5 March 2017 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

interviewed by Jay Pee
at Wolf Spirit Radio
5 March 2017
Questions & Answers
Simon begins by discussing the goings-on in Antarctica and the importance of Lockheed Martin’s hiring contractors to go there and remove exotic technology to bring back to the U.S. He discusses the California Oroville Dam debacle and says the massive torrents of water washed away the topsoil and exposed gold, creating a mini gold rush. He talks about the economy’s woes—the implications of what the Teamster’s Union bankruptcy might be—stock price ups and downs, especially silver and gold. He assures us the radiation spikes being detected over U.S. cities are the result of a submarine nuclear explosion off the coast of Sweden and not chemtrails. He briefly comments on the financial insanity on this planet that values an app (Snapchat) at twenty billion dollars when its profit margin to date is zero. He comments on the upcoming election in Holland and how it might affect the EU. He shares information about the barter system he and Win are working on, and then proceeds to the Q&A part of the program. Some of the topics discussed include: twin souls, child adoption by celebrities, Reptilian lineages and planet control, disclosure, money magic, child/adult abductions and more.

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JayPee: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is the 5th of March, 2017, thought I would get that in there. If you are listening on Studio 9 Jam, great; if you are listening on Wolf Spirit Radio, great; if you are listening on Ever Beyond Radio, fantastic; if you are listening on HaggieShack Cosmic Reality; if you are listening on YouTube, and this isn’t Studio 9 Jam or Simon Parkes official thing, then go to Studio 9 Jam, because that is where the real action is and you won’t get all these adverts. Right. I think that’s me as far as the anti-piracy clauses. Simon Parkes, good evening how are you?
Simon Parkes: Good evening JayPee, I’m fine. Were you playing the end, the end credits then just for a second?
JP: Yeah, it went on; it’s a playlist so it just sit for a moment.
SP: I thought that was the shortest radio show I had ever done.
JP: Absolutely. You can go home now.
SP: Yes I could, but I won’t. I won’t go home until the job is done.
JP: That’s right.
SP: Right. Let’s crack on. It’s lovely to be back with the wonderful listeners and yourself and I’m going to just go through a few bits, which are quite important I think. A couple of people actually have emailed and texted me with stuff which interestingly enough I was going to come on the air with. So I said to somebody, well just wait and then listen to the radio show and you will get your answer. So W. will get it at the same time.
JP: Well it’s a good idea you know if you get any questions during the week speck them up and we can do them here.
SP: Yeah, exactly, well I thought I would do that. One of the questions which is this ongoing thing about Antarctica, remember that, just before the holiday Christmas break, the Vice President, a very, very popular astronaut and the Pope all visited because it was considered that whatever was going to come out of Antarctica would change the status quo, in terms of the religion, the economy, and the political situation. Then of course Donald Trump was elected, and whatever deals had been struck with the old administration didn’t hold true, so they had to do a bit of a dance to see what was going to happen.
Now what is interesting is that Lockheed Martin, who is a very high-end designer– supplier, and corporate entity for military technology, has put a call out for workers, subcontractors, to go to Antarctica. Now that is really important because they are looking to start to take apart a certain piece of equipment they found, and Lockheed Martin got the contract to start removing exotic technologies from Antarctica and bring them back to America. Now that is really important because it means the Russians have agreed to let the Americans do that. And that is only because Putin and Trump at least have a dialogue, where they would have never done with the previous administration. So Lockheed Martin is looking for contractors to go to Antarctica. That’s a really important point. Antarctica and the British newspapers, which at the moment are leading the forefront for disclosure, ran an article on Antarctica saying, “Look what is this thing that has been found in Antarctica?” It appeared on Google Earth, NASA has taken pictures of it, and it appears to be some big pyramid; some people call it a big disc, and half-heartedly or half-humorously the Daily Mail ran the article, “Is There A Big City Under Antarctica?” So I just wanted to perhaps give some background into that.
A very long time ago a very large alien spacecraft made a forced landing in what is Antarctica. The reason it landed there is because the technology that is based in Antarctica was already ancient at the time this spacecraft made the forced landing. They had to cannibalize the alien spacecraft because it couldn’t take off, and then to start to build, I use the word loosely, to build a city around this spacecraft. So the core of the ship was used for the power source and hardware, but then all the other bits were put around it. So what’s actually being shown must be at least a mile under the ice, but what is showing up is this structure which is the original spacecraft and the associated structures that come from that. So that’s what’s being got at. The hard thing was to be able to get down to it to start lifting the technologies out, and that’s what Lockheed Martin has been contracted to do. Now if anybody has sent their resume or CV into Lockheed Martin, they are not likely to get a job there. There will be people who already have contracts with the military. So that’s one thing.
The other one we are talking about is going to be all over the place there is so much happening. The part of America did get a bit deluged with the Oroville Dam that is in California. How the heck, you know, they need a bit of rain in California, but they caught a load of water when the dam went. Well California was associated with the Gold Rush and these huge amounts of water stripped away the surface rock, and lo and behold they found gold, so there is a mini gold rush in California now. And somebody who I know very well I had a little chat, and actually reminded me that this dam is called the Orville, or Oroville Dam, depending on how you pronounce it, the Oroville Dam, and originally Oroville was called Ophir City, like the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Ophir City, which to be honest is named after one of the lost ports, there was more than one, but the major lost port of Solomon. There are two ports, but one was the major one that took big ships in, and the land of Ophir is the biblical El Dorado, and that’s a really interesting synchronicity there. So gold is being found in the new El Dorado and I think that’s really interesting.
Silver has taken a massive hit. I had to write this down because I couldn’t remember it. Yeah, Silver was trading, I’m afraid this is all in pounds, so the American audience is going to have to get your calculators out. Silver was trading at about 15 pounds an ounce, and literally within a few hours it dropped to 14 pounds an ounce. Now for people who don’t know about precious metals, they may say well it’s only a pound, but actually that’s a huge drop. That’s a massive drop, so silver has dropped tremendously. Gold is trading at about 1000 pounds an ounce, and platinum is about 800. I beg your pardon, about 820–830 pounds an ounce. So although silver of course is the weak metal, its drop is very significant because gold and platinum did not drop. Silver dropped and we will perhaps look at that a bit later.
I also want to talk about the radiation. There have been a lot of independent people who posted on YouTube picking up lots of radiation spikes with their Geiger counters over parts of America, and they were very concerned that the chemtrails were now containing radiation. That is not what’s happened. I wanted to reassure people that as far as I’m aware, the evils are not doing that. This is an iodine-based material in the atmosphere, and when it rains comes down, and my information is that there has been a nuclear explosion on a nuclear submarine somewhere off the coast of Sweden, something like that, and that has come over. So it is a nuclear accident. It is an accident; it is not a sabotage. There has been an accident with a nuclear powered submarine. I don’t know whether it’s American or Russian, but that is responsible for the high spikes of radiation over some American cities, so you are not being poisoned with radiation deliberately. That is what that is, so I hope that helps a little bit.
I also wanted to talk about the financial situation. The Teamsters are a very big trade union in the United States of America. Their major fund is on the brink of going down. And anybody who is a part of that will know what I am saying. They were restricted to taking only about three hundred bucks out a day. The cash machines went down. They are really bankrupt. So that is very serious. We will see what happens there.
And yet on the other hand in this crazy world, the kids all use an app for their phone called Snapchat (SNAP), and you sent a picture to your friends and you can customize it with graphics and stuff, and it hasn’t made a penny profit. Snapchat hasn’t made a penny profit, but it is valued at twenty billion dollars. This is the insanity on this planet. So they floated it on the Stock Exchange and it realized something like three hundred million in a short period of time. And yet, this is a product that has never sold anything. Now this is how peoples’ psychic and minds are. They will go with something when even it is just a pack of cards, and these are the people who are making the huge financial decisions for this planet and that is what is so, so wrong.
And talking about now, the 15th of March is a general election in Holland. Geert Wilders, the right wing candidate, looks like he could win the election. If Geert Wilders wins the Dutch election on the 15th of March, and he can form a government—that’s the key point—if he can form a government, I can tell you that Holland is coming out of the European Union. Now I was not wrong with Brexit; I was not wrong with Donald Trump, and I won’t be wrong with this. The only point is whether he can form a government. The way the countries that have a proportional referendum system, it’s not like one person, one vote. It’s a very complicated system and some countries have it and some countries don’t. But it means that you could be the largest party, but not be able to form a government, so it’s very possible that Geert Wilders will do very well at the election, but not be in a position to form a government. What I’m saying is if he can form a government, he will seek to take Holland out of the European Union. Now Holland is only a small country, and I have the greatest respect for the Dutch, but they don’t have the huge impact that say Britain had when Britain left the European Union. But we have got elections in Germany and France later this year, and if the Dutch come out that puts even more pressure on the Germans and the French to also come out, so it’s really heating up. Right across the board it’s heating up. That’s the end of my news now. I just need to thank people very quickly before we move on to the questions.
People have donated and it doesn’t matter whether it’s one dollar or thirty dollars, and I just pull the top list out. It doesn’t matter. Some people here just donated one dollar. It’s not about how much; it’s about the fact that they have supported me and given me the strength to keep going, so I am just going to quickly run off the names, first names only, don’t want to compromise anybody:
Glen, Steven, Proctor, Michael, Christine, Missaun, Ursula, Saut, Dawn, Bill, Marcus, Sanctuary, Lilibo, Ryan, Jamie, Shree, Joan, David, Bruno, Adele, Jackie, I like this one, Etsie, Charlene, and Jay, and Jay that was a very helpful donation. Thank you. Gerald, Ronald, Astrid, and finally Eva. So that’s my thank you’s. I’m just going to quickly now round off with this. Both Win Keech and I have attended a meeting. I hadn’t made and alluded to this, a very, very important meeting. We both went to that meeting and unfortunately we have been asked not to go public with any of the details from that meeting. I know it was an important meeting because that morning I felt really ill. And on my way to meet someone, I was a passenger; I had to drive somewhere to be picked up. I considered twice pulling in and just cancelling, and I thought no, you can’t do that Simon, because you are in this for the long haul; you have to see it through. You have got to do this, and I was really not well. Both Win and I attended the meeting, and I was having to run to the loo to actually be sick, and I will say this; I was bringing up blood, but I was determined to keep going back, being in the meeting. I did that meeting; I was very privileged to meet a most wonderful man, and we got on really well, and you know what? Within two minutes of leaving that building, I was fine. So the attack was purely aimed at me at that meeting, and I was not going to crack. I was not going to give in and I did that meeting, and I am really proud that I didn’t buckle and give up, but it was awful, horrendous, but you know those people who are responsible need to listen to me. I’m not going; I’m not stopping.
Right also the other thing I just want to quickly say is that I had an approach from somebody who makes films, no they don’t want to make a film about me. I wouldn’t be interested in that but they are very keen to do something like the Matrix, a blockbuster and exciting, but has a lot of truth to it; they want to try to bring truth out there, and I have been asked in a very small and humble way whether some ideas could be bounced off me, whether they are actually rooted in truth. So the person is going to outline the plan but they want to try to bring disclosure through this film. They are asking me would I be prepared to assist them and I have said yes to that. All right so that was a shedload of stuff to say today. I’m sorry to have taken peoples’ time. But anyway thank you very much so let’s get on with the questions.
JP: Yes indeed. Well you remember last week I was having a bit of trouble getting the questions; something in the website kind of got a bit, let me say, constipated let’s say, and so I have replaced the mechanism by which you make the questions, so the behavior is slightly different when you hit the send question button, you come back to the chat room. That’s normal; it’s fine, and thank you everybody who has attended. Something just happened on my screen; I think the listener report server just crashed. Anyway meanwhile, everything is good; we are all good. Well, so Simon, we have a nice huge pile of questions today; I mean it’s massive ever since I started, so starting early with Sonia from Germany. Hello Simon and JayPee. From a spiritual point of view what is the reason for the birth of identical twins and how are their souls related to each other and what could be the reason for one twin being born dead and the other twin surviving. Thank you.
SP: Right. Well the last part of that question is very sad. When, not to be confused with twin flame or soulmate, when one, for want of a better word, when one entity decides that it wishes to experience separately, in other words, not in all cases, but in many cases one living creature wishes to become male and female, but wishes to divide, or at least wishes to divide so you could be two females or two males, because the will or the intent to do something is so great that it needs two physical outlets, two methods to do that, so twins are often the same soul but it’s divided, and I don’t have all the doctor’s biology, but that is as far as I’m concerned why they look identical, why they act identical, not in all cases but in many cases, why they are telepathic, and unfortunately that is why the evil people go for twins, and [19:28][?est?] and MKUltra and the Masonics do through this Satanist always targeted twins, because twins will have something that others don’t have, which is this psychic connection with each other, which means they developed the psychic gifts very early and then they are abducted and taken onto military programs; they use their psychic abilities elsewhere.
Now then, the hard question actually is, why does one die and one doesn’t. I haven’t seen any statistics, so I don’t know what the proportion of one twin dying is in relation to deaths per live births, either whenever a mother has more than one child but they are not twins. So I don’t know whether that’s more than normal or normal or less. What I can say is that when energies are contained, they can be sometimes so huge that something can go wrong. Also if souls are going to incarnate on the planet and do a job of work, and something alerts something, how can I just say that, that there is a track or that there is something going to happen, then that can happen. Obviously there is also the standby logical reason that there may be a biological disease or something wrong why the mother can’t have that, so I don’t know whether the loss of a twin is above average or below average because I haven’t seen the statistics, so that’s a bit difficult for me to answer, but I hope the first part of the answer was a good one for you. Thank you.
JP: Yes indeed, so, question from Pam. Dear Simon, can you tell us who is in control of WikiLeaks now and where is Julian Assange?
SP: Right. The American Intelligence is in charge of WikiLeaks, not the Russians, not Julian Assange, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view it. Now it is the American Intelligence network, but oddly enough it is an element of the NSA and CIA who are electronically controlling it. Remember that the NSA has the computing power to do anything over the planet, so you couldn’t really do anything unless the NSA was behind you or supporting you. So from the electronic standpoint, it is the NSA. From the controlling part, it splits. Part of the CIA was against WikiLeaks because they were acting under orders of Clinton, and another group of the CIA were supporting the FBI, and for the listeners who perhaps haven’t caught it, one member of the CIA and one member of the FBI both referred to Hillary Clinton as the antichrist. That’s a fact. That has been reported in the established newspapers. That means that there were sizeable groups in both the FBI and CIA who were dead against the Clintons. Now when you add that to the NSA’s electronic assistance, we know that the leaks that were coming out from WikiLeaks were nothing to do with the Russians. They were actually the American intelligence agencies working against Hillary Clinton because they considered her the antichrist. So you know, it may be that Donald Trump is not your favorite dinner, but compared to what else was on the table at the time, you know, thank goodness the American people went for the dinner that was the most acceptable. So WikiLeaks is controlled by the American Intelligence. Thank you. It is a good question.
JP: Yes, indeed a good question. So next up we have, now this is a very interesting question. Again we have got a lot of questions today about birth and soul. It is very interesting. Relax have a cup of tea. Here is another one.
Hello JayPee and Simon from the Awake Me. My question is, this is from Colcs. My question is: you have said every soul is scanned before birth. Celebrities are adopting babies from all over the world instead of having their own. I was wondering, are they all victims of the contamination, therefore they can’t reproduce, or are they being given information about these kids that nobody knows about. For example, their bloodlines might be of significance so maybe higher powers are placing these children in the care of some of their puppet celebrities to keep them safe from public until they are age to be used. Also can you post or tell us of somebody who reads people or how you are able to. I am in need of a reading and I know you are busy and that you have also read me once before and I know that others need your help as well. It’s just that I feel I’m being attacked and need credible help, thanks for your love Simon. When I get down, which is pretty often, [24:53][ your pick to list me up]. Love and light and energy to you all.
So celebrity children Simon.
SP: Well thank you, what a very kind thing to say and thank you. At least you had one reading. There are people out there who haven’t. But on the positive side, there are lots of people now being written to on the waiting list. People are actually getting readings, and it’s working. We are getting through. [noise in background] Was that a very muted cheer?
JP: That was a very quick cheer.
SP: Well, that’s good. Right. Okay, I would be very, very concerned about, in general, Hollywood stars adopting children who are special. I would be very concerned about that because I really don’t want them to end up doing the sort of films that Lady Gaga does, so I don’t believe for one moment that Hollywood stars adopt children because they think they are special and they want to protect them. I think there is a possibility that the elite, and let me make it clear, not everybody in Hollywood is bad, as a film producer said to me, it is a huge machine, but there are many of us who are fighting for good so I will just put that caveat in, but nevertheless, this huge machine might well get somebody in that industry to adopt a child because they want access to that child, so very cautious about that.
Much more likely that when these individuals are identified from the age of about five and a “you are going to become a superstar.” We are going to take you at the age of five and put you in the Mickey Mouse Club, and completely brainwash you and do all these things to you, so you are going to go onstage and sing whatever song we give you and you will have an alternate personality, and that personality will come out on stage and do whatever we want and you won’t argue with us. And through the precipices of that many of those people are so traumatized by what was done to them that they can’t actually think about having children in birth, but they can go out and adopt them. I’m not saying that’s all of the cases, but in many cases that is the process. Many people in that industry feel that they are tainted or that their genetics are damaged, and the feel that if they have a child then whatever happened to them may happen to their children, and they, in the name of God, don’t want that to happen to their children what happened to them. So by adopting, the bloodline is broken. It has changed. It has got nothing to do with them biologically, therefore they know that whatever happened to them will not happen to those children. And there are other cases where the female cannot have a child for whatever reason, so they adopt. So that’s the question there. Was there anything else?
JP: No I think that’s about it for that one. There are more questions about birth. These are very interesting. Okay on to the aforementioned mutual friend of ours, Win. Dear Simon can you give us an update on Win’s barter application, and can we donate to the project. This is from Miriam.
SP: Right. We had a plan, Win and I, but the elites just tried to thwart us from raising up the rights of the capital for it, okay. So what we have done is come up with a reduced plan, and we got some funding from some individuals, but what we are going to do is go and crowd source it. Two reasons for that: one reason is that it means that individuals can actually have a share in this thing. Secondly, it is very difficult for the elite to target thousands of people. If everybody puts a pound or a dollar in, and there’s thousands of people who do that, they can’t do that, but if there is one investor, then they can easily sit on that investor, and frighten that investor off. But they can’t do it if it’s crowd sourcing, so we are definitely going to go down the crowd-sourcing root. As soon as that is up and running we will have a promotion video explaining what it is and what the benefits are for people who donate. Then I will, on this radio show, tell everyone it has gone live.
There will also be, I suppose Win will go around and do his thing, but we will advertise that, so yes, there will be a real opportunity for people to get behind a project that, if it can get off the ground, will absolutely change for the better the course of history on this planet. Now that of course sounds like a huge thing to say. And no, I haven’t been on the gin or the bourbon. This really has the opportunity and the problem for the elite is that half of them want it to go ahead and half of them don’t, the usual story. The reason they want it to go ahead is that if the economy crashes, ordinary people and small businesses would be able to use this cell phone, mobile phone app to actually survive and keep going.
The only people who don’t want what Win and I are developing are the corporations. They are not interested. They see it as a threat. But individual people, small little businesses, this is a lifesaver for them. We are not going to go on much about it, but basically yes. We are going to go down the crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding root. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope that people will get behind this and that they will support it, and if I can make people understand what it can do, then I think that they will say, “my goodness me,” this is what we need. So yes, thank you very much indeed. We are struggling, we really are, of course we are. You know what, if this was another trick by the evil people, if we were all part of that, we would already have the money. They would give us the money, and we would be up and doing it, because we would just be doing what they wanted. The fact is we are trying to set humanity free, and because of that they are coming down on us like a ton of bricks. Hence, why I was really hounded at that meeting, but you know Wen is as touch as I am, and we will see this through, so it’s a great question.
JP: That’s right. We are all walking through the fire like The Terminator you know. It may burn us but we can survive. I am going to have Win on my show next Sunday, and we are going to go a bit more deeply into how we can all do this. I had a chat with him the other day and he told me about some of the details of how the thing works, and it was fabulous. I was going, “Yep, that’s what I want. Yep, I have been wanting that. Yep, I want that.” You know because I have been thinking, I live in a barter system here in Scotland, and so we have been living it, so I know what’s wrong with it and I know what’s right with it, and I know what works and what doesn’t. And Win just ticked all the right boxes I have to say, so fabulous, fabulous answer.
SP: It’s been months. I mean Win and I have put our heads together for months. I mean I’m talking months, so we’ve got something now that works. So yeah, he is the creator behind it; I only support him, so he is the right man to lead us ahead.
JP: We will do some fleshing out next Sunday. So, next question from Bella. Reptilians. Dear Simon, this is a good question. Can you please explain the difference between Draco Reptilians, Raptoids, Raptors, Elohim, Nephilim, Annunaki, and others. Some are hybrids. Some are Dracos. What’s the deal? What is the percentage, and what can we expect to be abducted by of the evening.
SP: Right well, welcome to the fancy dress party, because that’s probably the best way, would be a visual way. I think the best thing actually and I’m being quite serious is if we can get, I’m going to call it a rogue’s gallery, that really wouldn’t be really very fair. If I can get some pictures, some artwork and stick it on your website or something with names underneath it that would give people a very clear physical representation. I’m not going to go through all of them, because we’ve got loads of questions.
JP: Interesting last night I have been editing Alex Collier’s latest webinar and during that, because we lost the picture, so I had to gather loads of questions and one picture that I did get, I’m just going to share my screen with you just for a second and then if you like this one I can put it in the chat room. No you don’t have to turn your camera. I’m just going to share that screen with you and this is a photo, well it is not a photo, it is a drawing, of a tailless Reptoid, a Draco, and what looks like some form of Grey, so can I throw this in the chat room for you to illustrate around?
SP: Yes, you can. It would be absolutely excellent.
JP: Okay, so on you go and by the time it is there they will know.
SP: I’ll talk to the picture, so that’s what we will see. Hello.
JP: Oh sorry, did I change it?
SP: No, it’s just that everything else is. . . I’m looking at eBay now. You have bought something on eBay. How can you buy anything?
JP: I need to get this into the chat room so give me a moment and then we can go back. . . [35:26][both talking at once] you know what they look like.
SP: The tailless Reptoid. Right. Remember that when we see drawings, everyone’s perception is different. It doesn’t mean that the person is wrong. What it means is their take on what they saw is what they saw. We have to always be careful that we are not having false images placed into our mind, but that said, the tailless Reptoid is a non-royal Reptilian. The drawing that you put up there does not look to me like the soldier Rep that I understand. What you look like you’ve got there is a native Reptilian. Now shocking as it may be there is a native group of Reptilians that live under the Earth. They are fairly benign to humanity. They do not come onto the surface. And if humans go down, they are sometimes killed or sometimes just thrown back out again. But it is a “we wish to be left alone” type of environment. The reason I’m saying that looks to me like one is because this is much more humanlike, the thin waist, the type of the arms, the legs are all very, very sort of humanoid, which means they have grown up under the same gravity as we have and let’s bear that in mind.
The Draco, that is not my representation of the Draco. For me that is not accurate. A Draco is a royal Reptilian, so first of all the color is wrong. Dracos are white. That’s why we have racism on this planet. That is why when the first Adamu were designed and created they were black-skinned, and they dug the gold out of South Africa. The second group of Adamu who worked in the proverbial Garden of Eden were white-skinned, because the high-lord king Anu was not prepared to have black-skinned creatures around him, because he was white-skinned. This is where we get racism from, so the coloring on the Draco is wrong. First of all, the skin should be white, and it appears to have a cape. I have never seen Anu, or any of his children, Enlil or Enki, and they of course had children, and I have never seen them wear a cape like that. It looks like a Batman-type of cape. That’s just not right for me. First of all, it appears to have two white horns. I think that’s a misrepresentation. I can understand why someone thinks that. In fact it is ridges; it is bone ridges that come above the eyes and sweep around the back of the head, but they look like horns but they are not. The other thing that is missing here is wings. Draco are royal; they have residual wings. They are not wings like a bat. They look like spikes, spines that come out the back because they are residual. They can’t fly with them but in ceremonies they can move them, and in a ritual or ceremony that means things. The other thing is if you look down to his groin, he appears to have male genitals. This is wrong. They are kept behind a flap of skin, so there is no bulge there. If you look at the drawing, there appears to be a bulge. That is not the case. They are kept literally behind a flap of skin. The other thing here that is incorrect in both of these, particularly the Dracos, is the knees are on the wrong way. Draconius Reptilians knees are reversed. So you know when we have a knee obviously and we bend, theirs is the other way round so their leg walk bends outward. That is why they walk very differently. So either the person has just. . .
JP: Hey give me a second. Oh, sorry, I opened the mike. They walk like chickens then.
SP: I don’t remember how chickens walk. I have never seen a chicken. . .
JP: They have a backward knee like that.
SP: Yeah. I didn’t think about that. It seems normal to me. Think. Where did chickens come from; chickens are birds, and they are directly descended from dinosaurs. And that is officially accepted. It wasn’t when I was in school but it is now officially accepted that all birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. That’s why, of course, a chicken’s leg is scaly. So that’s a really good word; that’s exactly why they are like that, so the drawing isn’t very good, so being very kind to the person who drew this, they must have interviewed people who were traumatized and just couldn’t see clearly or someone just created it without being right. So that’s not good. The other one is much better. This is the little. . . here’s a little Grey creature; he is hybridized between Grey and alien Reptilian, hence he is very green. That is highly accurate. That is highly accurate. The other thing is if you look at these Grey’s toes, it’s got Reptilian toes. Traditional Greys do not have hands and feet like that, but this thing which is about 75 percent Reptilian, 25 percent Grey; that is an accurate rendition so whoever provided the information for that creature was spot on. So there we go. I won’t go on anymore because that’s too much time.
JP: That’s very interesting. Thank you Simon. Right, so I’m going to stop sharing that.
SP: I’ve have seen these things and I am very familiar with them so when I see what I consider an accurate representation then I want to put it right for people.
JP: Interesting, interesting. So they are sharing some of this, only the purple dinosaur is more accurate.
SP: It is.
JP: Right, so now, as a supplement. Did Simon say the Annunaki work for the Draco? We are still not clear about what is Annunaki, and you know these are the Reptilian overlords. Are the Annunaki Dracos, are these the ones that are being cornered on Earth, or do the Annunaki ride around on Nibiru and come to visit us every three hundred thousand years? I’m still not clear on that.
SP: Right. The Annunaki are the ones who are in the firing line at the moment on the planet. Yes. It is the descendants of the Annunaki who are the real wielders of power on planet Earth, and they are the individuals that certain organizations are trying to target and take out. So we are reading on the Internet about certain people being got at. That is accurate. The Annunaki in the true sense of the word arrived here about six thousand years ago. But the term Annunaki is a specific term for a hybridization of a group of humanlike creatures and Reptilian creatures, and they can trace a direct lineage back to hybridization between those of the Orion Empire and the Sirius Confederation. So if you think about Anu and Enlil and Enki, this was a union match between the Orion Empire and Sirius. That is why the Great Pyramid of Giza, what the rather silly Egyptologists call the air vents, the tubes that come out the side of the shafts I should say, that come out the side of the pyramid; they call them air vents. That is why they are aimed literally at Orion, because both Orion and Sirius produced the controlling royal line families that have ruled this planet ever since. The Annunaki arrived here after the main group of Reptilians disappeared underground. When humanity reached a population level that it could no longer be overtly controlled, the Reptilians did a [44:23][?run out?] and went underground and proceeded to control humanity covertly.
When the Annunaki arrived they set themselves up above planet and there was a power struggle in terms of who runs what and where, and in the end the Annunaki ran the banks, the politicians, not the military actually, very interesting. They found it very hard to infiltrate the military; they did it to a lesser extent. But the main elements of power on this planet the Annunaki went and got; the deal was that the Reptilians would oversee that. So I hope that that is a bit more helpful for you.
JP: Great. Please insist, just post anyway. I will just show you this one Simon. Again, posted this what looks like a white Reptilian, massive, looks like about eleven feet tall.
SP: Right. That’s not too bad. Again it’s got a groin area; that’s a bit over the top there. The other thing is that the chest is not muscular enough. First of all, the waist is too narrow. The chest is much more stocky, far more stocky. The arms are too humanlike. That not right. You should be able to make out scales. You can see even from this distance that there would be scales on there, and the fingers look good; the claws look good. The face is not accurate because it is too pointy. A Draconius Reptilian face is more snub. It’s not quite, that looks like it has been drawn, now that’s actually, I’ll be honest with you, that’s more of an Annunaki face. That is the sort of long drawn out face that the Annunaki have, so Anu and his son’s face is not as pointy. It’s much more thin. The wings. . . I like the wings because they are smaller, but they are still not accurate, and they should show a spines coming out of the side, so at the moment in this drawing the wings are up by the neck where you can put some back muscles in and angle the wings out, but what that would show would be spines or spikes. That is much better. The wings are too high. They should be lower. The spike should come down to the waist, can’t see the feet, the knees are wrong. Everybody draws these things like humans. That tells me that whoever has created that has not really understood what they are looking at, and you know, we only understand knees the way they are. That is not accurate and also he seems to have feet like the devil, you know like long ankles, but that’s totally inaccurate, but the hands are accurate and the face isn’t too bad. The eyes are wrong. They have got yellow; they should be red. The eyes are red with a strip down the middle. But other than that, you know, it’s not a bad go.
JP: Right, well if any artist in the chat room would like to send us some more accurate representation. It is really good to get to know it because there used to be a thing about them not being able to be represented. It was part of our ancestry that we could never look upon the face of the Gods, because they were ugly Reptilians. Sorry, that is just my prejudice, sorry.
SP: Well the thing is, also, these things are now going to become more open on the planet. We are going to start seeing these things more openly now, so it’s not a bad thing just to say look let’s get people identifying it, so you know what you are dealing with.
JP: Exactly, yes so there is another picture that somebody posted and I’ll see if I can grab it.
SP: Yes come on let’s get it and stick it on the chat room.
JP: Yes it is very good. I love the interaction on this. There we go, and I will just. . . have you got, can you see that?
SP: It looks like toe to toe [48:59][hole].
JP: That looks like a snake in a jacket, in a suit.
SP: Well the representation. All right, Conan the Barbarian, another one with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the first one that set him off on his real rise to becoming governor of California of course, that was what it was all about. Before the days of digital technology in the civil sector, and the guy playing Thulsa Doom morphs into a snake and it was all like rubber mortals, but I will say to you that if you look at Conan the Barbarian and the way that Thulsa Doom morphs into a snake’s face, that is far more accurate than this. So if you can watch that you can see what it really does look like. Whomever created that had a very good idea. This is just making a representation.
JP: Yeah, that’s a Photoshop yeah.
SP: But I know what they are saying. They are saying that this is a snake, and that’s what Putin said. Putin referred to George Soros as you sly old dragon or you sly old snake.
JP: And he does have that look, the frog that has been sitting on the rock all day in the sun look.
SP: Yeah.
JP: Okay so from, oh wow, this is huge, oh come on, this is a whole show. Actually Simon I’m getting loads of questions and people are asking also we spoke a little while ago about doing a single topic show.
SP: Yes, if we come up with it.
JP: Yes much like we did a [50:50][?unintellible?], where I was quizzing you about the Glocken or things like that, so let’s arrange some of those for sometime this evening when it’s convenient. Right, okay, so this is a massive, there is like about eight questions in this, so I’m going to ask a couple of them. You ask too much Martin, so I’m just going to choose one. Hey Simon give me a number between one and six.
SP: Seven.
JP: No there are only six questions here.
SP: Three and six.
JP: Okay so question three. This question is regarding the coming of the Annunaki. As Simon, Max Spears, David Icke and others confirm the Annunaki and their factions are negative and also Reptilian. In the Lafayette books [51:45][inaudible] Maximillien. . .
SP: Do you want me to give you another number?
JP: All right he’s coming to the answer. . . describe positively about the coming of the Annunaki on the 1st of December of 2022. Are Lafayette books trustworthy or contain mistakes or disinformation to mislead humanity? So basically he is saying when the Annunaki come back in 2022 it’s all going to be good.
SP: I always try to not get involved in attacking other people. Now I would answer it by saying that the history of the Annunaki has not been good as far as humans are concerned. It is the direct bloodline families of the Annunaki that control the banking sector, the control of political parts of many of the countries, so why would them coming back in a few years mean it’s a good thing?
There’s more to this question. There is a high probability as far as I’m concerned of something coming back on to this planet in the near future. Now I have never said planet X is arriving in July; we are all going to be dead. Lots of people seem to be saying that, or August or June and then June comes along and they push it to the next month, and that doesn’t happen so they give it another month, and in the end you just stop listening don’t you. But I do believe that there is something, that it is in the solar system on hold at the moment that will come through, and so does the Vatican. That is why people in the Vatican are absolutely terrified of this particular entity group coming back because the Annunaki, who have been running the planet will then be answerable to this higher group, so it will not be the Annunaki coming back. The Annunaki are here; they are the ones running and have done since the Pharaohs and Sumeria, but it would be another group, a much more pure bloodline group that would be coming back to say, “Well we have come back after all these years; what have you done with our planet?”
And the Annunaki would said, “Well we have been hoarding all this money for ourselves,” and that is the fear that the Vatican has of these other people coming back. So you know what, let them come back in 2022 or whatever it is, because by then the human race will be so strong that we will be able to say, as we say in England, “seal your hook.” Joe you are not parking here, and so the Annunaki have never been good and unless they set around a table and tell us how they are going to be good, I wouldn’t trust them if they came back tomorrow, okay.
JP: There we go. Okay, so thank you for that and how question six. Question regarding the flying catastrophe of the Polish government including the President and his wife, high ranking military, oh the air capacity, oh all right okay. In 2010, the 10th of April, 2010, you know, we found all the Polish, the whole of the Polish government all dead in one plane, which is obviously you know you shoot them and stick them in a plane and crash it. Is there any suspicion that there could be some negative group of people or even an attack of species from the fourth density? You know the backstory to that one.
SP: Well I am not convinced that all the Polish government was killed in the airplane.
JP: Okay, that’s it.
SP: Well what I am saying is on this planet one of the easiest ways to get rid of people is either in an auto crash—car crashes—or airplane crashes and over the last, not so much this year or last year, but the previous three to four years we had a whole spate of airplanes, passenger airliners disappearing or crashing. We had instances of aircraft crashing and the bodies of the passengers decomposed already where they had been dead for maybe three weeks, and that plane had crashed. We have had groups of scientists suddenly disappear, airlines with a group of scientists. This is nothing new; think about the Titanic. When the Titanic went down, it contained bankers who were against the formation of the Federal Reserve. Actually it wasn’t the Titanic; it was the Titanic’s sister ship, but that was the commonest if the elite wished to get rid of obstacles in their way, they will do that. JFK was one man and they got rid of him because he was in their way. The Titanic sister ship went down; they were bankers who were against some of the big names, and surely didn’t want the Federal Reserve formed; they were got rid of. Now members of the Polish government have been gotten rid of, but not the entire Polish government, not the entire Polish government. But individuals have been gotten rid of and they leaked the stories as all as clones. No it is not; it is actually a system that allows you to send a signal to every country in the world, that unless you do what we want, we have a power to basically take you out.
And lots of these false flags are not to traumatize the public. That is misunderstood. They are there to put pressure on the government so that terrorist attack takes place, and the biggest example is Australia. There was an attack in Australia; there was an attack in Pakistan; there was an attack in India; it is to put pressure on the government and say this is what we can do at a parliament building or a university. If you don’t want this on your doorstep every other week, then you do what we want you to do.
Sometimes the terrorist attacks are to destabilize the people, so you know, we want to blame the Muslims or blame this group or that group; that’s to bring that hatred and fear up, but most false flags are to put pressure on governments, so the reason I reacted the way I reacted was not the entire Polish government. I mean I know parliament is not as great because Great Britain, the government of Britain, is hundreds of people, hundreds. It is not just the Prime Minister and someone else; the government is hundreds of people, and hundreds of people in Poland weren’t killed.
JP: All right, now that was just my, I, I summarized it and saying. That wasn’t the question so. . .
SP: Right. I’m very literal, and whatever is read out to me I will respond to whatever is read out to me.
JP: Okay, so listen. I want to read something else to you Simon because this is a question; this is not really a question. His name is in fact John Barry, which is the name of one of the orchestra leaders from the 1960s who did the Danger Man Theme on a British show. Anyway this is not about that either. It’s a kind of. . . I’m going to put a piece of music on after this, but just listen to this. I’m a regular listener of this broadcast and when I can’t listen to it live, I will listen to the recording on YouTube. I notice sometimes that people put very negative things about Simon in the comment section, even though I understand that people have the right to their opinion, I find that some people go as well as to really insult Simon, and accuse him of all sorts. I find these people to be like cyber fishermen or trolls. I followed Simon’s work for about two years now and I always had a good feeling he was a nice and genuine person, and this was confirmed when I had my consultation with Simon in July 2016.
During that thirty-minute session we got talking about what I liked to do as a child. I explained that I liked to play with radios and I had a fascination with them from 18 months until I was about 6 years old. The next thing Simon then said to me was, “Yes, it’s nice to look at the inside of them and see all the components isn’t it?” I was surprised when Simon said that to me. He actually knew without me having to say anything about it that I liked to take radios apart back then, just so I could see what the inside looked like.
If Simon based his readings on “educated guesses,” he would have said something like, “Yes and you liked to throw those radios about didn’t you,” as this is what most toddlers do when you give them something. The point of me sharing this story is that I can assure all the cyber fishermen trolls out there that Simon knows what he is talking about, and if Simon or anyone else in the alternative media says doesn’t resonate with you, then please find something that does and don’t waste time writing horrible things about people you seem to know very little about. Thank you Simon, JayPee, and all the listeners. Be blessed.
SP: Well that’s very kind. I have to be very honest and say I don’t remember that particular gentlemen, which is a shame, but I don’t remember everything like that. You know I do have a psychic gift, a psychic ability, and I use it. I think the creator of Danger Man was somebody like Edmond or Amon Astley.
JP: Yeah, yeah, Edwin Astley. He may even be related to Rick Astley, you know. Rick Astley is the famous you know, “I’m Never Gonna Give You Up” kind of guy. Anyhow. . .
SP: Cup of teatime.
JP: Cup of teatime and I pulled out this one. Do you remember Dire Straits from the 1970s, so swing. Oh lovely. Okay we are back. Sorry Simon, I just gave you a big glass of tea back there before my amplifier switched off and my microphone cut in. There we go. Well, there was something to swing from Dire Straits. Any insights over your tea making?
SP: Yes, somebody just sent me a very helpful message saying that the white Draco, we have the graphics there, which is in that building looking down on that guy was from Cory Goode. And I like, if people have got any time, there is a very recent interview with Cory Goode, and there seems to be a disagreement with the panel. I haven’t seen it. I have only been told it by three different people. It said that Cory Goode was saying that he thought that disclosure should be over a ten-year period and all the members of the panel were up in arms saying no, no disclosure should be now. So I would like you to have a look at that. If that is Cory Goode’s story, then it is not very accurate, so I’m just surprised. I mean it may not be Cory Goode, that is what someone just sent me a message saying I think that is from his website.
JP: Well you know what it looks like. It looks like something out of a video game, so it may be somebody’s impression that has come out of a video game, yeah.
SP: Could be, but I want people to look to check this out because I want to be absolutely clear. From my standpoint is that the human race is ready for disclosure now. I would never ever, ever sign up to any program that said you could have disclosure in ten years time. We should have had it yesterday. I want to make it very clear because I have it very personally, because my grandfather always used to say that the people weren’t capable of making any decisions and only the elite could make decisions for the people, and I don’t accept that. I think that we need to give people much more respect and a lot more trust so that they can cope with it so as far as I’m concerned, and that was one of the meetings when I was hammered and hammered like to say the word, hammered like hell. That was a meeting to talk about disclosure, and I knew for a fact that it is a very, very hot topic at the moment and I’m absolutely adamant that disclosure should be like now.
So if, it’s a big if, if other people in the alternative industry are saying you know we need to do it over ten years, that’s wrong. Anyway that’s just me on my high horse. Let’s get on with it.
JP: Get down, get down. All right. This is a good one. This is about I dream of Reptilians. Okay, so again this is a story. About six months ago I began having one to two days a week where I don’t eat meat. However I noticed I get strange dreams on the days where I don’t eat meat. I had a dream where I was in a valley with other people. We worshipped Reptilian gods that created us. However, I realized that they were not gods at all and had deceived us into servitude. I was on my way to tell the others about it when suddenly a great Reptilian in a purple robe appears before me. “Why have you betrayed us?” he asked me. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation, but I ended up being thrown out of that valley. I have had multiple dreams like this and they all happen on the days where I don’t eat meat. I have been marking down the dreams to document on my computer. Can you please explain why I may be getting these dreams, and also waiting, this is from Denmark, waiting for a response from your website; he wants an appointment. He wants an appointment, yeah.
SP: Well, right. That sounds remarkably like Adam and Eve being thrown out of Eden.
JP: Doesn’t it.
SP: Yeah and there will be soul fragments in many people who will be able to share some of those insights, not just one Adam and one Eve, although there is one major Adam and one major Eve, there are many, many people who have soul fragments like if someone says, “I’m King Arthur,” and then someone else says, “I’m King Arthur.” Well actually there are many, many soul fragments that will be King Arthur; there are many, many soul fragments and many people.
I think without seeing a photograph, I would really need to see a photograph of the guy. If a person contains a sizeable proportion of a Reptilian soul, then that is rebelling when the physical body is not given meat. And the dreams that are appearing are either, depending on the message you take from it, either to try to force you back into eating meat, or it’s more positive actually, and it’s saying you are right to give up meat because this is what it is all about. This is the control element and if you give up meat, then you will be free, because the dream is about being free. That’s what we are being told here. This dream is about being free. Yes you are being expelled but that is freedom. And so if you are not eating meat, you are becoming free. I think that is your higher-self sending you a message, so positive. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten through. Please send another email, and because we are picking up now all the new emails that arrive and we are going back through the old ones, so it is worth your while pushing it again. Thank you.
JP: Fabulous. Fabulous. You know I don’t think people really understand how much work it takes, how much time it takes to sort through emails. Say, each one takes maybe a half hour, and you have I can imagine, thousands of them.
SP: I’ve got someone who has come over from America; I’m not going to say who they are. They have come over from America and are staying in with me for the moment. They want to do a very short interview and they actually said they would be very interested in doing like a synopsis of a day in the life of me. At first I thought no I don’t want anything to do with that because that is just like I’m not interested, and I thought actually it could give people an indication of what happens.
First of all from the email point of view: when somebody sends an email saying I would like an appointment, an email goes back saying okay, fine and an appointment time given. If that person is in California, then that is seven, eight, nine hours difference, so that’s a problem. Then so no that doesn’t work for me, so another email comes back. Okay, well how about this? What day can you do? This is the slot we’ve got available. So one person may take three emails to get booked. You know I get a lot of emails and I’m really glad I do from one perspective, but I’m not a big machine. I’m not lots and lots of people. I’m not one of these great American industries who have got lots of people around. I don’t have that; I have a very small, small group of people who really give out their love to help.
But then I go to meetings or I get hit hard, or I have people who I work with who are getting psychically attacked or they have deprogramming issues. I’m going to share something with everybody. No names, because I protect all of my clients, but I’m going to give an example here. A number of years ago, and I will do this because a lot of people don’t understand what I do, and I think I will just take a couple of minutes to give one example.
A number of years ago a mother brought her child from Canada to see me because she felt that the child was going to kill herself. This young woman was sixteen. The very day before they arrived this young women stepped out in front of a police car in Canada and the police officer—that was a man—was able to stop the car in time. And we don’t have this in this country, but protective custody arrested her for her own protection because he said that she was going to do suicide by cop, something we don’t have in Britain, but I know in the States and Canada you do. So anyway, this is interesting; this is about four years ago; the police were ready to send her to a psychiatric secure hospital and have her assessed, and the mother shot down there and said, “No, no, we are going to see Simon Parkes in Britain.” And lo and behold they let the girl out to come and see me.
JP: Wow!
SP: So that is amazing, and I’m not a doctor. I’m not a doctor. I have never said I was a doctor. But they let her out and they flew her over from Canada to see me, and I did what I needed to do. Now sometime later, about two weeks later, I woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning British time, 2 o’clock in the morning. Now I don’t normally do that unless I’m a bit peckish, and I woke up at 2 o’clock and what’s this about? I wasn’t hungry. I went downstairs and made a cup of tea, and fifteen minutes later a text came through. I always keep the phone on because that is what I do. A text came through from this young woman, and the text said I’m sitting by the side of the bed with a pair of scissors over my wrist. And I was able to text back immediately to diffuse that situation to prevent her cutting her wrists. Now I was woken up for a particular purpose to make sure that I supported that person and I have people like that who need help 24/7, and that is part of what I do as well.
I also work with Win to try to change the planet. I also do interviews. I also do this radio show, and God help me I try to have some sort of normal life. So I want people to understand that I’m not just someone who sits in an armchair and strokes cats, and says, “Oh I think I will go out and do this.”
And anyone who has listened to the radio show, hears my phone going off twenty million times to dozen. I have actually turned it off today but I did check it at break time, but that is the level of support when I set myself up to do this, I didn’t realize what a vacuum there was for a need across the Western world there was, and in fact that’s why I’m inundated. And what I’ll do is I will go through these emails, and I will say who is desperate? Who really needs this? Whose life is at risk here and I prioritize those. And I know it is really awful, because if you have written to me four or five times and you want a reading, and you don’t get it, it’s either because that email never got to me; there is a lot of that, or I have literally had to prioritize someone who is like really serious.
So I want people to try to understand that this isn’t a game. It’s not a joke. This is something that I really do, and of course I don’t get any help from the profession, because if you were to teach mind control deprogramming, then you are giving the keys to undo what the elite do. And that’s why universities and hospitals don’t really understand what is going on because it is not in the elite’s interest to share that, and otherwise MKUltra wouldn’t work and all the other mind programs that go on in Hollywood wouldn’t work or the supersoldier programs wouldn’t work because every general practitioner, every nurse in every medical profession would immediately identify, “Oh this is a supersoldier. Oh, we need to help this person,” okay.
When Max Spiers got murdered by Aquino, I have said it now haven’t I, you know, the establishment wouldn’t accept it because they don’t understand it. They deliberately don’t understand it because they are not funded; they are not trained into doing that. I do, so I get in there and I can only do a small amount because there is just one of me. So please people be patient. I will try and get around to everyone as soon as I can, and I just wanted to share that. Thank you.
JP: Thank you Simon. It is really important that people know this, and here is the other question that I have. The work that you are doing, pulling people back from the brink, okay, so there’s millions of people; there is one of you. You are going to have to start a school one day or start teaching people how to do it. Is that possible?
SP: If this funding project with Win Keech can actually come through, then that is one of the things that I will do, because I want to cleanse the Earth of this satanic evil energy that is used on people. Now if this project is as successful as it bloody well should be, as we say in Great Britain, one of the things I want to do is start a cat sanctuary, because I love cats. I want to build the Simon Parkes Cat Sanctuary, but I also want to do things for humans.
One of those things would be to, I’m not going to call it Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. . .
JP: Not a human sanctuary.
SP: Well, we could have that couldn’t we. But I want to have a place where people who do Reiki or do all of the others, that there is another discipline, where they can learn how to deprogram somebody who has been through Satanic Ritual abuse, and had mind control programs, who has had suicide programs put into them and have a range of alternate personalities.
One of the most interesting cases I had was last year where a person had 15, one, five alternate personalities, and was able to draw each one for me. And then over a period of time was able to reabsorb those personalities back into the core. This is a huge interesting challenging work. I would be absolutely delighted to do that but it takes money, and that’s what it needs on this planet. It needs money to make change. There are loads of people out there who have psychic ability and love of humanity to do it. But they need a job; they need to be paid, because if you are head librarian or you know you work in the local government building or whatever it will be to do this, you have to do it properly fulltime. You have to be paid for it. So if I can get funding with part of the money I get from it, I would set up things like this, and then I would have a holiday.
JP: Somewhere warm or somewhere mountainous?
SP: I would sit at home and just think you know what, I just don’t need to worry for a bit. I could just sit at home and I just don’t need to be on my guard ready for action. I can just relax for a bit. And that for me is a holiday. That just knowing, you know, that I can take my eye off the ball for a bit. That would be lovely.
JP: Absolutely, absolutely.
SP: That isn’t the time yet; that isn’t the time yet.
JP: I also am looking for people to do the same thing with radio because I think this medium, Internet radio is something that is very special, and it’s the key because people are so close to the person doing the talking. They can ask, you know, they can have a conversation with them. So moving on to our lovely friend [1:18:54]Davesure. Ancient gods and their accessories. Dear Simon it would be great to know your understanding of the aspect of schools of ancient cultures, some of which are Sumerian, Babylonian, Etruscan, Armenian, Syrian, Mexican, Indonesian, Chinese, Egyptian, and lately in Gobeki Tepe. Those little handbags carried by the gods and elders depicted in specific carvings has caused much inconclusive debate and guesswork. Please enlighten us as to what they are, and why are they depicted worldwide. Thank you JayPee and Simon for this great show. Thank you for your sincerity in spreading the truth. And this again is personally one of my “what the hell questions is this,” because they also have a watch thing, something that is on their wrist that looks like a watch.
SP: Yes, I’m going to draw attention to the Roth watch. The Assyrians particularly and Sumerians depict this watch as particularly shown on the fish god, where they wear a hat, very much like the pope’s hat. Actually it is a fish head, the miter, where biologic comes from. It is not a watch, but for all intents and purposes that is exactly what it looks like, a strap with a round dial on the front of it. And it is interesting that when alien species are on the planet their psychic ability is reduced over long distance. If you have a real solid 3D Grey in your room it won’t have any problem in psychically connecting with you. But over a distance, they lose their power because they are in a third density.
The watch device is part of a mechanism that allows psychic communication at longer distances, so it is a sort of mobile phone, but you don’t talk into the watch. You don’t, you know, lift your wrist and talk into it. That’s its main purpose, but like many things that are cleverly designed, it has other functions as well but its main function was to boost communications for that individual, and only royalty had that. The reason for it was that technology was at an absolute premium. We talked about Antarctica where they had to cannibalize the spacecraft to get the pieces out of it. That is why the pyramid is build out of stone, because they had to use the materials to hand and the slaves to build these things and they had the concepts because they were from another planet, but they did not have access to large amounts of advanced technology. They only had what they could salvage out of the spacecraft.
The other thing is that what looks like handbags, and it is very interesting, because that is exactly what they look like. They are power sources. The bags are like little Arcs of the Covenant; they are power sources, and they became ritualized and so somebody who has a professorship would say, you know, that these were symbols of their royalty or you know etcetera, etcetera. No they weren’t. They really did have things around their wrists and they really did carry these things in their hand, because these things were so important to them that they didn’t put them down, because they couldn’t just go back to HQ and say, “Well I’ve lost it. Give me another one,” because there isn’t another one.
You know we are trapped on this planet. We have to cannibalize out of this craft what we have, and we’ve only got a limited amount, so they are very precious to them, so it’s very much like when the spacecraft crashed at Roswell. The Greys who were not all dead were found clasping what some people call the Orion box; I call it the Orion cube, and they were holding these cubes very close to their chest, and these cubes had the ability for morphing time. Now the, we will call it handbag that these Assyrians and other cultures had were power sources and because of that it wasn’t unlimited power, but any device you attached to it had enough power to do something, and so it was their life support system. They were literally carrying their life support system around in the bag, so I hope that is helpful to you. Good question.
JP: Ah yes indeed. Great question because I have been wondering about this for many years. And of course, yeah, it makes sense that you would carry your battery pack around with you and you wouldn’t let go because it’s the most precious thing. You know what the technology was, how many volts they got out of that thing and what makes it run with it, or it that too technical for you?
SP: Well it probably is too technical for me, but more volts than they got out of the Baghdad Battery that still hasn’t been found. It has still been stolen and is probably in some rich banker’s personal museum. It didn’t work in the same sense on this planet as we understand, and you would know much more than I do, the way electricity currents are a much more the Tesla way, the way their current works. It wasn’t like AC-DC. It was a very different system, but I can probably equate it by saying what could it power. That’s probably a better way for us to understand, right.
JP: Exactly yes.
SP: Let me think of something that if you plugged it in for want of better word, it would make it go, like it is not unlimited power. Imagine a diesel locomotive. Imagine a train with about, I don’t know, twenty carriages; it would have enough to push that up a hill, so it is not unlimited power, but it is power that would sustain that individual if an emergency occurred. So if you used it wisely, you would have enough power to broadcast anywhere. If you had a weapon, it would charge that weapon probably for weeks. You could create a personal force field. You could power medical equipment, but it is not unlimited power, so I hope that helps.
JP: So it’s quite a power bank, a lot better than you can get off eBay these days. Now, because that’s what I do you know. I check out how good today’s technology is.
SP: Okay.
JP: And you know a lot of these little drones, you know, they take a battery and they have to be very light. You know your car battery, you know, that weighs a ton. You get twelve volts and fifty amps out of it. But with these drone battery technologies, this is lithium, and that’s why they invaded Afghanistan to get all this lithium, you can get a very, very light one that weighs like a few pounds as opposed to fifty pounds, or maybe just a few ounces that will carry the same charge as a car battery so we are coming towards that, but we haven’t quite gotten to the handbag level.
SP: It is very interesting what you said if I may just go back. I never liked it. All I can say is there was one of the major reasons they invaded because they already knew they were going to nanotechnology, and they wanted power cells that they could miniaturize over and above anything that most people can have a concept of. You are absolutely right. They wanted lithium but it was for nanotechnology.
JP: Well lithium technology is how we are able to do all this tiny battery thing. Right. Okay now question and interesting name here Pentatonic Hardcore, very good. The question and topic is forgiveness of The New World Order. Do you feel Simon that a last-minute repentance of the elites will bring them into the 5th dimension with the rest of humanity and we are obliged to obligate and forgive them for the thousands of years of misery that they are responsible for.
SP: Well I haven’t gone dead on you I’m just searching my own. . .
JP: I can hear you breathing.
SP: Right. If somebody said I repent and I will spend the rest of my life trying to work for good and undo some of the bad I’ve done. Please give me the chance to do that, I would say yes. That’s the difference. If someone says I repent and then please can I go and live in my Hollywood mansion and be left alone I would say no. That is not what it is about. If you are truly looking for redemption, then you have to put back into society what you have been taking out. But there is an option here. There is a way out. People who, look, many people who do evil do so because they are blackmailed; they have done terrible things with children, and they have been filmed. And they are always told if you don’t do what we want we are going to make it public. There are people who have been mind controlled, that don’t even know what they are doing. These people are victims just as much as the poor people who are being hurt directly. They are victims.
What I’m interested in are the people above them, the people who press the buttons. Now some of those people are beyond redemption as far as I’m concerned, and I had a conversation with someone about this today. However, some of them are not. And if someone is prepared to say, “I am prepared to use some of my huge wealth as a huge corporate banker blah blah blah blah to make good some of the harm I’ve done, then they should be able to do that because everyone who is genuine about forgiveness should be able to give someone else a chance to seek that forgiveness. But when someone is just doing it as a cover to get them off the hook, No.
I do believe in exopolitics. I do believe that there is a debate to be had around what is forgiveness, who is entitled to that and frankly who is beyond the pale. If you were a really highly involved being, you would forgive everybody. And I suppose that the gift of love is to forgive that, but I would be very unwilling to forgive somebody and call it a day at that. I would say, all right if you’ve told me you’ve tortured children, and you’ve done all these horrible things, but you have a personal fortune of one billion. What are you going to do to pay that back into society? And if they said well I’m going to use 75 percent of my one billion, and I’m going to build genuine hospitals, not bloody sham hospitals, real hospitals, I’m going to do this, do that, then that person is on a path to recovery. That person is on a way to coming back into the world of light and should be allowed to do that. But someone who says, oh, you know, just let me off the hook and I will go and have my own life, No. So that’s my answer to that. That’s a very, very good question and that really hurts me because I should forgive everyone but I can’t, not yet. Thank you.
JP: It’s hard to forget, impossible to forgive. So here’s an off planet question. Good morning from Canada from [1:31:55]Tamoody. Thank you for all you do. I was wondering if you can tell me anything about the planet Spica and the ETs from there called Spicans. I have been told by someone who is able to read the Akashic records that my soul originated from Spica and that there are only one thousand of us on planet Earth. What is the Spican’s purpose for coming to Earth. I was fascinated when she also told me that first I had to spend time with the Pleiadians before coming to Earth. Ah, that rings bells. I recall too you two have stated that many souls would do this for fair thing carnation art. I had never heard of Spicans until I had this reading. I wanted to hear your thoughts, also any update on Antarctica. Thank you, also love. Theresa. Thank you.
SP: Well I have done the Antarctica bit.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Now oddly enough I am familiar with that, this Spica I would call it. That’s how I would refer to it. But I think they are talking the same thing so I am familiar with the terminology. I have never met somebody from that soul group. I know very little about it but in talking to other known human entities, that term has been used. All I know, and you will be very interested, is that usually they inhabit very tall thin bodies. Now if this last speaker is round, plump and very rotund, then I’m off the mark here. But if the questioner is quite a tall slim person, then that would fit the pattern that I’m aware of.
I have no knowledge on any a thousand. I do not know why any race would limit to a thousand. That does not make sense to me. That is not how it works, unless there was some deal that only one thousand could be here at any one time, when one leaves the planet another one comes on, but I have not heard of that from anyone else. All I can tell you is that they are not warlike. So the individual is not warlike. They are very analytical, tend to think things through, question things a lot and don’t like the limelight. That is all I know about that particular group. I know nothing more, but hey, that’s a good question.
JP: Yeah, it’s always good to get new members of the family. I have been creating a series of clubs on line. www. Pleaidian.club, www .Lyrian.club, etcetera. So we can gather the clan, trying to gather the clan. So, meanwhile from Marsha, Money Spell. Dear Simon I heard you mention that money had had a spell put on it. Could you say more about that and do you have any words of wisdom for dispelling it. I appreciate both you and JayPee for your dedication to enlightening the human race.
SP: Thank you very much. What is not appreciated is that when a negative force wishes to take control of a planet, it needs a core value to control everyone. Look the elite are just one or two percent of the whole population. How can two percent manage the ninety-odd-plus percent unless there is a framework that will bind, very important word in magic, will bind the subjects to the object. The object is money. And you do it by creating an energy spell, which you bring in from the 4th dimension, which means that it becomes a drug to those individuals. It doesn’t take with everyone but it takes with most people, and they become addicted to whatever it is that you placed the spell to. Added to that you ensure that your buildings that contain money, we call them banks; let’s call them temples. You ensure that your temples also have spells and those temples are placed in areas of the globe that are nexus points for energy, and you can bounce evil energy from one nexus point to the next.
It is very interesting that in Great Britain and there are certain places where they have removed banks, they closed banks in certain towns and they have taken the cash machines out because the positive energy, I’m thinking of Glastonbury as one point. Yes I know that there is negative energy and positive energy in Glastonbury, but they are fighting, but they withdrew the banks and the cash machines for a good few months because that particular branch or bank was not making the profits that for some reason that all the other banks were making. That is because the high vibrational energy that exists in parts of Glastonbury and in other parts was affecting the spell. So what these black magicians do, is that’s why Rothschilds have a pyramid in Glastonbury to hold their meetings. They try and use that good energy and turn it to bad. That is why Lyrians particularly are attacked because it is about corrupting pure energy. So when the negative energy is attacked, the first thing they do is close the bank and move it. Actually what happened was all the High Street shops said you are killing off business. The tourists are coming here and can’t get any money out of the hole in the walls, so they had to bring the damn thing back.
But a spell was placed which meant that it became embodied into the consciousness and the psyche of humankind on the planet and it didn’t matter what race you were whether your money was little cowry shells with holes in that you wore around the neck or whether it was fifty-foot stones; it didn’t matter; it was a concept of I must have one; I must have; this is mine. And so everything else is built on that and you have concepts built on that, so if you can change, take away the spell and replace it with something that is more supportive of humanity, all the other pillars that the system has built to lean against the spell of money will have to change.
And I have often said this on this radio show. You can’t change the big pharmaceuticals; you can’t change the way the courts work unless you change the core. That’s why the spell was placed on it because these people are incredibly clever you know. I get cross when people try and make fun of them. They were brilliantly clever; they were crazy and evil, but they were brilliant. They were psychopathically brilliant, and they decided that if they controlled money and the human race was locked in to that, every other aspect would be controlled. That’s how 2 percent of the population can control 98 percent of the population because everyone is too scared to resist, because they all fear they will have no money. And that’s why that’s what the spell is, and the question was how do we break that?
I’ll tell you how you break it. When we go for crowd sourcing and you can find the power to work all up and you can support us, because that is the only way we are going break this. If I had a group in a connecting consciousness meditation it would not be strong enough to break the spell, because you have to understand that this spell has been projected from off planet. It’s not just linked here; it’s coming in from one of the planets in the solar system. It is very, very complex. Damn good question, thank you.
JP: Did I ever tell you I used to build pyramids in Glastonbury?
SP: So you are Mr. Rothschild are you?
JP: No I’m the other guy. I was working with the other people, the white logs and. . .
SP: Yes I have heard of somebody who is busy at 3 o’clock in the morning running around doing things. Is that you?
JP: Could well be. I don’t know. I met the mother of my future children then. Anyway, meanwhile let’s say, all right so serious question, missing people. This is from the [1:40:48]Galavan sign. Congratulations for making this program happen. It is regularly fascinating, sometimes a little challenging but totally unmissable. Thank you both. If credible, the FBI states that out of 250,000 Americans citizens that are annually abducted or reported as missing, 30,000 are never found. This 30,000 figure represents 0.009 percent of the entire U.S. population. That’s one-hundredth of one percent. This percentage of the world’s population of seven-and-one-half billion represents one-million one-hundred eleven-thousand humans abducted each year and never ever found. My question: Do you believe that these missing people can be attributed to alien abduction, and if so, is the truth seeking movement devoting enough time to discussing this phenomenon. From Simon G.
SP: Right. How much time we got. I’m being serious.
JP: About thirteen minutes.
SP: Right, well let me start off with this. It is now almost impossible deliberately to obtain accurate figures from any government about the number of missing children or persons, even under Freedom of Information, they will refuse under the guise that they don’t have that information or they can’t coordinate the agencies. Up to about five or six years ago you could legitimately get this from most governments, but many governments will not give you this. What is very, very telling is that the number of missing children specifically seems to be around the same percentage whether it’s America, Canada, Australia, or Great Britain. It is absolutely uncanny that the number missing is consistent from those countries. Now why is that when the culture of those countries is remarkably different? No this is not alien abduction; it is a combination of human military abduction, and here’s the bit that is very difficult uh, for experimentation. So numbers of children are taken and told your family is dead and we are going to start you a new life on Mars or the Moon or somewhere like that.
That’s why that film Eye in the Sky, which I hope most people have seen now was banned in Great Britain. When Eye in the Sky was released it was not allowed to be shown in Britain, and the only way they got it, for people who don’t know, the River Thames divides London in half, the city of London, and we have the South Bank, which is the South Bank of the River Thames, and there are lots of fairs and craft shops; it is quite a vibrant up and coming place, and has been for a number of years, and there was an alternative cinema that said it was going to screen Eye in the Sky for a week. It was sold out completely. It only showed one-and-a-half days before it came under pressure to close. But of course what was happening was people were posting clips on YouTube, and you could buy it from another country and have it posted, so they had to release it, and it became quite a success and, and for those who haven’t seen it, it is about the Germans creating flying saucers, and at the end of the Second World War they don’t go to Antarctica in the film; they go to the Moon, and it’s just got full of kids, lots of children’s schools etcetera and it just shows the life on there, and it was too close to the truth and that’s why they tried to stop it.
Children and adults are abducted regularly from nearly every country specifically because those children are taken off planet and a number are given over as food. Remember children are considered. . . I don’t know what the word is here. They prefer children to adults. That is why these figures are so accurate, and so many people who have gone on and researched this absolutely accurately have ended up dead, either as suicide apparently or a heart attack. Time and time again that has happened and what I think is quite shocking is that nearly every major Western country has a specific unit targeted to recovering dead children. And what they say is pedophilia or what have you. And in this country and I’m sure in America there have been a number of high-profile cases where children have been taken and then cut up, and they will say it is some crazed lunatic or what have you. There is a lot more to it than that.
So when I said earlier about how I can’t forgive certain people, for those people who perpetrate that I certainly couldn’t forgive them. And it is an industry you know. I know I have spoken to Win and we have talked about the slave trade only a few hundred years ago that both Britain and America were in. And what is absolutely staggering is that in Great Britain, there were within a few miles of the center of London two thousand slave traders. These were incredibly wealthy men. Just two thousand living within a few square miles of London and between them they owned 40 percent of the world’s slaves.
So London, unfortunately, is a focal point and has been for a long time for many activities and that’s why Jimmy Savile was British and not American. There is an evil dark satanic energy that runs through part of London and part of the group and has got to be cleansed out. So that is why I said how much time have we got? I’ll stop it there because I want to take some more questions. I do not want to end this show on that question. It’s a damn good question; I had to cover it, but I want to end on a much more positive note.
JP: Okay, thank you. Right, so a quick question about Anu, right. The father of the Annunaki beings of Enlil and Enki is Anu. Is their father the Alpha-Draconian Lord you have referred to as dad in the past or is this an Annunaki King named after Anu the Draconian? I have come to the assumption that the so-called devil that makes deals with some of the celebrities in Hollywood is Reptilian. Is he and is he one of the characters that we hear about other than the “deal with the devil” scenario? Thank you and God bless. So yeah, good question. Who is the devil that people do a deal with?
SP: Right okay, there is a difference between Satan and Lucifer.
JP: And also Anu and these other two.
SP: Yes but the way the Vatican categorizes Satan and Lucifer is, for them, very important, as in pre-blond standard. The deal that you would do in Hollywood to sell your soul is not to Anu or anybody like that. This is a demon who is part Reptilian, but is part demonic. Anu is not demonic. Neither are his sons. But there are energies that exist in the 4th dimension, and I’m not talking jinn. There are 4th dimensionals that are Reptilian creatures but are energy based demonic, and these can possess people. This is the deal, or this is the being I should say that those people would do a deal with. That is the creature, not Anu. Right.
There is only one Anu or at least there is only one High Lord King. Enlil and Enki, remember that Enki was the first-born son and should have been the new Anu. He should have been the new High King. And then Enlil was born, but because Enlil was born of a half sister, although he was second in line, he was more pure bloodline. And that is why in Assyria and in the Egyptian Pharaohs you made your sister pregnant or you made your half sister pregnant, because that was the only way that child was going to become a Pharaoh. Now in our society that is incestuous and it is illegal to have sex with your brother or your sister. But in Annunaki times and Reptilian times that was the only way that child could become an official leader. And that is why all these other ancient cultures all followed it, because they were all part of that same project by the Annunaki.
So you had a big battle and a continued battle between Enlil and Enki, and one was the Lord of Space, the sky, and one was the Lord of the Terra Firma of the earth, and then Enki had two sons I believe. I can’t remember what Enlil had, two sons, so everyone was fighting for what have you, but there is only one High Lord King at any one time. Anu actually wasn’t particularly interested. His job from his perspective was to keep everyone fighting among themselves, because as long as they were fighting each other, they weren’t coming after his throne.
So the deal with the devil is not with Anu; it is with a half demonic/half Reptilian entity that has the ability to go inside of people and this is a particularly nasty creature to remove from somebody. So yes, a very good question, thank you.
JP: Ah huh. Anu is not the devil. Okay. Now let’s end on a high note. In fact so high, the highest note in a frequency is violet purple energy. Would you be so kind as to talk about the violet light, the violet flame and if you have any knowledge of Saint Germain also. Thank you so much. Much love to both of you. Thank you for phenomenal work. Hania from Chicago in the US. So violet please.
SP: I’m not really big on Saints. You know the archangel Michael or St. Germain, I don’t really do much with them. I don’t really understand that side. The violet or purple, remember the Mantis or Mantid’s robe is purple. The ancient Romans used to wear the purple robe; it was seen as the robe of divine ruling gods, the color of the gods, although that color purple isn’t the color we have today. In terms of high frequency, yes it is. It is used for healing. It can be used to destroy cancer cells. It is not widely known, and also it is approaching superluminal travel. And because literally on a graph, it is one of the highest points; it shows the highest frequency. It is seen as the purest and therefore it is just the symbol used taken by a particular race that wanted to mark the fact that it was the top of the tree. So the purple color is the color you associate on this planet with royalty, and it is just them taking the color and using it.
So it is very important you know, when we see in marketing the color purple, it is very clever because when you are looking at colors you associate certain colors with certain things. The obvious one is blue for a boy and pink for a girl, which is so mind controlling it is just disgusting. My favorite water that I buy from the supermarket has a purple top on it and a purple band around the middle, and it is the company’s most expensive water, and I buy it because I know there is going to be no damn fluoride in it, and so purple is always seen as high-end and other colors are not. Think about a monopoly board. The chief property is brown, and this is in England, so you guys in the States, I’m sorry I don’t know, but in Britain it is Old Kent Road and Whitechapel and that’s all brown dirt, the color of earth, cheap. And then you come right round the board and we’ve got Park Lane and Mayfair and there is this sort of mauve purple color. Sometimes its on some boards as very dark blue, but they are usually mauve or purple. And it just shows you how it is embedded in everything that this system holds true. So it is based on science. So thank you for the question and I guess we are out of time now JayPee.
JP: We are indeed. Thank you very much Simon. Any final thoughts?
SP: Yeah this is an exciting time you know. We are here fighting for this and there are so many things involved that I want people to keep their eyes open. I know we often say look we don’t listen to the established news; we don’t read the newspapers, but I actually think it is worth just keeping an eye because they are cracking, and they are beginning to have information coming out. It is also good to know what these people are actually thinking so if you have it with a guarded view, but try and keep your eye now on the ball because 2017, everything is literally every morning now something is developing. It is a very exciting time, and we’ve got to go through this. And you know, I just can’t wait to get out on the other side. Let’s just get through. Get out on the other side and then have the life that we already should have. I mean if we just be happy.
JP: And looking forward to you setting in your deck chair with your cup of tea and a bun. Thank you very much Simon Parkes.
SP: Lovely, thank you.
[transcribed by gsc: 4/6/2017]
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