17 June 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Bilderbergers call in Vatican to debate dealing with humanity waking up; U.S. federal judges will be sworn in during August and civilian lawyers are being drafted to give balance between civil and military side of court system; purpose of Trump’s trade war with Europe is to attack cabal; China, Korea, Trump, and negotiations; because of Tommy Robinson’s shady past Simon suggests instead checking out and supporting Sacha Stone’s work on pedophilia; Questions: is the false light trap still operating; will all living creatures get upgraded and humans become telepathic in 5D; Mandela effect; what was taken out by air strike on Al Kibar; request shows with specialized topics; thoughts on Urantia Book; Fairex barter status; will disclosure happen; can one be invisible to other dimensional entities; energy wave hitting Earth weaker than expected; effects of currency reset; 4D timelines not same as 3D linear timelines; intent of crisscross chemtrails is entrapment of energies.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness with me, Simon Parkes. Today is the 15th, but this is going out on the 17th, so we are recording it; hopefully there won’t be too many interesting events between now and the 17th. As you can see the white cat has positioned himself and no I don’t run around five minutes before we go live and put cats everywhere. They just seem to know, so the white cat is there very quietly having a sleep and no doubt there will be a changing of the guard. One will jump down and one will take its place. So what I want to do is do our usual look at the world and then see what major issues there are. It didn’t hit the news quite as much as it has done in the past but the Bilderbergers of course were meeting in Italy. I honestly thought that Henry Kissinger was dead. It’s amazing, I mean if only everyone could live like that in terms of their age, so Henry Kissinger was chairing the meeting and there were a number of topics apparently on the header and one of them was the, well it was about losing control, losing control of the world and humanity on that. That was a very interesting topic and for the first time to my knowledge the Vatican had send a representative. I don’t know the person’s name but I understand it was a Cardinal and because it was about the humanity, the control, the rebellion against the elite, the Vatican had been asked to send a representative to give their point of view, so that’s very, very interesting because usually the Bilderberger Group will just talk about profits and money and this company and that company and what pressures they are going to use to put on their politicians and you know move stuff around, but this time it was very much we have a serious issue which will impact on our money, how are we going to deal with this, so that’s very heartening that the situation has got to such a point now that the Vatican has been pulled in and they’re having a debate.
The other point really I want to talk about what is obviously the situation in America. Generally in America and Britain during the summer holidays, that’s August, the political system closes down so that people can go and have their vacations, but interestingly this time the White House has authorized a skeleton staff working through the holiday period. That’s because some of these key judges are going to be sworn in during the month of August or at least get into position in August. These are federal judges; these are the top judges. People have been asking well why doesn’t Trump open these thirty-odd thousand indictments, and this is what he is waiting for I believe. He is waiting to have the top judges in position because once that starts then clearly there will be lots of challenges on the legal front. More people have been recruited to sift through paperwork. More people have been recruited to advise on the civilian law. Remember that some of these courts may operate in a semi-military fashion and so they’re going to have to swing between the civil side and the military side and so a lot of civilian professional lawyers are going to have to be drafted and to give balance to what cannot just be a purely military setting. And that’s again very heartening that people are being recruited for that post.
We often talk about the European Union and how Great Britain sort of voted to leave, to have the Brexit and how it’s really touch and go with Italy to a lesser extent with France and Greece and in a conversation with the Italian president, I’ve had two versions given to me, but in terms of the president of Italy who was saying to, you know, to President Trump I think that we will have a real problem with China because China is going to be dominating the world obviously in the next sort of fifteen or so months and Trump turned around and I have two versions, one version is well Europe is worse than China and the other version I’ve got is Europe is more evil than China and this was in relation to trade wars. Don’t for one minute think that President Trump is producing a trade war with Europe because he just wants to defend American interests. He is actually doing it because he wants to attack the cabal who are very heavily dug in in many countries in Europe and of course that’s going to really hurt their profits and so this is why certain people have been saying to Trump look, you know, let’s all make friends and let’s have the Chinese as our number one enemy. Trump’s not going down that road and that’s quite interesting.
We will go on now with China but we will move slowly to Korea because Korea and China are very closely linked, and on my website I had said that, you know, when Trump had met the leader of the North and they’d reached some form of agreement that that wasn’t a huge surprise to me. If you look back to some of the other radio shows or posts on my website in November of last year I was basically saying that this is where we would get to. It’s worth quickly looking at this. The established media were totally back-footed because they weren’t receiving any information from the president. Trump was deliberately not feeding them information. Had it been Obama or Clinton of course the media would have been sitting around the day before and been told stories and working it all out, but Trump’s not like that. That’s why he uses Twitter because he likes to circumvent the established media. And so when large numbers of foreign troops, Chinese troops were placed along the border with North Korea, then the established media suddenly thought that this was because there was going to be a war between South Korea with American support and North Korea and the Chinese troops were going to come in and fight with the North against America, and that was the line they were running and as usual that made it through to the Internet and social media and that was the story, and I’d actually put out in late November that that had nothing to do with that so whatever. The Chinese troops were there to prevent the leadership of the North escaping because China had finally had enough of Korea and agreed with America that America could attack the North. That wasn’t in any of the news but that’s exactly what happened and that’s what brought the leader of the North to the negotiation table because the Chinese had finally turned around and said we are not having anything more to do with you; America is going to attack you, and in fact I did put on my website that Trump had given the authorization to his military to attack and that was made known and that’s why we have this situation where the first stage of the signing of a denuclearization is taking place. It should be no surprise to anyone. Well it’s a surprise to those who read the major newspapers but for those who listen to alternative news, particularly looking at the website and listening to these regular updates, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. There was never going to be a Third World War. It’s not going to happen. It’s not doom and gloom. This is something that could potentially end up with President Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Now wouldn’t that be interesting. People like Clinton, Obama, all of those presidents who never got any sort of agreement between North Korea, South Korea and the world, and it looks, we can’t be a hundred percent, but it looks like Trump might have pulled this off. Now if he has he will be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. All the people who hate Trump for a political point of view, I don’t mind people having a problem on, you know, his personal side but from the political standpoint and the way he’s conducted America it’s been actually pretty good, so that’s one, I wanted to talk about that.
The other thing I want to talk about is all this business going on with Tommy Robinson. A number of people have messaged me asking me what my stance is, what do I think. Other people are coming out in favor of Tommy Robinson. A number of very high-profile members of the alternative media are doing that and they are doing it because they see that Tommy Robinson is exposing pedophilia. That’s true but there are certain points I want to make. First of all the pedophilia that Tommy Robinson is exposing or trying to expose is not cabalistic control. It’s not the elite; it’s not the Free Masons; it’s not the Satanic. There is a group of Muslim people doing what happens all over the world regardless of the race of that group there are people who do it who are not part of a huge syndicate. They may be part of a group or an organization but they are not trafficking people all over the world using corporations and well-known names. Now that’s the one point. But the second point is that people are jumping on this bandwagon and not actually looking at the man so I want to tell you a little bit about Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson has several names. Usually when you are running away from the police you tend to have lots of different names. He wasn’t born Tommy Robinson. He was born Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. He also has another name which was Andrew McMaster, and another name which is Paul Harris. In 2005, I’ll just call him Tommy Robinson but that’s not the name he appears on in court. In court he’s called by his real name, but we’ll call him Tommy Robinson. In 2005 he attacked his girlfriend. He punched and kicked her, violently assaulted her and her name was Jenna Vowles. It was such a vicious attack that neighbors called the police. The first police officer on the scene tried to get between Tommy Robinson and Jenna and he was punched and kicked by Tommy Robinson. He was finally arrested and charged and sentenced to twelve months in prison for assaulting his girlfriend and three months for assaulting a police officer. So that’s the first thing, this man beats females so before you stand and start supporting him I want you to think very, very carefully about that and this is all in the public domain. You can go and find this it’s regularly there. Did you know that Tommy Robinson was also a member of the British National Party which is a, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a far right extremist party. He was also a member of the Hooligan, the Football Hooligan of the Luton Town Football Club. He’s known by many police forces in this country, Great Britain, and on the continent and in Europe. Europol apparently is also aware of him. Europol is the replacement to Interpol. He founded the or part-founded the English Defence League, the EDL, and this is again on the far right extremist group. Now whether we are bothered about his politics, whether he is incredibly communist and left wing or incredibly right wing and fascist maybe that actually isn’t important and maybe the fact that he was trying to out pedophiles or alleged pedophiles, maybe that also isn’t important in the sense that it doesn’t matter whether it is cabalistic or not. Maybe we just do it anyway because it is wrong. That, I can all accept that, okay. What I can’t accept is the manner in which he did it. You don’t stand on the court steps while the defendants and witnesses are going up the steps to go into court to testify and you are trying to ask them questions about that case. That’s called contempt of court and that is why he went to prison because he was acting in a way that could have jeopardized that court case. Even if you are not bothered about that what you surely will be bothered about is the fact that he was punching and kicking his girlfriend, because no matter how much a domestic argument may get into we should never use physical violence against a female. We should never do it. You can use physical violence against a male in a domestic but 99 percent of the time I guess it’s the woman who gets beat up on and so regardless of whatever else he may have had whatever high ideals he thought as he stood on the steps of the court and he was asking people, he did serve a twelve-month prison sentence for physical assault, so I sent a message to all my coordinators that we are not associating ourselves with Tommy Robinson. We don’t want any part of that. We want no part of that sort of thing. I strongly suggest people who are interested in combatting pedophilia combatting child trafficking, if you look on my website you will see a special section there which you can click on which will take you to some wonderful videos created by Sacha Stone who had some high-ranking whistleblowers and people with a great deal of legal expertise sit for a number of hours calling witnesses and this is all on the alternative media, the official media so far refusing to run with it, what a surprise, but there are some incredibly weighty individuals who have held very well high office who are giving testimonies. Now this I think might well be something that, from a British point of view, cracks the door open and begins to get justice for what has been going on so rather than waste your time with a wife beater or a girlfriend hitter, why don’t you check the website out, look at Sacha Stone’s stuff, many hours of incredibly vital figures there and get involved in that so that’s what I really wanted to say on that. So with that we shall ask Becky to start with the first question please.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay thanks, just to say that Sacha’s, the group that he has formed is the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) and also Ronald Bernard, the Ex Illuminati Banker. He’s given a very moving testimony as well so it’s really well worth checking out.
SP: Right so did Sacha interview him then?
RB: It was part of the people giving a testimony to the whole board.
SP: Right, so that’s quite useful then because I had forgotten that if I ever knew that one so that’s the level that which Sacha has been able to bring people over to testify, so if you have an interest in how the world elite control and part of that Satanic control is child trafficking, then spend a few hours listening to the videos over the next week or so. All right, thanks Becky.
RB: Okay, thanks. Right the first question today is from Jen, who asks, who says, Dear Simon, first of all I want to thank you for your dedicated work to end our enslavement. My question is does the false tunnel of light still exist or has it been destroyed (for lack of better words). Are humans still entrapped in the false light? Thank you and God bless you, Jen from Germany.
SP: Well thank you Jen, thank you. The device or the concept of false light is not human designed so there isn’t a cabalistic group on the planet who can throw a switch to turn it off and when human consciousness increases enough to start to put these fraudsters on trial, there still won’t be enough because there isn’t anybody here who controls that. There are two ways, so it’s still operating. There are only two ways that this can be done. The first is from an external intervention and the little I understand about it is that the devices that control us are off planet. They are in the solar system but I couldn’t tell you exactly which planets or moons they are based on, and there are two off planet groups who had an interest in taking it down but frankly didn’t have the technology at their level to do so, which implies that whoever put it up and it was a long time ago had quite a high tech level. So, the only way this is going to happen is if a group or groups who are affiliated come together and decide that they are going to take or tackle this head on, do it, but I’ve also been told that they are only going to do that when humanity shows that it’s worthy. There’s a problem here because who is right to say, you know, I won’t help you unless you are worthy, and you know, you show me you are worthy and then I will help you. That’s not unconditional love is it. I think what they are saying is if we release you from this trap your development will skyrocket, and unless you are capable of managing and controlling your own affairs we are not really happy to put you in a position where in a 150–200 years you will have outstripped some of the lesser ET races technologically so there is that debate to be had. The other debate is when humankind naturally evolves into the 5th dimension then we circumvent the trap anyway because of the way that the planet is also evolving, so there are the two roots. So the answer is unfortunately it is still very much alive, still operating, thank you for your question.
RB: Okay, thanks. This next question is a series of questions by Benjamin. I think, having read it through, I’ll read it all out and then we will take each one at a time.
SP: Okay, thank you.
RB: Okay Benjamin says I have a question about the event. Will every living creature in nature be upgraded? What will life be like for them or will it be like nothing has changed? Are humans meant to become telepathic?
SP: Can I just take that first question?
RB: Okay.
SP: …because I can’t, it’s very complicated. I do have some doubt here. I think only the creator fully understands it and the planet Earth. I’ve got some handle on it but I don’t think it’s a hundred percent. In fact I’m sure it’s not a hundred percent. Humans have a consciousness in a way that no other animal on the planet does. There are some that come close but humans have a consciousness that no other animal has, so humans are the animal of choice. They’re the ones that matter in terms of the development and the choice of that. However, there are other animals and plants that operate within their own confines and the more primitive the organism the narrower its confines, but if it operates within the confines one has to ask does it have choice? Does a plant have choice? See humans have a great deal of choice within the confines; the confines are wider. My cat sitting on the table, he has a choice but is that choice completely controlled by nature or nurture. Is it his primitive instincts or does he actually have free will? So my understanding is that humans will be the ones who move forward but the world that they take with them will be the world that the exist in, so almost like a replica, a replication, so you can’t just go from the world we have, a three dimensional world onto a world that is totally different, because a fifth dimensional being still has a physical world. You know those people who truthfully have met with Pleiadians you know that they are fifth dimensional, they’re flesh and blood, you know, they fly spacecraft that you can tap your hand against. They have home worlds which have rocks and vegetation and planet life and so it is very, very, very, it’s solid. It’s real. It’s not an energy world but having said that there are a number of aliens that I’ve spoken to that don’t have cats and dogs. They don’t have pets. They have no concept of them. They absolutely have no concept of a cat, a dog, a horse, and they will often say unless they have been schooled before they come here well what is the use of this creature? What does it do? We don’t understand what it does. And when you say well, you know, it’s a companion, you know, I love it, and they just don’t really understand that so there are some worlds where they are no animals in the sense that we have an understanding of them, so I think what will happen is that a group of people, I can’t tell you how many, are going to go to the fifth dimension, pass through the fourth quickly through and they will take with them what is their world, and when they arrive at where they are meant to arrive they will replicate that world but within completely different energy settings, so there are those souls who have incarnated in whales, dolphins, lions, tigers, bears, horses. I see no reason why they can’t also come through. Thank you for your question on that one.
RB: Okay, so are humans meant to become telepathic? Will it be easier to talk to nature and animals?
SP: That’s a good way of, a different way of looking at it. You know, even professional doctors, medical doctors will tell you that they’re still baffled as to why so much of the brain doesn’t seem to do anything. They check the, I presume the electric currents running through the brain and they say well it doesn’t do anything. It’s dead. Anyone who believes in Charles Darwin, thinks about the survival of the ’50s why would a whole host of billions of people carry around in their heads something that doesn’t do anything. How is that profitable for evolution? So what that tells us is that something has been switched off. What it tells us is we are carrying around with us the second engine so when the first engine is no longer capable of taking us up the mountain to the fifth dimension we can switch on the second engine. We can activate that part of us that we have for thousands and thousands of years carried around and not done anything with it. Yes it’s not just telepathy; it will be telekinesis. It will be a whole range of things. You’ll have our own personal internet; it will be the death of the corporation that runs the internet because when you want to know how to make a nice cake you won’t have to go and find a recipe. You will actually be able to communicate with somebody who you know is good at making cakes, your own personal internet. That is the fantastic thing about being a human, and it can’t come soon enough can it, thank you next question.
RB: Okay, I guess you answered this. Will we be able to talk to our pets because I have a dog I share a very close bond to him and it would be great to have a chat or will it be more on a cell level of interaction?
SP: Right, okay, I think people can already do that. I think you already have a soul connection with your animals and you can talk to them. I think what the questioner is asking is a deeper understanding. I’m not convinced that a cat or a dog that comes through with us would be able to be telepathic in transmission but I am convinced it could receive messages. So you would be in one room and you could telepathically think of a Fido and Fido will come through, but Fido won’t be able to send you a message saying hurry up and feed me; Fido will still bark. Remember that in the fifth dimension the vocal cords of Pleiadians are still active. Many people talk about the telepathic communications from the Pleiadians or Arcturians or Andromedans but for many of them the vocal cords are still there. In others the vocal cords have gone but they’ve had millions of years being in the fifth dimension and not using their vocal cords. Now we go straight, relatively so, straight from the third through in those that make it through their vocal cords aren’t going to wither away. They’ll still be there, and when you have children in many cases their vocal cords will replicate but over a period of time when we stop using vocal communication then they’ll just naturally wither away. That’s the point about the brain. Why hasn’t the areas of the brain just completely disappeared. It’s that they are not active because they’ve been shut down. Now when we make that transition they are the very parts that will activate to give us those capabilities.
RB: What about the connecting to activate parts of our DNA that is supposedly junk DNA?
SP: Right the term junk DNA was the term given because genuinely they didn’t know what the heck to do with it. B, they did want intelligent people looking at it through an electro microscopes or doing mathematical understandings of it because the fear was that they would then come up with an idea that actually junk DNA wasn’t junk at all. That’s the clever word isn’t it, junk, like junk food. It’s literally about material that is waiting to connect. This is part of the connection. It is what we are waiting for, yes. It is part of the reconnection. Connecting up your strands of DNA are the most important thing for evolution of the individual and that junk DNA as they call it when that starts to reform as it will do, reconnect, then that is the bridge being built between the two sides of the river, thanks.
RB: Okay thank you. Moony asks, well she says bonjour Simon and merci, what do you think is the cause of the Mandela Effect. Only a few percentage of the people notice the small differences. Is it the same percentage that the people who are awake? Do these people go into another dimension so they note the differences?
SP: Right I believe the Mandela Effect is true. No not all people who are awake and aware are capable of that because it’s a specific element of energy that occurs in a specific field, and only if you as an individual have come into contact with that through anytime in your life through your timestream would you be awake to it, so just because you have no concept of that. You know about it. You’ve read about it. You talk to people but you’ve never experienced it yourself. That doesn’t make you any less aware than anyone else because there’ll be things that you know and you understand that someone who’s Mandela Effect savvy hasn’t a clue on. The Mandela Effect could possibly be, and I haven’t come to a conclusion on it, it could possibly be artificially created. Over the last few years, forty years, humans playing around with back engineered technology have made a number of holes in time, connected up time incorrectly, made it very difficult now in a standard primitive travel time device, made it very difficult to move through certain phases of time because of all the holes that have been created which can, you drop through one and you can come out somewhere else. So the Mandela Effect could possibly be something that is unintentionally being created because of all these mistakes that have been occurring ever since the mid-forties when a form of time travel was hit upon through Tesla technology or reinvented through Tesla technology. Now the other thing, the other possibility which the New Age particularly likes is it’s an evolving thing you know as people are sending and devolving about other people they are catching up. You ever think of time as a figure of eight or an elliptical then they are somehow picking up on that. That’s also a possibility, but at the moment I’m favoring some form of mistake that’s occurring. We’ve had some fun conversations around products of Tate & Lyle. I absolutely one hundred percent remember that as a five-, six-, seven-, eight-, nine-, ten-year-old child being at my grandparents and taking down a tin of Tate & Lyle’s Syrup, a big green tin with gold writing on it in about two or three different sides. It was very hard to pry the lid off. I can’t see Tate & Lyle anywhere now. It doesn’t say that. It says something completely different on the front. It doesn’t say Tate & Lyle’s Golden Syrup and I’ve gone and looked on videos, old adverts. I’ve looked at things in old cupboards, you know, storehouses and things like that and it never says Tate & Lyle, so you would think on that okay, well I’m obviously wrong. I’ve got that wrong but I don’t believe I have and there are so many other people that say I’m absolutely convinced that Mandela died. I’m absolutely convinced of X, Y, and Z, and the reality is that if time is changed it works not linearly but in the figure of eight or this elliptical and it will actually recreate physical things. That’s what’s so hard to grasp. You know if I have a tin that says Tate & Lyle in 1970 and I put it in a cupboard and I leave it there and I come back today I would expect it to say Tate & Lyle, but it won’t because if I’m right and if that’s what’s occurred then the time has actually meant that that never happened. It never happened. It was never Tate & Lyle. It was something else and so there are many Hollywood films that play on this going back in time and altering time and that’s why I think there’s a real possibility that all the fooling around with projects, particularly in America but not exclusively so have affected time, so long answer but it’s an interesting and exciting one, thank you.
RB: I think it’s now just Lyle’s Golden Syrup or something.
SP: Yeah it just says Lyle’s Golden Syrup.
RB: Yeah.
SP: Yeah and I’m absolutely convinced that it was Tate and Lyle but I can’t find anything that says Tate and Lyle. It all says Lyle but that’s because it’s been altered, whether it’s celluloid film, whether it’s the physical reality, whether it’s a photograph. The only thing that time can’t change is your memory because if your DNA memory sees something and you lock it on and you have that the physical world around you changes but you don’t change with that timestream. You stay in your own timestream but when you put your hand out of that timestream that has been affected by the new time and so that’s what my feeling is the way it’s gone there. Now it could be used as a weapon. It’s not been weaponized because it’s not controllable really. It affects the whole world. It’s a bit like AIDS. AIDS was a weapon and was designed as we all know to attack Africans, black people, but it made its way out of there and into Europe, so these people, these bad people are learning that when you create something it often comes back to bite you, thank you.
RB: Okay, thank you. Norman asks on September 6th, 2007 Israel executed a midnight air strike on the Al Kibar facility near Deir al-Zor in Eastern Syria. They claimed it was a nuclear reactor about to go live. Investigations came to the conclusion that this is not possible. What was really in the building?
SP: I agree. There wasn’t a nuclear reactor there at all. They were using cover at the same time America was launching cruise missiles attacks and it was used as a cover. The Israelis, one arm of the Israelis, we should be quite accurate here will use international tensions to launch an attack and they hope it doesn’t make the media. The attack in that case was not a nuclear reactor but was literally about some of the elements that were stored in there which could have been a direct threat to Israel. I’m not standing up for anyone I’m just saying the way they looked at it. They looked at the records that were kept there and some of the technologies that were being worked up and some of the individuals who were being held there could have been a threat to them and so that’s why they took it out. They confirmed that it wasn’t a nuclear reactor so yes there was some skulduggery going on.
RB: Okay, thanks. Tobias says hi Simon, would you be open to shows with a specialized topic? For example you mentioned several times you explained techniques for psychic protections. Other ideas could include a show about meditation, kundalini and the Merkabah. Please ask the audience if they would also like such a kind of topic band of shows. Thank you for considering.
SP: Thank you I wouldn’t do a kundalini one because that can backfire and be quite dangerous. That’s very cabalistic. This year we’re going to have a very big meeting in London for the Connecting Consciousness group in London and indeed anyone in Britain or the world can come to that and we will be looking at boring stuff like processes, you know introducing new coordinators, the roles and how we’re doing it, but also it’s the establishment which is started now for a number of subgroups within Connecting Consciousness and one of them is J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter’s Defense Against the Dark Arts. I really love that and psychic defense and looking at a number of topics that we can actually teach and that group can then, you know, teach itself if it wants to go to other groups or it can work and meet on a regular basis. To place them out on the video for worldwide distribution wouldn’t be helpful because there are a certain number of well bad people who would see the techniques being taught and would then put into place counter operation. That’s how we are at the moment. I’m quite happy to talk to a group of people that I know and Connecting Consciousness and they can work with it and I of course at some point things leak out and you know these bad people do pick it up, but I’m not going to make their life any easier. I certainly think the meditation one is really good, but there are a number of topics which we could do, but I actually think there are probably in terms of meditation, there are probably people more suited than I, not qualified in terms of academia, but qualified in terms of capabilities to meditate than I am, but there’s no reason why I couldn’t facilitate that, give it the air time and work with that, so I think that’s really a good idea and probably I’d look at the backend of this year for, you know, autumn time because then I think we will have certain things in place and we would have more time to study that and make that go. That’s a great suggestion, and I think I’ll follow it, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. John who is an M.D. asks what are your thoughts on the Urantia Book?
SP: I know it’s always difficult when I get ask questions that seems to be such a hot topic with so many people, you know, those that are violently for it and violently against it and those that are not. I going to be quite quick here and say that many things carry truth but many of them don’t or at least they are mixed, and anything that is channeled I do have an issue with. I always have an issue with channeling unless I’ve met the channeler, the individual, and I personally then could be assured that, you know, that the control systems or the safety things were in place so what was channeling was right, but so many times where I’ve had people talk to me about their channeling experiences or they have written down books, when you look at some of the numerical sequences of the numerology coming through then it’s cabalistic. It’s Satanic, you know. Anything that repeats the numbers three or six, it’s not organic. It’s not pure love and truth. It is not of the Earth. The Earth was third dimensional and had nothing like Satanism. It didn’t have any of that. That was imposed on it and so when things are channeled in and they are of this fourth dimensional cabalistic material, then I’m very, very, very consciousness that that’s something I’m careful with, so I’m not going to say the Urantia Book is right or wrong. I’ll say it contains truths but I’m somewhat wary of the objective of it, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Eddie says Hi Simon, thank you so much for everything. What is the status of Fairex Barter System? It seems that the banking system just keeps on going. I’m hoping for a fairer alternative soon.
SP: Yes, aren’t we all. The banking system only suits those who created it in the first place. The banking system keeps going because a few small people are working overtime to maintain the system because they don’t have another system. I talk about 1929 Wall Street Crash. That was an artificial crash designed by them so they could strip companies, make a lot of money and so it goes on through history. Most of these crashes have been artificially created so that a small group of people can clean up afterward. The difficulty for these guys is that this potential crash which they put off and put off was not of their doing. That is why there isn’t a crash at the moment because they know it’s one they are not controlling so they couldn’t clean up. They couldn’t make a huge amount of profit out of it. They don’t want it to crash because they won’t make a killing financially on that. And also, because they don’t control that crash they don’t have a fallback position. And if they don’t have a fallback position they realize that the world that they have created, the world that they inhabit could disappear, not overnight but relatively quickly, so they’ve done everything they can. Now the question on Fairex was a difficult one, not difficult because I find it difficult to answer, but difficult because it’s a great shame. I’m sure many of you know I worked very closely with Win Keech and we’ve been on the Fairex program for three years, and it became very obvious that Win wasn’t capable of bringing in a serious funder. Yes people have donated for Fairex here, there, and you know, everywhere, but it was very small amounts of money and it would never launch the project and after nearly three years Win hadn’t brought in a single serious funder so I thought okay, it is his project but I can’t stand by any longer. I will go out and find a spiritual businessman who is prepared to get behind this and make this work because we owe it to the planet. We’ve got to do this and I did. I found a spiritual businessman and I said look it’s not my project but you know, I’ll act as the middleman and put you in touch with Win and this businessman paid for Win to fly out, he lived abroad in another country and he paid him to fly out twice and had a series of meetings and there were three technologies that Win and I had been interested in. They were Win’s technologies but he shared them with me and I very much understood how they worked, and this businessman offered to buy these three technologies and then distribute them to the world, which is what I wanted and I’m sure that’s what Win wanted, and that for me was what we needed so an amount of money changed hands. The spiritual businessman gave it to Win. Unfortunately the situation occurred that the spiritual businessman felt that he had been cheated, that he didn’t receive what he had paid for and went to the Supreme Court in his country to get judgment on it, and where we are at the moment is simply that these Fairex won’t take off because the spiritual businessman isn’t prepared to work with the project because he feels that he hasn’t got what he paid for. Now I have not been party to that. This is not my project. I’m party to it in the sense that I introduced the businessman to Win and I have had a conversation with the businessman obviously but I’ve not felt that the businessman was at fault and so as the result of that I haven’t spoken to Win now for maybe five months, six months, and it’s desperately, desperately sad because we need a form of barter trade that is not part of the Babylon control system. We need an alternative. Now maybe it’ll go down the road of crypto but we can’t use a cryptocurrency for barter trade if it’s controlled by the same people who control the money. If you’ve noticed a number of the elite like Musk and others have moved in to, I talk about mining, I’m talking about the coin mining, the data mining, the control of it, and so what we have are those elite people who have played the money game now moving to control the cryptocurrency game and you’ll see they’ll regulate it and regulate it and regulate it and in the end they will be the ones who want to control it. So it’s not actually the system that matters whether you call it barter trade or Fairex or cryptocurrency or pounds or dollars, that’s meaningless. It’s who is the top person controlling it because if it’s the same person you could be using eggshells. It doesn’t matter. If that’s what you are using, that’s the same person, you’ve got the same problem. So it’s about a completely different change of mindset and controllers. That is part of the evolution. It is part of the ascension. It’s part of humanity throwing off its chains. You know, the financial system is the greatest inhibitor of human consciousness, not for no reason do people like my mother who worked for MI5, not for any reason did she say money was the root of all evil meaning that it went straight back to Babylon and to [48:33?Mulek] and all the other control systems. So yeah it’s terribly sad and terribly disappointed. I wanted this to go ahead, absolutely wanted it, made no money out of it. I wasn’t in it for the money, was in it to actually push it out, get it out to the world. This spiritual businessman and Win didn’t come to an arrangement and as a result of that it is going nowhere, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Mia asks do you have a sense or new info as to when public disclosure about off planet beings might happen? If so how might humans be exposed to this knowledge and how many off planet races will be revealed, just one or many?
SP: Right thank you. It’s nice to get that topic back because we haven’t discussed that for a while and things have changed and moved. There have been numerous occasions where off planet entities have, positive entities have said to a few governments here you know you’ve got to come forward and you’ve got to tell the truth. And each time these governments have said yes, yes, we will we promise to. And then they have come back and said well it wasn’t okay. Now this happened and that happened and then you know, we’ve gone for a holiday and this, that, and the other. This group now of entities have come to the point where they have actually given an ultimatum to a number of individuals and basically said if you don’t do it we will. Now the elected President Trump has actually made it somewhat easier. President Trump could come out tomorrow and talk about disclosure, but what that would do would be to not to just take the spotlight off pedophilia, it would ruin it simply because that would be the big topic. That would be the law. Everything would be on that. I think we have to clean up the evil satanic influence on this planet and then I think it would be the right time to have disclosure. If you were a benign alien would you really want to come here and meet people if you knew they were still satanically controlled. You know how fake is this, to arrive at a government, talk to the government and know that there’s a world apart between the people you’ve met in this room and the millions and millions and millions of the citizens or the subjects and that the discussions you are having are totally in secret and if you were then to make them go public those citizens have not had any chance to accept or understand or be gently moved toward it and so beneficial aliens have always wanted the indigenous government to actually, over a period of time, make an announcement and officially move the populace toward that understanding in a supportive and structured way. Now that’s not happened. All they’ve done is do loads and loads of sci-fi films on YouTube, drip, drip, drip disclosure here and there and then the usual attack it market. The only way we are going to get it is when a president or somebody like that makes a big announcement and enough of the bad people have been told to shut up so that the truth can get out there. Will it be in our lifetime? Absolutely, yes it will. It’s just around the corner but there are other priorities that have to be dwelt with first, okay.
RB: Okay, thanks. I just skipped the next three questions because one was very, very similar about Win’s trade barter system.
SP: Okay, tell you what you can do then… [crosstalk] I’ll tell you what you can do, these are similar questions…
RB: Yes, but I’ve moved to good one, a new question.
SP: I understand that but what I’d like you to do is just read out the names of those people because otherwise they are going to feel cheated. Who are they?
RB: Okay, sure. Let me just go back.
SP: Because they didn’t know that someone else’s question was coming before them.
RB: Yes. Jared has asked about the…
SP: That’s okay just the names, just the names, just the names so Jared is one, yep.
RB: Elijah.
SP: Elijah, okay.
RB: …again a similar question and Claudia.
SP: Okay, fine.
RB: …has asked about…
SP: All right well so I’m afraid, thank you, I’m afraid that someone else pipped you to it but if you want to come back with other questions maybe you might be lucky, thank you Becky, thank you.
RB: Okay so moving on to Ellen who has asked a question to do with defense of the dark arts and psychic protection.
SP: Okay.
RB: Is it at all possible to be invisible to the fourth, fifth energies or entities that rule our lives. I’ve have often felt that I was lucky in the sense that I’m a so-called nobody and yet I feel like a master of some kind who is here to do something of value and that my coat of unimportance is my protection.
SP: Okay, don’t really use the word master in terms of it’s a magic name. If you say I’m a bit of an ascended angel I’m quite happy with that one. I think the issue we’ve got is that the difficulty of the control system as such, what was the person’s name again?
RB: Ellen.
SP: Right okay. Was it two questions or one question in that?
RB: Is it at all possible to be invisible to the fourth, fifth energies or entities?
SP: Right, often somebody will say to me, you know, I keep my head down. I’m invisible from the agencies or I’m invisible from this and there is a way of being off grid which makes you sort of not detectable, but there’s another which is much more interesting, which is the capability of raising your vibration frequency so the control mechanisms of the fourth dimension can’t actually hook onto you, so there’s a physical I’m invisible, semi-invisible to the establishment, although it can never be one hundred percent, but there’s the other one where you can spiritually evolve and psychically evolve so that the satanically operated fourth dimension traps or observational devices shall we say fail to detect you; they begin to malfunction so that is a much more interesting way and as those humans on the planet begin to start pushing out of the third dimension then the systems that have been put in place to track them or trace them will increasingly fail. If you are here to do some good then you have got to make sure you are protected one way or the other because as soon as you step out onto the freeway some bad guy will try and knock you down so you have to make sure you’ve got protection. It might be 3D protection like President Trump. He has his generals absolutely protecting him with the military or we could have somebody being protected from off planet or we could have somebody who has raised their vibration to such an extent that they are immune to most of what goes on. So, before anybody does anything and please, please, make a method to protect yourself, thank you.
RB: Okay, so she just finished up asking what might I have to offer in this context? According to my horoscope I could have become famous they say.
SP: Okay well, I mean, Picasso was famous, can’t really hold a painting up to protect ourselves. So what is fame, what is fame? Fame is your name in lights, living on, you know, the people who built the Great Pyramid, they could be famous but we don’t know who they are. Only you know what you are capable of. Only you know what you should be doing. Hopefully you know or have an idea why you came here. It’s not for others to say what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s for you to say this is what I want to do. It is for others to help you maybe to realize your potential. Sometimes it’s a physical method that needs to be, a barrier that needs to be removed or something like that. Sometimes it’s coaching skills or mentoring skills, but ultimately every individual on the planet, he or she must choose what they want to do and then set upon a course how to do that, thank you.
RB: Okay the hour is nearly up. Did you want…
SP: No we’re going to go on and do a bit more.
RB: Okay, Carlos asks Dear Simon, thanks for all your services and dedication. In one of your latest radio shows you announced that for the first days of March a kind of pulse was going to hit the Earth affecting AI and then a wave of energy coming from the sun was going to affect the Earth increasing the vibration of the Earth. What happened? I have not heard about this topic since you announced it.
SP: Well first of all you won’t hear about it from our shareholding TV stations and radio stations. The only time you hear about it is when something gets struck by lightning or a pulse of energy knocks out a transmitter and people can’t watch their favorite football program. There was energy but it was not at the strength that I had predicted. Many people had predicted this energy band but it is not at the strength that I hoped for, which means that we are obviously in for something else a lot heavier. I did a, not a phone around, but I did certainly a communication around to people and some people did detect a difference. Some people detected absolutely nothing but enough people at around about the same time did tell me that they felt something but it wasn’t the great earth shattering movement that I’d hoped for so I’m disappointed in that. Why I don’t know, but what I do know is that there are more to come, whether that was I’d misread it and it was always going to be at that level or maybe a consciousness much higher than mine decided that it wasn’t the right time and that what had been planned for had to be moved back. Whatever the case, there was a blast of energy. It was not enough to take out the systems. We will know it because the Internet will go down. Cellphones will go down for a period of time, not for days or weeks but there will be a very obvious effect. That didn’t happen and I know that the energy wasn’t at that level. I want this energy to come through because I see it as part of kickstarting the human race from one level to the next. Good question, thank you.
RB: Okay, thank you. Tim asks what does the world look like after a global currency reset? Who will need the most help and how can we help each other?
SP: Well people in India, you’d think the poor starving people with very little would need the most help. Actually they won’t simply because they have managed to get by on barter trade anyway. Large numbers of people in developing worlds who don’t have access to banks, don’t have bank accounts because the banks aren’t interested in people who earn just a few pennies a week. They don’t care about them, so they had to survive and they just do what they did in the medieval times or the primitive times. They barter and trade. It doesn’t mean I’ll give you a loaf of bread for a chicken. It might be I’ll till your land, or I’ll do this, I’ll look after your old sick mother or I’ll do this et cetera, et cetera, so in a currency reset actually to then it won’t be a huge difference. The difference will be in the automated, technical, mechanized western world which runs everything from the ability to access money. You know it’s been a number of years now where you daren’t step out of your door confidently unless you’ve got money. You daren’t and that’s the way you know even if you are going for a stroll in the park, you better take some money in case, you know, the kid sees an ice cream or a hamburger. You can’t go out without money. The control system is huge, and the only way it is going to be replaced is with a westernized reset. There might be an eastern reset because you might have China or Russia, et cetera, et cetera having one type of reset, the west having another, but President Trump is all out the window. We really don’t know now. I understand that the U.S. has managed to claw back enough gold to potentially launch a currency. Remember a few years back the only metal they had in any sizeable amount was silver. Well Trump and the generals have been working overtime to make maybe a combination of gold and silver, but that isn’t a barter trade system. That’s a reset. That’s an economic reset away from the Fed, away from that type of profiteering. That’s not what the questioner is asking. Really the questioner is asking about a break from that system. I’ve always felt that humanity had to transition gently from a cabalistic satanic controlled money to a true barter trade system. I don’t think you can go to bed Sunday night and then Monday morning wake up and do it. It has to be gradual. It may be cryptocurrency. It may be a decent form of intermediary exchange is what we have to do, but it’s about breaking the satanic control over it, very good question. What I’m going to do now. I’m going to read out my list of people who have been so kind to send me whatever they could and then I’ll take a couple more questions after that and then we’ll wrap it up. So I’ve got my list of people who have been so kind, Isabelle, Bernhard, Sheryl, A.J., Max, Sheena, Nathan, Sylvia, H.W.D., Maria, Kelley, Olaf, Keely, Alexandra, Eleanor, Thomas, David, Mr. Gorilla, Margaret, Janna, Adele, JoAnn, Lars, Rhoda, Frank, Lionel, Oliver, Rafael, Jeff, Terry, Oliver, Edalina I think, Brian, Darius, I hope I’ve got your name right Darius, Stefano, Megan, Steven, Elizabeth or Elizabetha, Pomar, Rudolph, Gary, Richie, Candice, and John. To all of you who have been so kind and have been able to send me whatever you could, thank you very much. It keeps me on the air doesn’t’ it. It keeps me going. It keeps me posting. It keeps me doing what I do, and thank you so much for your help. I do appreciate that. Okay two more questions maybe and then we’ll call it a day because the cat over there is going to want to be fed soon.
RB: Okay, [Mil la mo] asks a part of Cairo is called Old Babylon so what came first Osiris [1:05:03][crosstalk] or the Annunaki?
SP: Right a really good question. These names have been given to us in a historical context. You take a deck of cards. The first thing that a child might do once it’s learned to count is put them in order, the ace, the one the deuce, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and that’s how we understand time because that’s how we have been taught it. But we were talking earlier about how time is a figure of eight or an elliptical. If I take those cards and say okay that’s one way to order them and I shuffle the cards up and I put five next to three and then three next to nine and say actually that’s just as good order. Of course to a 3D controlled mind that’s nonsense. Might get a good code breaker out of that child by the end of it but they wouldn’t understand that. They wouldn’t see it as a system, and so we can’t just take a word. We can’t say [1:06:04][Mulek] or Babylon and assume that it falls into a time order. Satanic energy comes from the fourth dimension and it means that it moves within a, fourth dimension is a different set of time than we understand it and all it’s had to do was choose the elements it’s wanted from the fourth and impose them on the third and because the third is linear it’s very easy to say that’s on top of that, which is on top of that on top of that. In the higher dimensions that concept doesn’t work because you could come back and find yourself. Einstein’s wife who was the real brains behind it all of course. It wasn’t Einstein but you couldn’t have a woman having all the accolades. Einstein’s wife who assisted Einstein in a lot of his work I can’t remember if it was relativity or the special relativity. It might have just been relativity, talked about the concept you stand on a station and the train comes in around about the speed of light. What position would a person on the platform see the person on the train as it went past and if a person was on the platform what position would a number of people on the train actually be, would they view that person at the same place on the platform. In the 3D world when you come in on a train that person stands let’s say at gate 4 and everybody looks out the window. They will all see that person standing at gate 4, but if you were to come in at the speed of light and light is very important because it’s gravity and it’s time. If you came in on the speed of light or higher and everyone in the different compartments or coaches looked out the window. Would they actually see that person standing at gate 4? So there is a point here about manipulation. Is it easier to manipulate the third dimension and the human race than it is any other race or time zone because of our wedded belief in layered time, progressive time, A to Z. 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, et cetera, and so when you get a name it doesn’t mean because the history book said that Egypt was this period and Mesopotamia was that period and Sumeria was that period, names have been going for hundreds of thousands of years. Those fake gods or gods have been going a very long time, so it’s a very, very interesting question. No one’s asked me that before. You just have to ask yourself which feels right here, thank you. I’ll do one more question and then it’s time to feed the animals.
RB: Okay this question is actually the 100th question that has come in.
SP: Oh, wow that’s brilliant.
RB: And it’s by Carol Benning who says Dear Simon, what is the intent of the crisscrossing exhaust trails we all keep seeing in the skies over Britain? Is it a poison designed to come down with the rains and infect the population?
SP: No that was chemtrails generally, well not all of them, but many of them were filled with bacteria, some were viruses, but bacteria was their chosen one and they would put them in a type of gel so that the bacteria had a chance to live when it reached the Earth. Crisscrossing is very different and more and more people are seeing this crisscrossing and that’s simply because they have moved, started last year in earnest, moved to the crisscrossing and this is more to do with entrapment of energies than it is to disperse chemicals. Now we think about the Orion Cube, the Orion Box. We think about box-like shapes or circuit-type shapes. The crisscrossing is a mirroring of the crisscross energy web that exists as part of the entrapment system so we know we are dealing with a very base human low technology understanding. The crisscrossing is designed for twofold. One is to maintain the control over humans and I will go into more detail at another time. It’s also to do with the reflecting of the sun’s rays. The sun has changed its frequency and it’s part and parcel of the evolution of humanity. This crisscrossing is a failed attempt at preventing that human evolution so no the crisscrossing is not any extra chemicals or poisons for the humanity—he is getting up now he wants to be fed—but it is to do with the last desperate gasp of these very, very misguided people to try to hold human race down. So listen thank you ever so much and that is wonderful that that was the hundredth question. Now if it had been the sixty-sixth question or the six hundred and sixtieth question I would have put another one in to break that satanic number, but as it’s the hundredth question that’s a really nice round number, no squares in that nice zeros there. No doubt somebody will go and look on the numerology and give me a great tale of woe but to me a hundred seems good. If I could live to a hundred years old I would be really happy with that, so listen God bless to everybody. Thank you for listening and you know we will just keep going, keep fighting I’ll speak to you soon. Take care.
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