24 December 2017 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Simon comments about the Dartington Great Hall Conference with Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone, dissent in audience which Simon thought was excellent; Simon also commented that Obama and the Clintons were in a bit of treasonous/demonic hot water; Trump received codes that would name pedophiles and signed Executive Order on December 21st to go after US government members—past and present—who were in child trafficking; meaning of Gadsden flag; are chakras and Kundalini a control system; Aryan history, genetics, culture, use of  Sanskrit-like language both on and off planet; Zeta Reticuli and ongoing joint Serpo/Earth missions that few Earthlings return from; a gargoyle could be a portal or entity’s home; cryptocurrency control; how far does President Trump’s swamp drainage extend; Zionists are problematic for Trump; how to help the next generation cope with Earth changes; ascension process: two timelines, 5G, singularity; Simon hopes to expand Connecting Consciousness in 2018.

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JayPee: You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh I just realized I’ve been talking without my microphone on and. . .
Simon Parkes. Yeah, well I sat here and said oh to myself, oh that appears to be that.
JP: Yes. I did a really, really good intro. Anyway, it’s the 24th of December 2017. This is Connecting Consciousness on Ever Beyond Radio broadcast through the Wolf Spirit Media Network and this is Simon Parkes. Good afternoon, how are you?
Simon Parkes: I’ve got the flu.
JP: Oh.
SP: Yeah apparently, it’s called Aussie Flu because last it appeared in Australia. They, all the pharmaceuticals, got their vaccines ready, vaccinated everyone and it wasn’t the right one, ha, ha, so I always said inoculations against flu were ridiculous, so it’s a real flu, so just for the record then my voice will sound the way it is today. I’ve not sucked with the devil. I don’t have a demon with me; there’s nobody sitting in the background poking me with a stick. I do have the flu, so first of all I’m really glad to do the hour, because I missed our last schedule show because I was at Dartington Hall doing the live conference. I want to quickly just say that that should be or will be up on YouTube very quickly.
JP: Hey!
SP: Unfortunately, David Icke couldn’t do the live connection he was due to. He lost his voice. Now I don’t know whether he lost it through the same thing that I’ve got or whether it was the speaking tour was just a bit much, but he has promised he would come back and do another one. We had Robert David Steele, the ex-CIA guy, he came on. Sacha Stone came on. I was there as well, and I want to thank everyone. It was a very good conference with about 300 or so people were there, which is very good for the week before Christmas, beautiful location and there was some dissent in the audience. They started to argue with each other, which I thought was excellent. I’ve been asked whether I wanted to have that kept in or take it out. I’ve decided to keep it in. One person was adamant that Hillary Clinton was a really good person and tried to turn on me and then the audience by and large turned on her, so she stormed out. During the interval I had two people come up to me and say well we know all this. We know all this. You are going to tell us what we’ve got to do, what the answer is, so I tried to explain that actually you may have been on the show for 15–20 years. There are people who don’t know it all you know. I certainly don’t know it all, and, you know, please, you know, be cautious because other people are interested. Anyway the afternoon sessions I said to the public, you know, I have had people come up and say that they know it all so I would just like to ask them if you know about it what have you done about it, and they just walked out as well, and then I had someone who really thought that we should stay in Europe and there was a bit of an [3:18][argufy] body, so that’s fun. Watch that; you always judge people by what they say and that should be great, so that was a really good conference. Thank you, I enjoyed that. Before we go on to the questions I had talked on, oh I put on my website I can’t remember now, that President Obama was in a bit of a, a bit of a pickle as was the Clintons because the current President Trump had received some information and Robert David Steele had also spoken about it, the ex-CIA guy. Trump had received some codes which allowed him to have names of pedophiles and I’d said that what Trump was hoping to do was to start this process during the Christmas period. Lo and behold on the 21st of this month President Trump signed an Executive Order. He didn’t refer to the word pedophiles; he’s used the term child trafficking. The difference about this Executive Order is that it is buried in the small print; it actually says that any serving member of the government of the United States of America or any previous member of the government is not immune from prosecution. In other words, they are specifically going after individuals who are in government. You know now who do we know who’s in government that’s got a bit of a dodgy past? Well there is Hillary; there’s a husband and then there is Obama and there are several others, so that actually shows that he is really moving along now so let’s see what happens with that and it came out on the 21st of December, very, very good move, very good move. Right, okay let’s crack on with the questions.
JP: Agreed. That is excellent news Simon, very excellent news, so let’s dive straight into the deep end here. This is from Del Facto and is talking about the Gadsden flag. Are you familiar with that? This is a flag with a snake that is coiled, three times I think and says, “don’t tread on me.” It’s the old libertarian flag.
SP: Yes, I can’t remember whether there’s something inside the coils of the snake in the flat or whether it’s just the coils are empty.
JP: Right, well anyway the question is: Is the Gadsden flag with the snake coiled three times into 666 referring to practitioners of the old religion? Is America’s philosophy of freedom of religion code for Satanists to come to America to freely practice and eventually steer American society toward darkness? What was, so really was the US founded under satanic influence rather than something higher?
SP: No. Right, the Constitution as we understand it was by and large good. The individuals who created the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, many of them were members of what we would today call the Freemasons but that didn’t mean they were bad people. What it meant was that they were part of secret societies. They therefore wanted to lay out their building plans and their furniture in set ways and they wanted to honor their rules and regulations. We shouldn’t see that as satanic. They were separate until you get to the top of the pyramid where you’ve got the White Brotherhood, or beg your pardon, the Great White Brotherhood, because then you are meshing satanic values with Masonic values, but that’s at the very top of the pyramid and everyone else below that whilst they may have a suspicion that there’s something going on, they probably won’t have any proof. It’s only as you get to the very top. Now the flag or the emblem you’re referring to is a bit like what we call a snake in the grass. It means if you tread on me I will bite you. Now that’s really what that flag was referring to. It meant if you try to hurt me or push me around I will bite back. I will fight back. It was really about carving out a position in government or corporations or business where you were allowed to hold a religion or a value or a cult and not be persecuted. That’s why you can be Satanist today in many of the serving arms of the United States military. It will be harder now under Trump. It was very easy under the previous presidents, but it’s perfectly legal to declare yourself a Satanist and serve in many of the arms of the US military simply because they consider it a religion as perhaps that’s very interesting, so I’m not clear in my mind that this flag or this emblem means come to America and do this. I think it’s more about if you attack the Brotherhood, we will fight back. I think that’s what that means, thank you.
JP: Okay, so there’s a couple of questions here and they’re the same theme, which is chakras and what’s your view on chakras and Kundalini as non-native and about dissolving that kind of agreement later. So the idea that chakras are not really native to us and they’ve been put in as merely a control system?
SP: Right. The New Age in its true format celebrates chakras and you know, you can go to any New Age shop and you can find any amount of books on the chakras, on crystals, minerals that serve chakras and this is true actually; they will work. The point is and I agree that chakras are not necessarily a divine thing, not necessarily, but the fact is that we have them so if we have them and we know that the bad guys are trying to switch them off, which they are; they’re doing so because they’re trying to shut off a door which we have or doors that we have. They are trying to control us through the chakras, so it’s a two-edged sword. They can have a go at us but if we can activate particularly the pineal gland, if we can connect the chakras then we can use it against the evil intent as we evolve and leave this third dimension, the chakras in the traditional sense will play a weaker role and they sit as a middle person between the physical world and the energy world. They are our real glands; they are real physical parts of your body, but they can action events and obtain information from the nonphysical world, so they’re like a gatekeeper that sits between the two. Now when we leave the physical world it is debatable that we would need the chakras. Now one of the chakra questions is quite detailed. He is asking were the chakras placed in and they’re not part of humanity. I think chakras are natural, but they were utilized and altered so that they could be easily accessed so we’ve got them and I think rather than trying to hide from it we need to say if we get them cleared or working and get any attachments removed from them how can we best use them to enable us to develop, so I believe that chakras will end up being a weapon that the controllers never imagined could be used for the betterment of humanity. That’s a really good question. The difficulty with it is that there are many decades of New Age history built on chakras and if you were to publicly try and attack them 100 percent, you would draw all the bows and arrows that were available, so it is better I think if you try to move people to an understanding of a nonphysical reality that we think on chakras as having a dual role. It’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Thank you Simon, so this is a question from Blue Amber. This is about the Aryans. Okay, so I’m gonna kind of reverse a question because it’s got the statements in the end and the question at the beginning so I’m gonna just put it round the other way. Because there are many different answers on the Internet with regard to who are the Aryans, some believe they’re reptilian Nordic hybrids; some believe they’re breakaway faction of the Pleiadians; some believe Aryan is a race that evolved from reptilians; some believe they’re a group of Annunaki. All of these answers make their identity blur and I wish Simon could make this clear. So you said Aryans are aliens from the Orion, so does it mean they are not human? So could you give us a brief description about their culture, their history, their genetics, personality, what do they look like and what is their relationship to the Aldebarans, so the Aryans and the Aldebarans?
SP: Well I’ll get my oil paints out and I’ll get my oil paints out and at the same time I’ll paint a background picture as well. If only we had the time, but it is a damn good question. Right, just because something comes from Orion doesn’t mean that it’s got ten eyes and there’s a blob of jelly. Think about the connection that the ancient times of the pyramids had with not just Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius [sear re us] but with those from Orion. In fact one of the supposed airshafts from the pyramid went to Orion. I think we talked about this last time.
JP: Yes, and then of course the pyramids themselves describe Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka, the belt of Orion.
SP: Yes and you know how any man or woman who has been to university, apart from the mind control, but they must have some intelligence, can look at the two patterns of the stars and the pyramids and not actually think, well what is the possibility, what is the chance that you need Mr. Spock from Star Trek to tell you how many millions to one against it would be. Anyway look, there is a connection between Aldebaran, a faction of a faction of the Pleiades, a number of other humanoid groups that were active particularly during the time of what we call the Third Reich; the group that were visiting Billy Meier were the same faction, part of this faction. This faction had given their technology to the Germans. The Germans then became the Nazis and that is why, so that twenty years after the end of the Second World War so many UFOs that were photographed or described looked or sounded remarkably like the same craft that had been given to the Nazis who really did create some of the most amazing technologies and just before we go off the subject too much, one of the big questions that I’m often asked by people who’ve done a lot of research and that clearly know their stuff is well if Adolf Hitler had flying saucers in the true sense of the word, as things were called in the 1940s of course, why didn’t he win and why did the Americans, the British et cetera, why did they go on to win? Why on earth didn’t he win and the reality was that he did oversee and have at his disposal flying discs, but he no capability of arming them and some of the pictures are genuine where they put twenty millimeter or thirty millimeter cannons on these craft because they did not at that stage have a microwave weapon. That’s what they were working on; they didn’t have a microwave weapon ready; it was in the experimental stage as was the very early energy weapon, couldn’t use it, so they resorted to physical weapons and of course if you fire a shot through an electromagnetic field it completely destabilizes everything. So they had the capability to fly these things however they couldn’t make weapons out of them and that is why, so what they said was look we need two to three years before we can weaponize them. Let’s take them off to Antarctica, hide them away, and then we’ll work like crazy to get a weapon for them, and that’s what that was all about. So the group that brought them were a faction of the Pleiadian group, part of the Aldebaran group and allied with them who could connect back to the Sumerians who could connect back to the Annunaki, so a lot of the writing from this breakaway faction group looked like ancient Sumerian, although they were Pleiadian but they were part of a wider group. That wider group used the emblem of a serpent. We were talking about serpents, just a snake, not very big on a lapel or a badge probably with standing upright so if you imagine a spinning top but you put the snake on his pointy end and then the head up, but you put three or four kinks in it so it’s hard to describe it but that was their emblem, which then went on to be used in other factions as well. It was a sort of a catch-all group. I have got right off the topic now. What was the question?
JP: What were they like? What do they look like? How, I mean I just want to add another question into this mix because it is relevant. These stories of Runes and these stories of what’s that other, not Sanskrit, Cuneiform that was written by Maria Orsic in her channelings of these beings and do they not sound like German at some point?
SP: Right, right. The Sanskrit one is a direct connection to the Annunaki. They’re called the Runic type literally because there’s a breakaway group of what we call the Nordics. There is a very close a biological connection between the Pleiadians and Nordics. Since this an hour show we can’t do it, but basically there is time travel involved here. The Pleiadian line is a genuine solid true line. The Nordic line is not. The Nordics, many of the Nordics that we see have actually come back in time. They come from the distant future back here basically because they are at war with the reptilians or some of the factions, long story, but like an archeologist when he or she digs in the earth and finds a pot, they can say ooh well this pot looks like it’s come from the Mediterranean. It’s got this in it; it’s got that in it, and they can get an idea of where it’s come from. When you look at the writing you’re absolutely right because the Sumerian script is very similar to Aldebaran script and one of the breakaway faction groups from the Pleiades who did not use their own. Cuneiform, that’s a completely different line that’s coming from nonreptilian line, but Sanskrit is something that a number of fourth dimensional entities use, so the Mantid or Mantis group use a form of writing that looks like Sanskrit, so if you were to telepathically receive writing normally of course you don’t. You receive pictures or colors or messages, but if you were to see writing it would look very similar to Sanskrit, so you can’t say, “Oh that’s reptilian or that’s this, that; it’s a fourth dimensional, a number of races use that because it’s a bit like at the moment the petrodollar, you know, it is a universal currency so this type of language is this Sanskrit-like language which was brought here was a universal language, so if you were writing Sanskrit here, five, six, seven, eight thousand years ago and that’s highly likely that that could be understood by an off planet entity with his own form of similar writing, a really good question. If it had been a two-hour show I would have gone on a bit longer, thank you.
JP: Awesome Simon thank you. Okay good, yeah and indeed I could ask loads more questions, so we’ll ask more of that in the future. Now Serpo, the Zeta Reticulans and the missions to planet Serpo. This is from A Space. What’s in a, no, from A Space. Have you heard anything about the Zeta Reticulans and the missions to planet Serpo and what happened, and who. . .
SP: They’re, they’re, okay, well they are another version of Greys. They are not necessarily benevolent. They were originally independent as a race and then they came under the sway of what was then the Reptilian Empire and although they still operate independent operations so better get on with the question.
JP: Yeah, so basically have you heard anything about. . . there was a mission I recall, the mission to planet Serpo was to send a team of Earth people and receive a team of Zetas. Yeah, what happened and when did it happen and that when did it end, if it ended?
SP: Yeah, well right okay well that’s something that made it into the public domain because whistleblowers wanted to know, wanted people to know the truth about this group reneging on the deals. Often in the case when something gets a highlight then it’s seen as the only one. There have been lots of supposedly joint missions and that’s why Spielberg’s film showed the little Greys coming and taking the humans and they are going off on an expedition you know. We’re all going to go have a visit and then we’ll send a team over et cetera. Well they reneged on the deal so what happened was that they took the humans off and they never came back, or if they came back they came back altered or changed, and in terms of what the government on Earth got out of it was probably precious little, so what did they get? What they got was some supposedly advisors who just basically gave the government the runaround. They got people, these little Grey creatures who did give technology, but gave technology that sometimes didn’t work, technology that was old by their own standards, so it was not a fair deal and the reason that, I quite understand this, why the US felt it had to do this deal was because at that time it did not have the technology to fight these things off, so it thought well we don’t trust them as far as we can throw them, but we need time, you know, that’s what these presidents did and I know they get it in the neck and people really attacked them, but, you know, imagine if you were the president of the United States and your best generals come to you and say we haven’t got a weapon that will hurt them. We can’t stop them. What do you do? Do you say well, you know, I’m a man of principle; I’ll burn every American city, you know, in a fruitless war, which we can’t win, or do you say all right let’s play politics. Let’s hang them out. Let’s drag it out as long as we can so that we time to come up with the equipment that we need, and that’s exactly what happened, so there were many supposedly exchange visits. Very rarely did anybody ever come back; it’s one of the things that many presidents had to suffer because they knew damn well that many of these people were never coming back but they were doing it for the greater good. They were doing it to buy time; some people did come back and I would imagine that the intelligence network would be onto them like a ton of bricks, as we say in Great Britain. Yeah, so it’s true, but please don’t see that as just one big thing. It’s been happening all the time and is still happening, but you know that, that’s the political bit at the top of the pyramid. Below that there’s just a massive amount of trafficking. We talked about pedophilia. Where do you think so many missing children go, you know, they don’t just go into a candy store and disappear, you know, they are taken. Michael Shrimpton, God bless him, a few days ago, an ex-British guy who knows quite a bit about the intelligence network, he’s come out and said that pedophilia and children were being trafficked in a submarine and he’s absolutely right, and there is a German leak here. The Germans about a year before the end of the Second World War, they were looking to how do they get Adolf Hitler, this is widely known; how do they get Hitler out of Germany undetected, so they designed, I can’t even remember what it was called. It was called an XXIII Class, I can’t remember, but it was a revolutionary submarine that could stay under water far longer than anything else, recycling the air, running on the power and absolutely amazing, could stay under for so long that you could travel great distances without have to surface, and in a submarine then as in today, if you come up, you stick your periscope up and that periscope can be detected by microwave radar. You have to remember that the British invented or reinvented microwave radar just before the beginning of the Second World War, traded that with the United States president to get the US into the war quickly. The Americans had radar, that’s why Britain did so well, you know, we had the finest radar of any country in 1939. That’s why the Germans got hammered when they were coming over because the British knew exactly where they were all by and large, but the Americans took it to the next principle and remember that they were trying to arm an F-86 Sabre aircraft in 1947 with the early version of the microwave weapon which we’ve been talking about, which had come from the British. There was actually a Scottish gentleman. I better get this right. It was a Scottish gentleman in about 1938 who invented microwaves. Anyway let’s get on with it. The F-86 Sabre, they tried to load the microwave weapon in that because when the Roswell situation was occurring, the Roswell spacecraft had been buzzing White Sands for two weeks. That’s not widely known, two weeks before it all crashed and everything came out, and they were attempting to try and knock one of these out with a microwave weapon. It is debatable whether they ever got up, so I’ve forgot the bloody question now. This is it I get so excited with all the potential of you know, giving out information that sometimes I get off track a little bit so please forgive me. Did I answer the question?
JP: Right, well I’ve been reading all the other questions trying to find a good question for the next one.
SP: Well, maybe even if I didn’t maybe that was interesting enough that will do.
JP: I think we were just talking about Serpo though.
SP: Oh, right, yeah, so yes is the answer.
JP: Right. Okay here’s an interesting little. . . this is one of your, one of your clients. Hi, Kylie. It is from Kylie. Hi Simon and JayPee. Recently I had my second attempt at the Skype session with you then to be purposely cut off after mentioning Freemasons. The night this happened I was attacked during sleep. I was in the dream and there was a frightening woman, which appeared. I smashed an object to wake myself up to find myself in another dream where I am in bed and there is an owl to my right, which seemed to have put that woman into my head. I put my hand on the owl and it started shaking. Why might I be getting harassed by this Illuminati/military group and be seeing aircraft around me every week? Also can someone bringing a small gargoyle into the garden result in an entity attachment? Whoa this makes. . . this is like a Halloween [30:09][dude], yeah so. . .
SP: Well it is the 24th of December.
JP: Yeah, so. . .
SP: It is the 24th of December. Oh I’m just getting here a message on my phone saying some people can’t hear, so I don’t know if that’s anything. Anyway, right I think the answer is in the gargoyle. I remember the case. Yes as the person I was talking to used the word Freemasonry was mentioned then we were just cut off, so it does happen quite a lot. Please don’t think that that’s just you. It regularly happens. Sometimes I can have an hour with somebody and not a single issue. Sometimes I can have ten minutes and it gets cut off. If you’ve got a gargoyle that someone put in there and you don’t even know what it is, then I would suggest it potentially could be either a portal or an entity can reside within it, just like Aladdin’s lamp. What I’d like you to do is to get a black cloth and drop the black cloth over the gargoyle. I’m presuming you’ve still got it. You put the black cloth over it, you don’t touch this gargoyle with your hands, like you would keep a Taro set of cards in a black velvet cloth. It’s for the same principle. It keeps them, the magic, within it and then turn it over, tie it tight up so you’ve got like a bag with it and what I want, need you to do is to get a piece of iron. A horseshoe would be ideal and then you can tape that over the top of the bag and then you would need to go and get rid of that. Don’t bury it on your property. A civic tip, a dumping ground will do. The entity will be trapped in that and it won’t bother you anymore. That happens a lot. It happens to people who have very interesting souls and have a long history on the planet, have a history of fighting black magicians, a whole host of reasons. It’s much more common than you think so thank you and I’m really sorry. We’ll try and reconnect after Christmas.
JP: And don’t mention it. No I won’t. So yeah this is really interesting, gargoyles living in things and gnomes, garden gnomes as well, isn’t it?
SP: Yes, absolutely, absolutely. Well that’s why, you know, I don’t see many people from the church, but you know one of the major questions to anybody who’s an official of the churches why are there gargoyles on churches and cathedrals and surely it’s not to scare away good spirits, so it must be to scare away bad spirits. Why do you put these horrible, horrible things on churches whose bad spirits wouldn’t be frightened of that would they? And surely good people don’t want to go into a church with something really grotesque, so this is the question they can’t answer and the reality is that yes these entities can exist within these horrible things that have been carved or stuck on the edge of churches. You know why would you have some demonic looking creature and some of these carvings show them tormenting people, you know, why would you have that on the outside of your building? Because the outside of your church is your shop isn’t it and it’s all about making money and you want to entice people into your shop, because you want them to donate to the church, silver, the church roof, and also of course I’m sure that many of these church people have, you know, much better cars than I do. My car’s eleven years old. Some of these church people are driving around in cars that are about one or two years old, so why would you want to scare them off? That doesn’t make any sense. The reality is yes, that’s why I don’t have any gnomes, God bless them. I don’t have anything like that because if somebody wants to have a go at you then you’re making it very easy for them, you know.
JP: So it’s like little gateway in their house.
SP: Yes.
JP: And because yes accepted it you’re a willing participant in the process.
SP: Well how many times have we walked past someone’s garden and seen the equivalent of naughty and big ears or the dwarfs from, you know, from any of the Disney films, so they’re very popular. Then sometimes there’s a big market drive and there is a gnome with a fishing rod or there is a gnome doing this or doing that. I just think it’s very odd anyway, you know. You know, just I think if you’ve got a garden why don’t you grow some vegetables or grow a beautiful tree or something like that? Why put these stone things that were made by probably a man; they’re not really real; they’re made of plastic or, you know, that just joking at the end, but steer clear, steer clear of gnomes.
JP: The message for the day. Okay so this is from Sergej. Hi, it would be nice to hear from Simon about all the crypto space that being, that seeming created like two waves of Bitcoin versus Bitcoin cats[1], oh right, the splits in Bitcoin and those forks, I think they call them forks don’t they, and what are not so controlled but more for the people using cryptocurrencies, or I’m reading the RX theme. You get the direction.
SP: English is not, obviously English is not the first language. It’s very difficult because there’s an arm of government which is trying to roll out the cryptocurrencies as fast as possible, so if and when the traditional economy takes a hit, then they’ve got another system that they’ve still got some control over. To a certain extent they can control all the cryptocurrencies because ultimately you have to rent a server. You have to rent something somewhere that powers and makes it work. Well whoever controls that basically is the man or woman in charge. You know, if you think about your own home you have a television set so, you know, you own the television set and you control the television set because you can switch it on and you can switch it off with your remote control, but if somebody turns the power to your home off, then no matter how many times you press the button on that television it won’t work, so what we need to think is if we’re going to invest or do anything, let’s look to see who is actually in control of these facilities, who is it? And you know it is widely recognized now that the National Security Agency does that for Bitcoin, but it does not for the others, but we need to see because, you know, is it sensible to go with something that’s based in Russia, for instance, and which is much less likely to be turned off than something based in America or Britain or Australia, et cetera, et cetera. So you know it’s about energies finding a balance on the planet between those who started up a cryptocurrency for control purposes and others who just did it for business. Now if you did it for business, then you’re not actually thinking about I want to control it at that level, whereas if you are used to manipulating the human race then you don’t see cryptocurrencies as a method to make money. You see it as a method of controlling people because at that level you don’t need to make money, but they do, but it’s not their driving force, so do some research and you’ll find there’s some pretty good options out there and there will be between January and March.
JP: So, yes, we’re getting lots of, we’re getting loads of people calling in and they’re hitting our servers as well, but anyway. . .
SP: Yeah.
JP: We’ll just keep. . .
SP: I’ve had a few messages from people saying that they lost sound and I think it’s just that the system’s a bit overloaded.
JP: Yeah, must be all the Hillary Clinton emails getting passed across somewhere. Here is from Toby. Hi, Toby. Question about deep state: How far and wide do you think President Trump’s swamp draining will reach? How far and wide do you think President Trump’s swamp draining will reach? That’s a bit of a tongue twister.
SP: That’s all right; it’s the 24th and you are allowed to have some more brandy.
JP: I haven’t had the mead yet. We’ve got a tiny drain of mead.
SP: Oh dear. Well, when you go into politics you are going into a 3D world and you have to engage with people who don’t know the truth. Actually, they don’t want to know the truth. All they want to know is who’s going to give me the cheapest taxes; who’s gonna make sure that my iPhone is still going to work, that the gas in the gas station is not going to be too expensive, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and unfortunately those people make up quite a lot of the electorate, the voters in the Western world, so if you were to come on with your slogan, which is I’m going to clean up pedophilia, the 10 percent who understand all this would say finally, great. We’re voting for you, but the other 90 percent would say what? Well you know, but my hamburger costs seven cents more yesterday, you know, that’s more important to me than anything else. Now I’m not actually being facetious, that’s the reality. You know elections at the moment on this planet are lost and won by the political party that will promise you the most and take away the least because most people are “service to self,” so it’s like I want to pay the least taxes as possible, but I want as much as possible. I’m afraid the two things don’t really work. There has to be a balancing here so when he used the word drain the swamp, he caught on in a way that he didn’t really envisage. His version of the swamp are some of the big topics and we’ve talked about it today, you know, pedophilia and the complicit involvement in some of the biggest corporations and largest names on the planet because many of their top people are deeply involved in it or blackmailed by it, so if Trump does nothing else but start outing these guys, for me he’s done a fantastic job, so that’s one aspect. There are plenty of other aspects you know. We’ve talked about the many established media won’t even go there. One of President Trump’s children was badly affected by an inoculation and Trump decided that he didn’t really like pharmaceuticals and he wanted to get involved in politics at a high level to change things. Now what a very sad, but what a brilliant way to become involved. Most people who go into politics say I want to earn lots of money. I want to have lots of influence. I want to be very important in the 3D world. I’m going to be this or that, whereas he decided that he had been affected at a family level and was going to do something about it. Now there aren’t many people in politics who have taken high office because of an ideal. That’s the reality, so the swamp cannot be drained quickly because the bad guys have had thousands of years building government’s and Mr. Trump, bless him, has only been in very short period of time, so let’s give him the time. I think we’ve always said this. Let’s give him his term of office and let’s see what he achieves, you know, he’s not a bad guy. He’s a guy who’s a billionaire and as such is used to getting his own way. He’s of a generation that was a very chauvinistic but he’s not a pedophile; he’s not a Satanist. Has he got Satanists around him? Yes of course he has and I explained this at the Dartington Great Hall Conference, you know, if you’ve got to talk and you do, you have to talk to these most powerful people because they control half of the planet. Three-quarters of the planet, and they are saying we’re not going to talk to Trump, but if he appoints a middle man with our background, then we will deal with him, so that’s why so many of these people are like that, and the difficulty for Trump is Zionism. It is the Zionists that are giving Trump the hardest difficult time. It’s not the Russians; it’s not the CIA; it’s not Hillary Clinton; it is the Zionists, let’s be separate; it is not the Jewish race; it’s the Zionists group. That is an issue that he is very careful, and that’s why he’s been working quite closely with places like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, a very interesting game going on there trying to put a bit of pressure on Israel. Yes he recognized, you know, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and of course that all kicked off a huge argument and the United Nations said oh we’re refusing to accept that. They’re refusing to accept it not because they don’t believe in it, but because they are part of the enemy and they don’t like Donald Trump and they’re trying to make him look a fool. The reality is that most major powers have established their embassies in Jerusalem because the Israeli government considers Jerusalem it’s head, not Tel Aviv, and so if you want to meet important Israeli people, it’s Jerusalem you’ll meet them in, so most of the staff who go into the Jerusalem embassies are the top-notch group anyway, and all Trump is doing is saying look no one’s brave enough to recognize the truth here, so sometimes he’ll do something and it’s misunderstood, because unless you’ve been at the high level in politics, they don’t understand the double games that are being played, so you know, just give him time. Let’s see what happens with this pedophilia stuff. It’s important, okay, thank you.
JP: Very good. Now here’s a very interesting question. This is from Sue. Children and Spirit Protection: Hi, Simon, I look forward to hearing your regular updates and thank you. The question that keeps coming up in my mind is regarding the next generations on Earth and how we help them integrate into the new Earth in this time of the dissolving matrix. My twenty-two-year-old daughter is at medical school and although she is very free thinking in general, I realized she is maybe being manipulated to fit into the system along with her fellow students. With this in mind how do you propose we open the minds of this generation, i.e., present-day students in their twenties. Brexit for instance troubled many students for example, and like we’re saying, you know, about the person who was at your talk last week. So. . .
SP: Yeah.
JP: Thank you. How do we deal, how do we help these people, because they’re gonna be in for a big shock aren’t they?
SP: Right. We’re actually talking about people who should be more evolved than our generation, individuals who were born on the planet more recently actually have more about them than most, not all, but most of the older generation. Those of us of a certain generation, whatever that might be, we’re here to do certain things and take the planet to certain steps, so you have a task and if you were successful you fill that task. Something then comes on and picks up the battle and they go and do another bit, so I’m not convinced it’s anybody’s job to show young people what they have to do on the way forward. I think that is the easiest way to get them to turn against you. If you say to anybody particularly a young person, I want to show you this and do that, that is not in my understanding, that is not the right way to do it. What you’ve got to do I believe is to show that individual whoever he or she may be a key fact that is demonstrably provable within the three dimensional world, and once you can show that the system is deliberately lying, then it is up to that individual to seek his or her own path. Now if they come back to you and say could you please help me, that’s a completely different matter. If they come to you and say I need some guidance or can you steer me, can you train me, can you teach me, whatever it might be, that’s very different from somebody who has not made that commitment to you but seems to be struggling. The reality is that we are all individual souls and we need to find our own way. Young people are a damn sight more able to see the truth than my generation and much more involved and capable of saying no, although we tend to think of the 1960s and the seasons of love as the time that young people broke free. They didn’t did they, because those hippy people are the ones who are now the pillars, or many of them are the pillars of the establishment, so it was a different sort of revolution back then.
The revolution we’ve got going now is far more subtle and is far more helpful, so what I would suggest is that you, instead of talking about flu jabs being full of poisons or, you know, Hillary Clinton, this, that, and the other, talk about something that’s relevant to your country at a local level. And that’s what I did at my conference. I actually started off by saying we’re going to have a little exercise in power and I talked about how would we go about organizing a safe place to cross a road if we have children and it’s very dangerous, the cars are going too quickly. How would we do that? So we had a bit of a game and I wanted just to see how people would go about creating a safe place and although it’s a conference with awake and aware people, the answers that I was getting were the 3D answers, which were well we would phone the local council; we would do a petition; we would form a pressure group; we would go to the media; we would do this, and then one said, well actually if you’re a very powerful person you just pick the telephone up and you make it happen and I said, you’ve got it. You’ve got it in one. So the world that we’re living in is not as it’s portrayed and if you can begin to show one crack in it, for instance, young people across the planet are horrified at the change in law that’s gonna make it very probable they’ll charge for Internet usage, downloading music that they’ve never done before. Now that hits younger people so, you know, talk about things that are relevant. If the person’s in school, in medical work or is in the school, talk about what they’re doing and how does that actually benefit the children or the patients, you know, if it’s really about people why are these things happening, so engage on a level that is meaningful to that person. It’s very difficult I know, but step back. If you’re in that person’s face all the time you will not get the change you want. Step back and hopefully they’ll come to you. It’s a really, really good question, thank you.
JP: So, here’s now there’s a couple of questions about the ascension process and this is one aspect of this. This is from Seth. Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you both for a tremendous illuminating 2017. Question: I sense the appearance of two paths almost like train rails. Does it make sense that both old and new earth time lines are visible at the same time? It’s almost like the momentarily state of consciousness shows the close possibilities ahead.
SP: Yep.
JP: Swissvale Winter Solstice, love and light. So, state of consciousness.
SP: Yes, absolutely, so we’ve got to be careful about 5G because people are talking about singularity. No we have not reached singularity. We will reach singularity in 18 months if we let it. There are now visible two very, very viable timelines. There have been some times up to as many as six, but it’s now these two timelines are so solidified in human consciousness that there are a number of gifted people on the planet who can be aware of them or feel them is probably a better word—two timelines—one is a timeline for if you can’t just say for a positive or a negative; one is the timeline where certain individuals have decided that they are ready and they have made that journey and they’re going to go to the next stage and the other timeline is when the majority and it will be the majority unfortunately decide that they are too fearful and that they are not ready for that, so they’re gonna have to go on the treadmill and come around again, so they’re gonna go on a separate time, timeframe. If you’re seeing it, I would be quite interested in how you’re sensing it. The number of people have talked to me about it, in fact both the Americans and the Russians have teams now trying to probe down this line. They’ve even sent things like little nano robots down the tube if you like. How far can they get? What information can they get back? It’s a damn sight better than what they did thirty-odd years ago, selling children and many of those kids are not ever coming back, but they are attempting to probe these timelines because there’s just two that are very, very, very clear. Good question, well done, thank you.
JP: Is this the chronovisor device?
SP: That’s part of it, yeah, that’s part of it. It’s something that’s come out. It’s not modern technology, but the principle is there and we can trace that right back to the Orion Cube or the Orion Box that was pried out of the hands of the dying Grey creatures from the Roswell space crash, so that, those Orion Cubes, gave humankind the Pandora’s Box basically, which was the ability to have some glimpse of the future but not always a future that was bound to happen.
JP: Interesting, interesting, so probably the last question, oh, oh there’s a couple of oh, yeah, anyway a really quick question: Decapitation: Do you know. . . this is from Dell Saxton. Do you know what are the many multidimensional or spiritual consequences of being decapitated?
SP: What a strange question? I’m not even going to answer that because that’s not the sort of question that I would entertain. Let me talk about something else. Much, I’m not dissing the questioner at all, you know, it’s a very valid question, but I can see how the energies could play around that and could hijack my answer and take it elsewhere and I don’t want that. This is the last show of 2017 and I want to go out with positive, but I’m just going to take the two minutes I would have answered by saying that I’m moving Connecting Consciousness, the organization that I founded, to a more proactive level. 2018 will see the organization playing a much wider role. It’s all about money of course, so I’m hoping that some of the madcap schemes that I’m working on will come through because I want to be in a position where we have meetings where guest speakers can be bussed in or flown in, talk to our group where the group then can elect to send a speaker out to another group; that should all be paid for. I want to be in a position to pay my coordinators, you know, I have relied on the most wonderful people who are volunteers and they don’t have it you know, and you know what keeps them going is they say well I must be doing good Simon because if I wasn’t these bad guys would just leave me alone, so that’s partly actually what keeps me going, the fact that they know they’re doing good and I want to be able to reward people and I’d love to do that, but certainly I’m not ever going to make a political party out of Connecting Consciousness. Then you know, you just get sucked into the same old trap, but there are a number of topics or issues that shouldn’t just be the preserve of one political party you know; that’s the Democrat parties bandwagon, or that’s the Conservative Party’s bandwagon; these are human beings who are suffering or are gaining however you want to look at it and there are issues that should cut across all boundaries. So I want 2018 to be when we move Connecting Consciousness, and I always planned this after we got through 2017; it is the next stage, so I’m going to end on a positive note to say to everyone have a lovely holiday period. And the real Father Christmas is green because he’s the Green Man. He is not the Coca-Cola Father Christmas not, you know, your Satan Claus, so you know let’s just remember that there was a real earlier version of Christmas than the one that we are sold in the shops, but nevertheless it’s a holiday period and I want everyone to enjoy themselves, take the time, remember that service to others must be our watchword. Okay the days of service to self now are being reduced thank goodness and I look forward in 2018 to coming back and God willing if source will provide it, we will carry on and we all will do what we can so thank you JayPee. God bless to you and all the listeners.
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