6 May 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
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All did not end well for Britain after accusing Russia of being the culprit in the poisoning incident in Salisbury and now the British Consulate in St. Petersburg is gone; Deutsche Bank rumored to be about to collapse; time zone change in North Korea signals the reunification of North and South Korea; Argentina bank interest rates now 40 percent; Kerry Cassidy was attacked satanically and electronically while interviewing Simon, but she still managed to get through it and get it posted; Questions: are there a lot of human NPCs; thought form creation; are Reptilians dying out; are 144,000 light workers here on Earth; densities vs. dimensions; perceptual manipulation of our visual images definitely a MILAB skill; knowledge Jehovah Witnesses and other unusual organizations have not mainstream; human healers act as conduit for energy coming from Source; what did Mantids give John Lennon; purpose of dolphins on Earth; greeting committee for those passing over: AI holograms, spirit guides, angels or other; how will disclosure affect Obama; political parties don’t really serve ordinary people.

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Simon Parkes: Hello Simon here and thank you very much indeed for listening. It’s another one of our regular shows. This is, if you remember, the original format where we do a bit of a news update, take questions, and then I thank those who have been very kind and supported me. So what I want to do really is to go straight into some of the news. There hasn’t been a huge amount that has taken place over the last week or so, but some of the issues are follow ons from where we were looking at. In relation to this supposed gas or chemical attack in Salisbury, what I think is really happened to shake the establishment is that the investigators have now said that they are unable to fully come forward and say exactly how much of this poison was used. They did make a statement. They talked in terms of maybe upwards of 100 grams of poison and then they very hurriedly released a statement saying, oh no they meant milligrams and then they released another statement saying actually we can’t really know how much, so what we have had is a situation where the British government is firmly pointing the finger at the Russians and then found they had to backtrack because they couldn’t prove it, they couldn’t prove it in a court of law. It was all hearsay, and now they are basically saying well we don’t actually know how much was used, which is odd because if they have found traces of this chemical they ought to be able to do that, so it is an incredibly badly managed stage production that’s what I would point it at. One of the fallouts of this really is that the Russians have closed the British Consulate in St. Petersburg. The British Consulate in St. Petersburg was perhaps one of the most active of the British diplomatic missions and provided a very useful job for expats or business people who are from the United Kingdom actually in Russia. That’s gone. That’s going to make their life very difficult. It was also perhaps the largest of the spy units. You know my own grandfather was a British Consul for the British Embassy in India in a place called Pondicherry and while the ambassador and the assistant ambassador or vice ambassador are never members of the security service; they cannot be, they are diplomats, those underneath them certainly are. My grandfather was sort of a British Consul which meant that he as a businessman he could go everywhere and do all the spying that he wanted to under a special diplomatic passport and immunity, so the loss of the St. Petersburg British Consulate is going to be a heavy blow.
I want to quickly talk about Deutsche Bank. I posted on my website a couple days back, the Daily Express British newspaper did a very interesting interview with members of staff who currently work for Deutsche Bank and the members of staff of Deutsche Bank’s own employees told the newspaper that they don’t think Deutsche Bank can survive. That’s incredible where the employees of an organization are saying to the press actually we don’t think our employer is going to be around for much longer. I and a number of other commentators have been, you know, expecting Deutsche Bank to go. We thought we might go last year or the year before and by great trickery they managed to soldier on but maybe this is it now. Maybe this is the final, final throw. Let’s wait and see.  Certainly a lot going on behind there and if the major mainstream newspapers are carrying articles saying that the bank is about to collapse, well probably it is.
Okay, talk about Korea, there’s lots of interest about North and South Korea, and you know I said that unification is coming, the South and North would join and as a prelude to that the North and South have agreed to decommission their nuclear weapons and it’s been announced that North Korea will change its time zones to match that of the South. Now that’s nothing to do with the military, everything to do with civilians and with domestic policies. That means unification is coming. In order to reunify two countries, you have to have the same time zone, so that’s really fascinating.
There was an article about Argentina today. It was the subject of a topic on my shows about two years ago when the situation in Argentina was looking pretty desperate and the new president managed to pull it back from the brink. The bank in Argentina has just announced that interest rates are now 40 percent. Can you imagine that, interest rates 40 percent. I don’t know if many people have mortgages in Argentina. I don’t know the domestic situation but can you imagine if your interest rate 40 percent?  Now I don’t have figures for this year but last year the inflation rate in Argentina at the end of last year was 25 percent, so that’s another country to keep an eye on. It’s important because the Argentinian peso is pegged to the dollar, so that’s both helpful and unhelpful to the Argentinian government so just keep an eye on that.
Last night I did a radio show with Kerry Cassidy and my goodness me was it not interrupted. We had a situation where Kerry’s YouTube Channel was just completely taken down. She actually sent me a screen shot that showed that basically the server had gone down. While I don’t believe the server had gone down for all of YouTube but it appeared that just Kerry’s ability to connect to the server had gone down and then all of her videos appeared to have been removed and she couldn’t find those so we couldn’t do the live show, and what she was able to do at the very last minute was to go on to Facebook, connect live through Facebook and put that on the YouTube. I don’t know we were maybe a quarter of the way through and Kerry suddenly lost her voice. I could hear her choking in the background. I knew what that was. I once had been attacked psychically by a very, very strong demonic force. I was interviewing a client and I got that attack. It’s as if someone has put their hands around your throat and they are trying to take the life out of you and I did actually say to the audience, you know, let’s just stop for a minute. Let’s send some love, some strength to Kerry because she is under attack and some of the comments, some people thought it was a joke. It certainly wasn’t a joke. I have personally been attacked like this and it is literally as if someone has put their hands around your throat and they are trying to choke you. It’s a very real activity so we were hit twice or I should say Kerry was hit twice but she struggled on and we did manage to do the interview, and it was posted so again I want to thank that.
I have had a couple of emails from American CC members saying they had received messages from Norman and they really didn’t know who Norman was. They weren’t sure. People are obviously pretty careful, so I just want to confirm that Norman is the United States coordinator and if you are a member of CC and you receive an email from Norman then he is the go to guy so please just respond to that and get back to it. I’ve got Ted Mahr’s show in about two hours’ time and I’m just going to say the same thing that is, you know, for the American audience but I know many, many people from all over the world listen to this so if you get an email from Norman and you are in the CC group, it’s real. Okay that’s great so what we are going to do now is go straight on to the questions and Becky is very kindly going to ask them again. Right off we go and oh yes just for the record I haven’t had foresight of these questions and they will be done in the order so where we finished off last week Becky just will pick up and go straight to the next one.  And off we go.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay thanks, The first one is from Kevin. Is it true that there is a big significant proportion of the human population are NPCs or have no souls and if so what would be the percentage?
SP: Right I bet lots of people are going to wonder what an NPC (non-player character) is unless you are sort of under twenty years of age. For those of you who are not familiar with it, if you have a computer game you can create or the computer can create characters that don’t, they’re not the key players in the game and you know you have your main characters and these are other characters wander around and you can interact with them. Those of us who have perhaps studied it or have psychic capabilities perhaps notice from time to time that, I don’t know, you might be in a shopping mall or an airport or just you know outside and there seem to be a lot of background people that just don’t seem to interact and there have been lots of questions as to whether these people are holographic, whether they are matrix, whether they have a soul. It’s a very difficult one to answer because, you know, you would only be able to answer it if you were one of those people. Would you then turn around if you were one of these people and look at say those around the corner and say well they’re not real so it is all a standalone projection or are there these matrix-type characters that are placed in. My best estimate is that there are a number of individuals that replay, shall we say, and are in the backdrop. They sort of fill out, I don’t know, fill out the restaurant or they fill out the airport. I can’t give a percentage, I just don’t know but I certainly believe that it’s part of the holographic projection. There are a number of people who don’t have the same consciousness, the same awareness that the vast majority of us do. So why would that happen? Well I guess it happens because to give us that reality, to give us that feeling of comfort, to give us that background noise, that background action and if we accept that then we begin to understand that the world we live in has been very carefully thought out and very carefully put together, so it’s a good question and I am familiar with what you mean and I hope I have interpreted it correctly, thank you.
RB: Okay, Vicky states I would like you to elaborate on thought forms, thank you.
SP: Thought forms.
RB: Uh hum, thought forms.
SP: Right I think that I am probably going to interpret this question in a completely different way from the way it was meant. If we can create our own reality, then we can create happenings or individuals. It is possible for a creator to project and manifest nearly anything from its own power of its mind. Those that are not real creators use technology to enhance their capabilities.  So I’m understanding your question in terms of something that can with its own intent create, if I say life that’s pushing it a bit, it can create a form that may or may not be a true life. Obviously if it’s Source then it creates true life but if it’s not quite at that level then it may not be able to create something that is sustainable. I hope I have understood your question, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Julian asks is it true that the Reptilians are dying out? If so how many are currently left?
SP: I presume this means in relation to the Earth. The short answer is yes. All organic lifeforms deteriorate. Different technologies exist to maintain that lifeform for a percentage of time. The difficulty for the Reptilian Task Force on Earth is that it is bottled up so any attritional losses through military action, through natural causes are not being made good. That was one of the key reasons for the Hadron Collider at CERN and for any other objects could punch a hole through to the 4th dimension and either let some of these guys escape or bring their reinforcements in. If I said to you the number of Reptilians now active on the planet could be measured in the hundreds, low hundreds that would be accurate. If I said several hundred that would I think be very true and they are in groups that can portal within the Earth. So one group could go from North America to China or South America or the Vatican and could portal within that environment fairly easily. There isn’t a restriction on that so much. The difficulty for them is that their bases that they have, they’re not, they haven’t got the staff. They haven’t got the personnel now to staff these as they would have done thirty years ago. I can’t give you a figure as to when they will die out because these beings have the capability of lasting two, three, four thousand years, but what we can say is they are under great stress, very much so and yes they are on the way out, so yeah good question, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Malcolm asks is it true that there are 144,000 light workers here to help humanity ascend?
SP: No, no. Absolutely not. We’ve got to be very very careful when we find interesting numbers like that. You know you could make a joke that there’s 144,000 seats in a spaceship, you know the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a figure and they say that, you know, this is the number that will be saved and if you are not in that number you are not going to be saved, which is not a very good way to spread religion because once you’ve got the 144,000 in, why should anybody else be a Jehovah’s Witness because there’s nothing for you, you know the Christian religion got it right in the sense that everybody can be saved. Everybody can be redeemed therefore your club is much larger. Be very suspicious of any organization or anybody who gives a figure, which is a figure that we have been given right back in time. 144 is a very interesting figure. It’s a figure that ancient man and woman were given many thousands of years ago in the days of Babylon and Sumeria and I think indeed that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that something like that figure will be saved. In terms of light workers, I’m using the term loosely, nobody has the right to say this is the figure that we will have and no more can come through because if somebody wants to give up their time and their effort to do some good on the Earth who is it to say to them actually we’re full up now we don’t need you. That would be to turn away people’s skills, gifts, abilities, and their need to actually want to do something positive on the Earth. So my understanding is there is no upward limit because if you start doing that then your next step is to say well 144,000 will ascend into the 5th dimension and the rest of you can scratch around here and, you know, grub about and go downhill, so no I certainly don’t believe that’s true. That’s a good question because it brings into question why anybody would start banging around figures like that, thank you.
RB: Okay and the next one is from Malcom[?]. It follows on quite well. Is humanity going to be split into those who go into a 5D Earth and those that stay on the 3D Earth?
SP: Yes, absolutely. We’re not Source. We can’t possibly understand the complexities and depths of what that particular consciousness comprehends but I don’t believe that consciousness would want to assign millions and millions and millions of people to the rubbish pile because at this moment in their time of life they did not make that judgement so I would guess that those people will be put on sort of a holding platform and given another opportunity to make the change. I have always hoped that as many people as possible would make it through to the 5th dimension. Maybe not as many as I had initially hoped will make it through. Maybe a larger proportion of people will feel more comfortable staying in the confines of this world and the confines of the rules that are placed around them and maybe many of them are not yet ready to make that jump. However a sizeable minority of people are ready and you know the common joke is well it can’t come soon enough you know. Let’s get it on. Let’s get it done. This does beg to question as to well why would we go from the 3rd dimension straight to the 5th. Why would we not have to do our time in the 4th? And the very good answer to this is that this is the 3rd dimensional world and the control system has been crafted from energies from the 4th dimension. So although we live in a beautiful world, a water world, as the off planet aliens call it, we live in a world that is maintained and controlled and policed by rules and elements that have been made outside of this Earth. This is a 4th dimensional so we are not just living in a 3rd dimensional world. We are interacting with this rather heavy and unpleasant 4th dimensional energy, so when we make that transition when we make that ascension, whatever word we want to use, we don’t need to go into the 4th dimension to do our time because we’ve already done it. It’s been here for thousands and thousands of years and man and woman after man and woman has had to incarnate on this planet, suffer through this and then come back and et cetera, et cetera so we will have done our time, so what will happen is when the Earth and a hopefully a sizeable proportion of humanity make that transference and that actually is the word that the off planet group have given me. They refer to it as a transference, then we will go through the 4th, but we won’t have to stay in the 4th, so we will go straight through from the 3rd to the 5th so it’s a fast track. It’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders; we hit the ladder and we go up, so yeah thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. This one is from John and it is quite a long question. Hello Simon, thank you for all what you do to enlighten people who are ready for it. I am really grateful that you are sharing your insights. Question: you are sometimes mentioning dimensions (3D, 4D, et cetera). Other people discussing this subject refer to as densities and that we are living in the 3rd density and progress the 5th after death. In total there are seven densities but many dimensions within the densities. This concept is a bit different to what you are explaining. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate on that. Thank you, John.
SP: Sure. The terminology is different but it is exactly the same. When a person is referring to a density they are, “hello cat, this is Ingmar by the way, hello Ingmar, say hello,” when a person relates to a density what they are referring to is the quality of the energy around them, and whether it’s light or whether it’s heavy, it is a dimension, now when we talk about seven dimensions, that’s where I would draw the line there, (to cat)“hello darling,” we draw the line there because we talk about twelve strands of DNA. Well you couldn’t have just seven densities and leave it at that because we have all these strands of DNA above the seventh level, (to cat) “okay, okay, I love you, it’s all right,” above the seventh level, so I totally accept the word density for, “I’m going to have to put him down,” (picks up cat), “sit darling, attaboy, good boy, good boy,” I accept the word density and can happily be using that as dimension but I wouldn’t accept on seven. There are twelve full and true dimensions. A 13th dimension is being got ready but within each dimension there are subdimensions. There was a film, perhaps a ten-year-old film, and I can’t remember the name of it but in this film this guy was traveling through time and he got shrunk very small and they expressed the dimensions as lots of doors or lots of rooms and he said that’s been visually done for the audience but if we can imagine a density or a dimension and then within that these separate corridors or these separate realities, that is the best way I can give you that description, so I hope that helps to answer, thank you.
RB: Okay the next question is from Rebecca. Simon thank you so very much for your selfless dedication. I’m wondering how do we know that Reptilians really look like Reptiles or Mantids really look like Mantids. You see I studied some psychobiology and learned that seeing can happen simply through brain input perceptual manipulations. Is it possible that other beings just use these images manipulating our perceptions to see them in that way because they think it would be easier for us to accept them? Since we are accustomed to those images so to speak is it possible that they really are not Reptilians nor Mantis et cetera but rather are completely different in their appearance than most anyone thinks?
SP: It’s a good question, thank you. It’s a very good question. Not quite that way round. I look at it that there are some entities that want to do harm on the planet and… but they want to push the blame onto something else so they will masquerade as something else and therefore the experiencer or the abductee will then report they saw this particular entity and it was very negative. One of the greatest groups doing that are none other than our friends in MILAB who will either use holographic projections of Greys or indeed they do have their own robotic Greys that are used and they use that as a cover so that many individuals don’t see the humans doing the abductions. They just see the Greys and they put the story out that they’ve seen the Greys. There are of course real Greys doing abductions with or without humans around them. The jinn is another very interesting point. The jinn has the capability of taking any form really, most commonly seen as a dog or an animal with four legs like that, can pretend to be a reptile, not very often with that but what we would see is something that a human would consider hideous like a Mantis or a Mantid or a Reptilian. They would then see something more acceptable. I’ll give you some classic images here. Mantids or Mantis when appearing to a child will often appear as a wizard, a bit like Gandalf the Grey in The Lord of the Rings, the archetypal wizard with a pointy hat and the cloak, so Mantids will often appear as a wizard because that’s more acceptable to a child and sometimes Reptilians will appear as an old lady or an old man. Shadow beings will appear as a man with a hat so they will tend to disguise their hideous or repulsive nature as far as a human is concerned because, you know, if they are appearing to a human they want some form of communication and if you terrify the human you are not going to get any form of communication. There are occasions when Reptilians don’t want to communicate they just want to terrify, full stop. But, in relation to this question there are many, many answers here. The only way that a person can have, to be sure, have some clarity on it is if you have multiple experiences. If you only have one or two experiences you do not have enough data to test one thing against another. Also when these creatures are around their mask can slip sometimes and of course the human soul is wonderful and it will usually tell you, your higher self will tell you that something ain’t right. Something’s not good here. So for the majority of people who perhaps just have a few encounters, yes it’s easy to be taken in. If you’ve had lots of encounters then it’s less easy to be taken in. That’s a really good question thank you.
RB: Okay this question is from George. Hi Simon, the prior host of your regular show on Wolf Spirit Radio is a Jehovah’s Witness. Is that the cult at which Lucifer is worshipped as people get higher in the organization? Is that why that host may have been pressured to suddenly cancel your radio show? Thanks for being so specific with your answers, George.
SP: I try to be specific with my answers because nobody wants to hear what I had for tea. I would be amazed if JayPee was a Jehovah’s Witness. I never discussed it with him. It never came up. It wasn’t a subject I’d talk about. I would be surprised because the JayPees, the JW’s that I’ve met wouldn’t tend to hold the views that he held or holds, so that’s something. In terms of Satan and the control there, that’s an interesting point because for three years every Friday JW’s would turn up at my door with their pamphlet to talk to me. They knew exactly who I was and every Friday for three years on the Friday of the month, the last Friday of the month they would ask me to join them and they would even bring their new people around to introduce them to me. You know this is Simon Parkes and, you know, and I would be introduced to every month. There was the same person, the senior whoever and then there would be this new one that would be brought around and introduced. I was never rude because I know from talking to some of the highest elements within that organization that they appreciate that Jehovah was not human. They are very open that Jehovah was not a human prophet. He was an alien god. That’s their terminology. But I would suggest that maybe, I don’t know, 98 or 99 percent of the ordinary church going membership have no knowledge of that. This is indeed interesting because we had the question of 144,000 and I remember on the doorstep being told this figure what it was 144,000 and I said well I don’t understand why you are trying to recruit me because you’ve already got your 144,000. Why would you want to recruit anyone else? And so I don’t remember what the answer to that was but if we accept and I certainly accept that Jehovah was not of the human condition. I accept that he was of a Reptilian background. Who he was, what he was I don’t know, but I accept he was Reptilian and I accept that someone in Jehovah’s Witnesses realized that I had some interesting knowledge and really wanted me in their organization. Just as the Church of Scientology back in the 1990s wrote to me personally on two occasions asking me to join. I think it was [L Ron] Hubbard who started that organization up, very, very well aware of off planet entities, just as the Free Masons wrote to me some three or four years ago asking me to join. There’s no coincidence here. If you have knowledge and you have experiences then they are interested in that. They want to know it. They want to be part of it. They want to ask you questions privately or out of earshot. I did several talks at Free Masonry Halls and, you know, I didn’t book them. They were already booked and you know I went along to speak and you know they often give their rooms out to community groups. And I remember after one of these conferences the organizer said to me I must buy you an evening meal, you know, you’ve done a whole day here and it was completely dominated by a Free Mason. He just sat there through the whole blessed meal firing questions at me. And afterward, I said to the woman who had organized it you know this is a bit off because I couldn’t really socialize and the reply I got was well you know they are fascinated with you. So I’m not surprised that very unusual organizations have the knowledge. The difficulty is that we think of a church and we think of a church as being God-fearing. The number of clients that I have worked with who have seen spirits, entities being called during a church service is phenomenal, so I’m not saying all churches are like that. Of course I’m not but a number of clients I’ve had when they’ve been taken, I don’t know, behind the back of the church with a group of women or a group of men and then they have a ceremony and they are actually calling the spirits or entities, and that’s not what churches are about. I mean churches were about banishing evil demons, not actually bringing them in and a couple of clients have actually explained to me that they had demons placed into their body, so the concept of Satan, the concept of Lucifer can exist in many realms, many organizations and just because we are thinking of a church, it doesn’t mean they are exempt from attack. So yeah, an interesting question and I never even thought about it. Thank you.
RB: Thank you. Pete’s question is what he says I really miss the show on Sundays. Thank you for putting the show back on the radio. Where do Christians who actually perform healings get the power to heal that they claim is from Christ?
SP: Not just Christians can heal. That’s your first point. It doesn’t really matter what religion you might be or no religion. It is about you as a person and your connection with Source or God and we act as a tuning fork or a conduit, a sounding board that Source energy can come through and then those individuals can then if they choose to be good they can use that for healing purposes. There are some people that like a battery; they store up this energy and they can use it but then they have to recharge from Source to go on and do it. So the only point I think I would make with that questions is that it is not just Christians. I got to tell you a funny story now. It goes back to the 1980s. I was living in London and I had been chatting to a Catholic Father, a priest, and he told me a funny story. This was in Lewisham in Brockley and he said he had been called to a house to exorcise a spirit ghost and he did that but he said the damn thing, I can’t do the Irish accent, the damn thing followed me back home to my priests house and then I had to get three of my fellow priests’ to come in and get the thing out of my house, and he never ever offered the service again. Now if you were to look back through the last thirty, forty, fifty years I bet you would find that the number of exorcisms undertaken by the major churches has reduced dramatically and that is because the number of attacks against the clergy I think has increased from the demonic realms and priests or Christians Vicars fathers are finding it harder and harder to remove these things because as a Christian man or woman becomes more connected with the material world and more absorbed into the material world the harder it is for those people then to have the right and the strength to push these creatures out. So every person has the capability if we connect with source and we believe in ourselves and we have a true heart. If you don’t have a true heart or a true soul or your higher self is corrupted you cannot remove entities, you just can’t do it. These creatures just stand and laugh at you and you know the number of times when I’ve been called in because you know someone has quite passionately said, you know, I stand in my sovereign right and I call on archangel Michael and archangel Gabriel and Jesus Christ and the entities just laugh at them. It’s not straightforward. It’s not as simple as that, but no in essence we all have the capability to do it. Thank you.
RB: This question is from Scot. What was the egg-shaped object the Mantids left for John Lennon?
SP: Oh, oh right I don’t know how many of the audience will be aware of that. Nineteen… you know I know about this because obviously I met John Lennon but I met him before the egg situation. I think the egg object might be about 1974, possibly, possibly, I met him prior to that. I think it’s great this question because we can bring in  the name of Uri Geller. Uri Geller for those of you who remember was the guy who very successfully, very good showman actually, Jewish, Israeli, went on television and he could bend keys or spoons and he would contact the consciousness of humanity in a particular area and say right, work with me and everybody sat at home in front of a television and say hold a spoon and bend it and many people reported it worked. The egg-shaped object if I remember and my information I’m receiving is correct was according to Uri Geller given to him by John Lennon. John Lennon, this is one of the reasons that my mother took me to meet John Lennon. John Lennon was a passionate believer in UFOs. He collected UFO magazines and in the latter part of his life when he was in the US he often would report alien spacecraft literally over the block. He had a sort of an apartment I think, a penthouse suite [in the Dakota], I can’t remember now but he would often report alien visitors and the story goes that he had been given this egg by an Insectoid or a Mantis. The description could fit either and that he didn’t know what to do with it so he gave it to his good friend Uri Geller and Uri Geller kept it. The difficulty we have I think is that other people who were close to John Lennon at the time said that if it was real they think that John would have discussed it with them. So I have, my connection with John Lennon had ended in about ’71… ’71, ’72, something like that so I’m aware of the story. Indeed John Lennon’s father had even discussed it with me. He was at a loss as to say whether it was right or not because John Lennon and Freddy Lennon were estranged. They didn’t have a very good relationship. So all I can tell you is what I said and I can’t tell you whether it was a genuine object or not. All I possibly tell you is that a Mantid would be much more likely to give you a crystal. Mantids love crystals and they use them for psychically enhancing any of the people they work with so it’s very common for a Mantid to pass you a crystal. You hold the crystal and then you are psychically elevated. So, I would much have been more happier if it had been a crystal because I could have gone with that but it was an egg-shaped object and I don’t know what that was but it’s a good question and it’s made me think hard about the past, thank you.
RB: This question is from Cherry or Cheri. And now my only question is how do I donate to you. I appreciate your work and hope to schedule a consultation with you one day.
SP: Well that’s really kind. I’m grateful for anything. If it’s one pound or one dollar, please don’t send less than that because PayPal, I’ll be careful what I say here, PayPal is relatively greedy and if you send me a pound I probably get about 30 p or 30 cents of that. But whatever you can give me I’m really grateful and it does keep me going you know. I can’t get an ordinary job simply because two reasons: one, the establishment won’t let me get an ordinary job and secondly how could I do an ordinary job when I so passionately believe in bringing information to the public. It wouldn’t be long before an employer would say hey we heard your radio show and we really don’t like what you are saying so either you stop it or we’ll sack you. So I rely on donations very much and the work that I do. Just go on to my website, Simon Parkes dot org (simonparkes.org), there’s a donate button and you know I try and email people personally to message them back when I can. Sometimes I don’t always get those emails from PayPal so I don’t always have the click back button to say thank you and that’s why I always now try and say thank you during the show and indeed in a few minutes I’m going to be reading all those names. So thank you I appreciate you and thank you for listening.
RB: Alan says can you talk about dolphins, their true intelligence, their purpose here on Earth, and the people who have dolphin genetics and why they are incarnating now as humans, thank you.
SP: I think the big story here is that understandably a Pleiadian soul person has a very strong connection to dolphins but the Pleiadians mustn’t think that they can grab the limelight here because those from Sirius [sigh rus] or Sirius [sear re us] can also claim connection with a water world. I’m sure there isn’t going to be a zoologist or a doctor or a professor of biology who is going to have any agreement with me when I tell you that dolphins are not natural to this earth. Dolphins are brought here from Sirius [sigh rus] or [sear re us] and there are lots of planets in that star system and there is one water world and those beings are brought here and the only evidence that I can give for that is that true contactees, true abductees who come into contact with alien Greys often say that the skin of an alien Grey reminds them of a dolphin. The reason for that is a number of alien Greys need to be immersed in a liquid for a proportion of the time. In fact there is some debate as to the Roswell spacecraft whether the control center, the canopy, was actually filled with a liquid. It’s quite interesting. I don’t know whether you will find this on the Internet but I can tell you that on the wreckage of the Roswell spacecraft what would be the floor that you would walk on was designed in nonslip mat, and when you look at the, I could just say the soles of the feet, of the aliens they had on a fit-all suit but it was, if I said Velcro that’s not a million miles away from what we’re looking at, which the investigators began to draw conclusions that maybe the Roswell spacecraft contained a fluid and these creatures lived in a fluid, and that’s very, very helpful because there are a couple of alien Grey races within the Sirius star system so they may also have connections with a world to world. Dolphins: Pleiadians can claim connection because they were aware that artificial intelligence was going at some point in the vast future to make an attack on this planet with or without the assistance of the Reptilians. So from a very early stage Pleiadians started to land here. They set up bases, many of them, it was what we call a suicide mission in the sense that they were never coming back. Some of their craft crashed and couldn’t return but many of them made their homes here. When their physical bodies died they found that the indigenous native human population which was not yet homo sapien sapiens could not contain the high resonance of their souls. The only creatures within the Earth that could do this were dolphins, porpoises and whales, so for untold years, I don’t know how many, millions of years Pleiadian people in increasing numbers lived inside the physical bodies of dolphins. Over time a number of alien races came and tinkered with the indigenous ape species until a final battle group of Reptilians, the Draconis Reptilians arrived and we can link this very closely with Annunaki-type arrivals. About 250,000 years ago created homo sapien sapiens. Suddenly when dolphin physical bodies died these souls no longer had to go up and back down again. They could go straight into a human body. Now to this day if a Pleiadian person goes to a water park where there are dolphins, I can tell you that those dolphins will recognize that individual. They don’t recognize the physical body. They don’t recognize the face. They recognize the signature of that person’s soul and they will break away from what they are doing and will come to that person. If a person with a Sirius [sigh rus] or [sear re us] soul is on a boat where you could go and see the dolphins and he or she would put your hand in the water you will find the dolphins will come to you. And this is a very important connection and remember from my past presentations where I’ve said that in America it is illegal to fraternize with a dolphin. The only way in America you are allowed to fraternize with a dolphin is in these controlled sealife or waterworld parks and there are always CIA agents in these places.  They do not want dolphins with potentially alien souls connecting with humans in case there’s a transfer of telepathic information from one to the other. This is what disclosure is about. This is why we need to be honest. This is why the government needs to stop worrying about the human race and just trust us all. Actually tell us, you know, stop saying oh we are frightened you can’t cope with it or once you get the information you might go to pieces or you might run around mad or have a heart attack or this, that, and the other just tell people. People are ready for it. They want to be told the truth. Stop treating human adults as if they were babies. Good question, thank you.
RB: Thank you. Jacqueline has written a long question. The late Dolores Cannon and psychic medium John Edwards have described how passed on relatives or friends may appear at the side of the deathbed to greet a dying person or the dying person may say to their living relatives that they can see the deceased spirits around them. Is this the AI holograms you’ve referred to, the fake escort to the other side or does that only happen after the person dies? Are those spirits legitimately present? If so does AI intercept after the person dies? Please clarify, thanks so much Simon. I’m so grateful you’ve got a new radio show, and much love.
SP: Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening. I’m grateful too. Remember of course that we have Ted Mahr’s radio show although sadly people in Great Britain can’t listen to Ted’s show live at the moment. You have to pick it up a day or so later on YouTube.  [I’m] going to to see if Ted will do something so that, you know, people in Great Britain can listen to Ted’s show. I’m doing Ted’s show tonight. That’s a really good question. There are three parts to it and doubtless I’ll forget the parts.
RB: We’ll go back to it.
SP: Okay. In essence every element is correct. Let’s start negatively and move to the positive which is always the best way to go you know. From the negative point of view the AI, absolutely the holographic policeman will send… everybody is on a library if you like, you’ve all, including myself, we are all registered, docketed, and on a digital printout, so if you are a devout Christian and you go to church regularly and you are a very good man or woman and you die you should expect Jesus Christ to come to you or archangel Michael or Holy Mary. They’ll come and collect you and they’ll very kindly take you up to the light. You get zapped and then you come back down again, but there are what we call spirit guides. These are people who exist in an energy form, who had connected to individuals to guide them, to advise them and to give them as much support during their time as they can. Now they will try and beat the AI, so when your physical body dies, here’s the exciting news, you don’t know you are dead because you are not. Your physical body has stopped working but you yourself, the soul in your body is alive and well and what happens is that you sort of think I can’t move my arm. I can’t move my arm. I can’t move my head but I don’t feel dead, and then you see somebody standing there who knows you and you recognize them and they say, you know, I’ve come to take you. Now that person is trying to get you out of the control system, they’re trying to direct you back to Source or back to your star family anywhere but the control system and so that’s that element there. There are of course real angels, whether they are archangel Michael or Gabriel, I honestly don’t know but there are those beings that we could call angelic who also will attempt to arrive and again beat the control system. Why one person and why another, I honestly couldn’t answer, I really don’t know but the exciting thing is of course is that we don’t die. What would be really exciting is if we could get back to source and this blockade around our planet could be lifted, so it’s a good question. I think you probably already had the answer. The way you structured that question but hopefully I’ve just clarified a bit for you. Thank you.
RB: Okay Tom asks have you heard of the spiritual teaching called eckankar and that is spelled E C K A  N K A R.
SP: No I haven’t I’m afraid.
RB: Okay.
SP: It’s something I haven’t. Now before we go on I want to thank people. We are sort of getting to the top of the hour. I’ve got a list of people I want to thank for donating and remember it doesn’t matter, you know, they’re not here because they donated a set amount. They’re here because they donated. I want to thank Natalie, Stefano, Megan, Candice, Donna, Amy, Sheena, Claudia, Raymond, Chris, Ditmar, Rudolph, Christian, John, Sherilyn, Barbara, Stuart, Catherine, Lynn, Robert, John, Desmond, Amy, Carla, George, Alfredo, Martin, Charlotte, Manuel, Shari, Oscar, Charlie, Robin, Joanne, Joance, Drumset, Jamie, Mohammad, nearly finished, Jolin, A1, always tempted to say AI but it’s not, it’s A1 as in the road, Daniella, Martin, Peter, Arianne, Neil and Valerie. Thank you so much for donating. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for supporting what I’m about and, you know, with your strength and determination we can go on and we’ve got to go on until we crack it, until we win, until there isn’t anything more to fight because the negative forces either say okay fine, we gave it a good fight, we’re off or look we want to repent and you know put right what we’ve done wrong. But until that time happens we’re not finished. It’s not over and I keep saying this because I don’t want our guards to come down. I know people are being arrested. I know things are being done, but don’t ever think that we’ve won yet because we haven’t and one of the best ways to pull the rug from under our feet is to say you know what guys, you got there, you won. It’s all done. It’s all sorted. Don’t worry about it now you can stand down and dismantle all the rest of it and yet it hasn’t. So, you know there’s a long way to go but when I look back over my shoulder and I look back over the last five or six years look how far the human race has evolved, you know, we talk about the Twin Towers. That could never happen again. You know, people aren’t going to accept things now in the same way that they did a few years ago. So it’s positive but we’ve still got a long way to go so thank you for that. We have got a few more minutes left so take a few more questions if you want.
RB: Okay, sure. Hunter asks what will happen to Obama with this disclosure happening?
SP: Depends which disclosure…
RB: He doesn’t say.
SP: Right well there’s…
RB: Probably the pedophilia one…
SP: To be truthful any disclosure that affects the American government and can be shown to have been in place or the actions been in place during any president’s time in office, any of those presidents really should be called to account. If it’s a direct thing, one of the 24,000 or so sealed indictments waiting in Mr. Trump’s office to see the light of day, by the way we are just waiting for a couple of people in the Edgar Hoover building to be kicked upstairs and that’s very different, but if it was, for instance, disclosure about hidden technologies, let’s go down that road. That would be an interesting one. Let’s talk about Antarctica, hidden Atlantean technologies coming out. It was in the very dying days of the Obama presidency that Obama sent his vice president and the very famous astronaut down to Antarctica to negotiate on behalf of the president and they came back rather chastened actually. So if that was to break in its full entirety then Obama would have to explain why he did not say to the public the truth about aliens when I personally can remember his very first time in office, he actually said he would look into the alien agenda and he would produce the truth, that was one of his statements. It’s funny that Hillary Clinton, and when she was on the campaign trail, she said exactly the same thing. I think any candidate who actually says to the people I’m going to tell you the truth about aliens is… because they won’t and they just know that it’s such a big subject that they can win votes on it. So on one hand the establishment says there’s no such thing as aliens, they don’t exist, but then you’ve got people like Clinton and Obama on the campaign trail saying if you vote for me I’ll tell you about aliens. And yet this is the ridiculousness of it and it does remind me of the time that I went public with what was going on in Great Britain where primary schools, first schools were receiving government funding to run mock alien UFO crashes in their own playgrounds, and the big question I kept on coming back to people’s minds is why would the government fund local schools to pretend that an alien spacecraft has crashed and it wasn’t cheap. They had to pay the police, fire brigade and a special company who used to come and set it all up for them, so we’re talking many thousands and thousands of pounds. Why would you do that when on the other hand the establishment says well aliens don’t exist, it’s a joke.  So why are you spending tax payers money on a joke? That’s the way to hit these people and they can’t really answer it and the best answer that I ever got from the establishment was, “Oh well it’s inclusion.” It’s like we are including and I remember replying to this certain person, “Well why would you include something that doesn’t exist?” This is a nonsensical so to get back to your question basically anybody in authority who has lied to the public over these sort of issues needs to be called to account. I don’t mean their head has to be chopped off, but what I mean is they have to explain to us what was the rationale for them lying to us. What was the rational, maybe they were blackmailed, you know, maybe President Obama as he was, his wife, isn’t quite what we think she was. Maybe that was the hold over him. Maybe there’s lots of other stuff but you know the important thing I think is for the truth to come out, for the public to have the truth and let us decide what we want to do. You know the day I think is coming when we don’t have politicians in the way that we have at the moment, and I will say this because I was a politician. I’m not anymore. If you have a party or a particular color or an emblem, and you vote for that party or that color or that emblem, you are not actually voting for policies. You’re voting because my mother voted this or my dad voted this or I’ll be better off with these people or I don’t like this or I don’t like that. The way we need to have this is that individuals, individuals who want to represent us need to say I personally will campaign for this, not here’s a coverall, you know, this particular party will do this, this and this which we all forget and they get away with it when they don’t deliver it, but basically individuals saying… okay let’s say somebody wants to be a member of parliament in a city area and the situation there is very difficult with crime. Well maybe that person needs to say, regardless of whatever the group is saying, that man or woman needs to say have you spoken to the local community I promise that if you elect me I will, you know, ensure that we get three hundred new policemen and policewomen, or we will do this or we will do that and then when the election comes around again you really can hold that individual to account and say three years ago you promised to do this. You didn’t. You’re out. Or, you did it, you did what you said you would and, you know, we’re going to have you back again. That’s real accountability. I don’t like the word democracy because it doesn’t really exist. Accountability is a much better word. So, if you passionately want to serve the people, then you must be prepared to stand in front of people and say I’ve failed and if I’ve failed this is why, or if you are successful then you are successful and I think we’ve got to do away with party politics. It doesn’t serve the ordinary people. Okay that’s the hour. I want to thank you all so much for your support. Thank you for listening. Keep sending the questions in and as you can see we are taking them on an ordered basis as long as the questions are reasonable and not offensive then they will be read out and I’ll answer them. Okay, thanks ever so much. God bless to everybody.
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