5 November 2017 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Soros moves 100 billion dollars to his foundation possibly to pay for a revolution/disruptive demonstrations in US, also paid for revolution in Ukraine; attempt was made to kill President Trump, White House in lock-down, Trump’s Twitter account taken down; ballistic missile fired from Yemen against Saudi’s main airport could have started World War III, nefarious plan failed; strange video footage of helicopter in Las Vegas with what appears to be gunshots coming from it; DoD’s November EMP simulation drill wasn’t turned into the real thing, at least not yet; Agenda 21, which was all about killing people, hasn’t been implemented; the timeline has been stretched to delay a financial collapse—elite need time to move/sell their assets and drain all the money off the planet; questions on spirit communication; disclosure in Russia, a new currency and technology not of this planet; time-frame of past six attempts in planet’s history of humans trying to break free, what caused failures, and will current seventh attempt be successful; was the 9/11 crash into the Pentagon an attempt to create an opening for a demon to exit? Simon doesn’t think so; prime creator and human’s link to prime creator; Jesus/Mary lineage; communication by planting images of symbols in one’s mind might be trustworthy or could be manipulation through electronics or Wi-Fi; what are the images of creatures that look like Gollum as seen on the Internet; Annunaki/Egyptian gods if here now are in human form in human bodies, think Soros and/or Queen of England; source will occasionally share with expectant mother intent for unborn child; does type of soul we have determine our music preferences; reasons for incarnating on Earth, a prison planet.

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JayPee: Connecting Consciousness Show—you’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh yes, it’s the 5th of November. Who could forget the 5th of November, 2017. This is Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes broadcast through Ever Beyond Radio and distributed on the Wolf Spirit Media Network. Good evening Simon, how are you today?
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee. Hello to all the audience. I’m fine thank you. Are you keeping well?
JP: Oh yes I’m very well and like I was explaining, my mind is completely on electronics and stuff like that so I don’t know if I’m going to be of use to anything today.
SP: Okay, well of course it’s has been a five-week month so it seems forever since I was last here and I’ve had my move, and although I’m moved I’ve still got a great ton of boxes and bubble wrap. That’s going to keep me going till Christmas I’m sure. And I sit around and do things and I think well, you know, why did I do this? I don’t need this and I just wish I had thrown most of this stuff away before the move, but it’s a good way of learning and trimming down. Well, you know it’s funny that you can go online and you can read about Planet X and Nibiru, this, that, and the other, and you look at planet Earth and it’s all happening now. Never mind will or will not Planet X do this or do that. You know, we nearly had a third world war. That’s how close it’s been. I have been trying to update my website through Andy, who does a fantastic job in putting my posts out on to the website, and I’ve said if … gone as close to the knuckle as I can, I get the information and I have to try and be as close to what I’m receiving as possible.
So I want to backtrack a little bit and let’s try to understand what the heck has been going on. A number of commentators were looking at November 4th as an interesting day and this is not a surprise because back in April of this year, so very early on in the year, November 4th had been identified as a demonstration day. This was, at the time, it was unfunded so it was just a call-out to different groups. A few weeks ago George Soros moved 100 billion dollars, that’s a staggering amount of money, 100 billion dollars from all of his businesses and placed them into the George Soros Foundation. Now if we think back to the days of the Clintons, they have or had a Clinton Foundation. Now I know that the listeners to this radio show are very clued in, but new people who are just joining may be shocked, and maybe even disbelieving to learn that the Clinton Foundation wasn’t about bringing fresh drinking water to starving Africans, but was about putting money in the pockets of those people who can be used to wheel and deal with, and foundations are like that and George Soros had placed a huge amount of money and I believe that was to pay for a form of a revolution or revolutions demonstrations. It was Mr. Soros who paid for the revolution in the Ukraine. Anyway what we had was a situation where these people still absolutely hate President Trump. Now whether you like President Trump or not the fact is that the elite, the old guard don’t like him, so no matter how crass or chauvinist Trump is, you have to say the elite don’t like him, and if the elite don’t like him that’s because they don’t control him, so they have been planning ways to remove him. Now regular listeners to this show will know that I predicted an attempt to, you could say assassinate, but I use the word murder. Assassination is like an authorized killing and there’s no such thing, so there was an attempt we know to kill President Trump, and I perhaps, I don’t know if I was the only person… I think I might have been the only person who two months, three months back said October–November there will be an attempt to murder President Trump, and I have said I’m going public with it because I know that will feed back to him and his security team so the can be really extra vigilant. So we know the little that I know; it isn’t much more than what has been released to the public that a guy was caught just on the perimeter of the White House. Now what these security guards didn’t know was whether he was trying to come in or was on his way out, and if he was on his way out, had he planted a bomb or was that a cover for a snooping device, a listening device, but it transpired that he said that he was trying to blow up President Trump. So the next point was, well how many of these guys are there, and did he place a bomb, and then the White House has a very strong process of making sure the Vice President and the President are not in the same location. They moved special troops in and they did a complete and utter sweep and found nothing. They didn’t find anything, but it’s no coincidence that I had been forewarned that there was going to be some sort of an attempt in October–November, and this was a real credible attempt in the sense that this guy actually believed that he was going to kill the president. Now whether he was subject to mind control, the point I’m making is that it wasn’t a high school prank. This wasn’t a joke. He really intended to kill the president. So, we need to look at that with the fact that the same day President Trump’s Twitter account was attacked and taken down, and we need to understand that a number of demonstrations in Hawaii and around some states kicked off, where they were calling for President Trump to resign. The national guard in a number of states were put on high alert, told to get ready for some form of uprising.
When you look at all of that together and you think, well that’s probably as bad as it will get, and then we had a very, very genuine report of a missile that had been fired against the Saudi Arabian’s main airport. Now it wasn’t just a missile. This was a ballistic missile. Now the difference is that a ballistic missile has all the trajectory where it is fired from the ground and rises [7:42[[?in Mach] and goes to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere depending on the type of missile and then comes down again, as opposed to a missile fired, you know, from an airplane or from a low level that is only designed to go a few miles. This was a ballistic missile. What the public doesn’t know is that the Saudi’s have been tipped off and they have the correct assets available to knock this missile out. When you look at all of this together you can see that this was a very well organized and orchestrated plan to try to destabilize the American government, i.e., President Trump. Had that missile struck the main airport it could have potentially created a Third World War, because I believe that the blame would have been laid on Israel. This missile was fired from Yemen actually, so it didn’t come from Israel, but the tensions between the Israelis and the Arabs would have been ignited, and then we could have seen a Third World War. That failed, so we have had the most difficult situation over the last few hours, which are now calming down. The intelligence services were very slow to take things seriously. These demonstrations were not looked on as anything worth worrying about. It was only when the Twitter account went down that they began to be quite serious.
You look at the buildup. There is some very, very interesting video footage of Las Vegas and the helicopter above and what appears to be gunshots that are coming from it. This is more like what we would call a mini-gun, not just an ordinary gun. If this video is accurate, and I haven’t had any information on that, but if it is accurate that wouldn’t surprise me. So we have some, not just rogue, but totally insane people who have decided that they have no future in the world that President Trump has created in the United States and they are just going to go for it. They have gone completely and utterly insane. So, you know, David Icke often refers to people in government, you know, as just totally mad, and that’s what we’ve got here. We’ve got people who finally have snapped, to organize the firing of a ballistic missile, to take down the President’s Twitter account, that is not some fifteen-year-old kid sitting in someplace; this is a very well funded organized organization that does not exist in government but exists to the edge of government. So I have been quite busy. I never felt that we were in danger. I never felt that the human race was on the verge or the precipice, but what I did feel was that those people who have hidden in the shadows so long have now decided to come out. It’s no coincidence that these people, the top few percent who control, what is it, 80–90 percent of the world’s assets, these people now are feeling more and more threatened and it is a matter of public record that a member of my family who worked for a charitable organization went on a demonstration and his video images that are out there, and went on a demonstration and this member of the family lost their job because a member of the board where my member of the family worked was one of these top elite people, and this member of the family went out and they were demonstrating why do the top one or two percent of the world hold eighty or ninety percent of the planet’s wealth. So that was a warning to me and also to the member of the family. In the member of the family’s case the elite said that the demonstration that the member of the family went on contained a hundred thousand. The demonstrator organizer said it was nearer a quarter million, so even if you take the lower figure of a hundred thousand, to see my member of the family on a ten-second clip on the television of all the hundred thousand demonstrators, they just picked on my member of the family for ten seconds on prime time television showing my member of the family with a placard demonstrating and then what, three days later the member of the family lost the job. So these small group of people who control most of the planet’s wealth [have] obviously now made a decision that they have got nowhere to go.
We need now to be very, very mindful now of some form of electromagnetic attack because the 4th of November was also the day that the Department of Defense ran some simulations of how America would cope if half of its electronic communications went down. Commentators who were not in the know immediately said that this was a false flag and that these guys at the Department of Defense were going to do this drill and then spring the real thing on us. That is because these commentators don’t have the Intel, they don’t have the knowledge. The reality was that the American Department of Defense had been credibly warned that there was an attempt by the same people who had been talking about to attempt an electronic pulse that would destroy most of the landline telephones, knock out a lot of the cell phone telephones, knock out the Internet, the communications systems, so what the Department of Defense was doing was legitimately saying let’s run a drill because we need to know how we are going to cope with it, so these are the good guys. They were the good guys attempting to work a way through what could essentially be difficult. Now that didn’t occur but we got the missile attack, so it has been one of the most difficult for sane people, it’s been one of the most difficult times because the vast majority of the CIA, the NSA, MI5, MI6 are in fact good people and they have been kept incredibly busy trying to sort out what they should and they shouldn’t go. Now we’ve had a lot of these small terrorist attacks, not small if you have lost a member of your family, but they are small in terms of the human population, and it’s all been leading up to this. It is all part of the same picture. It is all part of the same people, but the important thing is on the positive note, that yet again the human race has come through it. We didn’t slide into an internal apocalyptic war; we didn’t turn against our neighbor. We didn’t have to duck downstairs with a tin of beans and a rifle and fight off home invasions. The government did not attempt to take over. We had a situation where it was contained, and I really want people to be aware that it was serious. It was incredibly serious. You know, it is absolutely almost unbelievable. You look at the mainstream media, doesn’t matter whether it is the BBC or Fox News and, you know, it’s completely covered over as if it doesn’t exist. It is just a few little bits about the demonstration here and there and you’re thinking well how can even they not be aware of it, and of course they are aware of it, but they are not controlled by President Trump. These people in the media are controlled by the same people who wish to see a return to the type of Clinton–Obama -type of administration. There was a very interesting article that had come up on some blog accusing President Trump, you know, of being against global warming, you know, we need Agenda 21 and you know, this new what is it, Agenda 2030 I think. The reality is that President Trump knows full well that global warming is not created by humans. Global warming is the fact that the Sun’s frequency of energy is changed and every planet in our solar system is actually heating up. This is part of the developing process, the evolution that, and I use the word ascension, we understand what we mean by that. It is part of the ascension of humanity and every other planet as well within the solar system. It has nothing to do with burning fossil fuels. But what the UN, which is part of the elite control is saying is that we need to control humanity to reduce carbon emissions, to reduce global warming, which is an excuse to control humanity. Agenda 21 was all about killing people, yet we don’t see that on the document of course; it’s all very laudable you know, with fresh drinking water, the right to a reasonable job, etcetera, etcetera, but the way that these people want to get around it is by controlling people either poisoning us or war or just letting us have no medical care, whatever. And Agenda 21 I think came out in 1992. I don’t know if it was the Rio Conference, I can’t remember now; it’s a few years back, but they have now come up with another one a few years ahead. Now that’s good because it means they failed to implement Agenda 21, and that’s what these bad guys are facing, they are coming out with these Agendas which they wish to put across and they are not being able to do it. So they say all right we better have another one. So they’ll now say okay we’ll call this Agenda 30, or whatever they want to do it. But the reality is they are not implementing in anything like the way they want to, but they have stretched the timelines. There is no doubt they have stretched the timelines. They are attempting to squeeze as much money out of the system before it collapses as possible. Dow Jones has now reached the highest level again; it is just unbelievable. The FTSE, that’s the British Stock Market is incredibly high and the two countries that are built on debt are on the verge of collapse financially, but they don’t collapse in a way that we understand because the time line is being drawn out. If I, and I’m not, but if I was a hugely wealthy person and I had property all over the place, I would put pressure on the government or whoever to say give me time to get my assets out of these places, because I can’t just put it in a suitcase and disappear. I’m going to need months to sell the property or move this or move that, and this is why we have not had the collapse because there are too many very, very wealthy people who would lose a great deal until such time as they pull their money out. So these last few weeks have been very, very important. The last sort of forty-eight hours have been crucial but it is a positive message that whatever they were planning and I can’t say that I know exactly what they were planning. Whatever they were planning has failed. We woke up in the morning. The sun rose up; the sun was shining; we got out; we did what we needed to do and it didn’t bring Armageddon down, and I need to publicly thank those members of the intelligence services who put their necks on the line. . .
JP: Simon, hello Simon. Simon have I lost you? All right. And welcome back. We’ve got Simon back on the line. So can you remember where you were, what you were talking about?
SP: Absolutely and I know why we got cut off. I was thanking those members of the secret intelligence services who put their neck on the line, did not obey any instructions to take a holiday or, you know, go dig a garden, actually went out as field men and women and did what they needed to do to keep people safe. That’s why we got cut off. So we don’t sing their praises enough for every bad person there is two good people. Right that’s it so far JayPee. Let’s move on to the questions so we don’t give anyone an excuse to cut us off again.
JP: Okey doke, so let’s go over to my browser over here on the screen, one, two, three, four, five screens going today, screen, hang on a second. I’ve got five screens and I’ve lost my. . . which screen, oh, it’s over on that one, okay, down right, okay I’ve got it. Okay, here we are. Starting with today’s. . . those of you who wish to get questions in, I start reading the questions that are posted from midnight Pacific, which is 8:00 a.m. UK time on the day of the show. Even that space between 8:00 a.m. Pacific and 11:00 a.m. Pacific is enough for like several shows so I even scoot through some of those. Starting at 0001 this morning. This is from Lorena. Recently a man came to watch me and he was very clear. He watched me a long time without looking directly at me then smiles hugely and went away. He came back several times. The last time I saw him it was the middle of the night and he appeared as a golden light but only his head and shoulders. His eyes were like black coals. I talked to him and when I stopped talking his light body shifted so that it was shaped into a ball of golden light. Then he disappeared. Who is this man and what is his purpose in visiting me? Thank you for all you do.
SP: Thank you that is very kind of you. I wouldn’t have a problem except you said his eyes were black and that does not go well with what we would call a golden orb or golden light body. There is something not right there. The black eyes apart, this could be anything from somebody from the spirit world attempting to communicate with you to watch over you to just be in your presence. It could be something from another dimension, which has taken an interest in you. It could be a spirit guide. There are lots and lots of possibilities but for me the concern is that the eyes were black. That doesn’t work well with me if the body was light or golden. You know what I would say is that you need to get into some form of or you would want to try to get in some form of communication from it and to see what its intent is. These things often work over many, many months so that they will literally turn up for a few seconds and disappear and then they would come back and spend a bit more time, a bit more time, a bit more time so that you become confident with them or you become used to it, and what you need to know is whether this is a benevolent helpful being or whether it is not. Now it may well be that its eyes are black and that’s just the way it is, so we don’t want to be judgmental. All I’m doing is flagging that up as a concern. I would normally expect something like that to have blue eyes generally speaking, although possibly green or yellow, but to have black eyes is unusual for me, so my advice to you is be on your guard. If you can get into some form of communication don’t promise anything; don’t give anything; don’t make any deals but ask it what its intent is, what does it want. Also specify that you don’t want it to come within I don’t know, say six feet of you so you need to tell it to respect your space and if it has a message for you what is that message. And then you need to, you know, think about that very carefully and decide whether you think this being is or this apparition is a beneficial type or not. So just be on your guard. I can’t tell you what it is about because nobody has enough information from it. So that’s my best advice. I think you should keep a diary and jot down when it arrives, how long it is with you, and if you think it might have communicated with you but you don’t know, then hypnotic regression is a possibility. I’m always a bit careful with that but there are sometimes when a regression is very useful, and it might be that this being has communicated with you but consciously you don’t remember it. So there are a few pointers there. I hope that is helpful. It is an interesting problem. Thank you.
JP: Okay, this is from Rowan in Russia. Hello Simon can you give a little update on what is going on in Russia in terms of moving toward disclosure, fighting cabal and our advanced technologies to be released to the public? Bless you for your constant work, from Rowan.
SP: Thank you, thank you from Russia. Thank you very much indeed. The importance or the energies of the Russian government have shifted. In December the Russians are going to, although they haven’t actually announced it, they are going to really go for it publicly with a new currency, the currency that the Chinese, the Indians, and the Russians have been working up for some considerable time, although there was an announcement a few weeks back. It is actually I understand December that all the banks, the central bank in Russia will actively go ahead with this new currency. That is a direct challenge to the dollar so there is a lot of movement toward that which is really discomforting the Rothschilds and like George Soros and others who could live with the fact that there was no Rothschild bank in Russia, but cannot live with the fact that there is going to be a challenge to the whole Rothschild banking system so that’s the point there. In terms of some form of disclosure, President Putin is no way going to disclose until he feels that he is economically secure and militarily secure. The whole problem with the interceptor missiles that the West, NATO, which is again unfortunately a part of this very nasty evil elite, although paid for mainly by the Americans I might add. The whole point about the interceptor missiles was nothing to do—they were placing these on the borders with Russia—had nothing to do with rogue states firing missiles, but everything to do if trying to, if the situation came to take down Russian satellites. That’s what all of this was with the interceptor missiles and why Putin didn’t want them on countries that were on the border of his land. President Putin I doubt that many of our listeners picked this up, but President Putin two weeks ago, I’m a bit confused with time now, made a comment that he now had the technology that was not of this planet. He now has felt prepared to say we have technology, which is not of this planet. Now for those people who understand what he is saying, what he is really threatening is if you have a go at this, if you attack us, we have the means to defend ourselves in non-earth terms. So he was publicly saying what the elite had only guessed at. So he believes now that the technology that he has exceeds that of America. Now that’s astonishing. If we look back to what we used to call the Cold War, which kicked off in what, 1947, 1948,’49, the United States of America was about twenty-five years ahead of the Soviet Union. And it fluctuated and I think the closest that the old USSR ever got was about ten years behind the US. Then Ronald Reagan came along and Star Wars and that put America a good twenty-five years ahead of Russia, and now due to Nordic technologies and other technologies which have come from other human-type federations or groups that have come to Russia, Russia is now technologically more advanced than the US, first time in the history. That is why President Putin now is so confident and can come out and say what he said. So disclosure can only happen when, from Russia’s point of view, when it is economically secure and it is militarily secure. Now it is militarily secure now, first time ever and it is on the verge of being economically secure. So when that occurs we may well see President Putin saying the heck with the rest of you I am actually going to come out and make a statement. In the last question you asked there was about release of technologies. The deal was with the US. Because President Trump was the president, Putin had said look, looking at the treaties that were made many, many years ago, the US has the lion’s share of, you know, Antarctica, so you do the deal, you extract the technologies but the understanding was that Trump would ensure that some of those technologies went to Russia, so that’s where we are with it so it’s the US that is obtaining these hidden technologies, not the Soviet Union, so again I hope that is a helpful update.
JP: Okay. One moment. Okay, so this is a question regarding last time, all right, okay, this is a question from Martin. During the radio show from on the 1st of October my question was answered. It was a question with the drawings. It was not enough time for Simon to answer and I didn’t understand his brief response about the organically built house. Simon mentioned that you have to explain more. Could we go back to the drawings and the question? Do you remember?
SP: I can’t, no I cannot remember the question and I cannot remember the drawings. That’s not because it wasn’t important. It’s that I exist, as we all do really, on an energy connection and I have to live in the now and the future, and I’m looking at so many things that are occurring now that I suppose my mind doesn’t have the capability of bringing into clarity. I remember that there were drawings and we had a talk about it but I tend not to dwell on what’s gone, so I’m not really going to go down that road. What the guy can do is connect with me, send me an email and then I can, you know, deal with it on a one-to-one basis.
JP: Yeah, I have to say. It is very difficult if somebody sends me something to then send it along to Simon. You know, I’ve got a radio station to run. There are hundreds of other people who are trying to get through and please don’t send things to me.
SP: Yeah I mean, look it is a bit like potluck in the sense you know that there is just me in terms of doing this sort of work. Yes I get people who very, very kindly offer to help from time to time, but there is just me at the end of the day doing this and you know I can’t, I’ll never be able unless the law changes, I’ll never be able to speak to everyone as to the way I would like, but if he does want to send an email there is the chance that we will pick it up because I am now rebooking. I’ve had my move, you know. This is the first Tuesday. Wednesday was the first day I went back to work as you could call it, because I had all the disruption of moving, etcetera, etcetera. And I’m picking back up now, so I will be going back through those emails if people try to get hold of me, you know, and I will pick it up and it’s lovely because people say well I emailed you and I just gave it up and suddenly you connect with me and this is the way it is. I will find that email and I will respond to people so you know please email me. If I don’t get back to you please don’t get cross. It is not personal. It is nothing like that. I’m not, you know, a washing machine repair station where I’ve got twenty members of staff doing the phone calls out. It doesn’t work like that and I think sometimes people just don’t understand. It’s just me. It’s just me and I’m doing my very best so please send some emails. If I can pick them up then I will deal with you on a one-to-one basis. Thank you.
JP: Okay, now, he’s got. . .
SP: Oh I just want to say our American listeners and other listeners, if you are hearing bangs and crashes that is not a revolution taking place in Great Britain, it is just kids sitting fireworks off on the top of the road which is echoing down over the hill, so if you are hearing banks and crashes, it is just fireworks night in Great Britain. We are not having a revolution.
JP: More’s the pity but anyway that’s what we do on the 5th of November. You guys do it on the 4th of July. We do on the 5th of November. So this question. . . we were told that the humans have six times failed on the Earth in the past. Now we are fighting to win on the seventh attempt. The question is in what timeframe, from and to approximately, were these six failures happening? What was the cause?
SP: Right that is a very interesting question. That’s the first time anyone has actually picked up on that. Oh, I won’t answer the question but I will just preface it by saying you remember the Matrix film? Do you remember where the very end of the final one, near the end of the final film, the three part wasn’t it where it transpires that every so many years there’s a revolution and there’s a character like Neo who appears and nearly wins but doesn’t, and there is a reduction of the human race. It’s reduced but then it grows and grows and grows and it reaches a peak and then there is another Neo appears and so it goes on. What the Polish brothers were trying to do was to give information that the human race is trapped. It is held down but the human spirit is indomitable. The human spirit wants to break free and so there are these occasions when humanity pushes forward and either will or won’t quite make it. So if we look at approximately 250,000 years ago when the twelve strands of DNA were tricked away from humanity, if we look at the more recent times when the Annunaki 25,000 years just before we call the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, so from the very first moment that the DNA strands were tricked away from people, the human consciousness has been striving to break free. We have a very interesting situation; we would call it the Great Flood with Noah and the Ark and that was one such instance where humanity was on the very verge of breaking free and there was deluge caused. Think about the Tower of Babel, where the Bible says that mankind was challenging God. Well if we take away God and use the word King Lord Reptile, humanity was working as a group and so that the story goes that the tower was destroyed and there was one language upon the Earth and so we were all given different languages, English, French, German, Spanish, so that we couldn’t work as a group. That actually has a lot of truth in it. If you have a billion people on the planet all speaking the same language imagine what you could achieve. That’s why English is such a powerful language because the Americans, the British, the Canadians, the Australians, there’s several other countries use English. Powerful countries speak English. That’s why it is a dominating language. But imagine if all of the Africans spoke English. Imagine if all of Europe spoke English, so there are key points in Earth’s history where humanity has put aside its differences, put aside the fact that you might be yellow-skinned or black-skinned or white-skinned, male or female, and said we recognize we are being oppressed. We need to work together to overthrow it and [on] six occasions humanity has nearly got there, but been stopped. On this occasion is the first time we have walked through the door. 2012, the 31st of December, 2012 was the very first time humanity made it that far. If the audience thinks back prior to 2012, how many terrorism false flags have we had? Have many ongoing pedophile incidences have we had? Since 2012 we have had more disclosures of corruption in government, pedophilia, Satanism, all of this that we have had ever. It is because human consciousness is evolving and we are outstripping the low-density evil fourth dimensional nasties. What I am saying here is that it is becoming harder and harder and harder for evil-intended people to lie and trick and cheat humanity so since 2012, as a group of people the human race has been able to see through the lies in a way it never did. They couldn’t pull a Twin Towers now ever again because people wouldn’t buy it. So these evil, evil people are having to be more and more evil, more covert. I can’t use the word clever, but they are having to be more devious in order to try to hoodwink the population. So we are seeing an environment now where desperate people who cannot win because this is the seventh push. They’re finished. They’re trying to suck all the money off of this planet. They are trying to wipe out people who oppose them. They are trying to get safe havens for those people who cannot leave the planet, then they are going to New Zealand. Just have a look of the number of people who have either gone to Switzerland or New Zealand. It’s incredible. And when the vast majority of the top tier have managed to squeeze through the hole, then the edifice will come tumbling down. So the answer to the question is ever since the human race was tricked, it has been working as one to try to get back what was stolen from it. But when you are a good person, and the human race is by and large good, we don’t like to fight fire with fire. You don’t want to do evil things because then you are no better than the people you are trying to remove. You just replace one despot with another. So the good people can’t play the same game, and because we can’t be devious like that, we are at a disadvantage in this short to medium term, but in the longer term, the fact that the good people are good and the evil people are evil means that the evil people will fall, but it has taken this length of time. This is why it is a positive message. You know I don’t go with all of this stuff on YouTube about we’re about to be wiped out and you know, it’s my job I believe to alert people to what is happening, but I don’t do it because I’m wanting to feed a frenzy of fear. I do it because I need people to hopefully go away and do their research and try and find out what’s happening but never with the intent that we are all finished, far from it. This is a successful story and we are going through the pain so it is a good question, Thank you.
JP: Here is an interesting question and also segues feasibly into the last question. 9/11 and the Pentagon. This is from Karen in South Africa. It seems to me most people have forgotten that the Pentagon was also attacked during 9/11. Perhaps focus has been deliberately drawn away from that apart from the thought of what actually hit it. I heard another weird rumor that the Pentagon was housing a large demon, which was the energy source powering the USA, and breaking open one side of the shape was meant to let it out. I have wondered about this for years. Do you have any Intel on the real story there? Thank you from Karen.
SP: Yeah, that’s quite fascinating. That’s a quite fascinating possibility. I don’t go with it because a demon wouldn’t need that shape to exist in, and if you were to exist in a building housing thousands of people, then you would be discovered. You would be much more likely to want to sit in a graveyard. I’m not joking; I’m being quite serious. You’d want to sit in a graveyard or you would want to sit somewhere where you would not be detected, so that’s a nice theory and it sounds very plausible. I don’t go with that at all. If you do your research you’ll see that the section of the Pentagon that was blown up, it was a bomb. It wasn’t a missile; it was an airplane; it was a bomb. The section that was blown up was the United States Navy, the Department of the Navy was the one that was hit, and the reason for this is that the United States Navy of all the United States forces had some of the strongest claim to managing the alien agenda. If you just think back to Star Trek, the spaceships are called ships and on the sea of the world’s oceans we have aircraft carriers, well the United States do have fleets, and aircraft carriers, so a long time ago it was argued that wouldn’t it be better if we had these aircraft carriers and these ships up in space. Literally we built atomic powered craft and we went out and the Navy, in the same way the Navy did on the ocean, it should be in space and they won that argument, so the Navy was always in a strong position because most people would say well I can see the Air Force because they fly in the air, I can see the Air Force having a say in it, but I can’t understand the Navy. Well that’s why. But in the very early days of Truman except President Truman etcetera, the Navy had a very powerful say on the original Majestic 12. So what happened was the Navy started to ask questions about 9/11. This is before it happened, and the Navy let it be known that they did not support 9/11, and as a result of that they were threatened and the explosion was a warning to them by some of the long-removed people now, but under Bushes, the original Bush’s government, people like Dick Cheney, etcetera, etcetera, who incidentally was very involved in the production of precious metals from Mars. Just think about Arnold Schwarzenegger in his film, Total Recall, where there is a Mars Corporation mining precious minerals from Mars. Well this is a dig on Dick Cheney because he was in charge of the Mars Corporation, anyway we are getting off the track here, but I know for a fact, no names now, but a member of staff, a female member of staff who was employed by the United States Navy; she wasn’t on a ship; she worked at the Pentagon, and she got a phone call from her boss’s boss the night before and said, I won’t use the name, hey you little girl because she had a two-year-old girl I think or was she about one year old, your little girl, don’t put her in the Pentagon crash tomorrow. Take her into your office. And what this woman did was she brought her child in and put her down by her desk, because the section that was hit was very close to the crash. So the reason the Pentagon was bombed was because it was a threat by the elite to the United States Navy. That’s exactly why that happened. The demon, I like the demon idea, but not for that building. Thank you.
JP: Okay, now this is a question from Central Australia from Hazelnut. Please tell us more about prime creators that create planets like Gaia Terra. Who are they? How do they embody and what is the difference between normal souls and them?
SP: Right. There is only one creator but there are I don’t want to use the word a journey of creators because the human race is the creators. We are creators but we are creating within the dimension that we exist in, so it doesn’t mean we are any less, but we create, most of us create in the dimension that we are in, in a more dense heavy environment, the things that we can create are not as exciting perhaps as if you are in a higher dimension. Some off planet species have lost their connection to humanity to the extent that they cannot connect the strands of DNA with source and create. That’s why so many negative aliens are particularly interested in humanity because we can do this, because humans can connect to the prime creator to source and because we have the capability of connecting our DNA and humans are fantastic. You know, you wouldn’t imagine it when you walk down the shopping mall, down the high street and you look at some people and you think God, you’re in a terrible state, you know. Look at you, you know, you’re just sitting in front of a television, you’re eating horrible food, your expectations are all going to the bar or the Powerball or the match, the football match, and how are you human? But the reality is that that’s because these people have been conned and tricked. Human beings have the potential to be some of the most fantastic things anywhere in the multiverse, and that’s what we need to grasp hold of, and that is what it is after, what these things want. They want this connection to source. So there is one prime creator. The off planet entities that I have spoken to don’t call God, God. They just say, you know, the prime creator or the creator and they don’t even understand it. So if they don’t understand it how are we ever going to, but maybe humans understand it in a different way. There are a number of other beings that have chosen to create; this is the key. Most beings do not choose to create. Most beings are service to self. If you are service to others you wish to create and don’t get confused with a guy that opens a zoo and says I want to have all these animals in cages and people can come and pay me money and they can look at it. That is not what the multiverse is meant to be. It is not different planets and then these people can come and look at it. It is pockets of creativity where those people should have free will to develop and learn so you have gone right back beyond anyone’s real knowledge or memory. You have a number of beings that were tasked with creation. If you think about the Bible, even Satan, you know, Lucifer, let’s use the two terms, was portrayed as a fallen angel, but he was actually portrayed as one of the right-hand men, if I can call it that, to God. So we have a slice of truth here about some angels, I can’t think of a better word at the moment, who were given the capability above humans to create but their remit for creation could never cross the boundary of the great creator. You have a range of creators and so far more than most people would understand and expect so you might have somebody who could create a planet, but somebody who could create plants, and it’s whether they work together. So the Bible is accurate in the sense that the Earth was created. It did not get created because there was a big explosion, this chemical ran into that chemical, you know, these things were brought here. You know, just like if you were to take a slice of a Martian meteorite, you would see bacteria in that meteorite. And scientists today by in large have accepted that a number of the biological bacteria on this planet have come from somewhere else. So they’ve moved now from this purely earth-based situation to the fact that much of what is on the earth has come from elsewhere, so that’s a good question, but we will never fully know until we ourselves have evolved to that level, where we can, for want of a better word, set around the table and have a chat with them. Right, cup of teatime I think.
JP: Well, so it is and I thought today we will have some Van Morrison with the song, Contacting My Angels.
SP: Oh wow, you see now I spoke about angels.
JP: There we go. Wasn’t that absolutely synchronistic?
SP: Spot on. [Music]
JP: Welcome back to Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. It is the 5th of November, 2017, and so that was a nice little song.
SP: Yes it was excellent.
JP: So from, oh it’s the second hour. Do you want to do your. . . you usually do your. . .
SP: Yes I will do. I’ve got a reduced list, not because there has been reduced support but because my PayPal site, my PayPal thing was taken down, and [that was] very kind of them but they have reinstated it, so just another little bit of hassle for me. So this isn’t a full list and I am very sorry about that, but that’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I wasn’t able to. I want to thank John Dee, a very, very helpful donation, thank you that’s really kind of you, Stefano, Tracy, Melissa, Mary, John H., Onshore Media, Alan, Benjamin, Next Level Consultants, Hans, Reagan, Max, Richie, [Kay Man Lee], [Pill lu T], Nan, Jillian, and Becky, and after that I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get anymore names because somebody decided that they should just cut me off, but it has just literally been reinstated five minutes before we went on air, so I’ll try and catch everyone up on the next show. I’ll try and add you on this, so for those people who have donated over what was a very busy time, you know I had to pay some removal men and all the rest of it, thank you very much indeed. That has really helped. It has kept me doing what I’m doing, kept me on target, and God Bless you, thank you.
JP: And me and who else, Elvira, in the chat room went the John Dee?
SP: I don’t even know who that is but anyway his name was John Dee and I’m very grateful to him.
JP: John Dee, the Elizabethan magician.
SP: Oh, 007.
JP: Yes.
SP: Oh no, well who knows?
JP: He might be back. So here’s a nice long question. Settle back grab your tea, have you got a nice fresh one, so let’s see. Okay, this is from someone called Dee, who’s this one Goberheim. Okay. Hello you amazing beings. It has been said many times, but not yet enough. You two are really causing great waves of change, multiple dimensions of gratitude toward you both and everyone behind the scenes at Wolf Spirit Radio. About seven years ago our meditation group met in a park near a lake and spent some time playing psychic games and trying experiments like changing the pH of water with our intentions before meditating in a circle. I was the only one capable at that time of achieving a difference. Whilst in the meditation I started to get a very heavy body feeling almost as if I were going into the Earth or into myself. I started to see a set of legs as if they were mine and I was wearing a robe and sandals and could see someone wearing similar clothes beside me sitting there as well. Being younger, a bit nervous and too conscious of what was going on, I started to question what I was seeing and got caught in what seemed like inbetween then and now. The feeling was very uncomfortable and it felt like all my muscles wanted to tighten and clench up and I had quite a hard time talking. The lady who held the [1:00:15][sub] meditation got a message for me the following day in her daily meditation telling her that I was going back to a time in space when I had a connection with Christ, but it was my built-in religious borders that halted my ability to stay there. I guess what I am trying to ask is do you think that “Jesus and Mary had and still have a living lineage today,” and I know the second coming of Christ is a global happening this time, but do you think maybe the souls of Jesus and Mary may have come back? Do souls get to come back? If so, who are they? Sorry, not sorry for the string of questions, much love, from Goberheim. So essentially the Jesus and Mary lineage, do you think their souls have come back? Is there still a living lineage? I’m sure you know a bit about this.
SP: There is a living lineage and you have a range of people from the crackpot to very genuine people who have some form of connection here. You know one of the Rothschild family members who has been estranged by the family is convinced that she is connected in some way. Why someone from the Rothschild family would be connected like that is beyond me, but it’s very, very popular of course to think you are Napoleon or you are this or you are that. The reality is that the Christ Consciousness exists in everybody, but in certain people it has a greater root. It doesn’t mean that person or persons are any better than anyone else. It just means that they have an insight into that time or they will have a memory of that time in a greater way than perhaps other people would have. And whether we go on to meditation or whether we go to what you could loosely call a holy place, probably a better word is a sacred place or a portal, you can if you are that way inclined you can connect and connect with the energies of that time. You know you are wanting to evolve humanity as a great creator does then if we take the true Christ Consciousness, not the Christ in the Bible, not the religious control element, but the true creational force of Christ, then you would want that to be reincarnated on the planet in a number of places because you would want that to act as bastions, to act as living trees to put down roots to try to connect and channel and to develop, so yes, absolutely. You know, just as the soul of a person can have a fragment of it that was belonging to a person in history, you know, so we can all have this flavor and what we have to be careful of is everybody wants to be King Arthur. Everybody wants to be this, that, and the other. Who wants to be the cleaning lady? Who wants to be the janitor? When did you ever hear anyone saying, you know, I was the guy who cleaned out the pigs. No everybody was I was King Arthur; I was this; I was that. We have to be very, very careful. Many people who have strong past memories can remember being burned at the stake, burned as a witch, drowned as a witch. These are genuine real things that happen to people, and we can’t all have a lovely happy jolly good time because how do we evolve? How can we evolve unless we are challenged and if we’ve got the mouse, as we say in Great Britain, to actually say what can I learn from this? Incidentally during this business of a tea break, where I am actually you can see quite a bit of the space. It’s not too built up here, I saw a UFO. What was fascinating about it is it was firing a beam. It wasn’t near. It was a bit of a distance, but it was firing a beam of light down. Now I’ve had an experience which I referred to as beams before where I have been in a place where beams of light have come down and there is no way that that was the moonbeams, and so it was interesting that again I just seen something that was projecting beams. It was not a helicopter shining a light. You know it wasn’t a guy escaped from the local penitentiary or the main prison. This was a UFO with a beam of light so there’s a lot of activity on the planet at the moment. And I would expect many more people to start seeing things than they have been in the past so you know, just keep our eyes open and see what happens, thank you.
JP: Very interesting. I had a dream some months ago and it was a UFO that came down and then it shot beams, and then shot back up in the sky. That was in a dream. I made a film of it as well.
SP: Excellent. Many of these beams are not to do with laser beams or plasma weapons, they are designed to activate the DNA of their targets, and yes I know we’ve got lots of drawings of cows being lifted up by a flying saucer and it’s on a beam but most of these beams are designed to hit a target, which is a person and then elevate their consciousness, elevate their DNA, do something even if it is time-locked, so it may not happen for six months or a year or two years. That’s primarily what those things are. They are firing beams to interact with a person in a gentle way, evolve them, so your dream JayPee may not have been a dream in the true sense of the word. It may have been some due that actually happened to you a while back but your subconscious was now releasing to your conscious mind in a dream shape. This is what occurred so I find that very interesting. Beams are usually positive, not solely, but usually positive and about elevating the human race.
JP: Interesting. It was a green, I remember it being a bright green beam.
SP: Okay, I’ve never seen a bright green beam. The beams I have seen have been like a whitish light but see-throughy. I can’t describe it anymore than that. I have never seen a green beam. Now that’s a new one on me. Then you would have a green light wouldn’t you? You would be different.
JP: It’s my people. It’s my people, I know I have a particular shade of green that I connect with them.
SP: Okay, lovely.
JP: And, yeah. Anyway meanwhile back at the contact forum, here we go so that was a great one. All right, yeah, this is a gem from James Lam. When I close my eyes I see a plus sign and recently another one appeared rotating 45 degrees to the first one. Is there a meaning to this?
SP: Right, did he say how he sees it?
JP: When he closes his eyes.
SP: No I mean does it take a color or one next to another, did he. . .
JP: No he just says [both talking at once]
SP: You haven’t got any information. . .
JP: Yeah, I don’t know. I think he means that it’s like goes from a plus to an asterisk.
SP: Right, well I thought you meant it was a plus sign and then another sign appeared and it turned on its angle. Okay this is why when people write in, please be as specific as you can because what is very clear to you isn’t so clear to me. Right I would have a concern about that. That is a symbol that we understand in mathematics; it has other symbol meanings as well. If something positive or off planet or what have you wants to communicate with you, it will use quite a subtle method. It will use colors and shapes. If the local Wi-Fi mast, the local is pouring out horrible control messages, they will be quite simple, partly because the technology is simple but also because they are not hitting people with a lot of streams of information. When I have had stuff that has come from off planet, what I have seen is a disk in my mind with my eyes closed, and then like if you were to take a cake and get a sharp knife and then cut it into segments, you know, like you had twenty people and you’ve got to cut the cake into twenty pieces, and then if you were to sort of cut circles around that, and each circle was a different color, now that’s a deep level of information being given, but if you’re are just seeing a positive sign, a cross sign and then another cross sign at a different angle, that to me is manipulation through either the electronics in your house through the grid system or through wireless stuff like Wi-Fi or anything else that they’ve got, so I would be suspicious of that, do not engage with that. I don’t like the sound of it. Okay, thank you.
JP: Okay, now here in the chat our personal chat I post a link and you can see the images. If you. . . can you pick that one up?
SP: Oh, sorry okay.
JP: Go to the Skype chat room, you can see the indicator.
SP: Oh
JP: If you go to the Skype window, on the top right hand corner, there’s a little. . .
SP: I’ve done that.
JP: Chat bubble and it’s got a little red dot I think.
SP: Yeah, I’m getting some messages in, just two seconds.
JP: Messages just arriving from the great big. . .
SP: You know what?
JP: Did you ever watch the 3rd Stone from the Sun, the 3rd Rock from the Sun?
SP: There’s just been a shooting in Texas.
JP: Ah, another one.
SP: Yeah, just hang on a minute.
JP: Okay.
SP: There’s been a shooting in a church in Texas just literally now. Anyway sorry, what were you saying to me, right okay I’ve got this picture in guru the most awesome image is that the one I’m looking at?
JP: Yeah that’s the one, that’s the one so this is from Nachturis. Around twin, Hello Simon and JayPee, around 2006 to 2011, there was a common trend on the Internet. People would film creatures that looked an awful lot like Gollum from Lord of the Rings
SP: Yeah.
JP: The creatures were always found in forests or in sewers. They were extremely skinny, completely pale-skinned, no hair on their body, big eyes that would shine bright in the dark when hit by the light, and then one picture is to believe, they also had no visible genitalia. Could you explain what do you think these creatures are? Are they Jinn? Are they demons, or are they simply hoaxes?
SP: Right okay, there have been a few of these and they are hoaxes. There was a couple that were done by an Italian guy, and his character looked less like Gollum and more like a gargoyle that you would see on a cathedral or church and Notre Dame. What I have always said when I have looked at these is regardless of whether they are genuine or not, they are accurate. So when I am looking at these pictures now, I’m not familiar with the pictures. I’ve not seen these before. These are new pictures. When I look at them, I have absolutely no doubt that what I’m looking at is a representation of a Jinn. Now if they are fake the person who has drawn this has either seen a Jinn for real or has interviewed people who have really seen them because the representations you show me are so accurate and so life-like that they are either genuine or they are, you know, what you call a fake, but they are accurately depicting what I have seen. Now for the audience who can’t see what I’m seeing I suppose we’ve got a [1:13:32] God-like creature with glowing eyes, no hair on the body, thin arms, a very sort of human but evil-type face. This is, and the last picture is with the mouth open. I always refer to these creatures as piranhas because if you, when a Jinn comes into this reality, remember Jinn exists between the third and fourth dimension. The Jinn is inter-dimensional, okay. It’s not external dimension. It is inter-dimensional, so they have the capability of becoming fully physical in this world and when they open their mouth, if they are angry they want to attack, they will have teeth like a Jinn… like a piranha. They do have some reptilian elements to them. When they are in their covert mode, they will appear as cherubim, a little tiny baby, you know, like Cupid, so that’s when they are being nice to you. They’ll appear like a Cupid. When they’re about to attack, they’ll appear like the photographs you’ve shown me. When they are neither one or the other and they just don’t want to be seen, they are the little wisps of black smoke that look like a bat that’s just flown past you. So these pictures, I don’t know whether they’re genuine or not, but what I’m looking at is exactly what I’ve seen. This is absolutely a Jinn and this is what terrifies young children in their beds. This is what scares the bejesus out of people and even if they are to say they’re not real, there’s a fake picture, somebody has access to top quality information to produce these, so thank you very much indeed for showing these with me JayPee and the person who sent them. They’re very, very good, thank you.
JP: This question [1:15:33] [es en d day]. In ancient times there were Anunnaki/Egyptian gods on earth. Where are they now? Are some of them currently incarnated here, like Enki and Anu or the Atlantean priest-king? If they live as earth humans now do they consciously know who they really are? Will they remember, and if so if they are now here what is their mission? Thank you.
SP: Well, thank you. Well their mission is to survive and to maintain the status quo; yeah we’ve already talked about George Soros. He’s one of them and Her Majesty the Queen of England is another one of them. In fact President Putin referred to George Soros as you old reptile. I think that tells you everything you need to know, so where are these people now? They are in human form in human body. The days have gone, you know, the days of the ziggurat Sumerian Empire or the pyramid when these creatures could strut around the chamber because there was no media. There were, you know, the literacy levels were almost a zero, so there was no way of the ordinary people obtaining information or seeing anything. You had the priesthood. You had the Royal Guard. These were the ones that saw what was really going on, but they were all part of the inner circle and never did the information get out, but as humanity developed it became harder and harder to maintain that secret mesh and so these beings went underground in not just the literal sense but in the covert sense, and they donned human clothes and the donned human bodies and they took positions of power within the key areas of control, which is the military or less so there now. It’s money; it’s banking; it’s the media industry, Hollywood. This is where they actually exist in large numbers and in politics, and these people are still here on the Earth, but they don’t need to hide [in] underground bases because they are in human form so yeah, if you look at people who we believe to be like this when they get old, the energy that they are consuming to maintain their human visage begins to fail and so their face begins to change and they begin to look incredibly reptilian. The old Pope, you know, I loved showing pictures of the old Pope because, you know, six months before he’d resigned, you can see that the generator was breaking down and he was a very reptile creature lurking behind a human mask, so these creatures have learned to be clever, to be covert, to be hidden. They are still here. They’re still in control and they exist mainly in the banking industry, a good question, thank you.
JP: Wow!, Wow, wow, wow, oh there is another question which is that these half-breeds, do they, do they die? How long do they live because. . .
SP: Okay, okay, it’s offensive to use the word half-breed. They are mixtures of different creatures; we wouldn’t use the word half-breed even if they’re evil because we’re not criticizing them for being half of this or a quarter of that. We’re criticizing them because their intent is to be evil to the human race, so that’s just a personal thing. I mean I could claim to be a half-breed couldn’t I? The point with these beings is that they were left on the planet to maintain the status quo. The gods disappeared. The gods left. They left their (children) and they went off, but they left the shop with a manager. The owner left the manager in charge of the shop. And the owner went for such a long period of time that the manager of the shop stopped doing what he was supposed to do and started putting his hand in the till and taking the money and then thinking I could take risks here. I won’t open Monday to Friday, I’ll only open Monday to Wednesday and I’ll have Thursday and Friday off and I’ll do this and I’ll do that, and in the end these managers of the shop have completely and utterly taken the power to themselves and their main concern apart from the human race rising up and stringing them up is the owners coming back, hence Planet X and Nibiru. Hence the Vatican’s desperate search for a large spacecraft bringing back the owners as they see it, so we have a group of people who are not going to be liked by the owners. We have a group of people who are also not liked by the human race. They’ve got no friends and that’s why they do what they do, because they’ve got nowhere to hide. They’ve got no one that loves them. How can you believe in pedophilia and be loved? How can you be a Satanist and have love? You can’t. You know that’s why I always say whenever I get the chance that these people need to change, you know, they need to change now. This is their moment, you know, whatever they’ve done in the past, it’s not working. They’re not going to own the planet, that this is not a piece of real estate that they can own you know. They’ve had their time. They’ve had their day. They’ve made their money. Now it’s time for them to give way. It’s time for a different form of life on this planet, which is an evolved human with a different set of values you know. We don’t want the oppression anymore. We don’t want our food being poisoned; we don’t want our drugs being laced; we don’t want electronic information beamed into us. We just want to be left alone to develop and to find a way that communicates with the creator and the planet around us. There’s no place for these evil people anymore and they know it. That is why we are going to receive an increase in the very upsetting results around the planet, but the Earth has to go through this to come out the other end. So again, I don’t want people to fall into the trap of thinking it’s the end and, you know, I, when I consult with some people, I quite understand it. They say that they’re sick of it, you know, that they’re so sick of the fact that people they meet at work don’t get it. They’re not interested; they don’t want to know the truth, and you know, that, I get that but the reason is that the bad guys have had many thousands of years at perfecting this trick, you know, you can’t blame humans for wanting a simple life because they’ve never been equipped with the capability to deal with what you and I and me and many many of our listeners actually know to be truth, you know, yes these people have the information there if they look for it. They just don’t look for it and that’s why we need something to happen to shake people out of their lethargy, so it’s as I predicted and others let’s be fair. It’s not just me. Other people have said that 2017 October onwards was going to be the real make and shape on this planet and I don’t like looking back at my old stuff, but someone did remind me that I did an interview on video in 2012, five years ago, you know, my math’s five years ago where I’m on camera saying October–November 2017 is when it all starts and that’s the fact, so we must prepare ourselves for a little bit more pain but we need to be positive that we’re going to come out the other end and I absolutely believe that. I have no fear. We are going to come out the other end so we’ve just got to hold on to that, thank you.
JP: It’s the bottom of the hour just about. There’s a question that’s a bit delicate so what I’d like to do is play a little piece of music while you read through it in the chat room now okay?
SP: Okay.
JP: Post that there and everybody can listen to this [Music].
SP: Okay.
JP: So you can choose to answer it now or. . .
SP: Oh I’m quite happy to so, right I won’t mention the person’s name because that is not the right thing to do. I will call him Paul, Paul B. Basically this guy is very suicidal. He says he had a session with me in 2015, which he did. I remember that. That’s two years ago and that he’s been trying to connect with me and has not had any joy and that’s not surprising that he had jointed the club I’m afraid, but he says that I don’t want to talk to him because he’s very suicidal. That’s not accurate. People who are facing suicide are my priority. They are the people that I will see, you know. I don’t run away from people in the suicidal. That’s exactly what I deal with. When I’m consulting with somebody, I have to make a decision whether the suicidal tendencies are brought on by medical situations such as a trauma in the brain, an illness, and if it’s something that a guy in a white coat can deal with, then that’s not for me to deal with, but if it’s brought on because the person was Montauk or satanic ritual abuse or the very highest levels mind, can’t swear, mind controlled, then that’s what I will do and I haven’t lost a single person in seven years. In seven years that I’ve been working with suicidal people I have not lost a single person. Not one person I’ve worked with has committed suicide. I read obviously what you read here. I wake up exhausted. I read this bit. I wake up exhausted as if I’ve been up all night. I feel as if something is taking me at night. I see visions of Anu and white reptiles. I feel it is attacking me to get to you. Well nobody is going to attack you to get to me. That ain’t the case. If someone wants to attack me, they’ll attack me directly. They wouldn’t go to someone else and try and make them feel bad to make me feel bad. If someone wants to have a go at me they’ll cut my brake cables. If they are of an energy, then they’ll attack me in an energy form so, and he says I feel guilty every time I message you lashing out at you. Well if you’re lashing out at me don’t expect me to respond to you, you know, I am on this planet to help and that’s what I try and do and I understand that some people are so angry and they’re so cross and they don’t know which way to turn that they’ll just strike out and that’s a very human emotion and I do understand that. So what I would say to you is that there’s no way would I deliberately ignore you, you know, I have, anyone who is close to me knows, that I have something like now 18,000 unanswered emails on my computer, 18,000. When I, I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again, when I put myself forward for this seven years ago, I had no idea the need on this planet. I did not realize how damaged and hurt humanity was. I did not in my wildest thoughts appreciate the evil that had been done to humanity, but boy do I know that now, do I know just how much these very few people the harm they’ve created. So Paul B. if I don’t respond to your messages it was simply because I never got them or they were lost in a huge outcry from people who needed that help. I never turn people away unless the person is targeted against me and this is the shocking thing that many people come to me for help but they’re not really coming to me [for] help, they’re coming to be like a vampire of energy from me or to attack me or to, you know, that’s what happens. It’s not just me. All of us who are good in the alternative community get attacked from time to time and many of the people that attack us are not doing it deliberately. They’re being used or manipulated and they have no say in the matter. They are just being led and drawn to it so that’s my answer to you, you know, you’re gonna have to just email me again and I’ll look for it and pick it up, but as you say here, if you’re lashing out at me and you say it isn’t me, well that means there’s something in you that’s lashing out so, you know, we need to get an understanding of what’s going on so thank you for sharing that with me JayPee. I will never run away from anything like this. I just protected the man’s full name but yeah, yeah, that my answer.
JP: Okey doke, so the soul and pregnancy. Love the show. Thanks for getting the replay up the next day. Yes, by the way people who. . . yeah the replay, it’s all manual. I do it all by hand, so if you’re nice to me and don’t give me a hard time all day, then I’ve got time to do the. . .
SP: JayPee I will say this that people do say to me how impressed they are at the speed with which you get this out. There are a number of other people who’ve got much greater resources than you and they take like a week [or] two weeks to do it, but you are actually ahead of the game, and many people have made that comment.
JP: I don’t mess around Mr. Simon so thank you very much. This is from Star Stuff, lovely. I had a different experience with each of my children when I was pregnant and wondered if you could shed light on what happened. The first was when I was about three months pregnant with my son who is now twenty-seven. I woke to see two rings of clouds. They were quite thick fluffy off-white in color and very defined. They had two pink wings spaced around coming out of the top cloud. I looked at it for a moment and went back to sleep. My thought at the time was is this when the soul enters the baby’s body, but I now know these positive looking visions can sometimes be deceiving. The second was with my daughter. I was eight months pregnant. I went to bed just a normal night, closed my eyes and could only see creatures with horrible faces and this went on for hours and I stayed awake all night. Each time I closed my eyes it was the same. At around 5:30 I looked over at the clock, closed my eyes and saw a bright white light, which was comforting, and I then went to sleep. This light has stayed with me, and my daughter is now twenty-five. While I don’t see the lights every time I close my eyes it is up in there. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated with either of these experiences.
SP: Right, good question. On occasion either source or advanced entities will share with the mother the intent they have. You saw two fluffy white clouds with wings, which looked like angels. That is a vision given to you, can’t say by who, but that’s a vision given to you to give you a physical understanding that something is coming to you. This is actually quite interesting. I would need to see pictures of the children, but what I would imagine is this is a twin soul. You have two objects shown as white clouds if I understand you correctly with wings coming out of them. We’re either looking at a twin soul or we’re looking at two souls who are going to debate which one of these two goes into the body and you as the mother were being asked to choose which one of these two you wanted to be in your child. That’s what I go down; that’s the route that I would go down. The second one is quite interesting because normally the soul enters the body much earlier than eight months, so we have a possibility here that there was no soul in the body and the negative soul was attempting to enter but you as a mother were being tested as to whether you were prepared to take the gamble and go with this one and see if you could make a go of it or whether you were prepared to say no, I’m not interested in that one. I don’t want that one and the battle went on for many hours until it became obvious that you were not gonna shift and then the alternate soul came through, which was a much more I’ve got to be so careful here because just because it was an evil face doesn’t mean it was going to be an evil soul, but the second one was more in tune with what you were seeking, so you went with that. It could also be that the baby you are carrying already had a soul and these were walk-ins. People don’t always understand. They assume walk-ins occur when the baby is born but occasionally we can be hijacked and the soul can come in. It is very complicated but this is fascinating, so I believe that as the mother you were being, you will share. . . they were sharing with you the choice. They were actually involving you in making a choice as to the soul that you would like in the baby you were carrying. That is unusual, so if we ever connect, it would be lovely to see pictures of your children because I would from a professional point of view, I’d like to know what the level of soul we’re looking at there, so it’s a fascinating story and I’ve only ever come across one other woman that had something similar, so that’s how rare it is. Thank you for sharing that.
JP: So this is a delightful segue when this is from Nachturis again. I was wondering if the type of music we are attracted to has a connection to the type of soul we have. I’m asking because back when I had a Pleiadian soul I loved calm music like Indian love songs and pop music. The sound of heavy metal was like trash to my ears and I could actually get sick if I listened to it. However after receiving a soul for Sirius I have pretty much only been able to listen to rock and heavy metal. I can still listen to some types of other music, but I just don’t sync that well with it anymore. I am now mostly attracted to music with heavy drums and strong rock vocals. Yeah I associate personally like Sirius like people who wear leather jackets; you know they got this other edge to them, but anyway that’s my opinion, so he finishes why I’m now mostly attracted to music with heavy drums and strong vocals, so soul.
SP: Well we could say there are a number of Indian tribes and African tribes who are also connected to drums and vocals so we have to be careful how we view things from a Western perspective. However, there is accuracy in this, but we mustn’t just think that if you’re Reptilian you want marching music and if you are Pleiadian you want to hear the sound of the sea. It is as much to do with past lives as anything else. If I took a Pleiadian soul who should like the sound of the ocean or the sound of dolphins and therefore decide gentle music, if that person had been Adolf Hitler, not at all likely, but if he had been Adolf Hitler, we presume that the music that he would like would be Wagner or what have you, so we have to recognize that it is the frequency energy of the dimension that the soul was [in] carnated into. Then how, in the physical form, generally it was influenced by its many lifetimes on many planets. Now on this planet, which is a third dimensional planet with a fourth dimensional crafted evil energy, we are drawn to certain things, so yes a fourth dimensional person will be drawn to warfare. A fourth dimensional person will be drawn to hierarchy, a fifth dimensional person less so, but you need to understand the lifetimes of that individual has had to get that picture, so that’s the only caveat I would add to it, absolutely spot on. The soul in your body, the type of frequency it has, but the experiences and the learning that you have chosen or not chosen to have from the interactions on this planet. Thank you.
JP: Fabulous. You know when you were talking, you talked about a marching band and I thought, well how come I’m hearing a, I’m hearing like a snare drums it’s kind of, it sounded like a marching band in the background.
SP: Probably the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
JP: Oh they’re probably just warming up, so yes, let’s go. All right, so okay enough choices after loads of things. All right, okay here we go; there we go; here’s a good one. Hello Simon and JayPee. Simon there are many people with clear memories of having lived on other planets that are not situated in the Milky Way Galaxy, so my question to you is how did they end up here on Earth? As we all know Earth is a prison planet while 99 percent of the planets out there are not. I’m having a hard time trying to understand why anyone would come down here to live life as a slave. I know it sounds harsh but unfortunately it’s the truth. Have those souls done something truly evil in other galaxies that got them sentenced to incarnation on Earth. I know there are some souls that voluntarily come down here to help and assist but by doing so they get trapped as well. So are these souls aware of the fact that they could possibly spend a thousand lives on earth and have no clue of who they truly are and why they came here or have they been deceived by others to do so. Thank you guys and keep up the good work. Your show is the best thing out there. That’s from Christen in Romania.
SP: Well, you know what, before we answer we’ve had questions from Romania, a question from Russia; we’ve done really well. We’ve had some questions from countries that don’t normally engage with us, so that’s fantastic. Thank you, that’s brilliant.
JP: And now some questions from South Africa.
SP: South Africa, yes that’s right, brilliant. The question is not the most complicated that we’ve had but it’s the one that would require the longest answer, which you can’t really give at the moment, but I’ll do my best with that. Could you looking at the question JayPee, can you sort of pull out the major thread of it because there were several little questions in there. What would you say was the major question there?
JP: Oh sorry I was just drinking, oh that’s too hot?
SP: Where you drinking, Boveril?
JP: That coffee was too hot. It’s burning down all right, Right, so people with clear memories of they’ve come from other places not in the Milky Way.
SP: Right.
JP: How do they end up here, as the Earth is a prison planet? Why would, you know, why would anybody do it?
SP: Why would you do it, right? Okay, some people are sent here because there is nowhere else for them to be put just as, unfortunately, Great Britain sent its prisoners to Australia, so other places send their people here. That’s the truth because it’s a prison planet and they are kept trapped here. Why would somebody want to come here and there’s an incredibly easy answer for that. It’s a positive answer believe it or not. One hundred years on this planet if you attempt to learn from your mistakes is worth one hundred thousand years anywhere else. There is not another planet anywhere that presents us with so many varied challenges in the physical world and if we are able to look at these challenges and not run away from them, and if we’re able to say all right I did this. It didn’t work. Instead of beating myself up about it what can I learn from this and how can I do better next time? We are going to evolve at a stupendous rate. That is why this planet is oversubscribed. They are queuing up to come here. Look if you were goodness knows, if you were ninth dimension, tenth dimension, you don’t have a physical body, you have your own personal Internet. You have telekinesis, telepathy, so you’ve just got about everything. There isn’t a problem you can’t solve. How are you gonna learn? You’re not being challenged. The challenges are on a greater level. I understand that, you know, on a massive multiverse level but you’re not connecting with the roots so even these great beings come down through the dimensions to take physical form and to queue up to come here because they wish to experience something that they’ve never experienced before. You know if you lived as an energy being, I don’t like the word light body; light bodies don’t exist. These bodies are made of light waves and sound waves. These are energy bodies. You perceive light because when you see these beings in your apartment or your bedroom they are light but they are made of energy. They’re not light bodies. I want to get that straight. When you take a being that was an energy being and put them into a physical body, oh my goodness, they’ve got fingers they can move, and they can touch and feel and smell and we take that all for granted, but those people who have come here for the first time, that is the most incredible experience and it’s also the most primitive experience because no longer can they snap their fingers and get an answer to this, that, and the other. They have to actually go by trial and error and learn and decide whether they are doing the right thing or not and this is where we choose to learn or not, so people want to come here because it’s salvation. They have the opportunity to learn if you were ninth, tenth dimension, and you came down to the fourth dimension and you were terribly trapped you want to get out of it. You can’t just go up to the fifth dimension easily so maybe you’ve got to come back down here further to the third dimension, relearn and have another go, have another opportunity to get right what you got wrong last time and fast-track yourself up. So let’s recap here. People get sent here against their will because they are considered to be so evil that the system wherever they are doesn’t want them and this is a prison planet, get them here. There are people who come here because they wish to learn and develop, and there are those that volunteer to come here because they are so disgusted at the fact that a small percentage of the world’s population are so evil and can control ninety-odd percent of the planet. They say this is outrageous. I can’t stand it any longer. I have got to go down, and when I consult with, you know, some of my clients, these are these people these are these people who let’s just take Lyra, they’ve gone to their government, for want of a better word, on Lyra and say you can’t leave these people down on Earth like this. You’ve got to get involved and the government says no we don’t, so the individual then says do you give me permission to go down on my own and do something and the government says yes, so that individual has lots of high ideals. I’m going to go down there and I’m going to change this and I’ve got a message for them. They’ll want to hear my message.
JP: Ha, ha, ha.
SP: They come here and their brain gets wiped of their memory; they can’t remember who the heck they are. They don’t remember what their duty was. All they know is this is mad. This is a crazy world and many of them go into sort of shock, but those who survive, as they get older, they begin to remember who they are and what they believed in and why they came here and they then activate, and they then use whatever they can, whether it’s being a host of a radio show, whether it’s through poetry, whether it’s through whatever it is it doesn’t matter, they will try and use an arm of the system to go out there and try and put a different point of view across and even though it may be different from what they said they were going to do, they’re still doing something important and I’ve always said that most animal rights activists are Lyran because Lyrans have an absolute commitment to the right to life, and Lyrans make fantastic nurses, caring and if you look at the different groups, soul groups, you know you’re gonna be a policemen; you’re going to be a soldier; you’re going to be a nurse etcetera, etcetera, it is if you can do it. That’s how it is and it’s about coming to this planet and fulfilling what you think you need to do and it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you learn from it, because you are going to come back unless we can break the generator. You are gonna come back and if you come back, do you really want to come back and start doing it all over again, learning the same damn lessons? No you don’t. You want to be able to move on to the next stage and the next stage and the next stage until finally you escape the trap, and that’s what it’s about. It’s about escaping the trap. It’s about developing and learning and being what human beings always should be, which is fantastic creational beings, but we are so caught up in the nonsense and the rubbish on this planet that many of us lose sight of who we are and what we’re capable of, and the system doesn’t want us to know that, so you know, let’s think about why we’re here. We’re not here to watch television and do this, that, and the other. We’re here to ask questions, to develop ourselves and to try to help others and that’s the only way to get off this planet, so that’s great, thank you.
JP: So we’re at fifty-eight now so I think this is gonna be the top of the hour. Thank you very much Simon. Do you have any final, I mean that last bit was, that was very moving actually. When you said, you were talking about the Lyran thing, I felt a little [1:50:57] [headsick], so yeah and I think various others as well.
SP: Right.
JP: And that’s what I call the Second Ray, the Ray 2.
SP: Ah, well I’m not Lyran but I have a percentage of me that is fifth dimensional from the Hollow Earth, which means that I have an understanding and albeit a slim connection but I have an understanding of some of that anyway, and you know it doesn’t matter whether we are Sirian, Reptilian, Lyran, I keep on saying this. It doesn’t matter which railway station you get on at if we are aiming for the railway station that says evolution central or ascension central, if we’re getting off at the same station that is what we have all signed up for something. If we are enough about us, enough awareness and determination not to fall on the wayside, then those of us on the carriage, we need to work together because you know that’s who we are. That’s what we’ve got. These are the resources we’ve got. Within this carriage those of us in it, we are the ones who are gonna [go] on this journey and that’s what this radio station is about. Other radio stations, whatever, it’s about groups of people identifying with each other and saying hey I’m different, you know, I’ve remembered; I’ve woken up; I’ve challenged. Why on earth would I want to go back to the old ways? Why would I want to mix with people that believe in the nonsense, you know, and this is what it’s about, so listen God Bless everybody. I know it’s a really difficult time. Just hang on in there. The bad guys are tying themselves up in knots. We mustn’t get drawn into it. We’re going to observe it, watch it. Don’t get too upset about it and don’t get drawn into the evil. Thank you very much. Thanks JayPee.
JP: Thank you very much Simon and this was Connecting Consciousness Show. Call in on our studio numbers to join the Roundtable.
[transcribed 11/12/17 gsc]
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