3 December 2017 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Simon suggests we listen to Robert David Steele as he too talks about gold hidden in caves; Simon doesn’t agree with Fulford that Langley base was raided by Marines, but they did a low flyover of Langley demonstrating loyalty to Trump and are at his disposal should the necessity arise; codes of those involved with pedophilia have been released to Trump, up to him now to release the names; Israel under pressure because many deals they made with other countries are being cancelled and Trump may back out of arms deal Obama made with Netanyahu; Presidents’ Putin, Trump and Widodo meet to talk about new gold-backed currency and the effect on the petro dollar; names of pedophiles in some of biggest organizations are about to be exposed as was Bill Clinton, who was outed because he tried to cut in on the CIA’s slice of drug profits, also information on Clinton Foundation is now available which might lead to arrests; evil entities are still here attacking people who do psychic work, including Simon; best thing to do now is stay positive; questions: why are holidays centered around children? answer: for corporate profits and the hidden agenda of satanic use of children’s energy; origin of flat earth theory; entity attachment removals and breaking of soul connection contracts; where do personalities come from; will the veil be lifted after the event; does eating garlic and dark chocolate discourage Reptilian contact; accurate books on the Annunaki: Sitchin, Tellinger, Clark good, but online research is better; how is Britain fighting satanic forces for humanity’s freedom and what are streams of etheric patterns seen in light rays; use of hypnotherapy/past life regressions to clear memory blockages; what is the nature of light; Polish people’s naivety about Polish Church and demonic Roman Catholic deception, needs to be stopped.

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JayPee: You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. And good afternoon, good evening, it’s the 3rd of December, 2017, and we’re on studio9jam on YouTube. Accept no substitutes, no combinations of Simon Parkes’s name are the real one. Studio9jam is the one and tonight here we are. Simon Parkes good afternoon, good evening how are you doing?
Simon Parkes: Hi JayPee. Hi listeners. Well I can’t believe it’s December. It’s amazing isn’t it?
JP: It’s whacked by hasn’t it?
SP: Yes it has. It’s gone by really quickly, so I’m fine thank you, yeah still good, how about yourself? Are you okay?
JP: I am very well. I have gotten over my latest bout of ascension symptoms. . .
SP: Ascension symptoms.
JP: . . . as they call them. Well you know there’s a lot of. . . you get a lot of headaches and stomach issues and things like that as the energies rise and, you know, we’re all purging along with every. . . you know, along with the world.
SP: Well perhaps that’s a good phrase to start with, purging the world; let’s purge the world. All right so this last nine days has been some of the most busiest, not for me personally, but for me keeping up with things and talking to people and changes occurring that the last sort of few days I’ve not seen anything like this for a very, very long time, positive, not negative. So I want to run through some of the things that are happening and are slated to happen. There’s a guy who’s doing the rounds at the moment and his name is Robert David Steele. He’s a genuine guy as far as I’m concerned, and he’s an ex-CIA; he’s not a handler in the sense that we would understand the word handler, but a CIA case handler. This is a guy who would have a certain number of individuals or operations and his job would be to coordinate that, so not a field man necessarily, and he’s been popping up and doing a number of interviews. Now what was interesting was on our last radio show JayPee, I’d said that there was a lot of gold hidden in tunnels, and that’s what the Vietnam War was largely about and to a lesser extent the Korean War, and that’s why Donald Trump and Putin et al. were meeting in North Vietnam, and on the blog that we have, that you have, there are a number of people, trolls I suppose, people who just don’t have much brain really, who were saying oh it’s all nonsense, Simon Parkes has gone too far this time and it’s all hot air, et cetera, et cetera, and a few days later, Robert David Steele ex-CIA, and that’s without question, ex-CIA comes on and talks about gold hidden in caves, so you heard it here first. That’s not to take it away from Mr. Steele but the information I got was probably three days ahead of what he got, but the very fact that an authenticated CIA, ex-CIA, beg your pardon, operative was saying what I had said a few days beforehand should really put an end to people who think that I blow hot air, and there’s a number of YouTube videos with this guy Robert Steele being interviewed by different people so if you grab some time, they’re not long, they’re about twenty minutes or so, you can have a listen to that. He’s quite interesting because some of the information he’s got, I’ve got, and also somebody sent me a link from Benjamin Fulford, and I did listen to that and I would agree with most of it. The only thing I won’t agree [with] is that Benjamin Fulford has said that the HQ for the CIA, which is the Langley base was actually raided by the Royal, Royal Marines, beg your pardon, by the Marines, the American Marines, just for our American listeners, we have Royal Marines in this country, so I got confused. The Langley base was attacked by or raided by Marines that is not the case. However, what the British, I don’t understand because we don’t really have it in our country, is that the American Marines also have their own air assets. Now for a long time the Marines used the Harrier, a jump jet aircraft, which was a British invention, but I can say that a number of aircraft belonging to the Marines flew very low passes over the Langley base to warn them. And the Marines have the word Marines written on the side of their aircrafts, so it was very obvious what they were doing and that’s important because the Marines are loyal to Donald Trump. And we talked before about the CIA or FBI or the NSA, how these organizations are riven between some supporting one group, some supporting another group, but the vast majority sitting on the fence waiting to see which side is going to become the power-play leader and then they will jump into bed with that individual. So that was important that the Marines have actually shown that they are prepared to be a tool of the president, and in this case is it for a good purpose.
Some of the files held by the CIA were passed, prior to this, were passed to the NSA. The NSA encrypted them because they have the best supercomputers in the world, and they believed they had some of this information, which related to pedophilia. It related to lawmakers in the United States, to members of the press and media, to members of Hollywood, to the legal side and some military who had indulged in pedophilia or who had been blackmailed by compromising photographs when they were in a pedophile situation. Those codes have been released. Now the question is whether they are passed to the president. The question is during this holiday period whether the president will release them. Now you would think that you would just release them straight away. The difficulty for him is that a lot of the names there are members of his own party. For British listeners and European listeners and world listeners, Donald Trump is a Republican and some of the names held by these organizations are Republican and funders of the Republican Party. However, Mr. Trump, President Trump has a real opportunity this holiday period to release some names, and that’s really important. Some of these names, who have gone into hiding, semi-hiding are people like George Soros and Bill Gates, and I did say I think on the last radio show that one-hundred billion had been moved from a lot of businesses by George Soros and put into the Soros Foundation partly to carry on some of his schemes but also as a fallback position, so he’s stripping assets out of his companies and trying to protect them because he is being circled. That’s a very good way to use it. Watch out for other senior leaders and companies like, I don’t know, Facebook, Google, Amazon. All of these players who have strong links with Mossad, with Israel, are probably looking very rarely at people like George Soros and Bill Gates and thinking well if those guys will be caught on the run, then we can.
Israel is also under huge pressure. It’s never been under such pressure. A number of deals that other countries have done with Israel is being cancelled and look for President Trump reneging is not the right word, but cancelling a huge arms deal that the previous president, that’s Obama, had done with Netanyahu, he’s the Prime Minister of Israel, so look for Trump going back on that deal and not providing Israel with a lot of hardware; that’s very important.
I also talked last show about the North Vietnam meeting, where we had Putin, Trump, and I can’t remember the guy’s name[1], the guy who was the president or prime minister of Indonesia, and those guys met, and those three had a sort of a twenty-minute talk, and I said at the time the reason for this was because of the gold, and we talked about dragon gold, gold that was originally stolen by Japan and is finding its way back now to China. It’s that gold that Indonesia has so much control over that will fund the new currency that China, Russia, and India also involved with. Trump was vital to that because if that gold currency comes on board, on stream in December as it is supposed to, it could knock out the petro dollar, and so I think Trump wanted to have some reassurance that it wasn’t going to be the end of the American economy overnight so that was the important part about that.
When we talk about some of this pedophilia, because I want to go back to it because that’s I think is the biggest thing really, for me and what’s happening at the moment. There are a list of names now of some of these people in some of the biggest organizations, the organizations that we would expect to see them in, but also in organizations that we wouldn’t. And, if we look back to the days of Bill Clinton, and I say to people, I was chatting to another radio interview on, to America, to Ted Mahr a few days ago, and I said that look, people like Bill Clinton, when they were outed, they were having sex with an intern. The only reason that came out was because he had upset somebody more powerful than him. Now we don’t get the top people being thrown to the citizens, we get the scape goats and what had happened was that Bill Clinton had reneged on a CIA drugs deal, because both Clinton and the CIA were running separate drug cartels, and Clinton tried to make a move on the CIA to take the slice of pie that they had and that’s why they dished the dirt on him. Had he not done that they would have hidden that forever. We’ve got lots of information now on the Clinton Foundation, and I’m absolutely rubbing my hands with glee hoping that the next four weeks will see some very, very damning evidence coming through for people that we expect, but some people that we don’t expect to be implicated, and I am expecting some arrests, and will the top people will get caught? No, not on this circle round, but as the circle draws closer and closer then that certainly is going to happen. So I’m going into the Christmas period very positive that key players have the information at their fingertips they need to really bring about some change, and also that the, what we call loosely the cabal are, have never been so weak. I know that we read about it a lot on YouTube and, you know, perhaps sometimes we get a bit sick of it, you know, they are going to fall tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and they don’t fall, and then it will be the day after and it never happens, but their reality is this time there are some very big cracks appearing in their armor, and I’ve never been so hopeful. This is a really sort of hopeful, hopeful broadcast really in the sense that the people who are in the position to do something have now been given some information and they’ve got nothing to lose. And if I said to you that I’m aware of three attempts by the Bushes to remove Trump in the last nine months, you know, that might surprise people, and I’m aware of three attempts, that’s how worried they are. That’s why the media, the main media, the established media, the lies are still controlled by the Satanic forces are absolutely hell-bent on trying to discredit Trump, but of course he’s now got this. . . some names, so I would expect these attacks suddenly miraculously to die down because nobody, you know, who’s been involved in pedophilia wants to stick their head up above the parapet. So I wanted to do that.
I wanted to then talk a little bit about some of the work that I’ve been doing. People are aware that I have sessions with people and only twice in seven years have I been attacked by black magic during a session and last week was only the second time in seven years that something had the audacity to have a go at me, and it wasn’t my client’s fault, but it was something around my client which attacked me for the first three seconds I couldn’t speak, which is, this time it was weaker, then it tried again on the third occasion, and this time it was so weak that it couldn’t do anything, so I’m reminded that many people who do psychic work do put their head above the parapet, I’m not just talking about me, and you know we do take on this type of work and I just wanted people to know that, you know, it’s not the sort of normal run-of-the-mill work that, you know, we would understand. Sometimes those of us who in this field will come across some of the most not just interesting or bizarre, but some of the most evil energies on the planet, so that was a good reminder to me that there are still some horrible nasty things out there, but ultimately if we don’t let them beat us, they can’t, and I think that’s the message I want to end on, that if we have a strong vision of humanity, if we have a strong vision of a purpose of what we want and we all can do that, then that’s going to help this situation along, you know, I’ve never asked people to bear arms. I’ve never asked people to take to the streets and cause violent demonstrations because ultimately that feeds the energy into the cycle and then the bad guys can use that, but I have asked people to, to be civilly disobedient and I think this time around, we need to just hold the course for the next four weeks and see where we get, so very positive, there’s a great deal taking place behind the scenes. I’ve never seen it so busy. It has to be because we are now ending 2017–2018 and I was not the only commentator. What are we talking now five, six, seven years ago who projected 2017–18 as big changes. I remember sitting in my then front room being interviewed by Miles Johnston. This is a good few years ago now and in fact actually Win Keech was next to me, and we both independently talked about 2017 being absolutely crucial, and if we look back on what’s happened, just because we’ve had false flags, another negative, but it’s a sign that humanity is raising its consciousness because the bad guys are resorting to these. Actually we’ve never had to many fake attacks in our history on this planet and the reason that they’re one after the other rolling them out is because that’s all these brain-dead people can do. That’s all they can do. My favorite term is the evil nasties, that’s all they’re capable of. They cannot think outside; they can’t actually come round the table, apologize and see if we can work something out. This is their stock way of replying and it hasn’t worked, you know, the people of America, the people of Great Britain didn’t roll over and die. We didn’t turn on every Muslim; we didn’t turn on anyone that didn’t look like us. You know ordinary people who are not awake and aware are now walking around shaking their heads saying, you know, this isn’t right. Something’s very wrong and also I want to reiterate that people of Britain will see more police officers on their streets this Christmas than they have ever seen before. There are some very prominent markets, malls, which are almost deserted, yet there are other lesser well known markets and malls which are absolutely heaving with people, and I have talked about it before, but as we run up to Christmas I’ll repeat it, that Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain had a secret meeting in October of this year, where she was told that the white middle class was not going to go to the shopping malls because they were frightened of being stabbed or blown up by Muslims, so yes the false flag has got that threat and fear in, but look how it’s impacting because the corporations realized that the middle class was not going to spend money in their stores, and their stores dominate the traditional big corporate shopping malls. White middle class people were going or are going to the smaller little marketplaces, the small shopping centers where there are more independent traders, so the big corporates in Britain got Theresa May, the British prime minister, to do a U-turn on her policy and she recruited and paid for one-thousand four hundred extra armed police. Now to the Americans that doesn’t sound like anything, but remember you guys we don’t routinely arm our police, so the whole object of putting all these extra police is not because there’s going to be any more or any less terrorist attacks, but because they’re trying to try to reassure the middle class people [to] come back to the shopping malls, spend your money, because we’ll protect you. So my point is you see how the evil guys do something and it works against them. I’ve been out like I suppose many of us have to shopping malls and market stores, and you do you go out Christmas and I’m having a lot of reports in how some of them are absolutely deserted and others are packed, so that is why ladies and gents you’re going to see more police on the streets than you’ve ever done before, but it’s not because they’re expecting more terrorist attacks, and that’s really I want to do that on the 17th I won’t be around because I’m doing a conference, but I have agreed with JayPee I’ll do one-hour prerecord and then on Christmas Eve, I’ve also said I would do a one-hour prerecord. I want to do that because I want to look back on the year. I do think that 2017 has been pivotal, just as 2012 was pivotal, also Christmas Eve I wanted to do a live if JayPee will have me, a live show and just go back a little bit on how we’ve done, because I think 2018 is the year we break free, so thank you very much for your patience. Thank you JayPee.
JP: So Simon, yes, very good, we’re gonna do something on the 24th. We’re gonna have some live shows, special live shows and things like that to go along with the Christ-mass energy rather than the full thing, so starting with our questions from one of our regulars Nachtorus. Why are holidays centered around children? Hello Simon and JayPee, I was wondering how come most major holidays are centered around children and in particular giving things to children. During Easter there’s an Easter Bunny that gives chocolate to kids. During Halloween we make children dress up and go from door to door and ask for candy. During Christmas children are given presents by Santa Claus. There’s also a yearly tradition before Easter, which in Denmark is called Fastelavn. Google says it’s called Shrovetide in English, where kids dress up in costumes and use baseball bats to smack barrels with images of cats on them and eat sweets. What is the deal with these yearly traditions involving kids?
SP: Right, it’s a very good question. There are two answers to it. First is the less evil one, which is corporates. If we think of a big traditional hamburger store, certain arches that hold up the roof, you can take your kids and have a kids’ party there and you get a good deal because those kids are going to be adults of the future and they’re going to be markets, you know, marketed in the customers are going to come back and come back and come back, so from a corporate point of view, it makes sense to engage with children because if you can get your kids to, we call them pumpkins, but the Americans call them jack-o’-lanterns, you know, when I was a kid there was no such thing as a trick-or-treating, no such thing, never even heard of it, so you know, the corporates will bring or export something that means they make money and gets the kids into this role so when they have children, they do the same, so that’s the easy to understand money-making deal, and that’s very genuine; that’s exactly what these corporates do.
The questioner isn’t really asking about that. The questioner is asking about the use of child energy for Satanic purposes, and if you can engage with people and you get them to play the game, then they unwittingly give their approval, and you know, we live in a world that if you don’t sign on the dotted line and you don’t say yes, or you know gentleman’s handshake, if you don’t do that, then you’ve not given the approval, but in the energy world, it’s not quite like that, so by dressing up as a ghoul or going around trick-or-treating or having the Easter Bunny, you are being engaged with by occult that has a controlled energy on the planet and it’s almost as if it’s saying well look, you know, twenty million humans engaged with this therefore they must want it. That’s the key, you know, if everybody stopped going to church, the church would collapse within weeks, so the church is saying well, we are wanted because look how many people come to the church; it is far less than it was 10–20 years ago, but still in many countries, it’s a large number of people, so in energy, in black magic, if you went to somebody and you say look, you know, I want you to drink this red wine because it’s the blood of Christ, but we’re going to put real blood in there, nobody would do it, so they have to have deception, so that’s why it’s a cup of red wine. I mean for goodness sake, why would anybody want to go to a church, kneel down, and drink the blood of Christ, but what is that about, you know, drinking blood? That is exactly what the Satanic cult individuals do when they murder children. They drink blood, so we need, I think, to try and get the message across that much of what we accept as a bit of harmless fun is actually deeply rooted in very traditional actually, stories and histories which are not fake but are real, that have taken root in what is a beautiful planet with beautiful people, and I’ve always talked about the fourth dimensional energy, which is used to craft this evil this. . . things like Satanism and pedophilia do not exist in the fifth dimension and higher. They only exist as we understand it in the third dimension; that’s our world and the fourth, but when the fourth dimensional energy was brought here, that’s when all this corruption came with it, so we need to understand that people aren’t inherently evil, but they are inherently easy to corrupt. That’s what’s occurred, so it’s the fourth dimensional control system. I don’t want to stop anybody’s fun, you know, if I had the power would I stop Easter bunnies, no I probably wouldn’t, but what I would do is I would want to explain exactly what all these elements are and who they come from and you can trace them back to Babylonian gods and you can trace them back even further, so I think people need to know that when they buy a sweet with such-and-such an image on the front that they might actually be in a very small way feeding not their child with their sweets, but feeding some entity or some force. Now you can’t go to unawake and unaware people and just hit them with that because that’s just too much, but what we can do is bring evidence and that’s what I’m hoping in the earlier address where pedophilia, I hope some of these names are going to be named, and it’s going to come out because once the floodgate doors are broken, then I’m hoping that more will come out and people will actually see this is not isolated incidences. Oh look, there’s a Catholic priest here. Oh look, there’s a Scoutmaster here. Oh look, there’s this guy in Hollywood. They’re actually interconnected. They are all part of a very big spider’s web and the sooner that ordinary decent people understand that the better, because they are going to be so disgusted that they will want something to happen, so it’s a really good question. I understood why you were asking it and you’re absolutely right, there’s a hidden agenda under all of that, thank you.
JP: How interesting that our listeners lost the audio during that last thing, but it’s all recorded in at least three places, so do your worst boys and we mean boys. So let’s go back to that’s a great question, then. No. From Selena. Where does the Flat Earth theory come from? I feel that it just isn’t true. How is it that apparently so many people are almost possessed by this idea? Thank you for your help, Selena.
SP: That actually is. . . no one’s asked me that before. That is an interesting question. I think many people look for alternatives, but instead of looking for alternatives of the truth, they’ll look for alternatives that just seem right to them. I mean look that’s good enough. The only reason I got particularly fed up with a Flat Earth was that so many people were writing in and I’d already made my position clear, you know, if I’ve made my position clear I’m not going to change it, you know, it’s not going to happen. So I would suggest that it goes back, right back to the times of Stone Age. You’re looking at a culture that was spiritually hugely advanced but scientifically technologically poor, so you stood on a piece of land you would, to your eye, would appear that the land ended and the sky began or the land ended and the ocean began and it does appear to be flat, so it’s something that’s deep in our psyche, you know, it’s something that you know, how does a cat know how to pounce on a mouse if he’s never seen a mouse before, but it knows to pounce on it and there are certain things that we all do instinctively, and so I think that along with many things, you know, like most humans are unpleasant with the dark. It’s something that’s linked in there, and of course there have been a number of things to try and push it. Why would certain people want to push the idea? Well maybe they believe in it and that’s fair enough, you know, if someone has an opinion, then we really need to let them speak and we really need to listen to them, but there are some very nasty reasons for doing it because if I were to go back in time, we would understand that when the term science was coined, certain theories started to challenge those people who were in control. Now they either bended or faked those theories to suit their own. Where they didn’t like Tesla, for instance, they just got rid of it, so a lot of the science that we have has been changed and altered to keep the status quo as these evil nasties wanted to, and a human race that is pretty dumb, dumbed down would accept that we’re on a flat earth, would accept that they had to do what they’re told accept they’re very happy to have a job and thank you very much indeed; that’s what they want. They want people with no expectations, no ideology of what they want; they want kids to stop saying no, and [say] yes sir, no sir, that’s what they want. So peddling very simple answers is what they’re doing and for goodness sake, I mean look at YouTube. When I go on YouTube some of the adverts are just inane twaddle, and some of the shows are just, I think a chimpanzee would probably be very bored after about 15 seconds, and yet this is what is being pumped out, not because all of the viewing audience want it, but because these satanic controllers are under instructions to not make people stupid because they don’t want that, what they want is learned people but only people who can recite what they want them to learn, what they don’t want is free thinkers. If you’re sitting watching a load of nonsense for hours on end, you are not developing; you are not questioning; you don’t have any time to look into yourself and develop yourself. You are looking at two people fooling around or in a voyeuristic situation where people are being thrown out like Big Brother. All of these programs and that is, that is the way, and I just see the Flat Earth as just another liberal way of people being taken off the true path so that’s my answer, so thank you.
JP: Oh yes, how. . . I always thought it was like a honey trap to find the gullible.
SP: Lots of them about.
JP: Hmm, right, okay, meanwhile long dream. Okay this is from Capture the Power in Arizona. I recently had an entity attachment removal process done by a reputable person who is known for their work. In the report I received it said I had these negative attachments, a very tall white Draco Reptilian with wings described as very negative, an Annunaki that identified itself as Reptilian and a military Grey alien attachment. I am trying to figure out how I could possibly have Reptilians or Greys attached to me. I am a nurse and have spent my life helping others. Can you provide any insight? Thank you for all you do. Soma in Arizona.
SP: Well, thank you, sorry it, you know, it’s not as rare as you might think, sadly. First of all, it depends on the soul in your body. If the soul in your body has a long history on the Earth and has in past lives dabbled in positions of power, responsibility, magic, if it’s been incredibly psychic, if it’s been a warrior for light, then certain negative entities will wish to engage either because they want to piggyback on you, because you’ve got the sort of portal technology, the energy frequency they like, or they’re terrified that you are going to activate and you’ll be a force for good, therefore, they will try and stop you. That’s the main reasons for it. Sometimes we have contracts that’s not that many. I know it’s quite a popular theme within the industry, but actually it’s not that many. Generally contracts are for one lifetime; they can be for longer, but generally for one lifetime, but normally it’s a direct attack in their life, so you’re scanned when you come in. You’re born; the soul is scanned and it’s oh goodness me, let’s just pull out this jolly old Pleiadian, so we got a Pleiadian here, but not just any Pleiadian, we’ve got a Pleiadian that gave us a real hard time twenty million years ago, now why on earth have they come to Earth? They must be here for a purpose. Right, we need to get in here quickly and prevent them from getting back their memories, getting their power, and we’ve got to try and disrupt them. We’ll try and get them married off to somebody who will take them down the wrong path. They’ll try all of these tricks. We’ll try and stop them having a decent job, not having any friends et cetera, et cetera. Now if you’re a nurse, then you’re caring for people and some people who are ill have attachments and there’s quite a jump across where if you’re in, you know, in a situation where the nurse is with a patient and the patient is dying over a period of time, that entity will think well this ship is sinking but this woman keeps coming to visit me every Friday and you know, she’s quite psychic, so I’m going to leave this one and go and join that one, so there are a whole host of reasons why that could happen. If you have white Draconis, then that is more in keeping with a soul in your body that has had connection with them in the past. It is very, very unusual to be attacked or associated with a white Draconis just for the hell of it. It doesn’t happen. Very few of these beings are about, and they are very careful with their time and also they wouldn’t associate with something that wasn’t as they considered worthy. Remember this is their opinion, not ours, so if you have seen or you’ve had that, then that’s the case.
The other thing I just wanted to say. . . I don’t know who you went to see and I wouldn’t want to know, so I don’t comment on other people generally, but it’s always very difficult for someone to say, you know, you have an attachment. It looks like a chap in a red coat with a sack on his back and a white beard. Oh, it’s father Christmas for joke’s sake, but let’s just say if someone says you’ve got a character, well if you as the individual don’t know this, then unfortunately it’s their word on yours and you have to make a judgment whether that individual is really seeing that and whether they’re trustworthy. Now in most cases they are trustworthy and they are genuine because they have a gift that they can see and you can’t, and the reason for that of course is it’s how the world works, because if everybody could see these fourth dimensional entities or interdimensional entities, then these guys would be out of a job because they couldn’t get into your body or infest your auric field, so most humans that don’t see or feel these creatures but they do feel something’s wrong. That’s the key, so if an individual has seen them and you felt there was something wrong, that’s why you went to him or her and you know they’ve done that, then you should see quite an improvement in your life, so my answer is in your case I would think because the soul in your body in many lifetimes has been in high position and has had connection with these beings. You may yourself have inhabited a reptilian body, you know, if you go back twenty million years ago, and you were in a female reptilian body and you were blood bound to a reptilian male, well they’ll still come looking for you, that’s the way it is, so yeah, that’s a good question, thank you.
JP: When we mean forever, we mean forever, yeah all right, so and is it possible, you know, these are things that we talk about like contract removal and things like that. Is it possible to release these long held and probably toxic relationships?
SP: It is, but it’s incredibly difficult. I’ve not talked about it for quite a while. There are more contracts that people have than they would perhaps realize. They’re the obvious ones and the less obvious ones and some don’t matter, but some really do. You’ve got to have a key to break the contract. You see most contracts just run on a lifetime basis but some contracts can be soul connected, so it doesn’t matter what body you actually have, that contract still runs true, but you know, there is the get out of jail card. Sometimes you have to pay quite a price, but it is always possible to revoke contracts. Some are much harder than others, but in most cases you’ll need a key to do that, and I did talk about it about five or six years ago, where it’s sometime something that’s happened that you have a memory back and that’s a key memory, and in order to invoke the get out of jail clause, you have to appreciate that part of the memory and understand that that contains the key to then say, you know, I’m cutting the connection with you in this lifetime and anything that may or may not have been agreed in the past finishes now, et cetera, et cetera, but that won’t work on its own unless, generally anyway, unless you’ve got this key, so yes, it can be done, but it’s harder to break a contract, than it is to remove an entity. For me to get rid of an entity from somebody is reasonably easier than someone who has a contract, because if they’ve got a contract they have had that contract since Atlantis and they’ve been coming back here regularly, then that contract is pretty cast-iron, you know, and whilst it can be broken, it’s very difficult. That’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent, so this is a question from Ellen, and this is basically about, you went to Darlington Great Hall recently, November 24th. She could not participate, but would so much love to hear it, so do you know if that’s being broadcast elsewhere or webcast?
SP: Did I? I don’t even remember. When did I do that?
JP: November 24th, Dartington Great Hall.
SP: Oh yeah, I thought you said Darlington.
JP: Did I?
SP: Darlington.
JP: Oh, I must have been thinking of someone special.
SP: Okay, well we would refer to that as Darlo, and I was thinking Darlington, did I go to Darlington well maybe you know more than I do JayPee. No I went to Dartington.
JP: Oh actually hang on a second, the topic says Darlington and the question says Dartington, so I’m just, I’m just reading.
SP: Okay, no it won’t be because it was a private session between myself and the London Connecting Consciousness Group because it’s the most active group obviously in the country here and it’s commutable for me then I will attend when I can, and that’s not recorded because you know the CC Group the Connecting Consciousness Group is a family and, you know, it’s a family get-together. What I do for other Connecting Consciousness Groups, I do it by Skype. Now on Skype you can get up to ten, so what I will do is, you know, meet one group. I don’t know Tuesday morning and talk to ten of them, and then half an hour later, an hour later the next group of ten, and so on, but because this is the country I’m based in, then I will personally go and visit my CC Group, so I went there as my Christmas visit. I wanted to show my support, my love, my admiration for people to hold true to a path, to talk about, you know, how we have to fight off ego, how when we form a group no matter how spiritual we start out, then you know we can get hijacked along the way, and that’s part of our learning curve isn’t it, to learn, so no, it won’t be recorded and [it] shouldn’t be recorded and [it] shouldn’t be reported because that was a private session.
However on the 17th of this month I am going down to conference and down in Devon and we’re hoping although I will be a live speaker, we hoping David Icke has agreed to come on and do a Skype presentation, Sacha Stone and several others, so that should be exciting. However, I won’t be hanging about I’m afraid. It’s quite a long way for me. It’s quite a bit of a haul, so I won’t be sort of hanging around for an evening meal or anything. I shall just be shooting off again, but if anybody is in the location and they want to hear some of the other speakers, not just me, then you know please do come. It is very reasonably priced; the advert is up on my website. So I’m sorry, no, what happened there is just between the London CC Group and myself. I will tell you this. I will tell you this. It’s funny and I’m not giving any names away, but it’s worth, it’s worth it. During my little talk, I have a little talk first and I give them a heads up first because they are a part of my group and I said this is a lovely house we’re in, very kind we’re being allowed to, you know, meet there, no charge, very kind, and I’d said, you know what it always reminds me, because this house overlooks a park, and the Illuminati always insist that all of their members, whenever they have a house, it must overlook a park. Now that’s not widely understood and if you are a senior member of the Illuminati then you buy a property, it must overlook a park unless it’s like an apartment and it’s like in the center of London and you know, it’s there just from one or two nights, you know, put the important people up et cetera, but generally even then it might be over Regent’s Park or Hyde Park et cetera, et cetera. Anyway I said all that and the person said you know what this house used to belong to the Rothschilds and everybody roared in laughter, so the house used to belong to the Rothschilds and that’s why it was opposite a park, won’t say which park it was, and it’s nice when things like that happen because, you know, I make statements; I come out with things, and for many people it’s well, I’ve got no means of backing it up, so when that happens in a very personal and private setting then everybody thinks, yeah that’s great, so that was fun, but other than that, no I’m not giving any more news away, thank you.
JP: From Nathan, Hi Simon, my brothers and I have been raised by the same parents in the same environment and we were not treated any different to each other. Yet the three of us all have different personalities, so my question is where do personalities come from? Are we assigned them before birth, and if so, who chooses and how does this entity decide who gets what? Thank you for your time.
SP: Good question. The answer is yes, when the soul enters the body, remember you are not born yet, when the soul enters the body then that is set as to who you will be. However there are physical genetics which carry memory, but the soul does carry great, great deals of memory. You could have a family of three let’s say, and you could have a Lyran child, a Reptilian child, and a [Sirian] or Sirius child and you would have a situation where the Lyran child would be absolutely terrified and angry with the Reptilian child and the personalities would change and reflect that, so for me it’s a very straightforward answer, it’s the soul in your body dictates how your organic, your brain transmits its need, so the soul has a need to advertise and to be clear who it is and so the soul doesn’t actually see the physical body as totally separate. We must understand that; it’s a real partnership, so if you’re a Reptilian soul you’re very unlikely to have a big fat round body. If you’re a Reptilian person you will be slim/thin and reasonably tall or tall; that is the way. However if you’re a royal Reptilian female you’ll actually be quite small. That’s a another thing people don’t imagine. Oh you’re Reptilian you will be six-foot-five; not always so you could have exactly the same upbringing, exactly the same parents, treated you the same and yet be totally different. That as far as I’m concerned is to do with the soul in the body and if you come and people are listening to this, if you had a large family, think about your brothers and sisters around you and who acts in a sort of a Reptilian way. Who is the person when you were a child that shared his or her cake or sweets with you? Reptilian people find it very difficult to share, you know, I have ten chocolate sweets; they’re mine. I’m not giving them away. I’m not gonna give them to you, whereas a higher human might say well look, you know, you can have one of these because it’s a different attitude. You know the Reptilian guy who’s got his little house and he’s put a fence around it and he’s out there washing his car on a Sunday morning and he’s mowing the grass and you know he’s staring out the window. Don’t you come near my property; it’s a very Reptilian element. The difficulty is that the Reptilian culture has been dominant for a very long time and so that’s been stamped over the normal loving environment that the humans should be in, so those of you who had come from large families, try to think about your brothers and sisters, and you know, who acted in one way and who acted in another way and often to this day you’ll find people in their ’30s and ’40s who don’t have much connection with their brothers and sisters because one might be Pleiadian, one might be Reptilian. Now the more interesting question for me is why would you do that? Why would you incarnate in a family that’s not going to work together? The reality is it’s about trying to work together. It’s saying can we make this work, you know, if a Lyran child and a Reptilian child can actually get on really well and work, they have made a statement that they can make friends and they can work together and love each other, a brother and sister, and therefore that energy goes up and it’s a blueprint for others to say well they can do it; we can do it. So I believe that in many cases, not all, but in many cases divergent souls incarnate in the same group to try to heal, heal the bareness as much as the reptilians will also attempt, individual reptilian souls, will attempt to incarnate to try to heal, because as I’ve often said in the fourth dimension it is illegal to change the law, can’t do it, so if you want to change the law you have to change it on planet Earth and hope that the energy shift goes up the tube and begins to change things at the top. It’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Hang on can you go through that again? You can’t change how, what, you can’t change the law if you’re implementing in the fourth dimension
SP: Yes, if you are in the fourth dimension, I’m talking about the negative guys, if you have a policy or you have a way of doing something, if you were to change it for the benefit of everybody, then that would be seen as changing your whole culture so the Greys can’t do it, the Reptilians, different Reptilians can’t do it, some of the tall whites are struggling at the moment with it, they are just not allowed to do it because it’s a bit like, you know, that in Great Britain the House of Parliament, you know, Parliament can put any law out it likes but the Queen has to sign it, so if Parliament said no more pedophilia, they’re unlikely to do that at the moment, but let’s just say they said no more pedophilia, if the Queen doesn’t sign it, that does not become law of the land. People don’t get it in this country that the Queen is called a Royal Assent. If she doesn’t put her signature to any particular bill, it cannot be enacted in the law of this country and in the same way in the fourth dimension, but it’s not going to be enacted, it can’t make a change, so for instance let’s take the Draconis, many of them want a repression or many of them want an end to the division they have and they want to actually evolve, but to do so would be to, you know, have your head chopped off basically, because it would be anarchy, so what they will do is they will incarnate in bodies on the planet and those bodies that they inhabit are far more open to change, open to emotions and the hope was that they could begin to influence their own family members and they could turn around and say well look, we’re not changing; it’s that lot down there changing, but it is their changing therefore forcing us to change, so that was one of the tricks really they using to try to alter their, the way they’re going, hope that helps.
JP: Okay, so we’ve got one more, time for one more question. This is kind of following on, no I’m not going to read this, it’s talking about law. In the book, The Law of One, the Ra material, it is said that our logos created the veil for us to learn faster, so the veil is considered as something positive. On the other hand some insiders say that the veil will fall sometime after the event and we will be able to remember our past lives if we want to. Please, could you explain what will happen with the veil after the event? I doubt that the veil as the creation of our logos can be fully disseminated. By the way did you have a chance to meet with one of Putin’s advisors as you were going to say, as you said you were going to last year? With love and kind thoughts to you guys and all the listeners. Roman from Russia.
SP: Ah that’s been really good. Let’s go to the last one first. No I haven’t. I have too many attempts on people’s lives at the moment.  Not my own, I hasten to add.  The cutting of the brake cables was quite, quite enough for me, thank you very much, and it’s interesting I might just mention that, you know, there have been three attempts on Trump in the last nine months, so a number of key players are or will be meeting once. . . let’s just say the most important thing for Putin now is getting this gold currency up and running officially; that is an absolute key point for him. The second key point for him is taking down the Bush/Clinton Cabal. When that occurs I think he’d be more prepared to come out of his fortification, his castle, and start meeting around. It’s very funny, you know, just a note on the side, I was hearing some commentators saying can’t understand why President Putin walks so funny. You know that many people have been saying he walks in a very strange way, and if anyone isn’t aware of that please find a video; anything could do it, May Day Parade it doesn’t matter, anything where he is walking. You’ll see that he’s right handed, and he’ll keep his right arm down by his side; it doesn’t move; his left arm swings as he walks, but his right arm always stays close to his side and have been lots of people who have asked me has he had a disability? Has he had a stroke, you know, all the negative people. Oh, he’s had a stroke; he can’t take the pressure. No, it isn’t. He was a member of the KGB, and in those days when the KGB agents were trained, they were trained to keep their right arm near their gun. That is why he doesn’t swing his hand. He keeps his arm down by his side so that he could reach his gun quicker, so that’s just an aside. So at the moment these people are very, very cautious. I do want to meet with him but I think it will be 2018 before we get the chance to do that, got a member of Connecting Consciousness who speaks English and Russian very well and he’s certainly going to be invited to do the translation for me, but certainly President Putin speaks English really well, but refuses to speak in English, so you can speak to President Putin, you can ask him a question in English. He’ll understand it but he’ll reply in Russian. Okay that’s just the way he is, so that’s it. Now I’ve forgotten what the first question was now JayPee.
JP: Okay I’ll just remind you. It’s about the veil.
SP: Oh yes.
JP: Yeah, sorry about the double-barreled question because I know that that so often. . .
SP: Yeah I know.
JP: . . . so this is about what will happen to the veil after the event?
SP: It will just completely go. It will completely fall like a velvet curtain; it will just drop, and it will drop because human consciousness will just rip it to shreds; that’s what will happen. I take a bit of issue with the concept that the veil was given to make us evolve faster. Without the veil we would have evolved much faster, but with the veil we would have evolved so quickly maybe we wouldn’t have learned our lessons as fully as we are learning them. There’s a subtle difference there. What is better to evolve quickly and not have the full answers or to evolve slowly and have the answers and for those people who can remember the childhood [story], The Tortoise and the Hare, where they both started a running race and, you know, the tortoise plods along, the hare runs off very fast, covers a lot of distance and thinks yeah that tortoise, and so then the hare lies down and eats a lot of carrots or whatever hares do, falls asleep and when he wakes up the tortoise has won, so I think that when a person is held back, it is their choice, whether they rant and rave and rail against it, whether they say what can I learn from this, that’s really important because we are in these physical bodies each lifetime and we really should try to say let’s try and learn as much as we can, so that the next time we’re around here we don’t have to go back to square one. You know how many times have we all gone back to square one and we just don’t know it, so let’s take every opportunity that we can to evolve, thank you. Teatime now I think.
JP: I believe so and we’re gonna be playing a fabulous album I’ve been rediscovering and I’ve played it. I played it on this show a couple of weeks ago and everybody went, Wow! What brilliant music! This is from Zero 7 and the album’s called Simple Things and it is just very chilled. Thank you very much.
SP: Thank you.
JP: And welcome back to hour two of Connecting Consciousness with your host Simon Parkes. Hello Simon do you have your special announcement thing that you do after the break usually?
SP: I do usually. Yes thank you and I used a bit of the donation money to help two people. I don’t generally do it, but sometimes I feel moved to, there’s one person, there’s actually two, but one person has taken me up on it; one person hasn’t. The person who is on Social Security money and didn’t have a job has a disability and looked like they might be getting cancer. This is in America and didn’t have any insurance and for people in Britain who are still absolutely horrified at the fact that if you don’t have insurance you often can’t get medical care, and so I did send some money to this individual so they could go to the hospital and have some checks done to see. So I did that. There was another person who was being abused by a man and I gave her money to get out of that country; we’re talking a hundred pounds, a couple of hundred pounds, but I did that because I couldn’t, I wasn’t prepared in both of those cases to sit back and not help, so that’s something I did, but generally the money’s not used for that. It’s used for me to live, pay the bills, travel about, keep the car on the road, you know, keep the mobile phone, cell phone, pay the bills, electric, gas, and power, all of those things that all of us who have to struggle through but without your donations it would be very difficult for me to do it because nobody would give me a job. Well that’s not true, they probably would, but then they would say we hear you on the radio; we don’t like the fact that you are doing that. Either you get off the radio or we’ll sack you, so at least this way people who donate keep me and others doing the work we’re doing and keeping us on focus, so thank you Glen, Natalie, Sarah, Ora, Rudolph, Charlene, William, Lewis, Nan, Carlos, Daniel, there’s a Danielle later, Daniel, John, Steven, Bright Eyes, Stefan, Christian, Alan, and Janna, thank you Janna that was a really very kind donation. Thank you. Becky, Sheena, Natalie, Francis, Louie, Eric, Virginia, Katrina, Luge, Danielle, Petra, Shari, Karlucia, Pamela, and Perry. That was a very, very good donation, very kind, very grateful, Perry thank you, Bob and Sondra. So that’s not everybody; it’s just a sample of people who’ve donated. Thank you so much. Some of those names appear regularly; some are brand new and the fact is that you know, you guys have kept me, and I know JayPee and others that you donate to, you keep us going, and it is worth saying as we approach the end of the year that, you know, it’s not. . . this life isn’t for everybody, you know, it’s. . . you are doing something by showing your support and that’s one way that, you know, you can. You give a few pounds, and you know, that you’re keeping that sort of battle going. You’re doing your bit and I honestly truthfully can tell you that if it wasn’t for this support I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it, so grateful, thank you.
JP: So the question topic is Food for Thought. My name is Keith and I am from Scotland and I have one question. Does eating garlic and dark chocolate help prevent reptilians from eating us humans? I’ve been sending messages to Simon Parkes requesting help for more than half a year now and I’ve not received a response.
SP: Oh dear.
JP: Yeah this is his story; there has been a suspicious death in my family. My fourteen-year-old sister told her mother that she was going to did in two week’s time and my mother and another sister had an encounter with the UFO. I am an identical twin and I’m having terrible health problems and so is my sister who has the UFO encounter, and family life has been hell. My mother died on the 1st of January 2012, so Keith from Scotland. Does eating garlic and dark chocolate help prevent reptilians?
SP: It might keep a vampire away; eating garlic will not keep a reptilian away. Otherwise we could say no Italian, I think Italians like garlic apparently, so no Italians would ever be abducted. The dark chocolate, no I’ve never heard anything like that, so I personally don’t eat dark chocolate just too strong for me, but I don’t think eating garlic or dark chocolate would have the blindest bit of effect on anything. I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to connect with me. Some people have been trying for two-and-a-half/three years and then they finally get through or their messages finally get through, and of course I’m interested that you’re talking about a twin, and we know that the evil guys are particularly interested in twins. It’s not just been Adolf Hitler; it was in the Babylonian times right back in history where twins were seen as a great potential for the dynasty, for the ruling elite, and in later date for experimentation, so it’s not unusual for twins to have had some form of contact, either with satanic forces, military forces, or off planet entities, particularly the Greys and particularly Reptilians, so just try again please; please try again, but that’s my answer, no and no, thank you.
JP: This is from Alexander. Hello Simon, do you know which books on the Annunaki are the most accurate? I’m interested in buying books written by Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger and Gerald Clark. Do you recommend books by these authors? Thanks for all your help. Yeah, the Annunaki, the eternal question.
SP: Yes I do. I do recommend books. Look it is up to you what you feel resonates with you, but reading the book from Sitchin for instance, obviously everything is subjective in the sense that it’s your interpretation; when I talk about my experiences it is my interpretation, but someone can be truthful but they can feel differently from someone else or they can, you know, put a different slant on it, but ultimately the truthful man or woman will give the truth and the authors you’ve given are truthful in the sense that they have had those experiences or they have genuinely decoded the old texts, and if you want to understand about the Annunaki, then you find much more online than you will in a book, generally speak because most authors find it very hard to officially publish material about the Annunaki. They are just not allowed to publish it, so they have to self-publish, but even then it is coming to my attention that a number of self publishers, you know, you have to get the authority of whoever; they are beginning to say what you can and can’t put in, even when it’s a self-published book, unless you go to the printers yourself and do it, you know, so online. If you are looking for books then Zecharia Sitchin doesn’t actually explain who the Annunaki are, but does explain the time zone of the Annunaki. He does explain the powerplay going on and the reptilian lords giving way to the Annunaki and the Annunaki then becoming the shopkeepers and running amuck, so the shopkeepers given a list what they should do, sweep the store at seven o’clock in the morning and then clean the windows. They do that for the first, I don’t know, five thousand years and then they think I’m not gonna do that anymore. I’m gonna do something for myself and that’s what we’ve got, a load of shopkeepers who are indirectly/directly related to the Annunaki. You have given up plot and instead of managing the planet, they are managing it for themselves and that is exactly what we’ve got, a whole host of people who are totally disassociated from the human race and see people as merely creatures that have things they want, whether that’s the money in your pocket, whether it’s the gold in your teeth, whether it’s your children, whether it’s your energy when you go to church, whatever it is, that’s all they see people as, people as not important, a necessary evil, one very high-ranking Illuminati person once said to me we see people as a necessary evil, so that is really the sad case of these people. That’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Implying that evil is necessary.
SP: Yes.
JP: Here is from Kalakary or Carvinjary maybe. Humanity’s freedom. Hi Simon and JayPee. Since America has Trump to combat the evil satanic forces, how is the battle being fought in Britain? Is the key changing point. . . is the key changing point of perception when the economy crashes? On another note, for sometime I have been able to see a stream of flowing etheric patterns in rays of light. Do you know what this is? Have a good Christmas to both you and everyone listening, so how is the battle being fought in Britain?
SP: Let’s do it the other way around, the stream of light is interesting because you’re possibly seeing the coding coming in. I’ve talked before and I’m sure others have, how the frequency of light from the Sun has changed, and it is the encoded information hidden within that frequency of light that has activated the planet and other planets in the solar system so it may be that you are glimpsing the coding coming in. If so, that’s really exciting, brilliant exciting.
Well I think some key countries to look out for: Japan, Israel, Italy, France and Great Britain all could see in the very, very, very near future some big turbulent changes. The answer to your question is not necessarily through the economy. In Great Britain, depending on who’s going to win, there is a very real possibility of a very large sex scandal breaking widely public. At the moment it’s contained within the House of Parliament, just occasional bits making it out into the mainstream news, making it out into the mainstream news only because it’s so well widely known in Parliament and has been for a long time that unless the newspapers begin to cover it, then they look complicit, which of course they are, but they’ll look complicit and their dwindling sales numbers will be absolutely decimated, so they have been, you know, nibbling around the edges. The reality is that there is a whole dossier now of sexual related incidences with members of parliament of all parties, but predominantly the government party of Great Britain at the moment and if that comes out at the same time that Mr. Trump is able to release the names of pedophiles over the holiday period, then that actually could bring about a change in government. Now it’s very interesting, well I think it’s very interesting, that over the last few months we’ve seen and I won’t become part of political, we’ve seen the Labour Party, which is the party of opposition suddenly changing from the party of opposition to the government in waiting Now that’s a sea change. It’s the first time for a very long time that we’ve had the Labour Party when it was in opposition being seen as a government in waiting and that’s not because in the days of Tony Blair the Labour Party, when it was in opposition, was seen as the government in waiting because the money backers were backing Tony Blair. They actually wanted the Socialist Party in power because they had Tony Blair. Now this time they don’t have the guy who leads the British opposition party just as they don’t have Trump, so maybe Source, the Great Creator, was saying let’s have a man in the United States of America and let’s have a man in Great Britain, neither of whom are controlled by Mossad Zionist forces. The bankers, interestingly enough, Jeremy Corbyn and the guy we are talking about made a speech and he basically attacked bankers, so I think if it’s not the economy that brings a short sharp shock and makes people change, it will be a list of sex offenders, predominantly in the ruling party, which could bring the government down and I’m not joking. It could bring the government down because all you’re going to need is five, six, seven conservative members of parliament who were forced to resign. The government’s majority already doesn’t exist and then who would want to be associated with a party like that. We could well have a general election in Great Britain anytime between January and June of next year, so it’s exciting times. That’s why I said I’ve had never known since 2012 so many changes, so much hope and optimism all happening so quickly. It’s very exciting, great question, thank you.
JP: Fabulous and of course the question is, are we going to lose you? Are you gonna stand for president, not president, prime minister and, you know, go campaigning and get yourself elected and do all that stuff, because you know, from what I can see, once they’ve gotten all the sex offenders and pedophiles are out of the cabinet, the room will be empty.
SP: There is an old adage in politics, which is you never put yourself forward because it’s, in Great Britain, it’s seen to be very rude to put yourself forward and this is an adage that politicians say which is and I quote, “If my country needs me, I will serve.” Isn’t that funny? That’s what they say. I had a very active role in local politics and served two terms of office in a City Council; for the Americans we would call it a District Council, or Borough Council in London, and then when I moved to North Yorkshire in Whitby, I served a term of office in my local Town Council. I would go back to something like that if the system was radically overhauled and people became the focus of what you’re trying to do and not money. That’s the key. When you sit in committee, local government or national government level, it’s not what do people want; it’s how much will that cost? Let’s give you an example, and I use this sometimes at a conference and I’ll probably do it on the 17th when I do my talk. Let us say that a hypothetical school, busy road, and there’s no pedestrian crossing, so I always say to people who are very middle class who think they’ve done very well, I said, “Okay how would you get that crossing built?” And they’ll say, “Well you know I’d go around knocking on all the doors, get a couple hundred signatures and then go to the council and make my case and I’m sure it would be successful,” and I say, “Stop right there.” At the very first moment that you said you would have to go knocking on doors shows me that you may have a salary of seventy thousand pounds a year, and you may be very middle class and, you know, but you have no power and they look at me quite shocked, you know, because they believe that on the salary of seventy thousand or a hundred thousand that, you know, they’re quite influential and I say no the real influential people pick the telephone up and they say, “Hello, Tom, this is Jim here. I want a traffic light; I want a separate crossing here because do you know what my kids are crossing the road and I don’t like that, and it happens. So what you need to understand is that power resides with a very few people and the way that we envisage that we make changes, is not the way that we should do it, and as it stands at the moment, somebody with my views, if I was true to them, which I am, I couldn’t operate in the political system as it is at the moment because it would be like JFK. Someone would want to put a bullet in my head because I would be working against the system because I would be saying people come first, not money.
I would like to be in a position, I’ll be honest with you, I would like to be in a position where there was disclosure and there was a higher human federation backed off planet meeting and I could be one of the people who would at least advise the government in terms of not panicking, because one of the things I’m really worried about is when certain truths come out, there’s going to be a knee jerk reaction, as we say here, there’s going to be real panic not from the people, but from those who have always held power and I think that you know, if anything was learned from America’s terrible situation with Iraq, it’s a transition of power; it’s a transition period. I don’t want somebody else coming in who was an evil man three years ago, then saw this all coming, ducks down and then reemerged. I don’t want another set of criminals coming in and selling themselves as the saviors et cetera, et cetera and then just taking over and doing the same thing. I want the complete and utter removal of everything; go right down to the foundations, and then start up and involve people in that decision-making, create a constitution, create what we think is important, you know, it isn’t just the obvious things; it’s how do we educate children and what do we do about vaccinations? What do we do about the way the courts work, because nothing is actually designed for the individual. Everything is designed to protect the organization, the corporates. How many times have we phoned up a call center and the voice on the other end says we are recording this call for training purposes. It’s got nothing to do with training. It’s got everything to do with them saying uh-huh you said this and we recorded you. Well listen next time you make a call, ladies and gentlemen, say to the young woman or the young man on the call center do you mind if I record your phone? Do you mind if I record him? They’ll hand up on you or they’ll say oh you can’t do that; you can’t do that. Why can’t you do it, can’t do because you’re an individual, so the power has completely shifted to the corporates, you know, we’ve seen in my lifetime, in my own lifetime, in the last forty years I have seen a country, Great Britain, with reasonable civil liberties been transformed to nothing more than a prison. Now that might seem very shocking to some people but I am NOT twenty years old; a twenty-year-old knows no difference. He or she … the world they’re in now is the world they can remember from the age of, I don’t know, eleven, twelve, thirteen, hasn’t changed that much, but I can remember back when the amount of freedom we had was much greater and the control systems have been placed here on us not because they’re needed, but because it’s about the elite knowing who we are, where we are, what we’re doing and to influence us, so I would, I would want an opportunity to do some good. It’s in my nature to do so, but I certainly wouldn’t do it if there was a chance that I could be corrupted and that’s why I got out of politics because not the individuals necessarily are bad, but the controlling system is such that if you don’t play the game, then you go nowhere. That’s the best-case scenario. Or they’ll try and get rid of you. They’ll try and, you know, really, really make it so that you can’t be reelected and what I did was I appealed to the people, the voters, so I went over the heads of the elite and I appealed directly to the elector and that’s what JFK did, so I was elected after I’d gone public, which was a game changer because it meant that nobody could turn around and say he’s lied; let’s remove him, and you know, they couldn’t understand how ordinary people who they thought they brainwashed, who they thought they controlled could vote for me, because they thought they’ve got it sewn up and basically, you know, people like Simon Parkes will never get into positions of responsibility because we control the ordinary people, but they’re losing control of ordinary people. Ordinary people are not happy with their life. God knows how difficult our life is. People say, oh in Victorian times it was difficult. Yes, I’m sure it was, but all this technology is supposed to have made our lives easier. I don’t think it has. It’s just enwrapped us more and more in Sellotape or Cellophane. We’re more smothered, so I would love to do something. I would love to do it, but not if it meant compromise of the human race. I will not sell out, you know, I will not do that, and that’s why I survive on the bit of work that I do and donations, because otherwise I’d have to be compromised, you know, how many people are there who are working in jobs that are controlled by the system, but can’t do what I do. They’d love to but they know they can’t and I’m, you know, there for the grace of God go I, I’ve got this fortunate situation where people care enough about me to support me, to allow me to go on and do that until the system is smashed. Yes, that’s what I said until the system is smashed, and that individuals can have opinions like mine and, you know, and survive in a standard way.
We don’t have freedom of truth on, you know, your radio show JayPee, you should be state funded. This should be, you know, you can’t apply to the Cultural Fund; you can’t apply to National Lottery, you know, if you’re a counsel and you’ve got a big park that was built in 1819, some tumbled down old buildings, you can go to the National Lottery and get one million, two million pounds to do up your park that a few people use, a couple of dog walkers and that’s it. That’s not what that should be about; it’s all about big people have more money. Corporates have more money. One person once said to me, banks only lend money to people who don’t need it; it’s very true, you know, it’s football clubs getting National Lottery money. It’s just ludicrous, so everything needs to change; everything, and that takes time, but we don’t want panic and I want a smooth transition, so yes, if the opportunity ever came along of course I would because why would I do what I do to fall on the last hurdle, so it’s a great question, thank you.
JP: So Simon there is a question. It contained the key word and so I placed it into the chat room that is behind our conversation so are you able to see that or do you want to look at that later after the show?
SP: Okay, thank you I’ve read it.
JP: Okay, yeah.
SP: There was a big understanding, yeah definitely, great.
JP: Okay, so you want to go onto another question or do you want to say anything about that one?
SP: Well, I think the audience will wonder what’s going on and what happened is JayPee has sent me a text of some information as it related to one of the questions from a client and I misunderstood what it was about, and, but that makes it clearer now, so yes, of course I’d want to work with somebody like that, sure no problem.
JP: Okay so you know who you are, so the next question is from Kamal. Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you for your hard work that you’ve done this past year. My question is on my last one-to-one session with Simon. He told me that my soul was from Arcturus or [Altaria]. . . Arcturus and that I have been visited by the Greys and Reptilians and through this childhood trauma, I have blanked my mind. This is the reason I don’t have very many childhood memories. I’m always trying to meditate but my mind goes into the dark and also I have had a few past life regressions, but they draw a blank too. Is there anything else I can do? Kamal, many blessings.
SP: Okay we talked about past life regressions. I don’t know if he means hypnotherapy. There are different ways of doing it; the Dolores Cannon method I think is pretty damn good. If a person is not able to evolve because they have this blockage and the blockage is such that it affects their ability to ascend and I’m using the word as we all understand it, then I would say that hypnotherapy is a really good way for it. I don’t usually push it, but there are some occasions when it’s vital. When a person has some trauma in their life as a child, 91 percent, perhaps that’s a bit high, 75–80 percent in the blocking is done by the child, his or herself. The rest is done by the abuser, or if it’s not abuse it’s just terribly shocking for the child by whoever’s coming in and, you know, presenting to the child, but nevertheless there’s a block there. Now if the block is created by the child, then hypnotherapy or one of those sessions, if handled correctly, and that’s the key. You see there are plenty of decent good people out there that can help you stop smoking or anything else, but if you go there and you say, “Listen I may have had some trauma as a child. I may have been abused,” or you know, “The Greys may have come and visited me.” You will find 99 percent of these people will hold their hands up and say, “Listen I can’t deal with that, I’m sorry.” et cetera. There is a small number of people who can, will accept it and have worked with it. Now that’s important that you find those individuals, and it’s not fair to expect hypnotherapists without that background to tackle that. If it’s a blockage, you’ve put in there then it requires a different way to unlock it from when that blockage was perhaps artificially placed in by an external force, so the individual who’s going to do that would have to know the difference and know how to do it. That depends on what’s happened to you. If it’s purely and simply that, that’s not too difficult. The harder part comes when someone’s been programmed through abuse to resist getting their memories back. I’m gonna give you, no names, but I’ll give you a real-life instance I had with somebody three years ago. This is a guy who was very genuine, wanted help, but didn’t want help, and I need to explain that. There are many people that the soul wants help from me, but their mind is mind-controlled and doesn’t want that help, and that’s why I always say to people imagine, especially my American clients, imagine the Grand Canyon. You’re on one side and I’m on the other and there’s a rope bridge between the two of us. If you can walk 51 percent across that rope bridge I can help you, but if you can’t then you’re not ready. You may be in six months, three years time, but I can’t help you at that point. Now this individual had been, we don’t. . . we don’t swear but there’s an American word for having your mind played with, think listeners will know what I mean, and he had been done so by a Mafia/Illuminati background so it was not just Freemasonry, but Freemasonry and Mafioso, very, very from the Italian group, and he had terrible abuse and he had alternate personalities and he was an assassin and like several people who are high profile and in prison at the moment he had killed people, but it had been his alternate personality that had come on and done that, and he was quite open with me, but he had a lot of blockages. Now what was fascinating was that one of the tools that I use for deprogramming and I’m not going to say what that is, but I used one tool for deprogramming and he remembered as a five-year-old child watching the same thing that I was going to use and he was being electrocuted while he watched it, the point being there was that they realized that whatever it was, not going to say what it is, that it’s readily available is a key crucial deprogramming tool so I think they call it aversion therapy, so he was being electrocuted whilst watching a certain video, so that if I showed the video all he would remember is the pain from the electric shocks, so he couldn’t be deprogrammed, that’s the key word, by that particular approach. So there are many reasons why we have blocks. Sometimes they are quite straightforward and simple where something traumatic happens, a reptilian walks through the wall, appears to walk through the wall, we go into meltdown or shock and that’s blanked from our mind, and therefore we, you know, everytime they come visit us, maybe four or five times in a year for some people, then they do not associate with anything in the room, so one of my key questions to people in this scenario is did you have any toys to play with when you were five or six years old? Can you name me any of the toys you played with and these are key questions.
We also have to be aware that when there’s a walk in, when another soul comes in and takes the body, they don’t always transfer the information, so let’s say for instance, a Pleiadian soul enters a human body at the age of seven. Anything prior to that is almost, it’s just the memory banks aren’t there, so often somebody will say well I don’t remember, you know, kindergarten or I don’t remember this. I don’t remember that. It may not be they were abused or had threats, they may well have had a walk in and the souls did not transfer the information. In the last seven years I’ve had the privilege of meeting three or four people that contained two souls before one went away, so say let’s say for instance, the Reptilian soul was in the body; the Pleiadian came in. There’s usually a quick handover, but in those few cases they resided for about twelve months together, so there are lots of reasons why we would be blocked, but the key for you is to find people that understand. Otherwise they’ll be banging on down a certain road, which it won’t do you any harm, but it just won’t take your forward, and for those very, very rare cases where people have suicide programs or self-harm programs going to an untrained hypnotherapist in that field is disaster. You cannot afford to regain your memories if you believe you’ve had high-level MKUltra or Monarch programming unless you have somebody who is there to deactivate certain programs, so always take advice, research those individuals. Do they have the knowledge and if they have the knowledge, then by all means approach them. It’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Okay now, oh, this is a good one. Gummy Yoga. I appreciate your interpretations of this world and your courage to lead by example. Thank you. I have a question about the nature of light. We talk about about light in many ways. Some of us are light workers; some say we are beings of light. Thomas Edison and crew created the light bulb, right. On the first day God created light, but did not create the moon and stars, things we think of as sources of light, until day four. What exactly is light? Is it more than one thing? Should we have more words to describe different types of light? Thank you from Jeffrey from Chicago, Illinois.
SP: Let’s just take away the light bulb. If you think about pure energy we could describe that as light. In light there is no room for any doubt or any evil or any I think darkness. I don’t mean it like that. There’s no place for corruption; that’s a much better way for me to describe it, so when we talk about the light we’re talking about an incorruptible white light, and we have to be careful because it doesn’t mean the white is good and black is bad. Otherwise we all fall down the trap that so many in the past of fallen, but the reality is that the frequency of light becomes higher as you go up the spectrum, so we think of white light, but I think of pure light. I think of love as a form of light and if it’s incorruptible then the bad guys can’t do anything with that. You know, if you put a gold coin on a table, then people will fight over it, but if you write the word love on a piece of paper, who will fight over that, so it’s about saying love and light has no monetary value. It only has the value that good people give it. So you can’t go and buy food with it; you can’t go buy a motorcar or a cell phone with it, but you can show somebody love and they can then repay you in love and there’s no money, monetary value. There’s nothing there and if you say, well listen, I’m gonna love you and now I want to get something back, that’s actually not white light. If you say to somebody, hey listen, you know, I’m gonna give you this and I don’t want anything in return, that is the purest gift you can get because then if someone gives you something back, then you’ve educated them and I have said this story before I’m gonna give it again. It’s about a good five probably, no it’ll be longer, it’s a good ten years ago, and when I lived in Whitby I had an allotment. I really loved, you know, growing things in the ground, although I didn’t have the sort of time that I needed to do it properly, and there was a real lovely old gent who had the allotment opposite, and he had a bit of a mental condition. He just collected wood, literally any bits of wood, he would collect it. His house was full of sticks and outside and the allotment was just one pile of wood, and one hot summer I was watering the allotment with a hose and he didn’t have a hose, typical Yorkshireman wouldn’t spend any money and he had a watering can and he was walking backward and forward, you know, from the tap to water his garden, his allotment, and I had a sunflower, and it needed a big stick to hold it up and I said to him, well I can say the name it won’t, he won’t, his family won’t listen to this show, although his son works at Fylingdales Space Radar, so perhaps I won’t say his name.
JP: Let’s call him George. Can we call him George?
SP: Go call him George, so I said, “George, hey George have you got a stick for my sunflower?” He stops dead and he says, “No, no, I haven’t got a stick,” and I’m looking at a humongous pile of sticks against his shed and he’s three feet away from this humongous pile of sticks and he’s swearing point-blank that he hasn’t got any sticks for me, so anyway after a while I said George, we’re calling him George, would you like to borrow my hose to water your garden because it’ll save you a lot of trouble walking backward and forward, to which he says, “No, no, no, it’s all right, I’ve nearly finished.” Three minutes later he comes up with a stick, because the culture is if I give you something you feel honor bound to give me something back. That’s how bad it is on this planet; we should be in a situation where if I am giving you something and not giving you something because I want to call a favor in tomorrow or I expect something in return, but we have this thing on this planet about one beholden to you, you know, you’ve done me a favor now, and if I don’t give you something back then you’ve got me at a disadvantage and this is the programming we have to overcome on this planet so love and light are actually the same thing and that’s my answer, thank you.
JP: Thank you, all right here we go. All right this is Paul B and I was having suicidal thoughts and attempts after my session with Simon. I’m glad to say I’ve raised my vibration and have not had any bad thoughts and the ones that do try to enter my field get swiftly handled. My congratulations to you sir as you have saved my life and for this I think you mean public recognition from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Now if possible could you tell us at least the top five vitamins or supplements we should be taking and your inside knowledge as to why we should be taking them. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.
SP: Well first of all thank you; I don’t get much public feedback as you could understand and the audience can understand because if you’ve been in that situation only a very brave man or a woman would come on a radio show even with a question like that and say things like that because most of my clients want to forget the hell, I’m gonna use that word, to forget the hell about it because they were in an incredibly awful position and I’ll take them and put them into a much better position. Why would they want to remember where they were and many people want to forget everything including me, because when they see me it reminds them of how low they were and so you know often I’ll not see my clients again, so it’s great that somebody has had that, and what I need to explain to people listening is that when I work with a client I don’t go through a system of checklists or you know, this, that, and the other. I work on a psychic level; I work on an energy level with them because much that afflicts humanity is not physical. It is on an energy level, so I’m really glad that, you know, you’ve had that advantage and you’ve got better and you’ve gone through with it, so stick with it. You will be attacked. All of my clients who have been deeply in the control of the Cabal who I release from that will still be attacked, but those attacks grow weaker and weaker as time goes on. Don’t be, the main body of the question, don’t be tempted to go to a certain High Street and buy a tub of multivitamins because they probably got absolutely very little useful sustenance in them at all. You are much better off doing proper research online and finding reputable small, usually small organizations that specialize in, I mean there’s a certain High Street I’m so careful here, a certain High Street store that sells the supplements who’s owned by the state agent and you find that organizations now that perhaps were once experts in certain fields are no longer, so what I would say is, and JayPee you’re gonna go with the [vitamin] D3 aren’t you?
JP: D3 absolutely.
SP: Yeah.
JP: And C as pure as you can get it. If anyone can get me. . . I love those little fizzy ones, but I don’t like the aspartame.
SP: No, so, you know, I’ll just quickly come back on is that I had to, again I’m got to be so very careful, I had to take my cat, another cat to the vet and her x-rays nearly broke the bank, not the High Street bank, but the bank, the bank assignment Parkes but of course it was all right, but what’s interesting, the reason I’m bringing it up is because the owner of this vets chain, it’s not just one office, it’s a chain of vets, was the chief executive of Vision Express, glasses, spectacles. What you’ve got, the point I’m making is that there are people now who are buying out, whether they are vitamin factories or vitamin retailers or what have you, and they know nothing about the organization. All they are is businessmen and this is where a businessman might, I’m not saying in this case, but might say, oh look at this type of multivitamins. It costs two pounds fifty to the customer. It costs us one pound but you know what, if we take everything good out of it, fill it full of rubbish and sawdust it only cost us three pence, so research, go online and look at the conditions you’ve got; look at the physical conditions you have, and if you, if you’re in a situation where you work and you don’t get much sunlight, have a look at what supplement might help you. If you’re one of these typical people that don’t like their vegetables, look at that, so don’t just go for what people tell you. Look at your own physiological conditions; look at the way you’re living; think about mine and other people’s warnings about how we’re being poisoned or polluted. Do your research as to what vitamins actually can help you to fight that, so I’m happy to backup JayPee and the [vitamin] D3 and the Seaman Law, but I don’t want to give you a list. I would much rather that you looked at your own physical body, did your research and you chose what was appropriate to you, thank you.
JP: Yeah, thanks Simon. This is slightly, well this is from Poland so I’m gonna sort of paraphrase it. This is right, so I am from Polish country. I’m disgruntled by the Polish Church and stupidity of most of faithful and good honest people of the God. I want to know what is the role of Poland in the world and the Polish people’s blindness, the Roman Catholic deception and what can the citizens do to be free from this madness? This demonic activity must be stopped. God bless you all much heart from Poland people, thank you.
SP: I think you’re right. This demonic activity must be stopped; it must be stopped. We’re not going to. . . I’m not going to criticize a people. I think what we would do is we would understand why a people are the way they are. If you are, you’re a landlocked country and you’ve got big players around you, you’ll have a certain psyche; you will create a certain way. I mean you could look at the British people, the English people, let’s be quite blunt here, the English people who had an ocean and always had an ocean around us and as a result of that became very arrogant. You know the last time Great Britain was successfully invaded was 1066, a thousand years ago, So if you’re in that situation where you have Austria next to you and you have Germany on one side of you, and you have great big, for hundreds of years, power play going on, then if somebody comes and establishes a church, maybe you take to it far easier than you would had you much more independence, so I’m not going to say the people of Poland are any more stupid than anyone else. I think that if you are a rural setting, a rural community and you have only in the last recent few years moved to an industrial setting, then you are more likely to embrace religion because you are relying on somebody else. Think about in the Second World War when the Russian troops broke into Berlin, in May 1945. Vast numbers of those Russian troops were peasants and they’ve never seen running water. Now remember we call it a tap and you call it a faucet in the States, but they had never seen running water so what did the Russian troops do? They got saw blades, sawed off or hacked off these taps, faucets, carried them all the way back to Russia and thought that when they turned them water would come out. Now that, you know you would now fall down laughing but actually that shows the level of education, so someone like that, if you could sell them that, when you physically die, God is going to take you and it’s going to make you live forever, you go for it, because you have been so limited by your learning capabilities because the information around you has been so poor or hidden from you. Remember the Czar treated his people appallingly and when Stalin, and so what I would say is that the people of Poland are no different from anyone else. It’s just that the situation they had conditioned them to be more taking of religion than others. The British people, the English people have always been, you know, there is an English saying, “Up yours, I’m not going to do that.” Think about the time of Henry VIII and his schism with the Catholic Church. He couldn’t have done it unless the vast majority of the people of Britain were behind him so now I just think that, you know, if you’re in a country that’s had a lot of issues and problems, you will turn to God. The difference is that my understanding and the understanding of the listeners is that the God that we understand is not the God that is the God of the Bible.
JP: Simon?
SP: Yeah.
JP: We’re right out of time.
SP: Oh there you go then.
JP: So maybe this is the subject of one of those famed webinars that we were gonna do.
SP: No, that’ll never happen because you always promise it, but you never have the time.
JP: Well maybe I should start making time.
SP: Okay, well. . .
JP: I’ll think about it seriously. Maybe, you know in the coming year.
SP: Okay.
JP: Okay, thank you very much Simon. Any parting words?
SP: No, because we’re out of time.
JP: All right.
[Transcribed: GSC 12/8/17]
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