17 September 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
The use of very real neurotoxins being sprayed over Houston, TX to supposedly kill mosquitoes will have a negative affect on humans by getting into the food chain, a sort of soft kill version of the agenda to wipe most of us off the planet; attack at Parsons Green underground station may or may not be a false flag; Chinese/Russian satellite launches are enabling 5G to be ushered in and it is a bridgehead for 4D demonic entity energy to enter into our 3D reality; the alternative media or truth movement is being infiltrated by the elite, example: Farsight Institute being introduced in glitzy Hollywood Let’s Make Money promo; if a big change doesn’t occur in October 2017 then the elite have gotten hold of technology to change the Akashic records; economy’s not better, interest rates rising, quantitative easing not working; President Trump has given official okay for small military strike against North Korea; off planet entities out of patience with Earth governments and are going to take matters into their own hands for disclosure. Questions: do demons have souls? answer, yes; souls of walk-ins; use of black magic symbols, a demonic infiltration technique, innocently tucked away in jewelry, T-shirts, CD covers/posters, and a music energy frequency; battle for Earth releasing the reptilian’s grip on us is up to us to take a stand; homosexuality doesn’t exist among Draconis reptilians, was created as control mechanism for humans; Rh negative blood associated with off planet entities; crystals with memory banks of info; possible loss of consciousness/memory if you put your head near equator of rock spheres found on Earth; Bigfoot is real and is proof of hybridization; good diets for humans; cancer: causes and treatments; the Tesseract, Earth’s quarantine, our trade currency with off planet entities is genetics, they kill us like we kill cows; the Sun is a portal and light frequency being given off now is a catalyst for change.

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JayPee: Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. 17th of September 2017. Here we are. How was your birthday week Simon?
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee. Hello everybody. Yeah the Internet is not brilliant at the moment so let’s hope we can hold court. Yeah, my birthday was all right and yet another one. I’m always pleased to have a birthday. Sometimes I get cards. Sometimes I don’t, so yes it was lovely, thank you very much.
JP: So you have your announcements Simon.
SP: I do.
JP: It’s gonna take a little while for me to get in to the, as usual, the question list is unavailable to me because of the crashing, but normally by the time you’ve done your things, your initial announcements, it will have allowed me back in, so on you go and take your time.
SP: Thank you. First, I think people might have been aware of the amicable story under the ins and outs of the various lot of fake news stories, a very real use of neurotoxins over the Houston area allegedly to kill off mosquitoes, and my concern and I’m sure everyone’s concern who lives in that area is that neurotoxins won’t just possibly kill off mosquitoes. They will get in the food chain, and this is not a fake news story in the sense that it’s been [reported] by a number of the major news channels unless they’ve been duped into it, but it looks real to me, and it’s not as mad as it may seem because we know in Japan they wanted to use the soil from the dump from the reactor to put into public parks and recreational spaces, so some people are either completely stupid or are signed up to this agenda of wiping most of us out, so anyway I really suggest that anybody who has lived in the area writes to their congressman or their senator and actually really say I’m not going to vote for you if you allow this to happen over the state. All right, so that’s the first one.
I want to talk obviously about the attack that we had in Great Britain. Parsons Green Railway Station, underground station and I wanted to talk about it not just because it’s an attack, but of the nature of it. I’m sure we’ve all seen or tried to look at the photographs and it looks an incredibly amateurish mostly schoolboy type of device. What’s concerning is that lots and lots of people are immediately writing on the media saying that this is a, you know, sort of by itself one. The issue I have with it is that I’ve looked at some of these photographs of the injuries, and for the first time you actually got close-ups and taken by people with their cell phones of the injured and they look pretty genuine burns to me, so that’s the first thing. The second thing though is that the ubiquitous pairs of shoes reappeared, a couple posted showing pairs of shoes just sitting in the road by a fire truck, by a fire engine and I think the only thing I can add to this is sometimes there are genuine attacks which the elite know about and don’t try to stop them, let them go on, and then they slap them for their own, so they will put a signature or a marker on it, so I am not yet decided whether this is a false flag attack or whether it’s actually a real attack by half-baked people and that the elite have just tried to add it to their score, so that’s why on my website I said that, you know, about four hours after the attack when I posted on my website that I wasn’t yet clear, and I’m still not clear as to genuinely who is behind that.
Right, that’s that one. I wanted to talk about 5G. Satellites are being launched predominantly from China, though some from Russia as well, the object being that they want to put satellites around the earth to add or augment the masks to move to 5G and the difficulty of course is that 5G is at such a frequency level the fourth dimensional entities can partially exist within 5G, and I really think that that’s a very big concern for all of us, because AI strokes some of this fourth dimensional demonic entity energy works hand-in-hand, and 5G is like a bridgehead for them so that’s not good and I don’t believe that it’s being done for the right reasons. Just so everybody knows, I am actually moving house and yes, I’m really moving. It should be no coincidence to anybody that I’m moving in the early part of October and I’ve always felt that big things were going to happen in October, and so I’m moving. I’m not going to disclose my new location. I never live in fear. People who know me know that’s true, but neither would I put my head on the chopping block, and I’ve seen the way that the elite are infiltrating what people call the alternative media, and what I call the truth movement. Some people call it the truth media. I’m going to give an example. I’ve always supported what’s called the Farsight [Institute] Group, and in fact I have plugged them on the show, you know, I have often said that these remote viewers, to my knowledge, get it right more times than they get it wrong. While I’ve been very, very supportive of that, I was really saddened to see a clip on the latest rendition from the Farsight Group and they introduced the remote viewers that they were using and they were introduced to the audience as your stars. Now that’s Hollywood. When individuals are introduced to the community as your stars, they’ve gone away from remote viewing trying to give valuable information to people to warn them what’s happening and they are moving toward a glitzy commercialized Let’s Make Money, and your stars, and I was really upset, but not overly shocked, because all of the truth media now is not being attacked as we thought it would be attacked. It’s being subverted. I have seen a number of very good organizations where something is working to undermine what they do to get at them, so I’m changing location in October because I think October is going to be quite an important time. I’ll go on to that in a minute and it won’t be possible in the short term for people to visit me. Where I am at the moment people can just drop in. They may just come from miles around and I don’t turn them away. I’ll always make an appointment for them and I will see them, but that’s not going to be possible. I’m somewhat concerned about the sort of people who might be turning up on the doorstep in the months ahead, so I’m still going to do the radio show if the people still want me to, but I am NOT going to be [available] for I’m going to be in an undisclosed location. It’s not about fear; it’s just about being sensible, and I want to talk about October.
For years, I and others have been saying that October of 2017 was going to be a big change. About five months ago I started saying that if we think about time as a piece of elastic or rubber that the elite are pulling that elastic or rubber to stretch it so in your piece of elastic the mass, the material, remains the same but it is drawn thinner so it takes up more space in terms of lengthwise, and they’re reaching about as far as they can stretch this timeline and I have gone on record as saying if we don’t have some sort of incident this October I will be quite concerned because it means that those that have the either back engineered technology or technology given to them will have found a way to alter what is projected to be written into the Akashic records and what I mean by that is that there is supposed to be an incident in October which is a fundamental wake-up call to the human race, and clearly those people who have a vested interest in the status quo will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. Now they can’t stop it but they can delay it, whether that’s through chemtrailing, whether it’s through killing journalists or making people look like they’ve had suicides, whatever, they will stop at nothing to maintain their grasp on the human race, and one of the ways that they could maintain that grasp for a little bit longer is to prevent any big event in October that’s out of their control, events that are within their control then obviously they want that, but events out of their control and we’ve always, we being those of us who perhaps had a glimpse of what the future could hold, I’ve always felt that the October 2017 was going to be a situation not of the elites making, and they’re not stupid and they have vast amounts of money, technology both electronic and psychic at their disposal. They will have seen what I’ve [seen]. They’ve probably seen more than what I and others have seen, so if we don’t get a situation in October whilst people might say, oh well that’s great, we didn’t have to go through that, my view is well what is going to wake up the human race? When is that coming and how have these guys got their hands on a certain sort of technology that prevents what is due to be written into the Akashic so please keep your eyes on that.
Okay and following on from that we’ve seen both the United States and United Kingdom, Great Britain are about to raise their interest rates. This will be the first time for years and years that both major Western democracies, I’m using the word loosely, are about to raise interest rates and that’s a very big sign that the economic situation isn’t getting better, but what they call quantitative easing just isn’t working and therefore they’re now going to go back to traditional methods of hiking up interest. We’ve seen the British Stock Exchange lose a huge amount just on the close of business on Friday and that’s taking a big hit. We see the Dow Jones at the highest level in its history and I’ve said to people who talk with me about business aspects and I’ve reminded them where can the Dow Jones go? Where can they go now? It’s the highest it’s ever been. It can’t go much higher. The only way is down, so it’s a very important thing if people in the government get money. Gold is in a traditionally safe position, but it’s at a very high price but I do believe that people are going to move to gold in the next few weeks in quite large numbers.
Talk about North Korea and everyone should notice that it’s gone quiet, not the missile from Korea that’s not gone quiet. The world reaction has been quiet generally speaking. Now what I wanted to tell the listeners is that President Trump has now officially given the okay for a small military action against North Korea. That is why generally speaking there isn’t this. . . there hasn’t been this huge response that there has been in previous provocations from Korea so [a] missile was fired over Japan. That was deliberate. Japan didn’t really respond. The U.S. hasn’t really responded and that is because a small, and it is going to be a small, a small military response has now been okayed, so please keep your eyes on that one.
We don’t really talk about off planet stuff in the last few months, maybe because stuff on this planet is so demanding and we’ve been so busy, but I wanted to talk about the situation off planet and many of my other colleagues who are in the truth movement speak about it, and the little bit I have listened to other people I would agree with, that there has been for a long time, we know, an agreement that things can’t go on. Something has got to be done and I just wanted to let everybody know that the clock has run out of time for certain governments to have made an announcement. I lose track of whether it was the third or the fourth or the fifth deal that had been struck between off planet entities or Federations or Ops or whatever you want to call them, and major U.S led administration’s to actually tell the truth, and they sort of vacillated and said they would and they wouldn’t and then there was a reason why they couldn’t and then a reason why they had to put it back. Ultimately nothing happened. I just wanted to make it clear now that that’s finished with. This particular group which is a large conglomeration of other groups finally run out of patience and as a result of that what they’re actually going to do is to take matters into their own hands so we need to watch that.
And finally I just wanted to give everyone a bit of an inside thing really, and I had an experience myself on Friday. I don’t normally talk about it these days on the radio show, but this was so fun and so interesting I just want to share it, because it’s classic in terms of everyone else’s experiences. Okay, so it was a Friday and I was, this is funny, was just boiling an egg and so I’d put the egg into the pan and it was seven minutes past 6:00 in the evening and I was just checking the timer and literally I looked at my watch and it was no longer seven minutes past 6:00, but it was thirty-three minutes past 6:00 so in the space of three or four seconds at most I’d lost twenty-two minutes. Now the fact that I looked at my watch must have meant I felt something, and I had at that time no memory. All I remember is looking at the watch and it’s six minutes, seven minutes past 6:00 o’clock and in the next minute, it’s thirty-three minutes past. Now that’s your classic missing time and I’m going to share that with people because I haven’t shared much of that at all. I did have a bit of a flashback about an hour or so later and then later that evening of a very large room with a very big orb. I mean really big orb, more of a sort of a control center and I also had memories of more than one entity entering into the kitchen in a V formation. There were about six of them arriving in the V formation. I don’t want to make it personal and just so you know I’m still getting these things, you know, more of the same. Thank you very much and I do have [17:39][breaking up] JayPee.
JP: Okay Simon you got a bit broken up toward the end. Is there any possibility you can get to a, or move the laptop so it’s closer to the Wi-Fi?
SP: Of course. Can you hear me now? I just moved it off. . .
JP: That seems even worse. Try the other way.
SP: [18:13][Still breaking up]
JP: Let me try calling you back. Let’s try calling you back that might be a better idea. Okay let’s try that and while we’re doing this I’m just going to make a quick station announcement. No still can’t get through. Yeah, ah there we go. Now Simon. . . yeah it’s not the best; it’s not the best. Can I get you on the phone?
SP: [19:00][Still breaking up]
JP: Now you’re real broken up. I mean really much more than, not intelligible at all. Try again. Right we are back online now, so we’ve now have Simon on the landline telephone, away you go.
SP: Fantastic. So let’s have a think. I’ve done all my updates and I just think I would like to thank people for their very kind donations. The donations have been smaller but there have been more people so I’ve got quite a list and people have donated everything from just literally one upwards, so I really need to thank everyone for their tremendous support. Thank you ever so much Kirsten, Sue, Laura, Tina, Elisa, Jim, Chansa, Alexis, Bernard, Cheryl, Reinhart, Joanne, Neil, Osemilek, Jackie, Mason, Chris, Gordon, Imogene, Jessica, Ed, and Off Re and PFC and Michael K, God bless you Michael that was a really, really handsome donation and that really helped me to sort a few things out, Ivanna, Dan, Danielle, Spirituality, Sharon, Margaret, the Gorilla Guy, and my famous lovely Chinese characters, thank you, Alexis, Tim, Cheryl, Naomi, Third Column Now, Charlene and Susanna, Sherilyn, Sara, N. M., Jeff, Jean, Faye, Becky, Sheena, Eddie, Tom, Eula, nearly finished, Geraldine, Desmond, Bob, and Vicker Herbs, that’s an unusual one. So thank you everybody for being so kind and for sparing what you could. It has been gratefully received, so I hope that you were able to get the updates. I understand we’ve got a bit of a serious issue with the interference again so let’s go on with the questions then JayPee.
JP: Right, so this is taking a little while to get back in but here I am, today’s first question from Sisi, Austria. Dear Simon and JayPee thank you for your shows and insights. My question, what is the energetic structure of demons? Do they have souls? Do they have a divine spark, and what is it that they are made of? From Hazelnut.
SP: Well fabulous question. Nobody has ever asked me that before. The answer is yes they do have a soul because they are created by source and anything created by source has a soul. There is than one type of demon and they live in the interdimensional space between the third and the fourth, and they can live in the fourth, but they have a very tough time living in the fifth dimension or higher, so they are generally constrained to interdimensional between the third and the fourth, and the fourth. They’re made up of energy that’s held together by intent. We tend to have bones, veins, arteries and they are created as part of a pattern and they are built in a pattern so in the same way that their bodies are created with intent so that the energy flows in different directions and different ways around the body, it’s a sort of circulatory system, but it’s an energy circulatory system. They are able to pass through objects and they can then become solid in the third dimension, and that’s the bit that many of us struggle to get our head around. How can something be energy but then can become solid? If you are living in an energy environment you are created out of energy and you exist in an energy field. Some of these beings have learned the capability to solidify or manifest their body but only in a third dimensional world, and some of these demonic creatures were originated on the Earth so they never lost the capability to reach form or to rephase themselves into a solid matter. So in ancient texts and writings the demons are portrayed as energy, but they’re also portrayed as attacking babies or chasing people and biting them so we have evidence going right back in time of this duality between these beings to be able to be the smokeless fire, to be the energy shadow beings, but also to be able to manifest into physical reality and so that’s basically I hope a good answer to your question, thank you.
JP: Ah that’s all gone quiet. Are you still here Simon?
SP: I’m here.
JP: Yes, sorry about it. I got a missing chicken, a long story, anyway so. . . right okay. This is from Nachturis. You may know who he is really. Dear Simon I had a Skype session with you on Tuesday, 12th of September. You stated that I was born with a Pleiadian soul and at the age of twelve I had a soul walk-in where another soul from Sirius came in and inhabited my body together with my Pleiadian soul until the age of thirteen when my Pleiadian soul left. You then stated that the reason why I haven’t lost my memories from before the soul walk-in was because there was a handover period where both souls lived together working as a team. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask why the soul wasn’t happy in me. How come a Pleiadian soul didn’t work with me? What is it that causes a soul not to work with someone? Also how come you asked me to keep an eye out for gray or black helicopters over my home? I’ve come to realize that all the helicopters that fly over my home are either gray, black, or dark green. We even had one fly over last night as we were trying to fall asleep around 10:00 p.m. They would seem to be flying at a relatively low altitude, so how come a Pleiadian soul didn’t work with him and what is it that causes a soul not to work with someone?
SP: Okay. Obviously I’m not going to mention any names. I know the client well. He was a really, really nice guy. This is the wrong angle. It’s not it couldn’t work with the person. Often when we have, you know, we talk about walk-ins, what I explained actually to the gentleman was that generally what happens is that the original soul departs the body and a new soul comes in and what is usually the occurrence is that childhood memories, but depending on when this occurs, but the memories prior to that swap are either very hazy or completely lost and it’s very common for people to have, you have a walk-in that maybe at the ages of six, seven or eight to have no memory of their childhood at all, but in the rare cases where somebody has a very clear memory, he can be, as in this guy’s case where the original soul maintains in the body for a period of time and what happens is that the two souls in the body will communicate and the original soul will pass information across. It is wrong to think that one was ejected or wasn’t happy. This is all part of the deal done before we physically arrive on this planet and was always going in his case to run up to a certain age. It would have its experience. It would do what it needed to do. He would learn what he needed to learn with that soul. That soul would leave and another soul would come in and carry on the development work, not as a standalone, but in terms of the Pleiadian soul had done the first bit of work and the second soul then carried on, so he got the wrong angle here. It’s not it didn’t work out he had to go. This was always meant to happen. It’s part of your development and it’s a positive thing. It wasn’t pushed out from you or rejected, it was all agreed beforehand, and so the guy that I Skyped, did the session with, if that hadn’t happened he wouldn’t be the spiritual decent guy that sat opposite me during the Skype. If he hadn’t gone through that he wouldn’t be who he was. He was only who he was, very spiritual and very awake and aware because that had occurred and that occurred for a positive reason. Right let’s get that clear.
Now he’s absolutely right when I read the energies, I expected, we didn’t really talk much about that, but I expected helicopter activity around him of a very large nature. I expected what we traditionally call the black helicopters, but they can be painted gray. I haven’t heard of green ones but they can be gray, and when we have people who have a very, very interesting background then the elite, and now I always say the people. . . look if I can meet you and I can detect it, there are bad guys who will detect it, so you will already be on the list and you will have had helicopter activity because they are monitoring you. Excuse me (coughs). They will be interested in you so I’m not at all surprised that he has the helicopter activity. That’s my aliens; that is the secret military projects; it’s where all the tax money is going, you know, vast amounts of money people just don’t appreciate even in our own industry, the truth movement, just how much money is going into these projects. That’s why so many roads have holes in them, hospitals are collapsing, people can’t get proper jobs because the money is being sucked out of the system and to a large extent lawmakers don’t even have a clue. It’s not being presented to them. They’re not writing or signing it off. They’re just not even getting it. It’s not even getting that far, so the black helicopters are an absolute proof positive of secret military projects, psychic projects that are interested in individuals, so I hope that that answers the questions and I know we only have half an hour for these Skypes and half an hour for some people just isn’t enough because they’re so complicated and this guy was particularly complicated and I mean that in a nice way, and sometimes it just isn’t enough time in one session to go through it all, but hey we’ve cleared it now so that’s great, thank you.
JP: All right so following on, this is the same. I recently had a Skype session with you where you advised me to get rid of my necklace, as it was a black magic symbol, which I wasn’t aware of. It had been marketed as a symbol of unity and you know what I’m talking about.
SP: Yeah.
JP: A uniting all religions into one and uniting all peoples despite their different beliefs.
SP: Yeah.
JP: For many, many years I’ve always had a strange feeling of not being alone, that feeling you get when you’re certain that somebody is watching you. After our session I got rid of not just the necklace but my posters and all the artwork of that symbol in the band. I still have their music but none of their artwork. It has now been five days since I got rid of it and not once have I felt like I’m being watched. You said that the symbol functions as a devotee, but how exactly does that work? How does having a symbol result in you being a nice easy target for attack? And this, you know, this is me now. That is a very classic demonic infiltration technique isn’t it?
SP: Yeah.
JP: I mean symbols on the album covers.
SP: Yes, this is. . . when we incarnate on this planet the vast majority of us are good people and we have no belief that anybody could be evil and covert and do the things they do. We just treat people as we would be treated and you know this is the point that there are evil, really, really evil people who play on that trust and that’s how they’ve got themselves into the positions of power. So let’s take Hollywood. Let’s take the entertainment industry. What they’ll do is they’ll form a band. The band having generally no clue and they are given emblems, T-shirts, pasties, they have no clue about it, they just do what they’re told because they are being paid very well and it’s better than working in the 7-Eleven store. And so what happens is now you study these, the Beatles in a different way, so they’ll use this energy frequency, it’s both music and its cult and they’ll aim at certain ages of the population, and they will use this iconic imagery which is absolutely connected to black magic, and they will infest people’s lives either through books, I know somebody who had a book, I was doing a Skype with someone and I said there’s something really bad. Do you [have] a book, a black book, and you’ve got to get rid of this book. I can’t see it in your room but she said, oh this other client I’ve got a. . . I’m moving stuff and I’ve got a big piece of wood against the bookcase, so anyway then I did a Skype the next week and she pulled out this book and she said is this the one and there was a pentagram on it, and I couldn’t even look at it. That is exactly the one. Please get rid of it. So unwittingly these symbols are placed in our lives in the most unusual places. In the Bible it talks about the “Mark of the Beast” which is 666 and you know this mark is placed on people, etcetera, but if you can’t go around stamping things on people what you can do is get them to take it into their home, so it could be on a piece of furniture. It could be on a record sleeve or CD or whatever, and if you have that in your house, although you don’t understand what it is, in terms of the universal law you are accepting that into your house, so we use the word devotee. So you become a devotee of it, which means that they can open a portal. I don’t know how big an extreme, but generally speaking they will try and connect with these symbols and this is the bit now where we are moving into the magic. You have a major symbol in a location. It is connected to a myriad of smaller symbols. When you charge the central symbol it can then like an octopus, put out tentacles to these lesser symbols. You can either try and activate them all in one go, and that takes a huge amount of power so what you can do is you can activate those of a certain size, and that’s why these black magic markers are smaller size, medium size, and bigger size. So they will activate the smaller ones. People who have pieces of jewelry, I mean I talked about a certain person in the truth movement whose manager has pentagrams and skulls tattooed on his body, you know, it’s a very common thing. It’s fashionable to have pentagrams and we mustn’t get confused with Wicca, because when we talk about Wicca, we are talking about witchcraft. That’s not black magic. It can move into black magic, but it’s actually separate, so it’s not a pentagram per se. It’s not this, you know, in itself. It’s when it’s connected and linked into a program where an organization is attempting to activate or change people’s perceptions or people’s values by using, as you said JayPee, black magic glyphs or symbols, so that’s what I said to that client and when from what [she’s] now saying to us now on the show when [she] removed them after five days or five days had elapsed [she] felt that the eye wasn’t looking at [her]. Basically what [she] had done is [she] had taken away the windows. [She’s] taken away the portals. [She] can’t be spied on in the same way and so [she’s] learned a lesson that sometimes the things that we buy from the high street, from the stores aren’t always very good for us, so I’m really pleased that you listened to my advice and you did it and even more pleased that you felt the benefit from that. Thank you, well done that’s great. Thank you JayPee.
JP: Okay, well I’ve got a corollary question, which is something that we learned about years and years ago that in the old days when they had black vinyl records, they would take all the records down to a room at the bottom of the record company and there would be some black magic ritual put on them, and I remember people talking, you know, when they were a child they could, they looked at the albums that were in their dad’s collection and they could see the demons kind of popping out of this. Have you heard about this, that they actually like charged albums with demonic energy?
SP: No, but what I have heard and this is interesting, so it’ll probably, you know, correlate here is that certain artists, their albums were taken and what they would do is scratch, for those people who are old enough to remember a vinyl record, well that’s very fashionable now even the young people have them. When the needle runs off, there’s a little space before the paper circle disk and you can sometimes see messages scratched in that and I understand from talking to a retired guy from the media industry that what they would do on certain artists is scratch symbols or something in that which was linked to demonic energy, so I didn’t think it was that widespread, but you know, if what you’re saying has been occurring on large numbers then it’s obviously done in the thousands, but certainly I’ve heard of them scratching with a needle or a pen or something and carving into the plastic certain marks or glyphs, which were meant to be activated in black magic, and the other thing of course is that when you play things backward occasionally you can actually get something coming through, and this again is part of this project, so that’s exactly where you would expect it in the media industry where you know the Illuminati wish to control. They didn’t control the military. They control the politicians, the bankers and the entertainment industry, and then of course they went on to control the religion, but entertainment was one of the key aspects that they wish to control, so yeah, I’ve learned something there JayPee. I didn’t know about that, thank you.
JP: All right that is something I’ve heard a couple of times from different sources, but yeah, well that’s what they used to do. I don’t know what they do now with digital downloads. They is probably some kind of etheric implant. Okay back to the questions. From Andre from Slovenia. Hello Simon how is the battle for Earth going on? When are the reptilians going to lose influence over our planet and when will there be any visible change or difference? Thank you for all your help.
SP: Right. It’s funny isn’t it because I think the last point I was just talking about, about the off planet situation, although of course the reptilians are on the planet. It’s to do and it’s I suppose it’s a bit of a sad answer really, but it all comes back down to us, us jolly old humans on the planet. When are we going to do something about it, not when is somebody going to come along and say, you know, we’re going to help you out here. We’re going to save the day. No when are we going to do something about it? When are we as a consciousness going to say we’re sick of this? We’re not going to take it anymore, and that will only occur when people begin to see through the lies. As long as the majority of people, as long as 51 percent of the people on the world are prepared to carry on in the way they live and they, you know, they don’t want anything better, they’re not prepared to dig for the truth, then why would the reptilians or any other entity, why would it want to go? Because it’s, you know, stayed the same. In other words technology changes but the ruling elite haven’t changed. The control system has changed in the sense that it’s become more subtle, more covert, but it’s still there, you know, in the good old days a lightning bolt would come down, strike a bush, set the bush on fire, and everyone would go away weeping. Well that doesn’t work anymore and technology’s moved on to such an extent that mind control on the planet now is pretty widespread, so in order to bring about the change, people have got to start saying we’re sick of this. We see through it. I mean let’s be perfectly honest this isn’t going to go down well with many people. It’ll go down well with all our listeners, but this wouldn’t go down well with people who don’t really understand the subject. The vast majority of the people on the planet are paid slaves. It means if we go back in history black people were forced to work on the cotton mills and white people at the ages of seven- and eight- and nine-year-olds were meant to go up chimneys, or five-, six-year-olds were working machinery, so whether you were white or black, you were basically a slave. The difference was the black guys didn’t get paid and the white people got a small pittance. Then they supposedly released all the black people, but we’re all slaves in the sense that we’re trapped into an environment. We are paid in a wage, which is then immediately taken away from us to live, to pay taxes, to give to things, and if we don’t, we’re in trouble, and so this is the cycle. There’s no time for people to look at themselves, feel who they are, to experience and love. I mean I’ve got lots of friends who are American and some friends who are Japanese and they have so little holidays, and this isn’t meant rudely, but they’ll go around visiting places and just take loads of photographs because when they get back, they had their two weeks holiday and then they want to spend the rest of the year looking. I went here and I went there and I went there, but to actually connect with the place generally, they didn’t actually really, really connect because they were so busy trying to pack in as much as possible and that’s what’s happening to humans on this planet, and I include myself in that. We are being run ragged.
We are being kept busy so that we can’t think and ask questions and that’s what the system has learned to do, it’s learned to keep people busy, and I just wish to goodness that large numbers of people would start to clump together and say we’re not doing this anymore and you know we. . . it’s happened if you think about some of the peace movements, if you think about the large numbers of people who will, we’re not allowed to do it now, but would congregate on New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square, I actually attended one of the last ones before the police banded it. Trafalgar Square, it must have been about in the 1980s and one hundred thousand people attended to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Well when do you get a hundred thousand people demonstrating because a hospital is closed or a hundred thousand people demonstrating because such and such a person was thrown in prison when they were clearly innocent, so why will people turn up in their thousands to listen to a pop group, why will thousands of people turn up to see the year change, but they won’t turn up to save a hospital or save a school or fight for democracy? The reason is because they’re just about doing okay, and they don’t want to rock the boat and when the time comes, when people say look, there are some things more important than my own individual self. We must work as a group, then that’s when the balance will change, but at the moment people are still concerned about themselves, how much money they’ve got in the bank, whether the football match is on, on Saturday, where’s the bar open and, you know, will I be able to watch stuff on TV tonight? As long as people are in that mindset, well why would a reptilian leave a planet because he’s got humanity exactly where he wants it to be.
That’s why I need a big change on the planet. I and others, we need some shock, something to occur, which is programmed to come in on the Akashic records, which will really shake people to the core and make people say not just I’m angry with X, Y, or Z, but look at my life. What am I doing with myself? Look at the people around me? What are my values? That’s when humanity will then move forward and until that happens, why should any Galactic Federation bother to come down here and do all the work for us, if they then go away and we just fall back into the same slot? Now how many times has that happened where you yourselves, I’m talking to the audience, have helped a friend; you’ve helped a friend out; it might be a bit of money; it might be advice; it might be anything, and then two weeks later they go back into their old ways again? Let’s take someone who’s trying to get off drugs, and no matter how many times you seem to help your friend, you know, in many cases they just fall back into their own ways, and it’s because they weren’t ready to change and no matter how many times you came in to help them, if they weren’t ready to change, it’s not going to work. When that individual is ready to change, then it can work, and I think that these federations, and they really are true, there are large numbers of very, very positive ETs out there. They are waiting for enough humans—it doesn’t actually have to be 51 percent—they are waiting for enough humans to make that change, so they can then come in and say there is a critical mass of humanity here which we now feel we can really work with and that’s the moment that will happen in our lifetimes, but not if the elite have anything to do with it. Their whole object is to string this out as long as possible, so it was a long answer, but it was a damn good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, meanwhile. . .
SP: It’s teatime.
JP: Are you all right, sorry.
SP: It’s nearly teatime.
JP: Oh so it is. Yeah let’s put a tune on, got some, all right okay let’s find the tune and quickly and. . . so how about. All right this is a track by Suns of Arqa, who are actually fans of yours as well, and this is called Ancient Temples in the Southern Cape, and it’s all about the South Africa and the Abzu and the things that [48:42][Michael ?Zon?Zorn?] has talked about, so Suns of Arqa there with Ancient Temples in the Southern Cape. [Music] And welcome back to modern temples in the northern hemisphere. Simon are you still with us?
SP: I am. Listen JayPee I’ve gone on to loud speaker because I didn’t want the phone right next to my ear.
JP: Of course.
SP: But has that deteriorated the quality?
JP: No you’re good. If you can sit there and you’re comfortable that’s good.
SP: Oh fantastic. That’s brilliant. Listen I’ve just been looking on your blog and it looks like the announcements about me moving and my experience hasn’t been picked up. It must have been when it was completely crackled, so I’ll just quickly just go over that, that I am moving house. People shouldn’t be surprised that I’m moving in October and for the short term I shan’t be announcing where I’m going. At the moment people can turn up and I [49:42][give them] time when they do, and they travel from far and wide to call on the house unannounced and I never turn people away, and I will always talk to them and see what I can do. I had one gentleman who had a demonic possession and had come from abroad just on the off chance, and he’d gone into a church and said to the people in the church does anybody know where Simon Parkes lived, and somebody did, and this happens time and time again where people will just turn up to the town of Whitby and then call into community places and say does anybody know where he lives and somebody usually does, but what I was saying was that we’re seeing a lot of attacks on the truth movement at the moment. My brake cables went. They broke off cables, was it Corey Goode, Dave Wilcox I think, cables went, and some difficult nasty things occurring, so I’m not going to be giving my new address away in the short term, so unfortunately you won’t be able to come and visit me, but this is a necessary precaution because as I and others have said, the month of October, a few weeks around that could potentially be quite tricky for those of us who have held the flag up, can I put it like that.
And the other thing I want to talk about was very quickly I had an absolute traditional missing time experience just very quickly go through it where I looked at the watch and it was something like seven minutes past 6:00. I literally looked away and looked back at the watch and it was then 6:33, and I had at the time no knowledge of anything. I’d literally just hadn’t moved and that’s an absolute classic missing time movement. I had some flashes of memory that came out within an hour and then later on that evening some more memory that came back. So the reason I’m putting that forward is that sometimes I get asked by people do you still have your experiences, and I do, and unfortunately I didn’t have a full memory recall on that one, but I was aware that I had lost nearly half an hour in time, which to me was about two seconds or three seconds at most, so I’m just going through it again because it looks like from the blog people hadn’t picked that one up. Thank you, JayPee.
JP: Well going back to our questions because this is going. . . this is quite an interesting one, Draconis Reptilians and homosexually. Question: Following on from your reply I want to ask you a sincere but potentially near the knuckle question. However, it’s important to me. Given that the Draconis Reptilian population is 75 percent male, the males are physically bigger, the culture reveres physicality and power. Many are rendered sterile. Is homosexual intimacy and/or phallus worship prevalent in their culture, and so that’s the first question. In addition to this does the general controller or general stroke controller act as a sexual icon figurehead for his group, so all reptilians under his authority look to his phallus as their phallus; they extend his energy even though they are sterile and he channels their energy in rituals where virile prowess is required? Thank you and blessings from pseudo no it’s Cerberus, Pseudo Cerberus.
SP: Right. The first one is inaccurate; the second one is accurate. The gay angle was created for humanity. If you look at the number of groups that have been influenced by them, one of them was the Greek world, the city-state of Sparta where a newborn boy baby was wrapped up in blankets and taken up to Mount Olympus. This is true; this isn’t nonsense; it’s not BS, and if in the morning when they went up to the top of Mount Olympus the boy was dead then he was never meant to be a warrior, but if he somehow survived the night, he was brought down and he would become a soldier, and all of these guys, nearly all of these guys had very long hair braided them and they were gay. They still had wives and children but they were bisexual. Time and time again within the Illuminati it is absolute pattern for an Illuminati female to be bisexual, not you can’t say 100 percent, but 75 percent of it to be so and the gay connection does not exist in the reptilian world, but it was a trait given to humanity during the hybridization process because it allows sexual control and it links in with demonic energy. It doesn’t mean, let me make this absolutely clear, it doesn’t mean that gay people are demonic. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that you can open certain doors in the 4th dimensional energy and that was one of the portals that they created so that is the action for the gayness. The second part about the Lord High King as he would be, he would call him if you were translating that into English. Yes absolutely right, because he is the figurehead for his people and if you look at the Queen of England, although the vast majority of men and women in England or Great Britain don’t revere the Queen, the system tries to imprint the fact that the Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth, the Queen is the Head of Great Britain and the Queen is this, that, and the other, so the system is trying to replicate the Draconis hierarchical structure, but of course the humans are very resilient and they tend to, you know, have a healthy disregard for things like that, thank goodness that we do, but in Draconis culture, you look up to the Lord High King. The Lord High King not just speaks for you but his actions are your actions and he acts for you. So the two-part question you gave me the first part wasn’t wrong, it was just inaccurate and I hope to put that in a fashion that makes sense. The second part you are absolutely spot-on, and if you know that because you won’t find what you’ve just written the question, you won’t find that in the books and you won’t find that on the Internet, but I know for a fact from my own huge experience with these things that you have had experience with these creatures. You couldn’t know what you know, because you wouldn’t find that all in a book, not to my knowledge anyway, or on the Internet, so I’m guessing you’ve had some experience with them, so thank you. That’s a really good question, thanks very much.
JP: Okay, now one of our favorite subjects, the blood type and Rhesus negative alien DNA.
SP: Hey I thought you were going to say the flat Earth.
JP: Yeah, no, no. I got that from somebody put that in on Alex Collier’s meeting the other day, you know, it’s like if you’ve been up in space can you look down and is it round or flat, and he’s like obviously it’s round.
SP: What did, out of interest I missed that. Of course I would have loved to have heard it. What did Alex say to that?
JP: Well he said, you know, it’s round, you know, I just. . . I mean it’s one of the questions that has been on the webinars every month, you know. Anyway, hello Simon and JayPee. This is from Christy. I hope everything is going well with Simon. I have Rh negative blood type and I’ve been told it’s one of the rarest blood types in the world, if not the rarest. Where does Rh negative blood type truly originate from and what can you tell me about it. I’ve done a little research and it turns out that this blood type might contain. . . dah, dah, dah, alien DNA. Thank you guys and keep up the good work. Well I’ve just got to say that I’ve got A positive blood type, and you know, I’m about as alien as they come.
SP: Right, my blood mother had Rhesus negative and my blood father had positive. Now back in those far off dim distant days when a woman and a man with those blood groups had a child, i.e., me, the medical science was such so that they would advise the mother not to have any more children because there was a chance that the mother would hemorrhage to death. Now for young people this is like what, incredible! Now there’s an injection or a series, of course, of injections that the mother can have which means that that’s not the case and it’s not serious now, but back when I was born that was a real big serious issue so one of the reasons is not. . . the blood is compatible but sometimes it’s not as compatible as other sorts and you can look at some blood, some groupings are more modern in terms of our history and some blood is much older and I was chatting to a guy the other day, one of my clients and he had the same sort of experience as me. He had gone into his, he gave blood fairly regularly, a good thing to do I guess, but they refused to tell him what his blood group was but he said, “Well it’s my blood.” Well no we’re not bound to tell you, so he went to a private clinic where he did it and they still refused to tell him what his blood group was until he stood at the receptionist and made a huge “song and dance,” and huge fuss and in the end they told him what the blood group was. There’s a huge cult in the true sense of the word, a control over knowledge of people having knowledge over blood because when we talk about blood line and people throw this phrase away every day really, on the alternative news and the truth media. It doesn’t just mean the blood in your veins, it also means the soul in your body, but when you’re talking about Rhesus negative, you’re talking about a certain blood that the off planet is and these are the reptilians, although some of them are on planet, remember.
Say that individuals, certain individuals will carry the Rh negative blood because it is a sign that that individual has a long association on this planet, and how many times have I made the Jesus statement that you don’t put new wine in old wine sacks. That’s simply because, and you, if you are going to put a soul into a body and that soul has had some very very interesting experiences you did not put it into a standard body. You put it into a body that’s been specially prepared, and so, you know, I would love to actually have the records from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and I would love to see all of the maids and the staff and the chauffeurs, and I’d love to look at what their blood group is, and, you know what, I would expect the vast majority of then to have Rh negative blood or at least to have come from their mothers or their fathers [having] had Rh negative, because that is seen as part of the elite group not by the majority of humans, but by this small elite group themselves who see that. There is a connection. We talk about the Rhesus monkey, Rhesus monkey and Rhesus blood, so what researchers have found over the last 30–40 years when interviewing people who they considered to be genuine with stories of UFOs, alien abductions that they weren’t. . . those people who weren’t hallucinating or on drugs or making it up, but those that were genuine they found a very high proportion either had Rh blood themselves or one or both of their parents had Rh, and researcher after researcher came to the conclusion that they didn’t understand it, but they said there is some connection between alien abductions in a family and the blood Rhesus negative, so that I hope helps. Although it’s a question that, you know, comes up often it should come up often, because it’s topical when you know that many people have Rh blood and it is a sign and this symbol, even if we don’t see it as that, this elite group that has so much control on this planet, they see it as a flag. They see it as a marker, and I’m very concerned that hospitals, clinics generally don’t like to tell people what their blood group is, and it’s this secrecy over blood. Blood is seen as vital, and think about, you know, those people who go to church and then they drink the blood of Christ out of a goblet. They drink red wine and I don’t want to start a huge revolution here, but why in goodness name knows would you want to drink blood. Why would you go into a church and drink a goblet of red wine and be told this is the blood of Christ. What aliens consume blood I wonder? Right that’s it, that’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Oh yes, the old blood types. Yes, all right, okay, because I’ve been, you know, because I’ve got A positive and I’ve been seeing this A negative. There are all these and these are all that. There’s a lot of disinfo, so from the blood to crystals. Now this is from Martin. There are clear crystals, natural, rare having real triangular marks several millimeters or rarely a few centimeters long on one of their facets. The triangle marks are visible only under different degrees of light. What do these marks mean for the holder and are these triangles some kind of memory banks that can be released in meditation with the crystal?
SP: Right, when we talk about triangles, maybe we are looking at something different here. There were two ancient cultures that use crystals. One is the famous Atlantis and the other is Lemuria, but they use them for different purposes, and we’re not going to get distracted and start talking about Atlantis now, though I’d love to. I have a connection to Lemuria. I’m not connected to Atlantis; I’m connected to Lemuria through the Hollow Earth, although a few Atlanteans did go to the Hollow Earth, and we talk about certain crystals being stores of information not in the same way as the crystals in Atlantis. We call them the Lemurian record keepers and it’s a quartz crystal that has lines. We’re talking about vinyl records and in the same way these crystals have lines parallel lines that run very much as if they’re encoding information. Sometimes a crystal can grow twinning or it can grow a pyramid type triangular shape either inside itself or more commonly outside as if it’s creating another crystal, and these can actually form lines as well and can intersect some of these actual long lines, and if you have a connection to Lemuria, then, and you’re meditating, then you can hold these crystals and you can sometimes make a connection, not just with the past but also possibly with the future, because these records allow you to connect sometimes through to the Akashic, and occasionally the inclusions in a crystal form channels of energy very much like a freeway or a motorway runs from point A to point Z, then these inclusions are direct energy through the crystal itself and they can then come out generally at the point but not always, and then flow around the crystal or through the crystal and it’s a little bit like, you know, you take a magnet north and south and you put it on the old iron filings and then the two poles would produce a rather lovely fountain effect at both ends with the iron filings. Well a crystal of the right sort will do the same. It’s not unlike how some of the alien spacecraft and the back-engineered reproduction vehicles operate, because they, it’s not antigravity at all. They work with gravity. They don’t repulse gravity; they work with gravity, and they create waves of energy that actually use the hull of the ship as its sounding board if you like, and the variant crystal will do the same, except on the outside it has lines and some of these lines have no encoded information, they just literally, the lines are there. Either the encoding was never placed on it or it has been lost, but occasionally you can find a crystal or part of a crystal that those encoding informations. . . it is like finding a CD for goodness sakes. That’s probably the best way to look at it, and you’re very lucky if you get a complete one that you can put in your player and play. Generally we get bits of them and we can only play the little bit that we found so I hope that’s helpful. It’s the first time I think anyone’s asked me a direct question on that, thank you.
JP: Yeah that’s interesting. I’ve got a Lemurian crystal that was given to me actually by somebody who was running CC up in Scotland but has now passed away. Through a mutual friend this crystal was passed to me. Catherine, do you remember Catherine?
SP: Of course I do.
JP: And so I’ve got her crystal. He gave it to me and said you know, here she said to give it to me. Okay, so I’ve got it and it’s been a great friend. It’s a lovely crystal. It’s about five inches long and a good size, a good one size and it’s got these lines all the way down it which are like, yeah, like you say they’re like the old-fashioned records where if you run your finger down you get a [zooh sound], yeah. So meanwhile. . . Simon are you still with us?
SP: Yes, I’m here.
JP: Oh good. All right so on many places on the planet Earth they can find rock spheres up to several meters in diameter. I was told not to bring my head near the equator of the sphere otherwise there’s a possible loss of consciousness and possible wipeout of memory. Is that possible?
SP: Yes.
JP: When and who made these rock spheres and for what purpose? Are spheres turned off and can they be harmful? Do they turn on? Right, so rock spheres Simon.
SP: Okay, I tell you what absolutely is hugely amusing. . . occasionally you’ll find in a naturebook or a “our wonderful planet,” and they will show things and they will show these spheres and they will say formed by nature, and they will say what happens is that the wind, this is not BS, this is what they tell you, the wind blows really, really strongly and it pushes these rocks along the ground you see and they roll a little bit and over the centuries they roll and get round. It’s not unlike in the 1930s there had been a number of ancient stone implements found by professionals, as well as amateurs, who found stone tools in impossibly old rock. Today the establishment would say that stone tools go back about 3.4 million years old. Well these guys a hundred and fifty years ago were finding what looked like to them stone tools, maybe at five million years old, in Britain and in America and elsewhere, and so suddenly this was good for the church because it began to talk about humanity being somewhat older, and, you know, we don’t have to talk about dinosaurs or monsters, we can talk about humans, and the church was quite happy and got behind that, but science, the Darwinian group, didn’t want that. In the 1930s there were drawings of these stone tools and saying this is how these stones are made and then I remember as a schoolboy, I’d been about ten years old, looking at this textbook of this stone, piece of stone that had slid down the hill and as it had slid down the hill over centuries, it had been eroded by bits of rock that it hit to make this sort of shape that looked like a stone tool, and so what the establishment do is they lie or at least let’s be a bit more fair to them, they will attempt to concoct or makeup or cobble together something that’s half scientific and half fable to try and pass off or explain away something that doesn’t fit their own agendas, because to accept them for what they really are would be to push humanity back far beyond what the establishment would like and it would begin to open up questions about how objects can hold information.
So often these stones, let’s call them a stone ball and generally they can be about the size of a grapefruit, but they can be much larger, and remember in Tibet and Burma and other countries where monks can stand in a circle around these things, they can actually levitate them with their mind, and these are the sort of stones that weigh, you know, many hundreds of pounds. They’re circular; they’re a sphere, because that is the natural object. That is, you know, the Earth is round. It’s not flat. It’s round and so this is in the natural shape within our third dimension. If these stones have been encoded with information, that’s why we have to be careful, if it’s an Atlantean technology for some of their crystals. If the stone is encoded, then if it’s triggered, you could handle one of these stones for a month and nothing could happen, but if you were in the right intent, you held it in a certain way, and perhaps a certain time of day or the stars with a certain conjunction, then it will release a burst of energy, and it’s a bit like an EMP blast, and if you are, if your brain for want of a better word, your skull, your head is within certain distance of it, then it’s like being hit by a burst of EMP energy and the warning there is absolutely accurate. What it can do is blank out like amnesia, but selectively, so you, if it happened, you wouldn’t say, “Who am I, what am I?” You’d say, “I don’t know where I live,” or “I don’t know how old I am,” but you would remember other things, so these objects can do that, but it rather depends whether they were standalone or whether they were networked. Now the round small ones, which are about the size of a grapefruit, they were networked, or and some of them contain a charge and some do not. First time again, we get a lot of firsts, the first time anyone’s asked me that question, so thank you.
JP: But who made them?
SP: Right, they were made all over the planet, but they’re predominantly in Asia. There are some in the Western world but they’re predominantly in Asia. They were made by humans who were working to a pattern, so in other words, they were given one, shown how to make it, they then made them but they then were passed on to, let’s call it a priesthood, who would then in the same way as you told us about, you know, these guys taking lots of vinyl records down to the basement and doing whatever, they would then take these in batches and they would encode them, not black magic, they would just encode them and then they would lay them out on the ground, and then if you’re in an alien spacecraft and you’re flying a certain distance over the ground either your own mind or the computer, remember these computers are sentient, can actually communicate with the stones. It doesn’t mean they could hold a conversation with the stones. . . what’s the weather like today, but they would have a little bit like an integrated landing system on an aircraft. It’s a dead reckoning navigator, but these stones can maintain a telepathic connection like the Lemurian Keeper Stones, they can be telepathic, so they were made predominantly by humans who were following a pattern, and then those objects were then given to the initiated and they then did the special stuff to them. Then they placed them in key locations. Many of them actually are hidden in jungle areas, and yet to be discovered, so yeah that’s a fascinating topic.
JP: Yes indeed, so, um hum. Tamera Crypto, Bigfoot: Hello Simon and JayPee. I know that this question will sound like a big joke, but do you know anything, excuse me, do you happen to know anything about the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Is it real? Is it the missing link? Is it a proof of genetic manipulation? There is a man called Todd Standing who says that he has proof that the creature is real and that he knows how to track them, but he will only go public with that information if he can get government protection of the species, and so far he has no luck with that. So, Bigfoot, are they real? Is it a proof of genetic manipulation? What’s the deal with the Bigfoots?
SP: Well it’s on this radio show and many other radio shows that’s not a joke. That question isn’t a joke. If you were to go on mainstream radio or mainstream TV where unfortunately so many people don’t see the value in searching for the truth, it would be derided and it would be laughed at and you would be seen as a nut, and that is the state of play on this planet at the moment I’m afraid, which we’ve got to change. We have got to change this, so they absolutely are real, of course they are, and like any sensible creature that’s more intelligent than some of the elite around us, it’s gone into hiding. They were a real native living creature that was part of a hybridization program that was, I know what you mean by the missing link, if we use the Charles Darwinian term then I’ve got to say to you no, because there is no missing link, but if you mean is it something on the way between monkeys and humans, then the answer is yes, except it has a soul. Well monkeys have a soul, but it has a soul that’s a consciousness type soul with the body, and they were a bit like the Neanderthals in the sense that they lived at the same time as human humans, your homo sapiens sapiens, and then the Neanderthals were either were killed off or died off and so we were mainly with homo sapiens, but this group, which are very loving, very spiritual, I’m going to say something now which is going to surprise and shock people, they have a real liking for some form of chocolate. Yeah, that’s right. They have a real liking for a certain sort of chocolate, not advertised. They do live.
There’s no way as it stands on this planet that any government would officially protect them, because to do so would be to accept that they’re real and if a government accepted they’re real, then they’ve got to come clean on every other topic that they’re sitting on. The only way it’s ever going to happen is if a very spiritual person one day has a lot of money and says, right, I’m going to set up a protection zone. I’m going to buy this part of Nepal or Tibet or wherever and we are, we won’t give this zone away, but in North America wouldn’t be too bad. Canada wouldn’t be too bad. Alaska wouldn’t be too bad, and I am going to buy so many thousands of acres or hundreds of acres of this land and I’m going to employ armed guards to keep hunters out, and this will be a preserve. That is the only way we’re going to preserve anything like this. It’s just like when people talk about the Loch Ness Monster, I don’t fall about laughing. Why shouldn’t something like that be alive? It’s not just I want to believe it, it’s romantic to believe it. They are real and it’s unfortunately the arrogance of any unawake people who just assume that they are the only intelligent thing on this planet and we’re not. Thank goodness we’re not because we need diversity and one day, one day the majority of the human race will say let’s sit around the table with all of these things that we had denied and let us share and live side by side, work together, but at the moment we can’t do that, so these creatures of course don’t want to be associated with humanity. Why would you? So many of these people just want to go around and kill them, you know. Anyway let’s just leave it there, so that’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Interesting, interesting, yeah, we used to have a Sasquatch contactee who regularly connected with the show, and yeah, they’re very quite advanced, you know, beings. Okay, so here’s a question about diets. Dear Simon and JayPee. This is from Ellen. What is the best diet for humans? Is it a whole food plant-based diet, no meat, no dairy, lots of greens and [1:22:24][roots?] and whole grains and mostly raw food? So is the whole ways, you know, humans do we have to eat food in the first place? So, you know, you got any tips on that?
SP: Right, well we do have to eat food. That’s why we have a digestive tract and a gut and stomach, because we are designed to eat, you know, solid food in the sense that we can’t live on light waves, sound waves, and that’s what people in higher dimensions can live on, but we are born onto a physical planet and therefore we are part of the Earth, and so therefore to be part of the Earth we have to share connection. If you look at humans teeth, we’ve got more grinding teeth than meat chewing teeth, cutting teeth, if you look at Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex didn’t have any grinding teeth. Tyrannosaurus Rex’s teeth were for just eating meat. If you look at Triceratops in the sort of the Cretaceous period, Triceratops didn’t have any meat eating teeth. They were all grinding teeth. So when you look at humans, we have these prominently two fangs, you know, that we have that pop down, but the vast majority of our teeth are designed for grinding and crushing. If we look at the truth in terms of the fossil records we find that there were two forms of hominid; one was surviving on nuts and roots and his and her teeth were all grinding teeth. Another form of hominid had been altered, and I’m using the word deliberately, had been altered, and had the canine teeth, the two meat teeth, and these two groups generally wouldn’t mix because one group lived at one type of area, the trees, the berries, and the other lived on the more open planes that could scavenge meat. The animals of the early emerging humans who were eating meat, their brains did develop faster because of the protein from the meat, but actually it was the marrow in the bones, not the meat itself. It was a marrow in the bones that they were eating that was enhancing their brain.
Now the particular alien group that was hybridizing took both of these traits and that’s what we are now. That’s why a human on the planet today is quite happy to eat nuts as long as you don’t have an allergy and vegetables, but can also eat meat, but we don’t need to eat meat. This was a construct given humans. The very first human creations were both meat. . . this is a human creation that’s part of the alteration program, could eat both meat and vegetables, but the original mammalian stock, which was the Apes only ate fruit and nuts and roots, so this need to eat meat has been given to us and I’ve talked about it on the show before. As long as humans believe they have the right, it’s perfectly okay to kill an animal and eat it, then a reptilian can say I’ve got every right to kill and eat you, because I’m only doing to you what you’re doing to the other animals, and the education system on this planet is such that it teaches children that animals are not equal to humans, therefore we should eat them. If you have a cat or a dog, that’s a pet, so we don’t in many cultures, we don’t eat the cats and the dog because they’re a pet, so when you look at a sheep or a lamb or a cow out on the field, the system tells us we can eat those because they’re not a pet and I often say, well what makes my cat special that it’s not allowed to be eaten? Why is that? What is the difference between the cat that lives with me and that lamb that’s jumping about in the field, and the difference is that the human society has said this animal shouldn’t be eaten. It’s either working, it kills rats and mice or it’s a working dog, and therefore it’s useful, so we don’t do that, but these are just dumb animals, these lambs, and they’re only bred to be killed to be eaten, so until humans can come to some understanding what that actually means, then we won’t really get advancement on this planet, so there are plenty of people who don’t eat meat and they’re very healthy and they don’t have diseases. They don’t have the bloody antibiotics that most of these cattle have pumped into them so they don’t get diseases, and we can live without eating meat and be healthy so what is a diet? I can’t preach to anybody. You’ve got to do, you’ve got to do, you’ve got to find your own spiritual level, but you want to eat foods that are as free of artificial materials that are harmful as best you can, and it’s getting harder and harder to do that.
I’m just reading a report the other day saying that sea salt now, they’re finding absolute minuscule pieces of plastic in sea salt, and they’ve taken, this is an independent organization has taken samples from many oceans in the world finding minuscule bits of plastic, so even in the things that you think would be okay there are some pollutants getting into it, so do your best. Try to find, you know, eggs, try and get organic and free-range and the trouble is this is expensive and people on a low budget can’t easily afford [that] food. That is why the Rothschilds set up a number of vitamin stations around the world. You know if you are an elite person you’re given a code number and you can go and pay for vitamins, good quality, from these special places that will only work with the Illuminati and you are paying four times, five times the high street prices, but that’s what the elite can afford, so whilst the quality of the food for all of us ordinary people begins to drop off, so the elite are supplementing it with their high quality vitamins, and I’ve always said, and I know you have JayPee, supplement your food with vitamins and try and source the best food that you can. This will help you to fight off all these horrible bugs and organisms that are being dropped on us, so yeah, that’s what you need to do. Thank you.
JP: Yes indeed thank you. So where are we, the best art, oh that’s war, here we go, cause of cancer, Omar. According to the brilliant Dr. [Ryke Geerd] Hamer who invented the German new medicine, the cause of all cancer is always an unexpected conflict, shock. For example, a doctor tells the patient that he only has a few weeks to live. The patient then gets a shock and believes that he’s going to die soon. Because of that shock his brain sends immediately information to the lungs to produce more alveolus, the biological reason is to have a bigger lung volume so he can run faster and escape death like a mouse who’s trying to flee from the cat. So the cancer is actually a good thing and his body just wants to protect him from this threat. As soon as the conflict is solved, for example, the patient doesn’t believe the doctor or the diagnosis was wrong, the brain sends again a signal to reduce the alveolus and go back to normal. You agree on this?
SP: Partly and if we were to think about the body as a very, very, very complex coding of information and if we don’t accept the fact that great-grandfather died of cancer, great-great grandfather died of cancer, therefore I’m likely to do that. If we accept the fact that sometimes things can occur to us that. . . he used the word shock in his question there. If something’s happened to us that weakens us and we are left open and we are susceptible to it, and the suggestion has been given to us. If the individual buys in to that, they can create that belief, absolutely true. However, we need to understand that the cancer is a real physical thing. It’s not just in somebody’s mind. It is a real growth that can occur. Colloidal silver is very good for removing physical tumors. Also there are people who are of a very high psychic vibration who [1:32:27][unintelligible] while healing cancerous tumors, but it doesn’t really work unless the patient accepts the fact that they have the capability to heal themselves, or working with somebody else they can heal themselves, and they can repair their belief in themselves and change the way they view the Earth. So what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t belittle it and say that it’s all in the mind. It is a very real physical result that occurs from an energy imbalance. It’s all to do with the state of mind of the individual and what’s going on around them. I want to be careful because so many people who have physical bodies, they died of cancer. Most people know someone who’s died of it, and it would be very wrong to turn around and say well you didn’t believe in yourself, therefore, you know, you died of cancer because that’s a terrible thing to say to anybody relative to [1:33:40][unintelligible background conversation overriding Simon] What I would say is that the state of understanding chelation, deliberately the pharmaceutical companies kept the level of knowledge very low because you know what? We can sell you as many drugs as we can and if you believe that these drugs might help you or your child, you’ll buy them. Of course you would. If you love somebody, you’re going to do everything you can to save them, even if it’s not going to help.
I’m going to give you this true story. People know that I’m very much into cats and a particular vet was once asked when a cat has cancer and it has chemotherapy, because you can have chemotherapy, why is it that the hair of the cat doesn’t all fall out, but when a human has chemotherapy all your hair falls out. What’s the difference? And this vet, who I’m not going to say because it gets struck off, this veterinary surgeon replied, and I quote exactly word for word, “Because we don’t overdose animals,” implication being there that humans are overdosed and another thing and another completely another vet was a poster up and it was talking about certain things and how they were harmful and yet mammals are mammals, and I know that some animals can have something that other animals can’t, but if you are a multitrillion trillion pharmaceutical company and you’ve made your shareholders rich and your chairman rich, you wouldn’t tell the truth because that would be to completely take away your reason for being. Again this is part of the process. This is what we need to happen. We need humans to stop relying on bottles and pills to the same extent. I think there will always be a place for bottles and pills. I’m not saying that there will be, but I think that we need to understand that we need to go in conjunction with a complete change of mindset of our health and health of the planet and the health of any other living creature, and until we throw off the shackles of the stranglehold, we won’t get that balance. It’s a really good question and it cuts to the very core of the control system on the planet. Thank you.
JP: Okay, talking of control systems, this is about Bibi Netanyahu. Hello Simon and JayPee. This is from Seanie. Last week Bibi Netanyahu’s son posted a caricature. In it are George Soros, a reptilian, and Illuminati man holding Illuminati symbols followed by three political rivals of his father. Is Bibi Netanyahu one of the bad guys, and if so, why does his son contribute to this disclosure by posting this? Thank you.
SP: I haven’t seen it. I can’t comment on that. What I can say is that there are a lot of people who I wouldn’t call bad, who through association of family members, prime ministers or whatever carry the family name or the bloodline and yet they rebel against what they’ve seen and particularly young people will rebel, and so they will do things that’s not authorized. Now generally when they do things that are not authorized, these things are taken down very quickly because the people in control, you know, just control everything anyway, so I haven’t seen it. I can’t comment on that specifically, so I’m sorry but I can only just give you the general answer that I’ve given, thank you.
JP: Okay, so now this is quite an interesting question. This is from Steinau or Stein a-u. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I would like to know anything you can tell us about the Tesseract our galaxy is supposedly quarantined in. First of all are we in a Tesseract and if so does our incarnate consciousness drive the Tesseract similar to how human body heat powers the machine city in the film, The Matrix. So it’s like are we in a matrix that they call the Tesseract?
SP: Right, not as you portrayed it, no. I’ve often talked about the net or the grid around the Earth, so maybe that’s my Tesseract. If we understand the matrix, then we understand the whole point about people as they provide power in the film, which keeps all of the concept going. It keeps all the structure going. In a way the human race is being farmed, not just for its energy, but for its meat and that’s a terrible thing to say but it’s true. We talked about concepts of reptilians eating people. I’m going to really shock many people now by saying that some of the biggest trades off planet are genetics, their organs and blood. This is actually the trader currency. It’s not gold or silver or anything like that, it’s genetics. It’s human body parts, a number of people I’ve met who have been on what we call avatar ships just like you would go into someplace where they were, you know, having cows, killing cows and doing all the things they do. They do that to people. That’s the concept that most people couldn’t get their head around. You know when David Icke talked about reptilians in the true sense of the word, he lost a lot of people because they weren’t ready to go to that stage and yet twenty years on, we can look back on that and say well actually now we are ready to go to that stage, because so much other information has come up, but it’s not such a big leap of faith, but when David sort of brought that concept out, he’s one of the first ones to do it, if not the first, or at least the first to publicize it publicly and in a public way, it was too much for people, but it isn’t when you understand that it’s a control system. That’s what we mean by control system, and so one group does it to the next group and so it passes down the chain. I’d rather you thought of the universe as a genuine creation and a fence or a field placed around it and we call it the quarantine. The Earth was quarantined and not just the Earth, part of the solar system, but not all of it, but the part of the solar system was quarantined and if you were of a certain particular race then you, if you entered the quarantine area, you would be attacked and there would be a war fought and often we see genuine bits of clips on YouTube of bits of metal falling to the Earth, and that is part of a spacecraft has been blown to pieces, and others who are part of the controlling group can get what I would just call a visa and they can come in for a holiday. You know the American military are always hosting off planet aliens who come here for an experience to see how the world is, to see how humans are, but they are very carefully, you know, monitored and shown around, but they will come here to experience. The quarantine is partly broken down because there have been real serious clashes between the negative forces and the positive forces and some three, four, five, six years ago, a large number of underground bases were decommissioned because positive forces broke through the quarantine and started attacking, and then the good forces put a quarantine over the Earth, which is in place at the moment. A lot of the portals have been either stopped or guarded, so don’t look on humans as powering the matrix, but look on it as humans powering the empire of those who still hold sway over the Earth, so humans provide the energy that keeps the most negative entities here because they’re addicted to it, like a drug. That energy does not power the universe; it powers the corrupt evil group of creatures, but the concept is the same in the sense that one group is sitting above another group, and just like the beekeeper will keep bees in his beehive and collect the honey, so these entities keep humans and collect the energy from them, but it doesn’t power the universe, but other than that you’re correct, thank you.
JP: Okay, so. . .
SP: One more I think we’ve got time for one more.
JP: Oh yeah, yeah, okay, here’s a good one. Simon you mentioned it’s possible to fly through the Sun. Is the Sun a portal of some sort and if so what’s on the other side, thank you and I’m most grateful to you both, Connie.
SP: Right, did I say fly through the Sun or fly into the Sun. Never mind. Right, the Sun produces the heat but not as we are taught in school, university, college, etcetera, etcetera, and you put on a heating element or you start a fire and you can hold your hands to it and you’ll feel the heat, but heat is light, it is energy and it is transmitted, so the Sun isn’t just there to warm us. The Sun was always there to provide the catalyst for the change on this planet and indeed the other planets. So its light energy, its light waves have subtly changed over thousands of years and that’s why quite correctly people are detecting a change in the shape of the Sun and the color, and it is perfectly possible if you have the right spacecraft to fly very close to the Sun and interact with it. So in other words if I was a good alien and I wanted to speed up development on Earth, I would start putting metals, I can’t tell you what they are I just know they would be metals, into the Sun’s core. I call it a core—into the center—because it is a combustion going on there, because what you want to do is to increase this particular frequency of energy from the Sun because it’s that frequency which is changing the Earth. That’s why now the chemtrails are the way they are; they’re trying to block out this light, this particular frequency coming from the Sun.
The final part of the question: I have not been into the Sun. There is a portal. I would believe it would be attached to its twin. All stars are binary in the solar systems. There’s the Dark Sun and the Light Sun and I know that there’s a connection between the two, so maybe if you went into one you would reappear outside on the other one. That’s my best estimate. I don’t think you could go into one Sun and then appear in a wormhole a trillion, trillion, trillion light-years away. I think that each solar system group has its sum, and I think the two are twins and connected. If you took one out it would destroy the other actually, so I would assume there was some form of communication between the two. All right so that’s some brilliant questions tonight, really, really good, really, really good, and I’m sorry that the communication has been out, I mean just for the record JayPee you were coming through loud and clear on the laptop. I could hear you perfectly well.
JP: All right.
SP: Perfectly well and I’m really glad that we got the landline going because I didn’t want to miss the show tonight.
JP: Yeah, you’ll hear on the archive how garbled it is.
SP: I believe it; I believe you.
JP: Okay, so thank you very much Simon. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks, or is it three weeks, let me just check.
SP: Right I’m gonna be moving. I’m gonna make sure I do the radio show whatever happens, so I don’t know if it’s two weeks or three weeks, but I will do the show, even if I’m sort of sitting there with lots of copper boxes all around.
JP: So 1st of October it will be.
SP: Ah yes I won’t have moved by then. I should be moving very soon afterwards, okay.
JP: All right we’ll squeeze that one in, your last Whitby broadcast. Thank you very much Simon.
SP: Thank you.
JP: For the round table please call in now and we’ll gather the round table together and we will get going rather quickly. Thank you very much. This has been Connecting Consciousness.
[transcribed 09/29/17 gsc]
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