18 March 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Interviewed by JayPee
on Wolf Spirit Radio
Questions & Answers
Rumors of explosion at CERN cannot be verified so we have to assume the Hadron Collider is still in operating state; Skripal incident at Salisbury may or may not have been perpetrated by Russians; if reunification comes in Korea it will mean certain people are losing control of the world; Japanese Prime Minister is in trouble over sale of steel to U.S. military that was not military grade steel; President Trump replaces his chief economic advisor and now trade war talk is possible; truth about the unscrupulous Obama may get exposed; it’s predicted that Jeremy Corbyn may become Prime Minister of Great Britain within the next two years; recent Italian elections won by anti-European parties, might push for referendum; French unhappy with Macron; is Angela Merkel’s father Hitler; Benjamin Netanyahu would like a 3rd World War; President Trump signed off on legislation allowing civilian prosecutors to participate in military tribunals meaning American civilians can now be tried in military tribunals; hopefully Florida bridge collapse wasn’t result of using faulty building materials; Questions: news about the coming energy waves and galactic political news updates; dendrites, an organic method of communicating with humans; types of opportunities/experiences in the 5th dimension; God, Jesus, Satan, Anu, Enlil, Enki how are they all related; mind control and women shaving their heads; did Lemurian or Atlantean giants play a role in terraforming Earth and if so why; will White Hats be able to halt Agenda 21–Agenda 2030 in 2018; reason for Illuminati’s preferential reading material of The Lord of the Rings over the Bible; what makes a genuine moon goddess; is photo of Simon being knighted real; are there ways to reduce chemtrail damage to environment… wiser to make our physical bodies resistant to them; stories about Enki, Enlil and Yaldabaoth; who does and doesn’t want Brexit and why; planet’s water as container of information is being poisoned by fracking among other things; types and uses of alcohol; are humans part of the Great Central Sun; meaning of dream of ruling family ceasing to rule and image of silver coin as the monetary system in 2019, possibly a symbol of country being broken out of slavery.

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JayPee: Connecting Consciousness Show. You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Oh yes, Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and your broadcast crew, Ever Beyond Radio and Wolf Spirit Radio, Good evening Simon, announcement time.
Simon Parkes: Hi JayPee, and hello to the audience and so we’re not on camera.
JP: We’re not on video.
SP: No, never mind. The audio is not brilliant. Can you hear me okay, JayPee?
JP: Yeah you are coming through perfectly so don’t worry about me.
SP: Okay, well it’s just you are breaking up a little bit, okay. That’s fine, well that’s great, there’s snow again. We had that heavy snow and then on Friday it was really warm and the sun was shining and I thought that’s great, we’ve got spring coming. Literally the next day, Saturday just gone, snow, incredible! Just really weird. Okay got quite a lot of stuff to get through today. So, there’s no order really, it’s just the way it’s to come through. Those of you who have been looking at my website to see that I have been trying to find out about the Hadron Collider. I got some pretty useful information that something had happened but it has only come through from one source and I wasn’t going to post anything and then somebody said to me have you seen this website. It seems to be sort of saying what you are saying or talking about. And I checked around and there were a couple of websites who were talking, they went into much more detail than I had put up on my website, but they were saying there had been some sort of heavy explosion at the Collider. Now I had been told something had occurred but I had no idea of what the magnitude of that was and through some of the members of Connecting Consciousness we were able to do quite a decent bit of research; somebody even managed to go visit the facility who had some association with the place. Everybody came back with a blank. There was no information. All we know for certain is that the device is not operating. It is shut down and the label they put on it is “winter shutdown,” which on the face of it sounds very plausible, but we have to remember that a few years ago when Connecting Consciousness did the joint meditation the CERN scientists were working 25th of December, 26th of December, 27th of December, so a winter shutdown is a little bit suspicious, but all I can conclude is that we have no further information and we just assume the Hadron Collider is still in operating state, so that’s just to bring people up but I wanted to thank everybody for the research, looking at established news, and the truth movement news and for physically being able to get in and visit the site and speaking to scientists there, so thank you very much, wonderful stuff.
Okay let’s talk about the incident at Salisbury in the United Kingdom. I’m calling it the incident. Look I don’t know whether Russia was responsible for this attack on these two people, but what I do know is the absolute hypocrisy of the British government in the way that they are trying to make a huge political machine out of this incident. Let’s not forget that the deep state in America murdered their own President Kennedy in 1963, that the deep state murdered loads and loads of people with the 9/11 Towers. Let’s not forget that all governments that have secret intelligence services murder people. The difference is that when anything occurs on British soil and it’s an ally, they make it look like a suicide so that the government doesn’t have to go through any embarrassing rigmarole. So what annoyed me about the situation clearly was the fact that anyone would think that it is one particular country that does this and nobody else does it. Now murder is no good, whether it’s thousands and thousands of people or whether it’s just one person. Murder is no good but we should have a consistent approach, so it’s no good in my view just saying well you are okay so we will let you get away with it and we will call it a suicide, but you are not okay so we are going to make a big deal about that.
All right I want to talk about the situation still banging on in North Korea. If you have been looking at my website over the last few months you will have seen that I predicted that Trump had given his military the okay to launch an attack, that Chinese troops had been placed on the border with the north of North Korea, and of course all the media were looking at this and totally interpreting it incorrectly, and I also said that Trump had had a meeting, which he did before Christmas. He’s got another meeting scheduled and what it looks like now is a deal is about to be brokered that will bring unification to North Korea, which means that I guess the president of the north will probably be given, I don’t know, a ceremonial role a bit like in Britain. We have a mayor, you know, the mayor has an office but really doesn’t do very much. They will probably give him that. And if President Trump does what Jimmy Carter did with Israel although it wasn’t very long-lived, but nevertheless if Trump sort of goes over and shakes the hand of both the United Nations and North Korea and South Korea, there is a real possibility that Trump will get some sort of national award or international award and that will be quite interesting. So have a look at that. That’s going to develop and that’s very interesting because if this reunification in Korea, it means that certain people are losing their grip on the control of the world so that’s great.
I want to talk about Japan. The Japanese Prime Minister is in some serious trouble. There was a sale of steel to the U.S. military and this steel fractures. It is low grade. It was not military grade steel and it fractures if it is hit by a shell. It can actually splinter and if it is in a vehicle it becomes very brittle. So the American military are absolutely furious with Japan for supplying low grade material which means that the U.S. is unlikely to support Japan in a coming political struggle. There’s, I would say that within the next two weeks, it is quite possible that the Japanese Prime Minister will be removed, and he’s not a good guy, so I don’t mind him going at all. It is just that one ally in the U.S. who could have helped him won’t now so that’s one point.
Those of you who are watching the situation around President Trump, it is very exciting. It always is with President Trump. His chief economic advisor who was actually the ex-boss of Goldman Sachs, as you know, had left. He’d resigned. He resigned before he was pushed out and he is being replaced by what I would call a guy who is America First. I wouldn’t say he is a nationalist but he is a very strong America First and this is important because now with a guy, who is a good guy actually, who is now advising Trump, it means there is more likely to be talk of a trade war than there has been. I think we will see a deal between the U.S. and Canada. I don’t think the U.S. will penalize Canada, but I think that Trump is going after Europe. That’s what I think. I think that the European Union is an ivory tower. It’s a New World Order. It was a trick on all the peoples of Europe to bring them together to give them one government and to manage them all centrally and I know that President Trump does not like that idea so I think we will find, if not a trade war with Europe a right up to the hilt, right up to the point and suddenly there will be some sort of deal, but I think Trump’s pushing it because he really hasn’t got much time for Europe. I don’t think President Trump’s got much time for any of the European countries at the moment. So that was important.
The other thing is that what I can say about ex-president Obama is that somebody who President Obama had taken into his confidence or regarding some of the under-the-table deals that were taking place when he was president, that person has decided to talk out. That could be very difficult for Obama. We know that certain peoples have disappeared when they have spoken out against ex-presidents, or maybe they have been in an airplane and the airplane’s had an unfortunate accident, but as it stands at the moment, this person is quite well protected, so I think probably ex-president Obama is in a little bit of hot water.
I wanted to quickly then move along to the National Security Agency in America. The NSA have what I would call almost superluminal computers, computers that can transmit information within themselves near the speed of light. They are very good for seeing the future, and I have always said that six months down the road a human-built computer is pretty accurate but when you go beyond that the accuracy drops off hugely and they become useless after about a year or so but nevertheless I have been told that the National Security Agency have made a prediction and quite interesting this, it concerns Great Britain, that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party is likely to become Prime Minister of Great Britain sometime within the next two years. That’s really interesting isn’t it? that they, it’s not just a gypsy staring into a crystal ball, it’s a little bit more effective than that but they think that that’s most likely. I’m not saying it’s a hundred percent but they are saying they feel that’s most likely in the next two years.
Let’s… we’re doing the European rounds now. Let’s move to Italy. I never liked the Italian government that was there. There’s just been a new election and it’s been won by a mixture of anti-European parties, very nationalist parties. The result will be that once they get themselves together it will be a very anti-European government and it’s possible they may push for a referendum like Great Britain had, and if you look back at maybe two years ago I was saying that I felt that Italy might well decide that it wanted a referendum to leave Europe. It has taken two years but it looks like what I said is coming true now so that will be very interesting to watch that.
Let’s move across to the neighbors in France. A man that I have no time for, a president called Macron who was elected because I understand the people didn’t like the look of Le Pen who was a self-confessed fascist, and so they went for Macron because he appeared to be the only decent candidate. Of course his election was won by the established media. The established media absolutely threw themselves behind him and it is becoming apparent why, and very very heavily connected with the elite, and there is a movement now among some quite interesting individuals to try and get rid of him, so what we are seeing right across Europe, we haven’t done Germany yet, but we are seeing across Europe that the leaders who got shoehorned into power as they have always done are beginning now to look over their shoulders and wondering what went wrong, so that’s quite interesting.
Let’s move on to Germany then. Anybody who came along to the conference I did either last year at High Elms just north of London or the year before that and I don’t really remember when it might have been, but I did a fifteen-minute presentation on Angela Merkel and I showed pictures which were not photoshopped. They weren’t doctored. They were pictures of Merkel giving a speech in one of her many election tours and then I showed pictures of Adolf Hitler. What I was looking at wasn’t her face but I was looking at her body language. Now it’s really interesting that two years later that the famous Q, if you don’t know there is a very interesting post coming out under the label of Q, is now talking about Angela Merkel being Hitler’s child. Now that’s not the first time that’s come out, but it’s interesting that it has resurfaced. But I did actually bring this up two years ago because I’d heard something and if this actually adds to it then I’m hoping that the truth might come out so that’s very interesting.
Let’s move across to Israel. Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, not a particularly friendly fellow, I think he is looking for a war with Iran. That’s not new but he’s reinvigorating the option of a war. He wants a 3rd World War. There is no doubt about that; that’s not the first time. He tried it about two or three years ago and his own chief of staff of the military refused to carry out his order. Benjamin Netanyahu ordered an attack against Iran by Israeli jet aircraft and the head of all of the armed services refused the order. He’s at it again. He’s in trouble. There are some very strong elements trying to remove him now and I guess if you have a war it sort of takes the spotlight off of you, but, you know, we’ve got several leaders now throughout the place who are in real trouble and nowhere much to go.
I’m going to move on now back to America. First of all you may have caught that President Trump signed off a whole load of new documents the beginning of this month. Now one of the particularly interesting because although courts martial and martial law, it’s not new, there has been a change and Trump has got his advisors to alter the way that it is run so that this time military tribunals can draw on civilian prosecutors and civilian experts. Now why that is really important and many people have missed this is that if you are going to try a soldier for a crime, you do not need civilian experts because the military prosecutor argues with the military defense lawyer and so they carry it out, but if you now want to recruit civilians it must mean that you are going to indict civilians, now this is really important because if you are going to have a set series of trials and you’re going to bring nonmilitary people into a military tribunal, you’re going to have to have civilians there because the military don’t know how a civilian court works. This is got… it’s a very interesting time on this. Anybody prosecuted before the 1st of January 2019—I’ll say it again because it’s really important—anybody prosecuted before the 1st of January 2019 will come under this statute which tells us that 2018 is supposed to be the times when these court cases are going to take effect, and there’s one interesting clause which says that it, I’m paraphrasing a little bit here, but a temporary arrangement to govern the civil population through military law—I’m gonna say that again—a temporary arrangement to govern the civil population through martial law. Now had this come out under Clinton or Obama I would be really really worried, because when we talk about martial law we talk about the deep state trying to squash the citizens, but under this man Trump, I’m actually quite laid back, because I think this is about getting those people who have robbed the citizens of the world and this is an interesting way to get them out of the legal system that they control and bring them into a courts martial which they do not control. Remember that 85 to 90 percent of the military do not support the bad guys and that’s a very, very interesting arrangement. We have to keep an eye on that.
Finally I just want to make note that obviously I do feel sorry for the people who died when the bridge in Florida, I think it was near Miami, when that bridge collapsed and killed the, I’m sorry for a number of reasons of course, but one of them is it was, the bridge was put in I think, I’m not in America, but from what I’ve been picked up to help students, university students, not get knocked down crossing a busy road. I think somebody was knocked down and so they put the bridge in. Why I’m bringing it to our topic tonight is that there was a crack found in the bridge and there’s some issue about that and I hope it’s not going to be another story of capitalism, money craziness, you know, let’s not worry that; it’s about making a profit We’ll stick this bridge up, you know, and I hope it’s not that. I hope it’s just a… one of those natural disasters, but I think it’s very very suspicious that there was a crack found in the bridge just a day or two days beforehand. So much of the United States infrastructure is collapsing and that’s one of the reasons that President Trump was elected of course because people are saying why is the richest country on planet Earth got holes in the roads, bridges falling down, hospitals collapsing, et cetera et cetera, and one of the reasons of course is that all of the money has been going into black projects. Right, okay, thanks ever so much. That’s quite a big update. We’ll go on with the questions now if you want.
JP: So from human and earthbound political news to galactic news from A. Maxwell. Hi Simon, I know you mentioned an electromagnetic wave and an energy coming from galactic center which it seems some people have received, but are there any political galactic news or updates in terms of humanity? Anything new with the Mantids or the Galactic Federation?
SP: Okay, this wave is just, hasn’t really started. I put it between today the 18th and the 21st. The first wave will be a magnetic type wave; the second wave will be the much more uplifting wave, so some people are already feeling it because they’re incredibly sensitive and they’re feeling the edge of it, but my understanding is it’s between now and maybe the 21st, something like that so let’s wait. Let’s give it a few more days.
Right, the political news, remember that many of the groups that we talk about aren’t aligned. They operate independently and you know it’s a bit like a game of Monopoly. You know you make an ally with a friend because they’ve got, I don’t know in America now, but British of course, you’ve got Bond Street, or Regent Street and you do a little deal there and then the next round comes around and you make a deal with someone who’s got Pall Mall and so it goes on. There are lots of off planet entities that just mix and match. There are other groups which are predominantly human who aren’t in the game but they are more committed emotionally and biologically and I mean through the DNA connection. If you are human and you can see a human type creature on a planet struggling you’d have to be very hard hearted to turn away and not be involved, so those groups are being involved you know. I suppose I’m like everyone else. I’d love something to happen really overtly for the whole planet, all the population not just to see it and forget about it but to see it and believe it. I’d like every official newsline, whether it be a newspaper, radio, or a television to come out and say, “Here is the Truth.” You know we’ve been, they wouldn’t say lying would they, we’ve been keeping this from you for, you know, our reasons. I’d love that to come out but just because we don’t hear it every day doesn’t mean big things aren’t happening. If you cast your mind back three, four years ago, there was an incredible number of underground military facilities which were just taken out of operation and the best we ever got about that was local residents hearing boom, boom, boom literally coming from underground as if people were dynamiting, so we had absolute evidence that stuff was going on from a 3D perspective. We were getting evidence from elsewhere. That was a key place because a lot of the control systems on Earth were being run underground. You know in the 1950s when spy satellites started to become clever enough to take pictures a lot of things literally moved underground, and so they were facilities there particularly, actually in Great Britain and in the United States but not exclusively so, that were being used against humanity. There are still a number of bases where people and children are held and that’s obviously something that’s got to be sorted.  So in terms of politics nothing’s changed. Nobody’s changed sides. Nobody’s contrite, weeping in the corner. The people who are still hanging on are still hanging on and those that are absolutely determined to shift them are still absolutely determined. I’m hoping that it won’t be me that tells you one day that the system will not collapse, I don’t want that, but the system will change so overtly that even the most unaware and deeply asleep human being on the planet would have to actually see it and believe it. There is a lot going on and hopefully in the next few months we’ll get some more evidence of that, thank you.
JP: Excellent, so next question is from Scintilla. Today when I woke up I saw what looked like a red dendrite that seemed to be hanging from the ceiling. I only saw it for a few seconds and then it disappeared. I’ve seen the same thing before but it was transparent, not red. Any ideas?
SP: Right if it was a bit like a stalactite you get in caves and whether it was pointy like a needle or whether it was more round and amorphous, does she say that? Does she tell us?
JP: No it just says a dendrite whatever dendrites looks like.
SP: Okay, all right, a bit hamstrung because it’s quite important, the difference between the two. Right, all right what we’re looking at there is something that has a different method of communicating than most people understand. We’re looking at a… so it’s organic, it’s not AI; we’re looking at an organic method of sampling information that has come through. It appears sometimes literally as a fluid. The best way to describe it would be if you have a cup of water or a glass of water and you drop some drops of ink and then just a second after they’ve hit the water, they plume out into the water. Well that’s the more rounded one. Now if that’s what the person is talking about then that’s my answer. If on the other hand it’s more like an ice cycle that’s pointed down, then that’s more negative; it’s more of a transmitter than a receiver so I can’t do anymore than that without knowing whether it’s a pointy one or a rounded one.  All I can tell you is that is coming in from, if it’s the pointy one it is coming from the 4th dimension; if it’s the rounded one it can either be coming from the 4th, but I suspect it’s higher dimension and it’s being utilized or boosted from the 4th. So in layperson’s terms the pointed one is bad; the rounded one is good, thank you.
JP: Well there you go. Nicolai, 5th dimension. Hello Simon and JayPee. All of your assistance through providing knowledge and insight is truly appreciated, much love and health to you both. Here is my question. We know that the 3rd and 4th dimensions are places for us to experience, learn, and overcome things like religion, bloodlines, et cetera. You recently mentioned that those from Arcturus moved from the 5th to the 6th dimension. What are some of the issues we need to experience and learn from in the 5th dimension? Is there someone or another race of beings in the 5th dimension that we will join in our journey?
SP: Well thank you very much for the kind words that you’ve given both JayPee and myself. Every dimension that any living creature goes into gives him or her the opportunity to experience. I have often said, and I know some people get a bit confused by it, but I say that God and I do believe in God absolutely do I believe in God, but I don’t believe in God of the God of the man in the pulpit with the Bible and he thumps his hand on the table and that’s not my God, but what God does is provide each and every one of us a set series of activities and that’s all God’s bothered about. What God doesn’t want is us coming back to God and saying you never gave me enough opportunities, so we’re all given opportunities. Now whether we learn from them that’s entirely up to us.  So every dimension has opportunities and those opportunities are different and change because the frequency in those dimensions is different.  So the opportunities are there but the way we would interpret them and the way they would present themselves to us is different, so in the 3rd dimension everything’s very physical.  Problems, let’s call them that, problems come to us and they’re very physical and they seem intractable but as we move up dimensions those problems are not problems, they are opportunities and that sounds like a corporate pep talk to the sales men and women but it isn’t, I don’t mean it that way. It’s that in the 3rd dimension we are challenged and the questioner is absolutely right and the questioner has put down some of the control systems, but let’s not just hook on that. We can be challenged because we walk past a person who we know to be genuine sitting on the street corner who needs some money but we don’t give them any because we just don’t want to do it or we see someone who needs help and we don’t give it. Well that’s also us being offered opportunities to see whether we are service to self or service to others. The question was directly about higher dimensions. Well the bottom of the 5th dimension is Andromeda so I guess we’re going to rub shoulders with people like Alex Collier. We’re going to rub shoulders with the lower 5th. We won’t just go into the 5th because it is a stratified band just as the 4th dimension is stratified, you know, you’ve got your reptilians now in a depression, that is actually quite a good word for them, in a depression in the bottom of the 4th and you remember you’ve got people from Orion and Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius [sear re us] who are higher up in the 4th because they are human and they are not service to self in the same way that some of the reptilian groups are, so you have stratified groups, so the group that we will be potentially sharing future with would be Andromeda, but remember we have to pass through the 4th first. For the last, I think, since 2012, I’ve been one of those guys who’ve been saying that we do not need to stay in the 4th. It’s a bit of a hard concept for some people to get their head around. They think well if you’re in the 3rd, you need to go to the 4th and then from the 4th when you’ve done your time you go to the 5th, but remember what I and others have been saying, that the 3rd dimension here on Earth is also 4th dimension, so we’ve done all that, so we just need to pass through the 4th and land or arrive in the early part of the 5th. At the moment it is taken by Andromeda. Now whether the Andromedans would move up another notch to make space for us through natural evolution, I have no idea, but that is where we are going and we talked about the top end, Arcturus, Arcturus was in the top of the 5th and recently in terms of human years has moved into the 6th, bottom of the 6th, and so may be it has moved out of the 5th into the 6th to make space for us so everyone will move up so that means the jolly old Pleiadians will go from the middle of the 5th where they presently are to the top of the 5th and Andromedans will move from the bottom of the 5th to the middle and maybe the good old Earth humans and other associate creatures who have also decided they want to evolve will go into the bottom of the 5th. It’s really exciting time and I can’t wait, can’t come soon enough, thank you for the question.
JP: It’s like Accrington, Accringtons Stanley coming to the top of the second division. So just to go back a little bit to the old God–Jesus thing. I was having this discussion earlier on and Jesus, God, Satan, Anu, Enlil, Enki, how are they all related? I know, you know, I keep asking this kind of question because, you know, there’s still no real, nothing that people can, well it’s hard to get a handle on it, so are they the same or are we talking about completely different hierarchies of things and people?
SP: It’s hard to get a handle on it because there’s no one history book that succinctly explains it. There is no consensus. You cannot go to the public library and get a book on it. You have to go to different sorts of experts to get his or her opinion on it. In the history of this planet certain individuals have wanted to take the label “God” because the people of the planet were at a very primitive stage and rightly or wrongly certain of these individuals thought that if they presented themselves as a God, then the natives would bow down to them and would do what they wanted rather than say listen I want to share with you or I want to have a joint government or anything like that. They wanted the quickest easiest way to control the masses and that was what they want and that was what they went for. So all of the characters that you’ve just read out could and would have done in history been described as Gods. Someone somewhere will have introduced them on a podium or a platform as your God and that doesn’t matter whether it was the Incas, the Aztecs, Mayans or whether it was the Zulus or whether it was the Israelites or the people of the Babylons, Sumeria, et cetera, et cetera. It doesn’t matter. These individuals are generally wanted to present themselves in a manner that gave them the quickest access to manipulating the human race, so much so that even quite strong religious people are in their private moments, are prepared to say there appeared to be two Gods, the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament. The religious establishment refute that and say it’s the same God, but if you read the two books, the Old Testament and the New Testament, one, the Old Testament was all brimstone and fire. I’m going to burn you et cetera, et cetera and the other one is all about forgiveness, so that shows me that books are manipulated. Histories are manipulated. Did Jesus exist, absolutely he did 100 percent, but the people who control the system wrote the history book. A Bible is a history book. It’s a book designed not to empower those who read the book but it is designed to enslave those who read the history book because it says this is your God. This is who you give your authority to and by the way that little building or that big building round the corner which we call a church or whatever you want to call it, that’s where we are and we represent your God so you want to come along to us and we’ll tell you what to do, and I’ve always ever since I was about seven years old, I could never understand when somebody had done something wrong and who’s to say what wrong is but the system says you do something wrong, you have to go to a fellow man and ask that fellow man to forgive you in the name of God. Why is that chap got the right to speak for God, because he went to a religious school and studied for a lengthy period of time and then you begin to understand the system, the connection between the church and the governments and you see in many, many places the church has a special standing with the government and it’s part of the control system, so all I can say basically is that they are separate entities. They are separate entities. Each one is separate but each one has either intentionally or been manipulated after history to present themselves in such a way that they were to be worshipped and what true living God ever wants its subjects to worship it, you know, that’s the fundamental point. If you believe in humanity why would you want something that you created, why would you want it to worship you, your ego must be bigger than the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Your fear of your people turning against you is based on what, because if you are a benign and a good God why would you be worried about it, you know, if you’re looking after your people they surely want to keep you, so it smacks of control. That’s what it smacks of, so I’ve got no time for any of it, thank you, it’s a good question.
JP: So, one moment, women shaving their heads: This is a question from healing light and love. Dear JayPee, happy birthday. Thank you for all, and thank you.
SP: Oh yes it is your day, your birthday.
JP: Yes my solo return.
SP: I’m not singing.
JP: Mm-hmm, please. Thank you for working your show on your special day. We are, we love you, thank you. Dear Simon aside from the transhuman transgender agendas, why are there so many women shaving their heads? Is this some kind of mind control? Almost all the Hollywood stars have gone bald at some point and many ex-female military appear to keep their heads shaved. Thank you for all you do, Felicita.
SP: Right it’s interesting because there are many police officers, female police officers in America and Britain who have long hair and what they do is they tie it back into a ponytail and I always thought well if you’re fighting with a prisoner aren’t they gonna try and pull your hair, so I can understand why people in the military or the police force male or female would have very short hair. I see the point of that, but in terms of shaving your head, it’s more to do with images that we associate with a certain cult or a certain group. This is actually deeply connected with ancient Egypt. A number of Egyptian priests and quite high up people there shave their heads and it was what you did. It was what the priesthood did and you know just think of Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley had a very strong connection with ancient Egypt so there is a magical connection here which runs through the 4th dimension, not exclusively so, and it made its way out into things like MKUltra, particularly with Hollywood and pop groups and female stars which were created and it was a sign of a club, sign of the individual’s status within that club and a sign of their loyalty to that club and so it is very much a mind control plan, and if you go on YouTube and you see any of these young women it is quite shocking because if you get hold of pictures before they may have had quite lovely long hair. Now I’m not criticizing a style or a fashion, what I’m saying is I know for a fact that it is part of or elements of are used. It doesn’t mean that everybody who shaves their head is mind controlled, let me make it clear I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that within certain Egyptian cult elements that exist within the mind control lobby, that is an aspect used to denote the hierarchy or the position or the standing of that individual, and you know what they do on these music videos is they want to advertise their beliefs so if you have all the one eye open, one eye closed Illuminati symbols, or have, you know, triangles. They’ll have all of the associated material that we expect now with satanic ritual, which is now put out and is part of the culture of young people and that’s deliberate. It’s not just a director who’s had a little bit of dabbling in black magic and then decides he will do this. These are directives. These are individuals who’ve reached high positions within the media industry who will continue to pump out what they’re being told and that’s why they’re in those jobs, so yes, somebody could shave their head for charity, you know, somebody could have chemotherapy for cancer so their hair drops out. There are a whole host of reasons why somebody could do it but if somebody’s in the music industry earning huge top dollar, there must be a reason for that, so yes it’s a very good question and you are right thank you.
JP: This is from Moses, New York City. Lemuria, Atlantis and Giants. Simon you mentioned on the February 4th show that the Earth was transformed and I’m curious… I think that he means terraformed and I’m curious to know if the ancient Lemurians or Atlantean race of giants played a significant role in terraforming planet Earth and if so what was the reason for that terraforming and was there a genetic connection between these ancient Giants and modern-day humans?
SP: Right. The Giants came before the terraforming but they were also present afterward but they were in a different form. Are they connected to humanity? Yes they are. They had two arms, two legs, two eyes and they did contain a genetic material which is connected to humanity. When we look at history today we are bombarded with a set acceptable vision of the past and it’s neatly compartmentalized so that we can understand. There was the ancient Egypt time, there’s the ancient Greeks, there’s the Romans and so on, and then we have a period of time where there’s nothing written down and so history just ends because they can’t teach it in university; that’s what it’s all about. If there’s no writing how can we teach in university so you’ll find loads and loads of courses on university of ancient Egypt or Babylon or Sumeria because they had writing, but if you want to do something beyond that in the Stone Age, it’s a heck of a hard job to find a university that is teaching that, so to go back in excess of 15,000 years, it’s very hard. I mean at the moment the establishment are agreeing there are probably two cities on the world that are older than 10,000 years, just two they’ve agreed to, and so if that’s the level of like drawing teeth that we are with the establishment, it’s going to be impossible to get any information beyond that, so Giants really did exist and they had a right although their rights were different. It is hard to try to describe this. When something is very different from the people in control yet is still attached to it, they will have rights but less rights, but it is like in England, if you had lots of money in a land you didn’t have to do any work, whereas if you were poor and you didn’t own any land the only way you could survive was being connected to one of the great lords, so depending on how useful you were, or how powerful you were, you had more or less rights. The Giants that we’re talking about were a group of people, I’m going to call them people, who you didn’t want to antagonize because they could cause a lot of problems for you, but they were also, they were seen as a separate entity. They were given a particular piece of ground or land, a huge piece of land which was theirs but they weren’t allowed to come into any of the built-up areas. There were special trade missions. It was a very segregated relationship but they were definitely humanoid in their form. They were benevolent and that is why to this day in many cultures that have not lost everything to the iPhone or to what have you, that still have some both oral tradition and written tradition, the term Giants is not just something to scare people, kids with. It’s actually rooted in history and Norway is a really important source of information for Trolls and Giants.  Even up to the 1930s they were still writing and talking about such things so they were real. They were upon the Earth. I put them between anything between 25- 35,000 years ago and 250,000 years ago and that’s the first wave. That’s obviously when humanity was around. There is a crossover between Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This is about 250,000 to 300,000 years ago and the Giants. That is why in some people’s memories they have a concept of understanding what a giant is but there was a group before that before Homo Sapiens Sapiens were as we are today, so it’s a really exciting topic and we would really need to look in places like Turkey, what I call the Holy Land that’s the sort of area, but I think we could also look in places like the Ukraine and some of the countries along there and possibly South America as well, so thank you for the question.
JP: Meanwhile back in today Agenda 21. Dear Simon and JayPee best show on the air, thank you for your great contributions. This is from Oliver. If all goes well this year for the White Hats will Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 et cetera come to a halt globally or in any area? I thank you for all you do.
SP: That’s a really nice thing to say. I don’t know if it’s the best show on but, you know, but I’m very grateful that you listen. Yeah Agenda 21 is not finished. What basically happens is in Agenda 2030 or whatever it’s called is sort of linked to 21, so it’s not that it’s replacing it, it’s basically trying to revamp it because they didn’t really wipe out the human population so they are just scooting over the fact that they didn’t get their own way and they’ve redone this. Yes, absolutely. I’m really expecting all of these completely disassociated half-crazed people to give up wanting to kill us all off and you know just to do whatever, you know, they need to do. They can only bring into effect what we the people give them the right to bring into effect, so if we the people abdicate our responsibility then of course we let them do what they do, but if we challenge and we ask questions and we show we don’t believe and we show that we don’t not engage with the established media and that we do believe in a different truth, then it cuts down their options. I had a guy come around from the opinion polls sort of wanting to ask questions about what did I vote and et cetera, and I did I brought him in and had a half-hour chat with him and I was happy to do his questions and I thought well what was really interesting was a big section on who do you trust for news and, you know, there were all the usual enemies there and anyway he said what sort of news do you like, and I said well actually I don’t really listen to the established news but I do listen to Russia Today and he said to me, oh you’re not the first person to tell me that and I thought that was really interesting because these people have to be, they can’t lead you, but for him to make that comment means that he’d been into other houses and asked what, you know, do you do and they all said well want to listen to Russia Today and the reason is that people are sick and tired of being lied to by their own media. Now this is a sign because he would have been asked about, ask those questions because they know the sale of traditional newspapers is dropping off the cliff. The number of people listening to mainstream news is only reducing slightly but the number believing what they’re being told has dropped significantly, that’s the key. People will generally turn on and watch in England the BBC. In America I don’t know, what do you guys watch, Fox, CNN, whatever, but the number of people who then take it as truth is miniscule and that’s one of the most heartening signs that people are now discerning that they are being lied to. Ten years ago, 15 years ago it was almost believed verbatim and now you know some of these established people dare’nt even come on a mainstream station and say what it is because they won’t hear. Here’s one, Boris Johnson in Great Britain, a fool that he is, has started talking about Russia’s stockpiling nerve agents. Well think about what happened with the war that we had and we were told weapons of mass destruction and then it was obviously proven there was no chemical weapons. It was a complete lie to start a war, so here we have another British politician in the Tory Party now beginning to talk about Russia having stockpiled nerve agents. Is this the beginning of the British government now saying to its people well we’re gonna have to have a war because Russia has got these weapons of mass destruction? Don’t these people ever learn, and that’s my point, if these people don’t learn then they are literally walking off the edge of a cliff because people throughout the world generally aren’t stupid and they’re waking up at a very fast rate and the best thing that any politician can do is actually do what they’re supposed to do, which is serve the people not fill us full of lies and falsehoods and trickery, just get on and do the job you’re supposed to do, so I want the change just like all the rest of us. It can’t come soon enough. There are some big things happening. We would never have seen a man like President Trump elected, you know, five years ago. President Kennedy was the right man in the right place, the wrong time because he was ahead of his time. The system wasn’t going to let Kennedy there. The public weren’t behind Kennedy enough. They sat in their armchairs and they said oh he’s the president for the people but what did they do, nothing, but it’s changed now. It’s changed greatly. You couldn’t do another 9/11. They’d have a real hard time if they assassinated Trump. There would be probably a mini civil war in the U.S. That’s why, you know, it’s something that they’re really not too keen on. They’ve tried several times but these are what I would call half-hearted attempts. You couldn’t do another 9/11, so you know, I am still hopeful for the future. I’m very positive and I know sometimes I talk about things that are a bit depressing and down, but that’s the truth. I’m not going to hide the truth but I always come back to the point that we have to go through this rough bit of road for the positive bit of road at the end of it. I’m not like a newspaper that wants to sell its newspapers by telling you that the end of the world is nigh. We’re going to be wiped out and I don’t believe that. I certainly don’t. If I believed that when Lord Ivars offered me that nuclear bunker, was it three years ago, now four years ago, and I didn’t want it very polite thank you very much, but I’m not going to bring in, I’m not going to buy into something by accepting something. I don’t believe we’re going to need to hide underground. I don’t believe there will be a 3rd World War. I think that there’s a wonderful chance for humanity and you know we’re gonna take that. That’s a good question, thank you.
JP: Okay, so from works of fiction to works of fiction. Why does every Illuminati family have a copy of The Lord of the Rings in their home? Is Sauron only one we know? Was Tolkien a White Hat? Are the Orcs speaking real star language from Orion in the movie, so Tolkien has it…
SP: I love it. I love it. It’s a really good question thank you. It’s a sensible question but you know they’ve made it funny so that’s clever. Tolkien was a member of the elite absolutely no question of it. Was he a White Hat? I think he was. I think he was genuinely a decent guy who was so into academia that he didn’t really have time for politics unlike many of these people, and H.G. Wells was another one really did not like the way that their lords and masters were leading the world into war after war after war, but, you know, they didn’t do anything about it. They just made comments from the side and what Tolkien was doing in showing The Lord of the Rings was war and factions of war and how people could be whipped up and how they would go into one battle and they would be lied to and tricked.  But what he introduced was magic, something that in the 1930s and ’40s wasn’t really understood. The vast majority of people didn’t have the internet, couldn’t understand what all was going on. Why do bloodline families have The Lord of the Rings? Because it’s about rings; it’s about the one ring, the Ring of Power and all the subsidiary rings that come from it. It’s about demons. These are the Nazgûl. It’s about those that come from the 4th dimension into this dimension which is exactly what happens. It’s about wizards, good and evil, and good fighting evil. Not every Illuminati family in person is evil. Let’s get this absolutely clear. There are a large number of Illuminati families who have been blackmailed or tricked into a situation where they cannot escape without losing their life and, you know, from my own family background thinking about my blood mother, what would she do? Would she, you know, stick two fingers up and walk out, you know, she paid with her life. They murdered her but she resigned and anybody who watches Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man and The Prisoner knows that you cannot resign, so there are real penalties for people who leave an elite organization, so don’t imagine that every individual person and every family is naturally evil if they’re in the Illuminati. You know many of us didn’t ask for our bloodline. We were born into a body and we woke up and realized this is what I am but you know consciously I don’t have any memory of that. Subconsciously is different but anyway consciously we don’t always have a memory of what we’re doing and why we’re here. So The Lord of the Rings is about a ring that can summon evil, but can also banish evil, but it’s about a ring that becomes so powerful and let’s just change the word “ring” to “concept.” It’s become so powerful that it consumes every mortal who tries to control it. Even Gandalf says I daren’t even try and touch the ring because I would want to do good jobs with it but I would be corrupted and turned into evil. If you think back to King Solomon, King Solomon only wore his ring for short periods of time when he wanted to enact the craft. He would not wear it 24/7 and in The Lord of the Rings that Tolkien wrote, this ring was only on your finger for very short periods so that is why it’s on every person’s bookshelf in the Illuminati and not the Bible.  You know you won’t find the Bible actually on show in the Illuminati family unless it’s for research purposes. The Bible is not something they’re very keen on.
JP: So it’s Sade. “Why can’t we live together?
SP: Ah good.
JP: Back to Connecting Consciousness. You got your tea Simon?
SP: I have yes.
JP: You got your list?
SP: I have indeed or the list has got me, right are we ready?
JP: Ready as ever.
SP: All right I want to make a special thanks to Bernhard, Elaine, Ky that’s KY, Catherine, Edgar, Katrin, George, Sue, Michael, Ada, Raymond, Tina, Thomas, John, Rhoda, Reenie, Margaret, Pamela, Bjorn, Marvin, Offeree, Sheena, Jeff, Oliver, Sarah, Sara, Antoine, Sherlyn, Sheila, Vesna, Ross, Joyce, Lillian, Ildiko, Michael, Terry, Olivia, Oliver, Jason, Tina, Stephanie, Bob, nearly finished, Theodore, Megan, Nathan, Imogene, Martin, Becky and Patrika, so thank you ever so much for all your kind help and support and donations, particularly Margaret who really did help me out. My car needed a few bits and pieces doing to it. Very many thanks, very grateful to you, thank you. There we are.
JP: Right. I’m just scrolling through all the, I’m not joking there’s more than 300 Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook and I’m not even down to the bottom of it. It’s just incredible so I’m officially overwhelmed. So meanwhile, meanwhile moon goddess from vibe on dot com. You mentioned Simon that Princess Diana was a real moon goddess. What makes a woman a real moon goddess? I have a dear friend with Rh negative blood who has always called herself a moon goddess since we were little girls, but she truly does not know why. The title just came to her one day but she is very special and obviously has gifts she cannot explain and a very good heart. Thank you very much for the show and all you do.
SP: Thank you. I would say that all moon goddesses are good. There isn’t just one on the planet and there are very many of them. They all have the divine feminine energy. We won’t talk about Atlantis we’ll talk about moon goddesses. The problem has been that men wish to capture the divine feminine energy and utilize it within a black magic program whether through ceremonies or something of that nature and the divine feminine just like the Catholic church wanted all its priests to be men and didn’t want the women involved, so within the black magic circle they tried to maintain a male dominance but they realized that they needed the feminine energy because the feminine is the other fifty percent of the energy that exists everywhere, but they wanted it in a way that they controlled it so what they do is they sacrifice the moon goddesses and in doing so they either perform a deal with another entity, I will give you this female; I will have her murdered and her death will be a sacrifice to you or if it’s not for another entity then it’s for the energy of themselves, so they would, you know, kill that individual and at the moment of death they would try to capture that energy so they’re all for bad purposes. Princess Diana was a moon goddess. We associate that with the good water and I think David Icke was one of the first to explain in some detail what being a moon goddess actually meant and that you can’t be much better than go back and have a look at his works on Princess Diana of Wales. The difficulty I think for humanity is to understand that these individuals are already identified before they’re born, so Princess Diana was already identified to carry children and then be sacrificed, so she was already going to be, whether she liked it or not, managed by this secret organization. Moon goddesses are not to be confused with grandmothers or any of the females who take part in black magic satanic rituals. The moon goddess sits aside, doesn’t partake of these ceremonies only at certain times when the moon is in conjunction with something or when that particular organization has aligned itself with a particular creational event and the moon would play a part so this individual, this moon goddess, would only be brought in as and when, but not all moon goddesses, only the moon goddesses that the elite organization have deemed to join into their cult, so you could have fifty moon goddesses and forty-nine of them don’t really know who they are, what they know is they have this strong affinity for the moon and what it means and some of the other peripheral material but only one of them is actually aware that she is actually manipulated by a secret society and that’s what we have, one of the reasons that Princess Diana was so unhappy was that she woke up, if I can use the term “too late” to what she’d married into. She was very young and I’ve seen a lot of the photographs of the day of the wedding and it’s very interesting to look at Princess Diana’s father. He’s not very happy. Now you’d think that if you were the father of a girl marrying the future King of England you would be extremely proud and happy from a 3D point of view of course, but that’s not what I saw in those pictures and it would be interesting for a bit of research not just him but his wife as well, Diana’s mother. There are several photographs where they’re looking pretty miserable and I think that that tells quite a heck of a story.  So yes, all moon goddesses are good but some get corrupted just like anything else. Good question, thank you.
JP: Now I don’t know if this is a real thing. From Viva, Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you for all the loving caring wisdom you share and you make a great difference. There is a photo of Simon being knighted by the Queen going around.
SP: Oh yeah.
JP: And I was wondering if this is authentic and if so is there a story you might want to share?
SP: Oh bless you, if it was real I would be Sir Simon, because you see when you go down on one knee and you’re knighted you become a Sir, so if that was true I would have the right to call myself Sir Simon, okay and that would be really nice. That would be fun wouldn’t it from a 3D point of view. Oh I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t if it was ever offered to me, I wouldn’t have it and remember there’s a precedent here because my grandfather was offered to be knighted. They offered my grandfather to be knighted and he refused for the same reasons I would refuse, so no that actually has been going for about four or five years, that picture. I don’t know who did it or why but I remember being shown it and I roared with laughter because it’s, anybody who listens to me on the radio show would know very well that I wouldn’t be at all interested in something like that. If somebody said to me I want to make you, I want to recognize you, I’d say well I tell you what let’s build a hospital or let’s build a healing center or let’s do this; let’s do that; let’s do that. That would be much more practical for the human race than you know, giving me a medal, you know, you see these people coming out of Buckingham Palace and they have been the OBE or the CBE and they come out and they show their medal. I remember Jimmy Savile was given I think an OBE so it just shows who the Queen gives OBEs too, doesn’t it, and they hold their little medals up and they’re really proud of it. It’s nonsense, not to be confused with people who play in the Olympics, sports men and women and they receive a medal, that’s different. That’s a competition, you know, and that I can understand that but you know because you got on a list, somebody likes you because your great-great-grandfather was this, that, and the other or because you’re a millionaire and they want to keep you sweet, they’ll give you an honors. It’s all corrupt. No it’s not true; it’s a great fun thank you.
JP: Excellent, all right from Daniela. According to some sources in the Internet spraying vinegar or cooking vinegar in a water cooker should help reduce chemtrails or chemclouds. What is your opinion? What else can we do to help clearing up the sky? The sky is a big problem and you know it’s something that is obviously literally out of the reach of humanity. What’s the deal with chemtrails and, you know, when are they gonna stop?
SP: I’m not sure I heard you properly, something about an oven and vinegar.
JP: Spraying vinegar or cooking vinegar in a water cooker so I presume that’s something that boils water that makes it cloudy should help to reduce chemtrails or chemclouds. I have no idea.
SP: No I don’t know that’s, that’s…you’ve thrown me, I don’t know how long I have been doing this show but that’s thrown me. I know then you can clean a cooker with vinegar but I’ve not heard about getting rid of chemtrails with vinegar, anyway right, move on from that. What I can say is there are some devices which you can go and do your research on the internet that do have a positive but a very localized event effect and these are usually using crystals and copper rods which can be used but you have to charge you have to get a positive charge going and that can have an effect and a very localized effect, so for instance if we’re going to have a Connecting Consciousness meeting and we noticed there was a lot of chemtrailing going on there are certain things that are available just to buy you maybe half an hour of time. If you’ve got other issues then you can use more nonphysical methods but at the moment as you say JayPee quite rightly this is up in the atmosphere and it’s very difficult to get ahold of and the only way this is going to end is when the purse strings that are released for this are just stopped. Now that is happening. It’s incredible that we went through a phase three–four years ago where every westernized place on the planet was being heavily chemtrailed and then we went through a phase where some parts were getting nothing at all and then down the road they were being hit, hammered. What we’re seeing now is a reduction overall, is a reduction overall. The amount of chemtrailing is reducing but it is still heavy over certain areas, areas that have big conurbations or areas of great spiritual revival or spiritual energies, those are still being hit, but overall there is a reduction and one of the reasons for the reduction is the amount of money from the shadow government black projects for that is being reduced, not because they’re running out of money, but because let me just call the White Hats but I don’t want you to think of the White Hats. I want you to think of the energy of the, not condescending, but the energy of those who are against it. It’s so great now that the bad guys are saying we better curtail it a bit. We better reduce it so we’ll, you know, we’ll give a bit of ground here and we’ll give a bit of ground there, and that’s what I meant by the change is coming. Yeah, I’d just like it to stop tomorrow but it’s more likely that it’s going to be strangled in bits. That’s what we’re seeing. So one of the last places to see the end of it will be California I expect, certain key locations that they’ll try and keep on doing it. You’re much better off protecting yourself from what’s in the environment because even if you stopped all chemtrailing now it’s still there. It’s been there for years. It’s in your body. You’re much better trying to cleanse the body, put up energy barriers toward it and do everything you can to make sure that your physical body resists whatever they’re doing. Let others take the battle to actually stop that. What I’m saying to people is it’s a battle that you can’t fight in the sense that it’s a physical thing out of your range although there’s nothing stopping group meditations if you’re having particularly being hammered in an area that actually is, we know that would work, but it’s much better that you spend your time protecting yourself, your family, your children keeping yourself as healthy as you can because when chemtrails are affected then these people become very angry and they tend to come after those. This is not the oil industry that is all-powerful, it is the pharmaceutical industry that is the number one money devil on this planet. That is why so many alternative medical practitioners have been found and the system has said they’ve suicided. Let’s just be blunt about it so many medical alternative professionals have been murdered because they are advocating a form of treatment that does not rely on drugs so when we are putting ourselves above the parapet and we’re going to make a change or an action that would have a huge effect we better be sure that we are protected and I don’t want anybody doing anything that’s going to draw an attention to themselves if they can’t protect themselves properly, but certainly there are things that you can do, just go on search online you’ll find a lot of devices out there, thank you.
JP: So in addition to the questions that I asked before we were talking about earlier, this question is from Chris from Blackpool. Hi Chris from Blackpool. I have heard that Enki was once a creator being for the light. In the story Enki and his crew were told to stay out of a certain dangerous area in the galaxy by Source. Enki decided that he was too powerful and would be fine so he entered the area. After entering Enki and his crew went crazy. I think the words used were fractured personalities. After this Enki’s twisted thoughts conjured up the Archons. Also is Enlil the Yaldabaoth. I never know how to pronounce that word, entity or are the so-called Annunaki gods back to help humanity to clear their own karma as some other people suggests?
SP: Right.
JP: So Enlil, Enki, Yaldabaoth, there we go Archons.
SP: Right. Let’s get this one straight. The Annunaki are not back on the planet; they’re already here. They’ve been here unbroken totally unbroken; they are here they are the heads of large corporations. They’re the heads of banks. They’re the heads in certain religious organizations. They were the heads in the military, not anymore. They have moved out of that. They are the heads of political government. If you are the master of the human race why would you go away, so they’ve been here ever since. Are they here to help us? No they’re not, but a number of them have made a decision to break with their past and therefore their decisions now are being more supportive and helpful to humanity, so there hasn’t been a sea change, but what’s happened is certain individual members of the Annunaki are saying the Titanic is sinking. There doesn’t look to be enough lifeboats for all of us. This human race down there are got a hammer and they’re knocking holes in the Titanic. Maybe I better go and make friends with them so I don’t go and sink with the Titanic. Now you’ll find that those people are the ones with little or no blood on their hands. They’re the ones that have been blackmailed or have done things that aren’t despicable. Those that have done the most heinous crimes to humanity, they’re the ones that are not changing sides so let’s get that very clear. Enlil and Enki were individuals in their own right. The story that you’ve got, I have a different version to that. It’s not as grandiose as yours I’m afraid, not half as interesting but basically if you take two brothers and the brother that was born first under patriarchal rules should be the one that inherits everything, but what we tend to forget in the world that we live in is that in those days what mattered was children born to a brother and a sister or a half-sister. Remember that was the same rules that existed in Sumeria and Babylon and in ancient Egypt so the pharaohs were generally the offspring of brother and sister or brother and half-sister. This was preserving the bloodline. So if you have a situation where the firstborn thinks that he is going to become a master of all he surveys but then the father produces another child this time with a half-sister or a sister, in terms of the law of the culture that child, although younger, is entitled to the number one position so your first child is dispossessed. This can create a whole range of things. One of them is a mental schism and so you can often see in a person the fact that they become mega maniac or they become this, that, and the other. Now the other brother, the one that suddenly found that he was in a position to rule, became hugely arrogant and in his own way he went through some sort of mental explosion and he became quite crazy, so the story I’ve got is that both brothers went through some form of mental transformation, was not because God Source said you can’t go here. Source God doesn’t do that. God doesn’t say you can’t do this; you can’t go there. God says you go where you want. You experience what you want, but you might get your fingers burnt, so it was about two individuals who turned away from a particular path and became absolutely focused on the hatred for each other vying for the favors and the accolades from their leisure Lord, their father, looking in a Machiavellian way to play the court, all of the hangers on, all of the this, that, and the other, manipulating the equivalent of the civil service, the equivalent of the military and that became their focal point so they both went through some form of mental disorder and that is my understanding of the story so I actually agree with you that there was for both brothers, there was a mental issue that occurred, which created this, not an alternative character, but this megalomaniac ego driven desire to control everything and that’s why the father said well you know you can manage the Earth but you can manage, the other one can manage the space. In other words dividing and ruling, putting the two brothers away but when you have an Earth, a planet in space where does the Earth begin and end and where does a space begin and end, and so both brothers were arguing over the jurisdiction of, you know, pushing their boundaries. So for instance the argument worked on spaceports where you would land your spacecraft so who do they belong to? Do they belong to the brother who was in charge of the terraforming of the Earth and the Earth or does that belong to the brother who was in charge of the secret space fleet? That’s by the way is why the secret space fleet have this connection to one of the brothers so that’s my answer, that it wasn’t God that they fell out with God. What they fell out with was their own desire for survival. They became service to self at the expense of everything else and that’s what they were, thank you.
JP: Meanwhile back in Europe and in Britain. Hello Simon, this is from Jeremy Gecks. Hello Jeremy, hello, you’ve mentioned before that the top 10 percent of the elite wanted Brexit. Why do they want this unlike the other 90 percent? What do you think will happen next? Many thanks for your information. I wish you much success.
SP: Thank you. Right, yeah I think it’s probably I said something along the lines of ten percent within the top group. It’s probably only about one or two percent of the total elite who wanted it. The vast majority of the elite followed Plan A and Plan A was the One World Order, the New World Order which was Europe, you know, the greatest experiment on humanity for goodness knows how long and they were just following orders, but the top, top group actually wanted Britexit, the very top people that control our established media and I’ve said it several times and it’s worth just me perhaps going over again. During the runup to the election and there are times when I do watch the established media because I need to know what lies they’re telling. Every news evening there were photographs or video of heaps of refugees walking from one place to another, one bombed city to the next and this was on every time and the object of this was to manipulate the British public into voting out of Europe because they were saying these are all migrant workers who are just going to turn up on your doorstep and take your jobs, so this top group wanted Britain out of Europe. Why? Well my answer is a bit surprising really because this top group realized that Europe was doomed economically, not culturally, but economically Europe was finished. That was one of the reasons they put a million refugees into Germany was to destroy Germany’s cohesive family structure and that’s nothing to do with racism. It’s to do with if you take a group of people who have lived there for a very long time and have brothers and sisters and family and you move a million people in who don’t speak your language, look different, dress different, have a different culture, eat a different food, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, you are going to cause a breakup. That’s exactly what they intended to do with Germany, so these top, top people realized that as a political experiment financially Europe was finished. We’re going to draw all of the money out of the European banking system, so there’s nothing left to rob. However, Great Britain is a very important country. It has the most important, outside of America, Stock Exchange. It has the Queen of England. It has some other very powerful symbology so what they wanted was to extricate Britain while Europe went down the toilet and that was why they wanted that, but they didn’t want to tell everybody that because that would send such a confusing signal that their own workforce in the Illuminati would all just revolt so the vast majority of people were working to stay in the One World Government, the European Union, but the top group realized that there was disaster around the corner that’s why they wanted Britain out and they used the established media to manipulate. Now I voted personally to leave Europe, not because I was manipulated by the BBC, but because I know that Europe is a One World Government and I don’t like One World Governments. Now what’s the future? The future is that never mind whether the Labour Party win the next election or the Tories stay in power, Britain will leave Europe. It has to leave Europe simply because the British people had a referendum and they voted to leave. Now if any politician dares to turn round to the British electorate and say I don’t like that, we’re going to have another election, the British people would say why should we ever vote for you again because you don’t listen to us, so of those, 75 percent of every politician wants to stay in Europe because there’s plenty of money in it for them that’s why they want to stay in Europe. They know that they can’t because they can’t… the game that they play the great charade of the election, the great charade of democracy would be stripped bare and they’d be out of a job, so Britexit will go through no question of it, good question thank you.
JP: Okay, now what is this, destiny calls. Masaru Emoto discovered water crystals responded to written and spoken words, music, and thought. He showed that water had an intelligence and human consciousness has effect on the molecular structure of water. As a significant percentage of the human body contains water and Earth is a water world the prospects of healing ourselves and the Earth is very exciting indeed. Are you able to comment on this?
SP: Yes, that’s why I’m so against fracking. I don’t care what anybody says fracking is not about finding alternative forms of energy. It’s about trying to overprint the planet. You’re absolutely right, a hundred percent that water isn’t just water as we are taught it, to swim in and to drink it. It is a container of information and just as in our bodies we have veins and arteries that carry the blood around our body, so the Earth has waterways but I’m more interested in the waterways that run under the Earth. For years the, I can’t say all of them, but many corporations have secretly been in a program to poison waterways, kill the fish, and all the rest of it, but it wasn’t that they were after. It’s about trying to deflect information that is carried in the water by the planet. That’s what fracking is about as far as I am concerned. Do you know, those of you who’ve researched it, that they want to actually use chemicals as part of the fracking process? I believe that that is designed to poison the arterial waterways under the earth to dilute or confuse the information that the Earth is sending to itself from one part to the other. That’s why I’m totally against fracking. It’s a nightmare and it’s just a satanic control system again designed to stop the Earth developing. Remember it’s not just humans that are going to evolve here it’s our planet as well, so if you can stop the ascension of the planet, then you’ve got a pretty good chance of stopping the ascension of humanity. One is connected to the other, so that is what they’re doing so they’re trying to poison the waterways. They’re trying to spray in the air. They’re doing everything they can to either stop or slow down the ascension process and for those of us who listen to the radio show or take part in debates or try and make change, there is no part of us that can understand how anybody could be that mentally ill or devilishly crazy to want to do that sort of thing. Why in God’s name would somebody, you know, why would you do that and you’ve got to be just so demonic you’ve got to so but chewed up inside and so lacking any humanity any compassion that you would go on a program of destruction simply because you’re that brainwashed, but that is the people we’re dealing with. That is a very small but significant portion of people who are that crazed, not crazy, crazed and hell-bent on stopping humanity evolving and perhaps one of the reasons is because they know their name is not on the list.  You know, when Noah built his ark and all the animals came in two by two, you know, two giraffes and two lions, well maybe some of these people would turn up and they would look and say you’re not on the list. You can’t come on so maybe they say well okay if there’s no future for me then I’m gonna take you guys with me. And although that may sound a bit odd, that is often the case with some people that if they feel that they can’t ascend or they can’t develop then why should anyone else do it and that’s psychotic behavior. I’m afraid that these are the people that we, the human race, over thousands of years have inadvertently allowed to the very highest positions. We have let this happen, you know, they didn’t necessarily have a revolution and put themselves in power. We the people have let that happen, therefore we the people have to take back our life and that’s what’s happening slowly but surely, and still too many people in too many countries who sit down and say what can I do, I’m only one person. There’s nothing I can do. I’m powerless and that’s the sort of talk that sickens me because we are all very capable, and if we join together and work together we can bring change, and you know, if there is nothing else that people take out of this two-hour show it’s that you can bring change. You have to believe in it because these bad guys believe in what they can do so why can’t we good people believe in what we can do? Yeah it’s a really good question; it’s a really hot topic, thank you.
JP: Okay, so from Noah to alcohol. Dear Simon and JayPee, thank you for your kind and very helpful work on our planet and on the living beings living here. I have a question about alcohol. Is it natural? I can imagine there are differences between say, mead and distillates, and I’m guessing that alcohol is marketed to dumb down the awakening population. Could you tell us more about the origins and functions of alcohol? Pagans used mead in their sacred ceremonies and also alcohol caused a lot of emotional pain and trouble; dumbed-down people are easier to control.  Thank you from Mama Bear.
SP: Well honey of course was used to make the drink and it was very, very popular during medieval times and the monks used to do that.
JP: I’m going to have some later. I’m going to have some later with my chocolate birthday cake.
SP: Ah, chocolate is not so organic for you is it?
JP: It’s chocolate Simon, it’s chocolate.
SP: No I like chocolate too. So originally it started off as a food, as a supplement and it started off as the drink of kings and princes, you know, the golden nectar.  So that’s not the problem. The problem was is what to do with money that it was a way of corporations making a huge amount of money. Alcohol was legalized and it’s a legalized form of taking you out of your senses. But unlike cannabis which has a beneficial effect, alcohol was never banned or made illegal and the reason is of course that if you have cannabis it can cure you of many ills. It can give you heightened senses of the truth so the system doesn’t want you having that, but with alcohol business the amount of money spent by people is such a significant part now that it would seriously affect a nation’s gross domestic product.  You know, there are certain things that make money, drugs from your doctor, oil to put in your motor car, gas to put in your car, and alcohol. Those are real key drivers for an economy and I remember two British Prime Minister’s ago, Tory Prime Minister when he was fighting the election he said I’m going to bring in a law that puts up the price of alcohol because he said, quite rightly, I’ve been to the police station and I have talked to police officers and they tell me that Friday and Saturday they spend all their time locking people up in prison who have been drinking, terrible, terrible, so it was one of his slogan pledges that he would raise up the cost of alcohol so that people couldn’t afford it and therefore they wouldn’t get drunk. What happened? You’ve already guessed it, he won the election and somebody from the alcohol company came around to him and said you can’t be doing that. We make big profit and he quietly ditched the whole project, so it’s first and foremost about money but secondly you’re right. During the days of ancient Rome when the population became somewhat unmanageable they would have a chariot race or the gladiators would go out, you know the old saying give them bread and circuses, give them food and give them entertainment, food and entertainment. Your entertainment is your television and the wages you get paid for a job get you the food, so that’s the point. The point is that alcohol takes you away from questioning and thinking and makes you live in a surreal world and everything’s okay and you’re not questioning and you get into this routine, many people into the routine. They work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and they… so awful is their job that they go and they drink too much on the Friday or they go and do it on the Saturday, and their pattern they’re in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday go out to the pub or the club or the bar on the Saturday then it’s go and see a football match, then it might be have my foreign holiday and when you boil it down these people are into this pattern of drinking, television, sports, holiday, drinking, television, sports, holiday. No time to sit quietly by a wood or by a river looking themselves and think what is my life about? Am I fulfilling things? How can I make the world better? Alcohol is a prime designer to make somebody incredibly wealthy and to prevent the public from thinking so you’re actually right, good question.
JP: So, now we’ve got that sorted. All right, okay, Great Central Sun…okay one moment long question, have a slurp of tea first. This is from Wheatgrass, Great Central Sun. The book Unveiled Mysteries states the Incas devotion to his source was very great for it consciously acknowledged the powers of the Great Central Sun. The Kolbrin Bible says I am the great luminary, the everlasting source of light sparks which imprisoned in matter becomes the slumbering souls of men. Oh, God, hang on… Ianus Wunderplanets on his death experience states I seem liquid now. I had become the Sun. Are the human, here’s the question though, are human beings actually suns in flesh body and part of the Great Central Sun? Is the Great Central Sun the Sun for just the Milky Way or for all the galaxies in our universe, or is it the Sun for all of our universes? How is the Great Central Sun related to the prime creator known as God? Thank you very much for everything you do and this is from Kathleen in Bismarck. I just want to say that the meditation I did was all about going from Sun to Sun to Sun ,from the Sun in my heart to the Sun in the sky to the Central Sun of Alcyone et cetera, so what’s your take on all of that, the Great Central Sun?
SP: Light. Our bodies are made of sound waves and light waves in terms of the energy. Modern archeologists misunderstand a lot of the monuments they find on the earth and when they think about a Sun cult they think about the Sun, the star that we see as the Sun. First of all they don’t understand or accept that every place has a binary star. There is another Sun to go with our Sun and this was understood by any of the ancients who got that knowledge and done the journey, the traveling to get to grips with this combination of two Suns. But all the Suns were seen as windows that could look in on the Great Central Sun. Now sometimes they got this a bit confused and they saw the Sun as the God. They understood that as the God but what particularly those in the South Americas understood was that the light was an aspect of the creational force and that they saw… many of these people saw each Sun as just a hole shall we say, through which the Central Sun would come through. Remember that the energies of light waves that we see are not necessarily the energies of light waves that are altering us and changing us, so by building their pyramids to take them closer to the Sun they were making a cultural expression that they were not pagans worshipping a ball of light in the sky as most archeologists would want you to believe, but these guys actually were incredibly scientifically evolved and to a greater extent than we are in many ways more spiritually evolved in the sense that they were saying the closest thing I can get to the Central Sun is that Sun that I see nearly every day, so if that is a portal, and I’m using the word loosely, that is a portal between the central creational force, the Central Sun, then it’s an offshoot, it’s what I can see therefore I’m going to give homage to it and the problem again—and here we go—is that those who became in charge said I can use this as a method to enslave my people so they would say: all right get down on your knees; give homage to the Sun god and by the way, I’ve just had a little phone call with the Sun god and he’s told me that I’m the son of the Sun god and therefore you now need to get on your knees to me and then when he has any children he passes that title on to them and so those people are suddenly engulfed in a very, very clever deception from giving thanks and offerings to what they believed to be God, they suddenly find that they’ve allowed, that’s the truth, they’ve allowed themselves to be ensnared by paying homage to somebody just like them who because he had strong men around him or he had a lot of money from selling fish on the shore was able to buy his way into a position. Now that’s thousands of years ago. Here we are 2018 and nothing changes. Individuals use power to obtain climbing up the ladder and still the majority of humans are allowing these people to force their, they’re not fake images because these images suit them very kindly, but it’s a lesson to learn that often the highest ideals can be corrupted by people who wish to seek to manipulate the wider population, so I hope that answers something that you can go with, thank you.
JP: There we go. We got probably time for one more question. In December 27 a very strong message came to me, this is from Lisa, but I do not understand it. I hope you can help me with this. The message was that the power of a vampire reptilian family from Belgium or out of Belgium would come to an end and then I saw a silver coin. This was also the message with a new financial system or coin in the year 2019. What’s your opinion about this?
SP: Nearly every European nation has either Anunaki or an evil bloodline that can connect to some form of reptilian forebears. The dream you were seeing I think was related to cryptocurrencies. I believe that you had a bit of foresight there you were given a clue that cryptocurrencies would probably break the bank of the traditional economic system. I didn’t do it in my updates but we could just touch on it now, why not. The last at least three or four shows I’ve been warning about Bitcoin. I’ve said personally I think cryptocurrencies are a good idea but don’t invest in Bitcoin. I’ve said that and if anybody wants to check back you will see that I’ve said that, and Bitcoin at its high point I think was something around the 26,000–27,000 dollars per coin and I just checked three or four days ago and it was down to 8,000 dollars per coin. That to me is a complete crash. I don’t know what’s it’s done in the last few days but I knew that Bitcoin was going to be hit and that’s why I consistently said to people don’t invest in Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies are going to be okay for the future that I can see and I, you know, that’s a fact there and what I think you’re getting is the fact that the new currencies can be cleansed of the Babylonian money spell and as one royal family collapses it’s not being replaced so these bloodlines cannot necessarily regenerate or when they do as in the British Royal Family the children don’t want to follow in the footsteps of the parents, you know, they are making a conscious choice to be separate so I think what you’ve got there is a future of a Europe or a country in your case that was going to be broken out of slavery. Let’s hope that comes true, thank you.
JP: And so we come to the very rapid, that whacked by. That was really fast.
SP: It was quick.
JP: Must be something to do with the waves from the Sun. I hope everybody has a… meditate on the Sun. It’s a great thing. It’s a really good thing, the Sun inside your heart. Thank you very much Simon.
SP: Thank you.
JP: This is Wolf Spirit Radio.
SP: God bless.
[3/25/18 transcribed by gsc]
[2018-03-31 proofread by NHA]
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