20 May 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
2018-05-20 (recorded 2018-05-18)

Questions & Answers
Simon starts with a snippet of news about the Royal Wedding; the Texas school shooting has fatalities but scant information as yet about the shooter; the Trump incident also has little information on the ranting and raving shooter; 34 bishops from Chile ask pope to accept their resignation over pedophilia/child sex trafficking; Questions: Earth technology now exists to turn any metal into gold so why did the Annunaki, a higher dimensional group, who would have known about this technology not use it instead of coming here to mine gold; in-depth explanation of the Canis race; are shapeshifters evolved physical beings existing multidimensionally; is it all right to eat dairy; understanding dreams/memories; Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, time warps, portals; speculation on Napoleon’s death; demonic possession can alter hormone balances/mood swings; why did Source create the Jinn; timeline definition; dreams/past live memories and where it fits into history; Is Nibiru still here; Hela, what might she be up to; stargates and portals; dimensions/subdimensions and underworlds; the Golden Age and after; technology plus correct mindset needed for preserving the environment; Harald Kautz Vella, black goo, Arc of the Covenant; using a pendulum vs. Ouija board; what does Mother Earth call herself; beating globalist agendas.

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Simon Parkes: Hello welcome to another Simon Parkes and Connecting Consciousness doing our usual recording and today is the 18th, but this will go out to you on the 20th, so we have just had a few little bits of breaking news which I’ve just put onto the website and we’ll talk a little bit more about them. So it’s great to be back and talking to you all again. What I wanted to start with was the Royal Wedding, and it seems to be so many newspapers, radios, TV stations absolutely full of the Royal Wedding, absolute nonsense, things that really don’t matter and I suppose it’s a good way isn’t it that you confuse people and keep them busy and you try and fill their heads full of worthless nonsense. I think the days of the 1950s and 1960s are well gone and I think maybe half of you are sick of it. Yes they want the couple to be happy and to you know get on with their lives just like we would anyone else but to fill newspapers and televisions with day after day of the same stuff it’s really something that I think would be consigned to the 1950s and 1960s. All right so that’s my rant about the Royal Wedding.
Very sadly you know within the last few hours really we’ve had the report of the more serious of the two instances which is of course the shooting in the Texas school, you know, and I have had reports that there have been some fatalities but no information about the shooter. It is possible the shooter has been captured alive. I don’t know yet, so it is too early to say whether this is another one of these staged events or whether it is a genuine, genuine in the sense that somebody has taken up a gun on their own accord and started to do it, so we really don’t know yet so that’s something that I hope will come, be more clear in the days ahead.
Let’s talk about the incidence at the Trump organization. Of course this is a guy who was apparently ranting and raving, went in with the United States flag and draped it over the counter at the reception and then started shooting. From the information that I have received it looks like this is not a staged attack but something that is quite random, but we don’t know yet until all the information comes through it is all over the place, but from the little bit I’m getting it looks like this is perhaps more of a genuine or random incident and not something that is designed to destabilize or attack any of the Trump family. From what I’m told Trump wasn’t in the building but one of his children was actually there.
The other bit of news that I think is worth talking about is the situation in Chile where 34 of the bishops have been to the Vatican and asked for the pope to accept their resignation over pedophilia and child sex abuse claims. The Catholic church seems to be absolutely totally involved in child sex, child trafficking and it seems to be in every country. For 34 bishops to offer their resignation, that’s just unprecedented. You know how many more of these church people are going to have to come forward because there’s a huge organization. The difficulty is that the church isn’t actually policed. The church polices itself and that’s one of the big problems when you have people in different countries where the government recognizes that that organization has some legal status, so here in Great Britain the church has a legal status. It has representatives in the House of Lords. It receives grants and money. There are tax breaks for people from registered church, so all through Britain’s history, relatively recent history last five–six hundred years the church has enjoyed, I think that’s the right word, enjoyed privileges of protection from the state and that’s a greater or lesser extent in other countries. But maybe you see where an organization becomes above the law then situations occur which are above the law so that’s, although it’s taken place in Chile, I think this is something that could happen in any country so in terms of my updates today that’s really what I wanted to focus on, the shooting in the school, the shooting in the Trump organization and the situation of this child trafficking/child sex in Chile. There are other things that are going on but at the moment the information I’ve got isn’t solid enough and by the next update I do I’ll be able to cover in more detail some of the more interesting things that are just bubbling under the pot at the moment. So what I want to do because we’ve now got nearly a thousand questions is quickly get on to those questions so I’m going to ask Rebecca to ask the questions if you’re there.
Rebecca Bannister: Uh huh. Okay. Dear Simon I love your show. So Annunaki came to Earth to dig up gold which their failing atmosphere needs but according to Mehran Keshe it is easy to make gold from any metal. He might have already given out the technology in his lectures which I’m not following. A while ago Russian scientists also had a press conference where they announced they could convert any metal into gold. Since Annunaki reside in a higher dimension I’m sure that they are aware of the technology to make gold from other metals. If that is true then the story of the Annunaki coming to Earth to mine gold doesn’t make sense. What’s your comment on this? Thank you for your relentless work for humanity.
SP: Thank you for your kind comments, thank you. It is interesting. There are, to my knowledge there are four countries that are in the process of building machines or devices that basically you put all the rubbish in, rocks or concrete, whatever it might be and these machines have the capability of extracting any precious metals and gold would be one of them so this is a very, very relatively new process. For the last over thirty–forty years they have had the capability to go through old waste tips from a gold mine or silver mine and to extract the minerals out of there that had been originally missed but what we are talking about now is just the bear earth or rock or even processed stone materials that they can now through these very special machines which they are devising can extract gold, so you are right that somebody or a country or a planet with that high a technology, we would imagine they would have the capability. But what we have to understand first of all is that the Annunaki arrived here from a planet on an elliptical orbit that only came round every so many thousands of years. Their chances of jumping off from that planet to find another planet to obtain gold was not as easy as it might be and so if you look at the, you call it Planet X, if you look at its trajectory it came very close to Earth and so for a period of time it was relatively easy to be able to come down from that planet, shall we call it a planet or a spaceship, come down from that planet to set up mining operations. The gold on Earth actually is relatively pure as opposed to gold from other places. I agree with the questioner in the sense that Zecharia Sitchin talked about gold for seeding into the atmosphere and indeed heavy metals are placed into chemtrails and some of that is a reflective material not just to stop heat but we talked about this to prevent a certain frequency of light coming through which in the case of Earth is actually helping to raise the vibration, but also gold can be used through a number of processes to prolong life and my understanding from the Annunaki was yes the gold was used for many processes and one of them was for the extension of their life. So if you have a planet, which is Earth, within a very close distance from your original base then it made perfect sense to come here and mine the gold and you would have a number of uses for it. And so, you know, we have the original story where the Annunaki were digging and then they thought this is ridiculous; we are the overlords why on earth are we digging? There was a rebellion and hence the production, if that is the right word, of gold came to a standstill. Anu then was pretty furious and so the plan came to create a slave race who could do the digging and that’s where we get the two groups, the black or browner people who did the digging and then the whiter people who tended the facilities, the garden et cetera and this is where we get the division so I hope that’s an answer. I accept what you are saying. I think there’s a lot of truth in it although I do believe that the gold was something they wanted to put into the atmosphere as well, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks and that last question was by someone called [Home] Rainbow. The next question by Parker is… Hello Simon I have a question about the dog extraterrestrial race. I was watching one of your presentations and you briefly mentioned them and how they are proficient with swords before an audience member interrupted you. I would very much like to hear your full in-depth explanation of this race. Thank you and I’m happy you moved on and got a new radio show.
SP: Oh Thank you.
RB: Sincerely, Parker.
SP: Thank you, that’s very kind of you. Yes if I’m doing a conference and I’m giving an answer and someone sort of speaks then what I’ll tend to do if it’s an interesting question I’ll deal with it straight away, but I don’t always have the time to go back and pick up what we left off. There are a number of races, we could call it the Canis race. You were calling it the dog race. The technical term that we would use here on Earth is the Canis race. Interestingly enough the Canis race and the Raptor race. Raptors remember work or did work quite strongly with the United States Navy. Both like swords. The Canis definitely use swords. This is a particular group that are anti-Reptilians. The Canis race don’t like the Reptilian race or at least don’t like the factions that have ensconced themselves with governments on this Earth so what’s fascinating is that a government, doesn’t matter which, let’s just say a government does an agreement with the Greys, and the Greys in this particular scenario we’re painting are controlled by a Reptilian faction. Here’s what’s really interesting is that the Reptilian faction is based in Earth; the Greys arrive from outside of Earth so a deal is done between their government and the Grey race and then they see them back on their spaceship and off they go, but the real masters who organized the deal and signing on their side are here in Earth. Now that government until very recently would find it incredibly difficult to go behind anyone’s back and then do another deal with an organization or a group of off planet entities that were diametrically opposed to the Reptilians. But that in effect is what has been happening over the last three–four–five years, where if a government itself hasn’t felt empowered enough to run a double game then it’s empowered one of its subgroups or one of its sub agencies or another arm of government an agency that will… to go and do a deal, in this case with the Canis race, and the worry is of course that the government will be caught playing both sides, but this is something that is happening more and more and more. The Reptilian force is becoming smaller. Its influence is becoming less. Then there are other groups now who are trying to get in and take that void, trying to take the position and I think it is very difficult for a government because they want that connection because it’s anti-Reptilian but at the same time they don’t want to replace one overlord with another. But the Canis race… very anti-Reptilian. They fought many wars. There is a connection with the Canis race and Mars. Could I see any sort of treaty or group within? I probably think I could but in order for that to happen then the powerbase for the Reptilians has to be totally destroyed and once that has happened then I think a lot of side issues or side deals can be dealt with and I don’t necessarily see one big federation making the deal with Earth but I see a number of subtreaties shall we say and I would say the Canis might well be one of those groups. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Next question is by Mark. Are all creatures in the bigfoot, dogman and vermin type naturally evolved physical beings that exist multidimensionally? They have been seen to materialize and shapechange which indicates that all or some of them have unusual origins and powers, thank you.
SP: I’m not qualified to talk on all of the range of the beings that you have mentioned. Indeed there are some that you have not mentioned but what I can say usually is that some of the groups are indigenous to Earth, so they were literally born from the earth. Others came here although they are not actually of the earth, but they came here to fulfill a role and some of the groups are indeed genetic mutations or genetic experiments from many many years ago. All of the creatures that you described oddly enough are more spiritual than humankind on the planet. That is because they, for whatever reason and I don’t understand, they took a stronger connection to Earth than humans do now, so they became closer to nature; they became closer to the environment. They shunned mankind; they shunned the cities; technology and although they are intelligent and hugely spiritual, they actually just want to live on their own. They don’t want to be part of something bigger. There are a number of portals on the planet where it is possible to connect with these beings and there are some very interesting stories that they are quite, some of them anyway, are quite fond of sweet candies. They are quite into certain things that we would think is quite amusing, so they do have a very strong connection to the Earth. In terms of powers, yes they do. Their powers are not physical powers. Their powers are of the mind and more importantly of the spiritual connection to the Earth. So they, I see them as part of, the same way I would look at, you know, elementals, although an elemental has more of a role for protecting a particular environment within earth or on earth. These beings have taken the role to them as part of where they live so I would say that they have the ability to heal and repair and to be at one with the environment that they are in, so they are an important aspect of the place they live and that they should just be left alone. Thank you.
RB: Okay. Ben asks are dairy products all right to eat?
SP: Are dairy products okay to eat. I eat dairy products. The question I suppose is we can’t know what is actually going into the animals that produce butter, eggs, milk, et cetera. If the animal has drugs been given to it then there’s a chance that’s going to come through to those products that we talked about. So I can’t tell you whether it’s safe to eat or not safe to eat. All I can tell you is that I do eat cheese. I eat eggs. I don’t drink milk. You know, I do have butter, and I think it’s a choice that everyone has to make. That’s the choice you have to make. If you can get organic food then you are doing everything you can to avoid all these unnecessary elements that seem to be finding their way into human food at the moment. So I can’t say to you yes or no, I can just tell you that this is what I do. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Brunner from Germany says Dear Simon, years ago I had a returning dream that now keeps popping up with a memory I’m floating freely in space, stars visible in the distance. No other being in sight but I feel there are entities behind me. I’m approaching a planet until it fills most of my visual field. It feels fairly familiar, shows large continents, and royal blue zones much smaller than Earth’s oceans. Everything feels cold, sterile, something is not good here. Most disturbing no light sources, no clouds, seemingly no atmosphere and very blunt colors. I feel a bit afraid and more than that I feel sad. It feels like I was brought here just to watch that. Have you got any ideas? Much gratitude and love Brunner.
SP: Thank you for gratitude, two possibilities that I can see. The first one you said you felt a bit afraid. I would suggest that is your mind and not your soul. Two possibilities here: One, this is a memory that goes back an untold period of time ago. If you existed in an energy form and not in a physical body form then you would have the capability through consciousness to be aware of planets, and so if a planet is under attack or there is something not right with that planet then certain people would be sent or would feel driven or called to that planet to observe it or try and heal it. So you could be having a memory recall where millions and millions of years ago you were not in a physical form but you entered that, let’s just call it a planet, you entered that planet’s environment and you are interpreting your feelings that you picked up then, now. In other words the phraseology or the human words you are using to try to express these feelings or memories would not necessarily be the way that you would interpret them millions of years ago. If this is the case you wouldn’t have an organic brain as we have today and therefore such notions of fear would not exist. So that’s one possibility.
The second possibility is that you have been given an experience and it is not possible in the physical form to travel through space unless you are protected from that environment. If you feel that you were drifting in space or traveling in space and it was your body as such then we wouldn’t accept that. We would have to say that that was a vision that an off planet alien had given you. On the other hand, it may be that you have had an out of body experience or an astral journey and you have gone and visited that. Again the feeling of fear is something that you interpreted now. So it’s two things possibly. It’s possibly something an incredible length of time ago which has just come back to you or this is something in this lifetime which you have just recalled very recently. Because we don’t appear to have any communication with anything in your planet, this planet is the communication. This is what it is about and maybe there’s a piece missing. Maybe your job was to see what was wrong or to try and find something so I don’t think you’ve got the complete picture. Try some meditation. Take it easy. Don’t try and push it. See if there is anything more that comes back from that. Thank you for sharing.
RB: Okay thanks. Richard Martin says what can you tell us of 1. Loch Ness creature. Is it a time warp situation? 2. The Bermuda Triangle loss of ships and aircraft, has this to do with a time warp situation, and 3. our favorite [22:28][corporal][unintelligible] was Napoleon Bonaparte poisoned causing his death? Wishing you great visions and health.
SP: Right three questions in one. The first question was Loch Ness wasn’t it?
RB: Yes.
SP: Right I actually do believe in the Loch Ness Monster. Now I’m not being paid by the tourist board for that lovely country Scotland. I do believe in it. I absolutely have no problem. If I mean in Bigfoot or the Yeti, why would I not then believe that something could live in miles and miles of subterranean water-filled caverns. One of the interesting points is a portal. It’s been a bafflement for the last sixty years or so but there was supposedly a creature there, a magical mystical creature seemed to just disappear. It may well be that they have a portal of some sort. It doesn’t have to be a magical portal. It can actually be a very physical portal that leads to Inner Earth and that Earth may be an area full of water, underground lakes, rivers or it may be underground flowing places. I would accept that without any problem at all. I do believe in the Loch Ness Monster and I certainly believe in Yeti’s or Bigfoot so whatever you want to all them. What was the second question?
RB: What is the time warp situation, is that the same as a portal?
SP: It’s complicated because I accept this time portal with elementals. I’m quite happy to accept that elementals have the capability to travel from one location to another on the Earth through, you know, instantaneously. But they don’t have time travel. They probably have the capability to manipulate time in a very, I don’t [want to] say simple, but I mean in a more restricted way, so I don’t believe that the Loch Ness Monster is going into a place and teleporting itself to Mars and swimming around in Mars and coming back. I don’t think it’s time traveling. I actually believe that there are a form of portal that gives them access to a more secret and more well defended location.
RB: Okay, thanks, the second part was the Bermuda Triangle, loss of ships and aircraft, how they fit into the time warp.
SP: Yeah that’s different. That is to do with time and the key here would be, I can’t remember now exactly, it’s not something that I studied hugely. It didn’t seem to be that relevant surprisingly. But there was I think about six aircraft sent out to try to find the first aircraft and what was interesting was that the, which was the analog radio, the signals were coming through long after these aircraft would have run out of fuel and what the establishment said was that this was radio waves bouncing off the atmosphere and bouncing back. That’s actually nonsense. What we have is a situation where these aircraft were taken and when they made their transitions, their transmissions on the radio they were in another location but the transmissions made their way to Earth and so there was a great time delay so I would accept that absolutely without question. In the case of the Bermuda Triangle there was a displacement of time as well as location.
RB: Okay and the last part was Napoleon Bonaparte poisoned causing his death?
SP: I like the question is our favorite corporal. See, I’m reading sort of Hitler when you said that, because isn’t it funny how, you know, we seem to be corporals. It’s very odd that. The big question was always around whether he was poisoned by somebody close at hand, you know like Josephine or one of the other people or whether there was a concern that there was a chance to try and bring him back. I have no knowledge on that simply because it doesn’t play a role in the development of the future of mankind so he had a role to play in terms of leadership and factions and forcing people to choose between one form and another form but in the same way as you know how did Alexander the Great die? Probably not a million miles away from the way that Napoleon died. Look at the way Julius Caesar died. All of these people were supposedly great men of their time although they were pretty evil in many of respects but don’t or didn’t have a role to play but is transition phased, so it is not something that I have any knowledge of. Nevertheless it was a fascinating part in Europe’s history.
RB: Okay, thank you. Julie asks does demonic possession alter hormone balance and can it account for having dramatic mood swings?
SP: Right, that’s an interesting question no one has asked me that before. Demonic possession can and does bring huge swings in mood. This is not chemical imbalance. This is to do with energies, not chemicals. If a demonic can possess a person if that in them activates for whatever reason it will go to the centers of the mind and it will try to dominate and control the mind and use its energy to bypass or affect those emotion areas in the brain; That is not a chemical reaction. That is an energy reaction. So, you know it’s not chemical, it’s energy. Yes, you can’t say that someone who has lots of mood swings is demon possessed but there are plenty of very good established doctors who look at what we call bipolar, we used to call schizophrenia, things like this, they’re misdiagnosing because in medical school they were never taught about demons. I never understood that. We just talked earlier about how the church and the state are part of the same thing, you know, here’s the church, understands about demons absolutely but then we’ve got doctors who are part of the system, not understanding, not being taught about demons. I don’t understand that. Why would one arm of government be quite happy to talk about demons and possessions, but maybe there are, you know, drugs to sell to remove the demon, so yes most definitely it is one indicator that a person could be possessed but we would never just go on one indicator; we would have to go with several others. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Julie also asks why would Source create the Jinn and will or can they follow us? Are there good Jinn?
SP: Okay, well why wouldn’t it create the Jinn? You know, we’re not God. It’s not us to question. The history of the Jinn, we need to remind ourselves that originally before humanity came here, was developed and became what we are now, there were a number of creatures who were already here and the Jinn was one of such creature. So they were created just like anything else was created, to have life, to experience, to develop, to have the right to live and so when humanity came here, human consciousness which has the potential to connect the twelve strands of DNA is greater than something created in the demon realm. It is, absolutely and so what happens as human consciousness developed, so the Jinn which were not a full physical form but an energy form found that their world was being slowly pushed out by the human race, not in terms as we would understand the homo sapiens sapiens wiping out supposedly the Neanderthal people by living in their caves or hunting their food, but literally human consciousness pushing out the energy consciousness of these Jinn. So the Jinn, we can’t say the Jinn were bad. What we can say is the Jinn never forgave humanity, and so they have a score to settle, but remember Source creates everything, but everything decides how it’s going to be. It’s not Sources responsibility. Source creates, then you get on and become what you want to be.
RB: Okay thanks. [31:45][Havven] asks what is a timeline?
SP: What is the timeline?
RB: What is a timeline?
SP: What is a timeline?
RB: Yes.
SP: A timeline is a perceived thread of consciousness; we are on Earth so we are talking about human consciousness. Humans unwittingly create their timeline. En masse they decide where they want to go and that’s why television is so important because it allows negative elites to attempt to push or direct human consciousness and thus the human timeline to a more profitable timeline for this individual group, so I have often said if you think of a railroad line and you are running on that, somebody’s ahead trying to switch the lever, switch the points and the tracks to make you jump, and there have been several jumps now where human consciousness has been hijacked and pushed on to a less positive timeline for humanity and then it’s been pushed back on again and that’s happened at least three times in the last thirty or forty years that I’m aware of. So a timeline is any trajectory of a living group that has established that it is living and it has a future, and that’s what’s being fought over, that timeline. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Well this is a long one from Sheryl. I was told by a medium that I was one of the original fire starters. Can you help me put this into context of earthly history? I do have past life memories mostly the day I died in more recent past lives, but I also had a vivid dream like visions of an ancient past life inside the planet where I was basically a fire stoker in some sort of cavern. In this place I was an exceptionally large male who only longed instead to spend his days in another ginormous cavern that was filled from floor to ceiling with rows of books of knowledge. I have a nagging curiosity for the relevance of existence to purport my chosen purpose. Thank you for being so kind and caring in your efforts to help so many.
SP: Well that’s a very kind thing for you to say. Thank you. The term you have been given is fire starter. I have a different term which is fire maintainer. This is the thing you know we have different terms and different phrases but maybe we understand the same thing. A very long time ago there was more activity underground than there is today. I know that sounds crazy because we often talk about underground bases et cetera, et cetera, but it was actually very difficult to live on the surface. If you go back to Zecharia Sitchin and, you know, the story of the Annunaki there were certain areas of the Earth that were colonized and indeed it was seen as dangerous to go outside of those enclaves. Now that’s relatively recently two hundred fifty–three hundred thousand years. What you’re talking about here is millions of years ago and there really have been wide aspects of the planet that were unsafe, maybe because from a radiation, maybe other forms of waves that we don’t understand today and we don’t come across. The point about wanting to aspire, if that is the right word, to being a librarian shows this development. In other words you have a manual task you knew your job was to maintain some form of power system and you longed to leave that manual trade and to advance and to have knowledge and not necessarily be a keeper of knowledge but to have access to knowledge and libraries and those people who want to become learned do so with a character in the Game of Thrones. We wants to be a macer and his excitement at seeing a room full of books so there’s a definite line that runs through the world of magic here, that you start off in one discipline and you move across and you end up in another one. Remember that most people who have this role are female, think about Atlantis the keeper of records there was female and also remember in ancient Egypt a number of females also vied for the keeper of records of knowledge but it was a male that was dominant over them. And think about Alexandria and the records there. Females had a strong position there. So I think what you’re getting here is a time so long ago but as to where you originally came from, that I would find very interesting to work up on that but that’s all I can tell you from what you’ve said. Thank you.
RB: Metin von universe asks Planet X, Nibiru, other astral bodies. Can we have an update on solar system movements? Is it still here?
SP: I’ve always said I believe in it. I have no problem believing in Planet X. I absolutely do believe in it but what I don’t accept is that it is just such a, you know, a million miles away just out of phase or people talk about whole fleets of spaceships that are just waiting, you know. The reality is that this Earth first of all has had thousands of spaceships all over it. It’s like from the British point of view it’s like Piccadilly Circus in the height of summer. There isn’t a moment when there aren’t spacecraft above the Earth. It’s just all the time. So to talk about spaceships beyond here or beyond there that means nothing because that’s just the way it is. In terms of Planet X, I absolutely do believe in it and I said about, you know, the translation of the Sumerian tablets that by and large I thought the translation was accurate and I defy anyone to attempt to translate Sumerian. We do have issues though of course because the [38:46][Aldebaran] group also uses a type of Sumerian and there were instances of hacking into the placing of seals or the tablets and I’m very fortunate to actually have a Sumerian seal and I think the next conference I go to maybe I’ll just take that along and show people. I have taken it to one conference but I’m happy to show a real genuine Sumerian seal and then to say to people you try and decipher that. So we shouldn’t knock people who are capable of deciphering it even if we don’t agree fully with what they have deciphered. I have no problem with Planet X. It is on a journey. If it is what I think it is it has the capability to mask itself. It has the capability to under certain powers to reduce its speed. So if you were to a planet you would say well by this time it should be here and it should be visible but if it has what I think it has it could reduce its speed by 50 percent. In that case it’s on its way but it’s not yet here. Remember there are two factions: the faction that wants this planet to come here and the faction that doesn’t. That is one of the great battles that is being fought out. We talked about the Lucifer telescope. Remember that the Vatican has two telescopes, the Lucifer which sees infrared and the standard telescope and they are continually looking for the return of Planet X, so they believe in it. They built a multimillion-pound infrared telescope. They wouldn’t build that unless they knew it was true. So yes it will come back at some point. It’s not going to hit the Earth. It may come pretty close but it’s not going to wipe out life. What’s fascinating is whether this object has anything living or whether it is totally automated and that’s part of the excitement. Thank you.
RB: This question is from Missy. Is it possible the Norse goddess Hela is controlling some of the dark agenda. She has attacked me in dreams for what feels like an eternity not just because of the new Thor movie.
SP: I haven’t even seen any Thor movie. I didn’t even know there was one. Perhaps I should watch it. We talked about this before in the broad sense that some of the Norse gods were simply the personification in a particular time age of the Earth to bring back those gods that had been here many thousands of years before that and to update them and to put them into a theme or a method that the local population who had been chosen to receive those gods would be best likely to accept them. A number of people on the Earth will have a soul that has been here many, many years and has been with those families, and it’s not impossible where one deity finds a human being on the planet with a soul in that person who has many many hundreds of years ago maintained a position in a royal court and so you wouldn’t be attacked. So if you are related in some way and yet you are in a human body then most definitely you will either be loved or hated so there is that possibility too. If you are being attacked then you need to seek assistance. That’s wrong, you shouldn’t have to put up with that. You need to understand really who’s behind it. You need to understand why, what’s the rationale here and then once you’ve understood that you will be in a position to stop it. Thank you.
RB: Okay Franco Bhattacharya asks are the Sipapu of the Native Americans stargates or interdimensional portals? What is the nature of underworlds that they describe to have emerged from?
SP: Right sometimes we use the word stargate or portals meaning the same thing. My understanding and my clarification would be that the stargate allows you to move from one location to another location not necessarily in the same solar system. A portal, you could describe a portal as that but a portal can also be something that takes you from your sitting room to your bedroom without walking, so for me, my understanding, the way I use the term is a portal could be a very localized event but a stargate is something that has an encoded system on it, a portal doesn’t always have an encoding system, you just walk straight into the portal and you come out on the other end. But a stargate would attempt to have an encoding system and I can’t remember now that TV serial Stargate SG1, whatever it was, they did I believe show some form of coding come to a lock. Whether that’s true or not, what is true is they are coded. They are locked. What was the rest of the question because I’ve lost that now.
RB: The second part?
SP: Yeah.
RB: Well it was also are the Sipapu of the Native American stargates they’re like [44:16][unintelligible]?
SP: I believe they were a form not stargates, I think they were a form of a portal or a teleportation device for I would say within five hundred miles so to allow teleportation within five hundred miles. These beings had the capability of living underground but also connecting with something that was or perhaps orbiting the earth so I don’t see them as stargates. I don’t see them as portals. I see them as something inbetween.
RB: Okay and the second part was what is the nature of underworlds as described as having merged from…
SP: We have an issue with underworlds because if we are not careful we’ll envisage Hell and I would rather look at underworlds as dimensions or subdimensions within the dimensions. So, if you’re on the 3rd dimension how can you have a dimension below you, but if you exist in the 4th dimension then you can have subdimensions within the 4th, so if we talk about underworld then I would want people to try to envisage if you can a 4th dimensional world or an environment that maintains a 4th dimensional environment within a 3rd dimensional planet but within that there are subdimensions and we could call that underworld or as literally in a relatively recent film called The Chronicles of Riddick, which if you haven’t seen please watch it and they use the term underverse, which is very good. Someone knows their stuff. We talk about multiverses, so in this case if we subtract the word underverse with a sort of underworld, then you have got an exact match. Thank you.
RB: Okay. Carlie says the prophecies say that we soon go into the Golden Age, a thousand years of peace. What happens after a thousand years? Thank you, Simon, for all you do, much love.
SP: Thank you for your kind words. I actually do believe in the Golden Age. We call it the Golden Age, that’s a mineral metal isn’t it, but I know what it is trying to put across here. I never believed that we are all going to be wiped out. I have never accepted that the Illuminati will massacre 75 percent of us and the rest of us will be reduced to grubbing around for roots and living in stick houses. I actually do believe that humanity or the vast majority of humanity have the opportunity to evolve and to make its way forward. What was the name of the person who asked the question? What was the name of that person?
RB: I think it was Carlie for that question.
SP: All right. SP: That’s okay I’m just…
RB: [47:31][crosstalk] answer the question.
SP: It’s just interesting that that’s an Indian name isn’t it and we often look to spiritual environments from India to talk about the future and the way it would go. Regardless of whether we call it the age of light or golden age this is coming this is somebody called it ascension, the advancement, the transformation. What we understand is a real opportunity to throw off the shackles and to finally understand what it is to be human to actually develop and be strong enough and to go into the 5th dimension. Some people say well, you know, how do we jump through the 4th? Well we will have flashbacks as we pass through the 4th. We will see aspects; each one is individual; we will see aspects of ourselves where we have had some connection with the 4th dimension and the effect it has had on us, and what our life choices were. For those who haven’t had a time to the 4th dimension then hopefully you just get fast route straight to the 5th. But, for those of us who have the 4th then, you know, we will see that play out but we don’t need to reside there. We don’t need to stay there and if we think about the teachings, particularly from the India, I’ve always talked about transcendence and moving forward and if people couldn’t exactly put a pinpoint on when that would happen, they felt it would happen. They knew it was going to happen, and I know it is in our lifetime so it’s really exciting. Thank you.
RB: Okay, what is the best thing that ordinary people can do so the environment will be habitable? Lots of sources say that we need off world technology, but what should we do in the meantime?
SP: We need this technology to put right the wrongs that have occurred. Don’t imagine that the flying saucer is going to land and someone is going to come out and say here’s a wonderful bit of kit, go and do this with it, and I’m one to tell you that that kit is already here. Much of it is coming out of Antarctica. Some of it is back engineered, but a lot of it was already given and is just being sat on at the moment so that material is here so we don’t need anyone to come down and give us that. It’s already here; it’s available. But remember to bring that out and to use that is to wipe away the old age, because if you remove the pollution then you would then need to address why the pollution was there, and why you would still make pollution, so we’ve got to have this fundamental shift of human consciousness before these things would be allowed out. You know if you’ve got a factory, just call it factory A putting poison into our local river what on earth is the use of coming along with something to say, “hey we’ll clear up that river and then you can continue to put the poisons in, but don’t worry we’ll come back tomorrow and we’ll clear up the mess.” Well that’s not going to happen. We’ve actually got to actually be in a position where it’s fundamentally wrong to do that. People listening to this show and other shows know that’s fundamentally wrong, but you know the people who make a huge living have a corporation, shareholders, employees, trade balances all based on this, they’re not going to change until something comes along that makes them change. So the technology is already here. What we’re lacking is that rise from humanity to ensure that the mindset is changed. That’s what this is all about; we’re trying to change the mindset, and it’s one thing to engage with people who are loving, kind and understanding, but it’s another to engage with somebody who is only interested in what the share value is. Thank you.
RB: Okay, Steven or Stefan says Hi Simon I was wondering if you are familiar with the work of Harald Kautz Vella regarding the alien black goo and if you are what’s your thoughts on what the Arc of the Covenant actually is? Thank you and keep up the great work.
SP: Two huge topics. Two huge topics. I am familiar with the work. In fact I am sure that I’ve actually…
RB: You’ve mentioned about…
SP: I’m sure I have. I met him and had a chat with him. I did.
RB: Uh hum.
SP: For me what was more important was his understanding of 4th dimensional demonic entities. That to me was more important than black goo, and he had, I can’t remember how now, he had come across and understood exactly what one of the major threats to humanity was and is, which is the combination of artificial intelligence with a demonic 4th dimensional entity. AI wants to experience and understand and subjugate biological matter but hasn’t been able to do that so it wanted an intermediary stage which is a 4th dimensional entity so if you understand that 4th dimensional entities through demons can and do survive in the human body then AI saw that as a great opportunity, a Trojan Horse. AI couldn’t invest a human body directly, but if there is a demonic force living in you, then AI could live in that demonic force because of its vibrational frequency and because also most of these demonic entities have a huge amount of Reptilian and remember that AI was programmed by Reptilians. It was on their way here therefore it has an affinity to Reptilians. So what was more interesting was his drawing. There was a drawing that he had arranged to have done by psychics who had looked into a person who contained one of these demons and his drawing which was on the Internet I had seen somebody else draw that so I knew he was genuine. I absolutely knew that the psychics had seen for real what was in the person and I knew that he was trying to bring to the attention of the public one of the great threats facing humanity and then he was hammered left, right, and center. The demonic satanic forces got on to him. He was attacked in so many ways, so there you have a genuinely good person who was knocked off course a little bit and really, really, really had a hard time. The black goo, let’s not forget that Miles Johnston talked about black goo many years ago and other people have as well. Remember the Falklands War. Black goo had quite a strong reason for why that war took place. It wasn’t just about the Argentineans wanting the Falkland Islands so they could stick a flag on it. There was a lot more going on than that. So there are two forms of black goo. There’s a native form of black goo and an alien form of black goo and that is something that again is artificial intelligence. It entered the alien black goo and it’s just AI looking at different ways that it can try and get in through the back door. Does that answer the question or was there more….
RB: Yes the last of it is what are your thoughts on what the Arc of the Covenant actually is?
SP: Well it’s not back goo that’s for sure. The Arc of the Covenant is a, still exists actually, it’s a huge creational device. If I was to say to you, we talked about stargates and portals, but if you imagine all of that rolled into one, I know some people have tried to understand it as a box that created electricity and that you know people who touched it dropped down dead. It certainly did have a static charge around it, but it was much more than an energy device per se but maybe I could say to you that if you took that device and placed it in a pyramid, the Great Pyramid and you had everything there that the inertia hadn’t destroyed or taken away, partly the wars, that device could as a byproduct, the energy that it produced would act as a very powerful power supply. The only problem with it was if you were going to use it like that it is maintaining and you didn’t, you know, you put a plug into a socket and it gives you a set number of volts by and large excluding power surges you can rely on set current, where that thing if you would try to do that you would have great peaks and troughs of power and you would need a very, not just sophisticated, but a very mammoth-like device to sort of soak it up so that what it spewed out the other end was a much more even power so the Arc of the Covenant was a, was much more I’m prepared to say, was much more than just a power source. You know you could sit with a group of Knights Templars and have the most amazing discussion about what the Arc of the Covenant really was, so it’s one of the big topics, thank you.
RB: Okay, Hugh Owens says so happy you are back Simon. I’ve always wondered if using a pendulum is dangerous like the Ouija board. Thank you.
SP: No absolutely [not]. Thank you very kindly I’m very happy to be back. I don’t like being away. It doesn’t seem right at all. No it isn’t because when you are using a pendulum you are using your higher self and your consciousness and the pendulum works with you. Now when you are channeling something or a Ouija board, this is an external object that’s already got the Mark of the Beast on it, so channeling remember, you can be channeling very genuine stuff, but something can attack it. I know what you are saying. You’ve got the pendulum… how do I know that something is not going to affect it. It can’t operate on… a pendulum is a very simple thing. A pendulum is yes or no. Some people are more gifted and can get more out of it. But because if I were to describe it, it is on a very narrow band that the person would use it and the negative forces can’t manipulate within that. If you look at a Ouija board you’ve got the potential to push this glass around and spell out letters and numbers. The ability here is much wider and that gives it room to do it. Now when you are channeling, yes you might say I’m receiving a narrow channel of information but what’s happening is that the content of that can be hugely complicated, whereas when you are doing your pendulum it’s simple yes-no answers. It’s very hard for a negative force to do that, and also it’s not profitable. It can’t, a negative force can’t get across a sentence to you. It can’t get across a long history to you whereas with the Ouija board and channeling or anything else there’s more potential for it. So as long as you connect your higher self to it you exclude, you do your protection and I suggest for everything, everytime you do anything like this then you know that it is just going to be the purest information you will receive. Thank you.
Now what I want to do is just to do my thank-you’s because believe it or not we are up to the hour. This goes by so quickly. I want to thank people who so kindly donated and as usual I had to write your names out because I can’t remember your names. So thank you, we start with Bernard, Nancy, Edgar, Sue, Christopher, Katrine, Benjamin, Osvaldo, Kira, Suva, Alica, Shamsa, Gina, Palmer, Anthony, Asco, Sheryl, Vesna, Elina, [Ordgee], Sayabon, Stephanie, Vincent, Jennifer, Nathan, Stephan, Flora, Christiana, Glen, Joan, George, Sandra, Nala Perelum, thank you that’s an interesting name, Darius, Thomas, Diana, Olaf, Palega, Esther, Manuel, John, Geraldine, Kenneth, Alexander, Ross, Robert, Helene, Muir, Katia, and then somebody gave me the two initials GA and then their second name but I don’t use a second name because I don’t have your permission to make that public so if I just say GA and your second name started with T, and Marianne, Nicole, nearly finished and then Kiss, Paula and Bethany. There were some others. I didn’t have time to include you but you are very kind and send donations next time then of course I will do my best to say thank you, so thank you so much for helping me, supporting me, supporting the work I do. And on that I don’t read a lot of the comments but sometimes I do go through the comments and one person, not a very pleasant person obviously had written something along the lines of, “Well you could get a job. You could get a job cleaning toilets.” Because I’ve sometimes said you know I would struggle as I think many of us would. Kerry Cassidy would struggle to get a regular job but those people just wouldn’t want somebody who talks about the subjects that we talk about in their establishment regular business so somebody was, you know, trying to be very clever and saying well of course you could get a job. But interesting, in the 1980s I was working in the government and I was in contract work and that contract finished and I took a job cleaning office blocks in Central London so I would start at 5:30 in the morning, and we worked from 5:30 to 8:30 when the employees came in and I did that for three months until I got another type of a job, so you know I’ve done that and people may or may not know that there was what was called a Greater London Council, GLC a long time ago now before Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister, and conservative prime minister did away with it and I was for a short period of time I was what was called a reserve school caretaker and I did that so I’m not too proud to clean up and I think about Connecting Consciousness, the organization that I founded. I wouldn’t ask anybody to something that I haven’t, or couldn’t, or wouldn’t do myself. Clearly there are people who have technical knowledge and I have to ask them to do things because I just don’t know that but in terms of menial jobs, you know, and when I think back to when I was manager in local government you know I wouldn’t ask anyone to change a light bulb if I hadn’t done it myself, so what I’m saying is if you are going to write comments, you know, try and make comments that are intelligent, thank you. Shall we take a couple more questions? Now the dog is barking outside quite a lot. Shall we take another question. We’ve got room for a couple more, it’s just on the hour.
RB: Okay, okay we’ve got one from Kay who says thank you Simon for all you have done for the world. I support you and bless you whole heartedly for the good you have done to open our eyes. My question is do you know the name that Mother Earth calls herself?
SP: Thank you for those kind words. I do what I do as indeed do many other people because we just have to do it, just couldn’t not do it, you know, couldn’t not do it. Well the names that we have are names that have been given to people and over the years people have reported those names. We use the word Gaia. The Sumerians or the Babylonians use the word Ki or [Kia], but if a person was able fortunately to enter into some form of communication with the Earth, the Earth might use a name that she took to herself at that time in the seasons. I don’t have a name for the Earth that I could say to you categorically that is what the Earth calls herself. We use the word Earth and that’s clearly is the word we are supposed to use but if we want to get more spiritual then we would use another word but I don’t think we want to get hung up with it. In the 3rd dimension we were given names by our parents, or by the system and what does it matter whether you are Fred or George or Geraldine. These are names given to us and that’s what we do but the soul in our body does that actually take a name? It’s our physical form that gets the name so we are recognized when we have got to pay our taxes. Oh you are paying your taxes, oh you are definitely number 6832971, please pay here, but the soul doesn’t operate in that confined environment so I don’t know the answer to that because no one has ever said to me this is a definitive name. I know that the off planet entities that I associate with just say the Earth. That’s the term they call it. Thank you, one more question I think.
RB: We know that she is very feminine, that’s one thing that we know about you know.
SP: Well yes, it is a feminine energy.
RB: Uhm.
SP: That’s without a doubt.
RB: The last question is from Jen in Los Angeles. Hi Simon, thank you for all that you do. What chance do we have to beating the government and their agendas? Do you think Donald Trump has been compromised by the deep state to go to war? Seeing the globalist French President, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary, and the devil’s favorite war made me suspicious of the authenticity of the chemical attacks and if it was indeed a real attack.
SP: Okay we’ve got lots of questions.
RB: Yes.
SP: Lots of questions so just ask me the first question please.
RB: What chance do we have to defeating the globalists and their agendas?
SP: Right, a 100 percent chance, a 100 percent chance. It’s already been decided. And I have said this that that is not in question. What is in question is what sort of condition we’re going to be like when we make the breakthrough. Will we be standing up or will we be crawling on our knees. That’s the bit that I just don’t know. We don’t know. It is not in doubt. What is in doubt is that what sort of condition and state how many of us what’s going to happen when we come through the other end. So it’s a positive answer there. What’s the next question?
RB: Do you think that Donald Trump has been compromised by the deep state to go to war?
SP: What war would that be. We haven’t had a war. We’re not going to have a war, no absolutely not. Look the problem for Trump was he took on a country that was already understood to be the policeman of the world which means that when anybody or somebody… is that finding a cat is making an appearance in the right-hand corner, yes it is, ah good. We couldn’t have gone with a radio show without an appearance by a cat.
RB: [1:08:42][Well see the third], the white one and the black one were all seen here.
SP: Oh well I can only see Tony’s tail there.
RB: [inaudible]
SP: So we have a situation basically where when you are the leader of a country that isn’t cleansed of the control system around it you are on the boundaries—not the right words here—you are pressured into taking some action, but if you don’t do that then you reduce your diplomatic clout tremendously. So if Trump had not authorized the recent attacks which were very limited then it would have made in a 3D sense it impossible for America to project its power. Great Britain was the absolute task master at projecting diplomatic power and 99 percent of the time it achieved what it wanted diplomatically and only one percent of the time did they have to send the military. The Americans are quite the opposite. They tend to send the military and then try and do the diplomatic stuff. The Jewish state does a mixture of both, so no he has not been compromised. If he was compromised you wouldn’t have the press attacking him as they continue to do. What’s the next question?
RB: Seeing globalist French President, Elizabeth Warren (an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump) Hillary and the Dems favorite war made me suspicious of the authenticity of the chemical attacks, and if it was indeed a real attack, who was the responsible party?
SP: Right I think there might be confusion here over when we talk about the President of France. I don’t think she is referring to the President of France, referring to the EU president?
RB: The globalist French president…
SP: Globalist French president.
RB: Warren.
SP: Right yeah because Macron is the president of France, so we’re not…Macron is of course a placed man for the elite, with all of these big organizations, whether they are the United Nations, whether it’s NATO, they are establishment organizations that have been here for many, many years and they are not Trump supporters because they are filled with people who owe their allegiance or blackmailed and have their possible future aligned to a particular set of rules, and Donald Trump came along and was completely at odds with those rules. Those organizations aren’t just gonna say oh that’s great, you know, we’ll go with Trump because Trump is the president, which means he’s got a minimum of a four-year term and a maximum of eight years, so these bad guys are playing the long game, and they’ll say well you know, four years, eight years, it doesn’t matter because he’ll be gone and then we’ll have somebody else in differently so that’s the way they play them. Politicians are in for a limited term of office. That’s why the system limits them because the system which really controls doesn’t want politicians to have a period of time in excess of that, not because they want the public to elect people, that’s got nothing to do with it. It’s because they want politicians never to have the stability to be able to make change on the Earth. The people who control the Earth are those who don’t have to have an election so they get to the place when they are in their thirties or forties and they’ll have thirty–forty years, think of Henry Kissinger. You know, they’ll have all these years when nobody is electing them. Nobody can time limit them so it isn’t politicians that we need to really worry about; it’s the people who control the politicians. Right, well we have done more than an hour. I want to thank everybody for listening. Thank you for your support. These are exciting times and I’m not a doom and gloom merchant and I’m not going to, you know, try and make this more popular by saying we are going to be wiped out and we’ve got to do this and this is the best way to survive. I have always said that we need to be sensible. We need to prepare for certain situations but genuinely and truly believe that we are going to be successful and we, being the human race, but to go back to what we said earlier, I can’t be sure how many people will make it through. It’s everyone’s choice and I don’t know what condition we’ll be in but we will do it, no doubt about that. So thank you ever so much. God bless to everyone and yeah I’ll be back with you soon, okay.
[transcribed May 24, 2018 gsc]
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