9 May 2015 – The Triad Theater

Simon Speaks to Yelm

at The Triad Theater in Yelm, WA, USA
via Skype video conference from Whitby, UK
May 9th, 2015
About the Mantids/Mantis

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About the Mantids/Mantis

Question: One of the things of the many, many things about you that has fascinated me over the years is the description of how you, as a person, is made up. You have said that you are one-third Mantid and so forth and I wonder, could you tell us a little more about […] in  launching this discussion about the Mantid realm and its interaction with us and where we all fit into it and whether there is something that we could do to maybe accelerate some exchange of information that would be of help to us?
Simon: The question regarding the Mantids, or as you might say Mantis – my soul had to be composed of 3 parts simply because while on Earth I had to be able to connect not just to the human realm but the realm on the 4th dimension. When an off-world group wishes to maintain a two-way communication and wishes to learn and understand they can’t come here on their own and do it because there would not be a natural interaction. At the moment human consciousness is not evolved enough for humans to be able to stay in the same room as one of these creatures let alone attempt to have a conversation. So by placing elements of different souls in living, human bodies they are able to interact, understand and gain knowledge on emotions. Most of these creatures do not have emotions. So that is a big part of my role.
The Mantid race is not very well known. If you go on the internet there are absolutely pages and pages regarding the Draconis Reptilians and the Gray race but sadly most people who write about the Mantis/Mantids have not personal experience and are just copying from books or stories handed down from other people. The Mantids are divided into a hierarchical culture of three. First group are the doctors. They are perhaps the finest doctors that are off-planet. The second group are the computer operators and the craft flyers. And the third group are those that are the officer class and their rank is shown by wearing a purple robe. And they take the term, “Universal Master”.
Now I have a problem because being hierarchical they clearly haven’t evolved far enough because if you listen to Alex Collier, Alex Collier who is a genuine person in my book, these 5th dimensional beings don’t have a hierarchy. That the higher up the dimensional scale you go the less need for a hierarchy. But in the 4th dimension where the Mantids are it is a hierarchical structure and this, to put the matter straight, they refer to themselves as “Universal Master” because each multi-verse contains a universe within it. So they appoint one of their own to each verse that sits within the multi-verse and they do so because they have been accepted by a wide range of other creatures to be an arbiter or a judge or a referee to sort out issues within that particular verse.
I always put one mistake into all of my drawings – one deliberate mistake – simply because if somebody comes to me and says, ‘I’ve seen this creature or that creature’ and then they say to me ‘I’ve seen your drawings but you know there’s something wrong there, it should look like this’ I actually know  they’re telling me the truth, that they have seen them.
One question I always ask people who tell me that they have a very strong, close relationship with Reptilian beings, my question is ‘how do they walk?’ And if the person can’t show me how they walk then of course I’m somewhat concerned because if you know these creatures well you’d know how many digits they have on their hands and how they walk. So that creature I showed you is a Mantid. That is a drawing that I did of a situation that occurred in 1971 and this is where I decided that I wanted to be more in contact with Mantid beings rather than with the Reptilian group simply because the Mantid group have more compassion than the Reptilian group.
Question: Do you yourself remember a life as a Mantid or is this your first acquaintance with this realm […] part of the soul that you described. Have you lived a life previously as a Mantid?
Simon: I did. I always find it very difficult to mention some subjects not because I have some difficulty about it myself, but because I understand that for many humans some of the things I studied, some of its controversial, but you have evolved beyond controversial but some of the things place me in a position that seems quite high and I have a, I call it a ‘program’ but I have something that’s placed in me to prevents me from becoming too important or too – in England we say comeuppance […] I don’t know if you, so I had a position in Atlantis, a very, very long time ago and I suppose the best way to describe it would be that position was a position of responsibility. That’s in a past life and not on this planet.
Question: Why would the Mantids wish to at least acquire some experience with creatures with emotion? What would be the advantage?
Simon: Hopefully all creatures that are in a high dimension have reached a higher dimension because they have evolved through lower dimensions – they’ve made their way up the ladder. For many creatures who are non-human they de-evolve the emotional self. They become more analytical, far more technological and begin to lose the spiritual connection. Then they reach a point in their development where they’ve seen they have come to a blind alley and they wish then to […] what they’ve lost. It’s a little of what’s happened to this planet. We are going full speed ahead for technology and we are out stripping our spiritual ability to maintain keeping up. And so if we’ve done it many others have done it. So that’s ‘one’ of the reasons is to come back and try to understand where they went wrong. Second to this would be […] for earth humans.
The Mantid race has been associated with earth for a very, very long time and have been […] twelve strands of DNA that humans have, the two physical and the ten energetic. These strands connect with different races. They all have responsibility. So Mantids are very much key players in the development of […] In most cases it’s for the better. And remember I’m only able to speak for the majority of the group. There are factions just as there are in any organization which is not beneficial to humanity but the group I’m associated with is the main core.
Negative Aliens
Question: There are other groups here who don’t have a benign connection with the human race for example and some have even suggested that the reasons why the Draconians are here and some others is that they feed off the very negative energy that keeps us in prison and their aim is to keep us constantly in a state of worthlessness, powerlessness and fear and they feed off that energy. Is that perspective real to your knowledge?
Simon: Well maybe we can get a little closer to home. In the days of ancient Rome  […] were built where people would kill each other, race horses, huge, huge stages with hundreds, thousands of  Romans […] And getting […] They were predominantly built so those entities could associate with and feast on the energy. Now, you talk about the Draconis Reptilians and I was very interested to hear that you associated with the previous Pope. I certainly […] that the Draconis Reptilians do war […] many of them are at wars in the holy seat. But not everybody’s seen and if you are not in the inner circle then you would not be privy to that.
The situation that at the moment, and you will well know there are two telescopes. One is an infrared telescope and one is an ordinary electromagnetic telescope. They are looking for the return of their Lords and Masters. This is why they maintain these telescopes, to maintain a visual watch separate from anyone else because they wish to be able to connect with the return of what they would call their Lords or their Gods. However, at the moment the major group off-world that has communication with […] officials are the Draconis Reptilians and I was invited in London in Great Britain which I cancelled at the last minute and this was representative of the Vatican so the Vatican sent representatives or the  […] and representatives from the Vatican to London to meet me. This was back in […].  And this was discussed, the situation between off-world entities and Russia and America. In other words there was some very serious situations taking place between your country, Russia and off-world aliens. The Vatican found out and come at it. So the Vatican are very, very, very involved. The reason the meeting never went ahead was because the Vatican was remote viewed by somebody and their plans for meeting […] became compromised because they obviously wanted to meet in secret and therefore they had to cancel. The Vatican obviously has many psychic people who detected the breach of their psychic security.
So I’ll only say there are many, many elite organizations – some working for the good, some working for the not so good and we all have to trust ourselves as to who we think are genuine people.  But certainly in the case of the Vatican I think it’s a 50/50 split now. I think there are people there who really wish to prevent these off-world forces from surviving off the energy that is created in negative […] So if you have loving energies that isn’t any value to them. If you have anger, hate, violence that lower the frequency which they can use and deal with. So the answer is yes, that is exactly what they do.
Discerning Contacts with Aliens
Question: I think for a lot of people it’s really important to know what to trust when contact appears, when they have an opportunity to make a connection. I had experienced many years ago with a being that gave me […]. So this being gave me the ability to know an enormous amount and I didn’t know it was from the being. I thought it was just that my ability had expanded so I really focused and the being came in. And when I asked are you in alignment with my intention which is […] evolution in terms of wholeness and love, it said ‘no’. And I said ‘well what are you interested in?’ And he said ‘power and I will make sure and give you all the power you want’. And I said ‘I’m not interested in that’ and I said ‘I need you to leave and he said ‘no.’ And I said ‘no, I want you to go.’ And I said ‘okay, I just won’t work again until you’re gone’. And so it took me 3 weeks, about 3 weeks and finally he left. I was under the false impression that all you had to do was ask directly what the intention was from that point on and that you would be told. Later I worked with people who had had visitations and they are dealing with beings that I have seen that will shape-shift. They will become St. Germaine, they will take on the form of anything and they will lie, they will say anything. And the only thing that has helped me in knowing what’s going on so I was very interested in hearing, is there a way to phrase a question? Is there a symbol? Is there anything you’ve found that can assist people in knowing how to really relate to what’s going on?
Simon: What you have to do is first of all physically identify the creature. That’s very important because we can’t put these creatures […]. Certain physical formed creatures you can always be sure are positive or negative. But you mentioned the word frequency, I’m going to an answer, because when you or a creature or a person you can’t […] You’re going to have to judge whether that person or creature is telling you the truth. You ask your own soul whether this person is trust worthy. That is the only device you have. If you feel unsure, or you are concerned, then cut all communication. If you have a very clear indication that the creature is truthful and loving and is there the right reasons, then maintain that communication. So at least in your case the creature answered you honestly. But I think that was because you are psychic and you would have known if it had lied to you which rather backs up my advice to you. So if you are a psychic person there’s no point in lying to you so what he or she, I think it was probably male from what you […] what it was trying to do was to bully you into something from the energy you gave me about. What it was trying to do was to bully you into, by saying, ‘well look you have to live with this because I ain’t going away’. And in the end you called its bluff because you out-used its energy.
You must understand that when a creature from another dimension comes into this reality this is a much heavier energy based realm and it drains their energy very quickly. So they can’t stay in this realm for very long. That’s why when you see the orbs, that is – we have an expert on orbs here – but this is the consciousness that comes through and they can’t stay too long because to maintain that psychic connection from the different realms is a drain. So just trust yourself just as you would if you were out on the street for a walk, to use your words, walk on the sidewalk and you met somebody and they wanted to sell you something. You have to decide whether you’re going to buy from them. Just use the same skills that you use on humans, use it with them.
Morgellon’s & Nano-Technology
Question:  Simon, I really want to take a moment to thank you for your recent interview with Why TV in regards to the mind control, chem trails and Morgellon’s. It’s a topic that clearly is not addressed by mainstream media and so it was so needed to be broached and now it’s gone worldwide and I want to thank you for that. And I am a Morgellon’s experiencer so I’m going to talk a little bit about that and ask you some questions because I’ve studied it on my own, I have a scientific background but I’ve studied it on my own for twenty-one years because I was exposed to it twenty-one years ago. And you identified it as […] but the interviewer, I think, actually identified it as artificial structures under the skin and then you commented that the body will grow back if you send it a DNA code. Can you give us more details about this process because you mentioned you can send a message for tiny things in the body to join and send a message? So I’m wondering are you talking about the nano-bots that are breeding in the chem trails and that are in our time released medicines and other daily necessities?
Simon: Yes. The nano-technology over the last twenty years on this planet has really developed in leaps and bounds has made a fundamental change to the top end of the Illuminati plans and human race. There are many old videos on the internet, quite genuine that show the number of people at the top end of the Illuminati who wish to get rid of three-quarters of the human race. That was because they did not have the technology to control the human race. They now have it. And the nano-technology is now at a point where if needed everybody and the human race takes these devices willingly then there’ll be no need to wipe out three-quarters of the population because you know, you attend a demonstration and you criticize the government and then you find that they switch off these devices that are in your body. So chem trails is one way of introducing this but you’re right, there are more targeted ways and this is what they’re trying to do – introduce targeted ways. In other words, you target certain nano-technology for an individual person. So you don’t just blindly cover like you do with the chem trails but you actually say person A is going to have technology nano-technology B because we wish to control this individual in a certain way because of the job this person has or because of the influence of this person.
When we talk about Morgellon’s I actually use the word ‘portal’ that your natural body will promote into these artificially placed parts that can be introduced into the body and that any nano-robotic creature, I’m going to call them creatures because if you think of Star Trek the Next Generation the character who played Data, the big argument was whether he was actually a life-form or not. Now I have a very strong view that any creature that does not contain a soul is not a living creature. I consider anything that has a soul to be life and anything that does not to be artificial. These little robots in the bloodstream, they’re not living, they’re just automated robots and they will congregate at these set points and then when an electro-magnetic or a scalar wave signal is sent they will activate. That’s interesting, but what’s more interesting to me is the individuals who are targeted with this. It tends to be very psychic people or high end scientists or researchers, people who are either with the elite or actually working against the elite. In the last five, six years we have seen experimentation taking place whereby they are attempting to fine tune what they’ve developed.
Question:  So it did originally come from off-world? And do you know who actually gave it to us?
Simon: Yes absolutely. The Reptilian race are one of the finest nano-technology creators and innovators anywhere, anywhere at all. In fact, when on this planet we trade with money that the control system uses. But outside this planet as I’m sure you’re aware money is very rare and Reptilians trade in genetics and nano-technology. Now an example of this, this trade, when a human interacts with a […] Mantid in the fourth dimension the Mantid will usually have a nano-chip placed here in the shoulder and the human will place his or her hand on the shoulder that actually […] have them as well. You place the hand here (shoulder) and you can connect and talk through the Mantid and if the Mantid is operating a machine, a computer, you can connect directly to the machine or computer. That nano-technology is made by the Reptilians. So this is not even back-engineered. This was a gift, and actually it breaks universal law for a technologically advanced species to give technologically backwards species high-end technology. It’s actually illegal from a multi-verse point of view. That is why when you had the Roswell incident in 1947 a mechanism had to be achieved that seeded advanced technology on earth because it couldn’t be given because giving that technology would have broken the rules. So a very complicated game had to be arranged for these […] there were two crafts. So yes, Reptilians created nano-technology.
Question:  So when the interviewer talked to you he mentioned that a lot of GI’s were complaining about Morgellon’s but it actually did start twenty years ago, they had three states, 4 laboratories. One was in Florida, one was in Texas and two were in California and they experimented on the general population within about a twenty mile radius and I was within twenty to the one in Florida. And so I’ve been following this for over twenty years, of course from experiencing it and there are two people that come up and I want to mention this because a lot of your interviews end up on youtube and I want to mention that there’s a man, and I love that you always say, ‘I think highly of this person’. Of course I’ve never met him but his name is Clint Carnicom and he owns the Carnicom Institute and I believe that he’s sincere and a genius mind. And the other person I studied is Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and I’ve studied her for a different reason. She was the first person to publicly link Morgellon’s to nano-technology and she did it way before anybody else did. And I’ve been unable to research her credentials but in her research papers she cites a lot of […] funding. And when she first posted her website for her company which is called Integrated Health Systems she uses IHS as her insignia and originally it said ‘In His Service’ and the insignia was of the Jesuits, so I’ll leave that to your imagination. But in regards to Clint Cornicom I want to mention the fact that recently in January 31, 2014 he published a paper called ‘Inhibited Growth of the So-Called Morgellon’s Condition in a Cultured Environment’ and he found that it is a biological agent combined with an environmental filament which of course is the nano-technology. And he found that a combination of 3 powerful anti-oxidants including large doses of Vitamin C, doses of NAC [?] and glutobion [?] can inhibit the growth. So I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions for people who want to protect themselves or heal themselves from this?
Simon: Any negative presence, because of its […] nature, will thrive in corrupt environments. The more polluted your body the faster these things will take hold. It is absolutely imperative that you try and eat food and drink fluids that are as clear of any chemical traces as you possibly can because the more operationally clean your body then the harder it is for these things to survive. It’s rather like a living creature that evolves in a polluted lake, if you were to take it out of its polluted lake and put it into very clean and fresh water it will probably die. These creatures, these devices shut down when placed in an environment of a higher frequency. So that is one way to retard the actual inhabitant. And the second would be literally to use your mind or those around you who may have that level of psychic ability to be able to literally take out these things.
There is a big difference between being spiritual and being psychic. You can be an incredibly spiritual person and not be psychic. You can be very psychic and not spiritual. What we need are both spiritual and psychic people. If you can get a group of 3, 4, 5, 6 of those people in a circle and we have who is suffering from these attacks combined with a good diet and good foods, you can energetically take these things out. And that is the only way because surgery won’t work, physical traditional surgery won’t work. One other way but it’s dangerous to the audience is very powerful magnets. Very powerful magnets will actually make these things stop working and there is some evidence that shows x-rays also have an effect. You can’t expose your body to x-rays but you can magnetic ones. So if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t have access to powerful magnets you need psychic healers working in unison, that’s your best bet.
Alien Alliances & The Vatican
Question:  Simon, if I could come back again to the Vatican which you love so dearly. Anyway, if you remember almost sixty years ago President Eisenhower met with a group of extraterrestrials at what’s now Edwards air force base in February 1964 and he brought with him that evening the man who was the Archbishop of Los Angeles at that time and of course that Archbishop was sworn to secrecy but after a few days of thought he decided to go to Rome to tell Pope Pious XII what had happened. His aircraft was forced down after a couple of hours flight but he insisted on proceeding and he did communicate the whole thing to Pious XII. Apparently there was a meeting in the Vatican between those same extraterrestrials and the Pope and two other people on a couple of occasions – three times in the Vatican, two times here in the United States.
Now, the group that first met the Pope was the same group that President Eisenhower met and as you know they offered President Eisenhower advanced technology and so forth in exchange for abandoning the nuclear arms race, etc. To the Pope they said that he needed to prepare for a state of affairs where people would realize that the system of teaching at the church was no longer sustainable and that they would help that transition and there was no response, obviously. It was an invitation to go out of business. But a second group then approached the officials of the church and offered to help them to prop up the system that existed. It’s the same group that came in here in to this country to offer a different kind of interaction as opposed to the peaceful one that was offered to President Eisenhower. And that ties in very much with you said about in the beginning about this arranged meeting because the new Vatican of course has been extremely interested in the possibility of contact with extraterrestrial life.
Anyway, after that long introduction, I’m asking if you regard that second group that had made contact with the Vatican as part of the Reptilian Draconian alliance whose aim is to use every means at their disposal especially of the religious persuasion to enforce their system of subjugation and inferiority?
Simon: About 4 or 5 days before the Roswell spacecraft crashed the President authorized the highest Chaplain in the United States Army or Air Force, I can’t remember which one, to do a tour of all military bases in that area. So they clearly knew there was going to be a heck of a shock for most of the military personnel. And remember back in those days perhaps the connection with the church was a lot stronger than it is now. So the church has always had a very key role to play in regards to any situation with extraterrestrials simply because there is a possibility that once the majority of the people understand the truth they might say ‘what is the point of religion?’ The latest Pope who made that big, big public statement that he would baptize aliens. But he did, and you know, that’s when I got the phone call from the BBC in Britain asking me for comments because the new Pope had said that.
Now, if I was in religious orders I would be wishing to position myself into a mindset that allows for continuation of religion and not to be pushed out because the question of God is raised. I’m very clear, there is a God. There will always be a God but I have no problem with God. I have a problem with the structure that is built up to bring that God to humanity. Now you asked about the very important meetings. There was something else that was added which you’ve probably just forgotten to mention. The first group that made the contact actually said that part of the arrangements would be for the Americans to give up their nuclear weapons. And it was this that prevented the President from doing any deals with them because he felt that he could not give up nuclear weapons.
Now when the second group arrived they made no such request and that was the principal reason that the American administration went with the second group because here appears to be an opportunity whereby the administration would receive extraterrestrial technology and no reduction in military commitment. What the second alien group wanted was access to humans. They wanted the right to take people and the American administration agreed providing a list of all names of all of the people that were taken and providing that no harm came to them. So that is why in the film ‘E.T.’ at the end of that film you see lots of people going with the aliens into the spaceship.
Now what happened was they reneged on the deal so the list the aliens got was never complete and many people who were taken never came back. But by that time the Americans were under a contract, and you have to understand that, and I can’t remember what the cycle is but they have to resign contracts maybe every twelve years. But every so often, whoever is the leader, the President actually signs a contract for another few years to maintain the system because it’s about free will. And as long as the leader of the major country in the world is signing the documents, then he is free willing the authorization for these creatures to do what they want. Okay?
Oil, Illuminati Fracturing & Depopulation Agenda
Question:  It leads me in listening to you to a couple of questions remaining to what you’ve just been talking about. I have two things that are so powerful. One is that I happen to have heard this morning actually before I came an hour of the interview you did on Mars with Randy (Cramer). It was so powerful and it had a lot to do with this idea of life on Mars. Randy is a U.S. Marine on a U.S. base on Mars and the idea that was said was that a conflict between in the government itself there with those that want to continue and those that do not. Those that are staying, the soldiers that are saying we have lived our life in service and our grandfathers and those before us and we’re asked to do things we don’t believe in anymore so therefore we’re leaving, we’re not going to go along with what is being said and so this whole break-up is happening. At the same time those that took over Mars, were the Illuminati that wanted the total control and had the Nazi influence and those that are here left are not longer the favorites. So they’re being now second and so they’re opting out and so the information came and I’m only spending time talking about this briefly because of people who may not have seen it, that the Illuminati, many of the family is here that thought they were going to get the New World Order and take over are now recognizing that they’re not in that position and they are also changing direction. And the change in that direction is typified by Rockefeller selling off oil and what I thought, and the Navy which was most important, that the Navy is no longer going to use oil for its ships and they are number one user of oil in the world. And this is going to change the entire world because it’s going to effect, it’s the beginning of a whole shift of change of power in terms of oil. Russia’s not using US dollars to buy oil. What is going to happen to the rest of the world as this shift happens and more importantly the Illuminati families left behind by the Aryan version begin to drop away, or are they?
Simon: America maintains the largest surface ocean going fleet anywhere in the world and the Navy has always had a very strong involvement in extraterrestrials. Always […] jumping out of windows and killing themselves. Your country can’t afford to have this service fleets without oil. So what they’re now doing is buying oil at whichever port they land at. It doesn’t come through the American system. And they don’t necessarily […] because what the Navy knows is there is a crisis coming and if the oil runs out the fleet has to keep going. So that is the reason for that.
The Illuminati is not one organization. It is a club but it is a club that consists of bloodlines at the top and those that serve the bloodlines. If you are bloodline, you cannot rebel because you’re energetically caught into a way of life. If you are not bloodline you can rebuttal but mind control programs placed in you and suicide programs placed in you will probably take you out or bring you under control. So many people that we see who are whistle-blowers have either been deprogrammed of the mind control or are actually acting as disinformation agents. But you’re right, there is a fracturing at the very top and those that can leave Dodge are leaving Dodge and those that can’t are looking to live in among them.
Last year I did a symposium, I did a talk in England and at the end of the talk a very nice American gentleman wanted to buy me lunch. In Britain nobody buys you lunch, only the Americans do that. But in Britain if somebody buys you lunch they really do want something from you. I actually got somebody over as a witness because I knew something big was going to go on. And the gentleman just said to me that he was here representing a group of very powerful people and he had a message for me. And the message was that we know what you’re saying is true and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you and there’s a possibility that something may happen to you. And I was offered bodyguards at no cost, I was offered armored cars at no cost and here’s the really interesting one I was offered an underground bunker for myself and my loved ones in case those at the top did bring about Third World War and there would be a place for me to go. Now, that shows just how serious this possibility is in the minds of some people.
Now I actually quite like the idea of armored cars, I like that. But I won’t buy into a bunker because to do so is to give it energy. To do so is to bring its reality about. So if we look at several timelines on earth’s history this is exactly what’s happened – where one group have taken refuge under the earth and those that couldn’t afford the hotel space stayed on top of the planet. And in those timelines where that occurred those two races became very separate. This is a negative timeline and fortunately we’re not on that. So the timeline that we’re on at the moment is a much more positive timeline for humanity and so I really don’t look at the need for bunkers of any sort. But nevertheless this was a genuine offer made to me by and on behalf of the Illuminati which has taken itself away from the main group. So there is absolute evidence that within the top echelons they are literally splitting and trying to warn people that there are some very crazy, crazy people who wish to bring harm to the planet. So it really is a very desperate situation because there are these individuals who are hell bent on using […] are hell bent on bringing about destruction simply because they want to inherit a planet with nobody else.
Now twenty-five years ago the vast majority of humans out there wanted to wipe out three-quarters of the population so that they could enjoy the rivers and the forests and they could go to Central Park and not see another person. That to them was just their idea but now we have a very small group of people who wish to destroy everything and to hide underground and then come out and to claim whatever is left. That is the situation that we’re facing and you know most people have children, grand-children and they can’t buy into that. So you’d have to be very, very corrupt to want that so yes that situation, you’re right.
Contracts With Aliens
Question:  You mentioned contracts and the contracts have to be renewed and Obama is finishing his contract 2016 and in looking at this year I have two questions here. One in terms of Obama, when certain contracts are null and void and the next version is coming in is there an effect, do we have a chance to redo the agreement that has been done with the aliens? And what group is advising Obama? You said there are different alien groups advising all the leaders, you didn’t mention the name of that group. Also I heard that his family was held hostage, namely if you don’t do what we say we’ll harm your daughters and your wife. I wondered if you could just give us some insight as to what is here and what is the potential?
Simon: The majority of […] are dated 2016 and that’s where we, this is the creatures working with the Vatican and with Obama (holds up a drawing of an extraterrestrial resembling Reptilian). […] popular actually tell you that Mr. Obama is actually a good person. He’s a good person that’s been got at – somebody who doesn’t want him to do what he is doing and you could see it in his face when he comes up to the public and he’s addressing the public you can see the internal conflict going on in him because any President knows that if they can murder JFK they’ll murder anyone. So why is it Obama wanted to be President? And the reality was he didn’t.
All of these people are picked and appointed before they are age 5. It is all agreed and organized so that they are trapped into a railroad and to get out of it would be the death of your family and you mentioned something along those lines and you have to do it. Well, no you don’t have to do it because we have free will, but you feel you have to do it because of the consequences to other people. And I suppose the human spirit is well maybe I can try and make things a bit better. So that is the situation, that is actually where we’re at and you got these creatures who are influencing Obama.
There is another group who are half human and half Reptilian and they are very, very familiar and they are called the Annunaki. Annunaki inside profiles are flat. Their faces are quite flat. Their noses are not very prominent. They have very flat foreheads and their chins are flat. They are half Reptilian and half human and the Annunaki go right back to the days when the human population was growing and the off-worlders did not have enough people on the ground so they gave power to these half breeds and that’s when the city states started on the planet Earth. So you create a city here and a city there. And each city had its own ruler and you had a creature that was half human because of course he or she could connect with the human population but half alien because then their loyalty was with them. And this is why we have Presidents and Prime Ministers, that’s exactly the principle. You have an appointed person in an area that controls that sector and another person there controlling that sector. But they all feedback – some of them feed directly. You mentioned the Rothschilds – some do not feedback directly but go to each meeting.
So you have a higher group which we would call the Archons which are a non-physical, artificial intelligence life-form. You have a Reptilian force. You have the Annunaki force. You mentioned Nazi’s you have those from the Aldebaron [?] group. You have a whole host of very negative forces who associate themselves with America because America was accepted as the spokesman, I’m using that word as male deliberately, was accepted as the spokesman for the world. So you have to understand that off-world entities in the 4th Dimension accept America as the spokesperson for the whole planet. So you don’t go to China or India, you go to America and that’s why what happened to Putin is now very different because Putin does not want to work with these groups, that’s why Russia is […]
CERN, Portals & Earthquakes
Question:  Simon, we’ve seen notes in here for the past few years the apparent coincidence between major earthquakes, say like the one in Katmandu recently and the equination [?] of the Cern collider. Do you think there’s a connection between the activation of that collider now in its much more powerful form? And number two is some of these groups that are dis […] or perceive themselves as disadvantaged here are trying to create some kind of […]? Those two questions if you have something to offer on that?
Simon: The sinking or half-sinking of parts of Japan was a threat not just to Japan but was a threat around the world. False flags, terrorists, earthquakes, some of which are not genuine and are artificially created are simply threats to the government of that country or surrounding countries, ‘if you don’t do what we want, you will have a major earthquake so you’d better do what we want you to do.’ That’s the bottom line there. The Cern collider was not there to create a new portal, it was there to maintain a portal. There’s a portal, there’s a major portal that is on the verge of collapse and is predicted to collapse in 2017. One of the purposes of the Hadron collider was to force energy up the pipe to maintain the portal because once the portal collapses it cannot be reestablished. You can’t just send it in the portal, it’s just not possible. So one of the reasons for the Cern […] is to push energy up and maintain that portal.
Question:  If this portal did collapse what would be the consequence be and on whom would the consequences bear primarily?
Simon: If the portal collapsed then the negative forces on the planet would no longer be able to receive reinforcements and no one could leave from this realm to that realm. This is the last remaining direct link between this place and somewhere else.
Question:  And is there a similar experiment in Japan as the Cern collider?
That is a linear collider. When Japan suffered that terrible catastrophe you must remember that prior to the catastrophe Japan was a net [?] exporter, now it is a net [?] importer. The deal was if you build a linear collider we won’t sink the rest of your country. So the Japanese started to build a linear collider. This is a device that runs in a line which operates slightly differently however the time frame was, couldn’t get that time frame by 2017 so a few years ago, two and a half years ago,  they decided to enlarge the original collider which sits on a fault between France and Switzerland to increase it by some twenty-six miles and thus to increase its power. But they have not operated, I just want to make it clear, they have not operated that at full power. Since Christmas they’ve had three break-downs and they have tested it but they have not taken it to full capacity.
Benevolent Aliens & Saving Humanity
Question:  I just wanted to ask a question about the good guys. Can we talk about the good guys that want to help us meaning those races we’ve heard that at times they turn off the nuclear silos just to let people know that they have the power to do that? I have understood from listening to some of what you’ve said that they can’t come in and just take over because that’s not free will and we have to be able to be at a certain level but they can ‘level the playing field’. And we’ve talked a lot about the dark forces and I wondered if you could perhaps talk about some of the forces like the Mantids the way you’ve described them that are working for the betterment and what they’re doing to assist us we’re in this very critical timeline this next year and a half, before 2017?
Simon: What I’m going to say is very difficult but when you go home and think about it you will see that it has to be this way. There is a very strong argument that cannot be overturned no matter how good you are. How can 1 percent of the earth’s population rule 99% unless 99% wish to be ruled by the 1%? And that is why the good guys don’t just come storming in and do away with them because there is a very strong argument that if we wanted to get rid of them we would because we outnumber them by 99%. If somebody else came in and got rid of them would we not then create another ruling elite who in time would do the same to us and again and again and again? That is why it has to come from within.
Now what the off-world good guys have been doing is try to make us more aware of the ways that are being given us. Now this has happened because it’s becoming harder and harder for governments to keep lies from us. You know in your own country things have been coming out now which have been hidden for years and years and it’s incredibly difficult for administrations to guarantee that they can keep secrets from the people. Once enough people are aware that they’ve been lied to, that then I think will bring the big ground swell and you yourselves are experiencing Jade Helm and this is the final, desperate flow [?] of elite who are desperate – and I use the word again – absolutely desperate to try to shore up their ‘illegitimate’ control by using military.
I did say in a recent broadcast that there have been two meetings between the President and the National Security Council. Now I’m not talking to an English audience so I don’t need to explain how the NSA and the NSC work together, you will know that. But there have been two meetings and my understanding from those meetings is, you have about a million cops in America and you have a population of 242 million I believe, and the calculation was made first of all that the American military by and large would not shoot on citizens. They wouldn’t carry out the order simply because so many citizens go and bake cookies to raise money for veterans and the connection between the military and the citizens is so strong that won’t happen. Sadly, in your country, the vast majority of your police officers are so separate from the community that they would shoot on local people.
So the report that the National Security Council took was that the army was too close to the people hence Jade Helm. Jade Helm is doing two things. The first thing is a computer monitoring process going on and they are calculating which states in America they could use and which state they could maintain. Now then you have Texans who are incredibly independent and like-minded and your government is very worried about Texas. And you have California where people are very alternative and don’t like authority, your government is also worried about California. So they have computer models which of these states they wish to hold, maintain and which states they know they can let go of. So Jade Helm has been a computer model that’s all to make the military feel separate from the people. More about the military, to make the ordinary men and women feel separate from you guys – not so much to make you separate from them. So you have a situation at the moment where those who […] power I mean really power, are very edgy, very, very edgy. And in the next two years I’m sure we’ll see something occur that will be pretty nasty.
Staged Alien Events & Thwarting the NWO
Question:  One last question about this – you mention that there’s a great deal of patience when seeds are planted in movies and books and products as to getting people used to what’s coming like the UFO’s that landed in schools in Germany to get kids used to the idea. And little Gray men woven into pictures of children and this long thought in movies that bring people into acceptance just like E.T. like you just mentioned. In this next year and a half, are there certain timelines that have come now to fruition and that if we were to recognize them we could say, ‘ah, that’s what that is and that’s why that was set up’ and we would have a choice point of knowing that we have a choice to go in a different direction, stand up the fear that somebody else is going to lead us out of this when in fact that’s the trick?
Simon: Yes. Very, very simple. I can give you some very good advice. If you are returning to your apartment or your home and there’s a roadblock and you’re told that there’s been an alien spacecraft crashed and you can’t go anywhere near it, that is a genuine alien spacecraft crash. If you’re told there’s an alien spacecraft crash and would you like to come up and have a look that is not real. Hollywood has done its job to try to get you ready for the type of alien that you are expected to meet. Any little guy 3 foot in height with very big wrap around eyes will not be something that you want to get next to and it will be a false flag.
Now you may be aware of the triangular spacecraft, I’m sure you guys are. The American elite have first generation triangle craft […] first generation and any false flag alien invasion it will be this first generation triangle craft that will be flown around. You’ll have half a dozen little gray robotic creatures wandering around and you won’t have regular military on the streets, you’ll have military who are paid for by the corporations. And you will be shown clips of maybe fifteen or twenty seconds supposedly from legitimate television crews. That in itself is the aim. The aim is then to say, ‘right, we have defeated an alien invasion, but you know what? We found some creatures in the spaceship that look so human we can’t tell the difference. So would you please go to Point A where you are going to be injected with a little microchip so that every time you go to the shopping mall you go through the scanner we know you are human’. That is the whole point of it, to engage with people with such fear. This is a world event, it’s not just an American event. And I can tell you that there are many, many millions of injections ready, waiting to be given to the people at the moment they accept that this is an alien invasion. That is the situation.
So the false flag is to get people willingly, it’s all about free will – I often use an American term when I talk to British people and I say you know of those old films when the 7th Cavalry come charging in and save the day? Well you are the 7th Cavalry. You are. Something else which you won’t know, the whole purpose wasn’t to take away your guns, it was to take away a certain type of gun. In any conflict between the citizens and the armed forces, whoever they may be, here is the scenario that I would give. I’m not going to use any names. ‘If you want to shoot me’, I’m just using the person who is talking to me, ‘if you want to shoot me you have to come out of your window and shoot me. But if I want to shoot you I’ll just shoot straight through your walls because we will take away the high powered weaponry so only we will have the high powered weaponry and the citizens won’t’. That was the point of all the false flags – to prevent the citizens from having high powered weapons.
So this is a plan that has been taking fruition for fifteen years but the New World Order is late because by their plans they should already have had a New World Order and they’ve been thwarted. And this is what’s causing all the fractions at the top, all the arguments. You know that you can get an app for your phone that when you go to pay for something you just put your phone, or you swipe your phone, you guys have had that for a long this. This only came to Great Britain just over a year ago and this was all part of this rather evil plan. Your country is like my country you go for a walk on your sidewalk and everybody’s got their phone in their hands, that’s the way it is. So you have this thing in your phone and you swipe it or you put it down and you get your whatever it is you bought.
The plan was ten years ago that you got so used to doing that that they said to you that they said to you, ‘why don’t we just put this straight in your hand?’ You just put your hand down on the plate, they will read it, and you can buy what you want. You’ve seen your own adverts on your own television where the woman says, ‘I can’t wait to get an implant in my hand so that I can open the garage doors without going outside.’ Taxes pay for to push this. You know yourself that there’s a very hidden plan to try and get newborn babies chipped and identified.
So they are really desperate and pushing this and it mustn’t happen. It mustn’t happen because while I said to you I have a problem with religion I actually don’t have a problem with the Bible because the Bible talks about the Mark of the Beast and I can tell you now that that is what the Mark of the Beast is, something alien in your body that allows somebody else to control you. So whether that goes in your forehead or in your hand doesn’t matter. It is in the Bible. In its true sense the Bible is one of the greatest books ever written but we have interpreted it incorrectly. So it is a warning. It’s an absolute warning. Knowledge is power and the more we’re aware of it the more the elite think ‘ah, they’ve tumbled us. They’ve worked out our plan, we’re gonna have to think of another plan’. You don’t need to go on the streets and fire with guns, you just have to know what their plan is then they have to go away and come up with another plan. And so we keep going until they run out of time.
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