4 December 2016 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Obama/Clintons wanted Julian Assange out of the way, CIA refuses to do a hit, so get private security firm, counter ops by CIA gets Assange out before bad guys get him; long overdue European financial collapse/difficulties eased by Chinese becoming owners of 25 percent of Deutsche Bank; Nibiru is real, unoccupied, an AI controlled orb, not going to hit Earth; elite Pizzagate-type corruption erupting in many different organizations; Questions: how to capture a DNA strand; connecting to someone by partaking their blood, a drop or a cup depending on the situation; can we be friendly with Jinn? Risky; does Trump know the psychopaths who are running the government? Answer yes; are inhabitants of underground base at Standing Rock getting energy from protestors above? Depends on energy intent; red hair sign of reptilian energy but also a connection to the planet; people in relationships need to be on same frequency for a harmonious experience; there is off planet, but not Hollow Earth, assistance in cleaning up Fukushima, which was a massive attempt to take out half of the planet’s biosphere, but ultimately it’s our responsibility to fix; status of disclosure, time’s up; purpose and uses of gemstones; discussion of Star Trek: Voyager’s Soul Trap scene and its revelation of truth to humanity; banning of large bills in India, the consequences, and possibility of setting up an Ubuntu-type society; China’s role in the grand scale of world happenings; status of elite power; Hillary’s purple and more; questions about Trump; Pizzagate, pedophile crime and how to stop it; goal of police system is to keep populace constrained and make money.

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Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee.
JP: Hello Simon. What a week. Sorry about that everybody I just. . . I was completely out all day. Mind you I probably need a good night’s sleep. How are you? It’s been a pretty intense week eh?
SP: I would say that that is very unusual for you JayPee and perhaps someone doesn’t want the radio show to go ahead. Did you want to sort of go and get things sorted while I just give my announcements?
JP: Please, I need to put the chickens to bed and everything. All right I’ll see you in a little while. Enjoy your, enjoy your time.
SP: Okay just take it easy. Well first of all that was amazing. JayPee is always on time and the clock ticked up to three minutes to, two minutes to, one minute to. I thought well something is fairly serious, but anyway it was only that he was asleep. So while he goes and puts the chickens to bed, as he said, and that conjures up some very strange pictures in my mind, let me just first of all say that this is not the last show before Christmas. I thought it was, but we do have another one on the 18th of December, so I do intend to do that, so hopefully people will be able to listen in to that, but as it’s December I thought it would be a good idea to look back a little bit on what sort of a year we have had, and what the issues are and how it’s developed. I just really going to try and bring a few things together with some up-to-date news, and so I’ll just mix it in and just take it as it comes eh? There has been a lot of debate about Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and the last few days has been a great hiatus on the alternative news that maybe the CIA was taken in and they talked with him. And I wish people would have a look at my website because I wrote a number of days or weeks back now that there had been a very big activity outside the embassy and that somebody had been taken out, liberally carried out on a stretcher, so it was no great surprise to me that the dead man’s handle, the dead switch in the Internet had been activated and Wikileaks messages had gone out. And it was no surprise to that what they are calling the [3:30][last] proof of life has not been given. But I do want to put some elements straight here. It’s not that, you know, my sources are better than anyone else’s. That’s a game that I don’t want to get into, but certainly if you are nearer to the noise, then maybe you hear more clearly what that noise is. It’s a fact that Obama/the Clintons really wanted Julian Assange out of the way, and when it became fairly obvious that there was a real chance back in October that the democrats would lose the election in America, there was a possibility, they didn’t think they would, but there was a possibility and Obama decided that at the last thing of his presidency he would try and deal with Wikileaks once and for all. Now the director, you won’t find this on any sites on the Internet, but I can tell you that the director of the CIA refused to carry out a hit on Julian Assange. So a team was dispatched to capture him but I can tell you that that was not CIA. It was private security firms. However, the CIA normally respond to what they call the executive, which is the president, and so what the CIA director had to do was to allow the infrastructure of the CIA and the information of the CIA to be used, but no agents of the CIA actually physically took part in that. However, there is a counter operation that was run by members of the CIA to try to spirit Julian Assange out of the embassy before the other side got to him. I mean it is like a farce. It’s like a television soap opera. It’s like a play in the theater, something that Shakespeare would write. You have one arm of government trying to, I say kill Julian Assange, but to get him and the other half trying not to. It is very difficult for the CIA at the moment because Donald Trump doesn’t become president of the United States until January, so technically the old guard is still in power, so this is a very very difficult in limbo space, so I just wanted to make that clear. I haven’t got any direct news on Assange because I just haven’t asked for it. And a few other bits and pieces taking my attention at the moment, but if people start saying, as they have to me, that the CIA is torturing Julian Assange that’s not true. Okay, with a new president coming in just weeks away the CIA would not set themselves up to do something that new president would come in and then, you know, have them in court. You have to understand that Wikileaks was used to bring down the Clintons. So why would the CIA turn against the very man that they, working with the FBI, used to prevent the Clintons from regaining power. So people need to think about that a little bit.
All right let’s talk about the situation generally now. Somebody wrote to me recently and said, you know, Simon I listen to you because the information you give has always come right. And I never even thought about it so I looked back and I thought my goodness, everything that I have actually said has come to past. Now I don’t keep a record, you know. I just give the information and that’s the way it is and I thought well actually that’s really good. I’m glad about that because it means that I’m on track. And I will never ever charge for my information. Wikileaks now are charging for their information and there are some websites that you can get some information free, and then when you want a bit more detail you have to pay for it. My view is that’s not what this is about. I survive entirely on donations. I don’t have a paid job and I’m not going to charge for my information because it’s my personal opinion so that makes me as bad as the very people who say oh, you know, Babylon and the money system and all these people are out for themselves, and it’s just as I say a personal thing that I would never dream of charging for the information, because I want everyone to have that info and then to do with it what they want, so I do survive entirely on donations and while JayPee is out of the way putting chickens to bed, and as it’s The Twelve Days of Christmas, I’m going to give twelve names, just the first names of people who have very kindly donated, who keep my head above water, and this is just random and some people have just donated a pound or a dollar; some people have donated more than that. So I want to thank Linda Yosouk, Keeling, Bernadette, Aida, Natalie, Ronald, Raymond, Eleanor, Susanna, James and Yua. So those are twelve names and on the 18th of December I’ll do another twelve, The Twelve Days of Christmas. There are lots of people who have donated and I haven’t given the name out, but maybe their name might come out on the next one. I just want to thank you, thank you so much for making it possible for me to keep going and to put the information out there and to survive basically, and I will never charge for the information.
So let’s talk about the financial situation, because I said there would be a financial collapse [in] October–November. And you know, being critical, I could say whoa where’s that financial collapse Simon? Well the reality is that everyone who listens to this radio show is a spiritual awake person, and they will know that we came very close to it. In fact, we came within twelve hours of a financial meltdown in Europe, which would have definitely hit the Americas within two days or three days. That’s why the Chinese government now owns one-quarter of Deutsche Bank. The Chinese don’t give a fig about saving Europe, but they did want control of a premier bank in central Europe. That’s why the Chinese now have a quarter stake in a very important bank. That’s why Deutsche Bank didn’t go down. Now today, Sunday, there is a very, very important vote taking place in Italy. Italy of course is the home of the Vatican. It’s a very important country. It’s the third largest Euro country within the European Union in terms of growth and money and the prime minister of Italy said that he wanted to bring some changes in and he’s very pro-Europe, and he’s put these changes forward and he said look if I lose the vote I’ll resign, a bit like the British prime minister. The vote is today and the information I’m getting back. . . the poles haven’t closed yet. They close at 10:00 o’clock Greenwich Mean Time tonight, but I’m hearing that it’s a very close run and he may loose it. Now he’s saying if he loses it he will resign, the prime minister of Italy will resign. They will find a caretaker prime minister and then they will have a referendum on whether Italy is to leave the European Union, loose the euro and return to the lira. Now if Italy follows Great Britain with the Brexit that is the death of the European Union. It is the death of what I call the European government, the one European government. It’s not quite a One World Government. So we have a situation where the people of different countries are saying enough is enough. We’re not going to be pushed around. We’re not going to play games. We’re sick of being dictated to. We can see how badly we’re being treated and we are going to do everything we can to make a change. So I do predict, as it stands at the moment, that Italy could vote no against the changes of the prime minister. The prime minister should most properly resign, be replaced by a caretaker and you’ve got a few weeks or months, then a vote to leave Europe. I think the Italian people will vote to leave Europe and I think they will vote to go back to the lira, because remember that Greece is a neighbor of Italy, and when Greece went through that terrible, terrible financial disaster, it had a big effect on Italy. You must understand also that the unemployment rates in Spain, Italy, and Greece are the highest anywhere in the European countries. You’ve got young people under twenty-five, massive numbers of unemployment, so that’s a really important thing. So we’re not out of the woods. I still predict economic difficulties. I’ve never gone back on that.
The other thing that always made me laugh was that Nibiru, sort of June–July, August–September, there was again a lot of stuff on the Internet about Nibiru was going to, if it won’t hit the planet, it will come so close it will cause major disasters, and I consistently on this radio show and elsewhere said no it’s not going to happen. People were saying to me, you know, I can see Nibiru and I say well no you can’t. You can’t. Nibiru does exist but it is out of your eyesight at the moment, and I had a very interesting email from somebody and they got it spot on. They said they had remote viewed Nibiru and it would appear to be unoccupied and an artificial intelligence controlled orb to which I said that’s just about spot-on. Well done, you’ve got that right. So you know, when giving information, if people have information they should really think carefully before they go down the. . . it’s the end you know. We’re going to be destroyed. There are going to be massive numbers dead. You know, people live in cities on the east coast of America for goodness sake. They have children and loved ones and people don’t seem to realize that when they write something or they make a statement the affect that has. You know I get asked by people in different places will my kids be okay? What will happen? When should I travel? [14:06] Because no one else is giving any real on-the-button information, because after they listen to all that nonsense, then nobody would have gone to visit their grandparents or their children over that period of time. And it was safe and it has been proved to be safe. Nibiru will not strike this planet. This planet is one of the most beautiful creations anywhere in the multiverse and there are a lot of people looking out for this planet, perhaps not looking out for the humans as much as they should, but they are looking out for the biodiversity of the planet and they won’t let something like that occur. So, you know, the end of the year we’re not going to be destroyed. We are going to go and have our holiday period, our Christmas. The elite have decided to try and keep the wagon rolling from the economic side because lots of their friends in the big corporations make all their money at Christmas. And if there was to be a bit of a hitch now, it would really dent [and] many, many of those big companies would have to fold in January, February, March. So [they will do] everything they can to keep this economy ticking over. I do predict that the major Italian bank in January may have to do a bail-in. In other words, they may have to do what they did in Greece, which is steal money out of people’s accounts, and the money that China has provided to Deutsche Bank may not be enough beyond January. So, I think December will be all right, but in January we should watch the economic side of it.
I’m just going to check with JayPee. Have you put the chickens to bed? Are you back?
JP: The chickens are all in bed. The stove is lit. The tea is made.
SP: Awesome.
JP: That’s the important stuff you know.
SP: I’m delighted that you’re awake.
JP: Yeah, so am I. Awake and aware, well awake and slightly dreamy. But yeah, so there’s been so much revelations in different fields now. I mean we knew about politics and we knew that there was child trafficking going on there, but now there are revelations that football teams are also hotbeds and now when you start thinking about it, who has access to our children? All of these groups. We know about scout masters and all that you know, that’s an old thing, but the football and well, you know, this whole Pizzagate thing going on as well. That’s all coming out. How are the elite dealing with that?
SP: Well in many cases what happens is that it’s an end, imagine a dam, we’ll call the dam the elite and the amount of water pressure building up and building up exceeds the ability of the dam to hold it back. But what they do is a controlled release, so a good example would be Jimmy Savile. They waited until Jimmy Savile was dead before they allow part of the dam to break to let it out and in many cases, and an interesting one for me of course is Ted Heath, ex-British Prime Minister and the senior police office, I will come back to the football JayPee, but the Ted Heath one is very important. The senior police officer leading it was leant on and all credit to him, said you can’t tell me what to do. I’m going to investigate this because there is credible evidence and as it stands at the moment the senior police officer has some very very credible evidence, not just about Ted Heath, but about other ex-government ministers. The sad news will be I think that many of these people are already dead or passed on to be polite, which means that there will be no court case. So what the elite do is they try and hold it back while these key people are still alive and then when they finally pass on then they release the information, but it’s still a good sign because twenty years ago, none of this would have ever got out. For the footballs, what the elite tend to do is they. . . you’re quite right, they look at organizations that engage with children, so it might be Disney, it could be any of the Hollywood films, it could be as you said, scouts. It could be the church. The Catholic church is terrible for it, and all of these organizations have a legitimate in law access to children through Sunday Schools or special clubs. And the parents of the children quite happily and unwittingly take the children along thinking that they are doing something good. Not everyone’s believing that evil people have infiltrated these organizations, and they are not just operating one on their own. That’s what the elite and the establishment would like to tell you. I’m telling you that this is a controlled, organized, coordinated operation in all these organizations and so yes, I’m really pleased that this has come out. But you know what, when you find poison, you need to trace it back to where it’s coming from. That’s not happening because the elite are still in control. That brings me to the point where I’m getting rather tired of people saying to me, “Ooh the reptiles are all off the planet. Ooh the old badies are all gone,” and, “It’s just us now.” No it’s not. No it’s not because if it was just us, we’d have all the truth out in a whole week. In one week we’d be hit with boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. All the facts, all the information, all the lies kept from us. That’s not happening. It’s not happening because the people in control are still there. Yes, they’ve taken a knock. Yes, they are much more weakened, but they’ve still got their hands on the steering wheel. So we need to push. We need to push it so parents who have got children, don’t accept what you are being told. Push it. Go to the newspapers; go to the media. Don’t trust the establishment. Yes I know the media establishment, but they want a story so they will actually cause trouble just to get the story. So what I’m saying to people is don’t have faith in the system. Don’t believe that they will look after you. Don’t believe they will do it right. Don’t trust people like that. Just go in there and if you think your child has been abused, then fight a hundred percent for it. So yeah, it is coming out and it’s a start, but sadly there’s a great deal more to come out JayPee.
JP: Plenty more where that came from I would say and that’s a. . . in that particular stable. All right so shall we go into our question and answer section?
SP: Yes, please.
JP: All right so let’s see, first person today. Is, all right, okay, all right so this is from Jenny. Hi Simon. Really interested in how to retrieve the extra strands of DNA. Sorry my browser just flipped a page for some reason. All right. My first try I clearly saw a bright white strand surrounded by pink-purple colors. I had no idea what to do and I struggled to hold the vision. In my next attempt I saw what looked like out in space, multiple clouds of colors with this bright white light darting around. I haven’t had any luck since that. I can usually see pictures clearly in my mind when I close my eyes. Can you give a detailed answer in how to retrieve the strands?
SP: Yes.
JP: I’m sorry if you have already answered this one before. I really enjoyed listening to your info.
SP: Thank you. It’s a question I would expect to be answered because it’s pivotal for the development of humanity and it is totally misunderstood by so many people. Many countries have carnivals and there is a particular game where you have like a grabber, you put your money, of course you put your money in slots don’t you. And then you have a joy stick, a control lever and then an arm comes down and you try to grab the plush toy, the soft toy and if you can overcome all the tricks in the trade you can pull down and win a toy. Trying to grasp a strand of DNA is exactly accurate, as the questioner has portrayed. It’s like that. You know, it’s just so near and yet so far. First of all that was a higher human strand. What you described to me is a potentially fifth or sixth dimensional strand or higher. It’s no lower than that and you have described it in two ways, one is the actual intent itself with the swirl around it, and then secondly was with the colors is a separate point. I think you probably tried too hard. I think it probably shocked you. You desperately tried to reach out. It’s a bit like when you perhaps knock a cup off the table and use your hands to go and try to catch it. You don’t coordinate it. You weren’t expecting that. It will happen again. You have an opportunity, and what you need to do is to be ready and practice it. What I’d like you to do is to practice focusing on your mind. There’s a meditation which would help you and it’s very common. It’s called the candle flame focus. When you meditate on the candle flame, because what you are trying to do is to obtain a particular item in a particular time in space. Remember these things don’t follow time in the same way that we on this planet have been lead to believe. So this is rightfully yours, but you have to be able to connect with it and draw it in, so it’s nothing physical. You will have to imagine basically not a claw as in the carnival game, but you will have to imagine you standing on a hill and the sun is shining and you are opening your hands and saying it’s time to come home. It’s time to come back, but with your mind focusing like a needle, needle ray that must pin a pin beam on it. Don’t think about anything else; don’t get sidetracked, and you are basically connecting with this part of you that was taken from you and us a very long time ago, and you are drawing that back. If it doesn’t work you get it a little bit in and it drops, don’t worry. It’s a bit like learning to astral travel. Many people and myself included describe it as you flying and then suddenly you drop lower and lower to the ground and with a great big amount of energy and you manage to get yourself up again, but ultimately at some point you drop, so don’t worry it’s obviously coming to you. You just have to keep trying, so good luck with that.
JP: A matter of practice like a lot of things. From Nancy, all right Simon my question is just out of curiosity and not for a weird experiment. In the last show you said the reason the elite drink blood is to take on the traits of that person. How much blood needs to be consumed for this?
SP: Okay, it’s funny you know when people ask me questions and often they feel they have to justify themselves in some way, but that’s because they have been talking to unawake people for too long. I make no judgments about people except if they are good or bad, and it’s a very interesting question and one that I’m glad you have ask because you could extrapolate and say okay is that why do you have blood banks? Is that why hospitals have reserves of blood? Is that why, you know, these elite places have their own hospitals? It leads you on. One question doesn’t just give you one answer. It gives you another two, three questions, and that’s why we are alive for goodness sake. That’s why people who are, as you said earlier, you know, aware and awake and follow the rabbit hole if you like. Let’s find out where it goes and let’s understand it. You could have a drop of blood on your fingernail and that would be enough to identify and connect with that person. But for the rituals that take place, then it would be a cup of blood because there’s a difference between sexual energy/magic and connecting with the DNA or the life force, the spirit of that individual. So a black magician could literally steal an item of clothing from somebody, just literally remove a hair from it and the DNA from that one hair is enough for a black magician to attack you psychically. But when we are talking satanic in terms of rituals, then it’s more blood that’s used. In the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty only pricks her finger on a needle and gets one little drop of blood out. Remember that Walt Disney and many of these things are based on history and if we think that this is only a modern concept it’s not. The ability to connect with another person through their blood goes back many thousands of years, so it is a good question, thank you.
JP: That’s all about the DNA, yes indeed so let’s get back to our main menu. Here’s a very interesting. . . Samantha in [27:56][?May king?Mating]. Can we get along with Jinns ever? Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you for all you do Simon. Is it ever acceptable to be on semi-friendly terms with Jinns? I ask because my partner and I have experienced both bad and sometimes helpful Jinn. One helped me find a lost object. Others can be a pests and others seem to work on behalf of toxic family members, which we separate ourselves from. My partner, being Native American, feels he can successfully communicate with them without getting into trouble. We haven’t tried for fear of deception. I’m getting better at fencing them and some feel just curious and others feel just plain nasty. The ones sent on behalf of the family are the most difficult. Any advice on dealing with them?
SP: Yes the person who has written to you is absolutely 100 percent genuine. All people are hopefully who listen to the show genuine, but what I mean is the person who has written that has genuinely experienced and her partner, and they know what they are talking about, and because what has just been communicated to me you would not read in a book and you would not pick up on the Internet. And, you know, when I attend conferences and things and people come up and they suggest, you know, start telling me their stories, it’s very obvious who is genuine and who is isn’t, you know, and this is a very genuine case. So first of all there’s so much that’s wrapped up in that. I think you are wise to hold back and your partner is wise to hold back from communication with them for the reasons that he or she has given. I laughed during the question because you said that the Jinn helped you find something. Now that’s classic. You are absolutely right. There are many tribes of Jinn and that’s the correct term actually, and some are playful, mischievous, some are helpful in a. . . if they like you sort of way, and some are downright unpleasant and dangerous. The question is which Jinn are you connecting with? If Jinn come to you and you are absolutely spot on, because in Muslim countries in particular you can go and pay somebody to send a Jinn against you. That concept in the Western world is hardly understood, but it’s very, very common. Many, many family members who feel they’ve been cheated, whether they have or not, and they will go and pay for a member of the family to be attacked, and that’s clearly what you are responding to here. Now in some Imams teach that it is acceptable to engage your Jinn to fight the enemy’s Jinn. My view on that is that you should not engage in that unless you are particularly powerful with a long linage history on this planet, because if you attempt to engage with energies that you frankly are not capable of engaging with, they will eat you up. They will just devour you. So you cannot walk into the lion’s den unless you know that you have, to use the word of Strider Aragorn in Lord of the Rings when he used the Palantir to challenge Sauron, and one of the Hobbits said, “Oh, even Gandalf wouldn’t have used that,” and Aragorn replies, “I have both the right and the strength to do so.” He said the right cannot be questioned and the strength was enough, and then after a pause he says, “Barely,” and that’s the good thing about Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings, he wasn’t an arrogant man, so Aragorn but not arrogant. So my advice is if you are being attacked by Jinn being sent by a family, and you are having other Jinns come to you, those Jinns are coming to help you. Now they are coming to help you either because somebody has paid for them to come and help you or you have a connection over many thousands of years with your own Jinn. The rule should always be that if you have a connection with a Jinn, they can be around you but you do not let them into your body. If you let them into your body then they will take you over. All black magicians have Jinns in them. That’s how they can create fourth dimensional-type magic in a third dimensional world because they have a symbiotic relationship with a Jinn energy that lives in their physical biological body. That’s why slowly but surely black magicians go mad and are desperately unhappy. So back to the question, I really wouldn’t engage with it. I would be really careful. It sounds to me that you are, and I don’t mean this rudely, you are pawns on a chess game, and a number of different factions are fighting over you and if do you want to drop me an email, I would be happy to have a private chat with you. So it’s a good question and thank you.
JP: Very interesting so anybody who has been involved with black magic in the past, is likely to have still Jinn attachments. Is this what we are debugging when people come to me and they say, can you get rid of all these attachments? Is that what they all are?
SP: Not in all cases, definitely not in all cases. You could say you as is very often the case on this planet, many many people who have had past lifetimes in black magic would have been connected during the Renaissance Period to Italy when the Vatican really started to take control, but many people turn their backs on it, but that’s like three or four or five hundred years hence. So what you can see is ripples. If you throw a rock into that pool, the ripples come out. When people come for help, it is the ripples that you are identifying. They’re still very real and they are impacting that person because they are the energetic shock waves from something that occurred which they would never do again, because they won’t. They have moved on from that but those energy shock waves are part of the body and they are having to deal with that. That’s different from an attachment where somebody has a relationship with a demonic or energy entity that visits them every time they incarnate on the planet, and again it’s not widely understood. But if you have an association with Jinn, and, you know, you pass on and you are reborn into a baby’s body and you grow up, that same Jinn will come back to you, and it will seek the same agreement. So each time we humans reanimate on this planet, we have to make choices, and you know, you might go four, five, or six generations saying yes I’ll work with the Jinn, and then one time you think to heck with this. I don’t want to have anything more to do with them. I’ve evolved. I’ve moved on, but you may not actually understand that, but you just don’t want to be with them anymore because your vibration frequency has changed beyond that of the Jinn. So what the person might do in a lifetime is say I no longer want you. Now they are like a dog that’s been around the fireplace for five or six hundred years, and they don’t know what else to do so they will keep coming back, and you have to be really strong and say no, but, who knows, in the next lifetime of mine I might work with you again, so it’s so complicated because and I don’t mean it rudely, Westerners, because they have been lied to and tricked by deception for obvious reasons have no knowledge really and no concept of what is commonplace in the Muslim world, and that’s why elite governments are terrified of Muslims, not because they are terrorists. They are no more terrorists than anyone else, but because their upbringing and their religion teaches them that there is something that you can’t see and it’s not God. In fact it is the opposite of God, so Muslims actually believe that there is a force that you can’t see, and they call it a Jinn. Now in the Western world we have been told if you can’t see it, it’s not real unless of course it’s part of the church, then it’s God. That’s okay, that’s part of our system, you can believe in that. Now remember I do believe in God but I don’t believe in the God of the church, so there’s a helluva lot of manipulation going on and when within my lifetime the truth about everything is going to come out. This is a big, big topic, and I hope that many people who, I suppose me included, who battled on trying to get the truth out in many aspects, but this one in particular. It would be nice, if somebody really, you know, incredibly powerful, wealthy, etcetera turned around and says, well actually yes and that is the truth but we didn’t want to tell you. That’s really, I think, what most of us want. Most of us want the people in power just to be honest, stop the games, stop all the silliness, just actually come out and say, look we’ve lied to you. You know, we think the reasons we’ve lied to you were right, but we can’t go on like this anymore and want to be truthful. That’s all we want. We just want these people to be truthful. I’m not going to go around declaring I want to hang people. You know, there will be people who have hurt children that I seriously would, you know, consider some pretty awful punishment but other than that, you know, it’s about forgiving and moving on, and learning because we’ve got to heal and we’ve got to get on this this. I just wish people would be a damn sight more honest than they are now, so it’s a good point, thank you.
JP: So it’s got the kind of like a household pet sort of energy to it and then it’s like a Jinn is for eternity and not just for life kind of thing?
SP: Yes, yes, yes JayPee, except that the Jinn sees the human as the pet.
JP: Oh, yeah, so that’s like having cats then isn’t it?
SP: No, not quite because cats can’t walk through walls.
JP: Oh really.
SP: Or mine can’t anyway.
JP: I’m sure somebody said that their cat walked through a wall the other day. Anyway, long story, next question is from Lorey, L-O-R-E-Y. Simon, has Trump learned about who is running the government and how is he dealing about what he has learned about the psychopaths?
SP: Right, Trump already knew the truth before he ran for office. It’s a terrible indictment on America. Remember actually I love the American people, and I love the concept of the Constitution. It’s just that it’s like so many other places. It has just been hijacked, and it’s a great indictment that it took a billionaire to become president, and what I mean by that is that he is so fabulously wealthy that nobody could bribe him. He’s so fabulously wealthy that nobody could beat him in court. He is so fabulously wealthy that nobody could offer him anything that he would want. I mean he said, you know, the four-hundred thousand dollar a year job as president, I’m only going to take one dollar because I don’t need the money. He is now distancing himself from his business arrangements. I wouldn’t expect him to give them up but certainly yes, distance himself. Now why did a billionaire become a president who was not part of the establishment? Because he was so fabulously wealthy, that he could stick, as we say in England, two fingers up at the establishment and say I don’t want you; I don’t need you. That’s how sad it is that an ordinary average waged person couldn’t even deem to think about being the highest office in the American land because they would be got at. Anyone else would have been shot, poisoned, clubbed on the head, goodness knows what, but he wasn’t because of his position, so he knew already. He is not a Satanist, doesn’t mean he won’t employ people around him who are, because he is going to need in the first three to six months, he’s going to need people who are not shy to walk down the dirty corridors. Let me put it to you like that. He won’t do it himself but he needs people who will do that, and he is very aware actually of the situation. He wouldn’t have got this position had it not been for the help of 75 percent of the FBI, giving figures away now, 35 percent of the CIA and between 10 and 12 percent of the NSA. So in other words there were small but sizable portions of the secret intelligence service and the Federal Bureau who threw their lot in with Trump, and the reason they did that was because humanity is evolving. Remember if you are American you are from a country where your wonderful loved president was shot dead in Dallas. And there are people in the intelligence network of America who never ever want to go back to have that forced on the citizens again. It’s rather like in this country the police forces say to every prime minister in Great Britain, again this isn’t on YouTube, you won’t find this on the Internet, I suppose it’s not interesting enough, but I think it is, but whenever a new British prime minister comes into office, he or she has meetings of course, and one of those meetings is with the chief police officers, who say never, ever ever use us again as you did against the miners. For all the people who don’t live in Britain, we had a terrible, terrible miner’s strike back in the ’80s, and the police force was used almost as a private army by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to really, really go over the top to hurt people, and so it did such a huge damage to the community in Great Britain, although in the south of Britain people don’t understand that, but in the middle and the north they do, but the police force say to every incoming prime minister, don’t you ever do that again. Now that has had an effect on the Kennedy assassination or murder is a better word for it, because there are sizable elements of the American intelligence network who are actually sick of all of that and that’s why they supported Trump because Trump is not a politician. The man has never been in politics. He’s a businessman. Yeah, he’s a tough businessman. You have to be in the states to survive, but at least he hasn’t got his hands dirty. So I’ve never said to people go and vote for Trump because he’s a good man. What I said and I’ll say it again now was had Hillary Clinton been elected as President of the United States, there would have been a third world war within five to six weeks of her taking office, and I know that to be true and so do the CIA and National Security Agency and to a lesser extent the FBI. That’s one of the major reasons they were not prepared to put an American president in that would take their country to utter destruction. That’s the major reason because they knew that the Clinton’s were looking for a world war. That was the main driver for it and thank goodness there were men and women of strength and truth and honesty in the United States, generals, and admirals and people of the air force who were prepared to stand up to the executive and say we are not going to carry the orders out. So, a helluva of a shock for the Clintons. That’s why they moved 1.6 billion dollars of their own private money, drug money of course, because they were involved in that and offshore to both Switzerland to be next to the Rothschilds and to Qatar where they’ve got some bases. So the Clintons are ready to cut and run. So again another good question, thank you.
JP: They fueled their jet up and they’re ready to run but I imagine that there’s going to be some people waiting for them at the other end wherever they are going.
SP: They have a bounty on their heads, both of them. White Dragon gold.
JP: Oh yeah.
SP: I think it’s. . . talk about fueling airplanes, is it probably time to fuel up with a cup of tea?
JP: Time for the tea, yeah my kettle just boiled. You like Kate Bush? Do you remember Kate Bush?
SP: Not only do I like Kate Bush, but a person who I have communications with was Kate Bush’s bodyguard for a period of time.
JP: Oh, well it’s a nice body to guard, that’s all I can say.
SP: Well he was actually incredibly professional.
JP: Uh huh.
SP: He has information for me about the murder of Princess Diana, but yes he did bodyguard Kate Bush. Why are you going to play something?
JP: Yeah. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up. I think it’s the best of her, Don’t Give Up.
SP: Don’t fall asleep while we’re away.
JP: I’ll try. All right, well I don’t know why it stopped suddenly there, but there we go. That’s enough it was saying. Simon are you back with us? Oh, Simon has been disconnected. Let’s bring him back in. Well. . .
SP: Hello.
JP: Hey, hey. That’s a bit strange. The song just stopped and you went offline. Anyway so here we are. We’re back, so Kate Bush, and yeah that was very interesting. So from Britain to America and this is actually a question asked by someone in Holland, their friend Juan who sent me this computer here, this computer. I also want to thank very much Martin who sent me a monitor here. . . I love huge; it’s really big and wide for my old eyeballs so it’s really good, it’s. . . I’ve got the questions up here in 14-point. So how does your name appear on the credit card? Ah, Arial 14-point, anyway. Meanwhile here’s from John. Hello Simon and JayPee. Question: He’s got two questions; he’s going to ask two questions. Standing Rock has been pointed out to be a place with a deep underground base. Am I right that all the stress above by the protestors is juice to be sucked up by the inhabitants below ground?
SP: I can’t quite go along with that. There are many sorts of energies that people release, and when groups of people work together, depending on what they are doing, the energy they release obviously is either good intent or bad intent. And if it’s a good intent, then bad people can’t use it, or bad energies or bad beings can’t actually do anything with that. They can’t manipulate that. They can’t feed off it. If we were thinking about the black pipeline, the snake pipeline, many, many people have, you know, voiced their anger and their determination to support an indigenous native peoples, and I thought it was wonderful when in that particular instance, when the buffalo just appeared and came to support the local people. So when there is good intent that energy cannot be used, but if there is bad intent, then yes, that energy can be used. It is generally used by off planet entities. Humans can’t really do anything with that energy. It’s not in their agreement to do that, but if you are fourth dimensional and you have the ability to phase within the third and the fourth, then you understand nonphysical intent and nonphysical energy, and a black magician of course uses nonphysical thought and energy all the time. So that’s something that is used and grasped and that’s what ritual sacrifices are about for goodness sake, that’s what these things are. It’s to feed off that energy that in itself is not negative, but it is fear-based. So if you, that’s why I’ve always said to people, if you are going to demonstrate, do it peacefully because the establishment can’t use that energy. They hate peaceful demonstrations because they don’t know how to respond to it. So no, if groups of people have good intent, then nothing bad can use that energy. That’s the first question.
JP: Okay, so the second question: Let’s see here, oh fairy dust, anyway the question: I have noticed, right, that Mother Earth or other light factions are in on the act of conception when a soul is entering a new life they get checked and partly blocked. It says that red head people are just old souls that should not have incarnated and subsequently they are blocked in their own life energy container around the appropriate chakras. Do I say it right, for the past century the female body has been too much infested with Reptilian DNA and is missing life energy resulting in fact that men live shorter than women only because they get sucked of life energy by their female partner. Wow! There are some control issues there.
SP: Right, let’s just, hold on a second, because there’s serious elements in with the humor here. First of all I don’t agree that people with red hair are prevented from incarnating on the planet or blocked. That’s just not the case because red head people do incarnate on the planet so that’s not right, but I understand where you’re coming from. Red hair is the sign of reptilian energy, no question of it, but it’s also a connection with the planet because many people with Celtic background and lineage can have red hair. Now if I, I’m not, but if I was, you know, somebody really high up and was going to do something, I’d say right, well we need to manipulate the human race. We need to be able to be a bit like a chameleon here and so red hair was chosen because it is the closest to mother nature. It’s connected to the female link of the planet. That’s why people from Ireland have red hair, many of them from Scotland and there are other places as well, but it has been usurped, and that’s the best word here. It’s has been usurped by the reptilian agenda, that’s the best way to put it. So no, the source, mother planet Earth doesn’t come in and say you’ve got red hair. You can’t, you know, you can’t be born. What the planet says is you might be an interesting person who will have for good or ill, effects upon my planet, so I’m going to get involved to try to counterbalance what the other side is going to do. And when I say that life’s a game, I don’t mean to dismiss it as if it’s something unimportant. It is like a game of chess because one side does something and the other side seeks to bring balance or tries to tip the balance, tip the scales the other way. So humans, males and females, at one time on this planet lived for hundreds of years, and the Bible is actually accurate in the Old Testament where it talks about all the lineages of these people and how many hundreds of years they lived. And, you know, there was Methuselah, who lived for, was it 900 years or something. It seems impossible now, but what’s happened, and again there’s no doctor that’s going to agree with me, not until we get the truth out and then these people can go and be reeducated in a proper doctor’s school, that originally the hybridization of humans, the gene that brings on deterioration of the body, the aging gene, wasn’t there. It just didn’t exist so there was a natural but very slow breakdown of the body, so you could live for hundreds of years. As incredible as that may sound, and then when it became obvious to off planet entities that humans were very clever, were catching on really quickly, and actually if they were left to their own devices, they would outthink and outperform the very aliens who manipulated the human genetics in the first place. So what did they do? They had another tinker about and they created a gene that reacts with sunlight. Again the doctors are going to partially agree with me on this one, but sunlight is the cause of aging actually. It’s not just the cause of cancer, but it’s the cause of aging and it activates this particular gene in the body, which says, oh, okay it’s like a clock. How many days of sunlight have we had? How many years of sunlight, how many years have we been through? It’s time to start shutting the body down. And it is no coincidence that humans right across the planet generally live in a rough timescale, okay if you have a very poor food and diet, then yes you are going to perhaps succumb earlier, but if you have a very well looked after diet you will live longer, but by in large human lifespan is about average and that’s the same as all the mammals as well.
Reptilians of course are different off planet, and their namesake here, their reptiles, can live a lot longer, and remember birds like parrots have a lot of reptilian DNA because they came from the dinosaurs and that’s now been accepted. When I was at school everybody laughed and said birds from dinosaurs, nonsense. Well in the last thirty or forty years they accept that and the other amazing thing when I was at school is that dinosaurs had scales, all the drawings that I ever saw in a book were dinosaurs with these gray, gray-green scales. Now of course we know that many dinosaurs actually had feathers and the scales were brightly colored, so look how humanity has moved on and the final question there, which I think is in jest, absorbing energy. If you are in a good relationship with somebody regardless of what it is, you shouldn’t be trying to take their energy. How many times have we been into a room, got into a debate or whatever it is or go into a relationship, and then the individual just wants our energy. They just want it for whatever reason and it’s terribly draining. That’s not a good relationship. You need to get into a relationship where the frequencies are about right. You need to get into a relationship where you both have the same energetic values. You know it’s not like who, you know, I collect stamps and I want to find a partner who collects stamps. That’s just nonsense. But what you have to do is to find someone who is on the same frequency resonance as you. You know the old thing where the piano tester, he or she takes a tuning fork, whacks it and then puts it on a string. Well you think of two people. When you put the tuning fork on the two people, that frequency should be the same and that’s what works, so yeah, some fun in the question but some serious bits as well. Thank you.
JP: Thanks very much. Yes tuning forks. Finding your own tribe and your own frequency, yes. So from Stephan, keep up the greatest work. Question: Are our higher dimensional family in Hollow Earth active in cleaning up the West Pacific after the Fukushima event and also clearing the sky from chemtrail pollution?
SP: Very interesting question, no. It’s more to do with the Pleiades and Andromeda and Lyra. The people of Hollow Earth do become involved but they don’t become involved on something of that level. That level of Fukushima was a massive attempt to take out half of the biosphere. And again, you know, this is not widely understood, but there was a very big concerted off planet effort to limit the damage, couldn’t stop it, not without appearing in great big mile-long ships and doing stuff, but that would of then stolen the agenda and would have been disclosure by the wrong means, so the damage is severe. There is no doubt about that, and anybody living on the West Coast of America will know that. It was all done for terrible reasons. Hollow Earth coordinate things, and people from Hollow Earth have only just recently have decided that they need to play their part in what I loosely call the game, that they can no longer have the indulgence of staying underground and saying, you know, to hell with those people on the top. Let them get on with it, you know. You made the bed; you lie in it. That argument doesn’t hold sway now, and they are officially now in there working with and being involved with some governments and off planet entities. It’s a very complicated business because remember that Hitler was attempting to create bases down there as well. So that’s my answer. There is off planet assistance, but ultimately we on this planet have to clear up the mess.
JP: Yeah and we also have to stop all the mess being continually made more, you know. Okay from Andy. Is disclosure imminent? Dear Simon, greetings, best wishes and many thanks. In an interview with JayPee in May 2015—wow that was a long time ago—you said the Americans had been given a hard deadline for disclosure in eighteen months, and if they didn’t do it this time, the aliens would do it themselves.
SP: Yep.
JP: The time is now up. What is the status of this disclosure? It’s pretty much happening I’d say.
SP: Right, one of the big points, now this is a really good question. I don’t know whether the Europeans or British people will know this unless you have been following the election. But during one. . . I don’t know quite what you call it really, but Hillary Clinton before she had all her final health breakdowns, she was at a university or a campus, and she was taking questions from students and the subject of disclosure came up. Now instead of, as you would expect the archetypal elite establishment lady turning around and saying, aliens don’t exist, she actually said, “If I become president, I will cause an investigation to get to the bottom of it because I do believe there’s truth in it.” Now that was because her administration was the one that was given the deadline, okay, it was Obama, the democrats that were given the deadline by off planet entities to either give us the truth or they would come along and give their own version of what the truth is outside of the control of humanity. Now that we’ve got a new incoming president, there will have to be meetings between off planet entities and the President, Trump, to. . . the off planet entities will be more amenable to understand what the agenda is. So basically when Hillary Clinton lost that election, all of those agreements with off planet entities ended. Well not all of them, but the ones with the positive people because you see negative, when negative forces do an agreement, they say to a government, you speak for the planet, and if you go out of office, it doesn’t matter, our agreement will last ten years or fifteen years. But when positive entities come to the planet and make agreements, they make an agreement with that individual ruler or that individual leader because they understand that that leader was elected by the people for a term of office, so it’s a very good question. I hope that’s a good answer, so basically what’s got to happen is that Mr. Trump, who I don’t think he’ll be too fazed by off planet entities, he’s going to have to have meetings just as Putin, President Putin has meetings with these guys and no doubt it will feed back what those arrangements are, so thank you for the question.
JP: Excellent, excellent, so coming to, now this is a very interesting question. Anyway, it’s a generic question but also, you know, people wear these things. So the question is from Peggy. Dear Simon, what is the effect of wearing various gemstones? Are they good for certain purposes or certain times? What about talismans? Thank you for your service. So people wear jewels all the time don’t they?
SP: Yes.
JP: What’s the effect of wearing something that you don’t know what the effect, I mean like some people will say that opals bring sadness and all that kind of stuff, but you know, that’s just an old wives fairy thing, but there are genuine effects. People have crystals healings and all sorts of things, so what happens when you wear rubies and diamonds and things like that?
SP: Well let’s divide between the wealthy. Let’s take the Queen of England, God save her. . .
JP: He’s going to need to, yeah.
SP: . . . who wears and has the most enormous diamonds and rubies and sapphires and pearls, and goodness knows what else, but they don’t wear them, this is interesting, they don’t wear them for their medicinal purposes. They wear them because they genetically connect to the minerals, I’m calling them minerals, not gems or jewels, and they say I own the country that you’re from. So if you have a [1:05:01][ko len? coin?] or diamond, or any other mineral or rock, you would say I have this because I own your country, and it is the symbol, so people need to understand. Now other people, decent, kind, good ordinary people like minerals because they’ve got pretty colors. Others because the system has said we set these in precious metals and you know, you need to buy them. You know, you need to buy these rings, you know, and they do that just to make money, but when you understand the healing qualities of stones, you understand that they have a frequency and a vibration, and different stones are, because of the vibration rate, each mineral vibrates differently, some are [compatible] with others, some don’t work together too well, so, you know, if you have a collection of them, make sure that you put the ones together that will work together, those minerals can be used. For instance, moldavite. . . I bought myself a piece of moldavite and then for no apparent reason it disappeared and you know you think well I’ve lost it, because you don’t go down the conspiracy theory root, do you? That’s not the first thing you do, you think yeah I’ve lost it, and I bought myself another piece and sure enough within about three weeks that disappeared. I never found it. I bought a third piece of moldavite and within two weeks that disappeared. So I lost three pieces of moldavite. So I had a chat with somebody and it became apparent that if somebody else bought me moldavite, it wouldn’t go, because it had been bought as a present and two people bought me moldavite and I still have them. So this is what I mean about the establishment controlling the truth on this planet, particularly in the Western world. You know that’s a concept that 75 percent of the people in this country, I’m sure, Great Britain, couldn’t even understand, that a crystal has a consciousness, not in the same way that we do but it has a connection to the planet’s memory, most like the Akashic records. That’s what minerals do. They hold it, and the establishment understands that. That’s why quartz crystals are used in watches to provide time keeping. That’s why rubies were one of the first lasers, laser weapons or medical weapons that they have on this planet. Minerals are important. The Roswell spaceship, the small skiff ship had quartz-sized crystals, four crystals in the very front, what I call the nose array, and they acted as a modern Doppler radar, [how] microwave radar would work. So the concept of crystals is only known to a very small portion of people. You could be a witch and you would understand how crystals work. You could be a healer and use crystals, or you could be a big corporation in Silicone Valley in the States and you understand it, but the vast majority of people don’t understand it, so yes each crystal has its own vibrational frequency, and because of that vibrational frequency it can do something for you. I don’t like advertising books but why not. This now, goodness me, come on JayPee, help me out. What’s that lady who wrote, what’s it called, The Crystal Bible? She wrote three or four books.
JP: I’ve got a book called Love is in the Earth.
SP: No.
JP: But some people say it’s The Crystal Bible, but you got, yeah go on.
SP: This is called The Crystal Bible and there are four books to the series, and it’s a picture of many crystals and then it gives a list of all these energies and what it can do. Now that, actually I found that to be accurate. And, so yes, terribly undervalued and yes I do believe that crystals, I mean I can put my hand close to a piece of danburite, and I can feel it and it makes, it’s tingling in my hand energy or a piece of mineral I can feel it and I know somebody who is far more sensitive along those lines than I am, so it’s a greatly underused resource.
JP: Excellent and so, there’s a couple of things, one of our listeners Lyra330 had a conversation with Trump and she gave him some shungite and some crystals.
SP: To protect him, yes.
JP: Yes, so, and spoke to him about ETs for half an hour she said.
SP: Excellent.
JP: I’m going to have to get on. . . . the book is by Judy Hall.
SP: That’s the woman, fantastic.
JP: That’s it. Wow! So anyway there’s. . . and he has got opals as well so there we go. All right so did you ever find out what happened to those moldavites?
SP: No, they just went.
JP: They [1:10:10][?bathed] themselves off, how bizarre. Well, mine. . .
SP: I don’t know who took them or where they went, but because I have bought them for myself it wasn’t deemed that I could have them, and that’s where it comes from.
JP: All right.
SP: If somebody buys it for you, in my case anyway, they okay they are a present. They can’t take them because to do so is to affect the person who has given them as a present. That’s quite interesting.
JP: How bizarre, how bizarre, well anyway I bought this myself so maybe I don’t. . .
SP: Was it moldavite?
JP: A piece of moldavite, yeah.
SP: And you’ve still got it?
JP: Yeah, yeah, it’s in my 3D array, 3D star array.
SP: I think it’s your beard.
JP: Maybe it’s the beard. I think it’s the beard. I actually was talking with Alex Collier about the beard thing the other day because you know these old pictures of Egyptian gods and Sumerian gods, they’ve all got this long curly big thick beard, and you know a lot of the native races of humans don’t have beards do they?
SP: No they don’t.
JP: So there’s a thing there. Anyway so here’s a question and this is an interesting question. This is about, well, Hello Simon and hello JayPee. Simon have you ever seen the Star Trek: Voyager “Soul Trap” scene? You might have seen it where Janeway dies.
SP: I have not.
JP: All right, anyway he says it is quite scary what happens to Kathryn when she dies. An entity disguises itself as her father and tries to trick her into the “light.” The captain says you’re not my father. You are something truly evil.
SP: Oh my goodness me, all I need to know is immediately. This is amazing.
JP: Yeah.
SP: I need to know when, what year that was made in.
JP: Right, okay so if you. . .
SP: That is vital. That’s really important. My goodness me because that means somebody in Hollywood is trying to get the truth out.
JP: Yeah.
SP: That’s wonderful now when did I go public with the light business? That’s about two or three years ago I think.
JP: Oh, it’s well before that. I mean Voyager is in the ’90s.
SP: Right. I loved the original Star Trek, and I’ve got that on Blu-ray, but I never really got into all the spinoffs, all the follow offs, and I never really watched them but I’m very in favor of the original series.
JP: They all have some great nuggets of truth and information in them. I often find, you know, watching a random Star Trek, is often like it’s a shamanic experience because they talk about what are my issues of that day in that episode. It’s always worth it.
SP: You’ve got your own Tarot cards.
JP: Yes exactly. Maybe we could have the Turk, the Church of the Stars of the starship Enterprise, the Church of Enterprise. Anyway, shutup. From Jijo Matthews, stop waking them. Hello, JayPee and Simon. Recently the Indian government decided to ban high value notes [and] due to [this] 80 percent of the currency was rendered useless. A couple shows back Simon had mentioned the idea in India that India would be one of the few countries to come out relatively unscathed in the coming financial meltdown. Is India heading for an economic disaster and is this decision to ban this currency the work of the banking cabal? Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
SP: What’s the name of the questioner JayPee?
JP: Jijo, J-I-J-O.
SP: Okay, I just made a note on this.
JP: Right.
SP: That’s the message being questioned tonight. Right, this has nothing to do with the cabal. What happened in India was maybe a quarter staggering, maybe a quarter of the country’s wealth was being, the term everybody uses is the black market, I don’t particularly like that word but that’s the word they use, was being got out by mafia gangs, and they were all using 1000 rupee note, so literally Mr. Modi, who was the Indian Prime Minister, banned the 1000 rupee note of the [1:14:40][knight,] and you could only take like four or five into the bank each day to change them, and there are literally gang members, gang kingpins sitting on huge, literally piles of 1000 rupee notes and they can’t do anything with them. This is what’s causing the problem because you can’t go into a supermarket in India with the equivalent of a twenty-dollar bill or a twenty-pound note and get change. The average wage for each person in India is about 1 pound 50 in English money a day, which would be about a dollar. Can anybody in America imagine working for one dollar a day? So you can’t have big notes because people can’t change them and most people don’t have big notes because they can never afford them so the notes that they would normally use just to put their life savings away, they can’t actually exchange it. That’s the issue. So this is not the cabal of banks trying to cause any problem. It’s India saying basically everyone has run out of money. There isn’t a government in the world now that isn’t short of, to use the technical term, liquidity. So what they are doing is they are trying to raid everyone else to get the money back. Now at least the Indian government is doing it ethnically. They are trying to hit back at drug dealers, arms exporters, all of the people who have been making money on the black market. The problem is that it is hitting the innocent ordinary person. And the reason I take an interest in this is that India is a country that would benefit from a different economic system, and very interesting a person on another radio show was saying that this individual channeled off planet entities and they were saying the planet had to move from a money-based system to barter- or a trade-based system, and that’s not the first person who said that. And it would not surprise me if in 2017 India was one of the first countries to embrace a barter/trade system and begin to move away from the concept of money. I believe everything is meant to be and everything is meant to happen and the situation in India has showed people that you cannot put your trust in paper money. Literally, you go to bed and you wake up in the morning and the bank is telling you I’m sorry we can’t take your money. We’ve been told we can’t take your money. So that has rocked the whole establishment. It made it very difficult for Mr. Modi because what he is doing is ultimately right, but unfortunately it is hurting a lot of honest and innocent people. So what he needs is a system that allows people to trade without the concept of money, which is actually how it is done on every other planet that I’m aware of. This is the only planet that I know that we use money. It is a Babylon-controlled system. When it was forced upon humanity, a black magic spell was placed within it, and that’s why you’ve got like the Bank of England, you’ve got all these places that are not very pleasant that are the anchor point for a country’s economy to maintain the spell and hold the population down because it is money that controls people. It is money that brings fear. How many times do people go to the supermarket and get their list out and check through and they worry about it and they make a note of this and have I got this money, have I got that money? That’s all fear based and we need to get away from it because the system uses it to control us. If you don’t do what we want we will economically strangle you. You know think about two years ago now when Greece was on the verge of leaving the European Union, and they were going to take a vote and they were told if you vote this way, you will have no money at all and so people panicked. Because what became more important to them is if I have a hundred pounds, a hundred bucks in the bank, then that’s a hundred pounds I’ve got, and they won’t say could the future be better. What they say is I must hold on to my ever decreasing little pile of money until literally they’ve just got crumbs of bread in their hand but, but there’s still you know the drowning man holding on to a straw. We need to get away from money and I think India would be an absolute ideal opportunity to try out something new and initiative that didn’t rely solely on cash. So it’s a really good question. I believe it was asked for a reason. I can’t go into anymore detail but do watch this space. I’m thinking that 2017 should see some very big changes here. I’m not very good at pronouncing people’s names because of my dyslexia but I believe the woman who said that she channeled information that said the planet should move to a barter system was Barbara Marciniak. Does that ring a bell?
JP: Oh Barbara Marciniak, the Pleiadian representative.
SP: She has actually said that she channeled and she was told that the planet needs, this is recent, very recent, the planet needs to move away from money toward a trade/barter system, i.e., to copy what is done on every other high human planet, and I can tell you that if humanity is ready for it, it will happen in 2017.
JP: You know I just want to add a little bit here, because we have another host on this show is [1:20:43]Audrey [Huitt], who is from the New Lyra in the Pleiades. He’s, you know, he wasn’t born here, and he’s at Standing Rock. And, you know, over the last few weeks he’s been speaking with us and we’ve been talking about, you know, ideal situations and he said exactly that, that we need to become an Ubuntu society. Have you heard of that term?
SP: Yes.
JP: You know after Michael Tellinger’s concept. And of course the Ubuntu means, you know, they do good will and generosity and stuff like that. Anyway so he’s now in Standing Rock and he’s standing with everybody and one of the marvelous things that he said was that there is an advanced society within the Standing Rock community. That’s what happened. It’s the most. . . people are saying, you know, although the situation is almost like you would think is almost impossibly dire, it’s really cold. Everybody is working with each other. It’s a contributionist society and people are in good morale because of it so I believe this is the beginning, you know, this is not some random thing that’s a protest. This is the beginning of a new society. It’s happened because it has them right up against the New World Order.
SP: I totally agree with you and I said October–November would see some huge changes predominantly on the economic side but also with the consciousness of humanity. We have had Brexit; we have had Donald Trump; we have this potential in Italy. What’s happening is that the predictions that the establishment have made are not coming true because the consciousness of humanity has overtaken the constricting tight rope that, you know, the establishment wants people to walk on, and so we will see some natural outpourings where people are saying no more. However that may express itself. . . different communities express themselves differently, but ultimately what happened at the American election and the Brexit election and at Standing Rock is that people got together in a nonviolent way and through force of numbers they brought change in a way that the establishment couldn’t ignore. So I absolutely agree with you that the door is already open and we will get issues now in the new year to come. What humanity is, [is through] turning its back or saying I’m disempowered; I’m a victim; I can’t do anything. Well naturally say. . . I’m not having this. I’m going to do something about it. And you are going to find now that the establishment is going to be facing challenge after challenge after challenge and something’s got to give. And it won’t be humanity that gives; it will be this small group of crazy people who have had it their way far too long. So I absolutely agree with you. I don’t think that was the start of it. I think the start has occurred probably in the summer of this year but I think that what you have hit upon is the flag that has been raised above the parapet. Everything else before was part of an establishment system. This isn’t. This is a group of very spiritual people who are connected with the Earth, and they are making a statement about their belief and their commitment. Now that’s very hard for multi-corporations to get a concept of. It’s like why I’m proposing to move away from money, if you are a corporation your only concept is to take, to have, to make money, and give back nothing. So then when people then say I have, I share and I just want enough to keep myself going, that is a concept that the established system can’t even begin to compute because that’s not how they work. So they will just fry up because sharing isn’t something that these people do. It’s hoarding. I’m looking forward to 2017. That’s a really good point that that person has raised.
JP: Okay so now, staying with the Far East this is from Mike from China. On a grand scale of world happenings, cosmic, spiritual, political, economical, psychic, energetic, how to you see China and/or Southeast Asia voluntarily or involuntarily participating in all the events that are yet to be embraced and experienced?
SP: Well the key here is sadly from the lifestyle of Chinese people, China is on the way down, and the next three, four, five years we are going to see India rising on par and within the next ten years, India probably, between seven and ten years, India will overtake the economic production of China. Now why that is very sad is that the Chinese have poisoned half their cities, half their water supply, to get where they’ve got. In my own country, Great Britain, it was only four or five years ago that they were buying all the recycled materials from Great Britain, so all the cardboard and plastic was being shipped out of Britain to China to reuse because they were on this huge drive to build and then suddenly the bottom fell out of the market and now they don’t want our rubbish anymore so we don’t export our rubbish to China, although perhaps China exports rubbish to many places, and that’s what Donald Trump is saying. It will be very interesting when he brings in trade tariffs to prevent imports from China, so let’s watch that one. So basically I think it’s very exciting. China will have to embrace change simply because it is not going to be the economic powerhouse in the next ten years that it has projected itself to be. That’s why it bought Deutsche Bank because it’s got the next two to three years where it is still at its peak before it begins to fall off. So whatever it can land grab in the next two to three years, will set itself up as a bargaining tool, that’s why it bought to many high-end properties in Sydney, Australia, parts of the States, and of course in London, in Great Britain, but I think the questioner is asking about nonmaterial things. When a government like the Chinese begin to see how things are going, they’ve got two choices. They can either begin to become introspective and go back to the days of Mao, or they can say we are in a global economy we are going to have to do this, and I think that nobody wants to go back to the days of that young man standing in front of the tank in [Tiananmen] Square, but what they do want is a government that is prepared to engage with the West without bringing those cultures into their country, so I’m positive. I think that as India begins to overtake China in the next few years, China will no longer see itself as having to play the key stage. It’s a big role and perhaps will become more amenable. I certainly would like the Chinese government to be more. . . to ease up on its citizenry than it is at the moment. Thank you.
JP: Okay so, all right I’m going to take a deep breath before I pronounce this name, [1:28:53][Bala Supra Mein Supra Manny um], perhaps a Far East name, all right. Dear Simon, thanks to you and JayPee and everyone who is helping humanity to be free. It appears that there are major chinks in the control system, Icelanders throughout their lawmakers, Brexit, U.S. election of Trump, Indian people uprising against going cashless, French election, exposure of pedophilia and child sex-trafficking, and Satanism by both politicians and the wealthy in the UK and U.S., and today’s referendum in Italy. Is the power elite finally falling out of power or it this just, you know, just a show?
SP: I would wonder if, I mean I don’t write my scripts before, I just come on the radio show live and I just do it, but if you read that question you would think that person had been sitting with me ten minutes before the show started, because nearly everything that that, I believe it’s a few now, has just put forward is something in a key topic and we’ve mentioned. Yes, you’ve answered your own question. It is a sign right across the planet, not just concentrated in one or two places, that consciousness that affects the Chinese people just as much as it affects those in Iceland, but its development is either constrained or advanced by the rules and regulations of that country, so in Iceland that had a very strong family and social connection, it was easier to break through. In a place like Great Britain, America, or China where the system is far stronger and tighter and more intermeshed, it’s harder. So we see spikes, if you like in different countries where consciousness breaks through, but the proverbial dam that we spoke about earlier, you know, the amount of energy behind this thin concrete wall is so great now and the bad guys have got every sluice gate open they can to try to take the pressure off, but it’s not enough, and so ultimately the water behind the dam, the energy, will either overflow the dam, and just wash away all the bad guys or the whole dam structure will just crash and it will break. So, you are seeing evidence all over the planet of a fundamental change in humanity and I do believe in many years to come history books which will be written truthfully, not the lies they write now, truthfully will look back on these years as the years when humanity broke free. That’s what I believe. I believe that the children, the school children, if we have a school, if we need schools, well let’s just use a concept we understand. School children will learn whatever medium of knowledge, whether it is electronic or psychic, however they are going to learn in the future. They will be taught that this period the human race broke free and people who had held control realized that it was all pointless, and that’s what I think is going to happen. I don’t think we’re going to be wiped out. I don’t think we are going to kill ourselves with nuclear bombs. I don’t believe that aliens will land and zap us all. I think aliens will land and have meetings and I think that this is the time that we celebrate. And you might be saying celebrate, we are still in the middle of a battle. We are, but we should celebrate because we are in that battle. If we weren’t in this battle, it would mean that the bad guys had won and got us all controlled. The very fact that this is going on is proof positive that there is a huge outpouring of love. Best way to describe it. That’s a really good question.
JP: Marvelous and it’s a male name. Sorry Simon.
SP: Well I apologize. Anybody who knows me knows I’m absolutely rubbish at understanding anything like that.
JP: So, now where were we, right, now this is really an interesting question. This is from one of my recurrent guests, Aurora, the Aurora Healing [Town]. There are a couple of Auroras who have been my guests already. But this is really interesting. When Hillary lost to Trump, it had been reported that something happened that she could not give her concession speech until the next morning. When Hillary finally showed up the next morning she was wearing purple lapels on her suit and Bill Clinton wore a purple tie in the same color, two colors I have never seen her wear during her campaign. It looked like to me they were sending a message with the purple color. Do you think it was a message and if so, what was the message?
SP: Yes, that’s well done for picking that up.
JP: All right, hang on. There’s a final part, which everybody is going to love. Also could Hillary have shape-shifted because she was so upset the night before because she lost and is that why she couldn’t give her speech because of the effect of her eyes going green with slits?
SP: Well, I won’t laugh at that because it was highly possible that she would shapeshift because of that. She had shapeshifted in the past and that’s why there was an attempt to murder her those years ago. No, my understanding of it is this. Hillary Clinton had been assured that she was going to win. I’m not clear, three million, four million, five million or six million votes that were fake were added to the ballots. These weren’t electronic votes. They were real votes, real votes that were added. The absentee votes were added, and if you by chance can get hold of any interviews where news men and women were going out interviewing the public before the election, in many cases, they couldn’t find anyone who was going to vote for Clinton. And they really had to scramble around to try to get someone to say they would vote for Clinton, even people who said they would vote for Clinton were talking about, well, you know, it’s a bit difficult and there is no change really. I want change. And the count that controlled the Clinton’s, which was of the highest, and the high always knew there was a problem but they had believed they had sewn it up with the votes and they promised Clinton she would win. Now one day I hope the truth comes out. The amount of people who voted for Trump was massive, far more than we are told, and it was so huge that the elite couldn’t prevent Trump’s win. Now what happened, my understanding, and it’s only me of course, was that she hit the bottle. She became drunk and she physically attacked her advisers who had promised her that she would win the election, and she was so angry she blamed them, not herself, of course. She wouldn’t blame herself, but she blamed them for not giving her what they promised, and what the deal was that she would become president of the United States, so she got drunk and she physically attacked them. That’s why I think it was John Podesta, who at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., came out and said, you know, come back tomorrow, basically, Hillary is not coming. She was in no fit state to do that. It wasn’t the shapeshifting in this instance; it was because she was having to be physically restrained because she had become so violent. Now that’s the first part.
The second part is purple. Purple is the color on this planet of elitism but interestingly enough it is not the power of the elite. The elite usurp the color purple. Purple was never given to humans as a sign of elitism, but they took it so the Romans, the ancient Romans had a purple toga, the color purple, their color purple, we wouldn’t understand as purple today but it was actually called purple. The Queen of England, God save her, she actually wears robes with purple in it. So when somebody like the Clintons wear purple, what they are trying to do is to say they have had a massive loss and they are trying to say, you can’t do anything to me because I’m connected to the purple. I’m royalty. You can’t have me. I’m part of royalty, so it is a desperate arm or game to try to cover their image so that people who perhaps now, who have invested huge amounts of money in her election campaign and there is no return on that now. Don’t tell me in America you give a hundred million dollars to the Clinton campaign and don’t expect something back. I understand that over a billion dollars was spent by the Clinton campaign, a billion dollars, and that money is largely raised by people. Some of that is coming from individual wealthy people; there is no return on that you know, so no wonder the Clintons are thinking about doing a runner because there are very angry people who imagined that they were going to get some lovely kickbacks once the Clintons came into power. So purple is the color of elitism but it was never given to humans to use. They have just taken that. And my own off planet connections, purple is the color of wisdom. That’s the best way to describe purple, the color of wisdom so when King Solomon used the wisdom, the judgment of Solomon, he would have worn purple. It’s not understood, but basically on a regular setting Solomon would sit in a set chair, and anybody, no matter who they were, they could the lowest of the low, could petition Solomon to have a judgment. So let’s say for instance you go to court and you lose that court case, but you passionately believe that it is corrupt. Then you have the right to petition Solomon and say I want you to look at my case and over turn it. Now the problem was getting through all the courtiers over the people who Solomon had said, “Look, I don’t want to be bothered with this and this and this, but these cases are here,” and so purple is the color of divine judgment, getting to the truth, not being corrupted, getting the sharpest knife, cutting straight through to the truth, and saying right well okay that is what that is, so when somebody wears purple, it’s low and woe is somebody who wears purple and has no right to wear it, and that’s the Queen of England. She has no right to wear purple and the Clintons have no right to wear purple. So there are people who dabble in that now will have a bit of problems coming to them, so that’s a really good question and we are nearly out of time aren’t we?
JP: Good Lord, it’s gone so quickly. Simon I know, I’m very sorry about the beginning of the show so make, let’s have another five minutes.
SP: All right, fine but before we do I’ve got another show on the 18th. Is that still on?
JP: Absolutely, yeah.
SP: It is nearly Christmas. That will be our Christmas Show. What I’m. . .
JP: I’m a Jehovah’s Witness. I don’t do Christmas in. . .
SP: What I plan to do is to have a Christmas Jingle for our, on our 18th show.
JP: A Christmas Jingle, all right let’s see I’ll add, you know I’ve got my effects here. Hang on. You see I can add that to it. [jingling sound].
SP: No we’ve already had that. It’s boring. That’s Santa’s sleigh. Your task is to go and find a Christmas Jingle.
JP: Christmas, all right, okay.
SP: An appropriate Christmas Jingle, not just something off the bloody Coca Cola.
JP: I’ll find something inappropriate.
SP: No don’t do that, no, no. Something appropriate would be lovely. Let’s see if you can find something.
JP: Okay well. . .
SP: Okay, let’s go for five minutes. [1:41:15][both talking at once] your chickens.
JP: Yeah. And so, you know there’s a whole pile of Trump questions from Phil.
SP: Give me some of those, come on let’s do it.
JP: All right.
SP: You want to ask that when it is [appropriate].
JP: Yeah exactly. Donald Trump surrounds himself in gold. His home at Trump Towers has gold everywhere. Isn’t gold important to the Annunaki? Is Trump from an Annunaki bloodline? Is he from an Illuminati family? If so, which one? Has America moved from the frying pan into the fire or are we able to hope for a better world with Trump?
SP: Right, had you had, this is an American writing isn’t it?
JP: Presumably, yes.
SP: Okay, well let’s assume you are. Had you had Hillary Clinton you would have had a world war within five to six weeks. So anybody was better than Clinton. And yes, gold is the color of the Annunaki, but it’s also a life metal. In other words, if you are very wealthy on this planet you know a bank crash is coming, then you will, if you can do it, you will buy gold whether it’s gold coins or gold bars. Trump was always going to be president. That’s why somebody very very. . . sent me an email saying you called Trump, you said Trump would win in February, and I did. Back in February of this year I said Donald Trump was going to win the presidential election. This was all. . . it was all done. It was all agreed. It does not mean they are not going to be fighting a battle. That’s part of it, but it was always going to be Trump. Now the reason that he is wealthy is because he couldn’t have been president if he wasn’t wealthy. If he was an ordinary Joe or Josephine, he wouldn’t have been president. That’s why I’m saying earlier that that wealth gave him the protection to be president. I’m sure there will be things he’ll do that we’re not too happy with, but ultimately there will be no third world war while he’s president. So no, American hasn’t gone from the frying pan into the fire. It’s actually got out of the frying pan and is looking for the fire blanket, next one.
JP: Excellent, excellent so, okay from Lou. Now again this is a kind of wrap up. What can you tell us about Pizzagate and the pedophile crimes in the U.S. and who is involved and what can Americans do to stop child rape, porn, and abuse? What can humans on Earth do to stop this? What, you know, how do we approach this compassionately and stop it?
SP: Right, the only reason that this information is coming out is because human consciousness now is hard to quantify because you can’t really touch it. The human consciousness has now expanded so much that it can’t be manipulated and contained in the way it used to be. You never heard of this before or if you did it was one time and it was quickly stopped. Now every month there are new revelations coming out, and the reason for that is that the people who are doing these horrible things, can’t control the situation. Now what can we do? Well what’s important is that we need to work together, just like we’re talking about people stopping the black snake, the oil pipeline. If lots of people wrote, not to their member of parliament, or their congressman or their senator, but wrote to the newspapers, and said I don’t have any belief in the system. I don’t believe there will be a real change and I reject the system that we have. If people who were stopped on the street by people doing a survey, on the radio or television and they just suddenly say things like look, you know, do I buy this soap powder? No I don’t because I don’t believe in the system. In other words, what I’m saying is if everybody can use the opportunity to pass information to a wider group, whatever opportunity they are given, if they can expand that to say as an individual, they realize that the system is using them. And for instance, if you wanted to talk about pedophilia, they can say look how the system is protecting or organizing it. You can’t go along killing people because they may or may not be pedophiles. That isn’t going to take the cause forward. What is going to take the cause forward is if we can have a spark, and it can be on any topic that grabs the public’s attention. That’s why Donald Trump, he was seen, I’m not saying Trump was seen as a good man, but Trump was seen as the only option other than Clinton. And if people can have a hobby horse, as we say in Britain, if they can have a message, which challenges the elite, but doesn’t say I’m going to challenge you to a fight, but I’m challenging your right to rule. I’m challenging your right to tell us what to do, and by the way, you’ve got the court systems sewn up and you have been abusing children for God knows how long or at least you have been turning a blind eye to it, so what I ask people to do is at every opportunity, don’t sit now, because we are going now into 2017. Don’t sit in your armchair saying well it’s a terrible world or spend hours on a blog sight chatting away, but then go into the workplace and just have your head down and only speak your truth when you at home chatting to your friends. You know every person now, it’s 2017 really, every person now without causing a fight, without causing a huge amount of distress, needs to speak their truth. And if everybody who believes in the truth, speaks it, then within a matter of a few weeks, the system will actually have to give because if it doesn’t bend and give it will just shatter. Again I say to people, I always say if a thousand people went and sat outside a gas station, if ten thousand people went and sat outside a government building, if five thousand people went and sat outside a supermarket, and said we have a demand, as long as that demand is realistic, it would happen because people were acting as a group. As long as people keep their mouths shut, do what they’re told, the system won’t change. The system will only change when people voice their truth. I said before that the military will do what it has to do. We’ve seen that with Trump. Donald Trump on his acceptance speech said, “I have two hundred,” I’m quoting now, “two hundred generals and admirals behind me.” Why did he say that? He said that because he was threatening anyone that if they tried anything to assassinate him or do anything, there would be two hundred of the top most military people in the States, who would then turn against Capitol Hill. So he didn’t cause any aggravation. He didn’t start a war. He said this is a threat. Now if the ordinary public made an intended threat, I will do this, I will do that, we will then have change. So one of the things is that long as people believe that the court system is there for them, we won’t get change. The court is not there for the individual person. The court is there for two purposes. One is to actually ensure that the elite get the decisions that they want, and secondly it is to enforce fines on people, to take money off people and look at the police force, I’m sorry, the police force is not there to catch criminals. The individual policemen and women are, that’s what they believe in, and that’s why they join, but the system that controls the police force in the Western world is there to ensure that the police come around to your house and say you haven’t paid the fine. We’re here to take you to court so that you can pay the fine. It’s about getting money off people. Now when people understand that everything, the whole machinery around them was never there to protect them; it was there to keep them in position, then we are going to get some very big changes. Sometimes people will go off and demonstrate and there will be some problems, but I want the vast majority of people to act in a more constrained way. So what can you do to the questioner? The question is don’t accept what you are told. Don’t believe what you are told and make your point. I don’t believe what you are saying to me. This is just nonsense and lies. No it’s not going to go away. I’m not going to give the subject up. I’m going to campaign. I’m going to campaign; I’m going to keep fighting. I’m going to go to the press. I’m going to make my story across and remember it’s a lot easier if there’s two of you than if there is just one of you, so it’s a good point, thank you.
JP: Thank you for that. Last question about policy and foremost revenue collectors, as I call them. I tell you it’s really disempowering for them. When you say are you a police officer or a police constable and they say I’m a police officer because I think it’s more important, and I say all right, so that makes you a revenue collector and it puts them into their own corner. Anyway that’s how I deal with these people.
SP: Ah, one quickly, I know we’re out of time, just go on to quarter past if you can.
SP: This is a personal friend of mine. I haven’t seen him for a long time, so it’s a true story. I’m not going to give any names away. But it’s a true story and because it’s true, it’s firsthand from him, it has more poignant message. This will mean most people in Britain because I’m going to talk about a British police officer, but it will mean just as much I think to Americans or Canadians or Australians and New Zealanders. This gentleman was an armed police officer. Now in America that means nothing to you, but in Great Britain we don’t carry guns and very, very few police proportionally carry guns. Now he was one who was trained to carry a gun, and in Britain we call them armed response officers, and it costs absolutely thousands and thousands of pounds not just to train someone but to keep regularly training them up, and one day his inspector, which would be the equivalent of a lieutenant in America came to him and said go out and catch some speeders. And this man said, “You’re joking!” My job is to be on standby in case someone with a gun or knife goes berserk and I’ve got to go and shoot them, and you want me to go out with a speed camera and catch people and this inspector/lieutenant said, and I quote, “We’re under target with the home office figures for the amount of money we are supposed to make.” So that means that many police forces actually are given a target of how much money they have to make by catching people speeding. In the end this particular police officer called over his sergeant and said this is ridiculous and the sergeant backed up this policeman and said, you know, you can’t have this man going out and doing this, you know, supposing we get a call you know on part of the county and miss, you know, and so won the argument. Anyway what happened was this particular policeman got sick, stressed, totally disenchanted, and realized the police force was not there to protect people. It was just there to make money. Now that is a true case. So, you know, there will be police officers who will be shocked at that and believe that they are there to catch criminals, and that’s why you joined gentlemen and ladies. That’s why you joined and that’s what you believe in and thank God that you did, but I need to tell you that the system doesn’t see you like that. The system sees you as a way to keep the populace down and to ensure that it makes money. So, you know, there’s a policeman who had thousands of pounds spent on him and is now lost to the system because he had to leave because he became disenchanted and he had, you know, stress levels because he realized that it wasn’t the great job he thought it was. Isn’t that sad?
JP: A sad story to end our show Simon.
SP: Well no let’s have a happy story end.
JP: Yes go, a happy story.
SP: Your chickens have gone to bed and they are all happy.
JP: They’re all asleep and happy. You know, when the sun goes down and they all go into their coop, Roger, who is the rooster, sits right in the door so you know, he is very protective, and it’s always so sweet to see this, you know. It’s like I’m being the guy and I’m protecting my girls. It’s so sweet.
SP: Lovely.
JP: Anyhow this Wolf Spirit Radio. We will be back with Simon Says after the break. Thank you very much Simon. Have a lovely couple weeks.
SP: We’ll be on the 18th then, the 18th of December.
JP: The 18th, there we go.
[transcribed 10/16/17 gsc]
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