21 January 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Media’s report of fake missile warning on way to Hawaii was actually a real missile; Chinese have launched gold Yuan; 2018 US budget needs to get passed or US economy halts, more or less; possible Dow Jones collapse may be offset by new technology stocks; President Trump has been fed information about the Clinton/Obama transgressions against America and its legal citizens; death of founder of World Trade Organization, Peter Sutherland, will create changes there; Prince Andrew needs to be careful as world he inhabits is changing; seeing black spiders on wall when awaking that suddenly disappear are AI’s favorite way to manifest; are reptilians born from an egg and do they have a soul; Greys created to live in space for 1000 years don’t need a soul; eye color and the soul’s cosmic origin; do persons with evil past lives ascend; President Trump may have had a past life in the Ming dynasty; possibility of subliminal evil influences in rock/heavy metal sounds, best to avoid; choice of devolving versus termination; Aborigines, past and future; Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd movement’s 1st 3 minutes in A minor has healing sounds according to Bashar; can healers protect children from toxic mandatory vaccinations; Simon is asked to describe his out-of-body and/or remote viewing experiences; when spraying of chemtrails with invidious virus/bacteria encased in gel hit the ground they start growing when it rains; returning to Source; Reptilian warrior mannerisms displayed in present human behavior is counterbalanced by Viking warrior behavior being fed into human consciousness; personal question about Simon’s soul division; question about Avaaz leads Simon to point out obscene rackets of many charities, to which JayPee responds he suspects Avaaz  is a data mining operation; origins of the homo capensis species; did someone hack programming of persons in Monarch, MKUltra and Secret Space Program to make them remember at a certain time; protocols for interacting with a Mantid or Reptilian.

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JayPee: You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh yes you are, good afternoon, good evening, and good morning, wherever you might be on this beautiful rotating planet. We are currently in our winter phase, lots of snow up here, a bit of snow down where Simon is and we’re trudging through the tundra mile after mile. Here we are. How are you doing Simon?
Simon Parkes: Very well. You sound like Siberia when you talk about trudging through the tundra. Maybe we will find a wooly mammoth.
JP: Or yeah, it’s a quote from a Frank Zappa song so. . . think Saint Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast. Anyway so do you have any announcements? I bet you do. There’s like there’s not much going on is there?
SP: I think if I didn’t have any announcements we would have broken through the barrier and we’d all be free. Right and it’s been an incredibly, I think everybody knows, it’s been a really busy few days or few weeks since we crashed into 2018 in a positive way. Things have really, really been fast and I’ve been, and I think many of us have been, quite pushed to try to keep up-to-date with what’s happening, so I’ll go through what’s come my way, and then people can check that up with anyone else or, you know, do their own research on it. There’s been a lot of debate and I know that Andy, who does my brilliantly does leave the website and everything, he would say what about this missile, what about this missile from Hawaii, and I said well I’m still waiting for some more news to come through, and he said yeah but you haven’t posted anything yet, and I said no I’m just, I will, I promise, but I was just waiting for something to come through. Well something did some through but so late on in the day that I haven’t had time to post it, so I thought well, I will just do it on the radio show anyway. I think we’re all fairly aware that that really was a missile that was fired. For those people who’ve been, you know, out of the country or sleeping or something, there was a report of a missile fired from a submarine in the Hawaiian area. What was interesting was that large numbers of citizens received a text message and some of them didn’t actually see the text message as such but a screen message or a screenshot would come up on the phone, so some got text messages and some got a screen shot and it basically said along lines that there was an incoming ballistic missile and that they needed to take shelter straight away. What’s obviously the first thing that’s really important here is that Hawaii is a state of the United States of America, so any attack on Hawaii is in fact an attack on the United States of America, but any attack on Hawaii is not in the mainland of the US, so when I say clever, I don’t mean to be supporting it, but from a political point of view it would be clever to attack the Hawaii or a region around there because that would not be seen as an attack against the US mainland, but it nevertheless would be an attack. It was subsequently a big press put out that this was a fake; it was a hoax that never had been and it was just nonsense. What I’m being told is that it really was genuine because people who perhaps have been listening to me for a few years will know that I got a tour around the space radar base in North Yorkshire, that’s at Fylingdales Space Radar, and it detected this launch because this radar can see right around the planet, or jolly nearly right around the planet, and this missile was detected. The missile was actually, I don’t know whether it was shot down or disabled. I haven’t, all I know is that the missile was dealt with. The text messages or warning messages went out were not from the evil government. They were just a standard protocol that goes out when self-defense radar picks up something like that and works out its course or its trajectory where it’s going to hit. The United States Navy then using some rather special deep depth charges which were actually not designed for human bases but were designed to take out alien bases under the sea, a very special form of depth charge which unlike a depth charge which you drop on a submarine, will explode whatever depth you set in the water, these were designed to hit the seabed and then blow up, and we don’t call them, we call them deep underground submarine bases and I have been told that a number of those were attacked using these very advanced type of depth charges, which means that this submarine hadn’t come from a surface port, it had come from an under sea base. My own personal experience a number of years ago that such bases do exist, some of them are purely human; some of them are human and off planet operated. Nevertheless the operators of these bases were not good people, so the latest news basically is that a number of high-ranking officials were at vantage points to observe this, because they thought it would drag the United States into a war. That’s quite chilling. We’ll talk about some of these high-ranking officials a bit later.
All right let’s move on. I’m sure most people that are following that China was finally launched the gold yuan, that’s the currency that’s gold-backed. China has so much gold, it has more gold than any other country, individual country on the planet, and we will wait to see how that affects the petrodollar on everyone else for that matter, so that’s a big thing. Following on economically on the 31st of January, the United States of America has to come to terms with this budget. It has to agree and you may remember that a little while back they just, what do you say in Britain, we say kicked it into touch. This issue came up and Trump was able to get the Senate and the Congress to defer the situation a little bit. That has now to be faced on the 31st of January and I’m being told at the moment there is not enough money in the bank, fort is a better word, to balance the books, so we’ve got until the 31st of January to try to cobble something together. They have to because if they don’t it’s not just that Capitol Hill will come to a grinding halt. Basically the economy of the United States will come to a halt, so that has to be sorted out.
Let’s move on now, still on the economic side, the Dow Jones has just a few days ago broken the 26,000 barrier and the president was saying, you know, what’s next? Is it the 30,000 barrier? Is that the next target? Maybe that will be the next one. There are some rumors that particularly the Rothschilds have set the target of 30,000 as the moment for a colossal stock market crash. I’m not convinced that’s going to happen and I’ll explain why, but let’s just get this straight, credible information has reached me that if the stock market is to reach 30,000 there will be a massive pull out of that liquid money because that’s what it is. There’s so much of it now it’s almost like water up there which will, excuse me, which will cause a massive collapse. The idea that 30,000 has been struck as a deal simply because at that point there won’t be any more real money left that’s not tied up in the Dow Jones so at that point that’s about as much money in there as they’ll ever get, and the object of these bad guys is that they will draw their money out and make a run for it. Now if they were to do that there will be a catastrophic collapse and there’s no doubt about it, you can’t go from a 30,000 down to something like 10 or 15,000 without a huge implication, so if you think about the 1929 Wall Street Crash, this is potentially far, far worse than that. Now we’re not going to get too dismal about this because what’s happening is the traditional industries in both the United States and Great Britain are contracting while the technological industries are expanding, and I don’t just mean Silicon Valley. There are a large number of small, medium-sized businesses now investing in very, very advanced technology and much of this is due to come out of Antarctica, but of course that’s not what the public will be told. This will be sold as well, we’ve been working on this for five or ten years, but nevertheless this technology is going to be released to the corporations, but not just the corporations, some smaller organizations, and President Trump is banking on this to boost the economy rather than the usual well, you know, unemployment is the lowest it’s been for 17 years, you know, the growth is really good, et cetera, et cetera. The idea that this new technology which will consume gold, silver, platinum, iridium, at a vast rate which will wallop up the prices of precious metals to feed the new technologies that are just about ready to come forward so any crash or collapse in the Dow Jones could be offset by the technology stocks which won’t collapse but will hold up. Now the question is the people in the know, the top people, will have heard what I’ve heard. They’ll do everything in their power to stop the Dow Jones reaching 30,000. Why would you do that if you were a huge corporation and you know that if the stocks are pulled out your company is finished. You’ll do everything you can to prevent that happening so it may not reach 30,000. There may be a huge concerted effort to get it, you know, around the 28,000 mark so please watch that. That’s really important.
Let’s talk about these high officials who were watching the game playing out with the missile. Of course it didn’t go the way they expected and this fed information apparently that has been given to President Trump regarding more about the Clintons and about Obama, and Clinton was more powerful than Obama in the shadow world, but as Obama was the last president of that line, a lot of the information was passed to him to manage, and I understand that some of that has been leaked or gained which again is bad news for them.
I wanted to talk about an interesting guy who was, I think he was Irish originally; his name was Peter Sutherland. Peter Sutherland was a chairman of Goldman Sachs. He was also an EU commissioner and he founded the World Trade Organization, a very, very Illuminati Satanic type of environment, and he died very recently. Now it’s not so much how did he die but the fact that he’s dead has opened a door and we ought to be looking for information that starts to come out now so when some of these key players die whether they are taken out or whether it’s natural causes, the reason for not going public on certain things was obviously because that person was still there. With him dead there’s going to be some changes there.
I wanted to also talk about Prince Andrew and they’re talking about the royal family in Britain. I’m sure that Prince Andrew doesn’t listen to me, but if he was listening to me I would tell him to be very, very careful, very careful, because, you know, there’s a lot of things about children that even the most uninitiated person couldn’t cope with, couldn’t stand with to hear children being hurt or abused. People not very forgiving of that so I would just say of Prince Andrew, he needs to be incredibly careful and think about, you know, that the world he inhabits now is changing dramatically. We’re not all going to be wiped out. There isn’t going to be a nuclear holocaust. We’re not all going to be, you know, reduced to living in mud huts and sharpening sticks and living off moss and mice. We have a fantastic future as a human race ahead of us absolutely no doubt about that and if these people want to have a part in that world they’ve got to start, you know, taking responsibility and behaving in the true human fashion, so in the last [14:23][thirty-two] weeks there’s so much happening on this planet there are, it’s not just you know, perhaps two years ago we would look at terrorism being an issue or we would look at Brexit being an issue, but now every sort of side of anything is showing movement mostly toward the good, so please bear in mind, do your own research, see how it goes. I think it’s all playing out now and 2018 will be the year of a real advancement, real change, so that’s great, so thanks, JayPee.
JP: Excellent, excellent, so shall we move into our question time?
SP: Yes let’s do that.
JP: Okay, here’s a nice one to start with from Scintilla. Sometimes when I wake up I see what looks like very big black spiders on the wall. They’re always moving. I can see them for about 30 seconds and then they disappear. Are those archons and should I be worried about this?
SP: We don’t need to be worried in the sense that we want to be fearful about it because that isn’t any good and it just makes them stronger, but we should be concerned about it. I take that to be AI. Some people call AI manifestations as archonic. I’m not overly bothered about the label we use on it. What you’re describing could potentially be a type of demon, a jinn, but the artificial intelligence likes to manifest itself as a spider simply because you could say it has a sense of humor. It doesn’t but it understands the concept of a web. It understands the concept of many strands and information being passed from all of the edge of the web into the center, which is a very hive minded artificial way of controlling stuff, so it liked the idea from an organic point of view of representation of a spider. More people than perhaps many would think will see this. It’s just when you wake up you generally less so just before you go to sleep, but it’s normally when you wake up you will see them either on the wall or the ceiling. Some of them look like, in the Western world what we could call harvest spiders; they’re very, very thin legs and the body is quite long and some people refer to them as walking robotically. Some people say no it was quite organically walking, usually very quick and they just disappear, which obviously tells you that it’s not a real spider that you brought in from a bunch of bananas from some hot country or from your local supermarket that’s hitched a ride on board. This is something very 4th dimensional, so what on the information you’ve given me I would say that that was artificial intelligence. They are not just spying on you. When in, I don’t want to go too long on this, but in mind control in the highest types of MKUltra-type mind control a black spider is connected to the subject’s back of the head to connect the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, so some of the arms of the spider connect into the brain, actually go into the brain of the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere and what this device, I call it device, not a spider, what this device does is that it can scramble information. It can take charge of the individual. It can manipulate memories and often it’s done when the individual has got a 4th dimensional entity placed inside it. I don’t mean a reptilian. I mean one of these small demonicky; they are sort of part reptilian but they’re more demonic and this is very much part of the satanic Masonic culture to place these entities into traumatized children, but they will often have a spider as part of that. Now also individuals who have photographic memories or are somewhat very, very gifted, very intelligent, they often will have a spider and you know I’ve sometimes talked about Doctor Who, not the modern Doctor Who, but the old Doctor Who, one of the directors of the old doctor in the 1970s was fascinated by black magic. He actually studied and I’m not saying he was a black magician but he researched it meticulously and many of the Doctor Who stories contained elements of truth, which we don’t even see now. They won’t even put into films and I’ve said before that I’ve always said that if you want to battle off a demonic jinn you use iron, and in one Doctor Who episode called not the demons, it was called the daemons, Doctor Who actually holds off a jinn with an iron spade or a trowel. The only time to my knowledge on television or film industry they’ve actually been allowed to show you the truth. Now the reason I’m bringing this up is that the very last episode of Doctor Who, my favorite doctor actually, called Jon Pertwee, it was called something like the Spiders from Metebelis III, and these spiders descend from the ceiling and land on people’s backs. Now this was I think made in about 19. . . I don’t know was it about ’70, ’71 or ’72, something like that, but there’s the definite implication here that this individual who was writing the story or making the story understood that these black spiders, which could not be seen by any of the others in the film, in the action, in the series, they couldn’t see the spiders but there they were on the individual’s backs and that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Now don’t worry. The spider, if it’s on the wall, it’s not what you’ve described; it is much more of a spy spider, so it’s observing you. Some people see them; some people see mice, but it’s usually a spider, so it’s a really good question. I’m glad to be given the opportunity to answer that for you. You want to know what you’re gonna do about it, how to defend yourself. You can psychically defend yourself against these because they are 4th dimensional; they are not coming through in the pure physical, so you need to meditate and find your own way of self-defense. There’s lots of ways of protecting yourself. I’m not going to go through it now but that is your answer. You have to psychically defend yourself against these creatures, thank you for the question.
JP: Great question and yeah many more questions coming out of that. This is from Brownlee. Are reptilians born out of an egg and if so does that mean they have no soul? Also how long do they live?
SP: I think originally they were but the vast majority of them now are genetically created, yes, they have a soul absolutely they do. We mustn’t get them confused with some of the Greys that were only created as space travelers and if you are going to spend a thousand years in space and I know people might laugh at that but that’s a genuine truth. You need a body that is a robotic or at least it’s part organic and part something else. It’s something you don’t need a soul in that. It’s just purely a living and I call living in terms of the tissue. There is tissue in these creatures, something that could resist g-forces. You’re coming into the Earth’s atmosphere making lots of very, very tight turns, change of direction to certain extent because of the gravitational effects because of the powerplant and the way the powerplant acts on the outer shell of the spacecraft. A lot of that gravitational force is not actually felt, but nevertheless there is some, so if you have a creature that is, well it’s more like a doll really; I don’t know how to describe these things, you can go through all of that without having any discomfort really. But a reptilian is not that; a reptilian is a living creature and as such does contain a soul, so yes there are some from eggs but most of them, the bodies are cloned. They’re ready; they’re hanging up in a wardrobe or a closet waiting for the soul to go into them because it was found to be far more cost-effective and I don’t mean money cost effective. I mean time and energy because look at it this way, it’s a warrior race and regardless of what you may read on the Internet, there are not that many of them, not really, so if you have an army of 100,000, what’s the use of children being born who are going to take however many years to reach maturity to be soldiers, but if you have these bodies and the prime of life, whatever that might be already waiting and you just put the souls into those bodies you’ve got them there and then within half an hour or so they’re ready to go, so from a production point of view that makes much more sense and you can also manage your population, but some of them are born as you might describe, although some reptilians actually have a mammalian type of birthing system, so yes they have souls 100 percent, so thank you for that question.
JP: Fabulous. Now it’s slightly connected. This is from Roman in Russia. Simon on the last radio show I asked you about the meaning of human eye color and your answer was about elite’s attitude toward people with different eye colors. Could you please reply again, but from another perspective, which is the perspective of the soul’s cosmic origin, which constellation the color is typical to and thus character traits of the human this soul inhabits. For example people with green eyes seem to be connected with reptilians that mostly come from Orion and such people might be more inclined to lead and control other people, that’s the whole idea.
SP: Okay.
JP: So yeah there we go.
SP: Okay I’m happy to do that but I don’t want my answer to be used for witch hunting. I don’t want my answer to lead to somebody saying well I’m not going to talk to that person because their eyes are this color. We do have to be incredibly careful, you know, the word reptilian has received a terrible press. Rightly so if you understand certain aspects of it, but wrongly so if we hit everybody with the same label. I will remind people that if you have a reptilian soul but you have consciously chosen to support the human race, to fight with the human race to be part of the human race and to believe in the outcome as a positive for the human race it doesn’t matter what your soul is. You are chosen to be good. You know I know there are Pleiadian people according to, you know, most writers anyone who’s Pleiadian is wonderful and fantastic, but there are many Pleiadians who are evil, so we must be careful not to make a decision because the way someone’s eye color is or the accent or their skin color or the way they dress or the car they drive. Okay that’s my entry warning there. If you’re from the 6th dimension Lyra, I would expect you to have brown eyes. If you’re from any of the 5th dimension, you’re predominantly going to have blue eyes, you’re from the 4th dimension and you are a human type creature you will have brown eyes. The green eyes is something that occurs off planet but was extensively genetically engineered on Earth when they mixed 4th dimensional energy. I’ll have to explain a little bit; places like ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria, these were enclaves of 4th dimensional power. This is a 3rd dimensional Earth. The Earth doesn’t actually like 4th dimensional energy. Why would it? It likes 5th dimension and higher. The 4th dimension is an adversary to the 3rd, but nevertheless, it was created by source. It does exist and it can live in harmony providing the 4th energy doesn’t wish to expand. The difficulty is that the 4th dimensional energy has a number of elements to it, which we give labels to, so is just an energy, but we will call it Satanism, but I don’t see it as Satanism. I see it as a spike of energy coming off the main flow of energy, which is evil, simply because when that energy acts upon a human mind or a part human mind for reasons I don’t understand, I don’t understand it because I’m not God and I’ll never be God, but when it acts on a human mind it does something to that human mind and flips the mind up so that part of that mind becomes, for want of a better word, evil. You could take a, excuse me, perfectly decent guy, expose him to 4th dimensional energy, wrap it up in rituals, you then have a devotee to Satan or you have a devotee to a Masonic Lodge or you have a devotee for this, that, and the other, so it’s not the energy per se that’s evil. The spike of energy when acting on a human can cause that. Now the people who are responsible for all this understood that, so when they wanted to create places like ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Babylon, they took this 4th dimensional energy and they crafted it. They were able to use it like a potter. He or she will make on a potter’s wheel, will make a vase or whatever and they could do the same. They could craft this energy by altering its frequency, altering its sound waves, its color, so that when it affected a human, a human was drawn down this particular road and they understood that, and so they created things and they stuck it on money. That’s why money is the way it is because the whole concept of money has this, a 4th dimensional spell, a spike of energy, which is like chocolate. It’s like they caught a moth to the flame. It is something that draws people who are not guarded against it and so we have a situation where those people who were a very long time ago, were involved in some methodology of power developed green eyes. Green eyes are associated with 4th dimensional energy, but just because a person has green eyes doesn’t mean they are evil or a black magician. It means God knows 20,000 years, 26,000, a 100,000 years ago that soul in that body inhabited a body that had responsibility and power within a controlled 4th dimensional remit and so that sticks. It’s very hard for someone with green eyes to change the green eyes. It’s much easier for them to change their belief systems and to go from the dark to the light and remember that official statistics roughly say that of the entire population of the planet Earth and I don’t know how many billions there are, between 1.8 and 2.2 percent of the population have green eyes. That really brings it home to you, so if we just went on the top end and we said about two percent of the entire population of the planet, only two percent have green eyes and you begin to understand that this was seen as an elite trait and given out to these people who have that connection, so I hope that helps with the answer, thank you.
JP: Very good, now our next question is from another regular, Nachturis. If a person has a past life as a very evil person but came back because they wanted to change and evolve, will they be able to ascend or will they have to live with the consequences of their past life forever and be left behind when humanity ascends? Big thanks for both of you. . .
SP: Good question, very good question, no the answer is that they have every right to ascend. The point about being on this planet is to have experiences, not to learn, let’s get it right. The point is to be given the opportunity to do whatever you want to do within a construct, but if we have an experience, the key is what do we do with it, so if someone takes a sharp pin that sticks in your finger and you go “ow” and you draw your finger back, you have received an experience. You have had a physical reaction to that so far so good, but now comes the thought process and as humans we are very capable of a bit like a chess computer and I don’t mean AI, so don’t worry about that, but like chess computer we can play out moves in our head and we can think well why did that happen? Why did I do that? What’s my response here and if I’ve done this, would that have been different? That’s learning. Now we don’t have to do that. We can either walk away from it and say I’m not bothered; we can stick our head in the sand or we can say I’m gonna fight you because that’s where I respond or we can say maybe I shouldn’t have put my finger out there so maybe it’s not about blame or fault but maybe I need to learn. If I don’t put my finger out there, I won’t get a pin in it, so next time I won’t make the same mistake, so that’s a very sort of rough-and-ready example but in terms of our day to day life, if we are learning that we can make mistakes and that we can do things better and we want to help other people, then we are changing our pattern. We are changing our way of life. We’re changing the way we thought. If we think more, what 3000 years ago, I was doing this, that, and the other; I wouldn’t dream of doing it now. Why would we say of that person, oh no you know 2000 years ago you did this you know, you’re gonna burn in hell. What about a person who was really good 2000 years ago, really good, did some wonderful things and in this lifetime started doing very evil things, what do we say oh 2000 years ago you were a really good person. We will just overlook what you’ve done in this lifetime and we’ll let you ascend. No it’s about a trajectory, a pattern. We look where we start from. We look where we finish in terms of where we start on our chart because remember the human soul doesn’t finish it goes on, but we’ll just call it zero and twelve, so if start zero as a good person and then by twelve we’re a bad person, we’ve obviously not learned the right lessons, so we won’t ascend, but if we start in a very dragging down deep energy because I don’t like good and evil, a very dark heavy dense way of life which we would rotate as evil in this world, but over long, long years we change and we change our jobs and we change our outlook and we no longer want to be involved in the power game. We move away from money in the traditional sense and we start trying to devote our life to help others. Well we’ve gone from the dark to the light, from the negative to the positive, from one energy stream to another and so that person has clearly learned their lessons therefore they’re ready to evolve, so it’s not what you did yesterday, it’s what you’re doing today, thank you.
JP: Excellent, right that’s another I must. . . oh that’s the same person, right. Last year Simon you were asked from, sorry, was asked about what you thought Donald Trump’s past life was? I feel he was a Chinese emperor, perhaps Qin Shi Huang who was the first emperor who built the Great Wall of China and/or Sun Tzu who wrote The Art of War. Trump wrote The Art of the Deal and he is building a wall so Simon you said to ask again after Trump had been in office six months. It’s been a year now. What do you think his past life was? Good question.
SP: I really what we say in England, we have a word chuffed. I don’t think that means much; I hope it doesn’t mean anything rude.
JP: It means you’re very pleased.
SP: Yes, yeah, I just hope it doesn’t mean the wrong thing. I’m really glad that somebody has sat there, hopefully listened to the last six months worth and had a calendar and ticked it off and thought well I’m gonna ask him that because that was some months ago and I’ll ask him, and I’m really pleased that someone has remembered and listened because you know I’ve got, I will answer your question but I’ve got no time, I’ll be honest, I’ve got no time for people who stand up at a conference, give a talk or do a radio show and then people say, oh I didn’t like that and the person, the speaker says oh I don’t care what you think. Yeah I don’t care what you think. I really do care what my audience thinks. That’s why I do what I do and it’s just ridiculous to say I don’t care what people think because if you don’t care what people think why would you stand up on a conference? Why would you do radio show, so I really do care so thank you. I’ll give him my answer. I absolutely agree with the Chinese connection, but I can’t say who he was. I absolutely do agree that he’s had a past life. He’s had many but he’s had a past life to do with China with one of the Ming dynasties that’s all I’ve got on it, but whether he was an emperor or whether he was the guy that put the shoes on a horse, I couldn’t tell you that, but yes, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. The reason I asked you to come back six months later was because with many people who have a complicated energy history today they’ve had a complicated history from the past and I sometimes find some people very mixed. When I look at someone I will pick up on one or two facts and completely miss something else, but when I come back to them maybe a month later or six weeks later I think, no, yeah I didn’t see that. I picked that up because it was a person on the day. If the individual is very fired up and, you know very excited, then past life connections will come through that resonate with that energy. If then six months later I saw that person, they were much calmer, and, you know, more relaxed then a different type of past life energy is prevalent and I’ll pick that up on, so that’s it, so great. You’re on the right mark. You may well be right, I can’t confirm it either way, thank you for your question. Thank you for listening to the radio show so loyally, it means a lot to me, thank you.
JP: That’s lovely. Now I’ve just come across a rather long question but I’ll try and summarize a little bit. It is from Nachturis again. He’s a fan of rock music and one night he was going to sleep and playing music at the same time, but then it suddenly changed one second ago it was a regular song with vocals, guitar, drums, and bass, but then it changed into the ugliest sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The best way I can describe the sound I heard was distorted energy because there was no beauty, love or life in that sound. It was as if that sound was made specifically to inflict sadness, anger, and hate upon those who listened to it. The sound really scared me and I immediately sat up to take off my headphones. Oh hang on, just one of the things I skipped, one of the songs on the album is about suicide and this is the song that he is talking about, but as I set up the song changed back to the same song it had always been before. I know this may sound weird but I believe for a brief moment I was able to decode the song for what it actually was. It was as if I saw a face behind a mask and I have not been able to listen to that song since then. Could you explain what it was, what happened?
SP: I strongly urge you not to listen to that song ever again. Don’t listen to it. Why would you want to? You’re absolutely right. Don’t even try to listen to it. There are in my mind, there’s more than one possibility, so unfortunately I can’t say to you, oh yes, that’s what it is, but what I can do is tell you the possibilities and then you’ll have that to work on. Right, one possible is that the music did not change, that you were going off to sleep, a 4th dimensional or a satanic or both energy took control of you for a fleeting second and manipulated your brain into hearing on the same frequency but slightly altered those, that feeling, not those words, but that feeling that’s one possibility. The second possibility is that the music really was changed, physically changed, and that can happen. I’ve got recordings of certain things that aren’t physical, have been changed. It’s quite possible that, that was really physically changed and the third one is the one that you’re wondering about, whether somehow you decoded a hidden carrier wave, a hidden message within the carrier wave and that was subliminally attempting to subvert people, whichever one of those goes through, we obviously know that it’s evil. We know it’s not good. Heavy metal, that sort of music has often been used as a bridge into the youth, into the young people, and in many cases the rock bands, heavy metal bands, do not know they’re being used. They are, many of them are mind controlled so they don’t see anything wrong with the symbolism around them; they don’t see anything wrong with what they say or what they do. It’s only in later life that they wake up to what’s been happening and they’ve been abused. Some groups are, some individuals within groups are fully aware of it, but vast majority have no clue that they’re being used in that way, so I can’t, I can’t say to you, which of those it was, but I am absolutely telling you, you don’t have that because if you were targeted then you were targeted for a reason and that was the frequency on which they were attempting to get into your head, so chuck it out. If you’ve got it in the house chuck it out. Get rid of it. Don’t have anything more to do with that, that particular band, not because they are evil but because the music they’re producing has been hijacked for want of a better word, and you’re obviously very sensitive. I don’t mean sensitive in the sense of you’re weak. I mean sensitive in the sense that you are able to pick up things that most people don’t pick up, which is good in one way but not so good in another because it means that you’ll be targeted, so I can’t tell you exactly which one it is but my advice to your question is protect yourself, thank you.
JP: I’m not gonna say which song, but the album was by a band called, get this Simon, Disturbed.
SP: Oh, God.
JP: So, it says it all guys. Anyway so from another of our regulars Pseudo Cerberus who was talking with you. . . were you talking about the captured Draco? Dear Simon, unfortunately I haven’t yet found the recording where you comment on the captured Draco. However on the 7th of February 2016, he’s been trolling at 15:03 on the CC show you answered my question regarding soul devolution. At 17:32 you said to me if a creature is faced with going back to relearn or being removed, then often you prefer to relearn it. And he says I remember the feeling of plummeting from higher consciousness into lower densities, that single primal note at the edges of nothing which is to say all things. Devolution was my path, but it might not have been, so my question is in the context of a soul choosing between being devolved or being removed, what is removed, what would it feel like to be removed? Can anyone come back from being removed and if so in what form would they return?
SP: Right, okay is this the question where we originally kicked off by asking me about a general?
JP: Yes.
SP: Right and so I said yeah, I remember that. It wasn’t a general; it was Anu. Right that’s fine. I do remember that question. I’m not surprised that I do remember it. Perhaps I can elucidate a bit more. Only source has the God-given right to terminate what it created. It doesn’t out of choice do that. There are a number of negative entities that have the capability of temporarily imprisoning a soul. It is the greatest crime of any multiverse to attempt to kill the soul and woe betide to anyone who actually tries to do that because the penalty for that isn’t death, but it’s basically being ostracized or pushed out of the known understanding and placed into an environment that I can’t even begin to describe to you. Just imagine a box that has got no light in it. There’s just black and it just goes on forever and ever. It’s a sort of a transportation to hell basically. So many, the vast majority of races and individuals don’t go down that road simply because of karma. They don’t want to have that. If you are so unspeakably bad I don’t quite know how that would be, but if you’re so unspeakably bad, then if a large body of good beings, be they humans or I don’t know counsel for wise or a federation, doesn’t matter what suddenly projectile against you and the outcry from this mass of human or human type beings is so strong well that source if a critical position is hid, source will actually become involved. Now entities can also become involved and can have like a judgment, a court, a court case, but generally what happens is that that entity or that being is banished. That’s the word I wanted; I couldn’t think of it before, banished. However there are a very few cases where source or an agent for source, for want of a better word, can say to an individual either you will be terminated and you will cease to exist for all time and ever time or you can go back, I don’t know how many thousands of years, millions of years, you can go back and lose all the learning that you’ve gained because that learning was tainted with evil and you are the person today because of your learning and the only way to start fresh is not just to go back to the start of the board, start of the game but is to lose everything that you’ve learned and in fairness to you, you start off again and I, source, will place you in a different position than you started from so that you don’t necessarily go down the same route and so the individual has to choose between doing that or just being switched off. Most, because of the thought of death, I don’t mean physical death, you know, the thought of death of the soul is such a mind focuser that most beings would actually wish to start again in the beginning so if you talk about a fall from grace, if you talk about descending, then it’s not about necessarily descending the dimensions, it’s about this loss of all of your learned DNA history, which has made you the way you are and you have been put in a new position to perhaps go a slightly different track and to be a different person than the person that you are now, so I perfectly accept what he said. What he said to me describes fairly accurately what happens when an individual is offered that choice but says actually I’m gonna have another crack at it please. Put me back and I’ll start again. Now just to add to that when that individual, these individuals are monitored, we are all monitored that’s why we all should appear in the Akashic records, but when that individual starts to show some real positive development, then they are fast-tracked, so instead of taking a million years to go from point one to point three, it might be done in a hundred thousand years or ten thousand years as a reward for developing and changing and doing something positive with that life, so yeah, that’s a really good question and thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate you, thank you.
JP: From Jane Armitage, Australian Aborigines question: Who influenced the genes of the Aboriginal people of Australia? Where did they come from? Do they have a role in the new Earth? Thank you both for making such a difference, blessings upon you. Australian Aborigines, not Austria, Australian.
SP: Okay, obviously different from North American Native Indians but not that different. Where an indigenous native personal group who have in recent years not embraced the mechanical technology, those individuals have maintained a stronger connection to the earth and the planet which means that their soul connection has always been non, not non warlike, but been more balanced. It would be dangerous to say a particular off planet group. . . sometimes an individual group can establish itself and be isolated for whatever reason and it becomes inward-looking in terms of its environment and doesn’t have invasions from other peoples with other ideals or other cultures. To answer your question, 35 percent off planet and the remainder would be of a human type. If we think about the Hopi Indians and we think about how the Hopi talk about these insect beings that came to them and you know gave them knowledge and taught them about the stars. Now I don’t know if that’s the Mantid race because there are more than one type of insectoid being, but I would largely suspect it would be a form of a Mantid or a Mantis that has done that. You will find that individuals who are caring on the planet, such as the Native Indians or Aboriginals of any sort and connected in a way that the industrialized world doesn’t really value and sees them as an easy target, all those individuals have a greater understanding and awareness of their place in the multiverse. They understand that they are not the be-all and end-all, but they are a part of a great moving game of life and death, death of the physical body of course, but a beautiful dance is the best way I can describe it and they are a part of that. Now you won’t get that I’m afraid if you’re reptilian, unless you go through some great self-healing and that is quite possible but I think you’ll find that the majority of them are a nonhuman, nonreptilian alien species that has successfully combined with an indigenous human soul and created pockets of communities that are inseparable from the Earth and one of the greatest crimes of humanity, one of the greatest crimes was to exterminate these native peoples, and you know, it was only, what was it, the 18, 1860, whatever it was, when [Lieutenant] Colonel Custer lost the Battle of the Little Big Horn. How long will it take people from the Western world to understand that just because somebody paints their face with paint and doesn’t dress with a suit, a shirt, and a tie and doesn’t necessarily fire a gun but uses a bow and arrow, doesn’t go to the doctor to buy medicine, when will these people begin to say you have an exact right to live your life as you choose and I have no right to impose my will and my values on you. No we’re not even there yet, but we’ve moved on a long way since the days of Colonel Custer, although when we think recently of the oil pipeline, it’s almost like Colonel Custer was riding in again to push the oil pipeline through, so the big business, corporations, you’ve got land, you’ve got resources, we want them, we’ll give you these nice little pretty glass beads if you get off the land so that’s the problem that these very, very beautiful people did not come here to fight and make war, they came here to be left alone and to live a life and you’re predominantly not every human if you’re like that I’m afraid, because the human psyche has been hacked by 4th dimension, which we were talking about, satanic evil energy, and only the advancement of our consciousness can overcome that hacking so yeah, it’s a really good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent, so Simon. . .
SP: Teatime.
JP: Yes it’s teatime and do you like Beethoven?
SP: Ha, have you got, excuse me, I’m just eating.
JP: No, sorry look, I’ll just read. . . [both talking at once]
SP: No, no, are you going to say rollover?
JP: No, actually in the Chat Room just a few minutes ago Susan posted, Susan’s a sound healer and she says recently Bashar advised us that much chords played in the first three minutes of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement are exactly and precisely what will tap into the idea of healing and letting go of the past, of sorrow, grief, and regret and the forgiving of ourselves, so if you don’t let’s play. . .
SP: I know that the 5th was called the Emperor[1]. What was the 7th called?
JP: I have no idea. We’ll find out and we’ll. . .
SP: Okay. . .
JP: Listen to these chords people. That’s the one. Yes that’s right. This is the one that works. There was some Beethoven and that was the 7th movement, no the 7th Symphony and the 2nd movement of which did we find out which, what one is called?
SP: I didn’t look; I’m too busy eating my little biscuit.
JP: I’m sure that, where’s Norm Freedom when you need him? We have a classical buff in the Chat Room usually and in the later evening and he knows all these things. Well there we go, No. 7, thank you very much, so welcome back. Do you want to do your regular thing?
SP: My thing, my regular thing. . .
JP: Please your thing, may you do.
SP: Yes, I want to thank people who, you know, so kindly donated and I want to run through them and just for those people who think that, you know, I’ll only thank people who donate over a certain point, that’s not true. This is a Chinese lady I think, I hope I’m pronouncing it right, Arooney, who donated me 45 P, which is about half a dollar and then after PayPal took its cut I got 23 P, which is about a quarter of a dollar, so everybody gets noticed as long as I’ve got the name though sometimes I miss people, but that’s not deliberate, it just happens, so Andrea, Valoria, Dr. Valerie, Charlotte, Bjorn, Alesia, Donna, The Guerilla Guy–still there going strong, Natalie, Allen, Enrique, Bernard, Alex, Catherine, Sue, Edgar, Kent, Tina, Alicia, Benjamin, Ryan, Paul, Sheena, Beeta, George, Bernard, Sheryl, Imogene, Manuel, Elena, Mason, and Katherine, so those are the ones that I’ve pulled out for this one. I want to thank you all so much for caring and helping and I greatly appreciate your support, thank you.
JP: On to the questions. Alexandra from Slovenia: Hello, in Slovenia our mandatory vaccinations: My son and his wife decided to vaccinate their baby despite all the arguments against vaccinations. Is it possible to protect a child with visualizations like golden aura and mental activities, because he is too small for detox. I’ll be very happy if you can answer the question.
SP: It is possible but there are probably only a handful of healers on the planet capable of doing that. It is one of the greatest crimes that these vaccinations across the globe is becoming mandatory and for many people in government who are obviously unaware, they think they’re doing the right thing. They genuinely believe that by taking the choice away from the parents and for the government to actually run the lives of people, they think that’s the right way to go because these people think that the parents are not capable of making the right decision and therefore the government will come in and make that decision for you. That’s incredibly dangerous. It’s a dangerous way, which creates a big split between the government and its citizenry; country after country is going down the road of enforced inoculations. In many countries you can’t get your child into a nursery, a crèche, a kindergarten, unless they’ve been vaccinated. You can’t access educational facilities. You can’t work in certain jobs and then people start to homeschool their children and so the system then comes in and makes it harder and harder and harder to homeschool. I deeply hope and believe in a time when organizations like Connecting Consciousness all over the planet get together and will be in a position to compel certain governments to go back on these decisions. I don’t think there is anything wrong in me saying that. There are certain things where a government has gone too far and we need to be able to change this direction. The number of people that are suffering from inoculations is becoming greater and greater and you try as a parent, you try and take your government to court, even if it’s proven in a medical investigation that your child died or became brain damaged or suffered some form of disability and because of a type of inoculation. You try and take that government or that health place to court; it might take 20-odd years before it is heard, another deliberate ploy by the system. So there are people who can undo the damage of many, many of these inoculations, not all of them remember, not all of them are bad, but many of them are and it’s often not the main constituents of the inoculant; it’s the additional metals that are placed inside it, and there are some healers who can do that, but there are not many and they tend to keep their head down because as you can imagine, if you advertise yourself as I can do this; I can do that, and the pharmaceutical industry will most likely come after you. The best thing is to move. Now I’m not, I know that sounds very glib, but I’m sorry that is the best thing. The best thing is to move. Of course you can’t if you’ve got a job and you’re stuck and they know this, but if you’ve ever have the opportunity and you were faced with that, then get out of that country and go to a country that doesn’t force it on you. It’s an affront to humanity. It’s disgusting and disgraceful and it needs to change, good question. And I’m sorry I can’t give you any, I don’t know anyone. I know there are a handful of people on the planet who really do this. You’ll have to do a lot of research; if you look hard enough you’ll find them, thank you.
JP: From Daddy 15. Hello, Simon, do you have out-of-body experiences? If so, can you share with us your most fascinating astral travels and did you encounter any reptilians, probably?
SP: Ha! No I encounter reptilians not through out-of-body but when they really come and visit me physically or my. . . I don’t call it an out-of-body experience when the soul in my body is taken out by mechanical electronic means and then taken somewhere, excuse me, and have an audience with these guys, so I don’t call that out-of-body. What I call out-of-body would be when the individual consciously wishes to send his or her consciousness to a location like a remote view or even if it was just round your bedroom, so you’ve asked me specifically. I think when I was about seven years old I remember coming out of my physical body and flying around the bedroom five or six times. The most interesting one, well I don’t suppose it matters now, it was about I really can’t remember how long ago, but Obama was the president and I decided I’d just go and have a little look and there sure enough he was there and I’m ever so careful what I say now, and he was with a child and I immediately thought, oh my God, this is awful, and I realized it wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was actually one of his children, but they were just close together, but it, but I because I knew the sort of man that he was my initial reaction was really bad, but it wasn’t, it was one of his own children and then I went down under Capitol Hill and there were a number of underground chambers guarded by, and I’m no expert on American troops by any means, but guarded by guys with white stripe, very human, a white, like a white belt or white stripe down the chest running from the left hand side of the chest to the right carrying a sidearm in a white holster, some of them carrying rifles and some having white helmets on and in one room was a Grey, a Grey alien, but this Grey alien had a bigger than normal head and he was writing, physically writing with a piece of chalk on a chalkboard. There’s no one else in the room and he was writing not as we write in English, from left to right. He was writing from bottom to top, so if you imagine an oblong chalkboard or a blackboard, chalkboard is the American word isn’t it, so if you imagine you put your piece of chalk at the bottom right hand corner and you start to do your squiggles from the bottom to the top, then you come back down to the bottom, move to the left and so on, so is from right to left and these squiggles looked very similar to not Sumerian but more of an Asiatic, like a Sanskrit, much more like squiggles and then the bloody thing, oh sorry, I shouldn’t swear, turned around and spotted me and was really angry that I’d caught it out, really annoyed that I’d penetrated whatever, I was like, I don’t know, twelve feet away from it and I remember its face zooming up at me and then I just flew back into my body and this thing was chasing me, it’s face, and then I was straight back in my body. Then it disappeared, so I don’t know whether we’d call that a remote view or an out-of-body experience, but that’s that and when I was seven years old flying around my bedroom were the only two experiences that I’ve had of that. The rest is when things come visit me or I get mechanically taken out of my body, so thank you for asking me that. No one’s asked me that before.
JP: Interesting, thank you. Chemtrails: Are they controlled by the AI? They have an energy to them that doesn’t seem human. Do all chemtrails go up when an energy in an area changes? Here in a Mexican beach town there were no chemtrails at all in November and then in December they began coming daily, about the time that the seasonal residents started arriving. Is there anything we can do energetically to reduce chemtrails? Thank you, Massa. The questions they’re all, lots of listeners and chatters are saying, you know, all of these changes seem to be happening, but they’re still raining this stuff on us.
SP: Yes, because the changes that we’re seeing are targeting individuals at the moment. They’re not targeting organizations. Now you can say an individual is part of an organization but at the moment if an organization has 20 people in it and three of them are taken out that organization doesn’t cease to exist. You’d have to take out three of the key movers and shakers and that’s not happening at the moment. Maybe one key guy has been taken out to lower down the ranks, but the organization is still taking over and that’s why almost, you know, by-monthly I keep saying to people don’t drop your guard. It’s not won. It’s not over. It’s improving but by no means should you rest, and chemtrails are a classic example. Now what we can take some, I will answer your question, what we can take some strength from here is that you said, I’m addressing a questioner, that in the month, one month there was nothing and then the next month there was. There was a time when there was no stop between. It was just all the time, but because their system is being broken down, it’s becoming a stop-go system. We might go out and find no chemtrails for a week and then suddenly they come back again. That is because their authority is waning. All right, well chemtrails are a whole host of things; there’s not just one thing. There’s a whole host of things. The most invidious is that which contains a gel and a bacteria spoke or virus that lives in that gel and that’s I think what you guys had put on you because they were waiting for the rain, excuse me, the rain falls, activates the bacteria. When the bacteria in its gel, which is a nutrient, hits the ground you actually if you look very carefully, you might be able to see this gel stuff on the floor and you will get the smell. I don’t know if you guys have been on the sidewalk, on the pavement and it’s been very hot for a week and then it rains and you get that very strong smell that real unusual smell and that is the bacteria that is on the sidewalk, on the pavement, as the water hits it, it grows into life and that is what you’re getting. Well if they’re waiting for the rains, then they want to drop that. They are doing that because they are putting bacteria onto the ground, so that’s not good. The whole host of other stuff, what can we do about it, the best way to fight an organic attack is to protect your organic body and that is as we keep saying eat organically, drink plenty of clean water, vitamins, just about everything and anything you can think of that gives your physical body the best chance, meditation, thinking positively about your body and your mind, targeting certain organs, thinking about certain things, just as real genuine healers can cure cancer in a person, so you are capable of repairing and sustaining your body. The soul in our bodies is in our bodies because it chose to be there and because it has a connection to the physical body. They are not separate, end of story. They’re separate, but they’re connected, so the energy of intent and power can move into the physicality and you can change things up to a certain point. You can change that physicality, so if you are being hammered by these evil people, then you need to start meditating and you need to start protecting yourself energetically, psychically and with intent basically, I am NOT going to let this hurt me. I’m not going to let it affect my physical body. I refuse to allow that because if you live in fear, even at a low level, it will hit you, you know, the elite understand this and I’ve said it so many times that there are big corporations who pay for psychics to not come and heal their salesmen and women, mostly men, but to make them better salesmen, to make them make more money for the corporation and some of the tricks they use sound out of school boys, but it just shows you so these salesmen often get I will write down 500 times I will be a better salesman, go write it down 500 times. Now what they’re told on the physical is well, you know, you’re like a boxer who’s going to go out and fight a big fight and he’s going to train hard and he’s gonna psych himself up. What they’re not telling the people is that you are actually encoding or imprinting on your energy this pattern and that pattern is then being transferred to your physical body and that’s what meditation is. You open that channel and then if you say you’re being attacked by chemtrails and you have an idea what’s being done because the local newspaper is full of people going down with this, that, and the other, and then you learn which part of the organ is being attacked or which part of the body, let’s say it’s the respiratory, it’s the lungs, so you have an intent that your lungs will be clear and that they will not be affected whatever it is will not get a foothold, will not get a grip on you, so you are physically looking after yourself. You’re physically protecting yourself, but you’re also energetically spiritually protecting yourself so when you combine the physicality with the energetics then you have a really strong chance to go on and that’s what we must all do. It’s a very good question. I’m really sorry these evil people are doing this. It won’t go on for much longer I promise you. It will stop, but it’s still, as we said, it’s still prevalent and will be for another few months, thank you.
JP: Here is a question from Christy. Getting to Source with the power of our thought. Hello, Simon and JayPee. Simon, I know you’ve said that if we want to break free from the reincarnation cycle when our physical bodies die then we have to go through one of the holes in the grid in order to get to wherever we wish, but what if when we die we think ourselves to Source? Are we going to be instantly teleported there and will it still matter that the Earth is surrounded by the grid. The only concern I have is that the Source might be a relative place based on personal belief systems, but I hope I’m wrong and our soul somehow knows how to get there. Thank you.
SP: Right, okay it may just be a small point, but we don’t use the word die because you don’t die, not the real you, the physical body stops working so you don’t die. One of the training mantras that I give people who ask me these questions say literally you have to decide whether you want to go back to the star family, your soul family, or whether you wish to go back to source, and you know, why don’t we discuss what the difference is and what the advantages are and disadvantages, et cetera, et cetera. The mantra is simply this. Every morning when you wake up let’s say you want to go back to God, back to Source, then you say I wish to return to Source and when you go to bed at night the last thing you say is I wish to return to Source and you may say that for thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy years. One day your physical body is going to die but you know what, you won’t know you’re dead. You won’t know it. You won’t, you won’t understand it. You won’t accept it. You will still be awake but you’ll suddenly realize that you cannot motivate your physical body, your physical body is not going to move anymore but you can still think. You still know. You still recognize, and then I have no idea of time here. What does happen is that the soul has to leave the body because it has to find another receptacle to contain it, so it will leave, and we’ve talked before about those that don’t leave, you know, they cannot leave, but that’s not the question here. So if you have for the last thirty years said last thing at night I want to return to Source and in the morning I want to return to Source, the first thing you say to yourself when you think goodness me, my physical body is no longer working. The first thing you say is I want to go to Source, so you will go on the route to Source. The question is maybe in that length of time ahead there will be no mesh net around the Earth, but let’s just say for argument’s sake for the questioner there is. If your intent and your belief is strong enough you will find one of these gaps in the net and you will get through it. Now it talked about a belief system, [she] said what if it’s, you know, a belief system? Well that’s almost saying to me what if the Source doesn’t exist and we’ve just created that. No the belief system was the Bible. The belief system was God. That is a construct in the sense of the creation of God through religion; that is your construct. Source is not a concept. Actually it’s a very real living entity, the Great Creator; there are other creators. It’s not the only creator but it is the Great Creator and if you manage to get back in front of Source it’s not like standing in front of the headmaster or the principal. What will happen simply I believe is that Source will say to you where do you want to go now? Whereas if you say I want to return to my star family or my soul family, that family will take you back and you’ll come back into that family and you will find your place in that family and maybe you’ll do another ten million years there before you decide you want to go somewhere else, so people who go to Source do say because they have a question to ask or they wish to be judged and I’m being very careful with that word or they wish to go somewhere else. Those that go to the star family do so because they’re desperately sad. They’re missing their true family. They never really loved it here on Earth. They love the planet, but they don’t love the rules and regulations and they just want to go back to their family. That’s what they want to do and of course the vast majority of people don’t understand this, don’t care, or don’t seem to care, and they think that when they get to 100 they’re really happy because they reached 100 and that’s the end of their life and I look at these people and I shake my head, so you really believe all of this around you, it’s just so that you can do 100 years on this planet, you know, look at it all. Look at the complexity of it. This isn’t the chance some over-arching intelligence has created this and you think you’d only want a 100 years here. I don’t want a 100 years here. I mean if some people have had enough of it frankly, and they want to be away, but there is no other place like this anywhere; this is a fantastic place. Every morning we wake up we should say fantastic, brilliant what am I gonna do today? I’m gonna go to go out there and I’m gonna do some good, or I’m gonna have some fun, you know, not oh God it’s Monday, how horrible. I don’t want to get out of bed, you know, it’s fantastic. If your physical body was dead you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, so aren’t you lucky that you’re alive, so there is a Source, God, Great Creator, don’t think it’s bothered about labels and it does exist. There is a. . . I call it the creational chamber; that’s my own terminology for where we are made in this creational chamber, so yeah. That’s a good question but I can assure you that Source is real, thank you.
JP: Okay so now this is a very. . . it’s really interesting, so first of all this is from Silver Speed. Dear Simon and JayPee, first of all thank you for you invaluable efforts to raise humanity’s consciousness at this time of convergence. Simon a few CC radio shows ago you spoke of human interactions nowadays between each other being more akin to the Reptilians warlike manners, especially with their harshness and competitiveness toward each other. If I’m correct in recollecting is the Viking warrior energy related to such reptilian mannerisms and why is the Viking warrior behavior being fed and projected into human consciousness at this time as well? God bless and God speed to you both. . . thank you.
SP: Right good question, good question. Actually it’s positive; it’s not negative. Right, there’s a. . . for each energy, there’s a counterbalance; there’s a counter energy as crazy as it may sound the counterbalance to the Reptilian warrior is the Viking warrior. The Vikings contained a soul that was either Andromedan or Pleiadian, sometimes Arcturian, but generally, it was Andromedan or Pleiadian. They were the soul enemies of the Reptilians; they were very human generally speaking, although don’t let’s get confused with the gods like Thor and et cetera, et cetera, because that’s slightly different, that’s the gods, but the humans in this particular group which is the Scandinavian in origin had higher human souls, most of them were. I bet there were some of the Reptilians but generally not. So although the Vikings are incredibly bloodthirsty and most Pleiadians can be actually terribly bloodthirsty that, you know, causes controversy. Four years ago when I said look not all Pleiadians are sweetness and light. They had to be tough. I said the Pleiadians had to be tough to fight off the Reptilians. You don’t sit around, you know, smoking a pipe of peace and expect these people to be decent to you because the Red Indians learned that. They developed the pipe of peace and look what happened to them. Now anyway that’s an argument I don’t want to get into but basically there was an element within Hollywood and Hollywood the like that is anti-reptilian and is trying to push this nonreptilian line. The problem is of course that it’s all gory and axes and blood and, you know, but then of course they’ve got to make money. That’s why they’re doing it. They’re making money. They’re making a film, they’re making a TV series, they’re doing whatever, but the questioner has hit the nail on the head, as we say in Great Britain, spot-on here because throughout British history the Viking has not just been used as a symbol of fear, but almost like the Japanese samurai, as a code of conduct, so the Viking code of conduct, you know, I will sail from here to there. I will do it. I will keep my word and this is very much not just a Reptilian thing, but it’s much more of a high human or Pleiadian or Andromedan thing about, you know, being honorable, so surprisingly it’s not about trying to push a Reptilian culture. It’s actually the opposite to it, and I want you to think back to the TV serial, the Game of Thrones and how the king of the North and his followers looked quite Viking in the way they were dressed, rugged clothes; someone was telling me that they’d been to a local furniture store and the, this is true, that the capes they were wearing were actually rugs or carpets bought from a certain Swedish sort of furniture store, but they have very Viking appearance in terms of the way they dress and so there was another emblem here because in the last episode of the 8th series or the one before that, they were fighting the undead, and if you remember the leaders, for those of you who watch the series, the leaders of the undead looked very Annunaki, you know they called the Island the King of the Night or the Ice King and their skins absolutely bleached white and they said this is a take on Annunaki, and so were the undead are just undead, the usual zombie horror movie but the heroes dressed very Viking style, so what we’ve got in these last few years is a confluence of energies, even artistic people don’t know they’re being used for good or for evil and they are putting their work out there and they are bringing together concepts which are inexorably meshed to the reality of the history of this planet and to its future, so they can create art or they can create poetry or they can create a film or a TV series which is playing out exactly what has happened in the past and what is to happen again in the future, and when an artistic creator, he or she, does that, their work is very successful because it somehow connects to humanity and there’s truth in this. They may not understand that but they will go and they will see that film and they will buy that book or they will talk about it because it connected to them. Something that’s just pure nonsense, just pure entertainment people will watch it, have a good laugh. Two days later they’ve completely forgotten about it, but here we are years later after The Matrix, people still talking about it or Blade Runner, still talking about it, or 2001: A Space Odyssey, still talking about it because there was a real truth enmeshed in the story and that’s what makes it successful so it’s a really good question, thank you.
JP: And Star Wars which is. . .
SP: Of course, oh yes, of course, and I’m sorry I missed that but, you know, I’ve got to stop somewhere because there are so many good sci-fi and fantasy films out there that are rooted in history. We will have to make a list one day.
JP: Yes indeed, well let’s move one from Vikings to Simon, indeed a personal thing and presumably this is a, sorry if the, the questioner says sorry if the question has been asked before, but this is about your soul division. Does it mean that you’ve been incarnated as a Reptile, Human, and as a Mantid equally often?
SP: Ah, what an interesting question.
JP: Isn’t it, thank you Catherine it’s a very, you know, people will ask the same question but they ask from a different perspective.
SP: Exactly, they ask me in a different way. No it doesn’t mean that. What it means is that in my case no cultural element was given the upper hand, so the division of my soul was done in such a way that no one part of me could dominate the other part. However I have one-third reptilian, one-third Mantid, and one-third higher human. Well the one-third Mantid and the one-third higher human for want of a better word gang up and outvote the reptilian third when necessary, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve spent that one-third time reincarnating in those bodies. I certainly have inhabited a reptilian body. I certainly have inhabited the Mantid body and yes I’ve inhabited a human body, but in terms of percentage of time they won’t be equal. They will be different and so it’s a really interesting question, thank you.
JP: Well there you go. So, the, oh, okay this is about Avaaz. Have you heard of Avaaz, the. . .
SP: Nope.
JP: A movement with millions of online supporters, but yeah, so if you don’t know, A-V-A-A-Z, so. . .
SP: I’m still none the wiser.
JP: Okay, but all right.
SP: But. . .
JP: Yeah go ahead.
SP: Well just tell us a little bit about it otherwise the questioner is thinking oh that’s a shame.
JP: It’s a. . . it’s an organization, a group, we don’t know who funds it or what, but it basically, you get an email saying scientists petition to save fifty thousand so-and-so’s from certain sort of such and such, things like that, you know, charitable sort of petitions that it collects, but you know, I think personally, well I’ll tell you my personal feeling after you’ve expressed yours.
SP: I can say that I was chatting to a very spiritual Indian businessman earlier last week and he said that there had been a huge outcry in India because there’s been a lot of publicity about children in India and, you know, if you donate this money then you buy them a computer or you’ll do this or you’ll do that for them. Then it came to be known that these were just photographs, not even actors. They were just Photoshopped and people were donating money and of course it was just not going there. It was going to the organization that had done it and it was like an established organization, a proper registered charity that was doing it, so what was interesting is that the Indian gentleman told me was the backlash in India now was that people were going to their friends and saying I am NOT going to give to charity anymore, but I will pay for your daughter to go to university or I’m not going to leave my will, my bequest to this charity or that charity but what I’d like to do is if your wife’s got a disease I’m going to give you the money now to pay for her to go to hospital, so individuals now are beginning to fund their own good causes that they can monitor themselves. If they know where the money’s going they can see how it’s being used and they feel that they’ve done something good and what we’re going to see over the planet in the next five years is that right across the board, that the large not all, but many of these so-called charities are blood sucking parasites that draw money from individuals and have chief executives on sometimes a hundred thousand pounds, not all of them, but many of them on a huge salary, huge staff, huge offices, incredible organization and many of them, not all of them, being very careful here, but many of them seek just to maintain their empire and they stand or fall by how much money they get off the public each year, so their target is how much money did we get in, how much did you get from donations, how much did you get from bequeathments, how much did you get from the big retailers or the big corporates and then they’ll produce glossy pamphlet after glossy pamphlet, Internet advert after Internet advert. How many times, I get cross now; have many times have we switched on our Internet to see a picture of an African child with a little bit of bread in its mouth and it says, you know, send two pounds and you know, we’ll feed this one. What in God’s name is going on? This country and these countries around us are incredibly wealthy. Why is there a single child anywhere in the world who can’t get drinking water, who can’t get food, and yet in Great Britain they can find billions of pounds to upgrade the nuclear missile system, and yet here we go. We’ve got these pictures of these children, well where’s all this money going. I know lots and lots of people provide money so first of all we have a complete breakdown of humanity where it’s okay to buy nuclear bombs, but it’s perfectly okay to let children who are black-skinned predominantly die for lack of food or water or decent medicines and then we’ve got these organizations standing up saying oh you give us your money and we’ll go and do what your government doesn’t do, you know, and every year we still see starving children, so no wonder so many people now saying I’m not giving to charities. I will go and find a real good cause personally on my own two feet and I will support that individual or that organization or whatever it might be and I know that every penny I’ve given has gone to that cause. Now if we did that, all of us did that, that would actually cause a massive change in the way the system takes so many of us for granted, excuse me, I’ve had in the last week three plastic bags, I don’t know what they do in other countries, but they stick plastic bags through your letterbox and they say here fill it with the clothes you don’t want. Fill it with your clothes and we’ll come and collect them because we can get money for them, but when did anybody stick a leaflet through my door saying, hey, you know, those clothes you donated last year, here’s a breakdown of how much money we got, how much we paid our advertiser, how much we paid our accountant, how much we paid our chief executives, how much we’ve paid our project officers, how much we paid our administrators, oh look this is what was left that actually went to the good cause, but they don’t do that, so I’m very strong about it. I think if we want to give let’s give to individuals directly, thank you, good question.
JP: Okay, it’s not exactly that. It’s more of an activists kind of petition thing but you made a valid point about charities and you know I completely agree plus there’s more things that charities do. They are used to launder illegal money and all that stuff, but let’s just not go there quite there because we got questions about other things, but Avaaz I believe is data mining because basically you’ll be revealing the things that you feel passionate about and you want to make changes about and so that we can be profiled and, you know, targeted, that’s my personal opinion, so. . .
SP: So.
JP: From Johnny Meg. This is a homo capensis or Annunaki. Hi JayPee and Simon, if Enlil and Enki are Annunaki sons of Anu the draconian, then where does Anu, the Annunaki Lord fit in or is he one and the same? There’s another part which is I believe you said the Annunaki have a sort of effeminate body, potbelly, and elongated type skull. That seems to be a good description of Jacob Rothschild. Now after reading about the big brain homo capensis, they seem to have elongated skulls and big brains as well. I don’t remember you speaking of homo capensis, so can you tell us, are they related to the Annunaki? Are there homo capensis actually ruling the planet? Please shed some light on this.
SP: Right. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word, big-bellied. It’s not really my language. We’ve got to be very careful because there are offshoots of the Nephilim, which were the giants. There was an offshoot of those, which had what we would call the elongated skulls, which we can see quite clearly in many of the friezes or carvings from ancient Egypt. The gods were always generally depicted in ancient Egypt was having the mitre-type hats. They are like bishop’s hats really, but to cover the fact that the skull was elongated out. When you talk to an anthropologist, he or she with hand on heart will tell you that if you tie bandages around a baby of six months old and keep it very tight then that will force the skull to elongate. When you look at the drawings and carvings of ancient Egypt, there’s no way that could create this huge top-heavy craniums, so we’re not looking at Annunaki there. Annunaki did not have the huge [1:41:14]Elvis skulls. That is not Annunaki. That is an offshoot to the Nephilim, which are a mixture of the native human, believe it or not taken and mixed directly with what we could loosely call the gods. There’s a lot of debate about who are the Annunaki, who are the Reptilians, and who came from whom, and who did this, and who was that, and, you know, my narrative I suppose will differ from some and they will differ from me, but I made it clear that Anu in the true sense of the word was a Reptilian god. There was a, I have to say holographic; that’s not really the right word because that’s very primitive technology but there was a type of a being that was affecting. . . I was having a chat with someone on this not so long ago infected with what we would call the AI black goo, which could mimic or create an image, but not just holographically but could actually do it almost physically, hence the organic black goo. This is not the native black goo. This is the alien black goo, which was artificially intelligence infected and so what I would say to you is that there are and there were more than one Anu and the trick is to know when you are talking, who you are talking to. Are you simply talking to a jinn that’s been able to, you know, represent itself as Anu? Are you talking to something that’s AI, through the black goo? Are you talking to what have you, and you know the only way that you can have a reasonable stab at this is if you have more than one meeting, if you have, as the individual, it’s not privilege; it’s not the right word. If you have the opportunity over ten, eleven, twelve, fifteen, twenty audiences, visits you begin to pick up what you’re dealing with. This is providing you, you’re not in a corner screaming your head off, but if you were, you wouldn’t be meeting this thing regularly, and you know, there are many people who contact me who say that they’ve been to Mars, that they’ve been to Mars and they’ll explain what they have been and you know my role is not to upset somebody but I have to be truthful and I will say to them I don’t actually think you’ve been to Mars. I’m not lying. I’m not saying you’re a liar. What I’m saying is you were in your front room, something arrived and gave you such a wonderful expression of reality that you felt you were transported to Mars because it had the capability of completely bluffing you and yet there are people who really have been to Mars, really have been there, and so if you only have one experience or two experiences and it’s in a very confined environment, how can you make a judgment, you can’t because you’ve not got that information. It depends on your soul as well. If you’re a Pleiadian and you are whipped away by Anu because he doesn’t like you, you won’t have a soul history connection necessarily with that being, so you won’t actually know him. You won’t know the royal family behind him. You won’t know the royal family, extended family; you won’t understand that, but if you have a connection, then just as a faithful dog or a person looking at his faithful dog will recognize someone, for ten years I haven’t seen you, you know, and a cat sometimes will, you know, find its own home because it’ll have that sixth sense. If you have that experience then you’re in a good position to perhaps come to the truth and so the story that I’ve given, I hopefully consistently given over the last seven years, I’m not about to change it now, but yeah there will be other people that have a different take on it, you know, you just go with what you think is right, so no, those were the big skulls [and] are not Annunaki, thank you.
JP: All right. This is from Sangrielle. Monarch, MKUltra and Secret Space Program, the question: An awful lot of programs, I’m sorry, an awful lot of people are beginning to remember and realize their involvement with dark projects like Monarch, MKUltra, and the Secret Space Program. Could it be possible that someone hacked these people’s programming with a remember code executable at a certain time in that person’s life, an insider perhaps or double agent? Thanks for all you do, signed [1:46:25][Petisha] Queen.
SP: Ah. . .
JP: Highly coded.
SP: Yeah, well you’ve got inside information that’s all I can say to you. Well done, I don’t know you got it but you’re spot-on. In many cases operatives working inside certain organizations were able to alter the code and it was basically, many of these operations were both human and alien projects, most of them did in fact have some non-human entity watching over and some humans working on their own, some humans working for a benevolent off planet group were able to add a code that meant in a set period of them the [1:47:36][elementor’s] brain that had been blocked would be opened and this would come through. However, there’s also in the official programming that exists and also when an individual human being reaches somewhere between the ages of 45 and 65 the controlling element of the programming naturally begins to break down because the human brain says, hey I’ve been alive on this planet for fifty years. I’m pretty established. I’ve had a good half of my life. I’m ready now to face the things that have been bottled up and I’m going to face them. We now have to add to that, that the [1:48:21]human[Schumann?] resonance is changing, the energy on the planet is changing and anything that’s dark and evil, we’re being quite base here, anything that’s 4th dimensional is now being pressured and so the control system is breaking down. More individuals for all of the reasons that I have just given are now beginning to become aware of what was done to them and this is part of the Great Awakening, which started last year actually in a large number, and so you are absolutely right that is one element of what’s happened. That’s inside information. I’m not surprised you give it the code word. You’re spot-on on and only good people put that code in because they want those people to wake up. They want them to survive and start using their knowledge for the good, so yeah, good question, well done, thank you.
JP: Fabulous. I think one more question. This is a question from Valerie, quite long but I want to, I’ll nutshell it for you. She’s asking if she happens to run into a Reptilian or Mantid and asked them if they’re showing their natural self to me the following knowledge could help me. The first is some basic stuff like the color of Reptilian’s eyes and what is the word they use for their species, something other than obviously the word Reptilian? Do they all speak English and wouldn’t mind being called Reptilian. Same question for the Mantid, what colors the natural color of the Mantid’s eyes? What race do they call themselves? That’s not gonna be pronounceable. And do they use English or telepathic vision and feelings? And, also do most of, or all of the genuine Mantids and Reptilians that live on Earth know about Simon Parkes and what do they think about Simon’s Parkes? If I tell them I follow Simon Parkes would they respect that? Yeah, right, anyway Simon . . .
SP: Right I’m going to come at it from a reverse order. In 2012 a very desperate father sent his daughter across the seas to come to me for healing. This particular woman did not know, young woman, did not know that her father was organizing it. At the time neither did I. This woman had what we would call an MKUltra background. For most people the most horrific things had happened to them. You know, even for people who think that they know it all, you know you don’t, and the only way to save this particular individual was to appeal to Anu to send an order down the pipe to this particular Masonic section, Satanic section to release this woman from their charge because I asked it and that took about two weeks and that happened and that’s why in 2012 the car that I was driving and she was a passenger in was hit at 60 mph and it was completely, my car was completely written off and for those who haven’t heard the stories, a vehicle that crashed into me was a company car. It was a van and I’m not joking with you because I don’t joke on these matters, it’s so ludicrously funny you think it’s a joke. The car was a white van with an eye, an eye painted on the side and the word or the letters “I, the letter, C and then U,” “ICU,” and if you Google “I see you,” you will find it is an American Detective Agency company that specializes in recruiting retired FBI and CIA agents and using them for detective operations and the driver of the vehicle was such a guy who had been mind controlled and he didn’t know what the heck he was doing. He just turned his steering wheel and drove his car straight into us at 60 mph. Of course we were protected; we weren’t killed, and the young woman turned to me in the hospital, we were being obviously check out, the police and ambulance, the fire brigade; it was quite a serious crash, and the woman turned to me in the hospital and said they, meaning the reptilians, they have asked who should die for this? So my reply was nobody should die for this; they may punish but no one’s to die because if we sanction death then we are as bad as they are. So yes they do know who I am because this woman was released from the human control and she was freed, so here’s your answer. Yes, they do know so okay let’s talk about something much lighter. First of all Mantids, they wear a lightly, like the Greys, the most of the Greys, not all of them, they wear a lens shield. Mantid’s eyes are huge so they have a black lens shield. If you were to peel the black lens shield off a Mantid you’d see it’s faceted like a fly’s eye. They are faceted, the ones I’ve seen are faceted but they have a lens shield. This lens shield allows them to see in all or nearly all light frequencies but it also communicates; it’s a tremendous thing. It’s sort of semi-sentient and oh it’s wonderful, and it does x-ray as well, so their eyes are clear but you always see them as black because that’s the lens they have over it. Reptilians can be different; they can have green eyes, red eyes, blue eyes and a sort of a yellowy, light yellowish color eye; skin version of the Mantid is either the leaders have a darker green body and the ones that are not so high-ranking have a lighter green body. It’s the best way to describe it really. Reptilians have a whole range of bits and pieces. What were the other questions; I’ve forgotten now.
JP: What do the Mantids and Reptilians call themselves?
SP: Ah right, from a cultural perspective Reptilians do not share their names. First of all it’s not an offense. That’s not the right word. It’s not done for a Reptilian to share its name with anything other than a Reptilian. The only problem is that I’m not going to do it because people will just won’t understand why I’m saying. I don’t mean they won’t understand the sound I’m making but they will just find it difficult to cope with. If you mispronounce a Reptilian name that is a huge sleight. It is terribly offensive. The reptilians and it’s not a joke. . . there are (makes a sound) sounds; there are (makes another sound) sounds. You have to if you’re trying to convert their language, they don’t have vocal cords in the same way we do but if you’re trying to convert it, it could be a name that if you were to write it out would be something like I don’t know, 8 inches long, 12 centimeters long, it’s not something you need to breathe in between it and they have shortened versions which only the family may use, so each family has it. Now the ancient Romans copied this so that if you took your dad’s name and then you had a son, the son would carry part of the father’s name. Somewhere in that name that would go and the Reptilians are exactly the same. Within the family line, part of the sound of that name is a part of the sound from them so they won’t share it. Now you’ll often get humans that get connected by Reptilians and they will give an Anglicized or an English version of their name. It isn’t a real name. The real name it just goes off the sheet but they will give a name that is sort of, is easy to pronounce for humans and that’s why they will do it and they actually can use physical vocal cords as well as mental projection. Mantids can’t really. They’re almost totally psychic and when they give you their name, their name will hit you as if it was written down on a board or a name so it will be on a piece of paper so you will see the stream of letters for want of a better word and colors which will appear and you have to be in tune to understand what those colors mean and you know in different languages you put an accent above the certain letters if you want to stress them, well they’ll use colors to stress certain things so if you just talking totally out of most humans capability to understand. That’s why they don’t do it, so they don’t really talk about names because they’ll say well why will you need to know it. If you’re talking about 5th dimension and higher they’ll have names that we can manage. Alex Collier as an Andromedan soul person meeting fellow 5th dimension Andromedans has got names been given to him which are quite pronounceable. I think it was Marnay or Menay, which we can manage because they are human line, but when you’re talking or dealing with creatures that are not human, they’re not going to have the same concept as us. I think we’re out of time aren’t we?
JP: Oh well over it but that’s fine. It’s a very interesting thing. Thank you very much Simon.
SP: It’s a pleasure.
JP: Anything, any final words?
SP: No just this is really exciting times. Let’s go for it. Don’t buy into this the world is going to end. We’re all going to be blown to pieces and all the rest of it. It is just nonsense. We make of our lives what we want and let’s have a good time. It’s gonna be a good year, thank you.
[transcribed 01/28/18, GSC]
[1]                      Opus 73: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major (“Emperor”)
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