5 August 2018 – Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

Connecting Consciousness 
with Simon Parkes

With Rebecca Bannister
at home
Questions and Answers
Brexit woes: no deal with EU, no food or pharmaceutical drugs for you; three Norwegian Forest Cats have been added to Simon’s family; prayer that is beneficial; ways different dimensional beings show themselves; is President Trump incarnation of King Herod; Mandela effect heavily linked with CERN’s Hadron time manipulating device; timeline shifts; thoughts about interviews on Why Is This True; false flag Syrian gas attack followed by stage show put on by Trump and Putin to prevent World War III; Michael Newton’s hypnotherapy dealing with Life Between Lives and people’s memories, some real, some implanted; will bad guys and good guys split and each end up in a separate world; differences in one’s soul energy and physical energy; Trudeau visits the Queen; does German ethnicity automatically mean a higher proportion of Reptilian soul energy; lung parasites possibly from chemtrails; note: most parasites are fourth dimensional energy; interpretations of DNA ancestry test results and their many variations; views on soul/body relationship; ways to protect against failing dollar.

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Simon Parkes: Hello and welcome to another Connecting Consciousness broadcast. It seems like ages. There were five Sundays in the month and that means it’s been three weeks since an update and taking the questions but it does seem ages. Inbetween I’ve had a bit of a holiday so that was really nice. This is a Friday, Friday the 3rd which means this should go out, Andy willing or the web guy, on the 5th, Sunday the 5th, so it should be on YouTube for Sunday the 5th. What I want to try and do today is to get as many questions in as possible. I’d like to try and get through them as fast as we can and it’s going to be easier today because there isn’t a huge amount to update with. Maybe everybody’s got a holiday, I don’t know, but there haven’t been many activities and that’s quite good. What I really wanted to do was first of all say that I did a quite an interesting presentation to West Coast of the U.S. a few days ago to the Yelm Theater, and that was a presentation and I did mainly just make that for the American group, so it’s mostly to do with the U.S. and issues that would mean a lot, so I thought it’s only fair then on this one that I make it more about the UK and we don’t mention the U.S. too much. I’ve also got the Ted Mahr show tonight. I know it’s really difficult sometimes for people in the UK and Europe to connect with his show but that one will go to be obviously fairly American and quite strongly on that, so let’s just keep this for the UK and the Europe side.
Brexit, it’s becoming quite an issue, not because the clock is ticking but because certain people in high positions are being prodded with forks or red hot pokers to try to get them to go on to public and try and put pressure, so the last one we had was Mark Carney who is interested and very keen on money. He is in the British Bank of England and [fade out] okay well we just had to stop that a minute because one of the new additions (kitties) just jumped on me and you possibly saw it just walking in there. I wanted to finish off talking about Brexit and Mark Carney and that basically is a high-ranking person in the money industry who has been told to put pressure on the British government to force a deal through, so it’s a friend of the bankers, a friend of the European Union, a friend of the New World Order, basically trying to force the British government or any government to give in to the European Union and basically give them plenty of money to buy a nice gentle deal. What we are noticing is that the elite are turning more and more to putting pressure on people trying to give them a fear or scare tactic, but if Britain comes out of the European Union without a deal it’s going to be bad news. One of the first companies to do that was the pharmaceuticals basically saying that if there is no deal there will be no drugs on the market, prescribed drugs of course. There’ll be no drugs and then the supermarkets jumped on the train saying… there’s the new one (kitty) we’ll talk about the new one in a moment. Look at that, see trained up already, really young already on the screen ready to be world class actors… so what we’ve got is supermarkets now saying well if there’s no deal then there will be no fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s the target. They are going for fresh fruits and vegetables, and that 40 percent of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming to Britain are coming from the European Union. So all I’m saying is that be aware that a lot of these outbursts are being directed from a very high source. I do believe there will be a deal. I think it will go right up to the wire, but even if there wasn’t a deal so what? There’s New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, India, United States of America, China, these countries all are not a part of the European Union and countries that would willingly trade with us. So I’m not going to readily start jumping up and down and screaming at any government to hand over billions and billions of hard one pounds to the European Union so that we get a gentle release. Basically you’re either in Europe or you’re out, and we’re out because we voted to come out. Okay so that was the one thing there that I wanted to do that.
The second thing is to say that over the last few months I did get through the work load quite well, that’s very thanks to Rebecca and others, and so I’ve opened the diary up again so if anybody does want to book that diary is now open running up to the end of the year so please, if you want to book, please do so. We are now open for bookings and then getting through the numbers quite quickly so I’m glad about that. You won’t have to wait too long.
First of all a big thank you to everyone who emailed me, messaged me regarding the loss of Ingimar. Ingimar was, every animal is special, but Ingimar was very special to me and I found an old picture of him, oh there’s another one there. You’ve now worked out that there are two different cats here, the little black one and the little silver one There were jumping on, so this was the photograph here. The big cat is called, there he is, Odin and this little tiny thing here is Ingimar when he was very very young. That’s about twelve years ago, so he was always a daddy’s boy. He really wasn’t that keen with his mom so he was always when I went to visit him before he came to live with me, always with his dad, so thank you very much indeed for everyone who wrote in to wish me well for the loss of the cat. That was great. It can support me a lot. Okay so there have been some replacements. I initially wanted to get two because I always thought that two would be more supportive for each other, and then that black one that you can see in the corner just wouldn’t stay in the house with the person, and so I had to have that one as well. So there are two, it was a brother and sister who were two little silver cats and no doubt they will make your acquaintance soon and the little black one as well who is not in the same family but is of the same age. They are three new Norwegian Forest Cats and one has just jumped up behind me and is sitting behind me. I’m not going to disturb him because they have only been here about four days so they are just settling in. As they develop and as they become more keen to take the camera limelight I’m sure that you will be introduced to them.
Right, let’s go on with the questions, so okay Rebecca, thank you.
Rebecca Bannister: Okay thank you. The first question is from Elaine. Wishing you great success and good luck with your new show. Question: if one prays for help is it a waste of time for are we looking outside of ourselves for guidance and are the answers within confused as to prayer regarding the need for a solution to a problem?
SP: Right.
RB: Thank you for the consideration of this message.
SP: Right I think that’s a really good question. It’s about removing religion from a connection to source. So if you are praying because you are following the directive of a religious organization, doesn’t matter what it is, then you are channeling your energy or your intent or giving your authority to something. If you are speaking from the soul or the heart and it’s not religion, but you are calling out to central God Source or you are wishing to communicate with that central power then that’s not religion. Now if you are praying and you are adding all the additions of, you know, Our God in heaven, hallowed be thy name, they kingdom come and all this sort of stuff, well that’s not source is it? That is your programming from a child to say the words that invoke this particular entity. So prayer is fine providing it doesn’t have all those trappings and you are speaking to or asking of help from a divine source, doesn’t matter what it is, a divine source, then that is beneficial. So I would strongly recommend if that is how you want to communicate you do, but with the words of warning that I put through it. Okay, thank you.
RB: Okay, thanks. Nora says my husband recently had a session with you. We are so grateful. As a followup question can you explain the difference between being a third, fourth, and fifth dimensional being as souls. Are they physically here?
SP: Well we’re here because we’re third dimensional, well allegedly. It is a lot to get your head around. Even people who say that they are incredibly spiritual and they have been on the circuit for thirty, forty years, you know, anybody who says oh I understand it a 100 percent I think they are being a bit disingenuous. We’re third dimensional. That means you have a physical body but the fourth and fifth dimensionals, they also have a physical body, but they don’t exist in this realm unless they bring themselves here. Remember it’s, if you have the technology and the capability, it’s relatively easy to come down the ladder. If you were a third dimensional being, you’d had to have been, if you then became a fourth and then a fifth. Well if you’ve come up the tube, so you’ve created that pathway, you can come down it, but to go to an environment that you haven’t yet won, you haven’t yet done what was necessary, it is very hard to go up. You can project thoughts, messages, and visions upwards, but to actually transport yourself upwards is very difficult. So if something was to come here from another dimension and of course they regularly do, it depends in what state they intend to materialize here in, so if it’s just a consciousness then there will be no physicality. If it’s a physical form but they intend just to be out of phase then you won’t see a physical form. You’ll probably see a halo, an energy form. Sometimes people talk about energy beings and the mistake is to always think that this is a twelfth dimensional being that is light body, full of energy. If a fourth or fifth dimensional being wanted to appear that way then it would be very easy for them to do so. If you think about the number of credible reports of alien bodies that’s predominantly fourth dimensional that are recovered by military, they’re very physical, they’re not energy, they don’t sort of Hoover them up with a magnet. They are very physical. They go into a body bag and off they go, so these are physical beings. It’s only when you leave the sixth dimension and you then transfer into the seventh dimension that your organic body begins to change, so somebody from the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, et cetera dimension coming here, they would appear very differently to our eyes because they would not be of a physical nature. I hope that answers your question, thank you.
RB: There’s another bit to it. It says so in his carnation on Earth, does he use a human body like an avatar if start off as Pleiadian?
SP: No, no not at all. If a Pleiadian person comes here then the soul is Pleiadian and the body is Pleiadian. This is, we are talking about someone who literally comes out of a craft and they would exist here in their own right. The difficulty emerges when you go beyond the sixth, seventh dimension, because when a person breaks that barrier and then comes down to a physical world the disparity between the two energies is very dangerous. I think it was Anastasia I believe who recounted a very credible story of how a human group of eleventh or twelfth dimension crash landed here. The onboard computer took three days to make alterations so they could survive, but of the crew maybe only thirty percent survived and one of the stories which for me makes it very real is that these people who were sort of in a semi-transient state were trying to force grass and leaves into their mouth to chew to try to connect themselves with a 3D reality, so a Pleiadian would have no problem in coming here and surviving. It is of the higher dimensions after the sixth dimension, that’s where we get an issues, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. If someone was a Pleiadian in a past life then reincarnated here on Earth in a human body that’s not an avatar is it, or is it?
SP: No. No that’s what so many people are. You know if you don’t step off a spaceship, if you like yesterday, if you step off a spaceship a hundred thousand years ago and then you are recycled then you have a, I won’t say an ordinary human body because that’s not gonna work. The human body is designed for a third dimensional soul. That’s it because that’s a third dimensional planet, so if you are going to put the Pleiadian soul into a human-type body you are going to have to do something to increase or escalate the vibrational frequency of the physical body to be in (har mo ny), harmony with the soul. If you have a soul that beats at so many beats a second and a physical body that can’t match it, it’s just going to fall apart. So there is manipulation either from source itself, from the person’s own team or their own side, their own players or other entities that are tinkering around with the human race. That is why when people do these genetic tests, and different companies come back, some companies are quite good, because they will say to you so much percentage of your DNA we can’t identify. Well why can’t you identify? You’re identifying human genetics, so unfortunately the world we live in, they can’t be honest and say, hey you’ve got three percent alien, can’t do that. They just can’t do it, so what they’ll say is you’ve got three percent that we can’t identify. So if you do those sort of tests, the average is between two to three percent nonidentifiable DNA. If you’ve got more than that it means somebody has been tinkering around with your body so the soul can survive quite happily in that, so if you are up to the four and five percent, then there is a great deal of work that has gone on in your body so that the soul can survive there. It’s a fascinating subject. One day when disclosure and truth on all subjects comes out it would be lovely to see these reports that say hey you’ve got two percent Pleiadian or you’ve got three percent this, but you know I’ll just settle for three percent alien, but at the moment they are saying unidentified DNA, great, thank you.
RB: Okay thank you. The next question is from Cheri or (Cher re). As a psychic I recently got the information that President Trump is an incarnation of King Herod. So many similarities between the two show up. If King Herod had shown up on the world stage, what other aspects of the past are repeating themselves and for what purpose?
SP: Okay I haven’t got that information. I haven’t got that information. Let’s say it’s true. Let’s say that he is a reincarnation of King Herod. I can go with that in the sense that hopefully it’s about learning, so if it was true then I would hope that he’d learned from the mistakes he had made in the past and therefore was trying (a) to atone for those mistakes and (b) actually use his skills and abilities for something positive to take the human race forward to the next stage. Herod was the one I think who ordered all the newborn boy babies to be killed because he was told that a God named Jesus was going to come along and be a greater king than him, so if whoever it might be, if Herod was to return, I hope he wouldn’t go through the same process but would actually want to atone for that and I don’t mean in a negative way, running around beating himself. I mean okay what can you do to put back into the system? What have you learned from that? How can you benefit humanity from all your experiences, so I haven’t got that information but if it was I hope he would have learned and was doing things for good, thank you.
RB: Thank you. Heather says is there any real evidence that we have shifted to a parallel world? I’ve heard a lot about the Mandela effect, so what is your take on this please? Love and light for all the wonderful works that you do.
SP: Thank you. At the conference that was run by Kerry over in North London I did a bit of a section on the Mandela effect. I hadn’t covered it before and I thought it was jolly high time that I did because I do have some interest in it. I’m not saying everything is Mandela but I think there are some aspects of it that are and I do link it very heavily with the CERN Hadron device that manipulates time, has an effect on that, and what was the question in terms of her specific answer she needs? It’s about timelines I thought, but I didn’t quite get that.
RB: Yeah have we, is there any real evidence that we have shifted to a parallel world?
SP: Right, timelines, parallel world that was what was confusing me. I don’t normally talk about parallel worlds or parallel universes. I do talk about timelines and there have been a number of shifts over the last 20–30 years when the bad guys have pushed us one way and then humanity with a bit of help from somewhere else has jumped us back on. We are not in a parallel world ourselves. That’s not what I want to focus on, but we have a choice as to where we go within certain parameters. So within the corridor I have often talked about that has the two walls, left and to the right, we have choice as to how we traverse that corridor. Is there any proof of it? Yes because we are breaking free. We have a very busy world I know. We are all very very bombarded with things but if you could just take thirty seconds and look back at the last ten, twenty, thirty years, and if you want to look back further but you are not old enough then get some history books. The development of the spiritual base of humanity has grown in the last few years in a way that it is never grown before. For thousands of years humanity has been kept down unquestionably, peaks and troughs but generally unquestionably. Now we’ve got a situation where humanity is being kept down, not broken free yet, but goodness me, are people questioning it? Yes they are, so we are going through a massive change. That is why the bad people are looking for more and more clever tricks to try to control the situation. You no longer can have a gun or spear or bow and arrow pointed at you. You’ve got to use more covert clever tricks because humanity is growing up. We’re not babies and children anymore. Go back to the days of Queen Victoria. That’s only in our time history, it’s just a blink of an eye. Look how, I don’t mean it disrespectfully, look how subservient people were. Look how when the First World War in 1914 was declared people were queueing up to be killed. They queued up; they weren’t even called up to go and fight. They actually volunteered in their thousands. It wouldn’t happen now. Now people would say that’s because we’re not a patriotic country anymore. No it’s not. It’s because people are choosing to argue, choosing to question and there’s nothing wrong in that so yes we are going through that change and I’m very very pleased we are going through it. Can’t come quick enough, thank you, good question.
RB: Okay the next one is [22:39][Fulcrest] and it says YouTube channelings: Hitler, Byrd, Tompkins, [22:46][Riccobono, Adonis], Dönitz, Eisenhower, Lenin amongst others on Why Is This True? You valued reaction appreciated, thank you.
SP: Right, Becky do you think we’re being asked about people who are channeling these individuals on this YouTube channel?
RB: I’m afraid I don’t know.
SP: I’m gonna take it as that, a slight understanding of this channel. I haven’t seen very much of it.  [I] quite like the person that presents it, and certainly the bit I heard he was talking about an alien agenda that’s been planned a very long time for the human race and I didn’t hear the full part of it but I would add to it is yeah the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys plan to maintain the status quo and the good guys plan to break the human race free, but both the good and the bad entities have agreed that there’s a crucial time in which they both stand back for a short period of time to see what humanity does. Some people are getting confused. They are calling things the event. This is actually the event is when an arrangement that was made a very long time ago betweem good and evil, both basically draw back their chairs from the game of chess and they wait to see what the chess pieces do themselves, so to me that really is the event. In terms of channeling, people who have listened to me know that I’ve got big problems with channeling, but it’s absolutely possible. I mean if an entity, a living creature from goodness knows how long ago wants to express itself it will find a medium. It will find a person who can take that information and pass it across. I haven’t heard any of those. I’m presuming that it’s channeled and I can’t make a comment on that but absolutely possible, yes indeed. It’s a good question, thank you.
RB: Okay, Elka from Canada says so happy to have you back Simon. Question: the gas attack in Syria has all the hallmarks of being a false flag. Was it and why is Trump appearing to be participating in retaliating against Syria and Russia?
SP: Okay of course I opted to take these questions on a first-come first-serve basis which means some of them are quite old. Nevertheless it’s a valid question and I would never say, look that’s an outdated question we won’t take it, so it’s about honoring, you know, the audience who put the questions forward, so please be patient with it. Don’t say oh that’s old news. It was a made up thing. We had to be very very careful because Assad had used gas weapons. He did have a history of using that, just as Saddam Hussein had a history of using it on his own people, the Kurds, but this instance was definitely made up. It was made up to put pressure on people. No, Trump wasn’t giving in at all with any of that, not being blackmailed like that. When you are the policeman of the world, whether you like it or not, you know every American president puts on the cop’s uniform. He has to because that’s the world has given him that position and if he turns around and says, hey listen, I don’t want it then America no longer has the clout that it so desperately wants. He just sat down with the President of Russia and said we’ve got a difficult situation. I’m gonna say some bad words to you. You’re gonna say some bad words to me. We’re gonna make sure that gets on the press. I’m gonna bomb some bits of desert. I give you 24 hours to get all your men out of there and that’ll keep the bad guys happy and that’s exactly what happened. It’s staged, managed. It was designed. Putin and Trump got together to prevent a Third World War. You know if one side does not talk to the other and one side starts bombing the other side and then either by intent or by accident one of those bombs falls and does serious damage to that superpower’s infrastructures, then they will respond, but if you have the strength and determination and character to pick the phone up and say let’s not let this happen, but we have a world stage here and we have to play to the cameras, so let’s give them what they want, but in reality we’re going to make sure there’s no nuclear war. That’s what happened and the history has proven that out in many many cases since Trump’s taken office. There have been far too instances of a potential for a catastrophe that had been engineered by bad people but never came to anything because the two protagonists, Putin and Trump, never went the whole mile because they have no intention of having another nuclear war, you know, like we had with Japan. We had two, dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. If Japan had a nuclear bomb they would have retaliated. The only reason that it was used was because Japan didn’t have the capability to come back, but had there been, there would have been a nuclear war. Now Russia and America have the highest stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Doesn’t it make sense for those two people to at least have a very good rapport, you know, why would these evil desperate people want America and Russia to be at each other’s throats? Why would you want that? Both have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the humanity on this planet twenty, thirty, forty, fifty fold. Why would you want these people escalating and being angry? It’s ridiculous, so no he did the right thing. It was a good question. Do not believe the media. Do not believe them. They had their own. They’re weakening now. This is a few months ago when they had real control. They’re actually weakening a lot now. Good question, thank you.
RB: Okay, Iren says you have said that after we die we are recycled back to Earth if we don’t manage to pass through a barrier that has been set up to trap and recycle humans back to Earth.
SP: Yep.
RB: How does this idea of recycling of souls fit with books written by Michael Newton, Life Between Lives and Destiny of Souls, where he hypnotizes people to remember the time between their earthly lives. Under hypnosis people report their time between lives as a happy and blissful time where they met their loves ones and spiritual guides while preparing for their next incarnation.
SP: Two very, that’s a really good question. Two very good hopefully good answers. The first one is that a percentage of those people broke through the grid. They actually went back to source and as a result of that they actually did have the experiences that they recount, so they weren’t captured, they got through, but then they decided for whatever reason they needed to come back and then there’s another group that were captured and had false memories implanted, so they believed that they met all their families et cetera, et cetera. The exciting thing is to decide and to work out which ones have had a real escape through the grid back to source or back to the star family, those are their loved ones that they are connecting with and which ones of those were implanted memories. That isn’t something that I would want to do with a client because how would you tell somebody who you know is absolutely convinced that their great great Auntie Agatha who they loved as a child, they went back and they had a wonderful time with them and you could say well actually no you were just screen memories, can’t do that. I think every individual has to ask him or herself and to ask themselves whether these things are real and the percentage of them are real if you can break through that grid, you will go back to source and if you go back to source, you will connect with a lot of people who also broke through the grid. Why would you come back, well why do any of us come here? We come here to learn or to assist, a really good question. I hope that answers it. Thank you.
RB: Thank you. Pauline says Dear Simon, so lovely to be back with you. I send you much love from Colorado and thank you for your service. I wanted to ask you about bifurcation of the planet and parallel universes. I am wondering as humanity forges through this change, will it mean that those who intend on trying to control the narrative will simply separate themselves in their own negative power struggle reality while humans move forward into a positive destiny essentially splitting off into separate worlds, thanks Pauline.
SP: I think you’ve answered your own question, but I guess it’s just perhaps helpful to have a bit of clarification on that. Delores Cannon is one of the few people who had a lot of time for in that particular field of her work. She was one of the first to work with regression who understood the concept of aliens. Not everybody was a spirit guide. Not everybody was love and light. There were some entities who were downright evil, and there were some that were benign and some that were neither one way or the other. So she actually taught her practitioners to identity that and that’s a really important aspect here. When the division comes there will be some sort of division here, there has to be, it will be through choice. People will choose whether they are going to stay in this paradigm because they are happy with it, confident with it, they may hate it, but they are fearful of stepping out of it. It’s all they know. You know, I go to the store, I pay the money, you know the mail man comes around in the morning and you know, this is the pattern they’re in and they feel confident with that, and there are those who think I want something different. I’ve grown beyond this. I don’t want this anymore. There’s got to be something more to life than this, and this natural division will occur and those who really enjoy being here, I don’t mean the planet, you know, the spiritual people love the planet. I love the planet, but it’s the control system that we don’t love and that’s the control system that’s got no place in the new, I call it the New Earth. I don’t know what else to call it really but that control system is fourth dimensional. The paradigm that has been created is fifth dimensional. It has to be fifth and not fourth. A lot of people are struggling to get to grips with this. They say and I understand why, we’re third dimensional, surely we’ll be going to the fourth, and then the fifth. Why are we jumping straight from the third to the fifth? I’m trying to explain this in a way that carries the conviction of the energies. This is a third dimensional planet, but it’s been corrupted with fourth dimensional energy. Things like Babylon, Sumeria, that’s all fourth dimensional, and Greys and Reptilians. They’re all fourth dimensional. So if you take a third dimensional world and you put a steel band around it, in this case it is the fourth dimensional energy and you imprison people, not in a third dimensional world, but in a fourth dimensional prison, but those beings break through that fourth dimensional steel band. They’ve won the right to live in the fifth dimension. They don’t need to go into the fourth dimension because they broke the control system that was fourth dimensional. This is why the fourth dimensional entities, the bad ones, are so interested here because they’ve got a great amount of investment in energy, not money, but in energy and time, so those who know no different choose to be this way. They will stay with this type of energy, and those of us who say, listen, enough of this, I’m going and that will happen. Now will some members of the family go and some stay? Yes, of course. It’s a free choice. That’s why I do and others do what we can because I want everyone when the time comes to have had enough research, to have had enough opportunities, to be able to make the choice. You know how awful for people who say at that moment, I don’t know because I’ve never heard this message before and they have to make a choice purely on the soul, on, you know, do I do this? Does it feel right, or do I not? Those of us who have been on this journey, we are arguing this in our mind. Every day we argue this so that when the time comes, it’s something we’ve rehearsed. Now whether we’ll be any better than those who just happened upon it, who knows? But, you know, once you know the truth how can you be quiet? How can you sit still? How can you [36:27][be calm], you know, you’ve just got to actually say to people. This is coming. Do your own research. When the time comes make your choice, and the choice will be right for you. We mustn’t prejudge people. We mustn’t say everybody who goes to stay in the fourth energy dimension is wrong and everyone who is enlightened and love will go upwards. It’s the right choice for that person, and we mustn’t judge; we mustn’t make a prejudice point on that. You know you don’t say you are a bad person because you are going to stay in the fourth dimension. What we say is you weren’t ready for it. You weren’t ready to make the move but maybe in a hundred thousand years you will be, and that’s the reality of it. That’s the best way to be. Great, thank you, next one.
RB: Karen says I want to understand the difference between these two. One, someone being completely higher human Andromedan soul, but yet having a physical body with a Reptilian energy signature, compared to two, someone’s soul being a mix of Mantid, Middle Earth, and Reptilian.
SP: Or like me.
RB: How can a higher human soul end up in a Reptilian body if their soul is not Reptilian?
SP: Right really complicated. Let’s break it into ha-ha, three pieces. Let’s do the first bit first, the first question, let’s take that, please.
RB: Someone being completely higher human Andromedan soul but yet having a physical body with a Reptilian energy signature. It’s a human physical body.
SP: Right, yeah not Andromedan body, that’s where it doesn’t make sense.
RB: Ah…
SP: It’s Andromedan soul.
RB: It’s Andromedan soul with the human physical body with a Reptilian energy signature.
SP: Right, okay if you are an Andromedan then you have, let’s say Alex Collier, Andromedan soul and you incarnate in a physical body, a human body but you go on and go on but through your own decision you incarnate in a Reptilian physical body or an Annunaki body, part Reptilian, part something else, you will maintain that energy, so the soul is 100 percent Pleiadian, but you will have an energy field to you of the type of bodies and the field of energy that you survive in, so if you were a Native North American Indian, and you were very much in touch with the planet, the earth, and the animals, you will have this earthly third dimensional energy around you, but if you zipped off to ancient Egypt and you worked with a pharaoh, you would have this fourth dimensional energy around you and so that’s what people like me can read, that a person would have a 100 percent soul of one type, but is carrying an energy field picked up from incarnations in the past. What’s the next, middle part of the question please?
RB: Okay the middle one is someone’s soul being a mix of Mantid, Middle Earth, and Reptilian, with three different distinct soul parts.
SP: But what’s the question?
RB: The second was to understand the difference between the two. So one of them is like a 100 percent Andromedan soul but with a Reptilian energy signature overlay.
SP: Which we have answered.
RB: And the other one is some soul being a mixture of three different soul parts.
SP: Right, so it’s not to do, the middle part of the question is not to do with the physical body, it’s to do with the soul. The first part of the question is to do with the body. I understand that, thanks. That’s helpful. Right there’s two ways that that can happen. You can either do it through agreement with source presumably or it’s done against your will with beings who are breaking the law and use the most advanced technologies, so it’s either done against your will or it’s done with your will. Now there’s that stream of thought that says that everything is with your agreement. That’s the way the universe works. I can’t give an opinion on that one but the best I can do is to say that either source creates that because it’s something that you as an individual have agreed to as part of a long-term plan, or somebody else has done it because they want to put you in a position to be part of their world, because they think that you can help them, so that’s the two threads that go through that one. What’s the last question part?
RB: How can a higher human soul end up in a Reptilian body if their soul is not Reptilian?
SP: Very easily, if you are a Reptilian lord and you come to this planet the soul is of a royal lineage. In the same way, very careful what I say here, in the same way that Princess Diana was brought into the royal family to rejuvenate the stock, to give children because the line was beginning to deteriorate, in the same way in the past the Reptilians have brought in higher humans who have been a very very pure line to regenerate their line, so that’s how it works and it’s there’s a history for it it works through, because remember that if you interbreed all the time, you destroy your breeding stock. So from time to time you have to bring something in that’s completely different and actually the purer, the better. You notice that when evil people sacrifice, they sacrifice the most pure, so that’s what they’re doing. If you incarnate in a Reptilian body you may do that because you wish to understand how these people live. You wish to understand why this group, let’s call them group A are oppressing group B. The only way you are going to really understand that is to be that person and then when you incarnate back into your own body, you’ve got that as an understanding, which means that you are much more effective at fighting for the purposes of good because you understand where those guys are coming from. So this is again all through choice, but that would mean that the person that you had incarnated into has agreed because not all Reptilians are bad. Not all fourth dimensional beings are bad and some of them will work, I can’t understand all the reasons, but some of them will work for the greater good. So those are the possible aspects that could happen. That’s a very good question.
RB: Perhaps you just misunderstood what the person is trying to ask because they go on to say how can the higher human soul end up in a Reptilian body if their soul is not Reptilian would such a person not also be described as a hybrid? So what they’re, I think the difference between someone whose soul has three specific parts, that is three distinct souls that come from three different lines that have merged, so for example with you. You have had a human history, a Reptilian history, and a Mantid history and they’ve been blended at some point so that you have the history of all three. It’s not one soul that’s had lives [44:02][started] around in three complete bodies.
SP: When we… thank you, you’re right, when we through the media, publications, the internet, we talk about hybridization, we automatically think of the physical body. We think about the big head, no eyebrows, no hair. We think of hybridization as hybridization of the physical form, whereas we can be considered a hybrid from the soul, but that’s something the human race hasn’t really grasped. It’s grasped the physical aspect but it hasn’t grasped the energy soul aspect so yes you could be described as a hybrid from the soul perspective as well as a physical perspective, so yeah hopefully that answers the questions.
RB: Okay thanks. Elka from Canada has said can you tell me what star soul native Canada’s PM Trudeau comes from? How good or bad is he? He has recently been in the UK and has had an audience with the Queen. Is he getting more instructions and does he know who she really is? Thank you Simon.
SP: Thank you. I always work by photographs. That’s why often I will ask a client to, if they have questions about the children or loved ones I need photographs, and although I am aware of him I would need to look at a photograph now. I can answer it a bit more genetically. If you have a banking history or you have an investment background, then you are more likely to throw your lot in with the wealthy, with the controlling elite. Indeed if you are a prime minister, you most likely got the position because someone identified you for that many many years ago, and the system doesn’t usually let people take high positions of authority unless they control them, and if they lose control of them or they didn’t control them in the first place, they’ll end up murdering them. So anybody who is a prime minister or a president would generally, I say generally, be up through the ladder, the rungs of the ladder. Now in Trump’s position that’s very different. He’s a bit like JFK. He’s a maverick. He’s different. He’s uncontrollable, so there are characters who from time to time make it to very high positions who are not controlled by the system but generally speaking they are, The guy you mentioned, Trudeau, is part of the system. He’s controlled and he’s not an evil person but he takes his orders. Yes of course the Queen is… why would you visit the Queen? I mean President Trump sent a very very important message before he met the Queen because he knows that leaders meet the Queen because they come to pay homage. They come to not be told what to do but they come to show that they are secondary, they’re not as important as Her Majesty the Queen, that they will do what she says and they will be helpful to the Majesty the Queen, and what did President Trump do, he made sure he arrived at the meeting with the Queen a little bit late, unheard of, but the president arrived a bit late and he tweeted no I didn’t. He said I arrived fifteen minutes early. It’s all part of his humor because if you look at the bits you find that his appointment was five o’clock and he didn’t arrive till after 5:00, so he certainly didn’t arrive fifteen minutes early, and he did arrive late and what he was doing I think is he’s saying look I’m meeting this person but, you know, I’m not gonna tell her that she’s my boss and I’m not gonna tell her that I’m gonna do what she wants me to do, whereas all the other leaders and remember that picture that I did about oh about four years ago in a conference, I had a picture of George Bush standing by the Queen and his hands down by his side and giving the devil sign because he was like a little schoolboy, he was so proud that he was standing next to the principal and, you know, it was his big life ambition to have a picture taken next to, you know, the number one person. So if Trudeau came to meet the Queen he came to tell her that your colony is safe madam and, you know, don’t worry about that, those French-speaking people we’ll keep them under control, and you tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it. Yes that’s probably what the gist of the conversation they had. Thank you, next question.
RB: Okay. This one is also from Alka so she must have put in quite a few questions.
SP: Okay.
RB: But this one is could be relevant to many. She says my ethnicity is German. Would that automatically mean I have a higher proportion of Reptilian soul source due to the history of the German people?
SP: No, not at all. What it might mean is that you have more trauma due to the history of the German people. You may be carrying the DNA trauma from two world wars and other bits and pieces that have gone on. In terms of are you’re more likely to have a Reptilian soul? No, absolutely not. It doesn’t work like that, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks, the next question is from Radhika from Holland. I would like to know how to rid of the parasites in my lungs which I inhaled from chemtrails. I have also had worms in my brain eating my brain stem or brain [stem] but this is gone I believe. I’ve done parasite cleansing in high frequency tones. Unfortunately the worms in my lungs are not gone completely.
SP: Right we have to look at the 3D aspect before you did anything else. There’s such a thing as a lung worm that has an interesting cycle, migrates and then comes back again I believe. So if it’s a physical parasite then that is literally coming from contamination of one sort or another and can actually be dealt with relatively easily with medicine. I don’t know what damage it might leave afterward but it can definitely be dealt with. When we’re talking about parasites that are coming from chemtrails, we’re only talking about a small percentage. These are ones that are or have been, they’re not dropping them now, but they were kept in a sort of a gelatin mass and you may yourself over the few years ago seen a sort of a sticky gooey substance on the sidewalk. That is a nutrient and these things were living in that and that was one of the experiments that they were doing. Of course they would never admit to it. Most parasites interestingly enough are not physical. Most parasites are fourth dimensional energy and the big push from the bad guys is how do you get a fourth dimensional entity of an energy basis to live in a third dimensional body, so that the third dimensional body is a host. Think about the alien films or the latest alien film where the human body takes something and alters and changes it. That’s really what they’ve been on for the last 25–30 years, so I would suggest in your case that it’s medicine that you’re looking for. If you’ve got worms that are physical, then they can be killed with physical medicine. If you’re looking at parasites that are not detected on a biological level but are detected on an energy level, then you’re looking at different forms to do it. Now physical parasites can be destroyed with high sonic waves, but you can just as well get medicine and that can treat for that, thank you.
RB: Okay thanks. Diana says I did a saliva test with National Geographic Geno DNA Ancestry to find out about my ancestry. I’m originally from Venezuela. All my family is from Cuba, but my grandparents are from Spain. I am AB Negative blood group. I was very surprised when I got the results and I found out that I am 2.5 percent Asian, 7.5 percent black, and 89 percent European. My family is very Hispanic, but the Hispanic origin was not part of my results. Do you think that the results provided by NG are accurate or that they’re misleading people and keeping the real results to themselves?
SP: Not clear by what she means by the Hispanic bit was not expected or not related, what she…
RB: Hispanic, but not part. The family is very Hispanic but the Hispanic origin was not part of my results.
SP: It means the, what she means is the results did not mention the Hispanic but she said it was how much, but she said 2 percent Hispanic?
RB: She said 2.5 percent Asian, 7.5 percent black and 89 percent European.
SP: Right so she was looking for a specific country within Europe.
RB I think that makes a total of 99 percent. There’s still one percent…
SP: One percent, which is normal. Right different companies test differently, but get the broadly same result, but different companies express their findings in remarkably different ways. Some companies actually list Spanish, English, Italian. Some people just lump you all in you’re European, so what I suggest you do is when you want one of these tests you write beforehand and you say you can tell me how you express it, you know, because you don’t just want to be told X percent is European because it might be from the Cathar line and you would be very interested in that perhaps, so specifically ask that. About the National Geographic, no I think they’re just like everyone else. They’re just out to make money. What’s more important is those companies that, actually we mentioned this a little earlier, that specify unidentified genome; if they sort of say well you’ve got DNA but we can’t identify it. This is the joke. Why can’t you identify it? I’m a human. Well you’ve got between one and two percent we can’t identify, so what Becky’s just done is done a rough calculation and it was 99 percent, so absolutely, they’re basically saying, by not saying it, that one percent of you we can’t work out. Well that’s exactly right because that’s alien, so average is between one and two percent. One and two percent of most people on this planet will have a genetic material that cannot be traced because it’s off this planet. That’s standard. When you get the three, four, five percent and upwards then that is a very heavy alien influence on the physical DNA of your body designed to alter and change you because what you’re carrying is obviously quite demanding. It doesn’t mean that person is better than somebody who only has one percent. It means that the vibrational frequency or the disparity between that which has been brought into the physical body and the physical body’s connection is so great that they’ve had to alter the physical body. If you’re going to run, if you’re going to put lots of supercomputers shall we say into a building, you’ve got to bring lots of extra cabling in to support that device and try and look on it like that. It doesn’t mean that that building is any better than the building next door to it. It’s just going to have a different purpose. Thank you.
I’m gonna go and do my thank-you’s to people. There’s a few more than normal because it’s been three weeks, and I’m gonna just right now, and just thank you all. I’ve been on the holiday and I have been trying to… there he is, look well done young man (kitty); we thought you weren’t going to put an appearance in. I do try and write sometimes to message people back to thank them for their donations but have been on a vacation, so I’ve been a bit remiss, but I always know I’m gonna catch you all up with this, so here we go, quite a lot but I don’t care because I want to thank you all, so a very great thank you to Natalie, Pavlova, Rita, John, Rudolph, Archaeopteryx and what a great name, Archaeopteryx I should have brought my Archaeopteryx model. Next time I will. Stephan, Julie, Natalie, Sara, Eric, Danielle, Chris, Kristen, Robert, Francis, Marvin, Donnie J, Alfredo, George, Charlie, Blue, Robin, Shari, Martin, Sheena, Drumset of course, Julie, Adrian, Leona, Hans–Hans thank you that was a really helpful donation just before my holiday that was great. That meant I could put petrol in the car and go somewhere, Simon, Maria, Juan, Valerie, Rick, Henry, Robert, Louie, Julius, Sue, Kevin, Brian, Ditmar, Max, Autsie, I think that word’s Shaman, Katrine, Christopher, Sue, Edgar, Tina, Shamsa, Elisa, Philanka, Mr. Peter, Brendon, Henry, Ellen, Trish, Robert, that’s the second Robert. There were two Roberts. I could have cheated and just used the word Robert but I don’t do that. There were two Roberts. Charlotte, Anna, Christian, Isabel and nearly finished, Sheryl, D just the letter D, Naturis, and Ursula, so to all of you who have so very kindly donated and kept me going, going to conferences, doing the work and talking to people, paying the phone bill, you know, thank you for that. It’s really appreciated. I can keep here, keep doing this. You’re supporting me and it means so much to me so thank you.
RB: Okay Tibor says the soul/body relationship is more important than it is described by many sources. The body very much determines the physical and mental capabilities, genetic disease profile and much more. The human body most probably alters the experience of a Reptilian, Pleiadian or Cat soul. The terrestrial body is probably in a close relationship with Gaia. Please tell us your views about the importance of the soul/body relationship.
SP: I agree with much of what you’ve said, but not in its entirety. When a person incarnates on this planet they carry the history of all of their lives but the major aspect is the one that drives through and each lifetime they have a fresh choice if they can bring themselves to that point and it is the conscious mind undoubtedly that the organic body that does play a part here, and it’s about learning and understanding or trying to and trying to use experiences to change or develop for the better, but I wouldn’t put a huge amount of emphasis on the physical body because remember the physical body dies. It’s either burnt, buried in the ground or what have you, but the soul does not die. Therefore I have no problem in saying the soul is more important because it goes on and on and on and the memory is not just contained in the organic brain; that just holds the memory for one lifetime. It is the memory of the soul, so when the soul incarnates in the body that is a fresh new body. That fresh new body doesn’t say oh yes I remember a thousand years ago when I did this. It is the memory coming from the soul that is retrievable and goes into the brain of that person and that brain is accessing, the organic brain is accessing the memory from the soul of the DNA. However I do fully accept that the lifetime that those individuals have can change, if you choose to, that person and the learning. Now this is going to be interesting because this cat was thinking of jumping up, saw the white cat up there and thought better of it because the white cat is very unpredictable. That’s probably the right thing to do.
So when the actual soul goes into the body what it does is it says okay I’m in a new body. It’s a compatible body, that’s why I’ve chosen it and I can work with this body, and then maybe the soul starts to do things and the brain says well my interpretation of that is in this way which throws up some conflict between the soul and the brain, and then they have to work that out and either a compromise is reached or you go down one of the other routes so certainly each lifetime there is an opportunity for an interaction between physical and energy and hopefully learning comes from it. It’s whether you put that into practice that matters, but it is the soul that is the repository for the lifetimes of memory which the brain may or may not have access to. That’s a really good question. Nobody has asked me that before. I think I’m going to take one more and then I think I’m going to call it a day.
RB: Okay, the last question is from Teresa who says what can we do to protect ourselves regarding the dollar failing? Thank you.
SP: Well it won’t just be the dollar that fails would it I guess. There’s a potential for every currency to fail so perhaps the advice I would give would be for everybody. It’s not hugely likely now with President Trump. America now holds the largest repository of silver anywhere in the world. Yep that’s fact. America has been stockpiling silver for the last two-and-a-half, three years, can’t get it’s hands on the gold. The Chinese have got all the gold, well not all of it, but they’ve got the lion’s share of it, but silver, of course there’s silver mines in the U.S. and silver is a metal that traditionally America has struck it’s dollars on, so it makes perfect sense for America if it wanted to, to move to a silver backed currency. The difficulty of course is the Federal Reserve Bank. It cost JFK his life. It wasn’t JFK was going to go public with aliens that caused his murder. It was his intention to take apart the Federal Reserve and go back to the gold standard. I think one thing at a time for presidents of the U.S., one thing at a time Mr. President. If you’re in the position at some point in the future to take some action with the Fed then you’ve got the silver. You can move to a hard back currency, so that’s my take on that. If there was to be some form of collapse, thank about the 2008 collapse. That was a banking collapse. That wasn’t a supply chain collapse. It wasn’t a collapse in the stock markets, obviously of those particular industries. It wasn’t a loss of confidence in the countries and its abilities to produce et cetera, but it was a collapse in the confidence of greed. That’s what it was, the sudden waking up to the fact that you can’t rip off many more millions of people. You can’t keep lying and cheating because that window is about to be closed, so they go into panic don’t they and there’s no problem because what does the government do? It just hits the taxpayer and bails everyone out and these people just say they’re sorry and then a couple of years they pretend to be sorry and then of course they just go back doing whatever they do again. You’ve got to look at the price of cryptocurrencies. You’ve got to look at the price of gold and silver. You’ve got to check your stock exchange at least two to three times a day. You’ll get an idea of look at property prices, look at precious metal prices and you’ll begin to get a feel for what is average in an average week and if you think about 9/11 the signs were 24 to 36 hours before there was something going to happen. People didn’t know what was going to happen but looking at the way that the stock market altered particularly with the United Airlines, looking at some of the traffic that was going around on the internet, these things leaked out so you would have at least 24 hours’ notice if it was going to be a serious instance. People who are in the know still have their water supply, still have their tinned food or their special food supply, still have a safe place to go to. I’m not talking about the people that just stockpile guns and ammunition because the end of the world is coming. I’m talking about average ordinary people who hey, you know, it might be a bit difficult on the streets for three or four weeks. Now we went through a phase where that was really possible two, three years ago, really possible and we came within what we would say in Great Britain was a gnat’s whisker. Gnat’s don’t have whiskers but, you know, that’s how small it was of a real meltdown and it was to do with the Qatari government bailing out Deutsche Bank. That’s what saved Europe, the Qatari government basically bankrolled Deutsche Bank, so it’s not looking like that, that the system didn’t want to crash. Every crash whether it’s a 1929 Wall Street Crash, whether it was the 2008 supposedly Lehman Brothers crash, these were all engineered, engineered to make lots of money. If you know that the government is just going to hit the taxpayer and pay you all back, there’s no problem, you just do it anyway. This potential crash that I and others have warned about was the first time in history to my knowledge that it was unorchestrated. It was going to happen without the control of the elite. They weren’t going to be able to control that system. Yeah, sure they could come in on the back of it and buy up companies dirt cheap, but they would be hit just as badly as everyone else. That’s why they’ve been fighting tooth and nail to prevent that crash, you know, there is no other time in history where so much has been done to either alter the timelines or prop up failing organizations because it wasn’t in the elite’s interest for a systemic crash. They’re quite happy with small controlled crashes but a systemic crash which is what was on the cards and has been last 30–40 years and has been temporarily pushed off. It is only temporarily pushed off, is one that the elite would rather not consider, so just do what you would always do if you are in the circumstances, have a few bits put by, have some money, you know, hidden in your home. What’s the good in hiding gold? What are you gonna do, go to the 7-Eleven store with the gold coin and say what will I exchange that for? You’ve got to be so careful, so yeah just keep some dollars, keep some small bits of gold but basically maintain a system that allows you to be self-sufficient for a period of four weeks because any difficulty we have would be short-lived. Right listen it’s been really lovely to get back with you. It’s been three weeks. It seems like an age, especially as I had a holiday and I’ve got some new additions to the family who now seem to be very shy. Thank you ever so much for listening. Thank you for your support. Keep watching the news, yes watch the news. Look at the lies. Understand what they’re trying to say and why they’re trying to do that and then compare it with what you really know to be true, so thanks ever so much and God bless and speak to you soon, bye-bye.
[transcribed August 12, 2018 gsc]
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