18 June 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Simon is on vacation but leaves a short message for JayPee to read.

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JayPee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu link at the top of the page at www.WolfSpiritRadio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now, on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon and play an active role — Connecting Consciousness Show — you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh yes indeed you are listening to Wolf Spirit Radio, and it’s just me today, and this is probably going to be the shortest ever Connecting Consciousness Show.
JayPee: Since Simon is not here, all you have is JayPee. My middle name is Simon but that’s not. . . to it, so I have a message from Simon. He’s away. He’s exhausted. As you can imagine, you know he’s worked, and he’s kind of overworked really trying to hold up the one-man band that is Connecting Consciousness, so here’s a message from Simon. He has gone away on holiday, yeah, not on a plane, but just somewhere where he likes to be, doing things that he likes to do, a bit of chill out, so here is the start of the message.
Simon read by JayPee: I’m sorry I can’t be with you all. I’m taking four days off for a vacation. I’m not out of the country. I’m just spending some time doing the things I seldom get a chance to do, like collecting fossils, which is my passion. I wanted to update you on some developments, so here we go.
There was a terrible fire at the Tower Block. It was built in 1974, the same year that Hollywood released its film, The Towering Infernal. I’m of the opinion that there is more to this than meets the eye. This is to do with harvesting energy and using it to manipulate or at least extend time. I’m looking for charges of corporate manslaughter.
The British Prime Minister is being gotten ready to resign, but not until the powermen have had a replacement lined up. She is going away as [did] Hillary Clinton and as much as she is making mistake after mistake, she is finished and the elite want her out, but only when it suits them.
Bitcoin is finished as a world leader in trading virtual currency.
President Trump is being advised of the possibility of an assassination attempt in October.
That is the end of today’s message from Simon.
[transcribed: 6/25/2017 by GSC]
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