28 May 2015 – Breakfast at The Triad

Breakfast at The Triad with Simon Parkes

interview by Bibi Tinsley and Kerry Keegan
presented by Lunar Soul Wisdom & The Kitchen Table Ascension Podcast
May 28th 2015
The Hobbit, DNA, & Humanity’s Choice

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The Hobbit, DNA, & Humanity’s Choice

Kerry Keegan:  Enjoy this conversation with Simon Parkes, a wise down-to-earth and very practical Galactic Gentleman.
Simon Parkes:  Hello … hi … apologies for lateness I just had somebody with a bit of demonic possession and I could not just leave it straight away.
Kerry Keegan:  No, no … it’s …how are you?
Simon Parkes:  I’m fine than you.
K.K. I’d like to introduce you to Bibi Tinsley … Simon
S.P.  Hi Bibi, nice to see you.
Bibi:  We want to put our light and our focus on where we are captivated by you, and it’s about the new energies.
K.K.  I’ll begin with … I wanted to go back to Humanity’s original template and our original DNA … um … to learn more about that.  You speak a lot of the 4D races and I am wondering if in that … combination of the 12 strands of DNA there were also fourth and fifth dimensional contributions … to the DNA.
S.P.  No! …because 12 strands of DNA meant that there are up to 12 dimensions.  So being 12 strands of DNA meant that all of the dimensions up to the twelfth were maintained within those DNA strands.  That’s why when we obtain those DNA strands we have access to Consciousness and Source.
K.K.  Oh … I was thinking that a race contributed one strand …
S.P.  Well they did, they did … and one race was the twelfth dimensional.
K.K.  Ok, was Lyra in one of those strands?
S.P.  Yes absolutely …. very important.
K.K.  And … is that fifth dimension?
S.P.  Ah no, sixth dimension as we would understand it now, but the Lyrans have a corridor to the twelfth dimension energetically.
K.K.  I see … do they have a portal here on Earth that …
S.P.  Lyrans … erm no … they use portals … they don’t have their own dedicated portal … but they will have a portal which they will use … they use several ….. every alien race have portals they use … the difficulty for most alien races now is that the portals are either closed or guarded.  The term quarantine has been used by people in the know … Earth has been quarantine for a while – but the quarantine has been lifted …. there’s a partial quarantine at the moment.
B.  I am very curious about that, does that relate to the so called ‘fall of consciousness’.
S.P.  Yes, yes, when humanity lost the twelve strands of DNA … in fact you’re using the modern term which I prefer.  In the old Biblical sense it was known as ‘the fall of man’, but that is exactly what that was.
B. Hmm.
S.P.  But that is exactly what that was.
B.  The fall of consciousness … go ahead Kerry.
K.K.  So … you spoke of the portals and I wanted to see …. I was recently at the Hill of Tara and I was … I thought I was going to connect innerward to the Inner Earth … and I got a very clear message from the Syrian portal … it felt like … that it could be turned on at some point … and I am wondering … was looking for … can these portals be turned back on as our DNA … do we need to connect our DNA before we can turn these portals back on … or …
S.P.  Yes, yes some are ‘code locked’ … and only when a certain individual … not just a person but a certain individual … is at the right place at the right time … then that portal will open.  It might be pertinent, as the film has just done the rounds, there is a film called The Hobbit.  And The Hobbit has had a number of elements which I have gone public with which has shown that the creators of the art work certainly understand the magic.  But if we go back to J R Tolkien who wrote The Hobbit, of course he wrote that before he wrote The Lord of the Rings, there is one story when the dwarves and Bilbo are trying to find the door into the cave … they have to stand at the right place … at the right time … with the right person.  And the right person of course is Bilbo and in the story J R Tolkien says that there is a key … and there is a physical key which they have.  So here we have a portal which can only open when the right person is there at the right time … the apportioned time … and so it is with a number of portals … that the right individual carrying the right DNA coding can open the portal … if he or she is there at the right time.  So yes … is the answer.
B.  Does sound … er … also increase the energy of these portals?
S.P.  No … it’s generally a DNA lock … um … but you can attempt to force a portal by projecting certain pitches of sound or you can attempt to fool the portal into believing that it is coming up against what it was programmed to open to.  Generally speaking though there are safety devises and the portal won’t open … you’ve got to be pretty desperate to try that element of it
B.  Regarding the portals, are these inner portals within individuals …
S.P.  No … no … both … you can have portal to portal or individual linked portal or you can have a very large like mount … mount a … is it Shasta … where there is a very large portal there … and several places over the planet where there are portals.  Some of them are just local in the sense that they travel just a few hundred miles or a thousand miles and some are very very long ranging indeed.
B.  It’s just amazing … I myself experience this sense of magical awakening … like I felt when I was four years old and they were reading stories to me … erm well … that’s a whole other thing.  Maybe I will mention to Simon that since I have been watching your videos … as I mentioned earlier these lights have been going off and I’ve been having a lot of memories surfacing … from being a baby and being very little … but I can go into that another time … but this is the time … it’s very significant isn’t it … that we are all here on this planet at this time I have heard you say that and I say that … and Kerry and I felt it keenly … can you speak about this time and what the significance of this time is.
S.P.  People on the planet divide into two groups.  Those who are there to observe … ‘The Watchers’ … but not in the technical sense as understood by alien researchers … and those who are ‘The Actors’ and those who are taking a place on the stage and are making things happen … either for good or for ill.  So you are either here to observe or you are here to do.  The time is full circle now … those of us who were here at the beginning are here at the end … and my words should’nt be taken as the end of the world … but the end of a time frame and the beginning of another.  So … we are talking about a period of time where Humanity has been held in slavery … and it is now on the verge of breaking out of that slavery … and moving across to the next phase of its creation … or the next phase of its evolution.  So anybody, anybody, who is alive on this planet now … is Blessed because they are in on the act … whatever their role is … they are here to observe or take part in something that is very very special.  Nobody came here for a holiday … everybody came here for a reason … you would NOT come to this planet for a holiday … maybe in a few years you might.  So it’s a very very magical … I don’t mean it in the dark sense … it’s a very magical time … and it is a very exciting time … and I have always said that Humanity will come out the other end … but what I don’t know is in what condition it will come out the other end.  I don’t know how much damage we are going to take as a specie before we came out the other end … that is the unknown quantity … we just don’t know
B.  So it is up to folks to step up to the plate … those who have an awareness … would you say that it’s a gathering momentum of positive energies …
S.P.  Urm … yes … it is actually up to three quarters of the people in positions of responsibility to decide which side of the fence they are on.  You know if you haven’t been involved in mass murder … then you can be forgiven … and these people who hold positions of responsibility need to check their own consciousness and say ‘Right well I have had enough of this and I am going to detach myself from those people at the very top’.  So … that needs to happen … and there needs to be the ordinary policemen/women and soldiers on the street … what is their position in the coming two years … where do their loyalties lie … where’s there consciousness.  And then we’ve got the ordinary members of the public … what will they choose … what will be there decision when the great deception is unveiled.  What will those humans choose … will they want more of the same … but with just a different label on it … or will they want a completely new paradigm.  And again that is not known
K.K.  Will the DNA activation be able to be self-directed .. or is it just …
S.P.  Yes it’s a predestined code that activates … and no life-force … physical life-force … has been able to decode it correctly … or crack it.  That’s why Humans are of such great interest to off world entities because we call it the Genome … the coding … the tumbler lock.  That is a code that is beyond the understanding of most life forms and as a result of that it is all pre-programmed … and you don’t have to boost it … it will just tick along to its own internal clock and that is why … for many people they are staring down the barrel of a gun … because if you know that Humanity is at some point going to reach a position where it is going to say ‘I see through the deception – I reject this’ … well then why on earth would you be wanting to shore up or prop up something that is negative … because you know ultimately it is going to fail … and the answer is that many of these people are in so deep and their own fear … as Humans generally have a big battle with fear … they’re so fearful … and they have’nt got the strength to get out of it.  So … we’ll see
K.K.  How can we impact that energy of fear … can we impact that energy of fear …
S.P.   Yes .. it’s basically getting people to talk about the topic … because while the subject is hidden and taboo then … there’s no debate … and people are isolated.  When you break the subject open and you go public or you hold debates and you have questions and answers … then the people who know the truth but believe themselves to be islands surrounded by a sea … suddenly find that there is a debate out there … and there is a widespread belief in the subject … so it’s easier for people in positions of authority then to move towards the more central ground.  So that’s from the elite point of view … now from the Human point of view … many people are seeking the truth … and many people know the established media are not giving them the truth … so they are trapped in the establishment because they have to earn a salary … that’s how the system controls people through wages.  But they are still seeking the truth so the more truth they get the more they are likely to begin to question … why they get up every morning … why they work for somebody who earns fifty, sixty, seventy times what they earn and doesn’t do half the work they do … why is it that there are people dying and starving when these rich people are throwing food away because they have got more food than they need.  So why does Human Consciousness accept these values … it accepts them because it has been tricked … Human Consciousness has been tricked that this is the only way it has to be … and in the American culture it is accepted that … I don’t know let’s just pull a figure out … 90% of the population can do really well and there has to be 10% in the gutter … because that’s the way it is.  And that’s accepted … but that’s the culture … whereas really and truly everyone should have the chance to do well.  So what I am saying to you is … as long as the Human psyche … the Human ability to comprehend and develop … is trapped in an energy cage … then it cannot expand.  Now shows like this … and other talks like this … help to penetrate that cage … and to actually engage with people … so that’s why I agreed to come and talk to you because I want it to go out … I want people to go away and do their own research … um … and you know … if we just communicate to ten thousand people and one thousand people go and do their own research … that’s one thousand people who have the opportunity to learn and develop the truth
K.K.  Beautiful … beautiful I want to switch tracks slightly … I am fascinated by your triadic soul parts … if you will … it’s just fascinating and I have heard you speak at some length about the Mantid connection and the Reptilian connection … which I prefer to call the Dragon connection.  I haven’t really heard you speak about the Hollow Earth Human part … would you mind elaborating a bit for us
S.P.  I have always been fairly quiet about it because it is the one link that is hidden … and that’s why it has remained hidden … and ever since Admiral Bird attempted to get in there … and was rejected forcibly … it has remained private and confidential because it has a role to play in the future. You can trace its links back to Lemuria … to Atlantis … to a group of Humans who decided to take themselves away from the corruption … as they saw it … around them … and to be separate and pure … and then to only come out when the time was right … when the battle was finally joined.  So I have deliberately not talked about it simply because … just as in the days of Admiral Bird it still remains hidden.  And so yes … the three parts of the soul work very well.
B.  Do you know how that was constructed … who … what constructed that three perfectly balanced …
S.P.  Yes … I have always said that Human’s were not created by aliens … as much as one particular faction would like us to believe that was the case … but it isn’t.  Humanity has been around in the Multiverse for a very very long time.  But the Human form that we have today is relatively new.  I never accepted for one minute the Darwinian theory of Evolution for Humans … I accept it for animals … no problem at all … but for Human Evolution, I’m sorry, it just does not fit.  It is not enough time frame to develop the complex creatures that we on this planet are.  So … it always was clear to me that something had happened … that some form of enhancement or development has taken place … probably on many accounts … and so … as far as I am concerned … somewhere between 220 and 250 thousand years ago … the predominant stone age person on this planet would be referred to as Neanderthal … around that period.  People tend to think of Neanderthals as perhaps 100 thousand years … that’s not exactly true … the stone technology, the stone tools they make, show that they had gone back to about 300 thousand years ago.  Around about 220 … between 220 and 250 … when Humans were technologically useless but spiritually absolutely wonderful … erm … they were altered and changed … and the ten strands of DNA were removed from them … but because you see the Multiversal … or Universal Law … or perhaps better The Law of Source … it is illegal … with great consequences … to destroy or kill DNA … you cannot do it.  So what happened was that it was placed, what I call, out of phase … so neither in the third dimension or the fourth dimension … just out of phase around every Human … so there is an arc around every Human … and Humans understand that as their Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is your ten strands of dis-articulated energetic DNA that hang over your body.  DNA is a memory … you can actually recall memory if you can link in … and many people think they are accessing the Akashic Records … they’re not … they are actually accessing their DNA memory … and so it is this that is trying to regain into the body.  So … it is doing what it’s always supposed to do … and get back into the body … and some people are better at it than others … and so people are at different speeds of integrating their DNA.
K.K.  Were you trained in that model … to work with that DNA connection with the Soul … turning it back on … I am not sure of the right wording here … and is there helpful tools that you know of to …
S.P.  No … er erm … that is something that I don’t have … I am not activating ten strands of DNA … I am probably at eight
K.K.  That’s impressive… do you know how to figure that out in your body…
S.P.  It is not impressive because if it was impressive I would be at ten … so … it’s obviously I’m not … Well it does it itself but there are certain things that you can do to speed up the connectivity … but you have to be careful because if you force the issue … then the energies are such that it can affect you … not physically so much … but energetically … so you begin to have very poor memory loss … and you can have migraines … get dizzy spells … and so I am very very careful … you know …it is part of what I do … people can come to my web site and I will help them with that … but it is always at their speed and what the body can cope with not the mind … so the mind says I want to do this tomorrow and I say look it is going to take you three months
B.  I see … some progression is involved there.  I am getting an image that looks like standing waves … erm … I can’t recall … there’s an actual scientific  term for it … but the standing wave technology that erm … is both good and bad … that is available today … is this relatable to the energetic strands of the DNA
S.P.  Well Tesla was perhaps one of the greatest scientists ever … and unfortunately of course … we always give that accolade to Einstein … it’s not right it’s Tesla.  Tesla’s scalar wave … or scalar wave … is the devise that you are referring to … that operates in a very different way from an electromagnetic wave … unfortunately like so many things they have been weaponised and are used against people … in many many ways … and I spend quite a lot of my time working with people who are the subject of an attack from scalar waves.  And I did an interview … a guy came from Holland and we talked quite extensively on that
B.  Yes I saw that interview it was very very interesting … very very illuminating.  I am very intrigued Simon with … you put a call out … I think it originally was via Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot … about a group of awake and aware people who wanted to … can you speak to that please.
S.P.  Yes … erm … I now have 500 names … 500 people have put themselves forward and I am in the process of grouping them.  Those that are healers … those that can send energy over distance … those that can send energy at a local rate … those that are good at computers …  those … this that and the other … I am getting all the group together and then once I have got that group I will apportion tasks to them
K.K.  That’s so beautiful … thank you for doing that … well really …
S.P.  Well it’s interesting because … Dr Steven Greer raised a large amount of money and made a film … and I would have to ask … ‘How has it changed Humanity’?  Now David Icke … who I have got a lot of time for … I have got a lot of time for David … tried it a bit differently and created a radio and a tv show in the hope of engaging with people … and through no fault of his own … actually … it was taken down.  But the mistake that both men made was they used the system as it stands … they used the structures and the organisations of an already corrupt system to try to carry their message.  It doesn’t work.  So I have not gone for the system that creates structures … I have not gone for business men … bank accountants … this that and the other … I have gone for ordinary individual people who will work as groups.  No hierarchy … no I am better than you … no I am going to come in and tell you what to do … no machinery … no cameras … no nothing … just pure good intent.  And so this is the mistake many people make … they think on a 3D materialistic way … and the changes that are coming are nothing to do with that … they are to do with energies.  Humans can create reality out of thought … once they understand that.  They are creators.
K.K.  So going back to our assistance that we have here … do you think our greatest assistance is … gathering together to … to make this choice … to turn this planet back to a choice based planet … is it Humans getting together … is it opening the portals with the help … whether it is in Hollow Earth or portals from information … from those … stellular energies
S.P.  Yeh yeh …erm …the greatest hope for Humanity is itself.  All I am doing is giving it a focus.  I rather see Humanity as a child that’s crawled for far too long and it’s time for it to get up on its legs and walk.  And every time it gets up on its legs it falls down again so it needs somebody to keep saying to it ‘Get back up … get back up on your legs’.  Now David Icke was always saying ‘Get off your knees’ but it did not really follow it through in a way that painted an image for people to really grasp.  And I am giving an image of a child who is struggling along on his hands and knees and keeps getting up.  All I am doing is giving the encouragement because it is down to the Human Race to decide what it wants to do.  Look … if the Human race says we are really happy the way we are then it can stay like this for another 50 thousand years … but if the Human race says ‘You know what we are not happy … there is a better way to do this’ … then it will then move onto the next stage … and it is its choice.  There is assistance coming from off the planet but that’s just to balance the books.  And there’s absolutely no point in somebody coming in and saying ‘Do you know what … sit back … have a rest … I’ll do it all for you’ … and doing it all for you.  And anybody who is listening to this who is a manager … or is a mum at home … and says to the child ‘I’ll tidy your room up’ or I’ll do this or I’ll do that … that person has not bought into the process … that person has not … (that’s my cat) … that person has not partaken of the responsibility.  And so when that person … the parent … goes out the room … that person thinks well I’ve not been given the tools to understand to do that … so when the problem comes up again they have to call the parent back in and say ‘Could you put it right for me’.  How much better it is to say to the individual … ‘You do it’ … because once you have done it you will always be able to do it and you can take ownership of that.  Far too often people say ‘When are the good guys going to come and save us?’  I am sorry this isn’t Hollywood … there is no Custer … there’s no Seventh Cavalry … and I have always said it … the Human race is the Seventh Cavalry … it’s got to do it … because if it doesn’t … frankly it is not worthy … that’s a horrible thing to say but it’s a fact.  You are not ready for it … yet the problem is … the time is NOW.  So if you imagine my hand here is time and the Human race is here … it’s behind the time … we have got to get it measured up … so that when we hit that finishing line … then we are the right people … at the right time … at the right place.  Because if we are out energetically either way … the next stage won’t happen
B.  Well I for one believe that we are all up to the task … and I believe that it takes Faith … that … that sense of Love … we haven’t spoken about Love … it’s all about Love … and the more I am wakening up the more sense of injustice I feel … about these things being hidden.  You know … as you were speaking about combating the system from within the system … and how it’s not working … you reminded me of what Alex Collier said a few years ago … of what the Andromedans taught him about Holographic Thinking … and that we on Earth are in this outmoded … very obsolete … mode of Hierarchical or Pyramidical … top down … and I think you were speaking about Dr Steven Greer and David Icke … they were working from that … and it strikes me that this system that you are putting together is that holographic … you know … each circle … group of folks … all over the globe … has the strength of every other point.  Each one holds the point of Love … the point of Strength … and as people awaken I am feeling a surge of … there are no English words … there are no Human words for this feeling … and that’s why we are here Simon … I do want to … I want people to know that … listen to what Simon has to tell us this is the time … and Kerry and I have been saying that since we’ve been putting out the podcast.  There’s this sense of immediacy … of urgency … of taking back our seniority … because it belongs to us … and in that awakening Simon … the awakening demands a maturity …. an absolute accelerated pace … it requires such … maturity.  How do we go about … not only in this awakening and learning these mysteries … and having these interdimensional experiences … what can you say to developing our maturity on all these different levels … that I hear you say are totally required at this time … in order to do what we need to do
S.P.  I think it is for the Human Race to … work its own maturities out.  Every time there’s a false flag … every time something happens … does the Human Race just shrug its shoulders and say ‘Well it did not happen to me’ and so they don’t care … or do they say ‘Well that’s funny because that person I saw in the last false flag’ … or ‘Why is the camera in just the right place every time something happens?’ … or … you know …‘Is this a rehearsal for something?’… so when enough people begin to see through the rather poor charade that’s played out … then the development will occur … and no matter what I say … or anybody else says … it will have no effect unless people want to hear the message
K.K.  How do …
S.P.   … they have got to want to hear the message … (difficult to hear … Simon quiet and Kerry talking) … that’s the point … sorry Kerry go on.
K.K.  You’re … I was thinking … you’ve had some extensive training since you were young in opening your eyes … so … and … dealing with that … this er … this knowledge you know … of full disclosure … and … I am wondering … you know you have had more time to wonder … you know …  how … um the effective method and tools to … sounds like you are doing it … you’re … you’re saying it is going to happen from Humanity … and we get together and we combine our consciousnesses … as the greatest accelerator towards disclosure … um I … I was thinking it was more towards … you know … opening up and getting assistance … getting higher … vibrational tools … either within our being … or in conjunction with higher vibrational beings … to begin to work at a higher … more effective … more efficient level … in opening … and um … hearing you say … well … just the focus may be better put in aligning the people … the many many people … and their belief systems are …
S.P.  Humans … the Human Race … has everything that it needs now to make the change … it has the tools … the question is whether people will choose to do that … so it is not about bringing in extra resources … or extra this … or extra that … the key is there … the ability is there … is the willingness there.  Because as long as somebody can go to work … and I will use the American terms … make enough dollars … to just pay the bills … just have enough food … and maybe just have a little bit to put towards a foreign holiday … or whatever it is that you want to do … seems to keep people under control … and people are terrified to rock the boat.  They’re terrified that the little they have they’re going to lose … and it is always about fear.  And if they actually stood back and look at what they have got … they have got very little … and in private circles the prediction is that the middle class in America will be destroyed in the next five years economically.  So that’s a really big interesting key … because these are the people who are the ones that go and vote … these are the ones that are quite articulate … these are the ones who have been to University… or College as you guys would say … I think the thing is … that as long as enough people think that they can get by … then why would they try and change something … but as soon as something happens to affect them materialistically they will suddenly start to question everything.  That’s how the elite have captured and held prisoner … the vast majority of people … because they have just had enough crumbs thrown to them … to stop them from rebelling.  Think about it … 1% of the planet’s population … rules … 99%.  Now on a off world Law … the math that I have just given you … would imply that the 99% are willingly allowing the 1% to rule them … because otherwise … why do the 99% not eject … or throw off … the ruling 1%.  So there is a very very strong Law that says in such circumstances … others cannot come in and take the action … because the majority of the people want this system … and that’s why I struggle to get across to people who want something to happen.  But I’m saying 99% of the planet are ruled by 1% … so who is right here.  I say to people … you don’t want them … and you don’t want them … and you don’t want them … but this is a rarefied atmosphere … this is the awake group … these are the people who know the truth.  There is a multitude of people out there who don’t want to know the truth … don’t care about it … as long as they have got just enough money to buy the bits … and when that changes … that’s when the great balance will tip.  So it’s going to be a situation that causes Humanity to change direction
B.  Well … what a paradox this is … because on the one hand … there are … most of humanity is holding the head … like the ostrich … in the sand … there is this sense of complacency … and … a sense of no no no … I don’t want to know … because everything is fine the way it is … but we’ve been taught that kind of behaviour … and this is the injustice that I was speaking of … that … it’s such a paradox … and it’s so ironic.  So can we … those of us who are becoming more aware all the time … who desire not to have our heads in the sand … is there something … I suppose … I guess … let me see … and ask you this Simon … what I am hearing you say is that it’s for each of us to go inside and access our own authentic selves … and in doing that simultaneously coming together in groups … right is that correct … ok … I wanted to …
S.P.  Yes … it’s about finding like-minded people … people that share the same outcome … you see … I do on my web site … I do what I call Soul Readings … where I will look at somebody and I will tell them what their Star Family is … and frankly it does not matter whether you have a Reptilian Soul or a Pleiadean Soul … if you wish the same thing … so we don’t judge people by what they are … we judge people by what their intentions are.  So if your intention is I want the freedom for the Human Race … then that’s the sort of person I want to talk to … but if the person’s intention is I want to keep everybody down … erm … then you know those people won’t be part of the group … and so we naturally find people who share the same values that we do … and so what I have said to people both privately and publically is … network … join together … form groups … and if you are very lucky you will have two or three people in your locality … maybe twenty thirty forty in your state … where … I know America is a massive country … but maybe once a year people can get together and have a community bonding session.  I plan over the coming months to run sessions in this country (Great Britain) where I will book some venue … and people can come over … and we can connect and link … but we need to be strong because if in the future the internet is taken down … we need to create a ‘thought’ where people don’t rely on technology.  So in other words if you are totally technology minded and the internet comes down … you suddenly feel alone … isolated … terrified.  You’ve seen people whose computers don’t work they sit around biting their finger nails … they are addicted to it … and so if the situation occurs and the internet is turned off for any reason … I need people to be self-contained … and strong and ready … and not fearful … and working together as groups and teams to support each other.  So that’s what we need to do.  We need to build resilience … and I often refer to the Second World War … because in Great Britain … Germany really quite devastated a number of cities in Britain … but back in those days very few houses had fridges … very few houses had indoor toilets … because we were not a very developed country back then … but the morale of the cities didn’t break because people back in those days were still very tied to a very basic life style.  Now … where … you have a holiday period and they sell out of bread within three hours … or Christmas is coming up and there is a mad rush into the shops … if you were to cut off any supplies there isn’t that resilience in the civilisation to survive … because people rely on others to do it for them.  But back in the 1930’s and early forties, when there was the Second World War, there was still a training amongst Grandparents and Great Grandparents to be resilient … and to know ways round it.  Well that is not the case now.  If you took a 19 or 20 year old person … and you took away their mobile phone … and you took away their i-Pod … and you took away their quick dinners from the microwave …  how would they cope?  So this is what’s happened through deliberate planning … the Human Race has lost its individuality … and it has lost its ability to be strong … and has been trained to rely on others … and this is what we’ve got to change.  This is what must …
K.K.  Spreading self-reliance … excuse me for … um … this makes me very very happy to hear you say this.
S.P.  It’s right …because without it we are being created into a hive mind … and you take one out and everybody collapses … and what I want to do is create groups that are stand alone … so that if one group is compromised … or taken out … it does not impact on the operation of the others.
K.K.  And the increase of your mind … like telepathy … your communicating … is a … is a resource that seems vital in this … erm … vision … you know a crucial element in going forward … in developing this as we are raising our vibration … and I was curious that in ways yours was turned on very early … am I right … your ability to read … and I was wondering at what point … erm … this to me seems very crucial to begin to teach people as we are in those …
S.P.  Yes it is.
K.K.  Roots and communicate without …erm …
S.P.  Absolutely … that’s exactly right …erm … look the Human Race is not yet ready to make a trunk call from New York to London … two people sitting crossed legged on a carpet … but we are not there yet …
B. We will ….
S.P.  At some point … absolutely … but not at the moment generally … but what we can is  give people the gifts and the skills to know when they are being lied to.  That’s a really important psychic ability … erm … you know … being able to read the future is useful but it’s not the reliance for … for the Human Race … the Human Race just needs to know when it is being lied to … that would be great!  You imagine the situation where you could not lie to anybody … how that would just change everything …
K.K. Wow I am getting that …  I am really getting that … that’s vibrational alignment  your talking ( about)… you are feeling it in your body … you understand that vibration when that hits you … is that …
S.P.  Yes … yes … I mean that’s it at its lowest level.  I mean I never go into somebody’s head unless it is a matter of life and death … because that’s an invasion of their privacy … but if there was a real serious reason why I would do it … I would do it … and I have done it three times.  But generally speaking … we would look to train … or I would look to train … in somebody … what I would call passive receiving.  In other words you don’t have to actively go into a person’s head to know if they are lying … you would detect the vibrational discord … that is created by that Human … because Humans actually aren’t designed to lie.  Lying was part of a program matrix given to them by the Reptilians.  So when the Human body lies … it’s actually a very tell-tale signature.  Now if you train somebody to be able to detect that then … they’ve done nothing but just stand there … or sit there … and they can pick that up and detect that.  So that’s what I would train people.
B.  This is fundamental and I am relating as being an adoptee … where I grew up being lied to … thinking that that was the truth … and I recognise … I feel the importance and the significance of being able to ascertain and to discern … if I could walk through life knowing this … what a difference it would make … and imagine … it would just be so transparent … and it would demand this maturity … on a completely collective level.  This is really amazing and foundational information and I thank you for that Simon.
S.P.  Imagine … I think … thank you it’s a pleasure …. imagine though that most people don’t understand about lying … they don’t understand the effect it has … and the best way … I will paint a picture … I mean … your listeners are already there … so I want to be reaching people who are just on the verge of waking up.  Imagine I have a class of 30 children and I take 10 of them … and I take them into another room.  And I show my 20 children in one class … a colour chart … I point to the colour green and I say ‘That colour is called green … it’s the same colour as the grass’… right … I go to my 10 children and I point to the colour green and I say ‘ That colour is called red’.  When those children grow up … they have a hell of a time because they have been told that that colour green is called red … and they have been lied to in this model that I have put forward by the Educational system … and it is called Brainwashing in the very basic and broadest sense … or Programming.  And that simple diagram that I have given the audience now … you can imagine the subtleties that go on throughout life … not just in the Educational system … and so that’s how people are trained and programmed and there is no leash around their neck it is all programs of the mind.  And so what Humanity has to do … is to be able to say ‘Actually that’s not red – that’s green – and nobody told me I just know that that’s the fact’ … so that’s where we need to be with the Human Race.  If the Human Race says ‘That is fundamentally wrong I am not doing it’.  That’s when we get the change … you see … what the system wants is a 100 thousand people throwing rocks petrol bombs and stones at a demonstration because that energy is useful (Luciful?) and can be dealt with in force.  What they don’t want is what we saw in the days of the Hippie Movement … The Flower Power … we nearly toppled a government because a 100 thousand people sitting on a busy road junction … with no violence … the system cannot cope with that.  The system cannot cope with it … now I know it’s a difficult situation but in 1979 … the Shah of Iran …I think it was 79 … the Shah of Iran was overthrown … and it was almost a bloodless revolution … apart from the Air Force … erm … and what they did … they did exactly what they did in America … they started putting flowers down the barrels of the guns.  The systems can’t control the peaceful demonstrations … that’s why you get Agent Provocateurs who go in and start the trouble … to change the energies.  So … if you imagine … half the population of America did not go and fill their cars up with gas on a Monday … by Tuesday the prices would come down.  If half the population of America boycotted a particular shop … that would change … now we saw it a little bit with a coffee shop … a coffee company … fairly recently last year … where … it was actually through social media … they got so much bad publicity that they had to do changes.  People don’t realise how powerful they are … and the system is fearful that people will realise the potential and the strength they have.  So this is what we want … non-violent use of change.  You know if there is to be violence it will be done at the Military level … it won’t be done on the street level.  Because that is pointless
B.  Even more and more Military people are coming forward because they just cannot go down that path any longer … which I find very exciting ….
S.P.  Well … if you look at Jade Helm … the situation there is very interesting because … the … and I did discuss this on another radio show so I’m just hoping that it’s not going to bore people because they may have heard it already but … one of the reports that the National Security Council took … was that … the Military was too closely knit with its community … whereas the Police are not … in other words … every block there’s some girl cooking cookies for Veterans … or there is some boy out there rattling a tin trying to raise money for Veterans.  The Military and the community are very closely joined … and only a very few Soldiers would shoot on their own community … but not necessarily so with the Police in America … because the Police are so estranged from the community that more Police Officers are likely to shoot at the public than the Military.  But you have only got 1 million Cops in America … so it’s not going to work … so Jade Helm was a War Game with physical Soldiers going round the different States … but all the information was fed into a computer.  Two States of great interest … Texas … and California.  Texas … because Texans don’t like being pushed around … and the Californians … because they are very alternative … and they question.  So these were two States the American system did not want to lose … and so they’ve been planning out War Games … which States would we lose … which States can we hold and it wasn’t … people don’t understand and I want to put them right here … Jade Helm was not about striking fear into the population … it was not about rolling trucks and tanks and men in uniform through your High Street.  It was to try and make the Soldiers feel separate from the community.  It was to drive a wedge between the community and the Military … it was to say to the Soldiers … ‘You’re not part of the community … you wear a uniform.  Look here you are in a great long row of trucks and tanks … you are looking down at the people … they’re not like you … you’re different’.  So Jade Helm has two phases. The War Play … the Role Games … Computer Modelling … and the point to the soldiers … that you are separate from the people … and you will do what you are told.  That’s what Jade Helm was about.
K.K.  So we need to incorporate our Policemen in our community … to a greater degree.
S.P.  You have a terminology that is not used … to my knowledge …in European Countries … it is certainly not used in my Country … and you guys have been using it for a while … and it is called Surge.  And the Police … the Cops were the first to go into this where you gather one hundred  Police cars … they all sit along a street … put all their lights and sirens on … and  aimlessly drive around and around and around and around.  Tax Payers money … why aren’t those Police out on a real call … 911 … someone’s been robbed … you’ve got a hundred bloody police cars and police officers sitting there … whose patrolling the streets?  What is the point of that? … the point of that is to say ‘We are the police’ … and it is again  … it is all part of this … us and them.  The sooner the Human Race … or the people in America … understand what is going on … the quicker it will just unravel itself.  You know it’s like … often people say … there’s going to be this happening … there’s going to be that happening … and it never happens … and so people say ‘Oh I am not going to believe it any more – you said that this was going to happen – and it never did’.  What they don’t realise is the very fact that the community was discussing it … it prevented it occurring because there are a handful of men … they are men … sitting round a table and they say we have a plan … this is going to happen on this date … it leaks out … then on the alternative media it’s doing the rounds … we’ve been caught out … we won’t be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public … we won’t be able to hoodwink them … we can’t sucker them … so we are going to have to pull the plans.  But the general public think … oh it was just a load of hype.  But time and time again … some very serious situations have been saved because people on the alternative media have brought the topic up.  It is just worth mentioning.
B.  Yes I’d say so … Kerry you were going to say something …
K.K.  It makes me want to go for the top level and gather momentum for not paying for our Military here in America … that’s … since I was a young child it does not make sense … the portion of our work that is going to a Military Government that does not … that … is very basic grate … against who I am … and I was trying to extrapolate to do that on a larger level and defund.  If we got a lot of people defunding the government … er … we could perhaps pull them back from all their invading.
S.P.  I think … I think that isn’t going to happen like that because people … at this stage … the Human conscious level is not high enough to do that … but it’s going to take a very large happening of some sort … which is going to … erm … fundamentally rock the consciousness of America … and will make people question everything.  It’s very very popular to be anti Government … whichever Government it is … nobody believes what the Government says.  People still do what they’re told … because they don’t know any other alternative.  So what’s missing is an alternative option and a realisation that the system is bankrupt.  So when they understand that the system they have is just going nowhere and isgoing to take them down … then they’ll want something different … unfortunately the vast majority of Humans … the jalopy has to fall apart around them … before they’ll get out of that car and go find another car.  As long as the wheels are still turning … even if it’s only one mile an hour … they’ll still stay in the car … but when that stops finally … and the bits fall off it … that’s when they then get up and say … ‘Well, what do we do now’.  That’s what we are waiting for … that’s the moment when there will be an economic collapse of some sort … because as long as people have dollars in their wallet or their purses they will still go about their everyday life.  When that happens and they are hit with that … they will then look for an alternative.  So basically … we will always have a minority of people who are awake until the vast majority have it literally in their face like that (Simon puts his hand right up to his face).  And I don’t want people to have pain … I don’t want them suffering … but I am fast coming to the opinion that that is necessary to wake people … or shake people out of their lethargy and to make then say ‘This life is no good I want better’ so…
B.  That’s well put … and I think it makes …
S.P.  It’s coming up to our time now … I know I originally said an hour … so if we could sort of wrap it up in a bit I would be very grateful.
K.K.  Absolutely … I … I want to thank you so much for joining us today Simon … and you’ve given us much to think upon … and … we wish you Blessings in your journey … and … good safety … I mean stay safe … and with us for a long time …
S.P.  I have no intention of leaving the planet just yet.
K.K. and B. Great!
S.P.  Kerry lovely … it is always delightful to see my darling … thank you.
K.K.  It is … and I hope we can continue the conversation at some point ….
S.P.  We can do a follow up if you guys would like … er … that’s absolutely fine …. I would be delighted to do it … you are two wonderful people … you’re both good intention … good souls … and so it is pleasure for me to connect with descent people … erm … God knows I see enough people that are not so descent … so when I meet good souled people who are … have the highest intentions … then obviously I want to spend time with you two.  So thank you very much indeed it has been a great pleasure … and an honour for me as well.
K.K.  Great …
B.  Thank you.
S.P.  God Bless.
K.K.  You take good care.
B.  Good bye.
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