16 April 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions and Answers
Whoever is orchestrating terrorist attacks has stopped using electronic communication to pass along information, so a return to the traditional method of “boots on the ground” will be necessary to keep people informed. The Syrian attack was the result of Trump not receiving correct information. Trump might be assassinated in the next 18 months. Easter has become a secular holiday so cash machines will be working because corporations steal money off people at this time. In looking at the history of this Christian holiday, Simon says it is simply a repackaged celebration to the Sumerian goddess, Ishtar. At present we are in the eye of the storm as far as the financial situation goes. Soft disclosure of alien presence is a possibility in the near future with the Pope announcing the return of a fake alien nonhuman Messiah. ASP (Advanced Solar Protection) is the chemtrailing agenda at work now to slow humans from ascending. Spraying was originally started to detect alien spacecraft entering from other dimensions. When the ships hit the aluminum particles it causes a ripple, which shows up on radar; the fact that these same aluminum particles falling on humans is poisoning them is merely secondary. Subjects discussed ranged from energy/psychic/manifestation attacks and ways to counter them to ways to reach our creative potential by grounding, and creation through thought. The purpose of the various rituals that have been and continue to be practiced on this planet, i.e., circumcision, the use of live children in sacrifices was discussed, and also the use of time delay in mind control of the masses. The intention of human-alien hybridization programs is to create something that can exist on Earth but not be human. The elite are in the process of executing a planned event so they can stay in control and it will either be an EMP, a dirty nuclear bomb, or the second coming of a fake Messiah.

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JayPee: Everything is going haywire. Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu Link at the top of the page at www.WolfSpiritRadio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now, on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon in playing an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Yes, oh yes, good afternoon, good evening, good morning and welcome to a rather choppy sea on the ocean of the Internet. It’s been all right for the last twenty-five hours, and then suddenly just at 7:00 o’clock p.m. Skype is disconnected. It’s really interesting actually because they have hit us on Skype which we are not going to be using today. So this is very interesting. That is really, really interesting so I would like to introduce the host of your show, Simon Parkes. Welcome Simon, how are you?
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee. I’m fine. So let me get it right. Just literally as we went to go live, because I lost you completely for about thirty seconds.
JP: Yes.
SP: And then when you came back it was really distorted. Music, you know, was playing but it was incredibly distorted and I thought oh, oh we’re not going to get a show, but it’s come back a bit so what technically happened?
JP: Well so far, I mean it’s not quite recovered yet, my Skype, I don’t know if you know when Skype is not connecting you got this little blue swirly thing that goes in there, in by the clock so it’s been doing that since the show started, which is just as well because we are not on Skype, ha ha ha, and now I’m into the Wolf Chat Room behind the website because that crashed as well, so we’ve got a good listenership coming in, you know, sometimes the system crashes because just of the sheer onslaught of people. However I do have our website so do you want to start off with your announcements Simon, and then we can go on.
SP: It could be that but it could be that we are being attacked. It’s very suspicious that, you know, it’s literally come on at that moment and as you say, the Skype was hit. All right well we’ll keep going. I did a conference a week back or so and talked about how important it was to, you know, try and get the truth out there and how difficult it was in particularly this country. And I talked about a very well-known whistle blower in his own right who went public with what he believed to be a very credible attack in the 2012 Olympics, and he was taken to court and he was imprisoned. Michael Shrimpton is his name and so that’s a warning to everybody that in this supposedly free democratic country if you publicly give a warning out, then you could face prosecution, so we very briefly mentioned this on the last show and I obviously talked about it a lot on the conference because we were looking at potential targets, and of course what had happened is the night before the last attack, which was up to Stockholm, I put out a message on my website saying multiple attacks in Europe expected. I did not have, I want to make it clear, I did not have any info as to which country or which city or what time. All information that was passed to me was that a number of targets in European countries were on the cards. The difficulty is that whoever is orchestrating these attacks, whoever is behind them is no longer using electronic means to pass information so what you might loosely call the white hats in the intelligence network are not actually now picking up any information until after the event and that’s making it incredibly difficult, but as I said at the conference, people like the CIA, MI5, MI6 will actually gain on this because it means that money will have to be diverted from electronic eavesdropping back to the boots on the ground, to use the traditional method of following people.
All right I wanted to talk about Syria. There’s a huge debate about the Syrian situation and it did come up at the conference, although it was only days into it. What I’ve said about Syria was that Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian leader has used in the past weapons which are outlawed, but he would be unlikely to use such weapons again simply because he’s desperately relying on the Russians, and if he was to do something outrageous, then it would make it very difficult although of course Russia has the veto in the UN, could veto any attack by the United Nations against Syria, but not obviously veto the United States. People are asking, you know, why did Trump authorize this attack against Syria. The point is first of all what he attacked was an airfield, so we had 35 or 24 cruise missiles hitting an airfield, so let’s put it into perspective. The information that Trump was given was that initially he was told that there was a real chemical attack that had been perpetrated. Then the information came to him that actually it may not have been, at which time the strike had already been ordered and it would be very surprising to me if Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons simply because at this moment in time he needs all the support he can get, and I don’t think that Trump has suddenly switched sides. I think that for the last thirty-five years everyone has seen the United States as the policemen of the world and if credible information is brought showing a chemical weapons attack, it would put him in a very, very difficult position unless he had the evidence to refute that immediately, and the best information I’ve got is that in the early hours, in the early days, he was not given credible information to discount that. The information that the people around him had was a real sarin gas or other chemical gas had been used, but as to who was behind it, they only had the Syrian regime is behind it. Now later on it came out that it could well have been staged by which time it had already attacked, so I wanted to get that in and get that clear, because there’s a huge amount of debate about some people saying is Trump being blackmailed et cetera, et cetera, and I have replied to people who have asked me to the best of my knowledge, no he’s not. He’s probably too wealthy to be blackmailed. The only thing they would attempt to do is kill him and I would say the next eighteen months are crucial for Trump. If he can survive the next eighteen months then he probably won’t be assassinated, so that’s an important thing. The main reason he’s not going to be assassinated, I believe, is because the American military would absolutely rise up and declare martial law because they would try and take out all the Satanists in one go. That’s the main key reason that Trump has not been toppled because the vast majority of the United States Military are behind him.
All right I will talk about Easter. Easter is a time when so many people spend a great deal of money and corporations and their best friends make a huge amount of money in the Western world, because although it’s supposed to be a religious holiday, we all know that it’s just turned into one big excuse to try and steal money off people. So you would find that all the cash machines will be working. Everything will be running properly because they want to get as much money off people as they can. We are in the eye of the storm as far as I’m concerned. I don’t expect to see any financial situations at the moment because we’re in this holdover period that is yet to come this year.
The more serious issue is some information that has come to my attention regarding alien contact and the way it might be managed. The British newspapers seem to be leading the way in disclosure, what I call soft disclosure, and the Sunday Express is a national newspaper with a Monday to Saturday distribution and then there’s a special edition that comes out on Sunday, and it’s an electronic version followed up by the hardcopy, and the electronic version is nothing like the hardcopy, which gives these guys carte blanche to put what they want in the electronic copy and not necessarily follow that through in the hardcopy, and the Sunday Express, the electronic copy, I had a look at it because someone said have you checked it out. Under the section “Weird,” under the section “Weird” there is the usual story of such a thing as a man creating torture devices and then testing them out on himself and that I would call weird, but under “Weird” there are so many articles on alien interest, which is very, very unusual, and I’ve just jotted some down, one topic and after the radio show I hope people go online and look up Sunday Express, so one article is Life on Mars, Truths About Lizard Creature Found on NASA’s Rover, and I’ve had a quick look, and there does appear to be something clinging to the rover. There are two separate articles on Roswell: one on Roswell itself and one on President Truman having allegedly been taken to the Roswell site experiencing [the] site and been told they promised to clear it up quickly. There’s another article on alien abduction. There was another article on the best UFO videos available. There was another article on asteroids being responsible for destroying the environment on Mars. I mean it is unheard of, a national newspaper on its electronic version covering nearly all of its front page with articles about aliens. This does feed into the agenda. I said back when I was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy that this year had been earmarked for some form of disclosure, and we’ve got. . . just had the interesting stuff I’ve talked about on the newspaper with the Express being the mouthpiece for some of these organizations, and carrying forward stories which they put under the banner of “Weird” or conspiracy theory, but they go into it in huge detail, so it’s almost as if, you know, you write a book and you say everything in this book is made up but we all know it’s real, but you just said that to cover yourself and then you go into huge detail, and I wanted to talk about the potential for a fake Messiah, a fake second coming. Now I know for a fact that Erin Rothschild has in the past said that she knows that her family were very keen on this topic and somebody I was chatting to just a few days ago, said that it did come back up again. Erin Rothschild was absolutely clear that although she didn’t agree with what her family was doing, they were her family, and one of the subjects she said was absolutely categorical was that the negative elite were clearly seeking to have a false Messiah coming and that’s actually beginning to play out in a number of other ways, and I’ve got a date which I’d like people to keep in mind, which is October, between the 5th and the 8th this year, October the 5th and the 8th. The reason I’m going for that is having consulted, there are some incredibly unique astrological positions, some very, very unusual astrology symbols and in some of them they are matching in the Bible Revelation. Now that doesn’t mean the end of the world. I don’t want people to start panicking. What it means is some of text in Revelation, if we take out the lurid stuff and we can look at the stars in the sky and the zodiac signs, I can definitely see some connection. Now it’s interesting that Erin Rothschild has come forward again talking about false second coming. I myself have received independent information from two different sources saying that of all of the potentials that the negatives have, which is an EMP detonation to take out electronic communications, a potentially small nuclear dirty, dirty bomb, or a false alien Messiah (it’s alien that’s the key here), that is the one that at the moment is being favored. Literally as I have said before, these topics come up around, on these very hallowed tables and people decide and vote on what they think they should do. And at the moment a false second coming, but not by a human, where the Pope who has already, remember said he’d baptize an alien, the Pope would make some form of statement, and people would be told that this is the new coming; this is the new Christ. Now as bizarre and as odd and as weird as that sounds, that at the moment is the flavor of the month around certain tables. The reason I’m going public with it is that if I put this out into human consciousness it should deflect it, but nevertheless you can do your own research and you will see that around October 5th and the 8th some of the star constellations are incredibly interesting, so that’s that so far.
And I want to thank everyone for the chemtrail pictures. It’s absolutely right. The chemtrailing has taken off regrettably in leaps and bounds. Please keep sending your chemtrail pictures in to me, and I’ve got several conferences coming up and I will use your pictures and where you’ve given me your name I will just credit you with your first name. Don’t worry, I won’t give any details around, just credit you with your first name and thank you for the picture. And I wanted to talk about one of the aspects which I haven’t really spoken about greatly about chemtrailing because now is the time to go public with this. Quite rightly chemtrails contain viruses, to a lesser extent bacteria and some of these are contained in the gel and just goo, a sort of a gluey material and sometimes you can find the stuff landing on the sidewalk or on walls. This is a nutrient that keeps these viruses or bacteria alive and that’s absolutely true. That’s what’s being spread. But the major reason really for chemtrails, and we’re going to use the term now used, and I don’t know whether you’ll find this on the internet; if you do please let me know, Advanced Solar Protection, (ASP), Advanced Solar Protection. This planet evolves because of the frequency of light and other things but we’ll just call it light from the Sun. It is the frequency of the Sun that is raising all of the consciousness on this planet and indeed all of the planets in the solar system, so the negative evil people are attempting to slow down—they can’t stop it—slow down human development and ascension, I use the word loosely, on the planet by spraying certain metals into the environment in an attempt to reflect or reduce certain frequency of light and they call it Advanced Solar Protection. It was originally a solar protection, which was being sprayed maybe ten years ago, and they’ve now upped it to advanced solar protection, so when I want people to understand that one of the key movers of the ascension process is our star. It is the Sun that is having a huge effect on the planet and raising consciousness and the negatives are attempting through chemtrailing to spray. The poisoning or the killing off of the population is a secondary thing. That’s not the main reason. The first reason they started spraying was actually as a detection for alien spacecraft coming into our environment. Alien spacecraft comes from another dimension; it arrives in this dimension. I’ve got billions of tiny particles of aluminum, or as we say in Britain aluminum. When an alien spacecraft enters that it creates a ripple and that shows up on the radar. Often these craft are not detectable, but that’s something that can detect it and that developed then into solar protection and now advanced solar protections, so I want people to be aware that the evil people are losing. They are in a losing battle and they’re doing everything they can to prevent humans ascending and this is one of the ways, so I want that out there. I think it’s really important that we understand that so thank you JayPee and that’s my news so far. I would like to go on with the questions.
JP: Fabulous, so here we are, let me just find, there it is that one. I did actually type in the Advanced Solar Protection to Google dot.com UK and of course you get it’s all about wind screens for a car so there’s not much. It’s all about Solar PV, so anyway that’s another domain of knowing for people to check out. All right so our first question today comes from Starstuff and I have to say this is a. . . people contact me Simon during the week and often they’re like they feel that they’re under attack and they’re very desperate and I’m like, yeah, you know, I’m just do the radio show. I can’t protect people from this, so there does seem to be a constant flow of people who need help with energy attacks so perhaps that might be the first webinar we’ll do and we’ll try and do that soon if you get the time Simon.
SP: Well all right, well what, you know, we’ve been talking about this for months, but of course we never get around to it because of one thing or another, but the greatest is really the world. However, what we could do, we could divide the type of attacks that people are getting because the way to deal with one attack is not the same way for another so we would have to have topics shall we say, and we would have the different types of attacks and then we could then talk about the different ways of countering.
JP: That’s good because there are several levels and layers that are working so let’s open up the field with this. This is there again from Starstuff. Hi Simon and JayPee. My question is about energy attacks. I have always used a specific religious chant that gets rid of unwanted entities. Recently I used the chant to get rid of one and I awoke to see a black shape getting smaller and smaller as I looked at it and then it was gone. About five days later I had a particularly nasty experience that felt like something stabbing me hard with something sharp. I woke up immediately with no apparent injuries. These occurrences were in two different houses. My most recent experience consisted of something heavy on me while I was asleep. (Oh people are trying to call.) I dozed back to sleep to see a light brown hand touching mine. The fingers of the hand were fatter than most hands and had no fingernails. I could see a pale blue bright light traveling between our hands. I did wake up feeling that I had been awake all night and very tired. Since writing the above I had another incident where I was in bed using the phone. I felt a brain zap and saw a black streak pass my eyes as the zap occurred. Usually I feel the zap in my head but I’ve never seen anything before. Are these experiences what you would consider energy attacks or are they something else and what does an energy attack feel like? Thanks Simon, love the show. So, there’s a mouthful but there you go.
SP: Right because they weren’t questions, it was a story. I convert that to visuals so I can understand it.
JP: Okay so there’s the visuals and then the question is are they energy attacks or is that what an energy attack is?
SP: No, no. Right, obviously everyone has different words for psychic attack or energy attack. What you’ve got there is a manifestation. Let’s go back to the first question. If you chant a religious, it can be anything really, sort of depending on what culture it is from, it can work. It depends on the entity; I’ll use that word and their belief system. I’ll explain something which I usually explain when I do my sessions with clients, but I think it’s worth getting this out into the human consciousness. When we try something to deflect or push away or return these entities we can use different things you know. We can blast them with golden light or whatever it might be or you know, stand our ground and be sovereign or we can chant texts or whatever it might be. It rather depends on the entity and the strength of who we are. The best way actually is to, it’s not always available to people, is for the individual to say I deny you; go away, and so many times when that happens the entity will just laugh at you. However if you keep at it and you really truly believe in yourself you will be successful, but that takes time. So a number of people will go to external organizations or external individuals to try and find a quick fix answer. So I’m going to talk about the genie and I’m going to explain why the jinn are frightened of iron and how an individual, a group of beings are locked into a mindset and why certain things work.
So I want to transport you back to Europe, to Italy, and to the time of the Renaissance period. Now most Americans will have some knowledge of what we call the Renaissance period in Europe which is a time of great expansion of development in the human mind and art and science, creativity, Prior to the Renaissance period there was magic. Science didn’t really exist. There was one core root called magic and that would have alchemy; it would have witches using potions to heal, a whole range of it really, you can astrology into that as well. And then some amazing people turned up, you know, Leonardo da Vinci a whole range of people Galileo, right through history. We started drawing things, wheels and pulleys, cogs, optics and suddenly in human consciousness this became science, and what had been magic split. It divided like a tree that grows tall and then splits into two halves, and one half became the motorcar, the cellphone, the rocket, and the other half became magic and dived underground. So the half that the public saw was the cellphone and the motorcar, which was science. The side that was alchemy and the heaVlings were even doubly attacked by the Vatican or other church organizations, but the secret society and the esoteric societies then embraced that and went underground to it.
Now the jinn belong to history prior to the split between magic and science. So no matter, time has moved on and we have magic and science. Their mindset is a locked in window when there was no such thing as science in this framework of time. It was just magic. Iron makes up the vast majority of meteorites that land on the earth and it is an extraterrestrial metal as well as a terrestrial metal, and if used by somebody who has both the right and the strengths to command that iron, they can command a jinn. That’s the correct terminology, to command a jinn, so that entity is locked into a mindset that a human today couldn’t understand. Why would that entity be worried about iron? Why would it fear iron? That’s the reason. So there are many things that you might read out, some ancient scrolls or ancient script, which that being believes in, so that’s why it works in many cases providing you identify the entity.
Now what this person is talking about is not an energy attack. This is a portal being opened. You have a very interesting creature that’s come through with no fingernails and the hands are fatter. I would expect the hands to be brown, light brown-gray color, flabby and fat. The blue light around them is the energy portal coming from the other side and the heavy weight on your body out of a hundred percent, ten to fifteen percent could be a demonic possession, but I’m going to go for reptilian. Reptilians continually sit on people on the bed to intimidate them or to try to have sex with them, so you’re not having an energy attack; you are being visited by a range of entities coming from the fourth dimension, so you are best off allowing any agreements that may or may not have been made in the past, and basically challenging each individual one and saying that you are not prepared to interact with them and that is where you’re not dealing with a psychic attack. You’re not dealing with an energy attack. You’re dealing with a range of real living entities from the fourth dimension in different gravities coming through, so that’s a really, a really good description you gave me and it was very helpful. I hope my answer is somewhat helpful to you.
JP: Great. So, right, okay, now here we are. The next question is from Elaine. The various human-alien hybridization programs in alien offworld facilities and Earth military facilities, are they malevolent in the sense that they are breeding the remaining humanity out of us in order to take over and have the Earth for themselves or are they benevolent in the sense that these beings are being integrated into society to teach us about our true selves and origins to raise our consciousness and are encouraging us to adapt and accept the inevitability that we’ll have to share the planet? So alien hybrids, are they kind of trying to shoehorn them in so that we can all integrate nicely or are they just trying to take over Simon?
SP: That’s an excellent question. You are exactly right and let’s look at the percentages. Mars is the hotbed for exactly what you’re talking about and that is all evil. What’s on Mars is evil and these are everything from cloning stations, which are based on Earth but cloning stations, but it’s the laboratories, the experimentation that’s taking place, and has taken place on Mars with the intention of creating something that can exist in our world in our reality but not be human. That is malevolent. You know, if you are going to have an organic body and then just fill it full of artificial intelligence, robotics, AI material; that is malevolent. There are a group of beneficial aliens who are looking at sharing the planet and I agree that is probably inevitable at some point, providing humanity is able to get around a table with these others and try and thrash out a plan whereby a different range of souls can inhabit biological bodies and which can live, if not side by side with humanity, but live in the same geographical location. I have a very, very clear memory of being in an underground facility, rough hewn rock and six tables all around the side of the rock and a very earth human scientist in the traditional lab coat standing by each table, and then around each table between three, three, four, five, six, no more human-alien hybrids and on each table the scientist was describing how a coffee percolator or coffee grinder worked, so the scientists job was to show these beings how to make coffee, and that is a benevolent integration, because it’s saying if you are going to at some point exist side by side with the people, you’re going to have to learn to survive, and I’ve publicly gone in the past where I gave a driving lesson to an individual who no way was human, absolutely no way on this Earth was she human and [32:58][probably] people will remember the story, but for those who don’t, I’m just very quickly going to end it by saying at the end of the, my driving teaching, at the end of my lesson it is traditional to pay the driving teacher, and I waited and the person sat there and I got out of the car and then she got out of the car, and I said, “Well you have to pay me now.” So back then it was the equivalent of fifteen pounds on one five pounds and she held out a five-pound note. She should have held out three of them. She held out one and I took it and smiled because I knew who I was dealing with, and I just said thank you very much because I thought that lesson was worth it, because I had sat next to and instructed a nonhuman being in how to drive a motorcar and that is it, that alien-human hybrids have no understanding of certain things and money actually is one of the big problems they have. They don’t understand it at all because this is the only planet for a very very far distance that has money. So we’ve got a number of bad, bad aliens who quite rightly from your perspective want to mix some very nasty stuff and try and take over the planet, and we have some good aliens who basically want to share the planet, and do that. My view is that at some point we’re going to have to sit around the table and say, “Okay what’s the deal here?” Let’s see how we can work this out. So, yeah, it’s a really good question and it shows that you really are evolved. It’s a well-balanced question. Thank you.
JP: Very astute as they, of course everyone used to say. Okay, next question from Martin in well, he’s well here’s the question: (1). What is the origin of the ethnic group called Slavs and are they like just like everybody else, which is. . . oops who’s calling my phone? Are they part of the human kind of hamburger hybrid that we all are with many different varieties or do they come from a specific place. So he’s saying are Slavs the result of genetic manipulation or do they have a different star origin?
SP: I’m really glad because you always tell me off for having my cell phone on. Well I’ve got you now JayPee; turn your phone off. Right the question: there are a number of groups, I’m just going to say that groups on the planet that for whatever reason have maintained a form of individual bloodline. And when I use the word bloodline I don’t mean the reptilian bloodline, and they have maintained some form of independence, whether they haven’t mixed with people from the outside or what have you, whether it’s a, as in the Jews, it’s a religious rule that keeps them isolated or whether it’s cultural or some other form. There are a number of groups in what we would call the Russian geographical area that have a very interesting early history. You know you look at people say from Mongolia, and you would understand that they’re fifth dimensional and you could look at people from Yugoslavia, Romania, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, all of that band, which is on the boundary between what we would call Russia and Europe, although geographically it’s part of Europe, but energy-wise it’s the boundary between the two nations, and you’d see that the reptilian line is incredibly strong in some of those countries, so the Slavic group can trace a very interesting dividing line between Nordic and reptilian, so you would often find somebody with a strong reptilian energy but also a higher human energy, Nordic, and many of these races are quite successful in surviving. The higher the reptilian content or the higher the Pleiadian content the more successful and in-your-face those two groups are, and so they maintain it. So the Slavic group is a group that has played a part in history and it is not just a standard group, and I’m being very careful because a standard human group, just an ordinary normal standard human group is ten million times better than most alien groups because what humans have is this special connection to source that many alien groups have lost. But the question is literally about different groups on the planet, who for some reason seem to be somewhat different from everyone else. When, you know, you could go through and you could list maybe twenty-five different groups that were studied and I have always talked about the Zulus and how they were different, the Jews were different and some of the groups from South America, those from Iceland are different, Norway are different. Every group has something special but some groups have a more connected still to this day. They are still energy connected back to a very important point, so it’s a very good question, and I think that you’re probably looking at a Reptilian/Nordic caste for the Slavic race. Thank you.
JP: Okay, now that’s very interesting because, you know, there’s always this. . .  now who was it, the Basque people, have this uniqueness and there’s all these little groups around that have all these different uniqueness’s, like they’re the, you know, the remains of different civilizations that have been horribly hybridized and turned into the big hamburger. Anyway so here’s the second part of the question, our second question. Now it’s talking about Alex Collier, says that humans on Earth are like a fine Heinz 57 hybridization, but also genetic royalty and that they have the ability to create many things without tools and technology. Does it mean that we can literally by our thoughts see our inner organs and regenerate them for instance, regenerate our physical DNA, create a real apple or food just by our thoughts, not by anything physical, and if yes, does it also mean that other humanoids and species in different solar systems and galaxies do not have these abilities?
SP: Right.
JP: So you get the thrust of the question?
SP: I did, but if I should forget it, I’m sure you’ll remind me.
JP: Yeah, so it’s just saying, you know, can we create with our minds?
SP: Right, so if we look at it the other way around with the film, The Matrix, and I will always go back to the film, The Matrix. I’ll never apologize for it because those two brothers did more to get the truth out in those three films than many others have done.
JP: And now they’re sisters, great! They spend all the money turning into. . .
SP: Whatever, whatever turns them on.
JP: Bless their hearts, bless their yeah anyway go on, sorry.
SP: I will. It’s all right. I think people like the banter between us and if you think in The Matrix, where it’s a holographic world and he holds a spoon up and he says there is no spoon and the spoon bends down. The point is that he believed enough and was strong enough that he could overcome the matrix. He could overcome what was presented to him, couldn’t get rid of it but it bent. Now that means that if you fight against it that may happen, but if you want to work with it you can also create as long as we have cell phones, mobile phones, why would we need telepathy? If nobody had a cell phone, a mobile phone, the number of people developing telepathy would grow hugely because if I want to talk to somebody in China, I’ve got to use my phone, but if there were no phones maybe I might be able to develop that so yes, corporations make money out of people, but they also act under direction and if you swamp the place with cell phones, you are taking away the need to form a telepathic link. If humans really believed in what they could do, freedom would come very quickly right across the board here. There are a number of people and I should think everyone knows deep down in their soul that this is true, who can heal cancer. There are even people who can mend bones and that is capable of a small group on this third dimensional planet. Now when you get off this third dimensional reality and get in through the fourth quickly and get into the fifth, then so much more is possible because the energy and time doesn’t work as it is in this dense sort of molasses syrup environment that we’re in. How many times have we said oh it’s going to be a terrible day today, and it is a terrible day, and I would want people to start saying it’s going to be a really good day today. I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that, and it’s going to be really great, and you can create in reality because we are really special. We’re not reptilians; we’re not mantis; we’re not greys; we are fully human, and that means that we have this wonderful connection that so many of these other races envious us for. That’s why they come down and oppress us because they envious us, and the elite, the satanic evil elite, are terrified that if people were to really, use the phraseology, step into their power, and be who they really should be, they would lose control overnight. That is why all of the systems, whether it’s the school or college, where it’s the hospital, it’s all designed to make you feel insignificant, to make you feel that you have no free will, that you have to do what is. . .  what you’re told because this is the right way to do it. So people have been put on railroad lines and run along a track because it’s the track of the elite, but if people were to get off that track and then work together as a group, it would be amazing what could be achieved. So the answer is yes. We really can create, and where do you think all the people, particularly the children, who can sit on there in their front room and with the power of their mind, they could move objects off a table? Where do you think they are? I’ll tell you where they are. They are either in the CIA; they’re in the recruitment of the Russians, the recruitment of the Chinese, the recruitment of the British; whenever an individual shows not gifts or secret powers, these are what we all have, but where somebody for whatever reason is able to break through this 3D matrix and is able to exert these energies, the system comes in very quickly and says, “Yes please, you’ll do; we’ll have you,” and that’s what happens in a lot of the Milabs that are going on. When children five, six, seven, eight years old have these powers and then school knocked it out of them, but they were inherent in that person and through their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties, Milab is coming back taking them, taking their energy body out of their physical body and using them for weaponized research, weaponized military, and I say to people often, in many cases the work they’re doing is good. You know, if you’re a patriot, you could look at it that the work you’re doing in Milab is good. The problem is that nobody asked your permission. Nobody said to you do you mind if we come and take you by helicopter? We’re going to take you out of your body; we’re going to lift your legs above your head to release the Kundalini, and we want you to go and spy on this embassy, and then you’re going to go to Mars for us and have a look there, and then we’re going to put you back in your body and oh yes, in the morning you’re going to be covered in bruises. Now everyone or nearly everyone would say, “No thank you,” so that’s why they don’t ask, but it’s wrong. It’s totally wrong. They should be asking people. They shouldn’t be doing it. But they should at least be asking people, so yes, humans are capable of so much but the system makes sure that people don’t appreciate how they are, so that’s my answer. It is a very good question, thank you.
JP: Fabulous. Okay, from Katherine. Dear Simon, as much as I love the Earth for animals and plant life, when I ground myself, I usually don’t like the feeling. I feel like I lose connection with the higher realms but I know grounding is something that I should do regularly. Oftentimes I’m blocked from grounding myself and it is difficult to do. Why am I experiencing this, and what can be done to balance this out? I feel that the energies in my immediate area are negative. Could this have an effect on my grounding? Thank you. Much love to you, Catherine.
SP: Right, it depends on how you are grounding. The best way to ground is to go out to a virgin bit of soil or by a river or by an ocean where nobody has built an object, a house or anything like that, that’s been free of any disturbance as best as you can find. Get your shoes and socks off and then get your feet on the ground. Now what you’re doing is connecting with the planet. Now I understand your question. I understand what you’re saying to me because there are many levels of energy. There’s the higher realms of energy, which are not coming through the feet, so the elemental energy, source energy which is coming through your pineal gland or the third eye. However we are organic creatures born to this planet and we have to every so often say hello to the planet and reconnect and stick your toes into the earth, stick your fingers into the earth. Your toes are best actually and yes, in some respects you lose temporarily that higher knowing because you are connecting with a different sort of energy. You are connecting with the planet, that all the tree roots go into, all the plant roots go into, all the water, the sea, and the river runs across, and all the communication what’s running through that at that level, but there’s other forms of communication that travel not through the earth and there are different frequencies and they take different messages or different elements through them, and all you need to do is just to say that you are everything because we are everything. We are the earth and we are the sky, but we shouldn’t see it as separate. They’re running at different speeds because they have different tasks and they require a different sort of output, but we have to encompass everything because everything like that is created by source is good at that level anyway, because that free will is different from say a reptilian’s free will that was created by source. Then they took themselves off, not all of them, but many of them took themselves off to be someone negative, but an oak tree doesn’t actually get, to my knowledge, to decide to be negative. It just decides to live and to communicate, so what you’re got to do is say today I am going to connect with the energy of the Earth because I’m feeling I need that, and tomorrow I’m going to connect with the higher realms that exist not in connection with the Earth. That is why elementals, their role is to at the ground level to protect the environment there, and there are other elementals that protect higher up so yes, they’re separate, but please see it all as one biosphere. That’s a good question; we’re getting lots of good questions today JayPee, I’m really impressed. Thank you.
JP: Yes indeed and yeah here comes another one, rapid fire. This is from Manana Banana. Dear Simon, what is your opinion about when the soul enters the body? Is at birth or is it in the womb and what do you feel about abortions and are aborted fetuses used in nefarious ways? Now you’ve got a dispose of meat haven’t you? All of this stuff, avatars and all this stuff, there’s an industry going on.
SP: Right okay, well let’s put that horrible vision aside for a minute.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Right no the church, the church because remember the Catholic Church is very knowledgeable. Let’s never ever forget that, never ever poke fun at the church because they have access to records that no public library will ever in this timeframe get its hands on, and I forget what they say, but they have actually specified on the number of the week, might be the fourteenth week, something like that; it could be the twelfth week or fourteen, whatever it might be, I can’t remember, the twentieth week, who knows, but they’ve specified a number at which time the soul enters the body, and they are actually accurate; that is correct, and they know that because of the high-level intelligence that they get. The soul does not come in at birth; it’s already in the body. I’ve got a rather, for me, special memory of becoming aware when my soul entered my body and I was in the womb. I actually have that memory and it’s a split second and I just know that there’s so much more to the world and I’m going to be taught. I’m going to be given a very very bland experience in terms of what the system says is right and wrong and what we can and can’t do, and I realized there was so much more to it and then boom! That was it. The next thing I know, like I’m born, so the soul comes in before birth. Now then I’m not going to dwell on the negative side of it, not because I’m frightened to do so, but I don’t want to give too much energy to it, but I will say to you that in most cases the evil people are more interested in live children. There is a particular and I am really struggling with this because it is horrible. There is a particular thing that they would do with stillborn babies or dead babies, but what I would say is that it’s usually the live that they’re particularly interested in. Yes, there is a marketplace and I’m going to not name names because I really would end up in prison, but let’s say, for instance, we’ve got an evil organization that wants to traffic children and they, live children, and they provide a service to satanic organizations in different countries, so not individuals but organizations. Now if these evil people want to move children from one place to another, what better than through an airline or a coach company or someone who has a fleet of ships, all high street names that legitimately carry passengers from A to B. What about places of entertainment? What about where children go missing?
On my conference I talked about Dean Williams and [54:21][unintelligible], I shouldn’t mention names, somebody who died in 2006 while giving a speech and he was just about drop dead offstage. He was at a conference and he was about to talk about missing children in Great Britain and that he had been talking to a very high ranking police chief, chief constable, in fact. He would pass him information and he was about. . . he talked about JFK on stage; he talked about 9/11 on stage and he didn’t drop dead then, and then he was just about to talk about missing children. He had done a huge amount of research in the United States of America and in Great Britain and in South America and he got hold of some very high ranking people who were prepared to talk to him and he literally dropped down dead in front of an audience of a couple of hundred, so the subject of children is very important, and you only have to ask Alex Collier, what happened to him when he started to talk about missing children, and how the system absolutely came down on him like a ton of bricks. I am [55:31][unintelligible] so the answer is no, not really; it’s live children they’re after.
JP: Thank you. I’m sorry for what she said but I just looked up the good old Wikipedia ensoulment is the process they call it: 40 days for males and 90 days for females. Isn’t that interesting, that it’s different for boys and girls. Could that be true?
SP: I don’t know about the numbers, but it is different, for male and female do incarnate in the body differently because of the connection with the planet. Okay it’s very interesting but you’re right or whoever it is, is right that a male and a female soul generally need a bit of help. If you’ve got twins, twins are born within three minutes of each other, it doesn’t mean that their souls went into their bodies at the same time. If one is male and one is female, the female soul will generally, not exclusively, will generally get in first and the male will then follow on, so even if the children are physically born within minutes of each other the soul will have come in at a different time. Yeah, so that’s true. Right it’s tea time.
JP: I think you are absolutely right. Now that was quick. That came upon me. Let’s just bring a piece of music. All right this is a really nice piece of music and it’s from the 1970s when everything was cool and Steve Hillage, not Mike Oldfield. I played Jean-Michel Jarre today. The Sea Village is the Music of the Trees. It’s very pretty. And welcome back to Connecting Consciousness. It’s the 16th of April 2006 in UK terms, in English money, here we are. Simon Parkes and JayPee on Wolf Spirit Radio, on Ever Beyond Radio, on the Studio Nine Jam, on YouTube, and on what’s the name of your official Simon Parkes new YouTube channel?
SP: I don’t know. I don’t run it. It’s going on on my behalf.
JP: All right, okay we’ll find out and therefore in the next show which we’ll have “Simon Says” and it’s run by some of the people who run that thing so. . .
SP: It is the official channel but I’m involved in it, but I don’t have the time to manage it, but if you check with some of the guys afterwards they’ll give you the details you need. The people, this is the idea is that at some point I must be more interactive and I will play a much wider role in but at the moment, we’re just testing the ground. I was very reluctant, to be honest with you, to branch out as it were, but close associates have prevailed upon me and I’m agreeing so we’ve got to go onto Twitter and we’ll go perhaps deep into Facebook and YouTube and make it far more encompassing and interactive, but I need to build in safety devices. That’s why I was so hesitant because the more things you have like that, then the more you’re attacked and you know it’s this balance between being open and being accessible, but not to the point that your life’s made a misery. So yeah, I’m sure the guys will give you some information.
JP: Fabulous, fabulous, right, so meanwhile back at this enormous list of questions which  are generally ask about, so I mean people, oh my God, really. Okay here we go; it’s just the next question. All right from babies to circumcision. Where’s my “It’s Just about to Be Circumcised” sound effects. [Music] Okay all right I would like to ask about circumcision. In the Bible the Lord told Abraham that he must circumcise his tribe and his family. Was this Enki or Enlil who commanded this? What do you think the purpose was for this command, and lastly why does the Rabbi drink the blood of the circumcised penis as part of the ceremony? Is this a kind of blood sacrifice? Thanks for your wonderful show. Keep up the good work, Phil. So I mean these are really, really serious questions that, you know, affect a lot of us in that way. I mean many men, even not Jewish boys, are circumcised, please. Thank you Simon.
SP: Okay right, first of all that’s not a sacrifice. Let’s get that right. The only thing I don’t know is whether it was Enlil or Enki, because either of those two could have attempted to gain control of the tribes of Israel. The object of it was simply to say you belong to us. You belong to me; you are a separate group, so that they would be reinforced in the fact that they should only procreate amongst their own selves. It was a physical identification that they belonged to a reptilian overlord, and any drinking of any blood is purely and simply to connect a hierophant or the person officiating with the Enki or Enlil, the god, so that by drinking blood, and there’s what we really don’t want to go into in a huge detail on it, but there’s many different sorts of blood, and depending on that will mean the connection between that individual and something else. So by drinking that blood is that something that that individual felt was necessary to the ritual because that’s what it actually is. It’s a ritual, not a sacrifice. Then it is the passing of energy through from that individual through to this non-corporeal entity and it is reinforcing the hierophant’s position as senior to all of the initiates, so hopefully that answers your question.
JP: Oh, so can you break that contract?
SP: Yes you can because it was done when you were a child generally and you did it because your family wanted you to do it. The contracts that are hard to break are contracts that you step into full knowing and full willing. If deception is used to trick you or you are not given all of the information, it is actually comparatively easy to break that contract because deception was employed. So if you were circumcised at the age of twelve, thirteen, very easy to break the contract. If you were circumcised at the age of thirty-five, a lot harder but not impossible, yeah.
JP: I had murderous feelings. Anyway [laugh] Isabella, so thank you very much. These are really serious questions. Okay, I, what, sorry, question from a curious listener. Okay a guest on Project Camelot a while back explained that in the morning when we rise the hormone serotonin wakes us up to the 3D world and at night when we go to sleep the hormone melatonin is released, and between the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. a downloading/uploading occurs and he mentioned that one can be in contact with the creation. Is this true? Could you please expand more on this? Thank you very much.
SP: It’s actually one of the reasons that a number of people sleepwalk because if you are prone to sleepwalk and you have your shades or your shutters or your curtains pulled in the full moon on your face it can bring about that inbetween stage between, you know, the two chemicals being released in your body, so you physically animate but you are switched off, so that’s actually accurate, that a light striking your face or your eyes can actually have that effect on you. What was the other question, sorry JayPee, I. . .
JP: All right it was about moon also [let me] change pages, right melatonin/serotonin, yeah, and so it mentions that this guy said that you can be in contact with the creation at this moment, so yeah, what is the deal?
SP: Right, we are in connection with the creation at all times, and although because we’re in a physical body, it’s not instantaneous. It may seem instantaneous to us but its not. If you were sort of in the seventh, eighth, ninth dimension and higher, I mean in an energy body, then you’d be far more superluminally connected than we are here. However, what I would say is that you are also closer to the fourth dimension inbetween 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. in the early hours of the morning. That’s the time we’re talking about here in Great Britain, so you are not so much close to creation as a seemingly thinning of the wall between two realities. That’s why, as far as I’m concerned, witching hour is never midnight. It’s never 12:00 o’clock. It’s between 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. We are connected to source at all times but sometimes, you know, we swing closer to the fourth dimension and that’s when many people get dreams that are not helpful. Not necessarily are they getting visits, but they can perceive more clearly between those hours I’ve given. You can feel and see in a way with sharp clarity that you couldn’t at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, so I hope that helps.
JP: The contrast of the night, thank you. This is from one of our Connecting Consciousness [members] in Romania. Hello Simon and JayPee, and thank you once again for doing this show. You are true heroes in my eyes, Simon. Simon I want to spread awareness of the tunnel of light in the energy grid and about the way they operate, but most people are so convinced that they will either go to heaven or hell when they die that they just can’t comprehend such information, which unfortunately is the harsh truth about the world we live in. Please tell me how do I do this, so I can start saving their souls from reincarnating back here again without their will. I feel a great responsibility on my shoulders to make people aware of the truth that’s been hidden away from us because I’m awakened and very much aware of what’s going on in our world. Thank you guys and keep doing what you are doing. So how do I do this? So, you know, how do you get beyond the heaven–hell paradigms to people?
SP: Well, first of all Romania is a country with a very strong Catholic connection, so it’s very difficult because if you have a strong religious rule, then you don’t want to waste your time unless somebody is on the verge of trying to break free from that religious binding, and you cannot take it upon yourself to free people. That isn’t the way to do this. What will happen is people will come to you or you will hear a conversation. Something will happen which will give you the view that that particular individual or that group of people are beginning to question, you know, it’s not anyone’s responsibility to set others free. All we can do is give people the information, give them some advice and point them in the right direction. It’s entirely up to them what they do with it. I have long since stopped arguing with fervent religious fanatics. A fanatic is not just a gentleman from a Muslim country hell-bent on blowing something up. A fanatic can be a very European person who is, as far as I’m concerned, some of these religions are cults. They wouldn’t like it being called that, but as far as I’m concerned they are, and some of them turn up on the doorstep and try and convert you. Well you can’t save someone like that, but can you then save somebody who, you know, goes to work and pays rent or has a mortgage and the high spot is maybe having two weeks foreign holiday a year, and the rest of the time they’re pretty damn miserable, but they daren’t rock the boat because if they rock the boat, the little they have got they are fearful they’ll lose, so it’s overcoming fear. How do we overcome fear in people? Fear that the little they have will be lost, the fear that whilst they are amongst the great mass of people they are not looked at, and they just go along with the flow. They keep their head down. They don’t cause any trouble and they might just get through life okay. Well how do you wake somebody like that up? The reality is that you only wake people up when you start questioning. When something happens to them or a close friend of theirs or a family member that sets them against the system. A good friend of mine went to court expecting to win the case only to see somebody walk into a totally empty courtroom, sit down stare at the judge and then immediately the whole environment changed and this person lost their court case because the elite sent somebody to put pressure on the judge, but the only advantage of this was that individual who up to that moment had had faith in the system, faith that the great British justice system was there to protect ordinary people, faith that the police force really would protect you and investigate for you, faith that the doctor in his or her surgery really would prescribe the medicine that made you better, faith that the education system really was there to enlighten you, and suddenly in this individual’s case they realized that it was a complete and utter joke. The organizations that we just mentioned weren’t there for that. They were there to maintain themselves so that’s when you then say, okay, you’ve got a an ear to hear, and I will say something and talk to them, but, you know, the days of standing in this Hyde Park Corner in Great Britain, you would stand there and preach; I think people still do. What is the point of that? It is a waste of energy. So target your energy, target those cases, work with people who really do want to break free from the system, but don’t ever try and lead them. Don’t ever try and push them, and don’t ever try and indoctrinate them or belittle them. Show them the way, and it’s up to them whether they do that, so don’t get too hung up about it. People will either develop and change now or they will develop in the future. I’m very positive about it. It’s just at the moment it’s fear; that is the greatest enemy of evolution, fear. So I’m going to, before we go to the next question, it’s my time, my turn to or my time to thank people for donating. I had quite a flurry of donations recently, so psychically you must have known that my MOT was due. Thank you because if I can’t keep my car on the road, I can’t go out and do the stuff I do, so those of you who sent a flurry of donations in the last few days, you must have realized that my car needed some work, so, you know, God bless you. I’m going to read out quite a list. I don’t care because I want to thank as many people as I possibly can in the time. Right here we go; hold on to your hat. Susan, Carrie, Samantha, Nadia, Sheryl, Claudia, Ram Trading, thank you very much indeed Ram Trading. You have given me two donations and I just want to thank you. God bless you. Catherine, Michael, Michael I gave you a name check last time you missed it, so hopefully you’re listening live this time. Tina, Lauren, Battols, Nicholas, Ursula, Manet, O’Rick, Donna, Christian, Lincoln, Yvonne, John, still got some more to do JayPee. Patricia, The Gorilla, what a name, like that, Wayne, Suvane, Zan, Candice, Gina, Bradley, Anna, Desmond, Natasha, Elizabeth, Jackie, Brian, Kenneth, Jennifer, Jean Bobbin, that’s a nice name, I like that. Allrich, Vicky, Romena, Melinda, Martin, and finally Fouk. Thank you very much indeed, and I haven’t mentioned a few others, but I just didn’t want to push it too much. Thank you so much. Your donations keep me on the road. They keep me going to conferences and they keep me to do work and I will just quickly say that I do work with a lot of people who don’t have any money. They are either on Social Security or they are just down on their luck. I don’t charge them. The donations that you guys give me not only keep me going like that, but allow me to work for people like that and I say you don’t pay me, and tonight no names because that’s not what it’s about. Tonight before the radio show I had a regular Skype with a mother and her child and these regular Skypes are free because they don’t have any money, and I would say a quarter of all my work is with people who cannot afford to pay me, and I make it very clear that the donations that I’m given and any monies I am getting elsewhere I use to subsidize. I don’t like that word but that’s probably the best word, so I say to them you don’t need to feel bad about it, you know, you don’t need to worry about it. Others have paid for it. It’s the work I do, so, you know, thank you, those of you who do that because you’re not just supporting me, you’re actually helping other people, so that’s how I use the money partly so that’s great so let’s get on with the questions. Thank you JayPee for your tolerance.
JP: Likewise, Simon. It’s very important. I was just going to say do you want me to hang on to this one you know. [Music] Do you remember that theme tune?
SP: Now remember I’m a lot younger than you.
JP: No. [Music] It was Alan Freeman who did the Saturday Show.
SP: Ah yes, yes, I remember, the Pop Pickers.
JP: Yeah, that one.
SP: Yes I do.
JP: So for those of you who didn’t get the cultural connection, it was the, the very, oh it used to be very important, the record chart show and it had this music that he did and he read the charts over that sound, so back to the important, all right, okay, here is a good question. Right, okay, so this is from Eva, message from the universe: Dear Simon, I receive messages about the future, present, and past. In the future, sorry, in February there was a big message and I know that this is true because the way that I received it telepathically, I have a lot of these and a lot come true. The message was that the king would come back very soon. I saw a person symbolically from out of the universe and from deep space came to the Earth and it was bigger than this planet and our whole galaxy, he, the king, at least that’s what it felt like. He had like a whole army behind him and he would come from the sky. A couple of weeks ago you said you knew something about the group who is angry at what the bad ETs and Annunaki have done and this was a good group. However I’m not religious. I do believe in Jesus as a being. I think this is a message that he comes back and it was told to me it was just a couple of months. Could Jesus be part of this group you mentioned a couple of weeks ago? I also received an exact date this year for something horrible to happen, nuclear but this was before the career stuff in February. However, this can change. I’m worried because more people are saying this about an event that will happen later this year. Do you have people who say the same about the terrible event later this year? If you want this date please say so then I will email you. Kind regards, Eva.
SP: Two things on that one. First of all, it’s no coincidence that that question has come out because as it starts the show I talked about a false flag Messiah, very good gifted people, and the questioner here is a good person and a gifted person, are being targeted I would think with false images to confuse the issue. The whole concept of Jesus as far as I’m concerned is accurate. Jesus was real and accurate but unfortunately the rules and laws that have been written around him are distorted, are there purely and simply to manipulate and to control. Like many things you have to take something that’s connected to the Earth and weave a web around it for it to have any new type of resonance. There is a very, very strong case for a false flag alien Messiah at some point this year, and I’ve given data earlier on the show and the image you just conjured up is very similar to that in the Bible, you know, leading a whole host of angels or whatever it might be. The second coming genuinely will not be like that. That’s not the way it’s going to be. That is a stage-managed event where something occurs and the sky is full of this, that, and the other, and that’s all stage-managed, that’s all about trying to sell it to the human population. Jesus in the first coming turned up very inauspiciously, an alien spacecraft, three very wise Illuminati men, hence we get the Magi, the majestic group comes form the word Magi, the three Magi on their camels, each of them had a dream telling them they had to follow the star which they did, take a gift to find a new king, and they all followed an alien spacecraft, which provided a right bright light over a location shown down the searchlight and the three Magi found what we call the baby Jesus. No huge army, no masses of flying saucers, just very quiet. Jesus did not dress in gold and robes; he dressed in a very simple habit, and remember that Jesus was anti-establishment, because when he went into the equivalent of the bank, he literally turned over all the tables and chairs and sent all the money spinning, so we have to be clear that the image that we are being sold for a second coming is part of a huge psyops deception program.
The best way to try and make people feel they’re not important is to say that your God has returned to you, and what have I and others said time and time again, we don’t get down on our knees for anybody, it’s just not worth it. You are as human people special and you don’t give yourself away to anyone. You are really, really special and you don’t need to crawl on the floor to something. Those days are gone. We don’t do that anymore. If there is a creational force then it wouldn’t want to treat its children like that. You know, what father or mother would want its children crawling about this, that and the other, offering blood sacrifices. It’s just absolutely nonsense. Now go and kill a goat, cut its throat and roast it over a fire and then, you know, that’s just nonsense; that’s just a reptilian god, and so we have to be very, very careful and so be careful of the images you’re getting. Some of them will be very true and genuine from source; some of them will be hacked into so you are very genuine; you are very good, but it’s because you are good they are trying to use you so be very wary of that, so thank you. That’s a good question. Thank you.
JP: So, now I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but this is a question from Jawa. What is a déjà vu? Why is, sorry bad joke. Why does some, no but it says. . . What is a déjà vu and why do some people feel it and others don’t and how does it happen?
SP: Right, it was a good joke but you didn’t give me time to laugh before you cut in with it.
JP: I laugh at my own jokes, it’s all right. I’m self-contained.
SP: Oh JayPee, no it was a good joke. I think that nearly everybody should at some point have a déjà vu and that some people get it very strongly; some people get it in multiple times. What if I had the ability to be like Hollywood and broadcast everywhere I would ask everyone to keep a calendar, and write down when they got déjà vu because I bet there would be a pattern evolving and we’ve mentioned The Matrix and in The Matrix Neo is just about to climb stairs and he gets the déjà vu and Morpheus says, “Oh that’s a glitch in the system,” interesting. So déjà vu can be either you, as time isn’t linear, I think most of us have grasped that now. It’s either oval, circular, corkscrew, figure-of-eight, doesn’t matter as long as we understand that you can come back on yourself at some point. So déjà vu can either be when you are. . . you’ve created or you are recreating a happening which you’ve done before or an element as not necessarily badly as hacked in or come into your time-stream and you are merely seeing what you will see in the future, or you are reliving what you’ve seen in the past. It is a sign that you yourself are psychic and that you yourself have inadvertently entered through the frame into another reality just for a split second. What we need to do is to not just shake your head and walk away from it, but to write it down, because it’s amazing how these things quickly can be forgotten. Write it down and say is there a message here. It may not be a direct message to me but is it part of my life? Is it something that when I had to do other things I’ve known will it help me to develop or be cautious or be aware. So whenever the universe puts something toward you like that, treat it as a very special sign and take note of it. You know, it doesn’t have to be something magical like that. It can be something very physical, something very normal and mundane but something unusual. I give an example in my own life. About four years ago the doorbell goes, front doorbell, and it’s at exactly 3:30. I know it’s 3:30 because in England here the schools come out at 3:30 and the school kids had just come out and I looked at the watch, 3:30, so postman parcel. The next day the doorbell goes exactly 3:30 and then the next day the doorbell goes exactly at 3:30, so for three days somebody was at the door spot on 3:30, never happened before, never happened again. Now that may not be déjà vu, but there are certain things that happen in our lives and instead of shaking our head and saying what a coincidence, we need to store these things and work on them because they are little windows into another world which if only we can understand it, we can either experience more of it or we can develop it, so it’s a really good question and I think that everybody sometime in their life will experience déjà vu.
JP: Synchronicities and stuff. Now this is a very interesting question from Dean, human consciousness. Simon, is it a fact that we are programmed all the time with how we speak, music, and television? Is it because the human brain is a computer and all computers read in reverse so that when we listen to music or watch television they are programming us in reverse mode so we do not understand anything being said to us but our brains in subconscious mode will absorb it?
SP: Right.
JP: Do you get that question? I mean that’s a really profound question. That’s a very. . .
SP: Right, no. The answer is no and what they tended to do is when they are going, they being the evil satanic elite, let’s say for instance they’re going to a false flag terrorist attack and they’ve already marked, mapped it all out and know the date and time. What they’ll do is they’ll hit the community in that country maybe a fortnight beforehand with bursts of programming to either accept it or to act fearfully or to become irrational or to become what-have-you, so they don’t program everyone all of the time. What they’ll do is what I would call a loose carrier wave, and so a frequency of energy that is continually transmitted over WiFi or television or other mediums, which they can instantly access, should they need to, to put out a message or to put out a way of feeling or a way of being. In terms of the reverse, the very basic way would be in some of the pop songs where they, when you play, sometimes you play it backwards, the music backwards you get a message that comes through it. That’s a very obvious and well-known one. Generally speaking mind conditioning at that level is not done backwards. It is done with time delay on it and that’s the key here; they have the capability that the off planet people have had for a very long time. This is very recent on this Earth. They have the ability to time capsule information so you could sit on Tuesday and watch a television program and then three weeks later this time capsule will activate and then you know you might decide that you’re going to go and do this or you’re going to go and do that or you react in a set way to a piece of news that’s given to you on a major news channel. We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that control of the masses moved from the gun, the bullet, the bow and arrow, the spear to the electronic format a number of years ago and those who are awake understand that we are being bathed in WiFi not to fry us, although that can sometimes be the case, but to cover every inch of the Western world and some of the eastern part of the world, so there’s no escape from these rays so that a mind control element is not escapable unless you’ve got a lead-lined, and I don’t even know if that would work, some form of secure bunker or capsule you can go into simply because they don’t want people off grid. If you live off grid they can’t mind control you so back to the question then; no it’s not 24/7, the carrier wave is 24/7 but the specific commands or specific messages are given at key times so whenever there’s been some form of incident, you can be sure that a few days before that then the establishment will have used whatever electronic devices that they can.
JP: They are gonna try, they have tried every single thing tonight to mess our show up.
SP: What’s happening there JayPee?
JP: Well I’m, you know, I’m getting hit like the connection to my microphone, which is fine most of the time; suddenly it’s decided, hang on, I am talking at the back, yeah I don’t know, that’s fine. All is good, but just as the show started the left hand computer froze up, the one in front of me froze up, Skype went offline, my router was hit right on 7:00 o’clock, just saying, just saying however, let’s not talk about how we’re doing it and maybe there are other ways of doing it that we can sequence so. . .
SP: JayPee what I would say is that, and it’s not meant to be jovial, I’m actually being quite serious, is that if we were never interfered with like this, then the public could legitimately ask why is that?
JP: Yeah.
SP: I have noticed that people who mouth the establishment nonsense never complain of psychic attacks. They never complain of issues or problems. They never say they couldn’t do this or they couldn’t do that. They just seem to get their message out freely and without problems, and you know it’s absolutely obvious, it’s stark in your face that those people who are trying to do a job, whatever that might be, trying to get information out and are being hammered. It will be simply because the message they’re giving is not in tune with the establishment and so I ask everyone to look wherever. You know they were searching on YouTube or other forms of the internet or going to a conference, whatever it is, and ask yourself the person speaking to me, are they a member of the establishment, the information I’ve been given, is it good information or is it mixed in with disinformation? What is the background of this person, because I suspect more and more this year some of the elite are forming a special unit, which will attempt to infiltrate what used to be called the alternative media. I call it the truthful media and I think that we guys are going to come under a little bit harder pressure in the weeks ahead, so the attacks that you’re describing on the show, I think are going to get more and more, and I just ask for the public to support us more and more, and it’s just to see these people are they. . .
JP: Simon if we have to do it on single sideband, we’ll do it.
SP: I don’t know.
JP: By radio.
SP: Oh, I thought you [meant] to ride on a motorbike or something.
JP: Right, oh it is a sidecar. No I think, you know, like ten-meter single sideband. I’ve got one of those and we’ll get one set up and put a great big aerial on top of your house and long story, so meanwhile back at the Illuminati, right. This is from Triton. People with webbed fingers, Rh negative blood. Hello, Simon, JayPee. Simon what can you tell us about people with webbed fingers? Are they blue bloods? Are they related to Anunnaki or Draco’s? I was told that people with webbed fingers are real Jews. What does that mean? Are blue bloods people with webbed fingers considered to be negative? What are their options for the future?
SP: Right.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Okay, webbed fingers think what the possible meaning is the webbing where the finger joins the palm of the hand. That’s what I’m taking it as. I’m not taking it as a sort of spatula finger.
JP: Where there’s more of that what they call it a frenulum or something that it grows further up the fingers than the regular.
SP: Okay well I didn’t know what the technical term was. That is to do with amphibian alien, alien amphibian DNA. Occasionally it can be a throwback for a very terrestrial connection, but in many cases it is because there is a very strong amphibian alien makeup to that individual and we need to be very, very careful as a human race that we don’t draw a line under anybody who doesn’t look fully human and say you are not fully human; you must be evil, therefore you’re going to burn in hell. What we have to say is it doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s what you believe in that matters. In other words we may all have got on at different railway stations, but we’re all getting off at the same stop. Now if somebody got on at a different railway station to you and they look very different and they feel very different but they believe in what you believe in, and they’re getting off at the same spot, they’re a good person. So just because somebody has a lot of amphibian, a lot of reptilian, a lot of grey doesn’t mean they’re bad. We judge them by what they say, what they do and if somebody believes in what Archangel Michael might believe in or the purest of the pure Pleiadian might believe in they’re good people, so we do have to be careful. You know I’ve seen people who look perfectly beautifully human and they’re evil. I have seen people who look pretty awful but actually have a heart of gold, so we must always make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of these other people and start judging on what someone looks like. If somebody has a bad intent, then they ain’t coming to the fifth dimension. They are just not going to do it, but what I’m hoping is that they’ll get another chance because everybody deserves another chance, but if they’re not going to make it this time around well let’s hope they make it another time around. If they’re not destined to make it at all, that is not my decision. That is the source and those around source to make a decision of what happens to that individual. I have publicly said, you know, I’m obviously not evolved enough because I can’t forgive pedophiles at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll evolve enough to be able to do that, so I would just hope that those people can evolve, you know, and leave that element behind them. It can be done, you know, you could be at the most horrible evil person but after maybe thirty, forty, fifty, sixty incarnations you decide through free will and choice that you want to leave that world behind you, and you want to embrace the world of light.
Well you can’t say, well you know 5,000 years ago you did this, this, and this. What we say is hallelujah, because you’ve seen the light. You have decided to move from the dark to the light. Those people who’ve moved from the dark to the light are the greatest warriors because they have made a choice to leave the power system and join those who don’t have power. We don’t have the power. We are not the elite, so anybody who was the elite prior, and joins us is actually giving away a lot for the right of truth, so that individual can do that. That individual knows how the other side works, and if you know how the other side works then you are a very great danger to them, because you can second guess them. I sometimes get a little bit concerned about people who talk about a particular race, and it’s the Pleiadians and what have you and this is the way you need to be, truth and light et cetera, et cetera, but remember that source created both positive and negative. Source created dark as well as light, and if you only exist in one plane, you do not really understand what source created. If you started in one area and then moved to the light or you were in the light and you move to the dark and then you move back to the light that is wonderful, because you have made a personal journey of learning and you have chosen to step forward into truth and justice and light, but you’ve also experienced the dark. That means you can be a wonderful warrior and I actually hope that in these months ahead we get lots of people who up till now have been in the dark, and through free will choose to come and join the light and bring all that expertise, all that knowledge with them and much more than just being a whistleblower, so that we can totally take apart some of the constructs that the satanic fourth dimensional energy is built on, because we need people from that background to help quickly take down. . . it’s a bit like somebody who used to rob banks let’s say, and the person would go in and rob a safe. What happens is the bank company comes and it says we need, can you to help design a safe for us, you know, these guys from certain parts of the world who hack into everyone’s computer and steal money, they finally get caught, go to prison and then now they come and the company says would you like a job with us to help make us more secure? So there’s a real place for people who have done bad, who can genuinely repent and start afresh. So that’s a message actually to people who are listening to this, and I know these people listen to this show who are not part of Connecting Consciousness, not part of the crowd or group, they listen in so I [have] addressed those words to you. Okay, JayPee, that’s great, thank you. [START 1:40:55]
JP: All right, so now I’ve got to filter through about three thousand, three thousand questions. There’s several themes that are coming up, but the main one is, you know, as you might expect at this moment, Donald Trump seems to have suddenly done a U-turn, broke people’s neck so quickly that it was that he went from cleaning out the swamp to suddenly bombing Syria. What’s the deal with the bomb and what’s going to happen next from what you know?
SP: Right. What do you want me to do with this JayPee because I did mention this at the beginning.
JP: All right is there anything that. . . is there any hope for him? I mean in terms of or hope for us with him or is he going to just kill us all?
SP: Well, who’s written that?
JP: [laughs] That’s what they say, you know. . .
SP: Well who’s written “kill us all?”
JP: Well no I say kill us all, but bring, like slip us into World War III and there are people saying, you know, that there’s an event that kills a very large number of people.
SP: Okay that was the question previous wasn’t it? Look I’ve addressed the Trump issue. I’m not going to answer that. Now obviously the questioner didn’t know that I was going to address that so what I would say to the questioner is your question is not unanswered. I actually addressed it because it was so important that I put it as part of my intro talk, so that’s how important your question was, but the answer is found from me in the beginning. There is an event planned, but again I touched on it that the options for these people in their deranged mind is an EMP blast or a dirty nuclear bomb blast or a second coming of a fake Messiah. These are the three potential events. Now there is the potential of an Earth movement, but this is a natural occurrence because the stresses and strains of a 3D planet as it goes through evolution, like birth pains, and there will be a number of quakes, which we’ve had actually, quite a few recently, or volcanoes, which have nothing to do with human element, but is to do with the planet evolving. The difficulty that we have is that science unwittingly passes this information on to the elite and they say we are detecting there’s going to be an earthquake in X, Y, or Z probably in three weeks time, so what the elite can do is use a HAARP device. It’s not just aimed at the sky; they can use HAARP to bring on or increase volcanic or seismic activity and then the elite can use a HAARP type device to make what would have been a five or six on the Richter scale up to nine, ten, on the scale, so evil people can use a natural occurrence to make it absolutely disproportionately big, and that has happened in the past. You know for goodness sake look at Fukushima, look at that. That was a disaster that could have quite easily wiped out half the planet, but we got help from somewhere to try to contain that, so there is an event planned, whether it goes ahead is largely to do with the human consciousness, the development and the help we get, so yes, we need help, but yes we can do a lot ourselves so please do not start buying into a disaster, because if you do that you are unwittingly giving your energy to it. As far as I’m concerned the human race is on a winning streak. I’ve always said we’ll take some damage, but we will get through [to] the other end; that’s the way it’s going to be. We’ve got to be strong; we’ve got to believe in ourselves, and we are not going to be frightened by bogeying in, who like the Wizard of Oz, they project their voice, but when you pull back the curtain they’re about two feet tall. [Yes and they like speak like that—spoken in squeaky metallic voice].
JP: Indeed, indeed, yes, because the victory of the light is very soon.
SP: Yeah.
JP: I have one probably final and topical for the day question. What is the real, this is from McCall someone. What is the real Easter story?
SP: Ah, well it’s interesting that with your voice is becoming distorted again so I guess we’re under another attack and that’s because they didn’t like what I just said. Well Ishtar is a very interesting god, you know, talking about in terms of the way they look on themselves, that’s where we get the word Easter from, and isn’t it amazing how the Catholic Church predominately, but not exclusively, has just literally just taken the old gods and the old rules and just repackaged them up as surely to goodness me if you came in with a completely different religion you would say this is heresy. We’re doing away with that and we’re going to have this in place of it. They said that witches, that women were heresy, and they need to be burnt or drowned or whatever, God knows what they wanted. There are no qualms in trying to stop women, but in terms of many of the other rituals or celebrations that we had on this planet before Christianity, all the Christian religion did was say, right well we’re going to have the same thing but we’ll just use it. The reason for that is because most of these are satanic. They are brought in by offworld entities and any control system coming in afterwards that is part of that system is not going to change it, because they actually are part of that system. What they’ll do is they’ll wrap it up in different wrapping paper and sell it on to something completely different, and really and truly it’s a very sad thing that so many good genuine people have a belief system and they are actually passing their energy across to something that is not what they think it is at all. So I’m just giving you the example there where we have Easter and we are told about Easter and yet we have a Sumerian goddess called Ishtar which is [Eshtar][1], so why would somebody come up with a word Easter? Wouldn’t you call it something like, I don’t know, Happy Monday? Why would you choose a word that is related? That’s because the energy wants to be drawn back. The energy is being drawn back to these entities. They need that energy. I can’t go over this enough times. If I have a flashlight, if I have a torch, I need a battery in it, and I need to charge that battery up every time you guys at home put your mobile or your cell phone and you plug it in at night, you are charging your battery. Psychic attacks are greatest after a Sunday when so many good honest people get down on their knees and pray to something they can’t see and they give that energy to something and then those batteries are charged up and then heck we get hit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. By Thursday they’re running out of juice. Friday, Saturday, very few psychic attacks because they’ve used up most of their energy, then Sunday back to church, whatever it is, get on your knees, beg for forgiveness, take your energy from you, and that’s. . . we’ve got to break this. Humans don’t need to get on their knees. We’ve got to evolve out of this, you know, this is something that is just a false construct. What created us is actually equal, yes, it’s not equal in terms of its power, in the sense that it could create life, but it doesn’t see itself as better; it doesn’t, that’s the point. I am my own self, I’m my own fourth dimensional entity for God’s sake. A Fourth dimensional entity said to me don’t ever be frightened of us. We are all equal. That’s an alien saying that to me, so in other words, the aliens were saying don’t you get down on your knees to us. We’re all equal, so why would somebody want to get down on their knees to something that they can’t even see? So we need to break this. All right it’s been brilliant JayPee. I want to thank everyone for their continued support for your radio show keeping you going and keeping others going, keeping strong. This is a very important year, 2017. If you find an early, early interview of mine with Win Keech, something like six years ago done in the front room of my house, both Win and I independently said 2016/2017 absolute pivotal year for this planet. I don’t change my opinion so God bless to you and to everyone who’s participated in the radio show tonight and indeed who watches and catches it later on. Thank you.
[transcribed 7/31/17 GSC]

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