18 December 2016 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers – Begins the show by looking at the ups and downs of 2016: Brexit; Trump being elected; Standing Rock situation; possible bail-ins in 2017, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena may be first; meeting in Antarctica between off planet entities and controllers of this planet; Earth governments/elites need to honor the choices made by their citizenry rather than disregard or invalidate them. Questions about impact of time, day, month on soul incarnation; walk-ins; will we automatically get our DNA upgraded if we dream we are on a spaceship? Answer: most likely not; role of the Knights Templar past and present; unicorns; the Cabal and their antics—dimensional traps, fake looping timelines, mindwiping entire communities—to escape Earth or stay in control; full moon possible cause of headaches; physical effects of shapeshifting; traveling between dimensions; the risk of harm from posting information nudging people to wake up; indigenous people of U.S. protecting water sources; calling on the name of Jesus to stop alien abduction; Cain slew/ate Abel, where are their bodies/souls now; reason for Olof Palme’s demise; Simon’s New Year’s message: go into the New Year bravely, cheerfully, and focused.

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Show begins with snippets from Deck the Halls, O Tannenbaum, “but you got all those wonderful presents for Christmas, didn’t you get what you wanted. . .” and Alvin from the Chipmunks singing, All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.
heerfully, and focused.

JayPee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast from Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu Link at the top of the page at www.WolfSpiritRadio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon in playing an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. There’s a Jingle Bell, so there you go, your very special Christmas jingle there Simon.
Simon Parkes: I’m glad it’s only once a year.
JP: So am I. It took hours; it took hours.
SP: Listen I want to thank you for that because when I said to you let’s have a Jingle for Christmas, I thought you would just, you know, forget it. So the fact that you did do that is brilliant so thank you very much.
JP: I had remembered it the other day. It was not, you know, it was not immediately like yesterday, but it was like oh hang on a second he did say something, so I put it together. I thought I’d pull some of the old memories. Do you remember the Chipmunks?
SP: Yes I do. It’s about. . . I remember those, yeah.
JP: They used to have that on the radio too when we were kids, you know, anyway so welcome to the final 2016 Connecting Consciousness Show.
SP: Yeah, we made it haven’t we. We have made it through another year.
JP: And what a year as, you know, you said it was going to be a rough ride at the beginning and damn you were right.
SP: Yes, yes. Okay let’s start.
JP: So yeah do you have, do you want to do some announcing?
SP: Yeah I will do, fine, obviously the end of the year in terms of the radio show, and although we did have a little look back two weeks ago, it’s probably quite good to just have another little look back and see how far we’ve come. It has been difficult but there have been some big movements and some strides forward, so yeah, I’ll do a little bit of that and then I’ll look to the next three months ahead. I know that, you know, it’s what we need. We need to have some idea of what is literally around the corner, and as I have, you know, a fairly good record of hitting it on the head as we say in Britain, hitting the nail on the head, I think it’s worth just, you know, talking a little bit about the next three months. Right before we do that let’s just talk about Connecting Consciousness and in the intro we always talk about join Simon and play an active role, and playing an active role is really important and we shouldn’t be surprised that we get lots of attacks regardless of who we are, providing we’re trying to do something positive on the planet in whatever shape or form, and I’m aware that certain people have been posting things on Facebook and there’s something doing the rounds which is there’s a book on sex magic purportedly written by our Simon Parkes, and I can assure you that’s not me. And if you want to look it up and look at the bio, the biography of the author and look at a picture of him you’ll see it’s not me, and anybody who is trying to suggest that that is me, you would have to ask yourself why are they attempting to bring disharmony to Connecting Consciousness. There are a number of people who would very much like to take Connecting Consciousness, take the database, take the individual people and then try and make a business out of that, and you know what, Connecting Consciousness is one of the few organizations that doesn’t ask people to pay a subscription, you know, to be a member of Connecting Consciousness you don’t have to pay to be in that, which is definitely something that I never intended, but watch out for people who want to get you off Connecting Consciousness and then start trying to make money from you, so whether coordinators who no longer sing the same tune that I sing, and I would ask individual members to elect your own coordinator. Elect your own coordinator from your group, and then that new person can Skype me and they can have a chat with me, so Connecting Consciousness is an organization where individuals develop and grow. I deliberately did it in a non-hierarchical way, but there are people who wish to become part of a hierarchy, to control and to dominate and to sow seeds of discord, and people should listen to my broadcasts. They should listen to me at conferences and then ask these coordinators, all right what actually is he saying that’s antihuman? What is he saying that’s antidevelopment, and this is the way we need to deal with it, so if there’s anybody who still is unsure, well you shouldn’t be in Connecting Consciousness anyway, because you ought to have enough spirituality to be able to see what is going on here. It’s an attempt to attack and destroy something that was created with only goodness in mind. All right that’s all I’m going to give the energy to that.
Now I want to thank people who have so kindly donated to me, as always, I don’t give the second name, but I want to thank Tom and Patrick and Chris and one here is quite nice, it’s Forest Creek Chapel, Robert, Laura, Bob, Cheryl, Mari or Marie, Gretchen, Oliver, Angelica, Nathan and Paul. There were others. I can’t mention all of you. I’ve just pulled these names out of the hat, didn’t matter what they paid, they just got pulled out of a hat. Thank you very much indeed, very kind of you.
Let’s look at the past. We had ups and downs right across the planet but we’ve had so many successes. I actually believe that Brexit vote was a success and I’m not becoming political, but I believe that Donald Trump winning was a success purely and simply because the alternative was horrendous, and although I’m not going to say Donald Trump is the wonderful thing, and the savior, I will say that had we, you know, seen another person vote which is Clinton, there would have been total disaster, so let’s give the American people some credit here. The American people actually went and voted for an option that was the best option on the table. It doesn’t mean that it was the one that they would choose straight away, but when they looked at what they had to vote on, they actually in the majority decision went for the least painful option, so well done to you guys for doing that. Let’s look at Standing Rock. We soon forget that Donald Trump has an important say in the companies that are on that and I can say that he did have a big part to play in pulling out some of the drive to make that happen. No doubt the people who were very brave and went and joined the indigenous populations and those indigenous people and those Westerners or other Asian people that came in and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them, brought in the media that created something that these very greedy corporates couldn’t deal with, so you know, God bless them, well done. And when all the bison came and then the buffalo came to join the people, then that’s the planet acting, so that was great that the black snake has been stopped. However if it’s been stopped permanently, I’m not sure about the fact that that’s occurred now is a very positive ending.
We’ve got a time now between now and what we would call the holiday period, Christmas, where I do not expect any sudden disasters. The big corporates in the Western world make all their money now and nobody in the elite is going to rock the boat. Now there is a difference between a big corporation breaking even or going under, so the amount of money these people make in the Christmas period will keep them afloat, so all the elite have agreed that they want to keep the train running for this period of time, so that’s what we should expect to see. Come the new year, in January, 2017, they no longer have that focus. I’m not the only one, but I’m certainly one of the early declarers on this where January, February and March will see the much folded collapse that many people for many years have been trying to warn people about. I believe that the Paschi Banca in Italy will be the first one to perhaps call in what we call a bail-in. That’s where they raid people’s bank accounts. They say it’s quite legal; I think it’s stealing, but it’s called a bail-in. I think that’s what will happen. I think that we will see a collapse in Italy financially. I think we’ll see a financial collapse in the States, and I think we’ll see one in Britain. Now that could be anything from a devaluation of twenty percent to fifty percent of that currency, and what was really interesting was for British people online, that’s the online version of the Daily Express newspaper, which is not just an establishment newspaper. It’s an establishment newspaper very closely linked to the elite, and the guy who went and did a report on Adolf Hitler dying in 1945 had close links with both the Daily Express newspaper and the Mail newspaper, so it’s a mouthpiece for the elite and they carried a half a page article saying that there was a massive banking crash. Now they actually went for March. They have been agreeing. They said March of this year to come, there’ll be a huge financial collapse, half a page given to it and we have to ask ourselves why would the elite allow, and it wouldn’t go unless it was allowed, why would they allow such a statement to be made, which is the sort of statement that I would be making on the alternative news. Why is the establishment now actually copying it, and the reason is that they’re trying to slow down the stock exchange because the more the stock exchange expands between now and March, the greater the collapse. On this article in the Daily Express newspaper actually said it was a once-in-a-lifetime crash that was coming and it would be like 1929–1930, the Wall Street Crash, so here at last finally is an established newspaper printing something that I and others have been warning about and they’re actually agreeing. I’ve said always February to March, but they are actually coming out in March, so we have a situation where everyone’s agreeing now that there’s a collapse coming, so that’s for January, February, March. Please keep your eye on that.
In terms of what’s going on in Antarctica, we know that Buzz Aldrin, a very celebrated astronaut, went there and there was a tweet from him, whether that was him or someone else on his behalf. Basically the tweet said something along the lines that he’d been to Hollow Earth or Inner Earth for a meeting and it’s all evil down there, something along those lines. We know that the Vice President was actually dispatched to Iceland, and then from Iceland through to Antarctica, and also understand that he’d been part of a meeting as well, and we touched on this I think previously, where there has been a very important, call it a round table meeting between off planet entities and the controllers of the planet. That meeting has not gone well for the controllers of the planet, not gone well at all.
On the 19th of this month, I think that’s tomorrow, I might be right in saying that there’s a very important date for the Americans. I think that I don’t know the terminology, but where all the representatives from the different states come and then they vote in accordance to the way that the public voted, so that for instance, a particular American state might have four votes for Clinton and six votes for Trump, and so that’s the official way that it’s done, and I don’t know the terminology for that, but I understand that there’s going to be some form of again an English word, “skullduggery,” and the Clintons might attempt to try something. I think it’s very unlikely they can get away with it because when, like in Brexit, when the people vote for something if those in charge then say we disregard what you’ve said, then the citizenry will turn around and say then what is the point of having a government? What is the point of having a vote if you’re not going to listen to what we say or want, then we might as well reject all forms of authority, and it’s for that reason that the British government has to honor Brexit, and that’s why they have to honor the election of Donald Trump. No matter how much the elite dislike it or hate it, it has to go ahead, so I think we’re going to go into 2017 stronger than when we came into 2016. I think what we’ve seen is the human race saying we’ve had enough, and we’re beginning to show our, not displeasure, but the way we wish to see things going. We wish to see development, so I’m looking back on the year. JayPee is correct. It’s been quite rough. We’ve been saved from the brink several times but each time we’ve seen advances, and you know if the elite weren’t in a real pickle, they wouldn’t be fighting in the way they are, and the reason they’re fighting the way they are is because slowly but surely their fingernails are being clawed off holding on to the ship, so I’m positive. I don’t think it’s negative. I think it’s incredibly positive and we’re going into the new year with a lot of hope and a lot of love.
All right before we start with the questions, JayPee did pose me a question. It was very long and it was from Rose. I’m going to just deal with that question now because it’s really important. Rose was saying that she had an idea for helping poverty, for breaking people away from the trap of money and what she was saying in her question, it was more of a statement although there was a question at the end of it, was maybe if you arrested all the bad people in the Vatican and she mentioned the Bilderbergers and you took all the money off them, and then you had like a sort of a, not a credit card, but a debit card and then you could give money to the people who needed it, the ordinary people. In other words, use all this evil money to support society, and she was sort of asking and posing a question, well would this work or am I just dreaming this, you know, or could it have a basis in reality, and I wanted to make that public what she said, because I think it’s a wonderful statement and I just want to give my view on that. When money was created, a spell was put on it, so that it didn’t just act as a form of exchange, it was like a drug and it got into the system. It got into people’s lives and got into the psyche, and it really infected people like a virus. There will come a time when people who have done evil deeds will have to decide to apologize for that or go down fighting, one or the two, and the assets that they have should be distributed amongst those that most need it, but there’s a bigger thing than that, which is at the moment under the present system huge amounts, untold amounts of money are taken legitimately or illegitimately as taxes from the people are being used to maintain organizations and projects which the public (A) have no knowledge of generally and (B) would be disgusted if they did know, and when that stops there will be a massive amount of money suddenly that is left at the end of the year, which can be used. You know, why is it that so much of American infrastructure is crumbling, bridges falling, municipal buildings in terrible state, the sidewalks with holes, and the roads with holes, and the street lights not working, and yet money is going to secret space programs. Money is going to gang stalking of individuals, surveillance technology and the most incredible amounts of money being taken away from taxpayers without their agreement, without their knowledge, and used for no other aspect than to control the citizens of those respective countries, and that has got to stop. So if you can stop that, and we can then get this money that’s been brought in or gained by very evil means, if that can then be purified and that becomes good money if you like, and can be used for good, but that’s only part of the problem. Money is the problem and this as far as I know and as far as I’m concerned from my own personal experience, this is the only planet in the multiverse that I am aware of that actually uses money. Every other civilization that I have had experience of uses barter and trade; they do not use money, and [I’ll] give an example here. Let’s say for instance I have a statue, and I got two of these statues and I don’t want it. So I say I’ll exchange this statue and you’ve got something that I want, but maybe what you want and what I want doesn’t equally balance in terms of energy, so maybe you’d want two statues, but I’ve only got one, that I’m prepared to trade, so I would be required to give you something extra on top of that statue, so what I might do is say, you know, under the present system is okay, well I’ve got pounds or dollars and I’ll make the extra up like that, but we need to get away from that. So what we need to be able to do is to say well I’ve got this that I can do for you or I can bring this about for you. Now, you know, it could be quite simple like I’m a doctor, dentist, and I’ll do some dental treatment, but we’re not all doctors and dentists, so there may be other things in terms of energy that we can bring, and so this exchange system, which we had on this planet, that’s how it was all done until the Annunaki and those prior to them came here and started to control the population by introducing a monetized exchange system, and we need as a planet urgently to get away from the money system and move to a barter and trade system like every other planet. So that’s really what I wanted to say and just to say to everyone, because I know at the end we always run out of time, but it’s been an absolute privilege to have the opportunity through JayPee’s really wonderful radio station to have spent this year speaking to people, talking to people and we are so lucky that the elite haven’t pulled the plug on this. I know for a fact that in America at the moment [they are] seriously looking at curtailing anything that is an alternative view to the official. They’ve always talked about it, but I know it’s really on the table now. Hillary Clinton has been saying that it lost her the election. Well, that’s nonsense, but nevertheless that’s what she’s saying, and, you know, that’s what they’d like to do is to close every radio station down that was giving the truth and just have their own, so I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to speak to people. I’m so grateful that I’ve been allowed to give the information that I’ve been able to give and I’m so grateful [to] people for being so human, so strong, so clear thinking and loving, and no matter what these evil people throw at us, we know that we can make it. We can actually get through and we can do it, but we can do it together. If we work as individuals, it’s not as effective, so we need to understand the tricks that the other side use and we need to work together so that it’s so with that JayPee let’s go on with the questions.
JP: Well there’s a couple of things I want to add. One of them is, we’ve had a lot of fake Simon Parkes YouTube accounts, so brothers and sisters if you are listening to this and there are adverts every five or ten minutes, then you’re not listening to Studio 9 Jam, which is the official radio. It’s a long story why it’s called Studio 9 Jam, why my, you know, but it’s a kind of traditional thing and I couldn’t rename it. Anyway, so that’s my official channel, Studio 9 Jam, which is where you will find all the original Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness shows as well as other things like in Andronicus Transmissions so that’s the first one, and then there was another one, which is completely escaped, oh yes, that’s right. During the Standing Rock Protest, because a large number of people gathered together, Simon, they actually created a [24:34][Ubuntu] Society spontaneously. This is. . . we have boots on the ground. The gentleman who has a show next week in this same slot, Adrieiuous is there and he is observing.
SP: Right.
JP: I mean it’s been funny because he’s been talking about we really need to set up an Ubuntu Society and then he goes to Standing Rock and that’s what’s happening, so it’s actually it’s a thing that is. . . it’s gonna be the beginning of something. I believe it’s like a crystal seed, crystals that will then crystalize out through the consciousness. So anyway that’s what I had to say, so right, so where shall we start. Let’s go, so that was actually today’s first question in the list, so now I can start scrolling up. There we go, ah there we go, yes here we go from Emerald Isle. Hello Simon. When a soul incarnates on Earth does its journey differ if conception and birth are in the same year? What impact, if any, does time, day, and month of the birth have on the above? Wishing you and JayPee and families peace, love, joy, and happiness throughout the multiverse.
SP: Thank you. It does have an effect. That’s why astrology, there’s so much truth to it, when a soul incarnates it’s choosing a body or in some cases the body is chosen for it, and it should be choosing a body that matches the frequency, the resonation of that particular soul, and if there are very influential conjunctions of stars and planets, that has an effect upon the energy and will mean that that individual when he or she grows up will have leanings toward certain things, so in my case, when I had my astrology chart done nearly everything, the houses, were down in the bottom, what would be six o’clock and Mercury played a huge important part in them, and many people who have a job, a life choice will find that it normally, not exclusively, matches the sort of a choice that an astrologist would say they would do. So if you were supposed to work, let’s say, with the oceans and you had a star sign Pisces or you have a star sign that showed you are connected to the water, then you’re more likely to be happy in that job than if you were working with the earth as such or something else, so it does have an effect and unfortunately the elite and the evil element of the elite understand that and there is a, I don’t know that war is the right word, but there is a tug-of-war that goes on when trying to get a particular individual incarnated on the planet, and many many mothers will say well the baby was due for this date but it was either early or late, and as far as the doctors are concerned this is a medical reason, biological reason. Perhaps in some cases it is, but in other cases that soul is having to wait or hold off to incarnate on a particularly auspicious day or it’s going to come in early because it doesn’t want to come in on the particular date that it was destined to come in on because maybe there’s something not good that’s aligned on that day, so the battle, for want of a better word, that we all face when we are alive on this planet has already started before we even incarnate, you know, and those of us who’ve had previous lives and most have, that has gone on in those lives. It’s not just oh we came to Earth and here we go. For many people this is a continuation of their life as journey, and I mean life in terms of the soul not in terms of the physical body, so yes I absolutely agree with that, but the caveat I add is that both positive and negative forces will try to influence the birth date of any new baby being born so hope that helps.
JP: I hope it does too. So this is a question from Evie and she actually had a Ray Reading from me and I picked up a kind of secondary energy there and I mentioned she should investigate walk-ins, so she says in that investigation, Simon, could you ask Simon what is his perspective on experience with walk-ins. You both are great.
SP: Well how kind, thank you. Sometimes it’s easy to detect a walk-in. Other times it’s not. Most walk-ins occur because the new soul wishes not to be detected and therefore it will take a very low profile. Human babies are incredibly vulnerable and if you have a particular soul that is destined to come here and play a role, and play a job and comes from a lineage that is traditionally hostile to the elite, then why would you incarnate here as a baby, because you’re very easy to be got at and hurt. Many are, but generally isn’t it better that you would walk in when that human body was twenty years old or thirty years old or forty years old because then you are more capable of protecting yourself, and I have said that every year black magicians scan predominantly the Western world for live births and they will map or log particularly challenging or bloodline lineage souls that are incarnating on the planet. So let’s say for instance we’ll call it Child A; Child A is born and when the black magicians do the sweep, it comes up as a reptilian soul of no high lineage. Far as they are concerned that is absolutely fine, that’s not a problem to us. So what will happen maybe is when that child reaches twelve or fourteen, or whatever it is then there is a swap and the new soul comes in, which is a threat to the elite, but will not be picked up for some time to come because then the sweeping of adults is much less than it is for new births, so that is the major reason, the major reason why walk-ins occur, and there are others, but what for me, because that to me is normal, but what is exciting is when a Reptilian soul leaves the body and a Pleiadian soul comes in. What is the agreement between two opposing forces that should actually be at each other’s throats, yet they are working together so the Reptilian soul has said I’ll come in and I’ll have this body for the first ten or fifteen years and then you can come in and have it afterward. Now that means that they can work together. You know, all this nonsense about Reptilians and Pleiadians fighting each other one hundred percent, there are small groups and pockets that will work together for the greater good, and some people can have walk-ins more than once or twice. You might have two or three walk-ins. One of my clients I did see three walk-ins and one of the exciting things I do, if they got it, is to say get all your photographs that you have. Every photograph you’ve got and then hold them up to the Skype camera for me and I will look at these pictures and I will tell you what age you changed and what came in and what left and time and time again the client has said to me, well I remember this happened. I had a near-death experience or I nearly drowned or you know you’re right, when I was four years old this happened, and a terrible car crash and so you know they then have this physical memory which then they understand what gave the opportunity for this soul change, so I see walk-ins as positive. I see it as an agreement between everyone concerned and it’s far more common than you would think, so thank you for the question.
JP: So Simon, it’s rather interesting. So it’s possible that somebody could possibly have had a really major bike accident and then at the age of twenty-five woke up somehow refreshed.
SP: Yes, it normally is because sometimes the original soul doesn’t want to leave the body and the only way to do that is to temporarily die so that the soul, you see the thing is when the physical body dies, it’s a law of the universe, that soul cannot be sustained in that body and goes. Now if, like near-death experiences, if the body is not destined to die, it’s destined to nearly die, then the soul will return back, but the soul will only stay in a body or return to a body when it’s going to recover and work on, but if the body appears to be completely shut down, then the soul will leave and then that’s the opportunity for the new one to come in. I mean there are, I talked about I didn’t like the word war, but they try to fight each other to incarnate in a baby. You know, let’s say for instance on the third week or the sixth week, whatever it is, fourteenth week, a soul traditionally enters a developing child in its mother’s womb. Well both sides, if that’s an interesting child with an interesting projected history, both sides will try to beat the other sometimes to be the first to get into that baby. I mean it’s an incredible situation so normally through near-death, but not exclusively, you don’t have to have a near-death experience to have a walk-in if it’s something that’s been agreed you don’t need to die like that. Literally one soul will go and another will come in. Now there are instances and I think it’s wonderful; I think it’s fascinating, where one soul doesn’t leave the body, but the new soul comes in. So one of the questions I always ask my clients is when there’s a possibility of a walk-in, I’ll say did you have any toys when you were a kid, and they’ll say usually yes. What toys did you have? We call them soft toys in England, but I think the Americans refer to them as plush toys, so did you have a toy? Did you give it a name? Now somebody who has had a soul walk-in won’t actually remember the name of the toys. If the exchange has occurred afterwards unless of course they’ve seen photographs and they’ve talked to family or friends. But when somebody has a very clear memory of everything but is not the same soul that they were born in, then both the same soul that they were born in, then both souls are operating together in that physical body, and they both decided they wanted to experience and share together. Now that’s brilliant. I’ve had about five clients in the last two years with that. It’s a wonderful topic, mustn’t go on anymore. Thank you JayPee.
JP: No it’s fascinating. Maybe there’s a, I tell you there’s a TV show to be made out of one of those scenarios, eh.
SP: Yeah.
JP: Well the film, who was that with Steve Martin, All of Me, where the soul is accidentally transferred from this rich woman into this guy on the street.
SP: I’ve not seen that, but that sounds exactly what I’m talking about.
JP: Good Christmas film, All of Me by Steve Martin, very funny, very brilliant, brilliant, lots of levels, you’d like it, so here’s a next question. I don’t want to keep carolizing your questions, anyway, thank you very much for that Simon, because there’s, I think there’s a lot of walk-ins in this field, because we all had to get here. It’s a bit of a go freelance, see how you get to this moment because a lot of people need to be here at this crossing.
SP: Yes.
JP: Uh-huh, so now here we go. Strange dreams: This may even be the part of the thread from GI Joe or G Joe or Ye O Matthew. Anyway, hello JayPee and Simon. A few months back I had a strange dream where I was in a spaceship in outer space. I remember looking out of a window and watching Saturn passing by. It was very similar to being in a train, and then we approached Earth where I saw a green tunnel coming out. I was reminded of the cartoon character Shrek and then I woke up. I had read that being in a spaceship means that our DNA was upgraded. Is this true and what are your thoughts on my dream? Thank you both for your hard work and dedication and may God bless you both.
SP: Thank you very much. No, being in a spaceship does not automatically upgrade your DNA, but being in a spaceship and being subject to certain processes could. Just because you leave the third dimension doesn’t automatically upgrade because this is about your soul and it’s about your development and your spirituality and your ability to, you know, transfer to a higher realm, and going in an electronic device like a spaceship won’t do that, but there are certain things on a spaceship that can bring that forward and first of all we’ve got to be very, very careful that we assume you’ve been on a spaceship. I don’t think I got into trouble, but I think I had difficulty trying to explain this to somebody who immediately thought that if you hadn’t done what you’d said you’d done, then it didn’t count, and I will give an example. When I was probably between the ages, I don’t know five and seven, an entity appeared in what was the sitting room, lifted me up and put me on the coffee table, so I must have been small to stand on what was quite a flimsy coffee table, late ’60s, mid-’60s to late ’60s coffee table and said look up at the ceiling, so I’m looking at the ceiling of the front room and suddenly the ceiling just changed. It was black and there were stars and I appeared to be looking at stars. Now I wasn’t in a spaceship. I knew that I wasn’t. I was in my front room, but this entity had gone into my mind and I could see, you know, this starry sky. Now unfortunately there are many researchers and I’m not a researcher and I always make that clear. There are many researchers who are not interested now, oh you didn’t go on a spaceship; you didn’t look out a window; you know, I’m not interested. Well that’s nonsense because a nonhuman or an alien entity came into that person’s life, excuse me (cough) and gave them an experience and did so because it’s an energy cheaper to engage like that, than it is to take you off the Earth, put you in a spaceship and take you to Saturn. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t go to Saturn. All I’m saying is that we have to be careful that we don’t interpret what we remember in a very black-and-white way, and it doesn’t in any shape devalue the experience that you have had. Its most takes from the planet are energy takes, you physical body is left in place and your energy soul is taken out. Occasionally your physical body is taken and I would say of every twelve takes I’ve had, maybe only one is a physical take, and on one occasion I remember in the morning my glasses on the floor bent and tangled up because clearly, people who understand about portals, sometimes you can’t take metal things through a portal generally speaking, and so I know that was a physical take [of] my body and I have memory with that. Often when we see things, we are either seeing them because they want us to see them or we have been given downtime to observe and look, and it’s very traditional, crazy as it sounds, it’s very traditional when on a real spaceship to be allowed to wander around certain parts of it. It’s literally we’ll give you the tour or this is where you can be; you can go into any of these areas, but you can’t go into this area, so you can, you get free will, you can wander around and have a look but without more information, it’s very difficult, you know, for me or anyone else to give a more definitive answer on that, and also remember that what appears to be a window looking out on a certain planet or star may not be. It may be what I call a viewing screen, like a television. It looks like a window but it’s actually just showing you what they want to show you. I’ll give an example where I’ve been on a craft or an underground base and I’ve gone into a room and there are probably fifty people, and it’s like a cinema; that’s exactly what it is. They’re all sitting in chairs that you would in a cinema and there’s a film playing out. I don’t see a projector and what I clearly remember is a picture of the Earth and suddenly the Earth exploding, and then that was the end of the film, the end of the presentation and everybody gets up; they were in a bit of a trance, and then out they go, and the point here was unless you look after your Earth, unless you do something, you’re going to lose it, and so off planet entities try to give messages to humans who they think are spiritual or who will become spiritual, and they try to sow the seeds that will make those individuals champions for good causes, and of course the bad guys do exactly the same, but in this case it was the Earth is blowing up and this is what will happen down this timeline unless you do something to try to help it. Now we didn’t really see the Earth blow up; we saw a presentation of it, but you might think that you were looking out the window seeing the Earth really blow up, so we do have to be very careful and hopefully the questioner might get more memory back or more dreams. Most memories come back as dreams because it’s less traumatic for you to have a dream than to have a flashback memory, so keep at it, and you know, see if you get any more snippets of information that come through. Thank you for writing in.
JP: Excellent, excellent, so yeah, you were saying once that. . . you were saying that real dreams are, you know, lucid dreams or when you’re really in a place, they are in color and dream dreams are kind of in black and white, or is that. . .
SP: Astral, when you are on the astral [plane] you will normally see in black and white, normally, not exclusively, but astral sees in black and white, and if you’re seeing in color, then you are actually physically in that position, yes.
JP: Okay, wow you’re a popular man tonight.
SP: Oh it’s like this all the time. It’s like this all the time, yeah, yeah, it’s fine, just ignore it.
JP: Right, so, oh yes, Filippo. Dear Simon could you please tell us about the Knights Templar? It is difficult to evaluate what is true and what is not with all the disinformation on the web. There are mostly pictures in a negative way and their emblem is pictured in the Swiss flag, in the Alfa Romeo emblem, and the Visconti[vi con t] of Milan flag or Visconti[vis con t] of Milan. What’s the real role in history and what could be their role in the current transition? Do you know? Hey this is not finished yet, hang on.
SP: Wow, right!
JP: Do you know Leo Zagami? He started a new Templar Order this year in Italy. Thank you for your kindness Flippo from Verona. A Gentleman from Verona, oh, excellent. Anyway so there you go, so. . .
SP: We don’t have enough time to cover the topic in the way it needs to be covered because it is a radio show all in itself, several radio shows.
JP: Maybe we need. . . somebody needs to take a note of these things and we’ll do webinars.
SP: Okay, well [both talking at once] that’s a really good idea for 2017, why don’t we?
JP: Yeah, let’s start that.
SP: I think you might have to get a bit of a donation going for the radio show if you do that though. I think that of all the organizations and I know that this is going to upset some people, and I’m sorry, but the Knights Templars are probably the most palatable of all of the secret societies, and the reason for that is that the Templars, their reason for existence, is to protect sacred objects. That is the reason that the Templars went to fight the Crusades because they wanted to go to King Solomon’s Temple and see what treasures were there and get them. What happened was that they did indeed gain certain artifacts, and they realized that they couldn’t allow these artifacts to fall into the hands of anybody, because at that time on the planet and it’s still the case now by and large, people would attempt to use them for bad purposes, war, or make money, or deprive people of things, whatever, but it’s a classic science fiction thing where if you remember Forbidden Planet, where the guy, I think it was played by Walter Pidgeon, he says, you know, I have stumbled upon all this technology and I will release it to humanity as I feel fit. I will release a little bit here; I will release a little bit there. It’s a little bit like what the elite do, and, you know, when the Roswell craft came down, over a period of years they’ve released certain bits of technology to their friends in the civilian corporate side so their friends could make a great deal of money, but the Templars, what they are doing is they’re hiding things, because these things are so powerful that they believe, excuse me (cough), rightly or wrongly that if they fell into quote-unquote the wrong hands they could be used for very evil purposes. We’re talking about things like the Table of the Testament, the Ark of the Covenant, many of them are actually not physical objects; they are spells or they are incantations or they are keys of a code that make up several bits and when the several bits are put together, they make a complete thing which could make something happen, so that is how the Templars are now. They will look to see what needs to be saved and protected and they will then take that particular thing under their wing and then protect it. Are the works good or bad? You can’t actually go along those lines with these organizations because you could have one arm of it that is actually working for very positive aims and then you could have another arm of it that’s working completely differently. They won’t be in the same building but they will have different energetic or magical connections to the planet and the history of the planet and some of them see themselves as saviors; some of them see themselves as protectors. And so the Templar’s history is one of elitism; that’s just a fact, and magic, that’s a fact as well, and control, and they were very connected with Italy and then they split from Italy and they’re no longer part of the mainstream Illuminati, so you would have the Freemasons and the Templars who do not get on, yeah they will send delegates to certain meetings, but you will not get Knights Templars and Freemasons actively associating together because they are different. Now the Templars see the Freemasons as the upstarts, the money makers, and not really serious, whereas the Freemasons see the Templars as old-fashioned and on the wrong road, so even within an elite organization there are subsections within subsections, and I said we could go on for ages, but you know I hope that helps a little anyway, so thank you for that.
JP: Thank you Simon, you know that is a good idea and maybe that’s one of the subjects we can cover, you know, what’s that what’s that thing in Harry Potter, a defense against the dark arts as well.
SP: I mean by in one of these, the emblems of course, interestingly enough, I just throw this in before we move on to the next question. The Templars of course were Skull and Crossbones. Now Americans will immediately think of Bush, and the Skull and Crossbones organization. The Skull and Crossbones is also the flag of the Pirates and that’s where the Templars originally had all their beginnings and the Skull and Crossbones of the flag and of course in the Second World War, the Nazis, the SS had the Skull and Crossbones as part of their emblem, so we need to understand that it’s incredibly complicated and unfortunately most commentators just hook on to, I don’t know, the last ten years or the last five years and they’ll bang on about that, but they don’t understand that the history or the trajectory of these organizations and why they are the way they are. You cannot begin to grasp something unless you understand when it first occurred, what has happened to it, what’s happened within it, and where it’s going. Once you can put all those pieces together, then you can model or project the status of that organization, where it might be going and that’s why coming back now I’ve said that of all the organizations, secret societies, the Templars are probably the most open to negotiation of all of the secret societies, yes, thank you.
JP: Excellent, thank you, so last question before the break. All right, there are many people who ask your opinion on various other people and their teachings and what they say and this and that to try and figure out what’s going on, but it muddies the water. Do you want to comment on the Gaiam TV (now Gaia) people or should we move on for another [53:45][question]?
SP: Well, we’ll move on but I’ll just, I don’t want to appear rude to the questioner because I don’t want to do that. The important thing is that we are in a very fragile position and I would like all people who speak the truth, even if we bang on about our own topic or our own subject that we should perhaps realize that we are hopefully all working together for a positive outcome, and you know there’s enough fraction in the world breaking things up and it’s not helpful to, you know, say well in my opinion this, or in my opinion that when we’re talking about other people, and I’ve always said, and I’m on record I hope enough times, trust yourself. Ask your own soul what you think about a person. Now I mean if I know someone’s a pedophile or a black magician I will say so. I have no fear, but if, you know, someone is a commentator or a researcher, then you know I generally won’t get involved, and so that’s why, you know, when people attack me and I just think well let the audience, the wider audience, observe this because I don’t attack people. I don’t do that unless there is a damn good reason for it, and yet they get all this sniping and we all get it, all of us who are working for positive ends get this. You know, you never see face. It’s always behind your back and you know the pubic isn’t stupid, and they’ll think, well you know why is X or Y being attacked like this, and when you look into it, you can see that they’re either paid to do it or they’ve got some “bee in their bonnet” or they’ve been energetically attacked themselves, so I generally don’t pass a comment on another person because frankly I wouldn’t expect them to pass a comment on me, but that’s not to say that your question wasn’t valid, but I would ask you to make a choice yourself, so thank you.
JP: I think that actually covers quite a lot of it, so. . .
SP: Let me get one more in quick.
JP: Yeah, yeah moving into Gita with love and appreciation of your clear intent and action and your love and service to Earth, this exquisite living library. Question: Please speak of unicorns who, what, where, when, how, why? My apologies. I pledged a donation to your website. I will get it to you somehow. However paper is not an option. Please email me bank details, if a transfer is viable, wow!
SP: Well that’s really kind. I don’t do that because I’m sure there are plenty of evil people who would love my bank details simply because they would just do all hell to it. If you can’t send me a donation by PayPal, then just send me some love, okay. That’s just absolutely fine. I know it doesn’t buy me bread, but it gives me the strength to know that people actually love and care, so if you can’t make a donation then just send me the love that’s absolutely fine.
JP: Vote with your heart.
SP: Yeah, absolutely. Right, that was so emotional I can’t remember what the question was. What’s the question again?
JP: Unicorns, Einhorn.
SP: Oh yes. Okay, well I have never ever seen a fairy in real life, but I’ve seen one captured on film and I know the source of that and I know that’s absolute genuine, so I’ve never seen a unicorn. I’ve never seen it live on a film but I know there is enough history for it to be based on reality. You know it does annoy me and that’s a strong word here, it does annoy me when somebody can believe in Archangel Michael, but can’t believe in a unicorn or can’t believe in a fairy so, you know, it’s a bit like a. . . I won’t mention his name; it’s a bit like somebody who basically said I believe in the Grey Aliens. This is a radio show I did three or four years back and he didn’t like me. I believe in the Grey Aliens and, you know, he said to me, you know, your aliens aren’t real, right. So I replied, “Oh so your aliens, so your aliens are better than my aliens,” all right, so yes, why can’t there be a unicorn? Why can’t there be a Sasquatch, a Bigfoot? Why can’t there be Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, you know, why can’t they be? I mean remember this; sixty-five million years ago before part of Marduk or Planet X struck this planet and wiped the dinosaurs out, because that’s what actually killed the dinosaurs, but sixty-five million years ago before this asteroid element struck and hit us, gravity was only one-third of the gravity of today. The biggest animal on the planet now is an elephant. Of course there’s a whale in the water but the water buoys up the animal, but on the planet the largest animal is an elephant, so how in goodness name could a diplodocus or a brontosaurus or anything like that which is many many times bigger than an elephant, how could that live? It couldn’t live now because the gravitational strength would just break the bones of the animal. It just couldn’t move about. The only way it could happen is if gravity was one-third that of now. That’s what this planet has gone through; it’s evolution; it changes; it’s a living being, so we can go through energy hot spots where something like a unicorn or a fairy can survive in a particular location, a geographical location and it’s the right place for that, and then what happens is of course people come and they hunt them and kill them and they can be wiped out, or if we stop believing in them and I know this sounds very Harry Potterish, but if we stop believing in something they don’t go away, we just don’t see them anymore because we do not accept the possibility of it, and you take a three-year-old child to somewhere like in Southern Island they will see fairies, because nobody at school told them fairies don’t exist. As soon as they go to school and they’re told fairies don’t exist, most of those children do not see fairies. It doesn’t mean the fairies go away. It means that that child has been programmed to not to see them. Now I’d love, when I get the chance hopefully one day, to really change the control system on this planet, because that’s what I’m out to do, to have a series, I’m going to say the word, Ladybird books, because they’re very popular in Britain at the moment, but fairies are true; unicorns are true; Sasquatch is true; and then have a control group of school children and they grow up believing in unicorns, fairies and Sasquatch. They’d see them because they wouldn’t be a threat to those creatures, so anyway we’ve run out of time so we’re going to have a tea break now and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.
JP: So we are, and this is a couple of friends of mine, the Sons Of Arca, and this is about the ancient temples in the Southern Cape of the Sons Of Arca with ancient temples. Cool, and there I am.
SP: There you are.
JP: Here I am. Simon Parkes there you are.
SP: Yes, indeed.
JP: Did you get your tea/ Right, so now from unicorns. Right okay, oh this is a good one, oh yes, yes, a nice meaty one.
SP: Okay.
JP: It’s about a couple of minutes long, right. Stephan Nielsen. Thank you for helping in this final battle Simon and thank you JayPee for transmitting CC communications. Question: I know Cabal is trying to negotiate a deal including a partial disclosure and a department erasure in return for being allowed to escape Earth. Has the Cabal surrendered all ICC bases and technology so we can finally start to free the slaves? Many warriors are spending more and more of their time in a nonwaking state to evacuate these people. We need to develop waking state abilities to transcend dimensional traps and fake looping timelines. We will never stop fighting for the freedom of all spices.
SP: Species.
JP: Oh, species, thank you I think it’s an auto correct thing going on there, but yeah, do you get the question now?
SP: Yeah I do. It’s very complicated. I like the one about the auto loops because I know what the question is.
JP: Yeah the fake looping timelines. There’s stuff going on there isn’t there?
SP: Yeah, right, using the term Cabal, it’s a term that is used, but it isn’t very accurate I’m afraid. It’s about bloodlines and that’s the word that we’ve used but it’s actually very accurate because you can be part of the Cabal but you can be a separate part of it. When I was at school, don’t do it now I don’t believe, but you could be the same year so year six, seven, eight, nine, ten, but your class would be graded: A, B, C, or D. You know, if you were bright you’d be in class A and if you were deemed a dunce you’d be in D, so in the same way an elite group is divided into elements within it. No they haven’t given up all the bases, all the technology, all the hidden there because they are using it to bargain. That’s what these people do. They’re holding stuff back to bargain. Some of the stuff they are asking for can’t be given, but they know that. You know you start in a negotiation with a certain point preparing to come down. The question is the other side. How far do they expect you to come down and when you get a disparity between Group A that says well I’ll come down two notches, but Group B that says I want you to come down four notches, then you get into the difficult standoff positions where people walk out of meetings or, you know, the usual stuff. The lower part of the top echelon is trying to do a deal because as I’ve said before there isn’t so much negative energy on their hands, so they’d be in a position to be cleansed, but there are quite a few people in the highest point that don’t choose that and the questioner was correct. They want their ticket off the planet and although the questioner hasn’t said that, the exit is blocked, so if they want to get off the planet they have got to have the door opened for them. Well that door won’t be opened for them unless there is some deal, don’t like the word but that’s in effect what it will be, because we need that energy off the planet. It’s why it’s worth doing a deal because we want that nastiness gone because then if you’d remove that nastiness, then this creational force won’t be able to manifest in the physical here, so if you take away a particular sort of person or persons, then wars suddenly dry up on the planet, or the need for nuclear weapons begins to reduce because you’re taking that energy away, so a specific question has been asked here. No they’ve not given up all the bases; no they’ve not given up all their secrets because they’re holding on to them for horse grading and there are booby traps. This looping of time and looping of energy is a booby trap that has been placed. There is also, you may or may not have mentioned this in your question directly, but what some of these people want is communities’ mindwiped. They want to start fresh. It’s a bit like someone who is a legitimate criminal, legitimate meaning they really did do a crime; they weren’t fitted up. They did a crime; they went to prison; they served a long prison sentence; they then come back, and they can’t be accepted into the community because of what they’ve done even though they have paid their price or paid their debt to society. They will not be accepted so they get a fake name. They get a new name; they get a new address; it’s all changed for them. Now some of these elite people want the same thing, but they want it in this advanced technology where they could be put into a community of maybe twenty-five thousand and everybody in that community gets a mindwipe. It doesn’t know who they are, except they see them the first day they move in. Now that’s actually what they’re asking for, some of these people, or they want a collective mindwipe that’s been resisted, and but it would be possible to give people a new name, a new identity and a new home, move them and their family. Many of these people have got kids you know, and move them out. There’s a lot going on. The very top people just went off the planet but here’s the funny part. I think it’s funny. I actually think it’s really amusing because when this was all set up, these people began to take control themselves. They stopped reporting back to a higher form and they tried to be a god. Now it’s all going wrong for them. Now the very top people don’t want them. These are the people off the planet. They don’t actually want them because from their perspective these people have become disloyal and it’s black mutiny on the bounty. You’ve mutinied on the planet. We put you in charge of the planet and you’ve mutinied. You’ve tried to take over. Now you want us to help you. So a lot of these people are trapped and they’re having to use money, power, whatever it is, to try to buy a place at some location off this planet. It’s laughable to see the horse-trading going on and the panic. When these guys, twenty years ago or so, got into the positions that allowed them to climb up the ladder they thought it was a done deal. They thought the human race was stupid, done for, and they could do what they wanted, and then what happened was that the human race proved it has an indomitable spirit and couldn’t be broken, and that although there were setbacks there were advances, and slowly but surely the control mechanism of this very small, to use the questioner’s Cabal, was blocked in; they couldn’t move, and so from a position of very old, almost total power, in a very short period of years it’s been reversed, and they are now really, really desperate, and you know, we’ve often said haven’t we, there’s nothing worse than a cornered dog, but some of these cornered dogs are actually trying to do a deal and that’s what the questioner is informing, and I think you’re absolutely right. You don’t give in; you do not give in; you fight for truth and justice. You know you’ve got to believe in it. That’s what you came to the planet for. You came to the planet to do a job and nothing, nothing should deflect you from carrying out what you said you would do, and you know, that’s the way it is. You know you come here to whoever, whatever, however it might be to do something positive with the people, for the people, doesn’t matter. Do not allow yourself to be deflected or prevented and these bad guys will throw everything at you right up to one second to midnight, and they usually attack you through other people, through your friends, your family, and they use the machinery of government, whatever it might be, but you gotta hold true to it, and you’ve got to believe in it because that’s what you do and I’m saying it without any remorse or I don’t mean to be rude but for every person who came here to do something good when they say look I’ve had enough of this, who picks up that job? Now if you’re lucky somebody comes forward and takes the job but that’s normally not what happens. It falls on the rest of the people who are left, and if you get people leaving you have a diminishing smaller and smaller group of active people, and they’re having to take up more and more heavy energy work, and what we’re seeing is the opposite. We’re seeing more people now waking up, more people coming on, and so it’s lightening the load and that’s what we need to be. We need to be working as a big team working together although we may never see each other, but we will know it, so a really good question. You know your stuff. You are obviously involved; you understand it. The answer is no, they’re still fighting so thank you for your question.
JP: So from Spencer. Hello Simon, I’ve noticed that every time there is a full moon on the sky I got a massive headache on that particular day that seems to last forever. I wonder if this is a simple coincidence. Do you think the moon could affect me in any way? Thank you.
SP: Well it could be a simple coincidence; it could be, let’s just look at the 3D stuff, as to what it could be that you got into a pattern where everytime there’s a full moon you expect a headache and lo and behold you create, a bit of a throwaway statement, you create your own reality. You create a headache; that can happen. On the other hand, there could be another reason for it. I think you’d have to have a clear understanding of your childhood and your parents and you would have to have some memory of anything unusual that occurred to you. The moon is used by negative elites as not just a symbol but as a trigger. Remember that Princess Diana, who’s the moon goddess, was murdered in the moon tunnel. So she was already destined for work with the moon and this is something that the Satanic elite use very regularly, so it may be if you can think back to something in your childhood or your earlier years that could give you some indication of a pattern or some activity that’s occurred that might begin to explain why the full moon affects you, then that’s a help. Sleepwalking is linked to the full moon and there was a German chap who did a great deal of research in this and quite a while back and he found that people who are prone to sleepwalking when a full moon was on and the curtains were open, they would invariably get up and walk around but if you got very very heavy thick curtains to keep the moonlight out, it dramatically reduced their sleepwalking, and this is about waves of light energy and, you know, people at the CIA have done quite a lot of work on light wave energy to take over or take control of a person’s mind or put suggestions into them. So without any more information from the questioner, it’s really difficult. I cannot answer that. I don’t think anybody could. You’d have to have lots of background information about that individual and remember Black Knight satellites, Black Knight satellites are very much connected with the moon and astrology activating with super soldiers. I don’t like the word, but that’s common parlance. [1:14:00][Sattins?] is a much nicer word in terms of what it actually means. It’s a more accurate word. So the moon isn’t generally a negative thing because it is an artificial satellite. It is not a natural. The original moon was natural but what we have now is an artificial satellite so anything that’s connected or linked to that now is artificial and we would think it very suspect, so thank you for your question.
JP: Thank you. Right so Sean David Morton says hello. He says it in my best Sean Connery accent, so hello hey yes so yes from Sean to before [1:14:46][unintelligible] Before my question I would like to extend to everybody especially Simon who I feel a deep connection with a wonderful and Merry Christmas. I hope everybody gets to connect with family at this time of year. Anyway I was having a discussion about personal family issues with my mother in our kitchen and as we were talking my mother and I both noticed that right before our eyes I grew a few inches. I stopped the conversation to ask my mom if she noticed if I grew taller and she said, “Oh my God, you noticed that too. You did grow.” We were both stunned and my mom needed to be held because she was so freaked out. My mom said that she witnessed my legs grew; my torso grew, and my head grew as if I was being inflated she said. I wasn’t angry but I was passionate and really into what I was saying. I got a bit lightheaded when it happened and we both saw my body shrink back to normal size. Was this a form of shapeshifting? If so which DNA strand could I have connected to in order to grow like that? My mom didn’t notice anything with my eyes because she was too blown away by the growing. She said no scales, no color differentiation, nothing but growing. Have you heard of this before? Love and light to everyone, so that’s from Sean.
SP: Oh thank you. Thank you for the nice Christmas Holiday words and two possibilities: And you know you would have, or your mother would have noticed I think a scaly body or color skin change or eyes. It doesn’t matter how blown away she was I think she would have noticed your eyes change. The Elohim, an interesting name, we think about when there were giants on the Earth, that remember again when gravity was much less than it is now, not perhaps as much as it was sixty-five million years ago, but certainly gravity has only been what it is over a fairly recent time. Two possibilities: the first one which we have to discount because according to your statement you return to normal size very quickly, but I’ll just give it to you. If your physical body is taken from this planet and placed in a spacecraft in zero gravity, you will grow to a maximum of three inches. Basically the gravity compresses your spine and all your bones. You take away that; that’s what the astronauts, that’s why they’re taller when they spend a lot of time in space that you could expand. Now people would say well no because, you know, he was there one minute talking to his mother and then it happened. Well the thing is that they have the technology to take you in mid-conversation. The person you’re talking to has absolutely no understanding of what’s happened. They are sort of put into freeze time. You might go and do two days away but be returned maybe three or four seconds after they took you. That’s quite a huge exaggeration. That does happen, but it might be they take you for an hour or two hours and then they can put you back, return you just a few seconds after they took you clockwise. Then your body would be up to a maximum of three inches taller but it takes hours to return back to your normal size. Your bones and body can’t just go snap back into what it was. It can’t work like that. It gradually does that and I have monitored an individual over a week, over a week’s period and counted three takes where this particular individual grew two-and-a-half to three inches, three times in a week, but it took half a day for them to return to their normal size. However if the recollection is correct that you’re giving is true that basically you just immediately return to your normal size, then that is shapeshifting, but it is not physically shapeshifting. Your body did not actually grow but it presented a holographic image of its major component to the individual concerns, so the other person is looking at you and it’s a bit like shining, running a film of you, you know, doing a holographic imprint so you appear to grow. Actually you didn’t but the energy overlay did, and so the person would see that which would be quite shocking for them and that’s the only way to explain you returning back, because you know we all have human DNA. We all have a human skeleton on the structure to us and you just cannot take a bone, stretch it so many inches and then just compress it back again. It would just shatter. You just cannot do that in the 3rd dimension but you can present this holographic image and it is not as uncommon as you might think, but your final point was what DNA strand is that, and it will be the one of the giants, the Elohim literally you will be carrying an element that allows your soul to say I believe in this. I’m really strongly believe in this. I need power; I need strength. This is my truth and so it activates and you go into something that you passionately believe in, and then the energy is burnt up pretty quickly and you return back, so I don’t laugh at that at all. I think that’s perfectly acceptable but I don’t believe that you’ve physically changed. I believe that you projected from within yourself an image of what you were once a long time ago, so thank you for the question.
JP: So an old Elohim. So those were the giants because everybody’s talking about Elohim and everybody seems to have a different picture of them.
SP: Well I know and I mean if you stop ten people in the street. . . no you couldn’t really.
JP: Not these days.
SP: No, you stop ten people coming out of a conference. Here we go, that’s better, coming out of a. . . away in this conference and you ask them who were the Elohim or you ask them who the Annunaki were, and you really get such a lot of different answers with the Annunaki. People, most people have a different view of the Annunaki than I have and you know what, that’s. . . let them have their view. That’s the way it is, but yes, in this case this guy is connecting with a giant strain of DNA.
JP: Excellent, right, well, now here from Sunderland. . .
SP: Just up the road.
JP: Just up the road. I love listening to your show Simon and JayPee. Thanks for your hard work. My question is regarding Earth and trying to get my head around how higher dimension works. Is it even possible for a human to leave the planet in a physical body, as this would seem to me to be akin to pulling somebody out of a television set and into your living room? Is the three dimensional body not restricted to its place of origin as such would be stepping outside of its realm to leave Earth?
SP: Good question.
JP: May your will stay strong. It is a very interesting question.
SP: It’s a good question but the premise is inaccurate, but that’s what this is about. It’s about opening up for debate. The questioner may be interested to learn that I have worked in Sunderland in a place called Hendon. I worked for Sunderland City Council for two years and had some fun. The Sunderland people were lovely actually. Unfortunately, you know, the southerners give people from the northeast bad press, but I always found I was very well accepted in Sunderland. Okay that’s my Sunderland plug. You can in a third dimensional body be out of this dimension. It’s about your soul. If your soul has a contract with the planet it cannot leave for long. I was once told that I could not be off the planet for very long and therefore my time out had to be time limited and I had to come back, and that’s why the longest that I’m aware of that I have ever been off the planet is two days, whereas you know, I’ve read books from very genuine people who’ve spent weeks off the planet, but that’s because they were allowed to do that. Their agreement or their contract if they had one, allowed them to come and go, but some of us are fixed, shall we say, here because that’s where the energy fixing is. You can go into the fourth dimension and what can happen if you are taken too quickly in your physical body, or let’s say you have a clone of you in the fourth, we getting complicated now, but that’s what this show is about. If you have a clone of you in the fourth dimension and there is a real you in the third, so your energy soul is whipped out of your third dimensional body, transferred across and stuck into a clone body of you or something else in the fourth dimension, if that transfer has not been done accurately, then you will be incapacitated. You will just be terribly dizzy and you’ll fall down. You’ll be in a terrible state which would last a few minutes, but that is another way for somebody whose biological body is not very good at surviving the transfer from one dimension to another to operate in those environments to have a cloned body and a host body basically, with no soul in it. You just go in there, do your stuff, and you come back again, and often they use a clone because the person isn’t aware that they’re in a cloned body so, you know how you look and, you know, you look down at your hands and your feet or what have you and they’ll no difference, so they’ll just, especially if their memory is wiped at the crucial moment of the exchange, so all they’ll know is I was taken and I found myself on this planet or I found myself on the spaceship etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and they don’t realize that they’ve actually been placed into an artificial body, so they could operate. So the answer is no. Physical biological 3D bodies can operate and it depends on your bloodline. It depends on your lineage and it depends on your soul. Some people can make it last a long time; some people can’t, so it’s a really good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent, right, so here’s a, this is a question I mean you know we’ve been in this for quite a while now, and it’s like there’s another wave of people waking up it seems at this moment, and this is what I’ve always felt that people in this group are always worried. You know, when will everybody wake up? It feels to me right now that there’s another group of people waking up and so this feels like it represents this. This is Joanna from Poland. I have, she starts off, I have an argument on going with my husband, right. Okay who doesn’t, but anyway joking aside. Should I or we forward the alternative news on Facebook sites or my blogs in special groups? Is it safe? I’m still doing it; he doesn’t. I assume this is the way to tell the truth, wake people up; he says who doesn’t want to be awakened will not read it or will get offended and some evil forces can harm us when they see what our views and ideas are, but still I feel I want to participate in this freedom, your soul consciousness movement around the world, and interestingly enough, I’ve recently started seeing elevens everywhere on the clock and in other places, or elevens and twenty-twos and thirty-threes. I don’t know why I even pay attention to this. Is it a kind of protection for me, a sign I’ve heard about angel signs, or is this programming and should I stop seeing it, bothering about it? Thank you. Does that make sense? There’s a lot of questions there but there’s a kind of, you know. . .
SP: Yeah I’ve got it.
JP: Throw some anchors down for us.
SP: I’ve got it. One time when Jesus was traveling from one town to another he would walk and there would be a group of followers behind him, some might be what they loosely called disciples; others would be hangers-on and those who just wanted to see another miracle, and would go as far as a next village and then get bored and go away again. And as he was walking along he saw a guy sitting outside his house and Jesus was well known in that neighborhood and the guy called out to him and said along the lines of Master, I know who you are. I’d like to follow you and, you know, be part of your group, to which Jesus replied, yes, that’s fine, you know, come on and he said, but my father died yesterday and I need to bury my father so if you would be very kind Jesus and just wait while I bury my father then I will join you, and Jesus replied, “Let the dead bury the dead,” which seemed very harsh to the man and, you know, he had to choose now between burying his father or following Jesus. Jesus carried on walking. What Jesus was saying was that you have to decide whether your 3D world and your 3D life takes precedent over what you might have agreed to do when you came here, so when the questioner says that her partner was fearful—I don’t like that word—was fearful of repercussions, well you have to decide. If you’ve got young children and you are worried that something’s going to happen or you’re worried for your safety, then don’t do it. It’s your choice, you know, no one makes you do these things. But, if you have fear in your heart, are you the right person to go forward with the burning torch to try to put light into dark places? So you need to question and look at yourself and think what is it I’m fearful of. What is it that might happen to me and it might be that it is not your time now, but in six months or a year’s time then it is your time to do that, but most of us have a burning drive to do something and maybe what we have to do is we have to push until we meet the resistance, we meet the war. We stick our hands out and say how far can I go? How far can we actually go before something or somebody says that’s it, we’re not happy with that. For some of us it’s just a few inches, but for others it might be many feet. We all have to do what we have to do and remember my old thing about Lord of the Rings when Barliman Butterbur says, you know, he’s prepared to do something and Strider says, you know, every little helps, so no matter what we do helps. The elite know everyone anyway. They all know. They listen to this show. They record it. I know that for a fact and they’ll know everyone so if you’re posting stuff, they know it. The question is whether you are a direct threat to them or whether you’re a niggling threat, and remember that if you are in the eye of the public it’s very hard for them to take you out because the repercussions for them are huge. You know very rarely do key people get taken out. Now JFK got taken out because they considered that the damage to them was greater if they left him in power. In other words, it was the end of them. If JFK had stayed in office all the elites would have been wiped out. So although there was a massive backlash for years to come against the elite for doing what they did, to which they still have a lot of problems about, that they felt they had no option, because to leave JFK in position would have been the end of their careers or the end of their power. Now if you’re posting stuff on Facebook that isn’t going to mean the end of the elite so the repercussions against you are proportionately going to be so much less, but you have to ask yourself what you believe in. Everybody on this planet should perhaps ask themselves what is vital to me? What do I believe in? Where do I stand on this? Am I prepared to make a statement or should I give a little bit now so that, you know, next month I can be a bit more forthright and that is a choice that I cannot tell you to make. You yourself must decide what you should do and how you should do, so that’s my answer.
JP: Thank you very much. Yes what’s your view on the people. . . this is from [Shilean] who’s actually going to be on my [show] later, on my shoe later, maybe walking a mile in my moccasins. She is very empathic. Anyway so what is your view on the peaceful rising up of indigenous peoples in the U.S. regarding protecting the natural water sources? Do you have any insight as to how to support this movement?
SP: Yes, it should just be the indigenous people. The point is that the indigenous people are connected perhaps the most closely to the transfer of information through underground and overground water streams and channels because they feel it and they are communicated with. The planet actually communicates with certain people, you know, that’s quite revolutionary for even people in our own industry, but the planet can communicate. One of the ways it transfers information from one part of the globe to the other is not above in the air; it’s through water courses and water streaming and that is one of the major reasons that they wish to frack because they wish to pour chemicals into underground streams to try to confuse the planet’s consciousness. We, as a living organic organism, humans, are a mirror image of the divine sacred geometry of creation. So we have veins in our body which blood goes through. The planet has water that runs underground and overground. That is the same thing except in the planet’s case this is carrying information from one aspect of the planet to the other and generally there’s a direction that it’s moving in, so there’s, for want of a better word, the brain, and from that the information is being disseminated out around the planet to certain sacred points and from there it’s then being put out. So native people, indigenous people, who are not corrupted by money and technology and forced education will pick up that communication. You know, why when we need to connect with the planet, you know, why do we take our shoes and socks off and put our bare feet on virgin ground? We are connecting with it. Why [were] the Zulus [taught] after they’d killed people to go out into the water and wade out into the water, you know, we need to understand that this is a primary way that humans have connected rightly or wrongly with the consciousness of the planet, so what we need to do is for those of us who are not native and indigenous, we need to actually support those groups or set our own campaign group up. We need to educate ourselves and educate others and not become disillusioned with them making brick walls. I often say to people, “Look you can’t always go to somebody and say what I’ve just said to everyone on radio now,” because they won’t, you know, it’s just too much for them. What you can say is I tell you what, if you have a house and you own your house, and you have a fracking facility close to your house your house price will fall down. You’ll have nobody want to buy your house, so I bring it to their level. I put it on a monetary level, and suddenly the person for totally the wrong reasons says I don’t want fracking, but I get the result I want. I get another person or group of people who are now against fracking and we were running out of time and I can’t always spend an hour, two hours, three hours trying to convince somebody. If I can just do it in ten seconds and say well your house price is going to hit rock bottom, they’re straight off writing to their lawmaker, house of parliament, house of lords, whatever it is, well I don’t want fracking. That’s what I want. I want people writing to the papers; I want people attending organizations; I want them to have open meetings and use any legitimate tool to get that through, so yeah, that’s my answer.
JP: So now, here we go. There’s a quick one, but it’s a short question, maybe a longer answer, from James. Many people claim that they really are able to stop alien abduction by calling out the name of Jesus. Is there really something to this?
SP: Right. I wondered if I would ever get this question. It must be because it’s the last one of the year.
JP: It’s funny because I was actually thinking of this question earlier on today in the shower for some reason, but please go ahead.
SP: Right. There is something to it but I don’t want people giving their power away to something else. I’ve used this before as an analogy, and I’ll do it again because I think it’s really helpful. In the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s there was Hammer called Hammer Horror Films and my generation in the 1960s and ’70s got to see them regularly because that’s what was on Tele, from anything at six o’clock in the evening onwards, and I always had this vision of a terrified priest holding a cross or a crucifix and Count Dracula, you know, sharpening his fangs and ready to jump on this holy man and eat him all up and the priest holds out the cross and a crucifix and he says, you know, “In the name of God, in the name of Jesus, I banish you, go,” and, you know, Dracula just laughs at him and then kills him. The point is if you don’t believe in your own truth how can you expect anyone else to believe in it? So if somebody is calling out to Jesus to protect them, if they believe in the strength of goodness, if they believe that goodness can outweigh evil, which it can, they will truly banish that entity because they have not shown fear in that sense they are showing that they’re putting their trust in love and goodness, because when they call out for Jesus, I don’t know that they’re calling out for a man in a robe. I think they’re calling out for what they hold true as the epitome, the top of the point, of love and truth and justice and kindness and compassion, so if they’re calling out to that they’re calling out to source actually, and if they’re calling out to source that will mean that these negative entities can’t do anything because they don’t have the power of that person. They haven’t got control of that person, all right, unlike somebody, excuse me I don’t want to upset somebody, unlike someone who goes into a place of worship, an official establishment church, gets on their knees and says I have sinned. I ate three chocolates today and I shouldn’t have done and I should only have eaten two chocolates and I’ve really sinned today or I didn’t get up and give my seat on the bus to that old lady and I’m really, really chewed up about that and I’m a sinner. I’m really guilty. That is a person who doesn’t understand who they are and is giving all of their energy and power to something else that was constructed by men relatively recently to obtain control over you, so I don’t care whether you call out to Jesus, Archangel Michael, or source, providing you’re calling out for love, truth, and justice, and you’re saying I’ve got no room in my heart for evil. I want to align myself with what is honest and true and loving and the belief that I have in that is so strong that it will reject you and your evilness and that’s what rejects and pushes these things away. It isn’t Jesus or Archangel Michael with a great flap of the wings coming down and saying, “I banish you. Go to hell.” It’s the individual saying, “I believe in this; I don’t believe in that and get thee gone Satan,” and that’s the answer. Thank you.
JP: Or as, actually Alex Collier did a perfect one the other day, but I won’t repeat exactly, yeah again, get the frak out of here was his response.
SP: Okay, that’s a pretty good one.
JP: Yeah so whatever works, whatever, you know, it’s the force of will and intent, so anyway, meanwhile, oh yeah, any news on Cain and Abel and do these beings still exist?
SP: Right, so much in the Bible is not true, so much of it is true but it has been altered to fit an image or a story that gives power in the hands of certain people and in the modern version of the Bible it says Cain slew Abel. I think that’s right, yes, but that isn’t actually my understanding of it. Cain ate Abel.
JP: Right now you will like a. . . okay so go ahead please.
SP: Yeah, fine. Don’t pass out on me JayPee. It is. . . that’s where we get cannibalism from basically. It is not unusual for high-ranking Reptilians to eat the flesh of someone that they’ve killed. It’s a ritualistic thing and that is what occurred, in my opinion, Cain slew Abel. They were Reptilians and/or part Reptilian, part Anunnaki and one killed one and ate him or part of him as part of the deal that the energy of those creatures vibrates around. That’s the death of the physical body. That soul will presumably reincarnate so are you saying that those creatures are on a planet? No they’re not, but their soul may well be in a different form of a body. You know, that soul could be in a human body. It could be in a grey body, unlikely but possible; it could be in a reptilian body quite likely. No those individuals don’t exist but the soul does. It’s like you know the old joke about I’m Napoleon Bonaparte. Yes you and twenty others, and people sort of say well you know I was Cleopatra or I’m Cleopatra. Do you think you are Cleopatra? Do you think you are Julius Caesar? Well, no, but the soul that was in that body or a soul fragment that was in that body could be in another body and give that individual the connection back to that line, so there was only one Napoleon. There was only one Julius Caesar because that is the person that is painted or carved in marble and appears as a physicality, but the soul that inhabited those bodies may well reappear in another physical body, so no, there isn’t another Napoleon or another Julius Caesar on the planet, but the soul in that body may have a very strong connection to those and, you know, you know when you’re not in a spiritual environment when one person attacks somebody else, you know, my incarnation is better than your incarnation. My history is better than your history. I’m more spiritual than you are. You know, I’m better than you are and you think, oh my God, can you hear yourself? You know, you set yourself up as a spiritual person, yet you are creating a hierarchy or attempting to do so and now I say to people when you hear that, just walk away from it, just walk away from it because that person is not on an evolutionary road that you should be on. Judge people by what they say, what they do, and so yeah, that a good question, thank you.
JP: Well okay. . . from Cherrelle, oh right hang on, let me, let me just think, all right. Hi Simon and JayPee. My question is Simon do you know anything about our Lady of Medjugorje or something, [med ju gorge], [med you]. . .
SP: No I don’t, sorry.
JP: Okay, right.
SP: That’s something that hasn’t and I have said this right; I don’t want to just say no, go away, because that’s not the way we are here. I tend to have access to information that has a relevance now. It doesn’t mean that something hasn’t had a relevance in the past or in some point outside my of vision that is going to have a point or is on a timeline that at the moment isn’t scheduled to take effect, and you know I’ve talked a couple shows back where the bad guys were really really trying to push us to the side of one timeline. They were really trying to do that and it failed, and so if you’ve got this corridor and we are on the right hand side of the corridor and something is on the left hand side of the corridor and we’re not going to go through it, then I might not know about that because there’s so much. There’s so much on this planet and you can’t, you can’t, you’ve got to be focused on what’s just around corner, what’s definitely going to happen, because we need to go to deal with that. It doesn’t mean anything is less important in terms of its history or its individual importance, but in terms of the effect it’s going to have on humanity. I don’t know anything about that, but thank you for writing in because I could have done couldn’t I? I could have known about it.
JP: Oh my, yeah, ah right, okay, so here’s a question from Johnny from Florida. Hi JayPee and Simon, thank you for your courage. Connecting Consciousness is my favorite program anywhere.
SP: Oh excellent, thank you.
JP: Simon you were asked by a young lady if Anu and Lucifer are the same. You said that Anu was the serpent in the garden. I ask you Simon are they the same being? Does Satan/Lucifer exist separately or is Anu the being that people are selling their soul to in Hollywood behind the veil of Satan? If not what is the connection between the two, as there seems to be many parallels between reptilian energy and satanic energy.
SP: Right I didn’t understand the question because there was an energy block in that question.
JP: I will say that again.
SP: I’ll stop you. . .
JP: Right.
SP: . . . at the point of the block so if you could just read that please.
JP: Simon you were asked by a young lady if Anu and Lucifer are the same. You said. . .
SP: I’ll keep it.
JP: Right, okay, you said that Anu was the serpent in the garden. I ask you Simon are they the same being?
SP: Stop, stop, stop.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Right, the words I ask you.
JP: Ah.
SP: I ask you. I’m not going to answer that question. Please, please move on to the next question.
JP: Okey dokey.
SP: That’s a trigger word.
JP: Really.
SP: Yes. I ask you.
JP: I asked you mate, yeah, all right. Tom: back to a very. . . question: What was the reason for the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme to be shot or taken down in the February of 1986?
SP: This has occurred before. This question is very interesting. So many people who are supposed to walk a certain tightrope and do what they are told suddenly find that, I don’t know that their conscience pricks them, or they see the future and it so horrifies them that they are prepared to put themselves in harm’s way. I mean I mentioned JFK. Do not for one minute think that JFK didn’t think someone wanted to kill him or was going to kill him. He knew that; but he didn’t live a life in fear, and people who were close to him know that he was having conversations saying I think someone is going to try and kill me, but what JFK didn’t understand was elements of FBI were corrupted and Hoover in particular, and the CIA was all against him. What JFK thought was that the FBI as a solid group were supporting him, whereas Hoover had gone over to the other side. So often a statesman, or woman will make a judgment as to whether they think they can break free from a certain control element, whether they give signs that they are no longer controllable, whether they obtain information or they come across information which they clearly don’t like, so in this planet people are murdered who have 3D positions of responsibility. So you could be a leader of a bank; you could be a lawmaker; you could be a general in the army. That less happens but nevertheless you have a high position in a 3D reality hierarchy, which means you have the levers of 3D power. You know imagine John Lennon wasn’t murdered; imagine if Prince wasn’t murdered, and those people going on to stage with fifty- sixty-thousand people and then starting to name people. I’ll name these people, these people are Satanists; these people are pedophiles, and you can’t stop it then because that individual has spoken live to so many people. That’s why these individuals are murdered because they are on the verge of going out to the public and speaking the truth, and that’s why that, because when you murder somebody like that, it’s such a risk, you know, the backlash is tremendous, so you as an evil person, and that’s what these evil people do, they look to see what’s worse and we talked about it earlier with JFK. What’s worse, the backlash or leaving this person in position? So they murder these people because they think they’ve lost control of them and they’re about to go public, and you’ll find that with this particular prime minister he had stumbled upon something. It was actually something that was a little bit known to the public but not to the great depth and this particular prime minister was not prepared to play games and was going to actually take a moral standpoint so he was murdered. I’m always very, very careful because these people have wives, children, and you know, we need to be respectful because the pain and the emotion that that will bring up. I have no doubt that most people in office who are murdered are murdered, not because somebody doesn’t like their policy, you know, I’m going to put another penny on the income tax. People don’t get murdered for that but they get murdered because there’s an elite organization that is now fearful that the person that they put in power to do the job they thought they were going to do is no longer going to do that, and is going to go and take a different path and so that’s what happened to him. It’s happened to quite a few people, very sad, thank you.
JP: Thank you very much Simon. This is the end of this fortnightly show. It’s still, we still don’t have enough room to, you know, enough time to answer all of the questions and it’s always a great show to have on the station. Thank you very much Simon. Any final Christmasy, New Yearsy, Solstice. . .
SP: You’ve been [sole-da-ring]. . .
JP: Solenoid basket case yes anyway that’s a new band in its. . .
SP: I love it. That’s why I love you because you know, you’re so full of love JayPee. Look let’s go into the New Year brave. Let’s go in cheerful and happy. Let’s not go in and be derailed by all the negative stories. Let’s have warning by all means. Let’s prepare for it, but let’s look at it and say we have to do this. We have to come through and we’ll come through the other end, so listen, you know, when I said God bless to people I don’t mean, you know, God in the robe. I mean source bless you and thank you for staying true to whatever agreements you made—talking to everybody now—when you came to this planet. Thank you for not being brainwashed. Thank you for not being mind controlled. Thank you for breaking free from it and thank you for, you know, holding the truth and talking to people and doing your best to try to wake people up. Stay focused. It’s all in our lifetimes. That’s what’s so exciting for goodness sake. We’re here now you know. You could have been born one hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, but no you were born to live now. Why? Because you’re going to be part of the most exciting change round the corner for humanity. What a wonderful thing to experience. You know, you got front row seats, brilliant! Listen, God bless to everybody. Thank you JayPee and send me a message in the New Year because I’ll probably forget when we’re supposed to pick it all up again.
JP: It’ll be the first and third Sunday of the month, so we never actually, I’ll tell you right now. Let’s just put it down on the diary and so everybody will know. Today is. . .
SP: . . . is the eighteenth.
JP: Yeah so the first Sunday. . . actually the first Sunday is January 1st, so do you want to do that? It will be New Year’s Day.
SP: Yes let’s do.
JP: Are you available New Year’s Day? Are you going to a party New Year’s Eve?
SP: Hang on JayPee I just need to project into the future here.
JP: Hey let’s just press the time machine button then.
SP: What is the likelihood of the audience actually listening on New Year’s Day to this?
JP: They’ll always listen. They’ll sacrifice everything in their lives to stop the world and listen to our show. If not now, you know, if not live they’ll listen to the archive.
SP: Let’s do it on the 1st.
JP: Okay. If you’re around, if you’re around then that’s great because I’m always around.
SP: Let’s just say we’re going to do it but if for any reason we’re not, we’ll put a message up in plenty of time.
JP: Okay, thank you very much Simon.
SP: Thank you.
JP: And. . . stand by for Simon Says.
[transcribed 09/04/17 GSC]
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