1 July 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions & Answers
Fulford and others are saying a nuclear explosion might be set off in the U.S., and Simon acknowledges it’s possible but has no solid information on this event; U.S. and Russia meet to discuss joint ventures economically and militarily; Trump/Putin meeting receiving very little press; Dunford/Gerasimov meeting to discuss possible civil unrest globally; Angela Merkel’s removal might possibly prevent deadly riots in Germany; Trump Supreme Court nomination necessary to ensure there is anti-Cabal Supreme Court before opening indictments; G7 is now G6 as President Trump withdrew because he doesn’t like to deal with nondemocratic organizations; Chinese trade war political; European trade war is attack on Cabal; Simon’s beloved Ingimar has left the planet; Stone of Scone, a sacred object; do Akashic Records record life events after we have left the physical body; cause of trumpeting sounds heard from the sky; planet frequency accelerating but not responsible for activating DNA; soul/body relationship and DNA retrieval; the moon, control systems, transcendental meditation, negative forces; Brett Stuart, remote viewing Mantids/Insectoids; QAnon not always spot-on; has any entity attempted to dispose of Draco King Anu; why not big filmed alien interview or spacecraft footage for public; human/animal connections and symbolism; interbreeding races and disabled children; ways we can support humanity at this time.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness update. Today is the 28th, and this is being recorded and it should go out on the 1st of July so start with the updates really in terms of the news. Somebody had emailed me and asked me to have a quick look at Benjamin Fulford. It’s not the first time I have been asked to have a look at his stuff. In, just generally, I find it excellent and seems to match very closely with what I’m picking up, but they were, this person was particularly interested in, there was one recent post from Benjamin regarding a possible nuclear explosion in the United States and asking if I had had anything or heard anything about this. I definitely haven’t. If I had I would have put something on the website. I did look at the last section on Benjamin’s report and it seemed to implying that the negative Cabal were looking at something with retaliatory action. Now I think that many of us have been predicting some form of retaliatory action for some time, but we never really got anything that was super concrete, and I certainly haven’t yet. I wouldn’t rule that out but I certainly wouldn’t want to go down the road of waving my hands in the air and saying there is going to be a nuclear explosion. Obviously if I, and I’m sure if others hear anything a bit more, then we would know about it. I am of the opinion that the negative group are in a very difficult position at the moment. I don’t think they have ever been so pushed up against a wall, and I guess they are sitting around the coffee table knocking about ideas, and it may be that that is one idea that has resurfaced again and has somehow leaked out. At this stage of the game I would look on it as just another one of the many doomsday ideas that these rather sick people have put forward.
I wanted to talk a little bit and stay on the theme of the United States for a bit, the interesting meetings that have been taking place by proxies on behalf of the president of the U.S. and the Russian president. They’re really important and the Western media have only covered them as far as the headline news. Clearly the NATO Cabalistic control elements in Europe don’t want to make a big thing of the fact that Russia and America are actually making friends and getting along together. That’s something they don’t want. So the media, the main media have not covered it in anything like the detail that it should have been covered and now what I wanted to do is to just go into a little bit more detail. If we accept that both Presidents of the U.S. and Russia feel they are under pressure from a Satanic Cabal or led group that it would make perfect sense to pool your resources, and one way to pool your resources is militarily. They have been working for sometime on a joint economic project, but it’s relatively new to think about America and Russia doing anything more than just a joint exercise militarily, so there are meetings, there are meetings coming up where it’s not too far a stone’s throw to envisage America and Russia looking at certain countries on the world and having a joint strategy toward them. So for instance if there was a particular country that was controlled by a Cabalistic Satanic element that was hellbent on really doing something quite bad, rather than America being the policeman of the world, it would now be America with Russia, and the point about that is that combined together, not just the military but the political strength would be such that it would silence some of the very negative forces who have been attacking Trump or Putin separately and put the two together and it would be very difficult and I’m talking about perhaps a, I won’t name the country, but a country that was seeking to cause some great catastrophe or some issue. Well then I wouldn’t be surprised if America and Russia launched a joint military operation against not the people of that country, but the leadership of that country, so that’s something that’s taking place.
I’m going to have to look at a note because I can’t remember this Russian guy’s name. I don’t usually take notes, it’s all up here, but this person, I can’t remember his name. The Russian general is a general called Gerasimov. I think I am pronouncing that right. Gerasimov. He is the Russian equivalent. He is the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, the equivalent. He’s that of Russia. Now Dunford, General Dunford is a Marine General, and those of you in the know are clearly aware that it is the marines that are 100 percent behind the president of the United States. So Trump can call on the marines, literally. So Dunford and this Russian, and Dunford is the Joint Chiefs Chairman. He’s Joint Chiefs Staff, they’ve been meeting and they had a meeting I think in Helsinki. They’ve got another meeting coming up and these guys are actually talking about joint military operations between Russia and America but that isn’t being covered obviously in the mainstream.
Now President Putin and President Trump are going to meet, again this isn’t widely broadcast but they are scheduled to meet in the middle of July. I don’t have a date but at some point in the middle of July. Again they are going to be looking at the rest of the year. In other words, how do they think the rest of the year is going to pan out. One of the issues they’ve got looking across the globe is that it’s expected to be a number of civil unrests. Britain might be one of those. Whenever we get a long hot summer in Britain there are usually unrests and a few years ago we can remember some very serious riots in Britain and possibly expecting something like that in European countries, so a number of countries might experience some civil upheaval. I can’t say what the spot point is because I don’t know but I’m expecting some form of civil upheaval, and three weeks ago I put on the website and talked about the fact that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany was very near to being kicked out of office and very near, not by the people but by her own government. There’s a real possibility that there are moves afoot to remove her and one of the issues here is that the Germans are fearing another round of very powerful demonstrations or riots in Germany. One of the ways they think of stopping that is to get rid of the Chancellor, so I predicted that three weeks ago. Let’s see what happens in the coming days. She’s on a very, very sticky wicket as we say, so really the focus is moving toward Europe after the American situation, and Europe of course contains some of The Old Guard in terms of the Cabal. These people are the ones who are… got nowhere to go. It’s been like that for awhile but they have been able to dig into their reserves or, you know, use their friends to cover them and that’s really about rock bottom now, so we’re expecting to see some issues in European countries. Difficulties between presidents and their government or prime ministers and their government, people resigning, you know, I mentioned some weeks ago now that President Trump was waiting for a change in the Supreme Court and I know a number of people, you know, quite genuinely had written to me and said well there’s nothing in the media, and I said well just wait, just wait and then I think a couple of days ago a big announcement that one of the Supreme Judges is resigning in July. Interesting this judge is going to be resigning round about the time that the two presidents are going to be meeting, and the judge cited the fact that he wanted to spent more time with his family, but this was something that had been foreseen some time ago. It’s important because the President of the United States is the guy who appoints the new Supreme Judge so when one steps down Trump obviously appoints somebody who wants to take the fight against child trafficking, against pedophilia. It’s very important that the Supreme Court is anti the Cabal because when those indictments are finally opened there’s going to be a whole avalanche of legal challenges and that ultimately will end at this Supreme Court so that is why that is important. That’s why Trump has been waiting for this appointment so that’s important to know that.
I think really that we know that the G7 is no longer the G7. It’s the G6 because Trump has pulled out from that and wherever there are instances of a nondemocratic energy, Trump is actually removing himself from that. Some of these trade wars… the trade war with China, that’s just political. That’s purely political, and that’s what you do when you are in office. But the trade war threatened to Europe is far more important because Trump is not attacking the trade per se, he is attacking the Cabal, so by putting the squeeze onto Europe, he is actually attacking a number of organizations that have sewn Europe up so that’s not political. That’s actually more with teeth in it, so whereas I think he could, Trump could probably pull back from a lot of the threats he’s made to the Chinese regarding the trade war, he is less likely to pull back with Europe and more likely to push the tariffs through. So this summer could see some long-awaited changes’ we could finally get something going. Goodness knows we have waited for it long enough.
The other thing I heard was that President Trump was going to wait until he was half way through his term of office and that was a marker to the military in the U.S., and we’re nearly at the halfway point. So that’s it really. It’s possibly one of the most important updates, although there is nothing specific in terms of dates and times generally, it does feel to me that we are literally on, standing on the edge of the springboard waiting now to launch and to see some big changes occurring. I’m hoping we don’t all get let down. I’m hoping that this can go through, so fingers crossed, so what I’m going to do now is to hand over to Becky and ask her to read the questions there please, thank you.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay thanks. The first question is from Chu who says are you all right? Thanks for organizing the new show.
SP: That’s very kind thanks. No, I’ve not been all right actually. You know that the, those of you who check the website obviously I lost a really beloved cat, my Ingimar, and it was difficult because the vets were treating from an infection point of view, but for over a month, you know, I had been aware that I believed it was reasonably terminable. You know it’s funny because weeks ago he had a fleck or a mark appeared in his eye, and I thought that was an organ failure. I actually thought we had organ failure here. So, although the vets were treating it as a possible infection which could get right, I’ve known for the last two radio shows that he wasn’t going to hang about, that he wanted to go, so yeah the last couple of radio shows I’ve been a bit irritable, not quite myself. It’s funny you know I can face some of the most hideous looking off planet aliens that you can imagine and cross swords with some of the most horrible people on the planet and I’m not bothered by that, but when I lose a cat or a cat’s sick, it actually does really upset me, so thank you for asking and, you know, I’ve accepted that he’s left the planet now. He is gone so yeah, we are back to normal now. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks, and James says, please can you say something about the Stone of Destiny?
SP: Oh, okay This is the Stone of Scone (Stane o Scuin) if I’m pronouncing it correctly. Why it is important is that this was a dream. This was associated with a dream that Jacob had. Jacob was apparently using it as a pillow. It was a very uncomfortable pillow but anyway a pillow when he had the dream that the Bible reminds us of is Jacob’s Ladder, so it’s considered a sacred object and as such the Knights Templars took an interest. The Knights Templar’s job is to protect every sacred object whether it be living or not living, and it was taken by one of the kings of England, made its way to Scotland and one of the kings of England took it and it was incorporated in the royal chair. Everytime there is a coronation at Westminster Abbey, whoever is the king or queen sits on the chair, but the Stone of Scone was and will be fitted underneath. I say will be because I think there is, my goodness knows, I think 1950 something where students Rag Week or something they took the stone and then a month later it was found 500 miles back in Scotland. They had obviously taken it and tried to return it back to Scotland and of course that highlighted the whole concept of the British Empire and the Commonwealth and you can’t treat people as, you know, ignorant natives, and so the Scottish people were allowed to keep the stone, and it stays in Scotland except when a king or queen is being, you know, inaugurated and anointed, whatever they do to kings and queens and then the stone will come into England, be put back under the chair and the king sits on it or the queen sits on it and then the stone goes back to Scotland, so the question is what is so special about this stone? Well because it has a Biblical connection and because it’s understood to be a sacred object it is believed, that this isn’t in the media, but it is believed that when there is a solemn swearing of an oath, whatever that oath may be, then it gives protection and locks into the timeline of the participants. Think of Jacob’s Ladder which is ascending upward. It’s a timeline upward, so the royal elite would want that at a moment of great oath because it would protect them or secure them. In other words, nobody around them is going to find it easy to break that oath because the sacred object is there, although the audience is not aware of that so it’s a really good question. It is not just a trinket. It is a very powerful stone that had some connection with deities or creational forces. I don’t mean Gaia or Source, I’m talking about living creature type entities, semi-Reptilian entities who had that stone originally I understand had come from another building. Now whether that was part of Solomon’s Temple or whether it was brought in and used in Solomon’s Temple, I don’t know, but this is why the Knight’s Templars took an interest in it. It’s a good question, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Peter says congrats on the new show. It’s lights, camera, action when you want to make a movie in the 3D world. How is the recording of our life events made that goes into the Akashic Records?
SP: Oh, right.
RB: Is it a kind of resonance and is this recording still going on after we pass over to the other side after we die? Thanks Simon and best of luck, Pete.
SP: Thank you. I can’t see Hollywood giving me a contract to do a film. Maybe if they did, if they did ever do that and give me a contract on my life I would use the money to start up a foundation of some sort, but no bad guy is going to give me any money to do good work. We’ve got to wait for the system to change. The Akashic Records are really important because they are as independent as you can get, but please don’t make the mistake. They can be hacked. It is possible to hack them and in the same way on the 3D world we can redact secret documents by putting a black marker through them. It is possible for certain incredibly advanced races to remove themselves from the Akashic. Now you have to ask yourself why would anybody want to do that? Hence, for instance you, I use the word loosely, meddling in the affairs of humanity and you knew that humanity was on the verge of obtaining the capability of en masse accessing the Akashic or the military were going to be able to do it easily, then you might want to remove yourself from it for whatever reasons, not necessary always evil, but we have to question that. So, when we live we create energy and that energy is rather like light onto an old fashioned camera. You have the negative in the back of the camera, you open the shutter, the light comes in and whatever the image and that is burned on, projected onto the negative and it’s captured, then you redevelop that or doing it the old-fashioned way. Well if you imagine a continuous film running 24/7 and every living creature is that negative film and that is being recorded. Every lifetime of a person on this planet is recorded. That what it is, It is a record. What I don’t know and that’s a really good point is when you leave the physical body and your journey elsewhere before you come and accept another body whether that is recorded. My understanding is it’s not because the Akashic is about a physical representation, not an intent of a viewpoint and what’s really, really exciting question is okay what about a tenth, eleventh or twelfth dimensional person who does not have a physical body but has a crisscross framework body except in the twelfth dimension there’s no body, it’s just pure consciousness that keeps the energy together. Now does that recognize in the Akashic or because it’s not physical it won’t come through? I don’t know the answer to that. However, the Akashic is reasonably accurate but there have been attempts to travel back in time and make alterations to the Akashic and some of those did happen. So yeah, that’s my answer and I hope that helps a little bit. Thank you.
RB: Thank you. Elizabeth says Hello Simon. Do you know what the strange trumpeting sounds are that are being heard from around the world from the sky? There seems to be more happening again. I hear them late at night in New Zealand but they seem to be happening in other places around the world. Thank you, Elizabeth.
SP: Okay I’ve got absolutely no knowledge on that at all. My immediate checking on that one we could go to very advanced form of Project Blue Beam trying to emulate the Biblical calling of the trumpets which was, you know, the Christ is returned and the dead will rise. That much appears actually in some of the occult representations. It could be that it’s not a sound you are hearing outside. It could be something that is being projected into your head or other people’s heads for purposes that we don’t know. So it’s going to be along those lines, something like an advanced space vehicle that drops down its power so that it would go through a sound barrier. I don’t think that would make trumpeting sounds and if we take out some of the more obvious possibilities then I think we are left with something not sinister but something that certainly is worthy of more investigation but I haven’t had any of those reports come to me and I haven’t heard anything like that myself, but if it becomes widespread across the planet then we certainly are going to have, and continues, we are going to have to take that quite seriously. Thank you.
RB: Thanks. Kyle says Hello Simon I’ve mentioned [23:49][by tetmars] the frequency of the planet is accelerating. I am curious as to what this great energy shift will be like. Will it fully activate our DNA and what will shifting dimensions be like?
SP: Everyone will feel it differently. Remember we are all physical but we will feel it differently because everyone is an individual but there will be certain patterns that we can roll out and say this is what you’ll feel. What I think is important to say is that this has been going on for a while and a lot of what I’m about to wheel out to you, you’ve probably been, many of you have been feeling for months if not years. I sort of half jokingly say to people it feels like you have climbed up Mount Everest and you know you feel physically or mentally exhausted and there’s no real reason why you should. It’s literally if we understand who or what we are, we’re a physical body with something very special inside it so if the, as it is the planet is increasing its vibration, then that’s no problem for the soul in our body. That’s happily working with that but the physical body was designed to work on this Earth at the moment we were born, so if you are twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years old your physical body was created to match the frequency at the moment that you are here. If you then move the goalpost as we say, and you start ramping up the energy your physical body is left behind so what the soul in your body or energy body has to say to your physical is come on you’ve got to keep up, so what you’ve got is time lag so the soul in your body is racing ahead keeping up, but the physical body takes two, three, four days, sometimes longer to adjust. That’s why the resonance isn’t a natural increment movement. It’s going in bursts to allow the physical to catch up. Was that answering the question Becky or did I miss out?
RB: Yes, yes.
SP: Okay fine I hope that helps, but it’s widespread and it can only get better in terms of it can get more intense and more powerful. Oh, another thing I wanted to add was that the higher the frequency then the harder it is for Cabal or evil people to operate on this planet and it is not solely to do with that but it is primarily, oh the cat’s waking up, primarily to do with dense heavy energy such as Satanism or child trafficking, that which had been hidden from the public eye for so long now isn’t. You know people, not enough people are asking why are all these things coming out now? You know, has the world suddenly got worse? No this has been going on for a heck of a longtime, but human consciousness now is not allowing these things to be hidden, and so it’s coming up and being spotted. Now who would be an evil person at this time on the planet, because their game and time is over. Their ability to do these shady deals and then, you know, sit back and not have any fear because humanity won’t discover it in their lifetime. That’s not on the cards now. What’s happening is that people are discovering things. These things can’t be hidden and I have always talked about Jimmy Savile because it’s a very good point to bring forward. For fifty years Jimmy Savile did what he did and was protected by the elite. He got away with it. Then suddenly it all came out. Why did it come out? It came out because they couldn’t sit on it any longer because human consciousness was like a million tons of steam pushing at a valve. The valve has to open and the steam has got to go somewhere. So, the higher the human consciousness rises, the higher the vibrational rate of the planet rises and one feeds to the other. One gets the other going so we’re unstoppable now. Thank you.
RB: Part of the question was will it fully activate our DNA?
SP: No, we have to want that to happen. You could be, we are working in a job, it doesn’t have to be a bank or insurance or anything like that, you just have a job that has nothing to do with money but you could be, you know, uninterested in developments of the world. You could just be totally uninterested in everything except coming home on a Friday and putting your feet up and that’s your choice. So no matter how high the human resonance or the planet’s resonance, if you are not choosing to challenge or ask questions then you cannot increase your vibrational rate because it’s not been your choice to do so. Only people who choose to do so will then tap in or connect in to that resonance rise and they will evolve. We use the word ascension, I mean I use it very lightly, but that is the outcome for a combination of the planetary evolution and human evolution. So the planet will evolve but there are a number of people who are quite happy not evolving, thank you very much and you know, you meet those people every day don’t you? Thank you.
RB: Thanks, Juan says Dear Simon, greetings from Singapore. Can you tell us what is the difference between full soul reintegration into our physical body and DNA retrieval? Thank you very much for what you are doing, Juan.
SP: I’m trying to understand the wording. Could you give me the first one which was about the soul and the second one which was about DNA please?
RB: Can you tell us what is the difference between full soul reintegration into our physical body and DNA…
SP: Okay just the first one please because… right. Why I’m struggling is that first of all the soul is in your body and doesn’t need to be integrated into your body. If it wasn’t your physical body would just fall to the ground and you would be pronounced dead, so the soul is integrated into your body. It might be that you mean the terminology I call which is activation or active which is when the brain in your body accepts who you really are. I hope that’s what you mean because otherwise my explanation now is not gonna satisfy you. When a person becomes awake and aware many different things occur and one of those things is the activation of the realization that the soul in their body is special. It’s whatever it might be, whatever its history is and the organic brain accepts that and allows the soul to communicate through the chemical and electronic pathways of the body. I mentioned before that it was a very common saying some fifty-odd years ago and it has nearly died out which is the eyes are a window to your soul. It is not used anymore because the establishment, the control system don’t want to alert people to the reality and that’s one aspect of the reality, so that if a person is active you would see the real them through their eyes, which is a combination of the organic and the energy. I hope that’s what you mean. What was the second part, please Becky that was to do with the DNA.
RB: Yeah what’s the difference between that and DNA retrieval.
SP: I’m wondering if you mean the twelve strands retrieval, retrieving the twelve strands? That’s not the soul. The soul is your lifeforce which is [32:48][in old money] is about eighteen inches long. It’s an American football shaped, Rugby football shaped in Britain. You can see through the middle of it but the edges are white and it’s a blue almost like an ozone layer, I don’t know what it is but bluish light around the side. It does not sit over the heart. It sits between your tummy button the part of your chest. That is the soul. That is who we are. The DNA strands a very long time ago humankind had twelve strands of DNA which meant that we were incredibly advanced spiritually and aware but the trouble you know with advanced spiritual beings is they get suckered or ripped off or conned by lower dimensional entities who are only interested in stealing from them. I’ll give you a good example, the North American Indians and then the settlers, the white people, who wanted to take the land or to put railroads across it or telegraph lines or for gold mines or whatever it might be, and they would do deals which were not favorable to the local people or if that failed use the army to steal it off them. You know think about Captain Cook and others who landed on other shores, South America, Australia. The local people were tricked or conned or suckered out of their birthright. So that actually occurs and in the same way a long time ago human, humans had twelve strands and the task force of Reptilians or semi-Reptilians conned them into losing some of that, so we are always trying to regain what is ours by birthright, but was taken from us and this is something that hangs very close to our body just out of phase. It is not in the third; it is not in the fourth dimension and it is now possible, it has been for the last few years, to begin to speed up that reintegration so I mean there is a big difference between soul and DNA strands. I hope I have understood. Thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. The next one is not a question but John said God speed and God bless to you Simon. You assist in the work of God, so glad to hear a new radio show is on the way. Love and protection is sent to you as it should be and as it always was.
SP: Thank you. Remember that I have insisted that these questions are taken in the numerical order which means that the questions that we are now having now are a number of weeks old. Probably that was a question just when we were doing our first show. It doesn’t seem topical now because it’s out of date but I felt the only true fair way was to deal with this on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for that. Thank you. The radio show that we do now is more flexible and allows us to have Becky to get through questions faster than we did on the old radio show. You can see me as well. I think that’s really important and of course you can see the cats and that’s ever so important. As you can see the white cat now is becoming quite a star. It’s not out there with the Hollywood or the cat advert for cat food, but I promise you I don’t run around positioning cats or doing anything before I switch on. I switch on; that cat is wherever I am, so if I’m in here that cat’s here. So thank you for your prayer. Thanks for your love. It’s very kind of you, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks and Patty says welcome back Simon I’ve really missed your show. We are told (by David Icke and others) that the moon may be part of the control system and may exert a negative influence. Does that mean that people do a full moon meditation may be inadvertently directing their energy toward a negative force? There are a few more questions. Do you want to take them one at a time?
SP: Yes if we were to accept that the moon of today is not natural and I accept that it’s a construct. If we accept that the original moon was removed and this is put in its place and we have no one better than Credo Mutwa to have a chat with. David Icke did some interviews with him. I’ve not seen all of them. I’ve seen some of them. And in the Zulu, if you translate it, it’s along the lines of the moon was rolled into place. That’s the way they discuss it. And those of you who’ve very kindly listened to me over the months or the years know that I have always talked about how the Zulu nation was assisted by a Reptilian faction, and that’s why it became such a very powerful native force to take on the British army for goodness sake, and beat them in one battle, but they didn’t win the war, and so the information they were receiving was far more accurate than you would otherwise be expected, so if we then take that forward and we say okay the moon is an artificial construct, is it wise to meditate on the moon? There are stories and old fables of people looking at the reflection of the moon in the river or the water and trying to catch it with a net. The one true story, it’s a true story. In Great Britain about five hundred years ago the tax collector was traveling around villages in East Anglia, the eastern part of Britain and the law was that if you were a lunatic, that’s the word, lunatic because it’s after the moon. If you were insane, crazy you didn’t have to pay tax. You are exempt from tax. So this village got together to try to convince the tax man that they were as a whole, they were completely crazy, so the evening they all sat around with nets and then the full moon was out and they were trying to fish the moon out of the pond. This is true. The tax man then dutifully said that the whole village was completely crazy and didn’t have to pay any tax. I applaud people who come up with rather clever ideas, but remember of course that Princess Diana was labeled the moon goddess and so she was slated to die before she was even born, so I personally wouldn’t recommend meditating on the moon because it’s not a natural creation. The sun, I don’t have a problem with the sun. I think the sun is positive and I think, but where’s the fine line between meditation and worship? You know when does meditation become worship? If you are meditating on an object, you can meditate on a candle flame. I suppose that’s a small sun, but I personally wouldn’t recommend moon meditation. Thank you. What was the other bit?
RB: Yeah the next part of this is does this also apply to transcendental meditation where the practitioner is given a mantra to repeat silently but the mantra is usually associated with the name of an ancient deity. Can these practices invite unwelcome influences?
SP: It’s very strong with the Indian culture. It rather depends on, this may surprise you, it depends on you individually, your relationship with a deity and it depends on what your intent is. The difficulty about this is that you are not connecting with Source. You are not connecting with your higher self. You are not connecting with you. You are looking for this middle man, this god, this deity. Why not go straight to the boss? Why not go straight to source? If we accept that a lot of these deities are physically dead but not energetically dead, and would seek to exert themselves back on the planet in a physical form either by taking over somebody or giving messages to somebody or trying to manipulate somebody. You know I’ve always said you need to be really careful. There are good deities out there. There are good spirit guides of course there are, but it’s beholden on the individual for he or her to insure that what they are connecting with is positive and if they detect something is not then to cut it and come back. But regardless of all that connect with source, connect with yourself. You don’t really need the middle person, you know, that’s what we do on a third dimensional planet. We want a product, we go to the middle person, which is a shop, we buy it from a shop, so let’s not do that. Let’s just go straight to the person who makes it in the first place. Thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. This next question is from Brian. Dear Simon, thank you for who you are and what you do. I would love your take on this, and it’s the video of the remote viewing session about the Mantis by Brett Stuart. This is the one where you, that Kerry Cassidy wanted to know your take on this also and so you had a radio interview with her.
SP: Oh I remember that. It wasn’t that long ago but I don’t remember things unless it was five minutes ago because there is so much going on. I do remember that. In fact, I got into a very helpful and useful conversation with Brett Stuart afterward and I’m glad I did because Brett was able to clarify some points. I’d, not taken him to task. It may have seemed that way but I knew that some of the information he had was not accurate so what am I supposed to do just sit here and just say oh well, you know, I wanted to say, well Kerry had asked me my point of view, so I gave my point of view and that was good because after conversation with Brett it became apparent, that he said that he wasn’t aware there was a difference between Insectoid races and Mantid or Mantis races so he had been lumping, if I can use that, he’d been lumping together or bringing in together Mantid and Insectoid and my point was that yeah there probably are negative Mantis’s out there, but we can’t just blanket everything, and a lot of the drawings that have been related to were not true Mantis. They were much more Insectoid and there had been a YouTube video, something like it says “Mantids or Mantis, All You Need to Know,” and a lot of Brett’s presentation appeared to me to be lifted from that video, and I was saying to Brett, look I have personal experience over fifty-plus years with these beings and I’ve not watched a video on it, formed an opinion on the video, what I’ve done is I’ll just tell you what I’ve experienced and there is a big difference between Insectoid races and Mantis. Now it will go right back to just after Roswell. There was a very interesting crash, loads all over the U.S. but it was a very interesting crash and in one of these particular craft they were Insectoids. They weren’t Mantis, they were in the Insectoid race and a number of high ranking members of the government, because back in those days, the military and the industrial complex hadn’t taken control. It was still the civilian administration. It was still the President and, you know, his men around him who called the shots. It was only a few years later that the industrial military complex then basically sidestepped them but there was an interesting case where this particular craft had come down and a number of these government officials had been taken there and got inside the command capsule, got inside the control room and very, very shocked at what they saw. Now there was a film loosely modeled on this and it was a British sci-fi film and it was called Quatermass and the Pit, Quatarmass and the Pit, and if you haven’t seen it it is well worth a watch, it really is because ultimately the spacecraft that they get into has got this, you think they are Mantis but they’re not; they are Insectoid beings, and this program was modeled, I think Quatermass and the Pit was filmed in 1959 and the real happenings were late ’40s and that’s something really worth watching so all I said to him was there is a big difference between Mantis and Insectoids and you are actually referring to Insectoids and he actually accepted that and said yeah I obviously, you know, I see the connection there, so it was great, so the book he was talking about was the Urantia Book, was it the Urantia Book Becky?
RB: Urantia Book, yeah.
SP: Urantia Book and I had said that I wouldn’t be interested in that because it appeared to me to have a Sumerian Satanic connection. I think the number 666 was used in the Urantia Book and there were several other very Reptilian/Satanic control system numbers that came up. I’m very suspicious of anything that says 144 or 666. That’s usually, that’s my alarm bell and I walk away from something like that. I believe the Urantia Book was channeled and I believe there is a lot of controversy over exactly when it was channeled some people say it was very early; some people say it was 1970 and so no I discount that, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks, Philip says Donald Trump is dealing with the Illuminati as I write this message. QAnon Posts dot com (qanonpost .com) is dropping information everyday now since about October last year and the information is quality. He signs off as Q, which is a security clearance. I suspect this guy is an operative. There’s a link to the Q video.
SP: Thanks.
RB: Which I’m not seeing. It’s an internet sensation and evidence is overwhelming.
SP: Yes, not surprising really. If you were to form a military government, which of course they have in America, you have for the first time a military government running your country, and the reason that you have a military is because the military had given up with the politicians and they have just given up completely and they were so terrified that the founding fathers vision was going to be turned on its head and the Constitution was going to be completely destroyed that they felt that this was their last chance to save America. It sounds really dramatic but actually that’s exactly how they felt and that’s why you have the Marine General Dunford, actually he’s the spokesman for the group of generals that put Donald Trump up to being president. It was the public; it was the citizens who voted for Trump, but it was the generals who said to Trump we’ve got your back. You know if you want to do this we’ve got your back so they have to get their opinions and their viewpoints out. They can’t do it through the president because that would compromise the president. They can’t do it through the CIA or the NSA because there’s a structure that you call it an operative. It’s not quite an operative but I know what you mean. That individual is a much better term. That individual would have to come under the authority of somebody, supervisor or a manager, so what you had to have was an independent person who either was retired or I don’t mean retired in terms of sixty-five years old, I mean retired could be in his ’30s or ’40s, but retired from the business who would receive anonymity, would be protected, but would be able to release information that it would be embarrassing for others to release it. Embarrassing, what I mean by that is that if an operative in the true sense of the word gave out information that could endanger somebody else. You could backtrack through that to find out and it might put other people at risk so you need a totally independent person to drop your information and that’s what’s going on there, so yeah it should be good because it’s coming from the top. Not everything that Q is saying is coming to fruition. A lot of it is what’s planned and hoped for and is predicted but on maybe a different timeline, but yes I don’t have an issue with Q, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. Pink says Hi Simon, I’m very happy to see you continue this important journey despite the recent obvious obstacles placed in front of you. You are a true inspiration to humanity. Question: Considering the controlling and dominating nature of the Draco Reptilians has any other entity or entities attempted to specifically assassinate the king of the Dracos, King Anu?
SP: No they don’t need to simply because his own family would do it at the drop of a pin. The whole problem with the royal household within the Draco line is that each and every contender for the crown is looking for an opportunity to take that crown and so the predominance of the high lord, emperor high lord, king however his title is translated into English, his job is to divide and rule. His job as he sees it is to keep all his underlings busy so that they can’t plot against him and that’s been the way it’s been for goodness knows how long, so you’ve got your immediate family, not especially males but females can take the crown but it’s usually males, and then you’ve got the more distant relatives, very, very strict rules about who can and can’t become the new leader, but you’ve got them and as the king or the emperor or whatever you want to call it, you’ve got to keep these guys busy and if you look at our own history that’s why one son was given command of the Earth and the other son was given command of the sky, knowing full well that there would be some sort of crossover between the two. When does the Earth become the sky and the sky become the Earth, in terms of well if I’m flying an aircraft five hundred feet off the surface of the Earth who is in charge of that. If I’ve got an installation device that’s fixed on the Earth but is sending signals out in space, which one of the sons is responsible, and there are a number of facilities that they had joint responsibility for. Here’s the flashpoint, so that was all deliberately built in so that these lads were fighting among each other rather than turning their attention to the boss. The only way the boss can be disposed is literally when all of the family or all of the group then work as one to remove the leader. The problem here is how AI is affecting, remember AI has a satanic element to it and how that is affecting all living creatures at the moment to a lesser or greater extend and indeed that is quite a contender for the Reptile race. I hope that answers it. Do you think that answered it Becky or not?
RB: Yes, yes.
SP: Oh okay good, thanks.
RB: Okay John says Simon with your contacts with ETs would it be possible for you to arrange a filmed interview with one and show it to the world or arrange a demo of their ships appearing at a certain prearranged time and place for large amounts of the population to see, thanks, John.
SP: I’m taking that as a serious question. I’m treating it as a serious question. What you can do is you could, I don’t know maybe it’s a thousand dollars, Dr. Steven Greer takes groups up to the desert area and then, you know, you get a chance to see flying saucers, UFOs, whatever you want to call them. I don’t generally charge a thousand dollars but, you know, people have come with me and we’ve seen them on the hilltop for a price of a drink in a pub and a sandwich. If we accept first of all that every government on the planet is fully aware of the truth, then it would have absolutely no effect on them at all. If we accept that the vast majority of the human race is controlled and terrifyingly so, what would be the effect of a big fleet of alien spacecraft sitting over London, White House, Eiffel Tower, Kremlin, et cetera, et cetera, as we have seen on so many Hollywood films, and then those spacecraft disappear. Sadly the vast majority of the human race would shake their head and say I’ve just imagined it. They wouldn’t choose to believe it. Now I remember once being interviewed some years ago by someone from the BBC who said when you go on these spaceships Simon, can’t you steal a ray gun or something? That’s exactly what he said. Can’t you steal a ray gun or something and then you can prove to the world that what you are saying is true, and my reply was twofold. The first one was actually that would be the biggest betrayal and I would never be invited back again. That would be the end of my connections, and secondly this isn’t a Dan Dare Comic and they don’t leave ray guns sitting around on tables and they don’t need them when dealing with humans and how many genuine contactees or abductees have talked about seeing armed aliens. They don’t carry them. With humans they don’t need to. The more important aspect here is that it’s about self-development. It’s about free will and choice because if it would take thousands of spaceships and a great military force and parading up and down, that is an invasion force. That is, it is not about humanity coming to a decision on its own. It’s about being, as we say in Great Britain, slapped around the face with a wet fish. It’s literally the hands in the face, here it is, and that isn’t the way for people to learn. The deal that most ET races have with the United States of America and therefore every other government by proxy until very recently was that the American government would announce disclosure, that the Americans would be honest and upfront and then the other governments of the world would then feel they could follow suit and that has been reneged on time and time again, and that is why over the last twenty-five years, but not exclusively, because if you go right back to the time over Washington D.C. where fleets of spacecraft either from Antarctica or indeed from another dimension have made flight paths. Think of all the things you saw in Mexico a few years ago as a push toward governments to say if you don’t do what you said you’ll do, we will put you in such a position that you’ll have to and then if you still don’t we are actually going to do it for you. So, the “in your face” type of disclosure has been seen as the very last method. Now remember that evil bad guys don’t want disclosure, so Reptilian races don’t want disclosure because it’s the end of their control system. It’s only the positive benign aliens that actually want disclosure, but they want it as part of the development of humanity, development in terms of your ability to control a nuclear weapon, ability to understand that everybody should have access to drinking water and food, that real medicines that work shouldn’t just be for the elite, so they don’t look on disclosure as just this one standalone aspect. They see it as part and parcel of the development of humanity. They should go hand in glove as we say with everything, whereas the negatives such as the Greys, certainly the Reptilians and other groups, heck they don’t want disclosure because then it’s all out in the open and it’s the end of their program. Remember also there are a number of military organizations that don’t want disclosure. A great deal of abductions are created by black ops military alien groups who then give the individuals a screen memory of an alien so they believe they are being abducted by aliens and the reality is in those number of cases they are actually being abducted by the military, so there’s a lot at stake here. I’ve had and it’s documented, I did it in 2015. I did a conference that I organized, the only one I did such a lot of hard work, got such respect for people who did it, but I did it with the help of one other person, a couple of other people and I’d gone out on a sky watch, took someone with me and yes we got a spacecraft that appeared and we filmed that and that I showed to the conference so I’m likely to get hundreds of spacecraft because that would set every alarm bell ringing in every country and then you might start some sort of battle, so I can see why you would want that. The question is when humanity is ready for it, it’ll happen so thank you that was a good question and I hope I’ve answered it well, thanks.
RB: Thanks. Ingrid says, hello Simon I’m so happy to be able to continue to listen to you on your new radio show. Having said that my question is about a cat. Many years ago, while living in the country in the states, I was outdoors and a cat came out of nowhere. I didn’t even see him approach. He was very affectionate rubbing against my legs. He followed me inside the house. I too gave him love, fed him, he stayed for four days and then disappeared. I never saw him again. My question is can there be a significance about this cat appearing and disappearing. I’m not sure if this is a dumb question but I have always wondered about it till this day and it gives me much joy to remember it. Thank you, Simon.
SP: Well first thank you for saying what you said I appreciate that you know. I do do the radio shows because I feel it’s important and if people are getting something out of it then I’ll continue. The cat thing is interesting because on the first point it could just easily be a normal cat that was on its journey, found you, you’re a nice person, came along, you fed it, looked after it, and then checked out of the motel and off it went. That’s possible. Let’s look at something more interesting. Let’s say for instance that it’s possible that’s exactly what it is, but you had an association with that animal from this lifetime or a past lifetime and it had come back to visit you. Then let’s look at the possibility that it wasn’t a cat at all. It was something else that gave you a screen image of a cat. What’s not fully understood is that some of these holographic images can appear to be solid. They can make a noise when they walk, you know, why do you think people hear doors opening and closing when there’s no one else in the house and footsteps, you know, so that’s really possible so it could either just be a real cat that had crawled in on you. It could be a real cat that’s crawled in on you but deliberately so because you were meant to find at that time. It could be a nonhuman entity that had taken the guise of the cat and wanted to associate with you. It’s obviously benign. There isn’t a problem there. It’s obviously a message for you, specifically for you and what I might suggest you do is those four days, it’s a shame you might not have kept a diary but perhaps write down what you can. For instance, I would be interested in how did it disappear. Did you leave the window open one day and you came home and of course it wasn’t there or were all the windows shut and hey how did that cat get out so it would be interesting to have a bit more background to that. I’ve been around too long to descalp something just as that’s what it is on face value. The more I see of this world the more I realize that things either have a message or they are meant to be and the amount of coincidences grow less and less. Thank you for sharing that with me. Remember that a cat has a connection to the fourth dimension and higher, but a dog has a connection to the fifth dimension and higher, so anything that is in the guise of a cat can manipulate, maneuver and understand the energies in a different way than say a dog would. Thank you.
RB: Thanks for that. From the shamanic point of view, the shamans would perhaps consider this to be a power animal.
SP: Right.
RB: And you would need to look at the message or what the cat brings as the symbology…
SP: Okay.
RB: …and also it reminds me of a story that people have better shared on the internet where they have had a bird that has come into their life or a squirrel or something else and that has brought them immense joy even if it’s just for a short time. There was one where a lady had a bumblebee. She found a bumblebee that was nearly dying and she feed it and watched it and looked after it because it didn’t have any wings so it couldn’t fly and she created this little home for it and gave it flowers and it lived a very happy life and loved to just walk in her hand and it loved to walk on her face and they had a really beautiful relationship the whole lifetime of that bumblebee and I think it’s incredibly important when people connect to nature like this and when something chooses to be with them for a whole lifetime like this bumblebee or for a few days like the cat and I personally think that there’s a great deal of symbolism in that.
SP: Well I’ve never heard the bumblebee story before I mean that’s just like incredible.
RB: It’s on the internet.
SP: No I fully accept it and I could see how it would work. Yes thank you for that. I mean, you know, we mustn’t always think about magic as magic. There is this shamanic connection to the Earth and I mean there was one time Becky wasn’t there I contacted you and said I was walking and what was it, a not a stoat, a badger or something I’d seen and popped up and helped protect her fence and there was a badger and I said…
RB: Oh yes, there was a hare.
SP: A hare, that’s right.
RB: Yeah you go into a [1:07:29][crosstalk]
SP: Yeah that’s right so I remember saying what was the shamanic connection with that one so yes, I accept that absolutely, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Dahlia says Hi Simon so glad you are back on the air. You keep on speaking about the importance of bloodlines, for Reptilians, Illuminati, Annunaki. Did they never have problems with genetic mutation through interbreeding? I have traveled much and have seen in the orthodox Jewish families in Jerusalem as well as the rich Saudis the many disabled children because they are always within intermarriage within families.
SP: Well one line was obviously religious and those who follow their religion very strongly absolutely, you know, don’t want to mix the blood. They absolutely want to keep it, you know, as they see it. The Reptilians, it’s not a religion, it’s a way of life. Now you could say religion is a way of life and I’m sure there are many people who would say that but it is not a religion for the Reptilians. It is their culture. It’s their rule. It’s their law but it’s not a religious law, it’s simply to maintain power and control through a family line. Whether that, if we can use that word, creates disabled people I’m not able to say. I’m not qualified on that, something I really don’t know about. What I do know is that a pedigree cat generally lives a shorter length of time than your average moggie whose got as many mixed and wild genetics as is possible. The cat I lost, Ingimar, was only twelve, whereas another old cat who’s a moggie here, he was sixteen, so whether you can translate that into the human world I don’t know. So difference between human religion and command and control of the Reptilians but it’s the same thing in the end I suppose. Thank you. Can I just now Becky read out my list?
RB: Um hum.
SP: We have gone over the hour.
RB: Okay.
SP: But I’m going to read out my list of those who so kindly donated to keep the show on the road, to keep it ticking on and I want to thank you all personally and those of you who perhaps I’ve missed off inadvertently, you know, thank you. So Sheena, Alfredo, Charlie, Robin, Shari, I think it’s Wycelas, Rick, Martin, Drumset, Jeff, Estevan, Clouse, Simon, Ani, Valery, Leslie, Linda, Enrique, Harlan, Keith, Julius, Glen, Evelyn, Kevin, Sue, Christopher, Katherine, Edgar, Liz, Michael, Tina, Alica, Shanse, Hans, nearly finished, Natalie, Isabelle, Bernard, Sheryl, A.J., this is a difficult one, I’ll do my best [Max ack kek goos]. I’m sorry if I’ve got your name wrong, I’ll just call you Max, Silvia, H.W.D., Nathan and Sheena. To all of you who have very kindly sent anything from fifty p, that’s a half a dollar to whatever it really helps, you know, just like everyone else. I have to have a phone. I have to have a car. I have to have the internet. I have to have light. I have to have heating, but you know I choose to stick my head above the parapet and to, you know, say what I have to say, and often what I have to say is not particularly liked by the elite and so your donations allow me to continue to do that. I was, somebody who’d written in and said, well you know, you could do any job. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before but it made me smile. I said, you know, quite genuinely that I will find it very difficult now to find a job because people would either be leaned on to not give me a job or they would just look at the website and think I don’t want him and somebody who obviously doesn’t like me. I do look at some of the comments you know that are written, and he had written in and said well you could get a cleaning job, you know, you don’t have to get a government job. I never actually said I wanted a job with the government really, I don’t think unless it was on completely different terms than we have now. A cleaning job, actually I did a cleaning job back in London when I’d had a contract and the contract had ended and I had three months before I could find another contract, and I took a job cleaning an office block in Central London which was like a 5:30 [a.m.] in the morning start for two hours. I did that and then back in the good ole days when London had a Greater London Council I was a relief school caretaker and I did that so I have never asked anybody to do something that I haven’t done myself or I’d be prepared to do and I used to be a, not a manager as such, but in local authorities you didn’t have people come around to change lightbulbs. You had to do it yourself and you know I would do that, change a lightbulb. There’s the boss standing on the desk changing a lightbulb. So, I’m not trying to turn my hand to it. People who make rather ridiculous comments like that clearly don’t know me, so that was that. But for those of you who do know me thank you. I will take one more question and then I guess we could call it a day.
RB: Okay thanks. Alena from Switzerland says thank you and JayPee for your work. That’s a bit old now. Which are the best things, actions that normal people could do to support the evolution of mankind at this point in history?
SP: Well JayPee did support my work because he ran a radio show…
RB: Yeah.
SP: …and you know, that’s just the way it was. Everybody can do what he or she thinks is right. Look if you’ve got young children you just cannot afford to put your head too far above the parapet because the system has a very strict control system and if you talk about flying saucers, and a little this and that, then they’ll try and take the kids off you, and that’s happened in Great Britain and in America. I don’t know about other countries but I know that for a fact. So I’ve only ever asked people to do what they are comfortable to do and not to put themselves or anyone else at danger or risk, but the best way is to imagine that you are modeling in terms of good behavior, good practice, the way that you would like to be dealt with, so model that out to people, so if you are in a traditional work environment and everyone is a little bit nasty and a little bit on edge and you know, it’s just a nasty culture, well don’t get sucked into that. Demonstrate how you are and people can then be forced to reflect the mirror back on themselves, to challenge their own behaviors so that’s one way that you can do that without putting any negative attention on yourself. The other way is to join Connecting Consciousness, try and form a group, take part in meditations, debates, share knowledge, you know if one person has got relatively close to each other, and one person has got a plot of land, why not let people come on and grow their own vegetables. You know we don’t have to be like a commune, you know, and share everything. You can have individual plots if that’s what people want. It really doesn’t matter but it’s about empowering and supporting because we all go through times when we need support and help, so if you are in a group then, you know, it’s not like everyone’s been drained, you know, at the same time. You can actually get that help on a rolling program with support, advice, and love and that’s a lot easier than facing and fighting stuff on your own. You might want to be, you know, a healer. You might want to do things that put into practice your beliefs and again you’re helping out. You might not be interested in people really. You might be interested in trees or plants or something like that so you could do work with the earth in that nature, and I think that you need to find an expression for what you believe in and put your own love into that and then hopefully other people will come into contact with what you’ve done and it acts as a counterbalance to the terrible grind of this control system that we’re under. And any spark of light that any of us can show in this darkness at the moment. It’s always the darkest point before the light we said about that, and we are, you know, just on the verge now of breaking free, so this is perhaps the hardest point in many ways. Anything that we can do no matter how small will contribute toward the greater good. So, thank you. I want to thank everybody. Thank you for listening. Let’s hope that technically this goes out without too many issues and problems. Thank you to Becky and, you know, thank you to everybody who wrote in regarding Ingimar the cat, and I’m glad that I was able to celebrate him by Andy who does all the web work for me, putting his picture up. People have asked will there be a replacement, well there won’t be a replacement for Ingimar, but there might be something coming along fairly soon and if we get a new addition to the cat family here then I’m sure that it will make a debut, so God bless to everyone, love and light and love is strength and just keep on. See you later, bye-bye.
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