15 October 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
 Definitely false flag in Las Vegas, fake security guards, crisis actors, FEMA drills, interesting the shooting activity was in shadow of pyramid, but people were murdered/wounded; fires in California are a continuing attack on the state because they want their gold back and might try to become an independent country; there are benefits from listening to high-frequency sound/music, if source and intent is pure and you meditate with it, but probably best not to listen to the many vibration-raising CDs on the market; contact with different ETs and who they might be; Saturn rings, probably artificial, crystalline and could be part of a control mechanism transmitting control elements to Earth; fracking, our inability to have a voice in deciding to frack or not frack is result of elite having manipulated our laws into meaningless gibberish; cannabis oil works best with a visualized energy intent; importance of retrieving lost memories.

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JayPee: The Connecting Consciousness Show on Wolf Spirit Radio. The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guests and up-to-date news. Please join Simon in playing an active role—Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. October 15th, 2017, and I’m overdriving. There we go this should be better, yes. Good evening, good afternoon, good morning. This is Ever Beyond Radio broadcasting through Wolf Spirit Radio and a multitude of other outlets that hopefully will be able to accommodate the vast number of listeners who are tuned in right now. And, also hello to everybody who is going to be listening on YouTube in the near future. We have a single hour show today, which what I’m going to do is once it’s played through, I’m going to throw it back into the player and repeat the first hour again because it’s always worth listening to Simon’s stuff twice, and then we can continue with our normal schedule, so good evening Simon, how are you?
Simon Parkes: Hi JayPee. Hello to everybody. Lovely to, you know, be back. Always seems two weeks seems too long and then other times it seems too soon. Yes it is a one-hour show tonight because this is my last show in my old house. It’s not the last show ever, it’s just the last show in my old house, and I am really wrapping things up, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and I’m a little bit behind schedule so I thought well we will just do the one hour, and then I can get back to wrapping up. I’m moving on the Thursday so you know, I do hope that the audience aren’t too cross or disappointed. I always try to do the two hours. I’ve always tried to do the show, but tonight I just need to do that, so that’s why it’s an hour show. It’s nothing to do with JayPee falling asleep. It’s purely and simply that I’ve got lots of wrapping and bubble wrapping boxes.
JP: That’s usually at the beginning of the show.
SP: Yes, yes, exactly.
JP: So that’s a wake up.
SP: Yes so it’s going to be quite. . . I want to do obviously the update. I held fire a little bit on the main shooting that we had a while back in America with so many people reported as killed and wounded. I held back because there was a great deal of conflicting information. I never doubted for one moment. I knew it was a false flag, and truthfully I think just about anybody who is awake also knew that. I think we’ve got to be very, very careful about saying nobody died. I actually believe that people did die and I believe that people were injured, but I do not believe anything like the numbers that they reported. So what I wanted to do was just give you some information, which to the best of my knowledge is not out there. It has been handed to me, but we will start off by reminding ourselves that President Kennedy was murdered. I don’t like the word assassinated because the word assassinated has some form of legal authority to it. It’s a state assassination. It was obviously in President Kennedy’s case, but it was murder, and we were all told that it was one shooter, and then conveniently the one shooter himself was killed so there was nobody to stand in a testifying box. There was nobody to answer questions and so the only menu meal was the establishment’s view of it. So it was very interesting that again on the most latest false flag, we were told there was one shooter. That was the major story of the early days. There was one shooter, and of course, to use the American term, he was a patsy; he was a fall guy. What I wanted to say was there were at least two shooters in the hotel and probably three. Now I know for a fact that the two hotels opposite, official hotel security staff chased bogus, fake hotel security staff around their hotels, so in the two opposite hotels, I’m deliberately not mentioning their names. In two hotels opposite, there were guys with guns who were dressed as if they were hotel security. Now the shooting that occurred either happened prematurely, i.e., the shooting from the major building opened up too early or the other teams who were going to be in the other two hotels didn’t get to their positions in time forcing the first group of shooters to open fire if you can imagine the plan of the area they wanted a crossfire, not just a crossfire, they wanted a pyramid fire which is very interesting, because we know this was all taking place in the shadow of the pyramid, the big hotel, so there were two people in one hotel, two people in another hotel and in the major one between two and three. Now because of the alertness of the official hotel security, these other teams of people did not get into position, so it left a dilemma with this other group, do they wait and wait and wait or do they open fire, and so they did open fire. You can actually, on some of the video, see muzzle flashes if you look really carefully. The elite are trying to take those down so that you just get the official version, but there are some posted by people who had good quality cell phones with good quality cameras and you can actually see muzzle flashes coming from at least two windows, but I’ve been told there were three people in there. Two were firing; the third wasn’t yet in position. The guy who has taken the rap for this, you know, you can be dead and take a rap can’t you. There’s some talk that he worked for the FBI but what I wanted to make clear was that he was not an agent of the FBI, but he was paid by the FBI to pass information to them. Now organizations like the NSA and the CIA, they work at a very high level. They don’t normally rub shoulders with the riffraff, the mafia, the drug dealers, the muggers, they don’t rub shoulders with those guys, but the FBI do because they are a police force, and one of the major things that the last fifty–sixty years that the FBI has done is it’s found low life, and I’m using the word deliberately, it’s found low life and thought this is a guy that the CIA could use or the NSA could use, particularly the CIA, so they’ve funneled and passed this information and these people that they have worked with to the CIA, and made an introduction and this is what happened with our fall guy. He was paid by the FBI. He was a gun enthusiast. He did actually buy and sell illegal firearms, unregistered weapons. He wasn’t an arms dealer in the true sense of the word, but he could find unregistered weapons for certain individuals and he was proficient, proficient with a gun, but if you ask any Vet, who could look at that situation back in Kennedy days of the grassy knoll and then the Library building, the Depository building and say could one shooter have achieved those hits? You look at this situation here and anyone who has got any experience with rifles would think that’s a pretty tall order to do what these people are doing. If you haven’t had firearms and certainly if you haven’t used a rifle, one of the hardest things to do is to fire downward because you have to take account of gravity on the bullets, so firing from a high position to a low position is actually incredibly difficult, and I always laugh when I see the lovely fantastic 1950s Westerns where John Wayne or whoever else with his six-shooter is up on the Rocky Mountain shooting down and every bullet counts, it’s Hollywood. So anyone with a gun knows there had to be more than one shooter here. The organizations were involved but I need to tell you that it wasn’t the major organizations. In other words, the top man in the CIA, the top man in the FBI was not aware of this. This was an operation undertaken without their say-so, and I can tell you absolutely that President Trump had no knowledge of it. This is the very people who would like to see the Clintons or at least the Clinton-type energy back in the White House, so I wanted everyone to realize that without a shadow of a doubt, as far as I’m concerned, this was a false flag. It was designed as a marker because the next section I’m going on to is a potential for a quite a large event. Others are talking about it as well. I think we’re looking at the second week in November.
Now here we are, let’s go back a bit. We’re in the middle of October and we haven’t had a financial crash yet. Where’s that financial crash Simon? You and everyone was predicting it. Yes absolutely right, but if you look back over the last four or five shows I’ve been talking about stretching the timeline, and I tried to give everyone a visual picture of a piece of rubber or a piece of elastic, and you pull it and it changes the time and I said that I’d be rather concerned if whoever it was, was able to alter the time and they are. They are altering the time and not significantly but enough. They are pushing situations forward. I also had it confirmed that Deutsche Bank is doing some very interesting deals, which could give them the financial stability to be able to see off any crash for Europe. The America, the Dow Jones is just goes on climbing and climbing, climbing, where the money is coming from, goodness knows, only knows. There can’t be any shares and bonds left to buy. It’s so high, you know, what are they doing sharpening pencils and then are they selling the leads from the pencils? What’s going on, so this boom, boom, boom, boom, is still going on and it has to be a bust, but there has been some and those of you listening to this show who are very sensitive will over the past few weeks have felt a tension in the air, a change unlike anything we’ve had before, not dramatic in the sense that it hits you around the face, but you’re just aware of it and the timeline is being dragged out, and there are now a number of people in Intel who are aware of a potential situation in the first, probably second week in November, which is more to do with false flag than a financial crash. What we saw perpetrated at the hotels was a very mild drill, a practice drill, the FEMA drills were taking place of course. I’m sure everyone’s aware that. FEMA drills were taking place and they were looking to see how modern technology and actors on the ground could hoodwink how many millions of people you know. They didn’t do 9/11 to hoodwink people like that. They did it to steal gold out of the building that was never hit that collapsed, the old CIA building. That was one of the major reasons to make off with all the gold and this incident was part of a Satanic. . . it’s part of a routine but also let’s see how easy we are to get away with that, so that was a big story and I hadn’t really covered in detail and I wanted to cover it because I wanted to give a lead on that and also to say that people have been injured. There were genuine injuries so don’t think that everybody was a crisis actor. There certainly were actors in there but there were genuine people who were trampled and caught and stampeded.
Talk about the fires in California, been watching that, a very grave situation. I just see that as an ongoing attack on California and the continual drought, the continual distrust of anything from the Californian area, Californians, love them or hate them, are very, very independent people and I’ve always said that New Yorkers and those from California actually, although they don’t understand it, they actually share a lot in common, and that they are resistant to the system. Now a New Yorker will, and I say not all Americans stick the finger up, but a New Yorker will be quite in your face. I am NOT doing that. You can take a running jump. I’m not going to do that. Californians are more well, you know, well maybe tomorrow, but the reality is that both of those states have a mindset which is very independent. The problem for Californians is that their state is like a small country. It’s a huge resource and so has been attacked and hammered and so my heart goes out to these people because this is something that needn’t have happened. It’s part of an ongoing attack on California and California was one of the states that started to talk about hustling for its share of the gold back and wanted that back and we’ve always looked at those states that started to demand the gold back and then they started to get hit with it, so we have these unrolling situations and I’m afraid that these attacks are going to increase. They’re not going to go away. They’re going to increase because the bad guys doing this are not getting the results they’re looking for. There was a time, you know, five, six, seven, eight, nine years ago when if you pull something like this off, communities would have collapsed. There would have been a terrible situation and the authorities could have perhaps come in with martial law, or whatever else they wanted to do, but it doesn’t have that effect. Human population is becoming more resilient and we’re also becoming more aware so what they’re doing is they’re having to up their game as they see it, so I’m sorry but it does look like there are going to be more of these things and let us just remind ourselves that the bad guys are not all locked up in prison. The reptilians haven’t left the planet because if they had these sort of things wouldn’t happen. We still have to fight for justice. We still have to hold true. We still have to be strong with ourselves and understand that this is a game that’s playing out and it has to play out and it’s very difficult to say that to someone who’s lost a loved one. They would say well why does it have to play out? Why did my sister or my brother or ex-wife have to be harmed, and I can’t answer that. What I can tell you is that this is playing out. This is the way it is and the sooner that the human race wakes up and throws off the shackles of these very evil people, the better, so that was it really. Now we’ve only got the hour so I want to crack on. Just let the police car go by. We can crack on with our questions, thank you JayPee.
JP: Well, well, yes. Let’s have a look here. So I’ll try and see if I can scan through these beforehand. I got them from this morning and so here’s a question. This is from Christian in Romania. Simon if I start listening to high-frequency music would that have an effect on my vibration? Would it raise my vibration and would it happen temporarily or permanently.
SP: Ah a good question.
JP: And what is high-frequency music? Like Pinky and Perky and the Chippendales?
SP: Oh yeah, something put out by the Muppets. I know what, maybe I don’t if this person’s English is the second language.
JP: Yeah, yeah he is from Romania, so I mean but yeah, frequency in terms of its intent I suppose.
SP: Right. I only speak one language, so I’ve got the highest regard for anybody who can speak more than one language. The answer is yes, providing that the source it’s coming from is as pure as you can get and the intent behind it. Let me just say for instance if you were to take a recording of the sea, then you would say that that was, you know, high vibration because it’s part of Gaia and it’s part of the planet, but if you recorded a piece of the ocean that had a million tons of oil dumped into it, you would not get the same vibration frequency. That’s why we have to be very careful where this music purports to come from and the answer is yes, but you have to meditate along with it and you have to, you don’t give your sovereignty away, but what you have to do is to open up the ability, your frequency to take the key to take that so that it’s working with you and helps to develop and enhance you, but that’s why you’ve got to make sure that what you’re listening to is not some trick. I mean, you know, if I was a, I’m not, but if I was a bad guy, I could produce loads of CDs or DVDs or whatever and sell them at a dollar and say, you know, Buddhist music or panpipes and you go and get that and you actually being programmed by someone being very, very nasty, so we do have to be incredibly careful, but yes, if you have a good source, then it will work with you remarkably, so yes go for it.
JP: Good, yes, yes people say, oh this is this is good music and it’s terrible. Anyway ETs or what else from Eva. I had contact with two ETs. One had a very wide face and not very long in length. He had very large eyes and no pupils and they were shining white or bluish and a very small nose, but the mouth was larger. The second kind were a group of pure white beings in a white room, male and female very tall and it looked like they had something on their heads. Can you tell us who these beings might be?
SP: Right, the first one, the first being, it would be very interesting to be clear on this. If a first being had a flat head, if you took like steaming iron or a flat iron and you flattened someone’s head so it was like a tabletop, if they had a very flat head and the size of the head flared out and it didn’t come down to a triangle shape, but it sort of was like that. If the skin was very white, not flabby skin but not tight, so it’s very difficult to describe it. However that’s the best I can get. If it had a flattish type head then we’re looking at a race that can trace ancestry to humanity. It is not reptilian and has been, I can’t give you the name of it, I don’t know the name of it but it’s lived an independent life. It’s kept itself to itself, but over the last 50 years has begun to interact on this planet. It’s not part of a Confederation or a Galactic Empire. It’s a very, shy isn’t the right word, it’s a very independent quiet type of creature that will come down and work with individuals on an at-one basis, so that’s that one. The other one I’m afraid that there could be several races that would fit the second one. The first one is more interesting because the first one is very spiritual, so if that being is involved, I would say that was a positive experience, not a negative one and I’ve forgotten what the second part of the question was JayPee.
JP: Oh the second kind were a group of pure white beings.
SP: Oh yes, yes.
JP: Male and female very tall and looked like they had something on their heads.
SP: It’s. . . right. We do have to be careful because as we’ve seen in this 3D world, good people can put on a garb, make themselves look bad and bad people can put on a garb make ourselves with good and we would think why would they do that, but something there’s no accounting for some people, but what we really have to look for is bad people pretending to be good. So we have a vision on this planet that anything that is white is positive and that’s a racist element given to us, but when we take that away and we look at the energy of the purity of light, if we understand that, then yes, white light is good, but we mustn’t just judge on appearances. We don’t know that that person was looking at the genuine article. It could have been looking at a screen memory; it could have been looking at something very unpleasant that was making itself look very good or it could have been the real deal. You are looking at ringlets on the head like crowns and these things that are around the head actually are an energy device. It’s not a communicator in the true sense of the word, although I suppose it could enhance their telepathic capabilities. You would look at it and see it as a crown and the history of these people is one that it has it’s hot back. You know I’ve been watching these wonderful Blake’s 7 repeats. Well I’ve actually got the DVDs but the old early 1980s sci-fi TV show called Blake’s 7 and I saw that when they first came out and they have these bracelets around their wrists which helped them to teleport and they can communicate with them and etcetera, etcetera. So the circular, the circle has for a long time been a symbol of unity and joining up, so what you’re looking at is two beings that have some form of royal connection, but that has now de-evolved thankfully into more of a sort of historical hangover from a past life and is more to do with the maintenance of that individual’s body when it’s outside of it’s own environment, so these circulates on their heads are not true crowns. They are life-support system and that’s the best way I can put it, and when you’re traveling through interdimensions, you have to be an energy form, so positive I think, not negative, providing they are what they seem, so I hope that helps.
JP: Excellent, very interesting. Saturn from Burnley. Are the rings around Saturn really artificial and if so who made them and for what purpose?
SP: Well look [25:09] let’s start much earlier and if anybody had the skill and the technology to roll this version of the moon into place, then frankly anything is possible, you know, and I do shake my head and I, we all know, we all know that the thing about the moon keeps the same side to us except perhaps new listeners who are learning and you’re very welcome of course, but the fact that the most academically inclined, the most highly awarded astronomers just seem to glaze over the fact that this is the only object that doesn’t turn properly to us. It keeps one side so if somebody was capable of creating a hollow orb like the moon, then something that was far older could create something far more powerful and if you look at the spots, Jupiter’s got a spot and Saturn’s got a spot, they’re all at very interesting degrees angle on those planets, and these are portals. These are portals that create energy and they share something with the pyramid, the Great Pyramid on Earth in terms of the angles and the latitude. I don’t know truthfully how much of planets such as Saturn are genuine. I don’t know how much of it’s real and how much is artificial, because remember you could take a real organic material and you could construct that into something. Now is that fake or is that real? How do you judge it? If something’s been placed in an orbit, placed in a set position, then we should be very, very suspicious and if you look at the solar system, it does look as if it’s been laid out. It does look rather suspicious to me, but as to whether source and God has created that or whether some intellect greater than the reptilians has created that, that I don’t know. Will mankind, humankind ever find the answer perhaps one day they will, but I think we are very wise to be very skeptical of whatever we are presented with and we need to, like I’ve always said on our radio shows, you just ask your own heart, ask your own soul and does this look right? Does it feel right? Some of these planets are very genuine, clearly and very positive. You’ve got to look back to astrology. You’ve got to look back to the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans and before them Babylonians and Sumerians and you know why were they giving gods names to these planets. What is the link here and so there I think it is very useful form of research for anyone who’s got a little bit of time and that might actually in a strange way give you some answers about Saturn and Mars and Jupiter. So the rings around Saturn play a part. Are they made of ice? Are they made of crystal? Are they an aerial? Do they reflect? Do they transmit? Certainly I believe that a lot of the control elements on Earth are being beamed for want of a better word from outside of the solar system, but are being generated within the solar system and some of these planets that we as schoolchildren have been taught in a very 3D way, I believe some of them are part of the control mechanism, so yes I don’t think that in this case the rings are actually genuine. Thank you.
JP: There’s something about them being used as a transmitter.
SP: Yes that’s what I said about an aerial, you know, that I think some of the most eminently well-paid and lots of letters after their names, astronomers, will say that it’s made of, you know, ice and rock debris and stuff like that, but I believe that they are crystalline and the crystals are vibrating. When we look at a deep level of crop circles when the corn in a crop circle bends it does to because, that’s why Wiltshire is such a or was such a big place of crop circles, because in the soil over the hills the main rock is chalk where there is some Jurassic Rock and in the soil are very very small particles of quartz not nanoparticles, but they’re very small pieces of quartz grains. Now when these quartz grains are hit with a frequency, it sets up a resonant field and it’s that that reprograms the DNA or RNA in the corn and makes the corn bend to the correct shape, so it’s using natural quartz crystals in the ground to create genuine crop circles. I’m not talking about the ones that team Satan makes with the black shadow beings. This is the ones that the good guys have made to open a communication with certain people on Earth, so it was the quartz crystals that were activating and you know we as a people on this planet, have got to get back to the same level of understanding that the Atlanteans had if we really need to work out what crystals can do for us, but not to make the same mistake that the Atlanteans made. It is absolutely no coincidence that Seiko and Bulova were one of the first watch companies, I think it was actually Bulova 1967.
JP: The Accutron.
SP: Oh, well thank you.
JP: I remember the ads for that.
SP: All right, okay, well I did say you came out of the ark with Noah.
JP: I built it for him. I did the radio.
SP: Okay so that where the two giraffes heads were you were sort of. . .
JP: Uh huh, antennas.
SP: About to get good antennas.
JP: Yeah like rabbit ears.
SP: So they had a tuning fork and they realized that quartz as a crystal had this amazing property. Now the Roswell spacecraft that crashed in 1947 had an array at the very front of its nose which were all belong I just say slabs of crystalline material which were the sensors, so they’re not like the sensors that we would have on a jet fighter or a battleship. These were totally crystalline sensors and it’s only literally just now the beginnings of understanding what crystals can do, but if you went back to the Atlantean times then you could understand there was time travel capability or at least seeing into the future. It’s not just a communication device, so crystals are very important and if you were going to have a transmitter or an aerial you would need a vast amount of crystals operating in that famous old circle so that you could build up your wave around and around and around, so yeah, absolutely so spot-on.
JP: Though here’s the thing about crystals that not a lot of people might, here’s the thing do you know, Captain Picard in Star Trek: Next Generation has a crystal that appears in 70 episodes. Have you ever noticed he’s holding a crystal?
SP: No.
JP: Check it out. Check it out the next time you see the Star Trek character, go on.
SP: Well what’s one of the episodes? I can’t sit there. . .
JP: Oh, well, I’ll see if I can dig some out, right.
SP: It will be something like the hidden crystal or something like that.
JP: No, no, no it’s just whenever he gives a speech or when he’s talking to his people in the chat room in his ready room he’s holding a crystal and nobody has noticed but you can actually buy one of these things online.
SP: Oh, well, okay, how wonderful.
JP: They’ve made a kind of replica of it. Anyway meanwhile back to important things. Fracking in Yorkshire.
SP: Right.
JP: Now this is from Carolyn and this is a very interesting take on it. Is there a cloaking spell at work? Here’s a question. Hi, Simon and JayPee. I’m a local who has come visiting and protesting at the site of the UK’s first intended frack near Pickering in beautiful rural North Yorkshire. We know fracking brings horrific health implications, shattering the Earth communication system and the disruption of the local industries of farming and hospitality. Third Energy’s intention of building 950 fracking wells will see the industrialization of one of the most stunning and unspoiled parts of the UK making people aware of why it’s actually intended is proving incredibly difficult. My question is, is there some kind of invisibility or cloaking spell placed on this situation and if so what can we do to break it? Love the show and many thanks for all you do.
SP: Thank you, that’s very kind of you. The answer is yes. One of the biggest ways to fight fracking amongst the middle classes is just to say it’s going to destroy your house price because unfortunately so many people don’t really seem to get off their butts for polluted water, for polluted air, for poisoning of the environment, but hey, if their house price was going to drop by twenty thousand, they’d be soon writing to their member of Parliament, so I think what you have to do is you have to look at the elements that are going to be affected by fracking in terms of a 3D perspective. The difficult is of course that the previous prime minister, the Tory prime minister, he changed the rules so that it was nigh on impossible for any protesters to successfully challenge anything in the court. I know for a fact this is a question about North Yorkshire that there was a concerted effort by the then government, which is again a conservative Tory government to take apart the North York Moors authority. North York Moors in North Yorkshire is a most beautiful unspoilt area and there are several of them around the country and they have committees or managing boards that look after them that are independent from government, but they’re not really because where does their money come from? The money comes from government, so what happened was that there was a very interesting bit of pressure applied, which was if you don’t do this, we will reduce your funding and there’ll be no North York Moors left in terms of a managing body, so the elite and the highest in the land, the highest elite who are behind the fracking, have got the control of just about everybody in this present government and they change the law so that it’s impossible now to fight against it because they will just say well you’re not going to get anywhere with it, because there isn’t a due process of law. It’s been changed even to the extent that if they want to tunnel under your house, but they can do so prior previously you could say no, it could damage my foundations; the house could fall down. Now they’re unlikely to do that but the law has even been changed they don’t even need your permission to do that, so this is what many people talk about when they talk about civil liberties being removed. It’s actually more than civil liberties. It’s actually fundamental right to defend your planet and the well-being of your children and your grandchildren, simply because greed on one hand and to destroy humanity’s connection to source. Never mind all the rivers that run on the surface of the planet. There are far more arterial waterways that are underneath and they are the ones that carry all of the very special information that the planet is talking to itself. It’s passing information through and these evil Satanists and that’s what they are, they’re Satanists, and they don’t think like you and I. They’re not motivated by the same things that motivate us. They are motivated by a hatred for anything that’s living and anything that’s pure and that’s what these people are and their whole object is to prevent the Earth from developing because they know as the Earth develops we develop, so if there are so many billions of people, short of wiping 75 percent of us out, they decided that maybe the better way was to try and stop the Earth communicating with its populations. Maybe stop the Earth communicating, you know, it’s absolutely beyond words. I can’t find human words to describe it, and I know that I’m not fully evolved because I would string these people up. I would do. I don’t care. People who prepare to murder and kill and destroy, or try to destroy this beautiful planet, can they be healed? Can they be reeducated? I’m not seeing much evidence of it and I know that I should be really good and forgive and all the rest of it and love is the greatest thing, but when you see something that you really love being hurt like this, then I find it anyway very difficult to forgive, but I know that I should so the answer is there is a spell. It’s a spell that has been connected to authority. It’s not money, it’s the authority spell basically what happens is that all humans are indoctrinated to believe in hierarchy and to believe in authority and it’s very very clever. I don’t mean it’s good. I just mean it’s clever, and so you may remember that I talked a little bit about how these experiments were done with school children so by the ages of five, six and seven they are already controlled into believing certain things from certain people so what they’ve done is they’ve said the authority, the establishment, the people who know about these things, have said this is good. It’s good for jobs. It’s good for the economy, and it will mean that rural areas which were on the decline will actually improve. All of that is lies. All of that is lies. All this will do is make maybe three men super rich. They’re already super rich, but even more super rich and it will harm the planet, so it is literally about people’s glaze over. I’m talking about just your average person. They glaze over because as oh you know that I’ve been told it’s safe. I’ve been told it’s a good thing, yeah, but think about the jobs. If we campaign against it think about the job. It’s a bit like when I was in primary school 1969 it will have been and we had a debate in school, so I’d have been ten years old and we were debating about the Queen, because the Queen has been around so long almost as long as Noah and the question was is the Queen good for Britain, and you know what, so many of these ten-year-old kids, my classmates were just regurgitating what their parents had told which was and I quote, “The Queen is good for tourism,” end of story, because we got the Queen we get all these Japanese, these Canadians, these Americans, they all come over and spend thousands and thousands of dollars and stand there and photograph the Queen. Do you know what if you took the Queen away tomorrow and I would very happily take the Queen away tomorrow, those people would still come here. They just wouldn’t line the streets and fawn and bend down and bow to someone that really shouldn’t be in that position, so it’s the spell of control through hierarchy and belief and what can be done about it. It’s a Babylonian spell and the only way it can be broken is with access to a media outlet. I don’t mean this wonderful radio show that we’re blessed with. You’re talking about large corporate media, could be a newspaper; it could be anything. That is the only way that spell can be broken because that is how the spell was enchanted on to people through written word, through spoken word and through visuals. You know we need a bigger revolution frankly than what we can achieve. You know it’s very sad that, you know, you can get some, now I don’t mean this disrespectfully, some twenty-year-old girl who has had the spell of publicity put on her and she stands out there in a stadium and she draws about 20,000 people turn up and pay a huge absorbent amount of ticket to watch an Illuminati message. If you can get a hundred people to a demonstration about fracking you’ve done well. You’ve done really, really well. Why is that when, you know, one is so much more important than the other, and it’s just a spell, it’s just control, so we need to understand that the system is in control. I don’t care when people talk about oh we’re breaking free when we are, but where it comes to the 3D physicality we’re not, and this is why this steam engine, this locomotive is going to hit the buffers fairly soon, because there are a large proportion of us that are just about sick of it, just about sick of the situation, so no there’s not much you can do at the moment. We’ve just got to wait for the bigger change to come, which hopefully isn’t too far, so it’s a really good question and my heart does go out to you. You’re doing a really good job. You were in the Whip because that I believe or at least there was part of that in the W
hip because that. . . and you know this is what you’ve got to do. You’ve gotta get the publicity, God bless you.
JP: Fabulous. From. . . oh, Spencer, yeah. Hello Simon, what can you tell us about marijuana and cannabis oil as medicinal drugs? I’ve done some research and in my opinion both of them have excellent healing properties despite their reputation, which is, he feels, why they’ve been illegal for so long because it would destroy the pharmaceutical industry and the profits associated with it. I heard of a woman who was diagnosed. With nothing left she began a cannabis oil regime and now she’s healthier than ever. They just can’t explain it because they haven’t been trained to work with this stuff. What’s your opinion?
SP: Right and the cannabis oil on its own is very good, but you have to have an energy signature with it, so you have to, if you just take the cannabis oil, which is oh this will make me good, it will, but if you actually are targeting a part of your body when you take it and you work with the plant, then you will have a targeted pinpointed effect, so someone who’s got a tumor or something like that, you have to visualize it and target it and imagine it reducing so if you just take it like a vitamin, then it will have a positive effect up to a certain point, but if you are taking it as part of your own healing program, then it will have a greater effect. The difficulty is that the vast majority of people, again as part of the control system, have been programmed to believe in a man in a white coat. Of course they’re not in white coats anymore, but the guy who sits in an office with a stethoscope around him, that’s what you do. You want to get better that’s where you go. It’s always dangerous to take anything unless it’s been prescribed by a doctor and what did the doctor say? I myself use cannabis oil, but I don’t take it very regularly because it’s actually very strong. I find it very strong but I got it. The reason that it’s available is because the elite use it. Now let’s take some of the most highest in the land and I don’t mean highest in terms of spirituality of course not. You know what I mean. They’re going to want it. Now they can’t get it legally but they can, but why should they? All they’ve got to do is to pick up the telephone and say to whoever is the prime minister in their country look here old chap, I really want to be getting this, but it’s not legal. Would you just change the law for me old man, so you change the law, but they only have one outlet, or it’s incredibly expensive, so only the elite, the well off can afford it so this is what they do. That’s why you can still buy toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride in it because the elite need access to fluoride free toothpaste, so there will always be these foods and things that are beneficial, but the price tag on them will be extortionate and that’s it, so look at something; if it’s very expensive, it must be very good. If it’s viable it’s probably got lots of other nonsense with it or the elite haven’t yet discovered what it is. In other words, you know, people can find something and they can knock it out quickly and it takes the elite a little while, a pharmaceuticals to work out that actually this is having as good as or better effect than their drugs and hey, they’re not getting any profit from it so they better stop them. The number of doctors who have allegedly committed suicide, the number of people experimenting and I mean experimenting in terms of test tubes trying to create some very holistic drugs who’ve just suddenly disappeared. This is the bit that the ordinary public just doesn’t want to hear about, the fact that a pharmaceutical organization is some of the most insidious in the land. You know, you see reports in the newspaper of a very top drug and the government says, oh my goodness me, twenty thousand pounds or seventeen thousand dollars for a bottle, why I can’t be giving that away, so this is in Britain where healthcare is reasonably cheap, so it’s subsidized, so we’re not doing that and then the health, big pharmaceutical firm, says well hang on a minute, we would have made huge profits so what they do is they pick the telephone up and, you know, what you see it at least once every two or three years. Suddenly there’s a report that, they’ll get one of their stooges, my mother died of cancer. If I had had this drug she would be alive now, and they use this blackmail and it builds up in the press and the press get behind it and oh, it’s a postcode lottery that’s the word we get told a lot if you live in this area, you get this drug; if you there you don’t, so what they do is they cave in and then they prescribe it. What they’re prescribing is no better or no worse than anything else they’ve ever had, it’s just that this pharmaceutical company now is making a bigger profit, and one of the things that has got to change on this planet is this stranglehold that these corporations have. Pharmaceuticals are top of my list, absolutely top of my list, you know, you could probably survive on a cucumber and you’d be a damn sight better than taking half these bloody drugs that these people give you providing it’s not a GMO cucumber. So it’s a real, it’s very close to my heart and it’s all part of the control system, and so you are absolutely right.
JP: I would also advise people to look up the word iatrogenic, I-A-T-R-O-G-E-N-I-C, you know, what that word means, Simon?
SP: No, no, it’s Sunday.
JP: It’s Sunday. It means caused by doctors, death caused by doctors.
SP: Really?
JP: Yeah and so iatrogenic death is the highest in the cause of death in America for certain, you know. There’s this list right, and doctors are at the top all that and right down to the bottom is like five thousand and that’s guns just to put things into proportion.
SP: Yeah.
JP: And, yeah go on.
SP: Just to quickly say that, you know, I would love to get a million people and just give them the question to say why is it that if you have a, if you are hit by a police car or ambulance on a 999 call, on a 911 call, you have the right to start legal action against them and decide who is in the right, who was in the wrong, but if your child dies of a vaccination, you have no right in law to take that company or the government to court for that. Now why would they do that? How have they become so powerful that they can actually decide who the people can and cannot hold accountable. That’s the situation, and that’s why no wonder for the last twenty years the term Sheeple, the Sheep have been so prominent, because we, and I’m including myself in this, we have allowed these people to take positions of responsibility because we trusted them and they have not just abused the position, but they’ve actively worked against the human race. Sometimes they do it because they are forced to. Sometimes they do it because they want to, but the end game, the end result there for them is that they have put themselves in a privileged position at the expense of other people who they consider don’t matter. That’s what we need to change because everybody matters, you know, it’s we’re not just an individual on this planet who has got a bit of money in their pocket, therefore we can sell you something. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We want to sell you this or we want to take this money off you and that’s it. You get paid if you’re lucky. You’ve got a job. You get paid and then for the rest of the seven days or whatever it is before you get paid again, you’re watching the money go and you have no choice in it. I have to pay this. I have to pay that, and that’s all humanity has been reduced to on this planet. It makes a bit of money. It has to give it away, so these corporations, these large organizations, they are the most poisonous to the human race, and they’re much worse than any individuals. They are an organization as a whole that needs to change. We know it for a fact don’t we that we call it corporate America. It’s not the president and the Senate and the Congress that run America, it is the corporations and the sad thing is that they’ve been allowed to get that position. Right, so that’s me, yeah.
JP: Yeah, so the final question from Martin who is going to be on the show later on the feedback show, so he’s talking about he’s got a problem remembering detail and names but also short-term memories too. Sometimes his memories completely vanish and then come back later. However if our experiences and knowledge are adding to the collective are we not losing them, but just losing the method of accessing them, so the question is how or why are a lot of us losing our memories? Is it good or bad? Should we embrace it or fight against this change? Should we try and like well you know the whole thing is am I real or just a. . .
SP: Right, well if we are sharing something there’s no reason why we would lose it. You know, if I have, let’s bring it back to 3D world, if I have a penny in my pocket and I give it to somebody then I can remember I had the penny but I don’t have it anymore, but if I share it, then I should continually have connection with it so just because maybe we’re uploading information to somewhere doesn’t mean that we should necessarily lose it. I would suggest that that’s a bad thing. I think we have the right to know if something has happened to us. That’s very interesting because I’ve been having some very useful information today. If you don’t remember or you haven’t got certain information, but it occurred to you, your physical or your soul, then you have a right to know that. You know it happened around you. You have a right to know that, so I think it’s a bad thing if you don’t remember. Sometimes we don’t remember because there’s a clock ticking and at a later date we get those memories back. Sometimes we hide those memories ourselves because they were too traumatic. A lot of people who’ve had, you know, ritual abuse, Satanic abuse will themselves hide it. Sometimes the perpetrators have the ability to hide that so on balanced to answer the question. I think we need to fight to have our memories. We need to fight to regain them even if to do so is to upset ourselves or shock ourselves because is it not better to know the truth and live in the truth than to be like an ostrich and say well I’d rather not know, and go through life actually not knowing because there are other people that know. There are other people that know what you’ve done or what’s happened to you, so why shouldn’t you know? So my answer to you is fight for your memories worth having. Thank you.
JP: A great point to end on. Simon enjoy your Sellotape and bubble wrap experience.
SP: Listen before we quickly go I just want to thank everyone. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in two weeks, but I just want to thank everyone. It’s my last broadcast from Whitby down on the Main Hill, and you know I just want to thank everybody for their support, their kindness, their love and I’m sorry that I didn’t do my usual mention of people who supported me, and you know, they did support me but it was just one hour show. I’ll do so in two weeks time so just you know, let’s just keep at it now, so thanks ever so much everybody.
JP: Simon in two weeks is the fifth Sunday of October.
SP: Ah.
JP: And then there’s another one so do we want to do an hour show then or something?
SP: No, no, I don’t. I tell you no because I’m going to be like king of the castle of cardboard boxes. I guess it’s gonna take me a long time to unwrap them, so if I have a little bit of leeway. What I might do I anything urgent and it is quite possible, I’ll just do a quick little update.
JP: Yeah you can always call me and I’ll, you know, I’ll just set the recorder going and we will be offline and I can play it later.
SP: If I get some heads-up on something and it’s quite possible as we go into the end of October–November we might then I will definitely do that, but otherwise no, I’ll just be very grateful for the extra time just to try and get a semblance of order.
JP: Simon Parkes, goodnight.
[transcribed 10/23/17 gsc]
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