7 May 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Discussion of news events this week included Marine Le Pen’s run for president and what it would mean if she were to win, i.e., France leaving the European monetary system; President Trump and President Putin privately having cordial dialogue regardless of mass media reports of their discord; China giving Trump the green light to strike North Korea to protect their heavy investments in South Korea; U.S. and Canada fussing over imports/exports, with U.S. putting an embargo on Canadian softwood lumber export to the U.S., and Canada saying they will ban U.S. coal; Venezuela’s socialist/communist economy collapse; China secretly injecting cash into failing Western banks, the aim being seizing complete control of the West’s economy; Trump’s wish to go to gold-backed currency, but most probably not a possibility because there is not enough gold in the U.S., and Carol Rosin’s conversation with Wernher von Braun about a fake alien attack is currently a possibility that is being considered by the elite, with the Vatican playing a major role by ushering in a nonhuman false Messiah, which is mirrored in Revelations. It was confirmed that weather warfare through artificial electronic means is being used to create food scarcity and overpricing. Questions were raised about ways of dealing effectively with negative energy/entities in its various forms, including saging, group meditation, and the awareness of the position of planetary bodies’ effect on humans. But our real enemy is AI and it’s connection with Archonic energy, their goal being to take out all biological life. By presenting us with sophisticated technology that will turn us into nonthinking technologically-dependent beings, the next step will be to turn us into machines via implants, which will lead to one hive mind, so humans are being seduced into giving up being human by all the shiny new technology available. If this AI invasion is not stopped here on Earth, humanity as we know it will cease to exist, and this AI infection will spread throughout the multiverse.

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Simon Parkes: Then unfortunately I’m not going to be able to go down to London.
JP: Sorry Simon, I just realized that I had both of us muted since the show began. So all gone, the whole thing. Please accept my apologies. Do you want to start your announcements again? Sorry about that, oh God.
SP: Right, so are we actually live now?
JP: Yeah we’re live now, yeah.
SP: Fantastic. So JayPee has unfortunately muted the mike when we were really live, so I have been chatting away to nobody, except you of course.
JP: Yeah, I can tell you, I mean you were talking about how you went to the . . .
SP: All right, I’ll do it again, shall I?
JP: Go on, well see you’ve got the announcements and the . . .
SP: Yeah, right, well first of all I do need to go through that, so first of all I wanted to say to everyone of course last month it was a five-week month so I missed everybody, and I know people did tune in and, but I’m sorry that I wasn’t there, but it was nice to have that extra Sunday off. I haven’t been very well. I did have to go to the hospital, and as the result of that I will not be attending the CC meeting in London. I’m really sorry I can’t, but where people are booked to visit me, or I’ve got Skypes booked, they go ahead as normal, but I’m not traveling to London.
Right, let’s just quickly go through the news. First of all, there is a very important vote just taking place in France and the polling stations closed about an hour ago British time, and it is very important, because we have a right-wing candidate facing an investment banker. Now the investment banker is slated to win, but interestingly enough the turnout, the last result I had, the turnout was down six percent, and now that will work against the investment banker, and the turnout in France is projected, I haven’t got any figures up to date; these were about an hour ago, but projected to be the lowest turnout in France since 1981. Now if that is the case Marine Le Pen, the daughter of Jean-Marie Pen, is likely to get very close to the 50 percent. The French system is somewhat different from the British system or indeed the American system. If she can get 50.1 percent, then she’s won. Now what the pols are saying is there’s no way that she can win. The investment banker is going to win, but what we are seeing is large numbers of people are not turning up to vote for the investment banker, so please watch that. It’s really important because if she by chance was to win, she has avowed to take France out of the European monetary system, and then to give the French people a referendum on whether they wish to leave the European Union. And for people outside of Great Britain, just be reminded that that’s what the British Prime Minister did. He gave the British people a referendum and they, as a majority, voted to leave Europe, so this is a really important vote from the French, because if she wins, it is the destruction of the European Union. It’s the end of it, and I think the British perhaps know that the writing’s on the wall, hence that’s why BRICS got out.
Okay, [let’s] talk about the American situation. First of all I want to talk about Donald Trump and Russia. There’s been a lot of debate over the last few weeks about, you know, are we going for a third world war. What is the situation between Putin and Trump, and we’re not going for a third world war, and a lot of what is happening is gamesmanship for the attention of the established media while President Trump and President Putin are actually having very cordial dialogue. This is actually, I don’t know quite how we would word this, but throwing a smokescreen to the warmongers and the establishment who want to see a ramping up of negative energy between both Trump and Putin, and while that’s going on, the establishment will not attack Trump. While they think that President Trump is doing the establishment’s agenda and attacking Putin, they have eased off him, so what Trump and Putin have agreed is on the puppet show they will bare their fists, and that keeps the media off Trump’s back, but behind the scenes actually they are getting on rather well, and am I letting the cat out of the bag, as we say? Well, yes, but I think it’s important because there have been a lot of people who have been confused as to what’s going on there, and I think that we need to balance it a bit and talk about the situation between America, Trump, and China, and this is in direct relation to North Korea and does include Russia. China has tacitly agreed to not intervening if America wants to launch a proportionate attack against North Korea. When this isn’t in the news, this is in the established news. When North Korea threatened to detonating a nuclear bomb in South Korea, China then said to America if you want to take out any particular military site in North Korea with your stealth missiles we will not stop you, because China has a massive investment in South Korea, so although North Korea makes all the belligerent noise and China sits back when push comes to shove, and there’s a potential for South Korea to be infrastructurally damaged, China won’t have that because it has absolutely trillions of dollars invested there, so there’s another police car going by, so basically what we’ve got is a situation where the American military have been told that they do have to go back to Trump to be given the all clear, but they will most likely be authorized a small strike against North Korea in the next four weeks unless Korea really reins back on what it’s trying to do. So that’s important.
I wanted to talk also about U.S. and Canada. It’s true for those of you who perhaps have managed to get some of the news that there is an embargo now against softwood lumber coming up from Canada, and Canada is saying to America that it will ban its coal. This is more to do with Congressmen and Senators in the U.S., who for a long time have had issues with lumber coming in from Canada, but it plays to the agenda of, you know, only bringing in imports from other countries if there’s a reciprocal arrangement and the U.S. is beginning now to flex its muscle, so we could see a problem between Trudeau, the president of Canada and the U.S. president, so watch that one because if that escalates, then it’s a sign for all other countries what America’s intention is regarding imports and exports, wanted to do that one.
I want to talk about the situation in Venezuela. Venezuela is now becoming out of hand. There is a real likelihood of a coup at some point again, so just have a hang on that one. The economy has absolutely collapsed. It was one of the main countries that both Win Keech and I wanted to start up with Fairex system as quickly as we can and obviously America is important; Britain is important; Europe’s important, but we felt Venezuela was very important to South American countries along with Brazil, because these were countries that were really suffering and there’s now leaked, I believe, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been told there’s leaked video footage now of the situation in Venezuela so that’s worth watching.
Let’s talk now more about the West. The financial situation is still precarious just because the spotlight seems to be off it doesn’t mean everything has gone back to normal. It really hasn’t. There have been two major banks that have had a very secretive injection of cash from China, very unusual. You see in 2008, when we had the banking collapse in America and Great Britain, China did not intervene, and so what in Britain we had to do was to basically pay from taxpayers’ money. Now what China is doing is saying we can use this to our advantage because if a bank begins to go down, if we go in and save the day, we are going to have complete control of that bank, so China’s not doing it because it cares about people in the West, it’s doing it because it gives it an incredible leverage over not just the bank, but a way a whole government forms its policy, because if you’ve got another state owning fifty-one percent of a national bank, then that country starts to dictate policies to you, so please keep an eye on that. So the situation is not, by any means, any better and for those of you who are buying gold and silver, you must be aware that the precious metals market is being manipulated.
Now if President Trump wants to move to a gold-backed currency, but there probably isn’t enough gold in the U.S. to do that, there is a potential for a silver-backed currency and the moment that happens, silver will absolutely skyrocket. If there was enough gold, then gold would skyrocket. What we’re seeing is there’s just a handful of people who control the gold and silver price and platinum as well, and this metal price is being artificially managed and you can still go higher, so that’s worth hanging on to.
Okay I wanted just to finally on the world news to talk about Carol Rosin, who I have had a number of conversations with. [She]’s a very, very special lady. She actually met von Braun, the ex-Nazi, a rocket scientist, and in conversations with von Braun, there’s plenty of clips on YouTube with her, and basically von Braun said you know, you’ve got to watch for this because the West will say that Russia is the big enemy, then it will be terrorism, then it might be asteroids or it might be the other way around, but ultimately his key word was the last card. The last card will be a fake or false alien invasion. Now in recent months or years that’s been pooh poohed, as we say in Britain; it’s been pushed aside. No, they won’t do that, it’s impossible, and I’ve always said, “Look it’s on the table; it’s one of the options they have.” Now evidence is coming to me from a number of sources that they are looking at a variation of that. It doesn’t mean it will be happening; it means it’s a variation. They have, like imagine you put a deck of cards out, and you pull the Queens out from your deck of cards. Well these are the sort of options they’ve got, and one of the options is to have a false prophet in September start saying that the new Messiah is here and actually is exactly what Revelations in the Bible says. So the church actually is agreeing here. The church actually says that there will be a fake God, a fake Messiah, and I’m getting information that there is potential for the Pope to wheel out somebody and say this character isn’t human. He is alien. He’s our Messiah. God was an alien. He’s come back to us. No human can sort out the mess on this planet, therefore we have to embrace this nonhuman entity and because he is the salvation for the world. Now that sounds absolutely off-the-wall. It sounds totally crazy, but I absolutely assure you that this is a serious playing card on the table of the handful of people that basically make the decisions on this planet. Clearly it would not be the real Messiah, it would be a total fabrication, a total fake, and I would just say to people reject it. Utterly totally reject it. Okay that’s the end of the world news.
I just want to talk about Connecting Consciousness and Canada in particular. I have a bit of an issue with some of the members in Canada and there are some very silly things doing rounds. Some people are saying that I sound different and as a result of that I’ve been possessed by the devil. Well actually I use different electronic equipment sometimes on a laptop to connect with the show. Sometimes I’m on a PC; sometimes I have what’s called a cold; sometimes, you know, I’ve been rushing around in the day, so to say that I sound different and to say I’ve been taken over by something is just ridiculous. I’m looking for saying that Win Keech is a black magician. Anybody who thinks any of this needs their head examined frankly, and I don’t want those people in Connecting Consciousness. My response is you give me one thing on any radio show where I’ve said anything that’s been anti-human, how anybody can listen to a third or a fourth or a fifth party and scaremongering when you’ve got the real deal here on the radio show, and you have the chance to ask me questions, it’s just beyond me, so I want to do that now. I’ve only got this hour. I’m going to quickly go and thank people very, very much. I need to do this. It’s very important to me. Thank you Darla, Sandro, Jean, Robin, Patola, Jeff, Sarah, Tom, Jacqueline, Emir, Alexandra, Michael K, hi Michael, Mia, Jason, Amanda, Donna, Carolyn, Jackie, Ryan, Elexsanya, Susan, Dr. T., Jon, that’s a real doctor by the way, Alex, John, Petra, Joan, Ann and Theodore Marr from Ever Beyond Radio, and Theodore asked me to go on his radio and I did an hour and he so kindly sent me a donation because he said I know you’re struggling. That’s so kind of him. Simon, Holly, Jon, Ricky, Christina, 4&R, Robert, nearly finished JayPee. I’ll just finish off. It’s important to me. I need to say thank you to people.
JP: It’s okay, take your time.
SP: Thank you. Abigail, Avery, and I hope I pronounced this okay [17:02][Bro Who Slava], Bruno, and Steven–Stefan–I should say, Natalie, Joanne, Khalid, and DFW. There were other people who donated. I just literally pulled out as much as I could fit on one side of paper. Thank you to everybody who has donated. I’m really grateful to you and Jeff, yeah I think I’ve thanked Jeff, yes, thanks Jeffrey, so could we get on with the questions then JayPee?
JP: Yes we can. Okay, so let’s dive deeply into . . . I’m just like the questions have rolled in very . . . so here we go. So from Icar, Warm Spring: This spring has been a strange one. In March and in the first two weeks in April the weather here in Germany was fine and quite warm. Trees started to blossom, fruit bearing trees. The farmers were told to bring out their seeds onto their fields early because some crisis might arise in the near future, and surprise, since mid-April the weather has been quite cold so a lot of blossoms froze to death.
SP: Yep.
JP: There are farmers who have already lost ninety percent of their crops, apple trees, due to that late winter. To me that is quite suspicious and I keep wondering if there’s an intention behind this, as in 2017 some dark forces try to destroy organic food and make food products even more expensive. Thank you for the information you provide and thanks to JayPee for making this show. Irene in Germany.
SP: Right Irene, spot-on, and it was a very, very, very insidious and nasty . . . what actually happened was in countries that do export food, I think scary is the right word, a scare was put out that there could be difficulties later in the year, so if farmers got their crops in early and harvested them early, they would then miss the drought that was projected to come along, you know, later on in the year. So a lot of farmers—this is establishment information—this is coming from the authorities and so as a result of that a great deal of farmers actually went and started planting up earlier than they would normally do so, and then what we’ve had is a complete change in the weather, not just here in Great Britain, but in many parts of the States and in many parts of Europe, it’s almost an unseasonal cold spell which has frozen the blossoms which means that fruiting trees will be reduced by maybe as much as fifty percent. A lot of the root crops and cereal crops that put the shoots up very early have had their tops of their shoots burnt off in terms of frost blackened off, so that will be a very heavy reduction there. Now what’s been happening is HAARP is being used to bring cold air from cold regions down and then it’s been used to make that cold air sit unnaturally over a location for much longer than it would normally. So artificial electronic means have been used to do this, which can only mean that food prices will rocket. I remember last year they did a prototype of this and they were in my own local supermarket. There were labels up saying customers may only buy so many of these vegetables so you could only buy let’s say one cabbage or you know, two pounds of potatoes. That was all in my supermarket last year, so depending on what damage has been done, we can expect to see that. So you’re absolutely spot-on. That’s exactly what they have done. Thank you for the question.
JP: Excellent so from Lauren Wagner, Mirrors: A few weeks ago my wife was burning sage. She placed the herb in an iron receptacle, lit a fire and gently blew it out and went from room to room blessing our home as the sage was smoldering. When she got to the bathroom, specifically as she was looking in the mirror, flames raged out of the pot angrily and then died down after a moment. My question is what is the deal with mirrors? There are many Hollywood movies involving negative spirits materializing from mirrors. There are also all sorts of children’s games such as Bloody Mary where a child repeats a specific phrase into a mirror. Is this more than an urban legend, or is there something to this?
SP: Right. I don’t suppose it’s written down whether the bathroom was the last room that the person went into with the sage.
JP: Well she said when she got to the bathroom, so I presume that this was like the last room.
SP: Right I would suggest it was the last room. Basically what it was, was actually crawled out of every other room. It was pushed into that room, which means it didn’t have a portal to get back on or it couldn’t activate the portal or it just ejected from the room that the portal was in and the mirror you see, mirror screen is a method of looking into a reflective object and sometimes foretelling the future and it was Queen Elizabeth I, who had her official court scrier and we call him James Bond. He was 007, and so anything that has a reflective surface is understood within that culture to be magic and I would suggest that what’s happened is whatever it was, for her to light that sage, and bless the room. She must have felt there was something a bit negative there. It’s been crawled out, pushed out, and I guess it got caught in the bathroom. There was a mirror there; it’s a reflective object and there has been a clash between two energies, and because you’ve got a combustible material going on in the smoke, then that has caused, it’s almost like throwing petrol onto a fire. Whish it goes up. That’s perfectly okay, not to be worried about, you did exactly the right thing and you gave it a very sore head, so I would suggest to you that that is what that is. I would recommend that you start with the bathroom in the future. Make that your first run and work your way back and make the last room the living room or the room that you spend most of your time in. Okay, well done. Thank you.
JP: Okay, so from Martin, Wizard of the Universe: He does the Round Table shows a lot. Hello Simon, JayPee, thank you very much. My question: Do you know of anyone that has left this life and not gone to the light, and that they have ended up going to source or back to their home planet? Much love and healing.
SP: Not many but a few, and the only way I can know that is when they come back again. In other words, somebody leaves here, goes to source, and then chooses to come back, but comes back in a different way or a different guise. If you go to source, then you are going to have freedom as to where you come back and as to where you incarnate. If you go into the trap, then there are other forces around you that will attempt to manipulate the situation and put your soul into a body that perhaps wasn’t the one that you first chose. So yes, I have known of that, but the only way I knew about it is when people have successfully done that, but then from their own volition decided they wanted to come back here because they still had work to do or they’d received some sort of energy hike or new briefing, call it what you will, and so they wanted to come back and do some more work. So I would think there are plenty, but I don’t know them all obviously. I only know the few that I’ve met.
JP: Okay, from another Martin, second Martin. Now this is an interesting question. It came up a few weeks ago I think. I can’t remember if it was in your show, but it was in a show, so I will get to the point. What is the deal with placentas? Are they items with power over the person they were connected to? In nature the mother eats the placenta. Does that create the bond to the child? Also, do the satanists actually use this, these, and is that why they’re always collected at hospitals?
SP: Right, right. We’ll give the medical version first of all, the established medical version, and there is proof in it in the sense that the placenta has a huge amount of vitamin rich material, and when a female animal has given birth, it might’ve lost a lot of blood. It’s a very stressful time, and so to eat the placenta is actually to take back in a lot of those nutrients and vitamins, so from a medical point of view actually or a physical body’s point of view, that makes perfect sense. However it is a, how can I put this in human words . . . it is the bridge between the mother and the child, and it has a sacrificial connection and a sort of a cannibalistic connection. satanists do on occasion eat the placenta. They do it around a special ceremony. I can’t say whether all hospitals collect them up for that I would suggest that most hospitals collect them up and burn them because it’s seen as hygienic and the right way to do it. However, I know enough to know that there are some establishments, which do have connections with the elite, and it is quite possible that some of them are saved, but the point is that it’s not just a placenta, it has to be from a certain mother. You know it’s just like bloodline, so the answer is yes, it does happen, not very much, but yes it does happen. Another good question.
JP: Indeed some very good questions. So from moving swiftly Steph, believing the process as the [27:39][Catholic] from Stephen. Dear Simon, JayPee, thanks for the tremendous work you are doing. So what was the result of the common tuning in on May 1st? I sense the elevated energy. Have we tipped the scale? I feel that the biggest challenges are yet to come. On the personal level what you said earlier is happening, from family to a government level, we have been threatened. It’s so obvious that the Danish government or our country is being controlled by dark forces. Fortunately the Danish Sisi group has doubled within the last months. We will win even if it might cause marriage and friendships distance between sleeping people and us growing rapidly now so yes, what’s the May 1st event?
SP: What’s the deal? Well first of all any of those countries in that area are very special. They’re special in a way that America isn’t, and I always talk about how important America is, but I have always talked about America in the physical. Those countries in that part of the earth, which today’s group are in have a strong resistance to evil in a way that many other countries don’t have, and what the elite have done is basically tried to compromise these countries by luxuries. Many of these countries have a very high standard of living so on one hand they’ve got this very strong connection to material needs, but on the other hand they still retain a very strong community spirit, so you know it’s very odd to see them absolutely mad about the finest motorcar, and you know, I’m not saying gold-plated caps, but really wanting the very, very best materially, but then also prepared to pay higher taxes providing those taxes go to the community. Well when a country has a strong community spirit, then it is a danger to the elite because what the elite want to do is to fracture communities. If you operate as a community you operate as one, and that’s why I set up Connecting Consciousness because I wanted people to operate. Yes, we are all individuals, but from time to time to operate as a group and we’ve had a number of countries have done different meditations or different actions. We don’t often do worldwide actions. They will come but different countries have done them. We had a very important one that I wanted many countries to be involved in, which was an anti-Satanic ritual on a certain day. I’m not even going to give it too much energy, but on certain dates more people are abused at Satanic rituals than any other date, and so you know it was brought to my attention, would we like to do this, and I thought that’s a really good way. Let’s not just have it one country. Let’s get as many countries in as we can on this, and we’ll take the bad guys on the chin here and have a go at it because even if you can just disrupt or save the lives of just one person, then my goodness me that’s wonderful, and you know I, you know, thank everyone and I can do it now, you know, everybody who participated in a group action or a wider range action for good purposes thank you, because we are showing the planet that we are not going to sit in an armchair and just shake our head and say oh what can I do, you know. I’m powerless. There’s nothing I can do about it and my friend in Osmington Mills often says to me, you know, that’s the problem with the human race, they’ve just dis-empowered and it’s I’m on my own. I’m just one person. What can I do? Well that’s what they want you to think. We are wonderful creatures. Human beings are wonderful creatures. We can achieve so much, so you know, we’ve got to keep it, got to keep building, and that’s why I talked about the Canadian group, you know, there are good people and there are people that are a bit wobbly, and you know, go away. Have a think about it. Listen to what I say and if you, you know, you think that what I’m saying is right then come back, so yes thank you for your support. Thank you for leading. Other countries will do their own thing as well, so that’s a great question. Thank you.
JP: So from Carol or looks like Carol, anyway death and burial: Hi Simon and JayPee, I’ve been binge listening to all your shows and I’m so grateful for all this information. Thank you for all that you do. My question is, is there a difference when we die if we are buried, embalmed, or cremated? I asked because kings and pharaohs back in the day were always mummified, so they could go to the afterlife. Is there a difference and should we be buried or cremated, or does it matter? Now I want to add, no let’s stick with that. There’s a corollary with words.
SP: Okay that’s fine. Right. Let’s talk about the pharaohs. We have to understand that by the time of the accepted history of the pharaohs the connection between the gods and their Anunnaki princes and kings had been severed, and so whilst the pharaohs oversaw still some exotic technologies, they had nothing in the way that they had once dreamt of, so a lot of the pure science had become ceremony or religion, and it got confused. What they knew was that they had the capability through the actions of the technology of the Great Pyramid to actually bi-locate, to bi-locate. Orion was a target and so was Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius[sear re us]. The vents that come up through the pyramid that Egyptologists tell you were there to bring fresh air down into the King’s Chamber or wherever, that’s just nonsense, absolute nonsense. I can’t believe the people who have spent to many years in university could think that. Oh, yes I can of course because they’ve been in university, so what we’ve got is a situation where a pharaoh believed that he had ,now that was a woman as well, that they, she had to have the body preserved so that the spirit could make that transference. That wasn’t necessary at all. The black, what I call the coffin, as in the King’s Chamber, a black granite coffin with a piece broken out of it, which actually probably was through grave robbing, and that is the position that the body was placed in absolutely telling everyone that you place the dying person into that black coffin and it’s from that position that equipment is used to bi-locate to transfer the soul to either Orion or Sirius. The pyramid did many things. That was just one of the things it could do.
Anyway it doesn’t matter whether you’re buried or cremated because at the moment that your physical body is no longer viable, the soul will leave it. If you are near death experience, if your body appears to die, but the soul goes and comes back, it’s because it was not destined to permanently die, so the physical body can temporarily shut down, but it is not destined to stop forever, and so the soul will go out and come back, and that’s an out-of-body experience. So it makes no matter because by the time you are buried or you are burnt or whatever, your soul is already gone, and you, I sort of get sort of morbid here, but you have only to look at the pictures of dead people. For those of you who have been at the passing of a loved one, you have seen the change in that face. The life goes out of it, the spark, the real them, the soul, it goes. That doesn’t die. The physical body is just finished with, but the soul goes and then it will come back at some other point and have another body, so it doesn’t matter, have no worry about that, and you don’t die. Your physical body dies, but you don’t die. Your soul is immortal. It’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent and so the next question, it was already a corollary, but something about the freeze box after this. This is from Andreas. I’ve heard you mention the freeze box thing that occurs when you enter the tunnel of light after death. I’ve also heard from people who do life in-between lives regression about going to a place that is like a soul school, where they do life reviews and study for their next incarnation. They meet with their spirit guides and council of elders. Is this the freeze box you describe? If not what is this place? Thank you for your amazing contribution to humanity, love and light, Mya.
SP: Thank you Mya, it’s very kind of you. No, it’s not what I’m referring to. The freeze box is a term used by somebody who had very good, not me, had very good recollections of this and that was their term, and I used it because it was an accurate term, because it technically froze the soul. It is a holding room where you are holding a soul illegally, let me make that clear, illegally, and you are waiting for what you consider to be the right body for it, so this is where somebody has come in, used technology and is preventing that soul from making a choice, and then puts the soul into a body of its choice. However, it’s not all doom and gloom because on the journey down other things can intervene, and there have been instances where let’s just call it soul A was due to enter a body at exactly 10:00 p.m., and one second before 10:00 p.m. another soul beat it to it, and there is a game of chess going on and has been for a long time. Now what you are referring to there is a location where people are receiving updates or information, and volunteering to do work, so let’s say, for instance, two hundred years ago you came here and you did what you needed to do, and you couldn’t just come straight back because you would be thrown completely—no motorcars—two hundred years ago, so you have to be conditioned and I mean that in a nice way, conditioned to the environment on the planet, you have to be given some assistance so that you can hit the ground running, so there are locations where spirit guides, off planet entities, higher self, whatever, will support and help those who are ready to come back and do more work, so there are two different things. Thank you.
JP: Interesting, all right, so right okay, so from Nacht Turris: Do aliens look different? I wonder if aliens look as different as humans do in terms of facial structure and body types. For instance if twenty Reptilians of the same race and gender stood next to each other would they look just as different as twenty humans of the same race and gender, and if the Mantid you refer to as mum stood in a crowd of fifteen other Mantids, could you point him out? Much love and peace from Denmark. Very good question.
SP: Well done that you know mum is a male. Great. Right, most people faced with ten Reptilians and provided they stood their ground.
JP: Yeah, I would run.
SP: Exactly, from stress would not be able to tell the difference if we are talking about soldiers, so we’re talking about the soldiers, the green greeny-brown skin creatures and would not be able to tell the difference. However, they sort of have sort of I call it armor. I don’t mean a metal armor, they have like a crocodile, they have plates or nodes certainly on their bodies and on their heads. They’re not all the same. Now the man or woman who studies dolphins, will know and give them names, will know the name of the dolphin or whale from a distance of about, I don’t know, hundred yards or something because they’ve studied them, and they will know there are very, very slight differences. If you had that expertise, you would be able to tell the different Reptilians, but to the untrained eye, they look all absolutely similar. It’s very difficult with the Mantid or Mantis because they look even more similar, because they don’t have a variation of skin color. They don’t have armored nodes. They are, the skin is very much like a sort of watermelon. They look remarkably similar. That’s within the same group, because there are different groups and different families. However some are taller than others, so the greatest giveaway is how tall something is, and with a Mantid, so would I tell the difference, yes, but not by looking. I would know the difference because of the energy intent of mum. Now if mum wears a purple robe, so if mum is the only purple, the only purple robed Mantid in the group of twenty, then, you know, none of the others could be mum, but if you had twenty purple robed Mantis, and that would be a high number, I’ve never seen as many as that. I’ve seen twelve; I haven’t seen any more than that, but then I would have to get closer. I couldn’t do that from a hundred yards back. I couldn’t do it. I could tell it from twenty feet, then I would know, but other than that, no, because they look exactly identical, so it’s a really good question. No one has asked me that before. Thank you.
JP: You know, it is really as well. You know I’ve got two, I know it takes . . . oh that’s done for chickens, but I’ve got two Scottish Grey chickens, and they look identical. I can’t tell the difference between them, you know, and they seem to behave the same, you know, anyway it is probably come to that. People are calling in. Please don’t call in. We’re not taking calls. There is a call-to-listen dump number. It’s on the website, and I’ll put it in the chat room in a second just so that people can call in and not disturb this call, so there we go. Thank you very much. Right, so next question: Ah, To the Planets: Can you, from Adam, can you comment on Saturn’s effects on our reality here and what part, if any, the moon plays? Are the Council of Nine involved, and do they govern our area of space? So yeah.
SP: Right, and we have to go back to Satanic lore and black magic, but we actually have to go back even further than that to understand that certain planets are given labels and energies. They mean things to different people. So for an astronaut a moon is a place that you can potentially land allegedly, but to somebody from the esoteric group, the moon has an incredibly interesting feminine energy, and a very strong pull on the Earth, other than just through gravity. Saturn is seen as a negative force, and it is literally the law that this is this sort of hidden groups society use, and it is part of the Satanic, part of the Illuminati group who use advanced technology, people call it magic; it’s actually science. It’s very hard to put into words on a show when we’ve only got one hour, but what is understood as magic by some is actually understood as technology by another. The ability to use your mind, the ability to manipulate energies that cannot be seen, to the uninitiated is magic, but actually isn’t. It’s just as real as anything else, so when certain planets or stars are in an interesting confluence with each other, then we can, with some reality, predict what is predicted to happen, and I said the two predictions deliberately, because if you have the right software, you can look ahead many thousands of years, and say all these planets and stars will be in this alignment so what we’re going to do is say that when they are in this alignment, this will happen and then what we’ll do is they’ll set up all the magic or science to try to bring that about, so when that key falls into place, whatever was projected to happen physically does take place, so if you look at Revelation in the Bible, it talks in a way that we are looking at in September or October of this year. It does not mean the end of the world in September–October, and I know some people don’t always hear what I say, so I’m going to say it again. It is not the end of the world in September–October. It is the coming together of some very, very important planets, which have been predicted two thousand years ago, which the evil elite will use as a sign or as the marker to activate one of their plans, so it’s a really good question. I think the questioner understands what I’m talking about. I hope everyone’s got a grasp of that, but it’s not about being fearful. It’s about manipulations. It’s how the human race has been manipulated by myth, and we need to understand that. Okay, thank you.
JP: Thanks. This question is from Shelly. Hello Simon and JayPee. I really love the show. Thank you. I was wondering if there is time, can I send good energies to my younger self to help through hard times, for example? I hope you understand that. Love from Israel and Source. Bless you, Shelly.
SP: I’m just calculating the answer, just give me a minute, because that’s incredibly difficult because you are talking about time in a third dimensional reality. No, you are the person you are now because of what you went through. If you were to alter, if you were to go back to the earlier mark of creation of that individual and you did something, that individual would take a different life course or route than the one you actually took, so the person who asked me that question now would not be the same person had you been able to go back and do things. Now you may have made a better person or you may have made a different person but you would not have learned on your journey, so no don’t do that. What you need to do is to strengthen who you are now. The 3D physical nonsense that we all have to deal with on this planet, we either run away from it, in which case we don’t learn, or we face it and we say how can I do that? How can I actually . . . how can I be strong? How can I learn from this so that I don’t do this mistake again, so you’re better off giving yourself strength now at this point because this is the moment of test, you know, these weeks, months, possibly year, but this is the time of test. We’re in it. You’re better off reinforcing who you are now, and anyone that you love around you, so it’s not helpful to do that. I know it seems to be a good thing and you think well, I had a really hard life or you know it’s really difficult, and if I was to go back in time, I’d have a different life, yeah, but you’d be a different person now. You might be working in a bank. You might be making vaccines to give to children. You could be anything, but you are what you are. You need to love who you are. You need to be proud of who you are, and you need to really go out there and just give yourself as much strength as you can. It’s a really good question. Thank you.
JP: Excellent, so here’s a question from Rainbow Weaver. Could you speak about the origin and the history of the Spear of Destiny, or as we know, condense it as much as you can.
SP: All right, okay. Longinus was the name of the Roman Centurion who carried a standard Roman spear, which was not a pilum. It was not a javelin. It was called a hasta. This is a long wooden pole about six feet long with a very heavy iron or steel point. It’s something that the cavalry troops used later on in the Roman Empire. We don’t get too much into the military of it. It’s reported that it was thrust into Jesus’ side and ever since then either pieces of the spear, the wooden shaft, or pieces of the cross, anything to do with that particular moment were cherished. Lots of fakes about of course. The spear passed down into first of all military hands and then into elite. People who could afford to buy it, so if you were, I don’t know the governor of Syria or somewhere, and a very rich merchant came along and said I’d like to buy Longinus’ spear, they would buy it, and this is what happened, and it ended up in not in the Austrian Museum, as is so incorrectly told, but it ended up in the Cathedral Church in Austria. Now when Adolph Hitler was in his formative years, I’m using the word very loosely, he would continually go to that church, not because he prayed to God, but he was absolutely besotted with the concept of the spear that was stuck into Jesus, and the spear actually was suspended from the ceiling. One of the major reasons, we call it the Anschluss, the major reasons that Germany annexed Austria was so that Hitler could, I use the word legitimately, obviously in tongue-in-cheek, legitimately seize the spear, so one of the first things when Austria was annexed by Germany, one of the first things was the SS went in and got the spear. Now it was taken to Hitler’s quarters. It remained with Hitler until the very end of the war, and it was then [reput] to a [52:28][calm] area, it was a salt mine, but it was hidden with a number of art treasures, and I think it was Patton, General Patton, who again was not just an ordinary general, who then obtain the spear. The spear contained an entity. There was a demon living in the spear. Now I’m running out of time. Basically it is very possible for a demon to inhabit an object and you’ve only got to see the film or read the book Aladdin to realize that the genie, the jinn lived in a lamp, so you can live in a lamp. It can live in a musical instrument. It can live in a candelabra and in this instance, it inhabited the Spear of Destiny. So that’s a potted history of it. Thank you. It’s a good question.
JP: Fine, thanks very much. Now probably the last question is, right, hum, I don’t know if it’s a long question or a long answer. Well it’s a long question, short answer, but I’ll summarize the question. Michael Cera talks about John Dee who entered into contact with interdimensional negative beings, who gave him technology and they explode the European splendor and all this stuff. These beings continue to provide desistance and so the question is, are these negative interdimensional beings part of the present equation, and are what we now call the Archons? This could explain the widespread practice of pedophilia and sacrifice, as child emotions are considered the delicacy. What is the origin of these Archons, and how do they fit into the ET hierarchy that we’re familiar with?
SP: Right. You’re right, long question, and impossibly long answer, and first of all, Archons are connected to artificial intelligence. Now if we accept that everything is created by source, then we have to believe that Archons were created by source, even if they sparked to life unintentionally, if there is such a thing as unintentional. That would explain why they have been given free reign, because if they were created by source, then they have every right to use free will and they choose to use it in a negative way, and it is only in recent times that the number of positive groups have come together to form groups within the council’s groups within federations or galactic groupings to specifically take on the challenge around the Earth. Earth has been designated as a firewall, and we don’t have many forest fires in Great Britain, but people in Canada and America will understand that, so I guess for the British group, I need to say to you that when a fire rages in a forest, one of the first things they’ve got to do is to clear a path many, many feet wide so that the fire doesn’t jump across and in the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Lord Mayor of London authorized the dynamiting of people’s houses to exactly do the same, so the fire couldn’t jump across from one house to another. Earth has been designated as a firewall site because if we are not successful, and we do not prevent AI from contaminating humanity here, then it has the potential to go right across the multiverse, so it isn’t just because the Galactic Federation or this group or that group really like humans, and they feel really sorry for us, and you know it’s terrible down there isn’t it. There is that but there’s a real driving force, but if they don’t make the marker here on this planet and make this the battleground, then they will all pay a very, very heavy price for it in the future, and that is why unprecedently we have had so many different benevolent groups saying we’ll get off the back of our armchair and we will actually come and help you to do something. And the Reptilians unwittingly played a part in bringing AI to this quadrant, AI Archonic infection into Reptilian computers. Now the Reptilians programmed their computers and that is why so much of the Archonic intellect is Reptilian-based, because it spent a huge amount of time living in Reptilian programmed computers. It took on almost the persona of those who programmed it, so that is why today Archonic signature is very similar to Reptilian signature, but the Reptilians are at war with the Archons. The Mantids are at war with the Archons. Any organic living creature is working or trying to work against the Archons because the Archons aren’t bothered whether you are Mantid or Reptilian or even Grey, they just want to subsume that material and I keep on saying how truth is placed out in Hollywood, the blog in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is the directors, the producers trying to warn people, you know, you’d see the great fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger and being a baddie and then being a goodie, and you know we’ve talked about Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, and we have this trans-human agenda, how being human is actually very weak. Now let’s replace you with these electronic parts and then you’ve got Star Trek: The Next Generation, where they’re actually showing biological entities are transformed into robots with a hive mind, because that’s what they want. They want humans on earth transferred into the hive mind, and then they all become Archonic AI, so our enemy isn’t the Reptilians; it isn’t the Greys; our enemy is the Archonic energies that are attempting to take out all of biological life. So when we see drones, when we’ve got all these big, big organizations showing us drones or robots that can do this or they can do that, sadly it’s not just about, “Isn’t technology great? It’s going to make your life easier.” It’s trying to get humans to give up being human, you know, I know we’re running out of time, but I must finish this. It’s important, so if we, I wouldn’t say to do it, but if you took away everyone’s cell phone and everybody’s mobile phone, and say right you’re not having a cell phone, a mobile phone anymore. We’re going to make you go back to the 1970s. The number of people who would develop telepathic capabilities would skyrocket. It’s because we have cell phones, mobile phones, we don’t need to try to use telepathy because we’ve got our cell phone. You know I’m as guilty as everyone else, I have a satmap in my car. I gave up looking at the map, you know, but when I first started to drive there were no satmaps, and I used to look at my map and where am I going, I’m going to do this and okay if that road is blocked up I’ll go that way. I was, you know, dependent upon myself, but on the satmap I’m now dependent on a machine, so hey if the satmap was turned off, if the internet was turned off, if the cell phones were turned off, people who have built their whole life around the technology, I mean younger people who don’t remember a life without this technology, it’s going to hit them very hard, and that’s another reason I set up Connecting Consciousness and wanted groups of people to support each other, so it’s a really good question. I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to go now, and I’ve loved this hour. It doesn’t mean I’ll go back to doing hours, but I’ll be ready for two hours next session.
JP: Well, Simon I hope I speak on behalf of everybody to wish you the best. I hope your situation seals up, heals up, you know, as I said I’ve been witnessing my own hand healing up amazingly from this horrible trauma, so we have amazing ability to heal as humans and so thank you very much. This has been Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes.
SP: God bless, thank you.
[transcribed on: 7/6/17, by GSC]
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