20 August 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Everyone wants to know what is going to happen on the 21st, which is an energy spike day; Simon is concerned about Corey Goode doing a meditation on the 21st to ask off planet entities[1] to save us, pointing out this could lead to a danger of bringing in a false Messiah; some people think Simon should work for free, which of course is impossible in a monetarily structured society; terrorist attacks: some real, some copycat; Dow Jones casino fluctuations (as always what goes up must come down) and price manipulation of precious metals market; investigation of widespread pedophilia will expose people in respected positions and corporations if allowed to be completed; forms of telepathy; human chipping, not a good idea; White Dragon Society, their profit motive, and Ben Fulford; how to identify evil entities posing as good entities; Norway elections and possible terror attack just before; body doubles versus clones; crypto currency and plan put in place in 1918 for a complete electronic takeover in 2018 of entire planet; effect of eclipse on our psyche and the planet; accuracy of Wes Penre Papers; how to protect ourselves against entity manifestations from radio/microwave frequencies; meanings of the Eye of Ra/Horus symbol, evil or protection from evil; delusional Merkel, insane Hitler; pedophilia’s history and organizational structure; Parting message: be clear in your intent and keep your guard up.
[1]  (Sphere Beings Allance)

News in the financial world indicates a rob/freeze scheme being put in place: The European Central Bank wants its member banks to do away with guaranteed protection of personal bank accounts so they can steal 100 percent of your money legally and/or freeze your account so you cannot withdraw your money. Evil people in the States want North Korea’s gold and precious metals from mining. North Korea has the nuclear bomb. China will play the pivotal role in whether or not there is a war. China can tell North Korea, “Stop what you’re doing,” and there will be no war, or they can say to the U.S., “Give us a cut of the gold,” and there will be war. Topics discussed: human/animal soul connections; entities who say they are here to help us might have their own dark agenda, so the message is trust no one but your higher self; feline race, its culture and behavior toward humans; significance of green eyes and Rhesus negative blood as indication of rank in previous cultures; the Draconis Reptilian culture structure is a move–conquer culture, going from star system to star system taking things from each conquered society, copying them, and are now leaders in miniaturization and genetic manipulation; next star seed activation date; paranormal investigators with ghostbuster equipment accidentally contact off planet entities; AIs are in 5G Wi-Fi and their agenda is to turn humans into controlled robots, next 18 months crucial; the Jewish people originated on Earth but in Egyptian times their religious leaders were extensively hybridized so a 4D soul could cope with a 3D physical body; our planet is a feminine planet and the Queen of Orion played a role in development of the first viable humans, thus referring to herself as the mother; investment advice: if you have lots of money buy gold, otherwise buy silver. Are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin reptilian hybrids or clones? Neither. Hillary is blackmailed and mind-controlled, Putin is the most hybridized as he contains a fifth dimensional soul; because humans eat animals, some alien races, especially the Draconis Reptilian Group feel justified in eating us, preferably babies….

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JayPee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show produced by Ever Beyond Radio and broadcast from Wolf Spirit Radio on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Simon actively encourages you to join the conversation by using the Ask Questions Menu Link at the top of the page at www.WolfSpiritRadio.com/listen. Please come early to ask your questions. Now on with the show. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon in playing an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. It’s the twentieth of August, 2017. Maybe we should date stamp it every so often, and this is the latest news from Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. Good afternoon Simon.
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee, hello audience. Lovely to be back, had a few days holiday and it seems odd doesn’t it? I’m taking days off. I’m really glad I did, really nice weather and there was a carnival where we went and there was a fireworks display, and the Red Arrows flew, that’s an Aerobatic Team in Britain for those who are not familiar so I had an extended long weekend, and that was really nice. Yeah, I don’t take enough breaks so that was great. Right I wanted to talk about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the twenty-first. There’s some important things happening tomorrow and one of them is a meditation that is being organized by Corey Goode and others and some of the Connecting Consciousness members and coordinators have asked me whether they should be involved. Some I think have sort of moved to try to set up something already. My concern, and I do have a concern, whenever we do a meditation, then we have to be very clear what we’re meditating for and what the intent is. Now I have not spoken to Corey Goode and I’ve only got things from a third hand, but my understanding, and I may be wrong, but my understanding is that there’s a meditation going out that Corey Goode is leading on, which is to connect with off planet entities and ask them to come in and save us. Now I hope that I’ve got that about right, so my view has consistently always been that it is for the human race to basically free itself. There’s no harm in getting some help from time to time, but if we are going to meditate and we’re going to ask a group of aliens to come in and save us, then we need to be damn sure that this is a group that we can trust, so you know, I don’t know who this off planet alien group is and I would [be] very unwilling and I wouldn’t give my permission. I wouldn’t give my support to any form of meditation if we were just going to replace one group of overlords with another group, and if people on the planet always have something coming and done for them, then why on earth should they get out of their armchairs and do anything for themselves? The concern goes beyond that because I know from talking to people that have a hand in these things that there is a real effort to bring in a false Messiah, and now I’m not saying that Corey Goode is any part of that, that’s not what I’m saying, but what I’m saying is that I could see how it could be used on the back of that, where a number of people sent out a meditation asking off planet aliens to come in and save us. The next thing we know we get someone turning up on our doorstep saying I am the new Messiah. Pray to me. I will save you. When asked, well you know, who invited you, then this person could turn around and say well, you know, you had a group meditation and lots of people, all different walks of life all asked me to come in and help you. So I wouldn’t be happy with anything unless I fully understood who, what, where, and when, and I haven’t had the information to that, so I really don’t know so I have concerns over that. The other thing is of course that at the moment Corey Goode and a number of other people are in big arguments over a whole range of things, which I’ve said I don’t want to get involved in, and I’m not wanting to get involved in, you know, the Dark Journalist, there’s about five or six different videos out there. I haven’t watched any of them but lots of people have who have spoken to me and it is just not the right time. I know the twenty-first can be a very difficult time as a lot of things happen on the planet and I want to talk about child sacrifice and pedophilia a bit later, but I’m not convinced that asking a group of off planet entities, whom I have never met, to come in and save us is actually the right thing, so anyway I have made my point and that’s where I stand on that.
All right let’s talk about another thing, and I don’t read the comments that people post not because I’m not bothered, I am bothered, but because as soon as I’ve done two hours on the radio show I usually go off and, you know, just try and have a rest for a little bit and then other things come along, but my old coordinator, who was my first UK coordinator who did an excellent job, she told me that she was having a look the other day and there were some people there who were complaining saying that I talk about donations and money too much and I really shouldn’t be talking about money. I shouldn’t be doing it for money. I should be doing it for free. That actually has annoyed me because do they work for nothing? Do they do stuff for nothing? Do they do it for love? It would be nice if we all did it for love. It’s very very difficult I think when somebody says well you should be giving your information for free. I do. I give my information for free, and if people didn’t donate to me, frankly I would have to get a day job and then I know that the employers, my bosses at the day job, would say you’ve got to stop your radio show because it’s bringing us into disrepute, either that or we will sack you, so one of the reasons I don’t have a day job is because nobody can tell me what radio shows I can do and what radio shows I can’t do. If it wasn’t for donations, you know, and Kerry Cassidy is the same. She survives on donations. JayPee is the same, you know, it is the goodwill of humanity, people who don’t really want to do what I do or JayPee does, what Kerry does, but actually want to show their support, so they give a donation, and in my case I don’t charge for my information. My information is free and I just rely on the goodwill, so for individuals, and it has annoyed me, I don’t usually get annoyed, but for someone or some group of people to say, you know, you should be doing it for nothing. Okay, I tell you what, whoever you are, you go and do whatever it is you do and get nothing for it, and see how you live, you know, how you pay the gas bill, how you pay the electric bill, the utilities, the phone bill, how you pay the taxes, you know, you just can’t. It is just ridiculous. So what I would ask everyone, the reason I’m bringing it up, is if you see comments like that, then don’t just sit back. Please just write in and ask them the questions, will they work for nothing, so you know, let’s challenge these people. I would be very surprised if they are just ordinary people. I know people who are just out for trouble so I did want to say that.
Now I want to talk about the terror attacks that we’ve had. The first one, that was a very serious attack. I’m not saying that as many people died as they said, but certainly there were some very serious incidents. The second attack with a guy who attacked women, that is a copycat attack. That is not orchestrated. That is just literally a one-off, but the other one, the Barcelona attack, there are patterns to that. There are elements to it, and I did put on my website something that was alerted to me. It just follows a pattern, so again to people, they’re using cars; they’re using ordinary vehicles to spread terror. They’re trying to affect humanity, the decent people on this planet. They want them to be too scared to cross a road. Every time a car pulls around a corner their thinking is that car going to run into me or my child? This is what they’re trying to do to distract and to traumatize people, and you’ve just got to stay strong please. This is a very small group of absolutely mind-crazed fools, dangerous, but they’re still fools, who think that they can manipulate the wider population by doing these horrible things and it just won’t work so please stay strong and just realize that often what we are shown in the news is not actually what took part. Now many of you will just say well of course I know that, but there are people remember who listen to this show and are brand new; they’ve never perhaps listened to any alternative radio show and it might be mine the first time or Kerry’s or somebody else, another radio show JayPee puts on, whoever. We always have to remember that new people are joining us all the time and more people are joining the truth movement that’s better than, you know, alternative media. It is the truth movement. More people are joining the truth movement now than ever before. People are turning away in droves from established media. That’s why big, big multinationals like Sky are losing money because people are moving away from their television, their “pay by now view.” People are not watching the official news online. They’re not buying the traditional old-fashioned newspapers because people have realized that this is just a boring load of rubbish designed to trick them and lie to them and keep them quiet, so en masse huge numbers of people are moving away, but the establishment of course doesn’t want to talk about that. They don’t want to tell you there’s this great big ball rolling down the mountain and gathering energy. They don’t want to happen to talk about that, so it’s going very well in terms of the amount of people waking up on the planet. It’s actually in the last three months it has increased dramatically and the more of these stupid attacks and the way they present them, the more even just ordinary decent people who have never questioned, have never listened to my radio show before, if you actually stop and ask them, they’ll say things like something’s not right. It doesn’t seem right at all, there’s something wrong about that. Now that may not seem much to the rest of us, but that’s a huge advancement, whereas a year ago these people would have swallowed it lock, stock, and barrel, so that’s really good. I said to you I had had a few days off, I did. I will say that a guy who I’ve never met before called Sacha Stone, came over to visit me and was really nice, and we’re on vacation, but he came down to visit and we had a good three or four or five hours in a hotel having a long conversation. The guy has some very, very interesting values, which are very similar to mine. We had talks just about every topic we could. It wasn’t an interview. It wasn’t anything like that; it was a sharing of mines, values, and ideas, and passing information to support each other. I said to him, “Sacha I don’t know why I haven’t met you before,” but we both agreed that, you know, source dictates that you meet somebody when you’re supposed to meet them, so that was really nice and I hope that we have more meetings from that, so it was nice for him to come down and find me on holiday where I don’t normally reside, so that was good.
I want to talk about the Dow Jones. The Dow Jones has taken a massive hit in relative time since November when President Trump was elected. It’s not going to cause a huge rumpus or disaster at the moment, but it was a very significant drop and the reasons being given for this drop are the investors are beginning to doubt that Donald Trump can make America great again and over the last five or six months I’ve been saying that one of the drivers for a drop, a huge drop in this stock exchange much bigger than we’ve seen at the moment but it’s on the cards, is literally the realization that the forces working against Donald Trump are so great that his agenda will be watered down, and therefore these greedy people who have invested over the top expecting to get a huge return will be disappointed, and that will be the trigger that brings them to pull the money out, which we will see in October, so yes, I’m still going with a situation for October. A number of other people now, extra to who we’ve normally spoken to are also talking about that. Interestingly enough they’re worried about gold. They’re not sure now. They think gold might be peaking. You know it’s always been a safe haven to go into precious metals and I suppose it’s still a safe haven, but again people who have got a few thousand pounds or dollars to invest, gold is very good. If you’ve got hundreds of thousands you don’t necessarily see it as a safe haven. You see it as a way to make a profit, so if I put half a million into gold, I expect it to do X Y or Z, and of course when it doesn’t burn these people sell up their gold and of course the price of gold drops, so it’s very volatile. I should expect the precious metals market to become more volatile when the Dow Jones takes a hit, then gold will stabilize, but remember there is platinum; silver’s not such a good bet because the guys who are controlling the gold market are trying to force down the price of silver.
So finally what I want to talk about is pedophilia. There are some new revelations about to hit in terms of big names, organizations that have been involved in, if not directly, then indirectly, and there is a very strong movement afoot to name names and to shine a torch into a very dark place. The question is whether the people who are conducting this investigation will be able to do that and finish that investigation off, or whether of course these people who are the evildoers try to silence them, but I wanted to tell you all that if it can happen, then there are going to be some very big revelations. You know people thought Pizzagate and other things were serious. What is in the pipeline is ten times worse than that, and it’s got to come out. We’ve got to draw the poison. Ordinary people who are not awake and aware need to be fully aware what has been done. I say in their name but they’re taxpayers. What’s been done by lawmakers, people in the entertainment industry, bankers, all of the usual suspects, but on such a scale and such a level that will shock and absolutely confuse people, because they can cope with this person did that and that person did that, but when you actually have it shown that there is a planned network and not just mean someone in one apartment and someone in another apartment. I mean someone in a corporation using corporation money to make things happen, so I’m hoping that’s going to come out so that will be very big. Other than that it’s fairly quiet out there. It’s still the lull before the storm and I think that’s why people like Corey Goode wanted to do this meditation, because the twenty-first will be an energy spike day. People who do astronomy/astrology are aware of the Conference of Stars, which people have asked me is it really mirroring the final chapter in the New Testament, and it is. We are looking at some very interesting confluence of planets and stars, which are playing out some of the end games that we’re going to see. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t let anybody say that to you. That’s not the case but we are seeing something that was foretold two thousand plus years ago, and was reactivated if you like with modern, I say magic is not the right word, but modern divining methods and is sort of a coming of the false prophet and the choosing whether this person has any say, whether government’s approve to them what’s going to happen. So there is some truth in that, so that’s what I want to say at the moment. I will say more, more nearer the time, so thank you JayPee. Thank you for everyone listening to that. Let’s get on with the questions.
JP: Okay, great. Well it’s again, it’s the twentieth of August, 2017. Let’s keep date stamping this so that this little group who are reproducing. . . now there’s all kinds of websites, not websites, YouTube channels that are, you know, Simon Parkes’ and things like that, and slightly different words and they’re just full of adverts, so if you’re listening to a show to one of these shows and it’s on and you’re hearing adverts every five minutes, then you’re not listening to Studio 9 Jam, which is the original or your official channel Simon is. . .
SP: Well this is my official channel, but do you mean my official website?
JP: Yeah, well there’s a YouTube channel that is run by your people, isn’t that right?
SP: Well if people go to SimonParkes.org. . . I’m not going to say it out loud because there’ll be some form of corruption on the Internet. Someone will try and push me off, so people go to the official website, they’ll find it there and they will find the link there if you go to Simon Parkes.org, and you go through that portal, then you would actually find the official site. JayPee it’s a sign of the times isn’t it that people, one person said well you’re very popular, you know, because they’re making money on the back of you. Well do you know what, I wouldn’t have a problem if that money went to schools and hospitals, but it isn’t. It’s going to line the pockets of people who do not believe in what I’m saying, do not have an interest in the people, and don’t really care, and they’re just doing it to make money, and that’s exactly what we’re not about. That is not what I stand for, and I don’t know whether it’s just greed on their part or whether it’s them having a final satanic laugh, you know. Here I am talking about what I’m talking about and then you get some advert popping up, you know, that is not what I’m about. I do not endorse any of that. There’s no endorsement for any adverts. I’ve never done that; I’m not going to be drawn into it, so I reiterate what JayPee said. Look if you want to listen to what I have to say and you’ve got these adverts, then don’t give your energy to these people. Go find the official one and JayPee always announces that. Go get that. Go find the website. Go listen to Kerry Cassidy. Do whatever you want, but don’t engage with people who don’t believe in me and they don’t believe in you, the audience, so you know. Okay JayPee, thank you.
JP: Right. So shall we will get on with the questions here.
SP: Okay.
JP: Here’s. . . okay so people are sending emails and messages on Facebook a lot, and, you know, I’m sorry Simon but yeah I’ve been, I love you so but I have many requests. . . I have been requesting Simon’s services since April and fear they’re not being received for some unknown reason. Simon is there an alternative avenue other than your website or email to reach you? Many blessings, Katy, so I get quite a lot of that.
SP: Yeah, Katy, first of all I do apologize, I’m really sorry. There’s just me and one other person, that’s it, but that doesn’t help your question. What to do and I’ll get everyone doing it now, what to do is send me an email and in the header write the word “star,” S-T-A-R, star, just do that. Right, though it is just me, we’ll just let the police and the ambulances go by again, I don’t want to shout over that. When I gave up the day job, and I was a driving teacher, I did what I’m doing now. I did it because my heart called out. I had to do it. I just couldn’t sit on this any longer. I had to. . . I didn’t know where it would go, I hadn’t a clue. I didn’t know whether I’d be absolutely penniless, but I didn’t worry about any of that. I just knew I had to be true and I had to do this. When I did that and offered the services that I offered, I had no clue how desperate the world was in many ways. In other words there was a vacuum and I’m not the only person who can do this, but most people who can do what I do don’t do it, and I fully understand why. There are too many people that disappear, too many suicides, too many people are threatened etcetera, etcetera, and the deluge that I got just totally shocked me. I didn’t realize there was such a need. I knew there was a need, or as a capitalist who stick adverts on my website, on my YouTube channels probably would say, there was a gap in the market, but to me it was an unmet need, and what’s so poignant is there are so many people who need the help. They’re perfectly fine people; they’re perfectly good, but they’ve got stuff that they can’t handle. They can’t handle it because they’ve never been taught it. The system doesn’t want to admit it. You know, if you are a Secret Intelligence Agency and you from the Nazis got the skill, and this is all true, you’ve got the skill to mind fracture somebody so that you could give them an alternate personality, and that alternate personality could be an assassin. So let’s say. . . we won’t name an organization; a big organization does this. They send their agents out; the alternate personality takes over that person, assassinates a target, and let’s say the ordinary police pick that person up, probably one chance in a million, but it does happen, so when they stick a lie detector on this person, they come through as clear because the alternate personality was the one that did the murder, and that then is hidden behind some other form and when the core, we call that the core, when the original person, for want of a better word, takes a lie detector test, they have no knowledge of it and this was one of the key technologies that the CIA and I will mention them, the CIA wanted from Dr. Mengele and some of the Nazi scientists, because they didn’t want Russia having agents that they couldn’t counter. Now when you’ve got that no longer just the preserve of the intelligence services, but it’s now in the entertainment industry, the big corporations in the banking world, in the lawmakers. There are now people, hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of people who have been mind fractured in our own society and this may be the official system doesn’t want to recognize that because they don’t want your regular doctor curing these people. They don’t want that so they don’t teach them about it. They don’t show them in medical school, so that’s why when many, many people try to get hold of me they don’t. Sometimes deliberately the emails are being withheld and I’ve got proof of that, and then in many cases, you know, I just get swamped. I may get something like two hundred, three hundred emails a day, and if you write the word “star” on the top that is more likely to be detected, so I just need you to understand there’s nothing personal here. I’m really sorry, you know, I would like to be in a position, and it is all about money isn’t it, I would like to be in a position where I had a team of people picking up a bit like a, you know, a big company picking up all the calls, prioritizing those that really need the help and then being able to do that and, but of course, the system doesn’t support me, that’s the point, it’s you, you a decent, kind, special awake and aware people, you’re the ones who are supporting me, but what you’re doing is you’re keeping me going so I can do my work. I don’t have the resource to build a team. If one day that happens, this is my pledge to everybody. This is what I would do. I would set up a small proactive team to deal with it so that people weren’t left waiting, and, you know, it’s just the way it is, so please just write star in there and I bet you that will work. Thank you JayPee
JP: Excellent. Thank you for responding to that because like many. . . everybody says oh I tell Simon, he’s ignoring me, and what have I done and it, oh no, it’s nothing to do with that. It’s just like, you know, as you say it’s a one-horse business, is it. . . no, no that’s a one-horse town. Yeah one-man business, a one-man band. Anyway this is from I think the name is Nafa or Nata. Anyway, hi, guys, it’s always a pleasure listening to your show. My question may sound a bit silly but it’s been playing on my mind for a while. When we hear birds singing and people talking we use our ears to hear them, so when we talk to ourselves inside our head what we are using to hear it is not our ears. If it’s not our ears then how are able to talk without moving our mouths, and lastly, if we can hear our own voices then why can’t we hear other people’s voices in their heads? Thank you for your time.
SP: Right, actually it’s. . .
JP: It’s a silly question. I mean it’s a really good topic.
SP: When we started, when you started I thought no this is going to be kooky and off the wall, but actually as the question developed, it was a perfectly good question. I understand it now. So yes it’s a bit fun but there’s a very serious point to it. Right, well this is what telepathy is about and this is what the secret intelligence agencies look for in children, most children have this capability and it’s only when the established world teaches what they can and can’t believe in then, you know, that’s why children believe in father Christmas and then they, you know, that terrible moment when they realize father Christmas as they understand it doesn’t exist. It may have existed in their mind, but, you know, watching the world around them, although if it existed in their mind could they create that in the world around them? Right so when we hear voices in our head and we are assuming we’re not going mad or drunk too much liquor or had a word from God, what we are actually doing is we are creating in our brain the energy imprint; we’re not using our vocal cords but all we’re doing is just speaking in our mind, and humans have the capability to do that because we are a very advanced form of being, whether a cat and a dog can do that I don’t know, but I shouldn’t imagine they can. Now for psychic people or empathic people, they can enter a room and they can sometimes hear what another person is thinking. That’s quite unusual, but what’s more common is feeling, so if someone’s feeling sad or threatened or ill or very happy, there are empaths that immediately pick up on that. It’s nothing to do with body language. It’s to do with what’s going on in that person’s brain and their soul, so when you count from one to twelve in our head we may not hear our own voice; we may not hear the accent of our voice, but we will hear the numbers, and all we are doing is we are energetically through chemical and electronic responses making that; another part of the brain is picking it up. That’s what telepathy is because what you have to learn to do is to do that and understand that you can project it. Now there are two forms of projection. One is a what we call a scattergun approach, a wide approach, so for those people who were telepathic, they could be in a room with twenty people and they would send the same information and all twenty people will get it at once, and the other is what is called the narrow beam, where you just send the message to one individual so you might have twenty people in the room but you would just send the message to one of the chosen people and the others, it’s not that they can’t get into that message, it’s because it’s like a pencil beam. It’s very narrow and unless they go looking for it, they won’t find it, so that is the very core of telepathy, the fact that we can hear voices, we can create those in our mind, and if you can create it, you can project it, and like an aerial or a transmitter, if you can transmit there will be somebody who can receive. Sometimes you get two people together who can just receive or transmit, but you need someone who can both receive and transmit connecting to someone who can also receive and transmit and that’s when you get your discussions together and that’s why bright people, gifted children are identified in school in America and Great Britain and in Russia and then go into secret programs, and sometimes their own parents are not aware that the military or the intelligence agencies are actually working with their kids. Sometimes the parents are not even aware of it, and those kids are probably up to the ages of about eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and then after that they’re out of the program because by then they generally, most of them, have lost the psychic capabilities. It’s a good question, and if we had more time I would talk more on it, so thank you very much for that.
JP: Great. We need to know more about this. Hi Simon, this is from Paul Atkinson. Hi Simon, I noticed the microchipping agenda is in full swing with volunteers acting as guinea pigs to have them implanted in their hands. How long have we got before these become compulsory? Blessings from Paul.
SP: Right. That’s a very good question. Most of these people are paid actors who are doing this. They are not ordinary general people. Some are. . . very misguided, but most people have been paid to do it. There’s a set fee I understand and if you’re a black person you get paid less than a white person. If you’re a middle-class person you get paid more. If you are a person in the media or you are entertainment and you can bring more people to you on YouTube then you get paid more money. The very fact that that’s happening is a good indicator of what this is about. They’ve tried this nearly ten years ago; they did a dummy run of it and it did not work. The original adverts which ran on television, not just YouTube, showed a range of people saying how great it was to be chipped because now they could turn their lights on and they could open the garage door without having to do anything. Well you know what, they are welcome to that, because there’s more to being human than being able to wave your hand and turn the lights on or open a garage door, because what there will be in that chip is a secret component that you’ve not been told, which means when you do something the system doesn’t like, they will turn it off, and they won’t turn off your life support system, but they will probably turn off your bank account, or they’ll do something to give you a terminal migraine or they will do something. If you allow a chip in your body that is designed from a corporate standpoint or a military standpoint, it is not there to make your life easier. Do you really think that masses of corporations will put chips in your hand so that you can turn your lights on or you can answer the telephone or you can open the garage door? There’s no money in it for them. Why would they do that? On this planet at this time the elite only do things when there’s money in it for them, so if there’s no money in it for them, there must be another agenda, and that agenda is the controlling of the human race. It’s the transhumanism. It’s trying to get humanity to willingly accept the fact that robots are better than living creations, because they haven’t got the right to do this to us, but if we buy into that agenda it is a bit like this meditation. By buying into it you are giving your agreement. Remember what I’ve said about the Ouija board. It’s exactly the same thing. The Ouija board was not the concept of humanity. The Ouija board was given to humans, humans then manufactured the board and whenever somebody uses it, as far as the other side is concerned, you have entered an agreement with them for them to come into your space. In the same way that if you take a chip, then you have agreed to a contract, so I will never have a chip in my body like that. I mean that’s different from say something that’s a pacemaker or a stent, which is designed to, you know, keep you alive. That’s a good thing, but something that is sold by a corporation and they don’t want any money off you because at the moment I understand these chips are being done for free, and you know, no. Even the Bible talks about the “Mark of the Beast,” 666, and to me this chipping is the Mark of the Beast; it’s exactly what it is, so it’s a good questions, thank you for bringing that up.
JP: Okey doke, so where are we, that one, there we are, oh yes, White Dragon Society and a famous alternative journalist: What’s your opinion about the White Dragons?
SP: Well I don’t know any famous. . .
JP: Well it’s Fulford.
SP: Oh Ben, I’ve never met him. Ben is in my opinion, obviously it’s only my opinion, Ben is genuine in the sense that he really was and is an asset of the intelligence services and the information he comes about, this is by in large accurate in the sense that I agree with it. The sources I get come from slightly different stable, but when I occasionally listen to him or more likely actually other people say, “Did you hear what Ben said,” and I say, “Well I actually haven’t, but tell me what he says and I say yeah that sounds about right to me,” and look there’s a desperate move by some people to start a war in North Korea. This is about White Dragon/Red Dragon gold that’s hidden in the north of the country. There’s a vast amount of gold which can trace a history back to King Solomon, and that’s not widely known. People who have done the research probably will know that. There’s enough gold out there to give every man and woman and child a helping hand with a bit of money to go out and do something good. The dragons are a bit of a problem for me because they’re still into profit. In other words you could if you were in that position, you could say to the dragons, I want to this level. Let me bring it back to me. I could go to the dragons I guess and say, “Look I’m writing, trying to write a book. I want to write a book. No one is publishing it because they’re all frightened of publishing my book because they are frightened that the establishment will kick them out, or what have you. If you were to lend me whatever, then, you know, I could do the publishing on this book.” Now what they may say is. . . they might just say go and take a running jump, but if they said yes, okay, they wouldn’t say here’s the money; we support you; we want the truth out there. We think it’s really important that everybody has access to this. We’re fabulously rich anyway so what we’ll do, we will set up a YouTube channel or we’ll set up this and we’ll just do it for free. What they would say is okay we’ll lend you this and this is the interest rate we want back. Now that’s the difficulty I have, because if you are on a path to change and for good, then really we should be putting the need to make profit, to have power, behind us, and we should be saying that what really matters here is breaking through decades of lies and by people who really have no right, no moral right to tell us, the citizens, what we should or shouldn’t do, and the only way we’re going to do that is when easily, is when people in power with money turn around and say, “I’m sick of this life, and you know what, I think I’m going to do something positive.” Now that might be, sound [like] people are laughing at me, but actually if you look at British history, the changes over the last three hundred years were not brought about by mob rule. The changes in Great Britain were not brought about [by] thousands of people generally throwing bricks and bottles. They were brought about by people in positions of responsibility who set an example, who turned against their own financial position, their own political class or caste and said I’m going to do some good. Think about Florence Nightingale, the great nurse. Florence Nightingale wasn’t a woman who came from a very poor background. She was very well spoken. There have been lots of great men who have done things which caused them to lose credibility with their friends and relations, but they set a pattern and then once somebody does something good, others follow it, so in terms of the Dragons, I would like to see them saying it’s not about profit; it’s about spreading truth and change and making the world better and I haven’t seen that. If the Dragons could demonstrate that, then they would win my heart, but as it stands at the moment, I’m afraid it’s more of the same old story wrapped up in another piece of colored wrapping paper. So it should be about truth first and foremost. If you’ve got millions and millions or billions of whatever—yen, pounds, dollars—in gold why in goodness knows name can’t you just say, look we will spend ten percent of this to try to help all of the people on the planet who are struggling to hear the truth and I have had contacts, not with the Dragons themselves, I have had contact with their spokespeople and all of their spokespeople are all saying that, you know, they can lend money but there is an interest rate. Well now it’s not what we’re about so it’s a good question; it’s a topic that doesn’t normally come up, so thank you very much.
JP: Excellent, excellent, right. Johnny: Hi JayPee, hi Simon, can’t possibly say enough about the work all you gentlemen do. Thank you for all you do. I have many Christian friends and respect Christians, but as you know, not all of us have the same beliefs. I am asking this question for myself and I realize it may be a delicate subject (we like those). I often wonder about this because I enjoy watching ghost-hunting shows, and at times a clearing or exorcism is done. When priests or others are doing an exorcism they always seem to scare off, for lack of a better word, the demonic entities by referring to Jesus Christ or the Lord Jesus Christ. As many of us may not think of Jesus as the Lord of us, then why is the demonic entity so frightened of the mention of Jesus Christ, and why does this seem to work in removing the negatives? Positive vibrations were often [45:06][claimed].
SP: Good question. We won’t run away from that and I, in my early days, lived in London in a place called Brockley, which was in Lewisham, so if anybody’s listening in Brockley in Lewisham give yourself a cheer. I loved living there. It was a really great place. There was a Catholic priest who told me once that he had been to exorcism to get rid of a spirit in somebody’s apartment and he said that what happened was that he succeeded in only making it angry and it followed him all the way back. We call it a priests house; that’s where the priests or the vicar lives. They followed him back and started to haunt his priest’s house and he had to call in two or three other priests from neighboring towns to come and get rid of it, and he never did another exorcism after that again, so that actually is a true story, and it’s not about the name Jesus Christ. It’s about you, if you believe in yourself. Look if somebody was a murderer or somebody was evil, they would not be able to remove an entity, not like that. You can’t. Now there are black magicians who are evil and they can remove entities, but they don’t remove them by expelling them. They remove them by doing deals with them; that’s the difference. The black magician doesn’t banish something; it does a deal with them. It’s if you go, if I get rid of you, if you go, what do you want in return? That’s how black magicians work. There’s a quid pro quo. It’s a bit like this Dragon Society; we will lend you this, but we want this back in return. When somebody calls upon Jesus Christ, what they’re calling upon is their belief of Jesus Christ, their concept and if your concept of Jesus Christ is somebody who was pure, that is extremely important, somebody who is pure with no staining, no corruption, and you fix on that you can banish anything, because you are showing your intent to the purity for goodness and truth and justice, and if you hold to that, nothing that’s evil can ever stand in your way, but if you are wavering and you’re not really confident about it, you know, because hey yesterday I, you know, I held this guy up and stole his money, then you’re not going to be able to do it because you are not in that position. Your energy signature, your frequency is not in the right place, so those people who can banish can do so because they are in the right place. They have the right training, the right connections, and the right way of doing it. Those that can’t are either learning the process or they are just misguided and they are never going to be able to do it, so it’s not the fact that calling on Jesus, it’s the concept of your belief in Jesus and that’s what’s key and if you can believe in yourself, then others will believe in you. I couldn’t do this show if I didn’t believe in who I was, I couldn’t do the show. I can’t ask anyone to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself. That’s not big-headed; that’s not me, you know, being big. That’s just the position of it, you know, when I talk to people I want them to believe me. I don’t do this for a joke or for a laugh, and the same way when I’m faced with entities, then I want them to go, and I believe that I can do it, and I will remove them, and that’s what happens, and so you know, I don’t actually call on Jesus Christ for that. You don’t need to. Some people call on Archangel Michael and yeah, Mother Teresa, whatever. You are calling on your energy understanding of purity, truth, strength, justice, and wisdom and love. That’s what you’re calling on, and that’s what’s banishing the creatures because they cannot exist. To them it’s a vacuum; to them it’s toxic; to us it’s wonderful. It’s peace, it’s love and happiness. Now evil, say evil intent can’t survive in that environment and that’s the key and what’s really hard is to hold that long enough to mind battle these entities and then get them out and it’s incredibly tiring, you know, people don’t appreciate the work, you know, you could do an exorcism and I’ve never, never worked on a chain gang; I’ve never worked digging holes in roads but my goodness me, I am as exhausted having removed some evil entity as any guy, you know, digging a hole in a road, and it’s just that we don’t have a concept to what is capable that is not physical. It’s a really good question, thank you for that.
JP: Good, good, so there we go, White Dragons, right. Ah, a good question here from Kathy. Hello Simon and JayPee, thanks for everything. I love you guys. Simon is there a way to tell if you have been deceived by evil entities that pose as good ones? I read the conversations with God Series a few years ago, and I loved them. They felt real and true. However I question the source of where they really came from because some things they said do not jibe with things I’m finding out now. Is there a foolproof way to know if you are dealing with Source/God or something posing as it? This is really bothering me and any insight you could provide is much appreciated.
SP: Fine, good question. I think every individual needs to think what he or she holds most dear and then ask, this is presuming that you have a two-way communication with whatever it is, and ask a question that you know the right answer to. Okay, so something that’s really important to you in terms of value, truth, justice. I don’t mean values in terms of money and that you know is really important, and pose the question. You could say what would you do if you were faced with X, Y, and Z? How would you react and what you’re doing is you are going to make a judgment based on their answer. Now okay if you’re not in a two-way communication and you’ve just been shown an interview that’s written down. He said this. Then I asked that. Then he said this. Then I asked that. What you would do is say okay, how would I answer to those questions? Some of them you can’t because they’re off planet and perhaps don’t make a lot of sense, but what you have to do, if I may say so, is that you have to look at all of the answers and look for anything that is antifreedom, antihuman, anti what you know to be true, because it’s very easy to pick up, you only have to look in the Bible, and we’ve talked about this several times. You know what loving God kills its people, you know. God sent a thunderstorm down and it rained for was it, I don’t know, 40 days–40 nights and drowned half the world. Well what loving God drowns the creatures it’s supposed to have made, no it just doesn’t make sense, so the evidence is there and you just have to be very analytical and say what is behind this. Now good things do come forward and good entities will come and help and it will be obvious because the information they’re giving, the words they’re giving will sound right to you and then there are bad things that pretend to be good and at first you get hooked into it and you think that’s really exciting, and then as it goes on you think I’m being led down the garden path here. They’re trying to lead me down to the flying saucer or they’re trying to lead me to bring in the false messiah and you know step off that path; step off that path; step off that path before it’s too late. And even at the last minute you can step off that path and you’ll be saved, but if you get sucked in and you get into some form of covenant or something or contract it is very hard then in this lifetime to break out of it, so trust yourself. Ask yourself does it seem right and you need to do what you’ve got to do. I mean there are people who have been in Connecting Consciousness who have heard somebody badmouth me and they believe what that person says and I say to them, “Look you believe what you want to believe; you need to follow your own judgment.” You go away and then sometimes what happens is that months pass and I get an email back saying oh I was misled and I’m really sorry and I said, “You know what you had the chance. You chose the path you chose,” and that’s the way it is. So we have to make very sure, because often we only get one crack at this. Ask yourself; ask your soul; be clear and sure, and you will see through it. People who are awake and aware people who listen to these truth movement shows, they are already there. They’re aware of it and if you’re writing in, then it means that you’re picking up something on a previous piece you’ve read that means that you think something’s not right. Remember they will mix truthful information with a negative, not negative information but a means of trying to move you energetically to a place they want, so they’ll give you lots of stuff which seems feasible, seems okay, seems reasonable, yes seems a good person, and then they start then to want to do things. So it could be that they start printing T-shirts or they create little groups of people who form a club and they want you to pay. Incidentally [in] Connecting Consciousness there’s no fees to pay. I deliberately said there were no admission fees. I don’t produce T-shirts or books or magazine or things like that. You know I don’t create a money empire like a cinema, you know, we have a film like Star Wars and then you’ve got toys and T-shirts and [56:12][key fabs?chains?] and everything, because it’s all about the message making money. The message I give is not about making money. The message I give is about freedom for humanity and you need to watch and look at those people who give messages but really there’s a huge advertising campaign, money campaign, money making on the back of that, and anybody who’s trying to make money on the back of something like this really needs to go and work for a retail, you know, go and sell secondhand motorcars or do that. You know you’d be much better off doing that than trying to hoodwink people, so good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, so question from Rened I think. Election in Norway: I’m thankful for all your work. I’m very thankful to both of you. I’d like to know if you have any information about the coming parliamentary elections in Norway in the 11th of September.
SP: Yeah, it’s very funny. While I was on holiday, I watched a film, at least try and watch films; I enjoy them, and it was called enemy, was it called Enemy at the Gates? Oh dear no it was called, gee I can’t remember the name of it now. That’s [what is] totally gone now from me; that was five or six days ago, and I can actually remember this film because I can’t remember it now, but it was one of my favorite black actors in it and maybe someone might text me with it in a moment.
JP: Enemy of the State?
SP: Enemy of the State, thank you, see you’re one of my friends and you didn’t text me but you just spoke to me. Right, Enemy of the State, and it was written and filmed maybe three years before the Twin Towers and the person I was watching it with, you know, there was a group of us, and they picked up their on the bad guy was seeing his information had come up, you see he was a, he worked actually in the film for the National Security Agency. He was a very high-ranking guy in the NSA and they hacked in and they got his resume and his date of birth was 9-11-1940, so there was another film that was trying to warn people about 9/11 and that’s not, people wouldn’t pick that up, but this person was very quick with where you start, so well done to you for picking that up. The elections in September, you’re absolutely right, and my concern, I haven’t gone public with it because I’ve only had one piece of information. Those of you who listen to the show regularly—thank you—you will know that I don’t go public, unless I get two bits of the same information but from two different sources. Well I’ve only got it from one source, which is a planned terror attack just before that, so a planned terror attack in Norway just before the election because the bad guys are very concerned that the person they want to win might not win. Now I wasn’t going to mention it and I didn’t mention it at the beginning because I’ve only had it from one source, but you asked me that question so I’m on it. I’m watching. I’m looking and I’m sure I’m not the only person, so that’s about the best I can do for you. It’s a very important election. Norway is an incredibly important country energy wise. There are only two countries in the world, you know, that have a sovereign fund, Saudi Arabia is one and Norway has the other so those who don’t know, a sovereign fund is a huge pot of money that’s put away for the benefit of the people. It’s a bit like talking about King Solomon’s gold; that’s basically what they should be, but Norway and Saudi Arabia have money which no government is supposed to be able to touch. It is held in trust purely for the people of that country should they need it. Well what the United States under the previous administration, Barack Obama, were trying to do was squeeze Saudi Arabia with the oil prices to make them raid their sovereign fund to reduce that money and they have been trying like heck against Norway to make the Norwegians spend their sovereign fund. The evil guys in the U.S. don’t like the idea of countries having vast amounts of money that they can’t tap. They can’t get hold of. So Norway is an important country, so yeah I’m afraid I’ve given you more information than you bargained for on that one, but I am watching it, thank you.
JP: There you go. Now it’s top of the hour.
SP: Thank you tea time.
JP: Tea time and here’s some Todd Rundgren. . . and welcome back to Connecting Consciousness here with Simon Parkes, [August 20] 2017. It just slips by doesn’t it. Here we go, now here is one of my favorite subjects. Hello Simon and JayPee. Thank you both for your time, energy, and love to humanity. I love you both very much. Simon I was thinking about you saying Putin has a few doubles and Trump only has one due to his size. Can you explain how doubles are created? Thank you.
SP: Right, it’s a really good thing, a really good question I mean. It’s actually through agencies, agencies who do modeling, that’s how they used to do it, so you might be a guy and you get to model pants or a nice shirt or maybe you’ve got a good head of hair and they want you to model a hair style, and these organizations are all over the Western world and they obviously take photographs of you and they keep you on the books and you have to update I understand, you have to update your photograph regularly because obviously you change, so many of them are infiltrated and their records are hacked, much easier now because it’s all held electronically. In the old days they used to literally have to, you know, phone someone up and say look we’re going to send you a picture. Do you have somebody who looks like this, and that’s how they do it. Think of all the ads on television, all the thousands of people in just one year who appear on television adverts, who would go on stage, who are in theater, and you just carry billboards around, so it’s through the entertainment industry that these people and the military are identified, so there are thousands of serving men and women in the United States Armed Forces and there are people there who will look like somebody and then they will put forward and tell it’s a secret mission and then they’ll get extra pay and this is what they have to do and that is how they identify them. They’re not made. They are just genuine people who then can have plastic surgery, different sorts of drugs and, you know, that’s what they’ll do so they will look at a person and say well you’ll pass at thirty yards, so we’ll use you for outside shots. You are absolutely the spitting image; you’ll do within six to seven feet, so they’ll have these body doubles that on varying degrees of reality and they will use them in set ways. That’s not a clone. Clones are made. The difference with a clone is a clone, some clones don’t contain a soul, some do, but a clone isn’t designed in the same way as a body double. A body double is designed to confuse the enemy and to take the bullet, although many of those doubles don’t actually realize that, but a clone design is much more subtle than that. A clone is designed to be part of meetings, to fool people, not just, you know, some people, but a large audience. You know there are some very important singer/songwriters out there who, you know, possibly have clones of themselves or have had clones in the past. It’s about manipulation of the masses so body doubles are not made; they are, you know, altered in terms of surgery to the face and the body, but they’re not clones. Yes, nearly every Western leader has some form of body double. The British don’t generally do it, but Winston Churchill did. Winston Churchill had some. So yeah, it’s a good question thank you.
JP: Yeah Monty and I believe Paul McCartney as well. In fact there’s one theory that all the Beatles were replaced in about 1966.
SP: Okay I don’t know about all the Beatles but I did say singer/songwriter and you mentioned the person’s name, so when I said singer/songwriter that’s exactly what I meant.
JP: Uh huh that particular singer/songwriter. Yes, Paul as we call him. Anyhow. . . okay here we go. Is Bitcoin, this is from A. Maxwell, maybe the Maxwell, talking about Paul McCartney and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and he was the handler who was called Maxwell. Anyway is Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency currently controlled by the elites and is this a reference to the 1918 magazine cover of The Economist with a phoenix rising with a new world currency in 2018? Thank you.
SP: Yes, correct. When we’re dealing in technologies, you cannot really predict the future like looking into a crystal ball. What you can do is say this is the level of technology we have now. In ten or fifteen years we will be able to do this, so why don’t we do it, so what they will do is they will come up with a date and they will appropriate monies from the taxpayer. They will run black projects to further their own timeline. Now we talked about at the beginning of the show, you know, gold was probably a safe bet. I didn’t mention crypto currencies, Bitcoin at all, because they’re not a safe bet. They’re not secure, and they are the choice of drug dealers and arms dealers and many banks are really unwilling to use them. They are using them because there’s so much money now being moved about in Bitcoin. The problem is that the guys who control it are artificially setting the price so the price of crypto currencies, unlike the stock exchange, is not being set by necessarily by the amount being traded, but by politics, manipulation, so if cryptocurrencies were truly set by the market, they’d be a lot cheaper than they are; they’ve been artificially put forward. The pattern that they want for the future is the world divided into two halves: the United States running, this is the Satanist. This is not, this isn’t the regular guys; this is the bad guys. They want to see the earth divided into two halves, two hemispheres and basically the United States running one form of cryptocurrency, which is Bitcoin and then the other half which would be, you know, China, Russia etcetera running their own cryptocurrency. The problem that derails this is that the public has not taken it on board in the same way. Only the very wealthy and those who’ve got something to hide have actually gone into it. There have been a number of independent studies to show that it’s not a secure system. Big major banks don’t like them; it’s not going to work. It’s not going to work, as if that wasn’t enough, because the amount of power energy that it requires is phenomenal. Every so many seconds it has to recalibrate itself to see what the going rate is. It’s not just one screen somewhere on a trading floor or more of the different places have to calculate it, and the amount of energy that it is drawing is staggering. I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely shocked at the amount of energy it requires just to operate. So it doesn’t actually become feasible because remember the Bitcoin was created by the National Security Agency and he or she who controls the most powerful computers on the planet can manipulate electronic data. All Bitcoin is, is electronic data; its numbers running digitally, so if I was sitting at the NSA, yeah, I would be very pleased because I have got the most powerful computers on the planet and therefore I can control it. That’s why people like Russia and China don’t really want to deal with it because it is a government-controlled resource. It’s not like the Dow Jones Index or, you know, and the British FTSE 100. It’s a stock exchange that’s not actually run by business people. It is an electronic currency format controlled by an arm of government, so it can’t go really much further than it has. 2018 was scheduled as an electronic takeover, not just in the money, but in many ways, and it was penciled in as the year that many of the liberties that we take for granted were going to be removed and there would be an electronic switch as we moved from tried and trusted methods into a system which was very alien to us. That hasn’t happened because the human race is incredibly resilient. There has been support from off this planet to slow up the agenda of the bad guys so 2018 will not be the year that we moved to a full automated system, but that was their plan, so whoever wrote that, you’re right, that was their plan. Thank you.
JP: Okay now here’s a very very topical question that will go out of date tomorrow. Simon, from Inspired 369. Simon how does the eclipse affect our psyches if at all and the planet?
SP: Right. You have to appreciate that there’s more than one sort of eclipse. There’s a solar eclipse; there’s a lunar eclipse and there must be other sorts of eclipses but we always think of an eclipse of the moon but that’s not always the case. First of all, the sun, the sun is not just a ball of heat, which keeps us alive. That’s about as far as most people in school understand it, but if you say nuclear reaction going on, it is absolutely intense heat and the heat from that rules us. I don’t quite buy into that. I think that the sun is, I do believe it is a star. I call it a star. I think it is absolutely integral to the development of this planet. I don’t mean the surviving of the planet; I’m talking about its evolution. That is why when they chemtrail they spray these new metallic particulates, which are their intention of reflecting back certain light waves, and it is those light waves are playing such a positive role in raising the consciousness and the vibrational frequency of the living creatures on the planet and the planet itself, so the bad guys know the sun, so when they get the solar eclipse, we are temporarily not being cut from source, that can’t happen, and while they are temporarily being cut from the direct connection with that energy from the sun that can make you feel very disorientated like a vacuum, alone, unsure. People always put that down to the fact that it’s got dark. Now the one of the moon, and it’s actually more sinister, if I can use that word, because the moon was until quite recently used as a relay station for I can just say beaming mind control energy waves. That’s very primitive but people know what I mean by now, and when we get an eclipse of the moon, actually it’s a moment of freedom, and what the elite did was they wanted to stop people connecting with the freedom for that time that the moon was blanked out and that’s why they brought all the sacrifices in around the time of the moon, and they wanted to talk about fear, make people scared to try to take them away from that. Anytime anything can interfere with a negative frequency, then we naturally go back to ourselves. We get our clarity, our vision, and we can think very clearly for ourselves. So all of these things are just steeped in; it’s not just a history that a society or a culture has built up, but it’s a control mechanism that’s been placed in to make people believe that they feel or they think in a certain way when certain things happen, no different from ringing a bell and Mr. Pavlov’s dog starts getting hungry because he hears the bell and he thinks he is going to be fed. So when certain things happen and you know, we can be conditioned as humans to think in a certain way and of course the advertising men have known that goodness knows how long and it’s just a trick they use, and these tricks which were originally the preserve of the high priests posited by the Annunaki made their way down as they always do to the corporations and down. So you’re right people do feel, not everybody, but many people who are sensitive do you feel different at eclipses but as I say, it’s either because the system has put something in place to make you think or feel in a set way because something was cut off, unless either for a positive or negative reason, but that’s why the eclipses are quite short and when the moon was put in that position, remember it’s not a natural planet and a satellite at all. It’s a constructed object. Everything was designed so that it wouldn’t hit, shouldn’t hit anything. It wasn’t too near to suck the oceans out. It wasn’t too far away to have no effect. It was just at the right angle. Remember it’s the only object that doesn’t move, so it keeps its far side or the dark side of the moon, it’s the far side of the moon always if [1:16:54][omniscient]. I get exasperated with intelligent men from academia, from university who just tip out the same nonsense and then I say to them, “Why is the moon the only object, the satellite, the only object that doesn’t turn? Why does it just show one face to us? Can you name me any other object that does that?” And they can’t so I say, “You’re an intelligent man. Why have you not questioned this? Why haven’t you done research?” They sort of look at me blankly and they think, yeah, why haven’t I done any research and they say well because I’m not funded to do that. I’m not required to do that. When I teach my school children or my university graduates, I’m not required to teach that. When I stick [to] my learned papers I’m not bothered. I’m not asked about that, and if I start asking questions like that then I shall be stepping outside of what I’m allowed to do, so I always try and question people and I always try and say think differently, and that’s your answer so you are on the right track. Things happen. They are planned and they are organized, but we can sometimes break through the control system and connect with what we’re supposed to connect with for a short time, so thank you. Thank you for that.
JP: I just saw a [1:18:25][nin de let], it’s huge. Where is it, a big summit, you know, there looks like there’s about 50,000 people camped out in the summit where the eclipse is going to be seen. A lot of people are going to be meditating. We are going to have a meditation on Wolf Spirit Radio starting at six o’clock p.m. UK time, which is ten o’clock a.m. Pacific and noon[1] Eastern time, so hopefully that will give you a little time to have a quick snack and yes, so the eclipse we’re going to have a Frank Jordan meditation and so the Native Americans are saying, you know, we stay in to deal with the eclipse. It’s an inner thing and so we’re going to be doing that sort of thing, so. . .
SP: Well we’ll just go on. The thing is it’s been forecast a long time ago that the energies on this eclipse would allow certain people to use their energies to create something evil on the planet. Ever since the days of Atlantis when very gifted women were able to foretell the future and look at star charts, for goodness sakes that’s why Adolf Hitler had so many of these mystics around him because he knew particularly the women, not exclusively so, but they could foresee energy events and then he would then say well, is this an auspicious time to invade Austria. Should I attack Russia? So it was always about negative stuff, but that’s sadly often the case. We don’t generally hear people saying would this be a good time to open a new hospital? I would like to get a cure for this disease, or that disease. When would be a good day to do that? Why don’t we do that? We don’t do it because it’s all about money and it’s about power because the decent ordinary people don’t make those decisions. It is about, you know, how can we get an extra sacrifice or how can we do this? How can we do that? On the twenty-first, from the energy point of view, has been earmarked for very bad energy. Now if people are going to meditate and what I’m going to do is to send good vibes, send truth and love then that is fantastic and I absolutely support that. I don’t want that being hijacked or corrupted by anything else. If we are countering a satanic evil energy that wants to sacrifice babies at a greater number over that period than they would normally have done, and we want to prevent a false flag; we want to prevent the second coming by a fake New World Order. If we are meditating with a good intent then please go out and do it, because I will be doing it, but what I said at the early part of the show is that is exactly what sometimes can happen. People will try and use that good energy. That’s what the Hadron Collider was about. It used the natural biorhythmic energy of the earth, and tried to use that to give it that oomph, that uplift to do more things, and I don’t want any good energy being subverted by anything evil. So be clear what your meditation is; hold true to your path, and you will only achieve good things, so I just felt I needed to say that JayPee. Thank you.
JP: Good, good, so I tell you this is almost a private question but from Richie Allen of the Richie Allen Show is asking of you, would you like to appear with David Icke MP, so. . .
SP: Yeah that would be a bit of fun.
JP: So I’ll pass this message on to you. There’s got the email address in there and I’ll just pop that in the email.
SP: That’s fine.
JP: Okay, next question.
SP: If you send it, if you send it to we won’t mention any names, but if you send it to the person, that’s right that’ll be really helpful because otherwise it’ll get lost in the deluge of stuff, yeah.
JP: I’ll do that in a second. All right here’s another one. Okay. Simon according to the Wes Penre Papers once souls go through the grid that surrounds the Earth they still find themselves inside the holographic universe instead of the real universe that’s supposed to be insolvent and is similar to some inmates who have just broken out of prison only to find themselves in the prison yard. What are you [laugh over] the last [thing] I want when I die is to wander around through this holographic universe and have my soul detected once again by the same evil beings that put me on this prison magnet in the first place. My main focus will be trying to get to source with the power of my thoughts and hopefully it’s going to work. I’m the type of person who likes to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s Christine from Romania. Thanks, Christine.
SP: All right, okay. Romania is a wonderful country. It’s got some very interesting things hidden under the rocks, and right well you’re accurate and the Wes Penre Papers are accurate. I think so. I’ve looked at not all of them, there’s just heaps and heaps of them. I like what I read and I have personal memories of much of what’s written there. I think there’s a tremendous piece of research at personal expense. I understand this person spent years and years and years bringing it all together and I salute them for that. Right, the question: To answer that question I would pose a question, which was well why are we here? We’re here, believe it or not, to experience, and then from those experiences to make decisions. That decision might be I don’t want to make a decision. That decision might be I’m going to run away from this. That decision might be I’m going to face this. Well if it’s the third one, which is I’m going to face this, then do we learn from it? If we learn from it the next thing is do we actually put into practice what we learn from it or do we forget, so we’re on this planet and this environment to give the souls in our body experience and allow us to make decisions and to grow and to develop one way or the other. No right and wrong, just develop. The environment we’re in is a created environment. I choose my words very carefully here because all of the flat earthers now are sort of hoping that I’ll say something on a flattish line. We are in an environment which is artificial, designed to give us individually and as a group a seamless experience of sound and vision that we accept as our world and we can interact with. It doesn’t mean it’s not real. It doesn’t mean it’s not valueless. Now when some people can move from one state to the next and they find that the world they’re in is still a matrix or what some people call a holographic universe. The question is the only place to go after that is source and those who listen to me know that I consistently say when your physical body dies you should either go to your star family or to source, so there will be many holographic universes. There are twelve main verses and goodness knows how many subverses. Each verse has its own holographic universe because there are living creatures in their subuniverses who want to experience all of this is created by. . . there are lots of creators, but there is one main creator, so don’t focus on the fact that you are in a holographic universe. Focus on how you can learn, how you can live, how you can help people, how you can do good things, how you can get pleasure from doing something to help other people get pleasure from doing nice things, it isn’t just that you gain from it but make sure that you are doing good things to other people, and that’s what you should focus on, not whether it’s a holographic universe or not, and when the time comes then you can either choose to try to get to your star family or to source, so you can forget the holographic universe. If you want to go back to source you’re going back to that which made you, and that’s what you hold in your head. When I am on this planet in this physical body I will do my best every day to do good things. When I do something wrong or something bad then I hope that I’m strong enough to say oops I didn’t do that very well. Maybe I need to learn from this and then I won’t do that again and I’ll try and be a better person and when the time comes and the physical body says do you know what I’ve had enough of this and then your soul says, oh time to go. You forget all the holographic stuff and you go back to source and you say what now? What can I do now? Where can I go and learn more and that’s what we need to focus on. It’s a damn good question and it’s really important because it’s like what’s life about? Thank you.
JP: Okay as a question from Nora and it’s actually for me. It’s on is way. I packaged it. Oh it’ll be sending to you soon Nora. This is a piece of Shondra. Okay internet broadcast. Entity manifestations, oh sounds interesting. Dear Simon from Silver Speed. Thank you for all you do to help humanity rise and awaken and the sacrifices you make doing so. You have previously mentioned that there’s considerable effort being made to bathe the Earth in broadcasting energy for internet connection from orbital artificial satellites. The core purpose of this was to establish the transmission or manifestation of energetic entities within humans. Is this also to enable the same within others in the animal kingdom? How can we seal or protect ourselves from having such manifestations transmitted into us by such means? Blessings and God speed to you and JayPee.
SP: Right, good question. The people who are behind this are not interested in the animals; they’re not bothered about that simply because to control an animal doesn’t bring them any profit. Animals don’t go to work. Animals don’t get sick. Animals don’t go and pay their taxes. They are not interested in animals. This technology’s purely to control the slaves as they see them on the planet. We are all free slaves, you know, in the old days people had chains around them. They were not free slaves. The people on the planet today by in large are considered by the evil people as free slaves, so they want to control the free slaves without causing a riot and the best way to do that was through unseen technology. If a guy stands in front of you with a gun you see it; you rebel against it; you fight, but it’s unseen, it’s radio waves, microwaves, you can’t see it. You can’t fight against it because you can’t see it, so this is why they hit upon this. They also wanted to bathe the planet and sticking up radio masks there was a lot of blind spots it wasn’t, you know, mountains block it, etcetera, etcetera, so by using satellites they felt that was the best way to bathe the earth and then people who would escape would be those who were [in] underground bases or had a chip, a certain sort of chip that prevented this from happening. All right, well we don’t want the chips and we don’t want to hide underground, so how do we protect ourselves? We have to be very clear that this technology will work on, when I use the word ignorant, I mean it in the true sense of the word, people who are blindly unaware of the reality on this planet. Now those people will succumb very quickly. Excuse me [cough], they will not even know what’s happened to them, but for those of us who are in the truth movement then you can. . . this is provided that we will let them get this far, you know, this will have to be Plan B, because Plan A is not letting them do this. That’s the bottom line, but that isn’t a good enough answer for the listener or for anyone else. You want to know how you can protect yourself. It’s an old chestnut but you can’t beat it. First of all eating organic food, free-range food, drinking water that’s as pure as you can get it; we know this works. That’s why the big corporations are trying to put so much poison or at least unhealthy elements into our food. If it didn’t matter, then we would get the most wonderful food. Why are we getting food that’s really not particularly good with no nourishment in it? Why did four years ago, [1:32:52][inaudible] four, yes four-and-a-half years ago, why did the Rothschild Foundation start building or funding large factories making vitamins at six to seven times the price that they normally cost so that only the elite can afford them? Why now is there a network on this planet of elite families buying vitamins from an organization that is financially set up by the Rothschilds and what they’re doing is they are supplementing their diet with not the sort of rubbish vitamins that you buy on the high street, which has probably got very little goodness, but the good quality stuff which was only ever meant for the rich and wealthy because that’s why it’s so expensive. It’s only the rich and wealthy can afford that. They are supplementing their food because they know that globally vitamins are being removed slowly but surely, Agenda 21 of course, from the food, so that they stay healthy. Now people who are healthy resist not just your common cold, new bacteria, but can resist a whole range of attacks. One of the evil attacks is a fungal attack, which we associate or I associate with a fourth dimensional entity, and the first thing to do then is to really go as best as you can for the best food, the purest food and supplement with vitamins. It is really important that you do that. The second thing is your intent. If you believe that you are going to get killed when you cross the road, there’s a good chance you will, but if you believe I am going to cross this road and I’m going to be perfectly fine. You know, it’s like men traditionally say to women in the family you’ve got a long journey, you know, well drive carefully, you know, why wouldn’t they? It’s, you know, why wouldn’t they, just think about it, you know, everything will be fine. I will do what I do, and if you go out and you are worried about this or you are worried about that, you will bring that on you, so you need to say I am NOT going to take on anything negative, and it’s harder then for anything that’s going to attack you to take hold and that is your best defense. Should we fail in preventing this planet-wide sweep, so Plan A is to prevent it. Plan B, there’s no harm in doing it anyway. Generally it’s a very good thing to do is to ensure that each individual person is up for it. Now and if it looks that way then I and I’m sure others will start offering you know at cost price which means, you know, the sandwich and what have you, psychic defense lessons. It sounds a bit like the song, you know, Harry Potter and Hogwarts, but there are methods that can be taught to people to energetically defend yourself against certain things, but not at that level because these things haven’t broken through, but if these things should actually break through, then I will be one of the first people to run seminars on YouTube and I will just do it donations. I won’t charge because I think, you know, it’s going to be something that everyone has a right to, but that is Plan B and I really don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s like accepting that it’s going to happen, so we have a Plan A, if that doesn’t work, then there’s a Plan B, so it’s a really good question thank you.
JP: Yeah I would recommend Vitamin D3 in capsules. You can get the really high doses these days, 10,000–20,000 and they’re very very good for. . . yeah I sneezed three times last night and my nose was starting to run. I took one of these things and by the morning I’m healthy again, so I would really recommend that, no make in particular. So okay, so here is another slightly awkward one about making appointments. No one would respond to my attempts to make a payment or an appointment. I’ve been trying for months in various ways. Please address what a mother should do if a child is being targeted for psyops, if that is what is happening.
SP: Just a minute JayPee I’ve got two cats just climbing all over me. I very foolishly put a plate out with a little bit of vegetables on it and they just go mad.
JP: They want one of the vegetables, no sausages?
SP: Well we have a very, very interesting relationship, the cats and I. I have vegetables; they want to eat them; when they see them they don’t want them, but they nevertheless want to know a thing off my plate. Right, this woman was saying she was trying to make a payment. . .
JP: Right, I will read it. You asked me to make an appointment about cuts on my child. This was a few shows ago. No one would ever respond to my attempts to make a pay-for appointment. I have been trying for months in various ways. Please address what’s a mother to do if a child is being targeted for psyops if that is what is happening. It’s very distressing to hear you say that it’s so important I need to make an appointment and then she never gets in, connecting. So I think really, well go ahead and repeat the star thing because that is probably worth it.
SP: Yeah, I would suggest in this case if this person is, if the child is being targeted by very evil elite people, then I would suggest that the messages, emails are not. . . I’m not getting them. If it’s a person that is, you know, an opportunist attack, well then the elite don’t have any input into it and so if I don’t pick it up it’s because it’s been swamped, but if an individual is a targeted individual, then those people have the resources to manipulate in information, whether it’s a telephone call or an email, and I will not at all be surprised if your emails are not consistently come through. I’ve had, you know, an email from people in the past and I’ve replied and never got anything back or so it seemed to me, so it can be intermittent sometimes. I can get one message and then nothing for awhile or suddenly I’ll get six or seven come through on Skype all in one go, which may have been six weeks old. So the same thing applies: write the word “star” in the header as I’m not explaining why that is because there’s a very special reason for this. If you write “star” in the header I will get that. Thank you.
JP: Great, thanks Simon. Okay, yeah, yeah. This is from Bridget. The question is in regards to the Eye of Ra or Ray. I just came back from a trip to the Middle East and I notice that in every souk and many people’s homes there is this Eye symbol made into art and jewelry. My husband, who grew up there, explained that people often carry it around or place it in their homes as protection from [1:40:20][Eros?evil]. I’m confused because my understanding is that this symbol is like the Eye of Horus and is in fact very evil. I thought you would be the best person to ask. Is this symbol good or evil? Many thanks for your wonderful show.
SP: So we’re making a distinction here between the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra. Is that what the person is saying?
JP: She’s ah, there’s this eye, yeah, ah. . .
SP: Well Ra was the Sun God so it’s the light and it’s a bit like Lucifer really. It’s where we get the term light from like that. Well Americans will be familiar with, those who have not just got the one dollar coin, with the symbol of the pyramid and the one eye on the capstone shining out. Many people who watch media famous pop stars will be very familiar with covering one eye, one eye open, one eye closed. Look some things are never evil but they’re turned into evil. Sometimes a culture is given a symbol as a form of worship. In itself it’s not evil, but if a group of people around it then wish to manipulate the group and manipulate the people, they will use symbols and signs as part of this cult, you know you are either with the cult or you’re not so it becomes evil. On the planet today those symbols have become evil, so if we see those symbols they’re not evil in themselves. I have to qualify that in a minute, but they are the products of a group of ancient people who have created a whole myth and culture around them. Now going back to that qualification. These symbols when placed in certain patterns can activate. It’s not magic; it’s technology. . . can activate and bring about certain things, so if you have the capability to make things happen which ordinary decent people can’t understand, then it’s given the word magic, but they would know it as science, and so they can imbue these symbols into that interlocking information communication system, which is what these things are. They instantly communicate with each other, and so the Eye of Horus is one of the symbols for instance on a stargate. They are real; stargates are absolutely real, and the Eye of Horus will be one of the symbols on a stargate, and there are many things, and that’s why the Eye of Horus appears on the United States one-dollar bill, because it’s a magic spell, and it’s about trying to control money through a symbol so I hope that answers your question, thank you.
JP: So, I had to mute these speakers but good question. Right here we go. . . a very short one here presumably from Germany. Dear Simon, thanks for answering our questions. Is Merkel as delusional as Hitler was?
SP: Well nobody has ever asked me that one before and no, no. Right, first of all Hitler wasn’t delusional. He only became delusional or mad between 1942 and part of ’43. I’m going to have to explain that for students of history are going to want to know about it, and let’s just first talk about Merkel. Merkel was told by a group of people that she was chosen to lead Germany. She knows that from a young child, a young girl, she was always picked to do the job she’s done now. Was she Hitler’s great grandchild or grandchild, who knows, not going to get into that debate, but I certainly at one conference did raise that topic and we had an interesting. . . the audience and I had an interesting few minutes on that subject. She is delusional, I suppose, in as much as she is not her own woman, so instead of ruling a country for what is right and just and proper, she spends too much of her time bowing down to the people who have always ruled the planet for generations and generations. Now if she were a true stateswoman, she would just turn her back on them and do what was right for the people of Germany. Hitler was never delusional. Hitler was insane, but not delusional. What Hitler was, was a character who was infected by an entity from the Spear of Destiny. In actual fact he was got, and when he was in Vienna in the early days and went to Britain where he was given an alternate personality. Remember that Hitler was a, I use the term legally and technically, a bastard son, that’s a technical term; it’s not a swear word, of one of the Rothschilds, and he was always identified as somebody who could be very useful at some point. Remember what wars do is make people spend money, and if you are selling oil as the Bush oil company was or you are making armaments, you need a war between two countries or more countries because remember they want oil and bombs and bullets and all the rest of it, so you make a huge amount of money, and it also weakens countries. You can destroy countries, not by bombing them, but by overrunning them, so you still retain all the infrastructure; you still retain the land to grow crops, that’s why we won’t ever have a nuclear war because why would you have a nuclear war, there would be nothing to have. That’s why they officially abandoned the neutron bomb, but in reality of course they make them hand-over-fist. For people who are not sure a neutron bomb is a device that explodes with maybe half the force of the equal [1:47:35][kinetonic] of a nuclear weapon, but in about a few days the radiation is so reduced you can actually go in there. That’s the difference and it leaves buildings standing, so they realized with the neutron bomb that this was probably going to bring about a war, and so they abandoned them but of course what all these major countries did was just make them anyway, so I guess that’s my answer really.
JP: Great. Now this is quite a, this all right, all right, but on serious [note] because this is a very. . . so from Preston. Dear Simon, quote from your CC show of June 4th, 2017: “If decent, ordinary, wonderful, upstanding individuals understood what pedophilia really was in terms of its construction and its control and its organization, they would be shocked to the core. I hope this information comes out as soon as possible.” I think that now is the time wholly to divulge this method of organization and control. For instance, I know that pedophilic practices are applied as a mechanism in order to ensure political leverage from British politicians, intelligence, and security services and other civil servants. For how many decades do you think this has been occurring? What roles do women play? Do women merely aid and abet these heinous crimes or do they get involved in the axis itself? Additionally besides the obvious problems in Catholicism and the Church of England please mention any other religions that made pedophilic activities possible behind closed doors. Thank you for your good work, Marian. Do you want me to break that back down for you?
SP: Yes, first question please.
JP: So the first question is how long, how many decades, do you think the secret services cover up thing has been occurring?
SP: Right. In modern history and in modern times the concept of a Secret Intelligence Service is relatively new. We band about things like CIA, NSA, NRO, MI5, MI6, but they’re relatively recent. Before that you had a group of people who were tasked with preserving the status quo, and if you go back and back in history, you get what you would call the high priests. There was always a group of people whose job was to maintain their own jobs because if the system changed, they wouldn’t have a job would they, so their job is to keep their jobs and to keep the system. I have something; that person doesn’t have anything. I’m on the sidewalk; you’re in the gutter; we’re going to keep it that way, and that is how it’s always been, and as society has become more complex, technologies advanced then these organizations have had labels and they’ve had access to more money and they had to come out of their palaces; they’ve had to come out of their offices and they had to mix to a certain extent with the people, so they had to go from being very covert to being less covert, and since the 1920s there have been in Great Britain blackmail operations with gay men. It was only in the fifties that the pedophilia thing really took off. If we were to go back two thousand years ago, pedophilia wouldn’t have the same effect on the audience, and say Babylon, ancient Babylon was. . . in the Bible we talk about Sodom and Gomorrah, what was going on? The ordinary public was so immune at that time that it wouldn’t have that great shock. You couldn’t blackmail somebody by that. You got them by giving them huge amounts of gold coins. That was how it was done. So now it’s a lot cheaper to get someone involved in some ritualistic evil which doesn’t cost you anything and you just take photographs and videos and that doesn’t cost you a single gold coin, and then because that person’s gone into public office, then you’ve got them for as long as they’re in public office, so in the 1920s is when the blackmail really took off. I’m not saying that’s when it started but when it really took off; the 1950s is when the pedophilia and the satanic connection took off, and it just grew incredibly from then. Okay what was the next question please?
JP: Okay so the next part of that question is. . . hang on, I’m going to scroll that down there, yeah, what role do women play and do women merely aid and abet these heinous crimes or do they get involved in the act itself?
SP: Well we’re assuming this is a satanic situation. I would imagine that’s probably what we’re looking at. Right, then the women that will take part in this are women who have responsibility within the cult, so you have, depending on what’s going on there, you would have trainee, not witches, that’s not the right term, but you have training individuals. The highest woman within this group is the grandmother. Now we’re talking Great Britain about grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, and what we mean is, you know, mom or dad’s mom or dad, but what they mean is the word divided into two: grand as in the biggest top and mother, so the big mother, the first mother, the top mother, and I did a talk six years ago now, yeah six years ago where I showed the hierarchical control within that system and I showed the jewelry and the marks that these particular women would wear and it was like a teardrop, so three teardrops was a grandmother and then two teardrops and one teardrop was like a rank you might have, like one stripe, two stripes, three stripes, so those women have a set role to play within that evil act, and they are willing participants because the cult that they belong to, to them is more important than anything else and literally that is what they live for, so in that instance those women are active and they play a key role within that particular happening. Now other women can be traumatized and mind split and their alternate personality can come out and it is the alternate personality that will make that woman do evil things, and then afterwards that alternate personality goes back and that person has no knowledge of what they’ve done at all and that’s incredible, but that’s how it works, and so basically if you are one of these evil people in charge of running one of these groups, you can’t have somebody running around saying I don’t want to do this; I resist. So they make sure that these people have no free will in the matter, so to my knowledge most women who take part in these things either are totally willing or they are out of it through drunkenness, drugs, and mind control. They have no idea what they are doing so that I hope answers that question. What was the third question?
JP: Well we’re out of time though.
SP: Oh, are we again, okay.
JP: Well you were quite on a roll today. Thank you very much Simon. Any final thank-yous and goodbyes?
SP: Just, you know, what I say to everybody that you just keep your guard up at the moment as we begin to go into fall, into the autumn, we should begin to see some things unraveling now. Good luck with the meditation tomorrow. Make sure that you know what you’re meditating for. Be clear in your mind and if you have good intent you can only create goodness. Thank you, thanks, JayPee, thanks everybody.
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