19 March 2017 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
19th of March 2017
Simon begins by discussing the dramatic increase in chemtrailing in both the UK and Great Britain and heightened by the use of HAARP, and says not to listen to those who say we have nearly won; he discusses the probable take down of the US President Trump, the situation in Antarctica, the probable economic downturn, and warns us not to let down our guard. He acknowledges he has been cloned but his clone is not in operation at the present; and then he proceeds to the Q&A part of the program.

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JayPee: Oh yes, the nineteenth of March, 2017, let me just get that in there. Hello everybody, a slightly later Connecting Consciousness meet due to, well I call it nightmare fortnight which is when the American clocks change and then nothing else changes in the world apart from the American clocks and then two weeks later everybody else catches up. So for that reason we are kind of compromising; we are about half way through the Gap Hour and Simon is now clear and available to hear us. How are you Simon?
Simon Parkes: Oh fine thanks JayPee. Normally we run from 7:00 o’clock GMT until 9:00 o’clock and obviously we started a bit earlier.
JP: That’s right.
SP: To accommodate you know. Yeah, I’m fine. I wanted to skip through the usual update and I’m going to do the thanking people for donations. I will do that in the second half of the show because we have obviously started differently, but I will do that in the second half. I wanted to do the update.
The first thing is to tell everybody that the chemtrailing has increased dramatically, both in the United Kingdom and Great Britain and please don’t take too much notice of people who start telling you that chemtrailing has nearly stopped, or it has stopped or it is being reduced. I would need to say to you that the very crazy people or the evil people have decided that they feel they can bring some form of control by upping the ante so for a number of months actually, they have been holed up mentally unsure about what they wanted to do, and a sizeable proportion of them have decided to come out fighting. In other words having decided on a course of action, they have decided not to make try and good; they have decided not to turn their back on their evil ways. They have decided that they are going to come out and fight like hell.
That is why chemtrailing has increased dramatically and I would be very interested if listeners to the show over the coming few days, you know, when they do a question to just add in to that question which city they have seen a lot of chemtrailing. What is also happening is that they are now combining HAARP with chemtrailing. So you are looking not just for chemtrails, but crisscrossing of chemtrails, and then a feathered effect or a furrowing where the HAARP high resonation is being passed through the chemtrails and exciting the particles in the chemtrails by diffusing them and activating some of the materials in them.
So this isn’t about being fearful. What I’m saying to you is do not buy the line that we’ve nearly won. Don’t buy the line that it is all over [4:08][Bobby Shelton]. There is a proportion of these evil people who have decided if they are going down, they want to take others down with them. So people keep a log if you like please, people have a look out and see and check that out. If you possibly can, if you have a lot of chemtrailing over you, don’t go out. It’s easy to say isn’t it. You’ve got to go to work; you’ve got to do that, but if possible don’t go out if there is a great deal of chemtrailing over you, because at the moment I understand they are putting some pretty nasty stuff into it. So that’s the first thing and it covers a lot of countries.
Secondly the same group has decided that they want to take, not literally, but that they want to take the President of the United States out. They don’t mean they want to kill him; they want to totally remove his authority. And they have organized a position with the Fed and several other media companies to attempt to undermine the standing that the President has. That’s very sad. I had hoped that some of these elite people would be prepared to sit around the table on a discussion, but ultimately they think they can win. That’s what it boils down do. They think that they can win; they think that they can get achieved what they can achieve, so I’m afraid the people of America are in for a bit of a rough ride in terms of “the system versus the President.” And I think what we might see is part of the government shut down. There will be a shortage of cash. This will be deliberate, and they may well plan to close down some of the local government. And the Republican Senator who was caught with a minor will face charges. There will be a huge plan to undermine the Senate, the Republican controlled Senate, not so easy in Congress but they will try to undermine the Republican control of the Senate. They will target any Senator now or Congressman, if they can, or Congresswoman, if they think they can remove that trying to recuse the President’s ability to put legislation through both Houses.
It is a very sad time when these evil people could have really made a difference, but have decided that they are not going to give in and these are people we call Annunaki; these are the true Annunaki. These are the people, I use the word loosely, but bequeathed the running of the planet by real aliens, and then they decided they would run the show themselves. So that is very difficult and I think we are still on track for some form of disclosure this year. I still believe that we are on track, that is still looking quite strong.
The elite situation in Antarctica has developed. Certain elements of hardware are on the verge of being brought out, so some of the technology has been successfully isolated. That is the first thing you have to do is you have to isolate a piece of equipment so that it doesn’t trigger something else and that has been done and now will begin to be flown out, not bring it out by ship; most of it they are going to try to fly out, although some of it will have to come out by boat. Now that will begin to leak out. There will be information. There will be some form of leak out, so I want people to keep their eyes open on the alternative news. Something is going to come out with it.
The situation in Holland, the Dutch election, the party that I thought might win came second. They are the second largest party and of course the stocks and shares on the financial side sort of thought, oh that’s it. The challenge is off. Not really; it’s just a blip, and there was a huge smear campaign that was done against this guy, Geert Wilders and he was accused of being a Nazi, and that probably cost him the election. Now whether he is or not doesn’t matter. The fact is the established media got in there and were able to sabotage that election. We’ve got other important elections coming up in Italy; there is one in France, and at a later date there will be one in Germany. So this isn’t going away. They have just postponed something.
So right across the board, whether it’s energetic, whether it’s physical with the economy, there are big, big changes coming this year. And so the eye of the storm which I said last radio show is just moving across now, as we are now coming into a more volatile period. So I will have more information and updates next radio show, but people who watch and listen know that gold prices have just gone mad. As always, and I have always said that this is a big indicator of something. We know that silver took a hit and now gold prices are quite high. Some people now can’t afford gold and the ordinary man and woman in the street is really struggling. If they want to invest in gold, they can’t. It is overpriced, but that is deliberate, and so we are on the verge of some more issues coming very, very soon. So, please just keep your head down, but don’t fall for this, “we’ve have nearly won.” Everybody has been arrested; all the bankers have been arrested. All the Reptilians have left, all the Annunaki are being rounded up. Everything is fine, you know. I have no problem with people who put out what they believe to be the truth, but when dissemination of a falseness is being put out, when fake news is being put out, when it’s designed to throw people off track, and to make people lower their guard, that’s what I object to. And I have always said and I will keep on saying it. . . if we really were living in a Utopia, we wouldn’t have what is happening to us, so don’t drop your guard people. Please be strong and just keep an eye on it, so that is it JayPee, but other than that we are ticking along okay. So thank you; we are going to move on to the questions.
JP: Fabulous, thank you very much Simon for your announcements. Right we are going to be changing our schedule just after this show we used to have the ODD Collective; we are now going to have some Connecting Consciousness Round Table so we are going to have your group discussing your stuff after your show. How cool is that. So let’s get to the questions. Right, so oh, I see none. Oh, wrong, yes, right, sorry, where is it? Sorry about this Simon, we changed the way this happens.
SP: It’s okay.
JP: Do you have any more bits. . .
SP: I would sing but we would lose every listener in the world.
JP: Really.
SP: Yes.
JP: You know that whole, you were talking one day, you were talking like you were in a canting place with the Mantids, and they were singing something. They weren’t really singing, well they weren’t singing the way we would sing but there was some sort of. . .
SP: It was more of a chanting but it’s not. . . many people think the aliens don’t have a sense of humor, and by in large I suppose that is true, but there are some that they foster a sense of humor when they work with humans because they know it is very important. And, they don’t use it themselves, because they just don’t, but they will understand the concept of it, and they will show emotions to humans and to try to form that connection, so they don’t sing in the true sense of the word as we would understand it, but they will make sounds that have a harmonic resonance to them and they can, I don’t know if the term is pitch, but they can raise and lower it. And they do express themselves when they are happy. When they are pleased or related to a happy (moment) they will make what we would call a singing sound. Now the Reptilians are incapable of that. The Reptilians do not sing can’t make sounds and don’t express themselves in a happy way. That’s probably why they are so screwed up actually.
JP: Uh hum.
SP: You know whereas beings that do have a soul and that’s happy and can connect will be able in some shape or form to express themselves as we would understand, but there are some aliens that are incapable of that. That doesn’t mean that they are wrong; it just means that their connection to source is that much less. You know the further away you are from source the less you have about emotionality really.
JP: That’s fascinating. I always love these little smidgeons when we are not in a formal place and it just comes out. That’s a total, total nugget, a total nugget because you see the thing is, is when I’m happy I notice I’m happy because I notice I am singing. So it is like joy and singing go hand in hand. So now let’s get to the questions; I managed to find them all. There are hundreds of questions, but they are kind of tucked in a different place now (as opposed) to where they used to be on the website. So I am going to start at this morning’s questions. Oh, they are all huge questions. Okay, so kickback, here we go. First one from all right “alien visitor at night.”
Question: Dear Simon, last night I had an experience that I believe I may have had several times before. In the middle of the night I felt my body being lifted and tilted backward with my knees bent as I was being lifted. I wanted to speak out but my ability to talk was being suppressed. I started chanting inwardly, okay I just pulled this at random, a chant I know that used to bring me safety but it kept on. I felt it turn me feet over and roll me over so my face was facing my bed. I was hovering over my bed and this was all done against my will. I did all I could to resist; suddenly I felt awake again. I didn’t know how long I had been asleep, but I awoke this morning at 7:30 a.m. absolutely exhausted. Can you explain what happened to me? I feel like something was planted into my left ear as I was experiencing a ringing several times and a weird sensation in my head before this ringing. Is there anything I can do now to help myself if this happens again. I have tried over twenty times in many different ways to reach you but my emails don’t get to you. It’s not your fault. I think I’m being kept from reaching. The last time I asked a question I observed my internet stopped for several months, and then came back suddenly. I wish you might consider doing a weekly show. There are so many questions to cover and it would be nice to have more of your wisdom. Thank you for answering this question. Blessings, Theo.
SP: Answer: I would say finally you got your question through so you may not be able to do an email through to me but at least you got a question through. Just keep trying; just keep trying. One email one day will get through to me. Right and yes, this is all about opening your Kundalini. What is happening here is that you are being physically maneuvered into a position to open your Kundalini so that your psychic abilities which you obviously have, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this, are accessed. The bending of the knees, the raising of the legs, that is how you activate the Kundalini. I would be very interested whether you have bruising on your body and you don’t actually know how you did it. Did you walk into a table? Did you drop something? Did walk into a chair, and if you are sure that you didn’t and you have bruising, then that is quite strong evidence, and then how do you prevent that.
When I’m not necessarily sure that we are dealing with aliens, I’m more inclined to think that we are dealing with corporations or we are dealing with secret military operational units. It would be interesting to know whether your mother or your father had psychic ability; it generally runs through one parent, it’s true, and what sort of jobs any of your family members do, and often you will experience as if you have climbed up Mount Everest and the next morning you will feel really tired and sometimes your legs will be shaky, but you will feel really tired, like you had a really heavy night, but you didn’t have any fun, and that is because your energy has been drained, and you have been probably used for remote viewing or targeting certain individuals on the psychic level. It doesn’t mean you have hurt them; you just tracked them or followed them psychically and that with only the small amount of evidence you have given me sounds like exactly what is going on and if you can get an email through to me, then we will have a session by Skype, and this way I can learn more and give you more detail.
But for the listeners, sadly what you have been undergoing for about twenty-five years is on this planet serving the states, Great Britain and to a lesser extent some of the European countries to identify ordinary people who have great gifts, and then come often, so if this is happening to you it is because you are special, and I’m using the word deliberately, special in the sense that you have a psychic gift. Now all humans have a psychic gift, but only a small proportion of people have activated their gifts. And you might say, “well I’m not at all psychic.” Well no not in the 3D world you are not. But when your Kundalini is activated, you are working through the fourth dimension.
And I hope that helps. Keep sending emails. We can hook up and I can talk to you more. Thank you.
JP: Simon it is a real shame that they haven’t cloned you, because we could have one doing emails; you could have one doing websites and one doing personal calls. I’m just kidding but that’s. . .
SP: No I know but that’s a good point, and I will have to answer that. You know I suppose a great radio show is where we can just go anywhere with it and it is not. . .
JP: It’s your show. You can do whatever you like with this. You can take people on a meditation.
SP: Well I could do. But they have cloned me. There are clones of me and they are not in operation, and I’ve been told if somebody or something removes me from the planet, then they would bring the clone out to carry on the work. Now I went public with when I had died, literally died, because my spine was broken. Oh, and a very nice funder has ask me to find out how much it would cost to get an x-ray of my spine done, and if it is not too expensive they will pay for that, because then we’ve got evidence.
This is the story where I remember literally falling off a wall, for want of a better word, and then really not realizing how I managed to get back in bed. I didn’t remember how I got from being up by the wall back to my bed. Many, many, many years later when I was in a very small car crash, I went in and I had my back x-rayed, and the doctor said well you know we looked at the damage of your spine and how did you do that? And I remember saying, “what damage to my spine?” And my doctor saying well you know, your spine, when did you do that? And of course I said I’ve got no clue. And she said, “you’ve never been to a hospital?” And it transpired that my spine was completely snapped in half, broken, re-healed, a very old wound. The doctor was already panicking because she didn’t know what on earth to make of this. So I know that I fell off a wall and I know that I had alien experience and literally they put me back together again.
So just as an aside, she is offering to pay for an x-ray, then we could have that as evidence. You know here we are, Simon Parkes, and any doctor in the world will look at it and say, “yeah that spine was broken.” You should have been in a hospital for six weeks or eight weeks or whatever it is, and of course I had none of that. And the reason I’m saying that is rather than bring out a clone, the Mantids decided to repair the spine and put me back because they understand that when you put a clone out, you lose something. You  know, like everyone else here my body was part of Source. It was created by the Great Creator and my soul is in that and it chose to be in that and that is who I am. That’s me. And you know, you go into a clone and it is not really the same connection. It’s not really you. For all intents and purposes it looks like you, but it’s not really you and thank God the Mantids understood that. Because they could have said, look his body is completely useless; we can’t afford for him to be offworld. We will put him in a cloned body. They didn’t, but I have been told there are clones of me and ready to run should I be irreparably destroyed, and that they can’t do that. So this is the real me. No clones, real body. So I thought I would just throw that at you.
JP: That’s a fascinating thing because the real Simon Parkes has a signature that is unique, that has that break in the spine. What vertebra is it, do you know.
SP: Fairly low down. If I run my hand down my spine I feel a lump.
JP: You can feel it, yeah, so there you go.
SP: There is a fusion. The two bones are fused.
JP: Right, that’s very interesting. This is very, very interesting Simon.
SP: Well I’ll get this x-ray done when this fund is prepared because they won’t do it at the NHS. It has to be private. I have to go to a private doctor, but this person is saying as long as it is not too expensive we’ll pay for it, and then when I do my conferences, I can actually say, there you go. Look at that, and hopefully, there usually is; there is a medical professional, a nurse or a doctor or someone in the audience, and then I can say, “are you prepared to say looking at that x-ray, how long would I have been in the hospital?” And it would be very interesting to have a medical professional to say, “well look you know, you would have been out of action for blank if you weren’t dead.” And yet you see when this former doctor came back from the computer she said, “we’ve got no record of you being in the hospital for a broken back, she said the spine.” And she said even though it was a long time ago, all the records were copied on to the computer. You know they were actually put on to what they call microfiche in the ’70s and then from that digital. She said there is absolutely no record of you having any treatment in the hospital. We’ve got not records; that’s why I have come back to ask you. And I said to her, “well I’ve got no knowledge of any of that.” I told her that I can’t help you, at which case she became absolutely confused and wanted to get the heck out of that room as fast as possible, poor lamb, so there we go. And that’s more evidence and I mean that is what we want. We want evidence. I want to be able to say to people, “there you go, look.” Boom!
JP: So do you think Simon, or do you have an inkling, that at that point you were taken aboard a ship, repaired, and then put back into bed nice and gently?
SP: The memory I have is quite astounding.
JP: All right well you do have a memory of it.
SP: Oh yes I do. Oh yes I do but it is not a full memory. I have a memory of, can I just use the word, waking up, and seeing what I call my doctors. These are Mantids who have attended my body over the years, and working over me and then telepathically I say to them, “what happened?” And they reply, “you died, but don’t worry, we are sending you back.” And then the next thing I remember; this happened in the garden in the yard, the next thing I remember is I’m standing by the side of my bed, and I think to myself I don’t feel very well, and I just climb back into bed, and my best pal, the guy who I was best friends with at the time was with me, had been running through the house shouting for help because he said to me afterward, I thought you were dead because I couldn’t wake you. I was shaking you and calling you and you didn’t move. I knew you were dead. And he was panicking running, and so when he ran back to what was my bedroom and he saw me in bed, he actually did one of those soap-take, double takes. He was actually running. He stopped dead. And it’s comical now; his head moved twice. He did a double take. It was like how the heck did you get from there to in bed, and then, you know, my mom came home, my mother came home from work half an hour later and we had tea together, and it was absolutely fine, and that’s the memory and that’s what happened and I’m just so grateful they didn’t stick me into a plastic body and say, “there you go. Have another body.” They said, “look we will patch this one up.” And if anybody runs their hand down my spine they will feel that lump, so let’s get this x-ray and I’m really grateful. Anyway let’s get on with another question.
JP: Yeah well I just want to keep on with that because I had a back injury in that same place. I had a bike crash thirty-one years ago now and my lower spine was fused, and that’s very interesting. Because here’s some more things that are connected to both of us. This is from Captain. This is 1953. The cosmic genealogy of Jews, Aryans, Asians.
SP: Right.
JP: Please Simon, help us understand the cosmic genealogy of the races on the planet now. What is the difference between the Jewish people and the Aryan people from an Annunaki point of view? Do they both come from the Annunaki? Why do they both believe they are chosen of God and dislike and distrust the other race so much. Some people believe that the Jewish people in Israel are not real Jews. They are Khazars, and the black people are really the Jewish race. What do you think of this? Also, who created the Asian races. Is there a difference between the Japanese and China?
SP: That’s too many questions.
JP: Too many questions, all right so let’s just go back and start with what is the difference between the Jewish people and the Aryan people from an Annunaki point of view? How’s that one?
SP: Right. The Jewish people are a bloodline all of their own, and they were a chosen race, and I’m going to use that word simply because Enlil presented himself and presented himself as the God of the Jews, and he created a system that would keep them as he saw it, pure, so that they would not interbreed outside of their people, and he gave them rules and laws that to ensure that they worship him, and that they had sacrifice, and that they followed a Reptilian culture. So they are totally different from the Annunaki, right. The main body of the Jews and that is a separate line from the Annunaki, but the people who were running the Jewish race did come from the Annunaki. That should be understood. The Khazarian Jews and the Holy Land Jews do have a difference of opinion. They have different values and a different way of expressing their cultural religion. One of the major reasons for the part of the American operation is under the old government regime of Obama is to start a war in the Ukraine was to try to give the Khazarian Jews control over part of the Ukraine. Khazarian Jews claim part of Russia and part of the Ukraine is their true homeland. And this was the real reason to try and break this part away from Russia. The Ukrainians have always been different from Russia. When the Second World War occurred and the German troops went in, many of the Ukraine supported them until the SS went in and started murdering women and children. And of course they turned against them, but in that interim period many people in the Ukraine welcomed the arrival of the Germans because they believed it would remove them from Stalin and Russia. But the Khazarian Jews believe they have a right to this part of the world. And they have a completely different control set to the Jewish people of the Holy Land. So the question is right. Obviously he or she understands that those people see themselves quite differently. One group is more magical. The Khazarian Jews have a more fundamental connection shall we say to the roots than the general Jewish group. So the only reason I stopped you was because the next questions was about the Asian people, and it is such a big question to just talk about the Jewish race that, you know, I just can’t speak that way and go on to that one. That’s fundamental to the control most of the, you see there is a line between the Merovingians, who are very prevalent in Italy and the Khazarian Jews, and most of these are bankers. Most of these own huge amounts of wealth and land, and between them they could probably own half of the planet.
JP: So these are the factions.
SP: Yes.
JP: Underneath you say the Merovingians that includes like the Cathars and all that and the Knights Templars and all that and then you’ve got the, so could you give us like a brief listing of the hierarchy like this goes into that and these and that so for instance.
SP: Why?
JP: If we are looking at the Merovingians and we are looking at the Khazarians on one side and the other.
SP: Right. Well what happens is you join a club literally. When you are invited to join a club it is either through your bloodline or your religion or your wealth or your father, but what happens is that you, I say you, the people who are really, really at the very top, they keep a balance. If you put all of the top-notch powerful people into group A, then group A would become top heavy and there would be no control element from group B. So what they will do is they will try and put people in so that no one group becomes obviously more powerful than the other because then it would challenge them. Now clearly families will go in so you could trace your grandfather, great grandfather, et cetera, et cetera, and they will have all gone into the same line. It’s a bit like Yale or Harvard. You know if you are a Harvard man, presumably your father and grandfather also went to Harvard, and so it is exactly the same tribalism. However the people who are really in control will not wish to allow too much power into one group. It’s not so much about the groups; it’s about the individuals. You could have, let’s just say groups A to Z, and Z is the lowest and A is the highest. But you might put someone incredibly powerful into Z so that person then takes the Z group right up to the very top, and then they have a reign of power for five or ten years. Then they are replaced by group G or group L. In that way you divide and conquer. However, ruling families will always be ruling families, and they will be elite and in the days of the Mafia that’s exactly what we had in the 3D sense. We had ruling families in the Mafia whether that be in Chicago or whether it be in Italy, Rome, who would fight and for a few years one group would be an ascendance, and then another group would be. But if you look back to the Renaissance period in Italy, Florence, et cetera, et cetera, that is the birth place of the, I call it the new money, and that is the birth place of a lot of these power struggles that are occurring today, and the Vatican is central as a mover and shaker with all these groups. Okay.
JP: So the Vatican controls both sides? They are on the council and they have representatives, that sort of thing.
SP: The Vatican doesn’t control them but what the Vatican does is it influences them and gives them leeway but will get involved if the situation is becoming out of control. The Vatican leaves these families by in large to run their own show, but there are certain things that impact on decision. They have all parameters over to what decisions they can make, which is their remit and to which is not, and the Vatican will often step in to say you are overstepping your mark, or you know, you should be doing more here, but the Vatican doesn’t often come down and call people in. That is actually what they do. They call people in to an audience and then they are sort of told you have gone too far. We don’t like what you are doing. You need to stop this now, but that doesn’t happen very much.
JP: Okay, so now, so I’m just trying to sort to count the cards so both believe they are chosen by God and just doesn’t like the other race too much. We gave covered that. They are kind of rival factions really aren’t they.
SP: Well you see the thing is you go right back to Enki and Enlil, and which of the two, I use the word loosely of course, which of the two gods were prevalent with which particular group, because both brothers went out and then you know, Enki had children. And they have gone out to create their own empires. You know they couldn’t get off the planet so they would build empires here. And they would place bets really. They would look to see which group might be powerful or which group they were allowed to work with. You know you position a power play. That’s all it is. It is just manipulation of people, nothing special here. It is just the same old game wrapped up in different Christmas paper.
JP: Will it ever stop? I mean are we going to be able to say okay guys, can you find another planet and go and leave us alone and stop manipulating and let us grow because we are quite interesting.
SP: No I hear you. It will stop, but it will only stop when a sizeable proportion of humanity refuses to be pushed around as slaves anymore. As long as a large proportion of people accept the status quo and don’t believe they are any better, and get up on a Monday morning and go and work myself nearly to death, and then if I’m lucky I will get one holiday a year and I might be able to put some money away for this, that and the other and if they accept that as their lot, and they go on year after year after year, and they just sit and watch television and you know believe everything they read in the newspaper, no we are not going to evolve are we. But if a proportion of people actually say I’m sick of it; I see through this subterfuge, and I’m going to really show my displeasure, then we will change. And that is happening. You know we talked about this on the human resonance. There is a frequency of the Earth that went up from 6.34; it is nearly up to something approaching the 30s now. That means that lots and lots of people are beyond their control of the mind lies. You know the days are gone when sizeable portions of people would swallow the childish lies that the elite could put out. Now they’ve got to be really, really clever lies. They’ve got to be hugely deceptive. They really have to work hard to even convince even 10 percent of the public. So they have lost control of a huge portion of people. So that’s why the chemtrails are coming on; that’s why they are going to fall back to the old fear routine. You know we can’t manipulate people if we can’t steer them down the road we want to steer them down; well you know what, we’ll try and poison them or we will dumb them down, or we will put so much fear on to them that they will be very open to what we want, and that’s the route that these stupid, silly elite people have chosen. It’s self-defeating because these people had the chance to break free themselves, and to show everyone else that they too were human. But what it seems on the evidence that I’m getting is that they have just gone with the same old routine, which is okay, we’ll just tighten the screw a bit more, and what will happen is the public will rise to that challenge. The days are gone when people will just be kicked about and “yes sir,” and “no sir, three bags full sir.” Those days are not here anymore. People want the truth. People are asking questions. People are becoming tired of the lies. And more and more people, yes there are loads of people who are still asleep, but the sizeable minority now mean that the elite are using more obvious methods, which will wake up more people so it is a hiding to nothing, as we say in Great Britain. So I’m actually positive about the future. [40:01] But I’m very sad that these people who could have made an example of goodness have decided to fall back on their old routines. And they will suffer the price of this, no doubt about it.
JP: So, still on this question because it is like there is a multi-paralleled question, but a lot of them are answers that everybody wants to know. The Jewish people and the Aryan people.
SP: All right, yes, you did ask that.
JP: What is the difference. . . are we talking like are they really like two colonies that landed on this planet and have rivalry over the land ever since. I mean is it like viled?
SP: What we are looking at here is one group that is seen as the traditional line, the ruling line, which is the Aryan line, which is a line of aliens who set up an empire which was fairly strongly connected to Orion in many ways, has connections to the Orion empire and also has connections to the Aldebaran group, and. . .
JP: There’s those pesky Aldebarans again.
SP: Yes, this is the group that Adolf Hitler of course (knew), not just through channeling, not just through the Vril Society and others, but his own personal experience. That is not really widely discussed but he personally. . . Adolf Hitler personally saw Reptilians. You know we don’t seem to talk about that. He personally saw them. He also had a demonic possession from touching the Spear of Destiny. That’s why Hitler invaded Austria, because he wanted the Spear that wasn’t in Austria. So many people say the Spear was in the Austrian museum, no it wasn’t, it was actually in the main church the main cathedral, hanging from the ceiling. And Hitler had seen that and he knew that he wanted that Spear, but it was possessed; it had its own entity that possessed that Spear. But when he went into Austria, one of the first snatch squads of the SS was to go and get the Spear of Destiny for Adolf Hitler. And he was connected to the Orion Empire; he was connected to the Aldebaran group. He had demonic possession in him, and he wanted to emulate the Aryan race, which he saw as purity because he saw that as the pure line that went back, and these are quite white or white-skinned beings.
And so the Jewish race was seen as the total opposite of that, was seen as the evil race simply because the Jewish race and the Aryan race could conceivably vie for authority or vie for power in terms of running some part of the planet, and indeed many Jewish people are bankers. Many Jewish people are successful in banking, not least because so many laws were passed in Europe preventing Jews from running businesses. This is now understood, but there was no law preventing them from lending money. That is why Jewish people went into lending money because they weren’t allowed. . . there was a law in many countries saying that Jews couldn’t run a business. It’s ridiculous! So that’s why they lend money because they were allowed to do that, and of course they got the bad press, the Jews who lend money. But in terms of the energy, either the Jewish race or the Aryan race could have been considered as successes, although the Jewish race was not directly linked with the Aryan race. It’s a fascinating subject.
JP: Oh, yeah, yeah. Let me finish here. Still there is unclarity I can feel it in the air so I want to really narrow it down. Okay, so the Aryans, okay so you know I listen to the phonetics of it as well, all right. And so the Aryans come from Aldebaran, but they are tall and blond, yeah?
SP: Yes, not to be confused with Nordics.
JP: Nordics, right okay.
SP: Not to be confused with Nordics. That is separate.
JP: All right, okay. So there are Aldebarans from Aldebaran and they are tall blonds with very pale skin, but Jewish people are dark skinned usually and dark haired aren’t they?
SP: Right. The Aldebarans, if you were to look at an Aldebaran you would struggle to work out whether you were looking at a male or a female. If you look in the face of an Aldebaran, it will contain both masculine and feminine features. Many of them don’t have a sex either way. That’s an important thing to understand. Their skin is very white. It’s a sickly white. It’s not the same white as a Nordic. They do have blond hair. It is very thin and wispy. They have not pointed faces. Their faces are hard to describe. They are not square; they are thin but they are not like an elf. They are not like that at all. They tend to dress in tight fitting uniforms, and they will usually have the sign of the serpent or the slash, which is where Hitler got his SS rune slash partly from, also because portal technology requires two slashes when you are transporting down onto planet Earth. And so he took the two SS slashes for his SS bodyguard uniform because that represents arrival through a portal. But yes, Aldebarans are neither male nor female; height, not tall. Nordics are usually between 6-foot and 6-foot five inches; Aldebarans are between 5-foot 7-inches and 5-foot nine-inches.
JP: All right so those are Aldebaran and Nordics, right. And then we also have. . . well, where do the Jews come from? Where does the Jewish race and are they a creation of Enlil? Is that why they are chosen? What’s the deal because you know they are dark, actually you know there are several kinds of Jew aren’t there, like the Sephardics and the Ashkenazis or are the Ashkenazis Khazarians or are there some real Jews in the Ashkenazi group?
SP: Well hang on, what is a real Jew?
JP: Well, yes.
SP: There are twelve tribes of Israel and that is everything you need to know. When somebody brings oh the jolly old figures, three, six, nine, twelve, there we go. That is a construct. Anything with a figure three, six, nine twelve; six and twelve are the numbers of the Reptilian stroke Orion stroke control system. If you take a group of people who are indigenous to the planet and you say to those people, “you are special; you must form yourselves into tribes, and you mustn’t take wives or husbands outside of your own tribe because it won’t keep it pure, and if you sacrifice lambs to me and you kill this and that and you burn offerings, then I will protect you.”
I do believe in the parting of the Red Sea. I absolutely do believe that because alien technology could do that. You know, we tend to forget that Moses was a Pharaoh; he was the son of a Pharaoh. This is where the line is coming from. You know this is where the Jewish line is coming from. You are asking you know I’m taking you back now. Where do Jews come from? Moses was a Jew. Many of these people were Egyptian. They were family members who could have become full-fledged pharaohs and fell out for whatever reason. So if you look back, the leaders of the Egyptian race were Annunaki. That doesn’t mean all of their underlings, all of their subjects were off a spaceship. Many of them, the vast majority of them were ordinary indigenous native peoples who were brought together under superior intellect in terms of command and control and given rules and regulations to fashion them into a self-contained unit. And then if you infuse a people with a belief in themselves, and you make them believe they are better than anyone else, and then you give them protection, so the Jews did have protection. They were a chosen race, chosen in the sense that the Reptilian gods said you keep sacrificing for me and I will make sure you don’t lose any battles, but if you stop sacrificing to me I will take away my support. You know it is no different up to 1942 Adolf Hitler won every battle, nearly well Battle Brittany he didn’t win but he didn’t lose that did he. It was a draw. But he won every battle as long as he was buying oil off the Bushes, Standard Oil. And what Hitler said in 1942 is I’m fed up with this. I’m going to go and invade this part of Russia, which is just Stalingrad, and I’m going to go and get all the richest oil fields in Russia, and I don’t need to buy off the Bushes anymore. And as soon as he did that what happened is all the off-planet assistance he had been getting just disappeared. It went, and then from winning nearly every Battle, he lost every Battle. And this is what happens to those people who sign up for something. If they don’t follow through on the deal that special protection is taken away. You think about the wars that the Jews have fought, you know the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1974. The Israelis won battle after battle after battle. Because specifically through Mossad they have even to this day a connection with a particular off-planet entity which isn’t very nice. It’s not nice but it’s the same planet entity that used to communicate with Hitler. Now how crazy is that. The Jewish state with a connection with an off-planet entity who was the same entity that was working with Hitler. This off planet entity will work with any nation that it thinks it can control. You know, the human race needs to turn around frankly to all this lot and say, “ look we don’t mind you giving us advice. You have been on this planet and in this universe a lot longer than we have, so we will take advice from you but don’t try and manipulate us. Don’t try and control us. We will make our own destiny.” And when the human race turns around, and you said this a bit earlier JayPee, when we as a people, as a planet turn around and say, “we will welcome your advice, but we will decide what we do, then we really take control of who we are.” Except when all different countries are fighting each other and that’s how its divide and conquer. Shall we move on?
JP: Fabulous, thank you Simon. Well I hope that ties it up for everybody. Let’s have a look now. Okay lots of people are typing enormously long questions, but what you have got to understand it’s better to make a really focused question, and indeed somebody put here’s a really good one, because they put it in a topic so rather than read all the things, can you get a jinn and this is from David. Can you get a jinn or attachment through a connection with people through the internet?
SP: That’s a really, really interesting question.
JP: Isn’t it?
SP: No but you can get a demonic entity through some of the games that are being put out now. There are some children’s games which are on the market, which I believe have a portal to them and allow some activation like that. So in a pure sense of the word, a jinn, no. Jinns mostly attack people through ouija boards. The ouija board is a portal. The concept of the ouija board never came from humanity. That was given to them; humans constructed it, and the best way I describe it is you walk down the street. There is the sidewalk and you see a lovely window, a shop window, and in it some beautiful cakes. Oh I like those cakes, so you open the door and you go in. The ouija board is the shop window and when you touch the ouija board or you come within close proximity of it or you activate it, then they consider you have opened the door, and they believe they have a contract with you, that you have gone into the shop. And now in Britain, in London we have black cabs; in America you have yellow cabs, and they all have a taxi stand or a taxi rank and they all cue up, and the same way the jinn just cue up, and then somebody activates a ouija board. The first one in the cue just comes straight through and it will attach to the most psychic person around that ouija board, usually the person who has activated it, but not exclusively so, and the most possessions that I have to remove off people are demonic possessions or jinn possessions because they have used the ouija board. Sometimes these things stay in you for twenty or thirty years before they activate. They are chameleons and they mimic your energy and you don’t do them to attack them and then they activate and start making your life an absolute misery. So no, not a jinn, but yes some of these programs, specifically in the last eighteen months that are coming out could potentially carry demonic energy. Good question, thank you.
JP: Very interesting and very relevant indeed, so what about getting rid of demons and jinns across the internet, using Skype and things like that. Is that using a different connection? You are connecting personally aren’t you?
SP: You can’t use through Skype. What you are most likely to get is an archonic attack through an internet connection which is archonic which is artificial intelligence. This is where the attack comes through because they are artificial intelligence. They use digital technology. That’s why we have digital technology on the planet, not to make our lives easier but to allow certain things to move around the planet and spy on us. So you don’t get demons through Skype, but you get archonic attacks through Skype; you get archonic attacks through anything electronic. But demons will tend to require, well I’m really trying to think how I’m going to put this in human language. They need a house. They need a home. They need a base, like the genie needs a lamp to live in. So if you create an app for a phone, you create something. . . I’m not saying Pokemon but that’s a game I’m familiar with in the ’80s, but you have to have something that had monsters drawn on it or evil creatures and it was part of a game. Well that could house the energy of that creature because it’s actually giving shape and form to something that we would talk about as a monster, so that type of evil energy can find a home, even temporarily in that and that can then be sent down the internet, so it is residing, just like I talked about the Spirit of Destiny had a demonic possession. This is the spear that Saint Longinus was said to have speared Jesus with so it had this history, therefore the demon could attach to the spear because of its history. Well if you create something then demonic possession can attach to it, and then that can travel and be sent. So it’s a difficult game for someone like me because I have hard enough time clearing the extraditional demonic stuff, and then with the advent of digital technology, then these things can pop up really quite almost anywhere really, so it is quite a challenge really.
JP: Yeah, excellent. There is a particular game called the World of Warcraft. A guy I used to know way in the bands of long ago told me once he sold his soul to the devil when he was younger. Now I don’t know whether he was joking or not, but he is completely addicted to this game called World of Warcraft, and even him and his wife, they sit there every evening playing World of Warcraft on their computers next to each other
SP: Right.
JP: Is that like, that’s their deal, you know, generating these negative energies.
SP: Well I would say that’s not particularly healthy. It’s nice to go out for a little walk and hear the birds sing or watch the sun setting, I think would do them a power of good and it’s not good for your health to sit in front of a screen without going out and having some exercise, and I’m not going to talk specifically about this because I haven’t got enough knowledge about these programs. There is a program that was very, very popular last year that you know you would go out with your mobile phone, or cell phone, and you would point it at things and it would say whether there was a being or creature there you know, and wanted you to collect them. Well that’s the sort of thing that concerns me, so I can’t say it’s a specific program because I think anything that contains what I have described could potentially hold something unpleasant. And look, we live in a modern world and we use computers and we use phones but we do need to balance our lives and we need to get out more. Something wants us to sit with our faces glued to a screen and reduce the humanity in us, and I’m absolutely determined to say to people that you need to balance your life by celebrating your humanity. Go out and connect with nature, and you know we can do this. Go out and see the trees and the rivers and the sea and just remember what it’s like, what real organic life is. You know, yes these super high-definition screens can produce a real good copy of whatever environment you might be looking at, but it’s a copy for goodness sake. It’s a copy. Why would we want to copy when we can go out and see the real thing? Are we so lazy that we can’t even go out and walk and I’m to blame often. There’s a lovely little park that was pointed, a very, very special friend of mine said, you know, you need to go out every day and go to the park and just have ten minutes. This person is absolutely right, but we all have incredibly busy lives. But it’s how much do we want to do this. If you really want to do something, in most cases you can. And I just say to people celebrate the fact that you are connected to Source. You are a real living human person. Do not be drawn into the electronic world and this is my fear. It is not the Reptilians. It is Archons; it is the artificial intelligence that wishes to substitute all blood and flesh, and bone and replace it with a robot. That is the real enemy that we face.
Now I will just finish up by saying this planet has been earmarked as a firebreak, and anyone who has been a fireman or firewoman knows what I mean. If you have a forest fire you have to bulldoze down part of it to create a barren land that the flames can’t get across. In Britain, London, the Great Fire of London in 1666, the only way to stop the Fire of London was by dynamiting houses to create a gap so the fire couldn’t jump from one house to another. And this planet is earmarked as a firebreak to prevent artificial intelligence spreading right across the dimensions. Now that is really important, because if we do not defeat AI here on this planet, it’s a bad deal, so we’ve got to do that because they are pushing AI, whether it’s the trans-human agenda, whether it’s all these stupid videos on YouTube about robots walking through the forest or you know walking this trying and say you know if you break your arm, you know, we can do this and we have talked before JayPee about the film in the 1970s with Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. They were already pushing trans-human agenda back in the mid-1970s you know, robotic arm, robotic leg, doesn’t it make you better? No it doesn’t. Yes if you have a genuine accident by a car crash, fantastic, but not let’s replace the human body with a robot because that is a concept that has been dreamt up off this planet, and I just want people to remember, as useful as a computer is, or the cell phone is, it is not your life. Your life is the wind in your face, the sun, the fact that there are animals that you can talk to and stroke and play with, that children can go out and play and run in the field, that you can plant crops in the ground and see them grow. That is what being human is and learning and experiencing and reach out and touch somebody you love. Robots can’t do that. That’s what they want to do. They want to replace the human race with robots, so I’m absolutely passionate, yes, some Reptilians are not very good, but that’s not our major enemy. So there we go. I have gone on a bit. When is our tea break by the way JayPee?
JP: Well you know we started late so let’s just have a look. All right. Good timing. You’ve got a good sense of the time. You know the hour. So let’s put on the tune and go and put the kettle on, shall we. I was going to put on Pink Floyd, the Embryo, which is ten minutes long. That’s too long. How about, no that’s too depressing, that’s depressing, you know a lot of music is really quite depressing, but everybody loves it. But how about, oh yeah, this. This is my band with the fabulous Stu Evans on vocals singing Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. So it’s a guy singing a Janis Joplin song so turn your speakers down if you are that sensitive kind of person. Anyway that was my band a couple of years ago I think in 2012 doing Piece of My Heart. Hey it’s my birthday. It was my birthday yesterday.
SP: No yesterday was your birthday.
JP: Yeah, yeah, I’m fifty-six. Are you sixty-one? Are you born in 1961?
SP: No I was born in 1959. I’m still in my fifties.
JP: Uh-huh two years older. Oh two-and-a-half because yours is September aren’t you?
SP: I am indeed.
JP: There we go.
SP: I’m just a spring chicken really.
JP: I’ve heard. Would you like to do your donation thingy?
SP: I will. Are we back on line now?
JP: We are back live, yeah.
SP: Well that’s good I thought you were still making tea.
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JP: Thank you and what else was there? Yes, thank you to everybody for donating to my personal thing and also Wolf Spirit Radio thing. What I would also like is some volunteers, particularly those with computer skills or at least website skills, you know social media and things like that. And it would be nice to create a network to take the stress off all these individual points [1:08:54][inaudible]. Anyhow, let’s have a look here. Oh, here’s a good one. Here’s a good one. This is from IWP, oh. Anyway, this question is about fairy tales. I have an old book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that I was reading the other day and it suddenly came to me. As I was reading about the boy being killed by his stepmother and made into stew and fed to his father, these stories sound very much like the kind of tales told to satanic Illuminati children to scare them. Could it be that these are things that did happen to children and parents of these occult societies. I renounce all the fables and fairy tales. The real Grimm’s stories are nothing like the Disney versions that we see out of Hollywood. What say you Si-Man about the brothers Grimm?
SP: Si-Man, hum, that’s interesting.
JP: Ah you heard, you had some syllables there, Si-Man.
SP: I listen for all intonations.
JP: Well, that came out of me.
SP: I know, I know, but I’m on my guard, who knows? What’s interesting is I was with someone only the other day and we were talking about Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm’s Fairy Tales and so it is synchronistic here, and some fairy tales were written by good people to warn other good people to be aware and look out. Other works were written by good people to give direction, a spiritual direction. This is morally wrong. This is right. You should do this. But another group were written by those who were practicing in the Satanic cult, who were merely putting their own culture into story form. And I’ll just give an example that should be known by the Western world, which is Little Red Riding Hood, and this is one of the ones we were discussing only a few days ago. So Little Red Riding Hood was a satanic version or at least the elements were placed in there and anything where someone is chopped up in pieces or gobbled up and or eaten and I’m not saying, as the question is proposing that this happened to their family, therefore they made a story. What I am proposing is that this was a cult, a culture of sacrifice, and we don’t have to go too far do we. We can find that in Aztec cultures, Sumerian cultures. It is the Reptilian command and control, and it is the Jewish culture. So in these fairy tales you are being bombarded, or children are being bombarded, less so now, with elements trying to put them on the straight and narrow and warn them, and all-round moods that were very dubious and were traumatizing children and trying to normalize it.
And I’ve got and now we talk about Alice in Wonderland. I have got a very rare copy of the original manuscript. It was presented to me, the original manuscript from Alice in Wonderland, but it wasn’t called Alice in Wonderland. It was called something like Alice’s Adventures Underground. That is originally how it was written, and I think my copy version is 1866, and in it the copies that we are all familiar with, a guy called John Tenniel, he was a gifted illustrator. He was brought in to draw Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat, and he drew them really well and his drawings are iconic, but this version, this copy I’ve got is Lewis Carroll, that wasn’t his real name, but that is the name we went with. Lewis Carroll’s own drawings, that’s what makes this copy really special. He was an awful illustrator. That’s why they got someone in, but he drew them, and I have got his drawings and they are, some of them are inappropriate. And in fact the copy I’ve got the foreword can’t hide it and the foreword says something along the lines of, I’m making a joke of it as they always do. Ha, ha, ha, Freudian scholars would like to make much of drawings etcetera, etcetera, etcetera in this book, however it is our opinion this is just chance. And what we’ve got is a particular drawing of two courtiers fondling each other. Now that may not seem much in 2017, where nearly anything goes, but we are talking about 1866 in books for children.
And remember it was not uncommon for Lewis Carroll to take a twelve-year-old girl on a boat up a river, and that is documented evidence. I’m not saying anything happened. I’m not saying anything like that. All I’m saying is I’ve got a copy of his original book and I look at those drawings and I don’t think it’s chance what I’m looking at. So that kind of energy of children being abducted, children being sacrificed or eaten or traumatized runs through the culture of humanity very deeply and has done for a very long time. It’s evil and it has to be got rid of, you know. So I guess, good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent. So now this question is what is the difference between the Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey and the Illuminati Satanist? And where does Aleister Crowley fit into these groups is he still [1:15:15][inaudible]. In your opinion what was he trying to do with all his magic and was he as evil as some people make him out to be?
SP: I’m not quite sure of the question. Say the question asked again.
JP: Aleister Crowley, was he connected with the Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey or was he an Illuminati Satanist, and does he fit into either of these groups or did he predate them, and what was he trying to do? Basically it is saying was he as bad as the world has cracked him up to be. My question is does he fit in with the Cabal of today? Where does he fit in that?
SP: The organization that Aleister Crowley was most associated with is Order of the Golden Dawn, which he had a hand in founding and being part of, so the Order of the Golden Dawn was the group he was most associated with. Aleister Crowley was elite; let’s make that clear. Aleister Crowley wrote to MI5 during the Second World War, and said that he should be an agent for them. They declined his offer. Now there is some truth in Aleister Crowley’s claim that he taught Sir Winston Churchill to make the V for Victory sign. Churchill used to go around making the V sign, which is V for Victory. Aleister Crowley always claimed that was his invention. There is some interesting debate to be had around that. Anybody who practices black magic is doing so because they wish to influence or alter the status quo. Magic per se is not evil. It is the hand that wields the wand, or the hand that moves the energies, and the intent behind that. You know witches weren’t evil, but they were hunted down because they were women with power. It’s the intent behind it that matters. You know you could be a magician who uses his power for good. That’s not evil. A magician who uses it for bad, that’s evil. So when you bring in child sacrifices and satanic rituals, that’s obviously wrong. That’s obviously evil and that’s a fourth dimensional energy that’s being fed. Aleister Crowley was absolutely a magician, a black magician, and he understood the Illuminati concept and was part of that.
But like many people he became independent, because if you get too big for your boots the organization. . .  if the organization feels it can’t manage you it will push you out into an offshoot. Think of a big tree that’s got lots of branches. So you’ve got your control network which is the core, which is the trunk, and then if you get someone who is getting a bough and you stick them out on a branch, and so Aleister Crowley was stuck out on a branch, and he created the Crowley Tarot. The Crowley Tarot cards are not evil in themselves, but if you use them with evil energies, then they are incredibly so. Most tarot readers, most, not all of course, but most tarot readers won’t admit to the fact that they hold a Crowley Tarot pack, because it has got such a bad label. But in terms of power, divination, and energy, the Crowley Tarot will give you some very good accurate answers. The Rider-Waite tarot, if you look at it they have got Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rider-Waite tarot, the Crowley Tarot, they all share a joint family history. So was Crowley as bad as they paint? Well I don’t know what they paint him as. I will tell you that I wouldn’t invite, if Mr. Crowley was alive, I wouldn’t invite him into my house for a cup of tea. So that’s the best way I could answer that.
JP: Okay, all right that’s nailed it here. Good. Right. Okay, Solomon, this is a good; it’s interesting. All right, okay. Joy  [1:20:09][sp]Somablob. Who or what Simon is Solomon? I have read that Solomon refers to the Sun Soul and was not even a real person. What is the Song of Solomon in the Bible about? What is the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Greater Key of Solomon? Are these Satanic, Lucifer and [1:20:27][sp]Archalinktect ? Were these texts meant for magic in the [1:20:30][sp]Goenthica? How does Solomon fit into the Knights Templar, so essentially there is this central figure, Solomon in the same way we have the central figure Jesus. Is he like a composite or was he really a real person?
SP: Your question or your observation JayPee is as interesting and pertinent as the question. And where do you split the Jesus energy from the Kind Arthur energy? Where do you bring the ling between King Solomon and Moses? These energies are intertwined. No one person on the planet can claim to be Lord Nelson or Napoleon, but there are energy fragments from those individuals, whether that is Jesus or Solomon that exists on the planet, and a number of people can connect and pick up these fragments and have that connection. It doesn’t mean that person is, you know, Moses or Jacob, but they have a strong drawing to that because they have collected that and the question is about Solomon. And Solomon through David could trace a direct line to the Annunaki. Solomon was a magician. Solomon was trained in what we call the Letter Keys and the High Keys which are the, if you go to your Tarot cards, you have the High Arcana and the Low Arcana. You have the cards with naming power and the lesser cards and the Kabala is a strong magic, which we associate with the Jewish higher ranking cultures, which allowed through training, mystery schools, and naturally obtaining the power through the divine right to have that power, allowed Solomon to conjure demons and use those demons as he would. Solomon was not a good person, but Solomon ruled with fairly good judgment. So Solomon wasn’t a particularly a nice person, but his judgments for his people were beneficial. That’s quite a hard concept to get around. So the actual wisdom of Solomon when the story of the two women who claimed a baby, and both women claimed that the child was theirs, and there was no evidence to prove because the baby looked like both of them, and so Solomon said, “well look, the best thing to do is to get my senior guard, the captain over here to cut the baby in half and you can have that half and you can have that half,” and the real mother just went absolutely ballistic. So Solomon said, “well, you are the real mother and you can have the baby.”
He used concepts that were not known on the planet, and he was like the Sherlock Holmes of those days. He was able to engage with people and understand the truth, and to give the people what they needed, and yet as an individual he was still wrapped up in his own culture, because he at that time hadn’t evolved. He was participating in rituals, and he participated in child sacrifices, because he hadn’t yet evolved. And that was his time; his time was to lead his people and to make it great, to build the temple, to have the Arc of the Covenant placed in the center of the temple, and the question goes on about the Knights Templar through their own esoteric knowledge came to collect the sacred items that hadn’t been looted. They were still there and in fact there is one item that came form the temple that the Knights Templar retrieved and brought back, and is now in hiding in Scotland. There is an item of Solomon’s Keys, which is in hiding in Scotland, and people perhaps don’t really fully grasp the role of the Templars and their connection through their own learning actually. Remember that the Knights Templar and the Free Masons don’t see eye to eye. They are very different. We could go on and on and on but I hope that answers the question somewhat, thank you.
JP: Oh, you know there are so many questions here that could expand into several hours, really if you had the cups of tea.
SP: I love that.
JP: And the cucumber sandwiches. . .
SP: Oh I love that; that’s brilliant, thank you.
JP: So here is a question from Julie B. Dear Simon what do you believe or what do you know happens to animals when they die? Are they recycled and moved up the chain to eventually become human, as the Hindus believe or is there something else? Do they also need to be able to go back to Source?
SP: That’s a really interesting question. Right. My main focus is humans, and my main focus is people, and the salvation of people, and the advancement of people, so I don’t have the same depth and knowledge for animals. Off planet entities refer to every other creature on the Earth, other than humans as lower life forms, and that may sound a bit rude, but the human animal is the only animal that can make a decision not just based on need generally speaking, so an animal will do what it needs to do to survive, but a human can make a decision which might bring about its own death, but would allow others to survive. There are some animals that do that but whether that is their own conscious mind or their need to be a parent I don’t know. I am not convinced that a soul in a cat could then go and be a soul in a human. I am convinced that a human soul in a dolphin can come out of that and go into a human body. So I think there are some animals on the planet that contain already a human or a higher soul. I don’t accept or understand how the soul of a cat could then go into a human body, but I could understand, as I said, a human type soul going into a whale or a dolphin and then coming back into a human. But just as we have soul mates, or twin flames between people on this planet so we have soul associations, whereby an animal and a person form a bond, maybe ten thousand years ago, and that animal in that soul in that animal will come and seek out that person, and twenty years ago it was a dog. Fifty years later it is a cat. Forty years after that it might be an owl, but it will associate into animals that can contain its soul, and it will try and seek out that same person. And this is a connection between a wizard or a witch and what we would call its familiar. So a witch might have a black cat or a bat. Think of Harry Potter, where they had toads and owls. It is not uncommon for an animal to incarnate back on the planet and find its previous master or mistress, time after time, after time. How many people go into a rescue home and the animal has chosen them, even if they thought that’s cute; that’s cute; that’s cute, and then the animal just comes up to them straight away because it’s recognized. And I wish more people would understand that they have had associations with these animals over thousands of years, and just as we can be very attached to a person, we can be attached to an animal because it is an old friend. It is a companion we have had in one shape or form for a very long time. And it is the wonder of Source, the wonder of creation that allows either a soul mate or an animal to travel hundreds of miles and find you. How many times have we heard cats and dogs, you know, will get lost and they will find their owner or they will travel in a boat and in all the rest of it and they will find their home or they will do this. And I don’t care. It’s not always the compass; it’s not always the gravity; it’s the sun rising. There is a connection to Source. There is something that drives these animals to want to be with an individual, and so what happens when an animal dies? Its soul is recycled. It comes back into another animal and because they are different from humans they don’t get mind-wiped, and they remember their previous owners. So they will attempt to try and find their owner who will be in a different body. That’s a wonderful subject, and I think if the vast majority of people on this planet understood that, they would be a damn sight more respectful to all life forms on this planet, and that is what we need to work toward. Good question, thank you.
JP: Very good question and very good answer. Thank you Simon. Okay, now how do you feel about continuing this show until it is two hours long, because what happened was. . .
SP: I will go until half-past eight which will be two hours.
JP: Yeah that will be fine.
SP: I will go until half-past eight.
JP: Yeah if that’s all right and we are kind of half way between the I call it nightmare fortnight when all the shows are one hour out and I keep forgetting to tell my British people and I’ve got a British guest and she is probably not going to come on until eleven o’clock so now half way through the show.
SP: I will go until half-past eight and we are done in two hours.
JP: Fabulous, thank you very much Simon. Okay, so I can just expand a tiny bit and right oh yes, here we are. In the dark world of the New World Order from Ryan Elaine or Elaine Ryan. Who, what, work in the field of New World Order, conspiracy, alien research etcetera, do you admire and respect the most and believe, in your opinion, to be the most accurate. What popular ideas or theories are you skeptical about and why, besides flat earth. We know how you feel about that. Thank you so much. Elaine.
SP: Well thank you for listening to me and thank you for knowing enough to know what I like and don’t like. I would preface this by saying that all debate generally is valuable. I did actually, although I didn’t perceive this question earlier. What I have don’t like is disinformation, which in one way or the other does divert people’s research and people’s attention of the real thing. And again I was having a conversation with someone earlier and we were talking about how the focal point by so many spokes people is to say well you’ve got to get into the 5th dimension you know, get through the 4th dimension, get into the 5th. Ascension is coming and everybody is banging on about that, but the point is what are we doing with ourselves? How are we changing ourselves? You know do we really expect to get to the 5th dimension, if we haven’t sorted our shadow sides out, if we haven’t looked at what we are and we haven’t changed. Do we just say, “well I’m ready.” I want to get to the 5th dimension. Well actually if you are not ready you are not going to get there. So as much as it is exciting as it is to talk about we are all moving to the 5th, how about let’s look at ourselves and say, “are we ready to go to the 5th personally speaking?” How are we inside? How are we doing now? So I don’t like people who go on to what I call, I don’t call it the alternative media really; I call it the true media, and I don’t like the word conspiracy theories because that is what the established elite use as a term to rubbish spokes people like me. So the true people should actually have people who don’t give knowingly false information to deflect people. Many people are paid agents and that’s a shock I think to hear that. Many people are paid or placed into the true media to give some genuine information, but then to give some that is not genuine that will lead people down the wrong road. I am not going to give you a list of people who I respect or don’t respect because I would like everyone listens to me to listen to other people and say, “oh I like what Simon said. That was backing up what he said. Oh Alex Collier had said that,” and that seems to back up and draw your own conclusions. Ask your true self, your higher self, you soul, your heart. . . who sounds genuine to you. Who actually seems to be on our side, the side of humanity and that sounds very divisive, but this is a war you know.
We are being chemtrailed; they are trying to wipe out part of the human race and that’s a fact, so who is standing with us? Who is standing with us to promote humanity and who is actually sniping from the sideline? You know it’s like people start attacking each other on the true media. Oh goodness sake, attack the Rothschilds; attack the Rockefellers; don’t attack each other. You are just taking the attention away from where we want to be, you know, and people get so screwed up by these certain things that are actually quite pointless. Let it go. Let us concentrate on the bigger picture. Let us work toward challenging the control system that exists around us and freeing ourselves from a lot of this. And so anybody who comes on to give proof has got to be a good person.
JP: Okay, thanks very much Simon. Now people are doing six or seven questions in one, so I’m going to choose one out of all of these questions, because some of them are the same thing. But here is a question from Schlocka333. Does being a lesbian mean anything about my soul, bloodline or anything?
SP: No, not really, it’s got more to do with your soul’s choice, whether it likes male or female energy. Often I will see a person who has a great deal of masculine energy, shall we say, but is definitely female. That tells me that that person has incarnated in male bodies generally. When a particular soul in a body prefers a sexual partner of the same sex as that body that is simply because that soul is made a choice to do that. It is not anything to do with right and wrong or bloodline. It is just a choice that could have been something that was learned through something that happened, not in this lifetime, but in many previous lifetimes. And to me it’s, you see because in the world that I am also never outside of this 3rd dimension, the control system on this planet in terms of what is right and what’s wrong doesn’t exist. Those rules don’t play out in many off planet races. And the rules that we have been given have been given to us by the same old elite who wish to stamp their values onto everybody. And that doesn’t work when you have millions of people, many of whom have a different soul sex to a different sex in the physical body that they are in or the soul has made a choice to be attracted to the same sex, but maybe the body is different. So a lot of all this is just all nonsense. It’s just the control system whether it’s the church, whether it’s old-fashioned ideas, or more likely it’s just people who feel threatened. I mean the old generation feels threatened by it. Thank goodness younger people are far more relaxed about it. From a personal point of view it has never been an issue you know. It is something that doesn’t even occur to me but it does occur to many people and it’s a problem. And this is what is so wrong in politics. You know you can have a gay man or a lesbian woman, and now they can’t lose their job because it’s illegal to lose their job, but there will be a campaign to undermine them. And so that is how they work it so no it’s not to do. . . it has far more to do with your own choices many years ago and what has happened to your soul. But it means if you come back again you may not be a lesbian. That’s what is really exciting and interesting about this. And maybe you could say get the best of both worlds because each time you incarnate you will have different experiences but it is a really fascinating topic.
JP: Fascinating. Anyway more fascinating things. People have been speaking and I think you mentioned these dates, this time of March, March 18th, March 15th, the Ides of March, people, there the 27th of March. All these dates of something happening now. And apart from me having a really great birthday, it was lovely, what has been going on Simon in the real time thing that is supposed to be kind of unfolding at this moment. Maybe I should actually ask the question first.
SP: No, let me. I’ll say it. There is no suppose about it. Let me make that clear. It is really happening. I’ve said between the 15th and 24th of March there is a great deal taking place, and I’m not the only one who said that. A number of commentators who I’ve never met, never even seen have also independently given those dates or around about those dates. So I’m just for my own communications mirroring or reflecting or putting forward a similar timescale. There is a great deal taking place now between the 15th and the 24th. Just because there isn’t a firework display, just because a big flying saucer hasn’t arrived, or the ground hasn’t opened up, doesn’t mean it’s happening. There are many, many psychic people who feel it. They feel something; they can’t put a finger on it but they can feel things are happening and maybe they are being interfered with. They are maybe not sleeping properly or whatever is happening, but many people are picking this up. Now what is happening is that the negative people are battling at the moment with the changes of energy that are occurring. They always try to steal the good energy and take it for themselves but as that energy vibration increases, they find it increasingly hard to use it and to work with that energy if they can’t. I am expecting some reasonably serious financial situations quite soon to occur from this timescale. So from these two weeks, the middle of March, although the actions that are going to occur in this time period will seep through to a very physical reality fairly soon, so when these things happen, you will be able to trade them back to this middle March period.
Now let’s remind everybody from the end of December 2012, there was undoubtedly a very important shift, but so many well believing people who were still on their early of their own personal journey were desperately disappointed because they expected to see something and I say to them in all love, what did you expect to see? And they would say, “well I don’t know, you know, maybe a volcano erupting or a big star display or a white display or it becoming as bright as day at 2 o’clock in the morning or something. And I say to them, “you know you are still looking for physical signs.” What you’ve got to do is look inside yourself, and feel the energy. You know it’s like if you have gone to an electric pylon, you can feel the electricity and you could feel the displacement in the earth’s consciousness. And when you feel well you know that the Earth is changing. We know the Earth changed at that point for the better. And we know that things happened and there are great influxes of energy. We know it because our sleeping patterns get put out. We change what we eat. So this time is very, very important. And the effects we are going to see physically fairly soon now can be traced to this time. The elite know it. That is why we are being chemtrailed crazily. They are upping the ante, I said earlier before this question came in. They are upping the game because we are in this final process. So it is a very important time you know. We’ve just got to hold on. Thanks for the question.
JP: Good. Thank you. I have three screens controlled by one mouse; I have a fourth screen controlled by another one but it’s good. Again as I said, it is straight in front of me. Okay, this is from Emily about children. First of all I love the show. Hello from Norway. I have a question about my girl. She is seven years old and she keeps asking me, “Mama, are we dreaming, no?”
And I go, “well I don’t think so.” It feels very real but we never know. And my question is, why do you think she keeps asking me this question? We can drive in the car; we can cook dinner, and she suddenly asks I don’t understand why. Please help me find an answer to her and my curiosity.
SP: So just let me. . .
JP: The little girl is saying.
SP: She is saying are we dreaming?
JP: Yeah, is this a dream Mommy?
SP: Right. Well, what without seeing the little girl and talking to her it is quite difficult, but not impossible. And there are more and more people arriving on this planet who aren’t here to do the footwork. They are here to follow on, to lead because the snowplow has been through and forged a path, so you need other energies to come along and follow through, and these people are the next wave and they can say I am looking out the car window and I’m looking at the scenery and this looks holographic to me but the little girl can’t say this looks holographic. What she might say is this is a big dreamlike. Is this real or am I in a dream? Is this a construct, and that’s what she is saying. Is this a construct, and it is. This is a construct designed to give us experiences. Now that’s really deep stuff. That’s really, really deep, to go down the road that everything that is created around you is designed to give you experiences because that is what it is all about, and what do you do with those experiences. Do you run away and hide from them or do you face them up and try and learn from them? So this little girl I believe, from the meager evidence I’ve got here, but I believe is on a psychic level looking and saying, “Hum. I’m not convinced this is real, real. I think this is pretend real.” In other words I think it is a construct and it is like being in sleepwalking is what it is like really. When that little girl gets older, before she is brainwashed by the systems, sadly, she will use more adult words to describe what she is seeing. I would suggest that the parent gives here crayons, pencils and gets her drawing. Get her drawing now. Get her to draw what she feels. Get her to draw what she sees. Let her express herself in a nonverbal language through drawing, and then when she has done that, then the mother perhaps might say, “tell me what this is. What is that? What does that mean?” Don’t put words into the child’s mouth. Let that child express. Make notes and you will learn more about what is going on around you than you will from any book. Thank you. That was really good and one day I will be happy to meet you and your daughter. Thank you.
JP: Fabulous. I saw somebody else in the chat room said I felt like this when I was seven as well. So there we go. Okay the Queen. About a month ago, this is from mainstreetbuilders. About a month ago I saw a headline announcing the death of the Queen and then I saw the announcement retracted. Just this past week I saw a couple of articles that discussed how the media is prepared for the Queen’s death with up to two weeks worth of articles was about her. Now which is the state of the Queen’s health and will the announcement of her demise, if it is true, be coming soon? One article I read stated that she was already dead and the announcement was being withheld much like Mandela’s was. Thank you so much for all you do to enlighten us for the coming changes.
SP: Good question. Very good question. She did die, but they brought her back, they brought her back because they were not yet in a position to control the fallout. The Queen is pivotal, absolutely pivotal and holding together the whole caboodle of these semi-off planet creatures, and when she goes they will literally have lost an energy connection to the planet, and you don’t let your Queen go until you’ve got a suitable replacement. As far as I’m concerned Queen Elizabeth II is the return of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. I believe it is the same soul incarnated three times since then. I always talk about the Draconic Reptilian, the Draconic Reptilian has a very, white, white skin, bleached white and what did Queen Elizabeth I do to overpower her courtiers, to impress them with her strength? She started putting lead paste on her face to make her face absolutely white and she also wore a particular style of ruff around her neck, which is very similar to a form of clothing or by some planet entities. It is a like fine filigree, which you can wear around your neck and it’s a sign of special meetings or special ceremonies you would wear that and she has something exactly identical. I have seen them in both. So she is not well. She is being held and maintained until such time as they are ready to let her go, and she doesn’t want to go until they have got the replacement. You see Charles who is the rightful heir in terms of the understanding of the 3D world, they don’t want him as King. They don’t want him, but Charles actually wants to be King, and the law of England says, that a King or Queen cannot be so if they write a letter saying they don’t want to be King or Queen. We have had that once in recent history. But as long as Charles says I want to be King; he has to be King. But the elite do not want Charles because Charles’s father is not the man that we are told it is. Charles’s bloodline is not the same, so they will keep Queen Elizabeth going for as long as they can, but yes they released, you are quite right, it came from the website of Buckingham Palace, from the royal house itself, announcing her death, and then it was pulled out, actually the facts are, and then it was released again, and then it was pulled out. There was no exclamation apart from it was an error by a personal administrative assistant. And there is a law happening. That’s why I said at this time there is a lot going on, and I think in the future we will look back and we will say, my goodness me, we didn’t realize just how much upheaval was taking place, just how many decisions were being made and how the established media, the fake media brigade did such a good job at keeping the truth from people. So, yeah, she died but she was brought back, and brought back simply because they didn’t have a replacement for her. You can’t clone her you see because the way the rules are, she has to be off the planet for a bit to come back. She has had these. . . this is her third crack at it, and it is time for a King now, a royal Reptilian male, but they haven’t got the energy signature to do it yet. So that’s what it is all about. It is very interesting. It’s fascinating; it must be absolutely hell in Buckingham Palace at the moment. I would love to be a fly on the wall, as we say.
JP: A fly on the wall, yeah, definitely.
SP: Around the dinner table hearing them talk.
JP: Now that would be a reality show.
SP: And wouldn’t it, and talk about reality, I’ve done my two hours.
JP: You have. You have, again your perfect sense of timing has brought us to the end of our show. Thank you very much Simon Parkes and thank you for coming on early because of the craziness of time zones. One day maybe the time zones will be, it won’t matter/
SP: Thank you. What time will the show be next time then?
JP: At the normal time at 7:00 p.m.
SP: Okay, I think the audience knows right?
JP: Yes because it’s April and we will be over the nightmare fortnight. So yes the next show will be at the normal time 7:00 p.m. UK time and 11:00 a.m. So any final thoughts?
SP: No just to say it’s good for people who are stumbling upon us on some show that is trying to charge them, this Sunday the 19th, and I don’t have any problem with people disseminating this show; I do have a problem when they make money out of it, and that money doesn’t go to Wolf Spirit Radio or yourself or me. So I do object to that. I don’t object to the information being shared. I don’t like greed.
JP: Absolutely.
SP: So today is Sunday the 19th, 2017. Thank you JayPee.
JP:  Goodnight everybody.
[transcribed by GSC 3/31/2017]
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