8 May 2018 – The Lifting—Atlantis Interview with Simon Parkes

The Lifting—Atlantis Interview with Simon Parkes

With Joanna Michaels & Christopher Stephen Jacob
The Lifting
Joanna Michaels and Christopher Stephen Jacobs of The Lifting compiled a list of questions about Atlantis for Christopher and Simon to discuss. 1. Description of infrastructure of Atlantis, both physically and energetically; 2. Who were the main groups or factions that occupied Atlantis; 3. What was Atlantis in relation to Mars, Maldek, and even Egypt at that time; 4. What is the relationship between the thirteen crystal skulls and Atlantis; Simon says there is news that the negative forces are going to go for an impeachment of President Trump.

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Joanna Michaels: Hello everyone and welcome to a very special episode of The Lifting for Tuesday May 8, 2018. I am Joanna Michaels and I am here today with my tall host Christopher Stephen Jacobs. Today’s show was prerecorded because we are so excited to be able to include a special guest with us from over the pond in the UK, London to be exact I believe so we needed to record this earlier due to scheduling and time differences. Today our guest is someone who is world renowned for their knowledge when it comes to ancient extraterrestrial history as well as cabal infrastructure, so we want to welcome to the show Simon Parkes. Simon Parkes is a lifelong experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals, and UFOs. These include the Mantis or Mantid beings, Draconis Reptilian, Felines, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected politician and served a full term in office over there. Simon also has some interesting occurrences within his family tree. Simon’s biological mother worked for the British Secre… excuse me, the British Security Service often referred to as MI5 between 1965 and 1979. However, while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working jointly for the National Security Agency of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed UFO craft that had come down all over the Earth’s surface and had been retrieved by American Special Forces or recovery teams. Simon’s grandfather was a British diplomat, worked for the foreign arm of the British Intelligence office called MI6. But again, in this case he was closely associated with the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. During this time, he was rewarded the Order of the British Empire medal as well as the Commander of the British Empire medal, however he did turn down a Knighthood from the Queen. Simon’s grandfather was also a prominent Freemason and was Britain’s appointed diplomat to the United Nations in the late 1950s and early ’60s. Simon went public with his story in 2010 and since then he has touted the UK speaking at, excuse me, he has toured the UK speaking at conferences, initially attacked by the establishment media in a concerted effort to discredit him. However, an event in 2013 was to be a game changer, when Simon was invited by the British Ministry of Defense to join a small party being given a tour of a secret space radar base in the United Kingdom. This totally confounded the established media and has led to a far more serious appraisal of Simon’s story by them. Simon has assisted a growing number of people who have come forward from Illuminati family bloodlines, where they have suffered torture and trauma, many from MILAB situations he has helped as well. Simon is able to reintegrate any alternate personalities that the individual may have and remove any Jinn or demonic possession and deactivate any suicide programs placed in the person. On a lighter note Simon also does soul readings, where in most cases he is able to identify the individual’s soul or star family background, and he has helped people from many countries around the world. So for our audience, as you have heard, he and Chris have some similar skills. So I know you, Chris, are especially happy to be able to have this conversation today, so welcome Simon, thank you for joining us.
Simon Parkes: Thank you very much to both of you. It is very kind of you to invite me. I’m very delighted, not just to speak to you guys, but to speak to the audience as well, so thank you.
JM: Yes and we are thrilled.
Christopher Stephen Jacobs: Yes, thank you very much and as we do at the beginning of every show we have an affirmation and blessing before we get to the show. So today, now this was a blessing done by my guide [5:30][Sim e on]. In times of hardship it is best to know yourself better than you know your history. That way the true history can be received with the utmost attention and not cast aside. And that was my guide [Sim e on] who gave me that the other day, so Joanna you want to continue?
JM: Sure and I really appreciate that particular affirmation because we have actually spent a lot of time over the last year to try to encourage people to look inward and figure themselves out as well as enhancing their own internal discernment skills. We have also stressed that the redusted off discernment skills would be needed in order to rethink histories and theories of ancient histories to see what feels right to them. This way people are able to take any new or unheard information and deny the known or the history given to this date to fully integrate what rings true to them and why, because history does shape what we think about ourselves and our role or purpose in this universe. For our listeners you know that [recent] history was written by the victors for the purpose of controlling the masses collective thought processes. And now we are entering an age where it is time for that to end. So new understandings need to emerge to break down barriers that make people feel less empowered in order to change the world that they, that we currently are in. So today we want to start a conversation on what is coming through on galactic history. Specifically, today we want to talk about the one place and time that seems to fascinate many out there, and that is Atlantis. So we compiled a short list of questions, first for Simon and for Chris to see their takes on the subject, and at the end of the discussion we will as always see if the galactics want to contribute to the conversation as well. So I will ask the questions and then get Simon and then Chris to chime in and if I feel the call to do so, you guys know me too well, then I may pipe up with a comment or two, so everybody ready?
CSJ: Uh hum.
JM: Okay, then here we go, so the first question: 1. Many people want to know out there kind of what is your idea of the infrastructure of Atlantis actually looked like. What was the basic look and what was the basic feel? Simon.
SP: Oh, well thank you. First of all it’s one of those very rare occasions when, you know, you very kindly shared the topic beforehand. Normally I don’t get that sort of privilege so it’s quite unusual for me to get a few hours’ notice. I’m happy to talk about the subject because it has such a bearing on the present. One of the great issues for me about Atlantis is that I’m still not clear in my own mind as to its timing, its date, so this question is okay because it is about the structure. We look at, I’ll answer that in two ways, the physical structure and the energy structure. The physical structure consisted of both overground and underground environment in a way that perhaps mirrors more the Greek Athenian style rather than the Roman style. They had more of a flowing line to it so you can imagine towers or pillars that’s absolutely right. There were sections where trade was carried on, where the community lived, but there were, because it was a divine feminine, it was a divine although it still is in terms of the energy, but it was a divine feminine environment and so the priesthood or the record keeping sections were heavily divine feminine. Therefore, their layout and their access was somewhat different. So if the audience can imagine an over ground and an underground arena and divided into certain zones or areas and some people were not allowed into some areas. Some people were allowed into all areas. The crystal chambers there were several, there was one major crystal chamber and then there were others that circled it. These crystal chambers acted both as an independent source but also part of the grid they would activate in circles so each one would have its divine feminine and then the divine feminine devotees around it, they would activate it and the center one would be the senior female et cetera. Because of the way it went, although the physical remains are somewhat limited now, the energy connection is still there, in other words there is a full holographic replica, although it’s not really a replica it’s really the real thing but in an energy format, which is still there, so a divine feminine particularly so can actually connect with herself back at that time and draw in information… it’s almost like a channeling, and I haven’t actually come across anything else like that before. It’s not a portal in the true sense of the word. It’s not some form of communication channel.
It is a living representation of that individual and the power that we would experience today but still accessible if you have the right codes to do that, and this is what the Nazis were particularly keen on. They never cracked the code but that was one of the reasons they reached Antarctica. They wanted the codes. If we look at a map of the world again obviously my information might be very different from anyone else’s and I’m not saying that I’m right and everyone’s wrong. That’s not the standpoint I’m coming from. It is merely what I’ve been told during experience with off planet entities. If you look at a map of the world where Australia or New Zealand is today that would be Lemuria. Now I have very little connection with Atlantis. I’m actually Lemurian. I have a history with Lemuria, so that’s Lemuria. If we were to go to where Europe today is that is Mu. Africa was still Africa. Now Atlantis takes in roughly speaking North America part of Canada and across to Ireland, and although it wouldn’t take in the true Great Britain the energies were quite similar. So that’s my understanding of the geographical format of the place, so that’s my best answer for that question.
Christopher Stephen Jacobs: Yeah that actually matches up exactly to what [Sim e on] and them had actually told me about Atlantis but they said that the southern portion of Atlantis is what Antarctica is.
SP: Yes.
CSJ: And the rest of it is up there you know you would consider some of that like ancient Hyperborea up in the upper northern part and I came to find out that some of that landmass broke loose and the galactics said to use that to create their sky [13:36][unintelligible]. I seemed to find out. They used part of that landmass. The same way with Lemuria. First you have Australia there and then there was another chunk that they used to lift off with like a spaceship so I came to find out yeah that actually matches up and what I was seeing while you were talking about the divine feminine and the way that people could access that information from that particular time, I’ve actually managed to actually do something like that just exactly like that when accessing the Atlantean information. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side on Atlantis so, in that timeframe, but what I kept seeing was like this weaver of different timelines and time skews that’s why nobody can actually tell…
SP: It’s so complicated.
CSJ: …can confirm a timeframe.
SP: Yeah.
CSJ: So basically, because it is sitting in multiple-like almost like fractures. I’m seeing like these like fractures and that’s what some of my guides told me is that it exists in multiple time planes and that’s why nobody can agree upon a timeframe. You know nobody can corroborate a timeframe on it completely and that’s what [Sim e on] and several other galactics have told me over a period of time so yeah I have always felt like that underground infrastructure you were saying and then the above ground and I know there was like the crystal structure you were talking about when I communicated with the Agarthan network I saw that very same crystal structure down underneath the ground and they said they had pulled that down in time to deal with wars when Atlantis was being broken apart they retracted that back down into the inner earth and it’s the very same structure they may have rebuilt on to it over the centuries, but it’s the same structure from what I understand and the same knowledge, the same technology, you know, that could be accessed like a holographic database, that’s how the Agarthans describe it to me where people could access their former selves, like a past life memory so that is actually, that actually, it was actually… I like how you corroborated that for me that was actually, you know, when I get the confirmation the shivers up my back, that’s confirmation so that, yeah and my hands are starting to get cold too so I’m starting to tap into something as we are talking here, so yeah…
JM: And when you guys talk about the divine feminine my understanding is again that you know I don’t want people to think, always think male versus female. You know my understanding is that, you know, is a part of a constant, a part of what is real that everybody has within them, divine masculine, sometimes it’s divine feminine components so it just happens to be if this is with you, if anyone, you know, wants to say my understanding is what Simon is bringing up is more of a pathway…
CSJ: Oh yeah, yeah.
JM: But it doesn’t mean all female or all male…
CSJ: Well yeah, yeah…
JM: I just wanted to verify that.
CSJ: Well yeah, yeah it’s an essence, yeah, yeah, I’m definitely picking that up, I must say we can go on to the next question.
JM: Yes next question.
CSJ: Yeah.
JM: Okay. During the times of Atlantis who were the main groups or factions that occupied the continent?
CSJ: Simon?
SP: When you talk about the continent are you referring to the continent of Atlantis or the geographical continent?
JM: I guess I’m going back you know because I know that it’s…
CSJ: To the continent of Atlantis.
JM: Atlantis before it broke off and part went down to Antarctica.
CSJ: Yeah.
JM: So in that time when people were around were there multiple groups residing in the same area that were a part of it I guess.
CSJ: Yeah.
SP: I’m not always the flavor of the month with some of this topic. One of the issues for me was the going off the true path. Some of the leaders of Atlantis had obtained some most amazing technology. They were able, these females were able to keep their physical bodies by the crystal but portal their mind and do some time traveling. One of the issues to me was that they went into other dimensions and other realms and, you know, why not, but you know if you are going to do this, you need to protect yourself, and I don’t like to say this but I’m going to. Some of them became very arrogant and believed they were above the law as it were and unwittingly they brought back some of this energy which then began to corrupt the divine feminine and caused a war with Lemuria and caused lots of other issues. But in terms of the people again it comes back to my problem with the exact timing here but what I’m aware of is that there was an elite status of those that lived within Atlantis. You couldn’t just, you know, get the visa and go and visit. There were a wide number of groups, not tribes a such, that had become city-states or there were those who were the nomads, those that had no allegiance to anyone. There were those males who did not want to be part of the female, a whole range in terms of what was happening at this time. The Annunaki were certainly on the Earth and were interacting and the Atlanteans did a very good job at having a diplomatic channel shall we say to the Annunaki but not allowing them to control or dominate. It was in the Annunaki’s interest for Lemuria and Atlantis to have a war because they were the two most powerful factions and with them out of the way there would be absolutely nothing to stop the Annunaki dominating.
So basically if we can imagine a world not as diverse as ours, not as, I don’t like the word exploitive, but that’s what mankind has done to the planet, so there would be vast areas where there was nothing. There was just nothing in terms of animal life or human life and then you would go in and find some very, very lush or good areas. The energies around Atlantis were such that it was deeply protected and certain entities were not able to get in there so a range of evacuees or escapees from other worlds also came to be in the shadow of Atlantis either to tacitly work with them or just to hide. The Atlanteans did give protection to some groups but the technology was held by the Atlanteans so no other group on that continent had anything like the technology that the Atlanteans held, that was very guarded and quite a secret, so that’s the best answer I can give you really.
CSJ: Actually yes, that actually fits again with what I…
SP: Oh good.
CSJ: And then there was a [21:24][unintelligible]. That’s dead on, dead on match actually to some of the things that I have been looking at. Now there are other groups that I, you know, that I wanted to look into, the different groups that were on Atlantis and there were, there were at least two major factions that I came across. One was the Sons of [21:42][Bah nigh] and one was one called the Order of One and then of course you have the sacred feminine grouping that was there…
SP: Yeah.
CSJ: …that represented that energy and the ones that you said that corrupted, you know, why I actually came across them quite recently.
SP: Yeah.
CSJ: And looking into the inner earth I actually came across them recently and they, you were correct they were quite arrogant. They’re quite pushy actually, very hard to communicate with so you know I didn’t even both at that point, you know, and I heard they actually mess with people on the surface, this particular group, that and the Nazi group and the Sons of [Bah nigh] were more of a, some of them that I could see in my regressions were more Nordic looking and they had like a mix of like between green and blue eyes and at least the one that I was a past life of at that time…
SP: Right, yes.
CSJ: …looked like that because I managed to during a past life regression, I wanted to see what my involvement was with Atlantis was and found out that I was on one of the bad sides and I chose to come in as that expression to be the…
SP: Were you in a male or a female form, do you know?
CSJ: I thought I was male but the form I was looking at looked very feminine-looking. He was blond-haired, blue-eyed, very feminine features but I felt like I was male. I felt like my energy was masculine then and I know I was very separatist from everybody then. I was very domineering and I remember being one of those people that actually helped start the war with Lemuria.
SP: Yes.
CSJ: And helped the, you know, basically helped the Annunaki dominate and I had to actually make up for that in this lifetime by the guides called it because I caused a great fall, I had to bring about a great lifting in this lifetime, so that’s where we get the term “The Lifting,” and they said that would probably be worse of the lifetimes that I had.
SP: Right I wondered why. Now you have explained to me why “The Lifting,” that makes perfect sense.
CSJ: Uh hum yeah and that’s the term that they came up with the term from the fall to the lifting and that’s how I titled my first book was because of Atlantis. That’s how I reason that it was called that. Another term that a lot of the galactics like to call Atlantis is “The Nightmare.” They like the term, nickname it “The Nightmare,” because of the fact of how rapidly it, basically that cascade effect that took it down and when the shield that surrounded it actually went down. Now I found out a friend of ours named James that in a past life of his he was actually one of the protectors of Atlantis, that actually guarded the protections that were around it.
SP: Yeah.
CSJ: He was like basically just a guard or a cop or a police officer and that he actually helped maintain that boundary that was around it to protect the inner sanctum or the inner technology and all that was in that, so that, yeah, and the effect was corroborating. I’m getting the shivers because I can feel the galactics around me at the moment. They’re all I can see like [Sim e on] nodding his head and everything so he comes in from this side when I’m from this side I mean to this little closet area that we have and I can actually see him looking at me going uh hum, uh hum, so okay we can actually go on to the next question.
JM: Okay. So basically for us we have some theories but we are just curious if you pick up on anything. What was Atlantis in relation to Mars, Maldek, and even Egypt at that time, do you pick up anything?
SP: Well again you know you paid your money on this planet and you take your choice so I will have a view or a vision which may be very different from anyone else’s and you know that’s absolutely fine, you know I’m not here to argue with anyone. Nibiru, in my understanding, Nibiru struck Tiamat. Nibiru then was renamed by the Sumerians into Marduk. The Tiamat which was struck by Marduk or Nibiru shattered into two parts. One part maintained its consistency and that became the Earth and the other part disintegrated and became the asteroid belt. In fact in the Judea-Christian Bible it uses a phrase which comes up in Sumerian text which is something like “The Hammered Bracelet” in the early version of the Christian Bible. To talk about these large lumps of rock that became the asteroid belt, so in terms of time I do believe the science is about right. It talks about the Earth being about 4.3 billion years old. So we are talking about a creational force that the center of the new Earth would have been absolutely hot molten. There would be no chance of any life. We would have to have come forward in history a very long time indeed, and I believe that from the flood or the deluge which time is very difficult could be anything from possibly twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen thousand years B.C. back something like fifty thousand years B.C. Now from that point to the arrival of the Annunaki would be approximately four hundred and thirty thousand years. So about four hundred and thirty thousand years before the flood the Annunaki arrived from Nibiru or Marduk using it as a sort of self-propelled planet and when its elliptical orbit got it within Earth then they would be able to come over and start building.
If we look at the structures on Mars, not just the pyramids but there are other structures. Not only did they show signs of probably a neutron-type bomb explosion but they also show great age. Now we are not looking at thousands of years. We are looking at hundreds of thousands of years. There is a connection because the original moon, not the moon that we have now which is a satellite but the original moon which is one of the larger satellites of Tiamat which became our moon would have been colonized so you had the Moon and Mars which allowed for a sort of triangulation of control element over the Earth. The Earth was terraformed and the potential of that Earth in terms of trading, remember most of these off planet entities don’t use money to trade with. They use other things, life is their great trading asset really or artificial life, so what they wanted to do was maintain the Earth in a way that they didn’t overtly control it, but covertly controlled it and so it made perfect sense to have a base on Mars and the Moon but about a hundred and, dates are really difficult, but about a hundred, between a hundred and twenty-two million years and a hundred and forty-four million years the Pleiadian Task Force on a suicide mission detonated another low neutron bomb, in other words no real radiation from it, huge blast but reduction in radiation which scalped the atmosphere from Mars and placed a lot of the oceans of Mars onto Earth and if you get some geophysical work on the Earth you will see that one-half of the crust is quite thick, but the other half of the Earth the crust is very thin and that is the part that was nearest the blast so a lot of that took the damage.
So we’ve got a situation where the Annunaki basically arrived on the planet and found a situation that they could dominate and control. They found a, I can’t say a monkey race, they found a humanoid-type race which had de-evolved. Originally humanity had had twelve strands of DNA, had been very brilliant, but it de-evolved so it de-evolved into a very basic technically weak but spiritually very, very high race, and the Annunaki then chose to make alterations to that race and so on and so forth. I’m sorry to have gone on but that was quite an in-depth question.
CSJ: No that’s just fine what’s interestingly enough talk about synchronicity, some of the things I have learned about this exact history last night, you know I knew the Annunaki and their AI had come in here and they have invaded the system, you know some people call them the Archon support you know and the big AI spheres and everything broke through the outer shield and everything. Well in this I was being shown [Sim e on] revealed something to me last night about what you just said the Pleiadian group that dropped the neutron bomb. He basically said it was a mixture of that and the spheres that came in that ripped the atmosphere and flung it toward Earth at the time…
SP: Yes.
CSJ: …and he said, you know, I nicknamed these angelic-looking guys, like I nicknamed them the pretty boys because they had like this this feminine mask, you know, look to them and he came to tell me that these were like the so-called androgynous-like angelica form that he said came in with this artificial intelligence technology and that basically Lucifer was part of that group and basically came in and decimated Mars that way. I was kind of unclear about some of the warring between the Mars and Maldek and all that but I was told that the Earth was actually around still at the time of Maldek of the pre-Maldek explosion, there was still a planet here that was actually large but then it got messed up when the Annunaki came in.
SP: Yes I can go with that. I mean the Earth that we have today is the Earth from that shattering but that was just as the Moon we have now is not the original Moon.
CSJ: Yes, exactly, yes.
JM: Uh hum.
SP: It was replaced, yeah.
CSJ: Yes.
JM: Yeah and you know what is really, I always tell people when they listen to this if, they, people need to try to get out of the mindset of wanting to know THE story. You know and I really do because, you know, I try to do it like a snow globe. You know, if you shake up a snow globe and pick up all of those little pieces are different people. They’re coming at things from their different perspectives of what they are bringing in, whatever. What really the goal should be is listen and see if your heart discerns a particular theme and stop feeling the need to know the exactness because this story that, you know, is coming in through us is slightly different. However, the big picture that there was another planet that the asteroid belt really came from another planet or a collision or something we agree with that. We certainly agree that there was darkness that invaded. We certainly agree, you know, where we may separate that there’s good and bad Annunaki. Some people just like to refer to it all, it really doesn’t matter. The story is, you know, more that we open to hear that there’s way more to our history and there’s been an aspect of domination and control that unfortunately has been here since the beginning of us not just recently. We’re actually coming out of it more so than hitting a rock bottom of it. We hit a rock bottom before, so it’s always a thrill for us…
CSJ: Uh hum.
JM: …because we know that people are going to come at it from all kinds of different perspectives but when you start to hear people chiming in with the same kind of basic premises…
CSJ: Uh hum.
JM: …that that, you know, for us, that’s just absolutely thrilling.
CSJ: And validation.
JM: …and validation.
CSJ: Yeah.
JM: …here and that’s what we want people to do is to really take a good listen and then you know open their hearts up to a bigger story because for us again a part of the reason for the lifting is about the understanding that we may have unwittingly, unknowingly, let ourselves be dominated and controlled and then how are we now going to break ourselves out of it. We all need to be done with that and now how do we break ourselves kind of out of it but you have to be open to that kind of story as a possibility to even be willing to build your own sovereignty and assert your free will back so we really just appreciate the conversation.
CSJ: Yes.
JM: And as far as, you know, Atlantis, one of the things that really came through for us in respect to the whole you know assertion that there is a domination and control that evil deviousness like you were saying Simon about how some of the divine feminine would go off and they did not realize they were being affected, and almost infected with a virus let’s say in a sense, bringing it back and it was starting to deteriorate their own lifestyle and their own, you know, sacred areas that they didn’t realize it. For us that’s kind of been what I like to refer to as the [36:22][watch them and repeat]. It happened before they came to Earth you know when domination control was just trying to come into the universe and because, you know, we felt certain civilizations were here on Earth that really kind of knew existed prior to them really dumping themselves here, but the goal was even if there were agreements made, oh you stay in your area, I’ll stay in my area, we’ll just be over here. No, domination and control was always deviously going to find a way to dominate and control until they had basically all that they could get and to us Atlantis, even Egypt which we haven’t talked about all went through that same kind of cycle of being innervated and just demolished and told that domination and control really took hold completely on the surface, not underneath our feet but on the surface so that’s where we see kind of a connection to it all.
CSJ: Yeah exactly, yeah like I said I love the synchronicity to, you know [Sim e on] and them always seem to set up these things as synchronicities just prior to, you know, interviews we do and prior to shows we do and just last night he actually gave me more of this historical information that is corroborating your end of events much more clearly. I mean this is, you know I was curious as to certain aspects of the history and he sat, I sat a half-an-hour listening to him talk about these different invaders and different aspects of the different invaders what did, how they did it, and your version of events I’m happy to say, you know, do match up to what he was explaining to me last night so…
SP: We didn’t talk much about Egypt. Really all I wanted to say is that the Great Pyramid is older than the Sphinx. One of the great sort of geology ways of showing this is that as your audience will know is that the Sphinx shows a lot of water damage which can only have come from the last flood, the last time any water was in Africa, but the Great Pyramid does not show water damage and the reason for that is originally the Great Pyramid was covered in some marble blocks, white marble blocks which are very, very resistant and they have been robbed over the years to make other buildings. So that Pyramid actually is in very good condition because it was protected for thousands of years by this sort of marble-white reflected blocks.
Now the face on Mars which NASA did so much to try to debunk, but actually made it worse for themselves when they released their last pictures that’s why they don’t release anymore pictures now because they have made it worse. If you look at the original first two pictures from the two satellites not the third one which has been altered, but if you look at that you can divide the face on Mars into two parts. One part is a feline face and the other part is a human face so we look at the face and we divide it left and right and then we divide it top and bottom you will notice that there is most definitely feline features. Now when we’ve got the Sphinx on Earth and we have a feline-type face on Mars we see immediately where there is a very strong connection here between the races that built the pyramids and when we understand that portal technology connects a number of places to the Great Pyramid and originally of course there would be many portals in Atlantis and there are less today but there are still some in operation. We’re beginning to understand that Atlantean technology wasn’t just some isolated group of women. It was a culture, an incredibly ancient powerful culture that mixed what we today would call magic with technology. It used divine feminine capabilities enhanced by ancient technology that is more advanced than anything the Grey aliens have ever given the United States, and was for me, if not the greatest civilization, one of the greatest civilizations that has ever been but like all physical things it changes and it develops, and so yeah I had to bring Egypt in there somehow.
CSJ: Yes exactly do you feel like the Lyran civilization had to do with the construction of the Pyramids, the [crosstalk]
SP: They most definitely did. They were, I understand them as… there were many groups involved but I see it as a splinter group or a splinter faction group from that that undertook that.
CSJ: Yeah right I had this feeling as well because I did a channeling awhile back about the Lyran involvement in Egypt and [Sim e on] showed me and a couple of the Lyran groups that I bring through there’s a main one by the name of [41:38][Fay lall], I bring him through.
SP: That’s spelled with a P?
CSJ: Yeah I think it’s supposed to be a Ph or P or Ph but it’s a…
SP: Yes.
CSJ: I spell it with an F but…
SP: Yeah because this is where the word, where the term pharaoh comes from you see because pharaoh also begins with a P, and this is the link.
CSJ: Yeah, yeah [Fay lall] he explained to me there was like this large revolt of these Lyrans later on in Egypt that moved against the Annunaki. He showed me, yeah, this major fight that took place between the two factions and he didn’t go completely more into detail about like the war portion of it but he was explaining the Lyran involvement later on. He said they assisted humans quite a bit in different parts of history and he was showing me the Lyran involvement in different areas so it was very interesting that you bring them up in conjunction with Egypt. I mean it’s basically the quintessential, you know, cat beings involved with Egypt so yeah that’s… and the reason I bring him up I can feel him here as well, he’s actually beaming these thoughts toward me, yeah, yeah.
JM: And they were also, I mean we also agree with what he is saying as far as and that actually, that involvement and what was being done well before even Earth. Now we may vary on where we think they were. We do believe in a planet that Marduk that we call Maldek we actually believe and we feel that there was a lot of roots that were there.
SP: Right.
JM: So we do completely agree with everything you are saying and again one of the key pieces we want people to consider is that oh my gosh this is so much more and way older than people can actually even imagine and so just kind of open your mind and muddle it around a bit and…
CSJ: Yeah I love how you are going completely in depth into this topic you know I have been given, we have been given a scattering of details that we are attempting to put on a timeline, and you are basically going A, B, C, D, yes you are putting them right in the order that…
JM: That we have, yeah.
CSJ: That we know, so yeah.
JM: That’s just fabulous.
CSJ: Yeah but what one of the things the last question I wanted to ask was what relation do the thirteen crystal skulls have to do with Atlantis?
SP: That actually is fascinating because the divine feminine had the capabilities through crystalline technology to communicate, to replicate, to use it for generation of power and energy, but also to portal, if I can use that word, into other dimensions, although they use, they would remain behind. If the feminine operator for any reason wasn’t at her station, she would never be able to come back, so interestingly enough you talked about this dome of the shield around. There was a 1950s science fiction film called This Island Earth, very well worth those who haven’t seen that to watch it because the highlight is the last half hour of the show and it does indeed show a spacecraft controlled with power by a crystal. Let’s not forget that in the original Star Trek, it was the sort of circle the lithium crystals that powered the ship and today you know most of our watches have quartz crystals as a timepiece so science has understood crystals but has from the public’s perspective just used it purely in a very physical technological way and what Atlanteans had was a capability to meld their mind with the crystals. Now the crystal skulls are not the, we can’t just give them the total dominance of the Atlanteans. There’s another race that uses crystal skulls and those are from, for the British person, I’m going to say Sirius [sigh rus] but you guys will say Sirius [sear re us]. The original from Atlantis, these crystal skulls were given to each, if I use the term high priestess, that is not the term they had but it will give to the audience mind what I’m trying to say, so each female operator of her chosen element would be given a skull and it was in a circle so that’s how this shield, this dome and when these crystals shattered or crashed that’s when the dome was punctured or broke… that’s when as you say the invaders could come through. So each female would have a skull that was not DNA connected but mind patterned, just as each person’s physical thumb produces a unique thumbprint so each person’s brain pattern or soul spiritual pattern is unique, so they were attuned to the crystal skulls so they would all be in a circle and each operated, I call them operators, would be around on a [plinth] of a skull. Now when Atlantis went under these skulls were one of the high treasures and were hidden or buried in different places; some went to South America, possibly Russia but I know South America is a really good hiding place, and Asia. The, much later the Sirian technology, when the Sirians arrived, they tried to replicate the skulls and tried to originally retrieve some of the original skulls because they understood it is ancient technology. Unto to this day anybody on this planet with a Sirius star family soul will have an affinity for true crystal skulls. You will invariably find usually little ten buck or maybe they are very wealthy maybe five-hundred-dollar crystal skulls in a collection of somebody who can connect to Atlantis or Sirius, so crystal skulls are a very important part, and the reason they were skulls was because it had to be connected to the individual and it represented the brain. It represented the individual so the individual could put her brain, this is going to sound really difficult to people who perhaps, you know, have only come on to a show once, but could actually replicate her brain into the skull. If anything happened to that individual physically that held the blueprint and you could take another female and this is where the Free Masonry and Satanism has tried to capture this. You could then bring the next female in the line and then the pattern from that skull could be transferred across so the original purity was maintained. That was the object of the crystal skulls.
CSJ: Yeah that actually makes sense to me again because we have up here to see above me here, there’s several skulls that we have looking down on us right here and one of the main ones I communicate with his name is Isaac and he says he is one of the ancient ant people and he communicates through that skull but he said something just like you said where he made an imprint of his astral self, or like a light self…
SP: Right.
CSJ: …on this skull and that’s how he communicates through it.
SP: Yes because the crystal has a high frequency, a high vibration and therefore something that is high vibrational can connect to it. A very beautiful person very kindly a couple of years ago on loan let me have a crystal skull, a big one, just she said that the skull had decided it wanted to stay with me for about six months and that was really lovely. Yes something very special. I’m not Atlantean. I can’t use them but I can appreciate the marvelousness of them.
CSJ: Oh yeah, yeah, me too you know we have several skulls here and they seem to find their way to us, you know, either through another human or we see them at a place where they are being sold and one will call to me from like a different part of like we go… I went to a psychic fair one time and this is where I found, not a psychic fair but a flea market and this is where I found Isaac, or he found me I should say, and I heard him from outside…
SP: Yeah.
CSJ: …and he said my name is Isaac you know I’m toward the back of the building here can you please come and find me? And I said yes and I looked around and it was the only stone vendor at the entire flea market and he was looking at me from a shelf and then he looked at me and he said can you please tell these people that I’m sick of them putting me in a box, and I’m like all right I’ll tell them but they’re going to look at me like I have two heads, but, and I told them that I said yeah he doesn’t like that you put him in a box and they gave me the look I figured they were going to give me but…
SP: Which is interesting because somebody, there’s a difference isn’t there between those who sell crystals because they have a scientific value and a value that is in real terms you can be sold and there are those who have the crystals because they understand the capabilities that those crystals have. Now somebody who was truly spiritual would have said well thank you for that advice I’ll bear that in mind, but someone who is absolutely 3D as you said would just look at you as though you were crazy so obviously you had to purchase him then.
CSJ: Yes I did, yes I basically then told them like he was fairly high priced I said Isaac you are going to have to tell this person to lower his price or I can’t get you, you know, and he told the… he basically said $180.00 and I was like okay I can afford that and I just happened to have that amount in my wallet in cash at that particular time because I had just withdrawn money that morning before going to that and I just happened to withdraw $180.00.
SP: Wow.
CSJ: Yeah and I thought that was very interesting and Isaac has been our friend ever since. He travels with us sometimes, like he likes sitting on, we call him emperor ride because he sits on an organized place on the top of the shelf here and he doesn’t want to share it with anybody, and yeah, he’s funny, he’s like the court jester of the household so he’s actually pretty hilarious.
JM: But the ones that now inhabit some of these poles, they have their own missions because you know we’ve had to learn that the hard way, getting attached, very attached, like they become family members and then they…
CSJ: They will do their own thing.
JM: …they’ll do their own thing or feel they need to move on or things like that.
SP: You know that’s so amazing because this other very lovely woman said you know, he wants, this skull and it was a male, wants to be with you for six months. Because I don’t have that connection and that was something that I couldn’t comprehend, couldn’t understand. It’s rather like I guess having… because I have cats and I couldn’t bear to give my cats to someone and say there you are you look after it for six months. He wants to come and visit you but if you have a connection with a crystal skull then I guess you are a guardian of that skull and you are saying that it doesn’t mean that I own you. It doesn’t mean that I dominate you. It means I give you the protection for you to do what you do and as long as I know you will always come back to me in someway then I’m happy to do that, so you know that’s a relationship that you have almost with a nonhuman entity and that’s very interesting.
CSJ: Uh hum, yeah it was very interesting. We had another one named Cameron who decided to go on a kamikaze mission. His essence actually was cancelled out by a negative essence. His is one of the only entities that I know to actually die. He actually died or where he was transmitting from, he actually died.
JM: That was his mission. He was…
SP: That was his mission, yeah, that was his mission yeah and he cancelled out a shield that we had encountered. We went to Yuma, Arizona and that whole area was completely devoid of elemental energy, all of it, it was like it was a dead zone.
SP: So what did he sacrifice himself to try to bring that back?
CSJ: Yes, yes, there was a shield around the place that the Greys and other negative entities had put around the place, the Tall Whites had put around the place and they wanted it completely devoid of life, except there was some negative jinn that had been conjured, we had actually come across a being known as an owl witch, we found that out there and Cameron basically ignited the fires pretty much to get that life work started.
JM: So the thing that unfortunately is the truth that we really discovered is that, you know, agreements are made, you know, agreements are made; dark and light made agreements to try and get along or, and you know here you do have those beings that are more of the light who feel we must honor these and then of course you’ve got the negative that doesn’t honor anything. So in this particular instance that area was devoid and an agreement was made. What Cameron actually did was cause the failure of the agreement.
SP: Ah…
JM: Not by what he did but because negativity can’t seem to help but be negative and evil and so when Cameron crossed the boundary an equal negative entity killed him or basically dominated him and then went into his own edifice. So one of the agreements is this, you don’t kill anything, number 1, and you don’t cross your border, so what literally happened is that the negative being stayed in his edifice and when we crossed out of that barrier it broke the agreement.
CSJ: It broke that agreement and the good beings could go in there and actually clean it up.
JM: To say you broke the agreement and we’re now coming in. And so it’s, we were kind of, the whole thing was very emotional, you know, to us…
CSJ: Slightly upset, yeah.
JM: It’s a very interesting dynamic not just on Earth with us, because our governments and different people make agreements, but agreements that have been made by these other groups, you know, and how are they going to renegotiate them let’s say due to the new energies or whatever and sometimes it’s just not pretty.
SP: Uh hum…
JM: Yeah that’s kind of some of the things that we’ve been a part of and I know we kind of strayed off the topic but the crystal skulls are very fascinating and again that’s kind of nice to validate that a lot of people have connections somehow to, you know, the Atlantis timeframe if they feel really called to all of this and naturally really, really interesting so I didn’t know. You know we’ve spoken about a lot. Is there something burning inside of you to talk about Atlantis, anything, other topics we didn’t bring up or…
SP: Not really. You know we have hopefully talked about elements that have been skirted over by other people, and you know it’s about I think just trying to understand that Atlantis was just another phase in the development of humanity to get us where we are today. If we hadn’t had Atlantis we wouldn’t be here. We’d be so far back in terms of our development so to me it wasn’t a disaster. So many people say it was a tragedy and disaster but had we not had that we wouldn’t be here. We are here today because that occurred. Now had there been no Atlantis disaster who’s to say what we would be now? So, I believe we have to accept what’s gone and look for the positive within it and say that was designed to be like that as long as we can look for the answers and know what we have to do when we have to do it. So, you know, there’s nothing else burning within me to come out and make a statement, you know, I just think that, I just want people to understand that things happen for a reason and, you know, I do get upset when I see video after video after video on YouTube talking about doom and gloom and this, that disaster; this is going to happen to us and we’re all dead, and I just think no we’re not. That’s not what I’m about, you know, and I’m not going to do anything that helps to bring that onto this planet, you know, I’ve said it before when a certain organization came to me and offered me bodyguards and armored vehicles and a bunker under Salisbury Plain, which is a military base in Britain. I said I really liked the idea of the big armored car; that did appeal to me, but the bunker no because you know Simon Parkes said that he was going to take himself off with a year’s supply of food and water into a bunker, what message would that send out to people? What energy would that bring? Would that bring this option one step nearer? So I just say to people, you know, before you put a YouTube video out doom and gloom just think about it. Think what you are doing. Which side of the fence are you on? Try and find something a little bit more hopeful.
CSJ: Exactly, yes.
JM: Exactly, you know for us we always try to help people understand that they are so much more in the human DNA skinsuit than they can ever imagine. They have so many abilities and one of them is co-creation. And so, you know, we believe very strongly that domination and control has loved being in domination and control and would love to stay there as long as they can and so basically we figure out and we accept the fact that, wait a minute we can choose another way and then we can choose to co-create that which actually we tell people that that’s a part of what is going on now for you to decide which way you want it to go, and if you are ready to move on from this then your mind has to change and we say start daydreaming the end, how you want society to be, how you want it to look and feel. Think about how yourself getting along with others and then hear in you and be able to listen and have conversation. Stop with all this because your mind is going to co-create what you keeping revolving around, and that’s what they would like you to do.
SP: Sure.
JM: We work very hard on that as well as you, to try and help people understand that. Right now is going to be our time for a galactic contribution. Before we do that again if anyone wants to see what Simon is up to, please go to his website. It is www.simonparkes.org, now Parkes has an E in it, P A R K E S, so www.simonparkes.org and you can see everything that Simon is up to. He has done a lot of different podcasts, different radio shows, there’s a lot there for you to listen to and before we go to the galactic Simon is there anything you want to share with our audience about what you are up to lately?
SP: No I would just, you know, like to just say I was just chatting earlier before you joined us. I did very recently a show with Kerry Cassidy and was heavily attacked, not personally, but Kerry was and the show was, and you know, all good people over the planet are now being attacked, but that’s just the way it is and we’ve just got to stay strong, see it through. You know why these negative energies get a kick out of trying to make people hurt or suffer pain I just don’t know. I don’t get it, you know why on earth would anybody want to do anything that’s not productive? We all make mistakes of course we do but there are energies around at the moment that are, I’m using the word deliberately, hell-bent on just as much destruction as possible. The only bit of news I want, the negative forces are going to go for an impeachment of President Trump. Now you may or may not have that, I don’t know, I haven’t seen your American or Canadian newspapers but I just want to let people know that they found that they can’t bring him down in any other way and they are going to try and impeach him. Now the worry about this is that the American military won’t let that happen, so we could have some very exciting times in the U.S. in the next six months.
CSJ: Uh hum. Yeah I was given visions of during somebody’s read. Somebody had a similar question about President Trump and I kept seeing these a couple of different variations. They said they had a dream about him going across the Potomac carrying a suitcase with his hand in a boat, and it was just him and maybe about six other people. It wasn’t like this large group and it was like he was going somewhere underground, and then I was shown another version where as a distraction the Cabal was going to do the impeachment like what you just said you know, where everybody was focused on Trump and then [Sim e on] and them told me, he said okay this is also make or break time for him. This is where people will decide what they want to look at, what they want to see, what do they want you know focus on and Valiant Thor is involved in this as well. He, from what I understand, he is the one kind of playing this opposite.
SP: Okay.
CSJ: Opposite game yeah. He’s the one there in the White House and in some business aspect showing people okay what do you want? What do you not want? You know, that’s how he, he told me he speaks in opposites so people understand themselves better.
SP: A mirror, yeah.
CSJ: Yeah like a mirror exactly. That’s how he does it. That can be kind of obnoxious too but yeah I trust him. My family has known him for quite some time so, but so I know what plan he’s up to so I get exactly what you’re saying. Okay, I’ll see, which one of them wants to talk. I have like five or six of them around at the moment. But yeah, I like how they raise their hand like they are in a classroom going like this, raising their hand in the classroom and they want to talk, like they’re sitting at a desk somewhere, but [Sim e on] is the one who wanted to speak so he said he would keep it brief so he just said I’ll keep it brief. So what I do is I channel him through me and they speak as, well we speak as a blending of both of us. I always get nervous about doing a complete switchout. I’ve done it in the past and it makes me nervous so I, we do like half and half, like he will be here but he is using my language, my slang, my way of talking, so this is why people have thought that it is hard to believe I was channeling, thinks it’s coming out of the [1:04:59][unintelligible] because I’ve kind of partially mastered the technique of kind of staying in that balance like bubble and so I don’t go, do the complete switchout. So I’m going to, I’ll bring him through and he will probably say… he could probably say one sentence or an entire dissertation. I have no idea what he is going to say here so.
[Simon]: Greetings all of you and dear Simon. I am known as [Sim e on] to this one and his family. I must say the information concurred upon today is indeed accurate to within the degree that I have shown this one and my grouping has shown many others across the planet in some form or another, either be it through [friction] or through direct channeling of information such as yourself, my family grouping and I are deliberately responsible for this outcasting of information because of the massive amount of downloads that come through psychics day to day on your world. I will say this we help redirect these downloads in these particular fashions along with the ones known as the triadic consciousness and nature code consciousness. My grouping is indeed responsible for this. You would call my grouping as so revealed to this one here as Pleiadian native. This is a shocking to some people who have heard me say Nordic Pleiadian in the past. There is a subject to this that would take too long to explain but suffice it to say my true identity has been real to this one and now many others who hear this broadcast. In these downloads of historical information that has been disseminated in several different ways but many humans have interpreted it and misinterpreted it in many different ways and levels. In this this is why you get such a variant of different perspectives on the same subject not that any of it is wrong mind you, this is the way people are downloading this information and therefore it must be done in a slow methodical manner not in a shock and awe manner in which this one is usually accustomed to and many others across your planet surface. In this I will say to all of you listening and to you dear Simon that blessings to all of you this day and know yourself before you can know your truest histories, thank you.
SP: Thank you.
CSJ: He didn’t come through as strong as he usually does. I could tell there was an inner…
SP: I think he wants to be more gentle.
CSJ: Uh hum, uh hum. Normally he comes through like [1:08:14][ba loop] you know but today he just kind of slid in very gently. I can still feel him, you know. I can see him next to me here. I can still feel him. I can still feel download of information coming through but yeah he is corroborating what you said historically, some of the things that I hadn’t completely touched on yet and some things I had. Yeah I can definitely feel the confirmation coming from him. I know he was there during those times so he’s [1:08:53][growing] it from an eyewitness point of view so yeah there we go yeah and I, everybody, is there nobody else who wants to talk? No? That was it okay so I can see them going um like that (shakes his head negatively) so…
SP: So the boss has spoken.
CSJ: The boss has spoken, yeah, I always like how they are so humanlike in their responses, you know they’re like hum no we’re good. You know, but…
SP: Well listen, hey it’s been really lovely to do the show. I really appreciated it and you know you guys bring a different angle to it and that’s more exciting for me. When you look back on our history as a planet, although there were people on it, it’s terribly exciting. It really is exciting and I say to people you should be thankful you’re here now. This is one of the most exciting moments of any life of any planet when it evolves or ascends or whatever terminology you want to use, and you’re there. You’re here, you know, you’ve got one of the golden tickets. God knows how you got the ticket but you got the ticket. So you’re here so enjoy it. Don’t sit at home and be miserable. Don’t waste your life. Go out there and do something and you know you may not want to do a radio show; you may not want to, you know, take full action in something but at least believe in the truth and, you know, when you talk to people on the sidewalk or the street or the shops then try and sit an example. All spiritual people should attempt to challenge if they hear something that is obviously wrong when the, we call them the cabalists or Satanists, don’t turn a cheek. Actually say I don’t agree with that so, you know, if you don’t do anymore in your life in terms of standing up for the planet then stand up for the planet in some way. Listen, it’s been great to speak to you. God bless to both of you and God bless to your audience.
CSJ: Yes.
JM: Yeah and let us just leave right now with [Sim e on] again who must have put the closing affirmation and blessing and it is: The truest history is indeed a reflection of the now in all of its flaws and in all of its supposed triumphs the truest forgotten histories of your world elude you because of one simple thing and that is attention to self and attention to the details that lie beneath your feet. Blessings to you all, [Sim e on].
CSJ: Yeah, that’s what he wanted to end the show with. It was an absolute pleasure to have you on today Simon, thank you very much.
SP: Thank you very much, God bless, take care.
JM: Bye-bye.
CSJ: Bye-bye.
CSJ: What’s interesting is there has been a lot of psychic blockage in regards to this meeting.
SP: That’s interesting.
CSJ: Today, you know, there has been a lot of bombardment in the past few days.
SP: Okay.
CSJ: Yeah and I’ve noticed that anytime something, we’re doing something big like this we’re getting, you know, psychic bombardment.
SP: Right.
CSJ: Yeah sometimes it can be pretty ugly and sometimes it’s just minor, you know.
SP: Uh hum. When I did the radio show a few days back with Kerry Cassidy.
CSJ: All right.
SP: And for the first time in God knows how long, in eighteen years of doing it she said that this was the first time that she got a message from YouTube saying that the server had gone down and that she was not able to do live recordings and then all of her recordings disappeared and yet other people were able to get onto YouTube, so what she did, we were going to do it live on YouTube so what she did is she went on the Facebook, and apparently there is some facility there you can go live on that and we managed to get around it but about three-quarters or so through the show…
CSJ: Uh hum.
SP: …she was attacked psychically and she can’t speak. She was suffocating and coughing. She said it was like having hands around her neck so I sort of said to the audience, you know, because I realized what was going on, and I said, you know, to the live audience send as much love as you can now because, you know, Kerry is being hit at the moment and within I don’t know, about twenty seconds then we got through that. Yeah good people are always attacked but at the moment it’s pretty heavy.
CSJ: Oh yeah, it’s very heavy. Yeah we’ve gotten hit so hard in the past month or so it’s just been funneled in toward us and it’s just, oh it’s been horrible.
SP: I think they’re running out of energy. They can’t keep this level of attack up much longer.
CSJ: No, no and I was told by [Sim e on] and them that no they are burning through their lifeforce basically, so that they’re using crucial lifeforce energy just to attack and [Sim e on] said that’s fine by me, you know, they’ll just burn up faster you know.
SP: No I’ve got what I’ve been told is they have used up all their reserves. This is exactly confirms what you are saying. They have used up all their reserves and they are now using their own being, their own self.
CSJ: Uh hum, uh hum.
SP: See how much they are prepared to spend.
CSJ: Yeah exactly, whether they are willing to go for broke or not so we’ll see what happens. Oh yeah I got that confirmation when you were saying that just by a chill up my back what usually tells me that.
SP: Great, good. Well I think the thing is that they can’t keep it up for much longer and we need to bounce into that vacuum. As soon as they stop the attacks we need to get in there and grab some land off them.
CSJ: Uh hum exactly, exactly. I do that all the time, you know, I try to find where they’re occupying areas on the planet and just try to convert it either to good or neutral you know the area.
SP: Oh, yeah, good. [1:15:09–End]
[transcribed May 30, 2018 gsc]
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