15 June 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

Out of This World — Simon Parkes

With Ted Mahr
Out of this World Radio

Meeting between U.S. and North Korea takes place with an agreement; Bilderbergers invite Vatican rep to discuss people control issues; unofficial news that some people are being told not to leave U.S. because of possible upcoming indictments; President Trump is not playing ball with European elite, trade war still on; if there are future natural disasters they will probably be localized; control system is breaking down partly due to increased frequency on Earth; mainstream media is beginning to report pedophile arrests; comments on Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon; was lack of rescue effort of capsized Sewol Ferry a deliberate student sacrifice by a religious cult; suicide or not of Anthony Bourdain; Kennedy family targeted because their goal was to color outside the establishment box; did Hillary Clinton want NY Senate seat badly enough to cause mysterious demise of J.F.K. Junior, many think so; might see a return to spiritual values of Christmas this year; some historical truths won’t come out until people involved have left office.

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15 June 2018 – Out of This World — Simon Parkes

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