18 February 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Could it be that the long arm of the Clintons caused the downing of the Russian airliner by an onboard bomb to stop passenger Ivanov of Uranium One from testifying against them; Florida school shooting by guy appears to have mind control, mental health issues, and demonic possession, and as usual there was a drill prior to the shooting rampage/false flag event; again key to downed Iranian plane is passenger list which is hard to obtain, but number of dead announced was 66, then it was retracted; stock market attack was about hitting President Trump’s powerbase, the military, by cutting off Wall Street profits that largely fund the U.S. military, but alas the Dragon Society and White Hats intervened to spoil the plan; 350,000 Chinese troops are on North Korea’s border for two reasons: to possibly remove North Korean president and to stop refugees from fleeing across the border; China, Russia, India, and Asia are in dominant position with gold-backed currency to challenge U.S. petrodollar and President Trump has been maneuvering the U.S. into position where it won’t be excluded, but he will have to make deals with the Dragons; Marie Kayali has maligned Miles Johnston, Ben Hamlin Jones and Simon and this situation may end up in a courtroom; Healing Center getting closer to realization; Questions: what is background on Maldek; cause of attitudes toward LGBTQ community; meaning of shadow beings appearing at time of conception; does the soul have one name forever through all incarnations; difference in dream/contact experiences when in black and white and when in color; dreams of sex with Reptilian and its ramifications; dealing with Hillary Clinton, or not; Quran teachings; meaning behind eating raw meatballs; mention of Q-Anonymous; what will life be like in 5D and higher; Rasputin and consequences of him misusing his gifts; Wachowski brother’s Jupiter Ascending film worth watching if only for portrayal of Greys and the brother’s Matrix film gave much information for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear; Simon suggests a followup with Kerry Cassidy’s discussion of Abattoir ships; on the fourth dimension DNA, body fluids, and body parts are being traded and the Wachowski films are trying to show that a population in denial is a population that can be exported.

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JayPee: You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh no that’s why I pressed the mute button, anyway yeah, this is Connecting Consciousness and I have been speaking for the last 30 seconds, so anyway Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. My name is JayPee and it is the 18th of February 2018, so eighteen two, eighteen two, another one of these recurring numbers. Simon, good evening, how are you?
Simon Parkes: Hello JayPee, hello audience. I’m fine. I think we are all sort of reeling from the actions that have occurred over the last few days and we were talking JayPee about the eclipses and the way the energy is and I know lots and lots of listeners are all going to be saying how, you know, we are used to being hit with energies and a bit this way and that way, but at the moment it is quite marked what’s happening on the planet generally, so I think it’s a bit of a trying time for everyone at the moment.
JP: It certainly is. So do you have your first wave of announcements?
SP: It’s very energy, well okay. We’ve had since January, in some ways we’ve had it easy in terms of what we have been dealing with, so I want to go back to the Russian air loss, and I was told that within 15 minutes of it occurring and got it on to my website. Of course I’m very reliant on Andy, who is brilliant, and he gets it on when he can, but what I’d said on the first post regarding that was what’s key here is the passenger list, because the information that I got within 15 minutes of it was that it was a bomb, so the person who was telling me actually specified that it was a bomb so I was in no doubt that this loss of this aircraft was not through natural causes or mechanical failure. This was a deliberate attempt and then a few days later of course we got the passenger list and then we realized that when the guy Ivanov, one of the senior executives from the Uranium One deal was on that airplane, then my post about we need to know who’s on the passenger list suddenly made sense. This guy had agreed to testify against the Clintons so he’d actually said that he was prepared to go to court and testify against them, and as a result of that he was . . . he was removed. People have quite legitimately asked me, well you know what, they could have caused a car crash; they could have shot him; they could have made it look like suicide. Why did they kill all those innocent people who had nothing to do with it and just unfortunately for them happened to be on the same flight that he was on and the answer here is that Russia, particularly the Secret Service, the FSB and a lot of the old secret intelligence services that used to be under the KGB’s banner have been cooperating with the CIA and the NSA and they have been passing information about the Clintons and other people to Trump and Trump’s been, you know, using that with his own team, so the reason that the Russian aircraft was chosen was simply to pay back Russia for passing information to Trump. Isn’t this interesting, you go back to 20 years, 30 years to the Cold War and, you know, Russia was supposed to be the enemy of America. Now here we have one element in America attacking Russia for supporting America. That’s how out on a limb these bad people are.
Now another couple of people have asked me was it the CIA that did this and what I wanted to make clear was no, it’s not. There’s no intelligence agency in the United States that had a hand in this. What I mean by that is when a director sits around the table and says to his or her operatives or field guys I want you to do this; well that means that the CIA is involved, but when a sub-person or an individual who is employed by the CIA goes and does something with another group, it’s not the CIA under doing that. It’s much more like a mafia hit and that’s what we saw here. I can’t even say that it was Mossad involved. I can say that Zionists were involved or some Zionists were involved in this bomb attack, but it was much more of a mafia type hit to prevent Ivanov testifying against the Clintons and what’s really sick about all this is that the official line is possibly pilot error. Now those pilots would have family and friends. How awful to let those family and friends think that their loved one caused the death of all the passengers in that airplane when the information I’m getting is that there was a bomb and the early reports that I got said that the aircraft disappeared from radar in the air. Now civilian radars are not military radars. When an aircraft explodes only a military radar will detect sizeable pieces of wreckage. They will come back and they will return. On a civilian radar the frequency is such that if an airplane is blown up into enough pieces the smaller pieces do not reflect back enough, so civil aviation lost radar connection with this while it was still in the air and that means it was a bomb, so I wanted to get that one sorted.
Then we had the shooting in the school. Now within minutes of that I posted on the website that I got a look at this. I said that mind control issues as well as mental health issues were in play with this guy and also it appears to me that he had a demonic possession and anyone who has subsequently seen photographs of him, I don’t know what the American would be but in Britain we would say unhinged, looks crazy and yes, I’m sure there were mental health issues, but I believe there was mind control issues and a demonic possession. It is still not clear what the outcome in terms of the people behind this, what that was for, but what it does do is it does show up the lamentable state of the education system in the U.S., because I understand this guy actually was expelled for a few days because he turned up to school with bullets in his bag, you know, so they had the warnings and a number of students said they weren’t surprised at all so that’s a separate issue, and that’s why it was very good of President Trump to say you know, we’ve not just got to say the words we’ve really got to get into this and see what we need to do to change things, and the other point which is much more in our topic is that we know those of us who keep our ears to the ground, that’s everybody that listens to this radio show and other shows, that time and time again when there’s been a false flag there has generally been some form of drill or practice prior to that, and what’s really interesting in this school is they had a fire drill that morning and they were told listen if it goes off again it’s for real. Now British people will be totally shocked to know that in America in schools they run drills simulating a shooting and they actually have charges, dummy charges which they set off which sound like gun shots so that the pupils get used to it and to go away from where the shooting is. Now of course in Britain that’s just outrageous, but that’s what they do and that’s the state what’s going on in America at the moment. So the fact that there was a drill or practice beforehand gives me some great concern.
All right let’s move on now to the latest one, which is the Iranian plane. Again the key here is the passenger list. So far I have not had anything to tell me that it was a hit. The only issue I have is the number of dead that’s been announced and that’s sixty-six, so that to me is very, very suspicious although the airline has retracted that, temporarily retracted that figure so I’ve had no information that it was anything other than an accident simply because it’s in Iran and the intelligence agencies are not very strong in Iran so the information coming back isn’t very good. It’s very difficult to operate undercover in Iran but nevertheless we need to know who’s on the passenger list for that and that’s really important.
I want now to look at the economy. I had to make notes on this one because there was so much happening this time. We’ve seen the stock market absolutely come down and then it’s made some sort of rally. It’s just over twenty-five thousand two hundred I think, so it’s nowhere near where it was a couple of weeks back but it has recovered and I wanted to let people know that that attack to hit the stock market was not just normal trading. There was a deliberate attempt not to, what we would all imagine, say the Rothschilds or some great player they wanted to knock it down and then buy them up cheap that’s business; that’s what happens in America, but it was about hitting the funding of the military. Again people outside of this radio show won’t be aware that the United States military is not entirely, but it’s largely funded by the profits from Wall Street. Wall Street funds the size of the military and the military is right behind President Trump. All the regular forces are right behind him and so one of the ways of hitting President Trump is to hit his powerbase, which is the military, so by hitting the stock market what they were hoping to do was to begin to threaten or starve the U.S. military of funds. Now interestingly enough we’ll come on to the Dragon Society later, but the dragons and other loosely called White Hats intervened and that’s why we got a stabilization of Wall Street. Had there not been an intervention that would have continued to go down and then the much prophesized collapse in the stock market would have happened, but it wasn’t a collapse designed to suck out the profits. It was designed to prevent the military from being too close to Trump. It’s failed. The stock market has come back up again. This shows you the war, and I’m going to use that word deliberately, the war that is taking place on this planet at the moment.
Let’s talk about Korea. The established media again got it completely wrong. Russia moved 300,000 combat troops to the border of North Korea and 50,000 support troops and everybody was saying in the established media well this is because you know if America or the South invades then Russian troops are going to come in and support the North to fight against the South and against America and that’s just nonsense. The 350-odd thousand troops are there to do two things. The first one, which is the most important one, is to put pressure on the North Korean president, and secondly if there was an issue, is to prevent refugees streaming across the border. Now we know this is true from an outer, never mind what I’m getting told, we know it’s true from a wider perspective because the North Korean president has written to the South Korean president asking for a meeting. The only reason he’s written for a meeting is because there are 350,000 Russian troops, I beg your pardon, Chinese troops is what we’re talking about, who are threatening to come in and remove the president of North Korea. I actually think there’s a real strong possibility of the North and South, the barriers being taken down. It’s still very, very in the air but there’s a real possibility that some of the control systems and the no-man’s land between the two could be removed and that would be very, very interesting. The key players here are Chinese, Russia, India and Asia and this is to do with the actual money. These countries are now on the position to overtly make some moves to challenge the petrodollar, the U.S. petrodollar in public so we’ve talked about, you know, the feelings underground and how they have the gold and what they’re trying to do with it, but I think in the coming weeks we’re actually going to see something that even the most established newspapers on the planet will have to actually report honestly and truthfully for once that Russia, China, India and Asian countries are in the dominant position. Now President Trump’s been very clever, that’s the right word, why not, and he’s had a number of meetings. He had some meetings before Christmas and he was and I did actually talk about this on the radio show some time ago. He was maneuvering the United States into a position where it wasn’t excluded from this beginning of a new station and a new beginning. He wanted to ensure that America had a role to play and that meant having enough gold at least to keep going and I understand that there’s been, can I use the word whip-round, and the Dragons have been involved, that there is possibly now enough gold for America because of Donald Trump. It would never have happened if it’d been Clinton because they can do deals with Trump in terms of he is not a Satanist, basically which will stabilize the U.S. Any transfer that goes across, I mean that’s really important to understand that we were looking at a very difficult situation. Now what deals Trump will have to do with the Dragons that’s, you know, I have no idea but that’s something that he would have to do that so that’s the news that we’ve got so far.
The only other thing I want to talk about is I’m aware that Marie Kayali has been posting videos attacking Miles Johnston, Ben Hamlin Jones and me. Hamlin Jones is one of the most gentlest nicest men I’ve ever met and I’ve actually met him twice, but it’s come to my attention through a third party that Marie Kayali has said that I’m a pedophile. Now normally I don’t get involved and I just shrug my shoulders but that’s an allegation that I can’t accept, obviously not. So, if anybody has got any video evidence or anything written where she alleges that please send it to me. My lawyers are Hume and they’re in the Midlands and I will most certainly take legal action because of all the things that I may or may not be, that’s something that I’m certainly not. Now the thing about Marie Kayali is that she was on Channel 4 documentary just as I was and she took a lie detector test on the television show and failed it. Now I know that Miles has said that he thinks the lie detector test was rigged. I don’t know that a judge would agree with that because the company was bona fide. It was doing it in front of television cameras and knew that it would actually be shown, so she hasn’t told the truth then and what also is not known perhaps is that a few years ago the drug squad of the Metropolitan Police raided Marie Kayali’s West London home on a very, very credible tip-off looking for Class A drugs so she is not in a very strong position legally and if anyone can provide me evidence that she has actually either written that or said that, then I will take legal action, absolutely I will. You see in our alternative industry what tends to happen is that people post a video then someone else replies and then someone else replies and it goes on and on and people just get really hot under the collar. I’m not like that. If somebody makes an allegation like that and I can prove that they’ve made the allegation that’s actionable and I certainly won’t be looking for a fine. I’ll be looking for a prison sentence, and you know people they sort of think that if you say something on YouTube or you say something on a video, then it doesn’t have the same effect as if you wrote it or you spoke in public, but of course it does. It has exactly the same legal weight and make no mistake, if I find anything actionable, it won’t be for me, it’ll be for the legal team, the lawyers. If they believe they have a 75 percent chance of action, then we’ll do it, so it’s a shame that I have to say that, but there comes a point. This is only through third party but there comes a point where I won’t have that because if I was guilty I wouldn’t even mention this. I’d run away. I’d probably cancel the radio show, but because that’s not what I am, I’m certainly not that and I will go to court and I would also want the media not to be excluded. I would want the media there. I would want all witnesses to be fully there and certainly to be interviewed, certainly anybody who’s employed, I would expect their employer to find out what’s going on and anyone who’s on a benefit I would expect the government or the social services to be aware of that. This would be a big thing. You know that I am certainly not that and if anybody thinks I am then you know you better come forward and we’ll go to court, now that’s fine, so that’s that.
I want to finished on a much more positive note and that’s the Healing Center and it is positive. We were having real difficulties releasing this substantial amount of money from an offshore bank account. It was in Saudi Arabia and it was just because of the way the situation is. It was held up in the trust, et cetera, et cetera. Well another funder has come to the rescue, another person has said to me actually I would like to fund that and he doesn’t want his name on the center. He just said that’s something that I really believe in and I would, I really want to fund that and the same deal but I will do that for you this year, which frees me up a heck of a lot of time from trying to get money out of Saudi Arabia and all the bits and pieces so the Healing Center’s still on, but we just have a different funder, and I’m really, really grateful. It’s wonderful that this person who obviously listens to the radio show has come forward and said I hear you are having difficulties and I will be in a position toward the end of this year to really, you know, make it happen for you and at least this person said to me you won’t have any issues about having to release monies, I will just literally, you know, write you a check or something like that, so that’s really positive. The Healing Center is still very much going on, you know, it’s an exciting time. This funder has also said that he wants to get involved in other projects that again is really exciting, so what I hope is the next radio show to have more details on that and God willing we won’t have more airplane disasters or shootings in schools, you know, I hope . . . I hope in the very near future that all of these things just end because they don’t serve any purpose. The people who are behind them, you know, they’re not sane. They cannot be sane. Nobody who had an ounce of sanity would be involved in that and the fact that they are doing it shows that the level of we said it many times, but it’s true, the level of desperation is such that this is their only way of hitting out, the only way of expressing themselves from their point of view is to do this and my point is instead of doing that, why in God’s name don’t you sit around the table and say okay this is what I’m responsible for, and this is what I’ve done. I’d like to mend my ways and I’d like to, you know, to come clean and try and go forward and that seems to me the human way to deal with this, but to blow up planes, to incite people to shoot students, it’s just totally sick and until we’ve cleansed all of this Satanic fourth dimensional energy from the planet we can’t rest. We really can’t rest whether it’s children being abused, whether it’s planes being blown up, or students being shot, all of this energy can be traced down, I’ll be honest to you, to a handful of people, a handful of people who have a spider’s web network of agents, mafia-type gangsters who all are paid for the job; they have no loyalty. They’re just paid for the job. Others of them are blackmailed, mind-controlled, but we’ve got to literally dismantle this system and President Trump is doing a very good job and everybody just wants him to get on with it, but that doesn’t mean that we sit back and say oh he’s dealing with it. Each and every one of us I believe should take on some responsibility in terms of putting our positive energy forward to challenge the Satanic resurgence and that’s what’s happening. It is sort of a last gasp, a last desperate bid by failed people, failed leaders who are desperately trying to claw back some form of gain before the final collapse so all I’m saying is it’s all positive in the sense that we are moving forward but we are getting these really evil happenings which mark and blight this planet’s history, and an important thing to remember is this is not representative of humanity. This is not the state of human affairs. This is the small elite group who are completely mad, completely out of control and have got nowhere to go so in no way or shape does anybody off planet look at Earth and say that lot are all crazy. We can’t afford to deal with them. They’re not saying that; what they’re saying is I wish that vast majority would get up and throw out that small cabal group; that’s what they’re saying. There’s a big argument about whether they should do more or not, but I don’t want to go down that road I just want people to realize that this is not, you know, this is not humanity that’s corrupt. We’re not. It’s the small group that have clawed their way to the top and now have got nowhere to go, so that’s what I’ve got to say and we’ll get on with the show, so thanks JayPee.
JP: Hello, hello, okay, did you hear any of that Simon?
SP: Where did you go?
JP: I don’t know. Did you lose all of that?
SP: Yeah, yeah.
JP: Okay.
SP: After I finished it just went quiet. I don’t know if the audience . . .
JP: No my mic mute was working far too well. Anyway from Nachturis , our favorite 8:00 o’clock a.m. question poster, indeed 8:00 o’clock a.m. UK, midnight, Pacific . . . this is the best time to get a question in and until the beginning of the show so Dear Simon, we had a session back in September 2017 and at the end of the session you said that you hoped I would have a certain experience after having talked with you. I’m very pleased to say that I’ve now had that experience. I now know why I am being attacked and you have been right all along about which group of people is doing it to me. As a result of having this experience the attacks are no longer affecting me the way they used to.
SP: Good.
JP: I hope to one day get another session with you so we can take it further. Thank you so much for helping me regain memories and helping me understand most of the experiences I’ve had throughout my life and big thanks to you JayPee for hosting the show. I wish you all the best. God bless both of you. Ah not really a question but a great feedback.
SP: Yes, well good. I’m really pleased for that person. The whole point about chatting with people is to try and understand what’s going on and then try and put something forward. It’s very fashionable, very easy to say, oh you’re being attacked by the Reptilians. You’ve got scratches on your body. You know that’s this, that, and the other but, you know, when you’ve had a little bit of experience then you know you can look at these marks and be reasonably sure what you’re looking at. Knowledge is power and if you get back some memory or you get back an understanding it completely changes the ballgame. It puts you in the position of strength. That’s what the bad guys do. They rely on us to be in the dark so that they can run rings around us, but when we begin to grasp things we begin to look in the right places and when we start looking in the right places we find them and when we find them we deal with them, so I’m really, really pleased this was the guy if I remember who you showed me the pictures while we were on air.
JP: That’s right, yeah that’s right with all the scratches.
SP: Yeah, and I have done a session with him and no doubt I will do another session but it’s great news and well done, thank you.
JP: Okay I was just saying in the chat room you’ve no idea how many questions get asked in a week of Simon and really all I can do is pick out the questions from today from the beginning of today until the show and that’s enough to fill the whole show and more, and more, several. Anyway so here’s a question and another thing is if people ask multiple questions, and if you ask multiple questions I’m probably only gonna select one of them and since this is a question that is dear to my heart I will read this one. It is from Dr. Lyra. Hi Simon and JayPee. Simon could you give a bit of background about Maldek, why it was attacked and how it was destroyed, who inhabited the planet before it was destroyed? Thank you, peace, love and light.
SP: Right, right, okay. We should understand Maldek to be not dissimilar from Planet X or Nibiru, which is a planet that’s been hollowed out and was used as a base. When you reach a certain level of technology you create your own aircraft carriers. The United States Sixth Fleet has aircraft carriers, which allow it to project its air power in many, many parts of the world so what those with the great technology do is have planets or moons or asteroids, which are their aircraft carrier. It’s a great defense. It’s a fantastic disguise and it’s reasonably well known. It was well known enough to make Star Wars films, partly based on the Death Star, which is exactly what we’re looking at, something like that. Right we need to go back to understanding the great threat to all of anything that’s got two legs, two arms and two eyes, and that’s AI. AI is the great threat, not the Reptilians; they’re a threat but they’re not the great threat. It’s AI that’s the great threat and it was foreseen a very long time ago that the Reptilians were inadvertently transmitting AI. In other words AI was being inadvertently carried in the advanced computers that the Reptilians had. When a person or thing programs a computer, they don’t put their personality into it but they put their way of thinking into it. Now I think a programmer might sort of agree with me on that one. That’s why AI has a slight Reptilian sense to it and when AI tries to create itself in the physical world it has a slight Reptilian look to it because it lived for countless generations in computers in spacecraft traveling from galaxy to galaxy, which were programmed by Reptilians. Now Maldek was a planet star, I beg your pardon a planet or dead, dead object. There wasn’t life as we would understand it on there in the same sense as we have on Earth, but nevertheless there was life both inside and outside, and the Reptilian faction had decided to move this object into this quadrant and then to make Earth the base so all of this time ago and what we are talking 200 and, no 100 and maybe a 125 million years ago, I think that’s probably what we’re talking about, 125 million years ago, they were already deciding the Earth was going to be a key location and they were going to not colonize it but they were going to establish it and then create a slave race, trade on it, and it was their farthest flung element and it became known to certain higher human groups so those from the fifth dimension upwards, excuse me, but the fifth dimension were the groups that actually did the attack that had they been allowed, the Reptilians been allowed, to make the base on Earth it would have brought forward their plans at to such a point that they couldn’t have been stopped and the only way to do it was to undertake a suicide mission, because there was no way anybody was getting back, to launch an attack on it, and that’s exactly what happened. The attack was so great that it damaged Mars; it damaged the atmosphere on this planet; it created some of the oceans because some of the water from Mars was sucked off and got caught in Earth’s gravity and so our oceans are a mixture of Martian water and ours and our bacteria and some of our viruses are a mixture. That is why today scientists are now saying, as far as they’ll go publicly that, oh yes I’m sure that bacterial viruses have made it from Mars and it wasn’t what, twenty years ago when they took a slice of a meteorite from Mars and looked at it and said there’s bacteria here and they now accept that you know, Earth has got a large percentage of its bacterial viral creation from Mars so the destruction caused a lot of collateral damage. We talk about the Lyran, lost the Lyran pain, but the fifth dimensional humans that undertook this attack also carry a lot of karma, don’t like the word guilt, a lot of karma because the weapon they used was far too powerful, not only took out the base that the Reptilians were on, but it caused the planet to break up and it caused a lot of other collateral damage but I suppose looking back on hindsight if that hadn’t have been if that hadn’t have done, if that hadn’t gone about, life on this planet would have been immensely different. Sixty-six point five million years ago a meteorite crashed in the boundary between the North Americas and the South Americas and it wiped out the vast majority of the dinosaurs on this planet and that allowed mammal life to begin to come forward. Had that not happened we would definitely not be as we are now and that meteorite was part of Maldek so when that planet was blown up, huge chunks were thrown into an orbit. One of these orbits decayed and got pulled into the Earth’s gravitational field and that was the huge lump of rock that wiped out dinosaurs so it’s a bit of an in joke that the suicide mission by fifth dimensional humans took out the intelligent Reptilians 125 million years ago, and then a piece of their planet went round and round and round and then sixty-six point five million years ago came down to Earth and wiped out the unintelligent reptiles. Now if God’s had a hand in that I wouldn’t at all be surprised, but that is the truthful answer to your question, truthful in the sense that there’s still stuff that we don’t know because it was such a long time ago and the team who were responsible for that and are still incarnating on Earth to this day are fairly cagey about it simply because there was a huge loss of life and it’s something that they don’t, they’re not particularly pleased about because they do care about people, so that’s my answer and I hope that helps.
JP: Thank you very much Simon and now from Maldek to . . . well this is an interesting question. This is a question from Karen. Thank you for your powerful work and thanks to your close friends and family for supporting you in your endeavors. Her question is what is the origin of homophobia? As a lesbian in Canada I have not suffered as severely many of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters around the world. The extreme hatred that is directed at our community is difficult to fathom. Does this fear originate off planet or is it a homegrown human thing? Yeah what’s the off planet gender situation?
SP: Right, interesting. Generally males are straight off planet but what happened with the hybridization of the human race on Earth and the mixing of genes and the mixing of intentions this element of what can we call it, gayness, grew up and it was generally accepted until certain city-states started to use it as a control system. You have to be aware that in satanic rituals the gay homosexual side, male on male side, is used as part of programming and they use that for programming and at a ceremonial level, so although it wasn’t practiced at a high level it was undertaken at certain ceremonies or rituals because it was something that they used to program, so it was by and large the human element and as the satanic fourth dimensional energy began to take hold on the Greys and the humans, this is when we saw things like pedophilia and all the other things grow. Now I’m not putting gayness with that line. Let me make that absolutely clear. It’s completely different, but what I’m saying is that originally this was something that came about from the hybridization of the human race and it was perfectly normal. It was seen as fine, you make a choice, as it should be today, actually. You make a choice; you are of this sexual persuasion or not or what have you, but it became manipulated by certain elite city-state groups, elders, whatever you want to call them, who realized that if they outlawed them, they could then blackmail people. It was about the men thing; it was about the male. They weren’t bothered about girl on girl, woman on woman. They weren’t really worried about that. It was about putting control on the male because it’s a, and has been, a patriarchal society so that’s where the focus was and then as we went through, right through up into the ’50s and ’60s it was seen as anti the church and this is the hypocrisy of it because there are a number of church men who are gay themselves and yet you know publicly they will portray this image but privately they are undertaking gay acts, you know, and this is like crazy, but it was about control systems. It wasn’t about the right of choice. It wasn’t about whether a person felt that way or not. It was simply we’re outlawing it. This is not on and it’s always a sign of a primitive society who can’t accept that anybody could be different. You know you try and go and work in a bank as a man without wearing a tie, you would be sent home or more likely actually they keep a set of ties for people who forget them shall we say and they’d give you the tie for the day. This is how society is controlled and so the answer is that it was through manipulation of genetics not designed for that; they weren’t trying to do that at all. It was just part of the development and so that element came up originally it was accepted and it was just normal and then as society became stratified and structured and hierarchical so the individuals who had clawed and crawled and lied and cheated their way to the top of the pyramid so they then use that to control the men underneath it and what we have today is just a holdover of these so-called establishment values and that’s what that’s all about.
JP: Thank you. So now the next one was . . . right, okay, here’s an interesting one. This is from Sheena. Hello Simon and JayPee, look forward to your program and hearing your discussions. My question is what does the appearance of shadow beings right before conceiving a child mean? The beings I’m referring to in particular, are the black shadow man with a hat, black spiders that crawl across the ceiling, and black smoke that continuously change shape above my bed. If it makes a difference the shadow man would appear most frequently leading up to me finding out I was pregnant. When he was there he appeared to be in front of a gateway or portal. It was black and everything else in the room felt like some sort of energy vacuum. I’m concerned for what this may mean and your opinion on such matters. P.S., I’ve had experiences before this and since but I’m most concerned with whether this involves my children or just myself. Very deep question.
SP: Right, yeah too serious. You’ve got three things going on there. You’ve gotten the spiders which are AI, you’ve got the smoke which is a demonic creature which we would possibly call a jinn and you’ve got the Shadow Man which is a Reptilian energy entity, so you have three separate entities incarnating by and large into the third dimension. The shadow being and the smoke being are fourth dimensional, just well one is and one is just in. Now the other one is much more interesting. That’s the spider; that’s deep fourth dimension, which is coming through. There’s no coincidence if you’re getting this when you’re pregnant it will be because the child that you carried or carry depending on what the situation is, the soul in that person is of great interest to them. Now I’ve never been in the business for you know giving platitudes or trying to hide things from people. The only time I’ll hide something is if it’s a matter of life or death. It’s obviously about the child or children, that’s why they’re turning up when you’re pregnant. That’s what that’s about and what are they doing? Well they’re checking out the child. They’re checking out the soul of the child to see if it’s arrived. I often talk about how black magicians scan every so often live births. Well if there’s something quite urgent for them they will actually come and visit before the child is physically born. I would suggest that you very kindly drop me an email and then we’ll have a chat and I’ll see what I can do to help you, but what you’re describing to me is an all-out effort by what I just quite loosely call the bad guys as a fourth dimension to gang up and I would suggest that your child . . . there’s quite a lot you can do to protect your child and help your child and I will do everything in my power to help you.
JP: Okay a question from Martin Zeech and this is a very interesting one. Does every soul have a unique name that is forever? Does soul choose the name for the life in the particular incarnation or does not?
SP: Oh, very interesting. No the name can change but the frequency that it’s attached to won’t change and I need to explain that. If an individual has a very important, I don’t mean necessarily important to them, but I mean important for humanity as well as them, if they have say as a North American Indian 200 years ago, then what will happen is if they incarnate again there will be some element of the name which will have some connection with that past life. They will have some habit or some interest that will have a past life connection so if there’s a North American Indian who lived by one of the great rivers and you reincarnate in this life subconsciously you will be drawn to a river. It doesn’t have to be in North America or Canada, it can be anywhere. It would be the Rhine in Germany but there will be elements that will pull you even though perhaps consciously you don’t understand it, to relive or reconnect with happy times. If you had a really bad time somewhere then you don’t tend to relive that, so if your name is Archibald in one lifetime, you’re not necessarily going to be an Archibald in the second lifetime. Now there are some occasions when that happens and children get named the same name that they may have had three or four lifetimes before but generally speaking it is not the name that matters. That is the name that your physical body takes. The name is not your soul’s name. The name is that of your physical body so when your physical body dies that name is put back into the box for someone else to have that name, and then your soul will incarnate in another physical body but the parents will give a name that has some connection to what you’ve done in the past and as you grow up and as your develop you will begin to show traits or personality happenings that have some link to the past. For instance I have a very clear memory of inhabiting a female body perhaps around about 1806 and I always say to people you know, thank goodness because if you just inhabit the same sex to body every time, then you have one viewpoint on life. Now that’s not right or wrong. It’s just if you want to perhaps understand and experience the world then it is nice to have had it from the other perspective, especially on a patriarchal planet, you know, most people will come here to change the world and they’ll take a male body because it’s a patriarchal planet and the natives are less discriminatory against you if you’re a male. Now there are problems with that is that everything you do is time limited, and if you come here, let’s say for instance, you have a female soul in your body but you come here in a male body that’s clearly you’ve got a big drive to do because you’re determined to do that, but if you are a male soul in a female body then you are here to learn, to learn what it’s like to be on the receiving end, to have to fight that extra bit harder to have to make that extra effort to be taken seriously, to begin to show the university or school you’re every bit as good as your male counterpart. Now if it’s on a patriarchal, a matriarchal planet like Sirius or one of the other planets there, it would be in reverse so that’s what occurs and that’s what happens and I know that I collected fossils back all those years ago. Now the name that I have of this physical body that I have today does not match very clearly the name that this woman had, but we both collect fossils and that’s no coincidence so you know if we’re lucky enough to know I had a past life in this or I’m really confident or a reader does a reading for us and he or she says yep, you had the past life here, there . . . I’ve had people that I’ve said, you know, you’ve got a real past life connection with Italy. Have you been to, and I might read off some of the cities and they’ll say to me sometimes, my goodness me I went here and I stood in the Plaza and I looked and I thought I know that building. I used to live there. Now that’s fantastic, absolutely wonderful that that lucky person was able to access their memory. Most of us you know can’t get that way but we just feel a draw to a particular location, so the answer is the name is the name of the physical body but it is the intent of the soul that replicates itself, thank you.
JP: A very, very interesting response there Simon, thank you very much. Now do you remember there was a lady who called, asked the question, maybe last week, or last week before, about seeing a woman on the train with green arms.
SP: Yes I do.
JP: Okay, so you asked me if my husband saw the green arms. He did not. Only I saw it. You have previously stated the colored dreams are real. I had an experience years ago as a fourteen-year-old child when I visited my father on my farm where I spent twelve years growing up. I found myself standing on the bank of the dam looking up at a large spacecraft leaf-shaped. It was early morning and the sunrise was particularly colorful with bright red through the clouds; the craft was shiny against the sunrise. I woke up in bed thinking oh just a dream but I’ve never forgotten it. As a young child I that had reoccurring dreams of falling into what I can only describe as a black nothingness and I then felt like I was in the ocean at night struggling to stay afloat. This was really unpleasant and I would always lost my stomach as I felt myself falling from a great height. The last time this occurred I remember screaming out, “No not again.” I never had this experience again that I could remember. Is there anything that indicates that this dream could have been real?
SP: Right, let’s just do a bit of correction here. What I have actually said is that if you dream in color as opposed to black and white, it’s not that it’s real. If you have something in black and white then you are potentially in the astral. That’s just as real, but if you are seeing it in color that means there’s a real possibility that your physical body has been taken as well. We tend to see things when we are in the astral when our energy body has left our physical body we tend to see in black and white, but when we see in color, then it’s indicative that our physical body has been taken or has traveled. Both are real and I value both just as highly. Leaf-shaped craft, the problem we have here is that that may not have been, that may have been what they wanted you to see, but it may have been genuine. This is the difficulty that we have. We can identify our particular species by its craft; that’s why sometimes different groups lend each other craft to make it difficult because they don’t have markings on it, it doesn’t say United States Air Force printed on the side of it, so we can’t go too much on the shape of the craft. What we can do is you talked about you’re like swimming in a sea; you were fighting against that and there was a falling feeling and you were saying oh no, not again. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad; it means that you’re aware that you are going to have another one of these unexplained experiences and this is the moment of consciousness between this planet and somewhere else and you’re able to say oh no, not again and then you enter their world. The falling feeling is either leaving your body or being returned to your body. I think it’s being returned to your body. What you’re not getting is what’s happening inbetween, so nobody will come to an individual on this planet and just stand there and smile at them and disappear. You know that’s what so many people recognize. I saw this figure. We stood there and then it went. What they don’t grasp is that there would have been some interaction. There would have been some communication nobody comes, God knows how many trillion miles or through how many wormholes, just to stand at the end of your bed for thirty seconds and disappear again, not unless they’re disturbed or somebody comes into the room or something like that, but generally and I’ve said this, these things have to be project managed you know, you have to work out the timings, you know, how much time you have in that individual. You have to choose the right moment. There’s so much that there has to be preplanned beforehand and so just to stand there at the end of the bed and disappear, no that’s just not what it’s about. What’s happening is that the vast majority of people do not remember that vital moment. They remember the moment where they see the creature and possibly they remember it going but that slice inbetween is like nothing happened and only through regression, hypnotic regression or perhaps, you know, talking it over and understanding it and getting a little bit of information and working on that can we begin to get the subject for he or she to get something back. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. That’s not necessarily why it’s been hidden. Most of these things are actually good believe it or not. There’s probably about 25 to 30 percent which are very bad. The rest are either middle-of-the-road or a positive side and it’s not perhaps in the individual’s interest to remember it. That’s their point of view. My point of view is and it’s always been this, that if something happens to your physical body you have a right to know and nobody should actually wipe your mind so that you don’t know what’s happened because people need to be upfront and open and if they’re going to come and have a communication with you and a chat with you, why should they remove that from you? Why do they not want you to know, so that’s a big point and I did actually some years ago have this debate with something off planet. It was actually a tall Grey and I said to the tall Grey why, why do you not talk? Why do you not talk to the subjects and he said, in his own way, excuse me, he said basically well because I’m going to wipe their mind. Why would I talk to them? They’re not going to remember anyway. That’s a fundamental problem and that’s, that’s abduction, that’s not honest, and so what I would suggest is that you do have more memory. It is there and if it becomes a real problem then you need to go and have some regression therapy, see if you can get something back. If they do tend to stop, they come at you when you’re a certain age or certain energies and they are particularly key on that or if they want you to do something or maybe you are going to do something and they want to steer you in a certain direction or they want to observe you. God knows, there are so many agendas here, but the bottom line for me is that they should ask permission and if you agree to that, then they should always let you know what’s happened, but sadly of course what’s happening is they don’t ask permission. That’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, so it’s top of the hour.
SP: Teatime.
JP: I think it’s teatime, what you reckon?
SP: I think so.
JP: Let’s have a nice little five-minute, five minute trance of Dire Straits, Water of Love is the name of it.
SP: All right, water again.
JP: Yep, and welcome back to Connecting Consciousness and I haven’t got the mute button. Are you back with us?
SP: Yes I’m here.
JP: I’ve built this fabulous little box that enables me to press roughly hard down onto a button, but if the switch is in one and I’ve got it switched open, I hit the button and it goes quiet because I’ve put it round the wrong way. Anyhow, brilliant.
SP: Yes it’s time for me to thank people.
JP: Yes, thank you time.
SP: I’ll do that and I have had a few Internet issues again this week. I was chatting to the guy who very kindly offered to step in with the funding for the Healing Center and three times the Internet went . . . we were on Internet phone calls that was just cut. I’m just reading through some of the blog there. People are a bit confused about the Saudi Arabian bank account and people have sort of quite bemused saying why is Simon trying to get money out of a Saudi Arabian bank account so, the initial woman who came forward very kindly wanted to fund the Healing Center, her money was held in an offshore account in Saudi Arabia, but to transfer that, this lady was in Spain, to transfer it out from there to Spain and then to Britain seemed to have so many huge administrative hurdles and then money was taken by the Spanish central bank and not released and in fact I’ve got my bank is in touch with them saying what’s going on, so that was a problem. It was getting so difficult and then another funder, this I will call him a very spiritual businessman stepped in and said, you know, I hear you’re having problems. Listen if you can prepare to wait for the end of the year then I will fund this for you and it won’t be an offshore account; it’ll just be a straight bank transfer and you can do it which is great because when it initially kicked off, I did say to people that I couldn’t promise the Healing Center in this month or that month but it would be the end of the year. I gave myself that time because I know how difficult it is to set projects up. You know as an ex-politician, you know, I know how difficult it is to try to get projects up for the communities. It took months and months. It did in the end of course but it takes months, so I still want to hit that target before the close of play this year, 2018, I want a Healing Center up and running; it would be fantastic. So the new guy’s stepped in and said look don’t worry about it, you know, I’ll deal with that. Whatever else happens with that’s fine but he wants the fund that. All right let me just thank and the result that the Internet’s been going down, I haven’t got a full list of people who has very kindly donated and so this is not a full list and so if your name is not mentioned here it’s simply because I couldn’t get access to get your name so I want to thank Nicole, Tom, Bernard, Elaine, Martin, Sue, Catrine, Christopher, Daniel, Kenny, Oliver, Scott, Vivian, Sheryl, Ruth, Shirley, Sandra, Simone, Sheridan, A1, Dalia, Imogene, George, Ulrich, and I think I would pronounce this as Ferry and Kan To Chan. There were others. Unfortunately I haven’t got the list. I want to thank you all so much for supporting me and the work is getting really exciting and the challenges are growing, but so are the rewards at the end and the reward has got to be the freedom of the human race and we won’t accept anything less than that, so thank you very much indeed. God bless you all.
JP: Okay, so there’s a . . . here’s a question, an after dinner question. This is from Dalia. Thank you both for your amazing show. I am new to it but I have in the last two weeks listened to all shows 2018 and 2017, ah we’ve got 2015 and 2016 as well. I have a bit of an embarrassing question I wanted to save up for a session with Simon but his appointment calendar has not been opened yet so here we go. Sit back and relax. I recently had a dream of having sex with a sweet-looking Reptilian that had apple green skin, tiny scales and a smallish round head without scary fangs. It was about five-feet-eight, was on its side next to me and it had a very benevolent amicable energy to it. It was not held, I was not held nor forced nor sat on. When I woke up I felt happy, energized, but relaxed and did not feel violated or weird. If I’m truthful it was the best sexual encounter I’ve ever had and I still think fondly of the being. From what evidence says your shows is that not all Reptilian-looking beings are malicious and with bad intent. This being really did not feel like it wanted to harm me. After listening to some of your listener’s dreams I got worried that this may, that I may have been hoodwinked so I meditated and in the meditation asked the being if it was benevolent and helpful, which took me a lot of courage. It said neither yes or no but looked down guiltily as if caught having done something shameful and selfish. I felt it. I feel it was truthful and suddenly felt it was a young inexperienced adolescent. Can you comment on this and may this have been a breeding attempt. I’m 46 years old and have had strong premenstrual syndromes in the past two years. Something, sometimes I felt like I was pregnant with much weight gain and strong appetite—she’s never been pregnant—this is my first alien encounter. I am vegan and have light green eyes and feel much love for the Mantids. Hang on a second. There is an addendum. When I asked my last question about my dream I was very sorry I used the wrong word. I’m German. Sometimes I don’t know the right English. I did not mean the alien seemed adolescent but meant quite young maybe his age is from 20 years on. I’m sorry about that, so anyway that’s from Dalia, the green benevolent Reptilian in the bed, hmm.
SP: Right, well first of all anyone who speaks more than one language is brilliant, well done. I only speak one language so you have German and you have English as a second language. You may have others so I think you did remarkably well for that and the website is only closed at the moment for bookings because we have a backlog. We have got a new program, software program that’s running. Andy [1:04:49][Bale] has done an absolutely amazing job and there are always glitches. There are going to be problems so the only reason we’re closed at the moment is just so that we can tweak it, get it back on and then it’ll be opened again so that’s just a temporary thing. Right let’s go on to your dream. First of all well done, the courage you’ve had there. I know we didn’t give your name and we wouldn’t have put your name out anyway but well done for doing that. I remember five years ago attending a local UFO Club in Scarborough in North Yorkshire which met every two weeks I think in a local pub and having addressed the group. There was one woman there with her husband who then proceeded tell everyone that she had had a sexual relationship, an encounter with a Reptilian and the poor old husband sitting there and knew nothing about it and she said that having heard me gave her the courage to speak out, empowered her that she realized that she wasn’t on her own. This wasn’t just something that’s crazy. This is something that’s gone on all over the planet and if you can accept that and you can move on then you become empowered so what you’ve described to me is potentially, it is a benevolent Reptilian-type creature. There’s no doubt about that from the experience you’ve given me there. It could be one of the, when I say Hollow Earth I don’t mean a Reptilian being living in Agartha as such, but there are underground bases which are not malevolent. There are native Reptilian-type beings and this sounds very much like that. I would from what you’ve described to me, I would suggest that the entity was perhaps between five-foot and six-foot. I would be interested to know if I’m wrong but I would suggest between five-foot and six-foot. These beings if I’ve got it right are between . . . they’re much shorter than the traditional Reptilian-type being. They’re also not as muscular. They also have a somewhat stronger understanding of human emotions. The fact that you didn’t feel scared or nervous, this probably will make you smile, I hope it does, but this wasn’t your first time. This is the time you’ve remember, so for some reason this particular sexual encounter you’ve remembered it but if it had been your first time you wouldn’t have been very relaxed and you wouldn’t have been very happy about a scaly being getting into bed with you and obviously wanting sex, so this implies very strongly that you have been involved with this being for a very long time. Breeding program, yes, possibly, but there’s much, much more to it than that. You’ve got green eyes so there’s a bit of a giveaway. If you have let’s just say a hundred thousand years ago, if you incarnated in a female Reptilian body and the soul in this young male was in another male body and you had a relationship then his connection to your physical body is not important. His connection to the soul is important and if you had a very strong relationship then he has literally found you a hundred thousand years later. Now I don’t know we can use the word soulmate because there’s not enough information for me to make that decision but you know many people don’t understand that sometimes when these things occur it’s because there’s been a past relationship over many lifetimes and you know all that’s happening, excuse me, is that one partner is finding the other partner and the fact that you’re not finding it difficult implies that you know this person, this being. You don’t know the physical body but you are connecting with the soul. You have to decide what you want to do. You said it was the best sex you ever had and so you know it’s entirely up to you how you deal with that. If you’re not being, my only concern is, you know, people are being hurt. If you’re not being harmed by it and you know then so what; the point is you cannot discuss this openly. You cannot go and chat about it because, you know, you will just be ostracized and nobody except spiritual people will understand what’s going on here, so yeah you have a background that you’re not even aware of, so you need to go on a personal journey. Lots of meditation, you know, let’s see if we can get chat, you know, as soon as we’re open, you know, just book in and I think you’ll find that you have a very, very complicated history going right back so yeah, thank you. Thank you for having the braveness to write in. It’s very easy relatively speaking to say I had an alien experience, relatively speaking, and to describe what happens as I was in the car and then the flying saucer landed and I got out and these little beings were there and then I had this missing time, but to say you had a sexual experience, then you know that that’s a big deal, that’s a big deal and you know that’s what I went public with many years ago now, but if you look on the history, people since the 1930s have been saying exactly what you are saying and so it’s something that happens. Humans are compatible with a large number of off planet beings simply because we’re humanoid and that’s the way of it and is it not the Bible that says in its own words that the aliens, the gods came down and found earth women to be very desirable, but so had children with them and here we have the, so the beginnings of the, you know, altered race, the half-human half-alien beings and so that’s something of course that the church can’t accept officially, publicly. Privately it knows the truth of course it does, you know, how many key people in government top level or top level of money or businesses don’t receive money from the Vatican, you know, if you don’t want to blackmail a person through, you know pedophilia or through anything else you might just say hey what you know there’s three million dollars or five million dollars, whatever it is, if you don’t take it you are going to end up on the railroad line dead, so they’ll take it and then they are controlled and therefore their image or their value or their views, whatever they have privately they cannot share. They can’t begin to change the law. They can’t begin to change the awareness, you know. They can’t make it a curriculum subject in school, you know, aliens, they can’t do that but because they’re under orders not to address any subject that means that the elite lose control of the human race and so that’s what we need to do don’t we. We need to actually put out stories that challenge the established view, the difficulty is that so many people are primitive. I remember as a politician I remember over a four-year term I only got one letter, one letter, which said that I shouldn’t be allowed to represent the people. I shouldn’t be allowed to be a politician because I talked about aliens. I had a great deal of pride in the fact that only one person bothered to write in and show and show everyone how primitive and how bigoted they were and they got a very interesting letter back from the chief officer basically saying actually Councillor Parkes attends every meeting. He’s a chair of this, that and the other committee; he stands up and talks, he’s a damn good constituency politician, you know why don’t you come and listen to him speak? Of course they never did so there will always be a small bigoted group of people who, for whatever reason, can’t come out of the swamp and the rest of us who call ourselves spiritual will move beyond that and we need to accept and understand that what we’re taught in school isn’t necessarily the truth. That’s a good question, well done, thank you.
JP: Well I was just thinking isn’t the whole premise of the Christian Church that some alien comes and makes a, you know, makes a baby with a human? You know that sort of thing you know.
SP: Yes, but you know what JayPee . . .
JP: Just saying . . .
SP: Yeah, no but, no it’s a really good point but I need to just put it right. It’s got something in front of it. G.O.D. and if you are G.O.D. you separate from everything and whatever you do is fine. Remember we’re talking about the God of the Bible, you know, I’ve often said you know why is it, why are you told you’re mad if you say I saw a flying saucer, okay? But if you talk about I believe in God, but who’s seen God? What photographs are there of God? What evidence is there of God? When did anybody say on the news God is real, yet we accept God in the controlled element because it’s the official line, so if you stick the word God in front of something, you are not allowed to attack it. You’re not allowed to call it wrong. Oh no, that’s our religion; that’s our religion and that’s again only can come about because so many people are primitive in their evolvement and their understanding and their knowledge. If you took the majority of these people and you took them out into space or you didn’t have to do that actually you brought something in and addressed them for fifteen minutes, something from some far distant place, those people would deny everything they’ve just seen. They would fundamentally refuse to believe their own eyes and their own ears and that’s the primitiveness of the control system, you know, that that’s it, you know, when the, what I call the war over the White House, when all the UFOs were over the White House in the early ’50s and the searchlights were on them and they fired goodness knows how many artillery rounds antiaircraft was it 1942 I think, and it was reported wildly thousands of people saw this; the newspapers covered it and yet it didn’t have the great effect on the people. It had a massive effect at government level, which was hidden and nobody saw that, but the public, you know, were given another news story the next day and that’s the difficulty that we face that there’s still a very large proportion of people who are absolutely refusing to move out of their own paradigm and you know they’re gonna have to do it, because if they don’t do it it’s going to be done for them. That was a really good question thank you.
JP: Okay, yes indeed, right so here’s a question. Hi Simon and JayPee. This is from Eddie. Thank you for all your good great work and kindness. Simon you mentioned recently in the latest interview with Kerry Cassidy that Hillary Clinton could not be dealt with and arrested and brought to justice without also dealing with Bill and that he “has very strong connections with something quite . . . says something quite usual, but I think it is something quite unusual.” Can you expand what these [un]usual connections are please? I had long thought that of the two of them Hillary was the more clever, evil, and powerful one in the shadow world. Is this incorrect? I and I’m sure many other good kind people want to finally see the likes of these Kissinger, Soros, Cheney finally brought to justice in truth and reconciliation for the whole world to see. Thanks and many blessings, Eddie.
SP: I couldn’t agree with you more absolutely and the list of names you gave there are people whose time is up. They have no longer legally any game to play on this planet. The game they’re playing is, you know, borrowed time. I don’t agree with you in terms of where the power lies between the two Clintons. Hillary would appear to have been much more savvy than Bill, but that was because she was more Reptilian than Bill and therefore she was more fiery, a very clever Bill and Hillary because they had a higher proportion of higher human and they’ve mixed Pleiadian with Reptilian and that’s why you’ve got a very dangerous mix. When you mix Reptilian and Pleiadian you get a very volatile mix in the soul of a person. That’s what those two had. Hillary was most definitely manipulated, totally a puppet and that’s why they wanted her. They did not want somebody in position who would tell them what to do, not even just slightly, so Hillary was the choice because she would, she was up to her neck in stuff. Therefore, she couldn’t say boo to a goose, as we say in Great Britain, because the mud they had on her was so great. Bill was the one that got out of his difficulty as president much better than Nixon did and the reason that he did was because of his connections and that’s why you still see during Democratic rallies that they’ll still bring Bill Clinton out and Bill Clinton can bring the crowds out. The point is that there is a satanic element that is connected to a fourth dimensional energy that is the root of this planet, in other words Babylon, particularly Babylon, not exclusively so, which can trace an energy string right back also hacked into by artificial intelligence and as proof of that of course much more recently we’ve had the Russian crash and the Uranium One guy who was going to testify against the Clintons is taken out so we begin to understand the influence that an individual has who is not president and that was not Hillary who has the swing and the power to make things happen. It’s always been Bill who’s had the swing and the power to make things happen. That I hope is clear but yes your sentiment, I couldn’t agree more. It’s time for these people, you know, why don’t they just say look, it’s over. It’s finished. You’re losing your audience. You’re not getting the control that you had five years ago, ten years ago. What is the point of this? Why don’t you just go on one of Elon Musk’s Tesla motorcars and go to Mars? I know it’s a one-way trip and those motorcars [1:21:01][don’t?] come back but, you know what, I don’t really mind if people like that go to Mars and don’t come back again, so you know why don’t you jump on the shuttle and go to Mars and start another life up, you know, why don’t you do that, go retire on Mars but we’re on the other side of Mars, so we don’t have to see you. Well that’s my view and these people have the money and the power to change the world for good, you know, and I’ve got off topic here but I, when I, no it’s not off topic. I won’t apologize for this. When I go on and I open my emails and I have BT and I get all these adverts come up on the right-hand side trying to pull on my heartstrings, give five pounds to UNESCO or five pounds to WaterAid or five pounds to this and I’ll see this imploring black child looking at me. This is emotional blackmail and yet somebody can put a Tesla motorcar, for God knows how many millions of dollars, on a shoot up to Mars and then the two rockets can come back and land on Earth. Somebody can order a complete new nuclear missile refit for the British submarine nuclear deterrent at three billion. Somebody can say we’re going to have a new airport. Somebody can say this and yet I’ve got photographs appearing and we all have them of children who we are told don’t have enough water, don’t have enough food and you, you the people of the Earth put your hand in your pocket, you the people and you give us money, excuse me, what do my governments give me? What are these wealthy people doing? Why don’t they give some of their wealth up? Why are we being made to feel responsible for the issues and the policies of these leaders who create these situations and keep women and children and men, but women and children because they are the least able to defend themselves on a patriarchal planet keeping them in this disgusting conditions that we wouldn’t even keep our animals, our pet animals in. That’s the satanicness on this planet. That’s the point and either sooner that the vast majority of the public see through it in the Western world, see through this and say and start asking questions? Why are you asking me for five bucks when I know that you’ve just authorized X, Y, and Z? This is what’s wrong, but the problem is that the human race are inherently good. The vast majority of people are good and they don’t see the tricks being played on them. They’re not stupid. Human beings are not stupid. They’re just naïve and trusting. If you come here to this planet and you’ve never been anywhere else and you arrive here with a clean sheet of paper —you don’t know right and wrong—you don’t know what’s expected and when someone tells you something you well that must be true. Now when you come here from somewhere else you’ve had experiences off other planets, you think well that’s not right. Why are you doing that and this is the difference between people who immediately wake up and then go on some sort of quest of self learning and then they try and do things to service to others and the vast majority of human type people who are struggling to come to terms with the fact that the people they elect are down right evil and you know that’s the problem we’ve got and it’s not the people are stupid. It’s that they have been tricked and they just don’t get it and that’s the battle we face, the battle we face to convince people, you know, if I go to a conference, one of my conferences, I love it when there’s new people there and I always ask how did you hear about me, you know was it through a friend or did you hear a radio show or what was it, because we need to engage with new people. We need to engage with new people not because we’re not valuing those people who have been loyal and stayed with us from the beginning but we’ve got to reach out. We’ve got to get that 51 percent. We’ve got to get the majority because there is no alien going to come down here and save the day for us. The only alien we’ll ever find is a false prophet, the second coming, which is just designed to get people to give their sovereignty up and I’ve always said don’t ever do that so another good question that’s dear to my heart because it’s about the freedom of humanity.
JP: So from Christianity to Islam. Simon what is your perspective on the source of the Quran? Who was Muhammad communicating with and if possible please share what you know about the Black Stone at Mecca with heartfelt appreciation for the work you both do, Jeanette.
SP: Right, I’ve always been very careful with religion because if a person chooses to believe in A, B, or Z that’s entirely up to them and it’s not my intention nor to my want to, you know, cause aggravation but at the same time I do have an opinion and we’re all entitled to our opinion. Religion is not the same as believing in God. I believe in God, but I call God the Great Creator or Source, but my understanding of God is that as I think of the vast majority of the people listening to radio shows and being aware is so if you have a nation of people that’s emerging you want to control them. Well money, the Babylon spell is one good way. The second good way to control them is through a culture. The third good way is through a law of religion and so what will happen is that certain prophets will come to the Earth apparently and they will give their views. Now they may be very genuine but the people who are transcribing this might think that they can use these words for their own ends. I’m very, very cautious of any religion that puts the male in the dominant position. Now that’s the case in the Jewish religion and it’s the case in the Muslim religion where the women are not entitled to the same thing as the men so immediately I have a problem because that’s not equitable. What I have said about the Muslim religion is that the Muslim teachings are far in advance of the Western world because they actually have a concept of demonic energies which is completely not covered in the Western [Judeo-Christian] Bible, but it is in the Muslim one so but don’t take my approval of that as an approval for a system that doesn’t treat people fairly so all I would say on this score is that anything that’s written in a book on this planet was written by the people who make the history and if you make the history you can rewrite history. I think that very good people came to this planet with the best intentions of anybody to try and wake people up, to give examples of how to do things and they were got at, shall we say, by the establishment just as goes on today, and because their message was a message of hope and that’s not the message they want. If you buy a newspaper you don’t get the message of hope. Never do you get that; they say it doesn’t sell newspapers. Well actually it would but they are under orders to give bad messages so whenever Jesus or the Prophet gave a good message there was always somebody it seemed to me who wanted to try and turn that message, so that’s my answer.
JP: Okay right this is a very long question. Maybe I’ll just, yeah I’ll send that to you personally.
SP: Okay.
JP: All right, right Simon all right okay this is a strange one. Johnny Made Meatballs. Always good to hear your voices Simon and JayPee. Simon when I was growing up I would catch my mum rolling small meatballs and eating them raw while preparing meatballs or meatloaf. I would scold her telling her that’s unhealthy. She would say she won’t do it anymore, but then I would catch her again in the future. Why someone who grew up in a conservative Kosher home would have such a craving I do not understand. Is there some meaning behind this? Is this a Reptilian trait? Well I, yeah sometimes yeah hmm anyway what do you think?
SP: Well we could make a joke and say was the woman pregnant, but that would just be a joke. What I don’t understand actually is why she said she wouldn’t do it anymore and then she would do it. I don’t understand why she felt guilty or shamed and she didn’t give you a reason. If you were a child and she was a mother, maybe she thought you would tell some other members of the family. Reptilian people, these are human beings that have either a full soul or a large proportion of their soul which is Reptilian, have a very great difficulty giving up meat for obvious reasons, very, very great difficulty and I would suggest, and I do say to people, if you have a sizeable proportion of Reptilian in you and you are going to give it up, then you have to do it in stages. You cannot do it overnight, not to my knowledge anyway. You have to do it gradually. Without a photograph of the woman in question, I can’t tell you what her soul makeup was, but I would suspect that if she was eating raw meat then she had quite a proportion of Reptilian in her and remember that doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person. Just because a person has Reptilian in their soul doesn’t go it that they’re bad. It’s the choice you make in life, so interesting that you picked that one up and the fact that she might have said to you oh I won’t do it again, maybe that she felt there was something wrong in it but she couldn’t help herself. I think everyone needs to be who they are and they need to say something like well I enjoy it, so I’m gonna do it. You know it’s no harm to anybody, okay.
JP: Okay so here’s a question about Q-Anon. Dear Simon and JayPee, unless I missed it I’ve not heard you mention or any of the listeners asked about Q-Anonymous. Q has confirmed that it has beaten U.S. Military Intelligence and is asking us to research certain things and spread the truth and “red pill” who we can. I have been following Q since near the beginning of his posts on the Website 4chan back in October 2017. Can you tell us anything about Q?[1] This is from [1:32:33][Stein?Stine?] [Owl?Hour].
SP: Ah, it . . .
JP: Do you know what I’m talking about?
SP: Yeah this is the guy that releases information. Is this what we are talking about?
JP: Yeah little snippets on the news we see it with a gray background.
SP: Yeah somebody very kindly sent me a clip, a little note from Q a few days ago saying that Q had been alerted to the possibility of a car, a terrorist car incident in London or in Britain and that would I post it on my site to warn folks. I spoke to who I needed to speak to and was told that there was nothing picked up on the radar at all. It wasn’t detectable. I didn’t post it and I’m glad I didn’t because if I had put a notice up saying terrorist car incident then I would have looked an idiot, you know, it doesn’t mean that it was a deliberate attempt to make me put something up on the Website and try to catch me out or make me look stupid or et cetera, et cetera, you know, it could well have been that somebody got some evidence or information that they thought was real and it wanted me to warn people to save people, but I always double check everything that I get and in this instant it would come back that that was not on the cards. What was on the cards of course was the airplane disasters so that’s really all I can say about Q you know. That’s my answer.
JP: Okay right there we go. Here’s a question from Connie. Hello Simon and JayPee. Thank you both for all you do to help humanity. Question, what happens to those who don’t make it to 5D? The people in 5D still die. Are there other planets going to 5D too and will we have children and farming and space travel in 5D? Much love to you both. Yeah, what’s the deal with the 5D?
SP: Wow, that’s probably the big, not the hardest question but it’s the one that it could take a week to answer that. Will there be farming in 5D? Yes, but not chemical, you know, hormone intensive farming that we have today. There will be farming. You’ve got to feed people. Hopefully we will have moved away from eating meat, so it’ll be a different sort of farming. There will be farming but not as we understand it. It’s just about making money, that’s all it is at the moment. 5D is just a different state of evolution. Every planet has the right to evolve so if it’s on, it might be a 7D planet. I mean when I do readings for people and I find people are Arcturian and I say well you know when you were created you were in the fifth dimension but relatively recently Arcturus has moved into the bottom of the sixth dimension and that’s why a lot of Arcturian people on this planet today are going through quite a hiatus because they are connected back to their star family. They’re connected back to their birthplace. On their planet’s evolved from the fifth to the sixth and there’s been a huge change in the energies. All planets evolve so that’s normal. It’s nothing special about that; that’s what it’s expected to happen. Otherwise there would be no goal there would be no need to do anything you know if we were all sitting on the twelfth dimension then there’s no challenge, there’s no learning, you know, how can you say that you’ve evolved and you’ve worked things out for yourself if you were never challenged which make you look into yourself and decide what you’re going to do. So many other questions can you remind me of them please, that she wrote?
JP: Do people in 5D still die? Now you said out there, you said that there are other planets going to 5D.
SP: Yes.
JP: What, you know is there like a . . . is it like the wave that’s coming out from the center of the galaxy is like just removing everybody up to the next quantum level?
SP: No. That wave, well yes and no. The wave that you’re talking about acts on the stars, all planets that have life at our level have binary star system, have a part binary star. The energy wave coming out from a galactic center interacts and affects each star. The star then is tuned to go to the next frequency. That frequency is the frequency that bathes all of the planets within its radius, so the solar system. It’s that that pushes those planets up to the next dimension. Do people die in the fifth dimension? Absolutely they do in the sense of their physical bodies die. The fifth dimension has a biological body just as you and I do, so does the sixth dimension. It’s when you go from the sixth to the seventh dimension that the biological body begins to change and I say to people when I do a soul reading that the New Age has a saying, which is light bodies and that was coined because people talked about these glowing white beings that would visit them and that’s quite a good little term, but it’s inaccurate because the body is not made solely of light. It’s made up of sound waves as well so the term energy body is much more accurate, and as we leave the sixth and going to the seventh, so the density of the blood, bone, the biological body begins to alter and change, therefore what we eat and the amount we eat remarkably changes and as we move up the ladder seven, eight, nine, ten, so that the energy portion of our body increases until at some point we no longer need to ingest physical material food and I do continually have to say to people who go through some sort of phase here oh I don’t need to eat, you know, I’m developing my light body and I said well you’ll be dead within three months because you still have an organic body and there is some truth in people surviving on radiation. That’s not a joke. Doses of radiation can somehow do that, but only for a short period of time, so if you are on a personal journey, please don’t stop eating. You do need to drink water. You are an energy soul in an organic body and you are feeding the physical body and that’s very important that you continue to do that so what will happen—the last question is the hardest one—is what will happen to people who choose not to go to the fifth dimension. There’s very possible that they may end up in the fourth; that’s something that the New Age hasn’t really wanted to discuss, but it’s quite possible that a number of people will go to the fourth, which isn’t very good actually but the vast majority will be held in abeyance, held back to start their journey all over again and I certainly don’t want, you know, don’t want to go through all this again, thank you very much indeed, you know, we need to move on. I’m not sick of it. I’m sick of the control system. I’m sick of the evil people. I’m sick of the satanic energy and we’ve got to break it; we’ve got to break through and this is the time we do it. This is our time, the time of the human race and we will do it. We will do it but unfortunately we get things like shootings in schools and bomb explosions all designed I think to drag us down, make us focus on oh we have the crying person, you know, lost her brother, lost this and we get all involved in that and there’s a difference between empathy and being hooked by the negative energy. By all means show your love and compassion but don’t get hooked by you have to rise up and say this is manipulation of the human race. It’s got to stop, so it doesn’t mean you’re heartless or you don’t care, it means that you understand that what is played out was not just some crazy issue. It was something that was planned and organized many weeks ago and we don’t want a part of that. We want to be able to feel our love and compassion for those who have suffered but at the same time we need to understand that this was all part of a theater, so it’s a good question and just concentrate and get on to the fifth dimension because it’s where we need to be, thank you.
JP: Okay, so completely other. Hi Simon, my name is Sara. This is the first time I’m asking a question although I listen to every interview and I respect all you’re doing. My question is about Rasputin. He’s considered by mainstream and by the Russian royalty to be a con artist who had the queen in the palm of his hand, whereas I remember reading a few years ago, can’t remember where exactly, that he actually was spiritually evolved and had genuine powers. I’d like to know if you have any information about him.
SP: Absolutely he was spiritual no question of it. The problem was that he was able to manipulate certain members of the Romanov family simply because he was foretelling the future. In small ways he would be able to predict what would happen and he was invariably proven right so therefore they didn’t feel that they could, you know, laugh at him or take him for granted and so he was given audience. He would attend wherever, and he also was very flamboyant and he wasn’t very respectful, and if you look at the Jesus figure in history, he was a guy dressed very simply and was unassuming. If you look at Rasputin, he dressed flamboyantly and conducted himself outrageously. The answer in terms of was he a con artist is no, because look how hard it was to kill him. If you are something a bit different on this planet you don’t die in the same way or as easily as the indigenous population and so I think he was poisoned and shot or something and he still didn’t die. There are some jokes and tricks but the reality is that he did actually take poison and it didn’t kill him and that’s only because there was something very unusual about him. If he had conducted himself differently he could have been the most wonderful thing that could have happened to Russia. The problem was that there was this planned revolution coming. The czar was going to be removed and, you know, the old bad names that we know so well, we’re going to make a big fortune on this, people like Lenin and Trotsky were being got ready in the sidelines and Stalin and I think that Rasputin could have overturned their plans had he focused on that. Instead he was focusing on the high life and the mistake he made I believe was that he was hooked and sucked into the opulence, you know, for God’s sake in Russia there were peasants starving and yet these people were living in the most wonderful palaces and, you know, where, when did Rasputin go and rub shoulders with those people? Why was he always hobnobbing it, as we say in Britain, with the well to do? That to me is a sign that something wasn’t right. Yes he was special. Yes he had gifts, but he misused them and that’s why he didn’t bring about any positive change in Russia, so the reason that he’s vilified is because he was a topic that they couldn’t control. It’s a bit like Trump. That’s why in the future, unless we do get this great change, Trump will be vilified by the established media within months of Trump leaving office he will be attacked left, right, and center unless we have advanced and moved on, and so what happened with Rasputin is that everybody blamed him for everything. Look at Jesus, whether we believe in Jesus or not, the system turned on him and blamed him for everything and then what do the Christians do? The Christians blame the Jewish people for killing their Jesus, so you know a person turns up here with some really good messages for the world . . . thou shalt not kill, et cetera, et cetera from the old Bible, but putting them into modern context, and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because those people didn’t find the frequency of the energy to communicate with the people. If you don’t find the frequency to communicate, you can’t bring change on the planet and Rasputin wasn’t the right man. He was at the right place and he was at the right time, which is what had been arranged, but he may have been the right man, but by the time he arrived he allowed himself to be corrupted by all the things around him and you cannot afford to do that. You have to say I have a goal. I have a job and this is what I’m going to do and nothing and nobody is going to prevent me from doing them and in his case unfortunately the beautiful silky clothes and all the rest of it just went to his head so he paid the price.
JP: From Rasputin to Wachowski, Jupiter Ascending. Have you seen the film, Jupiter Ascending Simon?
SP: Yes.
JP: Okay, good. Dear Simon, do you think that the Wachowski brothers have inside knowledge? The Matrix was insightful and they’re half brothers, yeah siblings and I’m sure it triggered a knowing feeling within many of us. Their latest movie, Jupiter Ascending centered around ancient off planet human elites that harvest the entire population of planets for their soul essence, life force, to enable their immortality. Is there any truth to this with respect to the Earth? Does this share any link to the references of harvesting the wheat from the chaff or is the biblical reference a pure of harvesting with respect to souls ready to experience a higher vibrational environment? All the best, Sam.
SP: Hello, Sam. The Jupiter Ascending film is worth watching if for no other reason than the excellent portrayal of Greys when the heroine is on the operating table and the Greys attack and the way they move around the room and their physical description is excellent so if you haven’t seen it, watch that if it’s just for that. Also, if you like the idea of a flying motorbike, then that’s the one to watch too because that’s really exciting. Of the serious points, although the first part of the Greys is serious, I’ve consistently said that those two family members did a great service to the planet by bringing through Hollywood a film that was not only a box-office hit and very enjoyable to watch, but had so much information to give for those who had eyes to see, or ears to hear, as Jesus used to say, and if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, then you will get the message that’s put in there. I suggest that you have a listen to Kerry Cassidy, who everybody knows that I have the highest regard for her and Kerry and I actually don’t seem to disagree on anything which is a bit scary really, but listen to Kerry Cassidy because she’ll talk about what we call Abattoir ships. Where do you think all the missing children go? There are or there were bases underground. Most of them have been taken out now. There are certainly ships that have body parts, human children body parts and this planet I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing when we think about that, but we trade in money, gold, isn’t as valuable like that, but we sometimes see people selling organs, poor people selling a kidney say in India. They’ve got no money; they will sell a kidney, which can be used somewhere else and they’ll get paid a lot of money. That’s a very interesting indication on the third dimension how we’re doing that. On the fourth dimension, what’s happening is that DNA is being traded, body parts are being traded, bodily fluids are traded absolutely that’s what happens, and what those films were trying to show is that a population in denial is a population you can export.
[03/04/18 transcribed by gsc]
[1]                      See “Joseph P. Farrell: Q Anon Deep State Wizard of OZ?” interview on Dark Journalist for insights about Q-Anon, who/what it is, and its possible objectives.
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