17 May 2015 – with Jo Conrad, on Bewusst TV

Bewusst TV with Simon Parkes

interview by Jo Conrad
Bewusst TV
May 17th 2015
The Alien Perspective

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The Alien Perspective

Jo Conrad: Hello and welcome. I am here in England, in Yorkshire and I am sitting with an interesting person.  Actually I have to ask if he is a human, he is part human but I hear that you are a hybrid so you are not just human.  Simon Parkes is with me and he is pretty well known in this area, you are in politics also.  Can you introduce yourself.  What are you and what is your background?
Simon Parkes: Well first of all it’s really nice to meet you, thank you for coming and doing the interview, it’s very good, you are a nice person and I only do interviews with nice people! For those who don’t know me, I suppose the best thing to start off with would be to say that I come from a family that has been with the espionage side with MI5, MI6, National Security Agency.  So having parents that were in that sort of environment or field I suppose I was always going to grow up…
JC: Also Freemasons and so on or ..?
SP: My Grandfather was yes.  I think in those days women weren’t allowed to join so my my mother wasn’t but my Grandfather certainly was.  So having come from a family like that then you are going to be different to a certain extent anyway.  In terms of who I am, what I am, I think when we talk about hybrids, we tend to think of a very stylised head.  So a person who has a head like a Grey with great big bulging back.  You’re right, hybridisation of human bodies is brought about because when a soul enters a body, particularly a child in it’s mothers womb, you have to ensure that the energies around that body are matching the expected soul because if you don’t do that then the frequency of the soul will be different from the frequency of the body.
JC: So it does not work?
SP: Well that’s why many women say that something happened to their pregnancy, maybe their baby was taken out and put back in again but it’s generally done for a good reason in the sense that it is making sure that, like you said, the soul and the body work.  So I suppose I can be described as a hybrid but not in the traditional sense.
JC: Not DNA but soul?
SP: My soul is one third …. I’m trying to think for European that would be 33% … a third Reptilian, Draco Reptilian, one third Mantid or Mantis and one third Hollow Earth Human.
JC: Hollow Earth Human …
SP: Yes, so that’s the soul.  The physical body will be energetically very Reptilian-like but I don’t look like a hybrid simply because the more you look like a hybrid the harder it is to get about the planet you are on.
JC: Ok.  Let me ask, Reptilians we can imagine, Mantis – less people I think have heard about.  What kind of a species is that?
SP: They are less well known.  The look very insectoid and many people who have Mantis experiences are very scared of wasps because they remind them of Mantis.  Mantis are anything between 6 foot and 8 foot tall, very hard body, eyes take up maybe nearly a quarter to a third of the head.  So very insectoid looking.  Divided into 3 groups.
JC: Walking upright like humans or ..?
SP: Absolutely they are humanoid yes.  Don’t think of an insect body with a thorax and abdomen with legs sticking out – they have proper hips, they are very humanoid.  But they are a very ancient race and they have a job title such as Universal Master and they play the referee in disputes.  So whenever there is a difficulty, and this is in the 4th frequency, the 4th dimension, then they would basically go in and try and make an arrangement between the warring parties.
JC: Ok.  Now we have 3 species not humankind as we know of here – you mentioned the hollow earth.  Do you have access to the knowledge, the background or … how did you grow up?  Did you grow up like a normal child and after a while your parents tell you you are not just human you are … or have you been aware of all of that?
SP: I wasn’t aware of all of it no.  Not all of it.  I certainly knew from a very young age that I had these odd creatures that would come to visit me as a child.  I certainly knew about practising magic because that was what we did.
JC: And the family?
SP: Yes.  Yes but not black magic.  My mother was not a Satanist so we were not allowed to have any Satanic material in the house because she was against it but my Grandfather was the other way.  My Grandfather believed in the black magic and my Grandfather – these are my biological parents, Grandparents and parent – would always argue how I should be brought up.  They had different ideas how I should be schooled.  I was aware of the creatures that would visit me, I would remember what had happened and learned not to talk about it outside of the house.
JC: But … sorry I interrupt you all the time but there are so many questions coming up.  Other kids grow up and they see monsters and parents say ‘there are no monsters’, so after a while they don’t see anything any more.  How has it been in your family when you saw something did they say it’s real or?
SP: What my mother said was ‘draw it and I will take it to my friends and show them’.  So I would draw it with crayons and felt pens and then she would take them to the people she worked with and that’s how it was.
JC: Do you have some pictures?
SP: Yes but you didn’t ask me to bring them!  If you had asked me to bring them I would have brought them.
JC: Maybe we could get some and insert them later ok?
SP: Sure.
JC: So, what are you really aware of now, what did you learn about this species?  Is it something you know or is it something you had to learn?  What Hollow Earth people are or ….
SP: What I had to learn was the culture, the rules, the law for each group.  In terms of the natural situation within that group, that is my right because that is what I am but every group has it’s own etiquette, it’s own rules, specifically the Reptilian which is very, very into ceremony and you cannot make a mistake.  I remember once meeting somebody who .. a very genuine person who had experienced the Reptilians.  Reptilians. are very involved with a sword.  The sword is very important to them and one of the tests that you had to do is to throw the sword up in the air so it spins and as it drops you are not allowed to go back from it, you have to catch the hilt of the sword.  If you don’t catch the hilt and it falls but you don’t move that’s ok.  What is wrong is if you move from them.  He didn’t catch the sword and he said that that was it, that was the end, it was a terrible shame, great embarrassment and he had brought shame on that particular unit and so he was out of the program, they didn’t want to see him any more.  So they are very very strict, no forgiving, no forgiveness at all with that particular race.
JC: Ok.  Now you were talking about MI5, MI6 was your family background… does everybody in this area have connections with aliens or is it special or is it on some level of military intelligence that you know about these things?
SP: No, I would think in any security agency maybe only 10% to a quarter
JC: Higher ranks or what?
SP: Not just the higher ranks but called the ‘need to know’.  You may have a specialism in a subject, you may be somebody who understands computers really well so they would want you on the program cracking alien communications so you would be briefed and talked to.  So it is about what you bring to the organisation so MI5, National Security Agency will say ‘what do we need?  What skills do we need?’.
JC: But no one gets the big picture?  Only a very few people?
SP: Yes because if you have the big picture then you can begin to put it together and understand what is happening and then become very dangerous to the organisation.  In fact the Americans and the British learnt this compartmentalisation from the Germans.  In 1936/37 when the Germans were building what became the Fritz X bomb, the first radio controlled, or TV controlled bomb, guided bomb, and I think the Germans sank an Italian battleship with it, the 3 German companies working on it – because they were 3 separate Geschaft, what they did was they compartmentalised all of the teams so no team from one company could talk to the team on the other company and that set the model right through to this day, so that’s where it comes from.
JC: So ‘need to know’ is just the shortened word for it but it was around back then and nobody knew they were building a bomb or …
SP: The only people who knew they were building a bomb were the people at the end of the line who actually had the device on chains, because that is how they used to do, and have it suspended from the ceiling .. but the guys who were working on the tv camera wouldn’t necessarily know, the people on the honing device wouldn’t know – it was only when you looked at the casing of the device, that was obvious that it was a device, a bomb.
JC: But they had all the technology in 1936, tv and …
SP: Certainly. They certainly did.  The Germans were the greatest inventors and absolutely ahead of their game but then they had back-engineered equipment that they had from …
JC: From aliens..
SP: From a crash in the Black Forest.  Probably between 1931 – 33.  But then also the channelling from the Aldebaran group, the Vril Society and Thule Society.  So they were getting help but they were brilliant because they put it into practice.
JC: So it was easy to find out … if you find a piece of technology and don’t know anything about it ..
SP: Well this is what my mother did.  This was the job of my mother when she worked for MI5.  Her job, she received documents in German from ex German Paperclip scientists who didn’t fall into the hands of the Russians, who didn’t want to go to America and wanted to stay in Berlin and what was the British Quarter of Berlin.  But, under the new Federal law, they should have been arrested and tried at Nuremberg for war crimes but they were too important because of the knowledge so the new West German government made them stateless and MI5 gave them British sovereignty, managed them so they couldn’t be tried under German law.  The remained in Germany and when the major group of German scientists in America were overworked or couldn’t handle a particular project, a piece of alien equipment would be sent to West Germany, to Berlin and the scientists would look at it and the brief was always the same – ‘what is this, what does it do, can you make it do that’.  They would then produce a document, never big, between 6-7 pages and 15 pages, blueprints, maps, all in German, which would arrive and the Agent would bring it to my mother with, in those days was called a dictaphone.  You used to put your foot on the pedal to make it tape.  It’s interesting that Mother only wanted German equipment so the typewriter she had was an Adler and Grundig .. everything was German, she wouldn’t have anything other than German equipment because it was the best.  The guy who would give her the tape, he was a linguist, so he would say once sentence in German, one sentence in English.  She would type out into English, this document, and when the document was finished a car would arrive for her, she would have a codeword for the driver, get in the car and off she would go with it.  This is the funny bit, Monday to Friday I was a schoolboy, I went to school, Saturday and Sunday mother worked at home.  She would stop for lunch, she would leave a document on the table and go and have her lunch and I would read it.  So for about 5 or 6 years I would read the lot and it was obviously deliberate because when the Agent, who’s name was Paul Dunlop (that wasn’t his real name), a real character, ex RAF fighter pilot, had his own private aeroplane, had his own racing car and his own other cars and he took his name off a tyre and said ‘my name is going to be Paul Dunlop’, and he made a joke of it but what was interesting, I would be about 7 years old and he would come to the house.  He was a brilliant man, I mean maybe 12 languages, 15 languages, absolutely brilliant man and my mother would go and make a cup of coffee and he would play with me.  So we would lay chairs out and we would play aeroplanes and he would be the fighter pilot and I would be his co-pilot and the game we would play was chase the UFO.  So we would play that and mother would come in with a coffee but he wouldn’t jump up and be embarrassed he would just carry on the game until we had finished a point.  The only time I was ever asked to leave the room was when mother signed the Official Secrets Act.  I later learned that there is some rule in Britain that the only people who can be there is the Agent and the person, everyone else has to leave the room.  But, every other time they would have a conversation about Roswell, about space weapons, whatever and I was never asked to leave the room.  So, now I look back on it, this isn’t by chance, this was deliberate but at the time I just accepted it.
JC: Was it your mother who wanted you to know all these thing or was it …
SP: Oh it was …
JC: Them ..
SP: It was them because whenever a television programme, an ordinary television programme would come on that they wanted me to watch, they would say to my Mother, ‘you must let him watch this, he as to watch this television programme’.  One of them was a programme called The Prisoner which went out, I think on Friday for the first time in 1967 or 1968 and that was late, it was 9 o’clock at night and that was past my bed time but Mother would say ‘you have to watch this, they want you to watch it’.  So we would watch all the series of The Prisoner.  The other one was The Avengers, I had to watch the Avengers.
JC: I like them.
SP: This was instructions coming from them that that was what they wanted, it was part of the plan.  Now, I know you want to ask me a question but the other interesting … I was only talking to a woman the other week who, in America and her father worked for the CIA and she was also made to watch The Avengers and The Prisoner so clearly, for certain families in Britain, America and it must be in Europe as well, this was something that you had to do.  There is a pattern forming here so I find that very very fascinating.
JC: Yes. Let me go back to the Germans who found a crashed UFO in the Schwazwald, what kind of species was that?  Were there survivors, alien beings or …
SP: No, the whole object was to give technology.  You see it was illegal from a universal standpoint to give a lower race technology, you can’t do that, but what you do is you give it as a present.
JC: So it was an ‘accident’.
SP: Yes absolutely, absolutely.  So that you can’t claim to be giving them technology.  So, it would be from a Grey type race working on behalf of the Reptilian group, possibly in a group from Orion.  So that would have been the crash there but when Hitler turned against the Bush’s, George, the Bush’s because of the oil, no longer wanted to get the oil from them and wanted to get the oil from Russia that is when the assistance broke from them and that’s when America got its own UFO crash so that the books were balanced.  The difference was that the Germans when they went to the power plant they didn’t understand the concept of a bomb but the Germans understood the concept of flight.  So, when they looked at the nuclear power plant in the crashed UFO they didn’t decide to make a weapon with it, they said ‘how can we power the craft?’.  When the Americans looked at the power plant of the crashed UFO they got they said ‘how can we make a bomb out of it?’.  The reason for that was that you had Einstein, because Einstein being Jewish had left Germany a year or two years before and he was involved in those projects.  So that’s why the Americans had the bomb and the Germans didn’t because they both had crashed technology but they came at it from different angles.
JC: But the Germans couldn’t make anything out of it to win the war or because they didn’t develop weapons or because?  What was the reason?
SP: You have answered your own question.  They didn’t have energy-based weapons at that time.  If you have a true flying saucer, lets use the word, if you have a true flying saucer you can’t put a three dimensional weapon onto it because it will destabilise it.  They tried, they put a 30mm cannon, they tried everything on them but it doesn’t work.  But that was why they were working on microwaves.  It was actually the Scottish, a man from Scotland in Great Britain who discovered microwaves just before the 2nd World War and it was offered to the Americans as a part the present America was being offered to bring them in to support Britain during the war.  So, microwaves were discovered by the British but the Germans were already working on a different form of microwave and I think had they had another 2 – 3 years they would have been able to mount some form of sound weapon in that craft.  So the crafts were there, they were available but they had no means of making offensive capability out of them and this is the difference.  You see the ordinary established historians don’t understand when Adolf Hitler talked about secret weapons ordinary historians think he was referring to the V1 and the V2, it wasn’t he was referring to these wonderful machines but they couldn’t weaponise them.
JC: A lot of questions coming up.  You can use the technology for the good or the bad and the aliens who accidentally dropped them, what were their intentions?  To give them technology for good reasons or not so good reasons or … I think there are several factions of the Grey species so can you say something …
SP: Yes.  There is a group, a very high alien group, very negative to humans called the Archons.  The Archons wish to basically turn humans into robots.  One of the ways of doing that is to give a very new race (and the human race is a very young and new race, its not really grown up at all), give it toys that they can’t understand.  So that was part of the parcel.  The other parcel is that if I want to read your secrets and you are in a hard copy paper world I have either got to read your mind or I have got to physically materialise in your building and open a filing cabinet and literally go through … but if I teach you about digital technology I can be a million miles away and I can just lift all the information out of your computers and you don’t even know it.
JC: That’s what we have today.
SP: That’s what we have today.
JC: So we are using digital, the cameras …
SP: Well that’s why both Angela Merkel and Putin … Angela Merkel has 12 typewriters, Erika typewriters and Putin has 6 and they both have the most sensitive information is no longer done on computer, it is done on 1936 typewriters so that they can’t be read by the National Security Agency.  The reason they went for 1936 typewriters, there is a massive stock of ribbons, that is the reason.  But what is ironic is that Germany and Russia fought a war in the 2nd World War and they are both now using German typewriters.  That is because nothing is secret, everything can be read.
JC: Yes, everything that is digital and so don’t have an idea of what can be done because it’s not only technology but maybe there are forces that can read our mind or see what we are doing without having any bugs here.
SP: Well, there is a very interesting video on YouTube and it might be good if you could link some to it, it’s very famous, it is done by NASA and it is the one where an energy beam weapon fires from earth and an alien spacecraft takes evasive action.  I’m sure you are familiar with it.
JC: Yes I have seen that.
SP: Well what happens is that, back in those days, that was Ronald Regan’s star wars, that the weapon was accurate but he software that ran that machine wasn’t fast enough to cope with the weapon.  What happens is when in a control room somebody says ‘fire’ they read that and are already moving away before the weapon fires.  So these major space weapons now are all automated, there is no human brain to read.  That is why they are getting more success in hitting spacecraft now than they were 15 years ago because there is no human …. if you are sitting in California or Atlanta, Georgia and the weapon is 4,000 miles away that alien piloting that craft isn’t going to pick that up.
JC: Sure.
SP: So that is why they are getting hit so there are ways of reading people’s minds but there are ways of defending against that.
JC: But the technology is there as a danger for artificial intelligence becoming dangerous to us like terminator or … there is a lot of sci-fi topics, they really go berserk or want to kill us ..
SP: It is about controlling, it’s not about killing.  The whole object literally is to put a chip in everybody and control everybody.  You see 25 years ago the top end of the negative Illuminati wanted to destroy ¾ of the population.  They don’t need to do that any more.  That’s not the plan.  The plan is to put a chip in everybody and you can control them.  The plan is very simple, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Germany, Holland or Britain you see not just young people but everybody walking around with their phone in their hand.  That’s what they do, every time you go onto a major street people have their phone in their hand.  So what they will do is say ‘right well, we will put an app, an application in your phone and when you want to buy something you just go up to the counter and you can touch your phone and that does it’.  The plan was this was supposed to happen 15 years ago – they have been held up.  The plan was they would then say ‘this is a real waste of time, why don’t we just put it in your hand.  You’re so used to putting your phone down to pay for your cup of coffee, so you just put your hand down now’.
JC: And you don’t need money any more. and of course you can control everybody because if someone isn’t …
SP: Exactly, because they would say ‘you attended a demonstration on Tuesday against the Government, we are turning your bank account off’.  That was the plan but they are behind.  They are very cross because they are 15 years behind with their plan to do that.
JC: That is a good thing?
SP: Oh God yes absolutely!
JC: So we are coming from the past to the present and of course there is many years between that and universes we can talk about.  But, now we are here and there was 2012 where we thought maybe that is when everything is changing and then we saw they didn’t really change, but now we see, and my impression is that things are changing.  Now it’s 2015, not 2012 do we see a change in humanity?  Are people waking up to all these things?  Is this a game changer or ….
SP: On 21st December 2012 there was a massive change.  The problem is that most people wanted the sky to rain fire or the ground to open.
JC: Something to see.
SP: Exactly, something to see.  Even in the bible, you know, it’s ‘God give me a sign’.  God sent a flaming bush.  So we are in a physical 3-D world and we expect that.  No that’s not how it is.  It’s about energy change and in all of the major countries, western countries crime has gone down since 2012.  What has happened that the vicious crime, the nasty crime has gone up but  the overall crime figures have gone down and that is because good people are getting better, people average are getting good and the bad people are getting worse.  So we are going to have a division between those who clearly understand one way of life and those that cannot change and that’s where we are going, and that is from 2012.
JC: So we have a game between black and white so to say, good and bad and there are aliens, a lot of species I think, we have mentioned a few, there are probably more, and they can be good or bad or something in between.  Can you tell us something more about …
SP: The important thing is when we talk about good and bad we have to be very clear which perspective we are looking at.  As shocking as it is for your viewers, the Reptilians., the Draconian Reptilians. do not believe themselves to be bad.  They believe they have an absolute right to do what they do so they would be absolutely shocked if you thought they were bad.  So we are look at it form our perspective, but what we use is common rule, common law and that no one species has the right to harm another, that’s my view.  You have no right to force another into slavery so if we are looking at those who wish freedom they must be good and those who don’t wish freedom, well, maybe they are bad.  So we have two key players.  We have the Draconis Reptilian and we have the Archons.  These are the two major players and unfortunately they are both very negative to the development of humanity.
JC: Are Archons not Reptilian?
SP: No they are not.  They are more of an energy-based form.  They may have a Reptilian signature to them but they are a very different life force.
JC: I have heard that the Nag Hammadi scriptures found at the Black Sea were addressing the Archons a lot, is that right?
SP: Yes.  This of course was where Jesus was taught.
JC: Yes. Is there a fight between these forces or are they working together?
SP: No, the Reptilians. would not accept that they were being manipulated, too proud but they suspect it and they know it really, but they get something out of it so they play the game.  We have a loose confederation of humanoid beings who have a responsibility to earth humans who in the last 5 years have formed a council or a federation, whatever you want to call it.
JC: The White Dragons or something?
SP: No those would be more, to my understanding the White and Red Dragons are ones linked with China but we can come back to that.  So what I am saying is there has always been individual human races who are operating individually have become involved on this planet to try and balance the books but in the last 5 years these groups have worked together as a team and this is what is causing the change because one group on its own couldn’t counter the negative effects but 5 or 6 groups working together can and that’s where we are at the moment.
JC: You say humanoid but that doesn’t mean humans like us so they can .. you say 4, 5 or 6 species, can you elaborate about them?
SP: Well, what I would say is that all humans originally had 12 strands of DNA and sometime between 220,000 – 250,000 years ago the humans were tricked by a Reptilian and had 10 strands removed.  But, the law of the universe is that living matter like that cannot be destroyed and so it was turned into an energy form and phased between the 3rd and 4th dimension and that’s what your higher self is, that is what hangs over your body.  So, when the New Age talks about ascension, it’s not really right, we are actually drawing our DNA into our bodies energetically.  Each of those strands of DNA relate to an alien race because through that we have connection to any race really, but any that has a connection with humans.  So a race playing a very important part at the moment are the Nordics in terms of Russia and the Tall Whites in terms of America.  So you have a range of beings right across the spectrum, either just vieing for some bit of real estate as the Americans would say or positioning themselves so when the change comes they want to be in on the act.  If nothing else comes out of today’s meeting, what I would say is the most important time for humanity is when one system falls there is a vacuum and then the humans hopefully get their act together, build a new system but that’s when the danger is – this vacuum period.  That’s when we would see someone like an Antichrist or another organisation putting itself forward, offering solutions and salvation.  So that’s when we have to be careful that people don’t come in selling us a solution to a problem.
JC: Yes.  It is complex.  There are these forces who want to work for humanity together but there’s also the negative forces and they are working together with parts of government.  Let us take America the Reptilians. and Draconians have influence on the government and are there different factions in America and other countries also who are fighting against each other?
SP: Well, the Tall Whites influence the American military, the Draconis Reptilians. influence the politicians and also the most elite in the money side, the highest families.  They are the real movers in terms of that.  There is another race, an interesting race.  We refer to them as the Annunaki and there are some very Annunaki-looking creatures that are associated with America.  So America unfortunately at the moment is very heavily led by negative off-world entities.  Whereas China at the moment is 50-50.  China is choosing to meet both sides, so positive and negative.  China is of course just interested in money so it is playing a double game.  Russia of course now has turned its back on the Draconis Reptilians. and is now just working with what we call the Nordics.  Mossad in Israel is working with some very unsavoury off-world creatures.  So every major country, that is a major player or can claim a bloodline will actually have access somehow to one of these races.  Now, if you were in little Belgium or Luxembourg you don’t have access to any of that.  But, you might have an individual in your government who does and so that’s what these little governments in these countries do, they try and bring people into their government as advisers who have links.  And then of course, finally we have the Vatican.  So, the Vatican is incredibly powerful and will make decisions on behalf of governments.
JC: Let’s talk a little bit more about the Vatican because we think they are not just positive, some people say there are Satanic things going on in the Vatican.  Is that true or are there different factions also in the Vatican?
SP: There are different factions in the Vatican.  If you have access to the future, and the Vatican certainly does.
JC: Is that Project Looking Glass or …?
SP: Well, they have a different way of doing it.  Project Looking Glass is an America military type of project.  The Vatican uses more magical …. when I refer to magic, to me magic is not magic, magic is science and that is how the Vatican would look on it.  So, they have their own methods for looking into the future.  They would look at what we call timelines and they look to see which timeline puts the Vatican on the best possible result.  So, they will look at that and they will then decide how they need to position – who needs to win this election, who should be the Pope, who should be …. it’s all designed to try and keep the Vatican in the driving seat.  So all of these are key players but within that there are people who say, ‘maybe we are on the losing side, so maybe we should try and make friends’.  Now that’s not making friends for the right reason but it is making it for the wrong reason, but I suppose as long as the hands on a clock are still one minute to midnight, somebody could make a change.  So that’s where we are at the moment, people are deciding before midnight strikes which side of the fence they are on.
JC: And this time is now or …?
SP: I think in the next 2 ½ years.  2017 really.
JC: And you said there are timelines and of course it is complicated because there can be different futures.  Are they fixed or are they changing?  I mean there are sci-fi movies who are dealing with timelines and you see it is mind boggling because there is lots of different possibilities and is it true that we can change into another timeline?
SP: We are on a timeline now that is positive.  We have been on that maybe for 15 years.  Several attempts to take us off this timeline have been made without success so we are on a fixed timeline which is generally positive for humanity and this is one of the reasons that anyone who is negative might want to leave the planet because it is not the home for them in the future.
JC: You said 2017.  Can you say what is happening from now, 2015, in the next.
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