2 July 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Simon is back from his fossil collecting holiday. He also spoke at a couple of conferences during this time. At Watford he spoke about the Grenfell Tower fire and put forth the opinion that it most probably was not an accident, as Grenfell Tower, like the Twin Towers, was heavily reinsured shortly before being destroyed. The Pope is calling for One World Government to control the confused humans. Soyuz will be contributing to this feat by launching satellites that will entirely encircle Earth with 5G, a system to put AI in control of Earth by taking control of all our electronic technology. Warnings of a difficult financial situation in the West could happen in the fall. It is rumored that British newscasters are getting ready to cover the death of the Queen of Great Britain and the death of Prince Philip, but they are still in a bit of a quandary as to who will become King. Agenda 21 has been reactivated. Apparently the elite don’t like to share; they would like to see three-fourths of Earth’s population disappear, therefore more ‘everything’ for them. The three politicians who can’t be bought, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, are making the elite squirm a bit. Terror attacks in Great Britain are occurring because politicians can be manipulated. The majority of the questions centered around the care of one’s soul and its container; it’s life purpose; the effects of taking black goo–not advised; entities who visit a very young child, as in toddler, are usually negative; the soul/container being tampered with either through aliens or our military black ops projects beaming it in and out of this dimension; an entity -jinn- trying to gain access to one’s body by poking; psyops projects leaving the physical body damaged, as in scratch marks or worse. The origin of star system names was discussed. It appears we don’t use the universal names/codes that off planet groups use. The history of nonhuman rulers of ancient Egypt–the Orion Empire and/or the Sirius Federation–and their control of Earth before the old Egypt that we know was asked about and what its effect on humanity then and now was/is. People wanted to know what to expect from the total solar eclipse taking place in August and were told there are rumors of the Agenda 21 people engaging in nefarious activity to destroy or disrupt the grid during that time.

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Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee, hello audience. How are you?
JP: Hi, Simon how are you doing?
SP: Really well, so I didn’t do a show last week did I? We just did the update. I dared to take a holiday, took a few days vacation, so it’s been a while since, you know, I have been on the show, so thank you for, you know, doing the updates for me JayPee. That was great last month.
JP: Yeah well people are now probably aching inside to hear your voice. Tell me, how was your holiday? Did you get the recreation that you required?
SP: Recreation, that’s a good one. Well, for those who don’t know, my great passion is fossil collecting ever since I had an off planet experience back in 1971, and so I went out and did some fossil collecting. That’s my sort of meditation. I find it quite difficult to traditionally meditate. So weather was fantastic, went out and found a few things, and I was really pleased with that. So yes, it was great, and then of course the week started and it just poured and poured with rain, and I thought well that was good; I had a good holiday. And then this weekend the sun has come out again. So looks like we’ve been a bit lucky.
JP: Fabulous and so you are in summer mode traveling around doing some conferences and things?
SP: Well I did the two conferences last weekend. I did a conference in Birmingham and then drove straight down to North London to Watford and did a conference on Sunday, and the Sunday conference was organized by Kerry Cassidy, and she very kindly asked me to be one of the guest speakers. I’ve done a number with Kerry and I always find that when Kerry does it, it’s rather exciting because there’s a good range of speakers and always well attended, and plus the venue at High Elms in Watford is a really nice venue, so you can open windows and you can look out on the grassland. Interesting speakers did actually turn up on Saturday although I wasn’t speaking on Saturday. I did turn up because I wanted to hear some of the speakers. Peter Paget, he was there, and I caught the tail end of Michael Shrimpton, his talk and a couple of others, and Miles Johnston had come in to do a talk, but I had to leave the room because I had other things to do. So all in all that was a good conference and you know I wanted to thank the London CC group, the London Connecting Consciousness group, who turned up en masse in strength and the energy in that room no doubt was helped by London CC group, who are such a balanced and highly spiritual group, so whenever you have a conference or a venue, you want London CC there because it helps to really positively ground the group, the whole group, I mean the audience, and after my talk of course I went out and sat with them in the glorious sunshine on the grass, and I had about twenty minutes with them. It was just lovely to meet them all again. Some are new, somewhat new and interesting people, so yes, I’ve been busy doing a few bits and pieces.
JP: Good stuff. Now there’s a bit of a problem. The weight of the ways of listeners has kind of broken the website once more, and of course I can’t get into my questions because it’s in the backend of the server. It restarts itself after a few minutes, so . . .
SP: Don’t worry about that I can keep talking.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Is the audience still able to hear us? Are we still on?
JP: Those who are still there and haven’t tried to refresh it, there are other ways to get here, but obviously if you’re hearing this, then you don’t need to hear it, but you can go to EverBeyondRadio.com. You can also go to WolfSpiritMedia.com. That’s a new website I’ve just started, but it’s got a player on there. You can listen to the show on that. It happens every time doesn’t it?
SP: In the interests, JayPee what we need is a very wealthy funder to buy you extra bandwidth or whatever it is you . . .
JP: Yeah, basically a big fat server, yeah, big fat server.
SP: Well I’m going to carry on and if it reboots itself or not.
JP: Yeah it will fix itself in a few minutes and everybody will be able to get on, so why don’t you do your announcements and maybe also your what’s that . . .
SP: Thank-yous.
JP: Yeah your donations.
SP: Thank you. I call them thank-yous. Right, okay let’s do the thank-yous first, then we might have more people for the news.
JP: Yeah.
SP: Right, okay. Of course it’s a longer list than normal, which is good, because we are waiting for this thing to reboot, but it’s a longer list because obviously I wasn’t here two weeks ago, so first of all I want to thank everyone who’s donated. I haven’t been able to mention everybody, and it doesn’t really matter whether you donated lots of money or a little money. Some people donate a pound and that’s great. It’s what I need. That pound will probably help me to drive to the next conference, or it helps me to support someone who doesn’t have any money. So, oh the other thing is that one person once asked me, you know, if two people named Tom or two people named Joanne donated, did I write them both down, or did I write just one name down, and I said well I actually write both down when it occurs and we will see that happens here today, so I don’t just say oh there are two people named Smith, I’ll just put one in because that wouldn’t be fair, so I want to thank Ann, John, Terry, Jolen, Sandra, Manuel, Rudolph, Benjamin, Steven, Allen, Nekki, Neckeane, I’m sorry I can’t pronounce that correctly, Sabine, Ingard, George, Cheryl, Cherlyn, Natalie, Joanne, there are two Joannes actually, first Joanne, Jason, Richard, Samantha, Virginia, Magdalene, May, Lewis, Julius, Bill, the second Joanne, Chari, Albert, I think that’s Marita, yeah, Chanti, Drum Set, and more, so now that’s not the full name, but the person put their full name in and they usually give me a first name please, don’t want to give your second name out because in the end you haven’t given me permission, so Mort is just a shortened version of the second name, from John, Bob, Ursula, Charlene, Susan, Gary, Danielle, Michael K., Michael this is from Michael K. Thank you very much. I’ve not been able to talk to you as I wanted to. I did want to have a chat and I promise this week I won’t be as busy and we need to catch up, so Michael I am thinking of you, don’t worry. Imogen, Jillian, Fujio, Mia, Enrique, Ellen, Jeff, DFW, Ann, Louise, Tom, Edgar, Bernard, Sue, nearly finished, Christopher and Jackie, turn the page over, George, Sandra, Tina, Schanzer, Jim, Alicia, Maria, Jerry, Philippa, and finally Joanna, so to everybody that I’ve named thank you very much. To those who I haven’t named you are just as important, but I ran out of my piece of paper. Hopefully you will get mentioned next time. Thank you all so very much. Okay, JayPee has the machine rebooted yet?
JP: Not yet, so let’s . . .
SP: . . . let’s go on to the news then.
JP: Yeah, do the news bit, and I hope . . . usually, I mean it’s basically everybody’s cramming in to get in through like a tiny double door, like five hundred people, so it’s, you know, I can see that the number of people move going up, but the server is still, it’s still down because people are crashing in to it, so hopefully we’ll have this up in about . . .it usually comes up about quarter past, so if you give your news, we will do that.
SP: Right, okay, and we will have to find this very wealthy funder so that we can have a bigger . . . bigger thing won’t we, eh.
JP: Well that or I can, I’m actually making a new website so there is an under construction one called WolfSpiritMedia.net, no WolfSpiritMedia.com, eleven-eleven, and that is the, that’s got . . . that’s a completely independent site, so obviously people who can’t hear this show won’t hear this, but you can direct people to WolfSpiritMedia.com, and that will connect them in, yeah. Please go there.
SP: All right I will. Here we go. Some of this I mentioned at the conference and frankly it’s only fair if it’s not life-threatening, but I do actually mention at the conference, if I can before the radio show, simply because people have been able to, you know, travel long distances to come to the conference, show their support, pay the entrance fee and it’s good that they get information heads-up first. And, you know, the radio show gets it sort of two or three days later. But in this case it was last week. So some of these elements that I mentioned at the radio show because nobody else had picked up on it, and Kerry Cassidy and some of her subsequent interviews and works has given me a few mentions because she was particularly interested in the Grenfell, excuse me, Grenfell fire and the terrible thing that happened with that Tower, and there were a number of speakers at her conference who referred to it.
The difficulty that we have is that [the] vast majority of people within our alternative industry are still viewing this as a tragic accident. I don’t. And a number of other speakers are beginning now to put some pieces together, and the information is quite interesting. So we always have to bear in mind that this is a real genuine tragedy and that many people are affected by it, so we have to be sensitive. We have to be careful, but at the same time it’s balancing that with trying to tell people that something’s going wrong. Something’s happened. So at the conference I started off by saying does anybody know what the Twin Towers and Grenfell Tower shared, and nobody got that right, probably they knew it but they didn’t possibly understand the question, because it was quite exciting and it was quite hot in the room. The answer is that both the Twin Towers and Grenfell Tower were reinsured. In terms of the Twin Towers it was just weeks before the disaster, and Grenfell was a big longer, but both towers were reinsured. In Grenfell’s case it was reinsured with a Norwegian company and unusually the clause that was agreed was not just for the structure of the building, but for any loss of life. Now that for me is a clincher. You reinsure something and you don’t just reinsure it in case it burns or explodes, but you reinsure it for any deaths that occur. It’s very hard to get any truthful information out of the established media, but if we said that this insurance company was probably going to pay out in excess of one billion, then you’re probably looking at the truth. Right, of course what they didn’t share, that’s what Grenfell Tower and the Twin Towers didn’t share, was that Twin Towers fell down and Grenfell didn’t, and what I did was I wrote the word Grenfell on a piece of A4 paper in the conference and said look at the end of the word it is F-E-L-L, which stands for fell and I said the tower didn’t fell. Grenfell Tower didn’t fall and then I took the two Ls and did just two sticks, and then showed a clip from Back to the Future, where there was a clip where the car had taken off or landed, gone through time, and there was two lines of burning fire on the road and then the number nine as a neon sign in the shop and it was 9/11, so in Back to the Future they were showing 9/11 was going to happen and the two sticks on the file remind me of the Twin Towers so that was important, and it obviously struck a cord with Kerry because she’d been talking to other people and I think it’s quite frustrating because so many people in our industry are just accepting this as a tragic tragic, which it is, but as an accident.
The other thing is I absolutely know that the police, the fire, and the ambulance services in Great Britain have been told that they cannot release the true death toll, because the government is fearful of a revolution. Now that sounds really quite melodramatic, but it isn’t. This government in this country has never been under so much pressure in its life. They are really seriously concerned of a mass uprising in London, so much so that they are not giving the figures. The figures I’ve heard from three sources not anywhere between two hundred and five hundred people dead from that fire. Now bear in mind at the moment they are not admitting to anything over ninety, so it would be catastrophic from a political point of view, from their view, to say to the world, well maybe five hundred people lost their lives. When you think that the council that runs that tower block is probably the richest council in Great Britain. The amount of money they have as a corporate reserve is staggering. Yet they didn’t fit sprinklers. They went from a zinc cladding and downgraded it from the zinc to an aluminium cladding, and they had too much of that as far as I’m concerned, and too much of a gap between the wall of the building and the beginning of the fascia, all to save money, so no wonder the leader of the council has resigned; the chief executive officer has resigned; the chairman of the Housing Services Committee has resigned; the chair of the Grenfell Tower Group, whichever received the management committee resigned.
The problem is that do they actually think that resigning gets them off the hook? Does it absolve them? It is great isn’t it. You can do something morally wrong, legally wrong, whatever it might be and then oh I’ll resign, and that’ll be all right and it will go away. That should not be allowed and remember that the day after this tragedy, it is a tragedy, whoever is responsible, I went straight on to my website and wrote that corporate manslaughter needs to be pushed through. This is before any of the establishment newspapers were going down that road, because frankly the establishment was too terrified to turn against their only lead, but when large numbers of their audience, you know, the people in London, the people in Britain began to show the way they were feeling, then the media was emboldened to take the stance, because they thought well, if we try and defend the elite, we’re going to lose the connection with the audience, and this is why people operating as a group can achieve so much. So that’s Grenfell. And once again obviously we’re absolutely terribly, terribly upset at what’s happened.
I want to talk about the Pope, a very interesting statement I put it on my website. If you haven’t seen it please go on to simonparkes.org. The Pope has made an official announcement calling for One World Government. I’ll just repeat that because it sounds horrendous. It’s true. The Pope has made an official statement calling for a One World Government, and he’s saying basically that global warming is going to kill us all, and we need a One World Government to take control of the world, because humans don’t know what they’re doing. Now that sounds so mad. but it is actually genuinely the truth. What’s going on here is the Pope is so terrified that the human race is evolving beyond his or his elites’ control, he’s sending a hurry-up message. It’s a call-out to all of the elite. Hurry up. Get the One World Government in place, because if you don’t, we are in serious trouble, so please go on to simonparkes.org and see that link, the Pope calling for One World Government. Now one of the reasons he is calling for it is his number three Cardinal, they don’t have ministers, but they have Cardinals in position and its finance minister, but it’s a finance Cardinal, has been arrested, so his number third in command has been arrested and charged by the Australian police for sex offenses. It’s very hard to get any genuine information and I do not know if this is child sex offenses or not, but we know that he’s been arrested for sex offenses. This guy, this Cardinal, is so convinced that the Vatican can get him off the hook that he’s voluntarily flying to Australia to attend the court. Many people who are not in the know would say, well of course you go to court. Well no, you haven’t because no country that I know of has an extradition treaty with Vatican City. Remember that the Vatican City is an entirely separate nation. It doesn’t have anything to do with Italy, and no country that I know of has an extradition treaty with the Vatican, so this Cardinal could quite happily have said, “I don’t care what you say, I’m staying in the Vatican City,” The Holy See, as it’s called. However, I think he feels that there are so many elite in Australia that he can probably get off the charges, so he’s indicated that he’s willingly voluntarily flying to Australia to take part in the court case. Now from what I’ve heard the Pope is absolutely horrified at this, because he doesn’t want the Catholic Church dragged through the court, because that’s what’s going to happen, so it’ll be public. I hope the public will be allowed in, and they can see that through, so that’s that. Keep an eye on that one.
Of great concern to us is a private consortium that has raised one-and-a-half billion dollars to launch satellites around the Earth to link up with what’s called 5G, and that may sound really exciting, except it’s the beginning of a system to try to put artificial intelligence around the Earth. Those of you who remember Terminator and the films about Skynet, so there’s a contract been written with the Russian providers of the Soyuz rockets. They’re the cheapest going to launch literally dozens of these satellites over the next five years to completely ring the Earth in them. They’re doing a link with schools. They want to connect all the schools up. Of course they do because there are children, and they will try and get to the kids. This is a system that’s going to be a global net over the Earth, and I believe from what I’ve been told that this is how artificial intelligence will attempt to take control of all the electronic works on the Earth. Just as it was foretold in the Terminator films, and that’s something that we’ve really got to look at, and maybe take some action on that one.
Quickly now moving on to the finance in the Western world, more and more established organizations are warning of a difficult financial situation in the months ahead. Remember we talked about October. There’s no getting away from this now. Even the most die-hard elite are saying, “Well, yes, perhaps there could be a bit of a problem in the autumn, in the fall.” That’s interesting that even three months ago these organizations who were, you know, saying nonsense, it’s nothing we’re absolutely fine, and now changing their tune, so we need to keep an eye on that one.
I want to move on now to Great Britain and the Queen. The Queen of Great Britain, very interesting situation there. I’ve been told that the major British newscasters are now getting ready for the death of the Queen, and they are preparing all the films, the footage, all of the stuff that goes with it. I’ve been told that there are going to be three days of mourning when the Queen dies, which people will like because I presume that means three days off work, but be very awful if . . .
JP: [inaudible][23:06]
SP: Yeah, it would be very awful if you had to go to work and mourn the Queen, you know.
JP: I just couldn’t do it. I really couldn’t go to work with the Queen was in mourning you know. I would be too upset.
SP: No, and I think the people in the BBC have been told unofficially they are all going to have to wear black, so that’s interesting, but what’s even more interesting and why I’m bringing it to everyone’s attention, is that while the senior newscasters have been told they can prepare all the archive footage and talk about, you know, what the Queen did, they can’t actually say who’s going to be King because it’s not been decided. Now whether it will be William or Charles, they, you know, they would normally run straight to the king-in-waiting and they would do the history of him and how he got to this point. Well they’ve been told you can’t do it because we don’t actually know who’s going to be kind and that’s unprecedented in our history. The major reason for this of course is that the father of Prince Charles is not the father that the establishment would have us know. Now whether the Queen’s husband, Philip, will die first, that’s probably on the cards. We’re talking within months actually. We’re talking months of both of these people dying, but it’s presumed that Philip will die first. Now when he dies, one of the biggest impediments to Charles becoming King is going to be removed, so if as we predict, Philip will die very soon now, there’s a greater chance that Charles will be King, and Charles wants to be King. Never mind what anybody is saying, he wants to be King, so another exciting thing to watch. Why does it matter? It matters because these people are hugely influential, not just in this country Great Britain, but right across the world.
Okay moving on, I did at the conference talk about . . .
JP: Oh can I just jump in there Simon?
SP: Sure.
JP: It was announced a few weeks ago, a couple of months back that Prince Philip was retiring, and the other day a very small news article said that he was taken into the hospital. I believe he’s already shuffled off this mortal coil personally.
SP: Right. I haven’t received that information, but to be fair, I haven’t asked for it. Generally what happens is I ask for information, I’m given it. That doesn’t matter whether it’s on the planet or off. Occasionally I get told something that, you know, you need to know this. This is, that information is generally when it is important to people because they need to react or they need to protect themselves. In case of anything like that, it’s not that important in the immediate term, so, but I’ll asked about that. That I don’t know but I do know, and this may not be coincidental, that a week ago when I had this conversation with somebody talking about the planning for the death of the Queen, and obviously her husband and how the problem for them was they didn’t know who the King was going to be, so that was the interesting one.
I want to quickly move on. There’s another push by the very evil elite to reactivate Agenda 21, for the new listeners Agenda 21 was sold particularly through schools as a wonderful way to preserve the planet’s diversity and global warming etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, but really Agenda 21 was about killing three-quarters of the human race, so that the elite could, you know, have the planet to themselves. And I’ve been going out doing some fossil collecting, as I said, and it’s interesting that when I first started collecting fossils in 1971, as an individual person I could go anywhere. I could go to any quarry; I could do anything I wanted, providing that I was respectful, I asked the landowner, nine times out of ten they would say yes, etcetera, etcetera. Now it’s incredibly difficult. You can only get access to certain places to collect fossils. If you are part of the elite, in other words, if you are a doctor or a professor or a fellow—they call them—studying at a university, you have access to these places. If you’re an ordinary human citizen, you can’t have it, and what we’re seeing, I think, is this value system that’s coming in, which is if you’re an ordinary person you are not going to share the beauty of this planet, but if you are part of the elite group, you can share the planet, and Agenda 21 is rather like that. The elite want the planet; they love trees just as much as you and I do, but they don’t like other people, so they would rather wipe out three-quarters of the population so that they then could go out and look at the trees without having to see any ordinary common people. Why wipe out three-quarters? Why not wipe out everybody? Because they need slaves. So they will need to keep a quarter of the population to do all the menial tasks for them, take the trash out, etcetera, etcetera. So what we’re seeing in Great Britain, I don’t know about the States, I haven’t asked, but what we’re seeing in Great Britain is this drive to exclude ordinary people from enjoying the natural beauty of the planet, and I would suggest that we need to resist this vigorously.
Moving on. [At] my conference I talked about the number of people reported who have been put in prison and indeed I’ve just talked about the Pope’s number third Cardinal who has been arrested, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be convicted. We’ll wait and see, but I’m rather concerned of the number of reports on the internet that all the Reptilians have left the planet. All of the bad guys have been arrested, you know. If that was the case, we wouldn’t still be living the way we are. The reason we’re still living the way we are is because many of the Reptilians are still on the planet, but most of the bad guys are still in a position and whilst some commentators are genuine and honest and they really believe this, this is being put out at the top level, so that the idea is, it’s okay. All the Reptilians have gone; all the bad guys are in prison. You don’t need to fight anymore. You don’t need to worry, you just get back on your little life, do what you normally do, because you’ve won. You’ve won! That’s nonsense. It’s them trying to stop us, you know, resisting and keeping an eye open, so please don’t fall for that. You’ll know when the victory is won because the whole world will be remarkably different. Okay, let’s just see.
I wanted to talk about Putin and Trump. [30:06] Putin and Trump are trying to work more closely together. They both feel rather threatened. Putin’s feeling rather threatened because NATO and the United Nations which are obviously part of the old guard, nothing to do with President Trump at all. The UN and NATO are attempting to put the squeeze on Russia, so Putin and Trump are trying to work together. Three politicians in the Western world who cannot be manipulated, not just the Western World, but Russia, so we’ve talked about Putin can’t be manipulated; Trump can’t be manipulated, and in Great Britain a Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, he can’t be manipulated, so we’ve got three politicians who are not puppets. Now that’s really, really difficult for the elite, because when you have top politicians who can’t be manipulated what you try to do is really attack them with your arms, which is the newspaper, the radio, the television, and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party and Opposition fought a fantastic election campaign. He didn’t win but he scored forty percent of the popular vote. That’s astonishing to score forty percent of the popular vote, so even with all of the major newspapers attacking Corbyn, all the televisions, all the commentators, all the rich elite, the top boys all turning on him, forty percent of the electorate supported him. Now that must be a great warning to the elite, that they’ve lost forty percent, forty percent don’t believe the lies that’s being put out, so that’s very interesting.
The terror attacks that have been occurring in Great Britain are occurring in Great Britain because they believe that the government of Great Britain can be manipulated. Don’t get the terror attacks in America at the moment because President Trump cannot be manipulated. You’re not getting big terror attacks in Russia because Putin can’t be manipulated. You only terror attack a country if you can bring pressure to bear and a government will cave in, so I’m sure there will be attacks in America and in Russia at some point, but that is why Great Britain is getting it, because the government is an establishment government and can be manipulated, so I had a lot of news to catch up on, because I’ve been off the air a little bit, so please, you may want to relisten to this one on YouTube obviously, but to get the news again. Please do your own research. It is very important. I can only point in the direction and it’s up to everyone to go and see what they think of it, so thank you very much indeed for that.
JP: Good, good. Right, so now, as I said, the station is back up and running again and people are able to get on, and I’m able to get into the backend and see all the questions, so where’d you want to start? Let’s, let’s right, no, here all right, okay, so I’m just gonna roll it up to the, oh my there’s still people trying to call in. I’m going to roll it up to the beginning of today, and here we are. Okay, now this first one is from Zeech. Right, okay geomancy, Hartmann, Curry lines, ley lines, and so on: Are any available devices on Earth that work and transform an energy on it to create electric power from these ley line grids, and can we make it by home? Is there something we can make at home that would be able to do that, so any advice on how to make stuff? It’s probably more of a Win Keech question, but yeah making, making, generating power from the ley lines.
SP: Right. Ley lines don’t generate power in the traditional sense of the word. Ley lines encode energy information so they need power through the Earth to transmit, but it would be wrong to try to use that power, and that’s why the evil site banks and other establishment buildings are on these ley lines, because they wish to absorb that energy for evil purposes, so if you were going to build a bank, and you were evil as most banks are, you would build it on a positive ley line because you want to take that energy and make lots of money, so I wouldn’t want to start using the energy of a ley line because that is how the Earth communicates with itself above ground. It also communicates very importantly below ground, and there’s more water running in streams and rivers under the Earth than there are on the surface of the Earth, and that is because this is encoded information and the Earth is sending encoded information by water from one part to another and in the same way with the ley lines, but it works slightly differently with that. It’s sending information through. We wouldn’t want to deflect it or weaken that. It is a Win Keech question in phase two where you sense that there are a number of devices, which the elite have and they won’t share. There are some devices that Win Keech and I are working on which we will share. Talking about Fariex, we, you know, people are saying well what’s happening with it. We’ve not gone cold on the subject. What happened is we have a very, very interesting talk to a good guy who is quite well to do, connected, but he said you need to understand that if you bring out an item, whatever it might be, and it threatens the establishment in some way, they have paid people—up to five hundred people—who will, if you go in crowdsourcing, who will put ten bucks in or twenty pounds in and then they will write a really bad review, and call you a crook or a robber or a thief, and if you get five hundred people who then immediately write in and call you a crook or a robber, the crowdsourcing organization stops the project, gives all the money back to people, and they won’t do it. And apparently this is something that these elite corporations do if somebody has a product that is going to threaten what they are already selling. They will get in and they will hack these crowdsourcing and they will do that, so we had to pull up. We couldn’t do a crowdsourcing because we knew that’s what they would do to us, so we’ve been in conversations with some other people, and it’s looking very hopeful. It’s going to take longer, but it’s looking very hopeful. We want to do this and one of the projects we have is exactly what this person’s talking, except we are not going to use powerful ley lines; we are going to use the natural power of the Earth which is sustainable. It replenishes. It doesn’t affect it, so yeah, we’re hopeful but no please don’t start tapping into ley lines. Thank you.
JP: Yeah, good question. So coming up, all right Nacht Taurus. I could make a joke on that. Yeah, anyway, Dear Simon, sometimes I wake up covered in scratch marks. The marks were not there when I went to bed, and I do not have the fingernails or sharp objects near my bed to make these marks myself. They look like claw marks from a cat only I don’t have a cat. They typically come in rows of two or three. Can you please explain to me why I might be getting these marks? All right there’s a picture that I can really get here.
SP: Very helpful, can you patch that, right, hold on.
JP: Yeah, I’ll drop that in the chat room here.
SP: Good because what I was going to be, my questions was I need to know the length of the scratches and the distance between them, except, there’s a photograph.
JP: It’s coming here. There we go.
SP: Oh.
JP: There you go. You should see the [38:38][en ger].
SP: Ah, excellent, well let me just enlarge that now.
JP: It’s coming.
SP: Yeah.
JP: So, what we’re looking at is a gentleman’s chest, sides, belly and underarm.
SP: Yeah.
JP: Yeah that’s quite broad, yeah.
SP: Yeah, yeah, some just . . .
JP: The shoulder, that shoulder looks a bit nasty one.
SP: That’s very interesting, excellent, excellent, excellent, good picture, well done, well done. Just give me a minute audience and . . .
JP: Simon is looking.
SP: One, two three, excellent, right, okay, let me just, I don’t want to lose you. I just want to turn the picture up here a little. There we are, right, that’s very helpful. I’ll just describe to the audience what we’re seeing. We are seeing unnatural scratch marks. They’re not caused by a cat. The lines are too flowing and too sickle-shaped. Right, what this is, is a psyops. Somebody is artificially creating the scratches to make it look like an animal. It does occur. I’ve only seen it once or twice before in my previous seven years, and it is literally a psychological operation of that individual, so you know, please if you haven’t already done so, please drop me a line to the email address: simon.parkes3@BTopenworld.com. I would love to chat with you and I can reassure you and we can look at ways to putting a stop to it. So you are not looking at an alien animal. You are not looking at going into some magical world where, you know, how wouldn’t it be lovely where lots of cats running around. This is a person with a device just a very basic primitive thing creating scratches on your body. They may not necessarily be doing it on your physical body; it could be more on your etheric body, but when I get a chat with you I’ll talk to you. What you need to know is why are they doing it, and who’s doing it, so that’s something we can work on, so thank you for being brave, posting the question. Thank you for being brave and posting the pictures. That really does help me. It gives me the information I need, so thanks.
JP: Okey doke. So, still on the subject of pets, this is from Sammy. Pets dying in place of their owners: Is it possible for animals to somehow die in place of their owners? When my grandmother almost died, the day before she had to be rushed to the ER, her dog started getting very sick very fast. Within the three days the dog died and my grandmother made a miraculous recovery. I’ve heard of other situations like this and just wondered if there was a connection. Thank you for all the energy put forth to help humanity, love Samantha.
SP: Two things, first [41:30] of all let’s look at it the other way. If a person is incredibly connected to their animal, but the real answer is the animal is really connected to the person because how many time have people said, you know, you really love a particular cat or dog or a goldfish or whatever it might be, but if that isn’t reciprocated in the same way by the animal, then it’s all about you and not about the animal. When the animal has the connection and it’s chosen you, what can happen is if the animal believes that your soul is going to leave your body, it will die to join you, and it doesn’t necessarily wait for you to go first, because once the whatever it is starts working that’s what happens. Sometimes, more often than not actually, a human has a near-death experience. It is prepared to die and leave the body but it doesn’t. Whatever occurs it comes back, so often an animal will think that its owner is going to die and pass on; it dies and of course you don’t. You stay there. That happens more than you think.
The second one is yes, and we could go into the talk about what the religion of the Buddhists, but it is often the case that a very highly evolved soul, that is not necessarily in a human body, will offer itself as a sacrifice. It’s not offering the soul as a sacrifice because the soul never dies, but it can say I am offering my physical body in place of the other physical body. Now you could argue well how could say the body of a dog equal the body of a human? Well, actually it does, because the body is just the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s the body of an ant or the body of a person, it is just the container. Yes, the body of the human is very important. It has a brain and you know has a system, which is more advanced than anything else on the planet that we’re aware of, but ultimately it is the soul that matters here because the soul will come back. The church got that bit right, and have another body if it can. So there are a very few cases that I’m aware of where another living creature can do that. Now this is the oddest thing because that’s called a sacrifice. It’s not the sacrifice that we imagine. We imagine, you know, the Incas or a Satanic ritual, but sacrifice means giving up for somebody else. Do you love somebody so much that you will sacrifice for that, and that’s what’s going on, so it’s a really good question, so the answer is yes, but there are more answers to it, so thank you.
JP: Cool. Right, okay, let’s see, right, Reptilians from [44:37][Ar ra wa]. This one is from Mark. Thank you for your wonderful show Simon. I have always had issues with people in my life. Recently I realized that it’s due to Reptilian components of my soul. This is an old soul that has had enough of this role and has decided to go back to source. I realized that this could be happening to others as I am noticing a lot of people behaving strangely lately. Have you come across any issues like this? Many thanks, Mark.
SP: I will tell you what; loads of people are behaving strangely. I don’t know any other countries. I suppose it must be but if you are in Great Britain and you go in a motorcar, you’ve got to be doubly careful at the moment. What’s happening is that the energies hitting the planet and the planet itself is evolving now at such a rate that a number of people are slightly lagging behind, and when they have to make quick decisions, and for most people the quickest decisions they have to make in their life is behind the wheel of a motorcar, and it’s showing, because they are making mistakes. They are, an English word, they’re dithering, they are I don’t know what to do. What should I do? Should I turn left? Should I turn right? Oh, oh what should I do? And we are seeing that a great deal. The more a human is put under stress at the moment the more likely they are to have this reaction. This is predominantly so with people who are unawake, unaware, those of us who are very spiritual/psychic and aware are dealing with this better than those who are blindly going along as they’ve always done. They really don’t understand what’s happening, so much of what’s being felt on the planet is the fact that the planet is shooting forward now and evolving and the souls in our body are shooting along there side by side with it, but our physical bodies are lagging behind, and I tried to explain this once, that the soul shoots ahead and the body is attached by a cord, but it’s behind, and then we, you see that there’s no more waves of energy coming in for a bit, and that’s deliberate because it allows the physical bodies of the creatures to catch up with the soul. So it catches up and oh that’s better. We feel much better and we feel more enlivened, then another energy burst comes in. The soul shoots ahead and then we are playing catch up. The physical body is catching up with that soul and so on. That’s why we don’t get all these waves, one after the other and a great big wave because the physical bodies couldn’t cope. It has to be going up a ladder, a step at a time, boom–connect, boom–connect, and for people who do not understand any of this, then it’s quite frightening, quite scary, and so that is, that’s causing a lot of it.
There are other reasons why people can do this. If you have more than one part to your soul, it is unlikely that part will leave the planet. If you have a Reptilian connection or component to your soul I would suggest to you that that cannot leave, and leave the rest of it. You are what you are. You are that soul. To remove that Reptilian part would be to damage and fracture the soul and you would not be the person you are. You know we go through life and when I talk to people then the person that I’m talking to is the sum connection of everything they’ve ever done since they came here, all they learnt or didn’t learn, all the good or the evil, all part of a process to put that person on a learning journey. So, if at the end of that you said hurrah, I’m what I am and I’m going to chuck this Reptilian bit out, all the Reptilian bits as I’m off now. We will not be the same person because the Reptilian bit had to learn and we are what we are, so what would happen is that when our physical body dies, stops working, the soul then goes back to source. That is the moment in front of the Great Creator that we can either say we would like this to happen or that to happen. We want to stay because we’re a family. We have been through so much. This is who I am. So there are a lot and lots of possibilities, so you just be aware that there are many possibilities for what we’re feeling in the moment. That’s a very good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, so now right so this one goes into human history. Hi, this is from Starstuff145. Hi Simon and JayPee. Simon, I’m interested in what happened before the last incarnation of human genetic manipulation/evolution. Given archaeologists are finding red-haired European-looking mummies in China and carvings of dinosaurs and humans coexisting, they have previously stated that the Earth has been to a level of high technology many times and has been destroyed. Stone structures that have been clearly constructed with a higher level of technology are being more frequently discovered. Who were these people? Did they go underground or were they totally destroyed? Were these people also controlled by the fake religions we have today? Do you have any answers to these questions?
SP: I hope so. Otherwise I shouldn’t be doing a radio show. First of all the last manipulation to humanity was twenty-six thousand five hundred years ago. That’s the last genetic manipulation on a wide scale. The reason there hasn’t been anything since then [is] simply because we are not at that level that we should be able to make decisions for ourselves and also we had got to a point that mass deception couldn’t be done on an overt scale. All deception against the human race had to move underground, had to be covert, so the stuff that’s going on now is hidden, you know, by and large it’s covert and is hidden because we’ve reached the consciousness that allows us to detect that, but if you went back twenty-six thousand five hundred [years] and further back, we were very, very separate, isolated and we weren’t necessarily up for it in terms of understanding what’s going on. Yes, that’s right, I have said that the Earth has many times reached high technological positions, but not necessarily spiritual positions, just because you have a huge technological society does not mean you have a spiritual base. In fact often it means the opposite. They often talk about North American native tribes being technologically poor but spiritually rich, so where we see a, what we would call a backward, I don’t call it, but that’s what the system calls it, where you see a backward people they are hugely spiritual and amazingly psychic. You know if you are a small Papua New Guinea tribe, you’ve only seen one white man in the last thirty years, and the only motorcars that come through are tourists who want to come and take photographs of you because, you know, somebody charges thousands of dollars to do that and you don’t have a cell phone. You don’t have a mobile phone, and people say look at those people, aren’t they primitive. Well they don’t need a cell phone because they’re probably telepathic and they would probably a send message, you know, three miles down the road saying here comes another bunch of people with their cameras and their cell phones. So just because something’s not technologically advanced doesn’t mean it’s not advanced.
You’re talking about the red-haired group. This is not a direct alien group. This is a human group. It’s a group that can connect to Atlantis, to a lesser extent Lemuria. Not everyone in Atlantis had blond hair. There are a number from Lemuria and Atlantis that had the red color. It’s the color of particularly the Celtic group and these were a group of people who were more like nomadic and you couldn’t say they lived in a city or a city-state. They were people who were hired as mercenaries and I don’t mean mercenaries to fight. I mean people who were gifted and so we often find graves or isolated groups in small villages of these people where they are linked to the Agartha, a link to the Hollow Earth most definitely, and some of the groups, the Catalonia tribes in Portugal and Spain can actually connect directly also through to Egypt, so that’s really good questions. Thank you very much.
JP: Right, bop bop bom, okay, oh right, not that one, there’s, somebody keeps . . .they’re putting lots of questions and I’m not going to answer them all, ask them all, because I’ve answered a couple of them already. Okay, okay so this is from Sonia. On the radio show from May 2nd a person suggested to do group meditation on every show. On the very next radio show the server was down. I wonder if this was because they were afraid of the group meditation. Please let us do this short meditation on every show. I feel this could really make a change. Thank you so much for your strength and light. I wish you best for your health and lots of love.
SP: Right, we’ll do it. What we’ll do, we’ll do it at the end of a radio show because if we are going to be taken down, then it would be no good if we get taken down at the beginning or middle of the radio show because we’re going to lose out, so we will do a group meditation at the last two to three minutes. That’s all we need actually of the radio show, so if we do get taken down then people have had the chance to listen to the radio show. So what we’ll do is I’ll need to organize with Connecting Consciousness. What I would need to do is to rather than impose this is what we’re going to do, because when I created Connecting Consciousness I did not create a hierarchy. I would ask the membership what they wanted and what they felt was a vital meditation, you know, not just from my country or my town, but for the planet. Sometimes some countries are more hard-pressed and I will authorize activity in the particular country, because that’s, you know, very important and recently we did a larger meditation against child sacrifice because certain times of the Moon, and certain times of the planet’s movements mean that more children are attacked at certain times of the year, so I will always give that top priority, but what we’ll do, I will work with Connecting Consciousness the next two weeks to form up a meditation and then at the beginning of the radio show in two weeks time, I’ll announce what it will be and then a couple of minutes, three or four minutes before the end we will do it, and I accept that it’s a really good idea. That is how Connecting Consciousness should work. It’s how I should work, which means if somebody comes to me with a good idea (A) I shouldn’t be scared of that and (B) I shouldn’t react by saying don’t you tell me what to do. I should be able to react by saying is it good for humanity? Is it something that we can do, and if the answer is yes, we do it. You know, that’s brilliant so yeah we’re going to do it. Thank you.
JP: Fabulous, so we’re coming up to the top of the hour and I was . . .
SP: One more in before we take the break.
JP: One more in, okay All right, so that all right another one, okay so four minutes after that first question about the group meditation another one came in saying the same thing. All right. Beings that some babies, toddlers, and children can see: Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you so much for your wonderful life-changing work that you do. It is said that some babies, toddlers, and young children can interact with beings, which most adults cannot perceive. What is occurring during these interactions? P.S. Are you still going to bring out the book? Love and Light Destiny Calls.
SP: Right Destiny, thank you very much. Yes I am going to bring out a book. I really truly, truly am. The difficulty is that there are other things that I need to do, which are more beneficial to the human race. I want to bring the book out, but I have to ask myself do I bring the book out because I want to feel good; I want to feel great; I want to go round and say, “Look I’ve brought a book out. I’m one of those who’s published.”
Do I want to bring a book out because I want to share that information with people and I want to empower people, or do I say, “Look of course I want to help people,” but there are other things I’m doing, so yeah, I promise I really want to bring the book out, but when we’ve won the war, when the war’s been won I’ll bring the book out. Right, children, most children can see spirits in the true sense of the word. Most can see interdimensional entities like jinn. Most children can see something from the fourth dimension or higher. Also so can animals, and the point is that when you are not worried about your rent or your mortgage or the car not working or a next-door neighbor shouting and screaming, or the latest tax demand, when you don’t have those worries, you are able to see more clearly. You’re not, or your thinking process is not taken up, and that’s why children and animals can see what many adults don’t see. What is going on? Well that’s the million-dollar question because depending on which entity has come to see that child, where they come from, what their agenda is, that will dictate the way it goes, so there could be hundreds of possibilities. What I will say is that good entities generally don’t show themselves to children, generally, not exclusively, because they don’t wish to traumatize or frighten that child. Negative entities or entities that just don’t understand the human condition will show themselves to children either because they don’t care what that child thinks, and they don’t care about violating free will or they just have no conception of it. So the vast majority of interaction with children is by negative entities who wish to influence that child for bad purposes, but there are, I would say, a quarter of all interaction with children is positive, or at least it’s independent, where the entity has decided or the group it represents or the group that’s behind it, and has tasked it with this mission, has felt that they had to intercede at that point because if they didn’t, then the negative forces would get in. It’s rather like the films where you go back in a time machine to Tuesday. Then the bad guy goes back to Monday, so then the good guys go back to Sunday and they’re always trying to get to be the first one to do whatever, and there is some truth in that. So children are often interacted with by both good and evil forces because they want to get in first to set that timeline for that child because that child is going to have a big impact when he or she grows up. So I hope that answers your question, and if we’ve got three minutes now, have a quick cup of tea JayPee.
JP: Sounds like a good idea, so let’s see what’s blowing in the wind. [Music] And we’re back, hour two. Everything’s working again now. Now everybody has settled down. Please, if you’re coming into the show, please don’t come exactly at seven o’clock or eleven. Come a little bit before the show, because it’s like hundreds of people trying to rush in through a tiny gate and it falls over. So until we have found a way of working around that incredible rush, Simon are you still with us? I see, he’s not there. Right, okay, let’s call back. Don’t know what happened there. There you are.
SP: What happened?
JP: I don’t know. Suddenly you weren’t there anymore and I was like talking, you know, that was the wind, the sound of wind. Anyway welcome back to the show.
SP: Well, what, JayPee, what happened was that the [1:02:04][still on] connection here and you disappeared.
JP: Oh how bizarre.
SP: Yeah.
JP: How bizarre. Anyway, well we are all here now.
SP: Good.
JP: That’s good, so I had two songs about the wind, “Dust in the Wind” and “Blowing in the Wind.”
SP: Okay, very good.
JP: So Black Goo from Karen: Can you please say something about black goo? Can black goo really help in the spiritual development and support the connection with mother Earth as some suppliers of homeopathic black goo describe, or is it something that keeps us in lower-frequency? Thank you so much and lots of light from Germany, Karen.
SP: Right there is a native black goo which is a positive black goo, but the establishment wouldn’t really make that available. It may be that some individuals through very special contacts have got access to that, I really don’t know. So that would be beneficial, but I’m not quite sure how you would use it. The other black goo is incredibly dangerous. It’s sentient, negative, and that certainly wouldn’t be of any beneficial help at all. One is slightly more viscous than the other. The off planet negative black goo is somewhat more viscous and thicker than the native one. My advice is really unless you are able to genuinely know the difference I really wouldn’t get involved in that, so no I wouldn’t get involved. Thank you.
JP: Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s, can I just, the film Prometheus . . .
SP: Yeah.
JP: . . . has this black goo at the beginning where the guy drinks it and then dissolves into bits. Is that an allegory thing do you think or is that just a . . .
SP: Well he’s doing, he’s sacrificing himself isn’t he, and that’s all about at the beginning of the film. I remember it now. That’s all about the sacrifice. What a number of directors are doing is trying to give truthful information out, mixing it in with fantasy and the very fact that that was a film that put the black goo to the public’s attention like that may not mean anything in terms of the character drinking it, but it was a way of introducing that substance into the consciousness of people. Those who were aware would understand what it was and those that weren’t would start perhaps thinking what’s this black substance, but like many many of these things, there are those who wish to experiment and try to take this stuff and see what it does to them. Now in terms of altering your perception or altering your state or your mind, it certainly would do that, but it would probably, if it’s the negative black goo, probably take you over completely. So again, you know, I wouldn’t recommend it. I think that what we’ve been shown by Prometheus with the alien group of films is a warning, but also heads up; this is what’s around the corner, so that’s how I look on it.
JP: Okay, I think you are right. Okay this is an interesting question. Hello, turn my mic up [a bit]. Question topic: a black hooded beings. This is from Moose. I thank you for all you are doing for humanity. Every Sunday we, a group of us, have been doing the weekly ascension meditation. A week ago a friend participated with us in the weekly ascension meditation. After the meditation she said that she saw a large gathering of beings wearing black hooded robes. Also, she felt as if she was being observed and watched. Her experience was completely different from mine and now I don’t want to participate in this meditation. It feels negative. What are your thoughts?
SP: Right, okay, well just because a being wears a black robe and a hood like a monk, it doesn’t immediately mean that they’re negative, nor does it mean that the process that they’re taking part in is negative, and the word “occult” is to be hidden, so when a being or a person is involved in some form of ritual or ceremony and they put the hood on and the black gown on, we, on this planet, tend to think of it as Satanic or evil, or if we are very religious, we think of it as a monk. So in the eye of the beholder is interpreting what he or she sees dependent on their own experiences on life, what you’ve got to look at is what is actually intoned. What is actually said during the ceremony? What is done during the ceremony? If it’s antihuman, then you should immediately remove yourself from it, but if it’s a positive ceremony and it’s designed to help, then you should be part of it if you wish. So you can’t judge because of the way they look. You have to judge because of what they say and whether they carry forward those actions, and for instance, I’ve got one-third Reptilian in me, so if you were racist and you hated Reptilians because you hated Reptilians, then you would hate me, but if you said, “Hang on a minute. What Simon is saying is positive. It’s positive for humanity. He clearly believes in the evolving of humanity, therefore he is good,” so we shouldn’t judge on looks or, you know, history. We should judge on what’s happening at that time. If you’ve got a feeling that something was bad or evil happening then you must trust yourself. So always trust yourself. If an organization or a whole group of people are undertaking some form of ritual they should explain to you what it’s about, and they should be transparent about that and open you know. I do my work through, you know, Connecting Consciousness and we group meditate and everything that we do is designed to help people. We don’t put boots on and we don’t put black capes on. We just are what we are because I personally don’t feel that you need to dress up in fancy dress. Well now that’s going to upset a lot of people in the Masonic world now. I don’t think you need to dress up if you’ve got good intentions, then you’ve got good intentions, but there are people who are very, very rich and mystically bound, magically bound and they do believe that they need to put the right clothes on, because that’s what their grandparents did and their great-grandparents, etcetera, etcetera, so I’m not going to knock that, but that’s the best answer I can give you. Thank you.
JP: Okay, now, the questions are getting grosser. Okay. Hi, Simon and JayPee, the show is great. My question is that my mom used to get a visitation at night where someone would come to her and stick his finger in her side. She doesn’t get it anymore, but I do, I do now. The creature is short, bald head with long fingers and sharp fingernails. He sticks my finger . . . he sticks the finger into my side approximately area of the adrenals, kidneys. It started with me around the same age it happened to mom. I have read about sleep paralysis, but this experience is a bit different. Can you help?
SP: JayPee does the person give the height of this being?
JP: Says short.
SP: Right, that is not a being if it’s three feet, about three feet tall, then you are looking at a jinn. That’s exactly what it is. It’s got a bald head. That’s fairly classic. The sticking of the finger is an allegory really. It’s attempting to get access to your body where you’re being poked, as we would say, is quite unusual. It’s normally the shoulders, your hips or your thighs. It’s unusual that they are being got there. That is the entity attempting to enter your body. It’s attempting to gain access to your body and if you go onto my website, and I’m telling you how to deal with these creatures. You’ll find a very useful method in there, so I do not believe that’s a fourth dimensional entity. I believe it’s an interdimensional entity. Classically we call it the finger poking. It’s like you feel somebody’s trying to prod you and in this case you’ve actually got a vision, and this thing has shown itself to you not in its classic natural stance. It’s projected an image, One Thousand and One Nights, the Arabian Nights, the bald headed sorcerer etcetera, etcetera, so that’s what you’ve got in there, fairly easy to get rid of. It’s obviously running in the family. It’s running through the lineages. If your mother had it, we tend to see that runs through family lines, time to get rid of it.
JP: Indeed so all right. Okay I’ve actually got a personal question, but you know one from me, but I will ask that after this. This is from Tim Good. Dear Simon, I’ve just one question to ask, a personal one, another one. However I will prelude it by offering some background on myself. I don’t experience visions, visitations, lucid dreams, abductions or close encounters of the sixth kind. I have never seen any of the beings that many of your listeners describe. I have no idea what bleeping constellation I or my DNA derived from. Nonetheless, I have encountered many people who profess to have UFO sightings, angelic interventions that have saved lives. One has been onboard a mothership and another one I believe another one believes she may have been a Montauk child, so I guess I don’t quality as a so-called “lightworker.” I take an interest in your show, Max Steel, [Andronicus] material and other cell phone Wolf Spirit Radio, but I don’t see or experience [1:12:47][ah sa siege] [maybe he should go to linkage . . . inaudible, no sorry]. Maybe the one talent I can offer is pasting together bits and pieces of info from different sources in order to present a picture of sorts. I work in a library, go figure. I have no idea what my role is during this crucial transition period. All I know is I live from day to day working, eating, getting my sustenance from programs like yours. I wish ascension could happen yesterday, frustrated. What impression do you get from ungrateful questions such as this one? I hope you can throw a few pencils of light my way. Tim.
SP: Right. Well, okay, well, Tim. First I all I have yet to have it clearly defined what a lightworker is. This seems to be a very common term that people take to themselves. I think what they’re saying is that I am a good person and I work for good purposes and you know we seem to have taken this word about lightworker well, you know, what is a lightworker, you know, somebody who saves lives but isn’t spiritually aware, but you know in a hospital maybe four or five times a year saves the life of somebody if that nurse wasn’t there that person would die. Well couldn’t we call them a lightworker? Do we have to be spiritually aware and spiritually awake to be a lightworker? Does that qualify us? I don’t think so. I think that anyone who does good work regardless, service to others is a lightworker, so just because something hasn’t happened, you know, there are many people who say to me, “Oh I wish some of the things that happen to you would happen to me.” And I say to them, “No you don’t,” and they say, “Oh yes I do,” and I say, “No you don’t because that wouldn’t be you.”
You know you are telling me that you’re not happy with who you are. That shows me that you’re fundamentally out of balance. You know you incarnated on this planet as the person you are. Why would you wish to be somebody else? You haven’t looked into yourself. You haven’t developed yourself, and if you truly did, then you’d be really happy with who you are, so nobody in their right mind would want to be a Montauk child. Nobody in their right mind would want to go through an MK-Ultra torture program. Many people wouldn’t want to be on a spaceship a zillion trillion miles away from Earth looking out of a small porthole at a whole group of planets and stars and thinking when in God’s name am I going to go home. Am I ever going to go home? So we shouldn’t look on other people’s experiences as something we aspire to. We should look at ourselves and say what are my goals? What do I wish to achieve? How can I help other people and that is the way to come at it. Everyone on this planet is very special, and those people who do good work are extra special and I’m sure you, Tim, are extra special. Thank you for your question.
JP: Okay. Now, I had an experience yesterday Simon. This is me.
SP: Okay.
JP: And I was going through a kind of, just doing an emotional detox and something came up and I saw like a church window first of all, you know, like one of those little narrow . . . it was about like six inches wide, little stained-glass window and it was a terrible feeling that I had and I buried down into it and the thought came to me they’ve buried me alive in the building, and obviously I wasn’t too happy about that and it may be the residual thought but was it something . . . is it likely that I could have been buried or, you know, obviously in a passing incarnation, not this one, a passing connection could be buried and what happens to one’s soul if that happens to you? I mean can I go and get that fragment and will the building fall down if that happens?
SP: Interesting point.
JP: Because it’s a summit thing isn’t it like burying babies in the buildings.
SP: Yes, but one of the things you’d have to, or anyone would have to be very very clear on, was whether that was you or whether you have inadvertently connected with another soul that was indeed buried in that building, and you have picked up their own signature, their own frequency, their own mind thoughts, so you have to be very careful that it’s not you in a past life, but it’s another person that’s been buried there so that can happen. It can be such a strong pulse of energy that we assume it must be us, but actually we’re picking up on somebody else’s life force. Now if it is you, then that is the case then you are absolutely entitled to go back and reclaim what is yours. In terms of the edifice of the building that is secondary and doesn’t matter. There you have full right to regain whatever is yours, but you need to be clear that that really is, you know, happened to you and not someone else, and in many cases we are especially aware, we are empathetic. We can pick up on other people that we’re not sympathizing with someone else. You know, there are many times when we can walk down a road or a high street or a sidewalk and we can feel the presence in the window, but we might be connecting with something that happened a hundred years ago or two hundred years ago, so I hope that helps JayPee.
JP: Okay, right, so here’s another very interesting question. This is from Colts, Colts, Colts B. Anyway the real names of stars is the topic. Hello Simon, JayPee and the awakened community. My question is this. The stars and galaxies have names. For example, Alpha Centauri, Betelgeuse, Canis Majoris, the Milky Way. Are these the names of the celestial bodies as they speak throughout the universe or are these the names that only us on this planet know them by. For example we know our planet as Earth, but is this called Earth by beings from Andromeda or do they know our planet by another universal name or number? Did we make . . . I’m putting them a number . . . did we make up these names or were we told these were the names of these celestial bodies? JayPee you are my Morpheus and Simon is my Neo. Thank you for unplugging me from the matrix. So yes, star names, who makes up the star names?
SP: Right, good question.
JP: Yeah, brilliant question.
SP: Well the radio show could be the Nebuchadnezzar then couldn’t it? The names that we have are names that we have given so they are human names for stars, constellations and planets. Off planet entities are familiar with the names that we use and they will use the same names when discussing with humans, so for instance if a particular off planet entity group is meeting with American military that they would generally use the human name for something because they know that that is understood, but they will have their own names or coding. Now sometimes the names or coding for these planets is incredibly long so it might be easier to say Alpha Centauri than perhaps something that takes, you know, two sentences to say, but remember that most of these races will connect telepathically or when they connect with computers, it’s superluminal, so it’s the speed of light-plus, so it doesn’t matter how long or short these names are. Everything is delivered almost instantaneous, so they’ve no need to concern themselves with names because they will just know the planets that they are referring to, but [1:21:28] if they were to talk to a human and give the name or number for that planet would mean nothing to us, wouldn’t appear on any star chart, it wouldn’t appear on any star maps, but that is the name the group would have had since it began, and it’s like you know, a million years that they would have called such and such a planet something. And they don’t tend to use those names with us. They’ll tend to use the human names because their whole point about it is for us to connect and understand with what they’re referring to, but if you are eavesdropping in on a communication or a conversation between two nonhuman entities or a group, then they will use their own terminology for planets, so when talking to me they will use the word Earth because that is the name that it has here, but they will use English language, they will refer to it as the water world, so if they don’t call it the Earth to me, they’ll refer to it as the water world, where it doesn’t have a code number like that because there are so few water worlds that they are special, so you call it to the water world in that particular quadrant or that that particular segment, and so they can use quite nice names, not just cataloging names, so it’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Yeah, I think the Andromedans are very good at cataloging things. They’re always talking about sectors and numbers and coordinates and stuff like that. So, Ronald. Dear Simon, I have been visited when I was a small child and I am forty-two years old now. What is the feeling of being heavily shaken between the time they come and take you or bring you back, and what is it when a beam of light is shot into your head and it feels like your whole head is going to explode? Friendly regards, oh Susan from Holland.
SP: Thank you Susan. Vibration is probably better than shaking, but I presume you mean you feel a vibrational force. When someone’s taken out of their body first of all or put back in their body, there is a feeling of a vibration or a shaking movement. You can get that when you’re either physically taken, when your body is taken, or when just the signature, your energy soul, is taken, but people have referred to me more that it’s when you are put back in your body, and I would agree with that. When you’re put back that’s a greater shock simply because when you’re taken out of your body you are going into an energy world so the soul is energetic, and it’s coming out of a physical body into the world of energy so it’s a more of a smooth transition. When you’re put back you would think that would be easier because you’re going back into your body, but the reality is you’re having to readjust from a high frequency energy form back into a mammalian biological body, so that transference is a little bit more traumatic and many people will wake up or experience being put back in their body, something that was more of a shock than being taken out, and that doesn’t matter quite whether it’s you physically going through a portal or whether your energy is going through a portal, so that sadly in the sense of being taken without permission is very normal on the Earth. Military have the same technology and, you know, we associate them with black helicopters, not exclusively so, but mainly black helicopters, where they can take you out, put you back and their technology is not always as good, and therefore the returning process can sometimes be ever so slightly out of queue. It can be out of sync and the returning process can be a little bit more jolty, and that can be a bit of a problem so I hope that helps.
JP: So rough entry. All right this is, now this is way, well complex, some of it, I don’t get it. This is from Edward Apple. P versus NP problem: To this day, Hello Simon, to this day mathematicians still cannot solve the seemingly unsolvable P versus NP problem. Is this due to our three dimensional limits of cognition and do beings of higher dimensions know the solution? I thank you for your contribution to humanity. Your information is truly helping me awake.
SP: Right the issue of course, sorry.
JP: Right I was just going to say [do you] have any idea?
SP: Oh yes, the problem is that most scientists and genuine men and women on this planet who have visionary thinking are still bound and locked in by the constraints of what they believe to be true and physically capable of. There are only a few luminaries in the true sense of the word and visionaries who were capable of thinking outside of the 3D prism, so when you look at something if you just assume that it can maintain or hold or create or reduce at the rate that a physical world and the constraints of physical world will allow it, then that’s what you get. You get an insoluble problem. You don’t get the answer to it, but when you start to say, well let us think what’s impossible from the planet’s point of view and we say well what should it do, [1:27:38] and then we can maybe not even bring a mathematical formula to express that. You see that’s the problem. If there isn’t a mathematical formula to show the answer, how can you find an answer if you’re looking at it purely from an Einstein type of, type of way? I would suggest that there are a number of organizations on the planet that have the answer for that, but there’s absolutely no way that they are prepared to give that answer because to do so is to open what they would call Pandora’s Box, and the number of other, from their perspective, sacred towers would come tumbling down because if all ordinary academic in a learning institution could suddenly start to think in a way that he or she had not been taught by the university or the establishment, then it makes a mockery of these establishments. Why would we need them, and the whole point about universities is to make sure that people think in the approved fashion. But you know that’s all schools are. All schools schools and universities are not there to teach you. They are to say this is the approved line, and we’re going to teach you the approved line, and if you want to get a qualification and you want to go and work in that industry or whatever it might be, you have to repeat the approved line. So if that is the truth and I believe that’s the truth, how can anybody overcome quantum issues, because until incredibly recently most establishment organizations were unprepared to move outside of the norm. So yes, is the answer. Until the system allows individuals to think and then to reward them for thinking outside of it, it won’t get the answer to the public. The only other way is that those organizations that have the answer could release it, but they won’t release it until we have a mind change on the planet, and incidentally there are a number of other, and you could express them as chemical formulae or action-reaction formula, that there appear to be no answer for, but there is. If you remember when the 1951 film, when The Earth Stood Still[1] and Klaatu, the alien, who came down with his robot and he goes into the professor’s room, takes a piece of chalk and then he starts writing and adding to the professor’s calculus and when the professor comes back from university he says, well that can’t work because it would have the opposite effect, and something along those lines, and Klaatu says well that’s exactly what you want. In other words, that you, the human, have been taught that this is contrary to the reaction you are expecting, but that is what you want, and that was for me the best part of that film, not the robot melting tanks, but the Earth human professor realizing that the answer was incredibly simple, but his university-backed teaching had prevented him from escaping out of that prison box. It was a good question, thank you.
JP: Very good. This is from Robert. Hello Simon, hello JayPee. Thank you all the positive work you do. Will there be an economic crash or correction in the stock market in the month of July or August? And if yes, will it be caused by a geopolitical event? Will it cause an increase in the price of oil and raw materials and gold? Will this be the beginning of a recession or will there be a temporary recovery in [1:31:42][inaudible]?
SP: Right that is something that comes up every every time in my news bulletin and so it should, because it’s potentially one of the most difficult in the short term. I and others, four or five years ago, were saying there would be some form of crash in 2017. They actually thought it would come last year, and for those people who did the research that defines, that depending on the research you look at the major European Bank, the biggest bank in Europe is Deutsche Bank and depending on where you look you get between six hours and something like twelve hours, the bank was that far away from a total meltdown, somewhere between six and twelve hours, would have been an absolute collapse of that bank, which would have brought all of Europe down, but they were saved because I think it was the Qatari government and some Saudi Arabians came in and bailed out the bank. Had they not done that there would have been a huge crash. Now why did the Qatari government bail out Deutsche Bank? Because they already own something like ten or fifteen percent of the bank and we know the Qatari government hold a large number of bonds from Deutsche Bank and if Deutsche Bank had gone down, they would never have got the interest on their bonds. And interestingly enough this year Qatari government started to sell their bonds for Deutsche Bank and said they didn’t want any more because they believe that Deutsche Bank was going down the plughole, as we say in Great Britain. To answer the question in a wider term and I mentioned it on my bulletin, some people may not have got it because the server went down. You’ll have to pick this up on YouTube. I think to date, since January of this year something like five major newspapers of Great Britain have covered this story basically saying there is a crash.
What’s going to cause it I would imagine it was either going to come from the United States or potentially Great Britain; one of those two countries are going to trigger it. If it comes from the U.S. it will be because the Dow Jones at 21,500, the highest in its history, is overblown and somebody at some point is going to say I’m pulling my money out. There’s nowhere to go now and that will start the domino effect. As long as Donald Trump looks like he can deliver on making America great again, people will keep their money in the Dow Jones. If it appears that the system, the elite, are succeeding in stopping him, we are talking about the Fed and several other organizations, if they are actively trying to stop Donald Trump being successful, there’s no doubt about that, so if they are successful and they can derail Trump’s program to make America great, then we will see confidence go, and there will be another 1929 Wall Street Crash. How will that affect oil? Well it won’t do oil much but gold, my goodness me, gold prices will shoot up, so will silver, platinum, uranium, many, many precious metals materials will really spike up. How will it affect people? It will be worse than the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 because that was a specific rarefied element of the banking world, but a stock market crash affects everything, not just real estate. It goes right down to retail and if you hit retail then you hit ordinary people who have to trade and shop, so any potential crash through a stock market collapse will be worse than the 2008–2009 situation and those of you who are a bit young and don’t remember the 1929 crash, and I don’t remember it either, but you go on and you search online. You will see that the wealthy were untouched, but the middle group, the people who played the stock exchange but weren’t the billionaires, they were just fairly well to do. They were decimated and there are a number of photographs of middle class guys selling their motorcars saying I lost everything in the stock market, but the likes of the Bushes, etcetera, etcetera, they see the crash coming and they get out. They move their money elsewhere, but the other people who don’t have access to this, they’re the ones that are hit hard. Now the very poor, they don’t have money in the stock exchange so they don’t initially feel the impact, but three months, six months later, when all the other services are being impacted and firms stop hiring people for work, the government can’t pay off the pensions. They can’t pay out the social care money. That’s when the low end of people start to feel it, so all ends of community will suffer except the elite, but isn’t that the story on this planet since day one. So thank you for that.
JP: Great. Now this is a very, okay, what can I, I’ll just read it. My heartfelt thanks for your service to humanity you are guiding star for us. My question is now are you familiar with Anton Parks?
SP: No I’m not.
JP: Right, okay it’s about this, in, I’ll see what you think because there’s some names.
SP: Okay.
JP: In Anton Park’s book, The Secrets of the Dark Stars, he talks of the Draco Queen [Mamitu-Nammu] as belonging to a group of priestesses called the Amasutum who in turn are aligned with the higher species the Kadistu who are part of the forces of creation it says here. What part did the Amasutum and the Kadistu play in the historic journey of humanity, and if so do they still play a part behind the scenes and what is that? Thank you.
SP: Right, right, the Orion Empire and this is one of the groups that held sway in ancient Egypt, not just the Egypt that we are familiar with, the earlier periods of Egypt which Egyptologists won’t talk about, so turned into like a sun god worship. The two groups that the Sirius[sear re us] or Sirius[sigh rus] Federation and the Orion Empire were the two major Reptilian type groups that fought to control over the city-states of Earth, so I don’t know for five hundred years it might be the Orion Empire who had ascendancy and then there would be a marriage and then the Sirius or Sirian group would be predominant, and this is not a human group. This is not your ordinary merchants or your religious people or your, you know, ordinary people; this is the elite group who held power on the planet and were continually, their minds were taken with all the machinations and the games of power play going on, which members of the family would be dominant, was this person okay, was this person okay, who should you marry, you know, that’s why they were so consumed with playing all these games, and hence why in later cultures in the more modern new kingdom yet in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh’s court was modeled on this, so it’s a line that created and very much part of the ancient Egyptian culture, so I hope that helps you. Thank you, it’s a good question.
JP: Yes, a question about the solar eclipse has been kind of dotting around, so I’m going to ask it here right now, because people are saying oh can you ask Simon about the eclipse so various people have said could you speak about the total solar eclipse? There’s also ideas about that that eclipse might have some effect on technologies and things like that so what’s the news on the eclipse that’s coming up in August?
SP: Right, it’s a really good question. Well I haven’t done it on the radio show because I’ve only had one source of information on this and you know for people who follow me fairly closely and thank you, I appreciate you for doing that, I only generally go public when I get two independent sources of information, which confirm each other. At the moment I’ve got one source and not a second source but as you’ve asked me the question, I won’t say this is going to happen. I will just say that I’ve been told about this. When we have an eclipse, there is a small amount of time that the Earth does not receive real-time information from the main star, but that doesn’t matter because there are secret libraries. I can’t think of a better word for this. There are secret libraries stored around the Earth that hold a like a generator. They hold a reserve amount of information so when the signal is cut off, these generators carry on and take it up. Now if it were cut off for a very long length of time, things would go wrong, so around sixty-six million years ago, a piece of Nibiru crashed into the Earth, wiped out the dinosaurs. The material that was thrown up into the sky largely, not totally, largely blocked out the Sun and so the encoded energy was not and information was not received by the Earth, and after a while the memory banks failed and so we saw loads and loads of creatures begin to die out, and those creatures that had a different connection didn’t require the memory banks, like crocodiles, alligators, they were never be wiped out by that meteorite so they were able to live, but other creatures that relied on a much more everyday sort of an update couldn’t survive it, so what I’ve been told is there’s a plan, that’s all we’ve got at the moment, a plan from sort of Agenda 21 people so the worst sorts of people there are to use that blanked out period to attempt to take out a number of generating stations, communications, to knock it all out and to say it’s some sort of natural disaster, so that’s only one piece of information I have, but there are, according to this source, some serious plans to use that, is that a thirty-second to a minute, a minute-and-a-half where the Earth is disconnected to attempt to hijack some of the infrastructure on the planet, so yeah, if I obviously get more information then I’ll go public with it, so thank you for that.
JP: Thank you very much. All right a very quick question from somebody who came to Watford last week and was wonderful to see you. You provide the information about the insurance company that covers the damages in the sad tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. I think if you actually said, can you tell us more about the name of the insurance company in one area or another?
SP: I didn’t give names of the insurance company. What actually happened was while I was doing my talk I noticed a guy at the back of the hall with an enormous telephoto lens. Now last time I did, two times ago I did a talk at the same hall a member of the press did not declare himself. He was actually the Daily Express and although he sat through the whole day and there were four or five speakers, he only wanted to comment on me and this is my talk a little bit about Putin etcetera, etcetera, but Putin was the bit he wanted to hook in on, and I stopped the debate or the conference and I shouted to this man, “Are you a member of the press?” And then of course everybody looked around at him and he did say no he wasn’t, but what I noticed was he disappeared. It was not normal to stand in a hall with an enormous telephoto lens taking photographs and I think that interrupted the flow of my, well it would have obviously interrupted the flow of my talk, and I now I don’t remember the name of the company, but if you actually go online you’ll find that because of the police investigation and some of the journalists now are digging stuff up, you’ll find that name is available, and so although I don’t remember it at this point, you can go online and you’ll find it. It’s a Norwegian company.
JP: How very fascinating Simon. I mean this so reminds me of the whole Larry Silverstein insuring the building, the Twin Towers, for all that money and actually insuring both of them and trying to get a payout on one each. That’s . . .
SP: Yes.
JP: That’s hutzpah as we say, so Reptilian celebrities. Here’s a good one, a quick short question. Is it true both Adele and Justin Beaver were caught by their fans shapeshifting into giant Reptilians?
SP: Well, I don’t know.
JP: [1:46:01][unintelligible]
SP: Well, I didn’t see it and I, you know, people will say they’ve seen this and seen that. You know, one has to be very careful. I will tend to only go with something that a person has trusted to me, someone I know obviously. What I would say is that if somebody shapeshifts, that doesn’t mean they’re evil. What you’ve got to look at is the particular singer. What do they sing about? If they are singing and they are just repeating Illuminati symbols and they are just mind programmed and they are trying to replicate those mind programs with the public, and they are clearly playing someone’s else’s agenda, then regardless of whether they shapeshift or not, they’re not good. They may be a victim because they are mind controlled themselves, and they are playing out what their programs told them to do, but ultimately that’s not a good thing. If they are giving good . . .
JP: [sound lost] Well, well, well. Okay, we’re back, and so that was very interesting, that thing just kind of “boom,” out went my router actually, so interesting.
SP: Excellent! That shows you that someone doesn’t like what we’re talking about.
JP: Oh, good.
SP: So basically then I would say that that must have happened, because we would not have been cut off like that if it hadn’t have happened. So for me that’s the evidence that it did happen. Thank you. Thank you for cutting us off because you helped me to answer the question.
JP: Okay, now we’ve got a few minutes left and people are saying about the meditation so would you be in a position to lead us through a short meditation Simon?
SP: No because I know people were excited, but what I actually said was that I would not impose that meditation on people. I would ask the membership of Connecting Consciousness what they wished the meditation to be, so I will ask over the next few days Connecting Consciousness members who will then message their coordinators who will then get in touch with me and then I will go with the majority, so I won’t just choose a subject. The ordinary members will choose a subject, and then I will make that happen, so I know we’d love to do one now, but that’s now how I work it. I want the people of the organization to tell me what they want and I’ll make that happen. Thank you.
JP: Okey dokey. So then one final question. Let’s see. Right, okay, all right, so this is about people, episodes of emotions. This is from “Hold My Calls,” they’ve entered emotions glyph. I must say I am impressed.
SP: Sorry, sorry, sorry.
JP: Go ahead.
SP: What did you say? What’s the name of this person?
JP: Hold My Calls.
SP: Ah.
JP: Calls, sorry, sorry, not colds, calls, yeah calls, as in telephone calls, yeah. I must say I’m impressed. I appreciate very much what you do. I anticipate the Fariex program and await as to what to do for it to succeed. It seems I’m experiencing up and down emotions, happy one minute and depressed the next. Is this connected to the so-called event? How does one control these episodes and does orgone presumably organize help?
SP: Right. We sort of had a similar question earlier and of course the questioner wouldn’t have known that when he or she wrote that question. There are a, not a hundred and one, but there are many reasons why individuals are feeling bursts of energy one moment and then very lethargic next, super connected at one moment and then you know a little bit out the other time. You can’t say what it is because every individual is exactly that, you know, we are all individuals and we will respond or react to the same stimuli differently. What we can do is say that the Earth is going through this tremendous positive change and all of us, all of us are in our own way having to adapt to that. For some people it’s relatively easy, for others it’s not, you know, you can have one wave of energy come in and half the population are okay with it and half aren’t. Three months later, six months later, there’s another wave and it reverses the other group who had been okay with it aren’t because it’s a slightly different frequency and designed to do differently. It’s perfectly normal to feel all over the place as long as it’s not a medical condition, as you know, as long as you’re not, your physical body, is not ill this is perfectly normal. Most people, even those who consider themselves to be very divine and, you know, very spiritual and I’m above all this sort of thing, they’re not. They will be affected just like everyone else, and we’re all affected in different ways. So one day you know JayPee, I want to run up a mountain and the next day I can hardly get out of bed. That’s actually normal because we are connected, so the great changes are going on. If, I’m going put my 3D hat on now, if a person feels unwell, then you need to, you know, consult whoever you trust to provide you with medical information so you shouldn’t just assume that it is the change on the planet. You may have a medical condition in which case you need to get that looked at, but in most cases this is temporary, and is that. Now, if you feel you’re being psychically attacked, either somebody’s mind or a combination of someone’s mind and an electronic device, then you need to seek help and support to deal with that, so there are many reasons why we are all feeling what we’re feeling at the moment. Most of it is positive; some of it is obviously negative, so I can’t be any more specific than that because there are so many possibilities that could be happening, but thank you. And that’s about it isn’t it?
JP: That is it as it is. Thank you very much Simon. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks’ time. Have you got any big news? Have you got any gigs?
SP: I’ve got, well I love doing my Skype presentation to the Yelm Theatre over on the West Coast of America. I’ve got that in July. That’s usually, it’s about two hours or four hours long, and that’s really good. I’ve got another conference somewhere and I just have to put them on my website and people can see what we’re up to, so thanks ever so much to everyone who’s listened, you know, you really are wonderful people because you are not caving in. You’re not giving in. You are seeking truth. You will not be blackmailed or frightened or pushed or influenced or thrown into panic. That’s what we need, levelheaded spiritual people. Plant your feet squarely on the ground and say nope, I’m not gonna do this. I’m gonna do what’s right, and if we can do that then actually we will win through, so thanks to everybody.
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