5 February 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Simon: A couple of people have asked, and we get new people all the time thank goodness, the signature tune, somebody did some reserch and worked out it was “Danger Man” and they asked me, did I think I was the “Danger Man” and I had to explain, no, that’s not why I’ve chosen it. I chose it because when I was growing up, my mother had insisted that I watch this serial every week with Patrick Mcgoohan called the “Danger Man” and she said that he was a man of integrity, he was like a Mi5 British Agent, he couldn’t be bribed and she said that, you need to really grow up like him because he doesn’t cave in under pressure and he’s very upstanding.
So that’s why we chose the tune because it was a guy, an actor playing secret British Intelligence who, unlike James Bond, was a man of Integrity, right so that’s that,
Simon (continued): got quite a lot of updates and I’d like to start basically with America and Mr. Trump. It’s been a bit of misunderstanding about the situation at Standing Rock. Many people have said that Trump has basically stuck a knife in the back of the local people and has “approved” the oil pipeline. And I just wanted to absolutely give the facts and then people can go and do their own research.
What Trump has done is said that it’s too big a decision for him and too big a decision for any one person and he’s kicked it to the courts. So, both sides will have to make their case to the law courts but what Trump has said is that he will not approve the pipeline if any part of the steel for the pipeline is made from metal elsewhere.
So basically, at the moment there is no fabrication process in the States to make pipelines all the steel for pipelines is brought in from elsewhere, so someone has got to set up a factory in the United States to build pipeline, that’s not really going to happen very quickly is it? So it’s a very clever move to kick the situation into the long grass and basically the courts will have to decide it. So, that’s the fact, that’s the situation that there is.
Simon (continued): The big news is Antartica and that does play into Trump at the moment. The plan that Donald Trump has is to reinvigorate the United States, make it the numeber one country again but it would take between seven years and ten years, that’s the estimate, to put America back in the driving position. He doesn’t have that length of time and he has set a plan to do all of that in 18 months and the only way he can do that in 18 months is to release alien technology but thet’re not calling it alien technology, it’s known as exotic technology, that’s what it’s called in the intelligence services and he wants to release soem of this hidden technology to the corporations so that they can get going very quickly on driving America forward.
And the reason that he feels that he’s in a position to do that is because, as people will know, There’s been a lot of activity in Antartica both before the Christmas Holidays and continuing now. There’s going to be a release of very, it’s very ancient technology but it’s very new because the concept of that technology has not been appreciated on the planet and that is going to be released to the American government very soon. That means that the exotic technologies that the Americans already hold, in comparison, will be outdated. It is those technologies that they’re going to give to their friends in corporate America to start the process of making the states successful again.
Running up to the Christmas holiday we had the Pope visit Antartica, we had Buzz Aldrin, we had the vice president from the old administration all attempting to try and come to an arrangement, a deal, and of course we have a new president in at the moment. So that’s what we should expect to see. There’ll be no fanfare, there’ll be no unveiling of modern technologies, all that will happen is that suddenly we will be told we’ve done this, we’ve built this and we’ll be thinking, well hang on that could have taken three years to do that how come you’ve done it in six weeks.
So that will be what’s happening. The point about Antartica is that there are more than one race, there is more than one race based down there. Some of them are particularly unhelpful, very, very, hostile, and others of them are broadly sympathetic – this is to the human cause. So it wasn’t just simply going around, sitting round a table, there were a number of these meetings that had to occur but there was one meeting to my knowledge where everybody, regardless of their position, in terms of whether they were friend or foe, actually attended that meeting, so there was one meeting where everyone sat round the table and that’s where this has come from. So that’s quite exciting.
Simon (continued): I always like it when the mainstream media start to say what we’re saying. We know we’re getting it right when the mainstream are being forced into a position where they have to start telling the truth and in Great Britain, and it always seems to be in Great Britain, I don’t know why the States aren’t doing this but again, the Mail, the Daily Mail is a British Newspaper, it’s a establishment, one of the top newspapers, top in terms of numbers not in terms of quality, and the Mail as like everything else has an electronic version and a paper version, so what these guys do is they run their difficult stories in the electronic version but they don’t cover it in the paper version.
Now if people can go and have a look at the electronic version of the Mail they will actually see that the article on there says, and I’ve actually copied the headline down, “Tech”, short for technology, “Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand what do they know that we don’t?” and then it goes on to name some people who are fabulously wealthy on the planet who are getting ready to disappear. Now, one name that people may know is Peter Thiel, he was one of the key founders of Paypal and in the very early days of facebook he put a lot of money onto that. Now he’s incredibly wealthy and he actually supported Donald Trump during the presidential election because the Clintons had turned against him. So he thought, well I can’t let the Clintons get in because they’ll come for me so I’ll support Mr. Trump. Now what Peter Thiel has done is he’s bought 477 acres of land or real estate in New Zealand. This is where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films were so it’s near that area and he’s preparing a nice sort of getaway. What’s interesting about him is that when you apply to live in New Zealand as he’s done you normally have to be resident in the country for three years and then you can get a passport and become a citizen. Well the New Zealand government have waived that



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