3 June 2018 – Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
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Connecting Consciousness on YouTube is an unofficial site not okayed by Simon so to get what is directly coming from Simon go to his official website. Trump’s trade war will hurt ordinary people; Germany and Turkey alliance might organize a war; Italy is now anti-Europe and pro-Putin; Harvey Weinstein could name names; new Supreme Court appointment will make a positive difference in prosecuting the swamp creatures and if convicted there will be a cultural change in entertainment venues; possible consequences of Jeff Epstein reporting to Mueller; Trump is actually not selling out; conservative Spanish prime minister forced to resign; economic/political domino effect will be felt by everyone on planet; usual warning: the war is not won as yet; Questions: Jordan Maxwell and his claims about Jesus, Christianity, and Judaism; validity of Lacerta Files; use of the pentagram; beliefs of Reptilians, Mantids, and Greys about God; Dogman (Canis) encounters on increase; the dinar and soccer; read Protocols of The Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn; watch AI; give people a nudge to wake them up; is Canadian Prime Minister a clone; how many Draco Reptilians are here now; where is your autobiography; are mandatory chip implants coming; UFOs in Cappadocia area; dyslexia and immunizations; can playing vocal recordings of deceased persons entrap their soul; Cobra, the chimera group, human freedom; the overall state of the planet.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness podcast. This is going out on the 3rd of the month, the 3rd of June, so I’m really pleased to be back in front of you all giving you updates and taking questions, so what we’ll do first of all just to have a couple of questions that have already come in. The first one was saying do these go out on YouTube or can we watch them live. Presently they’re recorded but we will be doing them live and at the moment they are on YouTube and even though they will be done live in a matter of a couple of weeks or three weeks’ time, they’ll still go onto YouTube so the answer is yes and if you miss a live update then it will go on to YouTube. The second point a number of people have been asking what happened to the Connecting Consciousness YouTube site and the fact of the matter is that that was an unofficial page. It had nothing to do with me. Someone had just set it up, and in fact there were a number of copycat sites, some on Facebook, some on YouTube purporting to be run with my permission. A number of… obviously people are writing in hoping to speak to me and getting no reply. Now they have all been taken down. If anybody is aware of any sites that have been put up without my okaying it, please, you know, just let us know and we’ll take care of that. So there is an official Simon Parkes website. If you go through the website then you can find everything that’s meant to be linked into the website so thank you for that.
All right so I want to do some updates. The last couple of times we have talked quite a lot about local issues and I thought it was probably best as things were heating up a bit on the world stage to go to that. When we talk about bloodlines we talk about power games between Europe and the States and in America obviously with the interesting President Trump, that’s really made quite a lot of difference in the divisions between the United States and Europe have become quite stark and one of the things we are noticing is for instance the trade war. That is just one aspect of how the White House is trying to attack not ordinary people but of course ordinary people will suffer I’m afraid, but trying to put pressure on the elite in the European area. So Turkey and German are trying to form an alliance. They did actually just before the First World War. They have had a long history of working together and this is because Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, who is one of the Old Guard is trying to organize some form of war in terms of issues that are going to come up in Turkey in the very near future. Remember Turkey is a country that has a very diverse religious base and is open to suggestions I think from a country like Germany so that’s worth keeping an eye on to see what happens there.
The other thing is Italy. We’ve been probably watching that. The president when he realized that it was not going to be possible to get the coalition government into power he wanted to do what they all do, which is try and appoint an ex-banker, so he tried to appoint an ex-international monetary fund banker to become the new prime minister at which point the Five Star and the League which are the two major parties in Italy that won the most votes but didn’t get enough to form an outright government. The League and the Five Star decided that they could work together. They formed a coalition, and indeed they are running the country. Now why that’s really important is because first of all they are anti-European so they are anti-Europe just as Great Britain is anti-Europe and we voted to leave so they now, Italy now has a government that is very, very anti-Europe and interestingly enough has actually publicly come out and said that President Putin is not such a bad guy and then they would quite like to have huge relations with Russia and that has really upset a lot of the other European countries, like Great Britain with Theresa May and a very extreme right wing prime minister, chancellor of Germany et cetera, et cetera so we now have a party in Italy that is anti-Europe and is pro-Putin what a turnaround for the BRICS that was.
I want to talk about Harvey Weinstein. That’s an interesting one because it’s been over six months that the charges in court have been coming through and dropping out, coming through and dropping out and eventually the charges have come through and that’s very important because in his head, shall we say, he’s got a number of names of people that he could really drop into the pit. There must be a great deal of people who are incredibly concerned because he could indict a large number of people and that’s very interesting. There may be some attempts to try and get to him but I would imagine that protection around him is pretty secure at the moment.
We will move on to the same sort of issue actually which is to do with when will these hopeful or supposed arrests going to start. The Supreme Court in the U.S. is just about to replace one of its supreme judges and a new one is going to be sworn in very soon. Now when that happens President Trump will have a majority in terms of political beliefs and values and aspirations in the Supreme Court. There are a number of judges and of course each president comes in and appoints his or her own so Obama appointed judges who were very favorable to the views and values that Obama had. Now one of those is ready for renewal. Clearly it won’t be somebody from the Obama camp. It will be someone from the Trump camp which will give him a majority of about one in the Supreme Court. Now I would suggest that if there were going to be opening of the sealed indictments, that’s what they have been waiting for. They have been waiting for a majority in the Supreme Court because there will be challenges, lots of people challenges and you can’t afford to do that unless you’ve got control of the Supreme Court, so please watch that one. That’s really important to see how that goes. With the change that that will bring and the hoped for arrest warrants what we’ll see is a cultural change in Hollywood, a cultural change in music videos. What I would describe and I mean it seriously; I don’t mean it in a joke fashion, a return to humble apple pie. In other words the United States returning back whether it’s halcyon days or rose-tinted glasses, but returning back to the values of the ’50s and ’60s and that may not be a good thing in some cases. But what I’m trying to put across is that the Satanic influence through the media and through the entertainment industry which is really built since the 1980s, if these things can work through then they will actually die a death and there will be a return to more basic values without that element that we just now, we can’t switch on a television without seeing some element of that cult coming through, so that’s really important that we see that.
The other one is Jeff Epstein. He is a very interesting character. He has had a lot of years of people in very high positions and very high powers and at the moment he’s reporting directly to Mueller. Mueller is the head of the FBI and Epstein has got some very interesting information which Robert Mueller is obviously collecting and taking, so there is another aspect now of somebody else who has been very high up in positions of power who is able to have access to the White House through an appropriate channel which is the police, through the FBI, that’s really important.
There’s a question that has been asked time and time again about Trump, whether Trump was selling out to people and I’ve always said that he is not actually selling out. He does have his values and the attack on pedophilia is one such value he’s got, but I certainly agree that the Zionist faction is trying to exert as much influence over him as they possibly could. He agreed to having Jerusalem being, you know, recognized by the United States as the capitol of Israel, the only country to do so but it didn’t really have any effect and Trump could actually give that one away without a problem. More seriously it was obviously the refusal by Congress to allow the Golan to be considered to be part of Israel and also any potential attack against Iran would have to go through Congress. Now Trump knew all of that when he was, you know, looking at these issues so it’s difficult for Trump because the only group that has any hold over him is the Zionists, but remember there is a big difference between the Jewish State and the Zionist group so we shouldn’t ever confuse the two. It’s a little bit like saying what is the difference between a Muslim and a jihadist so we need to understand that there is a government within a government as indeed there is in almost every country on the planet.
I want to talk a little bit about Spain. You may not have caught the news but the Spanish prime minister has been forced to resign. He had a vote of no confidence against him and he was quite right wing, a conservative, and he has been replaced by a more left leaning leader. So we have had two changes in two European countries in a week, not quite the same day but not far off it. Now that just shows the volatility of the European situation so whenever you pick up a newspaper that says everything is going great, steady as she goes, no need to worry… that’s actual propaganda. Europe is in a terrible state, not just economically but politically, and that’s why we’ve seen two major heads of state change so that again is something to keep an eye on because you know people will say well what difference does it make if something happens that’s thousands of miles away from me, but imagine a whole line of dominos and one gets knocked and they all cascade down so whatever happens to our neighbor has some effect on us so it is worth watching it and seeing through.
The trade war of course between America, I mentioned that earlier… the difficulty is that ordinary people do suffer. Here in Great Britain it will add maybe 25 percent to the price of steel so if Britain wants to sell steel to the U.S. it will be a 25 percent hike. I think something like 10 percent on aluminum, which will have a quite a devastating effect, but this is never designed to hurt people. It was designed to put pressure on the Old Guard. We’re talk about the Old Guard in Europe as opposed to the New Guard in the White House, so I think basically that’s it on a global scale. There are changes occurring. Again my usual warning: Don’t imagine that the war is won, that everything is okay. It is clearly not. There are still chemtrails in the sky; there are still bad guys out there, but yes there are some big changes occurring. Now some of it is off camera but some of it is on camera and you know, when I and others give you the information if you go on to the mainstream news they can’t always hide it; they can’t always, you know, blank it out and there is usually something there to backup what you are being told by the truthful media. So what I’m saying is there are real positive changes coming. We can feel them but it is still a very, very tricky situation, so that’s the update at the moment so what I’m going to do is to bring Rebecca in and see if she is there and hopefully get some questions.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay, the first question is from [13:45][Pra desh] in fact reading through it there are two questions so I’ll do one at a time.
SP: Okay.
RB: Also I’ll try and paraphrase it because it is not written in a way that is very easy to read out. I’m sure you must have heard about Jordan Maxwell. He says that there was no man called Jesus and Christianity. Judaism comes from a pirate religion called Hinduism and he says these religions are nothing but the Sun, Saturn, and Moon worship. [The Moon is an alien command center.] Okay that’s the first part.
SP: Oh let’s just take that one.
RB: Okay.
SP: And just on que there, you won’t be able to see that Becky but the cat Ingmar has just done a nice turnaround on me, that’s there for the audience just you know I obviously offer them treats and tell them that if they behave nicely before and on camera they, you know, get rewarded. No really it’s just nice they feel so much at home when we are doing the recording. This is something that a lot of people get fixated on, I was going to say “hot under the collar” but that’s not really a good thing to say. The difficulty is that there is so much fakery around that time and the way it has been presented to us it’s all part of the control system and I don’t doubt that at all that purely woven in to be part of the control system and I do actually believe that there was a guy called Jesus and I believe that there is a kernel of truth in the Bible. I certainly believe that the Sun and the Moon are very much linked in and part of that control element but what I would say is that the creation of Jesus and the events around that were made to fit the paradigm. The paradigm was already there so when the Jesus character came along he was already playing within a confined box and all later historians or bibliologists had to do was to over a period of centuries was to slowly, slowly begin to move that more toward the message they wanted to get out, and if you do it gently over many centuries then the public doesn’t really react to it. The last big one I think in Britain was the King James official version which was the 17th century, so I do believe in Jesus absolutely and I do believe in some of the elements of the Bible but I fully accept that it was woven in to hold people down and control people. The reason we can have some faith that there was a Jesus character, is the stories such as going into the money changers tent or home and overturning the tables with the money. It wasn’t the money that Jesus objected to so much or the fact that money was being lent. What Jesus objected to was the extortion of profit that a racketeering that was being done. You had people as just you do in this day who cannot get a loan from the bank at a normal let’s say average but a normal rate of interest and so they were desperate and so they were being charged huge amount of interest and so that’s what Jesus was up against. Now the control system wouldn’t want to pedal that view. The control system would want to support the view that there was a money changer and it was perfectly okay and the prices were quite high but, you know, at least you’ve got that so what he was doing was banking the system, anti the control system, so we need to look at it very carefully and understand that possibly what happened was that Jesus turned against the script that he’d been given and the way he performed was not to expectations and so that with many things that don’t do what you want you get rid of them, so that’s my answer there. Thank you, it is a big question.
RB: Okay thanks and in the second part it’s quite different. It says in a female Reptilian interview around the year 2000 called the Lacerta Files, she, a female Reptilian says that we are the seventh civilization created around 8,000 years ago in Sumer. She also says that the ruins of the 6th civilization can be found in the Bimini area [pyramids larger than Giza pyramids]. She says that Elohim in the Bible and then she says Annunaki are tall humanoids from Aldebaran system, and they came around 350,000 years ago.
SP: I don’t have a problem with much of that. I would just say 250,000 rather than 350,000. Aldebaran, yes, no problem with that absolutely no difficulty at all. What was the first bit again because that was the bit I have an issue with.
RB: The female Reptilian having an interview called the Lacerta Files.
SP: Okay.
RB: It is quite famous.
SP: Yes. What I forgot what the issue was there.
RB: It was just that the female Reptilian said that we are the seventh civilization created around 8,000 years ago in Sumer.
SP: Right, thank you, anyone who’s got a bit of good memory and has listened to me may remember that for a number of years I’ve said this is the seventh time that humanity has reached this point. Now what I think that the… is quite high-ranking female Reptilian, she is part of the royal family actually who has splintered away; she is not part of the control group. What she is referring to there isn’t just the physical if you think about Sumer one city layer and then another city layer was built on top of it and when the archeologists were digging down they were digging down through these ruins but remember that they were artificially altered because the Sumerian tablets were artificially placed at a certain level, so we have to be very careful of archeology just because it’s stratified one layer below another. We have to be careful not to just accept that and so it is that sometimes we give not an analogy so much but we are given something that because we are on a physical planet we like to look on a physical world. This is the seventh time that humanity has reached a position where it could potentially break free. This is what I believe this Reptilian is saying, but this is the first time, 2012, December 31, 2012, the first time that the human race actually broke that barrier. Go back to The Matrix, where Neo in the final version, the third film was actually told that there were so many times I think it is six or seven that, you know, you have reached this point, but at the last minute you fall down again and there was another snippet of real true disclosure coming out through Hollywood. So I think what she is referring to is that this is the seventh time that the human race has built up its civilization, change that to its consciousness and it has appeared that every other time it has fallen and it collapsed, and think about mound in Sumer, it just collapsed in on itself. This is the time when that doesn’t happen. This is the time when we come forward and, you know, that is interesting that the, I think it was the year 2000 that it was reported from her so I’m quite happy to take that as absolute fact but I would just change it in the way I had, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. [22:18][Hawk U] of Malaysia asks is it safe to use the correct pentagram with one point at the top and two points at the left and right as a protection symbol?
SP: That’s a really difficult question. It is not safe to use the pentagram. Let me start off with that. All right, if you are trained in that art it is safe providing you don’t push the boundaries and you don’t attempt to let your ego dominate you and you have both the right and the skill to operate that. Now pentagrams are seen as black magic and that’s not the way to look at it. Black magic just means occult magic, hidden magic, that’s what black ops, black programs, hidden but of course in the media and the New Age will look at that as evil, satanic so black magic is seen as satanic and this is not accurate but that is the way that it is seen. I wouldn’t and don’t have anything that is a pentagram in my home. I wouldn’t have that. The difficulty with pentagrams is that other energies can come through and take control of the person. Anybody who has a tattoo of a pentagram on them if you know them quite well you would ask them why did they choose it? Why did they decide to have a pentagram? What was important to them? Why would you need to advertise the fact that you have a pentagram? And it’s not going to be the first time that a person has been absolutely controlled or taken over because they had a tattoo or a pentagram emblazoned somewhere on their body which allowed an entity to come through into them and control them, so I personally would be very wary of anybody who had a pentagram tattooed on their body. I know it’s reasonably seen as okay in some forms of Wiccan that use them, they will have them as necklaces but no disrespect most of the people who have them don’t know how to use them so they’re drawn to it because it’s partly fashionable, because it’s a sign of Wiccan. The reality is that it is the base stone for summoning and communing with demons. That’s exactly what it is, you know, we see different forms of the pentagram on flags, on logos for corporations et cetera, et cetera, so when I’m asked by this person is it safe I can’t answer that question in a positive because I don’t know your skills and your capabilities. Why would you want to use a pentagram to protect yourself? You are going into the other world. It is much better to call out to Source, archangel Michael, or whatever you want, your higher self and to believe in your truth than it is to use magic. Now there are occasions when it is appropriate to use something like that. If for instance you are faced by a particularly powerful denizen, a demon demigod who has no interest in human freewill and can only be controlled or pushed back by the forces that it is subject to itself. Then using a pentagram or whatever else is appropriate providing the person wielding that is doing it for good purposes, so my answer to you is no! It is not safe to use it unless you have both the right and the strength to use that to come away untainted. It’s a good question. Lots of people dabble in magic, the black arts shall we say and lots of people become infected with demons. I never actually sat down, done a calculation but of the clients who come to me for demon removal somewhere between fifty and sixty-five percent got them from playing around with a Ouija board, literally just a Ouija. We don’t even have to touch the thing. We come within three feet of it and you are a very, very psychic person, then that acts as a portal and you can be infected, so whenever we use anything from the occult, you have to have been trained or you have to have both the right and the strength which is different than, there are Hogwarts magic schools, there really are, but there isn’t a Harry Potter, but there really are magic schools where people can go and get trained. There are two sorts of people on this planet, those that go to magic school and learn, and those that just have it naturally. Unless you have gone to one of those two if you start playing around with things then it can bite you, so good question thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. This next question is from [28:01][Pra desh] who had asked first question and he says, but you say that the Annunaki are Reptilians. Please comment upon this. Who created us? Reptilians, Greys, Mantis, Pleiadians, and many countless ETs?? What are the beliefs about God in the Greys, Reptilians, and Mantis?
SP: Okay, I don’t believe I have ever said that the Annunaki were Reptilian. I think what I said is the Annunaki were a mixture of humans and Reptilians. It was a genetic mix. I have never personally seen them as 100 percent Reptilian so I will just get that one clear. In terms of beliefs of God that’s a really, really interesting question because let’s take your archetypal Grey that has no soul in its body and you ask it, is there a God? If you ask a computer that has no soul, is there a God it will try and quantify that by giving a mathematical formula. It won’t be able to use any spiritual divination; it will just simply look at facts and logic and probably say no there is no such thing as God because there is no evidence for it. So if you were to ask a Grey of the Hollywood type about God they would say that they have no knowledge of that but they are aware of one that is greater than them. That’s about just the gist of it but if you were to speak to a Grey that had a soul, then it would absolutely have no problem. Many of the off planet entities that I have spoken to, they don’t use the word God. That’s a difficult word when dealing with humans because many thousands of years ago the Reptilians presented themselves as gods to humans and so when talking to aliens now they don’t like to present themselves as gods because the mindset of humanity has moved on, we won’t accept them as gods, so they don’t use the word God. They, for me personally, they just the word the Great Creator so they call God the Great Creator. It is quite interesting that here on this planet Earth with the Bible and the mindset of religion that is stuck right back all those thousands of years ago, we use the word God as an everyday language, but most of the aliens do not use the word God, Great Creator. Now obviously those of us who are spiritual, we use the word Source. I think there was a middle question which I missed out there, a middle bit.
RB: I had moved on to the next one.
SP: Okay go on to the next one. This is why it is important that we could just have one question because I can’t remember.
RB: And sometimes they’re not very, very clear to read but…
SP: Well we do our best.
RB: …it’s not too bad.
SP: We do our best.
RB: Okay this next one is from Linda who says I’m very serious about this question. Why are there so many dogman encounters in the past five years? Are they aliens or have they always been here? They don’t seem to hurt most people, just terrify them. I’ve done a lot of research about this subject and can’t seem to nail down any concrete facts about their origins. I’m so glad you are back. I love you and stand beside you.
SP: Well that’s very kind of you thank you. Yes I laugh because it’s true that the Canis or the dog people are on the increase. They’re not on the increase because there are more of them, it’s just that they are taking a much more open view. They’ve got a new, a relatively new agreement with one arm of the U.S. military and that has given them some freedom shall we say to start interacting with key individuals. In 99 percent of cases most people who have an interaction with one of these Canis or dog beings, it’s not chance. There will be a reason for it, and if you were to look back through your family tree it would be a reason why that particular group is coming to you. It could also be that you are having a problem with another alien race and the Canis are interested because they are probably if not at war physically, diplomatically at war and so what humans do is allow them to understand how the other side is operating, so I am looking at the dog race, the Canis race as a benevolent force so you are absolutely right they are on the increase in the sense that they are becoming more, you know, clearer to the public’s eye but they are still very targeted in who they deal with. I’m glad you’re doing some research on that but you want to look at the American military because that’s where they are getting the okay from. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Dan asks two questions. The first is are the results of the Soccer World Cup 2018 already rigged, and the second is, is the reevaluation of the Iraqi dinar for real?
SP: Right I have to admit I have absolutely no interest in soccer, which we call football obviously. I don’t want to confuse that with the American football, which we would call rugby. Isn’t that strange, two countries so similar in many ways but so different in others. I have no interest in soccer at all. Is it already rigged, probably not because of all the corruption allegations that came to light the last few years in the soccer industry. People lost their jobs et cetera because human consciousness has risen and these shady deals that have been going on in many companies or corporations ever since time began now are getting called out so actually it might be one of the best World Cups in terms of clearness that we’ve had. Was there a second part to the question?
RB: Is the reevaluation of the Iraqi dinar for real?
SP: I have been aware of this. I haven’t, I was aware of it but I haven’t had my eye focused on it because my eye is focused on Iran. There are certain individuals who would love to start the Third World War in Iran and so my attention has been very closely placed on Iran. You may remember a good few years back now where I talked about the drone that was forced to land in Iran and it wasn’t the Predator 2 drone that you see on calendars and on the web pages. It was a Sentinel drone. That was the one that contained the most advanced amazing microcircuitry, the amazing chip. The Iranians claimed to have shot it down, but it wasn’t. It landed under control, very difficult to say the technological advancement that it gave the Iranians, something between fifteen years and twenty-five years. It… when Roswell happened and the spacecrafts (plural) crashed we had what we call the valve and of course the Americans call the vacuum tube and that was our staple product and when shown what was in effect a way for a chip, these chips are not like the silicon chips that we have. The original chips from the Roswell spacecraft were about an inch to an inch-and-a-half square and maybe a half of an inch to a third of an inch in thickness, and the chips that we have today probably are equal to 25 percent of the computing power of those chips. So in the same way that the arrival of the technology from Roswell enhanced the world, so this Sentinel drone pushed Iran forward and as soon as that happened under Obama of course back then the Americans had to withdraw. Nobody in the United States wants a war with Iran but there are certain people in Israel who are desperate to try and take Iran out. Those of your who will remember a few years ago, well many years ago now, about the Iran-Iraq war when Saddam Hussein was still there, Iraq had the technological advantage, believe it or not, over Iran and in the early days they started to do quite well, but what Iran had was, I can’t say unlimited manpower, but jolly nearly so and over the years that war, months of that war, the Iranians began to beat back Saddam Hussein’s forces so Iran has shown itself to be very, very, very tough to beat and Israel has its eye on it and because Israel has its eye on it, I have my eye on it. If there was a devaluation in Iraq it’s not going to have a huge effect unless you’ve got the major country which is the U.S. and the oil in Russia start doing anything so I wouldn’t get too concerned at the moment about that, thank you.
RB: Okay, Benny [White] says please can you comment on the document, The Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn. I think this is the ultimate deception which the work of Trump and Q is part of. While the takedown of the cabal et cetera can only be a good thing we have to be aware of what they might be replacing it with. The last part of the document is truly horrifying and I urge you to read it. Thank you.
SP: Well let’s hope the audience do have a look at that. We talked a little bit in the question update section where, you know, mostly just are under control to some extent by other countries and the only group that has any influence over Trump is the Zionist group. I’m not going to comment directly on any individual. What I will say is that the human race will be at its most vulnerable when the status quo collapses. The vacuum stage, but my concern is not the Golden Dawn. It is artificial intelligence. That’s my concern, 5G and artificial intelligence attempting to get into the vacuum. You see you get this euphoric we did it. We beat the cabal, hurrah and then you’ll take your eye off the ball, and that’s when things happen so I would see more to do with AI than I would with anything else. The Golden Dawn, we have to be careful with this because remember this is an Aleister Crowley thing originally and it’s actually also a political party in one of the European countries. It is actually called the Golden Dawn and it is connected with magic no doubt about it and yes I would have concerns about the document that you brought to our attention and I would ask people to read it. I don’t subscribe to it myself. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Ian from Spain says is it better for people to wake up on their own accord or to give them a little nudge. I recently set up a Facebook page to post photos of chemtrails [strange stripes in the sky (39:54unintelligible)]. The local papers will investigate if I get enough interest. I see it as a little nudge.
SP: If you are a spiritual person you can’t not but do it. You have to do it. If you know the truth you’ve got to do it. That’s one of the key reasons that I went public. I couldn’t stand and I couldn’t believe that, you know, the truth was being hidden in such an organized and orchestrated way. What we can’t do is try and drag people to it because we just lose them. They’ll just immediately say don’t push my face into it. Don’t try and force me and the people who come to it and stay are those that come out of their own free will, but what you can do is give them a help by giving them assistance. Now what I can advise, and by all means do your pictures of chemtrails, but that doesn’t mean anything, you know, they’ve been going since the 1980s and the body in journalism and the young people have only been around that long they know no difference so what you need to do if I may suggest it is first of all go to an archive so it’s a government or your own newspaper, so the very newspaper that you are interested in and get official photographs that the newspaper or an official organization has taken that whether it be by the sky, it might be about buildings, skyline or what have you but they have lots of pictures of the sky in and actually show them in the ’50s, the ’60s and the ’70s there were no chemtrails. So show them that the skies actually were blue and explain what a vapor trail is, so try and get photographs of a genuine vapor trail from a jet and then contrast that. You need to date all of your pictures if you can and contrast them with pictures from the recent decades and say what’s happened here. The atmosphere by and large is the same. The sky is the same sort of color by and large so the only change must be the fuel, what’s been mixed in with the fuel of these aircraft. So, that is I believe the way to do that. It hasn’t been done I don’t believe, so you’ll be on the first there. Please give that a go and if you use official photographs people can’t blame you or accuse you of trickery and that I think would be a really good way of doing it. Thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. This next question there’s quite a few from Marianne from Quebec in Canada. She says she is very happy you’ve got your new radio show and sorry for her English because she actually speaks French, but she says do you think Prime Minister J. Trudeau is a clone and is he a good prime minister for us or is he an evil one like H.R. Clinton and others?
SP: Thank you first for your kind words, thank you. I’m glad to be back. No I don’t think he’s a clone. Generally clones are not put in the public eye unless they can be very well shielded, hidden behind the smoked glass and you know remember that presidents and prime ministers have to attend meetings whether they are small meetings or big public meetings, and if you’ve got a clone you’ve got to be pretty damn sure that that clone is confident because once he or she goes up on stage, you know, you are not there to control them. I think that he can work with Trump and I think that he is willing to break with the cabal and as long as the United States can survive I think he would want to be close there so I don’t know that he’s good for you but what I would say is that of all the prime ministers that have been through that door in the last twenty-odd years, he is the one most likely to have the strength to break with some of the control elements, but you know you can’t all be a hundred percent, but you know as long as the major points that we believe to be fundamental in our own line in the sand we won’t cross if we can stick to that then he’s the sort of man that I think can do business with. Thank you.
RB: Okay, another question from her is do you really think that one day the evil and elite cabal who run the planet will stop and end and when if yes?
SP: Okay, I think we really owe, I will answer it but I think we should really only take one question because it’s not fair on everyone else so I’ll just take this as a second question, otherwise it’s not fair, you know, getting two bites of the cherry. I’ll take it because you already started to ask it. Absolutely, of course, you know, if I truly, truly thought that there was no chance for us it I’d probably I’m not very good but I would probably construct a little boat and just go off to some desert island somewhere and wait for it all to end. But I don’t believe that and I believe there is something worth fighting for, I and many others like me are doing what we can in our own way and you are at home as well in your own way doing what you can, believing in the future, hoping for the best, trusting in that and so no I don’t believe that we are all going to end up dead. I actually think we’ve got a big future but you have to fight for it. Thank you, next one.
RB: Okay. Libby asks right now how many Dracos and Reptilians are here on Earth?
SP: You know this is a question that comes up fairly regularly and I can understand why. You know, you go to certain places and you sort of tap the ground with your feet and you say well I wonder how many feet below me are their cavernous tunnels and what’s moving around there now. I’ve always put the figure at a couple of hundred, two hundred and fifty, somewhere between two-fifty and five hundred, very, very small. About four or five years ago I did a conference and I decided I’d talk about the Reptilian army, something that I’d done a bit of research and I couldn’t find anyone else who had talked about it. I didn’t want, you know, go down a subject that other people had done on that and there just was nothing on it and I thought well maybe actually nobody has actually seen a Reptilian army. They don’t understand how they are organized, how they are brigaded together, what the command structure is, what their heraldry is and I thought well, you know, I’ll have a chat on that so I did a conference and I talked a little bit about that, showed some drawings, explained how they operate, how they work. Most Reptilian armies are small. Here on planet Earth we think about the Second World War, the Russians had something like six million troops but maybe only three-and-a-half to four million were combat troops. Remember one million were females, women, the only military force outside of Finland and Israel that used women in a combat role. So what we’ve got is a situation where an alien race, Reptilians who did not require weapons against humans because their minds were so advanced psychically, not spiritually, psychically advanced that they didn’t need weapons. How many genuine true abductees or experiencers actually report weapons. They don’t, very, very few and the reality is they are not needed because the human mind has this trigger which I have talked about that has been placed in particular amongst the white race to take control of that person so don’t need weapons, so don’t need big armies. Now when fighting others, they need larger armies and I did talk about it and the regiment or the brigade is six hundred and sixty-six (666). Of course it is; it is 666 absolutely it is. This is where one of the reasons we get all this control nonsense through all these numbers that mean something to us in one way but in another hidden way means something else. So two hundred and fifty to five hundred Reptilians backed up by a large number of worker Greys has for a thousand years plus been quite adequate, but in the last five, six, seven years with the war that has occurred and the embargo on the planet their forces have been reduced and dwindled. There is sort of a standoff or a diplomatic agreement so there are a number of bases that are left but are not being taken out because that is sort of the status quo at the moment. Thank you that’s a good question.
RB: So just to clarify when you say Reptilians do you just mean the Draco and not the Raptors, that’s different?
SP: Right I’m talking about the Dracos because they are the control element. There’s a native Reptilian force. I’m not even counting them because they are neither negative or benign they are just independent. The Raptors actually are contracted to the U.S. Navy and a number of other groups who have status, but it’s the control element and where our problems are coming from so that’s why I focused on that, yes.
RB: Okay, thanks. Peter asks when can we expect your autobiography?
SP: Well that’s a really interesting question. I’ve never even thought about it. I’ve never even thought about it. I did actually roughed out a book. All the chapters are already written out, but I felt that that wasn’t the right thing to do. That wasn’t taking the news to the people. It wasn’t interacting in an effective way. I think perhaps I really should do that. Autobiography? When we’ve won. When humanity can actually say that the control system that has held us down for God knows how many thousands of years has been overturned and a much more fairer system has been placed, then I and many others can have a vocation and maybe that’s the time to do anything like that but at the moment every day is you’ve got to fight for it every day. I don’t mean physically so much but you know every day is important and we can’t stop, can’t take a rest. We have to achieve what we have to achieve and so that’s where we go with it, and this is the part now where I say a very big thank you to everyone who has so very kindly and generously donated to keep the wagon rolling, so on my list thank you very much to Nan, George, Nick, Natalie, Rodrique, Gina, Georgus, Marie, John, Martin, Robert, Natalie, Mark, Faven, Alfreto, Tony, Charlie, Robin, Sharee, Beverly, Sylvester, Drumset, Margaret, Simon, [Al ja non dro], Val, William, Jennifer, Lucille, Danielle, Heathrow, Rita, Allan, Alexander, Trish, nearly finished, Tom, Kayman, Isabelle, Valerie and Leslie, so a very big thank you. Thank you ever so much, so kind of you. It really does keep me going. It keeps me on air. It keeps me doing what you want me to do. Thank you. Right, so hopefully we can get back to the questions. What’s the next one please?
RB: Okay, this one is from Christian. Hi Simon, one day do you really think that the chip will be mandatory and if so, because I’m afraid of how to avoid it, do you think the government will really use our information?
SP: I think if we all hold the same views that we hopefully have, then the answer is no it won’t happen or at least it won’t happen as we are talking about it. The problem with the chip is that it is just going to be sold as a labor-saving device and you are quite right. It’s a simple process to control us. So if human consciousness carries on on the road we are going at the moment it won’t happen because people will reject it. The difficulty I think that we will have is that it will be shown as the way to link with whatever the economy is at the time. We may not be having money. We may have another form of barter and trade, but if this same cabal is in power then yes they will. If the cabal falls and we replace it with a much more supportive government or governments then we won’t have that chip at all.
RB: Okay, thank you. Dear Simon, in the summer of 2017 the day after the solar eclipse I encountered my first UFO experience in Cappadocia, Turkey, which is a mysterious place known for its unique landscape and underground cities. The UFOs seen as blue and green lights instantaneously responded to the requests of me and my wife to pulsate, stop when moving, go into another direction. Any idea which group of ETs would be coming around Cappadocia or maybe they were an inner Earth group?
SP: Right
RB: Thank you, and that’s from Hakun.
SP: Okay, thank you for writing in. Remember that all alien craft when visiting the Earth pulse themselves with infrared light simply because we can’t see in infrared so that immediately tells you that they don’t want to be seen so when they come off that cloaking device and allow themselves to be seen they are doing it deliberately. They want to be seen. Now the capability of these aliens is quite beyond anything that science fiction book perhaps can put forward is that they can connect with your mind and so when people actually ask to be given a sign or show yourself, you know, if you are real show me and invariably, maybe seven times out of ten that’s exactly what happens, a flying craft appears, does a few jigs in the sky and then disappears again. That is deliberately designed to show you that they have answered your, not your prayer, but they have answered your request. You ask me what group they are. I’d have to have a photograph of you because in most cases the group that shows itself is aligned to the soul that’s in your body so if you were Pleiadian then we would assume that a Pleiadian craft has come to you, but I can’t tell you that without looking at a picture of yourself. All different groups would be traveling in the airwaves above the Earth. You can’t say that one particular group is dominant over another in space. What we can say is there are certain areas of the Earth that are very sacred or have portals and so one group would tend to use that area more, but if you were of a different soul group to that alien group or they wouldn’t necessarily show themselves to you, so we can’t say that that is the group that solely occupies the airspace. What we can say is that particular group chose to show itself to you probably because there is some connection to you. I’m really delighted that that’s happened. The sad thing is a number of people see these things and they shake their head, they walk away, and they convince themselves they have seen a piece of space debris. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear and you are open hearted you will actually see it and understand it for what it was and you did and you are part of it as well. That’s excellent news and it means how that you will be on the lookout for them and you will start to see others. Remember they move in a specific way and they don’t move in a straight line. They have this strange dipping wobbling motion. Thank you, well done.
RB: Okay thank you. This next question is from Jenny. It’s quite long but it’s all part of one question. My son grew up and joined the army and served for four years. He had every immunization known in the army. He is now at university and they have detected dyslexia as an adult. I am a teacher and never picked it up growing up nor did any of his teachers. In fact he did well at school. Apparently according to the university he is high in all areas except reading comprehension. It takes him longer to process the information. Do you think the immunizations had something to do with the dyslexia developing at a later age of twenty-seven? Could this be deliberate like your experience so that soldiers can’t be brainwashed?
SP: I’m not sure about the last part of that. Soldiers can be brainwashed in my experience. There are cases where a human male, particularly a male more so than a female can actually develop dyslexia at a point approaching thirty years of age. How old did she say he was?
RB: Twenty-seven.
SP: Right, that’s significant and probably had nothing to do with the immunizations at all. What can often happen is a rootway or pathways in the brain which have been operating what we might call normally can just shut down because other areas of the brain are being activated. The system looks on dyslexia and many other forms as a disability and something that is bad or something that is wrong and those parents or carers or friends of people who have a whole range of these disabilities know that actually although it’s a disability because the 3rd dimensional planet that we are on doesn’t cater to those people, doesn’t recognize the brilliance perhaps that exists behind the cover and just engages with the obvious physical problems or engages with the obvious mental problems. There’s no real work perhaps to understand what is hidden or contained within, so even a doctor, an official pharmaceutical doctor couldn’t actually put his or her hand on their heart and say oh yes this is because of that injection. Many things can come from these inoculations but I have heard of other people who have not had the full range of inoculations. I have heard of them at the age of thirty, two other cases actually, where it happened and in one case it was a car crash. I don’t mean a sudden death experience. It was a bit of a shock and something else, something else happened but sometimes an area of the brain can be switched off and another area comes on, and although with dyslexia there appears to be a drawback in some ways but it can be an advantage in others, so I just don’t know is the answer because I don’t know the case and I haven’t had the chance of meeting you so that’s my best answer but thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. This question is from Jude. He says when a person passes over and they have left a digital recording of their voice on video, on film, when those mediums are played does this entrap the soul to the earth plane?
SP: No. When you say left a recording I presume you don’t mean they pass on and then they manage to send a recording?
RB: No before or like on a phone message.
SP: No not at all. Remember that anything like that is done with the vocal cords and that’s 3D and when, you know, you pass, when your physical body dies, it is the soul which is in energy form that travels. The soul should not be connected or drawn to any physical matter. Now I know sometimes that occurs; we can call a ghost who has a very strong connection to a piece of furniture in a house or a strong connection to a person or a pet and they cannot pass because they just can’t bring themselves to leave that object behind them and that is what we call an entrapped spirit or soul, but because you leave a recording, no. Thank about all the actors and actresses who have done films on Hollywood and, you know, they sing or they dance and they talk. I mean, you know, you would have absolutely countless millions of people who would be trapped like that. No the physical has no hold over the energetical, so please have no concerns about that.
RB: This is a bit like in some times people thought that if they had their photograph taken that their soul…
SP: Yes.
RB: …would be, that they would lose a piece of their soul.
SP: Yes because it’s technology which appears to capture either a sound or an image of that person and they think that a piece of that person is therefore held back and that’s not the case because as I’ve said what physically stays here, stays here. Remember your physical body stays here and it’s either burned or buried depending and the soul goes off so no it has no concern.
RB: Okay thank you. This next question is from Nick. Simon the person who goes under the alias of Cobra or Cobra has been quite prevalent in recent times. Cobra speaks of the chimera group and how they are one of the main reasons this planet isn’t freed yet. According to Cobra the chimera group is at the top of the totem pole on the controlling side and consists of certain hybrid bloodlines incarnated into human bodies. Also said is that this group has defensive mechanisms consisting of toplet bombs to prevent the liberation of this planet. Can you please comment on this information circulating the Internet?
SP: No I have no knowledge on that at all. I remember someone a while back talking about toplet bombs. I thought they were sweet until someone explained to me it was not sweet or candy as we would say in America. There are sometimes a different name or group that comes around. Someone might say have you heard of this group, and I will say never heard of that and then they show me a drawing or picture and I’d say oh I know that, that’s this thing. All I would say is that if you were to take as many genuine true abductees and contactees and you can do that by buying some decent books that are out there by going online. The enemy, if I can use that word, is repeatedly the same thing coming back. It’s the Reptilian or it’s the Grey. These are the groups that are, the Greys are the ones in your face and the Reptilians are generally the ones that are in the background. These are the ones who have a lot to answer for and have held back humanity. There are a number of other groups that have played their part… oh look at that two cats waking up, so that’s Ingmar, the tabby cat who has just got up. Ingmar is Norwegian and means famous [1:04:56][unintelligible] and the white cat is [Snustianna] (Snø stjerne) which means snow star in English both Norwegians and they are related. I know they don’t look related but that’s uncle and nephew, so uncle is Ingmar the tabby, and [Snustianna] (Snø stjerne), the white cat is the nephew. That’s why they will be together like that because they are related even though sometimes they have a fight but at the moment they are obviously very happy. Yeah I don’t, I try not to but that’s one of the things I always try not to comment about individuals and I again try to say look my information may well agree with many others but in other people’s places it won’t agree and I’m not here to say my rule is law and what I say is right and everyone’s wrong. I have never ever once said that. You know my point is that I can give from the experiences I’ve had and the knowledge that I have and there other groups that I’ve never met. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. All I’m saying I think in this case is that I have never heard of toplet bombs outside of this particular point, and these individuals I have never personally come across and I think the number of people who have is quite small. It does not mean that they are not real and active. It means that they are either incredibly clever and they are puppet masters and they are behind the scenes and no one’s really seen them or they are not as prevalent; they don’t play such a big role. My money, if we can use that word, because we are in the 3rd dimensional planet, my money is on the Reptilians being the ones in control on a managerial day-to-day level and then you’ve got the Greys carrying out their instructions, you have the hybridized forms of Illuminati who are the semi-human group who are controlling the planet from the financial side of it, and then you have AI above all of them trying to infect everybody, so that’s the hierarchy that I have spent most of my life trying to look and understand, I try to talk and warn people about. I think we’ve got time for one more question and then we’ve done our hour.
RB: Yeah and this question… there are a few parts but it all ties into a lot of the topics we’ve talked today so it’s almost like a summary of the day.
SP: Okay.
RB: So this is from Sharon from New Zealand. Hi Simon, thank you for being you; you are valuable to humanity. My question is can you tell the actual state of the planet as there are many who think it is fine but we are still getting chemtrails, we still have psychopaths in control acting like children playing war games, and now this 5G high-tech frequency network going in all over the planet. Many say it is going to be very harmful to humans, to our energy fields. Please can you elaborate on these issues?
STARTSP: Yes you’re right it does go back to the thread running through this and many others. We’re not out of the woods yet, and we have a long way to go but at least we can see the sun, the dawn rising. I think that’s the best way to put it. People who have been in control and know no different than control and have not chosen to cross the tracks and to join humanity, they’re terrified because they have no concept of doing or being anything other than what they have been for the last few thousand years. So what can they do in their mind than to fight, to fight and die because they have no I view. I mean you know people will know my point on Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler didn’t die in the bunker at all but made his escape to Argentina but the popular notion was that he stuck his claws or fingers into the desktop table and fought to the bitter end, and that’s because that’s the way we tend to see the world and there are a number of people who are very primitive in their understandings and that’s how they are behaving. That’s why people who are more open minded are saying we’ve got to try and forgive people or give them a chance because if you don’t do that then you are just basically telling them you must…we will just fight to the end because there’s no salvation here, so that was a really good question and deserved a reasonably long answer, so thank you for that. So we have reached the end of another hour. It does seem to go by very quickly. I used to do the two hours but don’t forget I do the Ted Mahr show which is, I know some of you are finding it a little bit difficult to find but it does go on through the site and you can actually find that. So I’m going to leave you now and say goodbye and goodbye from Snustanna, the white cat and goodbye from Ingmar, the tabby cat. They seem to be so relaxed and happy. You know you look at their lives and you think wow I would like to be like that, but then would I because they don’t know about the Illuminati, they don’t know about Reptilians or maybe they do actually, but they don’t know about the trials and tribulations and decisions and the fights that we all have to go through everyday. So what would you rather be? Would you rather be a person who is awake and aware or would you rather be a cat? I guess as we reach retirement age we would probably rather be a cat, so listen God bless to you all and keep you posted as best as I can. See you soon, bye-bye.
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