28 April 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

with Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Simon’s 1st hour-long podcast begins by discussing satanic attacks across the planet to both individuals and organizations, especially healing centers; Barbara Bush may or may not have died; France-Israeli connection and weapons; President Trump has 20,000 plus secured sealed indictments against pedophiles, not sure how or if they will be used; FBI created big problems for President Trump but most FBI problems have been removed; President Trump was not planning to meet the Queen, only the Prime Minister, but he may have to reconsider meeting the Queen to avoid diplomatic problems; US will give Turkey their gold back but with strings attached; Benjamin Fulford comments that tin foil hats prevent electronic mind control at a distance; Questions: No I’m not a member of Free Masons; brief description of the 12 dimensions; current state of Draco Empire; is solar flash coming; is QAnon real; what happens when deprived of loosh; are Tall Whites real; will angels help Earthlings; Reptilians trade in genetics/body parts, circuitry or anything that is tradable; is global reset like Nesara or Gesara coming; artist captures true likeness in painting of hybridized human/amphibian black aliens; Octopus aliens are probably AI creations; what is meaning of light coming from one’s body in geometrical shapes; meaning of orange orbs; are dark forces unable to leave Earth; removing implants with intent; Trump, Putin and Syria.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to the very first podcast as opposed to a radio show. Remember that Ted Mahr and the radio show will be coming out twice a month and we are hoping to do these podcasts twice a month as well. Exact location for the radio show will be advertised on the website so that you can click on and go straight to it. So it’s our first one. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to go through the normal format so I’ll do what we always expect and hopefully it won’t be too bad. The only difference is of course we just got one hour.
Right, first of all I want to talk about the satanic attacks which have been going on right across the planet and right down from attacks against individuals right across to organizations and lots of healing centers have had a very difficult times lately and these are most established organizations that have done everything from aroma therapy right through to the more complex healing practices. That’s now running out of steam. These attacks now have come to an end almost and I would say that the “bad guys” have probably used up something like six months’ worth of their energy so we have weathered the storm. Let’s see where we go from there.
You may have picked [up] in the news that Barbara Bush has died or did she? There is some confusion as to whether there has been a secret operation to remove her physically by her own team if you like and to have a false funeral. Barbara Bush would be the genuine grandmother in satanic cult circles. The senior female is always referred to as a grandmother and it’s quite possible that she genuinely has died but it is also quite possible that she has been removed to a safe location. I don’t have any more information on that but we’ll see what we get with that.
I want to talk about the situation in France. You will know that President Macron was previously a very successful banker, come from a very large banking background and it was always very obvious to I think to all of us that somebody who had been a very successful banker was suddenly projected to becoming a president of a country. Well he must have a lot of backing. What’s been hitting the news lately at very top levels is that United States automatic and semiautomatic weapons manufacturers have received two orders from a fictitious third-party representative wishing to buy large quantities of these weapons. The arms manufacturers are not as unethical as you might expect and they did do some digging and they found that this was basically on behalf of an Israeli company, an Israeli company, and it might well be that these weapons are perhaps destined for France. Perhaps President Macron has some use for a number of people armed with weapons that have come through the non-official channels, we don’t know. But what we do know is that France and Israel have a very long association. It was France that gave Israel the Mirage IIIC Jet Fighters which gave them air supremacy in the Six-Day War in 1967. It was France possibly under de Gaulle that gave Israel nuclear technology and Israel became one of the nuclear powers through technology given by the French so there is a very strong continuing relationship there and it’s possible now that this has broken, that this deal may not go through now.
I want to actually also talk about President Trump. Those of you who have been aware and are following the news know that there is this talk of some twenty-odd thousand secured sealed away, locked up indictments. These refer to something like twenty thousand pedophiles in multinational companies, large corporates, household names. Now it’s not clear whether President Trump intends to out these people or whether he is saying to them I’ve got these names. If you continue to try to assassinate me then I’ll use these names, so we don’t know whether he is going to use them as part of his ongoing project or whether he is just using it as an insurance scam in terms of holding people to ransom if you like. You let my administration alone and I won’t hit your names. Personally I would rather that he just went with the names and released them. I think that’s probably the best way to go and I think he will once he’s fairly secure that he’s okay.
When we talk about the FBI we realize that it was the FBI that gave President Trump the greatest problems. That’s why he had to clear out the Edgar Hoover building during the runup to his election campaign. It was the CIA working with WikiLeaks that actually helped to win the campaign, had nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with the CIA and the FBI was working against him, but he seems to have largely removed most of the FBI problems.
I also want to talk about Trump visiting Britain. Normally when an American head of state comes to Britain he or she would meet, you know, the Prime Minister and obviously the Queen because the Queen is very important but [what] you won’t find in the news is that President Trump said that he did not want to meet the Queen. He refused point blank and that has caused a huge diplomatic issue and President Trump has been told if you go there and you don’t meet the Queen it will cause us a great deal of issues so I understand that President Trump is reconsidering that, but it is very interesting that he said that he was prepared to meet the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, but was not prepared to meet the Queen. I think he will end up having to meet her because it will end up with so many questions that he doesn’t want to deal with, but I think it shows the mindset of the man and I think he knows a great deal about what is going on in the United Kingdom.
I want to talk about Turkey. It’s very interesting that during the Obama years we had lots of American states and different countries wanting their gold bullion back and many people asked well why would a foreign country give America gold and it is basically because America is the most powerful country in the world and most sovereign states have got their gold based in the US or with the US. Now Turkey was approached actually by American Intelligence and told that if they asked for their gold back they would be given it, but the deal was that they would stand clear of any issues that may occur in the Middle East and issues of any fundamentalist activity and that Turkey would continue to support the US in a regional capacity, so it isn’t that Turkey has gone to the US and said we want our gold back; the US has gone to Turkey and said if you ask for it we will give it but this is the deal that goes with it.
And finally I actually want to talk about somebody sent me a message saying had I seen Benjamin Fulford’s latest report and just before I came on I had a quick look because he talked about the tin foil hats and his comment at the bottom of his blog I think was something along the lines of well maybe these tin foil hats aren’t so mad because it prevents mind control from electronic devices at a distance and I’m reminded of the time that the, I don’t know if it’s a privilege or not, but I got a phone call at home from the very man that makes the tin foil hats and who swore blind that he wasn’t intelligence but had worked as a contractor for the intelligence. It turned out that he still works for American Intelligence, and he offered me one of these free tin foil hats but when he got chatting with me he realized that the hat probably wouldn’t work because the sort of off planet entities that I visit or visit me and not really the Greys. Tin foil hats are very good at preventing Greys but not good at preventing anything else, and I also wasn’t in the market for preventing anything because I think that I’ll learn as much talking to off planet entities as they will learn from me. But what was interesting was that this chap had a great deal of information so when you read that article from Benjamin Fulford don’t look on this tin foil hat man as somebody who is eccentric, as somebody who is a bit kookie or crazy, far from it. The guy is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he is doing, and you know, and if you genuinely have a child that is being affected by Grey aliens, he will do it for free. Just make him a donation, so that’s well worth doing.
Okay that’s my update really. Now we are going to go on to questions. What’s going to happen is Rebecca is going to read out the questions that you’ve sent. We’ve had something like six hundred in now. We are far more systematic. This is on a first-come first-serve basis so literally if you are number five on the question, you will be number five that’s read out. The only questions we won’t read out are those that are ridiculous or offensive. So the first question that we had was from a Mr. Timothy in Scotland who asked me if I am a member of the Free Masons, and the answer is no I’m not and I’ve never been a member of the Free Masons, although they did try to ask me to join, and if you look back, I don’t know, three or four years ago, I did a conference and I actually talked about the approach and in fact I had an application form to join, and there was a great interest about why would a secret society have an application form and I had asked them that and they said well because in your case Simon we think we would like to have all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed so we have done an application form for you. I didn’t join and I’m not a member. Okay so that’s the one I wanted to pick up on because this is a question that had been routinely, I understand asked at Wolf Spirit Radio JayPee, but never really I remember being asked that so I thought well as it had been asked several times I thought that so okay over to you Becky if you want to read out the questions.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay from Hans Andre. Hi Simon, have you received my donation? I did not get a brief message from you like with the donations before, so I just wanted to be sure.
SP: Right what I’ll do is I’ll just check through my list I’m going to read out and just see and I don’t remember, let me just check. It’s been obviously, we’ve been off air for a while so, yes I did and he is actually on the list to be thanked, so yes the answer is yes I did, thank you.
RB: Okay, next question, from Michael or Michel. How may I help you, you have put so much effort and risk informing humanity; my twenty-three trade certificates in engineering lets me to work in secret projects. My fiancée was secret defense in Canada, twenty-five years research plus, plus. You speak the truth. I would be honored to help, loving intents to you, merci mon ami.
SP: Right, okay. I’m glad we didn’t give the second name out. I will accept help from anybody who is decent, kind and wants humanity to survive. The problem I have is that it’s a very, I can’t even use the word operation can I, it’s a very small setup and I often get lots of offers for help and I just don’t have the capacity to do that. I mean that’s the plan for the future to set up healing centers, to have one of the centers in the UK to be a head office to do workshops, to run interviews with the media, to train the trainers and I mean sort of take a group of healers and have a senior healer and then train those to run accredited courses. That’s the plan and once we have a structure in place and that would work very closely with Connecting Consciousness not just in the UK but across the world. Then I will be in a much stronger position from a structural point of view to do that. However when somebody has a particular skill that we need now then I would be very interested, so thank you for that and I’ll, I haven’t seen, obviously I haven’t had sight of any of these questions. I deliberately don’t. I don’t want to see the questions beforehand so what I’ll do is I’ll check back and I’ll send you an email and maybe we can get in contact and maybe we can meet, so thank you for that.
RB: Okay, this one is from Jason. Can you briefly describe the twelve dimensions?
SP: Briefly. Right from a 3D perspective the easiest way is to understand a ladder. This is actually incorrect but it is the easiest way to understand it. If we think of a ladder and we have the first rung and we go up and literally if you imagine one on top of another you will get the image of a block of flats or a tower block. What I want to get across is that one dimension is a higher frequency than the next, so they are not exactly on top of each other but in term of lightness they exist at a higher realm. Now within the dimensions there are subdimensions. There are currently twelve dimensions and the thirteenth is being got ready but within each dimension there is a subdimension or compartments within that. Each dimension has worlds or worlds or a living environment which is based around its energy field, so the higher the frequency the more clear, the lighter, the purer, the more incisive that world or worlds are. The lower down the more complicated, the more difficult, the more dense, thick, heavy and the more primitive it is. However, you don’t reach the seventh or eighth dimension unless you have worked your way up so all of those worlds or those dimensions, those beings have at some stage been where we are and have worked their way up. Now many of these beings are stuck or trapped particularly in the lower 4th dimension and they have, like the Reptilians, have run out of environmental evolution so they have become so negative or so service to self that their capability to advance has failed them. There are other alien beings that are able to advance and move up and certainly this is what we want of the human race. So I can’t really give anymore of an understanding than that but suffice it to say that while we talk about twelve dimensions, there are subdimensions within them, thank you.
RB: Okay, Kyle asks can you describe the current state of the Draco and their Empire?
SP: Oddly enough we need to imagine the Dracos as a franchise or one Empire but over vast distances, outposts or groups that are controlled to a leadership but they run as franchises in the sense that they are responsible for their own resourcing and their own trading, and I think the questioner is asking perhaps more about what is their economic capability, their military capability. Are they growing, are they shrinking, what’s… that’s what I think your question is. The question is a good one because it’s a little bit of a reflection of what’s happening to negative entities on Earth and those that are associated with Earth. They are contracting, and the negative elements right across the multiverse are in retreat, so what’s recurring on the Earth is nothing more than a mirror image of what is occurring elsewhere. So the franchises, the Empire if we want, is contracting and reducing so it’s a very much a consolidation phase in the enclaves that the Draconis Reptilians maintain. It’s not an expansion and that’s new to them and it’s something that they don’t really understand, so that’s the answer and it’s a good question, thank you.
RB: The next question is from James. Will there be a solar flash sometime this year as stated by many QHHT practitioners?
SP: Well we need to understand that a solar flash in my understanding is different from an ejection from the sun or indeed from galactic center, which is a type of energy to uplift the planet and the human race. Solar flash has more probabilities or possibilities to it. I do expect one but what I don’t know is the intensity of it. The solar flash is a much shorter, sharper shock and the solar flash could seriously impact communications on the Earth and I have, although we haven’t talked specifically about a solar flash, I think we have been generally talking about sun flares, eruptions from the sun, but over the last five years certainly in Great Britain I don’t know about elsewhere but every telegraph pole, every electro pylon has been re-earthed. The power companies have actually been going around and double insulating most of the major power elements in Great Britain, the United Kingdom, because they are expecting some form of electrical energy and they are just trying to proof out the system as best they can. Now that has cost a considerable amount of money and they wouldn’t have done that unless they had serious belief that there was some form of energy burst from space. I think much more likely a solar flash and then a galactic center producing energy to cause problems so yes I expect it this year; I don’t know the strength of it.
RB: Okay, this question is from Julie who describes herself as just a US citizen asking the question. Tell me your thoughts please on Q[Anon].
SP: I came across Q awhile back and I haven’t looked recently and you know had I had foresight of that question I would have had a double check, so I’m basing it on what I saw a while back. I thought a lot of the information seemed pertinent and seemed accurate, but like many of these things, you know, I like people to be around for quite a while because then you see the consistency there, you know, I’ve been going personally what seven years, five years fully active and if you look you can see the cat is just stirring and turning around there. That’s a very lovely sight. Look at that, life for a cat. So I think Q from my knowledge is quite new on the scene, probably be best to ask me that question in about a month or couple months’ time, thank you.
RB: This question is from David. If a Draco or Archon does not feed on loosh for twenty-four hours, will they die?
SP: No, Archons don’t feed on loosh. Dracos do. Archons feed on a different form of energy unless of course you are using the term loosh in a, I was going to make a joke and say in a loose loosh, way. That is just not funny is it. If we are using the term loosh in a loose way then yes but if you are asking me to interpret the word loosh exactly as it stands, then no and that’s how I am going to interpret it, exactly as it stands. So Archons don’t feed on that. Reptilian creatures do as do some other creatures that are sort of a Grey alien/Reptilian hybridization. They don’t die but their biological capabilities are reduced. Their ability to hold a 4th dimensional framework within a 3rd dimensional world reduces. If we look at some of the highest in the land who are not at all human, they require a different form of energy and without that they then go into decline and the mask begins to slip. I talked about that with some of the major characters on Earth in some of my presentations a while back. I showed photographs of very prominent people who were going through a degeneration process and they are often removed by their fellows and replaced by somebody new, so the answer is no but if you were to starve a Draconis of loosh over a period of time it would be like taking somebody who is a crack addict off crack. That’s the best way to describe it.
RB: Okay, thank you. Valerie asks why don’t we hear much about the Tall Whites? Charles Hall seems to be the only one who has contact with them. Are they real?
SP: I’ve never met Charles and three times I have tried to meet him. I went down to the Main Conference at St. Annes in Great Britain and didn’t meet him. I don’t know why. Yes they are real. The difference is that the Tall Whites don’t grab headlines. I don’t wish to be rude but maybe 75 percent of what is written on YouTube or the Internet isn’t actually written by people with direct experience, you know somebody may watch four or five videos from different people, try and string all that together and then produce something and try and pass it off as, you know, absolute gospel fact. That’s just not right but that’s what’s happening a lot on the internet. The Tall Whites are quite friendly with the American military, particularly the United States Air Force. The difference between Tall Whites and many others is that Tall Whites are extraterrestrials. They are not extradimensionals or interdimensionals; they are your real ETs. That means that when they travel to Earth they travel in real time just as we, you and I, would travel if we were to use a conventional spacecraft. We would strap ourselves into a seat and we would go and the clock would tick and of course remember Einstein’s theory of relativity, the clock would slow down, but basically we would be in real time. So if it takes you fifty years, you age the equivalent of that and that’s where this sort of, you know, going into some sort of hibernation comes from. So these creatures are real ETs; they travel in real time. Their spacecraft has not reached the speed of light. Their craft was under the speed of light. It was a relatively primitive device. I met somebody who had met Charles Hall and had a meal with him and had a discussion and I then had a discussion with this individual and we talked about the power plant of the craft, the alien craft, and I always talk about the figure of eight, which is the fusion drive. So we don’t hear about Tall Whites simply because they kept hidden, they don’t interfere with humanity in a negative way. They are managed by the military and they come here for a vacation, yes you heard me correctly. They come here for a vacation. Why not, it’s a beautiful planet. Maybe we need to be able to sit down and share it, so it’s a good question thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Samuel asks will angels help the inhabitants of Earth?
SP: Depends on what we are calling angels. We could say that Lucifer was a fallen angel. I think all good beings will help the Earth and the people of the Earth and all negative beings will basically attempt to prevent good things happening. The problem we’ve had in the past is that too many good people or good beings stood back and said they weren’t going to get involved and in the recent years we have seen that shift quite dramatically in the favor of light. Most good beings now are becoming involved. The word I struggle with is angel because I’ve got this image of something with wings blowing on a trumpet but that’s because the church gave me that image when I was about three years old and in fact you can’t buy in Great Britain, you can’t buy an advent calendar or a Christmas card without something with wings blowing on a trumpet. If we are talking, if we lose the word angel and we talk about an ascended being of great kindness and great love, then yes absolutely and my word to them is, you know, get down here and get more involved.
RB: Okay, this question is from William who asks, you said that Reptilians trade genetics. What particular genetic traits have they obtained through trading? Have they used these genetics on humans and what were they before they had alien genetics? Finally, what other races have they traded with?
SP: Okay that was so complicated can I have the first part again please?
RB: Okay, what particular genetic traits have they obtained through trading?
SP: Right, on this planet we use money. The Reptilians use a whole range of things to trade and one of them is genetics. The Reptilians, for all the nonsense you read, on the Internet, we mustn’t underestimate them. They are one of the finest geneticists anywhere and that is why they had the capability to play such a large part in the evolution, I don’t mean Charles Darwin’s evolution, the evolution of humanity. Many alien races perhaps up to six times before the Reptilian contingent arrived had tinkered around with humanity and taken what they found and took it to a set level, but it was the Reptilians that then took that level to the homo sapiens sapien level, not because they like the others were interested in seeing the development but because they saw that there was a labor capability here operating on a planet that was oxygen based which curtailed their obvious movements, and to create an indigenous workforce made a lot of sense to them. So they used their capabilities. Now when they used their genetics, what they did was they looked at the planet and they said what is there on this planet that is mammalian that we can use with this stock, this human stock and so they didn’t have to trade. This was already here and so we talk about the rhesus monkey, so that was one of the elements they used, but they also had huge banks of Reptilian DNA, and so this is something that they began to experiment, not just with the human race but with many of the mammalilian life forms that they found on the planet at the time. You know I’ve talked a lot about the domestic cat, however they would also have genetics for physical bodies, so we don’t just talk about something to do with eye, the shape of the eye or, you know, how many fingers or the type of nails but whether something was tall and thin or whether it was squat, whether it had a preference for water, whether it had a preference for dry hot temperatures. These were the sort of genetics that they had and they had a huge practice. If you think about Zecharia Sitchin, he managed to decipher from the tablets that there were two forms of humanoids that were created, the dark-skinned people and the light-skinned people and I think that’s just two that we have [been] given. I think that there were many others who just didn’t make it through. In terms of the multiverse wherever the Reptilians landed and conquered or formed a base, they collected material and then they would then trade that with other species, other groups, that’s how they would it and that’s the first part of the question what’s the next part?
RB: Well that, you’ve answered quite a lot there.
SP: Have I?
RB: One of the parts was have they used these genetics on humans. Yes is the answer.
SP: Right.
RB: What were they before they had alien genetics?
SP: I don’t understand that. Do you mean what were the Reptilians before they had them? What did they trade with, right, okay. Before they traded with genetics they were, their main trading was microcircuitry, nano material. The Reptilian Draconis through their own scientists led the way in miniaturizing of circuits and materials and not just miniaturizing them but moving them into another dimension. So, one of the beauties for them is being in a 3rd dimensional world and having circuitry or devices in a 4th dimensional realm but being able to attach that to a 3rd dimensional being. So it isn’t just that it was miniaturized. It became see-through; it became invisible in that reality. The movement of one material from one dimension to another that is nothing new, but what was new was microprocessors, really small. Remember back to the Roswell space crash in 1947, what really excited the back engineerers of the day was the microscopicness of the circuits. You know if you go on to a website and you buy an old radio from the 1930s or the early ’40s and you look at not just the valves or what the Americans call vacuum tubes, but you look at the way the wires are connected it’s looks just like someone has taken a load of spaghetti, cooked spaghetti and just thrown it in the back, one wire right across one and soldered and the other soldered and it’s just absolutely horrendous but what they were given was a system of re-routing or routing these cables in such a way they were the size of, you know, a pinhead, although the size that they first created wasn’t anything like that but that was the principle they were aiming toward. The Reptilians have had that for a very long time. However genetics are things you can trade with planets, so if you are say the Orion Empire or the Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius [sear re us] Federation you might not be wanting microcircuits but you might want to re-terraform a planet, so if somebody has come from Earth and they’ve got all of Earth’s stuff then they can say well I will terraform your planet but this is what I want in return and the other thing that they trade is body parts. Let’s not forget that. Let’s not run away from that. There are what we would call abattoir ships and there are a number of genuine abductees or experiencers who have been on board these abattoir ships and seen body parts, human body parts ready for trade to other individuals, other alien groups, so let’s not just say the Reptilians are bad because if the Reptilians were the only bad force they’d have nobody to sell this material to. The very fact that they do means that there are other alien groups out there just as evil. That’s a good question, thank you.
RB: And finally what other races have they traded with?
SP: They will trade with anyone and everyone that is not fighting with them. I can’t list the names because a lot of them I wouldn’t even know, but they will trade with anyone. Look they have traded with the humans through the Greys. They used the Greys as the intermediaries and they have traded. What they did through the Greys was to say, you know, if you do away with your nuclear weapons, you know, we will trade this so that group’s sent off and then another group comes along and says, well you know, you keep your weapons but we’ll give you this if you, I don’t know, you send 500 people a month to us for tests and so for a long period of time there was an arrangement between the American government and this particular Reptilian/Grey group that certain individuals would be sent off and the Americans insisted that they were given names so at least they knew who was being taken. That all went to pieces. That’s why we have so many missing children now, so you know this is a massive operation that has been undertaken. It’s reducing somewhat now. It will be very interesting when President Trump starts his war on pedophilia because then we will begin, I hope, begin to see some of these squares joining up with lines and we can begin to trace it all around. So the Reptilians will trade everything and anything if there is anything in it for them, so it just sounds like a corporation in the sense that if there is a buck to be made then they’ll do it.
RB: Okay, this next question is from Henry. Is there a global, economic and currency reset around the corner such as NESARA or Gesara?
SP: I think three to six months ago even some of the most established money men were predicting a very serious crash. Through some very, very adept footwork I have to say, people like the Deutsche Bank managed to stave off the issue, but every September–October, this is the crucial crunch point and if you are going to have a crash frankly it will be around the fall or the autumn and this coming fall or autumn will be no different from anything else. What we have had is a mini crash in the stock exchange, but the, I’ll use the term that the good guys or the White Hats whatever you want to use the term, managed to stabilize that. The Dow Jones could have really crashed heavily but was supported and held up. So we’ve had a mini crash it’s now what, around the 24,000 mark where it was approaching maybe 27,000, so it’s gone down. The others around the world haven’t been hit because this is all about the US. There is still a potential for an economic fall but what we are noticing is that the elite are becoming very clever at putting pressure on the key players to maintain the status quo. It is not in their interests for a reset. The only people who gain from a reset are people who listen to this show and other shows and who believe that the time for freedom is here. A reset allows a whole range of questions to be asked and a new way of living. The system we have at the moment is still the same old you are locked basically in a prison, so it’s not in the bad guy’s interests to have a crash. The only people who would gain from this are some of the most elite in the world who want to crash and do what they have always done, which is come in and buy things at bottom dollar and then build them up again but the vast majority of the elite don’t want a crash because they will be hit just as hardly as you and I would be, okay.
RB: Okay, Matthew asks an artist named Robert Llimós has an encounter with male and female Reptilian aliens who he viewed looking at him through the flying saucer window. The female appeared to be wearing a tiara. He felt that they were friendly and they were appearing to him because they knew he was an artist and would paint them. What are you thoughts please and the pictures are found easily online.
SP: Right this is the picture I think that you showed me beforehand.
RB: Uh huh.
SP: Right. This is very interesting and we are going to try and get this picture up on the website so that you can have a look at that. I’m really pleased about it because normally we perceive aliens to be white and that’s never sat very comfortably with me frankly when I know that it is not the case. This particular group is a black group and they are very benign, very friendly. I have encountered them though I can’t say that I’m anything like an expert on them, but I have encountered them. They are not Reptilian. The questioner uses the word Reptilian. I cannot understand that because when you look at them you would see the scales; you would see the whole shape but the correct term is amphibian. They are a hybridized form of human and amphibian; they are black-skinned. They model themselves a little bit on human culture. That’s because they have existed in the oceans of this planet, between five-foot-eight and five-ten, something like that, not particularly tall and do wear clothes, a very benign group, the sort of group that would not get involved in the human side, you know, they wouldn’t want to be involved, so yes I am familiar with that group and that to me when I saw the picture that is as I remember them. That’s a very accurate rendition, and you know sometimes you know, either people see these things for real or they have a download of information and they create them and they will say to me, “Well you know I’ve never seen this I just made it up, I just, you know, I just thought about what they might be and I did it.” And I’ll look at it and say well there is something going on here because this is accurate. So yes you may never have seen them and you may think that you have just on a quiet Sunday afternoon sat down and done a drawing, just as you wanted to but something has come in and given you that insight and when I looked at the photographs then I was quite convinced that I had seen these beings before. Thank you for bringing that to our attention, thank you.
RB: Okay, William asks are you aware of Octopus aliens? If so what is their relationship with Reptilians? Have they traded genetics with Reptilians?
SP: I’m not familiar with in the true sense of the word an Octopus alien. I am familiar with AI that can create a semi-organic out of this dimension device and it has lots of tentacles precisely because, like a spider, it wants to be attached to a human’s back and then it will insert its many tentacles into the different parts of the brain to control the centers of the brain and this is in a 4th dimensional form so you can’t normally see them. Some people can see them. Some people are very gifted and have the capability of detecting them, so some spiders are very robotic. Some are more organic. The Octopus-type things are far more organic looking. I have had reports of jinn pretending to be like an octopus but that’s incredibly rare. If we think about an octopus then I think we are looking at artificial intelligence, okay.
RB: Okay. Samuel says a light emerged out of the middle of my chest shape called a point within a circle. What does this mean please?
SP: This is a reasonably well-known device. Normally we would expect this to be a tattoo or a burn mark on your skin. It’s not the ownership of either good or evil. If light is emanating from your body then I would normally assume that to be a very good thing. If you are saying as I don’t really understand it from the question, if it is like projected out in an energy blast then I would personally look at that as removing a device that has been placed on you, so you higher self or Source has thrown something out of your energy system. Whenever we have images and devices, circles, triangles, squares, we’re not really looking at God creation. We’re not looking at Source; we’ve looking at a mind that has constructed these things. Now these things can be for good or for evil. Some of these symbols we know we use for healing and some of them are used for controlling people. But the very fact that you have described that there was a burst of energy within you and the light came out, and if I understand correctly this symbol was ejected, then I would suggest that this symbol was not natural to you. The circle and the dot can be associated with healing, but the way you described it, I would think I would have to have more information from you, but that’s the answer I would give you on what you have told me, thank you.
RB: Okay, Alexandra says please, please tell me the meaning of numerous orange orbs and an orange strip all seen by the naked eye by two people. Thank you very much.
SP: Okay the problem with questions like this is there isn’t the detail. First of all I appreciate the short question. That’s really helpful. An orange strip, how long is this orange strip? Does the orange strip connect with one orb to the next orb? Is this orange strip working with the orbs or is it separate to the orbs? So I’ve just got to go with the question and try and answer it the best I can. If the orb is an energy orb and it is anything from the size of a golf ball to a large orange, perhaps bigger, then that is a consciousness from another being from another dimension much higher than ours projecting his or her conscious mind into our reality. If you have orbs around you then someone is taking an interest in you. Someone is wanting to be part and close to you and see you. Strips, rather than the strip I would rather have the word like a sort of a bar. In other words, a strip but with rounded ends not with cut-off ends, rounded ends. This is when consciousness comes in with a device, so if an individual, from let’s just say from the seventh or eighth dimension wishes to visit somebody in the 3rd dimension, they may come through with a device of some sort and the device will not come through with them because you can’t or your conscious mind and you just project your mind, you can’t bring anything with that but you would have a machine or a device to bring something with you. It’s not like you have a stick in your hand and you walk from one room to another. You can’t do that in the energy world, but you can have something materialize alongside of you and so the device, the shape you have described to me is a device possibly for that individual to protect themselves if they are afraid they will be attacked. Possibly it’s an information gathering, I don’t know but I can certainly tell you that the strip is an electronic device but the round orbs are pure consciousness. Thank you.
RB: Okay this question is from Wanda who says I would like to know if it is true that dark forces are unable to leave our planet because they are being contained here by the Creator.
SP: I largely agree with that but unfortunately it is not just dark forces. We are all stuck here by and large. One of the points of the pyramid, one of the reasons the pyramid was built was to escape the prison planet.  For those of you who have studied it you will know that Egyptologists have referred to these tubes or shafts that run down the sides of the pyramid from the outside to the inside, I’m not sure if it’s a 45 degree angle but they come in and they call them air shafts as if these small openings would be enough to ventilate the massive pyramid. It’s absolutely laughable but partly they know they are lying, and partly they are just fishing around for anything that might sound remotely plausible. The reason for this, these tubes, I call them tubes, is when the, before the days of the pharaohs, when the leader was about to expire, the physical body, they were placed in the black sarcophagus, this is the King’s chamber, and at the moment of death there were far more electronic devices and crystal devices in the pyramid than there are today, their soul was literally shot out of the pyramid up these tubes and I’m sure you’ll be aware that one of them was aimed or was aimed at the Belt of Orion. This is the Orion Empire. So we know that at least ten-thousand five hundred, twenty-five thousand years ago this Earth was a prison planet and there was an energy field around the planet to prevent everyone getting out. What they had was a device that was so powerful that it could punch a hole through this net so they would send a burst of energy and follow it up with the soul so there would be a hole punched in the net. This would last for I don’t know, I have no idea, three seconds, four seconds before the net rehealed but that was enough time to send that soul back to the origin, and then the days of pharaohs basically they had a garbled account of this and they would mummify the body and their soul would go back and they would live again et cetera, so that was their primitive understanding of what had been in the past. So the net that surrounds Earth doesn’t just keep bad forces in; it keeps good forces in, but what I can add to that is that most of the portals are now being guarded by good forces and the negative forces cannot leave through the portal technology. That was why CERN was primarily built so that they could open communications to the 4th dimension and then these bad guys could “escape Dodge” as the Americans would say. Well we know that Connecting Consciousness and other groups prevented CERN from doing that and the result is that these bad people are stuck here and that’s why they are facing the music. There is one arm that says well why don’t we just get rid of them? Why don’t we just let CERN be built, open the portal and let these things go and leave us but the problem is that they wouldn’t would they? They would then call for reinforcements and their reinforcements would arrive and then we would really be in a difficult state much worse than we are so that is why many of us took the decision that any portal on this planet basically had to be stopped or guarded and that left the human race to deal with what we’ve got without fresh influxes of invasions from the negative side. It’s a good question thank you.
RB: Okay thanks, this question is from Tania and it is quite long but I will read it all out.
SP: Okay.
RB: A spiritual teacher posted about the importance of claiming energetic consent. She gave a statement that was to be said with conviction that basically established boundaries stating I am a sovereign being and no ETs are able to place implants, tracks, et cetera, in brackets I’m paraphrasing. The statements highly resonate with me and I said it with conviction. Very shortly after that a foreign object emerged out of my left back shoulder blade area. Was that an implant? It hurt so badly like metal or broken glass was coming out of my back. I never found the object. Thanks for all you do.
SP: Shortly, yes, you have answered your own question. You already know the answer to that but you shared it with me and I share it with the audience because that’s empowering people isn’t it? You know, there’s a difference here. If a negative alien comes to you and you say that, you know, you are sovereign and you don’t wish this being to interact with you, nine times out of ten they will laugh at you because they don’t honor that. Now they’ll take the karma for that, and they’ll take the problem for that in the future, but at that moment in time negative beings generally do not take any notice of the intention of a human unless that human has great strength and great power and psychic capabilities, but when you are talking about your physical body, this is yours and if somebody or something has interfered with you and placed a device without your permission you then quite rightly have the authority to say I want this out of my body and you, if you have the strength and you have the intent, then you can remove it. The only concern that I give you is that that doesn’t mean everything is gone from you. What may have been removed was the most pressing, the most evil one, and I would suggest that you give it a bit of a break and then you try it again and what I also suggest to people is that you visualize areas of your body where you think there may be an issue so you are targeting your energy intent to a particular part of your body so your right arm, your left arm or your leg. That way you are much more focused and you are more likely to have a greater impact, but I’m glad you shared that with me because people have the right to be sovereign and you have the right to remove things that should never have been there so well done. You keep going at it and you know one day if we get this healing center up and running as quickly as possible, you know, you might actually want to come and, you know, talk to a number of healers and say, you know, this I did myself. Why don’t we run a workshop and see if we can train others to do the same thing, because wouldn’t that be good? Thank you.
RB: Okay, Karloff asks I’ve been told that not everyone will be on earth after the shift. How many people do you think would make it?
SP: No I can’t. If I give you a figure, then that figure could come about and then I would be, I would feel very responsible for that. We create reality out of our thought. What I will say to you is that the majority of people won’t come through. Only a sizeable minority will make the shift to change. It doesn’t mean that the majority are doomed forever. It just means they weren’t ready at that time and I’m hopeful that some point in the future they will get another chance or another choice to make another decision, so what I will tell you is that a sizeable minority will make the transference. Now I have been told actually that that is the right word. No human told me this. I’m told that ascension isn’t the right word. The word I’m to use is transference. You are transferring from a biological state to a semi-biological state. We are not going straight into any energy bodies, but we are going to go into more of an energy construct within our biological bodies and we will transfer across from one boundary to the next.
What I am going to do now is thank people. I’ve got my list of people who have donated. Clearly you know I have been off air for a while so this list is longer than normal. I’m sorry some of you have been missed out but I couldn’t in fairness read out anymore, so it’s a long list but it would be wrong not to do this and I’m not going to just give a token number. I’ve done as many as I can. So, I want to thank everybody who has donated. It means a lot to me, thank you. It keeps me going. It keeps me doing what I do so Alfredo, Charlotte, Manuel, Robin, Shari, Charlie, Oscar, Joanne, Drum Set, Janice, Mohammad, Mamedia, Jolin, AL, Daniella, Martin, Peter, Arianne, Neil, Valerie, Jennifer, Bill, Lola, I think that’s Aljerado, Rick, Derricks, Enrique, Eva, Kerry, Julia, Bernhard, Adrian, Gary, Christine, Catherine, Sue, Sheena, Edgar, Vincent, Alicia, Daniel, Tina, Shamsa, Catherine, Sheryll, Isabelle, Stephanie, Terry, Raymond, I think that’s Daneus, Nathan, Mary, Jennifer, Paula, Ditmar, Jose, Daniella, Imogene, Julie, Becky, and here we are Hans, yes I did get your donation, thanks ever so much, you are written on there, and Catherine, Julian, Yvonne, nearly finished, Julie, Thomas, Jo Ann, Sylvia, Carl, Milo, Jenny, Sarah or Sara, Mark, Vanessa, Joanne, X, I think it’s Xay, I don’t know how to pronounce that, but thank you, Gerald, Yecoco, and Anna and there were others, but I literally couldn’t do anymore, I didn’t feel right but I wanted to thank as many of you as possible, Thank you so much. The work must go on. We can’t give up. It’s too important. Thank you very much. We’ll do a few more questions then I think we will probably be coming to the end of my first podcast.
RB: Okay, yes we are almost up to the hour. Loren asks when Trump announced the attack on Syria his eyes looked pure black. I’m not the only one who noticed this. What’s up with that? Also after all of the good he was doing why would he lower himself like this? Did someone have dirt on him?
SP: Right, no, let’s be clear on this. I haven’t seen the black eyes. It doesn’t mean they didn’t go black. I haven’t seen them. What I would ask everyone to understand is that President Trump and President Putin are actually close friends. They are presidents of a country that has been portrayed traditionally by the conservative elements for many, many years as hostile. There are enormous organizations that make money out of the potential hostility between America and Russia. Obviously, arms manufacturers are one of the most obvious. When you are a president, I guess, you find yourself a president in a setting that has a lot of people from the previous administrations and a lot of people who are frightened of the way that they are projected to the people with money. So what Trump and Putin had to do was play to the audience and this isn’t the audience of the citizens, this isn’t you, the audience, or me; this is the audience of the powerful people around them and they needed to organize it so that it appeared that they were being strong with each other. What both Trump and Putin were not going to have was a Third World War, and so when the Russian ambassador said to the United Nations if any American, or French, or British missiles kill any Russian personnel Russia will assume itself to be at war with the United States of America. That is an incredible statement, but it had already been agreed between Trump and Putin. This allowed Trump to go back to say these people, right well what we’ve got to do you know is we can’t now go and attack fifty–sixty targets. We can probably only attack two or three and I’ll just phone President Putin and tell him that he’s got 24 hours to move his assets out of this location and this location and this location so that no Russian personnel get killed, therefore we don’t have a Third World War, but I have to do something because all of the powerful people who are still very, very powerful around me and around the world are looking to America to fulfill its obligations. Remember the United States, not the president, is considered the policeman, using the word, the policeman of the world. So if America did not do anything, if Trump had not done anything every tin pot nation regardless of whatever its background was could then have tried to take hostages, tried to create real terrorist bombs et cetera, et cetera, so Trump felt he had to do it. So I fully understand that but the background, the backdrop to this is that there is no real possibility of anything more serious than just three targets being hit, so that’s that. Now the black eye caper I really don’t know. That could be two things. One he can be possessed by a demon and I have got rid of many demons from people who have had black eyes and the other thing that we have to be careful of is that there are some alien species, there are some aliens that have black eyes and we do have to be very careful. There were some books that were written in the 1960s and ’70s where the hybridized children or young people were described as having black eyes and had nothing to do with demons. Okay.
RB: Okay, I think that’s it for this week.
SP: Great. That’s wonderful, so thanks very much and thanks to everyone. It’s been really wonderful. It’s the start of many to come, and just keep your questions coming so thank you. God bless.
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