4 June 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Simon’s update on 6-4-2017 focuses on four topics:
– terrorist attacks,
– three guardians,
– chemtrails,
– and CERN.
In discussing the increase of terrorist attacks Simon suggests we should zero in on who is behind them, who is organizing them, and who is paying for them, and puts forth the possibility that Europeans or non-Muslims are behind them. He points out that the chain necklace Theresa May wore when she gave her speech could symbolically be signaling she would cooperate with enslaving humanity. The chemtrail blankets covering Earth and preventing the sun from reaching us is another part of the enslavement agenda, as the more intense light that the sun is now giving off is necessary to raise the vibration of the planet and everything on it and is our path to freedom. He says a small group of elites—the guardians—above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were tasked with maintaining the status quo on this planet, but they have left, except for three, who are strongly linked to magical powerful satanic cults, and they have been given carte blanche to do what they want. This is also related to CERN opening another portal to the fourth dimension. Apparently these elites have stretched the timeline, which will give them time to build another Hadron Collider three times larger than CERN and seven times more powerful, and in describing it, they are using terms such as “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Tower of Babel.”
There were various questions about non-human beings, from hybrids and their short lifespans, to fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions beings and their agendas here on Earth. The tall whites were identified as being true extraterrestrial beings who travel here in spaceships and have their home away from home at Area 51. The sexuality of Reptilians was queried, whether or not they are hermaphroditic, and also why the transgender program appears to be so popular among the elite here on Earth. An interesting question concerning the Demiurge was posed as to whether the good angels were just the other side of the coin of the bad angels, and were these entities both serving the same system. Simon acknowledged this was basically accurate and advised everyone to use discernment and trust one’s own judgment when communicating with these entities, and by all means, walk away, if you felt it wasn’t a kosher arrangement. The last question was about whether Reptilians and Mantids have music and art. We are told the Reptilians would use music as a tool to move solid objects, think Battle of Jericho, while the Mantids and most human groups use music as an expression of creation and individualism. Music is seen off planet as an educational tool and a meditation device, and Simon says we should celebrate being human and cherish our ability to be creative.

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JayPee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes’ Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu link at the top of the page at www.wolfspiritradio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now, on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon and play an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh yes indeed you are listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. It is the fourth of June, 2017, 7:00 p.m. British time, and here is your host, Simon Parkes. Hello Simon.
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee. Hello to everybody, lovely sunny day here today.
J.P.: Lucky you, it’s a little bit damp.
S.P.: Well you are in Scotland.
J.P.: Yeah, well it’s always raining here. So how has your week been? Are you feeling better? We always want to know how you are feeling.
S.P.: Well that’s kind of you to ask. The cold is nearly all gone. I think it was two weeks ago wasn’t it, where I did my radio show and it was debatable whether I was going to do the one hour or the two hour, but I decided that I would stick it out, and do the two hours and had been taking breaks every so often to cough and splatter, so that’s just a cold, a virus and it has run its course. Yeah, I went to the hospital for the tummy problem and had a. . . what they wanted to do is put a camera down my throat, and I couldn’t really keep still so that wasn’t very successful, so they said I’m going to have an x-ray instead. To which point I thought, well why in goodness name didn’t you offer me the x-ray to start with, but the medicine they have given me has made a great improvement so that’s really good news. So I’m a lot better than when I was last on the show two weeks ago.
J.P.: Oh, that’s good. You sound a lot stronger. And so you are able to travel around and do gigs and stuff again?
S.P.: Yes, although I don’t know when I’ll do it but then the answer is yes, absolutely, and no problem. Right I want to obviously crack on. We will know what the major topic is going to be unless anybody has been like Rumpelstiltskin or whoever it was who hibernated for a hundred years. Right, it’s funny I see one person said to me maybe this attack was a real terrorist attack because it was low, so low tech. All the attacks are terrorist attacks, but I know what this person meant. They meant like who was behind it. You know, I have posts on my website and some rather interesting information which rather suggests that, as I said on the website, it’s not just a rag-tag bunch of fundamentalists who want to cause as much trouble as possible. I’m sure those are the people who actually carry out the attacks, but my interest actually is who is behind them, who is organizing them, who is funding them, so first of all on a wider point, I have been hammering home on my website as much as I can because I know that the security services monitor, you know, my website, as indeed they do many other peoples, and I have been saying that there had to be a complete change in the way that these intelligence services attempt to monitor these sort of attacks up until sort of the backend of last year what they would do is GCHQ, the eavesdropping spy system in Great Britain, would pick up texts, emails, Skypes, Twitters, Facebook, anything, and that’s how these guys were communicating with each other, and then suddenly the backend of last year, there was no evidence at all. There has been no emails, no Skypes, nothing. These attacks are being orchestrated in the same way attacks were organized before the advent of the Internet and before mobile phones, before cell phones. And so what I have been saying on my website is what security services need to do is to get back to the old fashioned form of policing, and that money is needed to be moved from satellites and hacking into digital networks, all the rest of it and, you know, boots on the ground. You know, you need men and women to infiltrate organizations and to do the jobs that we expect them to do. And interestingly enough Theresa May actually said that in her own words today on the speech on the doorstep of No. 10, where she said that things had not worked out, things had to be different, and I’m hopeful that that message has got across.
All right now why do I not think that this attack that took place recently in Borough and London Bridge in South London is just the work of a few alt crazy evil people. The fact is that they are all that, but they are orchestrated by something else, and the reason for that is that the attacks took place at 2200 hours British time and seven people were killed. Now oddly enough the terrible attack in Manchester, we are told that the suicide bomber was twenty-two years old. What also worked out is that the attack took place on the third of June. So June is the sixth month, so the third of the sixth month, three sixes are 666, so we can immediately discern that this is a satanic special number, a satanic date attack. Now it is doubtful to me that a bunch of radical news who believe in Allah would work on such a premise. They just wouldn’t do it, so it tells me that there are Europeans or at least non-Muslim people behind them, so that’s the first thing I wanted people to take note of. The second thing I wanted to take note of is at the speech that the British Prime Minister Theresa May gave on the doorstep of No. 10, where she basically said enough is enough, and who is she saying enough is enough to? If you said to a bunch of terrorists enough is enough that actually wouldn’t have any effect at all, but if it is an elite organization, maybe what you are saying is, you know, you have made your point. I hear your message. I will do what you want. Enough is enough. That’s how I’m taking it. Also if you look at what she is wearing around her neck, she had a black and white necklace that looked just like a chain, and I made the comment that that reminded me in the tarot cards set of the Devil card, where the Devil stands between Adam and Eve and Adam and Eve wear a collar, a chain around their neck, but they could easily take them off. And I rather think that when Theresa May was talking about how she was going to crack down on the Internet, it isn’t just going to be what we call radical sites. I think there is a real potential here for the elite to begin to curtail any Internet chatter that challenges the establishment. And I think that the chain around her neck is a symbol of attempting to put humanity into chains. Now that’s not, people who listen to me know that I’m not a scaremonger. I’m not a fear monger, because that’s not positive, but we do need to be alerted and warned and I think that from other information that I have received, that there is a real drive to use these attacks as an excuse to start dismantling anti-establishment chatter on the web. Now if that’s about how to make a bomb, I’ve got no problem with that. Take down every site that says how to make a bomb, but if it’s say this radio show or any other radio show that seeks to bring the truth out, then we have a real problem, so that’s something that we need to be, to be worked on. All right I’m sure more information will come from that but that’s all I want to say so far on that. We’ve got a lot to get through tonight.
Chemtrails: It’s almost worth doing a four or five update on the chemtrails. People are sending me their pictures. Thank you very much. Keep them coming. Why it’s so important, and the main reason why Donald Trump has pulled out of the supposed Climate Change Group, and people who may have not caught the mainstream news. Donald Trump has removed the United States from signing the protocol, which is about carbon emissions, and in fact Donald Trump has called global warming a load of nonsense. He is actually right in the sense that global warming is not the heating of the atmosphere through carbon dioxide and gases. It’s because the sun, our star, is increasing it’s vibrational rate in terms of the light that it bathes all the planets in the solar system in, and that’s why all the planets in the solar system are heating up. It’s got nothing to do with gases. It has to do with what we call the shift or the event in order to raise the vibration of the planet and the human race, it is the star. Each solar system should have a star, in fact it should have a binary, two-stars, but that raising of the vibration is due to the sun.
So the best way for the elite to prevent humanity evolving, is to start spraying a different type of material into the atmosphere, which they hope will reflect this higher bandwidth of light. The human eye, as wonderful as it is, only sees a very small proportion of light. We call it visible light, things like gamma rays and x-rays, and they are light but our eyes don’t see them, but nevertheless they come under the banner of light. So we are now talking about some rays that the sun is omitting that we cannot see, but are effecting are physical bodies and every living thing, including the planet itself. Now if the elite can spray this stuff into the sky, which they are doing, they can’t stop it but they can slow down the development, and that’s what all these chemtrails are about at the moment. That’s why so many people in so many countries are reporting them, and so many people who have never seen a chemtrail in their part of the world are suddenly seeing them, because what the elite are trying to do is assure there is a blanket around the earth. They don’t want holes where the energy can come through easily. So the whole point about this from the elite perspective is to reflect back the higher vibrational energy from the sun to slow up human development on the planet, so that is very important and it is one of the key battles that is being fought. So that’s done and that’s why Trump is saying he is not going to be involved in the climate change because it’s all a load of nonsense, which it is. It just uses an excuse to get the public behind the idea of global warming. They don’t want the public to understand that the true sense of global warming is their salvation. It is their freedom, and they want to just say it’s a chemical thing. It’s a pollution thing. All right let’s go on.
There is a very small group of elite people, I mean really small, who are above the Rothschilds. I know that’s going to seem quite odd to a number of people but there are a very small group of people who are even higher than the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. They are sometimes being called a parent. It’s a term that we don’t hear very often. Maybe only just one or two people have used it. I myself haven’t had the term, but I have a different name for them. The name that I have for them is guardians, and but when we look at the facts and the information we know about them, they are one and the same. And these are individuals who have an incredibly long lifespan, compared to humans, and were tasked with maintaining the status quo on the planet and have literally left the planet, not all of them, but many of them have chosen to self terminate, as I say. Suicide is another word, because they feel that they are now in a position to escape the trap of the energy web around the planet, so these are creatures, I won’t call them anything else other than creatures, who are leaving or wish to leave simply because they know that the time is up; the game is over with. However, there are three left that I’m aware of, and these creatures are connected very much to magical satanic culture and there are covens, which are feminine dominated in their operation but masculine over controlled, and each of the guardians or parents is the head of a section or quadrant of land or individuals, which contains a coven. So it’s very satanic and it works very, very strongly. The word Pindar comes in quite a lot, and the word Pindar is a title just as Anu, the name Anu, is actually a title. And just as King Arthur. . . Arthur was a symbol of grand [14:45][krobs and a knight], and so we have some very big divisions taking place at the top rank of the satanic field. What we are looking at is the middle ranking organization beginning to try to run itself and to make it’s own decisions because the very top echelons have imploded, and that’s good and it’s bad. It’s good because then the control system is faltering. It’s bad in a way because these individuals left to run amok. . . some are creating more problems and a lot of the terrorist attacks that we are seeing at the moment are related to the fact that a number of middle ranking or upper middle ranking satanic controllers have been given carte blanche to do what they want. So why at the moment have there been no attacks on America is because President Trump is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is a billionaire and cannot be blackmailed or swayed, and the British Prime Minister is an established politician of an established party and pressure can be brought to bear on established politicians. But somebody here who is independent cannot be manipulated like that. That’s why we are not seeing attacks in America. That’s why we see them here in Britain. Now does that mean that America free of attacks? No it doesn’t. There are going to be some attacks, but at the moment the pressure is on those established politicians who can either be blackmailed or controlled. All right we will move on.
I want to talk about CERN. The elite believe, this is the three remaining, you know, parents or guardians that they have stretched the timeline enough. The last radio show I think, although I wasn’t very well, I tried to get the point across that time is like a piece of elastic. If you take a measuring stick, calibrate it from one to twelve, and move that foot twelve inches, thirty centimeters, and you put this piece of rubber and you mark off the increments and then you stretch it to twice the length of the twelve inch ruler, you have the same matter, the same mass, the same material, but it has been stretched thinner. So your journey down this piece of plastic or rubber is longer but there comes a limit. You can’t stretch beyond that, but what the elite feel they have done is they have stretched it enough to buy them more time, and the Bilderberger Group, the chief executive of CERN was invited, and he has been tasked with building a new collider, a new Hadron Collider, a circular collier in Switzerland, which will be three times the size of the original CERN and up to seven times the amount of power. At that meeting I understand terms such “stairway to heaven”—I’ll say that again—“stairway to heaven” were used, also references to the Biblical, the Tower of Babel, so it would appear that the elite think that they have a chance by stretching time to build another collider, which would take a long time, so they really think they have stretched time quite successfully, which will open another portal into the fourth dimension. So Connecting Consciousness a while back now prevented the CERN Hadron Collider from doing exactly that. We prevented as people all over the world who remember the Connecting Consciousness, and those who weren’t, who joined in that group meditation, prevented CERN from effectively opening a portal to the fourth dimension. What these guys are trying to do is have another crack at it, but CERN itself isn’t capable of doing that. Those people who keep writing to me about CERN, forget it. Forget it, and if you won’t believe me, believe what the elite are telling you. The elite are saying we need to build another Hadron Collider seven times more powerful than the first one, because they know what I know, what I’ve been saying is that CERN is incapable of doing anything now because Connecting Consciousness prevented that device from working. So they are going to try and build a new one and I believe now that it has just coming into the establishment news, so you might be able to find something on that, and no doubt Connecting Consciousness will have to step up to the plate when the time is right and deal with that as well. So that is why the head of CERN was invited to the Bilderberger Group because they wish to open a portal. That’s why these parents or guardians are desperate because when you open a portal into the fourth dimension, not only do you receive resources, reinforcements, but you can get the heck out of there. So those who wanted to leave, can’t go. That’s why we took the CERN down. People can’t escape judgment. They have to face judgment here. I think that will probably do for now. So difficult times, but by no means are we scared or frightened, but we need to be aware that manipulation is still taking place. And I know lots of our listeners don’t listen to the established news, but sometimes it’s worth just listening, as a friend of mine said, just to see what they are peddling and what they are pushing. So that’ll do JayPee. That’s the situation at the moment, so thank you.
J.P.: Well, we’ve actually, we’re, it’s a bit choppy seas today. I have to say I would have loved to have been listening to what you were saying just now, but I have been focusing on trying to make everybody. . . nobody in the chat room can get any sound and I’ve got five servers running, and they are all, a number of them, and then people are calling into the studio number and that’s even more disturbing. So what you. . .
S.P.: Well, JayPee, what’s causing that? Is that just. . . what’s causing that?
J.P.: Right, okay, well it’s several layers of this, and a few weeks ago it started, is that there seems to be some sort of, ah how can I put this, it’s like a façade that goes up. It’s a copy of what is on the page. It’s called a cache and somewhere in the world Wolf Spirit Radio’s page is being cached, and then the information behind it, I have the correct radio servers is not available to the people. Does that make sense?
SP: Yes.
J.P.: So it’s like somebody is in the way of Wolf Spirit and anytime I make a change to the station page, it doesn’t get changed, and people can’t see it, so you know I’m working away trying to get things going and nothing works because it’s behind this wall.
SP: So is it worth carrying on tonight then?
J.P.: Oh, absolutely, there are several pages that are working. Several other radio sites that are working, and you can hear this on obviously if you are already listening, but people can tune in to everbeyondradio.com. You can also go to Wolf Spirit Studio B. The link is in the top of the page of Wolf Spirit Radio Chat line. So look, let’s move on. The YouTube will be posted. I’ve got the recordings running. Your sound is absolutely wall to wall crystal clear so let’s just take an advantage, and if anybody can’t hear it well see. . . if you can hear it, help somebody else in the chat room, you know, let’s get on with it. I can work with Simon here.
S.P.: They can join YouTube can’t they if they can’t hear it?
J.P.: Yeah it will be on YouTube within hours. I’ve got it set up so let us begin shall we. Let me refresh this page and this will give me a fresher, fresher. I’m going to go back to the beginning of the day and ask the first question and so forth. So, okay so here’s the one that came in. Sabarini. Question: two questions. I know that my grandfather has been raped by a priest when he was a boy and by my research I find that he cursed the next generation. I have sadly done a ritual of commitment of Enki found on the evil website loveenki.com, and I fear cursing myself and my family. Do you know something about this website and can I escape from all this? Thanks for all. . .
S.P.: Right. Well I don’t know that website so if anybody puts up something like that, then I really would question, you know, what on earth they are playing at, and even when people who research, professional researchers need to be very, very careful when you research anything to do with the two brothers because they have a history of command and control on this planet and indeed other places, and if you get drawn to websites and you follow anything on there, then you can inadvertently sign a contract that links your soul to something else. Is it possible to break it? Yes it is. If you willingly enter into a contract it is incredibly difficult but not impossible to break it. If you are tricked or duped or you don’t understand something then very easy to get out of it because if someone has used a duplicitous method to entrap you, then it’s not binding in the first instance. But if you fully understand what you are entering into and you sign up for that, that is very difficult to break out of, so no I don’t know about the site, and unless I knew the site and I knew what that individual had done, and what they signed up for, only by having the full picture would I be in a position to go any further than that, so I would just use the question as a warning to everybody to steer clear of anything like that. Do not get involved in that because even if you are desperate and you are really worried, if you do something like that, then it is likely that these organizations are preying upon your vulnerability, they are preying upon your desperateness, and will you please, please, please don’t get involved with something like that, so thank you for alerting me to that but no I have no knowledge of that particular site.
J.P.: Okay, so here’s the other one. Dear, well this is different from the other one. Okay, the other question of the four hundred questions that are up there, so here, you said before that. . . this is from Spirit Doctors. You said before that human hybrids don’t last long, but who are they, part humans made from our genetic material who are flying spacecraft? I had a beautiful interaction with a female who was my genetic daughter but was off planet. She told me she flies the ships and her intelligence is much greater than normal humans. So how and where was she co-created? Did she begin her existence within my body then extracted in a harvest? I really don’t understand this. How was I selected or was it just random? However, I have seen past lives where it seems I was used for breeding also. I’m just trying to fit everything together and thank you Simon for the work you do to educate us.
S.P.: Thank you very much for that, because it’s emotional to you, it’s a very emotionally charged question, questions. There are several questions in there. I’m going to try and answer them as best I can. The. . . you are quite right; I have said in the past that certainly human hybrids don’t last very long. It’s very sad but they equivalently, the equivalent of go insane, but there are many sorts of hybrids, and the hybrids that I’m referring to are those that don’t look particularly human. Are you still there JayPee?
J.P.: Yep.
S.P.: Yeah, I’m just getting a lot of interference at the moment. The sort of hybrids that I’m referring to, the ones that don’t look particularly human, they have these sort of bulging heads and the hair is falling out. They have no eyebrows. They don’t have any eyelashes. Their mouths are very small. Their ears are very, very tiny. This particular group, which I think were prevalent between sort of about 1850 and 1950s, 1960s. They were at that time the leading range of basic hybridized groups. What the question is referring to is something that is far more advanced and that either is in a cloned body or is in a real biological body, but is not designed to live on the Earth and this is the key. If you are attempting genetically to mix alien or off planet material with on planet material, it has to work on the Earth with a certain type of atmosphere and a certain type of gravity, and it has to be accepted by the Earth and that’s what most people don’t get, that the Earth is a living creature. She is a living creature and any creature or plant or insect or anything that is not wrought from this Earth, is not part of this Earth, has the potential to be rejected by the Earth. That’s why the Reptilians are rejected by the Earth because they are not at all from the Earth. So if you create a hybridized form, let’s say ten percent human and ninety percent alien, they won’t survive here because it is not their frequency. It’s not the way they are. Now a lot of the earlier experiments were too heavily alienized so they didn’t have that type of anchor to the Earth. Now if you are traveling in zero point, you are in the space all the time and you only come to the Earth on occasions, then you don’t have to worry about that so that I hope answers that question.
You are asking about, you know, no it’s not random. It’s all about bloodlines. It’s about genetics; it’s about psychic capability; it’s about the soul in your body. If you had ten thousand lifetimes as a Mantid or ten thousand lifetimes as a Nordic, well you know you are going to be interacted by members of your family, and it is possible with or without your permission that you could be used for what you call a breeding program. That’s a very harsh term, but it is the term that you have used, and so you could be, you know, used to either nurture life, bring forth life or as a surrogate mother, and depending on the process, generally speaking a human or human-type female becomes pregnant, the baby is taken out of the womb, things are done on it and put back in again. Then that child can then be born naturally but the work has already been done, or the mother becomes pregnant and then the child is taken fullstop, and often the mother and the hospital are wondering, well where did that baby go to. All of these, unless the mother really understands, are quite traumatic, and even if you do understand it must be quite traumatic. I’m not a female; I have never given birth, not in this body anyway, and I have no concept of what that must be like, but this goes on and no wonder the establishment don’t want to discuss it, because many of them are complicit with it. It’s part of the deal they have with a number of off planet entities, particularly the Reptilians and the Greys. So, you know, it’s a really big topic. You brought up a subject that I could spend an hour taking questions on and discussing with you, but I’m just going to have to leave it there and say if you did want to take it further with me then you know yours is exactly the sort of interesting case that you could email me and then we could have a chat and I could sort of offer some support and help for you. So, yes, Simonparkes3@BTOpenWorld.com, so you know you are not on your own. There are literally thousands, hundreds of thousands of women across the planet who have that experience. So thank you for writing in.
J.P.: Thanks Simon. So, right, so here we go. We are getting really, really getting deep into UFO, UFO. The next question: this is head of Satanic “Church.” Hi Simon, you mentioned that the head of the Satanic Church was essentially decapitated. Was this a fourth dimensional being that left the planet so that the being that you said usually appeared during satanic rituals no longer appears, or was it a human being who left the body, and is it a coincidence that David Rockefeller died shortly before that? Much love, Emma.
S.P.: Right, it is not the same entity appearing in different countries. It’s not the same entity who will appear in the different lodges or covens or magical places or rituals. There are a series of them that will appear, but there is only one, or its standing, who will appear at each year there is one or two meetings a year, which are not in the eyes of the press. I mean the Bilderberger meeting, the press knows about it; the public knows about it, you know, where are they going to hold it? They can demonstrate. Well if you were a satanic entity, you would not allow any members of your cabinet to let anybody know where you are meeting. It would be absolutely top secret so then those meetings like the Bilderberger meetings. . . they are not appearing there. They are appearing at meetings where the public and the press don’t even know about it officially. We have say three or four of these entities that travel around the planet, and will take part in meetings. In terms of the head, yes the head is gone, and so what you have got is not so much infighting that is taking place but factions or cabals, and I don’t mean the cabal that we all understand. I’m talking about cabals within cabals so that you might have one particular group saying well we are going to change direction and we are going to do this, which might be diametrically opposed to the group in the United States, which might be diametrically opposed to the group in Europe. Before that all of these groups will work into one instruction. That’s gone now. All of these groups are looking out for themselves and they will do dirty deals against their own groups, within themselves, you know, it’s made it far more complicated. However, on the policy side it means it’s very difficult now for them to get money; that’s what it is all about I’m afraid. And remember money can also be energy and to use that from a global perspective, and in the battle days you could charge your batteries up after lots of people had worshipped and got down on their knees and, you know, I’m a sinner, please forgive me, and they gave their sovereignty. . . we call it louche and then you, as a bad guy, you have that energy and you could go do with it what you want, but now it’s not going to a central place. It’s being divvied up among these groups, and so they have actually got more commitments than they’ve got energy to play with. And that’s what we are seeing. They’ve got ten items say that need to be dealt with, but they have only got the energy for four or five of them, and this is what is causing a panic; this is what is causing them to fragment because they used to be able to maintain the status quo just about, or be able to respond quickly to a situation. Well they can’t do that now so that’s what these terror attacks are about, because it’s the only way that nasty horrible people can hit out, that they don’t understand anything else, so they will try and cause panic and dissent and anger because they hope that that produces energy. What they want is people to start fighting other people because that is a fuel they can use. Now that’s not happening. Think about the attack in Manchester where Asian, Muslim taxi drivers were giving free lifts to non-Muslims to get them the heck out of there. So the way Manchester responded was not in a typical way. Everybody tried to help everybody else. That didn’t produce any louche; it didn’t produce any energy over and above the initial explosion and the pain and suffering that occurred. That obviously fed some evil people. The fallout further from that never occurred, and that’s what we want. We want the spirit of humanity to outshine the low-level low life negative Satan people. And I’m, you know, very positive about the future but we just need to understand that there are still a group of people in power who are not only are they mad, but they have become dangerously mad. So thank you for the question.
J.P.: Fabulous, dangerously mad. Oh, here’s a nice light subject for the future. Fariex from Mariam. Dear Simon thanks for everything you do for humanity. Can you tell us the state of the Fariex, how we can get it and whether there will be an app for PCs or indeed android?
S.P.: Right. The status is that we have hit a brick wall because we are not yet getting the support that we need. We really didn’t want, that’s Win and myself, we really didn’t want to approach a commercial backer, a corporation, and say we need to get this off the ground, and the commercial organization will say yeah absolutely we will give you whatever you need, because then what would happen is we would be in a situation where somebody else with no commitment to the human race would have a very large say in a project that was designed for the people. So we are looking at an alternative strategy, and I’m not going to say at the moment what that is, but we are looking at an alternative strategy to raise finances. It is for me totally astounding that the twenty football clubs in Great Britain, the twenty top British football clubs in Great Britain last year banked 3.6 billion pounds. I’m going to say that again because it’s staggering. So the twenty top British football clubs banked 3.6 billion pounds. So plenty of people want to go and watch football. Plenty of people want to watch it on their television, you know, organizations like Skype will charge a lot of money, and I just stopped my Skype subscription because it is just getting ridiculous, but of course what happens is that they pay football clubs huge amounts of money and they get their money off people who do it, so there is all this money knocking about and here’s Win and I trying to get a product out there that will basically set people free for goodness sake. That’s what it will do, and it will help tremendously, but we can’t seem to get through the barrier. It seems that people want the product; they want it now, and let’s have it, but they are not willing to pay to support or help us. Now I’m not cross about that because I understand that it’s about control. It’s about conditioning. I don’t mean mind control. I’m talking about just the size of control, and we could just throw the towel in and just go to a venture capitalist and say we need the money and, you know, but within a year of doing that we would find that we would probably be taken over, and it would just end up as another corporate control system.
And so we have another plan, which we had a meeting this weekend, and we came up with a solution, which we think will do very well, but means that we will raise the finance independently and be able to do it. The whole point about it, it works on your mobile phone. This is chosen because the mobile phone and humans are inseparable. I don’t mean that from a bad point of view. I mean it from a good point of view. You know you go out in the morning with two things, your keys, either for the car or for the house or the apartment and your mobile phone. You probably need your wallet but hey you can even pay for things on your mobile phone can’t you, so mobile phone is the important thing, and so the app will be for the mobile phone. Will it be for your PC? No, because it’s going to work by phone mask technology, not by Wi-Fi. We don’t want this to work by Wi-Fi. We don’t like Wi-Fi. This will work by phone mask technology; it means it will work with android phones, iPhones; you know what it will even work with analog phones. We have done that deliberately because very, very poor people in India and Pakistan, Africa, some of the South American countries, and there are many others as well, don’t have digital phones. Believe it or not they have analog phones, so we wanted this product to be for everybody, whether you had the latest iPhone or a phone that was ten years old, and that’s what it will do, and it will work really well, so the project is very much alive, but we are having to do a very sneaky dance to try to be sure that we keep this project independent from certain individuals, or corporates, who once they really get to grips with it will realize from their perspective, it will make them absolutely millions. We don’t want people investing in this project because it will make them millions. We want people investing in this project because it will make millions for the people of the planet, and it will set the planet free. You know, I will give an example. Win gave an example when he did an interview. We’ve got a joint interview with Linda Moulton Howe coming up in the next week or so, and that’s going to be exciting. Because of the control system on this planet, if you run around with placards saying Save the Whale, Save the Rain Forest, it doesn’t do any good. But if you said, okay, how much is an acre of rain forest? How much does a whale cost? And they, you know, everything on this planet sadly has got a price on it. That’s what they do. So let’s just say [44:13][for argument’s sake] here that a hundred square miles of rain forest was a billion pounds. Let’s just say that. This project that Win and I are working on has the potential over time to be able to say to a government in South America, Brazil, we want to buy a hundred miles of rain forest. We want to buy it on behalf of the human race, and we will pay you the going rate for it. So they understand that because oh that is real estate and that they have bought it. What are you going to do with it, chop it down? No, we are not going to chop it down. We are just going to leave it. Or how much does a whale cost? How much would it cost to put a hundred-mile sanctuary out in that bit of ocean? Okay we might need to mark the whale so it doesn’t get harpooned and killed.
J.P.: How much would a whaling fleet cost?
S.P.: We ask and we turn it into a sightseeing fleet.
J.P.: Absolutely.
S.P.: So that’s what we want. But we won’t get that if Mr. Rockefeller comes along and says I like the sound of your project, boys, here’s all the money you want, but by the way I want to be a shareholder in your company. You see that’s how companies get taken over because the big boys come in with all their tainted money, and they just get on the board and before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” then you’ve got a payout and you’re out off the board, so that’s the situation. We are just looking at the different routes, so thank you for asking that. Thank you.
J.P.: So there’s a supplementary question come in. Is there a PayPal or Crowd Something site that the people who are listening to this show, I mean if you had five pounds from everybody who listened to the YouTube come in through a PayPal site, you’d have enough for a year to go wouldn’t you?
S.P.: Yes, absolutely and we are going to do that. The point about the crowd sourcing is that it is over something like a six-week period. You have six weeks to raise the money and in most cases if you don’t raise the money you say you are going to raise you have to give it all back. There are a couple sites where you keep it. The other thing is that nearly all of the crowd sourcing sites don’t let you give shares to your crowd sourcers. There is only one site, which is the one we are looking at, which is in Finland, which is what we wanted to do is when somebody gave us a donation, we gave them a share in the company. You see this is revolutionary. This is absolutely unique. What normally happens is you crowd source and you get a T-shirt or you get a piece of paper or if it is an object you say well, you know, you gave us money through crowd sourcing so instead of a hundred bucks it will only cost you seventy, so you get a discount. That’s the normal way they understand it. What we want to do is give people a say in the company, so that’s been a problem. However, we will fairly shortly now have a Crowd Sourcing site, which we will go and advertise as widely as we can. It’s really important because if we don’t hit the figure we say we are going to hit, we give the money back. I don’t have a problem giving money back, but it means the project won’t go ahead, so we are waiting to see. There are a couple of ethical funders who we will approach for what is actually a relatively small amount of money. It wouldn’t give a share by any means but would give us a little bit of leeway, but when we are ready to roll this out to the public, then, you know, be assured that we will do as much advertising as we can. It is in our interest to do so, and on the back of that, basically I think that Thursday or Friday the Financial Times, I beg your pardon, the Times newspaper, it’s just a paper, the Financial Times, but in the Times newspaper in Britain on the front page at the very top, it is talking about the housing crash, the very big housing crash that I warned about last July and said was coming this year. Well here we have the premier established newspaper in Great Britain basically saying what I said a year ago or eleven months ago, that there is a housing crash coming. So we need this product Fariex; we need it, because it doesn’t matter whether you are on benefits or whether you are a small business, whether you are relatively okay. You are going to need this product because it will allow you to maintain your level of trade at some form of subsistence, because if the banks do go down and it’s looking increasingly likely in October, this is a method to save all of us for a short period of time, so, you know, we are hopeful. We are just having a little bit of trouble with it so, but thank you for the question.
J.P.: Yeah, well maybe I should bring you in, if you have got time for you and Win to have a chat on one afternoon on Ever Beyond and we can. . . I can throw some questions at you about like an idiot user like myself.
S.P.: Absolutely, I mean what Win is devising is what we call White Papers, frequently asked questions, but I guess the questions from you would be more pertinent, so that’s probably a really good idea. So yeah, of course we would.
J.P.: Yeah, because that. . . you know I basically I’m quite the pioneer in alternative currency to, you know, to blow my own trumpet, so I’m a flag up in members of many LETS systems, and written LETS systems software and stuff like that so. . .
S.P.: Oh, well we know that’s why you’re involved in it, but the point at this stage, it is raising the money up. Now I think when we get to a point where we have a fairly clear idea in terms of crowd sourcing, then anybody who we have taken into our confidence which includes you, we have like around ten [50:16][?unintelligible], and we would then sit around and say these are the options we’ve got. What do you think? Now also separately what ideas have you got, so what we are doing, Win and I, is gaging the level of support and looking where the blockages are, and when we’ve got a better idea which will probably be in the next two weeks, and probably for the next radio show actually. We will probably be chatting with you and some of the other people JayPee.
J.P.: Yes, good, good, good. Okay, now from a previous listener. Pseudo Sir Baris. Topic: gender and Reptilians. Dear Simon. This is a relatively long question, and ends in thank you and blessings, okay. So the question, is androgyny or the ability to harmonize both genders physically or energetically important to Reptilians? Are any Reptilians hermaphroditic in nature and is the female aspect the greater power, the mouth that gives life and the mouth that takes life, mother, protector, maintainer and destroyer. This is about female energy. I see female energy as central and male energy is the vector for this principle energy. My instincts are telling me that not all Reptilians that appear male are. I believe that in Reptilians, like in many reptiles, birds of prey, and sauropod dinosaurs, it is the female that is loving. Spiritually speaking female energy is fantastic operating as a central control, not simply to expand but to maintain and equalize, something the Reptilians excel at. Our being with female core energy but male external energy can operate at their own hub from energy through vector opposed to a true male, which is ultimately sacrificial. Thank you and bless you. So the question is. . .
S.P.: Huhhhhh.
J.P.: Yeah, did you get all that?
S.P.: Right.
J.P.: Are any Reptilians hermaphroditic, you know, what’s the male/female relationship and expression in the Reptilian world?
S.P.: Right, the Reptilians that have a long history on this planet are separately male and female. There are Reptilians that have no gender at all, but the ones that we deal with, Enlil and Enki and Anu, the title, and others are male and female. We know this to be true simply because our own culture that has been heavily influenced by Reptilians shows that. So for instance in the Catholic Church there was only ever one female pope, Pope or Popess (Johannes Anglicus), who was eventually got rid of, and that’s why until very recently a female woman couldn’t enter into the church. You know she could only go in as a parishioner. She could not go in as a priest or a vicar. So here we have a very strong indication that a patriarchal energy was considered more important than the matriarchal energy. We need to be a bit more clear here. In Darwinism, the female is generally bigger in many species than the male because it has to carry the eggs. It has to nurture the young. But that’s not the case in many mammals. The male gorilla is bigger than the female gorilla. The human male is generally bigger than the human female. Anything that has a link with the creativity of a Reptilian history will be patriarchal. That’s not to say that other alien species of Reptilians are all male/female. Remember the culture with the Reptilian group that the Draconius who ruled and still rule are in a fashion the Reptilian command and control on this planet. You know, your offspring if brought forth from sex with a sister or a half sister, any child that came from that union, was going to be the next king or queen, and that is exactly the same in the Babylon times, the Sumerian times, and the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. So if a Pharaoh could get a half sister pregnant then basically that child would become the next Pharaoh. So we know through absolute evidence that the Reptilian group that dominated this planet for a very long time was very strongly patriarchal. However the old joke about the power behind the throne, the patriarchal energy is the figurehead, and then when the curtain is pulled the feminine energy then starts to get to work and can shape policy and change laws. That’s how it’s done and it’s still done in the Reptilian court that the patriarchal etiquette: male makes the pronouncements, something comes up which in light it is the female that goes to the male and gets him to change the rules. So that’s how it works.
J.P.: So on probably a brief question, a brief answer. Rose is asking on the tall white aliens. Hello Simon and JayPee, I was wondering if you could give some information about the tall white aliens. What planet or star system are they from? What is their relationship to the Annunaki and the Archons, and are they at a sublevel controlling this planet? Thanks so much for your time and attention, Rose.
S.P.: Thank you Rose, that’s very kind of you. And they are not Archons. They are not linked to Archons. They are not actually linked to any control system on the planet. The tall whites are archetypal ETs. They are not interdimensional. They are genuinely extraterrestrial, which means that when they travel here, they travel here in real time. They don’t come through a portal. They actually get in a spacecraft and they fly in real time. The tall whites, it takes about twenty-six years for them to get here. The crafts they fly are of the same type in terms of the propulsion system as the craft that Billy Meier spoke about. The shape is different, but the propulsion system is the same. The propulsion system is a super eight, which shouldn’t surprise people, but what is a relatively primitive form of nuclear power and incredibly unstable. And I know this is going to sound totally bizarre, but it is totally the truth. These craft take around twenty-six years to get here. For twenty-five-and-a-half years they travel just under the speed of light and is so problematical that there is a twelve percent chance that when they flip or reverse the drive it will destroy itself and kill all of them. And they actually have a party, now I don’t want you to imagine a party as humans would have. . . perhaps the word celebration is better. They have a celebration when it is successful. Obviously if it’s not successful they wouldn’t celebrate because the bodies would be blasted all over the universe. But they actually have a celebratory party after they have done it. They have been for the last seventy years, quite involved with both the United States Air Force and the United States ground forces, the military. They do land in Area 51. It’s their semi-permanent home. They have under escort gone out into casinos in Nevada. They have gone into shops to buy things, to experience things. They look humanish if they are made up and have the right clothes on, but they are clearly not, so they are not part of the Archons; they are not part of the Reptilians; they are an independent group that has made a deal, a loose deal with the United States individual military units, not the American government, but the individual units who are being tasked in looking after them, and it’ s Earth is a stopping off point. That was a really good question. Thank you very much indeed for that.
J.P.: So what star system are they from?
SP: It’s one I can’t remember. I will get back to you on that one. It’s the one thing that I’m pretty useless at remembering, stars and quadrants and all the rest of it. They are numbers. I think in human terms it’s going to have a name, but they will refer to it purely as a set series of digits. They don’t have names. You know, it’s a very human thing to give names. When you are so locked in with technology as these creatures are, they don’t have names. They have codes or. . .
J.P.: Oh I see so Sector 438 is a real coordinate.
S.P.: Well there will be numbers. That’s how they will look at it because they don’t give names. You see, it’s a human thing, you know, we call a dog Fido.
J.P.: Yeah.
S.P.: Or, you know whatever, well they don’t, none of them I know have that. They don’t have that concept. I remember being in a facility and talking to a computer and I said to the computer what’s your name? And the computer said I don’t have a name. Do you want to give me a name? And it’s just something that we humans do. So, but I guess if I looked at a map, a star map, I’m pretty sure of it, I could actually say, “Oh that’s what we call it.” And then I can come back on your radio show and I can say, “All right that. . . that’s the human name for it.” Because if I looked at the right path of the map, then I would have a pretty clear idea of where they come from. I know it is twenty. . . the speed of light is 186,000 miles a second, so they are coming at about 179,000 miles a second, so twenty-six years, twenty-five-and-a-half years at that speed gives you, and I know which direction it is coming from, so that would be, you know, I could work out where it came from.
J.P.: Right. Have you heard of the Stellarium, Simon?
S.P.: No I haven’t.
J.P.: That’s what you want. It’s an observatory. It’s free software. It runs on your PC, Stellarium. Everybody can get it. It’s brilliant.
S.P.: Oh.
JP: It’s a, yeah, it’s my next thing as well and so you can type in your, whether you have, what is it, bright attention and destination. Is that the right. . .
SP: Okay, yeah.
JP: So and you can type that in. It’s like Google Sky. Google Sky can do that as well.
SP: Wonderful.
JP: So you get your coordinates in there. So there you go. Right so.
SP: Tea time.
JP: Tea time yes. I thought since we are talking about money, we wanted a nice old-time one. Here’s Frank Sinatra with Pennies from Heaven, and welcome back. I don’t know if Simon’s back or not.
SP: Hello.
JP: Oh you are, excellent, excellent. That’s perfect timing. Pennies from Heaven indeed. Has the penny dropped yet? Here’s a question, a strange question, very strange. Here, I mean we deal with the strange here. Dear Simon and JayPee, this is from Daniella. Is it true that most of the well-known people, royals, politicians, celebrities are transgender? Example, Michelle Obama was born a man and changed into a woman. What is the reason behind this agenda? Thank you so much for all you do and for your sense and courage. Together we will win this battle and humanity will be free again. Lots of love to you and God bless you. Daniella. So transgender, born a woman, end up a man; born a man, end up a woman.
SP: I don’t know.
JP: Flowers. That’s strange. Do you remember Flowers? During the Y2K things, there was this fellow, Gwyneth Flowers, and she was like some government spokesperson and it turns out she was in my father-in-law’s brigade as General Flowers, a male, anyway so long story. But to track transgenderism in terms of people in the news that are, you know, people are not what they seem.
SP: Right.
JP: What’s the story?
SP: I know lots of Americans talk about Michelle Obama having a sex change or this than and the other. I haven’t met Michelle Obama. It’s not something that has come across my radar basically, but I can say that is within the Illuminati culture there is a preponderance—there is an offshoot—for such things to happen. It sits sort of alongside the magical grouping. It is generally in terms of control and in terms of family units. In other words you would have a traditional patriarchal-type family, but you might have somebody in there who has had a change in their sexual design. And that allows the controlling organization to blackmail them for no other reason than that. Purely and simply to blackmail somebody, and not just that person but the person they live with or the person they are married to, and if that is a high-end family, then it could bring that family down. So one of the reasons for doing that is simply for control network. Is it widespread? No it’s not. It’s incredibly a small operation not at all widely met with, but yes there is definitely a root within the system to provide that so you are right but I don’t want to give the impression this is widespread. It is not.
JP: So it’s a thing, but it’s not a big thing. Okay. Okay, so my seven-year-old, Pimberly, my seven-year-old, who is very serious for her age said one day she was in one of the bedrooms in our house and with no warning a black ghost came out of a picture and sneered at her. He looked like he didn’t expect to see her so he went back into the picture. When I asked her what the ghost looked like, she said it looked mean and sneered at her and looked like an evil genie from Disney movies or cartoons. She said it really looked like a genie, not a ghost, but that it moved fast like a ghost. It was all black with a mean face. Okay, so what was it? Do I have the house saged? Should I throw away the picture? The picture is a print. It is not old; it is new with a glass front and wooden frame. One day I did walk into the room and all the pictures were askewed. I asked everyone if they had moved them and everyone said no. What should we do? Could the thing in the picture harm us? Thank you for all you both do. I love listening to you Simon. I wish you were on every Sunday. I have left several messages on Simon’s website for readings but I haven’t heard anything. Thank you. So, get that?
SP: Yeah, we will start with the last one first. And I’m just about to take the next bunch of inquiries and start processing them. I tend to do it in groups, so people may email and not hear for two weeks, but then we take groups and we do it as a bunch. Right, incredibly frustrating to me, this isn’t meant rudely at all, it is incredibly frustrating for me because the questioner hasn’t described the print that this thing came out of. All we know is that it is a print. It is absolutely vital that I know what it was. Was it a picture or a painting. Was it a drawing? Was it a photograph? What was it of? Absolutely vital! Okay that’s the first point. The second point is that whenever you have a child who reports something like that, you give them crayons and a piece of paper and you say go and draw it for me, and you don’t stand over them. You let them draw, and over a period of time you will get drawings that clearly represent what that child has seen. This is the less traumatic way to do it. It is also a more accurate way. So we don’t have the evidence unfortunately of any drawings before us. We don’t have any evidence of the prints. We do have evidence that more than one picture was knocked askew, and this is not a ghost; this is a jinn; it is an interdimensional entity. It is using the picture as a portal. That’s why it’s so important to know what to do with it. You’ve got to be very careful. If you destroy the portal you may destroy its only method of getting away in which case you will trap it in the house. If it is out of the portal at the time you destroy the picture; you want to be very careful about this. The other pictures are all askew. There are several reasons for that but we can’t speculate without more information. What we can, what I can say to you is that yes it is a jinn. Your daughter has already told you that because she said that’s a genie. Anyway the word genie comes from jinn. I think what I’ll ask you to do is to email me again and in the title of the if you email directly Simonparkes3@BTopenworld.com if you put in the title Jinn, j-i-double n in the heading, then I will or whoever very kindly goes through my emails will actually spot that and you will get a reading. You need some assistance because there is a child involved, and one thing that is very important, one thing that is very important is that children are targeted by these creatures, and we need to insure that they are safe. Okay, thank you very much. I see you have given me an email.
JP: Yeah, I just put the email there.
SP: Well that’s fine. Okay, well then tell her it’s not. . . I’ve got your email here so I’ll be in touch with you. You don’t need to email me. I’ve got it. Thank you. Right. Before we go on to the next one, it’s thank you time.
JP: Oh yeah, I think I have a little music to play for this, but anyway go on.
SP: Yeah, if you could create a violin playing. So first of all I want to thank people who donated, you know, it’s so kind of you. Thank you so much. Here we go. Now this is really, this is one called Hypnofix. What a lovely name, so thank you Hypnofix, Kirby, Lydia, looks like Ian, or Ianch, sorry if I cannot pronounce your name properly, Clay.
JP: I think you pronounce it Inga.
SP: Oh, Inga, fantastic. Carolyn, Hilda, Michael, Jason, Sheryln, Ann, John, Sandra, Rudolph, Chi, Christine, Steven, Helen, Margaret, Ram-Trady, thank you very much Ram-Trady. That’s a. . . I’ve got my beans and toast again now. Kim, Simone, Natalie, Ken, Ken Tu Chaw, Danielle, Meir, Michael K, there were two Michaels, so there is Michael and this is Michael K., thank you Michael K., Michel, Urease, Pamela, Bruno, Drumset, that’s another great one, Drumset. I love that. George, Eddie, Samantha, Diana, Vincent, Candice, Murray, Gerand, Sawted, and Sue, that’s Su, so thank you ever so much. Now those of you who have been very kind in donating I haven’t read your name out, I’m really sorry, but hopefully next time I will. Thank you to everybody who supports me, that keeps me, that keeps my website open and keeps me to be able to drive around to conferences, and you know, just to survive because I don’t have the day job. So thanks very much. Okay JayPee, that’s it.
JP: Thank you for what you do and also who donates to Wolf Spirit Radio, and there was a change and some people might find that their subscription has kind of refused them. You will see a. . . so just go back and refresh your details and it should work. It should work. I don’t know. Anyhow, now this is a really, this one, this is left field of the left field. This is a dream from Debbie. She dreamt: last night I had an experience with a very social-like creature, which was very real and he showed himself to me as being, [1:13:16][?Tiger?Tyga][1], who is a rapper. Once he undergoes a big process to change himself. The location was a seedy warehouse with dark sex tied to it. Is this a type of Reptilian and could this have been a visitation?
SP: I really don’t have enough information to give any response to that at all. I really welcome people writing in, but I need to have much more information. To the individual, sometimes they don’t remember everything and there are certain things that they remember. For instance when I was about five years old, and I did my recollection of the character I called dad, to me as a five-year-old, his wings, his residual wings seemed huge. So of course when I would replicate them, they would be really big and now when I look at it now I think well no that’s not right. I was seeing them with the eyes of a five-year-old. They need to be much smaller, so when we see things, unless you have the experience, you don’t tend to report what someone like myself needs to be able to take it further. You tend to say the things that impressed you on an energy level but from a dispassionate point of view, that’s not the information that I need. So there is just not enough there for me to tell you anything at all. I’m really sorry. You need to get in touch with me and give me much more information. Thank you.
JP: Okay. This is from Mazea. Thank you for your great work. I’m going to abbreviate some of this. Well the question is about black goo and its relationship to the Archons. And this is the experience. In the mornings before I wake up almost every day when I’m in a state between being awake and asleep, I have encountered many different beings such as a hand to smoky figures, but on one occasion an entity grabbed me from my bed and when he stood me straight energetically, he attached himself to the back of my neck trying to suck something. At the time I wasn’t afraid; I was just angry at his intrusion so I tried to get him away from me, and by grabbing his hands, they felt to be made of some kind of plastic. He himself felt to be like a jelly bean. What do you think it was? Was it a facet? Was it an Archon? Was it something else? Or, was it just a projection of my own imagination? So.
SP: No it is not a projection of your imagination at all. If I was a psychiatrist, which I’m not, I’d probably say you were making it all up because you had had too much [1:16:03][chews] the night before. In reality the way you described it, it is a vampire, not in the true sense of the word that we would think of the horror films, but a vampiric entity. You are much better placed to immediately repulse these creatures no matter how brave you might feel. You just need to say get away from me. I don’t want you near me. I don’t give you permission. There’s no deal between us and you need to leave now because I’m not going to, you know, hold this space with you at all. So when you feel these creatures coming to you push them away; reject them totally. And you describe several entities here: a classic jinn, potentially a shadow being, but I think you have described a jinn. You are talking about a sort of a Reptilian, but certainly the attachment to the neck, that is a vampiric entity. I don’t understand where the black goo comes in with it.
JP: Well I think she was implying that the being that, because she couldn’t see him it was behind her; it was a bit behind her, so the question in the middle. . . what is your take on black goo in it?
SP: Oh.
JP: Are there two types of black goo, an alien one and an earthly one and have the Archons come here by the alien black goo?
SP: Right, okay, no. The aliens have not come here by the black goo. There are two sorts of black goo. There’s a native version and there is a transported alien version, which is attempting to subvert[?] the native version. The Archons are using the black goo because it’s a sentient. It’s neither organic in terms of a mammal, but neither is it a computer, so it is more like circuit[?]. It is something that maintains its own consciousness and the Archons are trying to work with it. That’s absolutely accurate, but the Archons and black goo are not associated if you trace it back in time, so thank you for that.
JP: Okay. Well this is a quiet interesting one. This is about hybrids. Hi Simon. Humans have the capacity to expand their consciousness to very high dimensions, and many other physical beings like Reptilians don’t have or have lost this possibility, and have been creating genetic hybrids with human genes. Do these hybrids have this capacity and will humans lose this capacity with the actual transhuman agenda? Thank you for your great service, Sandy.
SP: That’s a really good question. That’s why we’ve got to resist transhumanism fullstop. One of the reasons, there are many reasons, but one of the reasons that geneticists off planet have been hybridizing humans with something else is precisely because they want what we have and we take for granted. If you take the connection to potentially twelve strands of DNA, which remember, Reptilians don’t have, Greys don’t have, Mantids don’t have. The only things that are related to the human tree, have access to, this is what they were after. It’s not just gold, platinum that trades for a very high price; it’s genetics. So if you could put together a human creature that has a bloodline history, that’s very psychic, that has a potential to connect to the twelve strands of DNA and you then genetically put in with an off planet alien whose evolution is twenty, thirty, forty, fifty times longer than the human race so has a superior intellect. I’m not talking about superior spirituality, superior intellect and you can combine a superior intellect with a potential of the twelve strands of DNA, you then have a creature that has the capability of hypnotizing just about everyone and anyone within ten feet of it. You have the ability to be hugely telepathic. You have the ability to communicate with animals. You have the ability to switch lights off and on with your mind. You have the ability to intercept telephone calls. This is why, from that perspective, it is so profitable to combine human and nonhuman genetics, and also because the vast majority of these off planet creatures don’t know what it is like to feel. They don’t know what it is like to experience, so that’s one of the major reasons. There are several and that is one of the major reasons why there is such a drive and there has been for goodness knows how long to hybridize humans in something else. Yeah, that’s a good question.
JP: Oh so that’s to anchor their DNA into the body of being able to accept it, like the [1:21:50][?Kenna Hook] thing.
SP: Either that if you want to live on the planet. If you’ve no intention of staying here, then you don’t need to go to that level. I sometimes when I talk to groups, I say I’m all ready to imagine they’re a needle on a dial and it goes from let’s just say one to twelve, and if six is equal, that’s fifty percent human material, fifty percent alien material, and so if you put your needle at six you’ve got a fifty-fifty split, so if you drop the needle down to three, you’ve got very, very little alien and lots of human so what you’ve got is something that looks really human but doesn’t have any telepathy, doesn’t have telekinesis. You know it’s just quiet from that point of view, but if you push the needle up to eight, nine, ten, you have something that looks less and less human, more and more strange, but has more and more psychic gifts. The problem is that as you push that needle up to ten and eleven that creature is (A) not going to be accepted by human society because it’s going to look totally nonhuman; (B) it’s not anchored energetically into the planet so they will start to develop a lot of diseases. Their bodies won’t function properly, and the planet doesn’t want them. So all of these experiments have been how far can you push this needle on the dial up toward the alien part before the planet rejects them, and that’s the point so you will get something that’s really, really looks the business and is very, very telepathic, so they are right on the button. They’ve got it absolutely spot on, but the next one that comes off the production line, you know the needle may have been in the same position, but the genetics were from different donors or subject to different [1:23:58][vakers], therefore it doesn’t work so well. So it is a science and that’s why you know I Skype with people that you know have children and the child has a tendency. This is a true story, no names obviously. The child has a toe missing, and the child is very young, maybe four or five years old said, “Oh they’ve got the blueprint wrong,” a child of four or five years old telling its mother the reason it didn’t have a toe was because they got the blueprint wrong. How many children do we know at the ages of three or four who point up to the stars and tell their mother I come from there. You know, this is the reality that the system doesn’t want. Before we go on to the next question, you used the introduction when you said has the penny dropped yet?
And I want to talk about money and I was in a local shop today. This is funny but sad, and I put this child at no more than one- to one-and-a-half years old total. The child was crying deeply upset, and was not saying mommy, mommy, because that is what you would think the child was crying for its mother, its mommy. This child had come out of a shop whose parent was a dad, hadn’t let the child get something in the shop, ’cause it is usually a sweet, I mean they’re there, and the child was beside itself crying and the child was saying money, money, money, and that’s dreadful, absolutely dreadful. That’s the mind control. That’s the system’s establishment control, so a one-and-a-half year old child, crying because its father didn’t give it money so it couldn’t get what it wanted in the shop, and that’s why I have said on this radio show several times that by the time I reached the age of three or four, and I have said by the time a child was three or four, it was already slightly programmed that it gives money to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives it something. But here was a one year old to one-and-a-half year old crying because it wanted money. And that’s why it’s so difficult for people to grasp a concept like Fariex. Look JayPee and the audience, you grasped it. You are here; you are listening. You understand it. You got it, but the millions and millions and millions of people who don’t grasp it, don’t get it, to them the concept of money is a very, very, very tightly defined avenue or railroad. It’s the highway that goes from one place to another and when you try to move the human race off that highway, the fear and the panic set in, and no wonder, here is a one-and-a-half year old who was already in the program of I need money. If I don’t get money I’m going to go into panic and I’m going to be terribly upset. So that’s an important lesson I just want you share with everyone. Thank you.
JP: No money, no power. So from Jerry in Bondi Beach. Greetings from Bondi Beach, Sydney. Could you tell me the difference between a star system in the fourth dimension and a star system in the third dimension. You say that extradimensional beings come from different dimensions, but also originate from star systems that exist in the third dimension such as Orion and Andromeda. Do these beings exist on planets in the third dimension, or are we just able to see the star system but not the creatures? Could you please explain why we see star systems in the third dimension, but these creatures only inhabit the fourth dimension? Thank you.
SP: Right.
JP: I believe you have given a lot of hope to a lot of people. Keep up the good work. Jerry.
SP: Thank you, thank you and I hope so that’s why I do it. It’s about having no fear. Remember that a being from the fourth, or fifth or sixth dimension can appear in our dimension, although they may not appear in the form or shape that we expect them to, but they do. So when many, many listeners would have seen orbs, when an orb appears that is somebody from a higher dimension sending his or her consciousness into our reality. If you think about our solar system and everything we see, we see in the third dimension. Planets and stars are by in large round. That is because the third dimensional energy is heavy so when you put energy or intent into a third dimensional reality, it is forced into a ball shape. That’s why when we see orbs, it’s consciousness. It’s somebody in another dimension who wants to remote view us in a different way than humans remote view, but they wish to send their consciousness down into our reality, not their physical body, just their intent to observe, to watch and listen. But when it arrives in our heavy dense third dimension environment it is forced into a ball. It is opaque; you can see through it. Sometimes you can see a face in there or something else but that’s why it’s round. A being from the fifth dimension can appear in our third dimensional reality physically. There are far too many eyewitness accounts of beings that are not just energy projections. They are not just, you know, the energy body. They are real physical beings and it’s possible to do that. When we talked about shadow beings, they come from the fourth dimension. When they only partly traverse through to our reality they are black. That’s why they are called shadow beings. This is deliberately part of their project. Think about the projects; they are called black projects. They are called black projects because you can’t shine light on them. When these beings come through the fourth to the third dimension, they only partly come through. Now if you were to stand in the fourth dimension while the shadow being left the fourth dimension, and partly came through to ours, you would see light streaming through from our world, the third dimension into their world. They act like a portal or a bridge. But when viewed from our prospective they are black because like a black hole they just suck light into it. So when we are looking within a third dimensional reality, but they are fourth, fifth, sixth, plus dimensions within that or beyond that reality, so it is almost like time is being changed as we see it. So it is perfectly possible for something from the fifth or sixth dimension to come down the ladder, as I call it. It’s very, very difficult to go up the ladder, and the human race is learning that for the seventh time. It is incredibly hard to go up the dimensions. You have to earn it. You know it’s not about a medal. It’s just you have to have enough learning and understanding of your own self and of your race and of your people, and once you have achieved that certain level of understanding, you will evolve to the next stage. But if you have already evolved to a higher stage, then it is easy to come down, not always easy to go back again.
So when we are looking from this planet at the stars or the planets we are seeing a third dimensional representation of what the holograph of the multiverse is. But if you are living on one of those planets in the fifth or sixth dimension, you see yourself and your surroundings in the fifth or sixth dimension, but they have the technology to view us in the third dimension, and we don’t have, except for a very, very few people, we don’t have generally the technology to look into the Pleiades for instance and see very, very human-type creatures in the fifth dimension, but they have the technology to look at us in the third dimension, and that’s it. It’s about increased brain power but increased technology in all of these races have been successful because they have married together advanced technologies and a superior brain. And the difference with these races is that they did not go down the transhuman gender root. You know there’s the Pleiadians, the Nordics, the Andromedans, the Lyrans did NOT take robotic parts to themselves. They stayed organic, although some of their bodies are more energy bodies than biological but they didn’t take machines to themselves.
What’s going to happen on this planet is on the third dimensional level, they are trying to hoodwink people and say you need to take a machine. You need to become part robot because it’s better and here’s a bit of a presentment for you. Many years ago, perhaps not as many as you would think, start ending in the 1950s, but going back in time to the Victorian times, it was seen as a good idea to have all your teeth pulled out, whether they were rotten or not, so people were having good healthy teeth pulled out and having them replaced with false teeth, because the thinking was look your original teeth are just going to fall out anyway so you might as well have these, you know, Bakelite or metal teeth or gold teeth to replace them and that was a fad; it was something that they did. It’s absolutely abhorrent and terrible now, but it shows that the human concept to immortality to surviving is a real great pusher. And there are a number of people in the alternative industry who have turned their back on the truth and have thrown their lot in with a number of unscrupulous [1:34:24][?shetmen] who are seeking to spread false information and have done so because they have been promised immortality, and if they listen to this show, they had better watch out because they know that I know. So one of the ways that you can bribe people is saying we have the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone, and if you want to live for five hundred years, then you will do this and we will give you access to it. So that’s a real bribe and what do with it is they don’t give it to you. They get you to do what they want and then they just let you die a normal death anyway, so there is a lot going on, on this planet. So it’s an exciting time; it’s a challenging time. It’s a good question. Thank you.
JP: Very, very interesting. Thank you for that. From Dora Bara. This is regarding the fake Demiurge and, you know. All right so my question is regarding the darkness, the false light, the duality of the Demiurge and whether it is true that the archangels as stars supposed ascended masters and other channeled entities are simply the other side of the same coin and when we call upon them we are still giving our powers to the Archons. I read that in order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible they created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated would serve as a battery to help keep the Demiurge energized, essentially the good souls would seek out the false light team and the bad souls would seek out the dark team. Unknowingly most souls, they are all serving the same system. I’m curious about your perspective on this. Thank you again with love and gratitude, Dora.
SP: You have done an incredible amount of research or you just know because you know. By in large that is accurate to my thinking. It is not entirely accurate. All I would add is that there are actually good beings. You could call them angels. And there are bad beings. You could call them angels. So all I would say to you is that yes there was a movement a very long time ago to create good cop–bad cop. You know you are presented with a bad dark angel and you checked that, and you are presented with what appears to be a good angel and so you are locked in with that, and you find that actually he is working for the same side anyway. The problem is that there are a number of good angels and that’s why I always say to people trust yourself. Trust your judgment. There are good angels or beings or whatever you want to call them, who are truthful and they are independent and they want the best, but there are groups that pretend to be good but they are not. It’s so different from all the organizations that set themselves up on this planet supposedly you know giving enlightenment and running cults, but they are actually just fronts for very various satanic evil organizations behind them. I think that the point that I can hear is that you [1:13:54][?word missing][?communicate?] with these creatures, but don’t ever give them the right over you. Don’t ever put yourself in the position where you become their slave or servant or you willingly or unwillingly give away the right for your freedom. That’s really important. You know I interact with these creatures. I’m not saying don’t interact with them. What I’m saying is be clear in your own mind, be clear in your own mind where your freedom starts and ends, what you are prepared to talk about and what you are not prepared to talk about, what you are prepared to give and what you are not prepared to give. As long as you maintain that independence then you will see whether these things that have come to you are good or bad, because if they are bad and they realize that you are not going to play their game they will either disappear or they will try and hurt you. But if they are good beings, they are not interested in controlling or manipulating you, they will still continue to visit you and they will still continue to have a dialogue with you because it is the dialogue that is important to them, not the fact that they can control you. And you know even people who consider themselves enlightened on this planet still don’t really grasp the depth of deceit that is like a ruse on the ground that just goes everywhere. You know if decent ordinary, wonderful, upstanding individuals understood what pedophilia really was in terms of its construction and its control and its organization, they would be shocked to the core, and I hope this information comes out as soon as possible, but I’m making a point that we are presented with something, we don’t just believe it. Do not believe what you are presented with. You know, use your discernment. Use your judgment. Ask your soul. Check with your heart. Does this seem right? Should you go with it? And if you are in any doubt, buy time, time to think, time to look. So it is a really good question. Thank you.
JP: Yes, buy time. It’s all right, maybe not this week. [1:40:23][I know where that went problem]. But anyway, next question, if I can get back to. . . there we go, here we are. Right, so now this is a really interesting question. It’s about Simon Parkes, okay. So this is from Jay JiJoe. Hello Simon and listeners. I check Simon’s website everyday for updates and even though I thought I questioned Simon Parkes.org, I go to Google and type in his name in the search bar, and of late I have noticed a small box which appears either below the search results or the side of the window which is a Wikipedia thing about the person named Simon Frakes(Parkes), who was a sailor in the navy and went missing in Gibraltar about thirty years ago. Just wondering if Simon knows anything about his namesake. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to humanity. And oh no, no, sorry, I think it was, no, no, it’s definitely Simon Parkes, the disappearance of Simon Parkes is a Wikipedia entry it says here.
SP: Well, I’ve heard about my name as Julius Caesar and would type that in and in the media there would be several, and there’s a builder, a house builder in the town I live and he’s got the spelling the same name as me but we’re not related. So I don’t know, you know, could be a long-distant member of the family who fell overboard, probably drinking too much rum and was eaten by sharks or something so. . .
JP: Do you know [unintelligible][1:42:11]
SP: . . . that is how it goes. So I’m not going to say no. What I’ll say is that people can share the same name but not share the same energetic timeline or the same intent. There are human reasons why people get the same sort of family name. However, it may be possible and I have a very strong memory of being in a past life but with a totally different name that wasn’t Parkes. You know, that was a completely different name because when you incarnate in physical bodies, you can’t visit the incarnate in a different family line, so you could incarnate in the family Smith but your soul is in their body and your memory is there, and your genetic connection is there, but from the human point of view, birth certificate, death certificate, credit card, high purchase agreements, you know all the money things, your name that you have been given by the system appears but that may not be the name you resonate with. I mean the name I have today is the name that I’m known by and in fact it’s quite interesting because I have a strong connection to Mesopotamia, Israel, Armenia, and Iran, and my name which is pronounced Parkes, in this country would not be pronounced like that in the Mesopotamia region. My name would be pronounced as Par-Kays, so even within the human language names can be pronounced differently. I have it Anglicized to Parkes so that, you know, it is acceptable to the society that I’m living in, but if I was living in the Mesopotamia region it would be Par-Kays, so I don’t know. I think it is just fun. Thank you. Good question, I like it.
JP: So from today being Anglicized. From CC Central Australia, from Hazelnut says she is from Central Australia. Lyran Society and Lyran embodiment questions: Dear Simon, Dear JayPee, thank you for your dedication, time, and essence into this great work. Please tell us about the Lyran(lye ran) Society or Lyran(lear un) Society and how their embodiment looks like. Thank you and be safe. So what do they look like? What does a Lyran look like?
SP: Thank you I always try to be safe. It’s something that is important to me but I don’t really worry about it too much. Well there’s a lot of people who think that Lyrans are lions, and it’s easy to make that connection. There are a number of websites out there that show Lyrans as lions and that is not my understanding. You know Lyrans are humans. Lyrans are from the upper third of the sixth dimension, so we go three-quarters of the way up from the bottom of the sixth dimension upwards and you find Lyra. Lyra, the Lyran people generally are very kind, very loving, have a very, very, very strong commitment to the rights to life. The point about right and wrong is very important to them, and you know yourself JayPee you have talked about Lyran trauma, so the point here is that Lyrans are human-looking—two arms, two legs, the same number of digits, same eyes, the same measure—because we are all from that blueprint. It was the destruction of the Lyran home planet and the spreading of humanity that gave rise to the human race across the multiverse that we now know. So everything was designed as a point. Had it not been for that, it is doubtful whether humanity would have made it right across the zone. Height: Lyrans generally are not particularly tall. The identity of planet aliens is to be quite tall. We like them to be six-foot don’t we, or seven-foot then we have the worry, oh God we are going over seven-foot. That’s a bit dorky, so we like to be around six-foot or seven-foot; we are comfortable with that. Lyrans are not that tall at all. You will find that the female Lyran is between five-foot and five-foot-five, five-foot-six, that the male Lyran is between five-foot-six and five-foot-ten. It is quite specific isn’t it; we don’t find that anywhere else. When a Lyran incarnates into a human body, they will have specifically a type of hair. If the hair isn’t that color then the female will dye the hair, stain the hair that color. Their eye tone is always the same. Their type of facial features, the physical shape is always identical, just as if a Reptilian soul person incarnates in a human then, you know, the soul tries to make within constraints the physical body follow the blueprint. That’s what the young girl said, “Oh they got the blueprint wrong; one of my toes is missing.” So that’s the way it is. Very difficult to extrapolate that because when we look at humans on the Earth, we are looking at a Pleiadian soul in a human body or a Lyran soul in a human body, and we are looking at a human. But when you are looking at one of these beings from his or her own homeland, who is not incarnated in an Earth human body, here’s the key, but is incarnated in a human body, then we see the differences.
So we talk. . . I said the Lyrans are not lions, and the lion beings or the feline races come from two major places, Orion and Sirus(sigh rus) or Sirus(sear re us), and they don’t look like lions, you know they don’t have a tail; they don’t walk around on four feet. They look very human but the fine lines that they are nicknamed, the ear is about half-an-inch higher on their head than a human, so if you imagine your own head and you put your finger now on your ear, and you move it up a couple of centimeters or half-an-inch, that’s how this feline species ears are set like that and then they always part their hair in the middle. Now to a human observer they look very odd because their ears are much higher on their head and they have their hair parted like a lion’s mane. So all these creatures did when they came to Earth is they saw the connection and they went in to the viewers mind and projected a cat face, a lion face and that made the person much more calm to be around these beings because, you know, in Egypt, in Africa, they were familiar with lions. They knew what lions. . . so when these creatures came and appeared to have a lion’s face, it was far from running away as we would probably in shock if a lion came at us. They were much more confident with it, but they worked on what they had which was their ears were higher on their head so every species that has this humanoid has the human features, but there are certain differences, or for a human group that look like North American Indians. You know there are beings that are part human and part something else, and it is fascinating and it’s exciting, but for many people it’s terrifying because, you know, it’s about the way we are educated on this planet. We are not taught about it, and so because we are not taught about it we don’t question it; we don’t debate it; we don’t accept it. So only those people who have seen the truth through one means or another will actually begin to understand and then when faced with it, and I hope everyone is going to be faced with it very soon, because we need to group to get on, they won’t run away screaming. They will want to go into a dialogue, but remember always check what has come to you. Is it a good intent? And if it is not a good intent, walk away from it. Push it away. Get rid of it, because the next thing that might come to you might be good intent and so it’s another good question. Thanks Jay.
JP: So, final question I think. Extraterrestrial entertainment from Lora and Margo. Wagner: I was wondering what you know about Mantid and Reptilian music or art. Do they place any importance on these, or are they focused on nothing but creating reality? Was entertainment on this planet created for the sole purpose of distraction and manipulation? I’m just curious on how say a Reptilian would unwind after a long day of enslaving less embold races. Thank you Simon and JayPee.
SP: Well, okay I’m going to refrain from making a joke about perhaps they listen to thousands Ring Cycle. That would be a very funny joke wouldn’t it? We order the Rings and you know and your thing is rock, and so that was the joke for anybody who didn’t quite pick that up. Right. It’s an interesting question and I’m going to give you a response, which I hope this is as equally good as the question. There are some races that have no concept of the value of music. I’m being specific. Reptilians know what music is but there is no value to it for them. The only value to them would be the resonance for opening portals, moving solid objects. Okay, so it’s not to them, sound isn’t important as a method to relax to. It is as a tool to do things with, you know Jericho, the Walls of Jericho were brought down, was it when the Israelites walked around and blew all their trumpets. What that is telling you is that sound waves were used to shatter the walls.
The Mantids however do have music, thank goodness. Most human groups actually do. It is not a control system in itself. It is an expression of creation. Humans can create, thank goodness. And so music is something like art or poetry or literature that humans can do, and then can create and they get beauty out of it and others can get beauty out of it. You know you can look at a painting and think well that’s just nonsense, and the next person comes along and says that’s the best thing I have ever seen. That’s not a weakness; that’s a strength, because that individual choice, that individual idea is what humanity is all about, individualism, but hopefully working cooperatively. So if it is human, it will have music. The way it relaxes is different from the way humans relax. Music is seen as educational off this planet. That’s an important concept. And also it is seen as a meditation device. It is not seen really by the mass majority of people as a meditative medium, but that is the way it is seen off planet. Music also is a value, and people will create music together and I don’t mean getting into a room and creating music. What these off planet humans can do is they can be in different locations and telepathically they can create elements of music and they can share it. So they are not writing it down on a piece of paper or writing on a computer; they are telepathically sharing and they can hear the sounds in their head. I’m sure some people on this planet can do that too. They can, but they will hear the sounds and they will create that and put that together and there are a number of human societies that have like the equivalent of a university where this music is made and stored. You will find that the less human a creature is, the less it understands the concept of any of those artistic creations. The Mantis originated from planet Earth, and because of that, they are welcomed by the Earth, and they do have, I use the word loosely, they have human traits. The Mantis have or Mantids, I should use the English term, Mantids have a sense of humor. Mantids have the ability to create, but that is because they came from the Earth not because they are human. Something that comes from another place that is not human, like the Reptilian, is incapable. That’s so sad. It is incapable of creation. What Reptilians do is copy brilliantly, but they copy. They can’t create. So that’s a good question to end on to celebrate being human. To be human is wonderful. We are so, so lucky, and even people who call themselves spiritual don’t really understand what it means to be human. This is wonderful. It is a fantastic opportunity. Everyday of our lives we should live it to the full, and we should rejoice because there are so many creatures out there, and envy is not really a good point, but they would like to be as we are and they can’t be because they don’t have the DNA connections. They don’t have what we have. It’s what makes us so special, and it is so sad for me to see people who could be so wonderful and creational being so negative and so inward looking. You know someone who just sits at a table making money when they could be out doing some beautiful things. Anyway it’s lovely to be back on the radio show without a cold and to connect with all the wonderfulness and all those who will obviously listen to this on YouTube. Thank you JayPee for making this possible, and God bless to you.
[1] Two rappers, Tiger, South Korean and Tyga, American.
[transcribed by GSC, on 6/25/2017]
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