19 February 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio
Simon talks about Trouble with CC group, Antarctica, Trump, Economic situation, Disclosure, Thank you for donations segment, Grid around planet, Beings from Hydra, Trump sending astronauts to moon, De-Glocke, Catholic church and Satan/Lucifer, Anunnaki, Enki, Enlil, Earths covenant with humans, Shape shifters, Role of animals on the planet, Fracking, Elite, Spiritual Greys teaching ones to fly, seeing shapes and faces in carpet, Zeta-Riticulans and how they view themselves, us and consciousness, Beings felt and seen during meditations, Starseeds and integrating soul elements, Return of the gods, Best investments for the economic crash, Religions who stock up on supplies for disasters.

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Yes, you are indeed listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Good afternoon, good morning, and good evening to where ever you are on this beautiful planet. I am here with Simon. We’re all ready. How are you Simon?
Simon: Feeling a lot better. I know anyone who’s checked the website saw that I’d had to cancel, very sadly, a conference that I’ve been asked to speak in UK and I had to cancel it, and I did actually offer them to do a Skype. I’ve done that before to Australia and America. So, I would do a live Skype to the audience. In fact, actually, I’m quite signature to it because I have one screen where the audience can see me and then I have another screen for the audience…Oh look, there’s that phone again! I have another screen…
JP: Your magic screen that is.
SP: Maybe I’ll just put it away somewhere. I never end, it always goes on.
Another screen when I’ve sent them pictures or drawings or whatever I want, and then I’ll just say, you know, put up number three, put up number four. And so, the audience can see me, but they can also see the images I’m putting up on the second screen and that works really, really well and I did that for many countries. Sadly, at this venue, the Wi-Fi was rubbish; the Wi-Fi was just not up to that so, I didn’t want people thinking that I hadn’t made an effort, I did offer the organizers that and sadly because of the Wi-Fi that wasn’t…it wasn’t possible. I hope that the organizers can do another one and of course, then, you know, I’ll be delighted to attend.
So, the back is better and…but I’m still being a little bit careful. I had a psychic attack. I’m really not sure, but I certainly was knocked off a little bit yesterday and I was out of commission for about two or three hours, then I got over that.
So, people are saying, oh, there’s a bit of a lull, it’s a bit calm, and I think on the world stage, Jay Pee, there is a bit of a calm, but it’s the eye of the storm and, you know, I’m certainly feeling that it’s not over at all yet. But, other than that, you know, yes, I’m fine, I’m ticking along. So, thank you for asking.
JP: Oh, thats all right, well I’m glad you’re able to keep going. It’s a shame about the whole travel thing, because wouldn’t it be cool to just send the, you know…well just go there by Skype. It’s like being fourth dimensional almost. So, shall we…all right, so…
SP: Yes, let’s do that.
JP: Do you have any other like, events or anything you want to announce?
SP: I’ve got a few coming up, I’m going to put them on my website. They’ll be confirmed, I think, in the next week or so and I’ll stick them up and then on the next show I’ll put the dates out and where they are.
JP: Fabulous.
SP: So, really I wanted just to, you know…people are saying, oh, it’s calm out there, and I would say, yeah, just grab this time to get your breath.
JP: Yes, agreed.
SP: I wanted to basically first of all, talk about Connecting Consciousness before I go into the update information. I did a really lovely Skype with something like fifteen or sixteen Connecting Conscious members in the US and one of the local coordinators, and I’ve been quite reserved at speaking publically about the subject I’m about to speak about simply because I didn’t think it was professional and I always try to set an example if possible with the way that we deal with structures and people, but unfortunately the information I’ve received means I’m going to have to just say a few things.
I over a year ago, asked a certain person, her name was Terri, to be my overall US coordinator and I chose her because she was a very strong New Yorker, and for people who are not from America, New Yorkers are quite in your face and are quite strong, as opposed to someone from California who’s quite laid back. But the interesting thing is that both people from California and the US and New York, shall I say, are both very strong people, but in different ways.
So, Terri had come from what I call a corporate background and that’s what I needed. I needed her to organize all of the American states, to organize coordinators, and I had been meeting people and so, they would say what state they were in, which of the American states, and then they would have their own coordinator and so on and so forth; and for a year she did that really well and she did a good job. Yes, she upset a lot of people, but I backed her up because she was doing what I asked her to do. She was building Connecting Consciousness in the US, which at that time was absolute priority for me.
And then we had a number of approaches from radio stations, very big radio stations in the US; very big. The sort of iconic names that people, you know, spend their time trying to get on, and they approached wanting me to go on the show and I was quite happy with that, except they were very, very controlling, so I would have had to have been two o’clock, three o’clock in the morning, which I don’t mind doing, but not, you know, four of five weekends in a row. And I said to Terri, “Look, we’re not going to be at the beck and call of the media, even the alternative media. This is not what we’ve set up. We’ll use the media and the media will use us, but we’ll do it working together for the betterment of humanity.
And that’s where we fell out, because basically, I was not prepared to sell the concept of Connecting Consciousness just to hit target figures on radio shows. That’s not what I set it about, and then Terri just gave me an email resigning and she resigned for personal reasons. The real reason she resigned, of course, was because, you know, she wanted a corporate style and I certainly didn’t want Connecting Consciousness to be a multi-corporation. And that was fine and that’s where we left it except, then, I understand from a whole bunch of people that she’s been connecting people and trying to tell them they’re sacked from Connecting Consciousness and trying to take people and form her own group. Now she can form her own group. That’s absolutely fine, but I want to make it clear that she resigned from Connecting Consciousness, she has no role in Connecting Consciousness, she does not speak for me and she has no right to tell any member of Connecting Consciousness that they are sacked from the organization.
I hadn’t said all this before, because I’ve been too much of a gentleman, but sometimes even gentlemen get pushed too far, and that’s what’s occurred. All right, that’s been said and…
JP: All right then.
SP: If anybody has a…wants to talk to me about it then they go and they can send me an email.
All right, let me talk about Antarctica, it’s very important. There were some pictures on the internet a few weeks back and very recently, about a week ago, I got some intel telling me that they were genuine pictures. And then I was chatting to our good friend Win, who popped over very recently, and from his own sources he’d actually been told that they were real. And what I wanted to say to people was if you can get those pictures, have a look at them, because what you’re looking at is a circular disc which looks like a structure; a building. It’s actually between twenty-five and thirty miles across. It is an alien spacecraft.
And what happened with this particular craft was that some fault appeared on it, it couldn’t get off, so they cannibalized all the parts they could and started to build outwards from the spacecraft. So, they used the spacecraft and its engine as the powerhouse, you know, to provide the power to supply energy for the city that they were building. I use the word, city, that’s a…quite a grand title, but basically, they were building communities adjacent to the craft. So, these pictures show that.
Now before Christmas both the present Pope, the old Vise President from the old administration, Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut and a number of other people all went to Antarctica to hold meetings and of course there was that interesting tweet from Buzz Aldrin saying, it’s terrible down there or it’s all evil down there, and that was because there was a deal being struck with one element of…we would trace these back to the Anunnaki. That’s basically the line that we’re looking at here. But then, of course, the deal fell through in one aspect, because Hillary Clinton did not become the President. This was the whole point. It was before, you know, that they really thought they could perhaps nobble Trump before he was really, really effective, he got his feet under the table. But he has got his feet under the table and he’s not going anywhere. So, any deals now are being done through Trump and publically, Trump has said that he wants to create a very strong America. His advisors have told him it’ll take between seven and ten years to do that.
But if he has access to exotic technologies, that’s the term used in the White House, if he has access to exotic technologies, he can bring the United States forward within eighteen months.
So, that’s an important…now the other point I want to talk about is the economic situation. I said that the eye of the storm…anybody who watches the stock market, knows that the Dow Jones, that’s the American big stock index, has increased by 20% in less than a year so, it’s grown by 20%. That is a huge…in Britain, what we call the FTSE index, that’s at an all-time high nearly. Seven thousand, two hundred the last time I looked, and during the crash of 2008 it was down to five thousand.
So, we’ve got a situation where the balloon is now to bursting point and I think just a few days ago in Great Britain, the Daily Express newspaper, a very establishment newspaper, it was the newspaper that, you know, leaked a lot of stuff on behalf of the government, actually then, has come out and said, look, there’s a big crash coming and it’ll be as bad as the 1929 Wall Street crash.
So, the established media are now saying what I and other people are saying. They are actually coming forward and the question is, why would the establishment do it? And the reason is that they are trying to warn their friends to get the heck out before all their money’s lost.
So, we’ve got a very, very difficult situation just around the corner. We talked…I talked a little bit when Kerry Cassidy did the interview with me. I did a set about disclosure and I’m still fairly, fairly confident that we will get a disclosure this year. The reason for that is that I have, through a third party, had a conversation with the person who is going to make the disclosure. And I’ve been invited to a meeting early next month to meet the person to understand a little bit more clearly about what’s going to happen, and this person is going to make a statement that X and Y are in communication with real alien entities. Now that is slated in for this year and I have got a meeting with this guy.
So, there is a lot happening and when you look at all the dots and you draw them all together, you can see that one is not separate from another. We have a financial situation, we have a strong alien technology infusion or injection into this world coming to us around the corner, we’ve got disclosure bubbling under the lid here, and that’s because…and if anybody has bothered to look back five or six years ago, I did an interview with Miles Johnston and in fact, actually it was the very first interview that I and Win Keech did together, I believe, and it was in the house that I am in and we both independently of each other, both said, 2016, 2017, absolutely crucial for the planet. And I’ve never, never wavered from that and look over the last six months the amount of things that have occurred here, and I’ve always said, we mustn’t be fearful, we’ve got to be strong because we have to go through this. So, this is the eye of the storm. If things seem quiet, they are, but it doesn’t mean that, you know, it’s all freewheeling.
And the last thing I want to say before I say, thank you to people who very kindly donated, I’m still getting rather upset with people who say that all the bad guys have been locked up or the reptilians have been kicked off the planet, everything’s fine. If everything was fine, we still wouldn’t be slaves, debt slaves. We still wouldn’t…we wouldn’t have the control system the way it is. The reason the control system is still in place, is because there are some of these guys still with their hand on the lever. I agree that a number of people have secretively been terminated, some people have left the planet, some people have left and gone into retirement, but the reality is that there’s still quite a strong group who have their hand on the tiller and whilst most of the reptilians have indeed left the planet, there is still quite a sizeable group of them in Antarctica and a couple of other places. So, please, you know, use your discernment. When someone says to you, everything’s fine, everyone’s locked up, you just got to look around you and think, well no, that’s not the case.
So, I need to thank people and one person really kindly sent me a donation and said, this is a donation to keep Simon free. And it’s actually right, because…and I have said it before that, you know, if I had a job that I used to have and like most of us have and we should be lucky to have jobs, of course, at the moment, I would be under the control of whoever. And so, in a way, when people send me a donation, it is keeping me free.
So, I want to thank, Tom, Stephanie, Spa for Your Soul – Thank you. Erik, Mark, Audrey, Elorna, Raymond, Katrine, Richard and Rachel, Susan, Louis, George, Joanne, Michael, Murry, Bonnie, Kathleen, Tor, Fresh and Alive, Kristy, Lilly, Nicholas, Debora, Nicki for all their help in supporting to the Connecting Consciousness with her donations. Right, so, I think that’s it. Let’s crack on with the questions.
JP: Okeydee, right, so, we’re starting off in Vienna in good old Austria, home of the…anyway, Dear Simon, can you give us any news on the grid around our prison planet? And regarding the grid and the holes in it, please shed some light on how and why the number of human beings increased so immensely over the last hundred years. Thank you, Jay Pee and Simon, for your efforts and thank you to my fellow listeners for all their questions. Very nice Sonia.
SP: Oh, that’s nice. The grid is still operational. There were two, I don’t know what we call them really, booster stations or power stations that maintain the grid. Ones been taken out. I don’t know how it was taken out, I genuinely don’t know, but I know one has been taken out. It’s not just deactivated or had a malfunction, it’s actually been taken out, however there is one left. These are placed on the moon, but the controlling element is within our solar system, but is a bit further away from that. But what we have noticed is that a large hole where the energy is not enough to circumvent the Earth and so there are quite sizeable gaps appearing now. It is therefore possible for anybody of strong will, who’s determined to now get through. The same question is, why so many people…this, believe it or not, is a fantastic time to be on the planet. I know many of us will look around and think, oh god, I mean, lots of people say to me, oh, I wouldn’t have children now, I wouldn’t want to bring a child up into this. And I actually say, well actually I would, because it’s a really exciting time and not one to be fearful of. But because this is such an important time, people are queuing up to come here. There are lots of people who want to actually make change and be part of it. I’m just excited, you know, all planets ascend, all planets grow and change and they take…wherever possible they take the life forms with them that are on their back basically, and so, when a planet goes through an ascension process, everyone in the multi-verse knows about it and they’re thinking, I want to be part of that, I really want to be part of that, and they que up. So, we’ve seen a massive, I’ll use the word, explosion, in the population of the planet because there are lots and lots of souls who wish to incarnate here and they need physical bodies. So, it’s not that the farmers produced lots and lots of food, which then meant lots and lots of people. It meant lots and lots of people and the farmers then had to produce lots and lots of food.
So, it’s an exciting time, and remember that people out of this world view what’s going on here in a detached way. They don’t have to live the prison that we have to live. But they look on it and all they see is a planet that’s in the process of evolving and going into another dimension and taking a sizeable proportion of the population with it, and to them that’s exciting so, that’s why we’ve got a big population. Now nobody can know the real figure, but if you look back at some of the more realistic estimates, the last twenty-five, thirty years has seen a huge increase. So, it’s a good question and thank you for your kind words.
JP: So, from Horong, what are beings from Hydra like? What do they look like and are they violent in nature? My human DNA is fighting against them since my visit, and a lot of times I get very unhealthy thoughts. I hereby declare that Simon is not responsible for my well-being and I take full responsibility for my health.
SP: Well, I…
JP: So, Hydra beings, yes.
SP: I think that’s really nice. I can’t take responsibility for peoples well-being, obviously not. I can assist and help people to discover the truth within themselves and I want everyone to be independent and to be strong, you know, and so that’s a nice thing and I take that in a positive way.
When we talk about Hydra, we are actually talking about a reasonably negative background of beings. if you did a search on the internet, and I haven’t, but a guess if you did a search on the internet you’d be hard pressed to find something out about them. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there’s a whole stack of stuff, but there are certain entities or off planet aliens that just aren’t encountered very greatly and therefore, they don’t get the press and there’s very little research or understanding about them and the best people to speak are those who have encountered it. We always have to be careful, because when something presents itself to us and tells us what it is, we can’t be sure that’s truthful, and the only way around it is to try and connect with other people and when people start drawing or explaining what they’ve seen, you begin to build up a picture or a pattern.
These beings don’t play a huge part in the domination of the Earth. They’re not here involved in the controlling element. They tend to work individually with people. So, you know, you might have a population of say a hundred thousand and nobody has an experience from that being. You might go to a city of a million and there might be one or two people. So, it’s incredibly rare in terms of the bigger picture. But they are, I’m trying to choose my words really carefully here. They…there not…there devoid of feeling and that’s always a bit dangerous in anything if it doesn’t feel, then it can inflict pain without actually having any concept of what that is like to the person or the being it’s doing it to. So, if you are having an interaction with one of these beings, then it’s doing so because, unwittingly or not, you will have a connection to it. It doesn’t just turn up on your doorstep and think, right, I’ll go down the street and pop into number nine. They’ll do it because there is a connection and one of the important things to do is try to understand the connection. Because if you can work out the connection, and I’ve only encountered three people who have over the last seven years who’ve actually had those experiences and it took me, for the first two anyway, it took me quite a while to help them to get back to the connecting point. Now once you find that, you can break it and you can actually break their ability to come to you, which is not necessarily the case with other beings. But I won’t say too much more because they are incredibly negative beings and they’ve got a long way to go before they evolve. So, you know, I know the person who’s put the question in, so, yeah, thank you.
JP: Okay, so yeah, Hydra was mentioned by Tolec years ago. He was talking about the Draco, the Hydra and the Greys being like part of the consortium, kinda thing.
SP: Right, okay. I’ll just quickly say that what happens there is that you find that the Reptilians and the Greys or one arm of the Greys, work very closely together, or rather, the Greys do what they’re told. The Hydras will go off and do their own thing. They’re a little bit like the Mantids, really, in the sense that they will go out and connect individually. But the difference with the Hydras is they are signed up to part of a faction, so they provide certain things that the Reptilians can’t. So, that’s why I’m being very careful, because I see them as quite negative. Thanks.
JP: Yeah, I think that’s a thing. So, from Nancy. She says, Simon, what do you think agenda is for Trump wanting to send astronauts to the moon by 2020? Knowing what we all know.
SP: Well, it’s goanna sound really odd, but he’s only doing what JFK wanted to do. All right, let’s think about that. JFK was the one that made the big speech, you know, before the end of the decade we will have men on the moon. Nobody really understood that or very few people understood what was going on there. It’s one thing to send X or Y to the moon, but it’s another thing to send somebody to the moon who then really tells you what’s on the moon.
When all of the other space programs were on, the Apollo Space Programs, the National Security Agency had a ten second delay on a…not all of those missions, but on the latter part of the missions, there was a ten second delay. So, when somebody said, was the effect of, uh oh, goodness me, there’s a spaceship, which is like thirty yards across. They’re all looking at us. Then this guy would press a button, literally, and a ten second delay that would be taken out. And that’s when they changed the saying, Father Christmas is watching me and people who have had a chance to listen to it will know that a number of times Father Christmas is used and other code words were used to relate to an alien craft, which meant that it made it easier for the National Security Agency, because the more times they kept knocking out this ten second delay, the more times it became obvious to ham operators that something was very, very unworkable.
So, wouldn’t it be good to send a mission to the moon and then with real cameras in real time, send back pictures of what is there. Wouldn’t it be also very good if the money for that moon launch didn’t go into black operations, but was actually just used for that moon launch. So many time, the public of the United States of America, they’re very decent good citizens, have been asked to put their hand in their pocket and pay for something they never got. You know, we’ve all seen, hopefully, the 2001 A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick gave Nassau all the models of all the shots they ever needed to create moon landings. So, the vast majority of the money, of course, went into the Secret Space Program, the SSP, was funneled, actually. Seventy-five percent went into the Secret Space Program, which was an early form of nuclear powered space craft and a quarter of the money went into the construction of the underground military bases, and ever since then, that’s what happens.
And basically, just before we move on, there is a department in the United States which just simply sends out letters. So, let’s say for instance, you go through the Congress or the Senate and you have a billion dollars, that’s not very much, actually, for this sort of thing, but we’ll just hit on that. A billion dollars and it’s to design a big, big reflector to reflect the sun’s rays back so the Earth doesn’t get overheated, alright. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Well, it is crazy, but the concept of getting money for that is not as crazy and that’s why I’ve deliberately gone for that. So, what happens is, that money comes in, and they take a billion. So, they’ll take a hundred thousand dollars of that and they’ll build a satellite dish and they’ll stick it in the desert, okay. The rest of it, they’ll put into the secret space program or what have you. Every quarter, someone from the senate or the house rights, to them is saying, can you tell us how you’re getting on? And there’s a template and it just basically says, yep, we’re doing really well, we haven’t yet made any real discoveries, but thank you very much indeed for the money, and we can assure you that we are using it wisely. And that’s what happens month after month, year after year. The American citizens are being ripped off from their tax dollars. And so, what I think Trump is saying is, let’s go to the moon, but we’ll do it my way, not your way. Good question, thank you.
JP: So, Simon…the what…alright, the secret space program…can I just…I know from my own perspective, it was developed out of the bell, Di Glocke, which ran on mercury. Do they still use mercury drives? Or is…because that was one of the things that was really, really expensive in the beginning, is making the mercury. It was like six thousand, six million dollars a gram or something.
SP: Right.
JP: That’s why it was so expensive.
SP: Right, Di Glocke – the bell, was more than just a craft. It was a time machine. Di Glocke contained…in an alien spacecraft there are lots of seats; in most of them. There are people who do sit down. These beings do sit down, although they don’t have chair legs. But there is one seat which is more important than any other seat and that is the pilots chair or the seat of command or the seat of control, which is more important than any other seat, and that is the pilots chair, or the seat of command or the seat of control or the decision maker or the decision takers chair. There’s all these different names for it, for different races, but in effect, it is the seat that the captain of the ship sits on. And anybody who’s listened to me knows, that I’ve repeatedly said that the vast majority of good pilots of spaceships are female. Females make better pilots of spacecraft. And that’s why actually on this planet, more human females find themselves being abducted and trained to fly spacecraft than males, anyway, we got off the point here a bit. What was the question again? Sorry.
JP: The uh…do they…
SP: Oh, yes that’s right.
JP: …still use mercury drives?
SP: Right, okay. No, they don’t. It’s not the cost, because they would just rob the American people or what have you just to get the money, so, it wasn’t the money. Basically, they got hold of other technologies, which are more effective. But what they did do…one of the things they found was that if you have mercury and you place it in a flask in a circle and then you spin it on the very strong…let’s just say, electromagnetics, you can reduce the gravity within that field by up to 25%.
Now when the B2 Spirit Bomber, and that’s old technology now, but when the B2 Spirit Bomber was built, it had a problem and the Americans asked the British when they could help out with one of the engines, because only…the engines that they had developed in America were not powerful enough to lift the aircraft off the ground. Now that sounds crazy. How can you build an aircraft costing a billion dollars at a go, and not have the right engines for it? And they went to Rolls-Royce in Great Britain and said, the difficulty is that the engines can’t lift the weight. The weight of the aircraft’s too much. So, there is a big exchange…program between big companies, of course there is, so, they said, we know that the Rolls-Royce engine is about the only thing that will lift this off the ground, can we have one, please? Because we’ve got, in ten days’ time, the generals coming along, and if we don’t get this thing off the ground we’re not going to get our money. So, they did. They gave them a Rolls-Royce engine and what people don’t know is the B2 made its first maiden flight with just one engine; a British engine at that. And it flew and because it got off the ground and it flew they got their money.
So, anyway, the engineers at Rolls-Royce thought, well this is crazy, what’s going on here? And what they worked out was that this B2 divide, this B2 Bomber had this mercury filled flask and that when it spun it reduced the weight of the B2 Bomber between 20 and 35 percent, and that is why the engines could lift the aircraft off when it was fully operational, because the weight of the aircraft was so reduced that these low powered engines, which was hugely efficient and keep you in the air for a long time, could work. Because this aircraft was in the early stages, it couldn’t get the exotic technology, it couldn’t get this flask to spin, therefore, it was at its full weight.
So, mercury has been used since the 1950’s and the Secret Space Program has been going since the 50’s, but in the last 25 years, we’ve seen a move away from mercury to less primitive forms of technology. So, I hope that helps.
JP: Thank you, and its filthy stuff, really filthy stuff and…
SP: Yes, it’s poisonous.
JP: …very, not only poisonous, it produces a radiant field, which is destructive to life.
SP: Yes.
JP: You know, I was just thinking, I read the book of the development of that and, you know, it would turn people to black goo. You know, a mess. Horrible stuff.
Okay, meanwhile. From Space, right, this is from Glen, ah here we go. Hello Simon and Jay Pee. I always look forward to the show – so do I – Thank you for your continuous courage and determination. I think many of us believe the Catholic church does not pray to Jesus Christ. I have heard Latin from the Vatican and it sounds like they pray to Lucifer, are they? If not then to whom? Selling souls for fame in Hollywood, it said the deal is being made with Satan. Is he a reptilian? I learned from you that the Alpha Draconians created the Anunnaki. I often listen to Barbara Marciniak workshops. She says the Anunnaki control the planet and that Enki is in charge since 2012. Can you shed some light on this in regards to current control and possible relationships between the two groups? So…
SP: Right. Lots of questions.
JP: Roman Catholics, Lucifer…
SP: Lots of questions.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Right. Lots of questions and I won’t remember them so…
JP: Yeah
SP: …we’ll start with a…
JP: Yeah.
SP: and, yeah you know…
JP: Yeah.
SP: …don’t you?
JP: Yeah.
SP: Right, the first one is about Roman Catholicism. Well, there’s always an interesting divide between what is Satan and what is Lucifer. We won’t go down that road now, but they’re not always the same.
The Catholic church… I showed a picture of the previous Pope, it was about five years ago in a conference, and it wasn’t a photo shop, this is a genuine photograph of the Pope doing some of these ritual things and he had a red robe on, and on the shoulder, was a gold or silver embroidered emblem of a head with horns on it. Now what on Earth is the head of a church doing with a being with horns on it? But there again, that’s not so crazy, because if you go any Cathedral, think about Norte Dam, why would you stick gargoyle creatures that are clearly demonic, djinns and goodness knows what else, why would you stick them on a church? A church is supposed to be a place of sanctity, purity and love, so why would you stick horrible faced creatures torturing humans? That’s what these carvings are on many of these Cathedrals. You know, there’s the answer for us, it’s in plain sight, that many, many, many people in elite positions, and we tend to forget that the church is an established part of the control system and they have a very clear understanding of how to control humanity, and placing a demon into a person is a very clear way of manipulating that individual.
So, they pray to their god. Now the vast majority of devout believers or worshipers pray, but they don’t pray to the same god, but their energy is being taken by that. That’s the difficulty that, you know, why would somebody who’s human need to pray? Why are we saying, I’m nothing, I can’t do anything? I need to pray to somebody to do it for me, because I don’t have any power, because that’s what they want us to think. You know, and there’s a difference between communing with the spirit of the Earth or the spirit of Source and respecting that and showing love and affection and trying to support the creational life on this planet. That’s not getting down on your knees and crawling across the floor, because you’re not worthy.
So, I’m very strongly passionate that humans should not give up their sovereignty. What was the next questions, Jay Pee?
JP: Okay yeah, so, that was…so, going on from Satan, right? So, he says, and they pray to Lucifer. So, are they praying to Lucifer himself? And…
SP: Yes, yeah. Lucifer is their…it’s not Satan. Satan is the name that we come across in the modern newspapers and the text, but Lucifer is the one that they…the light…because you see, Lucifer means light, and to them, everything’s you know, Enlil and Enki, everything is reversed, and you know, they have a very screwed view of it.
JP: So, Anu is…I can’t, I’m sorry, no, no, I’m digressing here. No, let’s go from here. I learned from you that the Alpha Draconians created the Anunnaki. She says, Barbara Maciniak, says the Anunnaki control the planet and that Enki is in charge since 2012. Can you clear this whole thing up? There’s Enki and Enlil and Anu who has a connection with you, and then there’s the Anunnaki and then there’s Lucifer and Satan.
SP: Let’s make it more confusing.
JP: Yeah, make it even more confusing Simon.
SP: The two brothers had children themselves, and those children now are also in positions of responsibility. And, you know, for a few hundred years they divide and they have rolls and responsibilities and then they think, ah well, you know, I’m going to try and have a go for the throne here, and there’s a bit of a coup and they’re either successful or they’re not. And that is the bench mark of reptilian culture, that as the Lord, you have to keep your children busy, because if you don’t, they will stick a knife in your back and they will try to become the new Lord. Anu himself only became the High Lord King, because he overthrew the previous High Lord. Look at Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler came to power through illegal means and he spent the rest of his life assuming everyone else would do the same to him. And that’s the difficult energy trap that these people are in.
Many of the sons have gone from continent to continent or country to country and set up their own small fiefdom. Whether it was the Maya or the Aztecs or the Zulu or whoever it was that had a very blood thirsty sacrifice or terribly strong ritual background to their culture. It usually is a sign of that.
Now on the Mexican coins, I don’t know recently, but on the Mexican coins there would be a symbol of the eagle fighting the snake and I actually I actually managed to get one from a certain internet site, and that’s Enlil and Enki fighting each other. It’s always a sign of the two brothers at war, because one wanted to control the planet and strip the resources from it and totally and utterly crush humanity. The other one also wanted to control the planet, but wanted to work with humanity, because that individual had played a part in creating humanity, and therefore, he saw it as, well these are my creation, I’m not going to have them destroyed. And time and time again through the histories, there’s the two brothers, have been driven by different things. Now they’ve had children, and in fact, one of their reign…we saw with the Great Pyramid of Giza, when that was taken out of commission, Enlil and Enki were fighting and the great pyramid was used as sort of a defense base, so I don’t think it’s the last time in history where the two have physically come to blows. What was the next question? Sorry.
JP: That’s alright, that’s alright, because it is complexing, but like I’m getting a few messages. This is…everybody wants to know this, everybody needs to know, wants to know and needs to know this information. So, she’s saying that the Anunnaki control the planet and that Enki’s in charge since 2012.
SP: Right.
JP: So, who or what is Enki and who is Enlil?
SP: Okay.
JP: Yeah, exactly.
SP: Okay. Yeah right, okay. The Anunnaki do control the planet. So I couldn’t…I’ve never met Barbara Marciniak, but from what I’ve known, I think she’s a first class lady and I think she’s on the money, as we can still say because it’s still a money economy. Yes, the Anunnaki are the hybrids and they’re the ones that were left in charge of the planet, but ran amuck and declared their own fiefdom. And they are not just people with different souls, they physically can really change literally. I don’t just mean, you know, shape shifting. They really can become flesh and blood, very alien in front of your eyes.
So, they’re the ones that are in the banking industry, the top of it. They are the ones in the political industry. Interestingly enough, they don’t represent the military very strongly. They did not successfully infiltrate the military in the same way they did with politics and banking. They also are in Hollywood and very strong in the media, because that’s one of their methods for controlling.
All right, Enki and Enlil. These are the two brothers, and people should have a read of Zecharia Sitchin’s books; he takes a lot of criticism, and anybody who’s brave and translates something from Sumerian into English, I think is worth reading. I can’t translate it, how many people can? And it annoys me that people criticize him, and I say, can you read Sumerian? Oh no, I can’t read Sumerian. So, what gives you the right to criticize someone who can? Oh, I read this on the internet. Oh, yeah, okay, here we go again. Look, when we read something, we interpret it, and we can interpret things differently, and that’s part of what being human is about, and I’m sure that if we all could read and understand Sumerian, we might well interpret something differently from Zecharia Sitchin, but by and large, the guy was right as far as I’m concerned, because I have spoken to one other gentleman, an old gentleman who could it and he’s said to me, by and large, Sitchin got it right.
So, we’ve got a situation where the two brothers have fought over the right to dominate the planet. One was in the air, the space ports, the other planets of the solar system, and the other was tasked with terraforming the Earth, creating the Earth, creating the life on the Earth, and that’s Enki. And Enki was the one that made two sorts of Adamu, two sorts of humans. The darker skinned ones who mined the gold in Africa. We’re talking now, around about 250,000 years ago, to my knowledge. Others may come up with other dates, but that’s possible. It could be further back. But what happened was that another group of Adamu, Adams, were needed to tend the gardens, the plants, the animals. And they needed to have a greater communication skill, because this is where the reptilian Lords lived or the Anunnaki type Lords lived. And if you were sent to dig gold underground, all you have to do is grunt and lift things. But if you are going to walk in the palaces or the protected environments, then you are going to rub shoulders with these people. So, because they’re racist, they did not want black skinned beings amongst them. This is where we get racism today; it all comes from the reptilian culture. So, the skins had to be changed to white. The only way you’re going to do that is by mixing indigenous monkey, ape, human material that was already on the planet with these people; I’m calling them people. Their genetics and many, many, many failed experiments took place until finally they created a white skinned being that was intelligent enough to work, but was not so intelligent enough to confound the gods.
We don’t have the time, I’m jumping, but actually when they first created these things, they made them equal to them. That’s not really understood, or nearly equal to them, and then the great fear was that we thought we’d have a handful of these creatures, they are now hundreds strong. The Bible is totally inaccurate when it talks about Adam and Eve being expelled out of Eden. Hundreds and hundreds of humans were expelled out of Eden. Hundreds of these beings, because that’s what it needed to tend the environment. We don’t have time, that’s a shame, because it’s a massive topic. Is there any other elements that I’ve not answered, Jay Pee?
JP: In terms of just like…what is Enki…who is …okay, so, Enki…
SP: Yeah.
JP …is the…he’s the…is he representing the snake or the eagle?
SP: He’s a snake.
JP: Okay so…
SP: He’s a snake. You have the Orion Empire and the Sirius Empire. And what happened was that Enki was the first-born son. So, as the first-born son, he should have inherited the Kingdom, but Enlil, who was second born, was actually through a purer line, and so what happened was that under the culture of the reptilian/Anunnaki, the purer line succeeds to the thrown even though Enlil was the second son. And that’s what’s caused all the problems. Enki was first born, should have been…you see, the culture is that if you have a child with your sister or your half-sister, that is…that’s the bloodline. That’s why, if you look into Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh’s would have sex with their sisters or their half-sisters to beget children, because they would then become Pharaohs, because they were part of this line, they were following through this culture. Same in Sumeria, same in, I think, Assyria. It’s only literally in the last sort of 2 odd thousand years that that has not been acceptable.
So, what you had was two brothers, and one brother who felt cheated. And so, what Anu did was say, okay, you’re gonna fight each other, that’s actually quite good, because while you’re fighting each other you’re not trying to depose me from my thrown. So, I’m going to encourage this. So, he gave one the right to rule on the Earth, and one the right to rule in the sky. But he deliberately made the boundaries of their responsibilities blurred. So, where did the sky end? Where did the Earth end? So, Enlil and Enki were continually dipping into the other person’s remit, and this is what caused the wars all the time. Now when we talk about Nibiru, planet X creating the flood, which it did, and, you know, the thought was that the flood would just wipe everybody out. But Enki who had a strong connection to the human race, let’s be honest, not because he loved them, but because he created them. And he had secretively used his genetics and not Anu’s genetics. Because Anu always claimed that the human race was his, because he had given the orders to make them created. But the geneticist, Enki, secretively, this isn’t widely known, secretively substituted some of the DNA and put his own DNA into it, because he would, because he wanted to create them. And the result of that was that he then looked on them as his creation.
And so, it was he who tipped off, what we would call, Noah, and several others, to prepare for a flood. And time and time again, this being has gone in and for his own reasons has saved the human race; for his own reasons.
It’s a very complicated story. It’s exciting and interesting and it is the truth and it’s not taught in schools.
JP: Absolutely, I mean because it really clears up who is who and what is what.
SP: Oh, the other question was 2012.
JP: Oh yeah, yeah, Enki in charge since 2012.
SP: Right. When we went through the beginning of the ascension in 2012, the energies changed and only one son had the connection to hang on in there with it. Both wanted to be through and there was a big debate as to who was going to be part of this change. So, the reason it was 2012 was because that is when we started the overt ascension process and it was a case of which one of the brothers is going to head up during the change. Who is most likely to survive the change? This is the way they looked at it. Who is most likely to stay in control of the humans and the structures we’ve built? You see, the human resonance, the, sorry, the Shumen Resonance of the planet five years ago was about seven point three, seven point four. It’s now something like in the thirties and that’s why some people are going a bit odd, because they’re not keeping up with the planet.
If you are an entity and you are not fully connected to the Earth, you are going to be left behind by the Earth. And so, what the reptilians did, was they chose the person, the being that they thought could survive the transition. And that’s what that…and again, I would agree with that statement, actually.
JP: Excellent. Thank you, Simon. Lots of very important intel.
SP: Well it was a good question, I mean, you know, it brought it out.
JP: Yeah, yeah. Thank you, thank you. So, I’m just going to make sure that I know the difference…all right, but I still…okay, so, I still don’t know what Enki looks like.
SP: Ha! Ha, okay, all right.
JP: Because, I mean like, Enki’s supposed to god, right? Or is he Jehovah? I mean…
SP: Well not really. You got that…
JP: …I’m still confused about who’s the demi-urge and all that stuff, but anyway, go on.
SP: Right, the thing is that we’ve got lots of names for beings and these are names they take to themselves or they give to themselves and they can shapeshift and they can change, so they can appear somewhat, not totally, but somewhat different to each group they go to. But you’re looking for a being that is very white skinned, can appear very much like the Greek Gods, okay. So, some of the Greek Gods, the representation of Greek Gods can take on a form like that. But you are looking at something that’s very tall, white skinned, and doesn’t have any hair on its body, but does have a much more human looking face than its father. And that was always the deal, was to try to mix something that looked more human and wasn’t just purely reptilian, because again, it’s not fully understood. These beings, when they came to this planet, they said, we’re going to make our home here. They didn’t just say, we’re going to stop off here and then go off somewhere else.
They found that they had a whole world to manage. A whole world with a huge potential, and in order to do that they had to become part of that world, because, you know, like fleas on the back of a dog or a cat, the animal shakes itself to try to throw these things off, and if you are totally without connection to the Earth, you will eventually become sick and die and the Earth will throw you off, because it detects you as alien to it.
So, one of the many reasons for this hybridization program was to make these beings more acceptable to the Earth so that they could survive on the Earth. And so you would not expect to see a traditional full reptilian that we would find drawings. And I’ve commissioned drawings and lots of other people have, so, you’re looking at something rather more human. But that’s the names, they’ll just take any names they’re given, you know, Jehovah and all the rest of it.
JP: Now this is fascinating. You said that…so, that we have… that the Earth herself prefers the human.
SP: Yes.
JP: To the reptilian.
SP: Yes. Now In my very, very first…
JP: Isn’t this a fascinating point brothers and sisters. Just wanna say, just saying. Go on.
SP: My very, very first radio interview, my very first interview I ever did I said, to the humans, this is not your planet. And that’s technically accurate, because there were life forms on this planet before the humans arrived. It was never given to them. Nobody said, this is yours, here’s the piece of paper, because the planet is a living creature. You know, you can’t claim it. You know people; this is my planet, this is our planet. No, the planet is a consciousness all of its own. It has accepted you, and what happened is that the planet accepted people in the days when people were far more spiritual. Used to really commune with the planet and the planet loved people and the people loved the planet and the planet has never forgotten that.
So, although we’ve got these horrible corporations, and these horrible people doing things to the planet and the life forms on the planet, the planet remembers its covenant with very early traditions of humans, you know, Native Americans, people in Borneo, people…any indigenous communities who understood that. So, the planet took humanity and said, you are the most evolved creatures on my back, which means you can evolve and share my consciousness and I would like you to come with me. Because planets actually don’t like to exist on their own, they like to have life, they like to bring forward; and that’s what they’re about, bringing forward life. Who wants to be an asteroid, a barren piece of rock. Actually, asteroids are male, planets like the Earth are female. But who wants to be that? So, how wonderful to have cats and dogs and birds and fish and all the rest of it and then this group of animals who are so intelligent that they can actually understand that they can talk to a tree! Or they can commune with a river or they can see the entities that are there to guard sacred places on the planet. And so, that’s what’s holding the humans together, this bond between the planet and herself and so when we do evolve, the planet will take us with it. There are a number of other entities who aint going to get through the door and are just desperate to try and find a way through or are just like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand. And look, if they’re not prepared to evolve, then they can’t come on the journey, bottom line. Hey, I think it’s tea time.
JP: I think it is, and I’ve got some David Bowey, because we all like David Bowey here. King Dag with Changes, which is what we’re talking about, major changes.
SP: Ah good.
JP: So, enjoy your cup of tea making time. We’ll be back in a few minutes.
SP: Thank you. Lovely.
JP: Oh, yes. Changes, by David Bowey. Having been changed, a jazz version. Ah, when was that from? That was from the motion picture of Ziggy Stardust in 1983, so, a modified…a song about modification. How are you Simon? How is that cup of tea?
SP: Um, cold.
JP: It’s cold? Golly, you can’t get good stuff these days, ay? So, I’m sure by sheer force of will that that tea will warm back up again or if you’ve got a little candle. So, let’s go back to…now, alright. Hang on a second. I can’t find my mouse. There it is, there it is, right, okay so…Oh!…
SP: Are you there?
JP: Yes, I am, I’m just scrolling up and down the page and trying to find the last…there we are. From Argentina, from Waynserslas…I don’t know how you pronounce this, Wenslers…anyway, Hi Simon, a big hug full of light and thankfulness for you. Question is, how is it for the shapeshifters their first time? Does someone tell them what is going to happen? Do they have completely clear what they are or at what moment do they finish understanding? How is that process? Why are some of the reptilians shapeshifters and others not?
SP: All reptilians have the capability to shapeshift. Also, beings that I would refer to as Higher Human, can also shapeshift. It is not just reptilians that shapeshift. Anybody who has connected to their higher DNA has the capability of doing that. In most cases, what happens is that somebody makes a comment that, you know, if you’re in a group or something, someone will say, your eyes have just changed. And she might say, well I don’t think so, and then two or three others say, yes, yes, they have. So, that’s often, for many people, the first indication they get. In 99% of cases a person does not know they’re shapeshifting; they are unaware of it, because it is perfectly natural. It’s not an artificial thing, it’s perfectly normal. In other cases, people have caught themselves in a mirror or something like that, and that is the facial change. I’ve spoken to a number of people now who have had patches on their arms go. So, you’ve got maybe a patch four or five inches that suddenly becomes scaly; reptilian scales. That’s more common than you might think, but generally it’s the eyes. The eyes are the very first to go and then elements of the face or the bodies. Now somebody who can change their arms clearly has got more than just a reptilian soul. There is a massive amount of reptilian energetic DNA that’s being activated. But for most people who have connected to their star families, regardless, it could be Pleiadian or what have you, and they shape shifted, it’ll be the eyes that always go first. So, we’re seeing a lot of nonsense on the internet with people who supposedly have eyes changing. But that’s just a glitch on the video, but there are some genuine captures of news readers in particular, who’s eyes change. Generally, it’s under great stress. So, if you are sitting quietly, calmly, you will not change. But if you’re put under some form of excitement or stress, then it will activate. So, most people only realize it’s happening when someone tells them it’s happening.
JP: Interesting. Interesting. So, from Mark…by the way if you want to pose a question to Simon, please go to the top of the listen sight which is wolfspirit.com/listen and you’ll see in the menu it says, Ask a Question, and for Simon’s show, is because of the volume of them I have to have this special data base management system that allows me to scroll through them at a leisure while they stack up on the other side, so it’s kind of a queuing system, let’s put it. So, if you want to ask a question, top of the page, it says ask a question, and I’ll be able to pick it up. So, oh, and by the way, there is a donation button to the right of the player or also it’s to the right of the chatroom. And I just want to say thank you very much to…I’ll just do a few, as Simon does, David, Dalia, Karen, Tinto, Michael, Elain, Lisa, Imogene, Tony, Katherine, Cathy, Lee, Natasha, Glen, Dariush, Wendy, Clarissa. Thank you very much everybody for your donations over the last couple of months.
So, Simon, meanwhile, let me just go this…
SP: Yeah.
JP: Oh, no, no, I’m pressing the button with my left hand and not the right. Okay so, Mark…this is a lovely question. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom, Simon. What is the sacred roll of wild animals or what knowledge do they carry? Who is behind the murder/poaching of all these animals in South Africa such as Rhinos, Elephants, Pangolins, that sort, etcetera? What is the roll of the country of South Africa in the future? Thank you, Mark.
SP: When humans developed, they started to, for many, many of them, lose their connection with the planet, because we were, I’ll put it in quotes, “We were less primitive” So, we’re not so bothered with what type of bark is on a tree or whether it’s going to rain in 20 minutes, because the way that the clouds have changed or whether the birds that should have arrived from South America haven’t arrived, therefore the Summer’s going to be late this year. We are very, very taken up with our cell phone/mobile phone, getting to work, paying the mortgage or the rent and surviving, and that’s meant that humans, to a lesser or greater extent, have lost their connection, but animals, they don’t have to worry about mortgages and bills and tax, but do have to worry about being murdered and hunted by men with guns, are still very, very connected to the planet, and where you have a bio-diversity of vegetation and avian life, birds, mammals and reptilians and insects and things within the water, then you have what the planet wanted. It has created in a space, in a geographical space, an Eden, a niche where certain animals can only live in that area; they’re very successful and they have a wonderful relationship with the planet. The only thing that ruins it is horrible men with guns who wish to exploit those animals for wealth.
But the questioner has posed a deeper question than this and I believe the questioner knows and that’s why the questioner is doing it. There are certain animals that have the ability not just to do that, but to communicate with the Earth and there are some animals that play a guiding roll in the stabilization of the Earth’s energies. I will mention whales and dolphins for one. And that is why, and I don’t care if it upsets people, but that is why in many cases oil is deliberately spilt into oceans to kill off dolphins, seals and whales, because these creatures have a very special, harmonious, symbiotic relationship with the Earth and they can regulate the Earth. So, when a whale makes it’s sounds, it doesn’t, you know, National Geographic or whatever shows a whale splashing away happily in the water and making lots of singing sounds, but what it also does, the whale dives down and goes head first so its tail’s up in the water and its head’s down and it then sings in a different pitch into the Earth’s crust and it sets up a vibrational frequency, which is matched to the harmonic frequency of the Earth. And that is why evil, satanic, nasty people wish to kill off certain animals that play a guiding roll on the planet.
So, in most cases it’s just greedy men with guns who want to get ivory or skins or what have you and have no care or anything. But there is a group of nasty people above this lot who wish to break the connection…that’s why fracking has really taken off, because it’s not about gas and oil, that’s a secondary thing. It’s all about pouring chemicals into the underground streams of the Earth. Just as we have veins and arteries and our blood is carried around our body, well underground streams carry encoded messages, so you could have streams of water that could go from England to America. They would meet and divert, but they would all connect. Well, the whole object of these nasty, evil people is to put chemicals in and try to break it; they don’t want the planet ascending. If the planet ascends, the human race will ascend, and the Anunnaki will lose control of the populations of the world forever. That is what that’s all about. So, it’s a really good question and I believe the questioner understands the deepness of it, thank you for that.
JP: So, Simon, basically the whole thing about Enki, Enlil and all that is more or less redundant when we’re talking about, excuse me, when we’re talking about ascendancy, so aren’t they onto a hiding for nothing? Shouldn’t they just get the heck out of here before the whole stuff hits the fan?
SP: They can’t.
JP: Oh.
SP: They’re trapped.
JP: Oh, does that mean that they will have to ascend as well?
SP: It means they have the choice to evolve and change and then they will, but if they chose not to then they’re finished. And that is why on the planet today you are seeing the Elite running around in circles, that is why Britain voted Brit exit, that is why you have Donald Trump. There are other interesting things around the corner, because the Elite are losing control of their population. I think they are a population, that’s how they see it, they’re losing control of it, because the planet is ascending and large numbers of people are gaining consciousness and are aware of what’s happening and don’t like it. So, you’re absolutely right, because if the evil people can’t prevent it, they have got no club to go to, they have got no football match to be at, it’s over for them. So, they are doing everything and anything they can to stop or slow down the process of evolving on this planet.
JP: Wow, okay so, talking of planets, from Bartholomew Clever, B. Clever. Why does Venus look much brighter since the beginning of 2016? Or the beginning of December 2016? And it does, and it has.
SP: I can’t answer that. I have no knowledge of that one.
JP: Okay.
SP: Venus is a planet that doesn’t…hasn’t played highly with me. There isn’t to my knowledge any electronic devices on Venus that manipulate the Earth. The only thing that I’m aware of is that from the sexual side, Venus was linked in as part of that control network and over the last twenty odd years there have been satellites that Elite organizations have launched which connect in a, I use the word loosely, in a magic sense, the number of people on the planet, but it’s not a life changing, it’s not got a big game to play. So, I genuinely can’t answer that, and you know, I tend to focus in and have knowledge on to something that is going to play out here very greatly. It’s not to say that Venus is not important, and it does have a roll, but it’s not something that could prevent us from getting where we need to get. So, I can’t answer any more than that. I would much rather be honest and say I haven’t any information than try and waffle on and pretend that I do.
JP: Mmm hmmm, okay. Grace, hello Simon from New Zeeland, at 16 I had two Greys visit. They were three-foot-high and see through, but they put their hands in my feet, I drew a heart-a-gram…there’s no punctuation here, I drew a heart-a-gram on my door the night before the visit. I also after had attention from the governments and started to see reptilians in the carpet looking at me and three cobras looking at me. I also had a lucid dream where I was asked, how to fly on Earth, and the spirit said, try the liquid technique. Are there races that can fly and can we activate the levitation by drinking only fluids? I have become liquitarian and feel okay. Also, for New Zealand, do you which races live here and how to say, hello? Quite a few questions, so, Greys, heart shaped and then got attention from governments.
SP: No, I think he did a…did he not do a heart during the night before they arrived?
JP: Yeah.
SP: That was because his higher self knew something was coming and he was trying to protect himself, that’s what that is.
Right, the reason that the three-foot Greys were see through was because they hadn’t fully come through into his reality and that was deliberate, because they were going to work on his etheric body. Putting their hands into his feet, and there’s no chakras in feet, but there are nerve connections that run from your feet all the way up to your spine into your brain. So, that’s to do with, it is interesting, it’s to do with remote viewing and flight. So, if you have an out of body experience, and I think this guy, I think it’s a guy, probably has out of body experiences. They would teach you to fly. It’s classic that Greys teach psychic people to fly. I myself had a Grey teach me to fly or at least show me how to fly. So, I can relate to this quite clearly and I remember leaving my body and flying around the room three or four times. But the Grey that he’s seen will not be the Hollywood style Grey. They are not…that’s not their job. The Grey that he’s seen is far more spiritual, far more less aggressive to humanity and their head shape is very different and I would be really keen to know what their eyes look like, cause I mark the races out by the shape of their eyes actually.
So, they were clearly at an early age getting him to be able to be more psychic or connect with his psychic ability. To see faces In the carpet, I’m afraid that’s right, yes, that can often happen.
The serpents, well they’re just be trying to say to you, look, we’re reptilian. They may even be saying that you are reptilian. It’s incredibly complex, because there’s many messages. Remember, we’re humans, so when we see something, we interpret it in the way we interpret it, but that’s not necessarily the message that was sent to us. In other words, the interpretation or the intent of it, I should say, was not what we draw from it. So, when you see snakes in the carpet, you may be fearful of that, but they may not have placed them there to make you fearful. They didn’t potentially put snakes there to make you scared, they may have put snakes there to say, hey look, this is your family. You know, so it’s…again, it’s interpretation of it. Was there another question? Did he have…there were several weren’t there?
JP: Yes, and like a lot of them they’re, they’re kind of all intertwined with each other. I was just getting to the next question.
SP: Well just chose one or two more.
JP: Yeah, okay. Now there’s an interesting question again about Greys or Zetas. Now, where is it? I’ll scroll up and… lost it. There we go. This is from Sam. Dear Simon, I’ve read that Zeta Raiticulans have referred to humans as containers. I agree with this point in as much we are consciousness experiencing human form, however, do they not see themselves in the same way or is it the case they are not of the dimensionality, in consequence, their “bodies” are formed directly from consciousness and thus fully integrated, as it were. Beyond this, I hope that you and the team have all the energy and protection needed for the challenges ahead. All the best. Sam. So…so, basically, do you get the question?
SP: Yes.
JP: It’s about how the Greys experience themselves, us and consciousness and all of that stuff. Yeah, well that would be a lovely topic.
SP: I suppose if you take genetic material and you clone something, you can claim that that being has some form of a consciousness, because the genetic material is life and as long as source has created that life then the being has some claim to it, however, I don’t go down that road. If something is created purely and simply as a replica and there’s thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of them made, my argument is, does it have a soul in its body? If it does not have a soul in its body, it’s not life. You know, think about the Star Trek, the big argument about Data. Was he a life? and of course it was very politically right on, not like the original Star Trek where everybody got blown up, and I like that. But in the politically correct one, oh yes, Data is life, he’s a life form. Well no it wasn’t, because it didn’t contain a soul.
So, the vast majority of Zeta Reticulans do not contain a soul. They don’t need to, because they’re hive mind controlled; they don’t need a soul. So, when they look at a human being, what they say is, oh, you’re not hive mind, you’re not hive controlled. Your body is there to be the container for the soul; it’s a receptacle for the soul. And then the Grey would say, “My body was designed not to hold a soul, therefore I’m not a container. My body” …and this is the point now, I want people to listen to this. The Grey, “My body was designed so I can spend thousands of years in space in real time.” Most Greys do not go through time tunnels or portals like some do, but most of them operate in real time. And their bodies were designed so that they were not affected by coming into an atmosphere. You can’t pull…you know, you pull seven, eight G in a fighter air craft and you have a Grey, the Grey would just be sitting there, and if the Grey wanted a cup of tea, it would make a cup of tea.
JP: When the pilot would back out.
SP: While the pilot would back out, because the internal structures of the of the Grey have been designed specifically to cope with deep space. Time has no meaning to a Grey, so when they look at humans they basically say, “Your physical body has been designed to hold a soul. My physical body”…they do have physical bodies, “my physical body has just been designed so that I can travel through space.” And the Greys are…the Zeta Reticuli are particularly sad, they are a particularly despondent race, because they are trapped in an ever decreasing circle, because they have no freedom.
They are the robots of many races, but predominantly the Reptilians and they just have to do…I’ll give you an example and it’s probably not…I don’t sound very nice, but I’ve never liked Greys and the reason I don’t like these Greys is because they sold out their humanity. I need to explain that a bit, I think. Under universal law, if you’re a bad guy, you try and trick people into giving away your sovereignty. It doesn’t work if you go and take it, because it always comes back and bites you. So, what you do is, you get the person to give you everything, and that’s what they do in the world isn’t it? They said, oh, you signed this document, you said I could do this, and so what they did is they tricked a number of these Grey races into giving up their humanity. It’s dead easy, it’s called Transhumanism or Trans human Agenda. You know, you’re in a physical body, you might die when you’re seventy, tell you what, let me give you robot legs, robot arms, then you can keep going can’t you? And you don’t need that brain, that’s an organic brain. We’ll give you a computer brain. And what they did with the Greys was they said, we’ll clone you, you can live forever. And this is Reptilian technology, and so the Greys found they’ve been tricked, because they were being cloned and they weren’t having their souls placed in their bodies and they became robotic. And I am disliking them because they sold away their humanity and the whole point is to celebrate humanity, fight for humanity and not let anyone take away what Source gave us.
So, I remember it was 1963 or 1963 and six months, something like that so, I’d have been about what, four something like that, yeah four or five, I can’t remember now, and a Grey had appeared…I won’t go through the whole story because it’s too long and we’re running out of time, but a Grey had appeared, we had a big interaction and I said…I wasn’t very well, I remember, and I had a glass and a jug that my biological mother had left, she had gone and gone to work, and I said to the Grey, “Fill my glass up with water” and the Grey said to me, “But you’ve already got water in your glass.” This is all telepathic, they don’t speak with the mouth. And I said, “Your job is to just do.” and the Grey replied, “it is, yes.” So, it fills from the jug, fills the glass up with water and then waits for me to drink it, and I don’t drink it, and the Grey says, “why do you not drink it?” and I said, “Because I don’t want to drink it.” “But why did you ask me to fill the glass?” and I said, “Your job is not to question, your job is just to do.” and he said, “Yes, it is.”
But what they’ll do is they will put abductees back in the wrong clothes or their clothes on backwards or inside out or they’ll put an abductee back in the garden or in another person’s garden or many blocks or miles away from where they took them. That’s not lack of…people don’t understand, that’s not lack of attention to detail, these people or these creatures are very, very right on, it’s deliberate. They are trying to sabotage the program, whoever manages them. They’re trying to wake those people up. If you have seven or eight abductions and you don’t remember anything except you feel awful In the morning. Like you’ve climbed a mountain and then one morning you find yourself on the floor in another room, and you think, hey, how did I get here? and then a month later, you’ve got no clothes on or you the next morning, you’ve got your shoes on back to front, you begin to wake up. And so, what a lot of these Greys are doing is trying to work against the program, because the Greys are as much prisoners as many others. It’s a really interesting topic and we don’t go on any longer cause no one else will get a look in.
JP: Well, you know, these are really, really good questions. So, I wanted to go from, well actually this isn’t exactly about…al right, I was going to go from evil entities to aliens, but to angels. This is a question from Kahlil, not Enlil, but Kahlil. This is a question about angels, guides While leading a meditation circle recently, we were grounded and connected in with the galaxy. Energy was blissful and intense. I noticed a presence enter. It was like a slightly golden cloud of light. Suddenly, as if a butterfly drinking nectar from a flower, the intensity diminished and leveled out and the intensity retreated. It felt like we just fed something uninvited. Are there beings that feed off the energy of meditation like other energies feed off loosh? Are angels, guides masters, etcetera merely interlopers into our connection with Source to divert our energy and distract our attention? Can you speak to this issue, please? Warmest thanks and much love, Kahlil.
SP: I can. If you have a meditation and your meditation is pure, and I should think most are, a negative entity is unable to transmute that energy. It’s not something they can readily work with. We have to be very careful that we assume, and there might not be reasons, but he hasn’t written as to why you might have thought this thing was draining or taking. When an entity appears and…when Kerry Cassidy and I did our interview, we were attacked and somebody came through a portal and, you know, you notice when you look that one of the cameras is showing a great fuzzy whiteness, but the other camera worked okay; the one camera was affected. But we’re not going to be put off doing our interview.
You can find that a portal opens and anything 3D can be drawn into it, photons, light, energy, sound can be drawn in and that can give the impression that your forces are being drawn through and that’s not necessarily the intent. It could be that something really loving wanted to connect with something very loving, and so it was just communing, and it was just touching. It’s like a tuning fork. When you hit a tuning fork and you put it onto a string of a piano, you’re testing the resonance of each string to the pitch. So, how do we not know that this being was testing the resonance of those individuals and helping them to just alter their own pitch. We want to be very, very careful that we don’t write everything off that approaches us as negative. We don’t go in with our arms wide open and say, yeah, do it. What we say is, declare yourself, what your intention is. So, we need to be cautious and careful, but the bottom line here is that, if you are meditating it is unlikely that anything evil could hook onto that. Unlike in the prayer or anger or any of those other expressions that provides that energy. So, just be careful you don’t, as we say in England, throw the baby out with the bathwater.
JP: Okay, Charlie Marie is saying, not getting answers to questions. I haven’t seen a question from you. If you put your question in the Ask a Question button at the top of the chat, usually before the show and during the first hour of the show is a good chance you’ll get a question asked and now we’ve got some more, so, that’s good. Owen: Simon, I hope all is well, Simon. I’m a type three indigo starseed/oraphim whichever is more telling to you at least from what I understand. I wish to ask, how can one with a soul sharing contract develop both souls equally? I’m realizing my vibrations are up and down and I’m making steps forwards, then backwards, then forwards again in my evolution when I get triggered and I’m not my true self. It’s hard to shift back to who I really am, then at times, I’m quickly empathic and shift back. I have trouble meditating and also making visualizations. I would love your insight. All love for you and yours.
SP: Thank you. I don’t understand in the context when he says, triggered. Is it, it might be meaning that one part of him seems very Earth Human and the other part seems very alien, and he can be very different and he can sort of have a normal life, as we would say, and then, you know, be something different. I can’t understand enough from what he’s written there. Look, when we come here, if we’re fortunate enough to remember what we came here for or at least that we came here to do something, we set ourselves, if we can, on that course. Now I’m…I have a problem, I don’t mean I have a problem with the guy, but I have a problem with labels. I’ve always had a problem with labels, because I think we should all just not have labels.
People who write books, tend to put into writing what they’ve discovered through their researches, so we could say, your phase one star child or indigo child phase two, phase three, because if you look back over the last hundred years you can see where there have been groups of people incarnating. The difficulty is that on a 3D world that begins to set up a hierarchal project, I think it’s better to say that over the last few years, groups of higher humans have incarnated here to make changes. Now when the first group arrived, it had to overcome the most hideous barriers. So, they had to arrive with sets of skills that allowed them to survive and make changes. Now when they’ve made some changes, the next group arrived who didn’t need that same skill set; they needed to be slightly different, because a little hole had been made or the snow plow had broken through the snow and so on and so forth. So, the more recent arrival you are, the more flexible you will be and the more…and I don’t like the word, in tune, because the first people who arrived here were in tune, but the more amenable to adaptation you will be, because you don’t have to fight in the same way that the others who came before you who made it possible for you to be, you know, more free and available then you would have been otherwise.
So, you’ve just got to accept that there are two worlds. There is the physical world, which is the real world, but there’s this other world which is not physical and that’s a real world too. You don’t need to be split into two parts. He talks about two souls. No, I want you to imagine and understand that you are one complete entity. You are one living life form regardless of how many elements to your soul, they should all be accepting that they are all here for the same mission, that they want to do the same thing. And if you are struggling, it is because you are not fully accepting who you are.
You can be a being from another planet and live here and live here happily. That’s not very easy for many people, but if you wish to integrate and you wish to be at peace, then not only do you have to understand and empower and release the energy that resides within you, but you have to understand that you have a strong commitment to the planet and that it is just as beautiful here as it is anywhere else. So, maybe if he wants to drop me an email, I think it’s a guy, it might not be, but lets
drop me an email, I can provide a little bit of guidance and help, and I’d be happy to do so. Look, many people, when they develop and change, they go through the most incredible journey and it’s not all sweetness and roses. It can be an absolute roller coaster ride with highs and lows until you get a handle on it and then it evens out, and I’m always happy, from my own experiences, because I went through that and you know, I’m glad I did, because it means I didn’t lose connection with anything. I’m happy to support people for a while and get them going. So, it’s a good question and well done, but the terminology you used did not give me all the information I need to answer it in the way, perhaps I would have liked. So, drop me an email.
JP: Yes, there’s all this around here. It depends who your teachers are as to what the wording is and what end type…
SP: Yes.
JP: …one, two, three. I’ve no idea what that’s all about and I don’t know what an oraphim is. Anyway, meanwhile Annette is saying, I really like the show. Isn’t it possible that we miss the descending? I read that the gods are coming back in 2060 or somewhat. Cheers, Annette. Does that make sense?
SP: Well…
JP: Return of the gods, the number was 200060 and I’m interpreting it as 2060, but I don’t exactly, it could have been 2016. So, the return of the gods.
SP: Right, okay. Well of course remember that’s their label not ours. They call themselves gods and of course that’s how ancient history looked on them.
There’s certainly is scheduled in for a return of something. Now whether it’s a fully automated vehicle of some sort that contains no living life force, whether it’s a, as I believe, is most likely something being held up from Antarctica to say, this is rather more advanced than us and, you know, maybe we should do a deal with these creatures.
I honestly don’t know. I know we’re going to have something happen very, very soon and I much prefer it be 2016 than 2060 because I want to get it over with. I want to get this sorted and done so that the human race can move on. If it’s going to be in 2060 then my physical body’s going to be dead and I’m going to have to come back again into another body and do what I do and several other people are going to have to do the same thing.
But do you know what? These things aren’t better than us, okay. So, if they want to come here, then by all means, but they need to sit around the table, not the head of the table, let’s do the King Arthur, let’s have the circle table so no one’s better than anyone else and they can tell us what they want and we’ll tell them what we want. Because the days are gone when humanity is ignorant, a slave, and serfdom and pushed down into the mud and told, you know, you will do this or you will be thrown into prison. Those days are just about on the turn now, so let’s have no fear. If things want to come here, then you know, humanity needs to face it and deal with it calmly and there are going to be…have to be several people in government who can’t be in government because they wouldn’t do the deal for humanity. They would do a deal for themselves and that’s always what’s happened on this planet.
Individuals have made secret deals for themselves at the expense of humanity. That has got to stop. Whoever is in government, whoever is in charge needs to come to arrangements and agreements with off planet entities that benefit humanity, not these individuals. It’s greed, isn’t it? It’s greed and ego and power and control, and that’s what we face.
That’s what we need, we need humanity now to exert itself. We’ve seen it with Brit Exit, we’ve seen it with Trump, we’re going to see it with more and more elections coming up where humanity is saying, we can’t…you know we don’t guarantee that we’re going to vote the ticket; you tell us what to do. And there was a time not so long ago when humans were told to jump and they jumped, and they were fearful and they did what they were told. Now humans across the planet are saying, actually we don’t like that course of action, we’re going to do this. And we’re going to have to have a lot of challenges; lots of things in our face, lots of fear going to be thrown at us, but you know, the planet has got faith in us that the planet is going through this ascension process. So, if the planet believes in us, then we need to believe in ourselves. That’s a really good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, now this is very strange, because I’ve got a question from Charlie, Charlie [don’t understand the last name] 1:44:30 Okay, so let’s just talk about it. I’m a single mom with limited income, but I have a savings account for emergencies. I’ve been fretting over what to do with the cash so that I will have a way to purchase food or other necessities if the SHTF. I have considered gold dust and junk. Silver coins or other exchangeable silver. Will coin money like the current dollar coin retain value or will they be as devalued as paper dollars? I keep looking for a simple answer to what is likely the best investment for this, but I haven’t gotten a clear one. What would be the best for me to buy to have exchangeable currency when a crash or revaluation happens? Please include a reputable dealer…I don’t think so…but thank you for helping us with your work. Lilly’s mommy from Texas.
SP: Okay, well first of all, anybody who’s bringing up a child on their own is a star. It’s damned hard enough for two people to bring up children or a child let alone an individual, so well done you for being strong enough emotionally and capably and providing a family life for your child, well done to you. Now I will not advise you directly because I’m not a banker. What I will do is give you information that will hopefully empower you to go away and make those decisions.
If you have a stack of gold coins under your bed you can’t eat them. But if you’ve put away some food, tins of food, bottled water, a method to cook it on, you’ve got food for a period of time which will see you through and that’s much more useful, frankly, but your question is, I’ve got some savings and they are really important to me because I’m a single mother and I don’t have the means to make money really easily and so this is a lifeline for me and potentially this can be taken away and it would have more of a devastation on me than it would to a couple who are both in good jobs. That’s really what you’re asking me.
Right, let me see if I can step up to the plate here with you. There is going to be a form of devaluation, I have no doubt about that. I have no doubt that the stock market is going to burst. And I’ve been saying this and so have others. I want to give other people their credit. It’s not just me is it? Lots of people have been brave enough, like me, and said that it’s coming and now in the last three months, we’ve had three major British newspapers saying what we have been saying. So, it’s in the mainstream, they’re telling us it’s going to happen so, when people shout and scream they can say, well we told you. So, it’s going to happen. So, what do we do? First thing you’ve got to do is check with your bank whether you have a guarantee scheme, we do in Great Britain up to 85.000 pounds now, whether in your country in your bank you have a guarantee scheme that protects your money. They’ll still take it from you, but if the guarantee scheme works, they will give it back to you in three weeks’ time. That’s what has happened in Great Britain. Anybody’s savings now are guaranteed. It was 75,000, they’ve just increased it to 85,000. They’ll still take it. If you’ve got a hundred quid, a hundred pounds, a hundred dollars in the bank, in Great Britain, they will still take it, but they are guaranteeing to return it back to you in three weeks.
The first thing you’ve got to do is, does your bank have that guarantee scheme. If it does have a guarantee scheme you then have to decide whether they’re going to honor that. What you might do is take some money out, keep it at home and just keep enough money in your bank account to deal with your ins and outs; your general daily or weekly needs, but hang on to the rest of the money.
You can buy gold. The problem is now, gold is becoming overvalued. If you’ve gone into the sites, the price of gold you pay is probably around about the highest it will get. People are still buying gold, but these are million or billion heirs and because they are buying huge amounts of gold, they get a discount. So, actually for them it’s better. I think that if you are on a limited budget, what matters to you is food, water, being warm, looking after your child. And if it was me, I would have the money under the bed and just keep enough money in the house. Yes, things are going to devalue, but remember products will devalue the dollar external, so, if you have internal things, they won’t devalue. But it’s something that’s coming in from China, Japan, any of those countries, that is going to be hugely expensive. But something that’s grown in the states won’t be.
It’s a very difficult call, I’m not going to advise you directly. I suggest you do some advise [I’m sure Simon meant, research] but you’re better off having something that you can eat and drink than you’ve got some silver coins that you can clink and stroke. You know, because you can’t go to the supermarket, can you, and say, listen, I’ve got these silver coins. I’d like to swap them for a bottle of water. And also, you don’t know what the government might do. The government might say, all silver or gold from a private individual is band. And you have to go trade it in as a lose. And remember that’s what they did in the 1930’s. They made people trade their gold in at a set rate which was below the asking price, and at the end of it they just doubled it. So, be very careful when you invest in gold, okay.
JP: Oh, wouldn’t that really provoke revolution these days? But I would like a couple of things, because I’m actually…I don’t know if you know, Simon, but I’m actually famous for being a prepper.
SP: Yes, very famous.
JP: I’m known on British television as that guy who was on the Richard and Judy Show.
SP: Yes.
JP: Twenty years ago, in the…well, up to the Y2K thing.
SP: Yes, you didn’t look like this now, though, did you?
JP: No, I didn’t have a beard. I had this very posh, tall wife who was very…it was all…it’s all her fault, all right, I’m just blaming the wife, all right, anyway so, it’s just like… Oh my god I wanted to be a computer programmer. I didn’t want to be like, on TV. Okay, all right, so anyway, here’s the thing. The things that I’ve discovered, what you really, really need is to keep warm and to keep fed as you said. Fuel…I don’t know how you do it if you’ve got electricity, how do you store that? Unless you buy loads of credit of your electricity company. Perhaps that’s something to invest in. Instead of paying for electricity before, pay afterwards. Pay it before and then it won’t go up so much and you have an account. So, that’s another investment, because what we’re looking for is to try and stay alive during the times when the money’s going to go up and down.
So, all food is fuel and, you know, so, you know, take a hint out of the, who are they? The…do the JW’s store food? Because I know the Mormons store food and they’ve got a whole thing about it. You know, you want to go to get advice.
SP: There are a number of religions that, and JW’s are one of them, that store food and water and then when…it’s quite good actually. When they come to the sell by date they, you know, they’ve got a use by date, they then distribute those to the needy and then get their congregation to rebuy, so they are always restocking all their different churches with supplies that are at least one to two years ahead. And then as things come up to their close…their selling dates they then give them away. And it is a condition, some religions, they spend ten percent or five percent of their weekly or monthly money on doing that and there…so there are quite a number of religions who do that and you can just ask yourself, why do they do that? And they do it because they’re more in the know. So, the Mormons, the JW’s, are more in the know than the Catholic church at local level. Because the Catholic church, the members of the Catholic community are not told to do that. They’re not ever expected to face a situation that’s so demanding. But these are the religions that are more interesting; they know the truth and they’re ready for it. So, yes, absolutely.
JP: Right, now that’s very strange, but I think I’m going to have to clean out this data base because it doesn’t’ seem to accept any more questions. So, we’ve filled up 2,581 items. That’s how many questions we’ve got. I could probably roll back and find questions unanswered, but that would take a team of listeners to filter through. And it would be really cool to have, you know, all your answers clipped up into little segments so we could have a sort of…well we talked about it before, it’s sort of…these are questions that you’ve been asked for thousands of years. So, we’re at the end of the show. I think it’s wonderful that we’ve gone onto that two a month format so that the second one is a little less pressure. There are fewer questions, maybe because the thing wasn’t working, but it gave you a chance to do some really in-depth answers and I’m…I really appreciate that and thank you very much, Simon.
SP: Ah listen, listen, I love doing the show, because I love communicating and connecting with descent, good people and one of the things that your radio show does is it brings really great people on board, and you know, you’re gaining more and more people. These are new people who are waking up and that’s what it’s about. It’s about valuing and keeping the loyal people and reaching the new and I’ll just gone for a second…
JP: Go ahead, go ahead.
SP: …because what really annoys me, what really annoys me is that I left a provider, I won’t say who it is, I left a provider…I’ll tell you what it was, well I’ll go on and say it, it was Sky Television. I got sick to death of the huge bills and I just couldn’t afford it. So, I said to Sky, listen, I can’t afford the monthly bill anymore, I just can’t do it and I’m just going to stop. Do you know what they did?
JP: What did they do?
SP: Within 4 days of that they wrote a letter saying that if I rebooked and took Sky back on, I would have a 25% reduction in my bill for six months. Now they never offered that to me when I was a loyal…I’ve been with then since 1999, okay. Now they never offered it to me then, and this is the point, that people who stay with you and support you are as important or should be as important as the new people that come on. And that’s the difference, because all these corporations are about money. So, they get a base of people that pay them and they want to expand, they’re greedy. They want more and more so they want new people, new people all the time. But in spiritual connections, it’s about spreading the message, but it’s about valuing the people who were with you at the beginning. Who have stayed the course and been through it, so no one is better, in my view, than anyone else. And so, you know, I just thank everybody whether this is your first time you’re going to listen or you listened or it’s the hundredth time. Because this is what it’s about, it’s about going forward as a group for something that’s better than what we’ve got now. So, god bless to you everyone. Jay Pee you’re a star and a wonder and I look forward to
JP: I wonder too sometimes. Thank you so much. Up next is, Simon Says with Walt and Nancy and then after that, Every Beyond. I’ve got Lisa Harrison. We’ve got Wolfspirit.tv event going on. We’ll have video and stuff from across the planet. Thank you very much everybody. I’ll see you next week, next two weeks.
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