft. That craft was force landed down in Iran to balance up the technology. Now the Iranians have micro circuitry and they are only five years behind the Americans. So the Americans have lost a big technological lead. So what is happening on the planet? Technologically things are being balanced, and if you saw my interview with Kerry Cassidy at Avebury Stone circle, I talked about the situation in Ukraine and I just tried to point out that President Putin isn’t quite the bad guy that the establishment is trying to paint him as. But on an energetic level, it has been changed. More and more people are – not rebelling – what they are saying is, I don’t want this world any more. And think about the word “mindfulness”. How many community centres now are springing up, teaching mindfulness? Because you know, if you are a businessman or businesswoman it is ok to say, oh my life is so stressed, I want something different, I’ll go and do this mindfulness Buddhist training cos that is the first stage, they can do that, but they can’t say, I want to completely change my lifestyle, I want to meditate, etc etc, that comes later, but ten years ago, you
wouldn’t have this move and this is incredibly terrifying for the establishment. It is losing control of its community and that is why they have a plan to attempt to take back that control. That could be either through an Ebola virus which then requires everybody to be inoculated, it might be electro magnetic pulses, it might be something else. But I want you  all, as we draw to a close now, to be on your guard, to be aware that as “they” run out of time, so they become more desperate and as they become more desperate they become more obvious. Please don’t be fearful, do not be scared. Trust in yourselves. Believe in yourselves. Anybody who is alive now, in these years, is here for a reason. It is a very, very hard time but it is a very, very wonderful time so if you are here now to experience what is happening, you are actually the trail blazers for the future. There is no question of that, this is a very special time that we are in so we need to, I think, not turn our back on our world because we need money, we need to do a job, we have to exist, we have to be accepted, but don’t compromise who you truly are. Don’t lose the values. Humans are fantastic. You have so much going for you. You have the ability to be something quite unique. It is because of that that there is so much outside interest in you. The energies that you give off, the ability to create from nothing, and of course you don’t realise just how special you are, but that is deliberate, because if you all knew how special you were, you wouldn’t put up with the crap that goes on around you. So what I want to do is to draw to a close, I am happy to take any questions and then I guess we can just go!
Q – have you heard of, or have you any opinion of a race of ETs called the Velon?
A – I didn’t use that during my talk on the Jinn. I am quite happy to go along with the term Velon. They are a master race who are expert at subverting, lying, tricking. They manipulate other races. They are energetic, they use their intellect to obtain what they want, they are parasites. Yes, I absolutely agree that they exist, and these are the creatures that need to be starved of energy because, do you know what, they will just move on somewhere else.
Q – why didn’t you communicate with your parents what was going on?
A – well, my father left the family before I was one year old and my mother never re married, never had another boyfriend, she said to me her job was just to bring me up. I communicated to her the spaceships I had seen and the creatures I had seen and she would always say to me, draw them, then I will show them to the people that I work with, and that is what she would do. The earliest memory that I have, in terms of cognisant, would be in 1963 when I lived in a place called Hove, which was in Sussex, by the seaside. I can remember that my mother was not there and what I would now call a Jinn came through the wall, and this is the very first time I had seen a Jinn in this shape. So we are talking about the traditional black shape and that actually quite scared me because I had never seen one before. But it did not get the reaction it wanted – it did not want to scare me. So in my mind it changed into a policeman and that made me more scared but you have to remember in 1963 police were a lot more friendly with the communities, and this creature and I already had a psychic link and I could tell that the creature was not panicking but could not understand why this new image was not making me settled. It’s a policeman, they protect you, why are you scared of me? I got more and more upset – it changed into a clown and the image I got in my head was like clowns throwing buckets of feathers and custard pies and all that. But what these creatures don’t understand is that in the Big Top with 500 other kids all screaming, that is really funny, but when something walks through your wall and changes, it’s not in the right context, but these creatures don’t understand that. So I became absolutely terrified and I ran for the door to get out. These creatures don’t actually walk when they are energetic, they glide, and it just cut me straight off. So then I went and hid behind the sofa and crawled into the foetal position, absolutely terrified. And then I heard my name being called and I peeped out and what I saw was a hand holding a rod this long (about a foot) and I looked into it and there was a crystal on the end and each facet illuminated clockwise, blue, boom, boom round and round, and when the circle had connected a blue light shot out, and that was me, gone. And the next thing I knew I was floating, literally floating out of the room. The next memory is I’m in a metal room, no sharp corners, no dust. We lived in a Victorian house – and what appeared to be the sofa which I had been behind – and a dear old lady sitting in front of me, stroking my hand, a dear old lady, very odd.  And giving me toys, so I am sitting there with this dear old lady, who I don’t know who she is and I have got toys and after a while I think, well this isn’t right, where is my mother? And as soon as I think “where is my mother?” my mother appears and the old lady points and says, there is your mother, look, and I look, and sure enough there is my mother. But at the moment I look at her, her face changes and I see a completely different face, an alien face and this is where we get this idea that “Simon Parkes’ mother was an alien”. Of course the media never understood it and I am going to explain it to you in detail, as we’ve got five minutes. So the figure in front of me has a face which looks like my mother, dressed like my mother and then changes to an alien face, what we would call a Mantid, a mantis face. And it switches, but each time it switches the human face stays for a shorter and shorter period until we’ve got long periods with the alien face and the telepathic message I get every time I see my mother’s face is, This is your mother, but when I see the alien face – this is your real mother. And then I just jump up, run to the alien, hold my hands out, remember I am three years old and shout, mummy, mummy, mummy, come and see my toys and the creature bends down, picks me up and says, you are truly loved, etc, etc, etc, because I had accepted it as my mother in its alien face. So from that moment onwards it never had to come in disguise to me because I had accepted it, and as a young child, three years old, I called my human mother, daddy. Because why would I call her mummy? I already had a mother. And then by the age of four, I learned this was not right, not acceptable. So I am the way I am because I accepted these creatures, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown, or a mental breakdown, and because obviously what is inside me is not particularly earth human. So I can connect with these creatures and I don’t get stressed, as humans do. When I did the television interview which I put the clip up before, I have a funny story where I say to people that I was being interviewed by Holly Willoughby and co, and just before the cameras roll, they count down – twenty, nineteen, eighteen, and they count down. And the girls who do the make up have these fantastic belts round their waist with hundreds of make up brushes and all the rest of it, and the camera guy is shouting out – ten, nine and she comes up to me to powder my face and she stops, and she says, you are not sweating. I say no, I am not like you. So that is how I have coped, because the stuff I have seen, the stuff that happens to me every day, the interactions don’t knock me down because my connections are not just here on earth. Any last questions?
Q – we often associate these sort of creatures with UFOs or UFO sightings … What is the association? Are they aliens in the skies, are they …. creatures? What is going on?
A – some Jinn will pretend to be aliens. Some military Milab will take people and the people think they have been taken by aliens, when they have actually been taken by military people. There’s a guy called Charles Hall who has spoken at PROBE three times now. He’s an American guy and worked at Area 51 and he was a weather man and he talked about the Tall Whites. The tall whites are your genuine ET. That means they come here in real time. It takes the tall whites between eighteen and twenty years to travel from their planet to here. That’s real time, twenty years. The creatures that I interact with could not do that, it would take them thousands of years, so they use a portal, they come from the fourth dimension to the third dimension through a portal just like that, boom. They are not going to wait twenty years, that’s not for them, so they are extra dimensional entities. Jinn are inter dimensional entities. When humanity was on this planet, when we were light creatures, light beings, we were in this reality and our conciousness forced the Jinn out, but not into the fourth. So the conciousness of the Jinn was trapped between the third and the fourth dimension. That is why they hate humanity – because this was their planet “in their view”. The earth has accepted humans, the earth has a covenant with you – that is why you are not all dead and not all thrown off the planet, because it loves you. That is why it is important to love the earth. The Jinn don’t like it so when a magician calls them from the inter dimension to this reality then the Jinn are quite happy to have a go at somebody, because they have this harboured bad will and bad feeling. I hope that helps.
Q – what we think of as Satanic people – are you saying that is the result of Jinn possession?
A – no I am saying that Satanism is a cult, a rule, a culture, a ceremony, a ritual. If you join a Satanic grouping, you are joining a sub group within a magical circle. When the Illuminati approached me to join the Rosicrucians – I was offered a place within the Illuminati within a magical line, which I obviously turned down but within the magical lines of the Illuminati are Satanic groupings so – Jimmy Savile was a Satanist. We know Jimmy Savile was a Satanist because when he was torturing children, he chanted in Latin, but that really does not come out in the news, does it? So no, anybody who has the magical ability can call forth a Jinn, there is no problem in that but it is what do you intend to do with it? When you call a Jinn forward, why are you calling it? Are you calling it to have a chat, or do you want it to do something for you? So being a Satanist is like being part of a club, where you have signed away your individual rights to serve something else.
Q – What can we do to protect ourselves against the Jinn?
A – Jinn will enter your body through your left shoulder. If you have had a tapping, or a tapping on some part of your body, that is a Jinn attempting to gain entry to you. Yes, quite simply, you just refuse to have it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You might be battling this for twenty minutes or an hour. It’s been sent against you. If you feel you have a demonic possession, Facebook me, do it. Send me a message and I will assist you and help you.
Fracking – it is evil and is designed to destroy the energetic signature of England. England is a magical country, it has some tremendous links with mother earth and under the ground are water courses which, just like your veins in your body will carry your blood around your body so the earth uses water, pure water, to carry indented signatures from one node of Britain to another part and throughout the world. So their plan is to put crap into the water ways to block up the arteries and therefore to break the contact between the people of earth and England and the planet. France has banned fracking, Germany has banned fracking. The companies that want to frack in Britain are French, so they are quite happy to destroy our country but not theirs. Why would any government allow this to happen? Because there is an agenda which is not in the newspapers.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now 9.59, thank you ever so much.
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