21 February 2015 – The Vault

Simon Parkes at The Vault

in Newcastle upon Tyne
February 21st, 2015
Russia and the Greater Alien Agenda

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Russia and the Greater Alien Agenda

Simon:   … The doctors that I’m aware of, when they use tools, they…each tool is psychically controlled. It has some power base. So, imagine a screwdriver, one that can float in the air like that (Simon demonstrates with a hand gesture) just if you gently… floats like that and it’s psychically controlled and it has It’s own energy base. So, you know when in an operation the doctor says, forceps, and they get passed across. Well, that’s not how these guys work. These things just float in the air. They have a box, they literally have a tool kit and they float and they just take them and use them, and they just hang in the air. And I woke up and said, “What happened to me?” and I was told, “You died, but don’t worry, we will return you” and the next thing I knew, I was standing by the bed thinking, ah, I don’t feel very well at all; and getting into bed and then, fine.
Simon:  Many years later, teaching a young man to drive, and at a junction and doing the safety checks, and somebody who thinks we should go, we didn’t, crashed into the back of us. I did genuinely get a bad pain in the neck. Called the police, the police said, “Do you want an ambulance?” the ambulance comes, took me away, big, big ploy, big plus for James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. Fantastic hospital, brilliant, really good. All the doctor are fantastic. And she comes up to me and she says, “Really good news for you Mr. Parkes. The damage is only soft tissue damage, but I would like to talk to you about your spine. So I said, “What do you mean?” and her face just dropped, and she said, “You don’t know?” and I said, “What do you mean, I don’t know?” she said, “Didn’t you go to hospital?” “No” and then she’s in total confusion, and I’m saying, “Well, you know, what is it about? Do I now need to go see my doctor?” she said, “No, no, it’s all fine now, it’s all healed” and she goes to walk away. I say, “No, you can’t do that. You can’t come here and say that. You need to explain it” So, she said, “Have you ever played any contact sports llike Rugby or…?” I said, “Well, no, not really” Because she said, “The sort of injury you have, I would expect to see…you know, that’s what we see” So, I said, “What is this injury?” and in the end I forced it out of her, but my spine was snapped in half, but had regrown and healed and it has shown up on the x-ray. And that…she wasn’t at all bothered by the soft tissue damage, she was bothered about the spine actually broken, but she could see from the x-ray that there was growth, very old, that had regrown it. And I’m convinced that that’s what occurred to me in 1969 when I fell on this concrete thing, and when they said, “You’re dead, but don’t worry we’ll put you back”.
Simon: Now, let’s really sort of jump now, really getting exciting here. It could have cloned me, because I understand there are clones (here)? but they didn’t, because of being a clone, I would have had a perfectly normal spine. So, they decided to reuse the body and get you back. So, the question is, when I died, where did my soul go? Very fascinating, they just put it back in. So, that produced quite a lot of interest, and, you know, I need, really, I guess, go to a private hospital and say, “Do me an x-ray on my back, please” because the NHS won’t let you have that, but a private hospital, you pay it, they’ll give it to you. So, I never felt a need to, cause I know the truth, but, you know, if somebody came to me, a big financier and said, “Look, I’ll pay you to go to Belper and have an x-ray, I’m fine, I’ll do it. It’d be really interesting, I could come here and hold the x-ray up for people. So, that’s one interesting point.
Interviewer: Yeah, can I just interject there? (Simon’s interviewer speaks up) with a lot of your story, and this is not putting the story down in any way, it’s all based on your eyewitness testimony, but if you could get hold of that x-ray…
Simon: “You pay for it and I will”
Interviewer: We (inaudible) have to start the firm. But that would be like, real hard, physical evidence that you could take to other doctors or whoever…
Simon: “Well, I wouldn’t want to take it to doctors, I’d rather show it to you guys”.
Simon: When I became a driving instructor, you have to have a special license. The days of when one man (inaudible) could teach people to drive are long gone, it’s one of the most regulated driving routines anywhere in the world now because we had the the highest death rates outside of America for young kids. When I applied for that, that’s the DVLA, the DVLA said to me, “We’ve got no record of you” when…they said, “When we put your name into the computer, it comes up with your address, but as far as we’re concerned, you only came into the country yesterday” they have no record of any school I’ve ever been to, no hospital, doctors, nothing. And I then had to go and find documentation that went back to 1985. A hard copy to (inaudible) before they would believe that I actually hadn’t just arrived in the country. And my human mother said there are two records kept for all people who have alien experiences. One, genuine experiences that the government wishes to interrogate and ask questions of and another one where they relinquish their responsibility. In other words, there’s a small list of people that the government has no right over. But if I pop on a double yellow line, I’ll get a ticket and I pay taxes, but in terms of the bigger game, bigger decisions, they’re not allowed to be involved. Their attitude is, we don’t manage him, we don’t control him, he doesn’t exist. So, when this physical body of mine dies, it will be interesting cause the only thing left of me will be on Youtube. It’ll still be going, but there’ll be no record, there’s no record of me going to school.
A woman from the audience: Why is that? Is there a written agreement that’s between the alien species and the government or…?
Simon: Yeah. Yeah, It’s part of the government honoring an agreement that there are certain individuals throughout the globe that the aliens feel, that to them, is very important, the connection is important, they do not want manipulation, they don’t want influence from the human side on that particular person. So, that person “belongs to them” in the way they put it across to hellion government.
Simon:  When somebody came from Canada to visit me, they’d only been in the house twenty minutes and un, the doorbell went, and there was a policeman, and the policemen I see are always about 6’ 8”, 6’ 9“, 6’ 10”, it’s really interesting, I don’t see ordinary policemen. And, this is a good example, and a young boy, maybe about 14 years old, who was obviously in a trance state, standing there with a handful of flowers. So, there’s a big policeman and the boy, about between 12 or 14, local school, with a hand full of flowers. And I know the game, so I look at this copper, I look at the boy, and the police officer said, and I quote, “I was on patrol…(Simon laughs) straight face, I’m…. “I was on patrol and I saw this young man steeling flowers from your garden.” This is Whitby, remember, you wouldn’t get this response here. “So I put the blue lights on, swung the car around, got him, and made him come here to say, sorry” I’ve got this person who’s come from Canada, who’s brought a 16 year old girl who has a demonic possession, which had to be removed, she had alternative personalities which I had to reabsorb, and she had a suicide program which I had to switch off. That’s why these people had turned up on my doorstep. The boy knew nothing, he was in a total trance. So, I looked at the boy and I said, “You know what? If you want flowers, you can have as many as you want, just come and ask.” and that was it. But the police officer didn’t move and I knew he wants to come in and see these two, so I said, “Why don’t you come in” So, he came in, walked into the…my front room, looked at the mother, looked at the girl, said to me, “That’s fine” and goes off.
Simon: That’s how the elite are allowed to work with me, they are allowed to observe and that’s all. When I do get interference, it’s when people act without the authority. When my car was rammed off the road, and I had an employer of the Rothschild in the car with me, that attack was unauthorized, okay. So, this is what occurs when an elite organization is following a game plan. But sometimes as you go down through the structures, some of the people down there don’t want to hear what the orders are because they may be personally affected by something (inaudible) and they may do their own things. So, governments generally want a quiet life, they want to not rock the boat, and until the human element has an equal technological balance with off worlders, they won’t push the situation too far. Right (Simon looks at his watch) Is it tea time? (inaudible).
Host: Oh, we’re good for another 15 minutes.
Simon: Okay, that’s fine.
Woman from the audience: Can I have another question?
Host: Yeah, sure.
Woman from audience: What I’m interested in is um…just to sort of start it off somewhere because obviously there’s quite a lot, I think we all got questions that are wide scattered. I guess the interest is from your perspective, who are the alien groupings engaging the planet?
Simon: Okay.
Woman from audience: Why are they engaging the planet?
Simon: Okay.
Woman from audience: And um, I think there was one more, but I (inaudible)
Simon: Okay, cause you know (inaudilble) if you give me three I won’t remember them.
Another woman from audience: But I would like to ask you a question.
Simon: Can I just answer this cause I (inaudible)…because I have dyslexia, I will not be able to cope with it and I’m afraid I’ll have to come back and ask both to be reminded.
Look at President Putin. President Putin is now being advised by what we would call Nordics. No longer is he being advised by reptilians. That is why we are seeing this great game that is being played out. We can talk about it later. So, Nordics is a very human based group advising Putin. So, this planet has always been influenced by a reptilian type of force. Above them, we call Archons, but we’ll talk about the Archons later. The reptilian force is the force that has always been involved. If you remember Star Trek and what they call the Prime Directive, which is, you won’t get involved. That exists for the 5th frequency and others. So, anybody who comes from the 5th dimension or higher believed in that will not get involved unless there is absolutely a paramount reason. But those of the 4th dimension have no interest in that at all and they believe they have the right to involve themselves, so that is why, when I did the news, the TV breakfast program, and it’s called Today, I think, is that what it’s called?
A man from the audience gives Simon the answer: This Morning.
Simon: This Morning. When I did the This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Chris, (inaudible) I was asked to draw some of these aliens while I was in the studio before I went live, so I drew a Mantid and a reptilian, in fact they went to the art department to get a nice set of crayons and I thought they might give them to me because it was a big beautiful box of crayons (inaudible) But anyway, what happened was the researcher went away to whoever was in charge and came back and said, “We’re not…we’re not”, I quote, “We’re not allowed to put this one up, which is a reptilian, but we’re allowed to put this one up” and I said, “Well, why?” “I don’t know, this is what the boss is saying” they originally said to me, we want two up and that’s why if you look at any of the still pictures that are on the internet, you’ve got me being interviewed and then behind there’s one television screen and there’s a picture of a Mantid and there’s supposed to be a reptilian and Mantid. But you’re not allowed to show pictures of reptilians because they are very much involved with the system, okay. So, reptilians are involved for their own reason, and there are other who have their own reasons as well, but are not as well known. What was the other one Sonia? (name inaudible)
Sonia: (?) Yeah, I mean, I guess it’s from your perspective, so obviously that’s, you know, three alien species. And I think, listening to one of your other quite recent interviews, I think it was on Mars, it seems to be different also reptilian species, but you also know other alien species perhaps by knowledge or direct experience or, yeah.
Simon: Okay, okay, yeah. I did one with Alfred Webre and Randy Kramer, a regular interview which seems to have done very well, you know. When I do these shows, I really (inaudible) and I very rarely listen back to them. There are more than one specie of reptilian. The reptilian species that we know the best are the specie that has taken itself, to declare itself the creator of mankind. That’s what it declares itself because it believes it to be so. But there are many, many other groups of reptilians. There’s a group, which are called the Raptors, for an obvious name, and they work for the United States Navy.
Now when the 911 situation occurred, you’ll remember that there was an explosion in the Pentagon. Which you may not know was  that it was the navy, the United States Navy section in the Pentagon that was blown up. The reason for that was, the U.S. Navy through a guy called Forrester right back in the 1950’s have always played a key roll in Ufology. You wouldn’t think the navy would be involved, but they’ve always had a key roll and they have a much more centered approach than either the United States Air Force, which obviously is in charge of one arm of the space fleet, and the army. So, the navy got a bloody nose at the Pentagon explosion as a warning to them. Because they are dealing with a specie of reptile called a Raptor, and Raptors have their own agendas.
So, there are many, many different groups. You know, I don’t like the alien greys; I just don’t. I don’t see them very much, but there are many different sorts of alien greys. And when I talk about my experience with, you know, reptilians, I’m usually doing a conference, making it quite clear and say the Draconis Reptilians, because I can’t speak for other people, you know, other people are having experiences with other different groups who have different agendas. So, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong and I’m right or visa versa, it’s just that different alien species have their own groups. They all meet. They all have an annual general meeting once a year and they all agree to a certain program, and they’ve all got their own ways, and they just do exactly what they want to do; very much like the humans. So, they’ll sign up to something publicly, and then they’ll always go and do their own thing.
So, somebody who doesn’t understand will say to me, “What are the aliens?” and if I’m in a bit of a bad mood, I’ll say, “Well which aliens are you talking about?” and it’s about making people realize that there are many agendas. You know, if you went to the Chinese government, would there agenda be anything like the Indian government? No, of course it wouldn’t. So, why should they be any different? So, that’s the situation we have. We have many different worlds with different historical trajectories of engaging with humans, linked in with the planet and the way it works, and so, my…assume to say, my values or my perceptions of what’s happening are based on a small minority group that interact with me. But if I were, say, Alex Collier, who’s meeting with a group from a higher, more spiritually defined range, then my view would be very different because I wouldn’t be meeting with reptilians. Because if you are meeting with the creatures from the 5th dimension, you won’t meet Draconins. So, your ideas and views would be different. So, nobody’s right and wrong, everyone should be respected, but all the views should be taken and coordinated to try and understand what that’s (inaudible) (Simon asks a member of the audience) You had a question, didn’t you?
Audience member: Oh, yeah. It’s was just that you keep mentioning the Illuminati and I’m not exactly sure what you mean.
Simon: Okay, and that’s a really good point because I use that terminology simply because that’s the name appears on every Youtube video on the subject on the internet.
Audience member: I’m not good at Youtube.
Simon: Are you. You know, it goes right back to 1776, it goes back further, but 1776 is when we started in the term of the colonies in America. It’s the forming together of wise men, (Simon makes the quote gesture) men, who are empowered to make decisions for people who cant make decisions. My grandfather always used to say, you know, basically ordinary people can’t go to the toilet unless we show them how to. Because that is the value system that they are brought up with. It’s not so different from someone who goes to Eaton, Oxford and Cambridge and is told you’re going to be a doctor or you’re going to be a solicitor. And there’s an arrogance with a particular line, not all of them have it, but a lot of them have that arrogance that, I’m better than you; and they believe it. That’s …they are going to…there the new captains of industry, they’re going to be the ones running the country. You’re going to be Prime Minister in 25 years time or what have you. So, they actually come into this world already with a program, which is telling them they’re different.
So with the Illuminati group, this is a group of people who have different divergent views, and I want you to imagine it not that way (Simon gestures horizontally with his hands) but that way (Simon gestures vertically with his hands) and within that there are many, many different groups and values. But you have people like the Rothschild, the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, who are absolutely at the top and it’s these that you would refer to as those who make the decisions based on an agenda they are running. So, when we talk about the Illuminati, we’re talking about people who have knowledge over and above what normal people have and they have sacred knowledge or magical knowledge.
Audience member: Yeah, that what was confusing me because of the way you were talking. Because my understanding of the Illuminati, before you explained it to us like that, is people with a very high spiritual level of knowledge. That was my understanding of the Illuminati. Whereas the way you were explaining it, it appears to be people who are in control and have money, so that is why I asked.
Simon: We’re both right, because most Illuminati people are vegetarian, because they know that if they eat meat, it lowers their bodies vibrational frequency and they want to do magic or they want to be successful in business, so they wish to (inaudible) …so, most Illuminati people are spiritual, but they…there take on spirituality, but perhaps be very different from yours.
Audience member: Yes, (inaudible)
Simon: But they, remember, it’s all about perception, so if I had a 4D room here, and had a group of Illuminati just mirroring you guys here, you know, it would be very interesting, wouldn’t it? Because they would see themselves as the spiritual guardians of the planet.
Audience member: But spirituality, I always (inaudible) So, anything that comes from greed or control has nothing to do with spirituality, so that’s where…(inaudible) …not quite understanding.
Simon: I agree with you entirely. I agree with you entirely. The problem is that others might not understand that, but from my perspective standing here, that’s entirely right. It’s about love, because remember this, that it is very hard for somebody who has an agenda which is not helpful to humanity, to do with love energy. Okay, it’s very difficult to be manipulated. Love energy is very hard to be turned against the user or to create something non beneficial. And if you are able to project that and you live that as best you can, then you are living a very balanced life and it’ll just put you in a very strong position. Why do you think the elite, put agent provocateurs into demonstrations? To turn peaceful demonstrations into violent, because they cannot manage peaceful demonstrations. If a hundred thousand people sat down in Trafalgar Square and all peacefully thought, the queen should abdicate, human consciousness would cause the queen to abdicate. They can’t have that, so they’ll put a few people in to throw petrol bombs and they’ll get all the riots going, and then that energy can’t be used for that.
You know, human creatures, and I say that, because you might have a reptile soul, you might have whatever, so I just refer to you as human bodied. You have the ability to create out of nothing. You have the ability to create out of thought; you can make things happen, and, and…(Someone asked Simon if he needs water) I have a drink of water. No doubt, this is about human consciousness. I want you to understand this process, it’s the most important thing here.
The story I give is a true story in about 1840, 1850 on Orkney Island there was a big sandstorm and a Neolithic stone built round house was discovered and it was about four thousand B.C., so made by the Neolithic, the new stone age. And the Victorians, 1840, 1850, 1860, their archeologists came and did a good job, cleaned it all up. This thing was totally round like an igloo except a quarter of it had fallen away. So, they thought, we will restore this and we will make it whole, and then we’ll charge four pence and people can come from the mainland to view it, that’s fine, that’s okay. Human consciousness back then had been programed since the time of the ancient Greeks, and even further back. Rooms have corners. All rooms have corners. What they were seeing was a round room with a piece fallen off. But because their consciousness was so lower, they restored it with a corner. This is really important because at that level, the consciousness decided that it had to have a corner. You know, that door’s there because human consciousness decides that door goes there. You create from thought. Now twenty years later, a hundred and fifty years later, if that round house had been found, because we are evolving and human consciousness is, believe it or not, moving up, they would look at that and they would say, “Oh, that’s meant to be round” So, that’s how human consciousness has gone in a hundred and fifty years.
So, don’t mistake it, it really is advancing, It is advancing, it is just very difficult from our perception. So, we should all be really proud of what we are because we are creators and that’s what certain people in government don’t want us to know, that we really are creators. And I always say, and I have to be very, very careful, because I understand people can be religious, I know god is real because the aliens have told me god is real, but it’s religion I have a problem with, and I don’t think anybody should bow down to anybody. That’s my view, you know, you ask yourself what is right, okay. I mean even Jesus said don’t make graven images, don’t make models, and what does the Catholic church do, it makes plastic casts of Mary and Jesus on the cross, when they were specifically told don’t do that. So, it’s religion that’s the problem, and here we go, it’s men, it’s not women, it’s men who want to control, they want to control… (A woman from the audience laughs and makes a comment) Are you sure it’s not women? (Simon continues) Well, I’m talking about religion, where the female had a role in Celtic times and that was taken away from them, because men wanted to control the entire environment. So, within the religious line, we see how hierarchy power have corrupted them, and so we’re always asked to give away our rights, aren’t we, our strength, our own sovereignty, give it away to someone else. It’s so important that you don’t. Okay (Simon turns to the host)
Host: Does anybody else have any more questions at the moment? Because if not, you haven’t told us too much about your interactions with the Mantids.
Simon: Okay.
Host: About meeting the Great One and about the task and the…
Simon: It’s probably better if you ask me one question at a time, because I can’t…if you ask…if you tell me three or four, then I can’t do that.
Host: Well, tell them about the Mantid, your experience with them, and particularly the contract or task that you have with them.
Simon: All right. There are many sorts of Mantids. The Mantids are (inaudible) are divided into three tiers. The first tier literally are the doctors. If you ever have an operation don’t have a grey do an operation on you, get a Mantid to do it; very, very skilled. The next one up are computer operators or those that fly spacecraft and then the next group up are the ones that wear the purple robe and they have the job title of Universal Master. And I actually asked one, “How can you be a Universal Master when this is a multiverse?” and the answer was very simple. Within the multiverse there are universes and we have one appointed representative for each universe within the multiverse, because it’s too big for one person to manage. So, that’s why they’re called Universal Masters. And I would say to you that the very fact that they are hierarchical like that means they haven’t evolved properly. Because if you go to the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension, the only type of structure you have are those that decide to learn, like elders who want to learn and be more knowledgeable, but there isn’t a hierarchical structure. So, as soon as you’re faced with an alien group that has a structure like that, you know that they haven’t spiritually evolved, so this is the group that I work with. The Universal Master is between seven foot, seven and a half foot, and wears a purple robe, usually male. There’s a slit in the pocket and then the wand is kept in, and one is about 18” long, I don’t know what…(inaudible) It’s about that long. It’s not a self defense weapon, it is a rank of office. But it is used to control humans. That’s why a genuine experiencer can never report a gun ever being seen really. When do you see genuine experiencers tell you about an alien with a gun? Why don’t they have guns? Because they don’t need them. Why don’t they need them? Because they can turn a human off just like that with the brain. They don’t need guns.
When the reptilians were doing the genetic experiments with humans, they put a switch in all human…in white peoples minds, that’s very important point that I make that, which allows them to gain access to that particular individual. They do it with a blue light, and I’ve always made the comment, now why do you think police cares have blue lights? The elite know. What that does is when you’re…if you’re a bad person or a good person, and your being chased, the blue light behind you on a deep level, frequency level, makes you make mistakes. That’s what it’s about. You make an error in judgment. Why do you think when the police in America chase people, they don’t chase them… In Britain when a police car chases somebody they generally chase them right up behind them. In America, they don’t, they just wait for them to crash because they know that’s what’s going to happen. They do the work for them, because the blue light, the flashing, strobing blue light has that effect. So, this wand is that big (Simon gestures to demonstrate) on the end is a crystal, I don’t know what type of crystal, and it’s facetted, and the creature will activate it with it’s mind, and each facet will light up in a clockwise direction, bmp,bmp,bmp,bmp,bmp,bmp,bmp, bmp very quickly. When the circle has joined, the blue light comes out, hits the human in the eyes, you just switch off, you are put into a trance, and that’s exactly what it’s for, but it’s also…it’s called the Rod of Office, that’s if we were to translate it into English, it’s called the Rod of Office, and it’s a sign of their authority.
And the Mantids have a refereeing roll throughout the Universe. They are the ones called on to be arbiters and make decisions. And during my training period as a child, as a boy, I was given many tasks by them to make decisions, to see if I could make a decision to…one of them was a…there was a war, there was a war game being played out; it’s not a real war. Two sides are fighting each other, they’re fighting over a planet, you have to sort that out. How can you get both sides to stop the war, but in an equitable way so that nobody feels they’ve been outdone by it. So, these are the tasks. If you you’re in a reptilian line, you are given the sword challenge. I’ve met somebody who actually had the same challenge. You have a sword, that high (Simon gestures to show the height of the sword) You throw it up in the air, it spins in the air, and if you back off from it you’re out of the program. Because you…your commitment to their group is not strong enough over your self-preservation. It’s a lot how the Illuminati work. Who’s more important, the group, the sacred group or the special group or you and your family. So, these are tasks meant to decide, and what you’re supposed to do is catch the sword. I did catch the sword, but the person that I spoke to had also had this test, and he tried to catch it and he dropped it. And he said the shame and embarrassment and in fact, he was out of the program.
So, different groups, when working with humans, give them such tests so you move up in the structure within that organization. It’s kind of like the army, isn’t it? You get stripes and then pips. It’s exactly the same except, you know, you might take an exam or something. But that’s exactly what they’re doing, they’re testing you, they’re testing your loyalty to them rather than your ability. Okay, what was the next one? (Simon turns to the Host for the next question)
Host: Well, can you tell us a bit about The Great One? (inaudible)
Simon: In 1971 in a…I’m just going to call it a facility, I can’t tell you if it was a spaceship or anything, I don’t know, it was just a round room, big screen up in front, two side screens, a row of chairs, six chairs, looking towards the screens, a central chair, I’m on the central chair, I’m not in my body. I’m in my energy body and I’m connected to the arms of the chair by what I call spaghetti, but you might call fiber optics, and to the back of my head, great massive wires into the back of my head, but they’re not wires. And that allows me to talk to the computer that controls the facility, and it also allows me to create and do things. No pain, doesn’t hurt and I was asked if I wanted to do it. And then everyone else had to leave the room and this image appeared on the screen, and his title, again, translated into English is The Great One.
Very tall, very tall. Much taller than the others and has an emblem, looks only like a cross and it has two gems on it, we call it a cabochonal cut, which is not facetted, it’s like an onyx ring, it’s just smooth and round, purple and green, there are their colors, that’s the Mantid colors, purple and green. And this thing is twelve inches long, remember twelve is the magic number, it hangs on him, I’m obviously meant to see that, that’s a symbol of his rank and authority. But he has two reptilian bodyguards, that’s interesting, two reptilian bodyguards. And he says to me, basically, that um, I’m to be accepted into their group but…and  there is a task ahead, but we don’t know what the task is, uh, no sorry, there’s a task ahead, but we don’t know what the outcome is going to be. And um, basically, if you fail on the outcome, well that’s the end, finished. Now I wasn’t clear whether the end, finished was for me or the end, finished was for humanity. And his exact words to me were, but, you know, you’re strong, the light is strong, go out there and be brave and do what you need to do. So, it was a pep talk, but it was very one on one, and what was important, was I knew this creature outranked me in a hierarchy of the Mantid world, but he was my equal spiritually. So, in other words, I don’t look on him, and Oh god, and get down on my knees and pray. What I looked on him as to say, that he has worked his way up the order, so he has the command of the group through whatever, but he’s not better than me. And that has lead me never to be scared of these creatures, never to be frightened. So, when these creatures appear, the only time I get frightened is because they can appear through a portal, and if they don’t judge it properly, they can literally appear three feet in front of me, and your natural reaction is to jump. If you remember when you were in school and your friends would jump out and yell, Boo! and that happened, and I remember many times it happened, and I would just go, Oh, it’s you. You know, because that’s okay, it was just the fact that, as a human monkey brain in here (Simon points to his head) and it can never calm down, it will always be shocked. So, The Great One literally holds the office of the decision making of the group. It is a counsel. I have seen and attended the counsel and it’s run by the traffic light system. I vote against you is red; I vote for you, green; I abstain, amber. So, literally they make a decision and this bar comes up with the colored…the numbers with the colored lights, so when you’re addressing the counsel and there’s a resolution taken, the colors come up and you win or lose depending on the colored lights you got. (Simon turns to the host) Um, yep, you’ll take questions or you got more?
Host: Yeah, I’ve got plenty, but there’s people here with questions. (inaudible) Go ahead.
Man from the audience: You mentioned the energy body separating from the physical body.
Simon: Yes.
Man from the audience: How visible is that?
Simon: Um, a psychic person would see that, no problem at all. The soul, your souls are elliptical. There about that big, there about that thick (Simon gestures to demonstrate) and they sit here, from here to here (Simon gestures from above his heart to his waist) cover the heart area, they are white to white – yellow, and they vibrate like that (Simon demonstrates) And depending on your soul family, then the vibration is different.
Man from the audience: Can you see them?
Simon: No, no I can’t. The only time I’ve seen it is once when I was permitted to see it. I don’t see auras either, I mean, I’ve done conferences up and down the country and two people in different parts of the country came up and said, “I can see your aura” Ohhh, great, and they both said it was white, and I’ve never seen an aura, but I have been told, that’s why I don’t see orbs really. I’ve been told that if you could see this, it would deflect you away from your work. It would be so involved in this that you wouldn’t do what you…(inaudible) …because that’s not what I’m meant to do. I’ve seen an orb once, and it was…an orb, for those of you not…are not aware, is consciousness coming in from another dimension. But our dimension in the 3rd world is very heavy, so anything that comes through is squashed into a circle, so when you see an orb, it’s…that is a…that’s your family, presumably, coming to visit you, but you’re seeing it as an orb of consciousness. (inaudible) was down on the skirting board, when I looked at it, it was all pixilated out because something had been done to my brain to try and camouflage it so I couldn’t see it. Um, yeah okay.
Host: Any more questions? Go ahead.
Woman from the audience: Earlier you mentioned implants. (inaudible)
Simon: Two sorts of implants, uh, well two (inaudible) of implants. The human elite implant people left, right, and center.
Woman from audience: How do they do that?
Simon: Um, abduct you, take you and place an injection into you. This is the old one, the new one didn’t have nano bots, but under your skin. And what they do is they already have a sample of your DNA and they grow a cell culture around it, so when it goes in, your body doesn’t reject it. Because if you just stuck a piece of metal into your body it would…your body would try and get rid of it. So, it’s like in a gel, a gel sheath, so your body detects it’s own genetics and then grown around it, and what they want is the nerve endings to start growing into it so it can communicate directly depending on where it’s placed.
And now, of course, anyone who has abductions by the military, and I don’t want to talk about it too openly because it’s something that I would talk with people individually. But you may be (inaudible) injection marks on your body. And if anybody has got that, then you would talk to me privately. That’s sometimes, occasionally injections of Nano, tiny, tiny, tiny implants for other purposes. The other group now that they should last twenty or twenty odd years are etheric implants, which are implants that can be placed in your auric field. If it’s there for a not a positive reason, it’s there to stop you from developing, lock down your chakras, prevent you from being a spiritual, telepathic what have you.
I had an implant in my hand here (Simon holds up his left hand) which was given to me (inaudible) cause actually there’s a  wound there, so I can show you that. In 1963, so I would have been three and a half or something, in a place called Hove where I lived with my mum before she moved to Brighton. And I had chicken pox, that’s what I had, chicken pox. I don’t know what your kids have now, but in those days you had this thing you painted, it was bright yellow, you used to paint it on your spots. And I developed it over the Friday; mum had taken me to the doctors, got the stuff, Saturday, Sunday. Now Monday, I’m three and a half years old, and I know this might shock you, but you have to understand, it’s not a normal family. Three and a half years old, mother says, “Well, I’m going to work now” they leave you on your own, (inaudible) “Well, don’t worry, they’ll look after you” that’s what she’s says. So, she went off to work and I had my Rupert Annual books and my coloring books. These are books that you have a paint brush and water and you just paint water over them and then they change colors. And then a guy walks in, into the room with a cloth over his arm and a tray, and he looks like a waiter to me. And I say, “Who are you?” and he says, “I’m your doctor” So, so, you know, “Have you come to make me better?” because I’ve got chicken pox. “No, I’ve come to make your mind better, so take this” so he gives me a drink, I drink the drink and then Mantids come in. I don’t even see how they come in, they just come in and they’re not ones I recognize because they have family members that you genetically be connected to or energetically connected to, and it says that, “Your mother wants you to have this in your hand” and it’s about that big (Simon holds up his hand to demonstrate) it’s like a glass bauble, and I actually start panicking cause I don’t want that in my hand. And then he understands and says, “No” and then it just cracks open like that (Simon demonstrates) the two ends open and inside there’s a tiny, tiny silver, not black, silver piece of metal about a quarter size of a rice grain just floating and, and I said, well, um, you know, “Does my mother want me to have this?” meaning alien mum, and he said, “Yes” but he said, “Your mother has told me to tell you this” and he then gave me a code word (inaudible) which I know that only he would have. And I said, “Well, what does it do?” and he said, “Well, if you want your mother to know where you always are and to be able to monitor your health and come to you whenever you need trouble, this is good for you. If you don’t want that, this is not good for you. Make a choice.” That’s the way it’s always been with me. I’ve never been forced, it’s, make a choice, you choose. So, I said, “I’ll take it” Really, really bizarre because what I saw was the skin in my hand just open apart, no blood, no blood at all, and that freaked me out. And you know, when you have human kids, and you go for an injection, the doctor, he or she will say, look away, so you don’t see the needle going into your arm, well what this Mantid said is, “Look at the animals that have come to play with you” and when I turned there was a cheetah, a giraffe, and something else just dancing in the room and then they disappeared and my hand had gone.
Well, it was got out by military when I was in my teens and they took it out. Now I know it’s humans that took it out because there’s a scare. Because if it’s ever done by people off world, there’s no scare, their technology is such. So, then they came back to me and said, “You know you had your implant taken out? Do you want another one?” “Yes” “Okay, well, the important thing is, that we better not tell you where we’re going to put it because if you know where we put it, they’ll come and take it out of you. So, we will make sure you forget, if that’s okay?” “Yeah, okay, that’s fine” So, I have another implant which allows my body functions to be continually logged and checked and wherever I am, if I need help, then help will come to me. So, those implants, I’m not saying they (inaudible) that’s those, but there are implants that the elite put in…they don’t need them so much, as long as you’ve got your mobile phone on, download is activated while there is six feet, never mind all this meters, it’s within six feet. They’ll track you by your mobile phone. And the other thing that is interesting is that in the T.V. detective shows, you know, they make a call and say, “I need ten more seconds to trace the call” absolute nonsense! They know exactly where you are, but they don’t want the public to know the truth (inaudible) That’s why you were all forced to go down the digital road, because analog couldn’t be tracked in the same way and you can’t hack into analog. Okay (Simon turns to the host)
Host: Any more questions from the floor? or…
Man from the audience: Let me ask, does your Earth mother, was she always aware of what was happening to you, or?
Simon: She must have made an agreement, she must have had her own agreement. I mean, she never remarried, she never had another boyfriend. There’s good reason for that, and she actually said to me, “My only job is to bring you up” My mother was very reptilian souled, and in one way she loved me, and in one way she resented me because she was held on the planet doing a job that perhaps she didn’t really want to do. So, she did know because in 1971 when I had the…we had the (inaudible) I had the experience, she actually drew it all down, and I will take these drawings to the people I work with. So, she had a very clear knowledge. But she didn’t want to leave me. She was under orders that she couldn’t let me advance beyond my own understanding or she couldn’t push me, I had to be left to (inaudible)
Man from the audience: (inaudible)
Simon: And then when I came to her with a question, then she would answer it. Very difficult for her, very, very tricky, and I desperately feel sorry for her because she was in an impossible position. She was demoted in 1979 when she went to her bosses and said, “I can’t do this job anymore, I can’t work for MI5” She became an alcoholic some four or five years prior to that simply because what she was reading on the documentation. She said that she was unhappy with the fact that people are being lied to. There was all this stuff she was know…knowledge, people are being lied to and she didn’t like it and, of course, they just said to her, Well, you’re part of the system now, you’re doing it, you’re part of the system, you are the problem, which upset her greatly. And she took to drink and she became a loose cannon. So, she went to them and said, look, you know, I’ve had enough of this, I want back. You promised me my job back; they did. She got her job back and then within two weeks she was dead. So, and I’ve always said that I know why they killed her. I understand that, because from their perspective, they had this woman with all this knowledge, that doesn’t excuse it. So, this is the real dirty world that exists. Okay (Simon turns to the host)
Host: You had another question?
Man from the audience: Yeah, you mentioned choice. You’re always given a choice.
Simon: Yeah.
Man from the audience: Is that a Multiverse or an Omni verse principle that all beings must have freedom of choice?
Simon: Yes, it is because if you make a choice that is not free will, it can’t hold it’s validity. In other words, if you make a choice, I have to do this or I can’t explain this (Simon demonstrates with his hands) you have a choice here and something flows from it and flows from it and flows from it, and in a thousand years time, something happens. But if it’s found that this choice was not made out of fee will, everything doesn’t exist; it can just be removed. So, if you want an outcome, whatever that outcome might be, you can’t force a person to that choice because that outcome may not happen. So, free will is enshrined right across the Multiverse.
Man from the audience: But you can maybe get entities that might have an agenda and will try to influence a choice. Not let you make a whole choice, but you still made that choice out of your own free will even though you don’t know the true facts.
Simon: Yes. When I was walking here past the job center, and I saw a maze outside the job center and I made some joke, which we won’t go into now, but that’s the same point. Because you have freedom to walk, but you are constrained by some barriers. And I have had talks to people in the Rothschild who fully understand this, that you have the free will, but, your left turn or right turn has already been dictated for you. So, you have free will within that corridor. But that actually is right across the Universe, but the higher up you go, the bigger that corridor and the more freedom of maneuver you have. The lower down you are, the more tightly confined you are. Okay.
Host: So, can I ask you a question now that somebody left all the (inaudible) Thanks everybody who put questions on the (inaudible) Uh, a couple about the Mantids. A quick on here; Are the different Mantid species like those different reptilian species?

End of Part 2

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