15 January 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Simon briefly mentions interference he has been experiencing in interviews and moves on to the subject of Trump being a week away from taking office and a related small shootout in Lower Manhattan between CIA and NSA employees complete with bomb placement/defusing, which is the result of the changing of the guard in the White House. Trump lets people know he will not be blackmailed with money deals and discusses the lack of credible news on the major networks, which Simon feels is important. Simon notes that independent alternative news people are being shut down and specifically mentions Harald Kautz Vella, an adept German scientist being charged with sedition, and suggests it might be related to Obama passing laws on his exit from the White House giving the “powers that be” the right to go after people who color outside the established lines. Simon mentions an uptake in craft sightings. He discusses what happens when one goes back to source, psychic attacks, the mystery of Oak Island, the fourth dimension, North Pole base attacks that appear to us as earthquakes, various types of Greys, the Hollywood version being a clone without a soul, possible dangers in dealing with acquired sacred objects, the shock and disorientation of souls who come from a clear setting to Earth bypassing a stay in the Pleiades for orientation, energy waves, and the devastating effect chemtrails are having on the planet with their use of both bacteria and viruses encased in jell to achieve a wide dispersion range as they come floating down on humanity. Simon’s attempts to discuss the barter and trade system that he and Win want to establish to bypass the money slave system we now have is met with considerable electronic interference throughout the show.

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JayPee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu link at the top of the page at www.WolfSpiritRadio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now, on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon and play an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio.
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee.
JP: Hello Simon how are you? Good afternoon, good evening, good morning.
SP: Actually that is a very advanced echo system in the background there.
JP: Oh yeah, yeah, well it’s because I had to do the new jingles. I had a little bit of a spire peak spike to it, so how have you been?
SP: I have been okay. Hopefully some people will have seen the latest interview that Kerry very kindly put up. I met Kerry to do an interview and it was very interesting that that morning I had been subject to I thought almost a psychic attack, maybe quite bad, and I was just absolutely determined to be well enough for her interview, which was I think about 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. And we got a lot of interference and I think—I haven’t watched the interview—I don’t ever watch once I have done an interview that I have done it. I don’t watch it again but the people who have watched it said to me that depending on which camera you are looking at, there does appear to be some form of interference, and we certainly were aware of a portal type that was trying to open. Whether this was for good or ill, we don’t know, but certainly there was interference of some sort going on and when you look you can see, I think the backdrop of the curtain there appears to be wavy lines. There was a surge of energy and both Kerry and I were aware of it and others in the room, but it didn’t stop the recording; it didn’t have any effect on that but what did happen, I don’t know that Kerry reported that was that we did take a break to get some food in and some of the team went off to get the food and I was with Kerry and we noticed all these blue flashing lights outside where we were. We actually weren’t at my place; we were in another location. We thought it would be better to do the interview in an independent location for safety’s sake. And there was a fire engine actually trying to get in to. . . this is sort of a secure area with a gate and they were trying to force the gate, trying to force the door and orders as people came back with the food, they turned the blue lights off and off they went. And Kerry said to me that she had done an interview somewhere else and they’d been, the fire brigade all turned up there and said it was a fire, and they had to stop the interview and go off, and there had been no fire at all. So when she saw the fire engine outside she thought, “Oh, my God, here we go again,” but they couldn’t get the gate open. It was one of these gated communities, wasn’t able to get access. Otherwise I’m sure they would have come running in and said everybody out, there is a fire. So that was actually very interesting. So that interview went ahead and was posted, and it was really nice to see Kerry. I’ve got a lot of time for here; she’s a real live warrior; she gets in there and gets talking, so that’s posted and that’s out there now.
I wanted to move to America now and say of course the President elect, Donald Trump, takes office on Friday so we are just less than a week away. That is important because at the moment we have what is generally called no man’s land. We have a president who is still in office in name only, and a new one waiting to come in. And there’s a vacuum and we’ve got all sides now jockeying for positioning so that when the new president comes into office, whatever position they are in, that’s the position they will start from. So I personally can confirm there was a small gun battle in Manhattan. I had it reported to me from two sources. I am not an American so I don’t know what Lower Manhattan[1] means as opposed to Manhattan. One report was Lower Manhattan to me and the other was Manhattan. There was a gun battle between the CIA and the NSA in a secure telecommunications building, which has a deep bunker underneath it. It is actually in the major city, Manhattan, but the point I wanted to make about this battle, this very small gun battle that took place, was that it wasn’t organization against organization. You can’t say that the CIA was fighting the NSA or vice versa, but they were individuals within their respective security branches who were fighting a turf war because they had taken something personal. So for instance, it’s not unusual to place large amounts of explosives threateningly under a building that belongs to one of the secret intelligence agencies and then do a tipoff or try to threaten them, but there was a particular bomb that had been defused I understand. And so one element took a hint on another element and there was a fight. Now while this is not unheard of JayPee, it is highly unusual, and it is only occurring now because the old guard in the White House is about to change and to be replaced by somebody who, you know, doesn’t dance to the same tune. So if anyone does hear about an alleged gun battle in Manhattan between the CIA and the NSA, the information I received was accurate but wasn’t. . . was only less than six people, but nevertheless that’s true.
In his presidential address in terms of his first press address, which took place very recently, Trump actually mentioned that he had been offered a two billion dollar deal in Saudi Arabia, and had turned it down. Again this is another message to people that, you know, he is not going to be blackmailed or he is not going to be bought. And again in his press conference, it was actually a press conference, not a speech. In his press conference he made it very clear that he was backed by Generals and Admirals and he actually got into almost an argument with one of the guys from the press, and he accused the guy from the press of being a peddler of fake news. Now that’s really important because if the incoming president is now going to start accusing mainstream media of peddling fake news, we will see an increase in the public looking at the alternative news. So any organization that is not funded by the established news I think is going to get a lot more attention now. Before Obama left office he had signed some orders making it even more easy, that’s the right word, for authorities to attack alternative news agencies and I’m hoping that one of the first things Trump will do is say to the police and the authorities to leave them alone. That’s really important, and there are being an upsurge or an upswing in the number of independent radio stations or independent spokesmen and women who have found themselves to be shut down. That’s literally in the last three to four weeks. And the name that may be known to some of our listeners, Harald Kautz Vella, you know. I did actually listen to. . .  he was giving a talk in London last year, very much talks about Morgellons disease and it’s connection to fourth dimensional entities. Whether we, you know, we believe that that’s the case or not, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that he is on the point of being arrested and charged with sedition, which is a very strange term, and this is really because when you are a professional, when you are a doctor, a scientist, an astronomer you belong to an accredited body, and if you act in a way that the accredited body doesn’t like, then the accredited body will not just throw you out of the club, but it will try and take legal action against you. The difficulty for Harald is that he is actually a scientist. He is a professional scientist, and he has gone public with, you know, information and they have gone for him now. I personally believe that this is because Obama has signed an Act, I think it was six weeks ago, but it didn’t come into effect until about four weeks ago. He signed an act that made it easier for, or it encouraged the establishment to go for people or organizations that don’t repeat the accepted views.
Now I will just finish off the Trump bit, and I thought it was absolutely amazing and amusing as well. Trump took a question from a guy from the BBC, and the guy from the BBC was terribly upper middle class, wasn’t a white guy and he was terribly upper middle class and he stood up and said his name and said I’m from the BBC, and Donald Trump said, “Oh, here’s another beauty.” Because this guy was upper middle class, he thought that he was being paid a compliment by Donald Trump and he said, “Oh thank you very much,” and it just shows this huge gap between people of the established media who haven’t a clue what’s going on. And their editor or their boss says to them, “Right you can go out and you attack this person.” Or, “You go out; this is the story we want.” I don’t want anything else. I don’t want this, that and the other; I want this. So of course question after question was being put to Trump. It wasn’t about policy. What are your plans to do to get more jobs? What are your plans to cut tax? It was all about hacking because what the establishment wants to do is to try and get back at Trump because their person lost, and they are terribly bad losers. So I didn’t get cross. I thought the more people that see this then the more people are going to realize just what the reality is so that’s important because until Trump takes office, which is in another week, we could still see some rather nasty things taking place as both sides fight for a position of supremacy, so that’s that. I wanted to say that anyone who is keeping an eye on the alternative media would have seen an upswing in the number of sightings and I was aware of a couple before the weekend and that had been reported to me and then this weekend two more and not just in the States but predominantly in the States, lots of fairly close-flying craft which could be even military or could be off planet. That again is a warning, not just to the people of the earth. This is a warning to certain governments or certain factions of government so you know it’s like in the old days of Great Britain when the natives would be rebelling and they would send a gunboat. What these off planet entities do is they have a show of strength in the sky. It can be different factions. That’s what is going on at the moment. Messages are being sent to governments, and it gets a fleet of craft, alien craft in the sky. That is a message. So we are. . .
JP: They are definitely alien though?
SP: Most of them are. I have been aware of six; four of them were definitely alien. Two were not and I say the two that were not were designed to be up and flying to be a counterbalance to whatever was expected. You often don’t see, people have reported orbs or disks in the sky sometimes being surrounded or escorted by helicopters particularly or jets, and this is either because that craft is being given an official welcome or an official departure or it has arrived and it’s neither friend nor foe. But they are shielding it, keeping everything else away from it, giving it a flight path. Right now what’s happening is one arm of the military will put up its own back-engineered craft on Tuesday, then another arm of the military which is antagonistic to that arm will put its up. Now we’ve got these as well. And then you will get something that is off planet. This is the game if I can use that word, that is going on at the moment because there is a power vacuum in the most powerful country in the world. I know America is bankrupt, but it is still the most powerful country in the world in terms of its ability to put pressure on foreign governments. That is weakening and eventually will go. So what I’m saying is the next four to five days are a bit destabilized, and once the new person takes office then this will calm down. So not thankfully not too much to worry about just at the moment. So that’s my update. I do want to obviously take questions; it’s very important. That’s what we do on this show, but I want to make time after our break to our first break to talk a little bit about the project that I and Win and JayPee are all very involved in this and others. It’s a barter trade platform electronic system, which we are hoping if we can get the funding, to bring to the planet so I’m going to talk after the break a little bit about that and try and get that out into the human consciousness. So that’s where we are at the moment JayPee.
JP: Okay. So, here we are. Now we will get to the questions but okay so let’s ask this first question. Our first question is about going back to the source. Simon advises to imprint oneself with the thought I want to go back to the source. Good, yes I do, but there is an aspect that is worried what might happen to me, my soul, when I go back to source. Do I as an individual cease to exist? Do I just dissolve and start anew. I feel the opposition to the thought of dissolving actually.
SP: Right, no need to worry. If we go to source, then I can’t think of anything much better. A cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit sounds pretty good at the moment, but then going to source is the best thing that we can do for most people. You are not dissolved or discontinued or lapsed and started afresh. Your history is your history and that is what will appear in the Akashic records unless one has the connection with source to have them removed. Most people don’t have that right. So, and you wouldn’t want to remove it anyway so if you have a history, that is your history and has made you what you are, because if you lose that history, you will lose that learning. So good example, many, many people on the planet come here from a fourth dimensional phase and end up working the Vatican as a black magician. And they do that for awhile and they realize that it is awful and evil, not all of them unfortunately, but many of them and so they go through maybe three or four centuries of incarnating on the planet, moving further and further away from that until they end up as very independent spiritual, very psychic, but a very spiritual person and they have completely moved away from where they were five, six, seven hundred years ago or more. Now that person is the person whom they are today because of the experiences that have occurred to them, but the learning and understanding that came from that. So if you went to source and you had all that wiped out, then what the heck would be all the point of the two thousand or three thousand or million years of incarnation, because it would all be for nothing. So no, to go to source what happens is we get given the choice to break the pattern that we have been in and go somewhere else. So for instance let’s take somebody who is fifth dimensional, could be a Pleiadian, could be an Andromedian, could be some of the [19:25][?A mop chu us], plenty of others. That fifth dimensional person is created like we all are by source and has a life on many planets and then finally finishes off on Earth and goes through life here, and then manages to break through the net, finds a hole, gets a through and succeeds getting to source. Now that person can go anywhere now. That person might say I want to go to the sixth dimension or the seventh dimension or I want to go back to Earth. The point about going to source is that you have bundled the right to reconnect with your creator, and therefore you can be cast parted to anywhere you want to. So you still retain all of your memory, all of who you are but you are just elevated to the next level and so please have no fear. Going to source is the best thing you can do.
JP: So thank you. So meanwhile, this one is about astral assault. So, all right; it’s from Nate. All right, I’ve had this brief. . . Hello JayPee and Simon. I have had this problem frequently over the last year. When I am lying in bed and go to sleep I get this intense pulse of pressure inside my head. It is rather aggravating and wakes me up sometimes. It seems to be intelligent or at least sensitive since I can focus on it and the pulses or attacks as they seem to be increase in running until it is a constant pulsating rhythm that is very unpleasant. It always seems to be some sort of artificial and mechanical technology within my aura that has never acted on its own until recently. I thought about the pulsation sensation about two weeks ago when I was wide awake during a conversation with my girlfriend, and this time something seemed to be attempting to take me over somehow. I felt a strong squeezing in the back parts of my head and my brain and felt very uncomfortable every time she would say certain things, which were of a spiritual psychic nature. They were very good things she was describing, but something did not like her speaking such things and caused a lot of anxiety within me as I listened to her. This feeling was accompanied with a bad case of the heebie-jeebies or the creeps. I had to stand up against the wall because of the sensation of someone was standing behind me. Throughout my life I have had strange sensations that others were there with me all standing behind me looking over my shoulder. I have even caught a glimpse of shadows out of the corner of my eye during these episodes. I never let any of this bother me much but this last time was too much and kind of pissed me off. I became ill right after which I’m just getting over, almost I never get sick or ill. Am I being attacked by an entity or is it more simple than that? I don’t think anything would confirm its existence and give itself away with someone like me. This last episode seemed like some forces were attacking me. Please tell me what you think this is and what I should do to banish such things from my life. Thank you for all you do. Appreciate your humanity, Love, Nate. So long question.
SP: So yeah, it’s fairly classic. Actually it’s a fairly classic case. Negative and obviously negative. A negative force and we can look in a minute what that would be. A negative force will attempt in the first instance to take you out of your body so to take your energy self from the physical body. If you fight that and resist that, which is clearly what is happening here because the first part from what was written is exactly that. Some people describe it as a jittering sensation, some people are vibrational and some people just say it is very slight and other people say it is like being almost [23:29][?unintelligible], because everyone’s energy and perception of energy is different. So if something is trying to lift you out of your body on several occasions which might be in a twenty second years of your life and he is failing then he will go further for direct assault. Now the person who wrote in is very, very helpful; he gave us detail and what they wrote was that they stood against the back of a wall because they thought something, somebody was behind them. That’s really helpful, because what we call that is overlay, and it’s not many miles from what David Icke many years ago now was trying to alert people to, but back in those days it was just too much for most people to grasp. What happens when an entity cannot remove you from your body because you are just too spiritual or you are just too strong, it will attempt to wrest over you. You know if you take a sheet or a handkerchief and you drop it over an object, it will drop over that object and it will bulge and it will follow those lines of the object. You usually drop it over a jug or a part of something, or form around it. So what they will try and do is drop onto your aura, see if you yield, and if they can’t penetrate the auric field, they will drop around it and they always attack you in the back. All of them whether they are fourth dimensional entities or whether they are interdimensional demons simply because on the physical world there are eyes in the front of our head, and when you are psychic you normally have seventy-five percent psychic visibility to front and the remaining twenty-five percent is at the back. Some people have fifty-fifty or what have you, but the majority of people on the planet in the moment with psychic ability and it is reduced behind them, [but] ability to the front of them doesn’t, where the third eye is. So you will always be attacked from the back. That tells me that something is trying to connect with him and take him over. Fortunately it is very classic. It is very common, and because he is aware of it, I think it is a guy. Because he is aware of it he’d be right that it is not going to try and open a dialogue with him. Often these things will try and do a deal with you. I suggest, well the good news to just change the subject slightly, but we are answering the question. The good news is that I’m on the verge of going through lots of people who wanted bookings; I’m starting back on the booking lines again, you know, so I would suggest that he email me. He will have to take his place because there are other people who have emails and I’m going to be on them, but I think it would possibly benefit him to have a one-to-one chat with me, and I can give him some specific individual ways in which he can help himself, but to do that I’m going to have to learn a bit about him. Because what these rather pathetic entities do is they attempt to find what I like to term the back door and we talked earlier about people who had been magicians, but if you in past lives, have been around something, done something you will have [27:11][?retained] this, because it’s part of what we learned, and we should love every part of us, but nevertheless there will be a past or frequency or a malevolent which something negative can come through, you know, pick the lock or try and get in. That’s what they always do and if you can just bar that, that’s a part of your species, then we can very increasingly stop it, so very good question, good because there are more people out there than you would imagine, who get self psychic attacks. Thank you.
JP: Yeah, we get an awful lot of that. Simon I’m going to need to reconnect with you. The line is terrible so just repick up the phone in second please, and I’m just going to call Simon back just to get that. . . probably just get the Wi-Fi sorted out, and connected to us in real time. There we go. Simon are you back with us now?
SP: [static][voice breaking up][28:06]
JP: Still pick up.
SP: Can you hear me?
JP: Yeah are you close to the Wi-Fi? Could you move closer to one?
SP: I’m on it.
JP: You are on it.
SP: I’m on the same machine that we have used before when you said this is bad. . .
JP: Maybe they have gotten to this one. All right, so let me try one more time. If I’m lucky, one moment. Okay.
SP: Are you there?
JP: Yeah, yeah this is still a bit ropy. Anyway, let’s crack on. Okay, you can hear me, are you, am I as they say wall to wall, no distortion or anything?
SP: No, it’s fine. I don’t have any problem here at all.
JP: Right. Okay, here we go. This is from Destiny Calls. Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you both so much for all your inspiring work. My question is regarding the two-twenty, the two-hundred-and-twenty-one year old mystery of Oak Island in Nova Scotia. For the last few years, two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina have been trying to uncover the mystery. Do you know what is buried there, who buried it, and why? And are the Knights Templar involved?
SP: And is this the, there are so many things on this planet that I’m not. . .
JP: Oak Island is like a shaft. There is a shaft that goes right down and they. . . [both talking at once] Like what?
SP: Is it a treasure chest? Is this the supposed treasure chest of pirate’s gold?
JP: Oh possibly, you know. People do all sorts of things with that, but Oak Island is supposedly this place that was. . .
SP: Then this is where they built the lock[cofferdam?]). They, several teams or several groups have gone down and they have extended the shaft, and I think at so many feet they found some iron, and some metal, which they thought might have been a treasure chest, and then they went beyond it, and it’s rock and then clay, but it keeps flooding all the time. Is this the one?
JP: Yeah the flooding one. That’s the one, yes.
SP: Okay, good.
JP: So the question, what is buried there, who buried it, and why?
SP: It is Knights Templar, and originally it was a sacred object. The sacred was removed and a treasure chest was placed there simply because they wanted people to dig and find treasure, and it would then not lead them on to the Knights Templar connection. And I think from what I have been told, that the treasure was collected a long time ago. I think there was a concerted effort in the 1930s and then again in the 1970s, but by then the treasure had already been found and taken, so it was originally a sacred object that was hidden in there that the Knights Templars had lost, or one faction or somebody broke away from it and hid a certain object and then the group came back and reclaimed it, so I hope that helps.
JP: Do you know what the object is?
SP: Yes. I’m not going to give that out over the air because it is one of the controlling objects, that, there are a number of objects that on their own don’t do anything, but when you place these objects together in a set pattern, and then you have a very certain resonance one that resonates which then activates the other, but like Stonehenge, if you can sit one stone resonating, that’s why they have the cross lintels on the top. It passes in resonation to the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and then you form a circle of energy. Tesla would understand this really well. So it is one of the objects here that has got to be battled over. There are a number of objects hidden in places that might surprise people, and the time is coming where these objects will have to be fought over so that’s as far as I go with you at the moment. Good question.
JP: Very good question. The force of ancient technology comes to mind. Anyway Shirley, Shirley says my question, very simple question, is what dimension are the Mantids from that you can actually go through a portal and feel it?
SP: Fourth, fourth dimension. Higher thoughts. It’s vast but confusing but when we talk about a dimension, there are layers to a dimension. Perhaps it’s like Lower Manhattan and Upper Manhattan, it’s all part of Manhattan but one part is perhaps considered a bit down a heel, a bit seedy and one is a bit more upmarket. While I’m joking, it’s not a million miles from the truth. It’s a force. The lower force is a very dense heavy resonating energy whilst the upper force while still fourth dimensional is a much lighter, and it’s a bit like milk and cream. Milk sinks to the bottom and cream rises to the top, and so it is with energy. That, that which is a clearer vibrational rate will seek to move upwards in a hierarchical manner, so the Reptilians, the Dracos are in the lower fourth dimension and they are on the verge of creating a universe, an energy universe, an energy dimension within an energy dimension. In other words, a bubble. They are going to be trapped within a dimension within a dimension, and there is no escape from that. Whereas the Mantids are in the higher fourth, and are seeking to move on to the fifth, so I hope that helps.
JP: Good, good. Dimensions, yeah, I mean it is like this is the emotional plane isn’t it, the fourth dimension.
SP: Yes.
JP: And so there are emotions that are lower emotions and higher emotions. There’s love and [34:55][vullet], and is that their path to travel up through the emotional plane?
SP: Well. . .
JP: Is this why the Greys are wiped out because they tried to get away from emotions? Are they also fourth, I’m sorry I’m asking crazy questions, but how did the Greys, how do the Greys relate to the Reptilians and the Mantids?
SP: Well I don’t think the questions are crazy. If you ask me about flat earth, then the crazy question would be a flag.
JP: It’s a crazy question flag.
SP: Crazy questions. No you asked about the Greys. I will just remind, you know, our newbies to the show that there are many different sorts of Greys. There are the Hollywood Greys, the ones that they wish to program everybody with so that when they do a full-strike alien invasion, they are the ones that you know, your key ring, your fridge magnet, you know, your sticker, your T-shirt. That is the alien that people are being brain washed with because that is what they expect and that’s what they are going to use if they go down a false alien invasion. That’s why every damned alien that you see is a Grey with the big almond eyes. That’s only one aspect of the Grey race. That almond-eyed alien has no soul in its body at all. It is a clone. It is electronically, psychically commanded, and therefore it does not have emotions. All it has is self-preservation. So if you ran at a Grey with a spade or shovel or pick, it would have emotional self-preservation, but it wouldn’t have the emotion of love, understanding. That’s why when people are abducted, partly a Grey won’t have any compassion or if they ask questions why are you doing this to me, because a Grey doesn’t understand that. It doesn’t have any connection. I’m doing it because I have been told to do it. But you would be in the fourth dimension with no hope of redemption unless you can challenge your own creation, but if you don’t have a soul in your body, as far as I’m concerned, you are not a lifeform. I don’t call anything that is devoid of a soul a lifeform. I call it a robot or something like that. Remember in most Grey alien spacecraft only one member of the crew on the flight deck has a soul. The others don’t need a soul. So in the craft that crashed at Roswell, the one that was mostly complete out of I think six or seven in the crew, but only the pilot who was a female had a soul. All the rest had no soul; they didn’t need it. They were just there to control the machines, the consoles that they were operating. So they don’t actually count as far as I’m concerned but if you have a stow and then you learn the fourth dimension, you are staring at oblivion down the barrel of a gun and the Mantids and others in the fourth dimension realize this very, very early on, and said we are not going to get caught like the Reptilians and go down this trap because it’s a dead end. We are not going anywhere. And the Reptilians still to this day are glued to their lifestyle and their belief systems. They are not in a position to challenge them so you have a lower fourth dimension, which has some Greys from different star systems, or just one star system, you have the Draconius Reptilians and there’s two other forms of Reptilians as well down there but then you have the vast majority of the fourth dimension, which has some Greys in it, some Reptilians, and a wide range of humanoids, and of course the Mantis. And once, or if, this subsection of the fourth dimension buzz off, and forms a dimension within a dimension, the Reptilians are absolutely trapped. They will not be able to evolve. You know, let’s face it, that’s what we want them to do. We want them to learn and evolve, but they will be dumb forever. And so a lot of the wheeling and dealing and shenanigans that have been taking place on the planet over the last five or six years are Draconius Reptilians attempting to extricate themselves from the dead-end they are in without losing face. So that’s a really good question and we could go on but we mustn’t. Thank you for the question.
JP: Maybe we should do some other shows like, when you’ve got some time we will do some other. . .
SP: You know you say this everytime, everytime we get on, you know, we get a subject that starts to get really meaty.
JP: Yeah, I hope somebody is making notes, which ones we should do.
SP: Or very vegetably because there are lots of us who don’t eat meat. So when it gets really good, and we are made aware that there are topics that are not being covered really to the depth on the alternative media; they are just not being covered. So maybe what needs to happen is some of the listeners need to write in their top two or top three, and then you could just choose one or two and then we could do a special show.
JP: That would be great; that would be awesome because like you say you know, there are so many different, I mean like one of the things that is currently like squizzling around in my head, like who, all right, the difference between the Draco, Dragons, the Annunaki, Anu, Enki, and Enlil, those guys. Are they all the same thing, being, or did I just list out four different races?
SP: Well I think that’s your first question so why don’t you do this, why don’t you just
JP: Somebody make me a note please. Vanessa, can you make me a note? You know let’s do the Reptilian shows.
SP: Do a callout to the audience and see what they want and then I will be happy to go with what the majority wants.
JP: That would be awesome and so anytime you have got some available time. We could even just do it as an off-the-air recording if you want and have the time.
SP: Well whatever is best for you JayPee, whatever you want to do.
JP: Okay, right thank you, right. Let’s move on and then we will work with this. Right. So, okay, just to move on. All right so we mentioned the Greys, the Reptilians and the [41:50][Alks]. Simon Parkes. Dear Simon, this is from Defeat NWR. The Archons, to me they are like a catalyst that is forcing this change in human consciousness on Earth. Would the same consciousness shifts have occurred if they had never manipulated the Reptilians who go on to manipulate us both physically and spiritually. What other force have we got here?
SP: Yeah, hum. The standpoint that I am looking at I don’t know at the time before the Archons were around there was, but it is such in a dim and distant past, and all of us on this planet and everywhere else that are, you know, connected by the decisions of others have made us what we are. So if we were to take the Archons out of the equation would the Reptilians have done what they did, if the Reptilians hadn’t done what they did, would humanity now be in a position to break free? And wonderful, wonderful film called It’s a Wonderful Life, which I think has James Stewart in it and was made in 1947, one of my favorite, favorite all-time films, black and white film. And in it an angel is sent down to show James Stewart that if he hadn’t done what he did or if he hadn’t been born, this is how the world or the town he lived in would have been, and he is taken and shown, and it’s hell on earth, that it’s dreadful and what the angel is saying to him is if you individually hadn’t been here, this is what would have happened. So if we take out any individual in history the effect is incredible, so the Archons have a right to live and evolve and attempt to be better. Everything has the right to do that, but what we have to do I think is to say does the good outweigh the evil? And then refuse to say what is, you know, what outweighs what. Who has the right to do that and only source as far as I’m concerned has the right to make that judgment. What source tends to do is to say I created this. I created it; it is not a zoo. I don’t go in and prod the bear with a stick or deprive it of food on Tuesday and give it food on Wednesday and see what it does. I created it and I want to walk away and observe it from a distance, because to do anything else is to artificially change the consciousness decision of each living creature. So if we were to take away the Archons, humanity might not be loads better. We might be absolutely fantastic, or we could be in a position that we could never evolve quickly. So I think what we’ve got to do is to say, “This is where we are at. This is what we’ve got.” Right, this is who we are. What do we need to do knowing what we know and I think that it is not helpful to say, “What if,” or “If this hadn’t happened,” because we’ve got to live for the present; we’ve got to love who we are and what we are and say, “Right this is what we have to do.” It’s a good question but I wouldn’t spend too much time debating it because it’s negative, because it’s you know, this is where we are; this is what we’ve [45:38][caught]. You know if you have a book and it’s got a hundred pages in it, and you say, “But I wonder what would have happened if I had never written page fifty-seven?” But you’ve got page fifty-seven and there is no point in thinking like that. So I hope that’s a helpful answer.
JP: Okay, thank you, yes. Now on to earthly matters, very earthly matters, very dull earthly matters. From Patty M. It is reported that DynCorp performs a crucial step in child trafficking and oil piplines. DynCorp owner, Steve Feinberg, is an advisor to Trump. Rex Tillerson is also said to be involved. Is Trump complicit in the child trafficking pipeline or is he unaware or what?
SP: Right. There are a number of people around Trump who I wouldn’t have in my house to sit down to have tea and cake. As far as I’m concerned Mr. Trump is not a Satanist and hasn’t involved himself in anything like that. What Trump has done has been money management. That’s where he has thrown all his energy, business, power, building an empire. And in fact, it was a great shock to many people when they realized just how huge his company is. And in fact, Mr. Trump has more money than when Mr. Rockefeller became vice president, so I think Trump is throwing all his energies into a very 3D business world, which actually puts him into a very strong position to put business in America back on its feet. But there are a number of people around Mr. Trump who don’t have quite that clear cut background. The difficulties for an incoming president, who is not part of the elite and let me make that clear. Trump is not part of the elite. Yes he is an elite businessman; yes he is elite because he’s got billions of dollars, but he’s not part of the political elite. He is not welcome by them. So in order to gain access to meetings with individuals who are part of that group, he’s felt that he had to engage people who got a foot in both camps. And that they act as a conduit. They act as a pipeline for him, I didn’t mean jokes there, to communicate with these people who you can’t push away. You are talking about, not just an organization that’s got multibillions of dollars, but you’ve got an organization that probably most people won’t notice. Many of these organizations have private armies. I don’t mean gangs of people; I mean armies. They actually have several hundred or thousand private armies, men who are ex-military, either mercenaries or from the regular op forces and they are contracted to carry guns for these corporations. Now there are individuals out there who run companies that are as big as small countries, so you’ve got an incoming president who is not privy to a lot of what’s going on because he himself hasn’t taken part in any of those things. He will in his case feel that he needs to engage with people who can make that happen so that’s it. I’m not excusing it; I’m not. . . that’s the situation, and what we need to do is to do away with all this horrible evil so that that doesn’t happen and you wouldn’t need to engage with people like that. You could just be upfront and open, but at the moment on this planet that’s not possible. So that is the reason that there are a number of people who are fighting Trump who have a foot in both camps, so I hope that’s a helpful answer.
JP: Yeah, my short answer would be you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as the old saying goes so that you can keep an eye on whatever anyone is doing. All right, so this is from Maria and taking it to the east end. Hi Simon, is there a danger that Kaliningrad will be attacked from NATO troops in Poland?
SP: Not if President Trump has got anything to do with it. Remember that NATO, seventy-five percent of NATO’s wages and budget comes from America. So NATO is like the United Nations, can’t do anything unless Americans authorize it. Angela Merkel in Germany does not want a war on her doorstep and if you remember last year I and many other commentators kept people up to speed in what on earth is going on; that’s why there was an attempt to kill Angela Merkel or attempt to kidnap her last year. Germany does not want a war on its borders. Poland, Czechoslovakia, you know, who don’t want a rerun of the Second World War. It’s not going to happen. What is more likely is that somebody who is completely around the twist, completely mad, will attempt to put false information out, which would appear to threaten Russia in the hope that Russia will literally come across the border, and they have tried it several times in the last two years, attempting to get President Putin to order some form of military incursion, and which then these people can claim is an aggression of war. No, NATO is not going to do that.
JP: That was longer than a semicolon. Andrea.
SP: Were you going to sleep?
JP: I was in the kitchen stirring the kettle.
SP: Oh that’s cool.
JP: Dear Simon, thank you and hope you are well. . . Who was in the base under the North Pole and who attacked it and who has the base under the South Pole?
SP: Well.
JP: Polarizations
SP: [static] looking at my website. Thank you very kindly. I might ask my webmaster to very kindly put my update on there. I always wonder how many people actually go to the website and keep an eye on it. We had what was reported as an earthquake. That’s how it would show up on a seismic reading. I think the first one was about 4.8 on the Richter scale and then a few days later another one, one hundred—this is the North Pole—one hundred miles due north of the first one, much bigger, 5.2 on the Richter scale and this is a measuring station in America which is not controlled by the elite because all the elite monitoring stations were told not to report it. Now that immediately makes you, not just suspicious, it makes you aware of what’s going on. There are two possibilities. I got two bits of information; I actually got three. Let’s be honest, two saying one thing, and one saying another so, don’t if we don’t mind, we’ll slug it two down the same road. We’ll go with it and that was that there was an underground base in the North Pole area was taken out, and then a few days later, three days later a hundred miles north another one was taken out. So I got two independent reports of that, but then a third report came in saying that it wasn’t an underground base in the North Pole; it was submarines. Now I find it difficult to understand how a nuclear powered submarine could be destroyed without a massive show on the ice, so my hunch goes with underground bases. Certainly the independent seismic measuring station says it was fifteen miles, one-five miles under the Earth’s crust, which is pretty deep but it just about the right temperature for Reptilians. Remember Reptilians need heat, and they don’t need oxygen but they certainly need heat. So I believe that the semi-axis base and a base that was muscled a hundred miles north of the semi-axis base were taken out. That is the North Pole. The South Pole, you know, we need a radio show just on that because that is really all about Hitler; it’s all about the splinter group of Nordics, and it goes right back to Numeria, and I mean that’s a huge story so maybe we can make that as one of the special topics, one of the special shows.
JP: Yes indeed.
SP: The North Pole is the one that is in the news at the moment, and it looks to me like underground bases have been completely and utterly taken out, okay.
JP: Yeah when you talk about, what was it a hundred and fifty miles?
SP: No, no, one-five.
JP: Fifteen miles. Okay, so fifteen miles below the surface. It’s likely to be a cavern that is potentially accessible by submarine and maybe there is a base there as well, so it may be all of those, all of the above.
SP: I hadn’t considered that and now that you have said that I have just run it through. That is highly probable simply because in 1945 when Hitler escaped to South America by submarine in this particular lavish house that was by a lake, they built submarine pens, where the submarine could come in from the major oceans through to this lagoon, this lake, and also in the Rhode Island in America, Montauk[2], that was a special submarine pen.
JP: Yes.
SP: Lots of U-boats were arriving in 1943, 1944, 1945 with equipment to help to build Montauk, so you may well have hit upon the truth and that would explain why three separate security bits of information, which appear not to match, could match. Thank you.
JP: Brilliant. So next, right okay, right, okay, so this is from Neil. Dear Simon, On Wolf Spirit Radio about twelve months back you were lead through a meditational process similar to meditation apparently to protect all children from serious harm. In case it jogs your memory, I remember your concern that your cats were feeling worried about you during your course of your live meditation, so you asked someone to stroke one of your cats. Please simply say tell me how that particular focus serves to protect. Explain the mechanics for I don’t understand how it works. If any kind of result was sought by engaging in this, then to what extent was it successful? Does that make sense?
SP: The question makes sense.
JP: Yeah, okay.
SP: But I do not believe that I would have ask anybody to psychically stroke one of my cats.
JP: Yeah, I don’t remember that bit.
SP: I am trying to imagine, they could have been. . . I wonder if this person is confusing it with the earlier mash videos that were done where I was supposedly going through a regression. This was about six or seven years ago and I was psychically attacked, and one of my cats jumped up onto my lap because it was aware of what was going on. It was a white cat and we were quite close, and then I came up for attention and I stroked the cat. Now that is I believe what has happened. Now the question. . . I don’t know where that question has come from, so later.
JP: Yeah, Germany, [some people] have very long memories. Okay, well do you want to move on from that?
SP: Yeah, absolutely I’ve answered it.
JP: All right, so this is from Ji-Joe Matthew. I don’t even know how to pronounce this. All right. I wish both of you a happy and prosperous new year. I have a Cintamani stone, and recently read whenever a Cintamani stone is posited into the soil somewhere around the world, the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot. What would you advise me to do? Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
SP: I may know this by a different name. Sometimes ancient Indian, what we call Veda scripts, will refer to sacred objects, which can be buried in the ground and can be activated at a later date. When we receive something, we have to know the providence of what we receive. It is very, very dangerous to obtain something and not really know where it has come from and accept it into your life as holy and pure, and then go and do something with it only to find you have brought a Trojan Horse, you know, into the Earth. So with any object that you intend to place, it’s much better if you take something that is not tainted either one way or the other, and then you put your good intent into it yourself. So you put your own intention into the object, and then you place the object where you feel it will do the most good. So there are people who will pass the bank of England and they drop crystals, which they put good intent into, not because they want to make money but because want to counteract the evil force that is money. There are people who will go to a holy spring and place objects because they want to enhance that spring, or if something is threatened you know. You know we had the big battle with the pipeline and sacred objects can be buried to strengthen the Earth or core energies help to that location, and I’m all for that. What I’m saying is you don’t put anything like that unless you know exactly what it is, and you know that it is containing good energy. And the best way to do that is to put your own good energy into it, and don’t rely on someone else to do it for you. Thank you.
JP: Okay, a quick Wikipedia report that the Cintamani is the wish-fulfilling jewel in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
SP: That was Indian.
JP: Yeah so it’s said to be something the equivalent of a philosopher’s stone. Yeah here we go, well it’s a Mani Jewel image, Simon, [Buddhist origin] so there we go. May your wishes all be fulfilled. There we go. Ah, Loren, you have talked in the past that many souls have incarnated into the Pleiades in order to prepare them for life on Earth.
SP: Yes.
JP: My question is what would be the personality traits of someone that has bypassed that whole process and comes straight to Earth?
SP: Shock. Shock, disorientation. Many of these people commit suicide. Many of them live a life like a hermit. Many of them have nervous breakdowns or mental breakdowns, because when you come from a pure setting and you come to this place, the shock of it is just too much. If you come from a place where you have good intentions and you believe and you know I’m going to go down to that planet and they are going to want to hear what I’ve got to say. They are going to want to do this you know I’m going to be given a fair chance to speak, or once I show them the way forward they are going to do it, and of course these people come here, and they open their mouth or they try and do something, they are immediately jumped on and attacked, and they think, but why is this, and they cannot get their head around it. A number of people who are animal rights activists who come here and have come from Lyra, because Lyra being sixth dimensional as a right to life is a very important majority of animal rights peoples are Lyrans or, I’m using the term lightly and with good humor, reformed Reptilians. Remember a reformed Reptilian is every bit as helpful to the planet as a pure Lyran, and these people are just disgusted and appalled at what the vast majority of humans accept as normal. So if you go to the Pleiades and you say teach me. Show me to be resilient. Show me what I must expect. Lyrans have indomitable souls and but what you need is that firewall between the organic feelings of your mind and what you experience and the demands or the trueness of your soul, and if you don’t have that firewall, the one is totally in shock with the other. So people go to the Pleiades because the Pleiadian people are the most successful people, a human group for surviving. They give as good as they get, you know. And about four years ago I got into hot water, because I said, you know, Pleiadians aren’t all sweetness and light. Pleiadians are tough, and of course lots of people took it the wrong way as usual, got up on their high horse and, oh, you know, Pleiadians this, that and the other. But that’s why Pleiadians are strong. That’s why we talk about every other word is a Pleiadian; that’s why everybody wants to be a Pleiadian, because they are perceived to be survivors, and perceived to be strong. You can’t, you know, you can’t stand on the edge of a sea in a sand castle waving a flag if you are built of sand because the sea will just cut your legs from under you and wash you away. You need to be made of some sterner stuff. The Pleiadian group is. Now that’s not to devalue the Lyran group or Arcturus group or any other group. But history has shown that different humanoid groups have gone to the Pleiades to say I’m going to Earth. I’m on a mission. I volunteered for this. Please give me some pointers and they give them pointers and then off they go to Earth, so I hope that’s a good answer.
JP: Indeed yes. My feeling is this. Well, I, you know, I’m starting to get memories about this and that it’s basically the Pleiadians are the Lyrans who decided that they would do something about it, and what I’m trying to remember and so went forward in time to a place where there are no Reptilians anymore and then started to figure out how to become a supersoldier, so. . .
SP: Yeah I will go along with some of that; I can go along with some of that, but I just wanted to make it clear that the Lyrans are the most purest form of humanity because if you put a Lyran next to a Pleiadian, whilst the Pleiadian is obviously physically strong, it is the Lyran that is indomitable, so give me a Lyran anytime in terms of connection to source, so one wouldn’t work without the other. Anyway I think it’s teatime JayPee.
JP: I think it is and I think it’s time to walk the dinosaurs don’t you?
SP: You lost me there.
JP: And welcome back to Connecting Consciousness with myself, JayPee, and your host Simon Parkes. Well so, you said there was something you wanted to talk about after the break so we have broken. . .
SP: You sound like a schoolteacher JayPee.
JP: Now Mr. Parkes.
SP: Oh lovely, right yes I do. I had a message from down the pike as we could call it, saying it was time to perhaps talk more about a world without money. I’m trying to get that through into the consciousness but we do live in a world of money, and that’s the world that we have at the moment. So this is the right time, first of all, to thank people for sending their donations to me and you know it’s about giving dignity. If I didn’t have the donations from people then the system would literally have me by the ear holds. If I didn’t have donations to keep me afloat to do the work I do, to keep independent, then the system would obviously get its claws into me, and soon I think be stopped from doing what I do. That’s why it’s so important for people whether they give me one pound or one dollar or whatever it is. It is all grateful and it is all about preventing the establishment from manipulating me through money so I’m just going to read through some people who helped me out over Christmas actually, So [Brew aught x en ger], Sheena, Rebecca, Ditmar, Sanjay, Frederick, Michael, Tom, Sean, John, Theodore. A.C. Futures, Dawn, Ada, Chris, Margaret, Murray, Catherine, Kim, Bruno, Kersknopf, Eva, Joan, Fristian, Michelle, Mike, Mikele, Candice, Joan, think I might have said Eva, but Eva again anyway, Martin, Logo Sophia, and Jackie. There were others; I can only go so far with my radio show thank you, but anyone who has donated over Christmas period, thank you for keeping me independent and out of the clutches of the system, because I have absolutely no doubt that the system would love, not just me, but many people like me, would like to control us. So there we go that’s me saying thank you. I wanted to. . .
JP: Thank you Simon, that’s a really good point is the more you are out of money stress, the more you can tell the truth without having, you know, without being influenced at all.
SP: Yes. It is for all us isn’t it JayPee, because if you rely on the system to support you financially, because they will come in you know. If I was down on my knees, somehow the system would come in and say oh you know we would like to give you the this; they might be from some guy from the Vatican. I’m being deadly serious. Some guy from the Vatican just might just suddenly appear on my doorstep and say, “We hear you are in a bit of a difficult situation.” You got a parking ticket; you can’t pay for it, or you’ve got a phone bill you can’t pay for and we would like to give you a thousand dollars or a thousand pounds and you say, “Oh that’s fantastic. That’s going to keep my head above water. Thank you ever so much.” I accept that and then two weeks later. . . we don’t really like you talking about this subject. Can you drop this topic? And that’s what they do. They hook you and then they start to exert pressure. Because people donate to you JayPee and to me and to others, it gives us that freedom to carry on being independent. And you know that’s what I want people to understand. It allows us to do the work we do.
All right so I wanted to talk about money on this planet. People who hold hands on this know that money from Babylon had a spell placed on it but people who just come to the topic recently will be quite horrified to learn that when the money comes that it was created purely and simply to control humanity. If you listen to people’s conversations in the bar, in the pub, or on the bus or the train, it’s all about really how much money you earn and what job you do or what you did at work today or you were late at work. Well this I know, money and work dominate conversations, and that’s deliberate because it’s about the control system. You are meshed into a system. And we have money that controls us so you have money, and you put it in the bank. Now you are fearful that if anything happens you will lose your money from the bank, and you are continually looking at how much money you’ve got, what you spent it on and whether you can afford a holiday, whether you can afford this bill or that bill and that’s what dominates your decision making so love and light begins to reduce and how much money have I got. Can I afford this? Can I do that?
So the audience will not be shocked so that when Keech and I work together on a number of projects. Yes, we have, we are independent, but there are a number of projects we work together on, and we are well advanced in a particular project, which wants to move away from the cash system that we have on this planet which is a Babylonian spell driven system, and we want to move toward a barter and trade system. Now the purest amongst us quite rightly will say all money, all trade is wrong, and I would agree with them, but you cannot move a planet that’s been God knows how many thousands of years with a bard, with a money system, you can’t move it to a world without it in one move alone. You have to go gradually. Now there is an economic crash coming. It’s not just me saying it. It’s not just commentators in alternative. It is actually main street people and, you know, I can prove it that on this radio show by giving mainstream newspapers writing about it. So if we have a financial situation coming that is going to affect paper money and the electronic money, Win and I decided we needed something that would survive this and give ordinary people a real ability to maintain a standard of living. So what we’ve got is an app for your funds which could only be created by Win Keech, because of his, he was the creator of all the secure encoding for credit and debit cards called chip and pen. So everytime a person puts their debit card or credit card into a reader, it was Win Keech who created the encryption service that sends out information electronically to the mag. No one else on the planet could do it. He did it, and I don’t think he’d mind me saying that he had a visit from the National Security Agency who came all the way from America to Britain to say to him, “We can’t crack your code. Can we do a deal with you?” And the deal basically was we will leave you alone if you tell us. Well I don’t know what deal he did. I think he just walked away from it because Win is a very upright person. But the point is that he created that so he’s got an encryption code for this new app that no one else can have, and the way it would work in a brief way is that if you have an individual person and you have six eggs which is going to be very simple, six eggs and you don’t need six eggs but someone four streets away had a pint of milk and you want the milk. This app, you put into it your ordinary cell phone, your ordinary mobile phone, you put into this app, I’m looking for this; I’m looking for milk. It will actually give you the person’s details and you then do a transaction with them and you will do the exchange. You physically have to go and do the exchange, but it will do that exchange so it’s not like PayPal or eBay because this will exchange it. If you are a person who doesn’t have any money at all, but you are physically capable and you say I will dig your garden and you are a dentist, and will you please pull my tooth out because I can’t afford the medical bills, but I’m happy to dig your garden for you and the app will say okay, so many hours of digging a garden is equal and we got all the currency equal wen after its inventor, Win Keech, so we would initially put one pound or one dollar equals one win so you would then trade so many hours of your work for something else. Now if you were a business and you are a shopkeeper and you’ve got, let’s have a hundred bottles of sparkling water and you have a sell-by-date time, and you are not going to get rid of them. Well you can do a deal with another shop. And you can trade what you’ve got for something they’ve got. While it be company-like, like a car company and you’ve got twenty limousines that you are not going to sell; there is no way you are going to sell them. This app would allow you to trade with an advertising company. You might say give us three or four limousines and we will give you free airtime on a national television. So this is designed for ordinary people, for the middle range, and for the top range, but it is designed to actually show people that there is another way to trade by valuing people’s efforts and work, and not just purely putting a price on it. It is also about saying look if the system comes down, you go to the cash machine and you put your card in the wall and it doesn’t give you any money, and it’s not likely to for a number of days, if you have the system, you can trade. You can actually trade and if there’s a devaluation, which I’m expecting at some point in the future, that will not devalue the system. So if you have one hundred wins in our system, and suddenly outside. . .
JP: Hang on Simon. Simon give me a second. Sorry Simon your signal has degraded considerably. Let me just. . . [1:19:03][unintelligible exchange] I’m just going to call you back, reset the call, find some different IP addresses, lock on to the database, and that sounds a bit better. Okay, so yeah, Simon are you with me?
SP: JayPee this just absolutely shows that basically what’s happening here is we are talking about planet changes.
JP: Exactly.
SP: And that is absolutely key right on the mark, so I am going to go on a bit more because these nasty people don’t want us to get out. . . [both talking at once] one way or the other.
JP: Can I call your cell phone? Can I call you on your cell phone?
SP: Do you have the number for it?
JP: Yes, it should be ringing any second now, and we can bring you in on that. Hopefully we will have a much more stable signal on the cell phone. Oh you went clear in the other room didn’t you? You bring your cell phone in the other room. Okay, this might take a little while. So Simon can you hear me on this end?
SP: Well I’ve got the phone.
JP: Right, okay.
SP: The interference is at this end so it is obviously once it leaves me and the information is going to you. That is when is being hit.
JP: All right.
SP: I can hear you fine.
JP: Okey doke, right, okay, so, yeah if you go back to your. . . you were doing the rap about being able to exchange. . . what’s interesting is you know a lot of companies actually do that anyway at the moment, you know in the general business.
SP: At the moment yes.
JP: That there is a barter system that they use. Not many people know about this, but you can, you know, exchange hotel rooms for limousines or extra to order computers that have been over-batched or stuff like that. Industry is doing this, so it’s like all the systems are already here, just nobody knows about them.
SP: The thing is JayPee, they are not coordinated, and this would be for everybody, whether they are Indian, Venezuela, the States, Britain, it doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t just be for the elite; it would be for everybody, and it wouldn’t be controlled by a corporation. And what we want to do is for everyone who buys into the system has a vote, and at the end of the year we would ask people to put forward good causes, I don’t mean a good cause like this charity or that charity. We might actually have some pretty big planet changing views and then we would fund whatever we could, make it the first top three, but it would be done by the users themselves with votes what they wanted, and so really what we want to do is to provide a system that provides people with a means to survive if there is a financial crash, provides businesses to keep ticking due to business takeover for lack of if they employee people with jobs, and gives stability and structure to a very difficult time, but it educates people that money is not the sole reason we should [1:22:42][make use to help each other to be good and to try and live by himself or ??, and that’s what we could do on this planet even ?? to the end]. Actually we then try and change.
So by contrasting this system with the current system I hope that people who have no knowledge of Wolf Spirit Radio will suddenly say, well these guys can do it. Why can’t this bank do it? So anyway what we are doing is we are in the process of trying to find funding for it. We need a lot of money because we need programmers. We’ve got programmers already lined up. These are the same programmers that are known to Win. We have everything ready, ready to roll, but we don’t have the money to do it. Now I’m not putting a call out for money. That’s not what I’m doing. I don’t want a call out for money for this project. I just want the call out for consciousness and that this planet must move away from the concept of electronic money that has no value whatsoever forwarding bits of paper that mean nothing. We must move to a system that is barter and trade, and then from that we can move to something else. So I’m just getting this out in a different way to consciousness now because we must have this on the planet. We must break the stranglehold to the bank. The banks control us. And you know, you have a house, you pay a mortgage on the house, you gain the house, and then you die and the government then charges you money for selling your house, to pass that money on, pass that house on to your children, so everything is literally about taking money from the market. We need to move to a system that is more equitable and more fair based market, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m just saying to people that we are working on something and please bear that in mind, and JayPee I know you very graciously accepted to be one of the guiding lights on this project because of your tremendous. . .  [1:25:04][static overrides speech]
JP: Simon there seems to be something like almost covering the microphone. Is there a cow on the laptop or something?
SP: [loud static][1:25:10]
JP: That’s weird. Now your sound is just like swishy sound. No it’s all, is there something on top of the laptop?
SP: No, nothing.
JP: Ah how really bizarre; it’s just doing really strange things. Maybe when you listen to the tape of it you will hear what’s going on. All right, okay, well let’s keep going, and let’s go back to the questions shall we?
SP: Well in a minute. JayPee we know then that this is planet changing. To have this level of interference like this tells me someone is very scared of this concept. Anyway, yeah, let’s go into the questions now, thank you.
JP: Okay, so this is from Silver Lightning. Dear Simon, what is the significance of the galactic wave that has recently passed through our region of space, especially on an interdimensional level. How does this one in particular relate to the energetic changes unfolding of this planet. Does[Is?] it not the beginning of the temple cycle or a [1:26:23][book like the Yu] does it, which was described by the Long Count of Mayans or perhaps even more universal than that; would very much appreciate any insight you can on the matter, share on matter. Love to you, God speed to you, thank you.
SP: I don’t know if you can hear me.
JP: You are a bit in the back of the box, so I’ll raise the volume as you speak so that will keep it even for people.
SP: Right. There have been a heck of a lot of energy waves that have been coming in recent years, certainly in recent months, It’s been like thinking fast. Most of the energy waves have been priming human consciousness but last few have been to actually shunt or push along, but it’s not just been on an energy level. It has been on a physical level, and very many spiritual people have been reporting lethargy, exhaustion, like they have been up all night feeling that they are quite shocked or quite fractious. This is because the physical is now being energized as much as the spiritual so they will begin to outstrip our physical bodies. Now our physical bodies have to catch up, then our energy body moves forward again and the physical catches up, and these waves that are coming through now are purely and simply designed to push humanity to a point that we, as a majority, become so aware that we see through everything that’s being placed to us, and that’s what’s happening. That’s what 2017 is about. 2017 is about a time of consciousness movement where people say, I’ve had enough; I can see what that is. You know if you did the twin towers now, there would only be a very small percentage of people who would buy the establishment’s lie. They just wouldn’t because we have all moved on so much, and a lot of this, not entirely, but a lot of it is due to the energy galactic waves that are bathing both the energy of the planet and the physical part of the planet, and we are biological beings, and our physical bodies are being interacted with, so you are absolutely right that these waves are key to the advancement of humanity and we can’t stop them you see. That’s the point. They do what they can with Wi-Fi and they bombard us with HAARP. They try everything they can to try to disrupt this natural God-type energy but they can’t, and they are just hell bent on trying to prevent humans from advancing. What they are doing is slowing up the process. They are slowing the process but they can’t stop it and that’s what all of this modern technology is about, much of it is designed to derail us but it won’t work, so it is a really good question. Thank you.
JP: Thank you very much. And, Andy, I love your work. Thank you so much. I would also love to see the different movements in individuals who are working for a more free and benevolent society to support each other. I’ve got the feeling that Dr. Greer is denying the existence of malevolent aliens because he may have a part Draco inside himself. All right, okay, let’s not talk about Dr. Greer.
SP: Oh let. . . we won’t talk about Mr. Greer but we will talk about the topic, or I want to talk about the topic; you don’t have to be involved JayPee. Many people have a part of their soul, which could be one group or another group, but it’s the choice you make, so you know I’ve always. . . I mean that’s why I think people who are trolls or whatever, attorneys, shills or whatever it is, is that they have a problem because I have always said from day one that I have a portion of me that is Reptilian, but I made a choice. I made a choice not to be like them. I mean I made a choice to stand with humanity and be different because I wanted freedom to the human race. I’m in a human body, therefore I must have chosen to be human for God’s sake, and I’m not in a Reptilian body; I’m in a human body, so if you feel that way, then you will say look there are malevolent hating, there are bad aliens, not just Reptilians for goodness sake. There is a whole host of bad guys out there; there is a whole host of good guys, but the vast majority are not interested one way or the other. Now to say or have no debate about malevolence is not to give the topic a full coverage. It is totally wrong to come at it from one viewpoint. There are people who say all aliens are good. There are another group of people who say all aliens are bad. Well okay I define one. Get fifty people in a room and tell me that all of those fifty people are good or all of those fifty people are bad. Why would the aliens be any different from us, so when I have spoken and I have said there are good aliens and there are bad aliens, but the vast majority in the middle don’t give a damn. They will all just go with whoever or whatever, or they will be totally disinterested. So I’m always suspicious of any commentator who will not move from that position, and I gave an example seven years ago when I approached the British UFO group, which in those days was the only UFO group that was available and I spoke to one of their coordinators and she said, “Oh I don’t believe in aliens. Everything is ghosts or everything is angels.” And I just laughed out loud and said, “You are in an alien, you know, support group or you are in a group that investigates aliens but you have already made your mind up. It’s all about ghosts or angels. How on earth can you possibly be independent?” So this is the point: that many people will form an opinion based on their own values and not take an interest in the evidence around them. I mean we must always look at the evidence and go with the evidence, and so that’s my answer so well I don’t mind talking about Mr. Greer sometime.
JP: Okay, okay, yes right. Now from Sherry who remember I showed you the scarf. Hello Simon, I hope you and your family are doing well during this incredibly difficult shift we are experiencing. I pose this question on behalf of many friends who are extremely concerned. They have been spraying chemtrails heavily every single day for months. There are so many people who are sick and suffering we are trying to figure out a way to help end this. Is there something that we can do, or does this need to play itself out between the cabal and the alliance. I think of you often and so much love from across the miles.
SP: Thank you ever so much. Thank you so much for thinking about me and other people and having just love in your heart. And we went through a phase about a year ago now when the chemtrails reduced dramatically in the United Kingdom by seventy-five percent and reduced by about twenty-five to thirty percent in the U.S., and this is because of a power vacuum that occurred at the very top families who were authorizing black budgets for the sprayings. Those power vacuums have been filled and you know this is the greatest answer to very misguided people who say, oh all the bad guys have been rounded up. They’ve all been rounded up; they’ve all been hunted down, but why have we still got chemtrails being sprayed, okay, that the last three months have seen more chemtrails sprayed in Britain than I think we have seen for a number of years, and I bet you that’s the same in America and in mainland Europe. And I talked earlier on our show literally about we are in this no man’s land at the moment where no one organization now has got ascendency, and because no one is challenging the chemtrails at that level. They are just going, as we say in Britain, hell from never. They are pouring out, but not just that. I warn people to be very, very attentive here. They are heavily seeding the chemtrails and then firing HAARP through it, and we will know when HAARP has been used through chemtrails because it creates, furrows like a farmer would plow a field. So you will see the chemtrails, but cutting across them longitudinally you will see fan shapes, lots and lots of little lines or ridges or furrows, and what they are doing is they are electrically exciting the particles in the chemtrails to spread them further a wider field dispersion and also to try to activate some of this semi-sentient contents of these chemtrails. So if anybody says to you that everybody has been rounded up; the good guys are in charge or we are just two days away or three weeks away and the white hats are doing this, that is nonsense. Nonsense in the sense that we are three days away from winning the battle; we’re not. We have moved a long way positively and we certainly are in a much stronger position than we were three months ago or six months ago, but the battle is not yet won. Sometimes this information is put out to make people think, ah I can sit back. I don’t need to be so attentive or I don’t need to do this. We’ve done it; we’ve done it. No we haven’t. We haven’t done it yet. How will we stop it? That’s got to come from the military. When Donald Trump becomes president, we will see a reduction in the chemtrails; it won’t stop, but it will go back to perhaps what it was two years ago.
When an area is being hit by it, it rather depends on what they are using. They will either use a bacteria or a virus, you know they’ll keep it in a jell to keep the organism alive while it’s going through the atmosphere, and if you see sticky stuff on the ground, that is a bacterial or viral attack on people. And usually aluminum, tungsten, bits of metal. There are other things which are quite thin stuff usually that is sinister and there are some other things that are even more sinister due to fourth dimensional entities. But the only way to do it is firstly to have the most healthy diet you can, secondly to believe that you will not succumb to whatever they are going to do to you. Say, don’t deny what is happening. Say I have moved beyond it, and not in every case, but in most cases that will actually keep you from it. People will devise certain structures or sculptures or machines. Some of those things are organized or a combination of organizing certain metals and certain ways will have an effect on some of the metals that are being used in the spray, but the best way to combat these sprays, which is designed to weaken the human body, is to have a very healthy lifestyle and to have a very positive outlook and belief. That this will not affect you; we are going to be successful. That at the moment is our strongest defense. That’s a very good question, thank you.
JP: So Paul from Newcastle in Canada says tell Simon you know someone near who clears chemtrails, who has got various chemtrail cleaning abilities, as well as devices [inaudible]
SP: Yeah, I mean I did mention that there are certain devices or sculptures, which can be used but they only clear in that vicinity. You see I’m talking planet wide. How do we stop these things planet wide? How do we stop them countrywide? There is a technology to certain individuals to clear in the local environment, but, you know, what we need is people not to do this fullstop. You know, don’t do it. Why do you want to do it? Why do you want to hurt people? What in God’s name is the point in trying to oppress people? You know, what’s the matter with you people? You’re so sick, and there is a percentage of people at the top of the food chain who are mentally sick. There is no doubt about it. They are psychopaths; they are absolutely round and twisted, and they will do these things because they believe that it will get them what they want. And you know for ordinary average people, this is just incomprehensible that somebody could come up with a devious plan to inject aviation fuel with something. The pilots of these airplanes, most of them haven’t a clue what’s going on. Some of them do, but most of them don’t, and spray over population centers, you know, and how corrupt and infected would your mind be to have to do that. And of course the vast majority of people, who are good people on the planet, just can’t believe that the people in power would do that. And that’s the trick they use. They use the naivety and the group well meaningless of ordinary people as a cover for all this evil doing. And it’s for those who do survive the power play to keep on banging away and saying it’s there. Good riddance it’s there, and these people have no right to be in the position they are in. And things are changing. You know we are, I said, two months, six months, a year ago, we are in a stronger position, but the battle is yet not won. So thank you. Yes there are people who do have certain devices, which help in a local way.
JP: And the local thing is doing it. Yeah, but you know it’s the. . . it’s going back to the source of it. Who makes the chemtrails? Who is doing it, and you know, what is the thing that’s sustainable? What’s keeping the funding going? Somebody is paying for it. It’s expensive.
SP: It is hugely expensive and that’s where, that’s why, you know, I’m not going off topic but again you mustn’t always assume that everyone who listens to this is an alternative. We do bring new people on. And there are many reasons why the twin. . . see we got cut off again. There are many reasons why the twin towers came down, but one of the reasons that’s not really talked about greatly, and it’s a shame is that it was a heist[3], you know apart from the twin towers; there was another building, Building 7, I think it was.
JP: Yeah the mysterious Building 7 that was still there when the BBC announced and said it had just fallen down, and it fell down five minutes later, like she was ahead of the script obviously.
SP: In fact yes, when she was commentating it, the building was right behind her. You could still see it.
JP: That’s right yeah it was arrogant. They were accused. . .
SP: But the point is that what’s not widely known even in our alternative industry is that that was part of the gold from Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve that was being stored. And when that building was brought down, the Bushes, the famous Bushes, Presidents made off with that gold. That was one of the covers. There were other reasons why the twin towers came down, but one of the major reasons was to physically steal the gold bullion that was stored in Building 7. Now when organizations are that powerful and will do that, then they believe they are above the law, and when organizations believe they are above the law, they will do anything because they think you know that they can’t be challenged. So many of these things that are done, are done by people who are not subject to the same laws that we are, and that means we’ve got a two-tier society. Those people who abide by the law because they think it is the right thing, those that make the laws, but then those that make the people that make the laws. So those people who are in positions above us, and not the ones in charge. It is those above them who are in charge. And when ordinary people begin to understand the structure of the society they live in, they will go through a phase of first of all of shock, then anger, then terrible embarrassment that how could we not see the truth? How is it that I never saw this? How could I be so stupid? And then hopefully they will come out the other end, which is what are we going to do about it, you know, what can we do? So the human mind has got to go through this process before it will come through to right. We need to do something, and that’s what we want. We want lots and lots of people to see through all the trickery, and then not to go on a rampage to lynch people or to chop them up, but basically to say how can we make sure this never happens again. Because time and time again you know there has been a war of some sort and the call has gone out. We must never have a war again and it’s just a trick to get in there, rob the country that you are being and then design so that another thirty–forty years there’s another war, because as long as the same people are coming in at the top of the ladder you will get the same issues coming up again and again and again. So we have to remove the top level of people. This isn’t going to be very popular amongst them of course. They have to be removed or at least they have to change their thoughts totally so that we bring in people who are not hell bent on killing others. So I’m very passionate about it because I understand and I’ve seen and I know what these people are like. You have to be mentally [static lost connection][1:45:59]
JP: Yeah, lost you again Simon.
SP: Typical, absolutely typical.
JP: It is scary what it sounds like. It sounds like somebody is putting their finger on your microphone.
SP: It’s crazy.
JP: That’s is very strange.
SP: No not at all.
JP: Yeah it just, I mean it sounds like that you know.
SP: So somebody somewhere is doing something and they don’t like what I’m talking about. Typical.
JP: Maybe fourth dimensional.
SP: No it’s not. It’s somebody very close to positions of power on this planet who don’t like the fact that I’m passionate and I put a lot of energy onto the planet and you know we all do this. All of us do it, but maybe this radio show now is having a bit of an impact and people don’t like it happening, and that’s why I’m absolutely determined that we are going to see this through. You know we are sick of it; we have had enough of it. People need to be given the truth. You know the human race JayPee are grown up and are old enough to have the truth laid before them, and then let the people decide. Now I have gone clean before with my grandfather who said, you know, that the people can’t be trusted, you know, we have to make the decisions because he was an elite Illuminati. Now I don’t come from that viewpoint. My viewpoint is give people all the facts; let them choose, and you know what, they’ll choose the right course. And everytime these people interfere with these communications is just more evidence that that’s what they are trying to do.
JP: Well that’s very strange. Okay. Let’s move on. Here we go. . . Right, oh yes, now here’s a question that you know really close to my heart and is about my birthday, right. So [1:48:02][Resh ma] Simon. (A) Peter Paget talked about March 18, 2017 being a good window of karma. What does he mean by that? Do you know anything about it? By 2019 we should hopefully be in a new paradigm as you explained on Project Camelot. What changes will we notice? Thank you very much for your support to humanity. I thoroughly enjoy your radio show. God bless you and JayPee. Thank you.
SP: Well, thank you for your kind words, and you know, every little helps. Thank you. I met Peter Paget. He is a genuine man. I don’t have a problem with him. Clearly he has strong connections, as have I, with security services. He is passionate about this country, that’s Great Britain and believes in Britain and is very proud of it and as actually am I, so got no problem with Peter. In fact actually Peter did invite me and a couple of others down to his place for a cup of tea, but I got really busy and couldn’t keep the appointment, which is a great shame because I would love to have a cup of tea with Peter Paget. We’ve got so much in common, but I have just been so busy, it’s just been impossible. Not that I expect he’s probably listening there, but anyway. March is the key month. Anyone, and I do believe Peter has got his ear to the ground, will know that March is key for Great Britain. I’m expecting some considerable changes in March. I can’t give a date of the 25th. I mean Peter is giving the 25th. He’s obviously got something there, but all I’ve said is that March is an important point. You probably go for the 18th as a pretty good date on March, but I would just highlight March as the important point. The reason there is a lot of things are going to come to fruition in March, but financial, political, military, and energy wise. So if it was a great fleet of alien spacecraft that flew over a major city some point in March and the established news ran with that story, I wouldn’t at all be surprised. If there was an organization that said it had been in communication with aliens and this got wide world coverage, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if banks collapsed, cash machines went off, I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think Peter would either. So what Peter is saying is that March is again the key point, and from that moment onward, although things might be a bit difficult, we are on the road to healing. We are on the road to recovery, a new paradigm which so many of us have spoken about. And if anyone who has listened to me knows that I have talked about January, February and March of 2017 as being the key period. And all Peter is picking up on is perhaps the hiatus point, the pinnacle of the mountain, and so what will it mean when we come out on the other end? Well it won’t just be any year; it will be over a period of months. It depends if Win and I can get our project out. It depends if many other people can get projects out because we need to offer an alternative to the system that is on the table. If I have a system, we will call it system one and we lay it out on the table and system one collapses, and the public says well that didn’t work, what have you got? And you say, “Well I’ve got system one.” “Yeah, but that didn’t work.” “Yeah, but that’s all we’ve got,” then you are just recreating a problem. If people can come along and say, “We’ve got system two,” then you are changing the tools that will change the paradigm. So it’s about not just the consciousness of humanity, but it’s what humans will go with. People are terrified generally to walk through the door. They’ll need somebody else, and I will give you an example of this. You go into a shop and the shop is empty. There’s nobody in the shop but you go in and other people now walking along will see someone in the shop and they will go in. That’s exactly the consciousness of humanity, because we’ve been conditioned and controlled for thousands of years, and this is what we’ve got to break. So how will it be? Well, it’s got to be a damn sight better than it is now. I would dearly like to see a world where homelessness is eradicated, policy is eradicated, people who can’t afford healthcare, people who live in other countries who can’t have clean drinking water, people who can’t afford shoes on their feet. How is it, for God’s sake, that people in my own country are sitting in cold damp conditions under railway bridges because the system has failed them, and yet there’s a football player for some football club in London earning a hundred-thousand pounds a week. How is this fair? How is this right? What sort of a place are we living in that allows this? And this is going back to the point that a laird or somebody with a very strong ethical base would come here and say this is a mad planet. You are all mad. This is crazy. Don’t you see it? And so, you know, we’ve got to change it. We can’t go on living like this. It’s false. We didn’t choose this. We have been controlled into it, not been mind controlled, but we have been given a structure and framework and told that’s the only way forward. You’ve got to do this or else you will cast out from society, and we’ve got to break that, and that’s what I and others are absolutely determined to do. Good question, thank you.
JP: Indeed. So, now this is from Anne. Simon you have mentioned that you know a special technique for those with a high degree of Reptilian energy who find it hard to meditate. Are you able to talk about this now?
SP: Yes I can but I do prefer to do it on a one to one basis when I consult people simply because thank goodness we are all different. We all are different. Our energy frequencies are slightly different. The way we learn is different and our values are different so what will work for one probably won’t work for another, and so what I tend to do is meet somebody, talk to them and say, right well based on what I’m reading, try this, because this is the closest to your soul group. I will give you an example. I’ve got a percentage of Reptilian in me and the traditional meditation, I can’t do it. I can’t do it but I know I need to do it because the traditional form of meditation is the right way to do it, so what I do is I do things that connect me with the planet that you wouldn’t call meditation, but bring about a state of meditative contemplation, and then from that I can then go into the traditional meditative stage. So I’m not offering an alternative. What I’m offering is an inbetween stage to take somebody who is hardwired not to meditate. That’s what it is all about and to slowly get them into a framework that will allow them to meditate but I can’t give you a blanket session because everyone is different but it’s a really good point. You know what, there are literally millions of people on this planet who would love to meditate but are constrained by control systems. So thank you for the question.
JP: And there you go. Simon [1:56:33][Katch en gaw] asks what is the meaning behind Trump draining the swamp? Does it refer to more than just getting rid of bad guys? I’m sure he’s talking about other kinds of guys, what do you think?
SP: Yes, you have to be very guarded and it’s a very touchy slogan. People thought it was about corruption. People thought it was the swamp of just corruption. What he actually meant was Washington, the number of people who don’t seem to have the love of the human race. Look Trump is a billionaire. Trump will have met these people. Clearly they disgust him. He will know that if they had a free hand they would kill him. He knows that, so drain the swamp actually means all of the evil doing because, you know, corruption is part and parcel of what life with money is about. But he is talking about things that we talk about on our radio show. He’s talking about Satanists; he is talking about pedophile. Why did he dislike Hillary Clinton so much? Was it just that she was a candidate running against him? Was it because of what she had been involved with? And I can guess what she was involved with and the very well hidden what I’d call the girl airplane, the weekly flight out in a certain airplane that she would take. He knows about that. The security services know about it, but they had to keep their mouth shut because Clinton was destined to become president. Now she’s not, so I don’t know how much of the clearing of the swamp there will be, but he doesn’t just mean people taking backhanders you know, give me a hundred-thousand dollars and I will let you build a supermarket on that store. That’s not what he is talking about. He’s talking about people who just are a danger to humanity. It’s far greater than that. So Trump is a danger to the establishment. That’s why they are turning on him. You know, that’s why all the established media attack him because he is a threat to them. Good question.
JP: Excellent question, and that’s about it for the second show of this month. I hope you are feeling a lot better. Do you want to give us a health report Simon, a stages update? How are your stomach and you know, your general health?
SP: Well what actually happened was that a group of people on Facebook and elsewhere and did a meditation to send me some strength, and I thank them all for that. God bless you because hell knows that the bad guys target me as much as they can. So when people just get together and do that then, you know, it’s a counterbalance and there’s a war going on, on this planet. The war isn’t just there out in the distance; it’s on individuals, you know, individuals who whatever pose a threat to the status quo will be targeted. So there are too many people who sit in their armchairs and don’t do anything about it you know. But fortunately now more and more people are either donating or forming action committees or forming psychic groups, healing groups and sending energy and yeah it gives me the energy to keep going you know. I know when people are thinking well of me. I know when they are sending the positive energy because you know, that’s why I do this because if there wasn’t a single person left on the planet who cared then I might as well just go. There is no point but as long as there are people out there who want the truth, who believe in the truth and want a better world, then I and you and everyone else will keep fighting so you know health is a bit better because people are helping me and that’s how it should be. So thanks ever so much to them and thank you JayPee for your wonderful radio show you know, this isn’t my radio show; this is yours because you created this. I just am a speaker here, and I’m not important. I’m just an ordinary person who has a message and is prepared to die to get that message out. That’s the story. That’s why I will not be shut up. That’s why I’m going to go on and do this until we’re successful. And you give me and others the chance to get that message out, and we can send strength and new ideas and alerts and warnings to people who deserve to be ticked off about what is happening. So thank you JayPee and thank you to all those who support you as well.
JP: Thank you very much Simon. This has been Connecting Consciousness [January 15, 2017].
[transcribed by GSC 6/16/17]
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