4 March 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
The Pope and the Vatican have taken the Knights Templar back into the fold; video of space battle above Earth appears genuine, most probably between two off planet fleets; so many conflicting stories of Florida school shooting that this could be the false flag that tips the balance, plus Simon notes many students were Jewish; two forms of energy waves are coming that may slow down/take out the AI embedded in our domestic computer network; Simon doubts Benjamin Fulford’s info about death of Jacob Rothschild and George Soros is accurate, but believes an attempt was made to take out one of the Rothschilds; George Soros moved 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundations; at end of March the Chinese gold-backed Yuan will challenge the petrodollar and Great Britain might dump the petrodollar and go over to the Chinese side; Putin up for reelection March 18; if the gold Yuan becomes the dominant banking system it will not be compatible with that of the West, so Trump is trying to get gold and silver into U.S. to maintain its independence; Cabal is beginning to collapse; Questions: can awake and aware humans build organic houses molecule by molecule on Earth; is there an intended collective purpose/goal for humans as they go through many lifetimes on this planet; regaining memories, usually in later life; is the meaning of the black box an allegory of the void; when will disclosure happen; can dreams come from DNA memory; why is there so much media coverage of the Royals; benefits of carbon 60; AI spiders, smoke shadows, and normal shadows; the Druids; entities that live in Wi-Fi systems; effects of comas; will Ubuntu work; criticism of President Putin justified or not; agenda behind disqualified Russian Olympic athletes; implications of seeing certain numbers frequently; Satan’s identity, role, powers, and domicile; the Ganymede outpost; romantic love in 3D and other dimensions.

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JayPee: You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Yes indeed, good afternoon, good evening and good morning, wherever you are on this rotating thing, here we are with our first video Connecting Consciousness. I can see Simon. Simon can see me. I hope you can see everything and so for the first time on live video on a Sunday. Good afternoon Simon how are you? It’s Tuesday afternoon as well.
Simon Parkes: Good afternoon JayPee, yes we are and good afternoon to the listeners and the viewers now of course although they could always have heard us on YouTube they couldn’t see us. So yes we are doing a prerecord for reasons I’ll explain a bit later. I’m really happy to be able to do this. Let’s have fingers crossed that it works properly.
JP: Okay, so first things first, your public announcements.
SP: Yes normally I don’t need to write things down but this has been so busy with so much happening that I’ve actually got a little sheet and notes. I wanted to first of all talk about the Templars. We have a saying in many countries about Friday the 13th being an unlucky lucky day. That’s just nonsense really in terms of the way we are now but that’s something that stuck with folklore. It really goes back to the time that the Templars were removed from their quite pivotal position by the Vatican and it has been announced that the Pope and the Vatican have agreed to take the Knights Templars back into the club. We could look on this in two ways. We could look on it as oh well you know, what do you expect, or we could look on it as something a little bit more positive. I’ve always had more understanding of the Templars than almost any other secret society. I’ve always understood that the Templars’ role was to protect sacred objects, to look after heirlooms, and that was their role and they did fall out with the Vatican and they’d fallen out for something like 700 years, so it’s very important that for more positive reasons than negative reasons that the Knights Templars are being readmitted. I got an information from what we call the Solomon’s Temple Guard, which is the Guard of Jerusalem, sometimes known as the Order of Jerusalem and I’m absolutely certain that the information that I’ve been given is accurate so that’s one thing and we ought to see a changing standpoint with the Vatican in the weeks ahead because of this.
I want then to move on to this very interesting video that’s been posted of a space battle. It was videoed I think by a woman who brought her car window down so she could look at it. I’ve seen the video and it looks genuine to me. It looks very genuine. If it’s a fake my goodness me, what a good fake. That is exactly how I would expect craft to behave. The only difference with the commentators that I would make is I do not see this as a battle between human fleets or indeed an alien fleet and a human fleet. I see this as a battle between two off planet fleets, one certainly belonging to the secret government but largely piloted by nonhumans. The way that the crafts were moving there was very little to choose between them. The technology of off planet aliens is still superior to that of the Secret Space Program and yet the video showed craft of equal capabilities. The flashes that you saw were not just weapons being fired, they were when you put the craft into a super charge it allows you to strengthen the force field, for want of a better word or jump through space and time, so what I believe we’re watching there is a battle for the Earth between beneficial off planet entities and I suppose we call them Cabal entities trying to fight for the status quo, so that I think personally speaking is a genuine video.
Looking back at my notes now because there’s been so much to look at. Going back to the terrible shooting in the school, just one thing I think to add to that is that a large number of Jewish pupils in the school. I think that’s something that needs to be borne in mind. There’s a symbol there, so many pupils now, students coming forward talking about the lack of bodies, the lack of blood, the fact that there’s now understood to be a number of actors involved, people coming forward talking about fake police. I think, take out 911, this could be the one false flag that tips the balance. So many people who up to now have just said oh isn’t it terrible, are asking questions. Something’s not right here. Through all of the false flags people have asked, but never before have I been aware of such a movement into mainstream media, mainstream media carrying interviews with students who are absolutely at odds with the official line and that’s coming out, so I think that this shooting may turn out to be very helpful for advancing humanity. That’s not how it was planned but I think that’s how it will go.
Looking back down to my notes now, we are expecting two forms of energy waves to hit the planet very shortly, the first one will be an electromagnetic wave and the information I’m getting is the disruption should be less than was feared. There may be some knocking out of cellphones and maybe landlines affected but generally speaking it shouldn’t be the catastrophe that it was thought to be about a month ago. Right on the back of this electromagnetic wave is a burst of energy coming from galactic center, coming from source, which will help to elevate the planet and all humans. Now in the past we’ve had waves of energy which have come over many hours and that was important because it allowed the human body to develop and catch up. It wasn’t too much of a shock to the system. What I’m being told is this wave of energy will be a short sharp shock. It’s beneficial but many of us are going to feel as if we’ve been hit by a bulldozer. We are going to be feeling very tired, a bit stressed, feel like you’ve been up Mount Everest and back, so that’s to be expected so be prepared for that, and negative people will become incredibly confused. People who are living in a very dense thick heavy energy are not going to be able to transmute this and so that’s going to cause I think some issues on the planet, but this is beneficial and it’s happening. The electromagnetic wave has to come first. That should do something to AI. If we can think back a numbers of years when the Hubble telescope went up, they had an awful lot of photographs to process and what they did was they, through universities, asked ordinary people with their standalone computers could they access your computer during the hours of darkness to allow them to process this huge data information and that seemed pretty straightforward and okay. What we have now is AI that is hooked into the domestic computer network. Now this energy wave will largely take out AI, for what I call is in the nodes. There are nodes associated with high voltage where AI is hanging out. The electromagnetic wave will do quite a bit to disrupt that but it won’t do very much to the either infests in the system in terms of computers. Nevertheless in this like a snowplow, I said to the Connecting Consciousness coordinator Skype that I had a few days ago. Imagine a bulldozer. It plows through the snow and before the snow can fall back on itself the stretch of energy comes through, so that’s what we’re looking for very positive, very helpful, but be prepared for some debilitating effects which will be temporary.
Okay, getting back to my list now. There’s been a few inquiries to me about Benjamin Fulford’s latest news blog regarding the death of Jacob Rothschild and George Soros. Before I carry on I will say that I agree with about 90 to 95 percent of Benjamin Fulford’s information and he gets different sources that give him that information from me, but when we put ours together which I do occasionally when I have a look, it’s uncanny how accurate we agree, but I’m not sure about the death of George Soros and the [9:55][death] of Jacob Rothschild. The airplane and helicopter crash which took place over Buckinghamshire very close to where the Rothschilds building, but the Rothschilds had not been in that building since 1957, although it was their name they hadn’t actually used it, but I believe it was an attempt to kill Jacob Rothschild and somebody thought he was in that airplane, so I do think that that was an attempt but I don’t think he died. He tweeted six hours ago regarding his situation and also George Soros tweeted a little while ago, and George Soros was tweeting about Armenia, so either these are actor’s doubles and they really are dead or more likely they are still alive, so I’m happy to go along with the fact that there was an attempt to take out one of the Rothschilds but I don’t believe that they’re dead so I’ll just say that.
I think I want to talk about George Soros, is that that he’s now valued at eight billion dollars and people who listen to the show regularly will perhaps remember about three, two or three radio shows ago, I talked about him moving money from his personal fortune into his philanthropic society, which you know could be used as a bit of a cover. I didn’t know, hadn’t been told how much money. I learned yesterday how much money George Soros had moved. It’s a staggering amount of money. I actually questioned the person. I said are you sure it’s eighteen billion dollars? George Soros moved eighteen, that’s one, eight billion dollars of his own money into his foundation. Now you have to ask yourself why would you be beginning to distance and put money into an arm’s-length organization. I have written down the organization. I don’t remember the organization; it’s called Open Society Foundations, so that is George Soros’ wonder.
The end of this month, the end of this month what we’ll find is that the Chinese are backing the gold Yuan in terms of oil, the oil buying price. That’s quite serious because we’ve been talking for months about the gold-backed Yuan and would it have an effect and nobody’s seen much movement. That’s because it never openly challenged the petrodollar. The end of March that is exactly what is going to happen. The gold Yuan will be up there running, challenging the gold on challenging the petrodollar and we could see a move to, not a gold standard, but back to a gold coinage. Don’t be surprised if Great Britain dumps the petrodollar and jumps into bed with the Chinese. Now that would have seemed unthinkable two years ago. It’s more possible now and that’s something that would be obviously reported in the mainstream news. They couldn’t hide that, so that’s really important.
I’m going to turn my sheet over; it’s been so busy. I have to sort of, well what could I say, what could I talk about. . . for those who have been aware of President Putin; he’s up for reelection March the 18th. The candidates against him don’t really stand much of a chance. The big question for Putin is whether there will be a big enough turnout. People consider it a done deal and they won’t bother to vote and of course the West will say it’s not legitimate. The big issue is the next election is about 2024, whether Putin will stand for that, so we have a situation where President Putin is up for reelection as president on the 18th, very interesting his deputy Medvedev who is the Prime Minister of Russia is the chairman of a big organization that actually controls a lot of money in London. Now the Russian Federation is the new lifeblood of the old USSR and the Russian Federation is not subject to sanctions so whilst individuals of the Russian regime have sanctions placed on them the Russian Federation does not and that has an office in London and deals very, very securely with a lot of the financial deals going on. Now if President Putin is reelected and if it looks like the gold Yuan is going to attack the petrodollar, then Medvedev could begin a movement away from Western banking systems. In other words, banks in most countries operate a system where one bank can talk to another, so a bank in Russia can do a deal with a bank in Britain and America but with the advent of the gold Yuan it may be that the system changes and becomes a Chinese system. It doesn’t mean everything’s going to be written in Chinese. What it means is the banking system would not be compatible with that of the West and this could cause a massive meltdown or inflation in the petrodollar and that is why President Trump has been working like crazy to get as much gold and silver into the U.S. which he’s been doing the last six months in an attempt I think to try and shore up and try to maintain the U.S. independence.
What else have I got here? There’s just so much here, a few questions about the Cabal beginning to collapse and I agree it is and what do we do? Do we forgive people and/or do we bring everyone to justice? Now I actually think that those people that have been blackmailed or drugged or threatened should be given a chance, but those people that have a Draconian soul and are willingly and openly doing what they’re doing, those are the people who need to be brought to justice. There are so many just decent people who are blackmailed or threatened or their wives or children are threatened and they’re told if you don’t do this that is what’s going to happen to you. Now those people need a bit of understanding, but those people who are part of the control system and are organizing it, well yes, I think they do need to be brought to justice. So yes truth and reconciliation is very important but there are some cases where I think that we have to be quite harsh, so that’s my update. Just very quickly we are recording this a little bit early because I have to go somewhere and in relation to that people have noticed that we’ve disabled our chats. We have taken the comments down; the people love to comment and you know we love to read them whether they’re good or bad, but I’ve been advised very strongly to take down or disable these comments. People will be aware that a number of these commentators are being attacked verbally at the moment and you can choose to either ignore it; you can choose to go “tit for tat,” you know, he said this and she said that and so it goes on, or you can choose to use the law. Now if you do do that, then the advice always is that you can’t make a comment because that’s how it works, so don’t want people to think that the disabling of the chats is to cut down the debate because I don’t want that debate; that has been cut down because I’ve received the most strong advice that it would prejudice any court action should that occur and that is why that’s disabled.
On the planet at the moment there are two sorts of energy. There’s the deep dark heavy energy that seeks to cause division and issues and then there’s a lighter energy that looks for a more positive future and a more hopeful future. Now, you know, the audiences have to decide whether they are part of a dark control system or whether they actually want a better future. For the record none of my videos or radio shows or conferences have ever been taken down by any provider because they breach their hate policy. I can tell you that two videos not exclusively about me actually, about other people have been taken down because they breached the hate policy so we’re moving you see from the usual – he said that and she said this – to something that’s rather more serious and people need to perhaps just take stock and just have a think about what’s happening. So on that word I want to send condolences to Miles Johnston, who today lost his sister, I am very sad for him, and you know, we think about him and our thoughts go with him. So that’s really as far as I can go today. Thank you so much JayPee. We’ll do the questions and then we’ll have our usual break.
JP: Fabulous ah yes and a little yellow line has come around my picture, that’s great. So yeah we’re just using this technique for the first time and experimental and let’s hope it all works all the way. So our first question today is from Martin Vesch and it starts off Dear Simon, thank you for sharing and your wisdom, Martin. If we wish can we, and is it possible through our knowledge as an awake and aware human to create and build organic houses molecule by molecule on the earth the way that other humans do in 5D. How could we build it and create living consciousness in it?
SP: Right, that’s the first time anyone’s asked me that question. It can’t be done in 3rd dimension. It can partly be done in the 4th dimension, but that’s using AI. It can be done in the 5th and higher dimensions, and if you take the Roswell spacecraft, that was constructed in the 4th dimension. We don’t have the exact technology to replicate that, but the best way to describe it would be a tank with a living liquid and then for want of a better word, ten thousand separate laser beams in the top and you are able to use that to pick up and put down molecule by molecule to actually create and build a structure. That is why genuine contactees or abductees experiences when they’re in an alien spacecraft, they will actually report that the chairs or the control consoles appear to morph out of the surrounding material. They don’t bolt on. They don’t fix like that. They are very much an organic but that’s been created very automatively. It’s been done from the 4th dimension. Now in the higher dimensions a different form of intent is placed into that creation so it becomes not just a look-alike organic creation but really is more of an organic creation, so a spacecraft from the 5th dimension is physically stronger, its integrity of its hull is stronger than that of the 4th dimension and so we go up, so the answer is yes that is going to be one of the beauties that we could have for ourselves living in a home and people talk about Feng Shui. . . Feng Shui this is a good corner. This corner needs to be altered, but if you can create something out of love and you can build it organically, then it means that you are continually bathed in a very positive energy, a positive environment. Imagine office blocks downtown in the most difficult part of a city where the public library or the doctor’s surgery or whatever it might be were created like this. Imagine the change. Imagine if you build a prison like that. Imagine the change for good that you would bring to people, but sadly that isn’t going to happen till the 5th dimension but the very fact that someone is asking that question and it’s coming through now shows that we’re not very far away from breaking in to the 5th dimension. Those ideas, those views that were impossible ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, except for the very, very few are now something that many people are aspiring to and so absolutely, you know, the days of bricks and mortar and steel and plastic I think are on the way out and we’re going to be faced with a fantastic new revolution, not just in building, but in how human society actually lives within a cultivation. It’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Excellent question from one of our regulars, Martin. Okay, so here’s a question from Norm Freedom, Free Sovereign. Thank you Simon and JayPee, now for all the billions of simultaneous human lifetimes on this planet is there an intended collective purpose and/or goal for all humanity or should there be a collective purpose and in terms of the individual, is there an intended purpose and a goal for each respective lifetime or should there be? Does that make sense?
SP: Yes it does. I think I understand the question. We have to beat all that back and start from the premise of free will. First and foremost is free will. However it is humans’ free will to try to better themselves. Now in the 3rd dimensional world we’ve been tricked into believing that betterment means more money, prestige, and power because we can go and buy objects with that, so that’s how they’ve usurped that concept. For the real spiritual concept of betterment is literally about [25:16][unintelligible] anything fully learning something positive to take that forward so when you put a bunch of humans together, they will, by and large through natural selection, I’m using Darwin’s term deliberately here, want to choose something positive, so you could have an outpouring from humanity saying we want to evolve. We don’t want to be slaves anymore and that’s clearly what’s happening on this planet. That’s why we’re moving forward in fits and starts, but we’re definitely moving forward, but then we are individual; humanity is individual. We’re not hive mind, God forbid we ever become hive minded. That’s what we don’t want and having telepathy does not mean that you become hive minded so we move into the 5th dimension we have telepathy; we can choose to be hive minded or not. Hive minded is that for the Greys and the Reptilians to a certain extent, the Mantids, but certainly the Greys, absolutely hive mind control, so individuality isn’t something that’s evil. It’s about the individual saying that he or she has a particular wish to achieve something for themselves but still contributing to the greater good, so after all these lifetimes on these planets and I don’t just mean this planet, many of us have been in lots of different places. We have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly and this is important because this is the time the Earth is evolving. It’s not just humans who are going to go to the 5th dimension, it is the planet. If the planet wasn’t going we wouldn’t go either, so all of our lifetimes hopefully have allowed us now to bring to bear in this pivotal lifetime those choices that we wish to put in place, so the answer to you is yes, yes, and yes. I hope that’s helpful, thank you.
JP: Excellent, thank you. The next question is from Scintilla. . . is about your memories. Why did most of your memories Simon of contact with the Mantids only come back to you at the age 50? Also why do Mantids abduct people?
SP: Good question. I would say that about 70 percent of my memories cam back just about the age 50, a good 30 odd percent I’ve had from a very, very young age and it’s well known within medical fields that as you get older so you supposedly become more worldly wise and you become more confident and therefore you can face some of the things that you have bottled up for a very long time. Many people produce a closet or a wardrobe in their head and they put all the thoughts in that they don’t want. It was a film that I recently saw called Exposed with Keanu Reeves in it and in that film this woman is raped brutally on the tube station, on our subway station and she has no memory of it but she creates a complete story about divine intervention and that whoever wrote that had a very good understanding of how the human brain works, so even if we have something that’s not violent toward us when we see things like Reptilians or Mantids or Greys, it contrasts with the control system that we exist in so our local schools or colleges don’t teach us about these things. Generally our family doesn’t teach us about these things so when we’re presented with something that’s not recognized or spoken about, most humans will want to put that in their brain and keep it there. As a young boy my blood mother used to buy me Rupert Bear Annuals every Christmas; that was what you did. You bought your children Rupert Bears in the ’60s and ’70s, and there was one guy called Bestall. He was the writer and the drawer for these drawings for many, many years and Alfred as he reached his older years began to change Rupert Bear stories. They began to come across aliens. My favorite books are 1971 and 1972 and in these stories Rupert’s experiences become more off the planet and I actually honestly believe having read those stories that back in the early, very early ’70s there was no Internet for the public you would have to experience abduction by aliens to be able to come out with such interesting stuff within a Rupert story and I think Alfred Bestall did, as he arrived at his ’50s and ’60s is he used his new memories which were coming back to supplement his stories and make them very exciting, so it’s understood that as a person gets older their memories from childhood come through, so the earliest memory that I ever had at the time was 1963, so I’d have been three-and-a-half years old and I have a very, very clear memory of something walking through the wall and I’ve always had that memory and then I tried to push that out of my head, but I’d remembered that and in 1971 a very clear memory of what I call the school in space, so the exciting thing for me was a lot of memories I had had from a child I thought that was it; they were the complete ones. What I realized was I only had a fraction and the way I try to describe it to people who don’t have experiences of this is if you took a cine film an old cine film of a hundred frames, the old nondigital celluloid film and you got scissors and you cut each negative picture, each negative frame up, you shuffle them all up and then you dealt five out. When you look at the five you would perhaps recognize the genre so you might say that guy’s got a cowboy hat on, so that’s a Western. Hey, there’s that famous actor, so we now know it’s about cowboys, probably Indians, but we can’t say that because we haven’t seen an Indian, cowboys and there’s a famous actor but we don’t know the story; we don’t know the plotline and that’s how I was up until round about my fiftieth birthday. I had all of these memories or 30 percent of the total but when these other memories came back they weren’t just new ones, they filled in the bits that I had either forgotten or in a conscious mind or blanked out because it was just too exciting or too bizarre, and then it made sense because they came together, so that’s the reason why many people get their memories back, and it’s why MKUltra victims when they reach that 50, 60, it’s generally that but not exclusively, I need to say that, but when they reach that older position the programming begins to break down because their conscious organic mind is more able to cope with what is hidden in the subconscious. That’s your answer, so thank you, it’s a good question.
JP: Excellent question, so now another regular, Pseudo Cerberus. Your description, Simon, of the black box meant something to me and I would like to ask if the following means anything to you. In my understanding of the black box is an allegory of void also known as a 13th dimension which in real terms does not exist. Existential duality begins with the division of source from void, yet they are still one and the same. Source is not the creator but a projector of information.
SP: Yes.
JP: Many people are confused or uncomfortable about this place, particularly light people because it is a place absent of lifeforce. Energy does not exist there yet it is a place of absolute knowledge or information or light. Void is an unreal place meaning it is at the edge of everything and yet it is not an actual observable part of reality. You may simply view its effects, which is everything. Would you like to comment on that?
SP: Absolutely. One of the things to understand if you have a void you are putting a cap on your understood dimensions. There are many, many subdimensions. There are one to twelve dimensions, but there are hundreds of subdimensions, but the void is a cap and the reason it has nothing coming into it is because it has to be pure in the sense that it can’t have any contaminants in it. Now when beings move up the ladder we are going to move very shortly into the 5th dimension—there’ll be others—Arcturus moved relatively recently from the 5th into the 6th dimension. Now what about those people in the 12th dimension? Where do they go? If you suddenly say well you’ve reached the top now that doesn’t make sense because it should be a never-ending journey so that void will be turned into the 13th dimension which will exist and then the void will go on top of that so living creatures that were created by source are always on a personal journey. They’re always looking for a place that gives them more challenge, more learning. If we knew that we’ve reached the top we might end up like a Roman Emperor. We’d say we are decadent; we’ve got nothing to strive for; we know it all and the result of that would be that we would have an implosion or a collapse of our society, so we’ve always got something to come through so I do largely agree with what’s been written there, but I don’t see the 14th as a void in the true sense. I see it as a holding area ready to be converted to the next dimension.
JP: I see so that’s like Alex Collier saying that the, that Mornay said that what we call dark matter is matter that is unmagnetized by Source or in [36:07][crosstalk].
SP: Yes, uncorrupted, as I would call it, yes.
JP: Okay, so we have some springing Spaniels in the back there.
SP: Well the cat is just scratching here, and there is a dog down the lane there barking that’s what is going on at the moment but it’s Sunday so it’s [36:25][unintelligible].
JP: So yeah, here is a question from Garden of Eve from Russia. Hello Simon and JayPee. Thank you again for the wonderful Skype session we recently had. My question is about the disclosure. I know you don’t give exact dates, but there is a lot of different predictions as to when it will happen. Some say it is very close. It could even happen this year. Some radio shows ago you said that Putin can start talking about alien life in the end of his next presidency, which is about six years. I personally feel something major can take place in the 2030s. Can you please give some more information of this topic as predictions are very different?
SP: Well let us start off by saying very interestingly I do get these things wrong. There’s Russia Today—don’t bite me cat, the cat, let me just put the cat out, hold on a second—that is Ingmar, say hello Ingmar.
JP: Hello Ingmar, we all like to see your pets. That creature, that’s a bad cat.
SP: One of the cats.
JP: That’s one of the Norwegian Forest cats, yes.
SP: Yes. Russia Today is the external arm of the major news channel in Russia and it has an internal channel called RNT I think. I hope I’ve got that right. Anyway the chaps came to interview me on Friday, they drove here through the snow; it took them forever, so I did an interview for the Internal Russian Today and my voice is going to be dubbed in Russian so that’s the very first time that I’ve done just for the Russian market, dubbed into Russian so that’s just reminded me of that. Can you just give me, the question I thought had two parts in it? Could you just. . . can you find the two parts?
JP: First he said, well hang on, some shows ago you said that Putin can start talking about alien life in the end of his next presidency.
SP: Yes.
JP: That would be about six years or maybe less.
SP: Yes.
JP: Roman feels something major can take place in the 2030s.
SP: Right, right, okay Putin absolutely wants to have the truth. He’s got nothing to fear from it. He has got nothing to fear from being open about aliens because Russia hasn’t been manipulated in the same way as most other countries have so he’s fairly clear in his mind that he’s got a grip on the Kremlin that he’s not taking orders from something devilish, whereas other places are less inclined to be open because they’re very, very controlled. Now since Trump came to office, Trump is far more open to the idea of disclosure because he again is not part of this Cabal control network. I would actually love to see a joint press conference between the President of the United States and the President of Russia sitting side by side saying we’ve put our differences aside and we’re going to tell you some truth. That’s really what I would like, the two most foremost democratically-elected, I’m using the term loosely, democratically elected leaders on the planet actually giving the truth as best as they can. I am absolutely hopeful that disclosure will come very soon. We’ve seen it drip, drip, drip in terms of media coverage, in terms of Hollywood, in terms of mainstream science beginning to accept things, but it’s not big enough. It’s not yet. There we go. So, oh that’s good I didn’t even know you had that so we’ve got to. . .
JP: I just found it. This is, I just typed in Putin–Trump–ET, so there you go. That’s the image we want to hold in our heads, anyway back to you.
SP: Well I, yeah I think that you have found a new toy now I can see you can be able to really embellish our talks with very useful pictures. I actually say that there’s quite a movement now in a number of Western governments to get the truth out, you know, I think back to my own history in 2013; I got that three-hour tour of the secret radar base and I’d been public with my mother being in MI5, my grandfather in MI6 and seeing aliens and flying saucers and all of that, most of the media hounding me, attacking me, and then suddenly I got that three-hour tour of a top secret radar base, so there are good people out there who are trying to get the message out and there are bad people who are trying to curtail debate, trying to stop that or at least muddy the waters. Yes, I think disclosure will be before the date. Putin’s major election will be 2024. That is the date that means most to me and I would suggest that disclosure will be before 2024.
JP: Okay, so this is a question about past lives from Kyle. Hello Simon and JayPee. At least this radio show is not cancelled by the snow. I have to say it’s snowing out there now we’ve only got a light spattering of it but it’s gathering in the fields. Hello Simon and JayPee, I believe myself to have a Reptilian soul group but in our Skype session a jinn possession prevented you from seeing if this was true. I don’t fully understand what dreaming is but in one dream I was in a Draconis Reptilian body without the spinal wings. Could this be from DNA memory? I also had a dream of being on a desert-looking planet and seeing a huge mushroom cloud explosion and being hit by a shockwave and then things went black. Could this be Mars when it was attacked by the Pleiadians?
SP: Right, when, it’s very common for people to have demonic possession. There’s a whole range of demonic possessions. What it tends to do to someone like me is it’s like looking into a snowstorm or a sandstorm. Most of these demons are capable of replicating the natural biorhythmic energy of a human. I would describe it and I can do this now because we’ve got video; human energy is wavy like this and demonic energy I refer to as spiky. It’s like this, so when someone has a possession or a demon possession their energy goes like that and when I’m trying to psychically, with someone’s permission of course, read them I’m not getting the history. I’m not getting the visions because I’m getting an interference. . . it’s like a radio station, off key, trying to get that so I can only go so far with it and that’s very common. I don’t want people who have had a possession to feel that they are pariahs or there’s something wrong with them, you know, that happens on this planet, the point is to get rid of it and to move on. So second point is that if you have a Draconis Reptilian soul, so what? If you’ve made a choice for good, that’s all that matters. You know there are Pleiadian people out there who are evil, terrible, and there are Draconis people out there who are good. It’s to do your choice. Now in terms of memory science is just beginning to understand that DNA is a memory bank just beginning to get its head around that, so a lot of memories are maintained within the DNA. That’s why when you fly an alien spacecraft you don’t sit there and press buttons or levers or look at dials or sit there with a clipboard and laboriously say 52 check, 17 check, 92 check, you just put your hands on the connectors and your DNA connects and that’s how it’s done. Now I just want to go off target here, but a couple of. . . Ferranti was one and I can’t remember the other; there was one British and one American electronics expert company who had been given material from the Roswell crash and other crashes which we call it the pilot’s chair, the thinking chair, and they were trying to create a modern-day fighter pilot who could fly his or her jet fighter aircraft and be able to think it flying and it was actually dubbed the thinking helmet and it was literally a helmet that came on with a visor and if you thought takeoff 30,000 feet, it actually worked. The problem was that it worked too well and you got issues. When I went to fire a missile how to take evasive actions, so they dumbed it down and it became the head up display (HUD) where you, the pilot, has the vision and you get an LCD or an LED display that comes on. This was the middle ground between the thinking helmet which was trying to connect with your brain patterns, your brain waves, and a sort of inbetween thing, so that’s certainly something that can occur and it means that the DNA, the brain waves, can work together and have memory. What was his final question? There was another bit in there wasn’t there JayPee?
JP: This is about being on a desert-looking planet seeing a huge mushroom cloud explosion.
SP: Thank you.
JP: . . . and yeah could this have been Mars?
SP: Well it could be. We have to be careful because it was not the only red planet and there have been in the past, they haven’t done it recently, but in the past intelligence units have taken people and placed them on red soil to make them they they’ve gone to Mars. Some of the jumproom material was a con. The person thought they were going to Mars. They were going to a very large section that had been designed for this and they thought they were in Mars, the red soil et cetera. Other jumprooms are true and did indeed go to Mars and some people are taken to Mars, so we have to be very careful. All I can say is Mars is still here today, so Mars wasn’t destroyed, but Mars was damaged in the sense that its atmosphere was stripped from it. Many of the building structures were destroyed. If God forbid and we won’t want this, but if there was a huge nuclear war on this planet, which will never happen, probably the pyramid would be one of the few things left standing but its edges, its corners, probably would be all rounded off and it would like it had been melted and that’s exactly what you see on Mars with the Martian pyramids, all looking like they’ve all run and melted or they have been smoothed off. That is because of the intensity of the weapon that basically obliterated most, but left some. There are a number of red planets that have been destroyed, but what you could have seen where a part of Mars broke off, a small section of Mars broke off and it’s possible that you have a DNA memory or a screen memory of that. I know for myself that humans are, I don’t know now but in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s humans, I could use the word abducted, humans were taken and put in front of a screen and the screen showed the Earth blowing up and this was a very, very. . . and I’ve stood there and I’ve seen this happen, I’ve seen this film running; it’s not a film but the equivalent of it. This is very primitive messaging trying to say to people if you don’t change your ways, if you allow the Cabal to control everything, this is where you’re heading. Now if you love your planet do something about it. This is your wakeup call, so that’s the good guys trying to connect with people individually to say you have a responsibility. Do what you can, whatever that might be, so many planets blow up. The Lyrans lost their planet. All I can say to you, yes it could possibly have been, but my more important point is if you have a Draconis Reptilian soul, so what? If you’re a good person, you’re a good person, thank you.
JP: Okay in a slightly connected [way] from Steven Goldstone. Thank you for the job, I’m. . . thank you for the great job. I’m a longtime fan. My question is about the royals. It seems that we are being bombarded daily of news stories in the fake media and papers it seems like sometimes it’s up to a third of all the stories. Is there a reason for this? Are they in fear of losing their grip on the people?
SP: When, God bless her, when Princess Diana of Wales was murdered, and she was murdered of course, it wasn’t an accident. I think there was a period of two weeks when Her Majesty the Queen was very concerned for the future of the royal family. Prince Charles himself, a little while back was attacked in an official motorcar. The car was rocked from side to side. He was spat at. The royal family knows that their days are numbered, but they don’t have a get-out plan. That is why the queen won’t abdicate because there isn’t anybody at this stage willing to take over. Most of the children would just like to go and live quietly without all the excitement, just live an ordinary life. Charles was always brought up not to expect to be king and good for him, he wants to be king, and so the Queen won’t abdicate if Charles is still wanting to be king. They don’t want Charles as king. He can’t be controlled. Remember, in the days of Tony Blair, when Tony Blair was a British Prime Minister, it was Prince Charles, who wrote Tony Blair and said, I think acupuncture should be on the NHS. You should be able to get this in your doctor, surgery for free, and Tony Blair actually did that for a number of years. If you wanted acupuncture you could go and have it for free, and then of course the government’s changed and it was removed, so Charles is a bit of a maverick in his own way and for many he’s more acceptable than some of the others simply because he’s not so arrogant. Yes he has the Duchy, for those of you who don’t know it’s a huge land holding area that provides him quite a lot of money, so all I can say to you is that in 2018, as we are now, what is the need of a royal family? Why do we allow individuals to have positions of prestige and responsibility that they’ve never worked for? They have only right through birth or through strength of arms. Is this no different from the evil days of Prince John and some of the other kings of England who ate on the finest venison, the finest food while the people in the villages ate rubbish, vegetables, and starved, so we have a first class and a second class, and I think that humanity has reached a point now where we want to remove the division of class, remove this you’re better than me or you have been born into a family that is more privileged than I am, but you may not be as intelligent as me, but that doesn’t matter. You will go to Eton, Oxford or Cambridge and before you even left University one of your friends would have arranged for you to have a job in a very well paid position somewhere doing something. Well why is that fair? Well that is the question that British people never really ask themselves. They just accept it because the history on this country is wonderful. We can go back thousands of years but just because history goes back thousands of years doesn’t mean we can’t change it, so non-answer because it’s quite passionate in my life. I cannot accept individuals who rule over others and they’ve not even had a single vote cast for them. There speaks an expolitician I suppose.
JP: So Simon I think I have, there’s no clock on this zoom, I didn’t. . .
SP: It’s a quarter to.
JP: I think we were about an hour into the show.
SP: Okay.
JP: So it’s about time for a tea break.
SP: Okay.
JP: And because we’re going directly to video, we can’t use a commercial tune so I’m actually going to use one of my own pieces of music.
SP: Oh very good.
JP: This tune is called Sagittarius B and this here is Sagittarius B.
SP: Okay.
JP: So there we go, see you in a few minutes.
SP: Indeed.
JP: [Music] And so welcome back to Connecting Consciousness live on video this evening. I’m here with Simon Parkes and it’s, I believe it’s time for your special announcements.
SP: Yes, very grateful to people who have donated, thank you very much for your kindness, your love, and your support during what is a challenging time for many of us, so I have my little list which I always read out and so I want to thank particularly Stefano, Rudolph, Alison, Bruce, Dr. V, Shirley, Sheralyn, Kam, Sara, David, Candice, Vesna, Kan, David, Richie, Nan, John, Benjamin, Natalie, Stefano, Shelia, Gillian, Alfredo, Sandra, Deborah, Charlie, Shari, Jacqueline, Lilalena, Catalan, Drumset, Simone, Jana, Katherine, Daniella, Sandra, Dittmer, Alan, Vesla and Fiona. Thank you very much indeed for your donations no matter how small, how big they are, they all help. They really keep me independent, keep me able to not cave in under certain pressure from the establishment or anywhere else and it’s the lifeblood. And for those of you who, you know, believe in truth, then you know this is what it’s all about. It’s about actually bringing the truth out, so thank you very much and thank you JayPee and I’m sure that you know you get donations as well and it helps. It keeps us alive.
JP: Yes indeed I’d like to say thank you to. . . there’s been a couple of very kind generous donations to the station this week and we’re gonna buy some new hard drives.
SP: Great.
JP: And you know, keep the archives in a good place, we’re, you know, because we’ve got like years of archives now and have a lot of data and it costs a lot to rent that amount of data on the web so thank you very much to everybody for that, so there’s another thing, you were talking earlier about a film with Keanu Reeves.
SP: Yeah it’s Exposed.
JP: So let me just. . . there’s. . .
SP: That’s the one.
JP: A little thing there (pulls up screen shot of Exposed). Yeah he’s looking much older. Everyone said he always looked young, but he doesn’t look that young now, okay.
SP: But that’s a shocking jolt, but if you can detach yourself a little bit it’s quite truthful in the way that people can make up images in their mind to cover something so that’s why I mentioned the film. Thank you.
JP: Okay, here’s an interesting question from Ollie, Oliver, about carbon 60. Wonder what carbon 60 is?
SP: Not hugely, I’ve been doing carbon 14 for dating.
JP: Yeah carbon 14 dating. So the carbon 60 is essentially the same material, the molecule of Shungite.
SP: Yes, that much I know but my knowledge of that drops off after that.
JP: All right, so well it protects. . . so let me read the question. You can, you can go. . . A lot of people have been promoting a product called carbon 60 claiming it can protect against 5G and radiation. This is made of sixty carbon molecules that form into a hexagram shape, no it’s a pentagram, but anyway. It’s a football with a pentagram pattern. Although the information sounds intriguing I would appreciate hearing your take on it. If our bodies are moving from carbon based to a more refined silicate form would it be a good idea to add more carbon to the body? I’m grateful for your wisdom, thanks so much and [blessings] to you and your family.
SP: Thank you for listening to the radio show. I’m not actually convinced that we’re moving from a carbon form to, did he say silica form?
JP: Yeah or silicon based.
SP: Okay.
JP: It’s the next one in the periodic table if you add quantum levels.
SP: Yes I’m not convinced that that’s where we’ll go just as we don’t need to stay in the 4th dimension very long, we’ll transit through that to the 5th dimension so I’m looking for the body to be really made up of light waves and sound waves, an energy body, so I know that if artificial intelligence had its way it would be silicon-based life forms, that’s basically what it wants us to move to, a silicon-based life form. That’s why silicon was given to the corporations all those years ago to create circuitry, miniaturize circuitry, so no I think that we will move into a much more energy type environment within ourselves. Now then protecting against radiation I think that Shungite can protect against a great range of things. I think it’s very useful for microwaves. I’m not sure about 5G because I haven’t yet got my head around 5G in terms of how they intend to bathe the planet. Some states in America are operating 5G modems; I’ve seen them operating. In Norway they are trialing it out, but in the United Kingdom it’s not yet been rolled out and I think that what we would do as soon as somebody had a 5G modem, we start loading up Shungite, plenty of other materials to see and then have an electronic measure behind it and to see which has the most effect. I would be very, very cautious just to say that Shungite could reduce radiation. It might do that but I haven’t any evidence. What we’re looking at is a very dense material. This is. . . this is the trick here the old days they use lead shielding but some porcelains, some minerals have an incredibly tight lattice network that can keep these things out. Some of the minerals vibrate to a frequency and reflect or rebound back that negative energy. That in itself is a debate so all I can say to you is that we need to test this. As soon as 5G in the testing phase comes to Britain we need to get people that we trust to start putting some stuff around it to see how it does. Thank you.
JP: Yes I’ve been working with powdered Noble Shungite, which is the purest C60, and most amount of C60 in a very fine powder; you can have it in olive oil.
SP: Right.
JP: You suspend it in olive oil and things like that. People have been taking it for a little while. They say it’s, anyway question from. . . Ann, just to say Ann, long name. Dear Simon, sometimes I see astral spiders most of the time in the morning but I also see them when I wake up at night and they hang above my head like on a wire. The spider at night is also bigger. I also see smoke shadows and normal shadows. Do you know what this all means?
SP: Lots and lots of psychic people are now seeing these spiders. Generally they’re reported as running up the wall just as you wake up. Occasionally you might see a mouse, but it’s not really a mouse. Also, hanging from the ceiling or actually on the ceiling various people have described them either moving very naturally or very robotically, but in all instances people report moving very quickly and when your human brain pattern changes, when you go from sleep, partial sleep, and then you wake up these things can detect that and what they’re trying to do is get away as quickly as possible and not be identified. They take the shape of a spider because the arms of the spider are used to interfere with a number of processes. In other words in the Doctor Who, one of the last I’ve talked about it before, in the last Doctor Who films with Jon Pertwee, he has to regenerate and he’s battling some spiders. Now these spiders are made to look very organic but the reality is that they are meant to be AI and they attach to people’s backs and I know from reasonably personal experience of people close to me that they’ve had AI spiders attached and they use their arms to attach the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. Now if you’re seeing spiders on the wall and ceiling, please don’t be alarmed in that sense. I think they’re spying on you. Those people who are very psychic are seeing these things which probably have always been there but we’re only seeing them in large numbers now because the human consciousness is evolving beyond these creatures capability in many ways to cloak themselves. You know that’s why so many pedophiles have been discovered, because human consciousness is outwitting the evil people. It’s. . . they just cannot hide the truth from good people and so you are seeing spiders which probably for generations have been there. All right what I would suggest that you do is that you practice some protection before you go to bed at night. Think about an energy field around yourself. Think about if you’re going to do astral traveling or out-of-body experiences, make sure that you do as much to protect yourself as you can. Clearly if you have these entities around you then they’re interested in you. We talked about smoke shadow, well that must be a jinn or a demon of some sort and you also talked about regular shadows so that is an offshoot of the Reptilians that its projecting itself from the 4th dimension into the 3rd, hence the black shadow, so you’ve got a lot of interest in you and I would also suggest if you have that amount you have the shadow government. You’ll have MILAB secrets after you as well. That is a different thing, so please if you haven’t yet connected with me, please do so, thank you.
JP: Okay another question from Kyle. Hi Simon and JayPee, what can you tell us about the Druids. This word came into my head out of nowhere. I’ve never heard it before and thanks to both of you for the work you do. I greatly appreciate it and you will not be forgotten.
SP: Oh, well I hope not. That’s very kind, you know, I and many others you know do this because we want to make a difference. We really don’t do it because we’ve got nothing to do. We do it, that is why JayPee does all the radio shows because we have a passion to get the truth out, so thank you and I appreciate that. It’s people who make good comments that remind us that there are good people on the Earth and that gives us the strength and determination to keep going on. The Druids can trace a direct lineage to Atlantis. They were stamped out by the Romans simply because they feared their capabilities that were twofold. The first fold was the obvious one to whip up public support and secondly they feared their magic. I’m using the word loosely, but they feared their capability. It said that Druids could foresee the future, could heal people, basically what a witch could do. They were male versions. I don’t think we call them warlocks and they lived in Anglesey and around that area which is Wales, a very, very powerful very spiritual group of people usually associated with cutting mistletoe and mixing herbs. The Stone Dolmens that exist in parts of Great Britain and in France on the continent, Druids used to have ceremonies; we think about Stonehenge, Avebury Ring. . . the Druids were perhaps the last bastions of the knowledge keepers in an obvious sense. In other words they were a priesthood and were observed physically. They didn’t hide away; they were there and they would come together for ceremonies. I believe they connected to Atlantis, yes I know Atlantis was a feminine energy, but there weren’t just women that lived in Atlantis and a lot of the secrets toward the very end were given out. What’s not widely understood is that the fall of Atlantis was seen and projected because they had a form of time travel. They also realized they couldn’t prevent it. Some of the Atlantean females had gone back in time in an attempt to change history so that the destruction of Atlantis would not occur. They failed and because maybe Source, that was the plan that had to happen, so a lot of the relics, a lot of the technology, a lot of the knowledge was distributed out. Some went to Egypt; some went to South America; some went to Ireland; some went to Wales and so on, and so forth. The eggs were not all to be kept in one basket any longer. They were to be distributed out and the Druids I think were the last line and hey-ho it was the Romans before Christianity had taken hold who basically just slaughtered them all, so that they were a good force. They were a strong force connected to the biorhythm of the planet and there are still Druids going today but they have to be very careful how they operate because they are not really accepted by the establishment. Good question, thank you.
JP: Yes, so, sorry I had a half-formed question about. . . I will let, oh, do, from Marcus, do Wi-Fi entities exist? I think I may have seen one. They came down from the ceiling since the router was upstairs and it looked like a transparent blob of some kind. Could this be an entity that is somehow part of the Wi-Fi itself or is this some other kind of entity that is living in the Wi-Fi?
SP: Right, yeah. Is the description all we’ve got is a blob. That’s the description of it?
JP: A transparent blob of some sort.
SP: Right, okay. Right I don’t know that we can say that Wi-Fi was deliberately designed to spread entities into our homes. What we can say that Wi-Fi was designed to allow corporations to make huge amounts of money. Somebody somewhere put the two together. If you think of Wi-Fi, thinking of a turnpike road, every time it reaches the router or a node or a modem, 5G will replace the road with a freeway, so entities use Wi-Fi systems. They congregate at areas of great electrical or high vibrational energy in terms of microwaves; I don’t mean human high vibration. With only the description of a transparent blob, it is quite difficult to be more detailed. What you’ve described is not the usual AI, it’s something that has left the Wi-Fi field, has lost its form, remember I’ve talked that in the 3D world, it’s quite a dense energy and tends to push you into a ball, so when you say blob, what I’m thinking here is that the heavy vibration of the 3rd dimension is beginning to force and coalesce this thing into a sort of a roundish plasma-like blob and sometimes if you look at these entities, I’m going to use my hands now they sort of have projections that come out a little bit like a lava lamp, the old-fashioned lava lamp where they seem to morph out and morph that way and then they go back again. What I think we’re looking at there is an entity that has traveled through the Wi-Fi and for some reason has come out probably because it’s detected your brain pattern and again you’ve spotted it, and if you spotted it, it’s because you’re psychic. Remember there is only a partial connection between being spiritual and psychic. A person can be nonspiritual but psychic, vice versa, ideally you want to be spiritual and psychic. I think, yes, absolutely I agree with you a hundred percent, you have seen an entity that is living in the Wi-Fi system. Thank you.
JP: Okay, very interesting, so this question is from Maxwell. Hi Simon, what happens to the mind, body, spirit, and consciousness when a person is in an unconscious state such as a coma, especially for very long periods of time? I know, I was in a coma for three weeks.
SP: Right, I’m reminded of that TV series, that TV series Life on Mars.
JP: Life on Mars, yeah.
SP: Doctors know that the obvious signs shut down but that doesn’t mean the patient is dead and they know enough to realize that if they can wait long enough there’s a very good chance that individual will make a full recovery. The journeys that one can go on must be akin to shamanic traveling because you are no longer encumbered by your conscious mind, the problems and the worries. You are free to explore and develop and create in a way that even when you’re sleeping you cannot, because the body knows that in five hours or six hours, it’s going to wake up and the daily grind et cetera, et cetera, but if you are going to be out for two to three weeks or months, the body can say well we’ve got the time here to not have to worry and the mind will say let us do what we do. That’s why so many people come out of a coma different from when they come in and it isn’t just about a soul transfer or anything like that. It can just be that they’ve experienced God literally in the true sense of the word with Source. Source connects with them and puts them on either a different path or an accelerated path or gives them what they were missing [what] they didn’t have when they first came in. Are all comas positive? Well, I can’t say that but what I can say is that if you come through a coma my experience of meeting people who have is that it’s always been spiritually uplifting. JayPee it’s your own personal business, but can you just tell us did you go through any sort of change when you came out your. . .
JP: I’m not sure if it happened then, but I remember waking up in the hospital. I felt completely drained of all the horror, of all the heavy stuff. I felt very light. I felt very clean, like I, you know, just like you know how it feels after you have a shower, you get just this sense of like having, but it felt like it was all the way through, but I was also incredibly weak, you know, because my, you know, your muscles atrophy and I couldn’t even lift a plastic cup. It’s interesting, there’s a supplementary question later on from Spencer who is saying people waking up from comas are able to speak other languages that they never knew before so I just wanna throw that one into the mix.
SP: Yeah, absolutely if, and I did use the word before you put that in, going on journeys there’s actually no reason why you can’t go first of all in that previous lifetime where you have been in another body in another country learning that language or whether you go on a type of a shamanic journey, where you connect with energies that you have a feeling for, where another country or spirit guides come to you and teach you another language. There are so many possibilities but I look on all of that as positive. I don’t look on any of that as negative. I don’t mean that I want everyone to go into a coma but what I’m saying is that of the people I’ve spoken to, the vast majority have been very changed when they’ve come out and changed for the better.
JP: Okay, from Gelan. Ubuntu: money-free civilization. I’m very interested by the Ubuntu lifestyle that Michael Tellinger is actively promoting. Simon what is your vision regarding the Ubuntu Project? Is this approach could be the real beginning to a money-free situation, a money-free civilization? Many thanks to you and JayPee. I send you both love, strength and protection. Gelan in Australia.
SP: Good. Yes, I’ve been quite an exponent of Fairex. I’ve done a lot of meetings with Win Keech and we tried to get that working and it just wasn’t happening simply because the system made it very difficult and it was very hard to make the breakthrough which told me that it wasn’t the right time. Ubuntu is in South Africa where you have a quite a strong tribal and understanding of poverty and the need to work together to build a house or build a community. I think it’s looking at your communities to see those who are choosing to work together as a team and those who still want to be individual. I’ve talked greatly about the Babylon spell that’s attached to money and how that hooks onto people and that we ultimately have to live in a world without money but I’ve never advocated Monday you have money and Tuesday you don’t. The way we are on the planet at the moment that just couldn’t work. It would have to be a gradual transition into a phase that did not rely on Babylonian bucks. Any project, any project that can replace the concept of value with money and replace that concept with a value based on a person’s effort or a person’s intellectual capability but always used for the good of the community, that is a starting point. The difficulty we have with any of these systems is greed and arrogance, where a person will say well, you know, I want two motorcars. I want this; I want that, and if you don’t stop the ego then this will be the greatest barrier to any form of nonmoney-based barter trade system because there are certain individuals who believe themselves to be better, therefore they think their rewards should be greater and until that element can be evolved out of that rather negative thought, then we will find I think it’s pockets of the world that use the money system and pockets of the world that use a completely different system and then there has to be this interchange where they can both work together, so in parts of Spain some of the independent Catalina areas, they are already using their own system which is separate from the Spanish, is separate from everything else. They have their own banking system so it’s going to happen make no mistake. As we evolve into 5th dimension we are going to look at these bits of plastic and paper and coins and say well how does this value me? How does this value that thing on the shelf? How does it value? Who made that value? Who says that that costs that and why have I only got five of them but the man next door has got ten of them? This is what money does and if we can remove that, then we can evolve, you know, spiritually because at the moment money is like a great big anchor holding us back, so yes absolutely I’ll support anything that is done for the benefit of humanity.
JP: Okay this is Russian question again. President Putin is being demonized in the media and it’s rather gross so Neal says. Is this justified in any way, shape, or form or conversely do you think Putin might be some kind of benevolent dictator? Thirdly are those few recently disqualified Russian Olympic athletes really that silly?
SP: Right. Okay a benevolent dictator, I really like that. That’s so crazy you could even write a book on that. Look anybody who is the head of a huge country, has got to have something 3D about them in order to survive to get that far. Remember that Putin was in the KGB, you know, I’ve said to people why do you think he walks the way he walks? He was trained to walk like that by the KGB, you know, his left arm swings and his right arm stays close to his legs and that’s because you keep your gun in the side you have more than one gun but you’d always keep that gun there, so he’s just doing what he was trained to do. You have a quick draw. That’s why he walks the way he walks, so he’s come through as a survivor and he’s played politics. He’s done whatever he’s had to do. However the difference is, and this is the big point, that all of the other Russian presidents were to a lesser or greater extent manipulated either by individual people in the West or by the politics of the West. Putin is one of the few presidents who has said I am so disgusted with this small Cabal of Western controllers that I’m taking Russia out of the game and that’s why he kicked the Rothschilds out. The Rothschilds don’t have a bank in Russia. He’s sided with the Chinese, not because he likes the Chinese but they offer the only bulwark against this Cabal, against the corporations, so Putin in my view is the right man at the right time in the right place. Is he good? Well I don’t know, but I would say he was good for Russia and I would say he was good for the Russian people. If you were to compare the living standards, the pensions, homeownership in Russia now with ten years ago, it is phenomenally advanced, so that’s got to be good. If the living standards of your people have increased then that’s good. What was the second part of that JayPee?
JP: I just found, just randomly found a picture of, I just want to post this one to you there on the screen. Can you this with Putin, the guy in the rear seat was kicking the chair in front of him and this guy turns around and it turns out to be someone who may be Putin or looks very much like him.
SP: It is him. It is him, I’m familiar with that.
JP: So anyway, that’s. . .
SP: What that actually shows, he didn’t intend it but it’s an important point, that Putin actually travels sometimes when his life is threatened, he will travel on his own in a special security, but other times he will actually use public transport. Now that’s something woefully lacking with our leaders. They won’t do it. They use the excuse that someone might kill them. The reality is they don’t want to have to stand next to people who they consider are slaves, people who are not worthy of them, people who are stupid, fools, idiots, the usual story, but if you notice any of the military parades and rallies that Putin takes an interest in, he walks from one end of the parade ground to the other. Now all the others just jump in a motorcar and they travel. He doesn’t. He walks. He meets the public and his meetings, when he’s in the West are very carefully stage-managed, they have to be, but when he’s actually in Russia, they’re not managed and it’s a very open and because unfortunately we only get the Western reports, we don’t really see what’s going on. I speak to quite a few true Russian people and forget what the West tells you, Putin is very highly regarded by the Russian people, whether we like that or not, that’s a fact. That’s why he will be reelected unless there’s an earthquake, but the point is that he makes an effort of being part of the community and when the Russian film crew came a few days ago and filmed me, we obviously talked a little bit, it’s a nonpolitical radio station, it’s internal, but I said that, you know, one of the beauties of Putin was that he wasn’t frightened to go to a café or to a bar or some other. . . he would go in. Okay, heavy security men with him of course, he will do but it’s not managed. It’s not staged; they’re not full of actors; they’re full of ordinary people and that’s what a leader should be, someone who’s not frightened to actually rub shoulders with the people that you’re supposed to be representing you know, and when I was a politician and I spent as much time as I could out with the community hearing what they said and less time in an office. When you look at our modern politicians, they’re all in the office. They only come on the doorstep when it’s time to be elected. It’s just outrageous, you know, every four years they turn up on your doorstep. I want your vote. Oh it must be election time again. Well why weren’t you here when we were campaigning for a new hospital? Why won’t you here, you know the story so, you know, Putin is actually a breath of fresh air and of course the West don’t like him because if all the Western politicians had to model themselves on him, they’d have to change their lifestyles wouldn’t they?
JP: Oh, yeah, and there’s this, you know, him and Trump have this same, a similar quality that there’s a breath of fresh air about them, that they are not part of the old Rothschild bloodline.
SP: Oh. . . [crosstalk][1:31:23]
JP: Is Putin a bloodline?
SP: Yes, but what people don’t understand or they don’t know about Putin is that he’s an independent candidate. This election he’s not standing for a political party, he’s standing as an independent and that’s amazing for an independent person to actually become a president and that shows you that he’s basically making a statement. He’s saying I’m not going to have any allegiance to any political party. I am independent and that takes guts actually because most people need the backing of a political party to make things happen and Trump normally, a Republican, but Trump for all intents and purposes is an independent and that’s what you’ve got. There’s no coincidence that you have Trump and Putin, so these two guys need to get together and start changing the world for good. That’s what they need to do.
JP: I think they’re already doing that. The third part of that question was the few recently disqualified Russian Olympic athletes.
SP: Oh yes. Look one of the problems that Russia has is that it, far more than Great Britain, is fiercely proud of its athletic past. If you think about the Russian State Circus, there are only two circuses in the world in my opinion that are any good. One is the Russian State Circus and the Chinese State Circus. These two circuses are funded by government and they’re very, very proud, and I’ve had the privilege of being invited to see the Chinese. It wasn’t in China; The Chinese State Circus—and to see these people—and to see real Shaolin monks at work is a real privilege. Look back to the 1970s and the 1980s, how the Russians in the gymnastic section from these twelve-, thirteen-, fourteen-year-old girls took gold medal after gold medal after gold medal because the government was funding it hand over first because it was a political thing. All right, you don’t have that system now, but you have this same drive and a lot of independent individuals, Russian athletes, feel they have to take drugs because they feel the great weight of the tradition on them going back thirty, forty years, so I’m sure in some cases what’s occurred is individuals are guilty of that, but in other cases I believe that it’s part of the sanctions to attempt to squeeze Russia out of the world stage, so I can’t say, it’s all a con, but I can say that there is a hand here attempting to keep Russia out of the world media affairs.
JP: Right so there’s a question from Silver Speed and there may be. . . there’s some links here, but what is the connection between multiple people who look so much, if not exactly alike and inadvertently share likenesses or identity in other ways, like sounding like each other, behaving like each other, common mannerisms, sex, et cetera. They’re often only distinguished by characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, location or even generations, let alone time periods, coexisting at the same time or within the same timeline. They typically are unaware of each other’s existence and yet evoke the same empathetic response notwithstanding one’s perception due to their similarities. What do you think is the significance of their presence? Thank you, Simon and JayPee.
SP: Well that’s an immediate good argument for parallel universes, simply that on this planet we are part of a group consciousness. We share not just with our own species on this planet but with many other species and many other lifeforms and we have this connection particularly through the 12 strands of DNA, particularly through humanity, so you will find that certain individuals have worked together, been together over many lifetimes and they begin to be part of a group. Maybe it’s a conscious group to do something and therefore they share the same goals, the same values, the same life force and they begin to have similar traits, so if you were to go to Atlantis, you would find that not only did many of the people look alike but their mannerisms were very similar. Now with the diversion of the human race into many separate countries, remember that we originally only spoke one language, and that was taken from us and we were all given different languages so we could not work together. The Bible story of the Tower of Babel is a children’s story, designed to hide the truth, but the reality was that we were far more connected back then than we are now and as a result of that you will from time to time meet people who are astoundingly like you, maybe not even physically, but their mannerisms or the way they speak, their values, the way they dress is uncannily like you. That’s quite a shock, quite a finding for many people, so there’s one aspect. The other aspect is a multifaceted projection of yourself where you are three or four times replicated over the planet. Then you’ve the other dimensions, which have a bleed over. It’s an exciting topic. None of it is negative. None of it is frightening. The old science fiction story of what if you met yourself, what would occur? Well maybe you’re not quite meeting yourself but it’s quite interesting to say well this is how I could have been. This is another version of how I could have been if my family background had been different or if I hadn’t of fallen off my motorbike, so when you look at other people that are like you and seem uncannily like you, maybe they are versions of you who had different opportunities and made different choices and they are all trying them out. There’s no right and wrong. They are all trying them out, so that we can cover the spread as quickly as we can and experience and then at some point somehow all of that connection comes back and it’s all shared so that each and every person has that same consciousness. That’s what 5th dimension is actually; it’s not hive mind; it’s actually having the values that we share for compassion and love, which we can share but still have our individual connection. That’s a really deep question, thank you.
JP: Indeed, okay so in answer there’s a massively long question that is in multiple parts. I just want to say if people want to get a question asked for Simon’s show you do it on the day of the show and you ask if possible a question without too much reading to do because, you know, we are trying to move. . . get as many questions in as possible, so I’m gonna take one of these questions and it’s just my choice, but this is about numbers.
SP: Okay.
JP: So on the final offering. . . I have seen eleven-eleven, ten-ten, thirteen-thirteen numbers in these ways and much more but the one that really is making me almost jump the way I see it, all the time is the number 72. I was born in 1972. In a flight the temperature outside showing on the screen for the passengers was minus 72. In the newspaper a person dies aged 72. Updates on my PC and when I look 72 percent, mobile batteries left 72 percent, fast passing by stopping equals 27 percent. This goes on and on and also 1, 2, and 12:34 in all these different ways. It’s funny I used to wake up at 12:34 in the afternoon, you know, if I’ve been working late at night which is like what time does a musician get up, you know 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00? Does it mean something special, specifically with number 72 and one, two, three and them and the rest of these synchronized numbers?
SP: It’s special to you. Everyone generally will have something that’s special to them. The question is whether you are psychically and spiritually aware enough to identify it, and you are because you are picking this up. Someone who is blissfully unaware, you know, they have their 3D world, these things are happening to them perhaps not as much, but they’re happening and they’re just not picking it up because it’s not, it’s not on their radar. It’s nothing they’re interested in. All right so let’s see who’s doing this and what’s the purpose. First of all when an individual has a high vibration they can attract other interests to them and you can create your own reality and that doesn’t just mean I want to, you know, have a good breakfast tomorrow morning. I’m going to create a really nice breakfast. It actually means that we can create a coding and index around us, which is not to be seen as artificial intelligence, but it’s to be seen as almost like a divine metric workings, so everyone perhaps will have a number. A number of people I talked to who see numbers. . . the bad guys also understand this. Think about the First World War when it ended, you know, all the ones in that. Think about when certain atrocities occur on the planet, certain dates with that, so people understand good and bad that you can, not manipulate, but you can utilize certain energies if you understand numerology and you understand the position of the planets and the stars. Now that’s not the level we’re talking about here. We’re talking about an individual who is suddenly aware or has been aware for a while that certain coincidences are occurring. Well they’re not obviously coincidences, it’s divine source, but it’s also you. You are attracting this to you and what are you going to do with that information? That’s the point. You’re going to go through life and say hey I saw another 11 or I saw a number 32, or are you going to say right, this is trying to tell me something. I need to go on some form of spiritual retreat to look inside myself and understand what this is about. What am I supposed to do with this information? I suggest you keep a diary. Everytime you have something you write down the day of the week and the time and what you are doing. Create a diary and you can look back and you will have a code. You are being given a code which I believe is a personal code for you, which if you can understand that will help you develop, and I think there’s certain people on the planet get this coding and it’s given to you not in a dream but it has to be part of the physical world. You are in a physical body. In order for it to mesh in and connect it has to both be on an energy base and a physical base, so if you’re walking down the street and the number 58 bus comes along and you say hey that’s my number again, you are being presented it on a physical object in the 3D but the fact it has the numerology takes it out of the 3D into the energy world. These are meant for you so you need to start recording them and go on a deep meditation and see if you come up with an answer to it, thank you.
JP: Excellent, so here’s a question from David. Who is Satan? Hello Simon and JayPee. Many thanks for your guidance through these tough times. We often hear of Satan and things being satanic, but although I hear it with regularity I don’t think I’ve ever heard a clear concise explanation of who and what Satan is. What is Satan’s role, place in the grand scheme? Where does he live? What powers does he have et cetera, what’s the story of Satan?
SP: All right.
JP: If Satan exists.
SP: Okay when I was a kid I used to go to theater and the genie or the devil was sometimes portrayed. There would be a puff of smoke and this entity would appear. Punch and Judy shows, the puppet, there’s a devil puppet. We are given this image all the time and it’s a physical image for primitive people to hook on to, to understand. You go back to Victorian times, particularly when this really took off, the ordinary people, that’s the people who are not elite, we’re all ordinary we don’t have all the power and the money of the elite, but the ordinary people were sold an image through emerging media and given a story to that. The story they were given was inaccurate and the image they were given was inaccurate. We could trace Satan right back to the concept of evil through to a fallen angel. I’m quite happy with that story. I’m quite happy with a group of entities who were tasked with guarding and creating and protecting and for some reason that I do not understand, ego became the governing force in one of these which caused this being to challenge and was they say was cast out, but who actually was cast out? Who was what and where and when I don’t know, but I certainly believe there is an evil force that can manifest itself in a form that is acceptable to humans because they’ve been programmed to accept the image, so if good exists, then evil exists and we all accept that good exists, so there is a counterbalance to it, giving you a succinct answer: evil, Satan, Lucifer is what you make of it. If you give it too much power it will actually grow, so what you have to say is, it is part of the parcel of life. It is part of the, I don’t mean game in the [1:46:06][flickin] way, it’s part of the game of creation and life on this planet but it’s authority is limited. It can only operate within the realms that it is given and that as you as an individual, how much you give it. Can it form into a physical shape? Absolutely it can. It’s main role is to be covert, to be an influence that’s not to destroy the Earth but is to corrupt and to bend the truth, bend love, bend it for its own purposes, but it’s a child. This entity is a child. It’s not, it’s not an intellectual being. It is something that is driven by a very base instinct, very simple instinct and it relies on trickery and false information, so is it an entity? Yes, it is, but it also exists in an energy form. It’s not a jinn; it’s not a demon in the true sense of the word. It is the one concept of balance. It is the concept on the one hand side to the concept on the other, and we give the words good and evil, positive and negative, light and dark. If we can move from that and just say we have one energy on one side and one energy on another side, and we as humans need to choose which energy we want to walk toward and that is the best way to describe it. Don’t believe the Bible I’m afraid, and the Bible is, it’s a manipulative tool to present us with a very easily to swallow story.
JP: Okay this is a question from Wenceslas, not the Good King, who lives in Argentina. Hello and thank you for your work. What can you tell us about Ganymede, Jupiter’s satellite? Have you had any kind of contact with it or them? Blessings for everybody.
SP: Right I haven’t, but I know that many of the satellites or even large asteroids. . . do you remember that the big thing was Phobos, the Russians actually began to share photographs and imply that there was a group of Greys actually living inside Phobos. Ganymede is an outpost. Certainly it was. It was a phaseward manned outpost. I mean it was manned by entities. It was not purely automotive. Ganymede was a largely positive location and then there was an attack and negative forces took it, but didn’t remain there, so I would suggest now that Ganymede is a location that has a lot of technology and when President Trump starts talking about we want to go to the moon, what he is actually saying is that he wants a separate space program to the Secret Space Program that can go to some of these locations that report directly to him, not to any cabal group, so all this talk about space is literally for the President of the United States to have an access into space that is not part of the cabal. Now Ganymede would be one location if you had the capability to get there in a way that didn’t bring suspicion to the system, you know, you have to try and hide your modern technology or elite technology, but Ganymede would be a place where if the good forces, using our terms good and bad again, if the good forces could obtain any information from there, like Antarctica for instance, like Bucegi Mountains, that could possibly come through to the human race, Ganymede, yes but I’m not convinced there’s anybody living on it now.
JP: Okay, so I think we’re coming toward the end of the session here. We’ve had a very good connection. I’m very, very, very pleased with it.
SP: I’m amazed. I’m amazed.
JP: It’s great isn’t it, so greetings from Bondi Beach in Australia.
SP: Okay.
JP: I have questions about romantic love in the 3rd dimension compared to other dimensions. People seem to be searching for romantic love on Earth, but often find it short-lived or unattainable. Do other dimensions have problems with this type of love or is it something particular to Earth and humans? Also do entities feed off this romantic energy as they do with fear, or is it something connected with source? Thank you for the hope and love you’re giving the world, Jerry.
SP: That’s a really kind thing and I bet you it’s warmer in Australia than it is here today.
JP: Might be.
SP: Yeah, humans are wonderful creatures. They have the capability to love and hate and do many, many things, but they live in a physical body that is controlled by chemicals and electrical impulses, which means that they’re not very even-keeled, so if you were to look at in the day a life of an average human, there would be responses like this. When you go to the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension, it’s much more like that. In other words their reaction to anything is much more reduced. Entities can feed off negative energy. For instance and I have talked about this. If you are in the kitchen and you drop a mixing bowl and it shatters into a thousand pieces on the floor, the 3D natural reaction is to maybe shout, scream, swear, throw a fit, and anything negative can eat off that. You know what you need to do is to say oh dear and I always say to people as long as you’re not hurt, it doesn’t matter. Just get it up, sweep it up, put it away so certain energies can provide food for certain individuals. On the fifth dimension and higher the concept of love is different. It’s very different in the 4th. There is no term in the 4th for love; 4th dimension does not understand the word love. They understand the word bonding and committing but the concept of love, they’ve lost that. Then you go to the 5th dimension they understand the concept of love and the 6th and the 7th, but they don’t have the heavy ended part that we have with that, so their understanding of love is much more encompassing and more pure. The 3rd dimension actually is better than the 4th dimension in terms of emotions and relationships. How can humans generally have a trouble-free existence when we are treated as slaves? We shouldn’t even expect under the present control system to have it all wonderful because we are having everything thrown at us to prevent us connecting with ourselves and with our fellow men and women to actually have a spiritual connection. It’s being done deliberately to hold us back and so what I would say to you is that the 5th dimension is going to be a damn sight more fun and purer than where we are, but we have to go through this. This is part of our experience and don’t belittle it. Don’t knock it. Pleiadians in the 5th dimension, they had to go through what we went through. They were once in the 3rd dimension. They had to go through this and they went through the 4th and they got to the 5th. We’re really lucky because as it looks at the moment, we’re going to jump a dimension and fast track it through. That’s because of the hell that all of us humans have been through for God knows how long. We’ve actually earned that promotion. We’ve earned that through not giving in, that’s the beauty of humans so whatever relationship you have make the most of it because it’s probably the best you’re going to get until this Cabal system falls, and I think it’s amazing that we’ve done what we’ve done as a human race, and I don’t talk about the elite, you know, this, that, and the other, I’m talking about what ordinary people have achieved, either individually or as a group, you know, a group of parents who come together and get something achieved for their school children to me is far more important than a group of financers who sit around a table and create a new system for a bank to send electronic payments from one bank to another and let’s contrast it. You’ve got this huge expensive office somewhere in the most plush parts; these participants have all flown in by jets. They are all wearing the most expensive clothes. They sit around and they do a deal which will make trillions of dollars. Let’s contrast it now with an ordinary middleclass home where a group of women, some men, but mostly women sit around a table drinking coffee sharing experiences and talk about how they can make the life of the children better. That is the dichotomy on this planet. That’s what we’re looking at and I know for one that I prefer the homegrown version than this artificial financial web and that’s what we need to do. We need to throw out this force system and embrace the system of creational love, thank you.
JP: And on that loving note I think we can wrap up this show. Excellent show thank you very much Simon.
SP: Thank you JayPee and great to be on camera.
[03/11/18 transcribed by gsc]
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