12 March 2015 – Answers From The Universe

Answers from the Universe with Simon Parkes

interviewed by Jessica Arael Marrocco
on Wolf Spirit Radio
March 12th 2015

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Jessica – Would you like to share some things that maybe you have not yet talked about in other interviews? I know you have spoken about the Jinn before…
Simon Parkes – I did a presentation a while back about the Jinn because there was a vacuum about the subject, very few people were talking about the subject. Those people that were talking about it were well meaning, but they did not really have any experience of the Jinn. They were usually looking at the old texts or perhaps interviewing people. I don’t really have the full story. So I did a presentation and I got a lot of feedback, plenty of people from the Muslim world contacted me to talk about the Koran and the Jinn side of it. I have looked where there are gaps in people’s knowledge, or people prepared to talk about it and just try to start some sort of conversation going.
Jessica – I think it’s a good topic…
Simon Parkes – There is a big misconception about the Jinn, I quite like the word demon – to me, being a demon does not mean something bad. It is not the fact that something is demonic that is bad, it is the agreements that are made, or the magician that calls them forward and the deals they do, and it is bad if that energy is going to be used to hurt or afflict somebody else, that is bad magic, but the demon in itself is not bad. In terms of Solomon, the Old Testament has been altered and some original texts were removed by the Catholic Church, who did not want some of the elements to come out, but in short, we are taught that King Solomon commanded a Jinn and he used the Jinn to help him build his temple – of course, this is where the Knight’s Templars come from, they call themselves that after the temple, where all the treasures were hidden, treasures not as in gold and silver, but as in exotic technologies or equipment. The thing is that, in the western world, and that is everything west of Turkey, we have learnt to forget that there are other things in our world that we share with. It has been taken out of our religion and our folklore, whereas if you go to the east of Turkey the idea of a Jinn or demon is not just accepted, but is actually taught. So there are Muslim children who will learn about the Jinn and they will learn about their history and how they are and this is one of the reasons that Turkey was brought into NATO, and it was brought into the economic control of  America because they wanted Turkey to be a buffer between a lot of these ideas that would destabilise, and it allowed the west to control information coming through. So what I wanted to say about the Jinn is that they are controlled by an iron ring. This is practised by a lot of very high ranking Freemasons, who would be properly called black magicians, and the teaching is that the iron ring allows you to control a Jinn. This is not correct. Jinn absolutely detest humanity and do not like to serve humans so they accept the exchange by saying We are not serving the human, but we are serving the iron ring. The reality is that if you have the right blood line then the Jinn have to serve you. Now in the Muslim world Jinn are called forth by very long mantras, ancient conjuring routines, many scripts, and it does indeed bring them forward. But the point is that if you have the right blood line you can command these things anyway. And it is misunderstood that King Solomon did not command the Jinn with the ring, he commanded them because of his blood line and who he was, but he wore the ring as a sop towards the Jinn so that they would carry on serving him. Even in many magic circles that is not taught, these trainee magicians are taught that it is the iron ring that is vital, but it isn’t, it is the blood line, so that is something that not many people are aware of.
J – I agree, I don’t think we should be trying to command anything.
SP – Recently I got my own web site up and running and I  have a lot of requests from people who are afflicted by demons of one sort or another and I have had people from as far away as Canada fly over with a Jinn possession and I was able to get rid of that. So it is a subject that I am very familiar with – I don’t approve of it because there are unscrupulous people who do deals with these inter dimensional entities, to give them their correct terminology and they use them. For instance, you go into a bazaar or a market in Turkey with maybe $400 and pay somebody to send a demon against your enemy and the only question the magician will ask you is Have you been wronged by this person? And you just have to say, yes, they have insulted my family, or they have wronged me in some way and then you pay your $4-500  and then the magician will call forth a demon and  send it to that person and I have had a number of cases where there have been those instances and then I have spent a number of hours removing those creatures, so it is very real …interference…in the western world it is not recognised or understood or promoted and there is no real serious discussion of it so the only way you know anything about it is when people from other countries come here and they are talking quite openly but of course many of these other cultures keep themselves to themselves and it is not a topic that the western media want to give any credence to because as soon as they start talking about it, it opens the debate for other questions. So it was fertile ground for me to open a discussion, I wanted people to talk about it. I also wanted to help people, there are so many people around the globe being affected and there seem to be so few people who are prepared to offer a helping hand and so that is why I did a conference last year on it.
J – This is a really big problem here in the US. Are you familiar with ouiji boards?
SP – Yes, I certainly do not recommend that because when you use a ouiji board you open a portal between yourself and the inter dimensional space and then these creatures will often come through and then inhabit the body of one of the people using the ouiji board. I have had three instances where I have removed demonic creatures from people – two, I think, were taking Ayahuasca and the moment they took the Ayahuasca, when their natural defences were down, the creatures just entered them, and one person was a ouiji board, where they had opened a portal and it came in. Not every organisation that offers the Ayahuasca experience has been corrupted or infiltrated, but a number of them have, so a number of them are working hand in glove with some organisation and it is literally about taking people who are spiritual or people who are on the verge of becoming very spiritual, getting them all in one location, one room, and then these creatures just sit in the ceiling, they are just hanging in the ceiling and when the people take the Ayahuasca – as part of your natural defences all human beings have a greater or lesser psychic defence, psychic barrier, and when you take Ayahuasca it does expand your understanding of time and space but in doing so you leave the third dimension. And when you leave the third dimension you actually enter their realm. And as soon as you enter their realm, then it is a level playing field because they are no longer having to operate on the third dimension – you have gone into their realm, that is their home turf and they are in charge. So they then enter the human body, and that is what they do. Sometimes they will try and stay there permanently, sometimes they will use it as a portal and come and go, and often people will say they notice someone’s personality changed, so on Monday or Tuesday they were really aggressive and angry and then on Wednesday they were completely different, there are many other signs as well. I don’t recommend it simply because if you are going to connect with your DNA strands, which is what ascension is all about, connecting with your higher self, taking Ayahuasca does not help you. It gives you the impression that you are ascending or you are having these experiences. In reality, you are not actually connecting your DNA any faster, so I don’t recommend Ayahuasca, I recommend meditation, I really do. Meditation is much more effective at communing with either yourself or with benevolent energies.
J – One of the arguments that they have is that the native people have been doing this for hundreds or thousands of years, so how could this harm us?
SP –  There is a very simple answer to that. Many indigenous peoples refer to demons as earth spirits and many of these indigenous communities have agreements going back a very long time with these creatures and the creatures don’t tend to want the same from those bodies as they do from the westernised people. In other words, if you are a person who comes from a long blood line that has had an agreement with these creatures then the relationship is different. If you don’t have that agreement and somebody else is making an agreement on your behalf then the creatures enter your body with a completely different agenda and that is the point. Many of these native peoples do live side by side with these energies but the relationship is totally different. These energies have a greater respect for these people simply because they are much more connected to the earth, the vibration of the earth, the understanding of the earth, and they do not have an axe to grind against them, whereas with the western world, a lot of these energies are interacted with bylet’s just call it a third power, or third source, and they are directed against people. That is why you can get a  package holiday, go out and join the fun and have an Ayahuasca evening, and there are fifteen or twenty people, all very spiritual and the majority of them will come back very different, will not be so spiritual, will not be as awake, they will be afflicted. And I have seen them, I have seen these people, some of them are totally destroyed emotionally, psychologically. Some of them cannot even hold a job down, that is how bad it can be. So I have no problem in saying to people, think twice about it. Unless you have a very strong native blood line or family that allows you to partake of these things with some protection, I really would not recommend it at all.
J – So it is essentially the agreements that you make with these beings – the blood line has to have that connection otherwise you are tampering with something that could be volatile?
SP – Nearly. If you don’t have a long association in an indigenous population with these creatures then you are seen as an easy target, you are seen as no one is protecting you, you are seen as there to be taken over. Many of these creatures come through from the inter dimensional space, they already have a brief. They have already been told, we are going to bring a number of humans to you tonight, just have some fun with them, and they will also have targeted one or two individuals who might be very special and they will say, right, you must make sure that you get into this individual because we are going to be working with them at another level. So it is quite a sophisticated operation. I don’t want the audience just to think that you turn up and these things just happen to wander through, that is not the case. It is planned, it is organised. That is not all of them, there are quite a few of these that are quite decent, and good and not working with anybody, they are just offering an hallucinogenic experience, but there are a number of these organisations that are controlled and ultimately some of them are controlled by the CIA, so I would really counsel people to be very careful and if you are going to do this, try and speak to people who have been with that same organisation and been there and had no ill effects.
J – do these beings have a specific domain of their own?
SP –  let’s go back to the creation. Many religious people will not like what I am going to say, but these creatures were on this planet before humans were and therein lies the problem because these creatures consider the earth to be theirs and when humanity’s numbers began to grow and human conciousness developed, human conciousness actually forced these creatures – because they are energy beings, they are not necessarily solid in the same as we understand it, they are an energy force – human conciousness, which is also an energy forced these creatures out of the human realm and as it forced them out of the third dimension, human conciousness did not have enough energy to push them into the fourth dimension, because if you are a third dimensional creature you cannot necessarily project your thoughts into the fourth dimension. But it was enough force to push them to the edge of the third dimension and so these creatures were trapped and the space that existed was created between the third and the fourth dimension and that is why I refer to them as inter dimensional entities. So if you went to look at the space between the third and the fourth dimension it would appear to us as an observer looking side on as about the thickness of a piece of paper but in reality, because time and space  just don’t operate in the fourth dimension as they do in the third, you could get a whole city in there. So these creatures exist in an inter dimensional space. They dislike humanity because they consider that humanity robbed them of their planet, so when Masonic or able black magicians call and connect with these creatures or you get a ouiji board out and you have got a couple of people on the ouiji board who are quite psychic, that is enough energy to break through the third dimensional barrier and enter this inter dimensional space and these creatures will just say, ooh the door has been opened, let’s go through. So as soon as they go through they find the source that has called them unintentionally and they just go straight into that person’s body. Now with a magician he, it is usually a man but not exclusively so, he is using the portal to bring them onto an altar and then to commune with them and offer them something and in return for that, they will do a job for him. So it may be that there is an individual that they want to control. So you cannot do it with drugs, maybe you put a demonic entity into them, and that is very common. It is very common in families where a mother has children and the children are very spiritual, and the elite want to get hold of those children and in the western world – I suppose it is the same everywhere – you control the children if you control the mother. So what they will often do is put a demonic entity into the  mother, and they will then try and put a black magician her way in the hopes of manipulating the mother so they can get at the children. It is a very nasty, dirty business that has been going on for a long time, and sadly the majority of the population do not understand what is happening. I wish they did because then I think the public would suddenly realise that there is a lot of manipulation going on, and maybe then human conciousness would evolve even faster. But basically the Jinn are only following an agreement that has been made, and you are right Jessica, source creates all of these things. So if a person has a Jinn in them it is part of their learning as well. That seems very harsh but it is a process that we go through and then hopefully we can get rid of these Jinn but we learn from it and we become stronger and ultimately at the end of the day humanity has got to expand, it has got to increase, it has got to share the world. It is much better if we can share the resources that we have rather than excluding people, and in the early days when conciousness expanding pushed these creatures out, I don’t think there was any debate on the subject. Had there been a bit of a debate and an arrangement, some form of an agreement made, as has occurred with the native peoples then the environment would be better. And that brings us full circle because with indigenous native peoples, who have made that agreement, they share the land, they share the third dimension with these creatures, that is why they are not attacked. But modern humans, if I can use that term, in the western world, we never made that agreement, therefore there are two groups: the humans who belong to the planet and are energetically connected to the planet, as the Jinn see it, and that group of humans who are not. That is very arbitrary, but that is the way they are. So that hopefully explains why we would have a situation where indigenous people do not report many problems, whereas those in a westernised society do.
J – how do you feel about ghost hunters?
SP – I have never seen a ghost but I have met people, who I trust, who have. I think that if a person is going there then they have to ask themselves, why are they doing it? If you are doing it because you are related to a member of the family that might be there, then that is legitimate, because you have a blood line, you have an energetic connection. But if you are doing it because you are curious or because you are doing some research, then you are actually interfering in somebody else’s domain. It would be rather like somebody calling on your house and trying to sneak in through the back door, and try and spy on you and put electronic devices around so they could hear you when you walked around your  home. It is also not to understand the situation that many of these disincarnate entities, these energy beings actually face. Many times psychic people have gone in to release these creatures who perhaps want to move on and cannot. Some other creatures do not want to move on and are quite happy where they are, so my advice is that if you are related to somebody that you think is in an energy form, call it a ghost, then I think that is acceptable because you have a right to attempt a connection, but if it is purely that you are just interested and you are just curious and you want to have a look, well that is not good and you might end up with all your camera equipment fried or some very expensive electronics not working any more, so it is probably best just to leave alone.
J – what do you recommend that people do if they have meddled in this way and their lives are in turmoil?
SP – if they have got a possession, something has literally come into them, then they need to speak to somebody who can advise them. I do that, there will be plenty of other people, I guess.  My web site is simonparkes.org. If somebody has got something like that they can just e mail my web manager and we can probably work something out. There are a number of people who can assist, but if they have just had a freaky experience, well what did you expect? A lot of people go to racing tracks to see a crash, that is why they like to go to stock car racing – they just want to see a crash. Well, if you go and see a ghost and it scares the be-jeezus out of you, that is what you expected. Does it actually help you to understand, what you saw? No it does not, because all you do is you go to the bar and you tell your friends you went into this old house or this old church and you saw something and the candlestick moved across the floor and you were really scared. It does not actually give you enlightenment, it doesn’t actually develop your spirituality or give you any sort of insight into the lives of these creatures or what they might be experiencing or feeling. Some of them are in great pain, humans do not understand that. So if they want to learn about it then they should really go and join a proper spiritual group who seek to understand and not interfere. We should have the respect for them as we would for anything else that is living.
J – in a similar way, should people be careful in their approach to the UFO subject? What is the right approach?
SP – it is slightly different because people do not go and find these creatures generally, they come to the person. It is not like you have a location of an old haunted church or the headless monk who has been seen for the last three hundred years and you think well, if I wait here, I will spot him. These creatures choose the individuals that they come and visit so you either are going to be visited by them or you are not. If you are visited, as I was, as a child, you have a better chance of coping with it because you can learn to grow and live in two worlds – the world of the 3D matrix and this other world. If you are visited as an adult then the problem is that you have already established what you believe to be reality, your own paradigm, so if you are in your thirties or your forties and you suddenly meet one of these extra terrestrial or extra dimensional creatures then it is a heck of a shock and many people cannot cope with it. If you are in a situation where you have had these experiences and it has really upset you and you cannot talk to anybody then, please come to my web site, send me an e mail. I will talk to you and I will try and assist you and give you some positive ways that you can deal with it because I experience these creatures myself then I am not talking out of a textbook, I did not go to a spiritual school and have not interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people to build up a case study. I am just talking to people based on the experiences that I personally have had and so I am trying to use those experiences to support other people and say, you are not on your own, yes I really can understand what you are talking about and to give them examples so that they feel more secure and they can understand. Because understanding is more than half the battle. If you understand what is happening to you and why then you are in a stronger position to be able to come to terms with it and go forward.
J – did you ever feel you were slipping into other dimensions like I did as a child?
SP – you are describing seeing into another dimension, so the reason that no one else could see the craft was probably because it was in infra red or it was still in the fourth dimension or the inter dimensional space, so it hadn’t any physical form…………in the visible light to see but some people, and obviously Jessica is one of them, are capable of perceiving into another dimension and that is why she was seeing it in the way she has described. I do not see very often into that dimension – I will only see the craft when they physically come into the third dimension. I got hold of some moldovite, a mineral which was recommended to me, which did actually help. Moldovite is from an asteroid which became a meteorite which crashed into the earth. It was unusual because the explosion mixed both the extra terrestrial rock and the earth rock and threw it up but not out of the atmosphere, so the gravity managed to pull it back and as it fell back it fused together like molten glass, so that both terrestrial rock and extra terrestrial rock fused together, and it is like obsidian but it is green and it is called moldovite and it is understood to be a very powerful activator for people who have or think they have alien encounters. So I did try this and I held it in my  hand for about twenty minutes and I did experience exactly what you are talking about – you did not need moldovite, but I did – and the best way to describe it would be – I would walk out the room and then I would reach my hand out for the door handle to open the door to go out but find I was about nine paces too early for the door, so my perception was I was at the door and I wasn’t. The other one I get now – I don’t get that with the moldovite – if I am walking downstairs and suddenly one of the stairs appears to have gone. So when I look down I see normal 3D stairs and then one missing and what appears to be a massive drop going goodness knows where and I know in my heart that there is really a step there but I am perceiving nothingness, and I will actually physically jump the stair, then I will look back and it will just be normal. So I get these glimpses of another dimension but I can’t control it, but what you  have described to me is that.
J – I admire you for talking about your experiences – it seems like you handle it very well.
SP – I have been around these creatures for a very long time, as a small child, and when you are very young, you don’t know any different. Yes, I knew that they did not look like my human mother but the important thing is that they never hurt me so I never associated anything bad with them. You know if you take a dog or a cat to the vetinery surgeon, the first time they may not be too bothered about it but after they have had an injection or something, they always remember and when you need to go back, they bark or scratch. So we learn, as mammals, from our experiences. So if a person has experiences which are benign and do not harm them or upset them, then they have no reason to be fearful. If someone has an experience which they interpret badly, or is indeed bad for them, then of course then the human fear begins, but as a child and as an adult with these experiences with this wide range of creatures, whether they be reptilian or mantis – I don’t see the greys very much actually – my experiences have never led me to be fearful so I am just very fortunate because I appreciate many people do have bad experiences and I can only speak for myself and my own experiences. As a child I soon learned to not talk about it, because it was not fashionable, people did not want to hear about it and then as I got older I came to the conclusion that it was too big a subject, that I had a story to tell. My human mother gave her life in a way, because she worked for the National Security Agency through MI5 in Britain and so there is a big history for me and I felt the time was right for me to talk about it. I knew that many people would be dismissive or say that I was cuckoo or what have you, and I really do not care because if I speak to a hundred people and ten of those people then go out and do their own research, well I have reached ten people that I would not have done otherwise. So for about three or four years I got it in the neck from the established media and then there was a real dramatic change. In Britain we have what we call the Ministry of Defence, which is the government department that oversees all the military in the country, and the MOD invited me to have a tour of a secret space radar base here in Great Britain, which I accepted and I got a three hour tour around the radar base. And this was a game changer because all the media who had been trying to make a fool out of me suddenly started asking questions. Well, hang on a minute, this is the guy that has gone public that he sees reptilians and mantis, he is the guy that has gone public that his grandfather worked for the CIA and his mother worked for the NSA yet he is being shown round a radar base, so maybe there is some truth in what this guy said. So literally overnight the established media completely changed in its approach towards me and since then I have not looked back, so when something kicks off in the world the BBC ask me for a comment. When the new pope took office last year and he said that he would baptise aliens, the BBC said to me, the first person we wanted a comment from was you. So that is a  big change from the days when they would just try to make me look crazy. So it is possible to go public, it is possible to walk a very fine tightrope between giving information which is helpful but not giving so much information that elite bodies start to really hate you. I think about Alex Collier, whose life was threatened and who disappeared off the scene for over ten years and then came back again. There are some very genuine people like Alex who have tried to walk that tightrope. You have got to be very skilled to stay on that tightrope and not fall over either side, and so far I have been quite lucky.
J –  have you seen the greys much?
SP – I’ve had maybe fifteen experiences over my lifetime, which is very small compared to the others. I have seen probably about three or four different species of grey – the ones I don’t get on well with are the ones that Hollywood promote, the ones with the big wrap-around, almond eyes, and the reason I do not get along with them is because generally they do not have a soul. I find it quite difficult being around animated bodies that do not contain a soul. That is a prejudice I have. Many of these robotic greys do not need a soul – I just personally have a problem with that. Some of the greys I saw as a child were different, they had small eyes and they did have a soul, so for me that was ok.
J – the experience I have had with greys is that they were evasive?
SP – yes, that is about right. The mantids are keepers of the law and they are very cagey about giving out what they consider to be sensitive information. So often when dealing with a human or a human type creature they will be a bit playful, in a strange way, and be guarded. One of the main reasons for this is because often when a person interacts with an alien creature the human military then try and pick that individual up and find out what has been going on and it is not unknown for a human to be chipped and then when an alien comes and takes them, either physically or in their energetic body then the military will attempt to follow that person and certainly when they return back to the earth then they will try and abduct that person and extract from them what they might have seen or heard, so a lot of aliens are incredibly cautious about what they say or do with a person and they go to great pains to try and wipe their mind so that if the earth military do pick them up then they cannot really tell them very much. So there is quite a game of cat and mouse going on and has been for the last fifty, sixty years. One person, who called herself an abductee, said to me that what upset her most was that these creatures never spoke to her during the abduction. She said to me, why don’t they speak to me. And I said to her, they don’t bother because you are not supposed to remember, because they wipe your mind under the programme, and therefore they don’t bother talking to you because you won’t remember, but in her case, it didn’t work 100% so she had these partial memories or interaction with these creatures and the big thing for her was that they never spoke to her. So I said to her, next time you are there, ask them if you can remember some of it, because you would like to have a conversation with them. I know that sounds really crazy to people but when people are very scared they get into a sort of victimisation role and the best thing to do is to equalise your space by starting a conversation with them and actually saying, I would like to remember this – this is my body, my memory, I have a right to remember, ok you might not let me remember all of this, but would you let me remember part of it? And that is very empowering because that has worked for many people where they have had bits of this they can remember, so they know they are not going mad, that they really did have an experience and it is about taking your power back. In 1965 I was about five or six years old and I was in the front room of the apartment that I lived in with my human mother and a creature visited me and as part of the conversation it communicated to me, we are all equal, you should never be scared of us. And that stuck with me, right through – we are all equal, you should never be scared of us. So that is an alien telling me we are all equal and don’t be scared of us, and that is so empowering and I just wish they would say that to everybody, or everybody would remember it.
At this point Simon is unexpectedly disconnected and the connection cannot be re established…
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