11 January 2017 – Project Camelot, with Kerry Cassidy, Part 1

with Kerry Cassidy
January 11, 2017
Parkes Part One – Changing the world
Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviews Simon Parkes in person in the UK during the holidays. They talk about paedophilia, ascension, Reptilians, Nordics, Project Avalon Forum, Trump, Putin, Mantid beings and the future.

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Kerry Cassidy: Hi, I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and I am here today with Simon Parkes and this is actually a lot of fun, because I rarely get to see him in person. I’ve interviewed him once in person and seen him at my conferences; he’s a wonderful speaker, but I haven’t been able to actually, you know, see you in sort of a more relaxed atmosphere, which I would call this, more relaxed in spite of all our visitors in the room, and I mean those unseen kinds of visitors, as you’re well aware of. I had sort of a direction saying there was some reason why I’m supposed to be here today interviewing you and I’m in the UK for the holidays. It’s a lot of fun to be here during this time; the festivities, whatever. But in the midst, I have been able to catch a few interviews and that’s…that’s actually something that…that’s really good for Camelot and for my viewers, so that we don’t waste the time, because time is of an essence at the moment, I would say, and I’m…I’m very, very happy to be here and happy to be able to see how you’re doing physically etcetera, in person and let’s talk about that right off the bat, because you’ve been under attack a bit and I’m concerned about that and I think that we need to at least address that. So, welcome, and please tell us how you’re doing.
Simon Parkes: Oh, thank you, it’s lovely to see you and we did meet face to face in the conference, which was a great success and we have done our Skype interviews.
Yes, I think 2016, 2017, very important times, and as a result of that certain forces that don’t wish humanity to evolve, don’t want human consciousness to arise, are throwing everything they’ve got into the hat, so if… Christmas day was very difficult. I was psychically attacked on Christmas day and for the last four to five hours prior to this interview, I was attacked, so somebody didn’t want this interview to go ahead, and, and I had a little remote view to follow it back to see where it’s coming from and it’s emanating from Antarctica. So, it’s under control now and I’ve been able to prevent that from getting any worse. But that’s always in my book a positive reason as to why we need to do these interviews, because if somebody is trying their damnedest to prevent it, then we need to make sure it goes ahead. But, you know, that’s what goes with the territory and I’m…I don’t criticize people who put their head above the parapet and then decide that it’s not for them. That’s their own decision and that’s the way they are, but there are some of us who are in this for the long haul and we will see it through. So as pathetic and as ridiculous as these attacks are, that’s the only weapon these negative entities have. But there is always a positive force which attempts to counter balance and to give us the strength to go on. And I know you’re like that and I’m like that and others are, and we will do it, and we’ll carry on.
KC: Absolutely! Well, you know, it’s, it’s… it goes with the territory as you say, although it is interesting to me that on, you know, it’s kind of unrelated days, right? So, on Christmas, when you would think, time off, you know, for everyone, they wanted to bother, to amp up sort of the electronics, let’s say.  I mean, I was quite shocked, because the place where I was, you know, in California we have quite a bit of this, right? And I am very sensitive to HAARP and all of that, and I can…I have this thing with my feet. So, I get a sensation in my feet…
SP: Interesting.
KC: and I can sense when it’s really being, you know, brought up. And I was at dinner on Christmas and suddenly it was just coming up through the floor, through my feet and I was saying, this…no…there’s no earthquakes, there’s no…as far as I know maybe there is a HAARP, but I don’t, you know, I’m not aware of where it’s located exactly in relation to Britain. I was actually very surprised by that. I thought, am I imagining something here? But it was, you know, very pronounced and it did go on all night. And then we’ve had actually since I’ve been in Britain as I said, since Christmas two nights where I couldn’t sleep at all; just not at all until the morning. And so, something is up, something is, you know, reaching some kind of fevered pitch on their side anyway. Other than that, you know, I feel very relaxed.
So, I’m wondering, can you tell us – what are you seeing in the future? What are your contacts seeing and communicating with you about that you are able to talk about? And I do want to preface this interview by saying, we’re going to go a little deeper than normal.
SP: Okay.
KC: And If I ask you questions that you don’t wanna, you know, talk about, don’t be offended. Just understand that what I’m trying to do is…
SP: You could never offend me.
KC: Okay. What I’m trying to do is bring people a little, you know, down a little deeper…
SP: Sure. Okay.
KC: Because I think you’re misunderstood, if you don’t mind my saying so, by some and I think we should try to address that slightly.
SP: Okay.
KC: I think that there’s not always when you’re online with…I do live shows with a huge audience. The time to actually say things and wonder about things and then, you know, stop the camera and so on because we can do that here. Whereas I can’t really do that when I’m with a live audience, you know, so that we can really delve here…
SP: Okay.
KC: So, what I’d like you to do is, again, talk about what you’re getting and also address where you’re getting it from.
SP: Okay.
KC: Al right.
SP: The next three months on this planet are crucial. We’ve all said that 2015, 2016 is vital and has been, because we’ve had so many near misses and we’ve been pulled from the brink a number of times. But I think what we’ll see in the next three months are obvious signs that the public will not be able to hide from. So, I’m expecting between…going ahead for three months, between March and July, I’m expecting some form of disclosure. It will not come from a government. It will come from an agency funded by the government who will announce to the world that their supercomputers have been in communication with an off-planet force; I’m not going to …name anything. And they have been holding conversations. The government concerned who funds this agency will not deny it, but nor will it agree to it, but they will not prevent them speaking. Now this is genuine. My concern is, that it will be used for a false flag, because a non-government spokesperson is going to say we have proof of aliens and we have been communicating with them for the last six months and here’s the evidence. Now that is a positive release of information, but there are elements within the Elite who could then attempt to use that, stage some form of an attack and then say, “Well, you know, you’ve heard there are aliens and this is what’s happened.” So, there is a good side that wants the evidence released and there’s a negative side which can’t prevent this release of information, but is seeing how it can utilize it to gain something. So, that’s…that is actually positive. That’s a positive thing for a disclosure. We’ll call it a partial disclosure because it’s not coming from a government head. But nevertheless, it will be the most comprehensive disclosure that we can expect. So, that’s between March and July 2017.
Running up to that we will most definitely see a bank financially collapse in Italy. We will see an election where the Italian people vote to leave the Euro and go to the Lira. That will put impossible strain on the European Central Bank and it’s looking likely it will be the collapse of what we would call the European Union.
So, when we look back and we’ve seen Great Britain have the Brit Exit vote, we’ve seen the Clintons prevented from taking office, we’ve seen a third world war been prevented on three occasions now, and we’ve seen a number of other situations which could have escalated. One way or another, all have been prevented.
We’re now very clear, I think, in the view that humanity has been… going to be given an open door, but the point is whether humanity will walk through that door and 2017 is the moment of that. Now if humanity can do that, then between 2017 and 2019 this whole paradigm will shift. So, by the middle of 2019 we should have a civilization totally unlike the civilization that we know now.
KC: Okay. That sounds simple.
SP: So, we’ll start in March. Now you asked me the second question there. The information that I receive comes from off planet, but I never go public with it unless I’m getting it from physical bodied earth type people here. Now they may not say exactly the same thing but they may give me something which is very close to it or they may say, “Yes, that sounds what we’re looking at as well.” So, when I’m getting two sorts of information from two different sources, then I go public with it. You know, your viewers and listeners hopefully will know the story that my mother worked for MI5, my grandfather worked for MI6, but really it was the NSA and the CIA. So, this is a family connection that exists and your viewers should also perhaps be aware that I got that three-hour guided tour around the Space Radar Base, which is American, but on British land.
So, whilst one arm of the Elite dislike what we do, there’s always another arm that’s trying to support us and help us. But those that are supporting us can’t be seen to be doing it publicly, so they will do it in a private way. And so, that’s how that information comes through on a physical level.
KC: When you say, you get it from off planet, let’s talk about that, let’s talk about the interactions you have, because we have early on in my other interviews and those listening are…and watching, are welcome to go and watch those. Especially the first one. We drilled down into, you know, the kind of contact you had as a child and this and that, but now, you know, like right now, when you get information can you describe how it comes to you, because I get information. I think a lot of people out there do, with all, you know, due respect to everyone listening, it’s fair to say that humanity is being in contact in a massive way. Some people are in denial, obviously about this, but I see it all the time. And even with people that you might think are not particularly aware or awakened, can suddenly come up with something that you never imagined they would.
So, in your case, do you want to describe some of the ways in which you get it? Do you get it while you’re, you know, washing the dishes? Do you, you know, get it when you’re sleeping? How does it come? This sort. Are you only being visited by beings that present themselves in a certain form? How does it go?
SP: The vast majority will be in answers to questions. So, I will phrase a question telepathically…
KC: Okay.
SP: …and then the answer will come back immediately or if the question I’ve asked could compromise myself, because sometimes the answers you get you’re not ready for at that time, that might come back a week later or something like that. So, that is a direct telepathic link and I don’t hear a voice in my head, so it’s not a voice. It’s just…the only time I’ve ever heard that would be when somebody has told me someone’s name in their language and then that arrives as a visual representation. Are you familiar with the Indus language Sanskrit? So, it arrives like that, like the little squiggles. Not hieroglyphical, but squiggles mixed in with colors, because colors can give you information. So, colors can be used to break up sentences. So, that can happen. Also, visual pictures, because a picture can…now why would somebody send eight…eight or nine sentences to me if they can send me a picture. Then…and that may have to be in black and white, because it’s arriving through a different method or it may be in color. So, that is real time connectivity when I need answers quickly. And when I do my radio shows, I’m connected up so I can answer those questions very quickly.
KC: Do you feel…when you say you’re connected up, do you feel, again, I guess this kind of is part of that. In a sense…because we were talking off camera, and I think it’s fair to talk about this because he…I think he’d get a kick out of it, about my recent interview with William Tompkins. And you asked me, was I was talking to him or an entity through him.
SP: Yes, I did.
KC: And I said, well, a lot of it, an entity through him or entities. Possibly more than one. And he definitely seems to be in the flow of getting, you know, information coming through him. It’s not channeling…
SP: No.
KC: …In the conventional sense.
SP: No.
KC: You know, he’s not…
SP: Huh, uh.
KC: You know, he’s not moved aside. He’s still there; very much there.
SP: He’s sharing the space with something.
KC: Yes. But it is coming, you know, it’s a constant flow…
SP: Yeah.
KC: …I think for him, and in fact, I would even go so far…and this is maybe presumptuous, but to say, he may not even be aware of when he is and when he isn’t.
SP: I would agree with that.
KC: because he is so…you know, it’s been in his life for so long at this point…
SP: Yeah, I’d agree with that.
KC: …that the, you know, the lines, the boundaries are somewhat burnt…blurred.
With yourself, do you feel this kind of connection that he’s…that we experience with him or see with him? Or how would you maybe explain it?
SP: No, it’s different. That’s why I said to you, “Were you aware of it?” because what is sharing the space with him isn’t totally compatible with him, and therefore, you are aware of that. I’ve always gone public with everything. I have a portal, which was established when I was very young which is un-hackable. That’s why I have a portal, because if you have…if you channel then that can be hacked and you can be interfered with and the information you receive, which could be good information, can have evil added to it. So, I’m aware of the portal and I was actually asked if I wanted a portal when I was young. And I asked them what it would do, what would be helpful. So, I have access to what we call… you call the Mantis and I call the Mantid. So, I have that connection there. So, that’s where my information comes through; from that.
KC: Yes, well I think that’s great that you’re saying this because on a psychic level, I know…I wasn’t going to tell you this necessarily. I didn’t know I was going to tell you this, but actually before I came here I was visualizing that I would be talking to a Mantis.
SP: Good.
KC: And that that’s what…for some reason I was told that I was supposed to do that.
SP: Okay well let me just add to that. I always went public and said that my soul was not just one part.
KC: Yes.
SP: One part of that is one third Mantis. Which means at some point in the long distant past I’ve inhabited a Mantis body.
KC: Sure.
SP: So, that is a family connection and hence why the British public obviously got the wrong end of the stick through the newspapers who said, my mother, who gave birth to me was an alien. That’s not actually accurate. But anybody who bothers to do the research will actually understand what that’s about.
So, the connection I have has always been the strongest with the Mantis because the Mantis actually were from this planet, and that’s not widely understood. And because of that, they are anchored to the Earth’s energy and they are part of the Earth’s energy and they take a great interest in it. And, yeah, they’ve played a double game, as many have, but they always knew that the Reptilians were on a dead end and that they were finished. And unless they evolved or accepted evolution, they would just become what I call, bodied off in the fourth dimension. They will create a separate Universe within the fourth dimension to which they will be prisoners to.
Anything that’s got any ounce of spirituality to it, wishes to evolve and the Mantids certainly wish to evolve. So, they’ve always taken a great interest. And you’ll find that there is a channel of communication between the Nordics and the Mantis. There’s no channel of communication now between the Reptilians and the Mantis, and there was. As there is no real communication between Reptilians and Nordics. But the Mantis have aligned themselves as an independent group who wish to see humanity evolve.
And so, the information that I receive and…I never really thought about it, but somebody, it was an American actually, who sent me a message and said, “Do you realize” he said, “In February of this year on your radio show you said Donald Trump would win the presidential election?” and I said, “No, actually I don’t” But I went, checked back, and I had. But the American language is – You called it. We don’t say that in England, but his words were, “You called Trump” All right, so that was his words.  And someone else said to me, everything that you’ve predicted has happened. And that was actually shocking for me, because when I look back, everything I’ve said has actually occurred. The only thing hasn’t, as I said I expected a banking crash…
KC: Right.
SP: …in October, but if your viewers do their research, they’ll find that Deutsche Bank came within twelve hours of a complete meltdown.
KC: Yes, I remember this.
SP: So, everything I’ve said has come to pass. That’s why whether people love me or hate me, they have to respect the information.
KC: Right.
SP: And I’m very, very careful on that. So, if someone tells me something, I will check it out first. And I’m not a researcher, but people do come to me with information and I’ll first think, well why are you telling me? What do you want me to do with that? A number of people have put information my way, which is purely to discredit me, hoping I’ll go public and…but when I check it through the portal or I check it through individuals, they’ll come back and say, “Well, that’s not come across my desk” So, you can do more harm by telling people things, and they get ready for it, and then it doesn’t come to pass. So sometimes it’s better to wait, make sure your information is accurate. But I will always go public with something if I’m convinced a hundred percent, because I couldn’t dream of not alerting people. You know, let’s say there’s going to be an EMP explosion and take out half of the states. Well, if I get twelve hours notice of that, I will go public with that.
KC: Right. Well yeah, it is…it’s very, very interesting, this dynamic that we’re having. And in a certain sense, without official disclosure, disclosure has been happening, filtering out and in a very steady pace and it seems to have somewhat escalated lately. But along with the escalation as I have noticed, is an escalation of the…in other words, disclosure that is not really disclosure, disclosure that is distracting and inaccurate.
And that’s…that quotient has, you know, increased in my view.
SP: Yes.
KC: And I’m finding people are being very gullible towards any kind of disclosure. You know, it’s kind of like when you, I guess if you’re starving and you’re offered any kind of food, you just eat everything. You know, you don’t think discriminately, well I’d rather eat…this is going to be healthy and this will, you know, this will give me energy and this won’t and so and so. So, I see people out there like that, you know, gorging on, you know, if you will, information and then getting it jumbled in their own minds, because they can’t keep it straight. And so then, I get people writing to me saying, well, you said thus and so, which I never did. And I’m one of those people who pays a great deal of attention to what I say…
SP: Yes.
KC: …or don’t say, and I also notice that again, people are just swallowing whole a lot of stuff and I just want to caution against that. So, I see that you’re careful and I think, you know, I did do some study quite a long time ago and the Mantids, I was told were to some degree what is called the record keepers…
SP: Correct.
KC: …on the planet…
SP: Yes.
KC: …and that they are also very careful…
SP: Yes.
KC: …as a race. They are known for this; for their care, and so it does make sense that you would be very careful yourself in this regard.
I wonder if, you know, you said that you are experiencing some interference.
SP: Mmm hmmm.
KC: And you also noticed that we were having some interference here…
SP: Mmm hmmm.
KC:  …and I wonder if you can describe what you see when you see interference. In other words, I think people would find it interesting. Are you seeing beings? Are you feeling the magne….you know, the electromagnetics? What, you know, what kind of…do you have a checklist that you go through kind of thing?
SP: No, I don’t have a checklist. There is a…there are only three people in my life to my knowledge, have been aware of the entity that is close to me 24/7. This is a Mantis being. But only three people have seen that, and I don’t see it deliberately, because if I was to see it, my attention would be on that and I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do. And that’s been explained to me; that’s why I can’t see it. And I also don’t see orbs for the same reason. I’ve seen one orb, but it was pixilated out. But I am aware of negative energies. That I am permitted to be aware of to detect, to fight or to prevent.
What we have today in this room are independent beings who wish to see this go ahead and are fascinated. We also have a negative force, which is not here in a physical form at all and has an AI connection to it. But it is also linked through a demonic energy. So, that is the negative that made you feel so uncomfortable when you walked through the door. That really didn’t want this interview to go ahead. But we have at the moment, seventy-five percent of the energy in this room is positive and so therefore the negative energy is now being reduced to being a member of the audience and is forced to watch it. So, I don’t…the energies that attack generally are non-physical. They are awarenesses.
KC: I get a lot of that <inaudible> 26.46
SP: Sometimes they can appear in a shape; generally, they don’t. I spend most of my time casting out Djinn, sending them up…them back. But a physical entity like a Reptilian, like a Draconis, well, that… providing it comes straight through from the fourth dimension and doesn’t hang about, that is very physical, so you will see that with your own eyes. But because you are so psychic, Kerry, you will also pick up attachments or overlays on people. And there must be a number of people you’ve interviewed where you’ve see not a helpful entity, but something that’s overlaying and feeding off that person. So, for people who don’t see it, then, you know, I would describe it as, you can have just a feeling of energy or you can have a…you can feel, like a color graph, you can actually make the outline, not through heat, but through energy that’s being developed by this creature or creatures. Then consciousness itself has a signature. And then you can come right through to black ops where you have American, mostly American unfortunately, service men who either psychically attack you; sit around in a circle and they’re given a photograph, a location.
KC: Yes.
SP: Sometimes a GPS reference and they will either remote view and attack. Now that’s different. Or an entity that will attempt to attack you psychically itself. And that’s obviously the Greys are quite used for that. So, this is showing itself.
KC: Yes.
SP: But basically, I won’t see it unless it’s biological. Unless it’s…or if it’s energy and it’s coming right into the third dimension. If it’s sitting three quarters out of the third, then I will just feel it, I won’t see it.
KC: Well I…the reason I’m asking you…and I…every, you know, people are different on their psychic abilities and all that, because I have the feeling thing, but I also…I actually can see in the space we call ether or whatever you want to call it…
SP: Okay.
KC: …I can see, you know, stuff and entities, and sometimes I can…I, you know, I can feel them or see them go by.
SP: Yes.
KC: You know, that sort of thing. And I can feel that, you know…I guess it’s a, you know, I’ll just say…normally I don’t…I keep this sort of thing to myself so, it’s not the normal interview where I get into this sort of thing, but I’m going to say that there is a cold spot here at the…at my feet. That they’re trying to, you know, do a draining thing.
SP: Do you want to move?
KC: No, actually.
SP: Okay.
KC: I’m fine. I’m just mentioning it. That I’m aware of it; and you know, that’s just ridiculous, but it’s going on. And I…back here, you know, I just think…stuff going on here, but, you know, I can see things and I see…it’s actually kind of cleared out a bit, you know, because I can see a bit better. What happens is, it’s like having fog. The entities tend to be a lot like fog so I…when I walked in the room it was very foggy; and it’s cleared out a bit. You know, so we’re having an affect her by <inaudible> 30.05
SP: They really didn’t want this interview to go ahead. It’s been very difficult the last four to five hours; it’s been six hours now I’ve been really attacked.
KC: Well see we were a moving target, so we were actually relatively okay on…in the car.
SP: Yeah, it’s harder for them to do it when you’re moving.
KC: Yeah, much harder.
SP: Yeah.
KC: And I find that, you know, and I always say to people…
SP: Keep moving.
KC: They’ll say, “What are you doing?” I’ll say, “A moving target is much harder to hit”
SP: Keep moving, absolutely.
KC: I leave my place.
SP: Yeah.
KC: You know? I do it regularly.
SP: Yeah.
KC: I have to. It’s absolutely how I stay alive.
SP: Yes.
KC: You know, because if you stay in one place, they can really center,,,
SP: Yes.
KC: … their stuff on you. And you guys were here waiting, you know, so I don’t envy that. You know, it’s the luck of the draw or the choice of the…
SP: Of course.
KC: …situation and…but you’re on home ground so you are fairly protected regardless, of course. So, yeah, I think that kind of would be interesting for the audience to hear.
In terms of your contacts with, let’s say, British Intelligence, American Intelligence. Has this escalated or has it actually, you know, dissipated over the, you know, you’ve only been this kind of a public figure I think, really, in sort of…hugely in that lime light for maybe two years or so?
SP: Well I went public in 2010/11, but it was the tour of the radar base which was, I think 2013? Something like that. That’s what shifted it, because that was… never mind to the media or the public, that was a warning to negative elements in all of the alphabet agencies that you’ve just mentioned, that there is a very strong support for what I’m about and that they needed to realize that I wasn’t just some lone person. There was quite a…an interest behind it. And what I noticed from that moment onwards was a complete change. First of all, from the media. Nobody on the media wanted to interview me except the BBC; the only ones who wanted to interview me.  And instead of the jokes or the belittling or the rudeness, it was…the interviews I’ve had have been very serious.
So, you know, a number of years back now when the Pope said that he would bless an alien, if an alien turned up, the BBC contacted me and said, “We want to know what your opinion is because you’ve been saying aliens are real.” Now that was a very straightforward and equal interview and then when I did the Today program, the breakfast show with the two hosts, that was a very straightforward and no…they could have gone and tried to make me look a fool. They wouldn’t have…
KC: Well, you’re lucky, because my understanding is David Icke has been, you know, recently, not that long ago, interviewed maybe twice by the…I think it was by the BBC.
SP: Yes.
KC: And he was messed about…
SP: Yes.
KC: pretty strongly.
SP: Yes. But he doesn’t have people in intelligence protecting him.
KC: Right.
SP: And he also doesn’t have…let me…let me try and explain a bit more. If you are a good person on this planet and you are protected by or you are in connection with, let’s say Andromedans or one of the fifth dimensional races, it is very unlikely they will step in and help you, because they do believe in the rule that they should not interfere. Now they are stepping in more than they’ve done lately, but If you have a connection with a fourth dimensional entity, they’ve been involving themselves in human affairs for thousands of years and they don’t have any qualms about getting in. So, if anything seriously was to happen to me, the pay back to whoever was responsible for the organization, would be immense. And that’s why I’ve not had anything too dramatic, shall we say.
But if you look at the situation with Russia and the Nordics supporting the Russians…this is a group, it’s not a breakaway group of Nordics, but it is a group of Nordics who have been tasked from the main group of Nordics to act semi autonomously to support Putin against the situation in America. So, those guys are more likely to become involved than generally. So, if you take someone like David Icke, he doesn’t have that level of protection. So, therefore, someone on the BBC will be told, do what you can to make a fool of this man.
Now my opinion of David Icke is very high and I think he’s quite capable of giving as good as he gets and better. But the fact is that they would not be permitted to do that to me now, because the comeback on them would be so horrendous. But, so what they’ll do is they just won’t interview me, generally.
KC: Right.
SP: They’ll just not do it because they don’t want to give me the space on the establishment side to actually put a counter argument through.
KC: Yeah, it may also have to do with, you know, sort of the status of your audience at the time. Because, you know, he has done things like, I don’t know, Wembley Stadium or something. And I’m sure that from time to time they want to take him down a peg or two and this may be the way they try to do it. Because the more you…the more your sort of influence spreads, the more they want to counter that, right? And so, I watch this dynamic. I actually watch it go among those of us out there sort of having the big lime light on us, for whatever reason, you know, which is not always logical, let me say that. But, you know, so there is a…there’s a very weird dynamic going on with regards to trying to attack this one, then attack that one, then attack that…it’s like going…jumping around like that so that people are…they are quite in a state…
SP: Yes.
KC: …what I find.
SP: Yes.
KC: You know…
SP: They’ve been lied to for so long, they don’t know what’s truth and what isn’t anymore.
KC: But also, very triggered. In other words, even people…I’m talking again, who are doing the job we’re doing, more or less.
SP: Oh, okay.
KC: Who are…instead of…kind of like, you think, oh it’s just a normal thing. Some of them are really being heavily triggered and they kind of are going off a little, you know? And I would just caution that, you know, it’s…it’s kind of like it seems like a big deal, but it’s not, type of thing going on with us, because again, a lot of this information is coming at us as information. It’s just, you know, ones and zeros or whatever kind of thing, and I think that understanding that we continue. That…that humans and beings as beings, as consciousnesses, that we continue regardless of what they throw at us is, is, is really important. Seeing a through line to your life and to your continuance beyond this life…
SP: Right.
KC: …could, you know, can help to anchor a person.
SP: Mmm hmmm.
KC: In the midst of this…It’s kind of like having waves of stuff thrown at you constantly.
SP: Well I think that’s how it makes the human race generally. That energies are being buffeted to people. People, you know, I’ll give you an example of this where people post pictures of Nibiru or Planet X, and it’s going to hit us and, you know…
KC: Right.
SP: …regularly I’m asked on my radio show, you know, and I’m saying, “Well there is a Planet X, there is Nibiru, but it is not going to hit us.” It is a totally artificial intelligence controlled device. It’s actually held out at the moment, it’s not coming in; it’s on standby. But the number of people who will post pictures on the internet, and whether they genuinely believe it’s Nibiru or not, I really don’t know, but of course what then happens is, the public then start to accept it and believe it and then it doesn’t happen and so their belief system, the crying wolf business, the good…the <inaudible> 38.49 Well, you know, next time someone says something that’s truthful, they won’t believe it. And that’s what’s not helpful. People who have perhaps watched one or two interviews, read a book, and then decides they’re qualified to go on and write or do a video and…which actually does more harm than good. And that’s what I object to. I’m all for free information, obviously, but I don’t like it when people who have no experience and knowledge, start posting stuff and act as if they do or ask others to believe that they have that knowledge. Because, you know, that is not the case. This planet is not going to be hit by Planet X, it’s not going to happen.
KC: Yeah, I, you know, I think, at least I don’t hear that people think it’s going to hit us, but they’re all very sure…it’s showing up in our sky and it’s going to cause a pole shift.
SP: Hmmm.
KC: Pole shift is the word of the day, so to speak, out there.
SP: Well that would…that would end the Earth; if there was a pole shift.
KC: And I, Yeah, I, …
SP: Something like that.
KC: …at least when I’ve looked into the future, this is not what I see.
SP: We could have a magnetic pole shift. But not a physical pole shift.
KC: We have already had these.
SP: That’s just my phone, ignore that.
KC: Oh, okay. So, what I want to do now, though, is change gears a bit…
SP: Okay.
KC: …and I…you can tell me, yes, no, whatever you wanna do. I wanna find out about…I wanna go into this world of pedophilia and what’s going on with all of that and see what, you know, where you are seeing…what you are seeing and how you feel that this sort of wave of fascination, in a sense, with the general public and education at the same time. In other words, where you see that going and what the purpose is in the constant harping on this, because…
SP: Right.
KC…it’s really getting bad. And the other thing I want to ask you as a corollary, and you can address these in whatever order. Is your own situation where you were attacked on Avalon, and we don’t have to necessarily, you know, I can edit out things or whatever you’d like, or we could just talk about what it is people think that you are accused of, why they get this idea about you and, and in the overall sense, this idea of, you know, we have a reptilian brain and there is an issue with predatory sexuality, okay, that is sort of starting to permeate our…the consciousness of people in a sense, like they never heard of it…like…and I can’t…I find it hard to believe and maybe that’s just me and, you know, I did work in Hollywood for 20 years and so, you know, to me this is like old stuff and why don’t you know it yet? You know what I mean? And why is this such a shock? But at the same time, the combination of Satanism and Luciferianism going in with that, pedophilia etcetera, you see? And it does link to a kundalini awakening and activation, so there’s a positive side to things. Do you wanna address in whatever way…
SP: Yeah! Absolutely fine. First of all, on pedophilia, it’s been rampant on this planet. But it’s been mostly controlled through satanic groups, ritual groups, through some arms of the Freemasons and I’m always very careful when I use the word, Free Masons, I’m not blanketing everybody, you know, it’s not THE Freemasons full stop. It is a small group within them who form a magical section. The reason that it is now so obvious is because human consciousness has risen that it can’t be hidden from them. Twenty years ago, thirty years ago, this was going on and was hidden from people. Now it can’t be hidden. The powers, the elite are finding it harder and harder to hide it. What they are able to do is to say, “We can’t hold it, we’ll wait for X or Y to pass on, then we will release it, because we can’t hold it back much longer. But we’ll insure that we’ll wait till that person’s dead, because if we don’t and that person goes to court, they will name the rest of us.” So, that’s what that is.
The satanic forces are the last bastion of evil on this planet, because they are consumed by a deadly energy evil, which has very recently linked itself with artificial intelligence. So, you have an AI and an energy based demonic force, which is now working in tandem trying to prevent humanity evolving. What they wish to do is enslave everyone, so it is the worst crime, and I’m clearly not fully evolved because I would happily string anybody up who abused a child. Now there are people who are more evolved than me who can forgive. In my level of development, I couldn’t forgive that. For me, that’s the worst crime. So, it…people say, oh well this is shocking, that’s shocking. I’ll tell you what would be shocking, If the public actually understood how many arms of government are involved in sexual abuse of children. How many royal families, how many presidents, how many prime ministers, and in many cases, actually it’s done to blackmail them so that they will always have to tow the line for this organization because otherwise, it will be released.
My mother was telling me that Ted Heath was a sexual abuser of children back in about 1973, 74. So, it was known. The thing is…before we move on to the other one business, what makes me laugh is when these organizations who set themselves up to protect children and they say, “Oh, you must report it, you must report it” These things were reported twenty, thirty, forty years ago. Nobody took any notice of it. It’s not about reporting it; it’s about changing of the culture in organizations so people aren’t fearful. If you have a pension to collect or you have a salary, are you really so weak that you will not take action because you’re frightened of your own job? You should actually say that humanity…there’s a line in the sand which you won’t cross. And if information comes to these people, then to hell with anything else! They need to go and deal with it. So, we are seeing it because it is bursting out. The, the poison boil is bursting and this is coming out, and I hope that the public do lose faith in their establishment. Because we are seeing, whether it’s in the sports, whether it’s in politics, whether it’s in church, or whether it’s in education, this has gone on. Now, it doesn’t mean that all humanity is evil, Kerry. What it means is that people can be corrupted and so we need to change the way the organizations work. So, that’s vital.
Now the other one business. I have the highest regard for the founder of an organization or that he doesn’t like me and I can…I can say that it’s very naïve, and this happened on Avalon, it’s very naïve for a group of people to go remote viewing the Vatican believing that they can send love and light to the Vatican. That’s what happened on Avalon. They went to remote view the Vatican to send remote view love…it was a trap, they were waiting for them psychically, they were attacked and then a number of coordinators were taken over and the whole object was, if they couldn’t remove Bill Ryan, they would compromise him. So, there’s an awful lot that’s gone on in Avalon and I’m privy to that because I know what’s been going on. One of the problems on, on Earth is ego.
KC: Yes.
SP: And I’ve always said…not always, but on many radio shows or conferences, I’ve actually said, I’m actually not very important. I’m not that important. I’m an ordinary person who has a job to do and believes he has to do it and does it, and I don’t want any special treatment; and, you know, that’s my track record. But there are people, and there were certainly people on Avalon who resented the fact that people would ask me questions on Avalon and I would answer them; and they wanted that position. They didn’t like the fact that, you know, why Simon Parkes…why does he have his own coordinator on Avalon to look after him? I did, because I have dyslexia. That’s why Bill Ryan gave me my own coordinator because my, my written skills aren’t very good. That was the only reason. But they resented that. And so, I’ve never bothered, Kerry, about discussion or debate. But when people become nasty and vicious, as they did on Avalon…and my concerns were when Bill Ryan took no action against those individuals, and then I knew it was time to leave. I’ve never actually set myself up as a counselor of any sort.
KC: Oh.
SP: I’m not a doctor.
KC: Well, what is this thing that you consider that you do?
SP: I remove entities from people.
KC: Okay.
SP: That’s not counseling them. I don’t have any qualifications and I’ve never said that I do.
KC: All right. In England, if you believe in aliens, you go out in the street and proclaim it, they can actually, I think, arrest you because supposedly that’s against the law.
SP: No, that’s not accurate. You can only be arrested if you are a threat to yourself or to somebody else.
KC: But who’s to determine what that…
SP: It is…it is illegal in America, but not in Britain. The statute which was placed, I think in 87, but it goes back to 1969, which says it is illegal to fraternize with aliens.
KC: Yes.
SP: And that is the law that the federal states…the states of the federal government would use. Now in Britain that’s not…it’s not illegal and you can only be committed or arrested If you are posing a threat to yourself or to another person.
KC: But how is that determined?
SP: It determines <depends> if another member of the public feels threatened by your actions or your activity.
KC: Right. But I guess what I’m getting at is that there are these sorts of outmoded, crazy views of what is crazy. So, you know, in other words, what is society think is crazy? And when society itself is crazy, you know, it becomes really dangerous.
SP: Well, I think it’s not…I don’t think society is crazy, Kerry, I think the laws and the rules that govern society are crazy. And the public then have no alternative, because they have seen no alternative so they follow those rules.
If we say what’s normal, that’s probably a better word, what is normal and what’s accepted. But what’s normal and accepted are actually different. What is accepted is what is taught in the schools and universities, what your employer tells you, what the television tells you, that is accepted. But what is normal? Who is to say what you should do is not normal or that’s normal? It’s when it threatens the status quo. If you do something or set something up that could be a threat to an organization that is empowered by the establishment, then suddenly that is…that’s crazy, because that doesn’t follow the accepted lines. So, I don’t think society is crazy, I think the rules and regulation imposed on people are.
KC: But society created those rules and regulations, so we get into…yes, and there split.
SP: You know what I’m saying.
KC: Yeah.
SP: So, I’m fully aware of all the communications that go on, but because I don’t get involved and because it’s just pointless, ridiculous, and it’s a waste of my time.
KC: Well, you know, so I wanted to give you this opportunity. I don’t want to belabor it.
SP: No, it’s fine.
KC: But this kind of thing goes on. Now this is not the only place this happens. I have people who write on responses to my YouTube videos and say the most outlandish things. And they come on my chat room and say horrible things and they, you know, in other words, there are paid trolls. There are people that are completely out of their minds. There are people who are, you know, inhabited by very dark spirits who want to, you know, target certain things. And this goes on constantly. Now this kind of, again it goes with the territory, it’s part of, you know, if you become so called famous or well-known you’re out there like a target.
SP: What, what I say to people is, look to the interviews I’ve given. Listen to the radio show.
KC: Right.
SP: You tell me what’s anti-human. You, you point your finger and you show me any statement that I’ve made that’s anti-human. And then when someone tells you something, don’t listen to them, you know, there’s me live on a radio show, on a conference, all recorded, then compare what you’ve been told with what you’ve seen.
KC: Yes.
SP: And you make your decisions.
2017-02-12 KR transcribed
2017-02-22 SN proofread
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