29 November 2015 – Newcastle upon Tyne

An Afternoon With Simon Parkes

Part 1 of 2
in Newcastle upon Tyne
November 29th 2015
The Greatest Threats Facing Humanity
In this video you can hear Simon Parkes talking about different topics about the many threats which Humanity are dealing with, as Chemtrails, Chipping, Fracking, Trans-humanism, just to mention some of many.

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The Greatest Threats Facing Humanity

Hello everyone, apologies for the bit late start… a lot of new … very very big thank you… I know this is…
Simon Parkes:
Thank you very much. Yes I’m aware a number of us had some real difficulties getting here today: one way system, Christmas shoppers, divergent roots, no parking… I think if you live here you know where to park and if you, like me, and you just come here to do the shopping from time to time it is quite difficult, on the latest day a lovely places. Alright, first of all “thank you” the organizer for inviting me I’m very happy to be here. Thank you to everybody who had that sterling effort to get here. I will always do a talk if the audience are the “awake” sort of peoples that we need and I don’t really turn down talks unless there’s something that’s not right about it. Alright, so… before I start I want to say that I’ve been in the public eye for a number of years and you can’t really do what I do without taking some form of damage, some sort of hurt, so I’m gonna be taking probably 3 months off away from the public eyes to just see how I am and get ready for the next big battle and I think a couple of thanks are probably around… Thanks to everyone at Connecting Consciousness who are working so hard, all the organizer and all the ordinary members, it’s really important that we keep that going and a big thank you Rebecca who’s been so supportive and helpful over the last few years, a very big thank you to her. Right, now… as it is nearly Christmas I thought that what we will do we’ll have a talk that “looks to the future”, “what the positive points will be” and some of the “more challenging” points. But I thought we’d also had a look to “why we got to this point” and… numbers of speakers talk about some very interesting subjects but maybe happened 10-15-20-30 years ago and in it’s own place that’s very important, but what we all need is up to date information, information that’s occurring while we are speaking, while we are thinking “what’s gonna be happening now? Next week, next month, etcetera. But that’s now to say that we can’t learn from the past and it all to understand “what’s happen?” and “what is unfolding?” We need to get a grasp to on what brought us to this point, because even researchers in the ufology or the industry fail to grasp some of the most important links that brought us to this point, and you can learn the future from the past. Right… I’m not on the Wi-Fi today I’m all wired up at this digital cabling so I’m got to be carefully to not trip over and got someone press the button for me cause I not remote… not yet… but what’s good about that is I got a couple of slides and we gonna talk about Wi-Fi and the danger of Wi-Fi. Not Wi-Fi in itself but what can be tagged along the Wi-Fi, so that’s quite helpful. Alright, could we start then? Thank you.
So the first point I put up was “the greatest danger to humanity” and I’m asking the question: what are they?
So can you just put your hands up and tell me what you believe it’s the greatest danger facing humanity:
* Human;
* Chips (chip in the hand);
* Ignorance;
* Vaccines;
* Fear;
* Chem trails;
* Money system;
* Ego, [indistinguishable]
* Satanism;
It’s very telling when I address a group of awaken spiritual peoples as you all are that you are able to say that humanity has some numbers of traits which either can be used against itself or just naturally do that. The elements the other had raised are only possible or could only be possible if humanity allows that, so must better to remind. So thank you for identifying some of the key points. Please, next one.
We all know what the N.W.O. is but we don’t always know what the agenda is. When we go on the websites we see lots and lots of articles about the N.W.O. and the same things been rehashed. There are some very well written items but generally speaking they are either disinformation or very inaccurate.
Remember that the N.W.O. is not our order, it’s not what we want, it’s what a group of “idealistic” peoples, in their own way, what they believe is the right way forward. …1776 it’s been publicly put forward prior to that it was very covert.  So we’re looking at an agenda… who could tell me some of the agenda items for this cabalistic group?
* Depopulation
* Agenda 21
So we’ve got depopulation and agenda 21, some two good points. What else might the N.W.O. want from us?
* One World Government
Yes, and who would be headed for that one world government? Anybody know?
* The queen or the Rothschild
… the figurehead. Who might be the figurehead for the N.W.O.?
* Pope
Fantastic. I haven’t got any presents today. Those of you who see me know I generally giving them out, but had I had a present you would have got one.
The problem we have is that religion is deeply rooted and religion in itself is not wrong it is the way it’s controlled and organized by man. Yes, man. And that means that it needs a figure head and you know of course that the Pope is recently been to America, been to what they call a ‘law makers building’ giving a speech and we should all ask: “Why would the Pope (who doesn’t speak for the Muslims or the Jews or the Hindus and only speaks for one part of the Christian faith) Why would he be going not to the United Nations but to the government center of America and making it a world speech?
So we need to understand that the Pope is design to play a very important part in the New World Order, but that isn’t the subject that perhaps would really interest us at the moment.
“Can we have the next one please?”
[slide:  Kill us off? Or control us?]
Right we talked about that …. On the first table. Ever since the 1950’s there are been rumors that the satanic elites wished to kill off anything from 50% to 75% of the population. And “why is that?” Well one of the point here is that “they love the planet” don’t get this wrong, these people love rainbow, they love the forest, just as you do… they love to see the animals running free. But they don’t like to see anybody else enjoying it. So they want the planet for themselves without having the bother about anybody else. Just their friends. Until technology really will … the last eight nine years. The only way that these people saw a future would be to remove the majority of the population. Now with the increasing technology I have to tell you that that’s no longer the immediate agenda right now.
Let’s go back a little bit.
Has this talk develop to you going to understand what the greatest threat are facing me, you, and every other living creature on this planet who is not part of this psychopathic group. And we talked about artificial intelligence. The main thing that peoples hook on is Reptilians. I f you talk about Reptilians you get … and … and … of text on this subject. When we talk about A.I. then people begin to look around and get confused.
Let’s go back to the days of the industrial revolution. Let us imagine an incarnate force, so this is a force is intellect and cannot take shape but is role or he’s wish is to dominate every living creature on the planet, but it cannot manifest itself physically… the only way he can is to be draw into the human bodies if the human body want that to happen. So what you have to do is you have to artificially speed up the technology on the planet. So with the industrial revolution, which it was a normal process, so the western world developed was the hardware smelting process, the ability to produce power from wind or water, forging the metal, the rise of corporations through the very rich and wealthy individuals who could then bring groups of individuals together not quite as slaves but in a way that they’re tied to that factory or tied to that work. And all of the western world this peoples were working producing some advance technology for the time. So from about the 1700 onward we saw some very big advancements.
Coming 1947 those advances have really got us as far as they could, the hardware was actually present but what was not present was any of the software or the ability to take it to the next stage. Now there’s many peoples that talk about Roswell and many peoples who have their own views on it, and remember it’s just my view you know I’m not here to argue with other peoples view I just put my view across, and I do believe that the 1947 crash was two vehicles and they were deliberately crashed. Yes they would’ve hit by some form of energy but they were design to crash. Because what happened was that advance technology that we should never had have at that point past it to the hand of the Americans, and you know from your own research so this is where fiber optic cables came from, where the microchips are come from, where the night-vision equipment come from, where the lasers come from. And if we’re in any doubt about you only have to look to the guy called  … who was officially … inventing the transistor and if you know history, Roswell was on the summer of ’47 some six months later who would invent the transistor … So we looked for the invention of the laser beam, same things there. The only things the Americans realize … they couldn’t make it a obvious paper trail … because if you look at … and you try to look to the past history developing it’s very poor. So what they do now is ensure that their multinational has a track record in a particular subject before giving that technology.
So we’ve got very advanced chips, the software to run them and the ability to smelt and make rare metals. So we’ve achieved everything that this artificial intelligence wanted us to achieve… the term “useless eaters”. In other words you’ve made the machinery we want, we have the devices we want, we don’t need you anymore.
So until the last 7-8-9 years that was the policy. Now it’s possible to control everyone on the planet through chipping.
[Slide:  Fracking]
Ok. One of the issues that nobody brought up, because we don’t necessary see it as part of this agenda. And that’s fracking. I know that in its own right we know the fracking is bad but we don’t link it to the agenda of the New World Order. I can absolutely assure you that fracking is a key agenda of the New World Order.
We have… . We have a blood supply in our body. This has it’s own supply of underground streams of water. And it’s through the underground streams of water that coded information is carried. Yes I know there are Lay Lines and that’s a different energy but there are underground streams and every land mass where the planet can communicate with itself through the streams. Now this nasty, evil, elite peoples know this and the all purpose of fracking is to poor millions of gallons of poisoned toxic waste into that water supply to disrupt the planet communication. Because if they can disrupt the planet communication than they can disrupt the connection between humanity and the planet. What is not possible they understood, there is a covenant that exist between the planet and us, and thank goodness the planet hasn’t forgotten the many many many years ago. The human races across the land masses actually honored the planet, so peoples were far more spiritual, with the running water, with the valleys, the stone rocks and were not about harm the planet. So that hasn’t been forgotten and it’s really important that we maintain that connection.
So please understand that fracking, yes it is a secondary by product, will produce gas and I’m sure that one of the main points about running down power station in this country was deliberately to force this argument that we … fracking. This year we will be between 2.5 and 3% short of the power need in winter, so literally if we get a bad winter, which is predicted because … . We are 3% below the necessary. The next year be 5% and the year after be 7%, because what the government’s done it’s close the power stations and make no provisions and then the argument “that’s why we need fracking”, so this is all part of their plan.
So please remember that fracking is not just an outrage, it’s actually an outrage against humanity.
[Slide:  photo showing someone lighting tap water on fire]
This is not a trick photography. This is an ordinary tap in an American household and that’s the water supply and because the methane gas used in fracking it actually … the water supply and here you can actually see light to your drinking water. So when people tell you that “fracking is OK” said when the wheel it’s a little bit dodgy it’s not true, and I’m sure that the peoples who lived in that particular town obviously just drank bottled water for the rest of their life. So is methane gasses used along with the oil, not supposed to do but they do, and a hall range of chemicals.
About 2 years ago I was asked  “the best way to combat with fracking with the public” “how to try to get the public on side” and I actually said “look it’s a middle class peoples, you  just got to say the house price would be … because that’s what peoples seem to be bold about” and it’s true that if you live in your fracking … and you own your property the price will drop, but of course what we’ve seen is the government produce legislation that allows oil company to drill under your house without your permission.
[Slide:  A. I.]
A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It’s like a big game of chess, but like any computer A.I. has one failing which is “it can’t anticipate humans change” for instance on Monday morning you may say “oh My… I’m thinking I’m going to go to the shops. Than Monday afternoon… now I don’t think I will that Monday afternoon… oh! I think I will” It’s very hard for A. I. to predict that. So what the elite have been doing is trying to build computers that can learn from our decisions. In other words are predictive computers, that’s why we’re going to talk about a little bit.
[Slide:  Chem Trail Nano Tech]
Who mentioned “Chem Trails”?
I know many many of us know about Chem Trails, and they have reduced, there are probably 50% reduction across the country at the moment. An elite group it’s always 12 isn’t it? An elite group of half human and half something else who control the black budget from the western word. Each of this individuals have different names like guardians or parents or grand-parents. They actually authorized and sign off each year or every 6 months, the coming period and the particular individual who is in charge of the Chem Trailing is no longer in that position. About 6 weeks before this person left, if you were really observing you would have noticed that Chem Trailing was crisscrossed so not just the normal lines in the sky but like a … and you know we have got really really useful photograph of an alien spacecraft that’s actually appearing into the … to actually trying to deactivate some of them. So Chem Trail would be reduced but not stopped.
So let’s talk about Chem Trailing. You need to understand that many of the pilots in these commercial airlines just have no idea ok? Some of them do, but you know, they have a really good job, the want to pension so they not gonna saying anything because they don’t fully understand what’s going on. But the vast majority don’t. So what’s being sprayed?
Well they sprayed bacteria and viruses, and try different sources of gels to keep this creatures alive, they actually sprayed tiny tiny tiny particles, not quite Nano but really tiny particles of aluminum, aluminum to stay in the air atmosphere so that whenever a “non-reptilian” spacecraft appears … out a resonance frequencies that would detect. If you have a spacecraft coming from another dimension, when it pops into our reality it create a disturbance, and just as in 1944(?) the Americans and the British used the operation window, when they dropped … of … foils … to confuse German radar, this is the exactly same principle but far more advance.
So that was one part of that and then a few years ago they realized that they have the ability to put Nano robots, tiny tiny little robots out, which will all inhale but wouldn’t kill us unless activated.
Right. Nano robots are small devices that can use either an internal power cell or they can actually use the natural electric in your body static or whatever electric current that we have to keep themselves powered up for a period of time, and this particular one do jobs, they look pretty fearsome without arms and legs but that’s one aspect. This things either build or can make you quite ill. The other aspect to those they will join together to form something like a super computer. So when we’ve been breathing in this particles we are breathing in things like this. Now on their own they’re not going to do anything because they have not been activated.
[Photo:  nano-robots]
This one show it connect to a cell and has a little cable coming from it. This is all absolutely microscopic , they are programmed so when you breath them in they will go to particular organ on their travel around your blood stream and when they’ll find “Fred” they know connect with “Fred”, they know “Fred” from “Jorge”  and they build up from a period of time devices.
[Photo:  another nano-robot connecting to a cell]
This is really important because it demonstrate how a circuit board in a Nano can be built. Each group is separate meets his friends and connects, and this is how you just going to building to building to building and they have done this, they have done this on a wide scale. This super computers that the Americans have are small computers all linked together. Sometimes when … Bank in Britain was doing some projects they asked you not to switch off your computers off the night and they would access it, and lots of well meaning peoples said “Oh yeah… we’ll do that because they said the processing power of all this pc all over the country will allow us to have all this extra computing power”. And people unwillingly did that. Of course they produced this super computers. But here we’re talking about on a wide scale very large built devices capable of predictive thinking and on “this” is the Nano side, because it is no good you’ve been filled full of this small little robots or chips unless there’s something to control it. The chips that you are used to are RFID chips, those are not what we are talking about. An RFID chips is a chip that identify you to a computer. The chips we are talking about here are chips design to take over your mind, take over your body. That’s where they’ve going the last 6-7 years.
[Slide:  Chipping]
So we know the RFID chips, these are the chips that we are used believe it or not buy the … pilots from the second world war, we called them transponders in airplanes, so it sends out “this is who I am and your friend or foe”. The process they were thinking about 10-15-20 years ago was literally to have readers on the streets or at the shops and as you walked past they scanned you and say “that’s number 52.628.### Fred”. So that’s one way of doing it. The other way is to say “well you don’t need a bank card anymore so we’re going to put a chip in your hand and you could have all the bank account details in your hand, and through that they will control your money supply”. So If you went on a demonstration… a member of my family went on a demonstration and lost their job because she was targeted, without a chip, they just did that with cameras, but the chipping allows them to control everybody like that.
[Photo:  small flexible circuit board]
Well that give you an idea of the size required. So we are looking at about 1 inch, this is the sort of chip that you would have to have as it stands to control everything else that you might have in your body. Now how on earth would you have that? Why would you have that?
So this is not what we are thinking. When we are thinking chips we thinking the traditional … but this is the controlling chip.
[Photo:  demonstrators against chipping]
Thankfully some peoples are aware although is very muted because 2-3-4-5 years ago the Americans run a very expensive advertising campaign on cable television when actors were telling the public just how good it was to be chipped and the usual point was “well I can open the garage door without leaving my house, I can turn the heating off when I’m at work, I can do this stuff and the other”. But we’ve seen some very nasty actions since the pope made a New World Order speech last month in America, you’ll know for sure that in Australia from January of next year if you wished to claim unemployment benefit you would have to be vaccinated, if you wish to claim old age pension you would have to be vaccinated and all children born babies … to be vaccinated from January of next year.
Now this appear on a document at the very highest level in America and yet as always they let the Australians trail first. Interesting in Norway in the main city of Oslo they are bringing out a forced policy of inoculating more children and so a numbers of parents are literally moving out of that city. So it’s been trailed and once they see how it works there they gonna trying to push it into America and Britain, and you know parents don’t want their children chipped. I have no problem with the cat or the dog be chipped, but you know that’s placed in a role if that animal is lost and recovered. The chipping in you is not designed for that and one of the adverts that I had this privilege of watching was an actor saying “well if a terrorist attacks the school and my children get lost then the police can scan all the children and they find then I can have my children return to me”. You have to be an actor to say that wouldn’t you?
[Photo:  chip, about 1mm square]
Right, that is cutting edge chip. You know the one we saw … flexible with, they can’t go ahead and put that in you. They put that in you. So that is a real photograph. It is not a trick. That is the controlling chip because the Nano chips that are pushed out in Chem Trail was far most smaller than that. That is your controlling chip.
The other possibility was5 a skin craft … flexible … that’s one of the reasons that tattoo over the last 5 to 7 years have been pushed and why they have such demonic shapes. Some of the styles we actually see on a lot of the science fiction television programs are been copied through into tattoo marks and peoples don’t realize they just think they look pretty exciting and really good. The all object is to see whether we go down this road as they will say and put this chips on. But these can be removed after a point if you suddenly realize what’s going on than you can actually get rid of that.
[Slide:  Transhumanism]
Does anybody know what Trans Humanization is?
[guy talking]
Thank you, that was really good, I’m just going to rephrase that a little bit. Trans Humanism is an Agenda from the same crazy peoples that we’ve been talking about who are following orders from their … incarnate master to control peoples, and the best way to control people isn’t point a gun at them, it isn’t passing a law through parliament, is actually to start to change you so that you lose your humanity. That’s the all point about this because this Artificial Intelligence isn’t fleshing blood, it’s not organic, it doesn’t understand us but it does understand that it can sell an idea which appears to be benevolent and then once we become part machine and part human then we will make a choice to whether we wish to remain human or become fully machine and through many science fiction films and through many far seeing writers this topic has come up. So we’re going to talk about Trans Humanism because it’s a term you are going to meet very much in the next 12 months.
[Slide:  h+]
You know what that sign is?
There was a article in my local paper where the police and crime commissioner was saying that she was very distressed that half of the population in the town I’m living didn’t know what the non-emergency number for the police was and in the same way most people haven’t a clue of what it is this. It’s about hidden in plain sight and then go in live with it. This is the sample that you will see if they get their way. This is the symbol for Trans Humanism. This is the sign that we’ll start seeing going up in hospitals and private places.
[Slide:  2045 Avatar Project Milestones]
This is very interesting because in a number of projects is about to try to move us from this biological body, which I think is a Divine body, but clearly isn’t the sort of body that this Artificially Intelligence wants.
I know the screen’s small, so I quickly just read it out.
Avatar A (and don’t be mistaken with the name avatar because some … are trying to tell you something with the film)
Between 2015 and 2020 this robotic copy of the human body remotely controlled. So in other words they’re going to try to create a perfect physical body made out of non-organic material, that’s the easy part.
This is their plan remember.
Between 2020 and 2025 an avatar with human brain transplanted in one’s life. So in other words the rich persons dream are wanting to live forever so actually donate their brain and that brain to see if it work inside a non-organic body.
Between 2030 and 2035 replaced that human brain with an Artificial brain in which human personality is transferred and one’s life. So you now have the hope of your personality forever in a non-organic way.
And then finally the 2040 to 2045, a hologram like the Avatar. In other words there’s nothing physical.
So do you see? Is it exactly what the AI is? It’s not physical. Is to take us from a physical blood and bones and … position to something that’s holographic just like it. And this is the way they want to do it. They want to do it by tricking peoples and saying to them “Oh dear you lost your arm in an accident, we give you a bionic arm”. Remember bionic man? Those of you remember the 70’s?
On that side it looks brilliant but we’re not look to the stand alone piece of technology, we’re looking at a very very … plan to trying to sell an idea which is the devil frankly.
[Photo:  from Metropolis]
What film is that from?
Very early films before 1933, silent film and that is exactly what you’re looking at. You’re looking at Trans Humanism and I didn’t show this picture. I show this picture in the next one. I didn’t used that, but it actually shows a magical pentagon, pentagram, behind the robot.
So those who are in the Illuminati and those who in the Cabal are very clear that they want to see this progress. But when technology wasn’t there they just need to dream, a dream they’ve been promised. That was a promise but didn’t have the technology. No Roswell at that point.
My own mother, this is one of her favorite film actually.
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